Jan. 23, 2012 (#1006)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: 

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 23, 2012:

Alchemists' Dream of Unproven Vaccine:

"Vaccines for Everything, Heaven Knows,
They'll Shortly have Vaccines for Hairy Toes,
Diligent Scientists, Tireless, Don't Shirk,
The Only Problem is Vaccines don't Work,
Sales of Such Products are Having a Boon,
And Unfortunately Destroying Function Immune,
Yes Everyone's Now got Compromised System
From Allergies to Fatigue, Too Many to List 'Em,
While Pharma and Marketers Whistle to Bank,
Some Nations Sign Deals with Cheques Blank
For Annual Flu Shots Which don't Do a Thing,
Except Fill the Coffers of Pharma Who Sing,
It Also Lowers IQ, Sterile, Stupid,
No Progeny Comes from Playing Cupid"
© Alan Watt Jan. 23, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 23, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 23rd of January 2012. I always suggest at the beginning of each broadcast that the users make use of Cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Youíll find over a thousand hours now of audios for free download, where you will begin understand this big incredible system that overlays the planet, a system setup a long time ago to literally take over the world, and bring it into a sort of disciplined new technocracy order run by bankers, the top economists, and specialists of all kinds, and to bypass this thing called democracy, this awful nuisance that they have. Theyíve been doing very well for the last hundred years in getting their aims fulfilled. Youíre living through one of the biggest parts of it right now. So make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com before it gets pulled because eventually I do believe with all these laws getting passed, a lot of us will simply disappear, maybe physically as well. And Iím not kidding about that either. So, make use of them because thereís a wealth of history in there, lots of books mentioned that youíve got to get ahold of, very old ones some of them, thatíll give you a start, at least, in understanding this incredible system, this parallel system that overlays the world government. Remember too you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. From the U.S. and Canada you can still use a personal check. Some people send cash. You can use an international postal money order or you can use Paypal. Youíll find out how to do it at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Across the world youíve got Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal once again.


All the sites listed on the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website are the official sites I have, the only ones I have in fact. Anything outside of that that you see isnít actually mine. They all carry the audios. They all carry transcripts in English for print up if youíd rather read the talks. If you want languages from other countries, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and help yourself from the variety offered there. Because weíve got to do all this before they pull the plug eventually, get as much information out as possible, and reach more people. So at least weíll know whatís happening. More people will know whatís happening. This is not taking into consideration what you do about it, thatís up to you, but at least more folk will know whatís happening and the reasons that things are actually being done.


We are under a global system, have been for a long time. Even Mandelson in Britain said, a while back in 2009, he says weíre post democratic. The Club of Rome, one of their big think tanks, said the same thing in 1972 and 3, weíre post democratic. Itís the only way to go, they said, to get the job done. So weíre under authoritarianism now. Of course 9/11 was needed to bring that in. They call it the century of change. So what youíre experiencing are the changes and the upheavals as they bring in this new order of theirs. Where literally weíre reduced to nothing more than functional tax units and if you become a burden on society it does not look good for you. By that I mean the elderly too, because they donít plan to give you any treatment at all, except a little cheaply-made euthanasia pill. Itís been discussed in many countries, it comes down from the World Health Organization because, you see, the United Nations, which is a front for this world government, the UN and the World Health Organization has said that a good world citizen is both a producer and consumer. Once you become a consumer, well, they donít want to know you. Youíre eating up their precious resources, donít you know. Because they could use that money. Apart from that youíre using pension money, and they could use all that pension money for wars and plundering other countries, and their own pay raises of course at the top. Thereís lots of plans for all that cash if you just die off before you collect it. Thatís only fair, isnít it? Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix. I call it the matrix because you see youíre born into one room in the matrix and you think itís all there is, but you find that there are rooms below you and above you and to the sides, and even further beyond that too. Thatís how weíre structured in society.  Quigley put it very well too when he talked about the news all being controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, and how they put out magazines for the managerial class, the ones who will manage the rest of the public.  Then he went down the classes too, and each one gets a different version according to their status and what your masters want you to know or believe. Itís more important that you believe something. And itís never been different, I think before that or after that, itís always been the same, because knowledge is power obviously, even if you can only use it for yourself, knowledge certainly is power. So you never give true knowledge to the general public. Theyíre kept in the dark about everything. Weíre told truth generally after the official secrets act is up, in about fifty years on any particular topic. By that time another generation has grown up, and they donít care about what happened before.


Now, we know that the Rand Corporation is an incredible organization. Itís got to be a CIA type front, because they claim theyíre a nonprofit organization, although they bill in the billions of dollars for advising governments, and taking problems and going off to solve them. This is the same organization that came up with the Game Theory, and they had us all turned into numbers back in the í60ís, í70s and í80s. They ran it all as a society of numbers and what weíd all do during the Cold War era. They havenít stopped by the way. Weíre still in that today. Itís a massive organization but it works primarily with governments. Now they put out whatís called...


A Blueprint for Improving the Promotion and Delivery of Adult Vaccination in the United States


 Iíll put that up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Everything I read I give you the evidence for yourself. You should save it too because one day hopefully, if thereís any future at all, you can pass this on to children, and teach them the whys and wherefores of how we got to the awful mess that weíll be in then, even worse than we are today. So, basically this article goes on about how theyíre going to really consolidate all the propaganda mechanisms to doctors and hospitals and all clinics that could give out the vaccinations so they all say exactly the same things. And the idea, this works very well because we hear it so very much too with propaganda in adverts on television or radio, that we start to parrot the same lines. So when someone comes up to you and says, ďWell Iím not getting that vaccinationĒ, you actually become a tool, a programmed tool of the marketers, and youíll say, ďOh youíve got to get itĒ.† Then theyíll go into the diatribe of why you must get it, exactly what the doctor would tell you, what theyíve heard on television and so on.


You understand, people are very easily programmed. Most arguments you have in society are from those who are easily programmed and have been well programmed, and they have no real opinions of their own. They think itís their opinions but itís not. So, Iíll put this article up of how they intend to get more adults to get vaccinated and how theyíre closing ranks to make sure they all say the same exact things. Itís very important, saying the same things. Sometimes they use simple slogans; they catch on quickly. They also put out the reasons why you must, and what will happen if you donít get vaccinated, etc. Then as I say, your friends who get programmed easily always got an answer. Theyíve been programmed to give you the answers. You can use people you see. Marketers know how to use people, in psychology, to try and bully the rest into going along with them. And society, unfortunately, itís the sad thing about it, the more standardized it is Ė and weíre all standardized societies today Ė because individualism is out the window. They donít like individualism at the United Nations; they said it was their primary enemy in fact. Most folk like us all to be the same as themselves, and spouting the same nonsense as they all spout, you see. So Iíll put that one up tonight. Have a look through it and youíll see how theyíre taking on that. Thereís also a .PDF that goes with it thatís on the site as well.


Now, again in this world that we live in everything is managed. All sides are managed. The leaders are all trained to take over unions and everything else, but sometimes little spats come along, especially if the members down below them get a bit uppity about something. This article here is from The Hill. It says...


Labor Union Quits Alliance with Greens Over Keystone Pipeline

The Laborersí International Union of North America (LIUNA) left the BlueGreen Alliance on Friday, citing a disagreement with the groupís members over the Keystone XL pipeline.

LIUNA, a vocal Keystone supporter, took aim at other unions for opposing the project.

ďWeíre repulsed by some of our supposed brothers and sisters lining up with job killers

(Alan: Because itís killing jobs, right? In America.)

like the Sierra Club

(A: again a private organization, a big one-worlder)

and the Natural Resources Defense Council to destroy the lives of working men and women,Ē LIUNA General President Terry OíSullivan said in a statement.

The BlueGreen Alliance, a coalition of environmental groups and labor unions, confirmed LIUNAís exit Friday afternoon.

(A: Well, good for them.)

ďThe BlueGreen Alliance regrets the decision of the Laborers' International Union of North America to leave our strategic partnership of labor and environmental organizations,Ē the groupís executive director, David Foster, said in a statement.

The move underscores the intense political divide among unions over the pipeline, which would carry oil sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries along the Gulf Coast.

So thereís a little spiff there, because theyíre going to lose jobs out of it too. When it comes to money and your livelihood, what are you going to do?

Another article here too is interesting. The reason Iím reading about these environmental things too is you got to understand that 2012 is a very important year because 1992 was the First Earth Summit with Maurice Strong being the chairman. Maurice Strong is a little front man for Rockefeller Foundation. A very important guy too and he is actually part, I think, Chinese. His auntie I think it was, was one of the best friends and advisors to Mao Zedong of China. Theyíre intergenerational revolutionaries. Thatís their purpose. Anyway...

Environmentalism and the Leisure Class

This week President Obama handed down what may prove to be one of the most fateful decisions of his entire administration when he rejected the plan to build the Keystone XL Pipeline carrying oil from the tar sands of Canada to the refineries of Houston. The decision did not win him one new vote but was crucial in protecting his environmental flank. The movie stars and Sierra Club contributors were getting restless and had drawn the line in the sand.

(A: 2012 is when Maurice Strong has part two of this Environmental World Summit and believe you me itís going to change. Out of that came Agenda 21 and a whole bunch of agendas, even the agenda for the rights of all animals vs. humans and so on. That has to get pushed up a few notches. So, very important year. Anyway...)

In turning down Keystone, however, the President has uncovered an ugly little secret that has always lurked beneath the surface of environmentalism. Its basic appeal is to the affluent. Despite all the professions of being "liberal" and "against big business," environmentalism's main appeal is that it promises to slow the progress of industrial progress. People who are already comfortable with the present state of affairs -- who are established in the environment, so to speak -- are happy to go along with this. Itís not that they have any greater insight into the mysteries and workings of nature. They are happier with the way things are. In fact, environmentalism works to their advantage. The main danger to the affluent is not that they will be denied from improving their estate but that too many other people will achieve what they already have. As the Forest Service used to say, the person who built his mountain cabin last year is an environmentalist. The person who wants to build one this year is a developer.

(A: Thatís well said.)

Environmentalism has spent three decades trying to hide this simple truth. How can environmentalists be motivated by self-interest when they are anti-business? Doesn't that align them with the working classes? Well, not quite. You can be anti-business as a union member trying to claim higher wages but you can also be anti-business as a member of the aristocracy who believes "trade" and "commercialism" are crass and not attuned to the higher things in life.

(A: Itís like Hollywood, theyíre all members of these organizations. You know how hard working they are with the calluses on their hands.)

Environmentalism is born from the latter, not the former. It has spent decades trying to pretend it has common cause with the working people. With the defeat of the Keystone Pipeline, this is no longer possible. Too many blue-collar and middle-class jobs have been sacrificed on the altar of carbon emissions and global warming.

This goes on to talk about his article in Harpers Magazine and other articles he has written too, and gives you a bit of the history going back to 1977 and how they really used the big organizations like the Sierra Club, and really pushed, and pushed, and pushed for conservation, but itís also part of depopulation. Weíre getting depopulated with cancers and various other illnesses that are just going out of sight.  Weíre dying off, as weíre supposed to, you see, because by 2050 or so they want a fairly pristine planet with all the rural people moved out, and everything flattened back to its primeval condition. Thatís what they want. Thatís why theyíre re-wilding all the lands in the rural areas, across the world, by the way. They put beaver back into Scotland; that thing died out about a thousand years ago maybe.

Theyíre doing these silly things, and itís not silly because you see one day the big elite will get dropped off in their choppers, and theyíll go a-hunting. Thereíll be lots of animals to shoot and kill. Theyíre very good at that. They love that kind of stuff. And there wonít be other peasants around who are trying to feed themselves doing the same kind of thing. And thatís just for their fun, for the elite, you see. This is the world that they want to bring in. Theyíre actually doing it. Thereís arrogance for you, putting pumas into Florida while folk are living there. What does that tell you? Mountain lions. Hmm?

Also, before I touch on this Monsanto article.  The people who harvest organs, I talk to some of them, the big shots, ones who fly off on private jets to pick them up. Theyíre not taking the hearts of folk over twenty-five now because theyíre ruined with multiple infarcts. All the blood vessels are clean; they donít know whatís causing it. Back with more after this.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, back Cutting Through the Matrix, and I mentioned just before the break there, actually that the so-called organ harvesters are not taking the hearts out of those over 25 years of age, which is amazing. They used to do it all the time, but they say that there is so many infarcts inside the heart itself, and yet the vessels to and from the heart are clean as a whistle. Of course, they all know not to talk about it at the top amongst themselves even. Thatís how you run things. Everything is licensed. If you get a license for something you take orders from the top, and youíre just given a little warning or caution and you know not to talk about it. They obviously know whatís causing it, but they wonít tell the general public. Another thing too is, theyíre overloaded with donors.  Thereís not enough harvesters to go around to get all the organs that they want; theyíre overloaded. Young people again, about 27 and younger are just committing suicide all over the place, male and female. It used to be mainly male, but now itís male and female using the same techniques to kill themselves.

Another thing is too, there are so many of them dying of sudden strokes, incredible. The number of sudden strokes, unheard of. Again, thereís no big crisis over that, which means the ones at the top know whatís causing it. If thereís no crisis, you understand, believe you me, they would be right on it, right away. The same with the males becoming infertile. Oh, itís no crisis, no. They tell you every year, oh itís worse now, theyíre almost 90% infertile now. Thatís how things really are. Weíre supposed to be infertile by now, you see. Theyíve done their best to make sure. Now...

Monsantoís Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup is Linked to Infertility

(A: This is another study done, over many studies that keep proving the same things.)

A recent study has found that Monsantoís Roundup herbicide may be responsible for causing infertility. After reviewing the many already well-documented negative impacts Roundup has on the environment and living creatures, itís no surprise to add yet another item to the list.

Researchers tested roundup on mature male rats at a concentration range between 1 and 10,000 parts per million (ppm), and found that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed. According to the study, even at a concentration of 1 ppm, the Roundup was able to affect the test subjects by decreasing their testosterone concentrations by as much as 35%.

How can such small levels of exposure have such a profound effect on the reproductive system? Roundup, being a glyphosate-based herbicide is also known to have endocrine disrupting properties.

(A: A lot of this stuff does, even the makeup women wear does, and the stuff they put in the plastic bottles you drink out of, itís all estrogen mimickers and so on.)

Monsantoís Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup Linked (A: definitely) to Infertility

Much like BPA, glyphosate-based herbicides have the ability to interfere with the natural hormonal balance in the human body, thereby introducing a number of health risks along with even the smallest levels of exposure. These chemicals are strong enough to affect your metabolism, behavior and mood, reproductive organs, and even provoke cancer.

As a result, any plants that are sprayed with roundup carry with them a chemical effect similar to that of other endocrine disruptors, offsetting the hormonal balance and causing adverse effects, despite even the smallest levels of exposure. This in part contributes to the number of males with increased fertility issues in more recent times.

(A: Itís a polite way to say that youíre sterile.)

It is no surprise that Monsanto, a company already infamous for a whole slew of dangerous concoctions, would also be responsible for affecting another major aspect of human health on a large scale.


Ultimately it is highly important to avoid any products sprayed with pesticides or herbicides for the many associated health risks Ė now fertility included. In addition to avoiding food which has been tarnished by this pesticide, you may also want to consider investing in a water filter. The carcinogenic chemical Roundup contains known as glyphosate has been found to be contaminating the groundwater in areas it is being applied in.


Itís actually a mess in India and other countries now, an absolute mess now that the Rothschilds have taken over and forced them all to use the GM seeds and crops. Then they must use this particular type of glyphosate as a chemical to treat it. This is all intentional.


Charles Dalton Darwin talked about using chemicals and hormone disruptors back in the 1950ís. He was a big player and a big pusher at world organizations for depopulation of the lower classes. So itís already happened. And of course, itís only the lower classes that have to eat this stuff called ďfoodĒ at the bottom level because you canít afford all this organic stuff. You canít afford it. So theyíre doing it; itís on plan, itís doing exactly what they said theyíd do a long time ago. Quite simple. Understand that stuff is soaked up by the plants. You canít get rid of it. So washing doesnít get it all off. Itís inside the cell structure of the plants too.


They know darn well what theyíre doing at the top. Monsanto is a must-be program for the whole world. Theyíre determined to push it across the whole darn planet. The U.S. has already said, under the Department of Trade, theyíre treating it as a form of warfare for countries that refuse to allow it into their countries. Theyíre going to stop giving you loans, or giving you a tough time and all this kind of stuff. Very important that we all become sterile, you see, and then swap your pants for a dress or something.


Another article too is to do with something out of science fiction, again.


New Police Pre-Crime Technique is a Light Based Intervention System


It sounds wonderful, a light based intervention system. Iíll put this link up for you to watch. The police are now putting it in action in different places in the States, where you get lit up with a red light. It can travel as far as a block away. They can follow, track you, and trace you, if they suspect youíre maybe going to do a crime. Itís pre-crime, you see. So itís a different meaning to the red light district. Back with more after this.


Hi folks. Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix. Now, people have no idea of all the techniques that are used to condition you every day, daily, through radio, television, whatever, magazines. And how theyíre all on board, they call it, on board together; thatís the technique. When theyíre all saying the same things about any particular topic, then you say well they canít all be wrong, you see. So you pick up what theyíre saying and you parrot it too, and you can contaminate other people that way, as I mentioned earlier. Itís a beautiful technique in basically psychology or herd psychology as some of them actually call it at the top; it works very well.


When you go into the education system, itís so important that you get the proper propaganda initially. Jacques Ellul talked about, you must be programmed in a technique at school, which youíre unaware of, for subsequent propaganda to take off when you leave school; otherwise it doesnít take off so well. So really, the less educated you are, the more ability youíre going to have to see through all the B.S. you have in this world.


Now it says...


US education advocates tackle climate change skeptics


(A: So theyíre turning their guns on the schools, to make sure that the occasional bright spark at school there gets his spark quenched. It says here that...)


A NEW front has opened in the battle over US school science curricula. After decades of fighting to keep creationism out of the classroom, US science education advocates are steeling themselves to face a new foe: climate change skeptics.


Over the past few years, several US states and local school boards have introduced measures that would mean teachers must include the views of those who are skeptical of a human influence on climate change in science lessons.


Three years ago, for example, Texas revised its science teaching standards to require that students "analyze and evaluate different views on the existence of global warming". The next time Texas purchases science textbooks, this standard could be used to reject books that do not include a degree of climate change skepticism, says Steven Newton, programmes and policy director for the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), a non-profit organization based in Oakland, California. Similar measures have been passed in Louisiana and South Dakota.


In 2011, the US National Earth Science Teachers Association informally surveyed 555 US teachers who discuss climate change issues in the classroom. Over one-third of them reported facing influence to teach "both sides" of a climate change debate.


So far, there are no reports that teachers have actually been forced to teach climate change skepticism in their classrooms.


 (A: So, none of them is doing it.)


To make sure that doesn't change,


(A: To make sure that they donít teach the other side of the story.)


The NCSE announced this week that it is adding climate change to its portfolio. Until now, the organization has focused on supporting the teaching of evolution in schools.


(A: See, youíre under communism, folks. All these things that Iíve mentioned here and the techniques they want to use in the school are all the communistic tools. See, all this is based on evolution. Everything is to be based on evolution, you see.)


"Climate change education is kind of where evolution education was 30 years ago," says Newton.


So thatís where they are with that. Now, one more thing before I go to the callers, and it has to do with what obviously had to happen, as the big boys at the top know. Itís beautiful when you look back through the í60s and the í70s and the massive push for promiscuity, which they called in the late 1800ís, like H.G. Wells was writing books on the coming ďfree loveĒ. They were going to push ďfree loveĒ to destroy the family unit, you see. And each time they cause problems, itís great for pharma and so on to step in and try and fix the problems that they cause. The same thing happened in the í60s with unwanted pregnancies, and eventually the state ends up paying for abortions. Then of course the pill comes out, then they all get the universal pill, and we pay for all of the pills, etc, etc. But it didnít stop venereal disease, you see, and they knew it was going to skyrocket back then, but the agenda had to go forward at all costs, you know, promiscuity was a big thing.


Calls to immunize teenage boys after huge rise in throat cancer


(A: Well, a few years ago I read articles that were in mainstream again, which were kind of cutesy articles. ďOh, isnít it cute?Ē Thatís how they put these. That young children, twelve-year-old females and so on, at school, were wearing little colored bracelets. They got it all from Music television and the magazines that they were reading. Each little bracelet, you see, symbolized oral sex that sheíd had. So the more she could collect there on her arm, the higher up in status sheíd have amongst other young girls, you see. So, obviously the next thing that broke out had to break out. It had to. Itís all cause and effect. These guys donít start and say, ďoh, if we give them promiscuity in the í60s, well if you gave them promiscuity theyíll have all this VD, what will we do? Well, weíll tone it down and keep it under the carpet.Ē Thereís a whole bunch of diseases you canít treat now with antibiotics, like syphilis. Anyway, so now the boys have got throat cancer. Of course theyíre using it to vaccinate the boys, the propaganda spiel.)


Vaccination against virus urged following increase in cases linked to sexually transmitted infection 


So the boys now are getting it from the girls because, you see, they watch all the porno that they make sure that they get, the big boys at the top, because weíre so liberal now, you know, just so liberal, and you canít have any hang-ups about anything, and so theyíre getting papilloma virus of the throat, and coming down with cancers, basically. So theyíre using this now to push this useless stuff, this vaccine which they say will stop it. Actually I remember reading the article from the person who discovered it, and who said in the article it wonít stop anything. Doesnít matter, itís a winner financially. She actually said it wonít stop anything. Itís supposed to, itís like the flu shot, itís supposed to stop about three types of the many varieties of human papilloma viruses. It hasnít been proven that it actually affects any single one of them in stopping it. And as I say, that was the person who came up with it, who worked for the pharma company at the time. She did a big spiel about it afterwards, and said it wonít work. But itís a winner, itís a winner. Big bucks, just like the flu shot. So young boys are getting throat cancers and the girls are getting lots of bangles to wear on their arms. So there you go, and thatís just how they work things in this world of ours. Everything is cause and effect. They know what theyíre doing. And lastly...


Healthy 7 Year Old Girl Dies in Motherís Arms After Flu Shot


Then they go into the usual, again, verbatim speech of why it happened, and, oh, itís highly unlikely that the death was related to the vaccine, said Doctor Harry Chen:


A report on Seven Days, Vermontís Independent News, stated Vermont Health Commissioner, Dr. Harry Chen made it clear that in his opinion it was extremely unlikely that Kaylynneís death was related to the vaccine and he is worried that scaremongering will deter parents from vaccinating their children.


So because theyíre dying off after getting the vaccine, thatís scaremongering. And after all, you see, her genes were slightly different from someone elseís. Thatís what they generally tell you. And itís for the greater good. Thereís always casualties for the greater good, you know, so tough cheese if it happens to be your daughter. Basically thatís what theyíre saying here. How disgusting, eh, how disgusting. Thatís the world you live in though. Big, big agendas, you understand. Nothing is going to stop their agendas.


One last article too, from the Sovereign Independent. Now, itís well known who works at the BBC amongst people whoíve dealt with the BBC. I canít say too much about it, but itís very much like Disney, put it that way. In Disney cartoons youíll see all the phallic symbols they put in there and they have their little tee-hees, these little kind of girlish boys that make up the cartoons. Youíll see things from the BBC because the same type work there.  You canít mistake what theyíre actually showing you here during childrenís times, etc. And youíll find out why they give the children in the cartoons specific little names, a sort of street language, and it explains what they all mean. Iíll put that up for you too. Not that it will do anything for you. Youíll probably just yawn, but thatís how things have been for a long time, as your mind is subtly changed and altered. And the children know more street language from their schooling than you do, you see. Quite something. Most folk donít even know how theyíre programmed, they really donít. Isnít that a sad thing?


Now thereís some callers hanging on the line here. Thereís Darren from Ireland, so Iíll take Darren first, if heís still there.


Darren: Hello Alan. How are you today?


Alan: Not bad. Iíve got a sudden January thaw. We get that every January, where you get lots of snow and then it thaws for about a week, and then goes back to freezing again. So Iím under all this deluge of water.


Darren: Same here. Irelandís always covered with water. But I was just in my parentsí house during the week and I was talking to my younger sisters. It just kind of hit me and I noticed a lot of kids these days, that stereotypical kind of Irish family or even a stereotypical Irish person that has been portrayed over the years is kind of dying away with the television and the Americanized culture thatís even spreading over here, you know. And itís crazy that television has literally killed an entire culture and given a new culture.


Alan: It was intended to. Back in the 60s the Council on Foreign Relations had their big meeting in London, and in mainstream papers, they actually were deciding with the companies that were in Britain at the time, the TV and movie companies, they were deciding who was to take over the role of creating the new world culture. They said they eventually decided on Hollywood for music and culture to push across the whole world. Tonight Iíll put up an article from the military magazine which goes through that. They talk about the weaponization of culture. Weaponized. It said they would bring the American degradation across the whole world through television and movies. He says because this is what destroys people; this destroys their enemies, this unites the world under one system. They say theyíd rather have Madonna doing her things with her hands down at her crotch than giving you some good stuff to watch and learn by. Itís from the military itself, from the intelligence unit of the U.S. military. Nothing that you see out there is by accident, nothing.


Darren: Youíre right, nothing. Not a thing is by accident. Everything is a weapon, but itís like four or five times like a weapon; it has like a multi-purpose function, like regards to the internet or TV or radio, everything. I noticed with a lot of soaps, even over here we get a lot of the Australian soaps and Iíve contrasted them with the English soaps. Someone has cancer in it and youíre being dragged through their story. And their youth getting younger by the day. And to bring in homosexuality and promiscuity all over the TV, not that I have anything wrong with homosexuality, but the thing is if itís being promoted to kids itís giving them an alternative view that they would never have if it was never in their face. So theyíre going to grow up now and think it was completely normal. And theyíre putting it more and more in your face.


Alan: Theyíre also really rushing it through the school. I mean the children now have their little counselors they go to, and if the counselor says, ďYouíre a bit down, Jimmy, whatís the matter?Ē† ďOh, I† donít know, I feel kind of strangeĒ and so on.† ďOh, maybe you should try this, if you havenít tried it before. Maybe youíre inhibitedĒ.† They get told theyíre inhibited if theyíre not experimenting in some way-out fashion according to all the sexual education theyíre getting.


Darren: Thatís very true because the culture that was over here, pre-maybe-1980ís and pre-1990ís was a very kind of strict, kind of weird Catholic culture. And theyíve destroyed that now with television and all the reports that did come out about a lot of the abuse in the Catholic Church but they only brought it out at this specific time to discredit that and to make people get away from that now. And any young kid I know, anyone whoís my age, they donít really go to church. And itís not even that, but they donít have any of the family values that their own parents had or even their grandparents had. My grandfather himself, God rest his soul, he was one of them in that last generation, the hard working; the only kind of thing that I got to see that was probably truly even in a sense Irish, even if not that just kind of morally upstanding and morally kind of right, and thatís gone. I know if I grow up Iíll feel like probably the last man, even at that because I know itís all gone from here. To a lot of people even across overseas they might get a view of Ireland as an old man sitting in a pub with a cap on with a funny accent, but if they were to travel over to here, theyíd find none of that; theyíll be surprised because theyíll see the same culture that they have there over here.


Alan. Thatís what youíre seeing, a standardized world culture. Whatís interesting too, people donít realize that one of the main wars, this global culture, the ones who created it, was against all churches, but definitely the Catholic Church. During the American House Committee on Un-American Activities way back in the 1940s and 50ís, one of the main women in America, Iíve got the book here that she wrote herself, and she said part of her job was to funnel as many homosexuals into the Catholic Church as possible. She was asked how many sheíd put through over the years and she said thousands. That was the generation that came in to be the abusive generation and theyíre still in charge today by the way. Thereís a good book called, Good Bye Good Men. And actually if youíre straight and you apply to the Catholic Church these guys will interview and theyíre all of an alternate persuasion and if they think youíre straight and so on you will not get in. Theyíre only admitting the guys who... Actually they call them the violet priests I think. Thatís whatís been happening for years. This was a big, big war to get this to happen, and itís been awfully successful.† Good Bye Good Men goes through the history of this. Itís all documented too.


Darren: I know and all the reports that have come out over here in the past maybe year or two have delved into that, and how it just kind of all happened around the exact same time, just kind of one generation maybe between the 1960s onwards.† But itís funny, when England left Ireland, the Catholic Church came straight in. I guess it was the same when the Roman Empire fell, it didnít really fall at all, the church was there. The left hand, you know, was there to catch the right hand.† Just on the last thing, where do you think maybe, I guess we do know where itís going, but in regards to everything it kind of really does feel like the box is tightening in closer and closer and closer, so where do you see, Alan, maybe in the next ten yearsí time where everything will be? And Iíll leave on that. Thanks.


Alan: Well, I tell you, itís not good. See, the agenda has been written by so many of the authors involved in setting up the think tanks for the planning of all of these phases. They really mean it when they say they want to reduce the population by a vast amount by the year 2050, which isnít that far away. They said too they would use food as a weapon, from the World Agricultural Society at the United Nations. Food has been used as a weapon. Theyíll do it again. Weíll see rationing. The stuff weíre eating today is killing us, and itís not food. Itís really the chemical dumping industry, as far as Iím concerned, the processed food industry. Itís the chemical dumping industry for all the big chemical plants. Folk are dying at incredible rates with cancers. What I do here is almost like a social work department at times, where I have to phone people all over the place that I know who are dying with cancers, young people too.† Itís really escalating, and they know this in the profession too. Thanks for calling. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Also, that link Iíll put up too, to do with that last caller, is The Mind Has No Firewall, from the U.S. military, and obviously written by an intelligence officer, saying that they would debase society across the planet by putting American culture there first. It destroys man and woman, destroys the genders, destroys everything, then theyíre easily controlled and conquered by another people or a nation, and definitely by the banks.


Now weíll go to Jay from Ohio if heís there. Is Jay still there?


Jay: Yeah Iím here. Thanks for taking my call again. Couple things, Iíve been thinking about this whole conspiracy thing and how people are so quick to throw out the word conspiracy theory. So I was just curious, do you know when about all that started, and its ideology? Also, I was thinking about just journalism in general, and I always wonder, how do those guys seem so interested in every subject, you know. To me itís just so boring, but I think itís boring because most of itís just garbage. And as I do my own research on things, that stuff, what Iím finding out, the real things, is very, very interesting. So I think itís boring because itís garbage.


Alan: Itís quite easy.† I mean, H.G. Wells worked for the Fabian Society; he was a founding member. Even today I noticed it mentioned in this Council on Foreign Relations, again the Fabian crew that they use all the time. H.G. Wells wrote a book called The Open Conspiracy, back in his day, early 1900s, where he says we actually publish everything that weíre going to do; and they do, they publish everything they want to do, only itís in boring dry stuff, where thereís no sex or violence or anything like that, so the general population never read them. Then you have counter-intelligence. Counter-intelligence takes the truth that is being discussed amongst people who are using the fact sheets, the papers of the CFR or whoever, and theyíre passing them around. So counter-intelligence comes in and they do the same and then they start adding aliens to it, and stuff like this, or walking reptilians that should made be made into crocodile handbags or shoes or something. They confuse the general public with mysticism and nonsense, until the genuine ones that are sticking to the facts, and saying here is the facts, get roped in with those who are prattling about guys that came from Sirius, you know, as reptiles and all that rubbish. This is counter-intelligence. They donít sit still and let you go ahead just giving out the truth. They put out well financed guys who front for them and start mixing truth with fiction, which is very intriguing fiction if youíre into science-fiction, but of course the people donít know itís sci-fi, and they get really roped in, and then they sound like crazy people when theyíre trying to discuss ďthese reptilians came in and took over, you know.Ē And so the truth movement gets ridiculed because of these characters who are well trained and financed.


Jay: Right, right. That makes a lot of sense. And also, itís kind of related, you know certain words like patriotism and war on terror, they are powerful words but in themselves they donít mean much.


Alan: They donít mean much unless you have a common culture, and thatís the bottom line. Even the founding fathers knew, to start off a nation, theyíd have to give them a common culture so they all felt they belonged and they were part of it, that culture. When you destroy that culture and put it into rapid change, youíre now in charge of everybody. You canít allow people to hijack your culture and take it from you.† Thanks for calling; maybe Barret from Idaho can call in tomorrow night. From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where Iíve got the January thaw before the next snowfall, itís goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you. Remember, help me out too by donating and so on.


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