Feb 29th, 2012 (#1033)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Feb 29th, 2012:

Transitional Utopias for the Dope-in-Us:

"For Transition to Austerity Out Come the Stars,
They Take Us on Voyages to Venus and Mars,
Projecting Motivational Techniques Full of Energy,
Happiness Visions and Talk of Synergy,
In Poverty We Thrive as We All Scratch a Living,
In Communitarian Areas with Soil Unforgiving,
Taxes On the Land will Be Sorted On Way,
Listen to Philanthropic Celebrities, All They Say,
But Whatever You Do, Don't Investigate the Leaders,
Their Big Corporate Backers Call Us Bottom Feeders,
In Fact it's a Plot for More to Sicken, Die,
In These World-Wide Kibbutzes with Apple in Sky,
There'll Be No Sadness, No Sorrow, No Trouble I See,
No Doubt Aliens will Help Us and Energy's Free"
© Alan Watt Feb 29th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Feb 29th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of February, 2012.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download there.  And hopefully, youíll start to understand this system that runs the world, and where itís going, because it really is in your face today, if youíve got half an eye open.  And they arenít really messing about so much.  People are unfortunately so mesmerized by television that theyíve become part of television almost themselves.  They think in almost a hypnotic state.  Thatís how they are most of the time, and fantasy fills their heads.  And thatís when the Big Boys can go ahead and get this, what they call a New World Order, a New Order of things, many terms for the same thing, into place.  And itís really coming out now big time under austerity measures and sustainability and wellness for children and government stepping in, to teach them what wellness is, which is nothing to do with what you would think it actually meant.  So, I go into the histories of this on the website, and give you a lot of the big players who helped plan this particular part of the system weíre living through today.  They wrote lots of books about where they were taking the world, and itís all been done as we live, in fact.  Itís astonishing to realize a lot of these people have died, and thereís a whole bunch of new ones, of course, working on the next hundred, and hundred and fifty, two hundred years, as we speak.  So, big organizations, foundations, all founded by the big international bankers, set up this system about a hundred-odd years ago, and theyíve pretty well pulled it off.  The next little nudge is to get us all working like little coolies in the fields and pretending that weíre all happy in little communities.  So, go into the website, as I say, help yourselves. 


Remember too, you can help me out by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check, or you can use an international postal money order, or PayPal, and some people send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again. 


And, what I do here is not to give you astonishing things to take your imagination off into outer space or anything like that.  I just tell you the straight hard facts.  And lots of folk donít like that.  Theyíve been so trained through entertainment that they must enjoy education.  It must be like the History Channel or something like that, or all the nature programs on television.  Theyíve been trained that thatís real education when youíre being entertained with it, even though the History Channel puts an awful lot of nonsense out there as they revamp history once again.  And reality is pretty cruel.  Itís even more cruel when you realize that most people are the victims of the cruelty, the vast majority, who havenít a clue theyíre being manipulated so easily with scientists at the top.  Neuro-scientists.  Psycho-Linguistics, Neuro-Linguistics, all of these different skills are out in the forefront now through all media, to bring you all to the proper conclusions, you understand.  And to train you for a not-so-happy future theyíre bringing in, although, they wave their hands a lot, like these guys who teach you all the different secrets to success, for instance.  They wave their hands a lot on platforms, and tell you how wonderful itís going to be, but in reality, of course, theyíre not talking about themselves.  Theyíre not going to be down in the fields working with you, under austerity.  They want you to be happy doing it, and theyíre going to train you to do so, as well.  And thatís really where we are today.  Every country in the world, when you just scour the net, for instance, in the media, is pushing the exact same agenda at the same time.  All the parts of it, at the same time. 


And every country has its own popular media-created star for wildlife, etc, and theyíre also working towards the same agenda of depopulating the public.  And getting you to dehumanize yourselves, so as you wonít think too much about mass abortion on its way.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Quite some years ago, I remember reading an article from the Council on Foreign Relations, about them having to bring in a lot more celebrities.  And theyíd also bring in celebrities from acting and music, whatever, and they would be part of the big soft power, as they call it, soft power, where theyíd send them across the world as ambassadors for this new world order, you see.  And they would convince people, because people follow the stars.  Thatís how dumb we are, you see.  Even though you canít see many today, with all the chemsprays in the skies.


Anyway, part of it too was to bring in the big philanthropists, you see.  Big philanthropy.  And you have to go into the histories of the philanthropists, and youíll find out that they were actually all eugenicists, because thatís where their cash went to, when they started up the Eugenics Society for Britain and America and other countries.  And big, big players.  Now their children are coming out and pushing the same stuff, under a very well disguised agenda, mind you.  And it ties in with this wellness thing for across the world, just love everybody and everybody will love you, and go back to the dirt.  Thereís no mention, of course, in any of their talks of being left alone to go back to the dirt.  We could all have gone back to the dirt, but the government wonít let you.  They tax you for the dirt.  And youíve got to produce from the dirt, etc.  The basic things like that, you see. 


But thatís not the point of it all.  As I say, philanthropists and the celebrities are out in force across the world.  Some of them are disguised, again, as professors of ethics, bio-ethics, things like that.  They make them celebrities for television and radio.  In fact, tonight, Iíll put a link up on the Professor Singer, that I mentioned yesterday, who was given the privilege of talking to children across Australia about cannibalism and you know, human-animal sex, and stuff like that, you see.  These wonderful ethicists.  Quite an interesting character though, because heís been well, well funded from his youth, actually, this character, to do his job that heís doing now.  And he was made to be a celebrity star, by getting him on television, and getting him on radio.  And of course, you see, the audience is sitting there with their mouths open, as he prattles off, with a little smile on his face, and then they burst into laughter when he brings up sex with animals and things like that. 


Donít forget, this is a real movement, because two professors in Canada in 2001 came out after the international censors conference they had for the world, all your different censor departments that you think are taking care of what youíre going to see on television, or your children.  They met, and they decided that theyíd won the war for homosexuality in the media, in entertainment; now it was time to push for intergenerational sex, which means pedophilia, and also, animal and human sex as well.  And two professors stood up the next day, after this conference, one in the US, one in Canada, and Iím sure it was the same speech they gave, in the papers, about the same thing.  So, this is a real agenda that youíre laughing your silly little heads at.  You understand? 


And when you go into the history of people like Singer, youíll find out too, that he doesnít believe you are human until youíre about three years of age.  Heís very clever, very fast on his feet for a dancer, you see.  And he will actually come out on the side, he seems to be coming out on the sides of people who are against abortion.† What he says is true, because these guys know itís true, since they brought abortion in.  ďOh, you know, itís not a real person, etc.  Itís in the womb.  Itís not born.Ē  But, as he says, conception starts right away, and everything is there.  At what point, what added cell do you want, before you say itís an actual person?  But then he goes and does a hundred and eighty degrees and says, but youíre not really a person until youíre three years of age.  Does that tie in again with something else youíve heard recently, about, you know, infanticide being pushed?  Quite interesting, isnít it?


In the US, you have to go into an article, and tonight Iíll put that up, and go into Wikipedia as well, and youíll see his origins.  His origins are important.  And a very familiar tale he tells about himself and his parents.


Anyway, philanthropy of course is the big push, as I say.  The better types as Mr. Rockefeller said, the bankers and intelligentsia, academia, should be the ones to guide the world, instead of leaving it to the willy-nilly aspirations of individual nations.  That was the whole, thatís to paraphrase him basically.  So, philanthropists would be out in force, and theyíd guide the world.  Theyíd guide it by getting laws pushed through your governments.  Now, you donít vote these philanthropists in.  You donít vote their non-governmental organizational armies in, either, that lobby government.  And the government never turns round to the public and asks them what they think about anything.  So, thatís how theyíre running the world. 


Tonight, Iíll put up one link, itís only one of many, itís called:


Learning for Well-being: A Policy Priority for Children and Youth in Europe.


(Alan: And itís been held, [two days ago] in Brussels.  It says:)


The Learning for Well-being Consortium of Foundations in Europe, in partnership with Eurochild,


(A: Weíve got Eurochildren now, you see.)


the European Foundation Centre and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is pleased to invite you to a full day conference to launch the policy glossary ĎLearning for Well-being; A Policy Priority for Children and Youth in Europe. A Movement for Change.í


So, theyíre change agents, again.  But, again, it ties in with many other celebrities that are being brought out in front of the public, including a lot of them who are actually the descendents or the inheritors of daddyís fortunes in big corporations, international corporations, in all areas, in fact, pushing the same agenda, under slightly different guises, but itís the same agenda.  Down to austerity, the vegetarian solutions, etc, and living with less.  All of the stuff that the governments worldwide are pushing for sustainability, and itís quite amazing to see them all come out across the whole world, dozens and dozens and dozens of these organizations, at the same time.  And nobody is linking them all together.  Nobody is linking them all together.  And thatís how they do it. 


Remember, entertainment, and when you laugh your silly jaws off at a guy whoís sitting there with power in Australia to influence government and school policies, promoting what heís promoting, you should not be laughing at all.  Itís not a laughing matter.  Remember, the mind has no firewall.  Remember that.  And you are very easily influenced.  They know exactly how to turn your thoughts a hundred and eighty degrees.  And meanwhile, you havenít even reasoned through one problem for yourself.  Theyíve helped you do it all, for you.  You see.  Remember that.  Very interesting.


And also, linking in with that too, thereís an article I mentioned, I just touched on yesterday.  It was called:


Global Dimming for Dim Environmentalists


(A: From the Sovereign Independent.  And Iíll put this up tonight, and you can go through it, about all the aerial spraying.  Thereís a good little, itís a beauty of a little phrase here from Marshall McLuhan who was a mass media technocrat, as they call them, a so-called expert in the 50s and 60s, and he came out with ďthe medium is the messageĒ.  Even though it really was intended to be that, they changed it to ďthe massageĒ.  Because there was French people involved, and they actually printed it up as the massage.  Which fit in, actually with his theory.  It massages you as well.  But itís also, the media is the message.  Whatever message is coming across from the media is not a normal way of transmission, or of transmitting anything.  So, youíre being fed an artificial systemís thought patterns, you might say.  He says:)


ďOnly the small secrets need to be protected.


(A: Heís talking about government.  He says:)


The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.Ē


Itís just like what Iím telling you tonight.  Hereís a guy laughing about having sex with animals, and youíre all laughing along with him.  Heís dead serious.  Heís got power.  Heís teaching this in school.  And a lot more beyond that.  And youíre all laughing your silly heads off.  The rest are kept secret by public incredulity.  You wonít believe it.  ďOh, thatís impossible.Ē  No, itís not impossible.  Itís been done your whole life.  So, you better start thinking about that. 


And, as I say, too, you go into these big families who have funded eugenics, and theyíre still at it today, funding the same foundations in eugenics in America.  A lot of food companies at it too, by the way.  I could go further, but I wonít.  Anyway, hereís another way they twist your head.  And most folk will hear people who are economists start prattling off their nonsense, and itís half voodoo anyway, but anyway, theyíll twist your head 180 degrees, because you give up trying to keep up with this strange path theyíre taking or convince you of, and you just give up.  So, hereís:


Food tax: Adding GST


(A: Which is Value Added Tax in Canada.)


to food will benefit the poor, economists say


(A: So, putting more taxes on food is going to benefit the poor, economists say.  You see.)


Two Canadian economists are urging Ottawa to take a politically risky stand of adding the GST


(A: Which is a Value Added Tax)


on currently exempt items including food.


They say the tax would help the poor while the current exemption adds to the income disparity by benefiting the well off.


(A: See how they twist you right round, and before you read a paragraph your head is spinning.  Thatís the trick of it all.)


But the idea of putting the sales tax on food angers advocates who say it would unfairly hurt low-income Canadians, further divide Canadians and make as much sense as ďtaxing air.Ē


(A: Shhhh.  Donít say that, because theyíre going to.)


Michael Smart


(A: Yep.)


of the University of Toronto and Jack Mintz, head of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, said tax reform, if done properly, would actually help all Canadians, boost government coffers and spur economic activity.


Now, the government, and these characters know this, have been for the last twenty-odd years putting all of your industry over to China.  Right?  They know that.  Thatís a fact.  Theyíre in university there.  And they know weíre now international, with all their free trade agreements weíve got, as well.  So, any cash coming in to Canada is going to go overseas in aid and everything else, or for wars, and itís going to do nothing to spur economic activity.  How do you spur economic activity at home when we make it impossible for manufacturers, and even small manufacturers, to stay in Canada and produce?  But thatís how they do it to you.  So, taxing your food.  And I tell you, if the public in Canada accept that, Iím off.  Iíll find some island in the Pacific somewhere, because theyíll deserve what they get.  TheyĎre going to tax your food, you slaves?  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, bringing reality into its perspective, for those with a bit of a memory.  And two years ago, for instance, you know, China, since two years ago, itís probably been before, China has been buying up farmland across the world, big time, across Africa and elsewhere.  But, two years ago in Australia, the same thing was happening, and the Senator Bill Heffernan brought it out to the public too.  He says that:


The Chinese Government is buying Australian farms to directly feed its population, a senior Liberal said on the eve of a visit by a top Beijing official.

The purchases were unmonitored and did not have to be approved by the Foreign Investment Review Board, Senator Bill Heffernan told Parliament.


(A: Now, the Foreign Investment Review Board came out of a meeting in the 90s, and it was called something else then.  I canít remember.  It was all kept secret for a few years, until someone discovered that every country had an ambassador meeting in France at the time, working full time on this international investment thing, where any country could invest in your country, bring their own labor in, and even pay them substandard wages, for instance.  And if you said you canít do that, once youíd signed it, if you said, oh, you canít do that, then they could take you to the World Trade Organization and sue you for millions of dollars and you had to pay up.  That was done quietly in the 90s.  So, anyway, now theyíve got Foreign Investment Review Boards all over the place; they just rubber stamp all the requests that they get.  And he says:)


"And the distortion that has occurred in the Sydney home market because of being off the FIRB's radar ... could happen with agricultural land,"


(A: And this article is not too bad.  Iíll put it up tonight.  And it says here:)


...farm buy-ups were not referred to the FIRB unless they were worth more than $320 million.


So, anything under $320 million, no one had to tell them they were buying it or selling it to China, you see.  Back in the 1930s, when the international meetings of the Royal Institute of International Affairs took place, sometimes they put these books under the British Empire, or the Future of the British Empire, for those who donít know.  And the Council on Foreign Relations attendees were all there from America too, in 1937-38, in Australia.  And they said that eventually theyíd raise up China to be a manufacturer for the world.  And eventually China would be the superpower down the road.  They said America will lead it for a while, it would come to the fore, it would fail, it would come to the fore and fail.  I guess that was like Vietnam, and then back out, and smash everybody and then retreat again, and eventually they would have their final failing.  And due to bankruptcies, basically, and China would take over.  That was the 1930s.  So, hereís all this whole Free Trade thing.  Of course, that just came out of nowhere, you think, and theyíre buying up land all over the place.  Theyíre buying a lot of land up too, farmland up in New Zealand as well.


And while this is all going on, this current topic today, is about Australia again, because, you see, weíre still, because of the World Trade Organization, and the Free Trade Agreements we made with them, most favored trading nation status, we have to fund them, indefinitely, even though theyíre raking more cash in than any other country on the planet, we have to keep funding them, because theyíre still classed under this law as a Third World country.† This part is about the Australian government, and how much money theyíre giving to it.  It says:


The Australian Government, through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), has provided almost 30 years of development assistance to China. AusAID continues to work in partnership with China to build on these achievements and provide expertise to help China in its development reform agenda.


So, itís in governance, they call it again here, environment, and health.  Weíre building hospitals.  Weíre all paying for this stuff.  Canada is doing it.  The US is doing it, Britain is doing it.  Weíre all paying for China, for the stuff they should be providing for themselves.  And for thirty years weíve been doing it.  And other countries were doing it through the overseas economic development fund, which is attached to the IMF.  In other words, they get loans, the countries get loans from the World Bank and the IMF supposedly distributes the money to China, and then if they canít pay it then they come back on us as guarantors and we pay up the difference.  Wonderful deal, isnít it?  Most people donít even know what their countries are doing.  They never have known either.  Never have known what itís all about. 


So, anyway, and by the way, when Chinaís term of twenty or thirty years is up for not paying taxes and so on, they can apply to the World Trade Organization for another ten, twenty, thirty years if they want to.  Thatís how itís worded.  And they can pollute as much as they want.


Scrap unilateral carbon tax hike, manufacturers urge


Britain's manufacturers are urging government to abandon plans to double the UK's unilateral carbon tax in the forthcoming Budget...


(A: Now, as I say, all they want, with any tax, is to get it on the books.  And they always give you a very low figure, and then they double it before the year is out, and thatís how it goes.  Thatís how these con men play us so easily.  So, anyway, itís going to:)


...widen the competitiveness gap between UK and European industrial electricity prices.


According to EEF, the manufacturersí organisation, if the government continues with its current price trajectory this will double the rate of the 'Carbon Price Support' levied on fossil fuels


(A: They keep saying fossil fuels.)


used for power generation from £4.94 per tonne of CO2 in 2013/14 to around £10 per tonne in 2014/15. Instead, EEF is calling on government to stick to the original estimated price for 2014 of £7.28 per tonne.


It must be a great business that, you know.  If you were the guy like the Rothschilds have with their private bank in Switzerland, where all this carbon taxing in money is to go through, and theyíll make billions overnight, just in fast investments, you know.  I mean, you donít even need a warehouse to put it in.  Itís just, you know, stick your finger in the air like everything else that they do.  Thatís how they fix the price of gold, the Rothschilds, you know.  Finger in the air and charge the money, and get the politicians to make it law.  Great job, eh?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about internationalism and many of the organizations that were created to deal with internationalism and investments in other countries, etc.  Weíre hitting it all today.  I mean, theyíre selling off roads to foreign owners in Britain, without the permission of the British taxpayer, who basically funded all the payments to make those roads in the first place.  But whatís new, eh?  In the US:


Congress set to hand our highways and freeways over to foreign corporations: New toll roads planned for all 50 states!


The efforts to parcel off and sell out entire sectors of Americaís infrastructure to foreign interest continues daily.  HR 7, the bill at issue here would put tolls on roads American taxpayers funded and paid for and which they continue to fund through gasoline taxes diverted to the Transportation and Highway Trust account at the IMF.  Of course, that trust fund, just like Social Security has been raided continually by the federal government since its inception leaving a negative balance for that particular identified revenue stream.  The money the federal government invested in the original construction of these highways and freeways was garnered from individual taxes and was not taken from some non-existent private account owned by the Fed.  The Fed has no money of its own.


HR 7 will effectively end our right to travel freely by making the cost of travel so expensive, that we wonít travel.


And itís right on, because you see, under austerity, and Iíve said this so many times, even for years now, that you wonít have extra cash to pay.  Youíll be living in poverty.  Austerity means living very frugally and impoverished.  Thatís what it means.  Look it up.  And all your spending money that youíve got now, with everything going up in price too, all your spending money, extra spending money wonít go to what you might want to buy.  It will go towards bare essentials.  Thatís why fuel and energy, everything is skyrocketing.  Itís all part of the international program of sustainability, for those who donít know. 


And this article too is to do with Canada.  And Iíve mentioned before about the foundations got in on the act to do with the tar sands in Canada, all these foreign companies, to try and kill it off.  And now it has to get transported off to China instead.  Instead of going to the States.  Anyway:


How the Rockefeller Fund Killed Keystone


(A: They werenít the only organization in on it, but theyíre one of the biggies.)


President Obamaís recent decision to deny a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline was widely hailed on the environmental left. Particularly exuberant was the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), which declared on its website that the decision came ďagainst great political odds and the deep-pocketed backing of the oil industry.Ē


(A: This is from some guys to talk, that still own all the branches, a different named Standard Oil, eh?)


The specter of oil industry money and its nefarious influence on politics was a familiar environmental talking point. What the fund did not acknowledge was that its own deep-pocketed backing for environmental groups had a far more decisive impact on Obamaís decision to cancel the pipeline project.


Earlier this month the Canadian news channel Sun News uncovered a PowerPoint presentation by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund that lays bare its strategy of funding a host of environmental groups to thwart the Keystone XL pipeline as well as other development projects that the fund considered a ďglobally significant threat.Ē According to investigative reporter Lachlan Markay, the 2008 presentation ďdescribes the allocation of $7 million to environmental non-profits


(A: Thatís their NGOs.)


 for tactics that include the use of the legislative and legal systems to delay or derail energy production in the United States and Canada,


(A: Should I read that last bit again for the hard of thinking?)


$7 million to environmental non-profits for tactics that include the use of the legislative and legal systems to delay or derail energy production in the United States and Canada, and to Ďraise the costsí of energy in both nations.Ē


(A: Well, theyíre certainly doing that as well.  Thatís part of the agenda.  Instead of having plenty of energy, no, just reduce it and up it goes.  Thatís the big world agenda, to bring you down to austerity.  So, it says:)


...the 2008 strategy session also featured presentations from Rockefeller Brothers Fund program officer Michael Northrop


(A: Interesting name, the Northrop Company, big up in industry.)


as well as the representatives of several environmental groups, among them Corporate Ethics International,


(A: Corporate Ethics, eh?)


the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Pembina Institute, a Canadian activist group. Together, these groups would emerge at the forefront of an alarmist scare-campaign that ultimately led to Keystoneís cancellation.


Tax records examined by the Daily Caller show that between 2007 and 2010, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $1.25 million to Portland, Oregon-based Corporate Ethics International, an environmental group whose declared mission is to bring corporations ďunder the control of the citizenry.Ē


(A: Well, that will never happen.  And neither do these Rockefeller Brothers expect it to happen either.  They donít want that.  They want control over it all.)


A description of the grant by the RBF says that the money was intended ďto coordinate the initial steps of a markets campaign to stem demand for tar sands derived fuels in the United States,Ē a reference to the Keystone pipeline, which would have transported oil from the tar sands near Alberta, Canada, to the U.S Gulf Coast. To prevent that from happening, in July 2010 Corporate Ethics International began a campaign urging American and British visitors to steer clear of Alberta during their travels as long as tar sands exploration was in progress. Considering that Albertaís tourism industry generates $5 billion in annual revenues, the anti-Keystone campaign targeted the lifeblood of the province.


And it goes on with lots of more money that was involved in it, over $181 million in net assets of the Defence Council in 2010.  $181 million to fight.  And you think you can do something with your vote?  Or complaining to government?  Youíre dealing with multi-trillionaires here, these big foundation boys, who own more corporations across the planet than you can shake a stick at.  Anyway, as I say, itís not to be a world for the people anyway.  Itís to be a world for the corporate giants.  And they will give you your new philosophies to live austerely, as they rule your lives and give you a pennyís worth of gas here and there, if youíre lucky. 


The US is still throwing money across the world.


J Street Applauds Record Aid Appropriations to Israel


Jeremy Ben-Ami applauded the inclusion of $3.075 billion in aid to Israel in the government spending bill for FY2012.


Well, theyíve been working on that for a while, because Israel sent a delegation across, when they thought America was broke, months ago, to make sure that they got their cut, as usual.  And itís just astonishing, the money that weíre throwing across the world, as I say, keeping China afloat, building hospitals for them, even building their energy systems for them, including nuclear.  And Canada has got a big hand in that, and our cash as well. 


And talking about dehumanization, how weíre all getting dehumanized.  And as I say, you start with aborting children, and then you end up with the elderly and euthanasia, and then you take it on from there.  Now they want to kill folk who are just depressed in Holland, even teenagers.  And thatís the way itís all to go, the dehumanization of life.  Remember, as I said yesterday, Julian Huxley talked about this, when he was head of the UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Department or whatever.  Theyíre the ones who also go across the world demanding that they all take their different shots that make them sterile.  But Julian Huxley said that, we must knock man off his pedestal, as the supreme being on the planet, and bring him down to the level of animals.  And weíve gone that way.  Society has had it, as far as Iím concerned.  It really has.  Itís lost all moral values, because youíve all been listening, unwarily perhaps, to these bioethicists for years on television who warp your brain for you.  It says:


Minister praises plan to heat swimming pool from fires of crematorium


A money-saving plan to heat a swimming pool with energy from the cremation of dead bodies has been backed by a senior Government minister.


Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons, said the proposal to warm a Worcestershire leisure centre with heat from a nearby crematorium was a ďgroundbreaking schemeĒ.


He said the Government is considering whether the plan could be duplicated elsewhere in Britain.


(A: See, weíre just fuel now, you see.  And shortly, youíll see Mr. Singerís cannibalism come in, because yeah, you will get to your Soylent Green, all you people, the vast majority out there.  Your little Soylent Green bars youíll get.)


ďThe Government is aware of this particular scheme,Ē he said. ďThe Department for Energy and Climate Change


(A: Weíve got a Department of Energy and Climate Change.  Itís all combined now, eh?)


will shortly be publishing its heat strategy and this will explore the potential for better recovery and reuse of wasted heat in schemes such as this one.Ē


He added that he would ďdie a happier manĒ if he knew heat from his cremation was warming the waters of a local pool.


(A: What a liar, eh?)


Redditch Borough Council will be the first authority in the country to use a crematorium to heat a swimming pool. Work has already begun on the project, which is expected to be completed this spring. Since the plans were approved in February last year, they have won an award from the Green Organisation.


Itís so Green, you see.  Isnít that wonderful?  Doesnít that make you feel all fuzzy and warm, eh?  Isnít that nice?


I also want to put up an article tonight, itís to do with the NSA, and itís from the NSA, and it gives you quite a bit of their history in here, how they started off.  And then it goes into their modern spy systems of spying on all of us, and where thatís all going as well, and what itís all for, and all the money that they get, etc, as they con us into the need to spy on you. 


One little victory that may be coming along, is it says:


Vermont has recently introduced bill H.722, requiring labeling of foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. Such products would also be prohibited from using advertising or promotional material that states or implies that the food is ďnaturalĒ. If passed, the bill will take effect in 2014


Other US states pushing for mandatory labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods include California, Michigan and Washington


Mandatory labeling of GM foods is becoming even more important to counteract laws that prevent anti-GMO efforts. So far, 14 US states have passed laws to protect the unabated expansion of GM seed use. Pending legislation in Michigan now also seeks to prohibit local governments from passing ordinances that impede or prohibit the use of GM seeds of all kinds.


So, things are rolling on ahead.  And I hope they get it through.  And I hope at least theyíre honest with it, the governments that is, if they do get it through, because itís very hard to get rid of GM, genetically engineered seed too, because itís all going through the same machinery, you know, in plants and factories, and itís spread from farm to farm as well, because they often use the same combine harvesters.  You canít totally clean them out.  And then you end up spreading it over somebody elseís farm. 


Now, Obama wants to thank the military by tripling its Tricare premiums, for their insurance.  Thatís his thanks to the boys who went off to fight the war to plunder for the international corporations, more and more oil, gold, and water and everything else that they want over there.  Thatís the thank you, you get. 


President Barack Obama began and ended his State of the Union address in January by heaping lavish praise upon the men and women of the military. He used words like "courage, selflessness and teamwork" to describe their ability to bravely accomplish each mission he set for them. The war in Iraq is over. Osama bin Laden is dead. Troops are coming home from Afghanistan. So now -- in a show of thanks -- the president wants to gradually triple their Tricare premiums.


(A: Triple it.  It says:)


Tricare, according to its website, "is the health care program serving Uniformed Service members, retirees and their families worldwide."


The administration's admitted objective to Congress, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, is "to force military retirees to reduce their involvement in Tricare and eventually opt out of the program in favor of alternatives established by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare."


(A: So, by tripling it, heís hoping you all leave it, you see, and go into his dumbed down version of health care.  Thatís what itís about.)


Under the new plan, Tricare annual premiums will increase 30 percent to 78 percent in the first year. After that the plan more than triples the premium payment in five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent.


So, thereís an incentive to get out of it, you see, and go onto his cheap care idea.  The big corporation thatís got the contract will eventually get it and be laughing.


Now, again, to thank the troops as well, this article here says:


Pentagon: 9/11 victims' remains went to landfill


(A: Thatís thank you very much.  And it says:)


Partial remains of some victims of the 11 September attacks ended up in landfill, a Pentagon report has found.


(A: Meaning theyíve had it all the time.)


Some small portions of unidentifiable remains from the Pentagon, and from the Pennsylvania field where a hijacked plane crashed in 2001, were given to a private contractor for disposal.


The fragments "could not be tested or identified," the review said.


The disposal came to light as the US defence department probed practices at the military's Dover Port mortuary.


The air base at Dover, in the state of Delaware, is the main point of entry to the US for the bodies of troops killed while serving overseas.


However, an investigation by the Washington Post newspaper uncovered evidence that unidentified body parts were being cremated and disposed of in a landfill.


The practice of putting partial unidentified remains in landfill was stopped in 2008.


President Barack Obama was briefed on the probe and supports plans to ensure "these types of incidents never happen again," the White House said.


And thatís one of them.  And then the next one:


Dover Air Base dumped 274 US troop remains at landfill


The Washington Post report was based on data from Dover Air Force Base, the main entry port for US war dead.


The newspaper first broke the story last month, but it was not known how many remains were dumped at landfill.


Families, who had agreed for the remains to be disposed of respectfully, were unaware of the practice.


Pentagon officials did not authorise the procedure, which was reported by whistleblowers.


Air Force officials, who have denied a cover-up, said last month they could not estimate the precise number of casualties' remains sent to the Virginia landfill.


And itís quite something.  They even told some of these mortuary workers, or whoever they were, maybe they were the guys who dug the graves, to cut off the arm of one of these soldiers, so they could put on his uniform, as these people had demanded, you see.  And then, I donít know if they put him in the fill as well, or not.  But thatís what you get for serving your country.  It ainít your country.  You arenít going to get a share in the oil companies off of this.  You arenít going to get shares in the gold mines or anything else.  Nope, you just get to pretend that youíre in the movies for a while; only in the movies you donít get blown to pieces, you know.  Itís always the bad guys that get blown to pieces. 


In Scotland, which doesnít have a big population at all, theyíre starting to go back to about 1950s levels of welfare benefits.  And the first one to go is:


West Dunbartonshire will lose £10m from benefit change


The economy in West Dunbartonshire is set to take a £10m hit when people are forced off benefits.


Just force them off benefits.  Cut, thatís it.  It doesnít matter.  And if youíre disabled or whatever, youíve got to really prove to a very prejudicial panel now that you are sick, just like the 1950s.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about Scotland.  Scotland, which is really going ahead in austerity, of course.  And you shouldnít really be disabled anymore, because theyíre really taking the cash away.  You have to go back in front of these big panels of people, who look very severely at you.  Just like the old minersí idea.  There was no such thing as black lung.  It didnít exist.  Until after they closed all the mines, and then they admitted, yes, it did always exist, yeah.  Before that, no.  Guys were dying left, right and center, and coughing their lungs up, and were getting nothing at all.  Well, theyíre going back to that level in Scotland, and this particular area, Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire is leading the way with the new laws.  And that will go across the country very quickly too. 


Also, to mention Scotland, Scotland has got a small population, and this is Darwinian, actually.  Itís actually Darwinian, this article Iím going to read you.  It says:


Total cost of prescribing methadone in Scotland surpassed £28m in 2011


(A: Iíve said this.  The biggest dispenser of drugs is your own government.  And at one time nobody was on methadone.  Nobody was on methadone.  And of course, once they came up with that, Big Pharma plied the governments that oh, this is a good substitute for heroin and different things, and they got all the contracts to plug their own particular type of drug.  And theyíve addicted so many folk to it, they just canít get off it.  And if you really want to get them off it, you just cut them off it.  Thatís how you do it.  You take them into clinics, and you cut them off it.  No substitute, nothing.  Thatís how you get off it.  Heroin is the same way too.  But no, they keep them pampered, and they keep them, because they want this, and itís big bucks for pharmaceutical agencies too since the government is guaranteed to prescribe this kind of stuff every year.  So, it says:)


METHADONE prescribing has reached a new high - with the total cost of providing the heroin substitute totalling more than £28million last year.


Figures for 2010-11 show there were a record number of 533,733 prescriptions issued for methadone oral solution.


The reason I say itís Darwin, you see, is Darwin said that a culture, if they have no access to keep up with advanced civilization will turn in on themselves and self-destruct.  This is part of it.  The same thing happened with the American Indians.  They knew that too.  They drank themselves often to death, unfortunately, and it happens in some areas in Africa too, and this is what happens now, because, you see, weíre all defunct.  Our usefulness is over.  Weíre all awfully good, you see, as long as they could recruit you for the military for their wars, for their big corporations, but they donít really need you anymore.  And theyíve got all these Chinese coolies doing all the laboring work that we once went through in Scotland, and locked children up in factories and stuff like that.  Same thing in China. 


And so, they donít need you anymore.  So, they want you just to be blotto, with booze, or just spaced right out on methadone.  And itís an awful scourge.  Itís government created by the way.  And if they had wanted to stop heroin coming into the country, they would have stopped it.  It ainít getting smuggled in in little condoms of folk swallowing it, believe you me.  This stuff comes in big time, by the big boys.  Same in every country, and America must have an incredible bill, because I know they dish out methadone all over the place there.  But, you know, thatís the way you do it. 


George Orwell mentioned it too.  You could always get the cheap booze in depressed nations.  And they either give you the booze, or theyíll give you the drug instead.  And this is how itís all coming down, as they kill more and more folk off.  Because people, the purpose for living for people has been taken away from them.  Taken away.  Including the belief that human life is important.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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