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Global Prison Blues:

"The Globalist Agenda is Rolling Down the Track,
According to Big Shots They're Never Going Back,
We're Interdependent, Treaties don't Lie,
There's No Genuine Opposition to Even Try,
World Federalists and Fabians Worked a Hundred Years
For Every NGO at the Top You Surely Know Who Steers,
Broke the Old Cultures, Destroyed the Safety Net,
Experts Rule Everything, But You ain't Seen Nothing Yet,
Eugenicists and Scientists Plan Your Very Lives,
Destroyed the Family Unit, No More Husbands and Wives,
State Indoctrinates the Children, Drugs 'em if Need Be,
Can't have Bright Proletariat, It's Dangerous You See,
Rockefeller says Bankers, Intelligentsia Must Rule,
Every Politician is a CFR Globalist Tool,
Neuroscientists Prompt and Nudge, Along Life's Highway,
Your Profile's Predictable, Know What You Think and Say"
© Alan Watt Feb 15th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Feb 15th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of February, 2012.  For newcomers, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and help yourself to the free audios for download.  Thereís hundreds and hundreds there to choose from, and hopefully, youíll glean some information of the big system, the real system that runs the world.  Weíre post democratic, have been for about a hundred years.  And the books so on that I mention, put out by the big players themselves, the globalists and their foundations, pretty well explain it all.  And I mention them all through the series of these audios.  So, help yourself to those, and hopefully, as I say, youíll understand the farce really of democracy, how itís used to keep the people quite happy and calm, because you get to vote every five years or so, and you think everything is going to change for your own good, but it never does, because youíre living in a global agenda.  Massive money behind it, and really, no opposition, because most folk donít.  Theyíre kept in the politics trap.  Just vote for this guy or that guy and everything is going to be cozy.  And it doesnít work out that way at all, because everything is signed into treaties.  Every country signs into treaties, through the United Nations, all the different agreements, and they become basically taken as a form of law.  So, weíre living through a planned society, a planned future.  Why do you think they have all these different 2050 projects, 2060, etc?  Thatís all to do with a planned future.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And, from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can use PayPal, or some people send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and once again, you have PayPal.  And I donít bring on guests, etc, because, mainly guests are out there to sell things.  You know, thereís no radio without a business.  And all the companies have to have a business on the go, because they donít get charity given to them.  It doesnít happen that way.  They donít get grants from the government.  Theyíre not environmentalists, they donít belong to foundations, at least most of them.  And they donít get anything at all.  So, itís up to you to keep these stations going, because things are changing so quickly, especially on the internet.  And more and more AM stations are being taken up by Patriot Radio too, in case anything happens to the net.  Although if they pass laws to forbid us speaking at all, thatís really the end of it anyway.  So, that will eventually come sometime.  All we can do is play it bit by bit and hope for the best, and always keep our eyes open. 


As I say, what I do here is chronicle the events as we go through them and match them up to the initial speeches that were given at world meetings, through World Federalist societies, for instance, thatís one big organization, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  These organizations are all across the world.  They advise all governments, and they are also think tanks as well, working on every aspect of society, children, mental health, everything you can imagine, the coming food shortages, all this kind of stuff, including the cities that they want to pack for Agenda 21, as they get all the folk off the rural areas, which they donít want anymore.  That goes all the way back to Julian Huxley, and I read from his own book on the air, that very part.  He said there would be very few folk left on the land, and that was echoed by the United Nations, about a year or so ago, and I read this on the air too, from their own website, that said eventually thereíll only be about 3% of people living on the land, and they will be extremely, extremely very wealthy.  You see.  Itís not for the ordinary proles, as they call us.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I spent yesterday talking about foundations mainly, and how foundations rule the world.  These are the guys who draft up even the treaties for the United Nations, these private foundations.  And theyíve got hundreds of front groups working for them across the world.  Each one has hundreds.  Some foundations, these tax-free philanthropic organizations, as they call themselves, they actually fund maybe a hundred other foundations, for other parts of this global agenda, depopulation, their wonderful utopia of the future.  Their Smart Cities for themselves to live in, of course, at least for the middle management bunch, and the overcrowded old cities that will crumble as the people die off in the future.  Itís all part of the big scheme.  They donít like humanity very much.  And Iíll even put a video up tonight to give you quotes from different eugenicists who belonged, and some of them set up these organizations a long, long time ago, going back to Malthus and even before.


So, itís an ongoing agenda, ever since really the hammering and hammering and hammering at the old system, which was primarily, it came out of, no doubt about it, a feudal system.  And then they gave you this thing called democracy, which was a sham, because, why would those who have power give it up to what they call the rabble.  Thatís the people.  They actually call them the rabble, you see.  Lots of names for them.  But, of course, they eventually destroyed what was left of a Christian culture, which at least gave you a form of morality, whether you believed in it or not, that was the culture.  It also gave us the laws as well, so cops couldnít just bash the heads in on people and taser them for fun, for instance.  It gave you special rights, actually.  It gave you human rights. 


Under again, the big foundations, and the Earth Summit, the last Earth Summit, the animals got all the rights and we got nothing.  Weíre just another animal, according to them, and weíre not an endangered species because thereís so many of us.  Therefore, we have no rights at all.  Just the elite ones have rights, you know, just like, as I said yesterday, with David Suzuki whoís the icon of Canada, for his animal talks, to get the children into nature.  Heís actually a geneticist.  And he said, when he was a professor, he said, the people are just maggots.  And I put that link up last night for you to see for yourself.  These are the guys they make into stars, so that children grow up with them and follow them, and whatever the guy says, well, heís a star, heís a celebrity; they follow his opinions.  Most folkís opinions are really given to them, all the time. 


And to be honest with you, I was also reading an article too about them wanting to put more people in prison for different things, and etc, because itís a big business too, isnít it.  But also, I thought, you know, in prison, youíre going to find people who know more about whatís going on in the world than the average person who listens to talk radio.  Because street-smart people, and these crooks generally are very street smart, the sort of low-level psychopaths, a lot of them, the recidivist type, they catch on immediately to the con.  They always see the con behind anything, behind laws and everything, because theyíre con men themselves.  And they certainly can give you an education on how the world really is.  Theyíre not fooled by wonderful speeches by politicians or anything like that.  They know whatís behind everything thatís declared to the general public. 


The general public again, are still kind of half in and half out of fiction all the time, in a semi-hypnotic state, as they watch fiction, and then they watch the news.  And even the news is turned into entertainment, by design.  The news, the mainstream news is entertainment.  ďAnd now for entertainment.Ē  Whatís that got to do with news?  Or sports.  Whatís the sports got to do with the news either?  At one time, believe it or not, you didnít get the sports on the news, at all.  You got one hour of news.  It didnít mean it was the truth, but it was news.  And eventually, on a Saturday, the sports would come on, and thatís what you got on Saturdays.  And now itís into everything.  And then they started to add entertainment to it, like itís so important about the next movie.  Whatís that got to do with the news, things that affect you and I and life itself?† And now sports and entertainment are all throughout the news. 


So, our minds are guided all the time.  And why do you think every station is identical, a he and a she sitting together and heíll say a sentence, and then sheíll reply with a sentence, and all this nonsense.  Theyíre all the same format, because this works apparently with people.  And the man will listen to the man.  The woman will listen to the woman.  And they try to capture everybody, so that they can give you good lies, and so that youíll believe it.  And all the news comes from a couple of major sources.† The Rothschilds started up Reuters.  They own it.  And youíve got another one as well.  So, youíre given, all the other media picks up from the main two sources basically.  Really one source in actual fact.  So, weíre completely controlled, and unfortunately the internet is going the same way with draconian laws coming out, and more on the tables for coming out later.


Now, getting back to foundations, and a long time ago, even before the 20th century, these foundations were on the go.  I mentioned last night that Adam Weishaupt himself said that they would change the world by guiding governments through philanthropists, charitable foundations.  Thatís what he meant.  Old idea, itís hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old, that idea.  And of course, when you think of a charity you always think of the Salvation Army or something.  You never think of charities as being involved in serious stuff in high politics, but thatís exactly what theyíre there for.  And when the anti-trust laws came through, with the Rockefeller oil group for instance, they simply diversified themselves into a whole bunch of smaller groups until you canít, you know, literally you have to wade through dozens and dozens of corporations to find out who owns them at the top.  Same boys own them, but they diversified.  They also put in their money, rather than pay taxes, into these foundations to get the cash raised.  And they can invest the cash from a foundation, and literally the books are closed to government.  They accumulate trillions of dollars, and they have armies of nongovernmental organizations, some of whose CEOs get over a million, sometimes two million dollars.  Wonderful for being the CEO for a charitable foundation thatís messing with world affairs and advising all governments.  Who gave them permission, special permission to go and get instant access to politicians?  Do you see that in anybodyís charter of rights or anything?  Itís just not there.  So, again, the media, if they wanted to, could expose all that, but they wonít because theyíre part of it too.  But the information is definitely all out there.  And hereís one organization Iíll mention tonight, itís called Roadmap 2050:


The mission of Roadmap 2050 is to provide a practical, independent and objective analysis of pathways


(Alan: They call them pathways, you see, techniques for each area.)


to achieve a low-carbon economy in Europe, in line with the energy security, environmental and economic goals of the European Union.


(A: This is a private organization.)


 The Roadmap 2050 project is an initiative of the European Climate Foundation (ECF)


(A: See, climate foundation.  And, again, you heard some of the foundations yesterday I mentioned.  Thereís thousands of them.  Most of them are actually fronts.  Some of them are just money laundering organizations that fund all the other ones, so that they sound independent, but they work with governments.  And who gave them permission to work with governments?  Anyway, it says:)


and has been developed by a consortium of experts funded by the ECF.


(A: And they go into all their projects.  It says:)


In addition, a wide range of companies, consultancy firms, research centres and NGOs have provided various forms of assistance during the preparation of this report.


I bet they have, since theyíll do it all.  Iíll put this link up tonight to give you just a simple example of one of them, who are shaping the future and how youíll live, how much cash youíll have, how much youíll pay to taxes and carbon taxes and all the rest of it.  And you donít get a chance to vote them in.  Most people donít even know they exist.  And the media, the general media will keep it that way.  Theyíll keep it that way.


And weíre going along on this crazy current of global warming, of course, and climate change, which covers everything, of course.  And as weíre having geo-engineering rammed through us, openly now.  They admit it and theyíve been doing it for years, and theyíre dumping more sulphur into the atmosphere.  Sulphur is an awful thing to breathe in.  Never mind the barium and the aluminum oxide and other things theyíve been doing for years as well.  But sulphur, you donít want to breathe sulphur in.  And they know darn well the effects it has on the health of the public.  They know darn well.  Theyíve done all the tests for about a hundred years.  Theyíve known what sulphur does to you when you breathe it in.  Theyíve known for centuries what sulphur does when they work in the mines, the guys who go through sulphur.  They know what it does.  But there is a eugenical Ė they canít just come out and say, we want to poison and kill you to depopulate the planet.  They just say, weíve got to do this to save you.  Isnít that a beautiful doublespeak, and you get a mind bend.  Most folk canít fathom it out once their mind is bent, you see.  And they bend your mind all the time.


Frozen continent! Europe's rivers, lakes and even seas are iced over as bitter Siberian cold leads to temperatures of almost -40C


(A: Below zero.  Thatís minus 40 centigrade.)


You would be forgiven for thinking these stunning vistas lay deep in the heart of Antarctica.

But they are, in fact, what has become of the European landscape as temperatures plummet to nearly -40C - the coldest snap in decades.


Rivers, lakes, beaches and even seas have been iced over by a Siberian freeze, creating some incredible sights, but also more tales of tragedy.


Thousands enjoyed a day out on the frozen Lake Pfaeffikersee,


(A: Oh, I canít even pronounce that.)


near Zurich, Switzerland, today, while ice anglers looked more like Eskimos as they braved the conditions on a Polish reservoir.


But in southern Kosovo, nine people were killed when an avalanche hit the village of Restelica, officials said on Sunday, adding to more than 500 killed in snow and bitter cold across the Continent in the past two weeks.


(A: 500 dead.)


In Poland, the interior ministry said 20 people had died in the past 24 hours because of the freezing weather, bringing the toll there so far this year to at least 100.


And Britain gets thousands every year; they canít afford to heat themselves.  And we have to get used to this as they cut back and put the cost of heating yourself up and up and up, for global warming.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about the global warming that weíre having this winter, and itís quite an article this too, about the freezing temperatures, 40 below in Europe, and lots of people dying.  Rivers are iced over.  Lakes are iced over.  Even parts of the seas are iced over.  It says also thereís avalanches too.  It says:

The Kosovo avalanche enveloped about 15 houses on Saturday, but only two were occupied at the time.


(Thereís people missing, etc.)


'The number of dead people now is nine and we believe there is still one missing person,' said Ibrahim Shala, a spokesperson from the Kosovo Security Force (KSF).

Temperatures have plummeted in parts of Europe close to minus 40 degrees Celsius (minus 40 Fahrenheit) in the coldest February snap the region has seen in decades. Meteorologists say it could last till the end of the month. 


In Kosovo, three people died and two children were injured on Thursday when a gas can that a family was using for heating exploded.


(A: We wouldnít have allowed that here.  Weíd have had in SWAT teams and killed them first before it blew up.  Anyway:)


Kosovo's government ordered schools to remain closed for another week with more snow expected. Police said many inhabited areas were completely cut off.


In neighbouring Montenegro the government imposed a state of emergency late on Saturday after snow blocked roads and railways across most of the country. Three people have died so far.


More than 50 people have been stranded on a train in Montenegro's north for more than two days as emergency crews struggle to rescue them.


(A: And it goes on and on and on:)


In Montenegro's north, snow was 2.3 metres deep, while authorities have banned all private traffic in the capital Podgorica, where snow is almost a metre (three feet) deep and more is forecast on Sunday.


In Serbia, which declared a state of emergency last week, 19 people have died in the cold snap so far.


(A: And of course, it says:)


Economists said damage from the cold weather may cost the country more than 500 million euros ($660 million).


More than 2,000 industrial businesses have been idled to limit the strain on coal-fired power plants and hydropower plants, which were struggling because of the buildup of ice.


The government also ordered the closure of all schools....


Etc, etc.  Well, they want to get rid of the coal too, of course, itís the big agenda for the world.  And so youíll have carbon free, etc.  And itís going to be awfully interesting how they manage to do this without any carbon.  Mind you, theyíll still want to tax your breathing for CO2, with all the fake science.  Itís a political agenda.  Thatís why the science doesnít make sense.  Itís a political agenda.  Itís nothing to do really with science.  But theyíve got to try and use that as the big stick, to get us to buckle into the global warming.  We always find that CO2 follows rising sea temperatures, follows it, not precedes it.  Thatís the way it is.


Now, Monsanto, this great massive monster, which every government, obviously long before the public heard about it, were given some sort of right to do whatever they wanted to do, even use their own private police forces to plant stuff on peopleís lands and hound farmers out of business by massive lawsuits for their GM food, etc, all their corn and different things.  I mentioned it yesterday, that it was the first time now theyíve actually been successfully sued for poisoning people.  It says:


A French court on Monday declared U.S. biotech giant Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer,


(A: Thatís the start of it, you see.)


a judgment that could lend weight to other health claims against pesticides.


In the first such case heard in court in France, grain grower Paul Francois says he suffered neurological problems including memory loss, headaches and stammering after inhaling Monsanto's (MON.N) Lasso weedkiller in 2004.


He blames the agri-business giant for not providing adequate warnings on the product label.


The ruling was given by a court in Lyon, southeast France, which ordered an expert opinion of Francois's losses to establish the sum of damages.


Lawyers for Monsanto could not immediately be reached for comment.


Previous health claims from farmers have foundered because of the difficulty of establishing clear links between illnesses and exposure to pesticides.


(A: You see, Monsanto has made it, itís got again this strange legal deal with every country, to go ahead, regardless.  And youíre not allowed to independently test the stuff in private laboratories.  And every judge in the land has been told to always be on Monsantoís side.  That happened in Canada.  Because, you see, the big elite have sat up there in their ivory towers and have said, oh, you know the population is just too big.  Even though all the Western countries are dying off, and weíd be in awful straits if it wasnít for immigration.  They admit that themselves.  Again, your doublethink, doublespeak.  Too many people, but we need all these immigrants in to pay the future taxes and pay off the debts.  And, at the same time, they say itís going to be terrible to feed them in the future because thereís less farms.  Well thereís less farms because the governments helped put so many out of business by backing, even financially backing these big Agri-food businesses, these big chains of farms.  As they put people under, they take them over.  And thereís only five Agri-food businesses on the go, you see. 


So, then, what do they do once they put the small farmers out of business?† And it was the small farmers by the way that got people through the Great Depression, as they call it, because every town and city was surrounded by small farms.  And you could at least get there, and if you had anything to trade, whatever, you could manage to hopefully survive.  You donít have that now.  Gone.


And again, with interdependence, global interdependence, we have to import so much food from abroad.  They actually tell you that, what your quotas are going to be to grow.  This is the planned society.  You canít just go in and say, I want to be a farmer.  No, the government is going to say, do we really need another one, or do we want another one, because weíve signed treaties to import it from so-and-so.  Understand whatís happening here.  Nothing happens by itself.  Itís all done through treaties.  Anyway, it says:)


"I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this," Francois, 47, told Reuters.


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iím just going to touch on Fukushima nuclear plant.  It says:


The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant has begun injecting more water into one of the reactors, after the core temperature rose above Japan's safety limit.


(A: That was on the 14th.  Anyway, it says it rose:)


...to 82 degrees Celsius over the weekend, its highest level since the reactor was put into a state of cold shutdown two months ago.


Operator TEPCO insists there has been no nuclear reaction and that the reactor can be controlled.


But itís interesting, at the top, theyíve got related stories, Japan Betrayed Citizens Over Radiation Danger, and Radiation Levels, etc.  And they even lose track, in one story, of radioactive, it says cows here.  I donít get that one.  I havenít looked at that one.  Iíll have to look that one up and see what happens.  I guess theyíve put them into the food chain and they donít know whatís happened to it.  So, anyway, thatís happening in Japan, of course. 


One thing I just want to touch on quickly, and Iíve seen all this before under globalism.  It happened in Britain, itís happened in Canada, itís happened in the States, itís happened in other countries now, that even the Far East/Pacific Rim Conglomerate that theyíre all under the mandate of this global system, and this is what you see, because India, you see, is getting financed by us.  Our tax money goes to India.  This is what they mean, redistributing the wealth of the nations across the world.  Thatís the Marxian concept.  Weíre doing that now.  And weíre being taxed more to give to India.  And weíre even still building hospitals in China. Canada is still working, building their power supplies in China, and places like that, no doubt Brazil too.  They all get massive grants from us, you see, as we go under.  But hereís the irony, and itís so disgusting what they do to workers.  And hereís a place, itís Australia, you see. 


Axed workers


(A: Theyíre getting axed, theyíre getting fired.  Theyíre working out their time.)


train Indian replacements


Sacked Telstra staff are being forced to train the Indian help-desk operators who'll replace them.


More than 250 local staff have gone in the latest round of staff cuts which have totalled more than 2,000 in recent years.


Operators from an Indian outsourcing company are already in Melbourne being trained.


Len Cooper from the Telecommunications Union says staff were instructed by the union not to co-operate but Telstra found a way around it.


And this is the typical thing that you see.  Imagine being forced to train people who are going to put you out of a job, because of globalism and international treaties.  And hereís one of the biggest things here too.  You understand, this was in the 80s and the 90s.  We had groups from every country, Canada included and the States as well, working in a place in France to do with this investment in other countries, where they can bring in their own staff to work and everything else, and own people, workers and everything, and pay them their own wages, as though they were back in their own country.


Indian group plans Queensland's biggest coal mine


(A: Iíve touched on this before, but itís going underway now.)


An Indian conglomerate is planning to build Queensland's biggest coal mine, west of Rockhampton in the state's central region, including a new town, runway, railway and port facilities.


(A: The whole kit and caboodle theyíre building themselves.  Mind you, theyíre getting aid from all of us to do so.)


The Adani Group has proposed a new open-cut and underground mine, mostly on the Moray Downs cattle station, about 100 kilometres north of Emerald.


The company has finalised the purchase of the cattle property from grazier Graeme Acton.


The cost of construction is expected to be at least $6 billion and the mine would produce about 60 million tonnes per year, with a mine life of more than a century.


If the project goes ahead, Adani says it would be the largest investment by an Indian company in Australia.


(A: But it goes on to say, theyíre bringing in their own workers to do the mining.  Theyíre building a town for their own workers to live in.  Theyíre shipping all the coal out and all the stuff out of the country to India, whoís allowed to burn coal for the next 20 years, until that part of the treaty is up for them; China is the same.  They can extend it too.  They can pollute as much as they want for another 20 years, if they apply to the World Trade Organization.  That was the treaty that they signed, while weíll have to cut back on ours, and just freeze, you see. 


So, anyway, thatís the sort of thing thatís happening in Australia and elsewhere, while we pay these companies in India, ďrising powersĒ as they call them, through treaties that theyíve signed, we pay them, and we subsidize their companies.  Amazing, isnít it?  It says:)


Adani officials are talking to the Federal Government about special visas to fill jobs with overseas workers.


Thatís your Free Trade deals, folks.  See, you donít have countries anymore.  You donít have politicians on any party, that isnít a globalist.  Theyíre all globalists.  Thatís the only party there is, the Globalist Party.  You might say that.  And so, why are you voting, still thinking youíve got a country thatís going to help and protect you and your jobs?  Itís not happening, obviously.  Their actions betray their mouths, donít they?  Now, in Canada too, it says.


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he is committed to diversifying energy exports to countries such as China, while pledging to press Beijing on human rights


(A: Well, they always say that.)


as he forges ahead with deeper economic ties.


(A: Now, forging head with deeper economic ties, are the same terms they used with the Free Trade Agreements when they were combining Britain into Europe from the 70s onwards.  ďTheyíre signing things for deeper ties.Ē  That meant total integration, for those who donít know what it means.)


Harper told a business dinner at Zang Zu, he would push for the construction of new infrastructure needed to ship the countryís oil to China.


(A: So, weíll pay for that, I guess.)


As part of efforts to take the economic partnership to the next level.


(A; What partnership?  An economic partnership to the next level.  All kind of esoteric, isnít it?  And Canadians donít even know their own country.  Canada is the holder of the worldís third largest oil reserves.  And yet weíre paying the highest price for gasoline.  You know, we ship it to the States, and they can get gasoline a lot cheaper there than we can in Canada.  I was looking at, itís four quarts or about a gallon or so, of oil, for just engine oil.  Itís $17 or $18, plus tax on top of it.  Thatís what we pay in Canada.  And weíre the third largest oil reserves here.)


Canada, holder of the worldís third largest oil reserves, is seeking to reduce its reliance on the U.S. after President Barack Obama rejected TransCanada Corp.ís $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline to ship Canadian oil to the Gulf Coast. Canada sends 99 percent of its oil exports to the U.S.


(A: Can you believe that?  And yet weíre paying all this stuff here, high energy, high energy.)


ďWe want to sell our energy to people who want to buy our energy,Ē Harper said at the dinner. ďItís that simple.Ē


Harper said his countryís quest for new markets wonít curtail its willingness to raise human rights issues with China.


(A: They all say that.† They always say this kind of stuff.  Anyway, it says:)


Harper also urged China to be a ďresponsibleĒ global citizen on security issues.


Etc, etc.  And he wants them to really take over their proper place, of course, on the United Nations.  That means getting their troops into action, along with NATO.  Thatís what that means.  Etc.


So, there you are.  And Canada, literally, thatís all we seem to be doing now is selling natural resources.  Thatís all; most of the factories have gone to China.  And then youíve got all the environmentalist movements, from outside, the globalist ones, founded by the foundations, trying to stop Canada selling anything at all to anybody.  They want us to go back to the Stone Age, I think, which actually, they do.  And of course, these folk wonít be living in Canada when weíre freezing our butts off here either.  Itís just amazing, but this is part of the eugenics, obviously.  And I mentioned that last night, all these incredibly wealthy foundations, that are owned by the big corporations as well, and the big international bankers, and their armies and armies and armies of nongovernmental organizations, who literally want to return Canada and the States back to some kind of primeval wilderness, with no people on it.  Theyíve actually said it, some of them, like Friends of the Earth.  Quite something.  Another big NGO. 


And just before I go to the callers, this article here, theyíve appointed a Supreme Commandant for Australiaís laws to do with the carbon taxes and so on. 


Ms Murnro, a former executive director at Telstra and current chair of the National Water Commission, will have at her disposal 350 staff with powers to audit companies' carbon emissions and the number of permits they buy, and even enter and search their premises.


(A: I guess looking for carbon, maybe in plastic bags, little pokes you put them in and tie them at the top.)


A Senate estimates hearing was told this week that $17.8 million had so far been spent on operating costs and capital outlays, including a controversial $200,000 on corporate branding.


Companies that fail to buy and surrender enough permits face penalties ranging from a 30 per cent mark-up on the $23-a-tonne carbon price


(A: Itís all fictitious.  You know, scribbling with pens and pencils and so on.)


if they come up short of permits to a $1.1 million fine in cases of fraud.


Now, Europe is in an utter mess now, with the carbon funds, because the big bankers were hoping to rake in trillions, but the whole thing is collapsing in Europe.  But hereís the crazy ones who run Australia, the Fabian Socialists, pushing for it all there too, as companies are going under one by one by one, as I mentioned last night.  Incredible.  Itís just incredible, you know.  Itís like saying, ďwe can all put our hands in fire and we will not get burned.  Itís a new law.  Weíve just decreed it.Ē  And you keep trying. You keep burning yourself, and you keep trying.  How long do you have to keep burning yourself before you say, this is not working?  Hmm?  But thatís government for you.  Once theyíve put something into law, thatís it. 


Now, Iíll go the callers now, and thereís George from Ontario on the line.  Are you there, George?


George: Hello.  Yes.


Alan: Yes, go ahead.


George: Hi, I really like your show.  Iíd like to just say that your information is very, very useful.  And you know people who actually use it can really use it to their advantage.  I mean, for example, I was reading Winners and Losers, and it definitely explained the new Android phones, the iPod, and everything.  And I remember reading about that, actually in Popular Science, back in 2002, when they were first coming out.  So it was basically, just like a ďhere we are, weíre starting that, and thatís whatís going to happen.Ē† Another point I wanted to actually ask you about was suburbia, which basically, it seems like itís engineered to be that way, you know, higher class suburban places.


Alan: Yes, it is.


George: Especially in Canada here where we have, here around Toronto as well, where, you know, very low culture.  I find the younger people are really isolated, and very, very high rates of drug use.


Alan: Oh, I know.


George: Both among males and females, especially around the university students.† I was wondering, is that something that was engineered or just due to the lack of parenting?


Alan: No, no.  It was engineered.  Iíve done shows on the history of drug use on the West, coupled with the music industry and the movies and so on.  And theyíre quite lengthy, some of them.  In the archives section youíll find some.  But, no, this is the agenda.  Total demoralization is part of it, you understand.  The creation of apathy.  Bertrand Russell said we shall create massive apathy; once weĎve destroyed the family unit, and people are dependent on welfare, and theyíll have a hopeless outlook on life.  He says, then theyíll be apathetic, and then we can mold them.  Because theyíll go to anything that claims itís going to help them.  Which is government, you know.  So, this was all engineered this way.  Youíre quite right. 


I remember, in the suburbs, down in Toronto, I couldnít walk my dog eventually, because there was so many syringes in the back alleys where the garages are.  You just couldnít walk your dog.  Syringes everywhere.  And youngsters.  Itís just like Scotland and England and elsewhere, where theyíve done the same thing, where youíll see youngsters sitting on the steps in front of the front doors, injecting into their legs.  You know, Iím talking about ten and eleven year olds, some of them.


George: Yeah, and especially the more higher classes of suburban areas, where isolation is very high as well as the depression rates.† Has there been any mention of that, where they would use that to isolate the people?


Alan: Yeah, they would.  They would use all techniques.  You understand, techniques also includes, as I say, movies, TV, keep them in the house.  Donít have them mix with their neighbors, etc.  And that helped again to further isolate them.  And in fact, it pretty well destroyed society, the isolation.  No one comes together as a community or even chats to each other about whatís happening in their community. 


George: Definitely.  You can see that here.  People barely know their next-door neighbors.  They donít know.  Itís very rare to even know their first names around these places.


Alan: Thatís right.  So, itís all been done on purpose, because, if you donít mix and talk about the problems of the neighborhood, then nothing gets done about it, obviously.  So, government is free to do what they want, even local government.  And believe you me, these drugs are not coming in, in little bits and pieces.  These drugs from the beginning have been shipped in by the big powers themselves. 


George: Especially, Iíve noticed marijuana is very, very popular among.  I mean, Iím around twenty-three and almost everybody, I would say around 90% of the people actually use it.  Especially among the university students.


Alan: And they make sure of that too.  Itís a big joke about it being policed, and they know that too.  Marijuana, simply for a lot of people, you canít function properly on marijuana.  They know what it does.  They know its long-term effects.  And it does dull the sharpness of the mind, even once youíre off it, if youíve been a long-term user.


George: Definitely.  And itís like they have a disconnect between the older people.  Itís like the younger people donít notice what effect itís had on them.  And itís like, oh, Iíll smoke it for now, and Iíll be fine in twenty years.


Alan: And donít forget too, theyíve been genetically engineering this stuff for years.  Itís not the old stuff either, you know.  Theyíve been really.  It was the military who developed the higher forms.


George: Theyíve been at that too as well, eh?


Alan: Yes.  And so, what else is it doing to your brain?  They know darn well.  It blunts your affect, number one.  It blunts your drive to get on and do things, you know.  And the after-effects too can help augment apathy in a depressive situation in society.  Nothingís by chance.  Nothing is by chance, you know.  And they always go after, theyíve always gone after the small guy in the street, who sells a couple of tokes, but they donít go after the stuff coming in, in massive bales in special ships, with permits.


George: I found it amazing that theyíre going after wealthier younger people as well.  I mean, people whose parents are making close to half a million to a million dollars a year.† Itís very, very popular among them, as well.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Itís always good for law.  Law is a business, remember too.  And theyíre quite happy to do that.  And the more crime they can have on the books, oh, we caught so many this year, the better it looks for them.  They hire more guys, and they expand as an internal army.  So, you need that, of course, for the cops. 


I can remember even when LSD was coming out big time, when I was really, really small.  And it was on the television then that there were limousines coming round the universities, all over Britain, and throwing sacks of them for free over the walls to the students.  Thatís how they got it started.  And then they got the rock stars on television, stoned out of their heads, tripping out, falling off the seats.  And these Eton interviewers, they were all from Eton, in Britain, the upper class, interviewing them, and laughing and saying, tee-hee, isnít this naughty.  And thatís how they sold it to the public.  Why would the elite be pushing this on the general public?


George: Exactly. I actually watched, I got an interview with Pete Doherty from England.† And theyíre still at it with that as well.


Alan: Yes.  Theyíre still at it all right.  Iíve literally seen, sat and Iíve seen the guys fall off the seats.  And they just have a little laugh about it.  The guy is wasted.  Do you want to live with a wasted person?  Would you like that for a dad?  You know.  Or the woman as a mother, for that matter?


George: Itís like they donít make them think about that far, though.  Itís like they basically think in short intervals of a week or a month.


Alan: Yes.  And what it does, LSD and so on, I mean, it does go for the memory, absolutely, flashbacks. Iíve seen guys having flashbacks, with a half pint of beer, years after getting off it, you know.  Thanks for calling, and call again.


George: Yeah, no problem.


Alan: Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to Mark from Wisconsin, who tried to get through last night.  Are you there, Mark?


Mark: Hi Alan.  Hey, I was wondering why that Republican James A Traficant went to prison, and I ran across some information that he presented to the House of Representatives.  Iíve got about five sentences here, could I read it to you?


Alan: Yeah, read it.  Iíve heard it before, but go ahead.


Mark: The receivers of the United States bankruptcy are the International Bankers via the United States, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  All United States offices, officials, and departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under emergency war powers.  With the Constitutional Republican form of government now dissolved, the receivers of the bankruptcy had adopted a new form of government for the United States.  This new form of government is known as democracy, being an established Socialist, Communist order, under a new governor for America.  This act was instituted and established by transferring or replacing the office of Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund.  Public Law 94-564, pg 8, section HR 1355 reads in part, the US Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States.


And I looked that up too, the Secretary of the Treasury is paid by the IMF, Alan.


Alan: The thing is too, that was confirmed in the 1950s, with the Reece Commission.  The Reece Commission was sent by Congress to investigate the tax-free foundations that were running the country.  And at that time too, a few years later Quigley came out with his book and said the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or the American Branch, CFR, is running the country.  The bankers funded the Communists.  Their whole idea was to bring in a Socialist system, because they can run a Socialist system and get all the cash they want much easier than going through separate countries that are literally independent.  So, under a World Socialist System, all they have to do then is go to the government, put their own men in government, like the IMF receivers.  Thereís also guys in government.  The US has them.  We all signed it in 1946 in San Francisco, the United Nations Agreement.  Every country signed to put in the Overseas Economics Department in as well.  That person whoís appointed to that position is also the Director of the International Monetary Fund for your country.  So, what they do, is they take your cash, put it abroad, into other banks, supposedly to help Third World Countries, and then the same person gets the IMF to get the cash back from that country over a period of time.  When they default, you, the American or Canadian, or whoever it is, thatís been put down as guarantor, has to pay that off; then they give them another loan. 


And Quigley also said that the Bank of International Settlements is to be the World Power for this whole global structure, with the International Monetary Fund as its strongman behind it.  They come in and bring you to poverty as they collect the cash that they want.  So, this is how theyíre controlling the whole world.  The bankers created Communism, and itís far more efficient for them, to run the world.  Remember, Rockefeller said it was far better that the world be ruled by an intelligentsia and bankers, rather than leaving it to the sovereign determination of individual nations, the future, you know.  So, youíre there.  Weíve been here for years and years and years, and every president and prime minister since, Quigley said, the late 1800s, has been a member of this globalist organization.  You can go into so many US presidents, and theyíre all members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission.  And sometimes it comes out after theyíve left office.  Truman always read the poem, you know, the World Parliament of Man, in every speech, from Shelley.  So, theyíve all been globalists and federalists, and apparently what seems to be left wing, but itís a Socialist planned society full of eugenicists and superior types, they think.  They think.  They claim to be superior.  Thanks for calling, and maybe Kay, call in tomorrow if you can. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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