January 26th, 2012 (#1009)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan 26th, 2012:

Nature's Services:
God Made Creatures Great and Small,
Then Made Peasants to Pay for it All:

"The Rio +20 and Things to Come,
Sustainability, No Disposable Income,
Nature Provides "Services", Bees and Rain,
You'll Be Taxed by UN under "Service Gain",
Eco-Economists have Valued on Behalf of God,
The Price of Water, Grass and Sod,
Herbicide Poisoned Bees, the Lack of Honey,
Can All Be Put Right by Your Tax Money,
Plus Biodiversity Part 2 will Entail
Humans have Less Rights than a Snail,
Unelected Organizations are Arms of Big Biz,
Working Together, That's the Way it Is"
© Alan Watt Jan 26th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan 26th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 26th of January, 2012.  For newcomers, you must always make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Youíll find so many, in the archives, so many free audios to download.  It will take the rest of your life, probably, but at least youíll know how this big system works, and how it really works, above all the media, above all the prattle of politics.  And youíll find out that youíve been in a global governmental system for an awful long time.  And it was done, again, covertly.  It was planned over a hundred years ago.  At least they started to implement it over a hundred years ago.  And big foundations and organizations came together, with big industry too, which they also owned, because the foundations are owned by the international bankers, basically.  They own the whole lot, kit and caboodle.  So, they got together and decided to take the world over, into a planned society.  They already had figured out how much of a population they would need in a post-industrial society.  They also knew that they were going to open up new parts of the world, and take over other nations, like China.  And weíd be living through it all.  And again, kept in the dark by our own politicians, who signed all the treaties, that enabled all this to take place, like the World Trade Organization, they set up that and signed your sovereignty away to that as well.  And GATT, the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, things like that.  Free Trade in other words, which means that you have to bring in a Value Added Tax, because your Free Trade stops your import duty that used to keep governments going. 


So, itís all been planned a long time ago.  Youíre living through it all.  Rockefeller described it as making an omelet.  He says, you canít make it without breaking eggs.  The unemployment and all the fallout from it, is just youíre the broken eggs, basically, left behind, as they go forward into this big wonderful Utopia of theirs.  And I really mean that, because thereís thousands of think tanks employed on every social area, that you can imagine, to make sure that they give us, they train us from birth, basically, generation by generation, to get ready for what weíll notice in our lifetimes as we go down the road.  And it seems all quite natural to us.  And even if it doesnít seem natural, youíre still confused.  You still want to believe in the media, which tells you basically diddly-squat.  Thatís what the media is for.  Thereís nothing out there that isnít part of this system of global governance, by the few.  Thereís nothing.  I mean nothing out there. 


So, help yourself to the free audios.  And thereís also transcripts youíll find too on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you can download them for print-up.  And go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you help me keep going, so you can buy the books and discs Iíve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I donít have shares in any companies that sell you anything, that promise to cure every ill under the sun.  And I donít promote anything else.  I just give you the facts as they are.  Most folk canít handle the bare facts.  They always look for the lone rider to come in and clean up town, like Clint Eastwood, and that doesnít happen, except in fantasy.  But thatís how people by nature really are.  Always understood.


So, from the US to Canada, if you want to order the books, you can go into the website, and youíll see how to order it there.  You can use a personal check to Canada.  You can use an international postal money order, from the post office.  You can use PayPal, or send cash.   Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and once again, PayPal.  And straight donations are awfully welcome.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big system that youíve been given as reality.  And how really, everything that occurs in your life on a major scale, even the wars that we go through, are planned before youíre born.  Itís quite amazing, that.  I can remember reading one of Winston Churchillís books, I think he wrote it in the 50s, and he was talking about the wars that would have to happen in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, he said.  North of Iraq thereís an awful lot of oil, he said, and eventually theyíll definitely have to have wars there to try and appropriate the oil.  So, thereís nothing, thereís literally nothing that happens in your life, in your lifetime, that wasnít planned long, long ago.  When the big boys talk about something, especially from their global meetings, they donít make a wish list to Santa Claus and say we wish the world was like this.  They get to work, and orders are issued.  And thousands of think-tanks go into operation, to prepare the public from the young age, all the different generations are catered for, through all the different media, and they get them ready for whatís to come up, whatís planned in the future for them.  And thatís how society is truly run. 


We are programmed.  We are programmed from birth, generation by generation, and year by year, literally, every new bunch of kindergarten children going in are getting a little big more indoctrination along the long path of life, than the previous years.  And thatís how they do it.  That was discussed in the 1930s by Beria, who was the head of the NKVD in the Soviet Union at the time.  He said it used to take 70 years to make a major change in society.  He says, now we can do it every five years, and it will speed up, which it has now.  Weíre so easily programmed.  And no wonder too, weíre taught to believe in everything.  People really do believe in the media, especially television.  Brzezinski talked about it, Kissinger talked about it.  Theyíve all talked about it.  Brzezinski says, shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves or reason for themselves.  Theyíll expect the media to do it for them.  And thatís true.  If the media doesnít tell you to be upset about something, weíre not.  But when they tell you to be upset about some tiddly little thing, you are. 


Itís sad to figure out how simple it is to control the people, isnít it?  It is.  It gives you a little bit of a shock when you really, really wake up, and understand, my God, weíre so easily programmed.  And youíll hear all the little slogans, and the new terminology, the newspeak coming out of your friends, when they have conversations with you.  Theyíve picked it up off television, and articles theyíre reading and so on.  And even in cartoons, for the youngsters.  And they start using it.  They speak it into reality in a sense.  Thatís a whole other area of human psychology, of course.  But most folk are trapped in it their whole lives long. 


Most folk who think theyíre waking up havenít woken up at all.  Theyíve woken up to the fact that something is causing their lifestyle to change.  And they donít like it.  And theyíre losing money.  And they canít buy as much.  Thatís not waking up, thatís reacting to.  You have to go into the whole realm of what it is to be human to understand whatís happening, because the guys at the top do.  They understand what it is.  They understand every part of you and how you tick.  And they know how you tick at the age of five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and all the way down the road.  And they cater for that too. 


Now, the other thing too is, all the big organizations out there, even the ones that you think are on what you think is your side, because everybody joins a side, you see.  Again, youíre a social creature, and youíre gregarious.  You join the group that suits you.  But theyíre all catered for by the same boys at the top.  They run all sides.  All sides are run.  You see, thatís why nothing has ever slowed this bunch down at the top that decided to take the world over.  Nothing has slowed them down.  Theyíre right on target with everything they planned a long, long time ago. 


And most of whatís happening, has been happening since about the í60s or even the í50s, has been international treaties.  Really going back to the í40s, when they signed the San Francisco Charter, at the United Nations.  Literally, every president and prime minister signed away their country to it.  That was the start of it.  That was the first treasonable offence.  And then of course, they elevate the United Nations into some wonderful organization thatís out to help people.  And that was all the propaganda for years.  They were there to help people.  They didnít tell you that the United Nations has a military wing, the NATO organization, but the UN also controlled the Warsaw Pact countries for the Soviet Union.  They were basically like a referee.  They owned both sides.  Nobody could make a move without the other agreeing.  It was a farce.  A farce.


Same with all the Green campaigners too, and you see the biggest funders of the Green campaigners are all at Davos right now.  Theyíre all international corporations, multi-billionaires and trillionaires.  Anyway, this article here is from the BBC.  It says:


Shale Revolution Throws A Spanner Into Green Campaign


And this is from the BBCís own Green Campaign website.  And it says:


Until recently, fossil fuels have widely been seen among scientists and environmental campaigners as a diminishing resource. Science correspondent Tom Feilden reports on how the discovery of techniques to extract shale gas has rapidly changed the world of energy generation.


And itís true enough.  Somebody flicked a switch and suddenly the Greenies have backed off from it.  Theyíve been told to back off.  Thatís why.  So, thereís two, I think itís radio shows you can listen into and hear them prattling on about that, and what theyíre going to do about it, etc, etc, etc.


And in the US too, I have to laugh, because people really get caught up in politics in the US.  They still think itís real.  They havenít lived in countries like Europe, and Scandinavia and elsewhere, to see that it really is a show.  Itís a show for the general public.  Presidents and prime ministers are unimportant.  Always have been unimportant.  Itís all the boys behind them that get in, behind the shield of the president and prime minister, thatís awfully important.  And you always keep them in for at least two terms, like the Fabian Society talked about a long time ago.  You see, when theyíre on a roll changing the world, and thatís the whole idea of being international, and global, is changing the whole world structure of politics and society, then you get a little hitch when they change houses of Parliament or Congress, where the new bunch of advisors come in behind a president or prime minister and they have to be retaught everything, so theyíve got a kind of lagging space there.  Itís better to have them in for two or three terms now.  So, itís pretty well a done deal for Obama, you know.  Theyíre going to keep him in. Thatís how they do it elsewhere, you see. Then they can keep the same bunch of real workers behind the scenes, we all know who they are, and the transitions go on smoothly into changing the world.


Whatís interesting too, itís so blatant now, in how bribery, government bribery is working for the votes as well, and stuff like that.  I mentioned the reelection speech in the State of the Union Address that Obama had.  Iíll put that up tonight too, from CBS.  It says:


While billed as a blueprint for "An America Built to Last,"


(Alan: I wonder what he means by that?  He says:)


President Obama's State of the Union Address was also a game plan to help him win a second term.


(A: Do you understand how much money theyíve been throwing out there to the voters, your tax money?  In New York, if you get on welfare now, they give you free cable TV, they give you a cell phone, which they call an Obama phone, and they charge it, the state will pay to charge it every month, and all these other freebies that they get.  Itís incredible, you know, but thatís what theyíre doing across the nation, very quietly.  And people just love Obama.  He gives them free presents and stuff.  Lots of television and entertainment.  He says:)


The speech was skillfully crafted to avoid any overt re-election rhetoric, but it gave the president the largest audience he will have to cast his record of the last three years in the most favorable light. He also acknowledged the nation remains in the grip of economic problems, but said its better than it was


(A: I donít know where he gets that from.)


and he's got an extensive strategy for making it better still.


(A: What a lot of rubbish, eh?  Like youíre talking to children.  Weíre going to kiss your knee when you skin your knee and say, weíre going to make it better for you.  Meanwhile the blood is flowing all over the place, eh?)


"The state of our Union is getting stronger," declared Mr. Obama. "And we've come too far to turn back now."


Too far into what?  Well, globalism, of course.  The US, most of the money from the US taxpayer is getting thrown across the world now.  Itís called the redistribution of wealth.  And that was one of the big planks of the Communist Manifesto.  And itís all come true.  And thereís no going back, unless, you know, literally, you canít vote a person in to change this.  You understand that.  Someone coming in and cutting all these treaties and tearing them up, that would mean a declaration of war by the most powerful people on the planet.  Thatís what it would mean.  A real declaration of war, you understand.  And such a person wouldnít last very long.  They wouldnít be around, walking the planet, for very long at all.  I hope you really understand that.


People donít work for well over a hundred years, with big organizations, making cabals of international corporations, that really are all owned by the same few at the top, with the controlling shares.  They donít spend a hundred years, to get knocked back by one guy coming into office, you understand.  I hope you understand that. 


Now, youíre going into austerity, as they call it.  And weíve all heard the term.  Weíre post democratic, according to the Club of Rome, the biggest think tank for the United Nations.  Weíre also post consumer.  You were made to be a consumer by guys like Bernays.  Iíve done talks on Bernays in the past; youíll find them in the archives section, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  He gave you the consumer society, as they built America up to be the big massive war machine, very quietly, you see.  And now theyíre taking that away from you, and youíre going into austerity, where all your spending money that used to buy nice things you liked, are going across the world, to help the poor folk.  You know, the international corporations with their bases over there.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And after 9/11 happened, I think it was that night on the radio I mentioned that weíll see every thing which you normally see in times of war coming down the pike.  And sure enough, we have, too.  Weíve seen all the internal security, as they want to call it, which are really internal armies, and checkpoints.  All these kind of things.  Weíve seen censorship come in of various topics, as well, and theyíve really gone after the general public, teaching them that youíre in a wartime economy.  Eventually too, rationing, I said would come in, and youíll be prohibited from even buying certain things, eventually, in a wartime economy.  So, austerity is the term we started to get here, since the bank crashes.  A really odd thing for the public to be told, actually.  They didnít crash the banks.  The banks crashed the banks on cue, because of their conniving and skullduggery.  But I think it all came on cue, because theyíd always been creating bubbles.  They could have kept bubbles going forever.  Theyíre always blowing bubbles, as the old song goes.  And it was crashed on cue, to bring this stage of this so-called global New World Order in, and that is Austerity, you see, for the general public.  And partly they did it too, I mean, weíre all up to our, ever country is up to their eyes in debt for generations to come.  Theyíll never pay it off, actually, with compound interest, just bailing out the banks.  Anyway, Austerity, it says.  What is Austerity? It says:


austerity Ė mid-14th century, "sternness, harshness," from O.Fr. austerite "harshness, cruelty" (14c.) and directly from L.L. austeritatem (nom. austeritas), from austerus.


(A: I guess thatís austere us.  Weíre the austere guys.  Anyway.)


Of severe self-discipline, from 1580s; hence "severe simplicity" (1875); applied during WWII to national policies limiting non-essentials as a wartime economy.


Right.  Non-essentials as a wartime economy.  You see, thatís the things that you used to buy, a new car, whatever, or something for the house.  These are classified now as non-essentials, you see, in a wartime economy.  But, by the same token, you wonít have all that extra money jangling in your pocket that you would spend on these things, if you could get them.  No.  All that money is to be taken away in taxes, you see.  Taxes.  Weíre still bailing the banks out, by the way.  Thereís another package due out shortly.  And also to spread across the world, because your prime ministers and presidents have signed global treaties to redistribute the wealth across the world, to build hospitals across the world, to build schools across the world, and yadda, yadda, yah.  In actual fact, it goes into the pockets of the international corporations that set up their factories where the cheap labor is, but that doesnít matter.  The whole idea is to bring the first world countries right down, on their faces.  Thatís the plan, folks.  And thatís the purpose of it.  So you donít have extra cash to spend.  Itís all taken away from you, through fees and taxes and a lot more to come.  A wartime economy it says.  Right?  And what are they at?  Theyíre at perpetual war.  Perpetual war.


Now, this article here, this next article, is one of the many articles released, probably hundreds of them, different ones, from different organizations, and put right into major media, for you to read and not think too much about.  But itís actually programming you; predictive programming, as Iíve said for years, is a technique thatís used to prepare you.  And itís about the coming Earth Summit, Rio II, you see, which is the big summit from a private organization.  Rockefeller is at the top of it again, using Maurice Strong, the globalist, to chair it, and theyíll bring in the next bunch of things which will take your land away.  Take your housing away.  Give you massive fines for polluting through septic tanks, or water run off your roofs.  All that stuff.  But, basically, these are the guys who came up with Agenda 21, the Agenda for the 21st century, to get you all off the land into these crowded slum cities, as you all die off, by the way, which that is the plan.  And also to give more authority to the big world organizations which they belong to, to bring you down with less rights than animals have or trees.  Thatís what Maurice Strong said.  He said that himself.  Maurice Strong actually said, he said, by the time we are finished, youíll wish you had the same rights as a tree.  Did you vote Maurice Strong in?  Did you vote for any Earth Summit?  The Rio Summit?  No. 


Private organizations run the world.  And nothing will stop them, because thereís no opposition to them.  You canít vote them out.  Theyíre not voted in.  Your own politicians sign all the deals that are put on their desk from these organizations, into law.  So, it tells you, theyíre all working for the same boss, and itís not you.  Anyway, this is an article Iíll put up tonight.  Itís getting ready for the summit.  There will be hundreds of them building up to June, when they have the summit.  It says:


Can we put a price on nature?


(A: You see.  Press release.  Thatís a press release from the main organization.  The 25th, of January, 2012.  It says:)


Launch of earth debates - flagship event series in preparation of Rio+20


(A: Thatís what they call the next Earth Summit, Rio Summit.  It says:)


The vital role of our environment within our economy has been hidden until recently. Pollinating crops, balancing our water distribution and even providing genetic resources for our medicine are just a few examples of the life-support that natural resources provide.  Yet with no market value, they are consumed freely. 


(A: Theyíre awfully worried about us consuming stuff, you know.  It says:)


Tools for calculating some of these natural services are now being developed in Ecosystem Economics....


What it means, everything you consume, folks, from a chocolate bar to whatever, youíll pay extra fees for it, for the carbon content that it took to make it, the energy; Technocracy itís called.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the buildup to the Rio Summit, the Rio+20, as they call it, which is going to affect all of your lives, big time.  If you think weíre redistributing your wealth across the world right now, wait till these guys have finished.  Itís going to go way up, because all the big boys on the planet will be attending this meeting in June.  This is the build-up to it here.  And they have thousands of handouts to every magazine, every newspaper, that goes straight into it, and you read this stuff and it kind of prepares you mentally for it coming, like it must be all quite natural, but itís not natural at all.  In fact, when they go to the meeting in June, Iíll guarantee you every treaty they come out with will have been printed up maybe fifty years ago.  They blow the dust off it and then give it to your presidents to sign into law.  And it is signed into law, just like that.  And you donít vote any of these guys in.  And this is what they call democracy, eh?  But it says here, remember, tools for calculating some of these natural services.  Rain is now a service.  You see, natural services.  Food is a natural service.  Even stuff you can pick yourself.  Theyíre now putting prices on everything, you see.  And theyíre going to charge you for bees dying off, and they canít pollinate crops, etc.  And your cash will be given out to the big companies that kill off the bees, like Monsanto, as they spray all their crops with that pesticide that kills everything off.  But of course, what a great con.  Oh, we canít pollinate anything.  So, you get bailouts from the government, eh?  But guess who pays for it all?  You do.  As I say, right down to the cost of making that chocolate bar, and the tinfoil, and everything else.  Youíre going to get charged for that as an energy tax.  And a pollution tax.  And they go into some of the big boys that are put out there, who are going to host this thing:


Professor Sir Robert Watson (Chief Scientific Advisor to Defra),


(A: Youíve got to look into DEFRA, those who have still got a mind and can keep track of thought for more than five seconds.  Look into DEFRA.  Itís amazing.)


Will Evison (Environmental Economist, PricewaterhouseCoopers), Ian Dickie (Director, Aldersgate Group) and Claire Brown (Senior Programme Officer Ecosystem Services and Assessment, UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre).  The panellists provided a rich range of insights from the scientific, policy, business and civil society perspectives. 


(A: But thereís no ordinary folk, thereís no you on the panel, folks.)


Held at the Natural History Museum and chaired by The Guardian


(A: Who else?  The Guardian, eh?)


Former Science Editor, Tim Radford, the debate was available via a live web-cast on the Natural History Museum website.


(A: What Iím talking about here, the children are all getting taught in school, theyíre getting ready for it, to be all Green and everything else, you know.  Yeah, taxes, taxes.  Tax daddy.  Tax Mummy.)


The Natural History Museum, Stakeholder Forum and The British Council launched the Earth Debates series to drive momentum and contribute to discussions surrounding the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD),


(A: Thatís like too many of you folks, you know.)


also known as Rio+20, happening in Brazil 20-22 June 2012.  The direct descendent of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Rio+20 is being held at the highest political level and will bring together Heads of State and Government decision makers to generate a new global vision


(A: A new global vision.)


for sustainable development.


(A: It sounds rather innocuous to a lot of people, amorphous, but in actuality, itís an awfully serious thing, because they know exactly what theyíre going to do, and what laws across the world, with all its penalties, fines, fees, and taxes theyíre going to hit you with.  And what rights you have at all, if any, according to the animal kingdom and your position on it on the thing.  It says:)


This flagship series of debates will bring together high level representatives from key sectors including Government, non-government,


(A: Thatís all your non-governmental organizations, the armies of them that work for the tax-free foundations, which are owned by the international bankers.)


civil society and business and tackle key issues at the heart of Rio+20 Ďthe global


(A: Now, hereís the key.  Iíve told you, this word is awfully important.  Youíre going to hear more and more of it)


transition to a fair


(A: A fair)


and green economyí agenda.


(A: Thatís a fair global one, where youíve got to give more and more money, all your disposable income will go to some other country, in a Green economy agenda.)


ďThe great challenge in creating a sustainable future is understanding and living within the natural limits of our planet. Holding this debate in the heart of the Natural History Museum recognizes the crucial role for science evidence of global change in realizing the goals of Rio+20Ē....


Etc, etc, etc.  So, this is going to be a big one, because, you donít realize how much itís already affected, the first meeting they had, the first Rio Conference they had, has affected you and the world.  Because weíre under the United Nations on most things today, because of it.  And Ďthereís too many people.í  Thatís what they mean by sustainable development.  Culling down the herd.  Making you live in austerity, which is simplicity, harshness, a harsh way of living, and your disposable income is going to be taken off of you, so you wonít have it to spend on anything anyway.  Itís going to be taken from you to pay for those poor folk across the world, supposedly.  Thatís the con plan.  In actuality, they really want to take down the populations of the third world countries, big time, according to the old Kissinger bill. 


And hereís an article here too.  To make money today, youíve got to get it from the taxpayer.  And, because of all the Greening cons that they have, and weíve seen all the fake windmill things go up, and then crash, and bankrupt, and our government money just goes down the tubes.  Our money, which goes to government, goes down the tubes.  But everybody gets in on the act where the big money is.  They throw it around like candy.  This article here says:


Ceres Inc.,


(A: Ceres, after the old goddess of grain.  It says:)


a U.S. seed maker, plans to raise as much as $132 million in an initial public offering to expand output of genetically modified crops used in the production of biofuels.


(A: So, anything thatís alternate to gasoline and oil, which they have a glut of right now, they canít sell it, is going to get big bucks behind it to back it from your taxes.)


Ceres will sell 5 million shares at $21 to $23 each, the Thousand Oaks, California-based company said today in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


(A: So anyway, you scroll down, and it says:)


Ceres, which has been operating since 1997, will use most of the proceeds from the IPO to develop and commercialize crop seeds, build new facilities and expand the workforce.


(A: They always say that, because thatís part of getting all these grants.)


Ceres is ramping up production to challenge Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co., the two largest makers of genetically modified crops.


Ceres has begun to sell sweet sorghum that serve as an alternative to sugarcane in the Brazilian ethanol industry, as well as switchgrass and high biomass sorghum. Itís developing other so-called energy crops as well as plants that tolerate drought and salt.


(A: They always have great claims on them.  If you ever looked into the real truth of their claims as opposed to reality, and even Monsantoís crops generally get about a third less than they promise.  And theyíve caused a lot of problems now with, basically, herbicide-resistant weeds and all the rest of it.)


The company said its net loss widened in the year ended Aug. 31 to $36.4 million, from $22.6 million, according to the filing. Ceresí $6.6 million of revenue last year


(A: Listen to this.)


was mostly from collaborative research and government grants.


(A: You understand?  Donít work hard these days.  Just go out and get a few guys dressed up in $10,000 suits and form a little company, and then go out, hand out, to the government.  Do all your Masonic signs and stuff, and youíll get your big grants.  Get awfully rich.  So, it says:)


Underwriting the IPO are Goldman Sachs Group Inc.,


(A: Well, who else?)


Barclays Plc, Piper Jaffray Cos, Raymond James Financial Inc. and Simmons & Co. International, according to the filing.


Monsanto, which has been working with Ceres to develop improved corn and soybeans, has a license to some of its genetic traits. Monsanto, based in St. Louis, has a 6.2 percent stake in Ceres that will be diluted to about 4.8 percent after the offering, according to the filing.


So, all the big boys, theyíre all really just one at the top, you understand.  And the rest of them are just subsidiaries of the one.  Thatís as far as I can see.


Now, Gordon Brown, who eventually was wheedled in as Prime Minister of Britain, to help shatter and finish it off, according to the Communist strategy.  That was the whole idea, to completely finish off the culture of Britain, and Tony Blair got in too.  Gordon Brown, really, he was in charge of the treasury, before he was made Prime Minister.  And he bankrupted Britain awfully well, so they made him a head of the IMF for the US and flew him over there, because weíre global now, you see.  Thereís no real countries.  They can move them from region to region as they call it.  So, heís:


Gordon Brown is making an impassioned call for the international community to make education a higher priority - and to make a co-ordinated plan to achieve universal primary education by 2015.


(A: Itís for the people across the world.  Building schools, for folk across the planet.  Do you know how much it costs to get a university education in the US?  And here you are building schools across the planet for governments that are utterly corrupt?  Who have been dominating their own people for thousands of years. Itís all a con.  Again, disposable income.  You wonít have it.  Itís going to be taxed off you.)


The former UK prime minister wants to create a "global fund for education" to raise the £13bn per year needed to bring lessons to the poorest children.


There are 68 million children in the world missing out on primary education.


There is a "hidden and silent emergency in education," warns Mr Brown.


The global target of providing access to a primary school education for all children by 2015 was one of the millennium


(A: You see the millennium goals came out of the last Rio Meeting, folks.)


was one of the millennium development goals set out by the United Nations and world leaders at the beginning of the century.


(A: The 21st century.† Most folk donít even know it happened, that youíre putting billions and billions across all over the world, every week.)


But as that date approaches, Mr Brown says the target is set to be missed, with progress slowing rather than accelerating.


So, anyway, they want more cash to indoctrinate children into the same dumbed down society that we are today too.  But most of it wonít get to them anyway, to teach them; it goes into other things.  Everything is a con from the top. 


Now, I mentioned this yesterday, the Economic Union, the Parliament, this big Soviet System of the Parliament System, for the whole of Europe,


Proposes 'right to be forgotten' by internet firms


(A: Itís an odd ruling.  The government wonít throw their data away.  Theyíre going to keep it, of course.  But it says that the servers are supposed to take stuff down that you ask to have taken down.  Because a lot of youngsters are making a lot of stupid mistakes over the years with Facebook, that they wish theyíd never put up there.)


A new law promising internet users the "right to be forgotten" will be proposed by the European Commission on Wednesday.


It says people will be able to ask for data about them to be deleted and firms will have to comply unless there are "legitimate" grounds to retain it.


The move is part of a wide-ranging overhaul of the commission's 1995 Data Protection Directive.


Some tech firms have expressed concern about the reach of the new bill....


So, thereís something else obviously turning up, and we donít know what it is, but it goes on to say in this other article Iíll put up too, that:


Firms face being fined up to 2% of their global annual turnover if they breach proposed EU data laws.


The European Commission has put forward the suggestion as part of a new directive and regulation.


The new rules include users' "right to be forgotten" and an obligation on organisations to report data breaches "as soon as possible".


The boss of one tech-focused organisation described the proposals as a "tax" on firms holding customer data.


The Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reding, said it was important for EU citizens - particularly teenagers - to be in control of their online identities.


"My proposals will help build trust in online services because people will be better informed about their rights and more in control of their information," she said.


So, thereís something going on here, and it wonít be in the publicís, Iíve never seen anything in my life been passed, any law thatís been passed, that helped the public in any way.  It always sounded great, but it had an opposite effect in some way.  Thereís something else to this.


And then too, as we go around plundering the planet, weíre not doing it actually.  We just send our offsprings to go off and plunder the planet for their masters.  And the guys who go off and fight the wars donít even care to know whatís going on, or whoís going to get the money or the oil.  They donít really care at all.  Theyíre straight out of video game land, and they want to go and kill folk and theyíre given permission, because boys are really immature.  You donít mature as a man until much later, you know. 


Former BP boss earns £12m from Iraqi oil venture


Former BP boss, Tony Hayward will pocket more than £12m in a first tranche of payouts less than a year after he set up his own company and then bet on Kurdistan being the next big province for the oil industry.


Hayward who left his old employers with a £10m pension pot


(A: Itís not bad for these guys, the old boys club, eh?)


after the Gulf of Mexico blowout, exercised his rights to a 6.67% stake in the Genel Energy business along with his partners Nat Rothschild


(A: Isnít that nice, eh.  You canít fail being in with Nat, you know, Old Nat.)


and two other executives. The four Genel backers are entitled to a windfall nudging £160m as they swap their "founder" shares in the Vallares investment vehicle they established in return for ordinary shares in Genel. Hayward and the other founders of Vallares will not be able to sell their shares until 21 November under a lock-in arrangement.


(A: You understand, they plan the wars, they get the companies made that are going to get the oil.  They make sure that prime ministers and presidents are told, you know, thereís no ambiguity there, they tell them, weíre going to get the contracts here, you know, when you dish out all these oil fields.  And then they just roll in the cash.  Thatís how it works, really.  Itís just a big gang, you know.)


The oil investors who had poured £100m of their money into the business could win a further payout. They still control 'C' class shares that entitle them to 15% of any gains should Genel shares rise above a specified price.


Not bad, eh.  War business is pretty good.  Itís pretty good, you know.  But youíve got to have a big mafia before you can get that kind of power, you understand.  And they have it.  Theyíve had it since the 1700s. 


Now, probably everyone has seen Julia Gillard from Australia, this Fabian Socialist Communist Prime Minister, whoís pushed through the carbon taxes on the poor Aussies there.  They probably have seen her dragged away today, by her bodyguards, from a demonstration that was being held outside a building where they were sitting having their coffee and all that.  And itís quite something to see.  You see the terror on her face, as the bodyguard lifts her off the ground, pretty well, and drags her into the car.  I didnít see anybody attacking them, mind you.  Theyíre really paranoid now, these people.  Thatís how they get.  They get utterly paranoid from the peasantry, because they know the peasantry is not too happy with what theyíre doing.  And if they have machine guns there, and the time will come, maybe shortly in fact, when the next time that happens, theyíll just open fire.  These guards will open fire on people who are just standing around yelling, you know.  Thatís going to come.  You will see that in your lifetime.  Because all tyranny becomes that, becomes this way.  They know damn well that the general public begin to hate them, obviously, for being dragged into poverty, because of all these Communist rules that theyíre putting through.  I call them Communist, because, you see, Communists are owned by the biggest capitalists on the planet.  They use people like Julia Gillard, the Fabianist, to do their dirty work too.  But itís quite something to see her terrified.  And she lost her shoe, poor soul.  Poor Cinderella.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And an article from the Guardian, people havenít heard that theyíre scrambling in Britain to get gasoline, because, I donít know if the gasoline stations arenít buying the stuff in, or what it is.  Of course, theyíve shoved the prices so high, in the middle of an oil glut the prices are high, because of government taxation on top of the gasoline.  So, this article talks about that.  It says:


Britain's petrol forecourts are entering a "vicious circle" of falling demand


(A: Itís falling because the folk canít afford it.)


and higher prices that could prove disastrous for the UK economy


So, itís government interference.  Remember the power of the purse that can alter your behavior too, behavior modification.  And of course, you stop driving as much.  But the ones who are driving, canít get the gasoline, because the big companies arenít buying it in.  So, something is going on there.  Because, the next article says.


Petroplus Prepares to File for Insolvency


(A: Thatís a big gasoline organization.)


After Talks Fail


Petroplus said last week that it may sell refineries in France, Belgium and Switzerland, while continuing to operate the plants in the U.K. and Germany.


(A: Petroplus says they may sell them off, but theyíre filing for insolvency, because, you see, itís a smaller company, although itís big enough, but itís smaller.  And they simply canít compete in a slump.  Thereís too much oil.  Too much oil.  While theyíre trying to get gasoline in Britain at massive prices and the gasoline stations are out, thereís a big glut of oil across the world.  It says:)


Petroplus Holdings AG (PPHN), the largest independent European refiner, said it plans to file for insolvency. The stock plunged 84 percent.


The Zug, Switzerland-based company said in a statement today that it will seek to ensure that operations are ďsafely shut down and to preserve value for all stakeholders.Ē


The announcement marks a further decline in Europeís refining industry after BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc cut capacity as margins thinned and fuel demand stopped growing.


(A: So theyíve got a glut there, and theyíre not going to let it go.  Theyíre not going to sell it to the public, because then it would be cheap, you see.)


Petroplus had about $1 billion in credit lines frozen last month, preventing it from supplying plants with crude. It said last week it may sell three of its five European plants.


So, once again, thatís what the big boys always do.  They create scarcities, when things are getting cheaper, thereís too much oil, or gold, or anything else for that matter.  They just hold it all back and make it scarce, and then jack up the prices until the people start going for it again, and away they go.  So, yeah, a glut of oil across the world, and they canít get gasoline in parts of Britain.  They just canít get gasoline.  Amazing, eh?  Ainít that something?  Youíre going to see it here too.  Youíre going to see it as well. 


And then, again, like Obama-Care, the Rand Corporation did it for America, the whole study for Obama, and then coming to America is the National Health Service.  It says:


NHS services 'salami-sliced' to hit savings target


(A: Everything that gets cut when youíre under the IMF, and by the way, weíre all under the IMF now.  If you donít know that, you are.  First thing they do is cut healthcare.  It says:)


NHS organisations are 'salami-slicing' existing services and failing to redesign processes on the scale required to meet the £20bn health service savings target, MPs have warned.


Like they donít know it themselves.  Theyíve cut it so much it isnít even salami anymore, itís burger meat, you know.  Not much of that either.  But then, weíre only peasants now.  Weíre post-industrial arenít we?  You better start understanding what itís really all about folks.  You know, the shepherd kings need sheep.  And the function of the sheep is to supply the master with wool and mutton.  If thereís just too many of you, and they canít manage them, they just cull you off. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  And all these links Iíll put up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.



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