March 1st, 2012 (#1034)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 1st, 2012:

If You'd Been Bad You'd Never-a-Been Had:

"Through Kaleidoscope the Plan's on Track,
Wheels within Wheels, Old Never Be Back,
Whole World's Been had by He Who Decides,
Youth have Seen the Best of Very Young Lives,
Old Men Dead, Thought I was Kiddin'?
Decided Each Stage of the Life You're Living,
Captain Commerce has Sailed to the East,
Lots of Cheap Bodies Overseen by the Beast,
Wrung-Out West Stumbles in a Funk,
Drugs, Amnesia, Entertainment Junk,
Intel. Wizards make Whirlpool Go Round,
Sucking People, Cultures Down without Sound,
World Managers became a Separate Species
While You were Enjoying Conspiracy Theories"
© Alan Watt March 1st, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 1st, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on March the 1st, 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the free audios available at the website.  And youíll see a whole bunch of websites listed there.  They all carry audios.  They all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given over the years.  And, if you want transcripts in other languages, go into, and youíll find a variety to choose from.  And remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  This is not a business.  I donít bring in people as guests who sell you things and so on.  And so, I depend upon you to help me keep going by buying the books and discs at  And you can do so, as I say, by going into the website, and seeing how to do it.  From the US, you can still use a personal check to Canada.  You can use an international postal money order, from your post office.  Youíve got to stress international to them. You can use PayPal, and some people just send cash.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and once again, PayPal to order.  And straight donations are really awfully welcome. 


And, if you go into the audios, as I say, youíll find a history, a history that has been published in certain books by people involved in the setting up of whatís called a global society, a New World Order, many titles for the same kind of thing.  And I give the history, through my talks, of those that set it up, a long time ago, and how they brought all the experts of society in too, on board with them.  Today we have neuroscientists, psychologists, and sociologists, anthropologists even, because they had to bring this whole global system, this unwieldy system, youíd think, with all these, lots and lots of different nations and continents together.  And every culture had to be worked on separately, to bring them all in at the same time into this world structure.  And of course, youíre living through the final phase of this part of the agenda today.  This part, of course, because thereís much more to go on, as you go under the United Nations, and eventually, youíll see food rationing in your time.  It wonít be presented initially as food rationing, but thatís exactly what itís going to be.  And water rationing, and everything else.  And a new way of doing things.  This is what they mean by change.  The 21st century is the century of change.  And academics were talking about this in the last century for at least fifty years, the coming century of change, where all these big social projects would come alive, be pushed through, every nation on earth, through treaties, binding treaties, and again, with the help of financial aid from all the first world countries, the idea being that weíd bring the Third World countries up to a certain standard, as the First World countries go down to a certain standard. 


And believe you me, those in charge of all your countries are not your own people.  Theyíre internationalists.  And thatís how they view the entire planet. So, they donít have your best interests at heart.  And thatís why I really say, I canít understand why people still fall for voting.  Weíve been international for an awful long time.  You should go back and read the United Nations charter that was signed in í46, 1946, and just see what they signed away.  And all the books that many of the signatories put out themselves about this wonderful system they were bringing in, and how youíd have to give up national sovereignty, and even a certain amount of your jobs and your work in your factories and so on.  Weíre living through all of it, the present generation, which comprises of a few generations, and at the same time, as we go through it, the younger generation are being prepped and indoctrinated for the next part of this stretch, once itís all done.  And they will see it in their lifetime.  Theyíll go into this new system thinking itís all quite natural, because theyíve been trained from kindergarten that it is so. 


And we live in a world of incredible deception, incredible deception.  Weíre understood too perfectly you might say.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about the deception that runs the world.  And itís not just one source of deception.  There are many, many factions of it, all working together.  And itís certainly a capstone type system, no doubt about it.  Intelligence itself is so well understood today, how to rule and shape the opinions of peoples and countries and continents in fact, across the whole planet you might say.  Thatís how it really is, worldwide, global.  Especially today with the news being pretty well global, and coming from a couple of sources.  So, your opinions are made for you.  But youíre going to find intelligence, they used to call it just marketing, plain marketing, that politicians brought on board to help them guide the country, where theyíd use propaganda.  And theyíd bring out the usual tools, the flags and the sentences that youíre used to hearing or refer back to famous people in foundation myths of countries.  That was a common technique.† And that generally was enough to get people to vote for the best orator.


Today thatís all changed, because we have intelligence agencies working, and we have had since the beginning, maybe even before the Cold War, intelligence agencies working with media, and even putting their own media out there working with this globalized agenda.  So, itís hard to really ever get to the bottom of something, unless you can get a hold of old books.  This is the only time that youíll find where some truth is let out there by big players themselves in this global agenda, who churned out books in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, and the 50s and 60s, and then it sort of petered away.  Because weíre not supposed to know now that we donít have what we think is the politician that you voted for actually running your country or even your county for that matter, and thatís how it really, really is.  Youíre in one system worldwide, and it knows exactly where itís going. 


The world they planned, you can find at the United Nations, especially anybody whoís written on the United Nations.  They churned lots of books out in the 40s, the late 40s and early 50s, when they tried to come out as a world government.  And many of the people who backed them thought that the public were so sick of World War II, that theyíd get on their knees and beg for a global governmental system, a new way of doing things, because they were so sick of all the young men going off to die in wars, World War I and World War II.  That was part of the reason they had those wars.  But that didnít work, and people were still kind of nationalistic, and so they went back to the drawing board and theyíd do it the Fabian way, which is slow.  And that way they could target all different institutions individually, unbeknownst to the public and get the changes done from within each country by working on the different institutions that would run your country.  Thatís been very successful.  And theyíve accomplished their mission, I would say. 


Part of it was to dumb down the people, big time, which they did, in most countries, First World countries, by giving them a different kind of education.  It was more of a social engineering program for the future, where weíre going to all just cuddle each other and cuddle trees, and be all embracing of everything, you see.  That kind of idea, and group, lots of groupthink too, as opposed to being individual and individualistic and having your own opinions about things and getting basic mathematics and history and English and all the rest of it.  So, theyíve accomplished most of their missions, as I say. 


And we have more, Iíve read some articles to do with intelligence agencies over the years running major newspapers for instance.  And either that, or theyíll put embedded reporters in from the CIA, the FBI does it too, youíve got the same thing in Britain, youíve got Mossad as well involved in all the countries, with real top professional reporters. I mean, what a mess it is.  And we get a spin on all news.  And even when the little thing in the back of your mind says this doesnít sound right, well, go with that little thing at the back of your mind, that little thing that doesnít want to go along, somethingís wrong about this kind of slant on the news.  Youíre generally right you see.


Thatís how incredibly complex it is, right down to the simplest of propaganda from your local, either your state, or in Canada, itís a province, your local propaganda from your local parliament is all going through marketing departments.  Professional.  Thereís big bucks on marketing, massive bucks on marketing.  In Canada, they spend about 40-odd, I think it was 40-odd million, and sometimes 48 million dollars per year just telling you how good the medical system is in Canada, as they slash and burn, because the propaganda overrides the reality and leaves the people in doublethink.  Well, theyíre still saying it must be good, so it must be, even though you personally might be experiencing the opposite.


Itís like aerial spraying.  People go into denial, because it hasnít been mentioned on any mainstream media.  They wonít touch it.  Or, if they do, it will be in a comical fashion.  And like McLuhan said, yesterday too, the really big things you donít worry about in government, because public incredulity will work for you in government.  In other words, itís too incredulous that people could do this to us.  Itís too incredulous.  Thatís how the people are.  Who on earth would want to spray the air, alter the atmosphere, and use maybe even weaponry on you?  Never mind the fact that you canít breathe all that stuff in regardless.  Itís not meant to be there in nature, in the air.  So, they simply go into denial, because itís too big for them to handle.  Theyíre incredulous about it.


Years ago, many of us have said that the United Nations, which was set up, and Iíve gone through the history of the United Nations before, was set up to be the platform for global government.  And every particular agency that you have in your federal government, they have an equivalent one in theirs, a bigger one in fact, because theyíve got to do the whole world.  So, thatís all kinds of regulations on farming and everything else.  Hereís the:


United Nations to propose planetary regulations of water, food


(Alan: And Iíll say that again, because, again, people will be incredulous.)


UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food


(A: Now thatís what they said theyíd do back in the 1940s and everybody yelled at them. Now they can come out and go ahead and people are too well entertained to bother, really.)


An environmental report issued by an agency of the United Nations last month has some critics sounding the alarm, saying it is a clarion call for "global governance" over how the Earth is managed.


(A: Now, this is from Fox News, so they put a double spin on this.  Youíll actually see it as you go through it.)


The report, ď21 Issues for the 21st Century,Ē


(A: Which of course will tie in with Agenda 21.)


from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Foresight Process, is the culmination of a two-year deliberative process involving 22 core scientists.


(A: Now, we didnít vote them in.  Nobody has voted.  You know, the United Nations is not a democratic system.  It was set up to be an authoritarian system for a post-democratic society and world.  I hope you realize that.  So:)


It is expected to receive considerable attention in the run-up to the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development,


(A: Thatís where they bring you into planned poverty.  They call it austerity instead.  And thatís why youíre going into it.  Not because of bank failures or anything else, itís because it was planned that way.  So anyway, this next conference:)


which will be held in Rio, Brazil, in June.


The scientists who wrote the report say it focuses on identifying emerging issues in the global environment, and that it is not about mandating solutions.


(A: Which is a lie too, because they already have all their round table societies working constantly to do with solutions.  Go into the Royal Institute of International Affairs site, Chatham House, and youíll see that they themselves, thatís the British CFR bunch, they themselves have been working on the coming food crisis for 16 years, just one part of one think-tank working on that for sixteen years.)


But its critics see an agenda lurking in its 60 pages, which call for a complete overhaul of how the world's food and water are created and distributed -- something the report says is ďurgently neededĒ for the human race to keep feeding and hydrating itself safely.


ďThis is more utopianism, pie-in-the-sky pleading for Ďglobal governance,í including what they acknowledge as Ďnovel governance arrangements,í including, Ďalliances between environmentalist


(A: Thatís all the NGO groups and your foundations.)


and other civil society groups,íĒ charged Chris Horner, author of Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, and a senior fellow for energy and environment at the free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) in Washington, D.C.


The Foresight Report suggests actions to save humanity from starvation, the overheating planet and the collapse of the worldís oceans -- options that include new ďconstitutional frameworks,Ē ďinternational protocolsĒ and a ďshared visionĒ for land and water management that essentially rewire existing treaties and governments.


But the group insists itís not a call for global governance.


(A: No, of course itís not.  Theyíll own everything that you need to live on, to live with.  Theyíll have it all.  But itís not global government, no.  Food and water the oldest techniques of getting everybody on their knees on behalf of a conquering army.  So:)


ďWe are not talking about a world government,Ē said Dr. Oren Young, professor of institutional and international governance and environmental institutions at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and one of the scientists who issued the report.


(A: This is his job.  Heís a professor of institutional and international governance and environmental institutions at Santa Barbara.  Thatís his job, international governance, right?  No, weíre not talking about a world government.  Itís like a clown asking you to take him seriously.)


He said the panelís conversations included questions like, ďHow do we resolve these problems without creating this monster entity?Ē


So, they go on and try to pooh-pooh, itís not going to be that, itís just a few different treaties youíll sign and so on, across the world, to save the world.  And it comes under of course, sustainable energy and economy, etc, etc, etc.  So, Iíll put this site up for you to wade through.  Itís much longer than this, as they take you back and forth on this beautiful mind trip that they do of taking you one way and another, until most folk will just toss it away from their head, but itís embedded now that itís coming.  That part stays embedded in your brain.  And thatís how they do it with you, with these types of reports.  Thereís no laughing with these clowns.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  In Canada, too, thereís flap going over in the political arena to do with robocalls they call it, robocall flap, where apparently theyíve used this lots in the States there, where politicians who are running have all their different followers phoned up automatically by these robocalls, they call them, and threatening them and their families and things like that.  That happened here apparently.  And Iíll put some links up tonight for Canadians who are interested in it.  And of course, the opposition parties are all up in arms about it, but Iím sure the same thing would happen if they were running, and they were in actually, in the opposition.  I think itís all the same today.  You know, itís all the same today, really.  And thatís what Carroll Quigley said.  He said the Prime Ministers and Presidents, of Canada and the States and really the First World Countries, have all belonged to the same society, for the last sixty years.  And that was in the 1960s he mentioned it.  Or 80 years, he actually said, because it was called different names before it was called the Council on Foreign Relations.


Anyway, it doesnít matter what party you vote for, because the same treaties are signed every year, more and more of them by every party involved.  Thatís understood. That overrides all national dictates apparently.  So, Iíll put these links up tonight for those who want to go through that.  Thereís some video links as well.  I canít pull them up online for some reason, maybe Iím getting blocked, but maybe you can get them up on yours. 


Now, getting back to the involvement of intelligence organizations with mainstream media, which is just all over the place, and more obvious I think in the US.  Theyíre more cautious how they do it, a bit more old-fashioned in the way they do it in Canada and in Britain.


Gen. McCaffrey privately briefs NBC execs on war with Iran


In 2009, The New York Timesí David Barstow won the Pulitzer Prize for his two-part series on the use by television networks of retired Generals posing as objective ďanalystsĒ at exactly the same time they were participating ó unbeknownst to viewers ó in a Pentagon propaganda program. Many were also plagued by undisclosed conflicts of interest whereby they had financial stakes in many of the policies they were pushing on-air. One of the prime offenders was Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who was not only a member of the Pentagonís propaganda program, but also, according to Barstowís second stand-alone article, had his own ďMilitary-Industrial-Media Complex,Ē deeply invested in many of the very war policies he pushed and advocated while posing as an NBC ďanalystĒ:


(A: And there are lots of these privately-owned military-industrial-media complexes out there, by the way.  It says:)


Through seven years of war an exclusive club has quietly flourished at the intersection of network news and wartime commerce. Its members, mostly retired generals, have had a foot in both camps as influential network military analysts and defense industry rainmakers. It is a deeply opaque world, a place of privileged access to senior government officials, where war commentary can fit hand in glove with undisclosed commercial interests and network executives are sometimes oblivious to possible conflicts of interest.


(A: Most of the time they know darn well, Iím sure.)


Few illustrate the submerged complexities of this world better than Barry McCaffrey. General McCaffrey has immersed himself in businesses that have grown with the fight against terrorism.


(A: Well, we saw that too with Wolfowitz and all the rest of them and a whole bunch of them at the top from the old Bush regime, that are still hanging on to this regime, present regime.  And we know too that Chertoff was the guy who brought in the Homeland Security scans, and then he left to become the head of the company that sells all the scanners.  I mean, thatís pretty open, isnít it?  Anyway.)


These overlapping roles offer them an array of opportunities to advance policy goals as well as business objectives. But with their business ties left undisclosed, it can be difficult for policy makers and the public to fully understand their interests.


On NBC and in other public forums, General McCaffrey has consistently advocated wartime policies and spending priorities that are in line with his corporate interests. But those interests are not described to NBCís viewers. He is held out as a dispassionate expert, not someone who helps companies win contracts related to the wars he discusses on television.


But, of course, too, they also tell you that youíre going to war with the next country, the next country.  All these private organizations do, these complexes of analysts as they call them.  Many of them are actually worked by Israel as well, and thereís no doubt on that.  Thereís just been too many investigations into that.  The Guardian did one of the first ones.  It was even found out that most of the Arabian News from Arab countries that was coming over to the West, was actually run by one network, of actually present Mossad officers or Israeli intelligence officers in Israel.  But over here you think, thatís another one about an Arab country, it must have been Arabs talking.  No.  And thatís how your head is spun with propaganda by those that want you to get the right opinion, the one theyíve decided youíre going to get, so youíll be all on board for war.  Things like that.  But, as I say, many of these organizations will also work on all political policies internally as well, to make sure, once again, you get the right opinions, and you come away believing, well, I guess they have to tax us more, etc, etc, itís because blah-blah-blah. 


Part of this agenda too, was to get rid of the useless eaters, as I say.  Every country, even in the 1800s, they said, had a purpose.  Some of the big philosophers and historians talked about the purpose of the world, and the purpose of the world agenda, the purpose of Darwinism, which fit in exactly with it too.  And how they could use countries, to take over other countries until theyíd won their goals, basically.  And then the countries you were using to take over countries would simply be excessive weeds youíd have to get rid of.  And now you see them going down into austerity.  Now the United Nations claim that Britain basically is a failed state.  Itís kaput.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  There are many ways to take down countries.  Many, many ways, especially after youíve used them, and sponged on them, and rang them out like a pair of old socks that youíve just washed.  And thatís what theyíve done with Britain over the years.  They used them for major wars across the country.  They always kept unemployment fairly high.  Young guys go into the military, which is great for the empire to expand and so on.  And really empiricism today is just to do with international corporations using the taxpayersí money to finance the armies.  It costs the companies nothing at all, and so they get all the booty for free, all the treasures, you know.  And thatís what theyíve been doing. 


But now that they donít really need you anymore, then theyíre bringing you down.  Part of the reason they flooded the country with immigrants was to destroy the culture because if they kept, say, an English culture, and pretty unified, they might have had a lot of trouble on their hands.  But they give about thirty years of massive propaganda, multiculturalism and so on, to destroy the culture, then thereís no real culture left to fight back with.  And thatís what part of the agenda was, in fact.  Thatís why Blair, and itís come out in the mainstream, actually did that.  He ordered that the floodgates be opened to destroy what was left of the British culture all together.  Itís not a crazy thing at all.  It works very well.  And they used that in ancient times too, in some countries.  They would take conquered peoples over and relocate them elsewhere, and dump them in amongst other peoples, etc, and make them more passive.  That would help dilute the nationalism in the other country you were dumping them on.  Very old technique.  Now, it says:


English cities hit back at UN claims over 'no-go areas controlled by drug gangs'


(A: And so, I guess all the politicians and the mayors and that, who are about the only ones who are prospering over there, are trying to hit back at this claim that Britain is going down the tubes.)


People living in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham have reacted furiously to suggestions made by a UN chief that their cities are losing the war on drugs.


(A: Well, itís so amazing too.  The drugs came in with all the different peoples who were bringing them in on mass.  I mean, thatís where the countries make those particular drugs.)


Professor Hamid Ghodse, president of the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board, caused a storm after he claimed in an official report that the three English cities had no-go areas ruled by ruthless drug overlords.


He compared the UK cities to urban areas suffering 'social disintegration' in Mexico and Brazil


(A: And that is true, because thereís no work there for most of the people.  Thereís no darn work for most of the people.  The only time thereís a job pops up is when somebody who is working gets caught smoking a joint or something and then gets put in the slammer, and that opens it up for someone else to fill.  So they compare it to Brazil and Mexico:)


- where public figures and rivals are murdered almost every day by drug barons.


He said: "Drug traffickers, organised crime,


(A: That must be the government.)


 drug users, they take over. They will get the sort of governance of those areas.


"Examples are in Brazil, Mexico, in the United States in the UK: Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester - and therefore it is no good to have only law enforcement, which always shows it does not succeed."


(A: Thatís the way he speaks, I guess.  But then the Labour councilors come back, the only guys who are getting rich:)


have labelled the claims "a load ofÖĒ


You know what.  You know.  But thatís the way things are going.  Plus, too, alcoholism is incredible now, because itís been promoted for years, to the young.  And I can remember when Thatcher said itís best to keep the young drunk on their welfare checks than have them out in the street protesting about having no work.  And itís gone down the hill from even then.  Because, you see, all the jobs have to go to China and Third World countries, which they have done.  And these poor saps over in Britain have helped to pay for it all, along with Canada and the US and everywhere else.  Theyíve got tent cities in the States.  This is done on a global level.  Itís done by a pyramid system, with a definite capstone that guides all the rest of the politicians and agendas.  Thereís only one, one at the top, you see.  Not two or three or a dozen, all conflicting.  Thereís only one capstone here, to make sure you go completely global, and that we do all come down with our standard of living into what they call austerity, which literally is George Orwellís system of nihilism, basically.  And when youíve got no future to look forward to, youíve got nothing left but drugs and booze.  And they make sure thereís lots of them supplied.  Thatís reality.


Youíll see the same situation in Third World Countries, where big lords run the areas by the use of the gun, and theyíre big hard men, as we used to call them.  Theyíre big gangs.  Now itís just governments doing the same darn thing, in ex-First World countries.  Quite amazing, but thatís how it is.  Anyway, thatís what they say.


And then:


The illegal immigrants desperate to escape squalor of Britain


They came to Britain illegally in search of a better life, but the reality turned out to be far removed from what they dreamed of.


(A: Well, they shouldnít watch TV movies.)


The BBC has spoken to illegal immigrants who find themselves living amongst rats and rubbish in makeshift garden sheds and garages. They want to be deported back to India, but many are trapped in a bureaucratic no man's land without any documents.


(A: And then it gives you an example of the poor souls and the usual, all the cardboard boxes stuff.  Iíve seen this stuff for years.  And it says:)


Jagdeesh's family paid £10,000 to traffickers who promised a better life and smuggled him from India to Britain with dozens of others in the back of a lorry.


(A: Thatís a big truck.  And, of course, it will be Indians who are the traffickers themselves, who have already made good in Britain, but they came to Britain with big cash to start with.  Thatís how the rich in India got rich in the first place, folks.  And they bring it with them, wherever they go.  Itís the same elsewhere.  The first ones in are the big rich gangs, the richest gangs.  And they bring in all the slaves, you know.  And they keep them in bondage.)


"I was told that life was good here. It's not just me, other boys came for work," he says. "You can see what state we're in, there's no work, no government help."


And that is true, so why bother opening the floodgates too, as they have done in the past?  So, illegal immigrants would rather go back to the squalor of India than live in the squalor of Britain, because now theyíre starting to cut back on welfare now, since itís utterly bankrupt many times over. 


Now, I mentioned too that the biggest drug pusher is the government.  And Iíve mentioned the article on how much money a little country like Scotland pays, via government, itís all your tax money, for methadone, a substitute for heroin.  And they have so many people on it.  This other article Iíll put up today compliments that, because it says here:


Methadone money trail lines the pockets of multinational drug companies and pharmacies.


DRUG producers such as Martindale Pharma and Rosemont Pharmaceuticals were paid £8.6million to supply the heroin substitute wholesale to pharmacies.


(A: By the government.)


High street chemists


(A: Pharmacists.  Chemist shops they call them over there.)


then charged the NHS £5.7million in handling fees and a further £13.7million to distribute the drug to addicts.


(A: Theyíre just raking the cash in.  Create the problem, and you profit mightily.  You profit incredibly, in fact.)


So for every £1 of public money spent on methadone distribution last year, about 60p went to the chemists


(A: The pharmacist)


who give it out.


(A: Dispensed it.  Not bad, eh?  Not bad going.  Do you understand, for every misfortune, itís someone fortune. Thatís an old saying from another religion.  And again, Iíll put up the original article:)


Total cost of prescribing methadone in Scotland surpassed £28m in 2011


And, believe you me, if you see Third World countriesí squalor, and then you go back to places like Britain, where literally, the youngsters see no hope at all, thatís what youíll encounter.  Youíll find it on the Indian Reserves in Canada.  Drug use and massive alcoholism.  Any escape from the misery of reality.  And the big boys that planned this world society knew all this would happen, and made sure that it did by bringing in all the drugs in the first place. 


And hereís an article about the poor guys who work on Wall Street.  These poor sods, you know, who have had a little bit of pay cut.  And my heart goes out to them.  It says:


Andrew Schiff was sitting in a traffic jam in California this month after giving a speech at an investment conference about gold. He turned off the satellite radio, got out of the car and screamed a profanity.


ďIím not Zen at all, and when Iím freaking out about the situation, where Iím stuck like a rat in a trap on a highway with no way to get out, itís very hard,Ē Schiff, director of marketing for broker-dealer Euro Pacific Capital Inc., said in an interview.


Schiff, 46, is facing another kind of jam this year: Paid a lower bonus, he said the $350,000 he earns, enough to put him in the countryís top 1 percent by income, doesnít cover his familyís private-school tuition,


(A: Poor soul, eh?  Donít you just bleed for him?)


a Kent, Connecticut, summer rental and the upgrade they would like from their 1,200-square- foot Brooklyn duplex.


ďI feel stuck,Ē Schiff said. ďThe New York that I wanted to have is still just beyond my reach.Ē


(A: These are the guys who sold all your jobs abroad, folks, with their investments and stuff.  And profited mightily from it too, with the cheap labor in China and elsewhere, for the big factory boys.)


The smaller bonus checks that hit accounts across the financial-services industry this month are making it difficult to maintain the lifestyles that Wall Street workers expect, according to interviews with bankers and their accountants, therapists, advisers and headhunters.


And so, theyíre having a hard time, you know.  They have to actually look at the price of salmon before they buy it.  They donít eat cat food like the rest of us, you know.  Poor souls, eh?  Iíll put this link up for you tonight, so as you can grieve over how hard it is for these guys.  I mean, heís got nothing left after he pays his $7,500 to the golfing club that he belongs to and things like that.  He has to sell two of his big cars and stuff, and his motorbikes.  And he canít go abroad every year like he used to and go skiing like he used to, because he canít live on that anymore, $350,000, eh?  What a shame.  Itís going down the tubes, eh?


And this article here is about Agenda 21.  Again, for those who are not quite certain what it is, and if youíre not certain what it is, Iím sorry, youíre gone.  Youíre gone.  Youíre just one of the ones, that many who donít understand will have to cry over eventually.  And itís called, The Post Sustainability Institute.  And it gives you a rundown again, the United Nations.  It will explain whatís happening today.  Why you are going into austerity.  Why a lot of the rural folk are getting put off the land.  And they are getting put off the land by government laws that are getting put in all the time.  And taxed off the land.  And how it fits in with Communitarianism, for those who donít understand.  Thatís already working in some areas already across the States, Canada, and Britain.  And why itís here.  Itís all through the United Nations again.  Good article, and itís up to you if you want to seriously read it, because if you donít understand it, youíll just react with emotion about how bad things are getting, without understanding why.  Why?  This is an agenda youíre living through.


Another thing too, do you understand?  I used to look at all the big families who had made it in different countries, made it big, big, big stinking rich, and then ended up in politics and became very respectable.  But they all started as gangsters, you know.  The big families started as gangsters.  And youíll see the lower ones getting caught, trying to get up there.  If they can get up there, even if they do a little time, if theyíre caught at all, and theyíve still got billions left, and put their children through the best schools, in the US for instance, theyíll come out of Harvard and all the rest of it, and then they go into politics.  Now youíre respectable.  Same with the Kennedys.  They all were into this kind of stuff.  And the same with the Bronfmans.  And many, many others.  Same guys that still run the countries today.  It says:


A Texas doctor


(A: This is one doctor.)


has been charged with running a massive health fraud care scheme with thousands of fraudulent patients and intermediaries allegedly offering cash, food stamps or free groceries, to bilk Medicare and Medicaid of nearly $375 million.


A federal indictment unsealed Tuesday charges Jacques Roy, a doctor who owned Medistat Group Associates in DeSoto, Texas, and six others in an alleged scheme to bill Medicare for home health services that were not properly billed, not medically necessary or not done.


The scheme was the largest dollar amount by a single doctor uncovered by a task force on Medicare fraud, authorities said.


U.S. Attorney Sarah Saldana accused Roy of "selling his signature" to home health agencies that rounded up thousands of patients' names and billed Medicare and Medicaid for five years.


Now, itís possible that many others have gotten away with this same scam.  And believe you me, it doesnít matter, once their children, as I say, have grown up, gone through the best schools and become suddenly very respectable, and always speaking on your behalf as they run for politics, that would be okay then, you see, but this guy, he got caught too early.  But it was a good scam, obviously.  A good scam.  And he understood how to do it.  And thereíll be many others, Iím sure, that have already made their way up the line by using the same scam as this.  Thatís the greatest thing when they talk about, you know, white-collar crime, you see.  They call it victimless crime.  Even when you end up losing, thousands of people end up losing their homes, for instance, with the bank frauds, they call it a victimless crime, as they all live in tent cities or forests, stuff like that.  A slap on the wrist.  Itís almost like the judge is saying, ďgood try.  Good try, you know, bankers.  Good try.  You almost made it, you know.  Iíll give you nine marks out of ten.Ē  If they just got the ten marks all together, theyíd be up there with the judge, you know.  Anyway, thatís how things really are.  This is the real world.  Thatís how it works.


Another article too is the Full Spectrum Domination, on Agenda 21.  Another one to back up the last one I mentioned.  And youíll see, again, in very simplistic terms what itís really all about.  And every country, every politician has signed on to this, on your behalf, without asking you, and your cash is going to go across, it already is going across the planet.  Itís the redistribution of wealth, ala Karl Marx.  The bankers love Karl Marx.  They created him, basically. 


Another thing too that was done, was the setting up of many front agencies.  It was the same with the Communists.  The Communists had hundreds and hundreds of front organizations that were Communist, but they even had Christian ones that didnít know that they were getting involved in something Communistic.  They also set up ones who know where theyíre going.  And Common Purpose in Britain, was one set up to do just that.  Itís a big charitable organization, and even though theyíre charities and theyíre not supposed to interfere with politics and policies of the country, these guys even bring on board people who are working, and sworn to uphold the country, either in the military, at that time, as members.  They have brought them on.  Theyíve also brought on mayors, and top politicians in the British government.  Their whole idea is to make sure that everything stays going Euro integration.  And theyíre even training the future leaders, so youíll be governed by the future leaders that were trained by Common Purpose.  They pick them out, actually, and they train them, just like the Soviet Union, the old system too, the Comintern, etc, the young Communist League, and all that kind of stuff.  Theyíre training the leaders that will one day be presented to you, to vote for. 


Anyway, it says, they call them the Lottery Winners here, because theyíve made a massive gain from the government.  Theyíre always getting these handouts from government.  Why is government funding a supposed organization thatís charitable, that has nothing but a political agenda?  Well, thatís another way of government to keep their hands clean.  We want this, says government, but weíll call it something else.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll have to go to the callers now, because I didnít realize that the time has just run away, as always it does.  So, Iíll take Dave first from the UK, if Dave is hanging on there.


Dave: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Dave: Hi, how are you.


Alan: Iím hanging on too.


Dave: I just wanted to talk about an organization called SWIFT, itís in Belgium.  Itís like a money transferring, I donít know what it is, corporation or whatever it is, a global institution.  Have you heard of it?


Alan: I think Iíve heard of it, yeah.


Dave: Yeah, I just wanted to bring that to your attention, because itís like thatís how global we are.  You know, thereís an organization in Belgium that Iíd never even heard of.  I only heard of it because they wanted to shut down payments to Iran, I think.  Theyíre going to clamp down on them now, and you know, stop any money coming in from outside.


Alan: Yes.  Itís amazing.  Thereís stacks and stacks of these investment firms and banks, and even insurance companies involved.  Some of the biggest bankers really are insurance companies.  What they do is what theyíre told by some guy at the top.  Just close all transactions with Iran.  And even the governments get involved and they try and seize all the assets that Iran has invested abroad.  Every country has got money invested abroad.  And once they do that, they try to starve you into submission, until you retaliate.  Until you retaliate and start something off.  They want Iran to make the first move, theyíve said that.  So, theyíre literally all on board together, with the same agenda.  As I say, thereís no competing factions here.  Itís all one system.  As long as they all get a good share of the loot at the end, you know.


Dave: My last point is, whatís your opinion on, like when you see, like in Britain you have nationalist organizations and the protest groups, you know, between the two sides, that dialectic.  Is that basically a distraction?  What exactly is that?  Whatís your take on that?


Alan: I think it is distraction.  And again too, it works two ways.  If you bring up a nationalistic group, which is today a kind of no-no.  Itís gone from being nationalistic to the opposite extreme today.  Itís a no-no to be nationalistic.  Youíre supposed to be international.  Thatís the PC way to go.  But the national bit is always smeared like Nazis, so that keeps everybody else terrified.  And then the media blows it up, to make sure that youíre all terrified of this small group that appears to be nationalistic, and then the government gets more power.  They get more votes, the particular parties that are in power already.  They use that to stay in power and to get more folk to vote for them.  ďSee, there are crazy folk out there that want to be nationalistic, just like the Nazis.Ē  And so, they play this game of the dialectic as you say.  But, as I say, Carroll Quigley said that no member, that includes Britain, no prime minister of any party, has actually been an independent person, standing for the party.  He belongs already and has given his oath, heís sworn to serve this World System, under the Council on Foreign Relations.  In Britain itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And Canadian, the same thing.  It doesnít matter what party.  Every prime minister is a member of this.  And thatís what Quigley said in his book, and he was the historian for the group, Professor Quigley.  He said, so that way it doesnít matter who you vote for, our guy is always in at the top.  And the lesser politicians are allowed a little bit of competition between themselves and their opposition to get up the ranks.  Theyíre allowed that little game, but they canít play it at the top.  It all belongs to the Royal Institute of International Affairs at the top, so, weíre just played along like good little slaves.  Thatís all.  No different than the slaves of China or anywhere else.  Thanks for calling.  And Daniel, maybe you can call tomorrow. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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