February 20, 2012 (#1026)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb. 20, 2012:


"Eugenics Keeps Popping Up, Rearing Ugly Head,
There's an Academic Clique Wishing Most were Dead,
Reading Copious Articles You will Always Find
Population Reduction, Especially of "Wrong" Kind,
Professors Spout About It with No Hesitation,
Quoting Population Stats. yet Support Mass Immigration,
They say it's a Global Problem while West is Going Sterile,
They've Been Actively Engaged in War, Making Us Infertile,
So Infertility's Rising yet Little Study as to Why,
Apart from Bisphenol A and Phthalates, Cancer is Sky-High,
While Many Live in TV Land, Reality Always Revolving,
Hushed Meetings Take Place & Problems? - They Resolve Them"
© Alan Watt Feb. 20, 2012

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 20th of February, 2012.

For newcomers help yourself to the free audios for download at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where hopefully youíll start to understand the big system that youíre born into.  The system thatís above politics, although it has members all throughout politics, but it is above politics, itís above the countries too, itís above nationalism, itís international.  Itís been here for a long time.  And it goes by many, many different branches, many, many buzzwords, of course, they share in common, "sustainability", "global", etcetera.  But itís all the same organization.  Itís been at work for a long time, over a hundred years openly, putting out their own books in fact to tell you theyíre bringing in a global society, which is going to be a planned society for the future.  And eventually of course theyíll go into the same system as China.  Theyíll say who can breed, how many children you can have if you can have them at all, and we are well on our way down that path actually.  Well on our way through the cooperation of the United Nations and all the treaties weíve been signing. 

So, go into the website, find out who the big players are, read their books as well because they put it out there on the line for you.  And think back a few years and youíll find out my God they have been implementing these very plans step by step by step in your own lifetime, and theyíve got quite a ways to go.  They also want to bring in a global financial society of course, which is part of total control.  Whatís the whole idea of integrated economics is total control of the world and every ex-nation in it, because they call the nations states, of course, or regions. 

So, as I say help yourself to that.  Youíll learn an awful lot.  And remember too all the sites listed have transcripts for print up as well as the audios.  And go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít sell things on this particular broadcast.  I donít have shares or investments in any products sold, and so I have nothing really to hype.  All that you can do is buy the books and discs and keep me going along here.  Itís not what youíd call a business.  And itís not a sprawling enterprise either.  Itís just something here to get the word out while weíve got a chance to get the word out.  And once itís done, or once I think Iíve got to a certain point, Iíll probably just stop because if you donít know by now youíll never ever know it.  Itís not just knowing it of course; itís what to do about it.  Thatís the big thing.  And most folk join groups that are already set up for them to join and get led around in circles forever.  Weíve got to get beyond that all together to do some changes for the better. 

Now from the U.S. to Canada you can buy the books by using a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office, you can use Paypal, some people just send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And straight donations are really, really welcome. 

And what I try to do here on the broadcast is simply point out the history of these organizations, thereís thousands of them, all interlinked together.  In fact youíll really find at the top of them, Iím sure, thereís just one big massive organization with shares in all these big international corporations.  And of course they put their own men in politics as well.  Theyíre in and out of CEO positions and into politics and back again, in every country across the globe.  And the big plan is actually to get the central banks all under, and they are already under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland that was set up a long time ago in the 20ís to bring in this world order. 

So the first part was creating a central bank, a private central bank of course.  Anything that wasnít privatized had to be privatized, and then theyíd all come together under the Bank for International Settlements.  Weíre there now of course, and the last few countries that didnít have central banks that were private and part of this structure, privately owned by the same people I should really say, are being bombed into submission right now, and after that the sky is the limit.  Back with more after these messages.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  A long time ago I mentioned a book called "Obedience to Authority", and I went and read some of it on the air in fact, and it tells you quite frankly the way that weíre trained from school, and the rest of society too, which is media etcetera, how it keeps you trained into obeying authority.  And we truly are conditioned to be that way.  And more so in some countries than others but weíre getting to the same stage today.  America used to be a bit more skeptical, theyíd stand up, but we really are kind of flattening out in some ways, partly because there are so many things youíve got to fight back at.  There are so many things coming at you at the same time.  In other countries too, like Britain, theyíve never ever had that.  Britain is like a closed shop of ideas.  Itís claustrophobic in a sense because governmentís always been so omnipotent and huge into every facet of your life.  But you donít realize too, that a lot of these big think tanks out there too, which all go under the foundations, the thousands of foundations that fund non-governmental organizations and put up charitable works.  And itís through charitable works that are really running our lives, under the guise of charity; theyíre really actually making political and social policies for every country.  Thatís the big con of it all you see.  And you canít fight them so easily because you donít elect them.  And they say weíre not responsible to the public, you donít elect us.   But meanwhile of course the governments are oh so willing to get them into their chambers and let them spout off all their ideas to them.  And some of them even write up policies for governments to sign, which they do.  In fact itís mainly these organizations that do it for the United Nations. 

So, itís called governance.  And weíve heard the term increasing for the last fifteen years or so.  This article here I touched on before and itís from a year ago.  And it says, "Governance".  This is from the Center for International Governance Innovation.  It sounds very, very official doesnít it?  But what exactly is it?  Of course itís another big think tank, foundation, etcetera.  But weíre conditioned to think oh, it must be official.  It must be official.  And we tend to obey what we hear.  And of course this kind of stuff is taught through schools.  They donít mention to the children, by the way, that most of these things are private initiatives.  Anyway:  

"Governance is a word on everyoneís lips...."

Alan:  blah, blah, blah. And it says:

"Global governance is certainly not getting any easier, with destructive financial ripples, inscrutable oil prices, surging food costs, and unsettling national uprisings. These familiar concerns remind us that even long-established governance systems, with rich historic experience to draw from, are increasingly caught unprepared by the rapidly changing social, political and technological realities of our new century."

Alan:  Now these guys know darn well that all the wars and all the rest of it are all part and parcel of shaping this new governance system because they all go to the international meetings.  But then they go on and on about geoengineering as you read down this, and Iíll put this up tonight remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† It says:

"Ö bringing the notion of geoengineering into scientific and public prominence. " 

Alan:  They want to bring it up to prominence.

"Some hope this might make the climate challenge more manageable, both by limiting the downside risks and costs and Ė just maybe Ė by frightening societies into reducing their carbon emissions (because the prospect of having to geoengineer our global climate is quite scary)...!"

Alan:  Even though theyíve been doing it since 1998 quite, quite frequently.  And it says here:

"Who will decide when and how much of which type of geoengineering is necessary?  What happens when not everyone agrees?"

Alan:  Well theyíll dump it on you anyway.

"If societies do start to feel protected against climate risk, will that reduce the incentive for them to curb carbon emissionsÖ"

Alan:  See they want to bring you down to the caveman level

"Ö Ė an action which would address that risk in the first place?"

Alan:  No, it wouldnít because if youíve got global warming due to the sun and sunspots and all the rest of it, and a warming phase, then the CO2 follows because it comes from the sea, you see, it comes out of the sea.  It follows the heat, it doesnít precede it. 

"How would the climate and social changes brought about by geoengineering impact other key issues which societies are increasingly wrestling with?  These questions underpin the new governance challenge that comes with the emergence of geoengineering technologies.  Part technology management, part climate policy and part international affairs, it is spiced with all the same complex interdependenciesÖ"

Alan:  This is standard bureaucratese via the United-Nations-speak basically.

"Ö alluded to above for climate change alone.  And there is also the added complexity (at least for solar geoengineering) that fast unilateral action appears plausibleÖ"

Alan:  And it goes on to talk about the fact that they are doing it and they have been doing it, and this is one of the articles where they actually talk about using sulfates in aerosols.  It says:

"Even as an emergency session of the UN Security Council (UNSC) begins today in New York, the 20 aircraft currently comprising the so-called ĎStratoShield Fleetí are continuing their daily sorties into the upper atmosphere."

Alan:  Well thatís just for one area because I can sometimes count twenty just here alone.

"Around 100,000 tonnes of sulphate aerosols have now been dispersed during the Fleetís first four months of operation."

Alan:  Such liars because they think weíre all so stupid that we didnít notice back in 1998 to the present. 

"The UNSC session takes place against a background of growing consensus among experts that the technology is indeed working.  The UNís own specialist monitoring group concluded that the coalition of 23 countries actively managing the Fleet has demonstrated that it can fulfill its stated goal of ďreturning global radiative forcing to 2000 levels within three years."

Alan:  This is what they claim by giving us what they call "global dimming".  It doesnít mention dimming here but it does in other UN, United Nations, articles, and NATO articles, and even NOAA articles.  So this is their idea of causing global dimming to cut down on the sun hitting the earth.  It says:

"The coalition claims that achieving this goal will reduce global temperatures to averages similar to the Ď00s Ö"

Alan:  I guess thatís the 2000ís

"Ö in other words, around 0.7˚C cooler than those of the last five years.  But critics point out this will only be achieved by dramatically increasing the dispersal rate of stratospheric aerosols, to between two and three million tonnes per year, Ö"

Alan:  This is all what youíre breathing in folks.

            "Ö and that the consequences of such cooling will not be all positive."

Alan:  No, youíll be hacking your lungs up in bits and pieces. 

"After heated public exchanges between Chinese, Indian and Russian officials over the past month, observers fear that any notable increase in the dispersal rate could escalate tensions into an economic or even military stand-off.  The UNSC itself is divided. Seven of the 24 current members sponsor or support the Fleetís activities, four oppose it, and the remainder are, for now, cautiously neutral.  Officials from the European Union, which called for the session, say their main goal is to ďpromote agreement on the major issues at stakeĒ amidst the stream of conflicting political and scientific statements flowing weekly from national governments, scientific bodies and NGOs.  Backed by supporters of the Fleetís activities, including the 39 countries of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), Ö"

Alan:  These are all the organizations that are spraying their countries right now.

"Brazil and China will open the session by recounting several widely publicized findings of the IPCCís Seventh Assessment Report."

Alan:  So theyíre trying to again validate it by rigging the figures and saying ďoh weíre getting cooler, weíre getting cooler because weíre spraying the air.  So itís having a good effect,Ē although it will kill obviously a whole bunch of people off.  You cannot breathe this stuff for very long. 

            "Strong opposition is expected from Russia and Canada, Ö"

Alan:  Canada is in it with both feet believe you me. 

"Ö both heavy backers of the multinational Arctic Petroleum Consortium. Over the past eight years, the APC has invested upwards of $500 billion in developing the far northís energy reserves. However, speculators have raised concerns that up to half of these investments might become unviable if the Fleetís global cooling effect were to eventually cause a resurgence of Arctic sea ice."

Alan:  So theyíre claiming responsibility for also causing the cooling, in other words thatís what theyíre telling us here, by their spraying, you see.  And so it goes on and on and on.  Iíll put this up tonight for those who are interested.  Because for years they denied they were doing it at all and oh that would be ridiculous and so on, and they just pooh-poohed everybody off.  But itís been going on.  Weíve seen it ourselves and lots of folk have fantastic websites up there with the spraying.  And everyone if they want to look up at all can see it.  Sometimes theyíll do it very early in the morning, and if youíre out at five in the morning or six, youíll see them do masses of it then, before the folk are up and running around you see.  Other ones do it in the middle of the night. 

Now the Shale Gas has been causing a lot of back-and-forth arguments before those who are for it and those that are against it.  This is where the fracking goes on and they bring gas by basically causing explosions, hydraulic explosions under the ground by pumping chemicals in.  And whenever I hear chemicals getting pumped into the ground I just donít take kindly to it, regardless of what they say.   So far with all the studies Iíve read it doesnít matter what chemicals youíre using, itís bad for people.  Itís just bad for us.  Even the stuff to do with the Bisphenol and the Xenoestrogens that are in everything now, in the rivers etcetera, from all plastics.  Itís astonishing the mainline exposťs that have been done on them, what itís done to the people, especially the male.  Itís just astronomical.  Anyway this article here is kind of for it I guess and itís from the University of Texas, which no doubt is heavily backed by oil.  But at least Iíll put this up tonight and you can read for yourself what they say and of course every finding that they go into, every study they do says itís not that bad at all, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  So you can make your own minds up.  But as I say, itís got to have an effect down the road.  Itís got to have an effect, you cannot keep pumping these chemicals in and causing explosions underground, and basically watching the ground subside and collapse in on itself.  That is changing the surface, and that definitely will, they cannot be so accurate that they miss all the little streams and so on, it cannot be.  And it isnít just the methane that gets into the water, Iím thinking more of the chemicals getting into the water too.  Weíre already polluted with chemicals, too much. 

And this article here too is to do with the big global move for integration of everything.  Weíre already pretty well there.  As Iíve mentioned before, Carroll Quigley spelled it out in "Tragedy and Hope", and "The Anglo-American Establishment", the two books that he wrote to do with globalism, using the historical records of the Council on Foreign Relations to bring on this global society.  And Iíll go into this when I go back because now they want to unify all accountancy, global accounting, financial.  Back with more.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this article is about global accounting.  And they want everyone to go into this global accounting business, you see, to further integrate all economies and financial systems. 

            "U.S. official "optimistic" on global accounting move"

"A senior U.S. regulator was "optimistic" on Monday about finding a framework for the world's top economy to use global book keeping rules for investors to compare cross-border companies.  "We are hopeful we can put forward a model," James Kroeker, chief accountant at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), told Reuters.  More than 100 countries, including Europe, use accounting rules from the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and are waiting to see if the world's biggest capital market, with up to 12,000 listed companies, adopts them too.  Other heavyweights like Japan would likely follow suit.  Kroeker said the SEC had delayed its decision due the more urgent and heavy work of fleshing out a reform of Wall Street known as Dodd-Frank.  Work on aligning U.S. and IASB accounting rules aimed at paving the way to U.S. adoption has also taken more time, along with a review of IASB governance. "

Alan:  Again, everything is governance now, you know, because itís all interwoven, you see, corporations and so on in this new feudal system.

"Kroeker said he will make a proposal to the SEC commissioners in "coming months" on how the United States could switch, which would spark changes in how the IASB deals with national bodies.  He downplayed the notion of smaller firms being able to opt out indefinitely if U.S. adoption went ahead.  "Having a model that works for everyone, even if there is a delay in timing, is important, otherwise you ingrain the idea that the smaller companies will never have to change and you end up with a two GAAP system permanently in the U.S.," he said.

Alan:  So this again is about further integration of everything to do with economics basically.  And they wonít explain this on this article.  They just presume that most folk will just hear it and go yawn, yawn, yawn, because it doesnít explain it; except the boys who are near the top, theyíll know what it means.  Itís really an article for them.

Now Canada also, little quiet Canada here, wants to set up a military base in Germany ďunder a deal that will allow the expanding Canadian military to increase its global reach.Ē  Itís amazing how you can go for years and nothing much happens and youíre the world peacemakers and then youíre spreading across the globe.  At a time when most of your factories have all gone to China.  Anyway, it says:

"The new "operational support hub" Ė along with others to be set up around the world Ė will allow Canada to deploy troops and supplies to distant hotspots on short notice, said a joint statement by the German and Canadian governments as German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere paid a visit to Ottawa.  Itís still not clear when the base at Cologne-Bonn Airport will be set up or how many Canadians will be there, although troop numbers will not approach the tens of thousands of Americans currently stationed in Germany.  De Maiziere told a press conference that he and his Canadian counterpart, Peter MacKay, are also discussing missile defence, the future of Afghanistan..."

Alan:  Thatís where they split all the heroin that gets made; actually they donít get the heroin there.  The opium gets shipped to France by tradition, and then they separate it into heroin and morphine, and so on.  Anyway, it says:

"Ö and the nuclear component of NATO defense capabilities Ė all topics of an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago in May.  According to the Canadian CBC television network, Germany and Canada have recently been expanding their defense cooperation as both countries grapple with prolonged military deployments to Afghanistan."

Alan:  So war is business eh?  War is big business and what you do with big business is either you send the troops in first or you put them in afterwards, but one way or another you always get the troops in there. 

"The Canadians have experimented with setting up temporary logistics hubs in Germany to support their Afghanistan mission Ė one successful venture was recently launched alongside the American military in Spangdahlem, Rhineland-Palatinate.  Canadaís Post-Media News said that in deciding where to set up logisticsí hubs, Canadian forces have been impressed with Germanyís organizational skills and also count a long history of cooperation as a plus." 

Alan:  So thatís just P.R. there.  But one of the articles that someone wrote at the bottom, some of the replies was interesting.  It says:

"What about moving into one of the locations the U.S. army wants to close permanently?"

Alan:  I mean thatís more likely isnít it?  Isnít that more common sense?

"That would be the ideal solution for the local economy in such a place. Iím sure Canadians like pastries, like drinking beer, are going to the movies and have their hair properly cut just like Americans?"

Alan:  So youíve got it already set up so why not just use it? {Laughs} So Iím all for that.

Now, this is an interesting article too.  Iíve mentioned for years about how there was an organization that was called, The Underground Stream.  And it doesnít mention it here in this article but they go on about Sir Isaac Newton, who literally was into Jewish mysticism, and Kabala, and the Talmud, and claimed thatís where he got all his stuff from.  And for years you know people like me were saying these things and they were all pooh-poohing it, but now itís come out, yeah, itís true. 

            "Revealed: The occult obsessions of Britain's greatest scientist Sir Isaac Newton"

"He laid the foundations of classical physics and is considered to be one of the greatest scientists of all time.  But Sir Isaac Newton was also deeply interested in the occult and applied a scientific approach to the study of scripture and Jewish mysticism."

Alan:  Itís amazing to actually hear stuff come back that they pooh-poohed and denied.  {Laughs}  And youíve said it years ago.  It says:

"Now Israel's national library, which contains a vast trove of Newton's esoteric writings, has digitized his occult collection and posted it online.  Among the yellowed texts is Newton's famous prediction of the apocalypse in 2060.  The quintessential scientist, Newton revolutionized the approach to physics, maths and astronomy in the 17th and 18th century.  He laid the foundations for most of classical mechanics, including the principal of universal gravitation and the three laws of motion which bear his name.  However, the curator of Israel's national library's humanities collection said Newton was also a devout Christian who believed that scripture provided a 'code' to the natural world.  'Today, we tend to make a distinction between science and faith, but to Newton it was all part of the same world,' said Milka Levy-Rubin.  'He believed that careful study of holy texts was a type of science, that if analyzed correctly could predict what was to come.' "

Alan:  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about Sir Isaac Newton, and it says here:

"To further his understanding of science, Newton learned Hebrew and delved into the study of esoteric Jewish philosophy, the mysticism of Kabala and the Talmud.  For instance, he based his calculation on the end of days on information gleaned from the Book of Daniel, which projected the apocalypse 1,260 years later."

"He figured that this count began from the crowning of Charlemagne as Roman emperor in the year 800.  He also believed that the geometry of Solomon's temple encoded ancient wisdom about proportions in nature and man's place in Creation."

"The papers cover topics such as interpretations of the Bible, theology, the history of ancient cultures, the Tabernacle and the geometry of Solomon's Temple."

Alan:  See theyíre all precursors of what we call masonry today, freemasonry. 

"The collection also contains maps that Newton sketched to assist him in his calculations and his attempts to reveal the secret knowledge he believed was encrypted within.  He attempted to project what the end of days would look like, and the role Jews would play when it happened.  Newton's objective curiosity in Judaism and the Holy Land contrasted with the anti-Jewish sentiment expressed by many leading Christian scholars of the era, Levy-Rubin said.  'He took a great interest in the Jews, and we found no negative expressions toward Jews in his writing,' said Levy-Rubin. 'He said the Jews would ultimately return to their land.' "

Alan:  But it also went further than that, if you actually read it, about rulership over much, much bigger places. 

"But the university rejected his nonscientific papers, so the family auctioned them off at Sotheby's in London in 1936.  As chance would have it, London's other main auction house - Christie's - was selling a collection of Impressionist art the same day that attracted far more attention.  Only two serious bidders arrived for the Newton collection that day. The first was renowned British economist John Maynard Keynes,"

Alan:  Iím not surprised he went. 

"Öwho bought Newton's alchemy manuscripts.  The second was Abraham Shalom Yahuda - a Jewish Oriental Studies scholar - who got Newton's theological writings.  Mr Yahuda's collection was bequeathed to the National Library of Israel in 1969, some years after his death."

Alan:  So, anyway as I say, supposedly itís on view now, on internet I believe and you can look it up.  I tried the link on this particular article and it didnít work for me but maybe in some countries it will work.  And you can see the online collection, for those who want to. 

And this article here is also from Chatham House, itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the headquarters, the big daddy of the Council of Foreign Relations.  They have many organizations across the world, and the CFR is one of them in the U.S.  Anyway, it says:

            "The Future of Sustainability Reporting"

Alan:  Iíve touched on this before, but the fact is this was an article put out.  Remember these guys have a lot of their members across all of media, ALL OF MEDIA, whether itís television reporting, or journalism.  They own the whole darn kit and caboodle.  So, it was to do with reporting sustainability and how they all have to get on board and start reporting, you know, "global warming", "global warming", and just keep parroting all this stuff, and "sustainability", "sustainability", too many people, too many people.† And it says:

"The concept of sustainability reporting (SR) is now almost twenty years old. In the run-up to the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, the time has come to review its objectives and achievements, and to decide whether action is needed to improve its effectiveness and uptake."

Alan:  Now what they call that is institutionalizing the terms, the buzzwords, the slogans, into society.  So regardless of the topic you are talking about it will be injected there somewhere.  And thatís what theyíre really talking about there.  So Iíll put that up tonight too.

And getting back to eugenics and the people who love to live off the backs of others.  Richard Dawkins, everybody knows Richard Dawkins whoís gone to great lengths as a sort of evangelist of secular humanism.  And big expense too; mind you, he is funded by big foundations to put posters on buses and things saying "God is Dead", like Nietzsche, etcetera.

            "Slaves at the root of the fortune that created Rickard Dawkinsí family estate"

"The ancestors of Richard Dawkins, the atheist campaigner against superstition, intolerance and suffering, built their fortune using slaves, it has been revealed."

Alan:  Well thatís nothing new because if you look at the family crest youíll see it.  Thereís a little black man with a rope tied round about him.  And it says:

"Now Richard Dawkins, the secularist campaigner, must face an awkward revelation: he is descended from slave owners and his family estate was bought with a fortune partly created by forced labor.  One of his direct ancestors, Henry Dawkins, amassed such wealth that his family owned 1,013 slaves in Jamaica by the time of his death in 1744."

Alan:  But I believe they also had a ship too, to bring them into the Americas.

"The Dawkins family estate, consisting of 400 acres near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, was bought at least in part with wealth amassed through sugar plantation and slave ownership.  Over Norton Park, inherited by Richard Dawkins's father, remains in the family, with the campaigner as a shareholder and director of the associated business."

Alan:  And then it goes through the family history, how they were all into politics, and etcetera, and theyíve always helped shape the direction of British society.  And it goes on about all the wealth they amassed in all the colonies from slave ownership, and selling and trading of slaves.

But at the bottom itís quite interesting, because Iíve got another article on it too, because he had a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte, you see, with a Christian on a Radio 4 debate, with Giles Fraser, formally the canon chancellor of St. Paulís Cathedral.  And the professor says to him, whatís the full name of Charles Darwinís ĎOrigin of Speciesí?  And then when challenged dithered and said, actually Dawkins says oh, oh, ah, this is the guy who is championing Darwin, and he says oh, oh, my God.  He couldnít remember, he actually said oh my God, {Laughs} Thatís no bad for an atheist eh?  So anyway it was quite interesting that he got stumped on that.  But thatís how it is, isnít it?

Now Britainís National Health Service, which is the basis for the American Health Service to be based on basically, because the Rand Corporation said they used the British one as a study group, the one to copy.  And they have been slashing back under austerity plans to basic, basic healthcare.  For years mind you in Britain because you see the United Nations only guarantees for the world, for the whole world, no favorites you see, for the whole world minimal health care.  And they decide what is minimal.  So youíll be entitled to minimal health care.  Thatís what America is going to get.

            "David Cameron has insisted he is "committed" to pushing throughÖ"

Alan:  A new, another reform

"ÖNHS reforms as he came under fire for excluding critics of the legislation from a Downing Street summit."

Alan:  So he had a summit but he excluded even the British Medical Association, and the Nurses Association, all the folk who are working with them.  All those folk were banned from attending.  {Laughs}  Thereís democracy eh, in action, ha-ha-ha.  

"The prime minister accused opponents of peddling "myths" about the impact of the changes as he hailed "constructive and helpful" talks with some of those implementing the changes."

Alan:  So, Iíll put that up tonight too, itís quite interesting.  Now, Britain on purpose has been flooded with massive immigration into an already sinking country with very little employment.  Under the guise of course that, well partly Tony Blairís group wanting them to end the British culture forever.  And Iíd say itís been successful, personally.  And I read the article from the mainstream when his second in command said it, he was told by Blair to do this.  Also the other part too is to keep up a population to pay, because the debt is so high now they need a massive population to pay off the debt.  So I guess you must give them all welfare and hope that you can take so much back and pay off the debt, I donít know how theyíre going to work it out. 

            "500,000 passengers allowed to enter Britain on the Eurostar without border checks"

"Ö between 2007 and 2011,Ö"

Alan:  All the privatization, of these private companies that deal with it all, none of them are really working with each other.  And sometimes months and six months will go by, and they wonít be checking anybody.  I mean itís just astonishing.  Mind you, if theyíre after a certain group in Britain, there is no expense spared to stop it or catch them or whatever.  So this means itís allowed to happen, itís intentional.  Britain will stop something if it wants to.  It doesnít want to stop drugs, like every other country.  Britain is the biggest dispenser of drugs, the British government.  Because theyíve got half the children on Methadone.  {Laughs}  No kidding you.  And then they set off the police to go and raid their houses for other drugs.  Well hereís Methadone, that will stone you forever, but now weíll raid your homes and mock you on television.  They do all these cop shows where they mock the people when they raid their homes.  Oh look at this thing, oh look at that, ha-ha-ha, you know, disgusting, debasing, debasing. 

And eugenics, it says, this is from the Guardian:        

"The skeleton that rattles loudest in the left's closet" by Jonathan Freedland

Alan:  Itís strange, this, because it just came out and I think heís got a book out or something but anyway itís like dťjŗ vu, Iím sure I read this about a year ago.  It says:

"Does the past matter? When confronted by facts that are uncomfortable, but which relate to people long dead, should we put them aside and, to use a phrase very much of our time, move on? And there's a separate, but related, question: how should we treat the otherwise admirable thought or writings of people when we discover that those same people also held views we find repugnant?

Those questions are triggered in part by the early responses to Pantheon, my new novel published this week under the pseudonym Sam Bourne. The book is a thriller, set in the Oxford and Yale of 1940, but it rests on several true stories. Among those is one of the grisliest skeletons in the cupboard of the British intellectual elite, a skeleton that rattles especially loudly inside the closet of the left.

It is eugenics, the belief that society's fate rested on its ability to breed more of the strong and fewer of the weak. So-called positive eugenics meant encouraging those of greater intellectual ability and "moral worth" to have more children, while negative eugenics sought to urge, or even force, those deemed inferior to reproduce less often or not at all."

Alan:  That means by sterilization.  

"The aim was to increase the overall quality of the national herd, multiplying the thoroughbreds and weeding out the runts."

Alan:  And the U.S. was in on it too, and every other country was in on it too.  That was a big thing that came out of Darwinism as well.  Anyway he goes on about:

"Such talk repels us now, but in the prewar era it was the common sense of the age."

Alan:  You see science is God, you see, it must be true, you know, and they have these fads through science all the time. 

"Most alarming, many of its leading advocates were found among the luminaries of the Fabian and socialist left, men and women revered to this day."

Alan:  Iíve been talking about this for years and years and years, and everybody ignored it till now.

"Thus George Bernard Shaw could insist that "the only fundamental and possible socialism is the socialization of the selective breeding of man", even suggesting, in a phrase that chills the blood, that defectives be dealt with by means of a "lethal chamber"."  

Alan:  He actually asked scientists to develop a gas, and I think someone around Hitler heard about it.  Anyway, it says:

"Such thinking was not alien to the great Liberal titan and mastermind of the welfare state, William Beveridge, who argued that those with "general defects" should be denied not only the vote, but "civil freedom and fatherhood". Indeed, a desire to limit the numbers of the inferior was written into modern notions of birth control from the start. That great pioneer of contraception, Marie Stopes Ė honoured with a postage stamp in 2008 Ė was a hardline eugenicist, determined that the "hordes of defectives" be reduced in number, thereby placing less of a burden on "the fit". Stopes later disinherited her son because he had married a short-sighted woman, thereby risking a less-than-perfect grandchild. "  

Alan:  No kidding, they were into that.  If you ever wore glasses that was you {Laughs}, that was you kiddo.  Anyway Iíve got that one there, and it ties into it too, thereís another article as well.  And itís from the Sovereign Independent on this particular story and they go into it in a little bit more detail, etcetera.  And theyíve also put in what Mr. Freedman misses in his article.  Iíll put both of these up tonight for you to peruse.   

And talking about, getting back to Dawkins again, whatís the full title of your hero Darwinís seminal work?  Where he says um, oh, oh God, he says, and he couldnít remember it all and of course it was to do with most favored races.  It was actually "On The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races In The Struggle for Life".  You see Darwin, his job really was, for all his supporters who say no it wasnít, his job was to make you start thinking that there were races that should literally be liquidated.  And they still actually think the same way today by the way.  And Iím not kidding about that.  And Iím talking about the general population now, in a post industrial society.  This article here is: 

            "The Politics of Uncertainty"

            "Green Futures, Forum for the Future"

Alan:  Again Iíll put this up tonight too, where they go on about their governance, governance, governance.  Food costs, unsettling national uprisings, etcetera.† It says:

"These familiar concerns remind us that even long-established governance systems, with rich historic experience to draw from, are increasingly caught unprepared by the rapidly changing social, political and technological realities of our new century."  

Alan:  So Iíll put this up and you can peruse that too.  Itís again governance, governance, governance. 

Now, weíre all going through austerity.  The food is going up by leaps and bounds everywhere, across the States and Canada, across Europe.  Same stuff, especially meat, thatís what they really want to cut you out all together.  And theyíve said that for years, that eventually they want a vegetarian society ultimately.  But thatís for you lot, like not for them.  But Mr. Drummond from Canada, a high chutzpah, has put out his report on:

            "Ontario calls for cutbacks"

Alan:  Itís austerity.

"The Ontario government must curtail its spending with the kind of cuts not seen since the Mike Harris years, according to a report by former TD Bank chief economist Don Drummond."  

Alan:  See bankers run our whole lives, you understand.  That was the intention a long, long time ago, to bring this.  Iíve mentioned this article about Rockefeller so many times where he said that itís far better the world be run by bankers and intelligentsia rather than leave it to the national autodetermination of nations. 

"Released Wednesday, Drummondís report calls for extensive spending reductions and warns that without his recommended belt-tightening, the province will face a crippling $30-billion deficit by 2017.  Drummond warns that failing to follow such severe austerity measures could cause Ontarioís debt, which currently stands at $215 billion, to balloon to more than $411 billion in five years.  To avoid this and balance the books by 2017Ö"

Alan:  Itís amazing.  Itís just like weíre all playthings.  Theyíve got to balance these books if it means stamping you all in and standing on your heads to make you fit it, you know, to balance their books.  Theyíll do it.  They have:

"362 recommendations in his 665-page, two-volume report, which he calls ďa wrenching reduction from the path that spending is now on.Ē  His recommendations include moving more patients away from hospital careÖ"

Alan:  Same as Britain.  You see they all do the same stuff.  Itís a world initiative folks, itís a world initiative. 

to cheaper forms of health care. He also calls for increases in school class sizes, tighter controls over public-sector wages and moves to curtail the underground economy."

Alan:  They always stop the underground economy.

"He said the moves are ďnecessary if Ontario is to escape its recent history of rising public debt that forces the government to spend more than it should on interest payments.Ē "

Alan:  You know the governments, even the provincial governments, are still giving money away abroad.  Your local government is doing it; sometimes your councils are doing it, under redistribution of wealth, and the provinces are doing it and the feds are doing it.  Well donít you help yourselves and stop giving it away when youíre broke?  And if youíve got that much debt I would say youíre broke.  But of course weíve got to go through with the redistribution of wealth the world over, according to Marx, right?  And the bankers do love Marx.   

            "He admits the cuts will be painful."

"The government will have to cut program spending more deeply on a real per capita basis and over a much longer period of time than the Harris government did in the 1990s"

Alan:  So, back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíll go to Mike from Iowa if heís there on the line.  Hello Mike.  

Mike:  Hello Mr. Watt.  Thank you for taking my call.  I really appreciate your show.  Basically if I could ask is, you address a lot of things through a larger sense of talking about them, the organizations and all of that, like a macro sort of thing.  And I wonder what you think of a micro approach.  And by micro I donít mean like something youíd see in a microscope, I mean smaller than that.  This gets into a kind of I guess you would call it a philosophy, of that which is smaller than the current notion of reality and how that might be expressed through sub-atomic things.

Alan:  Yeah, but how would you implement it though?  Youíre talking about really going after the big organizations on a micro level by using a differentÖ

Mike:  Right, how they might be expressed, how you could understand them in terms of something much deeper, thatís a part of reality. 

Alan:  Well there is definitely a lot more than what they put out there.  Thereís a deeper philosophy that they have behind it for sure, itís a very old philosophy too. 

Mike:  Oh yeah it goes back a long way.

Alan:  Yes.  So youíre quite right there if you understand that; however, even understanding it in any kind of argument regardless of the size of the sides, I donít think it would achieve much at all because these guys are resolute. You understand theyíve made their careers, theyíve vowed to take these on as careers, these particular attitudes and agendas.  And so they owe their whole career and their standard of living and their status to belonging to organizations which are dedicated to this, so theyíre not going to change their minds because you point out realities or truths to them or even try to shame them into it by exposing what you know about them. 

Mike:  Iím really not trying to address that.  Iím actually talking about literally sub-atomic, almost the whole notion of a, I hate to say it because it sounds goofy but, universes within charge clusters, that notion, how they would express themselves in a larger reality.

Alan:  Yeah, part of that, youíve got to understand too, I mean there are certain truths in everything, even a thought has a power, but when you go into the sort of unified field theories, things like that, youíre into part mystical, part you know.† It doesnít quite work that way.  Also when you look at the society that you are trying to wake up and help, most of them wouldnít understand what you were doing.  They donít even understand really whatís going on, on a higher level to them.  Because even their behavior is dictated to them too, their culture is given to them and constantly changing as well.  So to get them on board too, to get even enough of that, I donít think it would matter.  Ultimately in this world of history, I know what youíre talking about, but ultimately in this world where we read our history, they use total force ultimately, power and brutal force if need be to get their way.  At the moment they spend billions of our dollars to indoctrinate us, so that we donít put our heads up and say whatís outside there in the big world.  I know where youíre going but I think itís a power thing and thatís the history of the world, itís generally mass slaughter and rule by a small elite and weíre at that stage today when we look at the incredible militaries that are built up to be internal and external and to work in unison against any rogue nation, as you would become if you did manage to dispel those from the top who plan to take us all down.  Thanks for calling.  And for Zachary from Maine maybe you could call tomorrow.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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