March 2nd, 2012 (#1035)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 2nd, 2012:

Goons Titter if You Inadvertently Drop Litter:

"Britain, Model State for All to Follow,
Has Enforcement Officers with Skulls Hollow,
Training the Public for Perpetual Obedience
To Fat-Gopher Zombies with No Lenience,
Predators, Jumping On All and Sundry,
Issuing Littering Tickets to Rake in Money,
Dropping a Money Note it's a 50-Pound Fine,
Or a Strand of Cotton, The Dirty Swine,
Only Ones Prospering are Private Gangsters,
Sharing the Loot with Councillor Wankers,
There are Mafia Gangs Running Your 'Hood',
Could Dissolve the Councils if in the Mood"
© Alan Watt March 2nd, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 2nd, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on March 2nd, 2012.  For newcomers, go into the website,, and help yourself to the free audios available for download.  And thereís over a thousand to choose from.  And hopefully, youíll understand the big system youíre born into, the system that you rail against, because youíre always given parts of it to rail against, but never the complete thing in itself.  And you realize youíre in truly a matrix system, where all these different compartments of society and life in general, globally, are all taken care of by professionals.  Weíre in a global society.  It was brought in incrementally through treaties, and signing treaties at the United Nations, primarily, and other organizations belonging to the umbrella group of the United Nations.  An old plan, and of course, World Wars were necessary to help bring it into place, which they fomented as well, and financed.  And, we also needed an enemy after World War II, which was the Big Bad Bear, and that was Russia.  And of course, through all of that period too, we got alliances formed all over the place, to bring the world into two camps, which eventually become one camp.  And thatís where we are today.  Thereís just one major world camp.  Anybody whoís not in the camp is being bombed as we speak, or about to, shortly, and thatís really how the world is really planned by the masters of the world. 


Itís no coincidence that Bertrand Russell said eventually the managers, the world managers, will become a different species.  And pretty well they are. Theyíre born up in ivory castles, basically, towers, and they have a completely different upbringing from you or I, and a completely different history and sociology, etc.  So, technically theyíre a different species.  And they keep us all happy down below, depending on our class stratus, or status, and the strata as well, and according to what they want us to believe or do, or how to pass the time.  Itís all catered for. 


So remember too all those free audios have taken a long time to do.  I go through equipment like crazy here, so you can help me keep going, if you want to, by buying the books and discs at  Thereís also transcripts as well from all the sites on that website, they all carry transcripts in English.  You can get transcripts in other languages at  And from the US to Canada, remember you can order with a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office.  You can also use PayPal or you can send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.


But we are truly, itís amazing to have studied a lot of this stuff, most of this stuff, in fact, your whole life, and then you live through it.  You live through it all.  Itís not because you have a crystal ball.  And itís not because you have some special talent or gift.  Itís because youíve already read the books, the boring books, put out by the big players themselves, and how they plan to bring in this world system of perpetual childhood for the masses, really.  Thatís what it is.  They actually said youíd have lifelong training.  And if you go into a country like Britain, youíll find out very quickly what they mean by life-long training.  It doesnít matter how old you are, theyíre bringing in more and more petty laws that you must jump to and obey.  And Iíll touch on that tonight.  And thatís to be the flagship for the whole world, as the First World countries go down in status, and the Third World countries come up.  Because, you see, the big boys, who already own all of you and your nations, basically, are taking your cash, and have been for years, to build up those Third World Nations, where they get cheaper labor.  And thatís how the world is really run, you see. 


So, the peasant in Canada or Britain is no different from the peasant in China, as far as the Big Boys can see it.  Itís just cheap, cheap labor and material and goods.  Plus, of course, through treaties at the United Nations, they made sure that your tax money is funneled through treaties to China, still, to build schools and things for them.  So, they have everything going their way.  Canít fail.  Same with India.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And many, many years ago, I got a library book, The Red Bishop, I think it was called.  And it was an Oxford man again, who was in the Church of England.  But he promoted, he attended all the world meetings to do with Communism, basically, for those who donít understand what Communism is, just check it out with Socialism.  Communism is Socialism in a hurry.  Thatís all it is.  And he talked about perpetual training of the public.  Actually to read it you would think he was talking about perpetual night school, always upgrading yourself.  And this was decided back in the 1940s, believe it or not, how youíd be trained throughout your life, as though you were a child.  And what they meant is bringing in the new ideas.  ďDonít think of things that way.  No.† Letís now look at them this way, from this angle.Ē  And thatís how they warp your brain, you see.  And they can turn every right upside down into a wrong and vice versa. 


So, thereís nothing new at all about the psychology theyíre using on children, whatís ever in schools.  Because it was actually used many, many years ago, through the school systems to bring up children, who would become adults, who would be perpetual children.  Again, always obeying the authorities.  And they knew back then they would constantly update and create more authorities over the general public.  So, they called him the Red Bishop, because he was basically Communistic in his ideas.  He was part of this global structure.  He knew the Big Boys.  He knew the H.G. Wellses.  He knew the Huxleys and all the different characters, and the Russells, that helped shape this particular part of the system that weíre living through today, including our moral or immoral way of lives, because itís been turned 180 degrees.  Thatís how they get you, you see, and they never stop.  Once they start, they never stop. 


Now, about two years ago, I mentioned about a man in Britain, an old pensioner who, he pulled his hands of his pockets, coming out of a store, and he dropped a ten pound note, and one of these garbage police, garbage police pounced on him, and fined him something like 50 pounds for dropping garbage.  Well, obviously, the guy didnít mean to drop it.  He wouldnít throw money away.  But, it doesnít matter.  The rules are the rules.  You see, I saw you dropping paper.  And it just gets so incredible the more you hear these.  And this is happening every day, all over that country.  Itís coming here, in Canada and the States too, the same organizations are heavily at work and embedded within your governments, right down to your local level, to train you, and to make you.  You see, if youíre an adult, you donít get treated like a child, you understand.  And they are making sure youíre treated like a child, to make sure that you think youíre still a child, perpetual childhood. 


Hereís an article today, and, as I say this is coming everywhere:


Grandmother fined £75 for littering after dropping just A STRAND of cotton from one of her gloves


(Alan: Iím not kidding you.  These creatures that grab these people, theyíre not people at all, obviously, these creatures.  They are creatures.  What grown man or woman would have the audacity to fine someone for a strand of cotton falling off your hat or your glove or whatever?  But thatís how bad it is now.  You know what you have to do with these people, donít you?  I mean, you canít live with them.  You canít live with them.  And by God, theyíre going to make sure that theyíre going to live with you.  And more and more, theyíre just like cancers, you understand, these departments.  And they pick cancerous creatures and give them badges and things.  And youíve just got to dispose of it.  You know how you get rid of a cancer.  You cut it out, you know.  Thatís it.  Department gone.  Gone.  No more Departments of Nonsense.  Anyway, it says here:)


When a strand of cotton fell from one of her gloves as she was out shopping, Valerie George didnít even notice.


(A: Well who would, eh?)


So the 71-year-old grandmother was astonished when a council warden


(A: A council warden, eh?)


pointed out the thread on the pavement


(A: The sidewalk.)


Ėand handed her a £75 spot fine for dropping litter.


(A: Iíd have been looking for something else on the sidewalk that a dog had dropped, Iím telling you, to put in his face.  No kidding.  It says:)


ĎI couldnít believe my eyes,í she said yesterday.


ĎIím just an ordinary grandmother out shopping, not a litter lout throwing rubbish around.í


Mrs George said that when the environmental enforcement officer


(A: They call them environmental enforcement.  Theyíre all enforcements now.  Oh, oh, Iím enforcement.  Once youíve got a flack jacket and everything.)


first stopped her, she had protested her innocence.


But then he took her to the scene of the crime,


(A: The scene of the crime, yeah.)


showed her the curled-up strand of cotton, and issued the fine.


Yesterday, council officials


(A: These are the officials, the people on the board.  You know, these creatures that have been bred specially to persecute the populations.)


continued to insist that an offence had been committed,


(A: Well, how was it an offence?  Itís only an offence if you deliberately throw garbage away.)


but said they would no longer be demanding that Mrs George paid the penalty, which would have had to come out of her £105 weekly pension.


(A: So, she says:)


ĎI wouldnít have paid it anyway Ė


(A: Good for you.)


I would rather have gone to court. It is ridiculous.í


(A: And thatís what you need.  These things are ridiculous.  These officials are ridiculous.  Their committees are ridiculous.  Itís time you got them all disbanded.  Disbanded.  The whole lot of them, across the country.  And tell them to get a real job, you know.  Anyway:)


Mrs George, the wife of a retired factory worker, was shopping in her home town of Brynmawr, near Ebbw Vale, South Wales, when she was stopped.


ĎI had caught my watch on my glove and a piece of cotton had come off and fallen to the ground,í she said.


ĎI didnít notice. If I had I would have picked it up. I told the man it was a complete accident but he said it was still litter and to take the matter up in court.í


(A: I canít believe this.  Can you believe this?  This is what the Red Bishop was talking about.  Perpetual training of the public, you see.  Youíre still a child.  ďIt doesnít matter, youíre still a child, and Iím an adult.  And you will behave and grovel in front of me, like a child.  And Iíll talk dogmatically down to you as an adult.Ē  Thatís how it works.  So, she says:)


ĎI asked the enforcement officer, who was burly and rude (A: No kidding.), ďAre you really going to take £75 off an old age pensioner?Ē


ĎI am a pensioner, Iíve worked all my life and Iíve never claimed anything. I live on my £105 pension Ė £75 is a big chunk of that for dropping a tiny piece of cotton.í


So, there you are.  A crime was committed, it says.  But because, I guess it got into the papers, they wonít go forward with it, the actual fine.  But you can imagine how many people itís happening to every day, where itís not going into the papers.  And these brutes, you know.  These brutes that they pick up and give little badges to and a little bit of authority, oh.  You have to find an island for them, far, far away, preferably one the UN said is going to sink into the ocean, and thatís what you do with them.  Because, you see, you canít rehabilitate these creeps.  And they canít do a normal job, you understand.  They couldnít do a working job, where theyíd sweat a bit.  They donít know what it means.  These are all make-work projects, you see, because theyíve taken all the industry away.  But how disgusting, eh?  How disgusting.  It really is.  Itís utterly disgusting what theyíre doing.  And thatís to come across the world.  Australia is getting their taste of that coming in fast now with the Fabian Socialists theyíve got in there now. 


Now, again, in Britain, weíve also got fuel poverty problems.  And, Iíve mentioned this before, every year, so many thousands die in their homes, because they canít afford the fuel.  You can actually get these coupons now apparently to pay your fuel.  Everything is so Socialistic and Communistic itís just astonishing.  And it says:


New research has revealed that the number of British people who die due to fuel poverty is three times more than what the government has estimated, with campaigners calling the number ďhorrifying.Ē


A research study carried out by fuel poverty expert Professor Christine Liddell of the University of Ulster has revealed that nearly 8,000 people die during winter as a result of fuel poverty, reported the Independent on Tuesday.


(A: Thatís probably because theyíve paid all that cash in fines for a hair falling out of their head or something like that, you know.)


The latest estimate put forth by the British government showed that the number of people who die because they are not able to heat their homes properly stood at 2,700 a year.


(A: I think it will be a lot more this year.  And the ones who are using fuel, believe you me, are awfully low, at awfully low temperatures.  Again, thatís austerity, you see.  Youíre being trained, like little children, youíve had it too good.  Whatever that means.)


ďI believe the figure of 7,800 is much more realistic as it is based on WHOís [World Health Organisation] most recent estimates of deaths relating to cold and damp homes,Ē


(A: Well, the WHO and the Department of Population at the United Nations will be awfully happy about these figures, because they want the old folk to die off anyway.).


Transform UK, the leading organization which campaigned for the Energy Bill Revolution, severely criticised the British government for failing to tackle fuel poverty as it described the figures as ďhorrifying.Ē


(A: Well, they always say that.  Oh, itís horrifying.  Oh, itís terrible.  And nothing happens.  So it says:)


ďThese deaths are totally preventable. This is perhaps the greatest test of whether this Government has an ounce of true compassion and moral fibre,Ē he added.


(A: Itís not your government.  You donít even know the people running your government in Britain.  Go into their histories.  Most of them never even were born in Britain.  They all came from Communistic countries or they ran away from people chasing them.  Thatís whoís running your countries.  Anyway, it says:)


Furthermore, the leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MP, said the cost of heating oneís home in Britain is so high that British people are faced with the choice between ďheating their homes and feeding their families.Ē


Itís one or the other, basically.  And thatís really how it is.  And we all, nobody cares.  This story will be gone from your heads tomorrow morning, because you can only hold so much data in your head and you delete it after a while.  And people donít like bad news, you know.  If theyíre still warm, ďI donít want to hear about that.  I donít want to hear how bad it is for other people.  Oh, thatís terrible.Ē 


Again, in Britain, you know, look at all these movies theyíve been churning out about pirates, pirates.  Apart from the banking boys, I mean, Iím talking about the actual movies.


Skull and cross boy! Family told to take down child's toy pirate flag because it breaches rules on Advertising


And Iíll read this one, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about how people who live in the nanny state, itís beyond nanny state, itís a brutal state, when you get fined so much cash pensioners canít afford their heart pills and so on, or they canít heat themselves, because of control freaks that are let loose upon the public. And itís perpetual education.  That was the term that Red Bishop used.  So, lifelong education.  Theyíre training you and training you, and training you, just like Pavlovís dogs, you see, to do what your masters want you to do, except donít ever grow up and talk back to them or do a manly thing, you know.  Anyway, it says:


Skull and cross boy! Family told to take down child's toy pirate flag because it breaches rules on Advertising


(A: This guy has got Aspergerís syndrome, this child.  It says:)


In Anthony Steeleís world, his back garden is an ocean upon which a pirate ship sails in search of treasure.


But the seven-year-oldís fantasy has been sunk by council officials who say his Jolly Roger breaches planning rules on Ďadvertisingí.


(A: And itís true.  Only the government and the banks are allowed to fly that flag, you see.)


They acted after an unnamed neighbour made a complaint about the flag, which flutters from the top of a fishing rod.


(A: Very dangerous, eh?  And it says:)


Anthonyís mother, Sara Steele, and her partner Ronnie Ford-Kennedy received a letter ordering them to remove it or face being dragged to court.


The couple said they have no option but to comply with the law but complained it was ridiculous the flag was considered advertising.


(A: I would say, itís ridiculous you want to pull it down in the first place.  A child is a child, and if he plays with a fishing rod and a flag on it, so what?)


They are also concerned at the impact it will have on Anthony, who has Aspergerís syndrome. ĎHe struggles with change and has been quite upset we need to take the flag down,í said Miss Steele, 33, of Tattershall, Lincolnshire.


ĎItís sad that someone has reported a childís toy to the council.


(A: One of my callers emailed me, and she lives in one of the New England towns, and she has a big fenced-in backyard for her dogs, which she lets out in the morning, and a neighbor from a, you now, second floor building, noticed she hadnít picked up all the poop inside her fenced-off back garden that day, her own fenced-off back garden that is, and reported it.  You see, you have to add more and more people to the ones you want to throw off to the island thatís going to sink, you know, as the seas get higher, supposedly, according to the United Nations that is, itís all nonsense, but at least youíd get rid of them for a while.  You know, they could hand each other tickets forever until they starved to death on the island.  Anyway, it says:)


Father-of-two Mr Ford-Kennedy, 42, a former military policeman who now works as a personal assistant, added: ĎAnthony likes playing pirates and when I have my daughters here they all play pirates together.


(A: And it goes on and on.  But the fact is, what Iím saying here is that after all these different movies that they churn out there, like Pirates of the Caribbean, which I guess they saw, and etc, thatís what children emulate.  Thatís why they give you lots of war movies, so as you get a bunch of cannon fodder for the next war thatís planned, you know.  Same thing.  It works very well on children.  So hereís a young child playing about pirates, and then you get a fine, and all the rest of it.  It says here:)


The family were given 28 days to remove the flag, otherwise the offence would be heard in court where the maximum fine is £2,500, plus an extra 10 per cent for every day the breach continues.


(A: Can you believe this?  Can you believe this, eh?  How can you in Britain still live and hang your heads up high or hold it high?  I mean, how can you do it, with these creeps and what youíve allowed to happen?  How can you allow it?  My god.  This is children playing on their own property.  And they want to fine you 2,500 pounds, plus interest.)


If they wanted to request permission to keep it they would have to pay a £95 application fee.


(A: Thereís something wrong.  Youíve been turned into a nation of groveling slaves.  Groveling slaves, to the people that you allow in on your councils.  Itís time you had a massive clean out.  Massive clean out.  And if you disbanded most of these organizations that they work for, for the councils, youíd be paying an awful lot less in council taxes and area taxes and all the rest of it.  It says:)


The National Autistic Society said: ĎTo help them cope, people with Aspergerís will often stick to very rigid routines and have intense interests, so a sudden, unexplained change can cause real distress and upset.í


But, you know, the rules are the rules.  Thatís it.† Just like the old lady with a bit of cotton comes off her glove, and this idiot sees it falling.  I could say an awful lot more, but I better not.  I better not.


Now, as we get trained, and trained, and trained, of course, for whatís to come.  And youíve seen it in movies for the last thirty years.  All the mainstream sci-fi movies have shown you a future with crumbling buildings and gangs and hunger, and everybody is dirty and thereís no running water, and then thereís the big black-clad goons that work for whatever establishment runs and owns the world.  And this is what theyíre training you for, under austerity too, of course.  But I always laugh when I see something going to the top, getting pushed.  Any book whatsoever, or novel, being pushed.  Itís just like music, or making a star.  Itís the same idea.  The people are never who they say they are.  And often they donít even write their own books.  Or, thereís a whole team writing the book.  And itís always got grants from the government, too, by the way, to get all the PC stuff in, the new updates on political correctness.  All that kind of stuff.  You understand, nothing in show business is what it seems to be.  Thatís why itís called show business.  Itís a show.  But thereís a movie coming out, and Iíll touch on this barbaric movie thatís going to train you to be barbaric, even more so.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, showing you the reality behind the nonsense they give you as reality, basically.  And youíve lived through the nonsense all your lives.  Mentioning the Hunger Games, it started as a novel apparently, written by Suzanne Collins in 2008, and they wanted to make it into a movie.  Itís a post-Apocalyptic World, the usual stuff in sci-fi:


in the country of Panem where the countries of North America once existed.


(A: You see.† And then:)


The Capitol, a highly advanced metropolis,


(A: Thatís where all the guys that were the bankers and their families all live and hold:)


power over the rest of the nation.


(A: And then, thereís an annual event, just for the little people, you see:)


in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive.


(A: How many movies have you seen all your life that says there can be only one?  You understand, these are psychological techniques.  These arenít just some scribbler scrawling out with a pen some little novel.  Anyway, it got:)


an initial print of 200,000


(A: Isnít that not bad.  It takes a few bucks.)


Ėtwice doubled from the original 50,000.


And then of course, this scribbler here, apparently, simply becomes a producer for it, for the film.  Just multi-talented, you see, of course.  And, Iíve noticed too, even the characters in it, some of the guys, they give them womenís names now, in these sci-fi movies.  The men have womenís names.  And of course, the women are tough.  Theyíre tough, you know.  But, what Iím saying is, this is all preparing you, again for the slum regions youíre going to have, because they have these pretty well in parts of Asia, and the Far East.  And as I say, theyíre making it into a movie, so you can go and gorge yourself on blood and guts and get conditioned.  But itís really copied after a Japanese one, which came out, and it was Battle Royale.  And thatís really what theyíve copied it after.  So, you understand, thereís a whole bunch of people across the world churning out movies to get their own people highly, highly debased and programmed into what is going to be their future that theyíre going to see.  And then this article for Canadians.


Canadian Online Surveillance Bill on Pause, But the Fight Continues


(A: And youíve got to keep the fight up, obviously.)


Last Saturday, the Canadian government announced it would put proposed online surveillance legislation temporarily "on pause" following sustained public outrage generated by the bill. Since its introduction two weeks ago, Canadians have spoken out en masse against Bill C-30, the Canadian governmentís latest attempt to update police online surveillance powers. As currently drafted, the bill represents a dramatic and dangerous attempt to leverage online service providers as agents of state surveillance.


The bill introduces new police powers that would allow Canadian authorities easy access to Canadiansí online activities, including the power to force ISPs to hand over private customer data without a warrant. Adding insult to injury, the proposed legislation would also pave the way to gag orders that would prevent online service providers from notifying subscribers that their private data has been disclosedó


(A: So, the ISPs wouldnít be allowed to tell you that they were snooping on you.)


a move that would make it impossible for users to seek legal recourse for privacy violations.


So, youíve got to keep your eyes on this in Canada, and keep it up.  Because, you know, if you donít, youíre just going down the tubes the same way as Britain.  Iím not kidding you.  And youíll get fines delivered to your darn computer, every other day, for looking at certain political things which are not really quite kosher, theyíll say.  You know.  Thatís how theyíll put it to you.


Now, talking about show business, and Iíve talked about this before, how fake everything is inside show business.  It doesnít matter if itís acting.  They use all these stunt people, men and women for all the things.  You donít know that.  Even a lot of the naked scenes too, they have stand-ins for all that stuff as well, because often the actors get a bit kind of podgy with the high salaries they get, so they get these stand-ins to do all the naked scenes.  Everything is show business, you see.  And the same in music, as Iíve mentioned many times, and many of the biggest hits out there were never written by the guys who have the rights to them.  And most music is made by session musicians.  The very first time years ago I mentioned this, there was a massive outcry from fans that love this group and that group and so on.  But thatís the sad truth of it folks.  If you canít take it, I feel sorry for you.  Youíve been conned, but you enjoyed the music at least, eh? 


And this one here is an article, it was in the WSJ about Hal Blaine.  And you have these groups in every country, thereís always a consortium of session musicians.  And it says:


Hal Blaine put his hand on my shoulder. "This is going to break your heart, but much of the music you heard in the '60s and early '70s wasn't recorded by the people you saw on the album covers," he said. "It was done by me and the musicians you see on these walls."


Talk about a "Wizard of Oz" moment. Last week I traveled to Mr. Blaine's home here to talk about his prolific career as the Buddy Rich of rock and pop recordings. I also wanted to know more about his role as the ringleader of the Wrecking Crew


(A: Thatís what they called them in the States.  It was the Wrecking Crew.)


óan ad hoc group of about 30 highly skilled Hollywood studio musicians who played the instruments on thousands of hit records released between 1961 and 1976.


Many baby boomers still remember the outrage that followed a magazine's revelation in 1967 that the Monkees didn't play on all of their recordings.


(A: They were a bunch of little actors, you see.)


It turns out that neither did the Beach Boys, the Mamas & the Papas, the Byrds, the Association, Jan & Dean and dozens of other rock groups of the era. That honor belongs to Mr. Blaine and the Wrecking Crew, whose members included Glen Campbell and Leon Russell.


(A: And Glen Campbell was pretty good, actually.  He was one of the few who could actually write songs as well.  And often, what youíd do, is youíd write the songs before you got the group out of a line-up. ďYou, you, and you.  Youíre the group.Ē  And then the Big Boys would go into action and make a few hits, you see, and then the group would just disappear.  That happened in Britain and all over the Western World.)


If rock is about a beat, and a beat is about the drums, then the 82-year-old Mr. Blaine is arguably one of America's greatest living rock musicians. Wednesday marks 50 years since he recorded his first No. 1 hitóElvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love." Mr. Blaine went on to appear on 38 additional chart-toppers, including the Byrds' "Mr. Tambourine Man," the Mamas & the Papas' "Monday, Monday," Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and the Carpenters' "(They Long to Be) Close to You."


(A: They didnít necessarily write them, but they actually did all the musical work for the albums.  Some of them occasionally would write songs.  In Britain, there was another bunch, and I wonít say too much about it.  Anyway:)


Those represent just a fraction of his output. Mr. Blaine's beats set hips twisting on upward of 5,000 songsómany of them also hits. He even was the drummer on the Grammys' "Song of the Year" for six years in a row from 1966 to 1971. In this regard, Mr. Blaine has no living peer. On Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Mr. Blaine's nearest rival is the Beatles with a measly 20 No. 1 hits.


(A: So, heís in the Rock of Fame, now, of course, for being on all these records, for at least playing the drums and so on and helping arranging all of it, Iím sure.)


An unspoken pact kept Mr. Blaine and the Wrecking Crew a secret hit-making machine. "Teens wanted to believe that their idols on the TV and stage were the ones playing on the records, record companies didn't want to spoil the party, and we wanted to keep earning," Mr. Blaine said. "No one said a word."


At his busiest, Mr. Blaine played on as many as seven studio sessions a day, moving effortlessly from the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" to Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night." The story of the '60s-rock studio scene has been documented in "The Wrecking Crew," a newly completed film that is awaiting funding for song licensing. Its director is Denny Tedesco, son of Tommy Tedesco, the group's late guitarist. "All that music was just notes on a page until these musicians gave them punch and excitement," Denny Tedesco said.


(A: So, in other words, once they get the right to put the songs in the movies, because they belong to other people, but at least they played on the originals, then they can go ahead with it.)


While all of the major pop-rock acts could sing and in some cases write music, record producers weren't satisfied with their abilities as instrumentalists. In other cases, songs were recorded and groups were assembled to front them.


(A: And thatís what I said.  It was easy money to write songs, meant for, you know, a little teeny-bopper group, and then, of course, the Big Boys, who really run the machinery, they belong to a certain creed, you might say, they actually just, as I say, pick them out of line-ups, make them a group.  The songs are already made.  The outfits that theyíre wearing are already made.  And thatís it.  They do their two or three hits that theyíre told theyíll get, and then they disappear.)


 "Many of these kids didn't have the chops and were little more than garage bands," said Mr. Blaine.


The Wrecking Crew name originated....


They tell you about how they arranged the actual name, how it came into being.  And a lot more too, to do with his history, before he went into the music scene, and also other songs, of course, that they were on, a Taste of Honey, and various other songs.  Many, many, many oldies, of course.  And it goes on to this day, as well, right into the rappers of course too, not that they need much music for that.  But thatís how things really are, folks, as your mind is taken care of by the wizards, you see, the magic wizards of entertainment. 


And Iíll also put up again, a link tonight, that goes into a lot of this stuff, because I mentioned it years ago, and then a site came up and started to go into the history of how they came in with their rock and roll, the hippie movement, the pop music, and itís the Laurel Canyon site, it is.  So, Iíll put that up again tonight, if you want to go into this more and more deeply.  A lot of good information on it.  And it could go an awful lot further, but it goes far enough, Iíd say.  Really, thatís how your whole generations were split up initially by professionals, and the ones at the top, in many of the top bands that first were put out to the public, as the singers at least, were all sons and daughters of the military establishment, in high places that is.  In high places.  Even Madonna. 


Talking about foundations again too, because everybody in Hollywood, you must understand, has to belong to a foundation.  Thatís all they yap about, apart from criticizing each other and their talents, they actually talk about philanthropy and whoís in who and every actress and actor has to be involved in some philanthropy, because, you see thatís just the way it is.  Theyíre all so concerned about the world and all that.  You know, even Lady Di, the same thing about her, when she was going on about the landmines and she was doing her tours of countries with landmines and she wanted the landmines all removed.  That was all very nice.  But she didnít think it up.  It was her PR manager.  They actually had a PR manager for her, to come up with something for her to do to keep her name in the limelight and so on.  And itís the same with actors and actresses, because they get a lot of publicity.  Oh, so-and-so, so-and-soís new foundation is going to help the people in Africa or something like that you see, but itís all a con.  Itís all a con. 


The CFR mentioned this too, because quite a few of the members now, of actors are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, like George Clooney.  And they brought other ones on board as well. Because the public, you know the dumb masses of the public, they just follow the stars, because they have no confidence in themselves.  Theyíre too busy getting picked on by people like garbage inspectors and things like that, picking up strands of cotton, and making sure that theyíre quivering in their boots, you see.  So, you look up to the stars that punch folk out on stage, or at least on the big screen, and the real he-men that fight every war and win it.  But not you.  Youíre a little, you know, you admire them so much, but you quiver in front of that person thatís handing you the 95 pounds or whatever fine on the spot, because a couple of follicles fell out of your nose or something.  Anyway:


Oprah, others to attend Lady Gaga foundation debut


(A: This thing, whatever it is, called Lady Gaga.  And hereís how they do it for you, you see.  They give you this celebrity.  And people will prattle about this rubbish, you know.  I ignore it all.  Iím only reading it to you to show you something.)


Lady Gaga is expected to be joined by Oprah Winfrey and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at Harvard University for the launch of the singer's Born This Way Foundation.


(A: I guess that means without anything to cover the upper parts.  I donít know.  And it says:)


The Born This Way Foundation will address self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying,


(A: And I might touch on that tonight if Iíve got time.  I donít think so.  The real reason behind anti-bullying.  Itís not anti-bullying at all, actually.  Itís to get a certain group into the colleges and universities and all the schools, who already have a foothold, to teach their lifestyle.  Thatís what itís really about.  And I have the evidence on it too.  Anyway:)


mentoring and career development through research, education and advocacy.


It is partnering with the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The California Endowment and The Berkman Center at Harvard to explore the best ways to create a culture of kindness, bravery,


(A: Standing up to these garbage guys is bravery.  Iím not paying your darn fine, you big blob, you know.)


acceptance and empowerment.


Author and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree are also scheduled to attend.


So, you see, thatís what theyíre all into now.  Itís to keep their name in the limelights and so on.  But what it does too is they get a little place in Africa, Iíll put one up tonight, itís about all the actors who have little bits in Africa, and their faces come up on the screen to show you that they at least flew there, their foundations, and generally theyíll make a movie there as well. And they might scatter some balloons or t-shirts around, and theyíve got a foundation.  Oh, arenít they good.  Theyíre helping Africans.  Isnít that wonderful.  Then they write it off as their taxes.  This is a tax write-off.  Con game, folks.  And this article is:


Dr. Clooney, I Presume?


(A: And it says:)


OVERSIZED SHADES have replaced pith helmets, but the new scramble for Africa has its share of adventurers, would-be saviors, and even turf battles.


(A: Theyíre actually fighting over parts of it.  Thereís that many so-called new foundations and philanthropists and actors all fighting over the same areas.)


 As Madonna's publicist explains,


(A: Publicist.  Right?  Sheís got a publicist.  You see, PR, public relations, propaganda.)


"She's focusing on Malawi. South Africa is Oprah's territory."


(A: Oh.)


The map below takes a lighter look at the sometimes serious, sometimes silly business of celebrity altruism. For more on how Africa became the hottest continent for A-list do-gooders like Bono and Brangelina, see here.


(A: Itís got links for that.  You can bring it all up.)


And if you're looking for a more sober approach, check out our recent package on human rights.


And you can click on a country to learn which celebrity has claimed it and how, as they keep their names in the papers, rather than dying off into obscurity.  Because thatís really what itís all about folks, and writing off taxes.  Arenít they good?  Arenít they good?  Eh?  All embracing, all encompassing, you know.  You got to copy them all.  Copy them all, yeah.  That goes for everything, everything they copy, youíre supposed to copy, if you can stand it.  So, anyway, thatís really how it is in the world, everything is show biz.  Show biz.  And unfortunately, you canít tell the difference between news and show business anymore.  You really canít.  Most of you really, really canít.  Now that theyíve got show business mixed up with the news, whatís that got to do with the news?  Hmm? 


And bad news for another group thatís going under.  Sears stores are set to unload a lot of their stores now, it says, across Canada and I guess the States as well.  It says theyíre in retreat, and it says:


After seven years of trying to rebuild the iconic retailer Sears, hedge-fund manager Edward S. Lampert reversed course on Thursday, announcing that Sears Holdings Corp. will unload more than 1,200 stores in an effort to raise up to $770 million of much-needed cash.


Understand whatís happening too.  Thereís fewer and fewer folk who have got extra cash to go to the Sears that generally was a wee bit better quality.  It wasnít top quality, but it was better than the rubbish they sell you in all these, I could name a whole bunch of them, as you well know.  Thatís probably where you shop, because itís all you can afford.  But at least you got a better selection.  And they used to actually test the stuff out and back it up with guarantees, even in their gardening department for their machines.  But this is going under, because folk, well, weíre learning to be austere.  All your spending money goes to fines for dropping things, you know, like fingernails and stuff like that.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís just time for a couple of callers here.  Thereís Frank from North Carolina on the line.  Are you there, Frank?


Frank: Yeah.  Hey, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  I had one quick question, while I was on hold, I came up with, I wanted to ask you if youíd heard about this new study.  But I heard that Jim Morrison, the lead man for the Doors, his father was an admiral in the Navy, I believe.  And yeah, I came across a site about Laurel Canyon several years ago during my exploration.  What was available on the internet was very interesting, about how a lot of those people, they did have parents that were high up in the military.  Just one specifically I was curious about, Madonna, Iíd never heard anything about her.


Alan: Her parents were, her dad was way up there in the military as well.  And her brother came out with a book in fact and explained it all, and exposed it.  Because, her big story, all, you understand, the whole of Hollywood, in fact, itís not just Hollywood, itís New York and anybody whoís really successful, is rags to riches.  Thatís their standard scene.  And of course, she came out at first that she arrived in London a poor penniless young girl with a pair of ballet shoes, ten bucks in her pocket or something, and nothing is further from the truth.  So her brother came out with a book and exposed it all, and they were from a very, very wealthy family, dad way up in the military.  And itís a pretty common story.  Frank Zappa, all these guys, yeah. 


Frank: Very interesting.  Iíll look further into that.  Did you happen to see anything about that study? I just heard about it on the mainstream radio, earlier this week, about driving habits, as far as peopleís consideration for other drivers.  Based on the study looked at different classifications as far as what type of vehicle people drove. 


Alan: I didnít see that one.


Frank: Well, I donít like to get into the whole division and class warfare, but itís just consistent with what Iíve observed all my life.  And I always ask people if they notice, you know, people that drive like the luxury class vehicles are typically, I have observed, I believe, Iím fairly objective, are very inconsiderate people, you know, like when youíre waiting for them and when theyíre coming down the road, they donít give a signal, so you donít want pull out in front of them.  And then they turn right when they get to you.  You can tell, they donít even realize that youíve been waiting for them.  But they said that people that drive, the study, I guess it was some university out in California or something, it said that people that drive the luxury class vehicles are typically very inconsiderate drivers.  Also said that they were much more likely to cheat when playing games.  More likely to not return moneys that were given to them in error, like in a financial transaction.


Alan: Well, thatís the successful crew.  Thatís the psychopathic type.  Thatís how they are.  Theyíve got to be out in front.  Theyíve got to beat everybody else, and even their driving too.  Itís just them on the road as far as theyíre concerned.  And that falls in with the whole psychopathic personality type to begin with.


Frank: Yeah, the crap rises to the top.  Well, Iím sure you can find that study.


Alan: I will.


Frank: Okay, thanks, thanks, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And maybe get Daniel from the UK, if youíre still there, Daniel?


Daniel: Yeah.† Well, itís true, by the way, what youíre saying about Britain.  I got fined by the tax office a couple of times for little things.  And I noticed, they changed it a few years ago, they changed traffic wardenís titles to civil enforcement officers, you know.  They changed the name.


Alan: And they privatized it too, so itís for profit.


Daniel: Thatís it.  Well, I donít know if weíve got much time.  You know in the Bible, when they refer to God, is that a reference to the system of control?† Thatís in a nutshell what it is?


Alan: Absolutely. And you have to look into the ancient history from the Ugaritic texts onwards to find out what god it is and what he stood for. 


Daniel: Maybe I could ring up another time and we could talk about that.  Is that all right? 


Alan: Sure enough.  Thanks for calling.


Daniel: Have a good weekend, Alan.


Alan: You too.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods and your favorite song go with you.



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