Feb 24th, 2012 (#1030)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb 24th, 2012:

On Wisdom Dote on Whether to Vote:

"Democracy, The Masses' Sleeping Pill,
Promises to Solve Each Social Ill,
Never have Such Speeches Been Made
By Establishment Fronts and the Well-Paid,
We Live in Doublethink of Hell & Bliss,
Future Utopias versus What Really Is,
Orators are Rolled Out for System's Election,
Often Using Old Scripts which Evade Detection,
The System's Goal is Fearsome, Neurotic,
May Give Peace or Gruesome War Chaotic,
With Taxes and Firstborn We Appease
This Insatiable Monster, Down on Knees,
With Flags Bedecked He Puts on the Show,
Teeth Chatter, Knees Knock Down Below,
Deity Likes Con-men, He has Oft Supped
With Exploiters of Humanity, Mean and Corrupt,
Yet, He's Wrapped in the Flag, the People Dote,
So They'll Suffer More Years After They Vote"
© Alan Watt Feb 24th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Feb 24th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of February, 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of free audios for download, and hopefully, you’ll start to understand the system in which you’ve been born into, a system designed by experts, again, these experts are just everywhere.  Always have been, by the way, and how about a hundred years ago or so, a group got together.  I’m sure they already ran the old age and they’re into the New Age now, but they planned to take over the world’s resources, and bring in a planned society, the way it should be run, you see.  The way that life should be run for everyone.  With lots of experts running us from cradle to grave, and meanwhile, they would take over the resources of the whole planet themselves, not to redistribute it equally or anything like that, but simply the better people should be in charge of ownership, and not the fuzzy types down below.  And that’s literally what it is.  And the mainstream media covers for them, because they belong to the same organizations.  They’re owned by the same big organizations and foundations that own the nongovernmental organizations, and all these armies and armies of protestors that can be drummed up to go anywhere across the world at a moment’s notice. 


So, we’re run really by proxy in a sense, at least the way it seems to be right now.  We’re living in a strange transition period as it’s called.  And they actually call it the Great Transition.  This is the transition period where we’re getting trained to go into the new system which is vastly different from the old system, under guises of global warming or cooling or climate change or resources scarcity.  That type of thing.  That’s how they’re doing it now.  And they’re training the children in school, so they’ll grow up thinking it’s all quite natural to own nothing, to live in Agenda 21’s little rent-a-shack places, where there’s no personal property, no private property, and no private cars.  Essential vehicles only.  And we all get down at mid-day, every day, and worship the Jolly Green Giant.  Basically, that’s what you’re getting brought up into.  So, that’s what the wars are all about and everything else is all about.


So, as I say, help yourself to the audios.  There’s lots of them there.  There’s also transcripts on all the sites listed on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, for print-up.  And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.  And you can support me now by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I don’t push politics, because, believe you me, if politics works, you’d never be in the mess you’re in now.  Never would have been.  Politics is owned by the one system at the top.  Always has been.  We have never had democracy.  Never.  So, you can buy the books and discs, as I say.  From the US and Canada, you can use a personal check.   You can use an international postal money order.  You can use PayPal.  Some people just send cash.  And across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and once again, PayPal.


What I try and do is simply go through the histories of the big organizations that blossomed openly in the 1800s, and then right through into the 20th century, and they published lots of their plans, especially the members who partook of the international meetings that they had and still have across the whole world.  Almost every week there’s some international organization having a meeting, under the auspices of the United Nations.  And they’re quite open about where they want to take the world.  And so, everything else is really fluff.  All, everything else in mainstream is simply distraction, especially emotional distraction.  If they can get you into an emotive argument over something, you can’t think logically.  You can’t keep your head and think through it, and think, why are they doing this?  What do they gain?  That’s what you always have to ask yourself, and always try and keep cool and become detached.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s amazing, this big system that’s been around for such a long time.  We grow up in it, and we expect, of course, for some strange reason, that media will tell us the truth about the big things that we should really know about, because they matter so much, but media doesn’t do that.  And I’ve gone through some articles in the past, where certain journalists themselves, who had contracts to big newscasters, were not allowed to air their stuff, because it was too revealing.  One of them was about Monsanto, apparently, I think it was.  And I think it was Fox News.  They’d taken on a team of journalists, signed a contract, and then they didn’t allow them to show any of their stuff.  So, the team went all the way to the Supreme Court of the US, and the judge ruled that the news doesn’t have to tell the truth.  It’s nothing about telling the truth, in fact.  It’s just data.  Most of it’s propaganda.  There’s no law written anywhere that newscasters must tell the public the truth.  And that ties in, of course, exactly with what Brzezinski talked about, a long time ago.  He said that shortly the public will be unable to think for themselves or reason for themselves.  He says, the time is coming.  It was actually there then, but he says, the time is coming when they’ll expect the media, especially television media, to do their reasoning for them as well.  And of course, they don’t do that.  Well, they will do reasoning.  They’ll bring you to the conclusions that their masters want you to arrive at.  It’s done very simply, generally by omitting half of the story.  Here’s the other side of the story, you see.  You never get the other side of the story.


So, we’ve been brought down to a very primitive level of what you call news making.  And unfortunately we’ve forgotten, our grandparents didn’t forget that newspapers and newscasters were owned by big corporations and you could never trust them.  But they took a generation to drive that out of us, thinking they’re all nice people, you see.  And people really do believe that now.  In fact, they’re so naïve now, they would wonder why the media would want to lie to you.  That’s how naïve they are.  Big, massive multi-billionaire corporations would lie to you.  Why would they want to do that?  I wonder.  But we’re ruled, very, very well, by a system, a system established a long time ago.  And this system, as I say, knew darn well that they’d have revolutions every four or five or six years, if they didn’t come up with a new system to fool the public.  And they called it democracy, you see. 


Democracy by the way, is never a static thing.  It’s not written in stone, and that’s it.  It’s elastic.  And, every few years, they’ll reinterpret in university levels, they’ll reinterpret what democracy is, an elastic band, you see.  And they’re still doing it today.  So, the only right in a democracy is to elect someone.  That came out in Canadian courts, by the way, when someone, in a local government, took a councilor to task, because he went against all the promises he’d made, and he did things to the detriment of the public.  And so, this fellow took him to court, and same thing happened.  It’s happened elsewhere.  That, basically, the judge says, the only, the only thing that a citizen has to do, and has a right to do, is vote someone in.  After that, it’s up to the person who’s voted in, whatever they do, they can do whatever they want.  That’s democracy for you.


And therefore, it’s been a very easy game to play on the public.  We hear lots of beautiful, wonderful speeches, and if any of them, from any one over the half century had ever come true, we’d be living pretty well today.  So they talk good, good talk, but they don’t walk, as I say.  And it never comes into fruition.  We’re kept in the dark, most of the time, because, you see, masters in all ages, from thousands of years to the present want a passive, an ignorant population.  You can prattle off the whole dictionary in a conversation, and yet still be ignorant of what’s really going on.  And you think you’re educated.  Lots of tricks to this, you see.


Another part of you too, not being a psychopathic type yourself, hopefully, you can’t imagine people being so nasty and mean-spirited as to get together in clubs, let’s call them clubs or big meetings, and scheme up unpleasant things to do to you, including bankrupting you along with the rest of the nation, when required, or simply putting you down as cannon fodder for the next hundred years of war.  You can’t imagine anyone doing that.  Therefore, no one, you think, can do that.  Oh, but they do.  They really, really do.  I’ve gone through the histories, especially in the US, of the real histories of the US.  Not the stuff you get in Hollywood, where everyone apparently was a cowboy, but the real histories was a takeoff from Europe.  In Europe, across Europe, in the 1800s especially, you had factory towns all over the place.  Most housing for the people, and that was the majority of housing, was privately owned.  High, extortionate rates for little rooms, where you’re crowded into.  Factory towns owned everything. And of course, anybody who talked about a strike was literally hunted down and often hung.


I remember the last one in Scotland was in the early 1900s, who thought about getting a union together, were actually hunted, all over the country.  That shows you the lengths they go to warn the rest not to do it.  And they hung them publicly in a place, I think it was called Sterling.  It was the same in the US.  The same in the US.  And the US factory towns gave you just enough money, just like a fixed society where everything is rigged.  And in Britain, believe you me, it was like this too.  Where the money that you earned would be gone into the company store, just to feed your family and pay your rent.  So, it all went around in a circle, back to the boss.  And you couldn’t get enough money to save up and move out of an area, if you were in a mining town, for instance.  And you were stuck there, basically.  16 hour shifts sometimes.  And no days off.  It doesn’t matter how many years you’d worked there.  There was no holiday days for you.  And no sick pays.  Nothing like that.  And that went right up until the 1970s, by the way, in the US, across different places, for those who don’t know it.


And, whenever there was trouble, of course, the boss man would get all his Masonic pals together that owned the towns, etc, and all the cops would be on board with him as well.  And that shows you right there and then who they serve.  The taxpayer pays for it all.  The taxpayer is the guy who’s going to get the bash on the head with the big stick or shot by the very guys that he’s paying the salaries of.  So, that’s the real history of not just America, and Canada too, they had strike breakers here too, but also across the whole of Europe. 


And so, they came in with this gentler, kinder type of system, first in Europe.  It was last to go in America, but first in Europe, and they kept drumming it up about democracy and people’s rights.  And gradually it kind of faded away, not out of reality, but out of our everyday sight.  And that’s how it was really, really done.


I mentioned a movie before, people should see, it’s called Matewan.  A very good movie about actual events that happened when people went on strike in a mining town, in the USA, and how the strikebreakers came in with the orders just to gun them all down, while the sheriffs all looked the other way.  That was the idea of it.  And then, that one Harlan USA.  It’s a very good documentary.  It goes into the 1970s strikes in a mining town in Kentucky, and how, again, there’s all the cops on the side of the bosses.  And there’s these guys, who didn’t even have running water, by the way, by this time, in their homes.  In the 1970s, America.  It’s just astonishing.  But Hollywood has given a great counter to that.  As I say, everyone was a cowboy apparently and singing Roy Rogers songs.


We’ve never, ever, ever had a freedom.  There’s always been an elite, and it’s been well written about by people who were part of that elite.  Lord Bertrand Russell is an excellent source to start, because he was about the 3rd or 4th Earl of something or other.  His predecessors all had worked for the British government in high capacity.  And he talked about this new scientific tyranny they’d bring in.  That’s what he wanted.  He says, a scientific tyranny where experts rule us from cradle to grave.  That will keep the people quiet and happy and in their places, basically.  And he went through it to a lot of extent.  A lot of them also went into the Socialist Party, because they were all onboard with this agenda.  They were getting funded by the banks, the same as everybody else was.  And their idea was to bring out the perfect society, but gradually killing off all the useless eaters, as they call them, that’s the term they use, over a specific period of time.  And people like Russell mentioned the food, using poisons in the food for sterilization, and reducing life expectancy.  He said also the water supply.  We could add things to the water supply.  Have a good look and ask your local council what’s in your water.  And get it in writing, by the way.  Get a print-out.  And also the needle.  They would use the needle, you see.  Inoculations.  To make sure we weren’t just too smart for our own good, basically. 


This is a war, that’s been fought for an awful, awful long time, those who have power and those who don’t.  It’s been going on for thousands of years.  There’s nothing new in it.  Plato himself wrote quite extensively about authority and obedience to authority, and how the state authorized all cultural changes from the top down.  Not from the bottom up.  Because, if it was from the bottom up, it would belong to the people, and it might have unforeseen circumstances.  So, you always, your fashions, everything, your stage plays were all sanctioned from the top down, just like today.  All the filth you’re watching on television is from the top down, because they want a degenerate society right now.  And they’ve got it by the way.  They’ve got it.  Degenerate.  By design. 


We’ve never had a time really when we’ve not been spied upon.  Even before the computer, I’ve gone into some of Jacques Ellul’s exposés on how government worked and managed the cities and the public.  In the 1950s they had thousands of spies, 5,000 alone just in the inner City of London, full-time spies who went around bars and coffee shops listening to gossip.  And it was the same everywhere else.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about reality.  Reality.  We actually don’t like reality too much, because it’s not too pleasant, really.  We like happy endings, and we like nice smiling faces on the news shows.  And, I don’t know why they all shout now.  Have you noticed that?  All the newscasters kind of yell, like they do with the entertainment women that come up there.  And they yell. They’ve got 200 amps sitting behind them in amplifying power, but they’ve got to yell.  You know, you could whisper through that and hear them perfectly clearly, but they’ve got to yell.  This is the new way of getting through to you.  It’s also a form, almost, of talking down to you like you’re a child, in a sense, or you’re half deaf.  Anyway, these are not by mistake.  All these things are thought up by psychologists to grab your attention and to put you into almost a subversive mode, or subservient mode I should say, you should be subversive but you’re into a subservient mode to listen to them.  Because, when people yell at you, you generally buckle down.  And everything is done by design.  Nothing is missed.


As I say, Ellul mentioned this too, about all the spies throughout Britain, and he said, all the first world countries.  And they’ve had them all since the 50s, with Cardex systems, the old card systems that were on a sort of wheel.  And every one had a spy in your street.  All along.  Who would talk to the cops and just give them the gossip.  And it was the gossip that they built up their cases on, you see.  And everyone was being monitored then, because, you see, government is very, very worried about you.  Are you happy being a nobody and talking nonsense?  Or, are you maybe becoming a somebody, because you’re thinking to yourself, and your brain is working, and you can communicate to others?  Then you’re a problem.  And Bertrand Russell said that very thing, that those people who they couldn’t take under their wing and recruit into the higher level, if they were willing to leave their parents and their whole class behind him, he said, those who wouldn’t do it would have to be eliminated, he said.  Bumped off.  That’s how much, that’s how seriously they take it all at the top.  It’s never changed. 


And, as I say too, you’ve got to see Matewan.  I’ll say that again.  Plus, Harlan County USA.  And it’s a 1976 documentary, to show you how the US really was.  And it was like that pretty well across a whole lot of the country, these factory towns.  The Rockefellers had lots of them too.  They all did.  And you were basically a slave in your own, it wasn’t even your own home I suppose.  You were renting it.  But the people stood up, and many of them died for it, by the way, because strikebreakers came in with guns in their hip pockets.  You can actually see them coming in, that.  And the cops standing and looking the other way, in case any shooting started against the poor peasants.  And that’s the way it’s always, always been, in reality. 


So, here’s an article here about:


Big Brother Returns to Orwell's England


(Alan: Well, I would say that actually it’s the wrong title.  He’s always been there.  It says:)


It seems the U.S. government is not the only one sporting a Big Brother demeanor. The British government is now revisiting previously considered plans to create databases that would enable spy agencies to monitor emails, phone calls, and text messages as well as websites visited by everyone in the United Kingdom.


(A: In other words, you see, they never stop what they’re doing, even if they pretend that they have.)


Entitled the Communications Capabilities Development Programme (CCDP),


(A: Which gives it, the sky’s the limit there, eh?)


the scheme would be set up under anti-terrorism laws, in much the same way the PATRIOT Act functions in the United States. UK officials contend that its goal is to closely monitor suspects before the 2012 London Olympics in July.


(A: Why not scrap the Olympics, because there’s very few folk that watch them now anyway?  And it costs so much money. They’ve never made a profit for anybody, except the guys at the very, very top.  The rest of the public have to pay it off for years, all the debt that’s left.  Anyway:)


The proposal — conceived by MI5 (Military Intelligence 5, a government agency dealing with domestic threats), MI6 (which combats overseas threats), and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) — could be announced as early as May. Those agencies would be given access to records kept by companies such as Vodafone and British Telecom. British spy agencies would be permitted not only to evaluate all communications exchanged, but also to match Internet browsing histories to IP addresses.


(A: This is the same thing they’ve rolled out across the whole darn world.)


Under the plan, communications networks would be required to store the data for a full year.


(A: They said that years ago too.  They were doing it then.)


The proposal includes even social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter,


(A: Which are all part of the NSA.  I added that part in, because it’s true.)


as well as gaming sites.


For the first time, the security services will have widespread access to information about who has been communicating with each other on social networking sites such as Facebook.


Direct messages between subscribers to websites such as Twitter would also be stored, as well as communications between players in online video games.


Naturally such a proposal has drawn the ire of freedom-lovers in England. Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, a civil liberties campaign organization, declared, “This would be a systematic effort to spy on all of our digital communications. No state in history has been able to gather the level of information proposed — it’s a way of collecting everything about who we talk to just in case something turns up.”


(A: Well, they’ve been doing this folks for years.  I’ve read articles here where they’ve been doing it.  They actually give them from the internet providers.  They hand this stuff to universities.  They’ve been studying all your emails and who you talk to, and doing your cluster groups, they call them, for the last five, ten year.)


Gus Hosein, of Privacy International, pointed out,

This will be ripe for hacking. Every hacker, every malicious threat, every foreign government is going to want access to this. And if communications providers have a government mandate to start collecting this information they will be incredibly tempted to start monitoring this data themselves so they can compete with Google and Facebook.


No.  Google and Facebook belong to them too.  It’s all part of international security.  It’s not made up by little guys at university that’s handed about ten, fifteen, twenty million dollars to start it up with.  Are you kidding?  Rags to riches?  Good story.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about Big Brother.  You know, it’s always been here.  Big Brother, and Son of Big Brother, and so on, and so on.  And it says here:


The Open Rights Group is now circulating an online petition against the controversial program, calling it “pointless,” “expensive,” and “illegal.” The petition explains, “This Kafka-esque 'Intercept Modernisation Plan,' was stopped near the end of the last government, but was quietly revived in the 2010 Spending Review


(A: It’s amazing how they slip it in somewhere else.  They always do.  They never, ever stop what they want to do, do they?  Never, ever.  So they slipped it in:)


as the 'Communications Capabilities Development Programme.' Now, closed-door discussions have been revealed: legislation will be proposed in May.”


Those who sign the petition


(A: And the link is on this one I’ll put up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com)


are putting their name to the following statement: “I do not want the government to try to intercept every UK email, Facebook account and online communication. It would be pointless — as it will be easy for criminals to encrypt and evade — and expensive. It would also be illegal: mass surveillance would be a breach of our fundamental right to privacy.


(A: Do we actually have that?  Who told you that?)


Please cancel the Communications Capabilities Development Plan.”


(A: I’d drop the please out of that.)


As alluded to earlier, this is not the first time the British government has considered such an extreme proposal. In 2008, the government announced its intent to launch a massive central database that would have gathered information on every text, email, and phone call circulated in the United Kingdom, as well as every website visited.


(A: Well, they’ve been doing all that, all along.  See, they don’t need a bill for that.  They do it regardless.  You do know that.  It’s even in the movies.)


That plan, called the “Interception Modernisation Programme,” would have permitted the GCHQ, where the Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) functions, to place a “live tap” on every electronic communication in Britain under the guise of preventing terrorism.


(A: And so, here they are back with the same darn thing again.  And this does go on into other parts of it too.  It says:)


The London Times and The Register then exposed details of a secret mass Internet surveillance project known as “Mastering the Internet” (MTI). That costly system was enacted by the GCHQ with the help of the American global aerospace, defense and technology firm Lockheed Martin,


(A: Lockheed Martin, you see, is one of your new feudal overlords.  Big military-industrial contractor, but also does all your censuses, by the way, for your governments, the census.  They do that too.  And they also put stuff over to India, to get done there.  Even, I think they even deal now with your tax returns as well.  They put them over to India.  That’s Lockheed Martin.  They’re very diversified, from guys who came into the big time by bombing people across the planet, which they still do.)


and the British IT company Detica. Lockheed Martin was reported to have made £200M from the deal.


(A: Not bad, eh, at the top.  It says:)


According to The Register, “The system — uncovered today by The Register and The Sunday Times — is being installed under a GCHQ project called Mastering the Internet (MTI). It will include thousands of deep packet inspection probes inside communications providers' networks, as well as massive computing power at the intelligence agency's Cheltenham base, ‘the concrete doughnut’.”


They call it.  So, anyway, for those that want to continue with the net, you should do something about it, or at least prepare to get off it, because that’s where I think lots of us are actually intending to go, alternate means of communication, because, people really, it’s like the phone.  It’s like the phones.  I get people phoning me, and they will sometimes say things that they shouldn’t say.  And I have to remind them, and really remind them, do you understand, there’s a third ear on every phone call.  They can’t help themselves.  They keep forgetting it.  You understand, if something is technically unobtrusive, and they’ve done lots of studies to do this unobtrusiveness.  For instance, elderly folk have had these cameras placed inside their homes to watch them, everywhere you go.  They’re little fisheye cameras.  You don’t see where they are.  And so, because you can’t see them, it’s unobtrusive, and you forget they’re there.  It’s the same thing with monitoring you, or on the phone.  You don’t hear the third person, generally, except in the early days, you used to hear them coughing, when they were listening to your phone calls, but nowadays it’s very quiet.  It’s silent, but they’re still monitoring and keeping all those phone calls.  So, use your heads.  Use your heads.  You’ve got to start using your heads.  And most folk have not.  They’ve forgotten it, because it’s unobtrusive. 


Now, another big part of the plan, of course, they talked about years ago, back in the 30s, in fact, 40s and 50s.  Even Julian Huxley talked about it.  He was all for it.  Aldous Huxley, the brother was all for it too, and he even put it in Brave New World.  And Bertrand Russell was all for it.  Many of the big players, right to the present time were all for bringing Pharma into drugging children.  For the peace, you see.  Peace of the World.  And also they wanted to drug those with the potential abilities to have leadership qualities.  And this article says:


Would We Have Drugged Up Einstein? How Anti-Authoritarianism Is Deemed a Mental Health Problem


We are increasingly marketing drugs that essentially "cure" anti-authoritarians.


In my career as a psychologist, I have talked with hundreds of people previously diagnosed by other professionals with oppositional defiant disorder,


(A: This is this new BS they’ve put out there.)


attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety disorder and other psychiatric illnesses, and I am struck by 1) how many of those diagnosed are essentially anti-authoritarians; and 2) how those professionals who have diagnosed them are not. 


(A: And he explains this.  It’s really interesting.  Something I’ve always known, mind you.)


Anti-authoritarians question whether an authority is a legitimate one before taking that authority seriously. Evaluating the legitimacy of authorities includes assessing whether or not authorities actually know what they are talking about, are honest, and care about those people who are respecting their authority. And when anti-authoritarians assess an authority to be illegitimate, they challenge and resist that authority—sometimes aggressively and sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes wisely and sometimes not. 


Some activists lament how few anti-authoritarians there appear to be in the United States. One reason could be that many natural anti-authoritarians are now psychopathologized and medicated before they achieve political consciousness of society’s most oppressive authorities. 


(A: They’re drugged, at school, mainly young boys.  And it says:)


Why Mental Health Professionals Diagnose Anti-Authoritarians with Mental Illness


(A: He goes on to say:)


Gaining acceptance into graduate school


(A: This is very important.  It’s across the world, the same system.)


or medical school and achieving a PhD or MD and becoming a psychologist or psychiatrist means jumping through many hoops, all of which require much behavioral and attentional compliance with authorities, even those authorities one lacks respect for.


The selection and socialization of mental health professionals tends to breed out many anti-authoritarians.


(A: All you get are those that are on board, generally with a lot of problems themselves.  They’re, you know, straight back and all the rest of it.  They’re just control freaks.  In other words, I’ve been good, so why aren’t you.  That’s their attitude.  And good to them means obey, and obeying those above them.  Obedience.  Obedience is very important.)


Degrees and credentials are primarily badges of compliance.


(A: That’s why you get them.  You understand, when you come out of school with a degree or certificate from school leaving, that’s really your official stamp that you’re now dumbed down enough to work in their system, and you’re compliant.  That’s what it is.  So:)


Degrees and credentials are primarily badges of compliance. Those with extended schooling have lived for many years in a world where one routinely conforms to the demands of authorities. Thus for many MDs and PhDs, people different from them who reject this attentional and behavioral compliance appear to be from another world—a diagnosable one.


I have found that most psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are not only extraordinarily compliant with authorities but also unaware of the magnitude of their obedience.


(A: You can put this into police too.  You know, go and shoot those people.  Okay.  It’s the same thing.  Same in the military.  Same techniques are used.  And to get up the ranks and to stay in it, and to get more little stickers, and you know, more little papers to put on your wall, the more obedient you become.  You become basically institutionalized into the system.  And he says:)


And it also has become clear to me that the anti-authoritarianism of their patients creates enormous anxiety for these professionals, and their anxiety fuels diagnoses and treatments. 


In graduate school, I discovered that all it took to be labeled as having “issues with authority” was not kissing up to a director of clinical training whose personality was a combination of Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and Howard Cosell. When I was told by some faculty that I had “issues with authority,” I had mixed feelings about being so labeled. On the one hand, I found it amusing, because among the working-class children I had grown up with, I was considered relatively compliant with authorities. After all, I had done my homework, studied and received good grades. However, while my new “issues with authority” label made me grin because I was now being seen as a “bad boy,” I was also concerned about just what kind of profession I had entered. Specifically, if somebody such as myself was labeled as having “issues with authority,” what were they calling the children I grew up with who paid attention to many things that they cared about but didn’t care enough about school to comply there? Well, the answer soon became clear. 


Mental Illness Diagnoses for Anti-Authoritarians


A 2009 Psychiatric Times article titled “ADHD & ODD: Confronting the Challenges of Disruptive Behavior” reports that “disruptive disorders,” which include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and opposition defiant disorder (ODD), are the most common mental health problem of children and teenagers. ADHD is defined by poor attention and distractibility, poor self-control and impulsivity, and hyperactivity. ODD


(A: Is not part of the Odd Fellows by the way, although maybe later in life they join them.)


ODD is defined as a “a pattern of negativistic, hostile, and defiant behavior without the more serious violations of the basic rights of others that are seen in conduct disorder”; and ODD symptoms include “often actively defies or refuses to comply with adult requests or rules” and “often argues with adults.”


So, I’ll put this link up tonight too.  There’s three pages all together.  And it’s quite a good article, because, you see, you don’t realize, as you go through life, you’ve been trained into compliance.  In the military you get it.  You get more little bits of metal to wear there, and more little colored ribbons.  And that tells you you’ve been a good, good boy, you know.  You take orders and you fulfill them, and you don’t talk back.  Same in the police, because they’re authoritarian organizations that are used on the public.  You’ll find it through institutions of all kinds, and definitely through academia, where they give you a nice little honorary this or honorary that, to stick on your wall, as I say, as long as you’ve played the game and you haven’t been too oppositional to anything that they discuss or talk about.  That’s how you’re graded. 


School, you see, goes through its own quality control system, just like a conveyor belt, bricks in a wall.  You’re bricks in a wall.  That’s what you are.  And they just stamp it on you.  That’s what a leaving certificate is.  You’re approved.  You’re approved by the quality control inspectors.  You’re now dumb enough and compliant enough, and you’re obedient enough to work in their system for peanuts.  That’s it.


And, in the States, as they’re cutting back everywhere of course now too, there’s another 27,000 job cuts going in the postal service plans.  And it says, at the Ewell Post Office on Aug. 22, 2011 on Smith Island, Maryland. blah, blah, blah.


The U.S. Postal Service, which predicts an annual loss of $18.2 billion by 2015, plans to eliminate 5.4 percent of its workforce by closing almost half its mail-processing facilities to decrease costs.


The service plans to shut 223 of its 461 mail-processing plants by February 2013, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in a telephone interview today. The closings will cut about 35,000 jobs, said David Partenheimer, a spokesman.


The service is shutting post offices and seeking congressional approval to end Saturday mail delivery as more people use the Internet to correspond and pay bills. Mail volume fell 6 percent in the quarter ended Dec. 31 and may drop 14 percent by 2016, led by declines in first-class mail, the most profitable, the Washington-based service said this month.


(A: What they want to do too, is privatize everything.  And sure enough, it’s on the same article, FedEx and UPS.  Because, it says:)


The changes probably won’t affect United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. (FDX) much because of differences in delivery schedules and prices,


(A: They’re going to privatize everything, you understand.  Everything.  And you understand that FedEx and especially, for sure, UPS for instance, they’re given some sort of strange legality by the government to open everything that they carry, and stamp it for customs.  They themselves are allowed that.  So, it’s like partly government.  It’s this strange private/public combination, when they have the authority to do that.  Anyway, they claim:)


The closings will save the service about $2.5 billion a year....


And it’s pretty sad, as I say, there’s an awful, awful lot more going to lose their jobs in that too, as the only other alternate means of communication is taken away from you.  Mind you, there’s always what the Indians did, and you can use smoke signals.  That’s what we’ll be reduced to eventually, and all you’ll have to do then is watch the drones flying around looking for carbon and coming down and zapping you. 


Another article too is called:


Global warming’s desperate caper


For believers in a science that supposedly is “settled,” global-warming advocates are awfully concerned about the need to silence dissent. Last week, the ethics chairman for the American Geophysical Union resigned in disgrace over his role in a black-bag job meant to intimidate the Heartland Institute, one of the most effective voices questioning the anti-carbon-dioxide orthodoxy.


On Monday, climate scientist Peter H. Gleick confessed that he stole the identity of a Heartland staffer in order to obtain confidential financial files detailing the private group’s finances. Mr. Gleick then spread those papers around to various global-warming blogs, intending to discredit the group’s work as if it were bought and paid for by big oil companies.


(A: Basically.  And ain’t that the truth too.)


That particular line of attack is especially pathetic. According to Heartland’s publicly available Internal Revenue Service filings, its budget is about $6 million. The institute works on education, health care, telecommunication and other issues, with only about a quarter of its funds devoted to the environment. Let’s compare that to the other side. According to the Government Accountability Office, U.S. taxpayers forked over $26.1 billion to bankroll climate-change programs in President Obama’s stimulus bill alone. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The European Union also spent $9.5 billion on climate-change financing, and the United Nations chips in as well.


(A: And, of course, the United Nations lives on your tax dollars as well.  So, it says:)


The voices shouting that “the sky is falling” are rewarded with Nobel Prizes, Oscars, research grants, loans and subsidies that essentially are without limit. Compared to this level of support, Heartland couldn’t be more of an underdog, but its bark has the climate billionaires on the run.


The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) went so far as to imply that Heartland’s devastating critiques drove Mr. Gleick to commit his crime. “It’s unfortunate that the bitter, personal attacks on his colleagues and their work contributed to what he called a lapse of his own personal judgment and ethics,”....


So, everyone is getting in on the act, pros and cons. 


Now, it says here, this is from India, but it’s about China and Britain.  And it says:


Jaguars and Land Rovers


(A: These are the biggies in Britain, are now:)


to be Built in China.


India's top vehicle maker Tata Motors


(A: I hope it doesn’t mean tatters.)


has selected a partner to build an assembly plant for its luxury British car brands Jaguar and Land Rover in China, a senior executive said on Tuesday.


"We are waiting for the necessary regulatory approvals,"....


And he wouldn’t say much more about it, except that they’re definitely going to make them there.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about how wonderful it is now that Jaguar and Land Rover companies will be made over in India and China, etc.  And it said that:


Tata Motors, which also makes the world's cheapest car, the Nano, bought Jaguar and Land Rover from US Ford Motor Co in 2008 for $2.3 billion as part of its plans to expand beyond Asia.


(A: Wonderful too that India and China still is getting most favored trading nation status, where they can burn all their fossil fuels and pay them peanuts for the workers and all that kind of stuff as well.  And we help to fund that.  We’re still funding these companies that moved over there.  We’re still funding them today with our tax money.  And you’re still talking about politics at home, eh?)


Ramakrishnan said Tata Motors plans to double its investments in JLR to 1.5 billion pounds a year, starting in the new financial year, to help launch new products and technologies.


In recent years India and China have emerged as key markets for global automakers, as car sales in most developed countries have slumped due to economic turmoil.


(A: It’s amazing, through all this turmoil, we can still fund these Third World countries.  We still call them Third World Countries, as we pump billions and billions and trillions of dollars into them, via the World Trade Organization and all the treaties that we’ve signed with them.)


Government stimulus packages in both Asian nations, along with cheap financing and new model launches, have helped drive demand among increasingly well-off consumers.


So, if you can get on abroad, it’s a good idea to emigrate to one of these countries, because at least they’ll have some stability for the next twenty to fifty years.  Who knows.  And, also, I was going to put up:


How to Prevent YouTube from Keeping a Record of The Videos You Watch


(A: Now, I don’t really put faith in these things because I understand, whatever they tell you at the top, is always lying.  They’ll always keep a whole bunch of your stuff, all your records on everything, even when they say they’ll delete it.  They delete nothing.  But it talks about how to, I’ll put this link up tonight to show you how to do it, if you want to go in, because in March, apparently, they’re going to keep all your histories, etc.  They’ve already been doing it, as I said, and probably will continue to do it, but for those who want to try it, it’s up to you.  It says:)


First, click on "Pause search history" which will disable the video search logging

Then, in the menu on the left, click "History" and then the button at the top, "Pause viewing history" to disable the recording of the videos you view on YouTube


(A: Problem is, you’ve got to sign on to YouTube to do it all. Which is another contract in itself, isn’t it?  It says:)


If ever you want to go back to having a log of the videos you've watched or searched for on YouTube back, you can click the resume buttons.


But that’s up to you.  Personally, I think there’s no point.  They’ve got all this stuff on you, and they don’t care at that level about legalities.  They never have.  Their top bosses just say, make sure you’re watching everybody, and they do.  That’s how things are done at the top.  They don’t bother themselves with laws at the top.  They don’t bother themselves with any laws at all.  I’ll put this link up tonight, for those who do want to try it, if they want to try it, and maybe give me some feedback on how you get on with it.  It’s just disgusting what we’re going through.  To be expected, of course.  It had to come.  And as I say, they’ve been monitoring and recording us from your first personal computer.  It’s personal.  And they give you all that guff that they gave you about, oh, your personal firewall.  It’s all yours and it’s secure and yadda, yadda, yah.  And then you find out in ’95, the government issued that all computers, all devices electronic must have back doors built into them, by law.  In Canada, the States, and elsewhere.  1995.  So that government can get in any time they want.  That’s how you rule.  It’s called power.  You’ve got the power to do it.


Anyway, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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