February 13, 2012 (#1021)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 13, 2012:

"See Avalanche of Changes to Cause Strife
Such as Holland’s Deathmobiles, Takers of Life,
A World Where Your Value as a Producer
Doesn’t Fall Behind You Being a Consumer,
Yes, We’re called "Units" Each with a Number,
Threatening Sick or Elderly with Permanent Slumber,
Where Eugenicists say "C’mon Do the Right Thing",
And Neuroscience P.R. can Convince You to Sing
"There is a Happy Land Far, Far Away,
Entrance is Free, But Just for Today",
One Day You’ll Get an Invitation You Can’t Refuse,
State Ordered Euthanasia, But Kidneys They’ll Use,
Give Up Your Life, You Know You Should
So That Others May Live for the Greater Good"
© Alan Watt Feb. 13, 2012

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of February, 2012.

For newcomers make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  There’s hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download, and hopefully those that can, will understand the big system that runs the world.  Vastly different from the one that you’re taught at school, that you grow up with from the regular media, even your movies too.  It’s all a big part of it, especially in fact; most of your programming comes from fiction to prepare you for tomorrow.  Not your tomorrow, but the tomorrow that’s been made for you already.

So, if you understand the big system, the foundations, the history of this organization, with their world plan, you’ll understand pretty well everything.  And things in the media will start to suddenly make real sense to you.  Not the exoteric sense that it’s meant to have for most people. 

And what you can do too, to help me keep going is to buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the U.S. to Canada you can use a personal check, you can use an international postal money order from your post office, you can use Paypal, some people send cash.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and Paypal once again.  Remember straight donations are awfully welcome indeed. 

But this world as I say, what we do here, or I do here – Hamish doesn’t do much except bark now and then when strangers come at the door.  But what I do really is chronicle the events and go back into the past to show you that this was planned a long time ago, when events actually correspond to plans that they had a hundred years ago, some of them, in the big socialist systems.  And the socialist systems were never ever really the enemy of the right wing.  It’s just one bird with two wings and the bird knows where it’s going.  And the wings are two different ways of doing the same thing really.  The Fabian Socialists tried to do it the slow way, gradual so that you’d accept and accept a wee munch at a time, like you’re munching a bar of chocolate or something.  And the right wing simply does it through wars generally.  Just wars, and then they get the United Nations, which they own, to fix up the laws in hindsight, you know, post-facto basically.  And that’s how they do things. 

So they both work together for the same objectives.  And one puts its reliance on encouraging the people, persuading the people to just go along with things a bit at a time, the Fabian way as they call it.  And that’s why you have The Fabian Society which was started up by the Astor family.  And they used H.G. Wells and a whole bunch of authors and different people to be members as well.  And the authors all wrote books that would intrigue you to get these ideas across, to get you ready for change.  And it’s amazing how someone else’s idea makes people take off as though it was their own idea.  It really is.  Just look at fashion.  And nobody wants to be different from the fashion, especially when you’re young, peer pressure.  And it’s quite amazing at that age you’re trying to get individuality and yet you’re copying everyone else. 

You’re understood perfectly in every generation.   They know exactly what a 30-year-old male is thinking about, and a 30-year-old female, and it’s the same thing when they’re 50 and 60.  Every age group is catered to, through all the different medias that are available.  And they have target audiences.  No different from the general media too.  You get your big newspapers for the ones involved in finance, etcetera, and political correctness, they adapt very quickly.  And you’ve got your little square rags, which are for the little people at the bottom.  Generally with pictures in it with big-boobed babes, etcetera, and that’s where you get your news at the bottom. 

And then of course you have special magazines for those who actually work in Washington, D.C., or Ottawa, or London, the bureaucratic types.  So everybody is catered to, and that’s what Carroll Quigley said in his own book, “Tragedy and Hope”, Every sector is catered to, to make sure they all go along with their particular programming without incident.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And years ago I mentioned on the air when Holland was the first country in Europe to basically start going ahead with euthanasia for people who they claimed were terminally ill.  And I said at the time, I said this won’t stop there, it won’t stop with GPs, general practitioners, doing it.  And the state wants to, because I’ve read all the books from many, many years ago, they want the right to decide who will live and die.  George Bernard Shaw, of the Fabian Society, and I’ve put up the video many times before, you can actually hear this old clip and see him saying, when we have power, he says, you’ll have to come to us – you know, he’s talking about the ordinary people – to justify why we should keep you alive. 

If you’re no use to their big global system of socialism then they want to simply knock you off.  But I said the whole purpose of euthanasia in Holland was to get everyone acclimatized to it, and along with Dignitas too; they always get masses of publicity, which they want of course.  But the ideal thing is for the government, you see, to come in.  And when the government comes in to say who’s going to live and die, you’re in awful trouble folks, awful trouble.  But it doesn’t matter, it’s an agenda, and most folk don’t really care because you see they’re not that old yet, it’s not their turn yet.  And of course you never get old, youngsters think that too, they think I’ll never get old, it’s a different species, old people.  And it isn’t just for old people; it can be for young people too, in Holland now that they’ve changed it; where the state brings their little euthanasia van to your door, up they go, strap you down, and bang, that’s you gone.  And I’m not kidding, this is actually here folks, you know.  And of course they want to copy what every country does.  They give every country in the EU a particular program to push then the rest of them copy it.  “Well they’re doing it in Holland, why don’t we do it here?   It’ll save a lot of tax money, keeping that old person alive.  And we want their pensions anyway, you know.”

And after all, the definition of a good citizen, a global citizen, by the United Nations themselves, is a good producer and consumer.  So elderly people are consumers only you see, they’re not producing anymore. 

So, that’s how they’re handling that.  Plus of course they’re teaching the young that “oh, the elderly, you know they ruined the planet; they had the best of times.”  I don’t know how they got that, from watching Leave it to Beaver or something, but it didn’t happen in reality.  Anyway that’s what they’re getting taught at school so they don’t really like the elderly.  And so now the state can come in and just bring the euthanasia van up and pop you off, that’s it, gone.  And then they take your organs, etcetera, and make a profit off them as well.  “Might as well, eh, nobody else is using them”; that’s their attitude today in the secular state.

So, here’s an article here which came out of course:

            “Doctors’ radical plan to tackle organ shortage”

Alan:  Now this isn’t really happening as far as a shortage as such, as they keep claiming, because I know people who “harvest”; they call them harvesters of organs.  And they tell me, they all tell me that they can’t get to all the donors, they can’t.  There’s just not enough to get to the donors in fact.  There’s no shortage whatsoever.  There’s more teen suicides now than ever before, male and female.  And it’s changing so much too, at one time the females mainly took pills, but now they’ll shoot themselves in the head just like the guys, and things like that.  So anyway:

"Doctors’ radical plan to tackle organ shortage"

Alan:  It’s for the future.  For the future.  They’re getting us used to doing it now, you see, so we’ll all accept it as we go along, when they really will need more of these things to keep the wealthy elites alive, you see, across the whole planet.  So, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie called "Coma", put out in the 70’s I think.  And they were doing that there; this was the whole plot of the movie, how horrible it was.  Well here it is.  “Doctors’ radical plan to tackle organ shortage”. They’ll keep the patients alive to become donors:

"Patients could be kept alive to become donors and hearts retrieved from newborn babies in controversial BMA proposals”

"Patients could be kept alive solely so they can become organ donors,..."

Alan:  It’s kind of like that movie too, called "The Island", I think it was, and that’s a more recent movie as well, where they bred them for that purpose and kept them stupid and happy, but they were actually getting bred for body parts.  Anyway, it says:

            "the hearts could be retrieved…"

Alan:  That’s predictive programming, you see, that’s how these things get familiar to you. 

"from newborn babies for the first time, and body parts could be taken from high-risk donors as part of an urgent medical and ethical revolution…"

Alan:  It’s ethical you see.

            "to ease Britain’s chronic shortage of organs..."

Alan:  Well believe you me, the British Medical Association and the National Heath Service must be out of touch, because the National Health Service has slashed things to the bone, where there’s hardly any treatment left at all.  You can’t even get cataracts done.  That’s like a fifteen-minute job.  Things like that.  So it’s not for the ordinary people you understand.  It says:

"Hearts could also be taken from recently deceased patients and restarted in those needing a cardiac transplant, under controversial proposals from the British Medical Association intended to stop up to 1,000 people a year dying because of the country's chronic shortage of organs."

"A new BMA report on ways to increase the supply of organs, which it has shown to the Guardian [newspaper], has revived the intense ethical debate about how far doctors should go to help save the lives of the growing number of patients with organ failure."

Alan:  And also to fatten their wallets because there’s big bucks in it.

            "The BMA wants a debate about the use of an ethically…"

Alan:  And they keep using this word "ethically".  You better understand what they mean by ethically.  You understand, because they’re awfully good at this terminology, and they’re talking about bioethics, which is the new term for eugenics.  And eugenics, who are ethical, you see, is just what is the morality of today.  Morality to them is plastic, flexible, and they can guide it into any new normal they wish to.  And that is true, they can do that.  I’ve watched it in my own lifetime.

            "...the use of an ethically contentious practice called "elective ventilation",..."

Alan:  I guess they stick holes in you and blow smoke through it. 

"…in which patients diagnosed as dead using brain stem tests – such as those who have suffered a massive stroke – are kept alive purely to enable organ retrieval."

Alan:  So in other words, you’ll be just like the patients in "Coma", the movie, where they just sort of hang you there in these kind of hanging bed things, like hammocks, and they’ve got you all listed to what’s good in your body, you’re brain dead but they keep you breathing and the blood circulating. 

" While such patients are usually put on artificial ventilation for a short while to enable their relatives to say goodbye or for organ donation, the report says, "elective ventilation is different in that it involves starting ventilation, once it is recognised that the patient is close to death, with the specific intention of facilitating organ donation"."

Alan:  See they like it, they actually like, and I know how it’s done because they keep the patient alive and they bring it in actually in the room next to the one that they’re going to donate to, and right to the last moment they take the heart out and everything else and then that’s death right there for that person, the donor, once they stop the heart beating and they cut the bronchial tubes and all the rest of it, take the lungs out, and then the rest of the ghouls can move in, kidneys and liver and everything else, you see.  Anyway it says:

"This procedure led to a 50% jump in the number of organs available when it was carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital from 1988, but it was declared unlawful by the Department of Health in 1994."

Alan:  So there you go, they’ve already trialed it, you see, they’ve found out what resistance they get from the public and how to overcome the resistance.

"However there are fears that elective ventilation could induce a persistent vegetative state, and concern it is unethical to give patients treatment to benefit other people rather than them [themselves]."

Alan:  And the doctors now, it’s just a roll for money, and if you’re scared to go into hospital now because are they going to help you to live, or are they eyeing you up for how much cash they’re going to get personally if they operate on you and remove organs.  I’m not kidding, that’s where it is.  It’s been that way for quite a while.  Anyway:

""I worry about it. It's very difficult," said Dr Kevin Gunning of the Intensive Care Society, which represents staff. But Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the BMA's head of ethics, said the practice might be deemed permissible, at least for patients who had signed the organ donor register."

Alan:  And you better check up and see if you’re on that because you don’t have to, they’re just putting your names down.  And your relatives will often say, well I didn’t know they did that, you know, and they hadn’t. 

"Spain and the US already use the technique, said Nigel Heaton, professor of transplant surgery at King's College hospital, London. "People have qualms about it. The concern is that you are prolonging or introducing futile treatment that has no benefit for the patient."

"But I expect that views will gradually change…"

Alan:  Yeah, he darn well knows… 

"…around this [in its favour]. It's an ongoing tragedy that so many people are still dying in this country for want of an organ," he said."

Alan:  There’s even more dying because you can’t get into hospital.  Or some countries, like even here in Canada, you’d be dead before you get in for an examination in the hospitals, massive waiting lists, as they cut everything to the bone.

"One of the report's other most radical suggestions is that – with the permission of the deceased's family – surgeons could remove the heart of someone who has just suffered circulatory death, maintain its function by putting blood and oxygen into it, and give it to a patient who needs a new heart."

Alan:  So they go on and on and on.  And so you know where it’s all going folks, it’s Brave New World, you see.  And also from Ethics Illustrated, that’s this bioethics magazine that they have for themselves, which is eugenicist, you know, that says:

"Doctors’ radical plan to tackle organ shortage: Patients could be kept alive to become donors and hearts retrieved from newborn babies in controversial BMA proposals."

Alan:  It’s just wonderful, isn’t it, that nothing goes to waste now, it’s all big bucks, BIG BUCKS.  Under the guise of helping people, mind you.  It’s like giving blood.  You know most of the blood isn’t used for what you think it is.  It doesn’t go to patients.  A lot of it gets tossed out.  Anyway it says:

"Doctors’ radical plan to tackle organ shortage, Denis Campbell, Guardian"

Alan:   It says, so anyway it’s the same kind of thing again.  It’s interesting that The Guardian actually seems to be in with this Ethics Illustrated which is biogenetics basically and eugenics magazine.  So that’s your wonderful world, and now they’ve got their deathmobiles coming around doors in Holland, by the state, not by the doctors.  What they said in last week’s article that I read on the air was that in Holland if the GP refuses to terminate you then the state will come and do it instead.  So the state now, you know, who’s going to live and who’s going to die and they’re already doing it and convincing young females not to have children and just abort them, you know. 

And Britain too, I think this is one of the first ones, I know they have private police here and there.  But you see Britain was one of the first countries to start up real private security companies using ex-military, right from the army.  And they have guys who can get sent abroad as private armies too.  Now they’re taking over the police stations.  Back with more after this break. 

{Break ♫}

Hi Folks I’m back and Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about years ago how I talked about, I actually met one of the guys who owned one of these big security firms in the 80’s and he said this is the way of the future.  He said down the road there’s going to be massive terrorism, that’s what he said, and there’ll be lots of security bodyguards for very important people, work all over the place for folks, all ex-military, and that’s the way it was going to go in the privatization of police and everything else.  Everything is to be privatized, and so the big boys knew about it a long time ago because they planned things.  Things don’t just happen.  Nothing in this system just happens. 

The G4S, they call them, which is G-Force. 

            "G4S to win contract for ‘privatised’ police station"

"Security firm will run control room, custody suites and support services

G4S is to be awarded the first contract in Britain to build and run a police station, in the most far-reaching outsourcing initiative in law enforcement to date. 

Having already been selected as a preferred bidder for the deal, the world’s largest security firm is expected to finalise an agreement with Lincolnshire Police Authority within days, it has been reported.

The contract will see G4S handle some services normally undertaken by police officers, including the running of custody suites, the force control room and firearms licensing – although custody sergeants and inspectors will continue to oversee operations."

Alan:  Well that will be for a little while and then eventually it will be all theirs.

"The force has also confirmed that outsourced “business support” services will include HR, IT, finance and procurement.  It is understood that just over half the constabulary’s 900 civilian staff will transfer to G4S, while the remainder will stay as police employees alongside the 1,100 officers."

"New staff employed by G4S will undertake the security company’s seven-week training programme, which meets home office guidelines for custody workers.  The contract is said to be worth £200 million over 10 years with an option for a five-year extension. It will see G4S build a new police station, comprising of a two-storey office complex and 30 cells." 

Alan:  So here is imprisonment for profit of course, as everything must be now.  Everything is going that way.  And the States already has a lot of them like that, and Canada too I think.

            "Other local police forces are said to be…"

Alan:  It’s like prisons, right.

"…considering similar partnerships this year, in the wake of drastically cut police budgets."

Alan:  Anyway, it’s a done deal and that’s just the way things are really done, you know.  They’re done before you hear about them.  And even for the cops themselves, that’s just the way it goes. 

And another article here is about …

"Corporate Candyland"

"The looming GM sugar cane invasion"

Alan:  And that’s the modified sugar cane that they’ve got.  Now you know you find that, even when I was at school, primary school, I remember hearing about how sugar cane workers didn’t live that long.  They were lucky to hit fifty; most of them hit about forty-odd and died because there’s so much dust that comes off the sugar cane, these big tall sugar canes, as they cut them with machetes and so on.  But it’s got worse now, they’re all having kidney failure because of the GM sugar cane.  It says:

"Within a span of only 10 years, nearly the entire Argentine pampas and huge swathes of forest and farm land in Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay have been converted into green deserts of soya monoculture. Latin America’s soya boom was, and continues to be, a bonanza for agribusiness. It provided the handful of global grain giants who dominate the international oilseed trade and commercial feed market with a cheap and abundant site of production for the expansion and consolidation of their global operations. These same companies, such as Cargill, ADM and Bunge, have also made billions in selling the required chemical fertilisers, while other big foreign companies, such as AGCO and John Deere, have cashed in on sales of tractors."

Alan:  They’ve just opened another place in China to make the John Deere tractors too.

"Monsanto and Syngenta have raked in record profits selling their genetically modified seeds and chemical pesticides.  The soya invasion was based on a model of production…"

Alan:  And it goes on and on about how it worked and so on, and eventually it gets to the sugar, etcetera.  And as I say what’s happening is the guys are coming down with kidney failure, sudden too.  You know, they might work for a couple of years and bang, total kidney failure.  I guess they can harvest maybe the lungs and hearts and things, and sell that on the global market.  But it’s quite something to see this happening with the chemicals they’re using, special chemicals they use like Roundup stuff and so on, which they also use on sugar beet as well. 

So, no wonder they’re going to need all these organs in the future.  You know, the big boys themselves don’t eat the stuff, the rubbish we eat of course; they’ve got special food for themselves.  And that’s just the way it is.  We’re left with the poison at the bottom. 

And this other article, "File on 4: Biosecurity" it’s called, and it’s from the BBC.  Where they go into something I mentioned a couple of months ago, which was that the big labs of course, the World Health Organization and others, had actually created a flu virus which will kill most of the people who get it.  Just to find out, you see, how many mutations the virus would have to go through itself to reach that stage.  They did it in a lab, just for a curiosity you understand, and now it’s a biowarfare weapon.  So that’s their excuse, but it will be released someday. 

Everybody remembers Agent Orange, they used to use it in most countries, landscape gardeners used it for instance, who would go into the big estates and spray the stuff.   I’ve seen it used and when it’s sprayed it’s kind of an orange effect it has in the air.  It’s really a dark brown when you see it but it’s orange when it’s in the air.  And it says:

"Hidden "Agent Orange" Chemical They Want to Sneak into Your Food"

"Agent Orange, produced by both Monsanto and Dow Chemicals, was used to defoliate jungles during the Vietnam War."

Alan:  And I’ll go on about it, actually they were still using it in Canada in the military bases here right through into the 80’s.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth - ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about Agent Orange which is making a comeback with Monsanto and different ones too.  Anyway it says…

            "Dow AgroSciences (a subsidiary of Dow Chemicals)"

Alan:  That’s the guys that originally made it, Dow.

"…has developed a new generation of genetically modified (GM) crops -- soybeans, corn and cotton -- that are engineered to resist an herbicide called 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), which was a major ingredient in Agent Orange.

Once the 2,4-D resistant seeds are released it will mean farmers will be spraying massive amounts of the herbicide onto U.S. farmland; health effects linked to 2,4-D include birth defects, blood, liver and kidney toxicity.  The 2,4-D-resistant crops are being touted as a solution to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops, which have triggered the creation of super weeds;… "

Alan:  All over, wherever they’ve been used, they’ve got these superweeds now they can’t get rid of.   

"…however, the new crops will likely only add to the problem of herbicide resistance, while even greater amounts of herbicides are sprayed onto U.S. farmland, exposing millions to their harmful effects."

Alan:  And the main story is just to the left of that.  So I’ll put that up tonight too, and you’ll see the wonderful things that you’re eating.  And there’s a bunch of stuff from "Wired" and different sites about the F-Bomb.  It says:

            "Dropping the F-Bomb"

Alan:  And what it is, is basically they’re little detectors that can be used, like little computer robots basically, dropped.  They throw it in a person’s garden, drop it on the roof, they could probably drop it from the sky.   And it says:

"These nanotech computing devices are envisioned to possess a variety of physical sensors, form wireless mesh networks, and generally allow the hero (or villain!) to attain omniscient and clandestine awareness of the actions of other characters."

Alan:  Then it goes on and on about how it’s built.  They guy who built it, Brendan O’Connor, who apparently worked for DARPA and everybody else.  Which tells me too that these things, which you know they’re not tiny, they could fit in your hand, I’m sure.  But he’s already probably been working on the little tiny ones, that look like specks of dust no doubt, that they can spray in vast quantities over a person’s home, or around a home or whatever.  So, this is for the people out there, you know the mob, to buy, and also obviously for police and things too.  I’m sure since he worked with DARPA and Homeland Security and so on building this type of stuff, they’ve got much more in a miniature setting than just that.  So it can basically link in and hack your computer, it can hack your wireless system and all of that kind of stuff too, it can do it locally.  And it’s quite cheap to make apparently, they make them and sell them.

And I’m going to put up a link tonight too, to the "Environmental Institutions for the 21st century:  An International Court for the Environment".  I’ll put that one up for you as well and you can have a look through.  Those who think they didn’t do anything at the last big meeting, and they did an awful lot, and they’re getting geared up for the Rio+20 Meeting in June I think it is.  And this is going to probably get put into law everywhere.  Where they actually want to eventually tax you on your energy personally, and your carbon personally.  That’s what I’ve said for years.  This is the real goal of it, not for just big corporations and stuff. 

And as we go through trans-humanism, trans-humanism is something a lot of people dive into thinking oh how wonderful.  They’ve seen all the Sci-Fi’s, especially the comic ones that they watch, and they also use the homosexual groups too, transvestites and everything, they’re getting used.  They are getting used.  Every group out there gets used.  As they think they’re getting more freedom they’re actually getting used, to destroy whatever was left of what it is to be a male and a female.  To be a male and a female you see, you have to reproduce your own kind.  That’s the point of being a male and a female.  Nature doesn’t give a darn how you feel about it.  It’s just what it wants you to do.  And that’s called nature.  You can’t fight nature; it always comes back and hits you with a vengeance. 

Anyway, so they’re using all these groups and they’re being pushed from the top.  All of this trans-humanism is being pushed from the top.  Now Scotland, like every other country now, has these grafted-on czars of science and different things, you see, even further than some countries because the Carnegie Foundation, believe it or not, is running most of Scotland.  When you look into anything behind government and sections of government, the Carnegie Foundation is running them.  I’ll put a link up tonight for Carnegie as well and you can see who sponsors them.  All the big boys, the military-industrial boys, everybody is a partner with them, and funding them.  And they work alongside the Rockefeller Foundation; they’re running their schools, everything. This article says:

"Children’s 'tsar' backs calls for boys to be allowed to dress as girls at school"

Alan:  You see.  This is from an expert you understand.  Well we don’t understand it because we’re not experts, that’s the problem. 

"CROSS-dressing pupil Jamie Love says a call by Scotland’s youth "tsar" to allow schoolboys to wear girls’ clothes will help people like him."

"Children’s commissioner Tam Baillie claims gender-specific uniforms can cause serious distress."

Alan:  Oh, oh dear, {Laughs} just terrible, you got a tear in your stocking or something.  Anyway it says:

"The children’s commissioner is a very important person and hopefully people who are making decisions on policies will listen to him."

Alan:  Why is he important?  Who even grafted him onto government?  The same as in the US with Holdren and that whole bunch of them there.  It says:

"In January, the Record revealed how Jamie claimed he’d been sent home from Govan High in Glasgow for dressing as a girl. He was later allowed to return."

And it says:

"Ten people have mailed me on Facebook and said they want to dress like girls, but are scared to."

"Baillie’s comments to Holyrood’s public petitions committee…"

Alan:  It’s not Hollywood, it’s Holyrood.  They are pretty rude there too.   

"…followed a petition from Luca Scarabello, 13, of Camelon, near Falkirk, calling for a reform of school uniform policy."

Alan:  So that’s how they put it in, just like that you see, and this is from the guy who is in charge of all the education system for Scotland.  Scotland is gone, it’s wacko.  It’s beyond socialism.  It’s all expert run you see, and it’s been used as a big experiment.  Every area is run by experts.  Your child is followed from birth, and that child grows up to an adult, and you’re followed right to your death by these specialists in mental health, everybody, EVERYBODY.  {Laughs} Well, they put up with it eh?

And Canada, it’s interesting this article here, because they’re pushing for a US dollar, a US dollar global bond issue.  Why is Canada doing that?  You think we’re not integrated folks? {Laughs} 

"The Honourable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, today announced that the Government of Canada plans to issue a US-dollar-denominated global bond later this week, subject to market conditions. The bond issue will provide funds to supplement and diversify Canada’ s foreign exchange reserves and to meet foreign currency requirements."

Alan:  Well it’s strange that, because every country always accepted the Canada bond, without any problem.  So it says:

"Canada holds its foreign exchange reserves in the Exchange Fund Account (EFA). EFA assets provide foreign currency liquidity and support the promotion of orderly conditions for the Canadian dollar in foreign exchange markets."

Alan:  So then they’re trying to lose you here through doublespeak, but anyway the fact is it still doesn’t tell you why we’re putting out a US dollar global bond issue.  Again we’re integrated through the free trade and NAFTA and all of it.  That’s the whole thing.  We have to go the same way as Europe, and they’re falling apart over their euro. 

And, I’ve mentioned this article before too, 

 "BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules"

Alan:  It did more than break rules.  See, you can’t believe anything you see on TV, folks.  Especially when they’re trying to pretend that they’re above board and ultra above board.  They’re higher than anybody else. 

"The BBC will today apologise to an estimated 74 million people around the world for a news fixing scandal, exposed by The Independent, in which it broadcast documentaries made by a London TV company that was earning millions of pounds from PR [public relations] clients which it featured in its programming."

Alan:  The whole series was public relations for cash. 

"BBC World News viewers from Kuala Lumpur to Khartoum and Bangkok to Buenos Aires will watch the remarkable broadcast, available in 295 million homes, 1.7 million hotel rooms, 81 cruise ships, 46 airlines and on 35 mobile phone platforms, at four different times, staged in order to reach audiences in different time zones. The BBC will apologise for breaking "rules aimed at protecting our editorial integrity"."

Alan:  These are the guys that ran the global warming and the Arctic was all melted, and all that stuff.  You know, integrity. Anyway:

"The Independent exposed last year in an investigation into the global television news industry how the BBC paid nominal fees of as little as £1 for programmes made by FBC Media (UK), whose PR client list included foreign governments and multinational companies. The company made eight pieces for the BBC about Malaysia while failing to declare it was paid £17m by the Malaysian government for "global strategic communications". The programmes included positive coverage of Malaysia's controversial palm oil industry."

"The BBC also used FBC to make a documentary about the spring uprising in Egypt without knowing the firm was paid to do PR work…"

Alan:  Propaganda that means.

"…for the regime of former dictator Hosni Mubarak.  The BBC Trust's Editorial Standards Committee carried out an investigation into BBC World News which reported in November it had uncovered 15 breaches of editorial guidelines. Eight of the breaches were in respect of FBC programmes made about Malaysia. The trust also identified other breaches of rules on sponsorship in programmes shown by BBC World News, which is a commercial entity and carries advertising."

Alan:  So, they made a lot of cash out of it, mind you, and gave you completely fake ideas of how countries are, you know, smiling faces and all that kind of stuff.  And that’s how you get your news.  Not bad.  And Orwellian as it seems, eh:

"Al Qaeda declares war on 'cancerous' Syrian regime"

Alan:  And they had a meeting with the United Nations, who’s all on board with Al Qaeda now.  See how you fight them one day and they’re pals the next, you know, and then they’re enemies again and oh they’re pals, until you don’t know who’s who.  So it says:

"Al Qaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri threw his support behind rebels in Syria as the country's Arab neighbours cut it adrift and vowed to support the uprising against president Bashar al-Assad.  Arab League ministers meeting in Cairo called for a joint Arab and United Nations peacekeeping mission in the troubled country and vowed political and material support for the rebels."

Alan:  So we’re all pals with them again, the guys who supposedly started all this off.  What nonsense, because Al Qaeda was made up in the first place by the CIA, and Brzezinski was the head man.  Again, I keep putting up that old Youtube, I don’t know if it’s still up there, where Brzezinski is talking to the rebels even in Afghanistan, to get them to fight the Russians, and he says yours is a holy war, a jihad, he says, yeah, yeah.  And then just a few years later he’s the first guy to come out and say, ah that’s those damned Al Qaeda. 

Al Qaeda really was like a radio system where they could call in, all these people who worked for the CIA, they were assets of the CIA, and get instructions and so on.  That was where the term really, really came from; not for a group. 

And you know there is so much articles here, so many.

"Did Yale University plan to create an intellectually superior race of children to repopulate Britain after World War Two?"

"Yale University only offered children of Oxford and Cambridge University staff an evacuation to the U.S.  One evacuee has raised questions about the experience asking did they want 'to save the gene pool?'  Yale's president James Angell was 'a fanatic eugenicist in the worst meaning of that word'."

Alan:  But that’s nothing new for Yale because the history of Yale has been always eugenics.  They were in league with the Oneida Community, if anybody understands what that was.  It was a breading program under the guise of Christians.  They weren’t Christians at all, but it was a breeding program and their God really was Charles Darwin, who did communicate with them and get their magazine every week, where they bred these superior people and had all these rules.  You couldn’t live with a person; you were given a person for the night.  And you couldn’t have the same one in a week or a month.  Just like Brave New World.  They were trying all that out back in the 1800’s and the early 1900’s.  And every top member, male member of the group there, Oneida, also was sent to Yale, because Yale has always been a leader in eugenics.  So:           

"Yale University has been accused of trying to create a super race of British children during War World Two.  The university offered to evacuate children of Oxford University staff in 1940, but it appears there could have been a sinister motive behind their seemingly kind offer.  There are now concerns that leaders of the eugenics movement at Yale University may have extended the invitation because they planned to repopulate a devastated Britain with a race of intellectually superior children."

Alan:  Who couldn’t tie their laces or farm a field.  I should add that little bit at the end.  Because none of them can, eh?  {Laughs}  They all have butlers to do that. 

"Was Yale hoping to save the offspring…"

Alan:  And tie their shoelaces.  

"…save the offspring of the British academic elite, protecting those 125 children because it saw them as future leadership class, especially deserving of preservation?' asks Jonathan Freedland in The Sunday Telegraph.  As the threat of invasion loomed and the terror of Nazi bombs continued, Yale University sent a letter to both Oxford and Cambridge universities, offering children of their fellows and dons evacuation refuge in the U.S.  Calling itself the Yale Faculty Committee for Receiving Oxford and Cambridge University Children, 125 Oxford children and 35 mothers took up the offer, boarding the SS Antonia from Liverpool to New Haven, Connecticut on 8 July 1940. "

Alan:  They also had two long-range bombers always on standby, going all the time, that’s with their engines going, and teams of them, because of course you have to service them too, so they have teams.  And when they shut down the other ones would take over, so that the whole royal family could fly off and wave ta-ta to Britain.  It says:

"The children missed their parents, but enjoyed the new world they have found themselves immersed in.  They found the American classrooms less rigid than English schooling and reveled in new experiences during their five year stay."

Alan:  So, some of them talk about it, what happened and so on.  But they’re having concerns that it was all to do with the gene pool.  Exactly what the Nazis were doing themselves.  Because the SS officers had special camps, and special women picked, where they could go and breed with these women and the offspring were to be the ultimate Nazi. 

So, you know nothing really changes.  Nothing is different today.  You’ve still got the elite class and the peasantry down below. 

And I’m going to put up a link tonight too, as I say, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to show you, as I said, who’s backing them.  It’s everybody who’s everybody, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller, all the biggies are all parts of it.  And they’re running literally whole countries like Scotland’s educational systems.  And they supply the neuroscientists to them as well, so as you can get tracked all through your lifetime to see how mentally fit you are.  Eugenics again, it’s always been eugenics. 

And another article too, it’s to do with Australia, and how they’re just slashing jobs all over the place, 1000 jobs it says that have just been slashed, and the banks and so on, they’re raising mortgages to protect their profit margins.  All their stuff, even soap they’re making, things like that, disinfectants, they’re all gone off to China.  It’s disaster.  And then there’s thousands of them in another article, small businesses just closing down because just like Britain, it went into action the same time as Britain, with its new tax blitz on small companies that are having a hard time making ends meet and they’re all just closing up, closing up.  And finally too:

"Roadmap 2050:  A Practical Guide to a Prosperous Low-Carbon Europe"

"The mission of Roadmap 2050 is to provide a practical, independent and objective analysis of pathways to achieve a low-carbon economy in Europe, in line with the energy security, environmental and economic goals of the European Union."

Alan:  So it’s put out by the EU.

"The Roadmap 2050 project is an initiative of the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and has been developed by a consortium of experts..."

Alan:  Experts again, there’s those experts.  Bertrand Russell said that; we’d get taught to obey experts like they’re Gods. 

"…funded by the ECF."

Alan:  And there’s a little movie that comes with it, a little propaganda piece.  And they want zero carbon by 2050.  That means you can’t breathe anymore folks.  Back with more after this break. 

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’ll go to the callers now, there’s Alex from New York hanging on the line there.  Are you there Alex?

Alex:  Hey, I wanted to know what you thought about the whole theory that Paul McCartney is dead?

Alan:  The whole what?

Alex:  The theory that Paul McCartney is dead.

Alan:  What was the theory?  I never heard about the theory.

Alex:  Oh well some people say that he died and they replaced him with a doppelganger. 

Alan:  They recycle that one with everybody.  {Laughs} They recycle that story with everyone that dies in that field.  They said the same with Bill Clinton, that when he went to hospital it was actually a doppelganger that came out when his heart was kaput, you know, and stuff like that.  Even the cash, even the cash that McCartney had wasn’t enough to get that one done. 

Alex:   Yeah, there’s a movie about it that claims to have a tape that George Harrison made before he died, and there’s this whole theory that after he died, like some agent from MI5 came to the remaining Beatles and said that the queen doesn’t want all of these Beatles fans to kill themselves.  So that’s the excuse they apparently gave to the Beatles and they used their MI5 plastic surgery people to make a copy of him and yeah but he says that an attempt was made on his life, George Harrison’s life because he said he was going to reveal it and he said that’s why they killed John Lennon. 

Alan:  Nah, Nah.  This stuff is wacko.  They put this stuff out about so many different people and I’ve heard it all before, only it’s different people.  It keeps the little people busy chasing their tails.  You know, it really does.  And I’ll tell you another thing too, if you actually went to the extreme and said if it was true, so what?  How would it change the world?  It wouldn’t do anything.  No, it wouldn’t.  The real items we should be thinking about are the articles like I’m reading tonight because these affect us.  These affect us all.  I’m not kidding you.

Alex:  You don’t think they were used for like mind control purposes and stuff like that?

Alan:  All music is used for mind control.  It’s just that folk don’t even understand what they’re hearing.  They like the music but they don’t know what the words mean, "Hey Jude" and so on; they have no idea what it means.  Except the makers do.  And we know that The Beatles were involved with Theodor Adorno, who owned all their songs until Adorno died.  That is fact, and then it went up for auction and it was Michael Jackson who bought it.  So until he died he had the rights to them, all the Beatles songs.  And we know that Adorno also was big with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  He was a real, you know really into music and knew his stuff, but he also belonged to some of the big Marxist groups in the world.  He wanted a global system and so on.  So they were managed; everybody, you got to understand, whatever you see on television, including the groups, are all well managed by people you never hear of.  Not the manager they’ll tell you about, the roadie, but people way above them, who make them stars.  You’re made a star, it’s not because you’ve got a particular talent. 

Alex:  Yeah, I hear that Adorno was their handler. 

Alan:  Well there was more than just him.  There was a whole bunch of them to make them a star.  A lot of cash goes into making you a star and good promotion, and that’s what does it.  You can pick anybody off the street and make them a star technically.  The real stars are playing in clubs, keeping audiences happy.  And they can do it for five hours straight, that’s a star.  Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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