Feb 1st, 2012 (#1013)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb 1st, 2012:

Painful Profits:

"Big Pharma Makes Money from Misery,
Look at Their Record Down Through History,
Huge Profits They Seek, Big Business Lure,
But Never Will They Give a Single Cure,
Rather Have You Crippled with Disease
And for High Cost Offer Something to Ease,
Better a Customer for Life Who'll Buy Pills
With Side-Effects That'd Give You Chills,
But don't Worry, There's More Pills for That,
These Corporations are Bloated, Powerful, Fat,
There are Real Treatments Reserved for a Few,
All Depending on Status and What You Do,
Silver Girl Puts the Hero-In the Vein,
Removes All Worry and Emotional Pain,
When You're Broken On the Street Alone,
Government-Pharma Deal Supplies Methadone,
Oh, its Clean, Tested, Doctor Prescripted,
And Taxes Pay to Keep You Addicted"
© Alan Watt Feb 1st, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Feb 1st, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 1st of February, 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll see a bunch of the other sites I have listed there on that page.  And remember, they all have audios for download.  They all have transcripts of a lot of the talks in English for print-up.  And if you want to go into other languages, you can take a pick of the ones provided at alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for print-up.  And, help yourself, as I say.  Remember too, make good use of the site, because we donít know how long theyíll be up there, because everything is rapidly changing as we all know.  And eventually, the goal is to leave you with the politically correct sites and your mainstream media and government websites, etc.  And there will be lots of porn left, on you, to keep watching and playing with the internet.  And of course, lots of ads and things like that to buy things.  Lots of spooky stuff as well.  And ooh, are we all aliens, and that kind of stuff.  Thatís what youíll be left with the internet, and thatís the way itís planned to go.  So, make use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, while you can, because who knows when theyíll pull it all down. 


And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And, from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check, or an international postal money order from the post office.  Same price as an ordinary postal order, but youíve got to say international.  You can send cash, and use PayPal.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  Remember, straight donations are really awfully welcome, because I donít bring on people who advertise and pretend theyíre guests, and youíre listening to an hourís ad in some ways.  I donít do that.  And I donít have shares in what theyíre selling, either.  Or own their companies for that matter, either.  So, I really need your support to keep plugging on, and putting this stuff out here. 


And what I try to do here is just simply chronicle the events.  Thatís all weíre doing, chronicling the events, and going back into the history of the organizations which set up this global structure, the big plan, to take over all of the worldís natural resources.  That includes you, folks, as people.  We are natural resources.  We are self-producing, you know, like a tree.  And basically, bring the world into a global society, which they themselves, the elite would rule, as they always have ruled, in fact.  And they also planned the wars that would be necessary to pave the way to this global structure.  Wars are awfully good for them, as Quigley and others have said.  You get more done in five years of war, because government takes over with martial law during war.  We accept more tyranny.  We accept rationing even.  All these kinds of things.  Searches during wartime, so it changes society from within.  It doesnít matter who youíre fighting.  They get changed as well.  So, they can get more of it done in five years of war than fifty years of peace and propaganda.  And itís so very, very true.  Look how quickly people have adapted to this whole system since 2001.  Very quickly. 


And itís not a surprise to the elite.  Theyíve done this before, of course, in other countries.  And they know exactly, if it works one place, it will work in another place.  And the same slogans come out that have always come out down through the hundreds, and centuries, all the centuries, centuries and centuries of the same con games, right back to the Roman days too.  It was always to keep you safe, and give up your rights, and all of that.  Same stuff.  Same slogans.  And military of course obeys and becomes the tyrant over the public.  Old, old story.  Go into the archives, as I say, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and I go through the history of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, the Milner Foundation that also joined with them, to become the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also called the Council on Foreign Relations that work throughout your government, through all your media, and bring you to the World Order.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iím sure everyone has heard about behaviorism.  Iíve gone on about behaviorism so often, and to do with the behaviorists, the ones who really came out after Pavlov and Skinner and all these different characters that did shocking things on children, even their own children, and other peopleís children, and dogs and various things like that, to alter behavior, you see, to see if they could put conditioned responses into animals.  New ones, that is.  And of course, this was all to do with people, because Pavlov had a tremendous effect in setting up the school system in the Soviet Union to do with brainwashing the children in very effective ways.  And that went into mainstream psychiatry, and of course, now itís used across the world, and weíre all under really behaviorist techniques today, neuroscience has joined with them.  Lots of the neuroscientists are behaviorists.  And of course they work too with big pharma.  Pharma helps put you into the right kind of moods to get your behavior altered as well.  So, itís all one big mass of scientists, different schools, who work together, trying to alter your behavior.  But itís done on every level as well, because, in Britain, for many, many, many years, theyíve often come out with new agendas with the police, to train the public, to retrain the public, to do or not to do certain things, you see.  But in the US itís becoming, itís just really kind of starting now, where theyíve given them authority to retrain the public.  Weíve had these things in Canada too, where cops will go around supermarkets and look for doors that are open or unlocked, and keys in the dash, and they come and take the keys away and so on, and wait for the owner coming and give them a talking to, like a little child, and thatís to retrain you, because now the authority figure, the daddy figure is giving you a talking down to, you see.  Thatís how it works.


In the US, of course, being the US, they go a step further, because everyone has heard about the story.  Itís about the guy who got tasered by a female ranger, park ranger, who stopped him for walking his dogs.  Because, just in December, apparently, it was taken over, that area, where these people walked their dogs.  Itís all a kind of yuppie area.  And they commonly had done that for many, many years.  And this was nighttime, and she told him to stop, and didnít have an ID, and weíll see if he gave her false ID or not.  It doesnít matter what he said, his name was Smith or whatever.  Iím sure he just wanted to get away from this little haranguer who was going by the book, because theyíve got something to prove, you see.  So, he tried to walk away, and she tasered him. 


Now, a taser too is a good technique, because they love to use different terms, you see, that kind of sway you away from what it really is.  Itís just a cattle prod on wires.  Weíre cattle, you see.  You know.  And itís being used now for compliance reasons.  Just compliance, you know.  If you wonít comply immediately, boomf, shizzz.  Thatís torture, you see.  But it doesnít matter.  Everyone puts up with it.  Weíve seen lots of these stories.  Iíve read lots on the air over the years.  Anyway, it says:


San Mateo County sheriff's deputies and paramedics then arrived and Hesterberg gave his real name, the park spokesman said.


(Alan: But itís when you wheel down to towards the bottom, you find that the PRóthe public relations or propagandaóperson for the Park Rangers basically says that theyíre training the public.  Itís to train the public, you see.  Or to educate them.  Educate them.)


The ranger was trying to educate residents of the rule,


(A: This was the one who was standing up for her boss.)


Levitt said.


So zap.  Theyíre just trying to educate you, you see.  Thatís all it was.  And nothing will happen about it, because no one will, well, it wasnít me that got zapped, Iíll be okay, you know.  And thatís why these characters rise up through the ranks as little toughies.  Oh, sheís tasered folk before or shot them, or whatever.


Now, this is quite a piece here, because I donít know if people realize how the British government runs.  Itís all by deception.  Itís always been by deception.  Long before you had governments, in fact, as we know them.  You simply had kings and queens with their advisors round them.  And then of course, they give you this government thing.  But theyíve never stopped their cons on the public.  When you get knighted, you then belong to a society, a very august society, and of course, you can be stripped of your knighthood too.  Generally when youíre stripped of your knighthood, you have to do something awfully, awfully bad, which generally is something that involves shining the spotlight on your own peer class as they call it.  Anything else, ripping the public off, it doesnít matter, but you canít disgrace your fellow members.  So, this doesnít smell right, this story.  And so itís probably a piece to waylay the blame onto this guy, who will do his duty.  Fred Goodwin is his name.  He was the ex-Royal Bank of Scotland chief, which isnít Scottish.  Itís actually owned by the English government.  Anyway, the Queen probably says, ďlisten Fred.  Weíve got to give somebody the blame and sway it away from the government and so on.  So, weíre going to have to do this to you.  Do you mind?Ē  You know.  ďWell, you know, itís in a good cause.Ē  And heíll be well financed.  And then, of course, he comes back in a few years and theyíll reinstate his knighthood, you see.  This is how it will go.  Anyway, it says:


Ex-RBS chief Fred Goodwin does a runner


(A: That means he scarpered.  He blew town.)


just minutes after Queen strips him of knighthood


(A: And now heís just:)


PLAIN old Mr Fred Goodwin fled his home yesterday....


(A: After the Queen stripped his knighthood and so on.  It says:)


The former Sir Fred sneaked away from his mansion in Edinburgh's Grange in a Jaguar XJ after being told he faced public humiliation.


A special committee ruled that Goodwin had brought the Royal Bank of Scotland to their knees and triggered the worst recession since World War II.


(A: So, hereís the guy weíve been looking for all this time.  He caused this depression.  Ah.  It was him all the time, eh?  You didnít know that, did you?  And of course, it wasnít him.  He was just another moneygrubber, doing what theyíre all doing.  Giving themselves.  The guys all before him are still sirs and lords that all had the same position, and they were giving themselves their billion dollar bonuses and stuff, after they caused the crashes.  Anyway, it says:)


Top civil servant Sir Bob Kerslake phoned him at 3pm yesterday to break the news. He was told: "There is no appeal." Just 30 minutes later, Mr Goodwin was off.


His estranged wife Lady Joyce - now just Mrs Goodwin - wasn't far behind as she dashed away in a Range Rover from the couple's other luxury home in leafy Colinton.


She looked stunned by the news that he was no longer a knight.


As she returned last night, neighbours said they felt sorry....


(A: Sorry and all that stuff.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  But they didnít have sympathy for the husband.)


"It was entirely proper that this decision was made."


(A: Itís all gossip.  They go into, what do you think of it?  Their neighbors.  I mean, who cares what they think about it?  Eh?  Anyway it says:)


The decision was made by the secretive


(A: Listen to this.)


forfeiture committee - made up of senior civil servants and government lawyers - and approved by the Queen.


(A: You see, they have all these strange super-committees, that you never, ever hear of, that override parliaments and work above parliaments.  And every British Commonwealth country has one.  So, itís just amazing that they still exist, but they exist all right.)


Prime Minister David Cameron said: "I welcome the committee's decision. The FSA report into what went wrong at RBS made clear where the failures lay and who was responsible.


(A: As I say, the British government owns about 80 to 85% of the shares in that bank.)


"The proper process has been followed and I think we've ended up with the right decision."


So, thatís really what itís all about, really, itís putting the blame on someone.  And I think itís a set-up, because heís still collecting his paycheck.  And heís probably given a few other million, to deal with for about six months to a year.  And then, once everybody has forgotten about it, theyíll reinstate him as a knight once again, you know.  Thatís really how it works.  But he wasnít the cause of it.  All the banks were at it, as we well know.


Now, last year, an article came out, and I read about it, and put it up there, but it went nowhere, the article, and it was pretty stunning.  It was about the clinical trials of a drug called DCA in cancer patients.  And it says there.


It sounds almost too good to be true: a cheap and simple drug that kills almost all cancers by switching off their "immortality". The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), has already been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders and so is known to be relatively safe.


It also has no patent, meaning it could be manufactured for a fraction of the cost of newly developed drugs.


(A: So I guess the big companies are not interested.  And apart from that, the agenda is not interested.  They want us to die of cancers.  It brings down the population, eh?)


Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and his colleagues tested DCA on human cells cultured outside the body and found that it killed lung, breast and brain cancer cells, but not healthy cells. Tumours in rats deliberately infected with human cancer also shrank drastically when they were fed DCA-laced water for several weeks.


DCA attacks a unique feature of cancer cells: the fact that they make their energy throughout the main body of the cell, rather than in distinct organelles called mitochondria. This process, called glycolysis, is inefficient and uses up vast amounts of sugar.


Until now it had been assumed that cancer cells used glycolysis because their mitochondria were irreparably damaged. However, Michelakis's experiments prove this is not the case, because DCA reawakened the mitochondria in cancer cells. The cells then withered and died (Cancer Cell, DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2006.10.020).


Michelakis suggests that the switch to glycolysis as an energy source occurs when cells in the middle of an abnormal but benign lump don't get enough oxygen for their mitochondria to work properly (see diagram). In order to survive, they switch off their mitochondria and start producing energy through glycolysis.


Crucially, though, mitochondria do another job in cells: they activate apoptosis, the process by which abnormal cells self-destruct. When cells switch mitochondria off, they become "immortal", outliving other cells in the tumour and so becoming dominant. Once reawakened by DCA, mitochondria reactivate apoptosis and order the abnormal cells to die.


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading about DCA, which, experiments in Canada found it could actually certainly reduce cancer or kill it off.  And itís unpatented.  And it has some side effects too, mind you.  It says:


DCA can cause pain, numbness and gait


(A: Thatís walking)


disturbances in some patients, but this may be a price worth paying if it turns out to be effective against all cancers. The next step is to run clinical trials of DCA in people with cancer. These may have to be funded by charities, universities and governments:


(A: Well, the government wonít do much, because they want you to die off too.)


pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to pay because they can't make money on unpatented medicines. The pay-off is that if DCA does work, it will be easy to manufacture and dirt cheap.


(A: Well, thatís how it should be, but, if it got going, believe you me, some law would get passed and the big boys would take it over.  Anyway, it says:)


Paul Clarke, a cancer cell biologist at the University of Dundee in the UK, says the findings challenge the current assumption that mutations, not metabolism, spark off cancers. "The question is: which comes first?" he says.


So, it was quite a breakthrough, but nothing, I havenít seen much on it since.  Iíll put that up tonight, this particular article.  And also, another article about it, which is in more detail, for those who can remember their biology, etc, and physiology.  So, itís quite interesting to see whatís out there.  Thereís many things out there, but of course, again too, it would have to get approval to be used for that purpose, even though itís already approved for other purposes.  So, Iíll put that up.


And this article too, this next article is about banks.  Of course, every country is getting whacked right now, as we get plundered.  This is the same formula they used in the Great Depression, where the big banks ended up owning masses of land, and houses and God knows what else, as they crashed the economies.  Anyway, Denmarkís:


Denmarkís banking crisis is getting worse, threatening to trigger more failures, as loans to farms and small businesses sour and the property market fails to recover, the head of the Financial Supervisory Authority said.


ďWe have a small group of institutions where we think there might be a risk that within the next 12 to 18 months they will run into solvency problems,Ē Ulrik Noedgaard, director general of the Copenhagen-based FSA, said in an interview yesterday. ďAny notion that the group of troubled banks might get smaller than we thought has probably been taken off the table for a while.Ē


(A: So, theyíre still trying to recover from a property bubble, same con that went on there too, across the world:)


that burst in 2007, hurting businesses as consumers cut spending and leaving farmers struggling to repay loans after the economy fell into a recession.


(A: There are guys that buy these farms over for peanuts, just like the Great Depression too.  Happened in Germany too.  And so, itís the same old con game, the same things.)


House prices plunged an annual 8.5 percent in November as the gap between bid and ask prices widened,


(A: You find too, that when theyíre buying, when people are getting right down to rock bottom and the houses are devalued down to a fraction of what theyíre worth, the same big boys buy them over.  Streets of them.  Thatís what happened in England too.  They have whole areas and regions within Britain, all owned by sometimes a couple of brothers.  It says:)


Banks at risk of being declared insolvent represent about 3 percent of Denmarkís financial industry, Noedgaard said.


So, everyone is getting whacked with those wonderful people that handle the cash, you know, who have done this many times before.  At least twice a century.  Thatís their usual. 


And this article too is interesting about the US, because we know that the US government holds a lot of the mortgages, and it actually owns a lot of the houses now, that they took over, trying to ease it a little bit, when they were all crashing.  And theyíre putting them back on the market to their pals, of course.


Private equity firms are jumping into distressed housing as the U.S. government plans to market 200,000 foreclosed homes as rentals to speed up the economic recovery.


(A: Thatís how theyíve done it over the last century or more.  And thatís why, as I say, maybe a few people end up owning streets and streets and streets.)


GTIS Partners will spend $1 billion by 2016 acquiring single-family homes to manage as rentals, Thomas Shapiro, the fundís founder said. That followed announcements this month that GI Partners, a Menlo Park private equity fund, expects to invest $1 billion, and Los Angeles-based Oaktree Capital Management LP will spend $450 million on similar housing.


ďItís a massive market,Ē


(A: You can feel them salivating, these sharks, eh?  Really.)


Shapiro said in a telephone interview from New York. ďWeíre starting to see this as a billion dollar opportunity to buy rental housing.Ē


(A: And believe you, these guys will really up the rents too, believe you.  Anyway:)


Creating more single-family rental properties is one of a series of programs introduced by President Barack Obamaís administration aimed at reviving the housing market. An S&P/Case-Shiller index of property values in 20 cities has dropped 33 percent from its peak in July 2006 and 12 percent of homeowners with a mortgage are either delinquent or in foreclosure. Last week, the administration revised its Home Affordable Modification Program, offering government incentives for mortgage investors


(A: But only to the big corporations, eh?)


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when they forgive debt on homes that lost value as a way of preventing delinquent borrowers from losing their houses.


(A: So, then it goes into Increasing Rentals, and so on, and tells you other cities that are doing it across the whole states.  And it goes through the big corporations that are buying them over, because theyíre the only ones that will be offered them from the government, you see.  Itís all who you know, isnít it?  And how much cash youíve got.  It says:)


The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, plans to complete initial transactions in the first quarter of this year, offering some of the 180,000 foreclosed homes in their inventory to private operators as rental properties, Corinne Russell, a spokeswoman, said in a telephone interview.


And then thereís Public-Private Partnerships.  Youíll pay for getting them all fixed up.† Then theyíll hand them back to the private guys.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about all the homes that were repossessed basically, and the people kicked out of them, of course, who ended up in tent cities, etc, so that now the bankers can get them all for peanuts.  It says,


$1 Trillion Liquidations


(A: Are due.)


About 7.5 million homes with a current market value of $1 trillion will be liquidated through foreclosures or other distressed sales by 2016, according to an Oct. 27 report by Chang. That will add to the estimated 20 million single-family homes already operated as rentals, which have yielded annual returns averaging 8.1 percent since 1990, Changís report said.


(A: Then they talk about:)


Rentals can produce cash flows, known as a capitalization rate or cap rate, that reduce losses more than reselling foreclosed homes at a time of weak demand, the Federal Reserve report said.


(A: So, itís just astonishing how they just plunder the public, eh?  Twice a century, generally, and thatís their history, anyway.  And we put up with it. You know, people lose everything.  But, again too, people do put up with it.  Thatís the problem.)


ďPreliminary estimates suggest that about two-fifths of Fannie Maeís REO inventory would have a cap rate above 8 percent -- sufficiently high to indicate renting the property might deliver a better loss recovery than selling the property,Ē the Fed paper said.


So, they really do well, you know, these guys who just buy over chunks of towns and cities, and end up putting extortionate rates for a 12 x 12 room you end up living in, like New York, or something like that.  But thatís how they do it, folks.  Thatís how you get rich, isnít it?  Thatís how you get rich. 


Now, thereís also a site Iím putting up tonight.  It will be all over the place tomorrow.  Everybody will copy it, I guarantee you.  Itís from the World Economic Forum.  And itís to do with the GAC.  Itís the Global Agenda Council.  And it comes up as, Iím not kidding, thereís a Global Agenda Council.  And they have all these buttons that come up on the page when it comes up.  Just click them on, and youíll see whoís in each one, and itís all the big business boys.  All the big names come up, and faces, etc, familiar faces, that are buying all the homes in the US for peanuts.  Same kind of characters, and how itís for the global good, and theyíre all working for the global agenda.  So, Iíll put that up for you tonight too. Global Agenda Councils.  Did you know that?  Thereís hundreds of them.  And they all come up on this site. 


Now, thereís been movies put out in the past to do with the big pharmaceutical companies, which go down into Latin America, and bribe a few people there, the right people, and then they test out their vaccines on them.  Theyíve even had them in some of these outbreak movies that they have, and theyíre still at it, you see.  Wherever you get poor folk, thatís where they do it.  Theyíre doing it in India too, of course.  Itís always the same companies too.


GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories Company was fined 400,000 pesos


(A: Thatís about $90,000, I think.)


by Judge Marcelo Aguinsky following a report issued by the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) for irregularities during lab vaccine trials conducted between 2007 and 2008


(A: I remember reading at the time, when it happened)


that allegedly killed 14 babies.


(A: Actually more.  They reduced it down for the court case.)


Likewise, two doctors -Hťctor Abate, and Miguel Tregnaghi- were fined with 300,000 pesos each for irregularities during the studies.


(A: So this gets the company really off the hook.  Itís really the doctors, you see.)


The charges included experimenting with human beings as well falsifying parental authorizations


(A: Theyíre forging signatures and everything.)


so babies could participate in vaccine-trials conducted by the laboratory from 2007 to 2008.


Since 2007, 15,000 children under the age of one from Mendoza, San Juan and Santiago del Estero have been included in the research protocol, a statement of what the study is trying to achieve. Babies were recruited from poor families that attended to public hospitals.


(A: For help.  For treatment.  Oh, can we have your baby, please, for an experiment?)


A total of seven babies died in Santiago del Estero; five in Mendoza; and two in San Juan.


Pediatrician Ana Marchese, who reported the case through the Argentine Federation of Health Professionals (FESPROSA in Spanish), and was working at the Eva Perůn children's public hospital in Santiago del Estero when the studies were being conducted, said this morning in conversations with Continental AM radio that ďGSK


(A: Thatís GlaxoSmithKline)


Argentina set an protocol at the hospital, and recruited several doctors working there.Ē


(A: Itís so easy to get them all involved for cash, eh?  When, you know, when money talks, morality walks.)


ďThese doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms


(A: Which they probably couldnít even read.)


and getting them involved in the trials.Ē


ďLaboratories can't experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries.Ē


Colombia and Panama were also chosen by GSK as staging grounds for trials of the vaccine against the pneumococcal bacteria.


Likewise, Marchese, explained the modus operandi: ďOnce a picked patient arrived, it would automatically disappear to be taken somewhere else in order to be treated by those doctors specially recruited by GSK. These kind of practices are not legal and occurred without any type of state control, plus they donít comply with minimum ethical requirements.Ē


Marchese also remembered that ďlaboratory trials on human beings are not legalized in Argentina.Ē


(A: See, they break every law in the book, but they get away with it, because theyíre stinking rich and they have lots of connections.  She says too:)


According to Marchese, ďthere already exist very good vaccines for the same diseases, but we all know how laboratories work, they only care for their own business.Ē


(A: In other words, theyíre experimenting with different stuff than what theyíre telling them.  Goodness knows what it is theyíre giving them.  Itís some precursor to what theyíll give us down the road, you know, that will turn us into little people or something.)


To end, Doctor Marchese aimed to Santiago del Estero Governor, Gerardo Zamora, who ďnever ever came out to stage to comment on the case, and same happened with national deputies and senators that didnít even bother into discussing a hot topic that was echoed worldwide.


(A: Because theyíre all bribed.  Thatís it.  And she says:)


Iím also ashamed of the scientific community that also kept its mouth shut.Ē


Well thatís the real world, isnít it?  That is the real world.  And it goes on with more and more information.  You can look that up for yourselves, if you care.  You actually should look into these things, because one day youíll get it, or your child will get the stuff, thatís got nothing to do with what they tell you it is, like the previous vaccinations, except to attack your endocrine system, sterilize you, and make sure that you donít live past the age of about 55 or 60. 


And lobbying.  Lobbying.  I mean, we really are getting poisoned from every level, you know.  As I say, Monsanto is a must-be.  Itís been backed by governments, backed by courts.  Anybody complaining about the stuff getting wafted on their farms and growing their genetically modified corn or whatever theyíre up to, theyíre blamed.  You know, youíre blamed.  You canít complain about it.  Youíre blamed for it and fined, until you lose the farm generally.  Iíve done some articles in the past on this.  And, incredibly powerful group.  Theyíve got their own little internal military too, you know, the big enforcers.  The enforcers you call them, basically.  The heavies.  The guys they set on you to intimidate and threaten you, which theyíve done lots of.  And they get away with that too.  So, itís a must-be that they get across the whole world and poison everybody, except for the elite, who can afford really, really natural food.  They now call it organic, but itís really just natural food.  What we eat is unnatural.  Itís modified.


Monsanto spent $2 million lobbying gov't


Monsanto Co. spent $2 million in the third quarter to lobby the federal government on issues including regulations for genetically engineered crops and patent reforms, according to a recent disclosure report.


That's slightly more than the $1.9 million Monsanto spent a year earlier and up almost 18 percent from the $1.7 million it spent during previous quarter.


(A: What do you think it means when they say they spent $2 million lobbying?  They already have the staff.  The money changes hands to the guys who listen to them in government.  Thatís where the cash goes.)


The world's largest seed company lobbied Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture over regulations that would affect the distribution of genetically engineered crops like the company's Roundup Ready sugar beets and alfalfa, according to the disclosure the company filed Oct. 18 with the House clerk's office.


(A: That was last year.)


The company also lobbied Congress on patent protection reforms. Monsanto spends years, or sometimes more than a decade, developing patented strains of genetically engineered crops. Maintaining those patent rights is key to the company's profit model.


The company lobbied the Congress and the Department of Justice on issues surrounding agricultural consolidation and antitrust enforcement.


And Iíll put that up tonight as well, this article, along with another one on Monsanto as well, because what they were really lobbying for too, was for the US government to put its heavy hand on all the European countries that donít want this stuff imported from the US into their countries.  Itís actually been put into law.  Yeah, put the heavy hand on them.  Donít give them any loans.  Donít help them.  Donít buy any of their stuff, until they give in.  Thatís what theyíre doing.  Big corporations, you see.  Big corporations have got more power than governments, really. 


Now, another article too is awfully important, because itís to do with mind control.  Real mind control, of course.  Because weíve seen them torturing people and waterboarding people in the movies.  And they actually do it a lot in reality.  And theyíre even doing it domestically now, I understand.  In other words, to get them to tell what theyíre thinking.  Whatís really in their brain.  Tell us the truth.  And so, this article comes out from the BBC News.  It says:


Science decodes 'internal voices', by Jason Palmer


Researchers have demonstrated a striking method to reconstruct words, based on the brain waves of patients thinking of those words.


The technique reported in PLoS Biology relies on gathering electrical signals directly from patients' brains.


Based on signals from listening patients, a computer model was used to reconstruct the sounds of words that patients were thinking of.


The method may in future help comatose and locked-in patients communicate.


(A: You know itís to do with, this stuff is going to be everywhere, where theyíre reading your mind, as you walk down the street.  Thatís what itís all about.  This is the war business, folks.  They donít care about people in comas.  Theyíve used paraplegics to embed these little chips in their brains, so as they can do their emailing.  DARPA did that.  Look it up yourself and see.  But thatís just using someone whoís so down theyíll do anything that might help them.  This stuff is all to be used on the public down the road.)


Several approaches have in recent years suggested that scientists are closing in on methods to tap into our very thoughts; the current study achieved its result by implanting electrodes directly into a part of participants' brains.


(A: Now, you couple that with Microsoftís admissions last year and the year before, that they donít really need those little helmets to put on you to have interactive computer games, etc.  They can actually use the same antenna around the screen to Ďmassageí your brain.  Well, you put that together with what these guys are doing here, with this technique, and you donít need any wires at all.)


In a 2011 study, participants with electrodes in direct brain contact were able to move a cursor on a screen....


(A: That was old stuff.  Theyíd done it long before 2011, by the way, I think it was in Sweden.)


A technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging to track blood flow in the brain has shown promise for identifying which words or ideas someone may be thinking about.


By studying patterns of blood flow related to particular images, Jack Gallant's group at the University of California Berkeley showed in September that patterns can be used to guess images being thought of - recreating "movies in the mind".


ďThe development of direct neuro-control over virtual or physical devices would... improve quality of life immensely for those who suffer from impaired communication skillsĒ


So, anyway, it goes on and on.  Iíll also put up another one from PloS, as they call it, the scientific journal and itís for public access, for biology, and they go into it in more and more detail and show you what theyíre up to.  Yeah, youíll be walking down the road or theyíll just scan your house, and theyíll hear all these chattering thoughts, as it goes through your head.  And this is definitely the road to the future.  Then they wonít have to waterboard you or torture you, or anything like that.  They just scan you.  Itís probably here already, actually.  Whatever they admit to in the general public realm is pretty well obsolete.  Theyíll be on to an even better method by then.  


Plans to force households to have energy smart meters installed have been shelved over health and privacy fears.


(A: See, at least the people there had enough smarts to start saying, we donít want to be nuked with this stuff every day, with microwaves.  And they made such a stink that something was done.  In Canada, nothing happened, as far as I know.  And weíre awfully laid back here.  Iím sure we get more dope or something than anybody else, sprayed from the skies.  Anyway:)


The Government had promised that every household would have a smart meter by 2019 in a £12 billion programme to stop gas and electricity bills being estimated.


Officials are devising plans to allow people to reject the smart meters, which communicate remotely from households to energy companies.


(A: Using FM and microwave.)


The move is a victory for campaign groups and backbench MPs, who raised concerns with ministers that the devices emit electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day and cannot be turned off.


Privacy campaigners were worried that half-hourly data on energy usage collected by smart meters could give clues about peopleís way of life, such as when someone is on holiday, at work or asleep.


(A: They can actually tell where you are in the house, by the way, with that too.  The Israelis invented that part of it.)


Sources in the Department for Energy and Climate Change said the proposal was shelved to avoid the programme getting ďbogged downĒ in lengthy legal disputes.


There has been a public outcry recently about the potential health effects of smart meters in the US and Canada.


About 400,000 have been installed in British homes. Most of the devices emit similar radiation to mobile phones,


(A: Itís actually way above that, believe you me.)


 microwaves and wireless internet.


(A: Because, you see, they can use your house and they can funnel everybody elseís signals as theyíre doing their surveys, through your meter.  And you hear the darn thing hum when it goes, believe you me.  And that microwave goes way up.  So, it says:)


Some people claim to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields, saying it gives them symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and headaches.


(A: Thatís been known since the invention of the electric motor.)


In America, utility companies have been hit with multi-million dollar class action lawsuits from people who have had the devices installed in their homes.


Regulators say smart meters are safe.


(A: Of course they will.)


But protesters point to the American Academy of Environmental Medicineís opposition to the devices.


Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, is now urging the Government to say whether smart meters will come with health warnings.


Charles Hendry, the energy minister, said: ďWe believe people will benefit from having


(A: And then they have the guy whoís all for it, the energy minister is all for it.)


 ďWe believe people will benefit from smart meters. But we will not make them obligatory.Ē


Actually the cost is to go way up too, once you get them in.  Your cost goes way up.  It doesnít save you anything, for those who donít know too much about it. 


And this one on, you know Big Pharma.  The world is so evil, folks.  Itís so evil.  Big Pharma.  It makes so much money from everything.  All misery they can make money from.  Thatís what medicine is based on, money from misery.  And lots of money too.  And Iím putting up an article tonight to show you, they give them, people who have been addicted to heroin, methadone in Britain.  Itís an artificial opiate, basically.  Youíll see a woman licking it off the street when she dropped her prescribed bottle.  This is what they give them.  And of course they never get off it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  So, Iíll put that last article up too on methadone, and how they prescribe it like crazy.  And the people are generally on it for as long as they live.  And Pharma is very happy that theyíve got them addicted to this instead of heroin.  And itís just pretty well as addictive.  Now, weíll go to the callers.  Is Phil from New York there?


Phil: Can you hear me?


Alan: Whoís this one?


Phil: This is Phil.


Alan: Okay, Phil.  Go ahead.


Phil: My fellow thought criminal.


Alan: Yes, thatís it.


Phil: Thanks for taking my call.  Iím a first-time caller, relatively new listener.  Iím learning a lot from your show, so I appreciate what you do.  I was calling, you know, the Monsanto thing.  I mean itís just absolutely evil.  Iím currently involved in a re-education camp here at the University of Albany.  And my professor, you know, saw nothing wrong with this.  You know, she loved it.  She thought it was a good thing, you know, to feed the world.  And even when I raised objections, they were always kind of shot down.  I went so far as, I printed out articles, showing some studies in Europe that it sterilizes, you know, third generation.  And you know, she probably threw them in the trash.


Alan: She probably did.


Phil: So, I mean, you know, Iíll be nice because Iím on air, but sheís a real creature.  But I had a question for you.  I noticed that theyíve been spraying, you know, like crazy, all over the country.  Is this something thatís happening worldwide?


Alan: Almost worldwide.  Thereís a few very wealthy islands and so on that they donít seem to get much spray at all, but pretty well worldwide.  It has been worldwide since 1998.


Phil: í98.  Okay.  I mean, you know, if I say anything to anybody about it, you know, their eyes glaze over.  You know, itís kind of frustrating but, you know, I guess thereís not much you can really do. 


Alan: No.  They do; theyíve been trained to expect the mainstream media to tell them anything they should worry about.  And they really believe thatís what the media is for, like an extension of their brain.  And itís true.  They are the grateful dead.


Phil: Itís sad.  They just regurgitate, you know, information; they canít even think for themselves.


Alan: They canít, no.


Phil: I know a lot of my friends, you know, they just care about the football game, or, you know, the next time theyíre going to get a drink.† You know, itís frustrating.  But, you know, okay.  Iíll let you take another call, but thank you for what you do, and Iíll call back another time.


Alan: Okay, Phil.  Remember too, ask your teacher how much funding they get from Monsanto at the University there.


Phil: I should.  Iíll do that.  All right, take care, Alan.  Thank you.


Alan: And thank you for calling.  So, yeah, as I say, thatís how it really is in the real world.  Everything is bribery.  Money passes and changes hands.  And the Rockefellers, who are completely on board with the GM agenda, fund every university actually, pretty well, in America and Canada, and across Europe too.  Lots of them as well.  So, theyíre all funded from their masters, and they ainít going to say anything bad about their mastersí agenda.  Apart from that, the world was feeding itself pretty well.  We canít even feed ourselves at home anymore, as they get more and more farms out of business.  You see, this is the global agenda, folks.  And eventually food will be used as a weapon.  It already is.  Weíre eating poison, stuff thatís soaked in pesticide and produces its own pesticide, and itís nasty, nasty stuff.  So, thatís where it is, eh.  Well, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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