January 27th, 2012 (#1010)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan 27th, 2012:

Popular Opinion -- Diametric of Dialectic:

"Watch While Nations Torn to Pieces
On Order of Elite, A Separate Species,
Their Offspring are Raised "In the Know"
Of Reality and Direction the Plan's to Go,
While Down Below for the Masses,
They're Fobbed Off with What Passes
As Education, The "Cutting Edge",
Brainwashed, Never Peering Over the Hedge
To Realize Their Expensive Education
Was Nothing but Disabling Indoctrination
Without Which, Thinking Causes Confusion,
Set to Default, Reaching Master's Conclusion,
Sub-Routines for Every Opinion,
Keeps Them in the Realm of the Minion,
For Every Question Elite Provide 2 Answers,
Pre-Ordained from Your Global Masters"
© Alan Watt Jan 27th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan 27th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 27th of January, 2012.  I always start off by advising newcomers to help themselves to cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  Youíll find over a thousand free audios for download, where I try and show you shortcuts to understanding the big system that youíre living through, to help you avoid all the pitfalls you will go through today, if you donít know them.  Because if you donít know the history of the big system thatís calling itself the New World Order, the New Order of Things, the Global Society and so on, who started it up, the organizations, the foundations, that were the fronts for the big banking boys, and their working groups, especially, like the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, you wonít understand anything thatís really happening today.  Itís all done by deception, and keeping the public very distracted with stuff thatís sometimes very real, sometimes itís not terribly important at all.  They keep us distracted all the time, as they go through with their big global meetings.  Theyíve been at this for well over a hundred years, and theyíve pretty well achieved their goals, as far as theyíre concerned, because theyíre proudly announcing it all the time, and the public fail to recognize that theyíre hearing nothing except globalism.  Free Trade.  Global Free Trade, globalism.  Global bodies to oversee all the Free Trade, etc, etc, etc.  This is way and above any charter any country has of laws.  Itís way above any constitution that a country has drawn up, its existing laws.  Itís basically built around all existing laws, over and above and around and under, to make sure they can bring in their world order, which is really here. 


Now, remember too, those audios up there for free download, and you can get transcripts from the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, of a lot of the talks Iíve given, in English.  Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages for print up.  And you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can support me if you buy the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I could shove out a book a week, if I had time to do it, but I donít, because I spend so much time on this, and with emails, and you would be amazed at what comes out of just having this particular radio broadcast every night, and so many people to contact and so on.  But, as it is, Iíve got books and discs for sale.  So you can buy them from the US to Canada, by using personal check or international postal money order from the post office, or, some people send cash.  And you can use PayPal as well.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal as well. 


Now donations, straight donations are awfully welcome, as well.  Awfully welcome.  Thatís generally what drags me through, and I mean drag me through, because this is not a business.  Iím not going to expand anything or create an empire or anything like that.  This is just someone who came out at the right time, because it was time to come out, and start educating even the Patriot Community, that was kind of navel gazing all the time.  They didnít realize there was a global war going on.  They thought it was all just within certain parts of the US.  And I came out to show them how all this interconnects, all the global meetings and so on, and it took off like wildfire.  It was the right time to do it.  And Iíve been putting out the information ever since.


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, when you think youíre waking up, Iíve said many times before, youíre actually reacting.  Generally youíre reacting to something hitting you, like losing your home, because of the bank failures and all the corruption the banks were doing with all the mortgage companies and so on, passing mortgages from one to the other and upping the costs, etc.  Or else you lose your job.  One way or another, you get hit personally.  And then you get angry.  And you immediately of course, naturally want to know whatís happening, and you go to alternate sites, because the mainstream media is giving you this flaccid story of just bank troubles and everything was mistakes and all that rubbish.  And then you find out of course that, no, everything was planned that way, and the banks knew years before exactly what they were doing, when they were building bubbles. 


What Iím trying to say is, you have to get above reacting to things to understand this system.  You must get above everything.  You must get all the little stories, all the little things that are happening and have happened, and have an overview.  And you personally have to put them together for yourself to see what patterns emerge. And when I talk about a World Order, youíll understand, if you go into the website at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, what Iím talking about.  Youíll see that theyíre all interlaced, all these organizations, all the big things that happen are interlaced, including the societal changes that must come out of perpetual war, by the way.  I was looking at a Communist site today, one of the top Marxist sites.  They said the same thing as well, because they understand that war and prolonged war changes things at home as well.  Youíre going into austerity.  Youíre post-democratic, because basically, youíre under a martial law system across the world, that was prearranged before 9/11, obviously, since every country came out with all the same laws at the same time.  That means that they all worked together on this, before it happened.  And once you see the patterns emerge, you realize youíve never had a thing called democracy.  Youíve had little periods in history, or in your own lifetime, or your parentsí lifetimes, where youíve had a little bit of time where itís been a little easier to accumulate some cash or buy that car or whatever it is.  All that is to go now, under austerity.  All your disposable income is to go in taxes and fees and fines and everything else to help, you know, the poor folk across the world, and all that rubbish, the stuff that came right out of the Communist Manifesto. 


Youíll see the top players, especially in countries like Britain, were actually leaders of the Communist Party.  Theyíre running the country.  Mr Mandelson for instance.  Not the Labor Party that he eventually went into, but the Communist Party, for those who think that it all went away by itself.  Itís just astonishing to see how both parties, the right and the left, work together at the top.  Thatís the dialectical process of control.  Weíre like balls in a tennis match, and you get whacked from the right side, and you naturally go over to the complete opposite, which is the left side, and back and forth we go, in our voting patterns.  Thatís how it works. 


And we get conned at every turn too, because the big boys didnít give us the internet Ė Iíve said this from the very beginning Ė they never gave us the internet to help us.  In fact, the internet is conditioning us more than any other thing in history, apart from television.  And, of course, the government, they love it, because they knew when they brought this in, they were going to gather all the information they could on every single individual.  Every single one.  Even all of you out there who think, ďwell, they would never bother me.  Iím good.  I do what Iím told.  I obey the laws.Ē  No, it doesnít matter.  Itís not about that.  Theyíve got to have a complete personality profile of you.  Just in case one day you do blow off some steam in some way or other.  Or maybe youíll come to one of those eureka moments and start writing or become active in putting out what you know to other people.  They want to know that in advance.  Pre-crime, you see.  And they couldnít do any of this without the computer. 


Thatís why they gave it to us.  Thatís why they called it personal computer, to make you think, oh, itís mine.  Like my camera or my computer.  No.  Itís you buy it.  If they ordered you to buy it form the beginning, no one would have taken it.  Youíd know there was something up.  But if you buy it yourself, you think, ďoh, itís really all mine.  Iím in control of this thing.Ē  Weíve never been in control of it.  And of course, theyíre tightening all of the reins today to do with the computer, globally, by the way.  Itís all global agreements, because, you see, we are global, if you havenít noticed.  And so many of these laws come through organizations that were set up at the United Nations.  Thatís why they set up the United Nations a long time ago.


And this new world of austerity is really polarizing the rich and the poor.  The rich is a minority.  I mean, Iím talking about the multibillionaires.  I donít even count the millionaires anymore.  Multibillionaires and the trillionaires.  And the rest of us are just peasants, who, like the people in China are ready to commit suicide, getting locked in their factories for pennies an hour.  Thatís the world that they foresee at the top.


But they didnít foresee it themselves, like today.  Their great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents foresaw it a long time ago, in the 1800s.  They always had the fear of the mob, as they call it.  They needed the mob to fight wars for them.  They needed the wars.  They needed the mob to go into the factories for them too and produce.  But in between wars, etc, thereís that slacking time, and oh, they might start mumbling amongst themselves, and sure enough, youíve got labor unions coming out of it, things like that.  But theyíve always, theyíve never trusted the ordinary people.  And remember what people, big players, big players who really sat in with the Macy Group and the other groups that were out there, set up to create the cultures for the Western societies, for a hundred years.  Weíre still living through the changes that guys planned a hundred years ago, like Lord Bertrand Russell.  They talked about all of this coming down.  And that eventually, the ruling elite would become pretty well a separate species, and they are a separate species. 


They get the highest form of medicine that you canít imagine.  You canít imagine it because, you see, none of that is published, that level of medicine.  For an example, hereís these guys who go to Davos, and everywhere else they go to.  They have their twenty-five course lunches.  They swish it down with about a couple of gallon of brandy.  Theyíve never jogged in their lives.  And there you have hundreds and hundreds of these characters with no necks.  You know, they have no necks but triple chins, all sitting together in these rooms, and you never, ever see an ambulance pull up to take away one of them because he got sick or had a heart attack.  It doesnít happen to these guys.  Yet theyíre eating the richest food.  Certainly, itís all organic, believe, you, I mean ultra organic.  Theyíve never eaten the rubbish that they feed us in their lifetime.  Theyíve never had the inoculations that weíve had.  But even at that, for the way that they live, they should be sick with massive heart disease and strokes, and shot livers from all the booze, but it doesnít happen to them.  And youíve got to sit and wonder why.


Well, you see, we live in a system way below theirs.  These guys are raised, you know, the top players are raised from birth getting the truth about what the world is all about, how it really runs, how it really works, but theyíre also told how the people down below see it.  Yeah, weíve given this bunch down below this religion called democracy to believe in, and they think things are happening day by day.  And they think those politicians down there are actually solving it all for them.  Can you imagine being brought up like that?  Can you imagine getting brought up and getting access to special archives that run in the families of people who have been in government in countries in Europe for maybe 500 years?  Astonishing, really. 


Anyway, as I say, you must get above all the reactions that you have to bad news.  And you have to be able to take the bad news.  Thatís the best part of it too, and the hardest part of it.  Once you can take it, itís the best part.  It doesnít bother you.  It doesnít shock you.  Most people really want someone to come out and tell them the good news, like weíre winning.  Well, where?  I donít see it folks. Because Iíve got all their books from their agendas here, and I donít see where theyíve back-tracked on anything.  They live, Iíve mentioned this over many, many, many years.  They live in five-year plans for one part, ten for another, fifteen, twenty, fifty, a hundred, and beyond.  And they bring them in on cue, whatever part of the plan it was.  The Soviets did the same.  The United Nations plans work the same way too. 


Remember, in the last century, in academia, they kept talking about the Century of Change that was coming.  That was the 21st Century, kicked off, kicked off in 2001, by something that had to change the whole world and the way we lived.  And, Bingo, as I say, every country came out with exactly the same anti-terrorism bill, all the restrictions on their own people, at the same time.  That takes collusion.  And bureaucrats donít draft this stuff up overnight.  These guys take years to do this stuff.  This was all planned. 


And as far as free energy and all these kind of things go, itís not a matter that it canít be done.  Itís a matter of not giving it to you, because, you see, power has to make you dependent on them.  This new system that Carroll Quigley talked about, was a system of rulership in a new feudal system where CEOs of international corporations are the new overlords.  He should know, since he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, with access to their archives.  So, if they give away power to you, well, you donít need them so much.


You understand, theyíve taken a hundred years to make everyone utterly dependent upon them.  Theyíve accomplished their goals of destroying the family unit, creating the welfare state, which the banks love because itís massive compound interest and profit for them, when government borrows.  Theyíve accomplished so many of their goals.  Iíll go back on this topic, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about this system, as it really, really is.  Iíve often said, if you canít handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Because most folk really do want someone else to come along and fix it all for them.  It doesnít happen like that in life.  It never has happened like that in life.  It doesnít.  It never will happen like that in life.  Itís the individual here and there that will stand up on their lonesome, because they donít belong to any group, who takes the consequences by saying what they have to say.  Speaking today can be a crime.  Just speaking can be a crime, and we put up with that.  We put up with it.  Quite amazing.


Thereís one guy, it was the


Ice hockey star refuses to go to White House for victory tour to protest at


(Alan: The government, because he says itís out of control.)


Ďout of control governmentí


(A: Thatís a guy on his lonesome.  Heíll probably lose his job, big money, the whole bit.)


An American ice-hockey star has unconventionally rejected a state invitation to visit the White House and President Obama.


Tim Thomas, currently one of the top players in the US' National Hockey League has surprised punters by rejecting an invitation to the White House.


Thomas was invited, along with his Boston Bruins teammates, after they won the Stanley Cup playoffs, one of the most important competitions in the league.


(A: Anyway, he said that:)


'I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.


'This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal Government.


(A: And thatís why he says:)


'Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.'


You see, if youíre shopping for religion, you can go into these supermarkets, religious supermarkets, and pick the religion that you want.  And itís just like buying a suit.  Thereís one made for everyone that will fit you.  Try this one.  Try that one.  And thatís what people did in the 60s and 70s and 80s, when they brought in Hinduism and all the rest of it, to get rid of Christianity, actually.  That was the objective at the time.  Just as theyíre getting rid of Islam across the Middle East right now too.  And I mean that.  This is a war on religion.  Thereís only one religion that will be allowed to exist at the end.  And even in the CFRís paper today, they were talking about that too.  ďOh, Egypt has gone back to being Islamist.  We have all the secularists there ready to take power, how do we get them in?Ē  Now, what are secularists?  It means those who are basically the modern democratic, atheistic type systems.  But itís not really that at all.  Itís the same system as weíve got here, where a small elite are going to dominate you and simply be ultra-ultra-liberal in their own habits at the top, while they spend all your cash and plunder your property.  But you wonít be allowed to live at just the same level of debauchery as they will.  Nothing happens by itself.


So, why is the CFR so determined to eradicate Islam?  Hmm?  Did they tell you from the start that this was a religious war?  At the start, I said, this is basically, all these wars in the Middle East are simply a continuation of the Crusades.  And the ones who helped to do it all, have already had their own religion eradicated.  And we sent in the barbarians.  Because thatís what we have as troops now, as society.  Weíve grown barbarians.† Itís all moral relativity theyíre taught.  And we put them in there to pee on people after they kill them, and do disgusting things like that, and rape children.


But weíve got to demolish religion, that really has kept these cultures over in the Middle East together for an awful, awful long time, because nobody has to ask what the laws are.  They all know the laws.  They donít have to have our judicial system, as they call it, with thousands and thousands of lawyers on top of it, to fix that.  They all know the basic rules.  Theyíre not hard to learn.  But, as I say, thatís not in the cards. 


And itís quite interesting, as I say, hereís Obama for instance, talking in his big speech that he made too.  And weíve all known that heís put a lot of the taxpayersí money into big palsí organizations.  Whatever you have, if you want to start off a company, just get whatís the ďinĒ thing.† ďOh, weíre pushing electric cars today.  Thereís billions going, you know, in handouts.Ē  And who did they go to?  Their pals.  And it says here.




(A: This is another company.  E-N-E-R-1.)


Ener1 is the third company to seek bankruptcy protection among those the Energy Department backed as part of the presidentís signature program to invest in clean energy.


(A: Now, theyíve been using electric cars and playing with these things since the 1950s.  Theyíve never given us anything yet, that really is cost efficient whatsoever.  So itís a con, that whole area.† They donít intend you to travel under Agenda 21.  Look into the United Nations Agenda 21, Millennium Project.  It says, there will be no private vehicles.  There will be no private vehicles eventually.  In these Communitarian areas and towns that youíve all to be in, in cities, it will be essential vehicles only.  This article goes on to say:)


Solyndra, a California solar-panel maker, and Beacon Power, a Massachusetts energy-storage firm, entered bankruptcy court proceedings in the fall, after having received taxpayer-guaranteed loans


(A: Taxpayer guaranteed.  You can start a business.  Where can you get taxpayer guaranteed loans?)


of $535 million and $43 million, respectively.


One of Ener1ís key struggles....


Is pretty well coming to a close, because now theyíve filed for bankruptcy as well.  Back with more, after this break.


Itís just your cash, folks.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about all the cash thatís dished out to, you know, pals at the top, of course, who start their big corporations because theyíve been told by government that this is the way of the future, electric cars and things like that, and solar panels, that last, if youíre lucky, ten years max.  And then you have to replace them all.  Anyway, Solyndra went under.  Beacon Power as well.  It was an energy-storage firm, battery company in other words.  And this other company, Ener1 as well, which was also a big battery company.  And all their bets were put on one Norwegian carmaker.  Nobody starts a business off where everything that youíre going to make, and if youíre going to borrow money too, is going to be put on the promises of one company.  It doesnít happen.  Youíre not so stupid as to do that.  Anyway, they did that, of course.  Itís only taxpayersí money.  And who knows, it might even be planned in advance?  Why not?  These scams go on all the time.  Thereís more money made in the stock market now off betting whoís going to fail.  That all came out during the investigations into the mortgages scams.  Some guys were making companies, creating companies, selling them off, and then betting on them failing.  We canít keep up with these sharks at the top, you know.  It says:


The Norwegian carmaker filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2010.


(A: So itís one customer was out of business.)


In his State of the Union address Tuesday,


(A: Of course.)


President Obama foreshadowed the bad news by saying that he remained proud of his administrationís $80 billion commitment to clean-energy projects and companies, despite periodic failures.


(A: Well, of course, they always say that, donít they?  So, itís your cash.  And it says:)


Ener1ís application for stimulus money had bipartisan support among Indiana lawmakers. The company received $10.5 million in grants and contracts under the George W. Bush administration.


An Energy Department spokeswoman said that the $55 million provided to the company so far continues to support a ďcutting-edge battery-manufacturing plantĒ and that the company does ďnot expect to reduce employment at the site.Ē


ďWhile itís unfortunate that Ener1, the parent company, has entered a restructuring process,


(A: Called bankruptcy.)


the new infusion of $80 million in private capital demonstrates that the technology has merit,Ē....


Weíve been making batteries since they created the first combustion engine.  Anyway, thatís really how the system works.  Youíre at the low level of reality.  And all this stuff, this dishing out money and watching the bankruptcies is all part of the big stage play folks.  It really is.  On the highest level of military, where you really have special forces, above special forces.  Theyíve got technology there that would blow your head away.  You wouldnít believe it.  You wouldnít understand it, in fact.  But youíll never see it, because giving power to the people, will never happen.  You understand that?  People who are in power, will never give away their power to the people.  Itís never been done in history.  Will Durant and others have always said that.  They all know this. 


So, if youíre able to be self-sufficient, then youíre not being interdependent.  Remember the buzzword is interdependence. You must be dependent on the government and on the global system for everything that you buy or need.  And being independent is taboo. 


Now, everyone knows what The Onion is, I hope.  Itís a spoof.  They do spoofs on things.  And sometimes you have to explain that to people, because they donít know youíre joking about something.  This is their latest, it says:


Scientists: 'Look, One-Third Of The Human Race Has To Die For Civilization To Be Sustainable, So How Do We Want To Do This?'


(A: It says.  And then it goes into:)


Saying there's no way around it at this point, a coalition of scientists announced Thursday that one-third of the world population must die to prevent wide-scale depletion of the planet's resourcesóand that humankind needs to figure out immediately how it wants to go about killing off more than 2 billion members of its species.


Representing multiple fields of study, including ecology, agriculture, biology, and economics, the researchers told reporters that facts are facts: Humanity has far exceeded its sustainable population size, so either one in three humans can choose how they want to die themselves, or there can be some sort of government-mandated liquidation programóbut either way, people have to start dying.


And it goes on and on and on.  Iíll put this little spoof up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, for you to have a little laugh at.  Itís pretty macabre, but so is life.  Life is macabre.  Ask those folk in Iran, who have been waiting for years now for bombs killing them all off and their families.  Try living under that for stress. 


And of course, everyone is on and on and on about, oh my god, ACTA, oh, theyíre going to do all this stuff with the internet.  They already started doing it.  Look back at all the, basically, restrictions theyíve already put on the internet, back to 1995/96.  Theyíve been at this all along.  This isnít new.  This is just the latest bunch hitting us, but itís going to go further and further, until thereís nothing but mainstream on it.  And probably New Age Buddhism, because thatís harmless to anybody, you see.  Itís no threat to the system.


This article says:


In a remarkable resignation statement, the man responsible for the EUís ACTA negotiations has resigned, blasting the document as secretive and un-democratic.


(A: Well, whatís new, eh? It says:)


ĒI want to denounce in the strongest possible manner the entire process that led to the signature of this agreement: no inclusion of civil society organizations, a lack of transparency from the start of the negotiations, repeated postponing of the signature of the text without an explanation being ever given, exclusion of the EU Parliamentís demands that were expressed on several occasions in our assembly.Ē


ďAs rapporteur of this text, I have faced never-before-seen maneuvers from the right wing of this Parliament to impose a rushed calendar before public opinion could be alerted, thus depriving the Parliament of its right to expression and of the tools at its disposal to convey citizensí legitimate demands.Ē


(A: So, he says:)


ďEveryone knows the ACTA agreement is problematic, whether it is its impact on civil liberties, the way it makes Internet access providers liable, its consequences on generic drugs manufacturing, or how little protection it gives to our geographical indications.Ē


And he goes on and on as well, beefing off about the fact that itís all done in secrecy, and he wrote the darn thing up for them.  Now heís walked off in disgust, he claims.  I mean, the EU is the ideal system that we have to go into in North America, in fact for the whole of the Americas under the NAFTA Agreement.  Non-democratic.  Itís to be run by these, this bunch at the top that literally no one knows who they are.  Youíll have a bunch of representatives who can stand and argue and make jokes at each other and harangue each other, but they have no power to make law or to change law.  So, whatís the point in having them?  We have to all copy the same system.  We are post-democratic, if you havenít noticed.  Anyway, thereís the guy who wrote the darn thing up, complaining himself about it.


Thereís so much corruption in this age that we live in.  Itís out in the open.  In the older days, they were better at hiding it, the corruption, up in politics, up at what you thought was respectable organizations.  They were much better at dealing with it.  And weíve already read about Haiti and all the billions of dollars of your cash thatís gone into reconstructing Haiti, from the years, the years ago earthquake that they had.  And theyíre still living in the same mess today, as they were then.  Because all these United Nations umbrella organizations get in like a shot and spend it all on themselves.  And then theyíre off to the beach parties and things in Haiti, when the folk there canít even get drinking water.  No kidding.  So, Iíll put an article up tonight about that.  It says:


Haiti and the shaming of the aid zealots: How donated billions have INCREASED poverty and corruption


Nothing new really about that, but nothing is what it seems to be, is it?  Absolutely nothing is what it seems to be.


And Japan logged its first trade deficit since 1980.  And thatís bad news for the Japanese, who have been suffering an awful lot in so many ways now. 


Now, going to New Zealand, Goldman Sachs is all over the planet, you understand.  Theyíre acting like brokerage firms.  They are the military-industrial complex, I should add.  All the things that they own underneath them are all the big corporations in the military-industrial complex.  They say here:


Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Macquarie Group Ltd. and a partnership of First NZ Capital and Credit Suisse Group AG will manage the initial public offering of Mighty River Power Ltd. as New Zealandís government starts the biggest round of state asset sales in more than 20 years.


Itís going the way of Greece.  Again, this will make us more interdependent, you see.  Denationalize everybody.  Thatís what itís all about too.  And selling off your assets to foreign corporations.  Iíll put this article up tonight as well.  But thereís Goldman Sachs, all over the place.  Goldman Sachs also did the books for Greece and said they were financially floatable, basically, and capable of joining the EU.  They cooked the books.  This biggest, most powerful financial corporation on the planet, cooked the books.  And didnít get a slap on the wrist for it.  And now theyíre doing it with Croatia and other countries.  Theyíre doing the same books for them so as they can get into the EU.  You understand, we have no judicial system.  I hate that word, because it doesnít mean what you think it is.  We donít have a system to deal with these.  Itís not written because the same characters own the legal system.  It wonít happen.  So they can keep doing the same scams over and over and crashing countries left, right and center. 


Another article too, is on how theyíre cutting back on releasing information that the taxpayer paid for, such as this one.  It says:


No Science for You!


Congress wants to limit your access to researchóeven though your tax dollars paid for it. If this bill passes, youíll learn only what mainstream medicine wishes you to know.


In 2008, the National Institutes of Health required that all federally funded research publications be made openly available.


(A: That means to the public.)


PubMedCentral (PMC) is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the National Institutes of Healthís National Library of Medicine.


The publishers of the journals werenít so happy with this new arrangementóthey were afraid no one would pay for their publications if the research results were immediately accessible. So the government agreed to give them a full year of journal sales before their research papers had to be posted on PMC, which lets them keep their subscriber base. Journal subscriptions to educational and medical institutions are expensiveóand theyíre big business.


But even this generous arrangement isnít good enough for the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The trade group liked the old rules, where they could sell the tax-funded research back to the taxpayers. So the AAP got two members of Congress, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), to introduce HR 3699, the Research Works Act, just before the end of 2011.


This bill would prevent the NIH or any other agency from causing or even allowing private-sector research work to be disseminated online without prior consent of both the publisher and the study authorsóeven if the funding came from our tax dollars.


So theyíre changing all the rules on everything, basically.  Well, what are peasants for, except just to pay the taxes.  Just cough up, fill those uniforms now.  We need more active bodies in those uniforms and fight another war for us here and there.  And they have no problem getting that to happen.  No problem whatsoever.  This one here shows you how ridiculous, itís going to get worse actually, with bureaucrats in charge in technocracy.  This is in the UK.


Man in coma loses benefits as he's classified "fit for work"


The government's decision to crack down on the disabled took a bizarre turn this week after a man in a coma was stripped of his benefits - because he'd not handed his fitness-for-work questionnaire in.


Clientís husband is in hospital in a coma. He was sent ESA501.


(A: And he was sent this thing to fill in, ESA501.  He canít fill it in, because heís in a coma.  Thereís your Catch 22, right?)


The decision is part of a lengthening list of seemingly nonsensical judgements handed down by ATOS healthcare since it was appointed to oversee benefits claims in 2005 Ė


(A: This is the beauty too of farming out to private corporations of bureaucrats.)


another notable case is that of Larry Newman, who was told to stop slacking and get back to work despite having an incurable lung disease, which killed him just months after his assessment.


The firm has been targeted repeatedly over the last few years by campaigners under the banner ATOS KILLS, with activists pointing to a sharp rise in applications against the decisions being made, with 40% of appeals being successful overall rising to 70% where legal representation is used.


So, hereís the guy, canít get benefits, because he has to sign a form, but heís in a coma, you see.  And the bureaucrats will take years to fix that out.  It has to go to committee, and get all rewritten in subcommittees and reassessment and all that stuff.  And you know what itís like.  You know. 


Now, Canada too has joined all the rest.  You see, weíre global.  And this article says:


Will the Harper government increase the qualifying age for old age security?


(A: Theyíre hitting back on old age security and pensions across the world.  It started with Greece, of course.  Britain is doing the same thing. This article here says:)


The link between the State Pension and Earnings will also be restored within the next Parliament.


They say they want the state pensionable age to rise to 68.  They know damn well, weíre not living as long as we used to, by the way, if you donít know that.  Theyíll keep that quiet and under wraps for as long as they can.  Weíre not.  Weíre dying younger.  And so they donít want you to get to the pensionable age.  They just want to snafu your pension.  Iíll put those links up as well. 


And now Iíll go to the callers, if I can get this up on my wonderful satellite here, and see what comes up.  And thereís Sean from New York on the line.  Are you there, Sean? 


Sean: Yeah, I was reading your book, and I stumbled on to something about the deacon, the priests.  And how much it was such like conmen.  And what crossed my mind is did it ever cross their mind, did they think they were conned into thinking that they were superior to the other race of human civilization, like kings.  Did it ever cross their mind that they were conned into thinking these ways, because the thought about is just that they were conmen, and they just continued doing what their teachers told them to do.


Alan: I think a lot of them, in every generation, youíre going to get the conmen going into what seems to be easy work.  And thatís still true today.  I can remember a guy telling me, he said, when he was going to university, he asked a professor what was the best job to take, the easiest job to take to get good money and pension schemes and care, and he said go into either religion or become a lawyer, you know, a really high lawyer.  And thatís how itís always been.  In ancient times, the priests, no doubt had some kind of, in a small tribal setting, everybody had a witchdoctor.  We call them witchdoctors.  Of course they didnít call them witchdoctors.  They didnít know what a witch was.  But the fact is, he would have basically handed down treatments for ailments, etc.  He was looked up to.  He could also give guidance on spiritual matters.  Itís when you have organization coming in in a moneyed system that everything goes to blazes, because then itís used by the elite, who dominate the money, and then they own the priesthood, to keep the people stupid.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just finishing with Sean, just to say that also, ancient priests, Iím talking like Egyptian, and even before Egyptian priests too, really were also lawyers.  If you go into the Sumerians, youíll find they were lawyers.  They did all the work on division of land.  An incredible amount of information has turned up on them.  And very, very organized as well.  And so, they could read, write, do mathematics, and of course, they naturally thought themselves superior to the general masses. 


Once money comes in, a big money system, thatís what you end up with.  And unfortunately, you canít separate the two.  With money, everything will be used to keep the people subdued.  It doesnít matter what religion it is.  And itís done very quickly too.  And of course, they naturally feel superior than the rest of the general public.


Now weíll go to Daniel from the UK, if heís still there.  Are you still there, Daniel?  Hello?


Daniel: You had just mentioned briefly before about these fat cats and how their health always seems to be good considering the abuse they put themselves through.  Do you know anything about that Royal Raymond Rife frequency machine?  Because I read about that, and apparently he lived the last two decades of his life hitting the bottle, and he should have been dead, but he kept using this machine, and it kept him alive.  Do you know anything about that?


Alan: Well that machine has been given again.  Youíve got to understand, in every field of health, I donít care what it is, thereís a lot of cons that go on, sometimes thereís a bit of truths that go on as well, but thereís a lot of sharks, because, you know, if little Jimmy is sick, and heís going to die, everybody is going to chip in or mortgage their homes to try to keep him alive.  And the sharks have been in there.  Itís always been full of sharks on all sides of medicine, thatís the alternate medicine, including general medicine, allopathic.  So, you get incredible claims.  Now, the first claim with the Rife Machine was that it was a tube.  And actually, youíll see that in the old film footage of it.  It was literally a long, almost like a fluorescent tube that flashed through the body, almost like an x-ray in fact.  And this is what they claimed would kill off cancer cells.  So, it started off for killing off cancer cells.  Now thereís machines out there, they claim theyíre the same thing; theyíre not.  They donít have these bulbs in them at all.  You just tape them on your fingers or something, and theyíve got all these settings, and theyíre supposed to cure everything under the sun.  So, you have to use your own reasoning here.† It comes down to belief as opposed to fact, you know.  And people go generally with belief or desperation, and part with thousands of bucks.  So, be very, very careful.  But thereís good film footage of the early Rife machines.  Youíll see him working on them, that shows you the documentation of rats or mice with tumors and then before and after the exposures of this special tube burst that he gave them. 


So, I donít know.  I mean, no one has followed it up, at least on the allopathic side, to give you studies on it, to say yes it works or it doesnít.  But a lot of stuff out there is awfully expensive.


I know people, see, what I do here, I get in touch with a lot of people who have got all kinds of ailments.  And I see how desperate they get to save themselves or other people or children, and theyíve bought all this stuff, and tried everything, but the people still die, you know.


Daniel: What about Harry Hopson?


Alan: Who?


Daniel: Harry Hopson.  Did you ever hear of him?


Alan: I donít think so.  No.


Daniel: Back in the 1940s, and apparently he had a homeopathic cancer cure, but he got banned for some reason.


Alan: A lot of them.  See, a lot of them have got banned though.  And that gives them more credence in the anti-establishment basically.  So, itís a good thing you get banned.  More folk are going to believe you.  So, I canít say yes or no, but I havenít looked into him personally, but Iíve looked into the other stuff.  And youíve got to use your own reasoning.  You donít just simply fall for things.  Weíre being poisoned basically.  If theyíd stop doing that, weíd be fine.  Thanks for calling, Daniel.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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