February 14th, 2012 (#1022)

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World Government = Ruminations of Foundations:

"Think-Tanks for Government, Advisor Consultations,
All Run by 'Philanthropic' Charitable Foundations,
With CEOs from the Book of Who is Really Who,
Managing International Banking, Profit for the Few,
Creating TV Celebrities, Specialists in Science,
Especially the Environment, Dependable Reliance,
Each Generation is Fine-Tuned to Fit the Scheme
Of Private Global Governance, The Elites' Old Dream,
We Presently are Run by a Democracy Simulator,
Eventually You will Hail, the 'Benevolent Dictator' "
© Alan Watt Feb 14th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Feb 14th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks. Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on February 14th, 2012.  For newcomers, as always look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Make use of it, while you got the time, because who knows whatís going to happen next, with the whole Internet system.  Youíll find hundreds of audios for free download there, where I try and show you a lot of leads to the big picture of this system youíre born into.  A system that was on the go, way above politics, long before you were born, or your parents for that matter.  I give you the names of books, etc. to check into because these are the books written by the big boys themselves for the last hundred years, telling you where theyíre taking the world and why all the changes are happening now.  Itís only when you read them does anything make sense to you because itís truly a complex system.  Only because youíve been indoctrinated into a special way of seeing things, not the right way of seeing things but the way that the sheep are meant to see things at the bottom.  Youíre not supposed to cause trouble and be upset about things, just go along and adapt, you see.  We truly are very adaptable so the big boys know what theyíre doing.  Theyíre using lots of sciences, they have all the media on their side and the media really keeps you in today, whatís happening today, that type of thing, but never the whys, never the whys of the big things that are happening across the world.  Thatís their job.  So, help yourself to that. 


Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít have shares or interests or own any company, products that are sold.  And so I get by hopefully, on selling the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  So, from the US to Canada if you want to order, go into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find you can use a personal check to Canada; you can use an international postal order to Canada.  You can send cash and you can use PayPal.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram and Paypal.  Straight donations are awfully welcome.


As I say, Iíve gone through the history of this big system, bringing us up to where we are now and where theyíre going because they published where they were going, as I say, even then, a hundred years ago, to bring up the perfect society, obedient, pretty dumb, that wonít cause their masters much trouble at all; and to bring this system globally across the whole world.  Carroll Quigley, who was the historian, the official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just one branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs said this.  He said this new feudal system will comprise a global feudal system, by the way.  He said, will comprise of, the new warlords will basically be the international CEOs of international corporations.  Thatís what we have today.  The other part of it too is the big foundations that fund all of this; the tax-free foundations.  Some of these foundations have their CEOs getting millions of dollars; theyíre classed as charities, by the way.  They really pay the army and direct the armies of non-governmental organizations, all the big protest groups that you see out there that protest for global agendas.


So, we really are living in a manufactured system.† Weíre supposed to be happy and just play ourselves and watch lots of television and leave the big problems up to the big boys at the top, you know the people who come from special wombs and always have brand new shirts on everyday, not just washed ones or rewashed but brand new ones on everyday.  We see them on television all the time, these people, with their ten thousand dollar suits.  And most folk do, they do leave it up to them.  Theyíve been taught to do that, in fact.  Many of them are taught to be helpless themselves.  Many of them are dependent upon the system and thatís why the massive welfare state came in.  If they get everyone basically under wraps, even the farmers taking certain grants or tax-free things, you come under the auspices and the governance of the government itself then.  Youíre not really a private business anymore.  Your bigger partner is the government.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about the big system youíre born into and how they put so much out there to distract us all from whatís really going on in the world, or why things are going on in the world.  Thereís so many TV stations out there and so many mainstream articles on the Internet now too.  Eventually, thatís all youíll get too, is mainstream, once again, that was always their agenda, but itís all meant to confuse you and so on.  Itís very very simple.  Things are generally very very simple.  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, itís generally a duck.  Same with plundering the whole of the Middle East right now.  Same idea, itís war, itís basically a declaration of war on the Muslim countries because a long time ago, you see, the big boys at the CFR and Royal Institute of International Affairs planned a united Europe and a united Americas.  The Pacific Rim region too was to be united.  A hundred years ago they planned this.  In fact, even before that Karl Marx mentioned it.  They also want to do the same with Africa.  Eventually Africa they hope they can merge into the whole of the Eurozone eventually, this massive expanded one, because they only want three at the end, of course.  They love the number three.  In the meantime they have many other ones, little blocs of countries.  They also want to unite all of the Arabian countries together as well as one bloc for a while.


What theyíre doing at home too is taking overóyou see you canít do anything today without licensing or documentation for something.  You canít just survive and liveóthey make sure of that, you see.  Itís the same with even the farmers, as I say.  Thereís an article here, itís actually a video from Brasscheck TV.  Which is not a bad site, actually.  You donít have to sign in or anything.  Iíll put it up tonight.  Itís called:  EPA (is it) a tool for UN Agenda 21, and of course it is.  Youíll see some, again from mainstream, clips, where farmers talk about what the EPA is doing to them step by step by step.  Literally, forbidding them to use anything, any pesticides at all, 600 meters or whatever from any water supply, until they canít use a lot of fields etc. Itís happening in Washington State and other areas too in the US and across the world.  They tell you, well, yeah, you still have to pay taxes on that land but you canít use it.  Same in Australia, theyíre using the carbon sinks.  They tell the farmers there, well, weíll have to declare this whole area carbon sinks so you canít use it; but then they demand taxes from you.  This is how things go.  They donít forbid you really to still have the land, they just make it impossible for you to use it.  So Iíll put that link up tonight.


Then in Canada itís quite interesting how they try to get other laws through.  The US wouldnít have any problem, they just call everything terrorism.  Here in Canada they have to play the Game, as itís called, with the people.  The Game, politics and the people. 


Itís says here: 


ĎWith us or with the child pornographersí doesnít cut it, Mr. Toews

By John Ibbitson / Globe and Mail Update / February 14, 2012


Public Safety Minister (Alan: for the feds here in Canada) Vic Toews will argue that the new legislation, (A:  Bill C-30, I think they call it) to be introduced Tuesday afternoon, will grant the government access to nothing more than the Internet equivalent of a telephone book (A:  This is what he claims) which police need to help track criminals and terrorists.


Mr. Toews takes a dim view of anyone who would question the need for that access.  In the (House of) Commons, Monday, he said people ďcan either (A:  Hereís the old Bush thing again, they love this little thing.  They take it out of the Bible actually then twist it like everything else they do.  It says:) can either stand with us or with the child pornographers.Ē  (A:  So they want everybodyís access.  Access to everyoneís what youíre viewing, etc. To stop child pornography.  Why do you think they allowed it?  They know who all these guys are.  Theyíve all got histories, they start very young and they get histories very young.  They know who they all are but they need these guys for this very purpose.  Oh, we got to make sure that we can get into everybodyís site because you could be a pornographer.  Itís so lame, isnít it?) 


Privacy commissioners in Ottawa (A:  Which are no use at all because theyíve got no right to change anything.  They just sit there and warn the public.)  and the provinces will not like being called such vile names.  They have warned that the Conservatives are violating privacy rights by demanding the authority to collect IP addresses, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and other identifying information on anyone who interests them (A:  Thatís everybody) without a warrant (A:  Actually, they want even private numbers and so on).


The government is unlikely ever to change the privacy commissionersí minds, or to be swayed by their criticism.  Politically, what matters is whether the large-C Conservatives can make the cause for the bill with small-c conservatives.  (A:  So the public are kind of out the picture, as always, itís like a court.)


The new legislation, commonly referred to as the lawful access bill, (A:  So they just pass a law to give themselves the right to do it, eh.  It must be wonderful being up there and having all that power.) would not give the government the power to track your movements, either online or through your phone, without a warrant.  But it would require telecom companies to give up identifying information on clients if asked by the police.  (A:  Well, the police can go in there with, you know, barrel loads of them or van loads of them.)


Jennifer Stoddart, the federal privacy commissioner, and Ann Cavoukian, Ontarioís privacy commissioner, maintain that the federal government hasnít demonstrated the need for these new powers.  Ms. Cavoukian is particularly vocal, calling the new bill Ďsurveillance by designĒ.  (A:  And of course thatís what it is.)


So this is the kind of tame version of it.  Another one is this article here from CBC which is about as tame as well:


Online surveillance critics accused of supporting child porn

By CBC News / February 13, 2012


Critics of a bill that would give law enforcement new powers to access Canadiansí electronic communications are aligning themselves with child pornographers, Canadaís public safety minister says.


ďHe can either stand with us or with the child pornographersĒ, (A:  So anybody whoís against it is standing with the child pornographers, theyíre telling you.) 


The ďAct to enact the Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act and to amend the Criminal Code and other actsĒ appeared Monday on the parliamentary website that lists bills scheduled to be introduced.


(A:  So, basically theyíve given themselves lawful access but they also want back doors again, more back doors into everyoneís computers.  It mentions that here too.  It says.)


Require internet service providers to give subscriber data to police and national security agencies without a warrant (A:  What would national security agencies want with a pornographer?), including names, unlisted phone numbers and IP addresses.


Force internet providers and other makers of technology to provide a ďback doorĒ to make communications accessible to police (A:  They already have that built in actually.  That was back in the 90ís, the mid 90ís they put that one through.)


Allow police to get warrants to obtain information transmitted over the internet and data related to its transmission, including locations of individuals and transactions.


Allow courts to compel other parties to preserve electronic evidence.


Toews, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais are scheduled to make an announcement at 12:30 p.m. (A:  I never heard what came out of that bill.  Once theyíve got it on the table, of course, they just put amendments to it; thatís what all these things are for.) 


And it wants to track movements through cell phone signals and everything else, in both cases without a warrant.  It wonít cause a yawn in Canada for most folk.  Just the ones who are aware of whatís going on but most folk, they wonít even yawn about it. 


Now, we know too that Germany was the first politically correct country to go ahead and say oh, weíre closing down all nuclear reactors because of what happened at Fukushima.  Hereís an article here.† It says:


Freeze forces Germany to restart nuclear reactors:  Report

The Times of India / Feb 9, 2012

(A: When it comes to freezing to death, you know, youíve got to do something.

It goes against all your beliefs, eh?  ďAh, Iím not going to use that again,Ē and then youíd freeze to death.)


The cold snap gripping Europe has forced Germany, which last year decided to abandon nuclear power, to restart several reactors taken off line, the daily Handelsblatt reports in its Thursday issue.


The cold surge in electricity demand prompted Germanyís network operators to call upon nuclear power plants that had been taken off line but left in reserve as a ďpreventative measureĒ....


In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last March, which prompted radiation to leak at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Germany decided to phase out nuclear power by 2022.


(A:  Itís amazing again, how a problem occurs and they immediately go to the opposite extremes, with everything.  Most folk do.  This is a technique thatís used on all the peoples across the world too.  We tend to see something and jump to the complete opposite, without thinking.  Most folk today, theyíd freeze to death, if you just turned it off, even if youíve got oil for heating and youíre using a furnace in your basement or whatever.  You still need that spark to make it go off, to fire it every so often.)


Eight of Germanyís 17 reactors have already been switched off and the nine reactors currently on line are due to be turned off between 2015 and 2022.


(A:  Itís quite amazing too because by 2050 or so, or even before that, actually itís before that, they want to have a zero carbon output.  So, if you have no electricity and oil has gone through the roof, or course, and even if oil is burned thereís still carbon off it.  I guess theyíll just put an extra carbon tax on the oil, which of course is planned.)


Itís interesting too; I mentioned that the Royal Bank of Scotland is actually owned by London.  Itís great all the facades they have up there to mislead people, but I think the government owns about 85% of it.


British bankers arrested in tax probe

Sun Feb 12, 2012 /By Sudip Kar-Gupta


LONDON, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Several British bankers have been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged tax-related criminal offences, the country's customs and revenue service said on Sunday, including some from Royal Bank of Scotland.


"As a result of an ongoing HMRC (A:  Britain is still owned by the Queen.)  investigation into tax-related criminal offences, HMRC has arrested a number of people, some of whom work for UK banks," Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) department said in a statement.


"This investigation relates to the actions of the people arrested in relation to their own financial affairs and is not connected to the business activities of the banks," it added.  (A:  In other words, itís more low-level managers, not the biggies.  Theyíre all sirs and lords and things.)


The arrests come as Britain's top banks are under attack from politicians over paying large salaries and bonuses while the rest of the country suffers in the UK's faltering economy, and for not lending enough to businesses.


The department did not identify the bankers nor the companies they worked for. The Sunday Telegraph newspaper said four current and one former member of Royal Bank of Scotland had been arrested as part of the probe.


An RBS spokeswoman told Reuters: "We cannot comment on an ongoing investigation but are fully co-operating with HMRC."  (A:  Blah, blah, blah.  So, the government actually owns 83% of that bank and they were giving themselves million dollar bonuses.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks.  Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Quigley himself, as I say, was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations; which is just one of the branches, that one is the American branch for running the US.  All policies come from it, basically.  Theyíre the biggest think tank and advisor to government.  They also have a lot of members in government, plus every president is a member as well, always has been.


In Britain, itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the grandfather organization.  They have them all across the world now.  India, all the countries, have them.  They run every country the same way.  They not only advise the government, theyíre all through government, and the bureaucracies as well, all the members.  It was a set up a long long time ago and their idea was to bring in this new feudal system where bankers, as Rockefeller said in one of his statements, at a Bilderberg meeting, he said that itís better that the bankers rule, and the intelligentsia Ė and he meant also the corporations and CEOs of corporations Ė than allowing countries to take their own basic direction; thatís to kind of paraphrase roughly what he said. 


And so, this is where we are today.  Weíre managed, the whole world is managed and it takes wars to get things done too, when theyíre in a hurry.  This particular organization, in its early phases, at least in the phases it was known by then, a long time ago, in the late 1800s, they actually had wars.  They caused the Boer war.  It was a setup where Quigley, through the records of the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, actually goes through it from their own records saying that they blamed the Boers for starting it.  They even got a Times reporter to go over with them to get it out to the British newspapers.  Oh, the Boers are attacking the British settlers; it was the other way round.  Thatís how they got that and Britain ended up owning it, for a while, that whole area.† Also, at that time too, in the late 1800s, they didnít want Germany to rise too high because they thought they would not join this global system and buckle under, so they were starting off the propaganda then, for World War I.  So, theyíve been at it all along and the end justifies the means.  Whatever excuse will do, will do as long as you can keep repeating it to the public, for wars.


Tonight, Iíll put up the Bilderberg Steering Committee and the present members.  Theyíre all CEOs of corporations and banks, even the Deutschbank is in here.  Anybody whoís anybody is in here.  Itís got former members as well.  You can look them up too, for those who can read, and donít need cartoons to watch while they listen, because most folk do.  You know Patriot radio unfortunately is almost entertainment and thatís what a lot of youngsters want, is entertainment.  They canít just listen to a talk on something anymore and theyíve been conditioned to be that way.  I might touch on that tonight if I have time.


These foundations, remember thereís a good book; itís called Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  It came out of the Reece commission into the tax-free foundations that are worth trillions of dollars, who run the country and policies and think tanks and everything else.  They were shocked to find out, Norman Dodd when he was sent there by the Congress, he went to the Ford foundation and the CEO of Ford told him, back in the 50ís, our job is to blend the Soviet system with that of the US, seamlessly, so they can join together.  Thatís why you were getting all the so-called liberalization ideas and all the funded protests and so on, that were led by what seemed to be communists.  You see, these guys use both sides.  They create the communists; they always have to have two sides, to get an argument finished. You canít argue with yourself, you need another side, so you create it. 


This article, the next one too, is the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  Peace was the term they used and they still use today for blowing the hell out of other countries across the world that still donít have central banks and belong to the world bank.  So, Iíll put up the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.  Massive organization, into every country in the world and it shows you a lot of their sponsors, people who fund them, and again itís all the big corporations and even your governments fund them, by the way.  Why would your governments be funding private foundations that have armies of non-governmental organizations that get up and protest whenever theyíre told to, like soldiers?  But anybody who is anybody is a member of them.  All the big, they even fund other foundations, Iíve said that for ages.  They fund hundreds of other foundations.  For every problem that you can imagine that they have created, they fund an organization to either speak for it or against it because they own both sides of everything.  Youíve got also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, government of Norway, same in Sweden and many other countries as well.  So, itís quite something to see that youíre really run, not by your governments at all.  All the think tanks belong to these foundations, by the way, and get funded through them.  Itís like a circle of money just going round and round.  And the public, the proles donít count as Orwell said, and that unfortunately, I think, at the present state of things is perfectly true.  Perfectly true. 


Another article here is: 


Environmental Institutions for the 21st Century: (A:  They want) An International Court for the Environment

ICE Coalition / Oct 25, 2011


Iíll put that up as well because theyíre really running ahead now with this and eventually you could get pulled off to the main court for burning a piece of wood in your stove and Iím not kidding.  Youíre going to see how it all comes together.


Now, talking about NGOs and foundations, hereís an article here from Ottawa in politics and it says here:


Still 'radical'? Rich U.S. groups also gave to Ottawa

The Canadian Press / Jan 23, 2012


Rich American foundations are not only footing the bill for opposition to Canada's oilsands.


Tax returns show the Canadian government has also been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in largesse from some of the wealthiest private organizations in the United States.


And some of that money came from the same U.S. groups that helped fund Canadian environmentalists. (A:  Now for those who again need cartoons, Iíll go over that bit again when I get back from this break.)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre talking about environmentalism and various other things to do with your country, your whole system in fact, even your whole culture, everything, run by foundations, in a pyramid fashion, that have trillions of dollars to throw across the planet, even to governments.  This particular article is about the government in Canada getting money from these private foundations that Iíve been talking about, all these big big groups; the ones that again were to control the world, according to Quigley, and do away with what we think of as democracy.  Of course, the non-governmental organizations, they are the new democracy, you understand.  They go on mass and protest government and demand things.  They always demand that the very laws get passed that the government have been tipped off are supposed to pass.  Thatís how it really works!


Hereís an actual article from CBC News.  Again too, thereís no moving things on this show, itís radio, and unfortunately the youngsters have been deliberately trained to be visual.  Visually orientated and thatís the problem today, they need something to watch that moves around.


Rich American foundations are not only footing the bill for opposition to Canada's oilsands.

(A:  So, the foundations are again ďfooting the bill for oppositionĒ, thatís the NGOs and so on, to Canadaís oilsands)


Tax returns show the Canadian government has also been the beneficiary of millions of dollars in largesse from some of the wealthiest private organizations in the United States.

(A:  Theyíre doing the same in the US too, of course.)


And some of that money came from the same U.S. groups that helped fund Canadian environmentalists.

(A:  And all their armies of NGOs, Iíll add that little bit there.)


The grants to the federal government come to light as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives and the pro-oilsands website EthicalOil.org take Canadian environmental groups to task for accepting money from big American foundations to finance their campaigns against the oilsands.

(A:  Do you understand the dialectic at work here?  Both sides are run by the same people.  And it says,)


Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver accused "environmental and other radical groups" of trying to use money from "foreign special-interest groups" (A:  itís not foreign, itís global, folks, and weíre part of the global structure.)  to hijack hearings on a pipeline that would bring Alberta oilsands bitumen to a port on the British Columbia coast.


But the Canadian government seems to have no qualms accepting grant money from private U.S. foundations ó including some of the same organizations that gave to Canadian environmental groups (A:  to protest the oilsands.).


For example, U.S. tax records show the California-based William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (A:  By the way, they also are contributors to the Carnegie Foundation, as they pass money around between them.  Itís just astonishing!  Thatís who runs the world now, foundations.  So, it says.) gave $750,000 to the David Suzuki Foundation (A:  This guy wants us to go back to live in caves, the ones that are worthy to stay alive.  Heís a geneticist.  And I put a link up before, I might do it again.  Heís leading the environmental charge.  Heís the officially appointed one by the big foundations that appoint them and make them stars on television.  Heís the guy when he was a young professor who said that people are just maggots, but there is better classes of maggots than others; I guess he is in a higher order of maggots.  Iíll put that link up tonight, if I can find it, so you can see how you make a star out of a person who claims weíre all maggots.)  and a whopping $40 million to the International Development Research Centre, a federal Crown corporation. (A: A Canadian Government Corporation.)


Tax records show the Hewlett foundation gave the International Development Research Centre $40 million in 2007 (A:  These poor little charitable foundations, eh.)  for "general support of the Think Tanks Program," (A:  Think tanks, and thatís how they teach us to behave; they alter our behavior; nudges and things like that.) and another $275,000 in 2008 for "general support of the African R&E Bandwidth Consortium." (A:  Whatever that is.)


The Hewlett Foundation has also given $1.3 million to the Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education, $400,000 to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (A:  Thatís so they can take over more land, and theyíve got so many parks now that you canít get on in Canada and the States and elsewhere across the world.)  and $275,000 to Ecojustice Canada.

(A:  Private foundations.  Now you wonít find what you would think of as a lefty, in any of these big foundations.  They push all the lefty agendas because they create the lefty agendas, which is no private property, and no many other things as well.)


A spokeswoman pointed out that the International Development Research Centre is a funding organization that supports researchers in the developing world.


"Our goal is to bring choice and change to the people who need it most," Isabelle Bourgeault-Tasse wrote in an email.


"This means that funding received from donors such as William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Department For International Development (DFID), among others, are not intended for IDRC, but rather for projects that are administered and run by IDRC.

(A:  I love the doublespeak.  Not intended for the IDRC, but for the projects that are administered and run by the IDRC. In other words, influencing organizations that are set up and funded by government, influencing them and giving them massive donations.  Not payoffs, no, no, no.)


"With the exception of administrative costs (i.e.: grant administration, human resources, etc.), and direct project costs (i.e. salaries) attributable to the specific project or program, the funding received by donors is intended for researchers and innovators in the developing world."

(A:  To make sure weíre all standardized, across the world.  I added the last piece because thatís the truth of it.)


The Illinois-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation gave $695,000 to the World Wildlife Fund Canada and $300,000 to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

(A:  So thereís them giving it to their opposition and then to the government department.)


The purpose of the grant to Foreign Affairs was to support "regional meetings in Africa on the responsibility to protect," the foundation said in its 2003 tax filing.


The department did not immediately respond to questions.


An analysis by The Canadian Press of thousands of pages of U.S. tax filings found American groups have showered millions of dollars on federal departments, agencies and Crown corporations in Canada.

(A:  We should really be just voting for the corporations now, shouldnít we? I mean we really are in a sense, and their armies of foundations, eh.)


Details of the grants are contained in annual filings to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service from tax-exempt and non-profit organizations, called Form 990s.


A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office was asked if there is a difference between environmental groups and the federal government when it comes to accepting money from private U.S. foundations.


"The government encourages charitable donations and philanthropy," (A:  Now, I donít know if you understand that Weishaupt, I mean Mr. Weishaupt who was the so-called founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.  They had Illuminati before that, the Alumbrados of Spain and so on, etc, long before that.  So itís something that pops down through.  In fact, anybody who was educated in those days was a member of the Illuminati; thatís why you have your alumni, same thing.† Anyway, what Iím saying is, he was the first guy to say we shall use philanthropy to take over the governments of the world; the charitable foundations, eh.  You think itís a recent thing thatís happening because of current global events, thatís what they tell you.  Anyway, so the government encourages charitable donations and philanthropy.), wrote Andrew MacDougall, the PMO's associate director of communications, in an email response.


"But the government believes that regulatory decisions dealing with the responsible development of Canada's natural resources should be up to Canadians (A:  Now has any Canadian been asked about it, I wonder.  I donít think so.) After all, development of these resources generates tax revenue that funds critical services that Canadians rely on, like health care and education.

(A:  Well, if the government is getting all this extra cash, why are they taxing us?)


"That's why decisions regarding these projects should be made by Canadians and should be based on Canada's interests."

(A:  I love the little Ďshouldí things. We never get them fulfilled but we have all these dream projects like Ďshouldsí.)


Some grants came from U.S. foundations that did not give money to environmentalists. 


Documents show the Carnegie Corporation of New York gave $36,000 to the Canadian Polar Commission in 2003 to help fund an international conference on Arctic and circumpolar issues.

(A:  Another global warming, theyíre talking about there, you see, and laws to do with global warming.)


The Nuclear Threat Initiative gave $92,000 to Health Canada in 2003 for translation software (A: Wow!) for a global public-health network.

(A:  So they want a global public-health network, that weíll all pay for, but they start it off with $92,000 to Health Canada to do all the darn work, through their translation software.)


The J. Paul Getty Trust gave $24,000 to Library and Archives Canada in 2004 for treatment and research.  (A:  So they get access to the Archives.)


The Alcoa Foundation gave $200,000 to the Musťe de la civilisation in Quebec City in 2010 for a "program to offer educational kits (A:  Thatís what they call toolkits to brainwash the children.) in Quebec primary schools" and an "aqua exhibition, bicycle rack stations and the outdoor urban design furniture projects."


Alcoa also gave the museum $15,000 in 2009 for a "cultural history program for school children,"

(A:  Thatís PC updated history thatís completely different from old history.)

and $100,000 in 2006 for unspecified reasons.

(A:  Who generally caught them under the table, to the right people.)


So, as Quigley said back in the 60s, foundations run all the think tanks.  They advise every country.  They run the CFR; the CFR is really the boss, sort of near the capstone of this whole thing; and itís a global agenda.  These foundations are funding every country in the world the same way, every country, to make sure theyíre shaping the future in the way that they want it designed to go, and it will go that way.  So, just a little about foundations for you there. 


Again too, go into the Carnegie one, youíll see the same foundation thatís funding Canada in there too that also contributes cash to the Carnegie foundation.  They all pass money around between each other.  Itís just amazing and thereís no laws to stop them doing anything.  They donít have to pay any taxes at all.  In fact, you see the big big international money boys that started up the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council of Foreign Relations, theyíre not little bankers, these are guys who lend to nations, you understand.  They said the same thing, that they would set up all these corporations rather than pay taxes to countries, theyíll put them under charitable foundations, which actually are massive think tanks that work on every aspect of society, to guide society into their global society, which they will run and itís all been done, all been done.


Now, health is an amazing thing because hardly anybody has got it these days, you know.  We often read about it in old books that people were healthy, but today weíre so poisoned and everything else, by the food deliberately, of course, by the GM stuff and all the rest of it; thatís been soaked into the veggies, etc, that hardly anybody has got an immune system. In fact, people leaving medical school today are taught that weíve got a far lower resistance to anything, than people say 40-50 years ago.   They never tell you why because theyíre not taught why.  And itís strange, that, when youíre going through university, most folk donít ask questions anymore; youíd think theyíd say Iím going to be determined to find out why Ė I mean, things donít suddenly happen unless thereís a cause for it, you see Ė but theyíre not supposed to.  If you want to play the game and get your degree, you just go along with it you see and thatís what they do.  Thatís why licensing is awfully important for controlling people.  They just pull your license if you donít; but everybody gets in on the act of helping you, you see.  Of course, big pharmacology, again these big pharma companies, pharma is a big big part of this whole New World Order.  Every person who has written about it, from Huxley, both Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley, have talked about this, how pharma would become a big part of the future.


Of course, Aldous Huxley talked about it in his book too, with the Soma drug, to keep everybody happy and stupid and obedient.† And his brother Julian talked about it when he was at the United Nations, the UNESCO CEO, that theyíd destroy the family unit, they would get people off the rural areas, he even mentioned.  Iíve put the article up before, his whole speech in fact, read it from his book.  Itís in the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Julian Huxley was all for massive abortions and depopulation and everything else, as they went out there to inject all the children across the world under UNESCO, eh.  Anyway, Iíll leave you to put two and two together.  He was quite blatant about the society theyíd bring in; a very obedient society.  He was a eugenicist as well.  He got the prizes from all the big abortion facilities, you know, the big organizations called family planning, which is abortion and sterilization.  He got all the big top awards for that.  And the Huxleys of course are related to the Darwins as well and youíll find theyíre all related at the top, the ones who attend world meetings and then they go out and write little books like Brave New World and you wonder if theyíre actually laughing at you when theyíre doing it or just giving you predictive programming.  Because Brave New World is here, itís actually here, take everything in the book and itís here; except exogenesis.  Of course, Iíve mentioned eventually youíll get born outside the womb, and that big article I read last week or the week before about it too.  Itís big foundations again pushing for that.  Itís not fair that women should get pregnant they said, no kidding, itís not fair.  Itís not really fair either, I would say, that lovely little deer that gets eaten by the wolves in the winter.  Nothingís fair in nature, so theyíre going to remake it all, you see.  Perfect that which was left imperfect, is the old saying.  But coming down to treating all the things that they give you, you see, to kill you, and it says:


Deception at Duke:  Fraud in Cancer Care?

CBS News / Feb 12, 2012


Were some cancer patients at Duke University given experimental treatments based on fabricated data?  Scott Pelley reports.


Chemotherapy can be a tough road for people with cancer, often debilitating and even dangerous. Which is why five years ago, when Duke University announced that it had an advanced, experimental treatment that would match chemotherapy to a patient's own genetic makeup, (A:  That was all the news, oh we can take your genes, you see, and tailor-make this chemotherapy, just for you.) it was hailed as the holy grail of cancer care. The scientist behind the discovery was Dr. Anil Potti, (A:  A strange name.) and soon Dr. Potti became the face of the future of cancer treatment at Duke (A:  I wonder what face that was.), offering patients a better chance even with advanced disease. However, when other scientists set out to verify the results, they found many problems and errors. What our 60 Minutes investigation reveals is that Duke's so-called breakthrough treatment wasn't just a failure -- it may end up being one of the biggest medical research frauds ever.


You know we read these articles and of course the media run with it when they first get them and say oh my God itís science.  Science, thereís guys in white coats there, on television, it must be great, must be true.  Theyíre getting masses of grants, you see.  They come up with a theory and say it might work and then the money is just thrown at them by government and everybody else.  Thereíve been so many frauds been exposed recently itís just not funny at all.  These are sharks, you understand; they know what theyíre doing.  The other side of it too youíve got to understand that some top global meetings many years ago talked about bringing down the population and one of them actually said well cancer is as good a way as any; of bringing down the population.  Very easy to induce cancer, either chemically or through radiation, very easy, and think about these people who are being radiated all the time at the airports in the US and elsewhere, now Australia.  Sterilization on the one hand will occur and mutations on the other.  So, one way or another it brings down the population, it stops you from having any children down the road too.  So, chemicals too can also cause cancers as well; any long-term irritation will cause it.  They know this at the top and you canít eat vegetables soaked, soaked with pesticides thatís highly toxic stuff.  You canít do that and get away with it forever, canít do it.  Itís getting sucked up through the soil into the plant itself, itís through every cell in the plants, your GM, Monsanto soaked rubbish.


By the way, Iíll put up an article tonight.  Monsanto was actually found guilty in France for their chemicals actually damaging people severely.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll put up this link tonight:


Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in France

By Marion Douet


PARIS | Mon Feb 13, 2012

(Reuters) - A French court on Monday declared U.S. biotech giant Monsanto(MON.N) guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer, a judgment that could lend weight to other health claims against pesticides.

(A:  Itís the first time theyíve managed to nail them, on any of their pesticides.  Massive neurological damage to the guy, to the brain and the whole bit.)


In the first such case heard in court in France, grain grower Paul Francois says he suffered neurological problems including memory loss, headaches and stammering after inhaling Monsanto's (MON.N) Lasso weedkiller in 2004.


So anyway, Iíll go to the callers now.  Thereís Daniel from the UK on the line.  Are you there Daniel?


Daniel:  Yeah, hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Daniel:  Just quickly, one thing, remember you were mentioning the other day about switching the street lights off, I canít remember where you said it was but they were switching street lights off and you said it was the start of a curfew.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Parts of Britain are doing that.


Daniel:  Funnily enough I was working in a town called Maldon in Essex here in the UK on Saturday and exactly that happened and it was horrible because itís almost like tucking the children into bed.  You know, you switch the lights off and say good night.  It was at 12 oíclock on the dot.  All the lights in this residential area went off at the same time and I asked someone, a bloke walking out.  I said excuse me, mate, Iím sorry but could you just tell me is it normal that all the streetlights go off.  He said oh yeah, theyíve been going off like that for two years.  So, for two years theyíve been doing that, and he said yeah itís to save money and I thought well it obviously isnít because you know they donít care about saving money.  It really was very eerie and you could see how women arenít going to want to walk around, you know, the pitch black, especially.  You know, people walking towards you, you couldnít see them until they were ten feet away.


Alan:  Yes, and not only that, the cops too get in on the act because theyíre going to stop anybody out after that time, saying, ďwhat are you doing out?  Hardly anybody is out so why are you out?Ē


Daniel:  Absolutely.  Itíll be anybody, youíre suspicious because youíre in the dark; I can see that, itís very disturbing.  My main question to you Alan, and if you havenít got time to answer it now I understand.  If we compare this New World Order hierarchy right to the top that controls the planet, if we compare it to the Mafia.  There must be some other mechanism in place to ensure loyalty other than just rewards and threats.  Is it devotion, or something like this?  Because if you look at the mafia, many times, thereís like John Gotti, he killed his boss Castalano, so rewards and threats werenít enough to ensure his loyalty.


Alan:  What youíve got, number one, itís a recruitment drive as well for CEOs, basically.  Little by little, itís like a decreed system, youíre allowed into more perks until you get into a stage where youíre actually above most laws of most countries.  So, youíre knighted or something like that eventually and also, you get into, the higher you go the more perks there are.  So, thereís definitely a personal benefit angle to it.  It isnít just joining a club type thing.  You must work towards it as well and show that youíre a loyal person and whatever youíre told to do, you will do, even if youíre a prime minister or a president, you will do; and if it means going to war, yeah, whatever.


Daniel:  Is there any other mechanism?  It must be very tempting, youíre talking about control of the planet.  It must be very tempting because theyíre all psychopaths.


Alan:  Yes, but they actually have security agencies.


Daniel:  At the very top, do they use anonymity as their ultimate safeguard?


Alan:  Ultimately, you can have anonymity, but you get a lot more perks than that.  You get access to higher medicines that the public will never get because they donít want your population being healthy or increasing; they want to depopulate the rest.† Medicine has been stagnant for a long time, on the bottom level; but itís been going ahead at the top level, so they get longevity and certain perks like that for themselves.  So thereís many incentives to go up there, but thereís also security forces watching every person in it to make sure they donít try and bump off the guy above them.  Thanks for calling.  Mark from Wisconsin and Nick from South Carolina, maybe you can call tomorrow.  Sorry I couldnít get to you.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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