March 5th, 2012 (#1036)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 5, 2012:

Eve of Dysfunction:

"The Whole Damn World it is Exploding,
Austerity’s Looming, Banks Imploding,
Con-Men Cartels Rule All Nations,
Governments, Banks and Media Stations,

Grass Root Opposition is Infiltrated,
Rich NGO Armies are Dedicated,
You Start School with an Intact Mind,
Upon Leaving You’re the Uniform Kind,

Redistributing Your Wealth, Living in Austerity,
With Post-Consumerist Regulated Severity
The Nanny States’ got Lots of New Rules,
When to Bend Over and Be the Fool,

And You Tell Me Over and Over Again, My Friend,
You don’t Believe We’re on the Eve of Dysfunction"
© Alan Watt March 5, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 5, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 5th of March, 2012.  For newcomers, make use of the website You’ll find hundreds of audios for download, all for free, and if you can bear with it and go through a lot of them, you’ll start to understand the system you’re born into and why these massive changes are taking place in your lifetime, because I go into the histories of the organizations and the bankers, the cabals that got together, well over a hundred years ago, to form this new system.  They called it then a new order of things, a new world order, and of course they don’t mean simply a globalized order; that’s only one part of it. It’s a unified tyrannical scientifically-run order across the world, where children will be, and have already actually been, trained from birth by the social indoctrination and scientific indoctrination through schooling and the subsequent media to behave and believe and act in a certain manner.  You’re living through it all the time and I don’t have to explain the changes that most folk have noticed.  But that’s how it’s to be done. 


They copied the Soviet System.  The same banks that formed this New World Order also funded the Soviet System.  There was a lot of money in Communism, believe you me, and to found it up and set it up from the very beginning. 


So, I go into the histories of the main groups that got together and formed their cabal, with academia too and think tanks working for them and how they planned to bring it all in.  And there are so many targets to reach, to do with not just financial targets and total financial integration of the planet, but also they’ve achieved a lot of it through their schooling worldwide– same schooling agenda– and they hope to force it through but it’s not working in certain areas and they’ll have to iron out all the problems; problems which to them are pretty insignificant at the top but mean an awful lot to you at the bottom because you all suffer as you go through these massive changes. 


So as I say, help yourself to those sites and remember too, if you want transcripts for print-up they all carry transcripts in English.  Go into for transcripts in other languages.  And remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you.  You can buy the books and discs that I have at, and from the U.S. to Canada you can order by a personal check; that’s probably the last country left you can still trade with a personal check, is from the US to Canada.  And you can also use an international postal money order from the US to Canada, or PayPal, or just send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal.  Remember, straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.


And chronicling, this is really interesting as I say, when you realize that big players, some of them long dead now, set up the very system we’re living through now, and literally they took the whole world apart, so to speak, into different sections of the world and what makes up humanity; cultures, everything and decided how to alter every culture at the same time and bring them all together in the same road at the same time for this period in the world actually. So, one World Government, one World Trading system– that’s what they call free trade through the World Trade Organization, the United Nations and again, a common world culture that will still go on to the next phase where they’ll literally pick you from school and train you in what they decide that you’re good at or what they need you for and that’s all you’ll be trained and you don’t need geography or history if you’re going to be made into a certain operator or technician or whatever.  That’s literally how it’s to be done; scientifically controlled society, and very totalitarian in this particular period of it, the period of transition; they actually call it that.  It’s a mixture of George Orwell and Brave New World all at the same time, so it’s got both parts working together as we go through the changes.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back.  There’s been so many exposés of banking fraud recently that you almost start to yawn after a while– we get so used to it. We’ve lived through the frauds, we’re still living through frauds because banking is a fraud to start with.  But now and then they come out with little bits for the general public on mainstream to see– and I don’t know if it affects them or not; I haven’t heard back from people who have seen this little link I’m going to put up tonight at at the end of the broadcast. It says that “Federal Reserve Banker Fraud Exposed In the Mainstream.” So, it’s one of the few times that they actually bring it up in the mainstream and show you some of the big boys of the Federal Reserve of the US for instance and what they’ve been involved in through all these different scams that are going on.  So, I’ll put that up tonight and you can see for yourselves. 


There are so many as I say that you can’t even cover them all, it’s just getting out of hand.  It says, another article here– I’ll put all these links up in fact tonight.  One is “Banking Chief Resignations Now Up To 102 World Wide,” and it’s quite interesting to read through this article.  From all over the world, they were all involved in the same scams, like a massive cabal at the same time to help sink the planet.  And of course the big boys who started it all are still reigning pretty high and powerful and they’re untouchable unless we change the system, and that will never happen because they own the system; you live in their system, you see. They’re all psychopaths and it’s a psychopathic world which they created– they rule it of course. 


And another article about banking too is to do with “Banks Benefit From Fighting Nursing-Home Crime.” You wouldn’t believe all the scams. You see, the average person who is kind of linear in thinking– and that’s how you’re trained to be in this system so that you can’t see the scams; you’d never think of them– the boys who don’t think linearly, you know the ones who handle the cash and have a lot of, we’ll say, familial abilities to do so, they can see round any situation and how to profit.  They came out with the slogan in fact, “How do we profit from this disaster?” The same slogan you’ll hear coming out from the Council on Foreign Relations, “How do we benefit from this disaster?” Same thing, you see.  And here you have nursing home crime, no kidding, this is what they’re into. Banks are benefiting from fighting nursing-home crime– of course it’s a scam, you know it’s a scam.  It says:


Banks have found an unusual way to comply with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the federal law requiring them to bolster the economies of low-income neighborhoods: They’re funding a program dedicated to fighting crime in nursing homes.


While critics say the program circumvents the spirit of the CRA, backing by U.S. financial regulators has helped the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation...


(Alan: A Foundation, right? Wonderful charities these things are...)


...sign up 250 banks in 47 states to lend or invest almost $350 million for its Senior Crimestoppers program.


(A: No kidding...)


The money pays for personal lockboxes for nursing home residents, a 24-hour crime-reporting hot line, and entertainment including karaoke machines and video game systems.


Banks that don’t comply with the CRA, which took effect in 1977, must face restrictions when they seek to expand. While some large banks such as SunTrust Bank (STI) and BB&T (BBT) participate in Senior Crimestoppers, the program has special appeal for institutions with a few billion dollars in assets that may have difficulty competing with bigger banks for CRA-qualified investments, foundation officials say. Spokesmen for SunTrust and BB&T declined to comment.


Banks that donate to the foundation are doing little to promote economic development, says Peter Skillern, executive director of the Community Reinvestment Association of North Carolina, a nonprofit advocacy group.


(A: I wonder what they pay themselves. You have to go and see what they pay themselves; it just knocks your socks off.  Anyway...)


Banks giving money to Senior Crimestoppers get CRA credit for more than they actually contribute.


(A: Of course they do; that’s what banks do.)


They park their donations in government bonds or other instruments of their choosing and keep any returns above a 1 percent fee they turn over to Senior Crimestoppers. The organization uses its cut to pay for the lockboxes and other program expenses. The banks get their principal back in several years, and regulators routinely give them credit for the full amount on deposit with the program, rather than just the 1 percent in interest they effectively donate.


So, you can read through it yourself, and you’ll see.  Everything out there, I’m not kidding you, especially if it’s under the guise of doing good and charities or foundations, has a completely different agenda, apart from filling their own pockets.  It’s things you’d never think about.  They must smell like a predatory wolf; they smell where there is fresh prey and in they go– that’s how banks really work.  We all really do know this though, don’t we, I hope, after all this time. 


And, you know, people talk about fixing this system.  I’ve said you can’t fix the Tower of Babel.  It’s held together by scotch tape and glue and all the rest of it; it’s so corrupt– its foundation is corrupt, this monetary system.  The same monetary system that gave us Nations really, in a sense, because many Nations were conquered in ancient times on the condition that the conquering army would pay to the guys that they were in hock with– the money lenders– so many slaves, etcetera; plus they’d introduce the cash money, you know, coin, into the conquered.  Lots of people never bothered with money; they didn’t need it at one time, you see? 


It goes on and on and on and what I’m saying is the whole system is bound up on classes; it creates classes naturally.  And then when you get an upper class that becomes a sort of permanent upper class they have a different way of looking and thinking and training on every possible topic beneath them.  They believe it’s their right to plunder the planet and plunder the “less human types”– that’s what they call us; you’re not really quite human at the bottom.  But, what it fosters is massive corruption, which they think is their right at the top to do, by they way, being good predators and all. And if you look from the Darwinian perspective, if you really believe in that, then they would be right; they’re the top survivors; they don’t care how they survive– they’re survivors and technically like a good predator they would be up at the top of Darwin’s most favored species kind of idea for preservation for the future.


Everything is corrupt beneath it as I say.  Here’s one here to show you the corruption:


Foreigners to get £20,000 HIV drugs for free on the NHS (A: in Britain) in proposals to stop the spread of the disease


Now it’s big Pharma, for instance, that’s raking in the cash. They sign the deals with the government to take so much of their medications in and deploy them and of course it’s a sales pitch. That’s what it is, it’s a sales make, and they’ve made a sale to government and they push for these things.  Meanwhile, Britain now will have more folk coming in to get National Health Service treatment for free– to Britain– and the country is already broke many times over as the National Health Service is shredded to the bone basically and you can’t fix it; it’s just too far gone as far as I’m concerned.  They can’t dig themselves into the hole fast enough because big lobby groups pester governments and keep at them.  And of course money changes hands because guys in government are corrupt as well.  You can’t get on as people going in to government, and that’s my opinion on things– you can’t get it.  They know what they’re going into and they know from their little dalliances with helping political parties that it is corrupt and money changes hands all over the place and it’s nothing to do with what they say it is.  It’s nothing to do with helping the public, “we want to help the population”.  It’s corrupt, let’s be honest about things, it truly is. And there is so much about and so many conflicts of interest on the guys that they put in charge of special things today, that you cannot keep it honest anyway.  They’re getting exposed all the time but it doesn’t matter when they’re exposed; they continue in their positions and nothing ever stops as I say.  I’ve got so many articles here about it.


Here’s one for instance:


National Health Service Fairness Czar...


(A: Because he’s appointed, right?  This is the new system. You’ve got appointees in Democracies. This is the guy who is in charge of giving the contracts to all the different pharma companies and equipment makers for medicine, and he’s supposed to be completely free of interest to do with all the guys he deals with and gives contracts out to.  And here’s...)


NHS fairness tsar urged to quit by doctors over ‘conflict of interest’ following £799,000 payment for U.S. private health giant


(A: So here’s a guy in Britain, working really, wearing two or three hats and he’s called the “fairness” guy– the fairness doctrine. He’s impartial to lobbyists supposedly, right? It says here...)


The head of the NHS regulator that is meant to ensure fairness when private-sector firms bid for public contracts


(A: They’re worth Millions of dollars, right?)


…is also the chairman of a huge company whose Health Service business is worth £80million a year – and set to increase massively.


As the chairman of the NHS Co-operation and Competition Panel (CCP), Lord Carter of Coles is paid £57,000 for two days’ work each week.


(A: That’s not a bad pay cheque for the National Health Service.  You can’t afford bandages, etcetera, and you’re cutting staff to the bone, but you can pay this guy, this character 57,000 Pounds for two days work, huh, every week?)


But his other role, as chairman of the UK branch of the American healthcare firm McKesson, is more generously rewarded. Last year it paid him £799,000.


Even this is not the end of Lord Carter’s private healthcare interests. He is chairman of the Bermuda-registered Primary Group Ltd, a private-equity investment company that owns big slices of other healthcare firms.


And he is an adviser to Warburg Pincus International Ltd,


(A: That’s a biggie...)


another investment fund with large health interests. His income from these sources is not publicly disclosed.


(A: Well it can’t be, because it’s now in the millions.)


The CCP describes itself as ‘an independent, transparent and effective advisory body...committed to using fair and transparent processes’.


If the controversial Health And Social Care Bill, now making its way through the House of Lords, becomes law, it will be merged with another NHS body, Monitor.


(A: Big news with Monitor, because these are the guys who deal with the Fortune 500 companies.) 


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix. And just talking about the big Tower of Babel that runs the world and how corrupt it’s been and is and presumably as long as it stands it always will be.  I can’t see it changing voluntarily; it won’t happen– it won’t ever happen.  But that’s the real world we live in.  It’s full of corruption and the corrupt people who are successful are all at the top– they’re good psychopaths you see.  And reading an article about Britain and its National Health Service and how the guy in charge of tendering out big big cash to corporations to supply the National Health Service with various medical items and so on is wearing two or three hats at the same time and getting paid by private companies; he’s lobbying himself basically, and he’s got lots and lots of loot of course, which they can justify.  He even only works two days a week; he can justify his massive salary.  Anyway, I’ll put that up tonight to let you see an example of how corrupt things are.  You can’t fix these systems you understand.  And they’ll put somebody in after him that’s related to him or his company, and then he’ll be in.  It’s the same in the U.S. with the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA.  It’s all staffed by guys who worked for big Pharma. It’s the same thing.  They’ve even put out exposés on video about them, where they phone up the ones they know will vote for a certain drug to get passed because they all work for the same Pharma and they’ve got so many members on the board of the FDA. It happens all the time.  Everything that you think is real to protect you is a con. It’s for the wolves at the top, that’s all– quite simple, quite easy to understand, if you want to get your face out of watching Disneyland movies or something.  It’s the real world.


Now, Catholic Schools of course are really going through a change now.  In fact the whole Catholic Church is going through a massive change to comply with the new world order. It’s a much more gentler, kindlier, all embracing as they say at the Catholic Church…but one of the students at a Catholic School was suspended for promoting Modesty– and I’m not kidding you. 


It says:


Last month, on Valentine’s Day, student Paul Gomille circulated 136 copies of a speech that he had written. He passed them out in the cafeteria of his Toronto-area Catholic high school. The speech was on the topic of a woman’s inner beauty — Mr. Gomille, 17, clearly believes that many of his female peers do not treat each other, or themselves, with due respect, and he wishes that everyone would focus more on how wonderful they are on the inside and not how attractive they can make themselves on the outside.


(A: And he goes on about peer pressure and what they see from Hollywood telling them is the beauty of a woman, etcetera. And anyway...)


For circulating this speech, a link to which can be found below, Mr. Gomille was suspended for two days.


(A: There’ll be no modesty here, basically is the answer here...)


…The reason for the suspension?  “Opposition to authority.” Apparently stating the obvious about teenagers now counts as an act of rebellion.


The decision to suspend Mr. Gomille goes back to his original hope to deliver his thoughts in a public address. Mr. Gomille reportedly approached the principal with his idea and asked for permission to address the school. This was initially met favorably, especially since the school received much public attention earlier this (academic) year when administrators noted that many of the female student body (no pun intended) were hiking their kilt skirts too high, yet another statement of the blindingly obvious. Principal Donna Modeste,


(A:  Amazing. Her name is Modeste, eh, Donna Modeste.  But you can’t have any Modesty in this place....)


...according to Mr. Gomille, welcomed the positive nature of Mr. Gomille’s message.


But not all of it, in the end. Principal Modeste objected to a particular section of Mr. Gomille’s letter, which she felt was “judgmental”:


(A: And the part that she thought was this. It says...)


The people this message concerns are the young women of this school, and of the world. In particular, it concerns the silent ones, the intelligent ones, the ones that don’t talk about people behind their backs, the ones that guys don’t flock to in droves, the ones that don’t dress in revealing clothing, the ones who would love to be in love, and the ones that are continually disappointed in their appearance because the only thing they have to compare themselves to are the women that have been put on pedestals by our society....


(A: The models in magazines and stuff like that...)


This message also concerns those of you who may consider yourselves the so called “opposite” to the demographic I just described. The ones who do dress in revealing clothing, and the ones who try to fit in with the crowd.


So, anyway, the principal asked him to change parts of that speech and he didn’t go it, so he got suspended for two days. So, there’s no modesty in the Catholic School anymore. He’s not condemning what they’re wearing, he’s just pointing out basically the moral qualms that they have that will end them in trouble down the road– that’s really what it is– without even saying that much.  So, no modesty there.  It’s verboten, you see? I wonder what Mother Mary would say about that, eh? 


Anyway, it’s quite amazing too the lengths they’re pushing now to destroy all vestiges of Christianity. Except the Club of Rome– because the Club of Rome now has changed its tact and it’s really bringing out a new agenda, although it’s the same agenda.  They want to bring all religions on board with them, they said that’s what we missed out, that’s why we haven’t been so successful.  And remember the Club of Rome is the main humanist organization pushing for global change, but they want to bring in all religious ones and use them and get them on board to help green the planet and change it all, etcetera etcetera.  So that’s their big move now.  And they’ll get them. They always manage to bribe off the leaders, especially the quack leaders of Christianity, and there’s lots of them on television, and once that happens the flock always follow unfortunately and they can’t think for themselves.  Anyway, the Club of Rome is definitely going to use everything they can now to get their agenda through.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about different articles and showing some other sides of the story, or adding to them really because there has been a war on religion for a long time, because you see, academia is now up to such a high standard that they’ve got to be the top gods in this new world order obviously.  They’ll have no competition and they’ve changed everything too to make everybody all embracing of everything– even the things that their beliefs tell them and they actually believe themselves is wrong.


So here’s another article here:


Incredible: UK Public Authority (A: local government)wants to prohibit God from healing the sick!


(A: No Kidding!)


It doesn’t really fit with the theme of this blog, but I thought I should not withhold from our readers this precious newest gem of anti-religious bigotry: in the UK, a public authority wants to prohibit Christians to state the basic Christian belief that God can heal physical illnesses!!! (Supposedly only doctors can heal illnesses, and even they are not always successful…) The addressees of the injunction, a multiconfessional group of Christians from Bath, Somerset, who had been regularly praying for the public outside Bath Abbey for three years running and offered to pray for people who are sick to receive healing, were told by the British Standards Authority to stop...


(A: This is the same bunch probably that got that little Autistic child last week there to take his pirate flag off his fishing rod in his back garden, you know...)


...the British Standards Authority to stop declaring and making public, whether in an open or covert way, the fact that people can be physically healed thank to their prayers, “because such statements could mislead vulnerable people to believe that prayer could heal them of something as serious as cancer”.....according to Christian belief, it is not prayer that heals, but it is God...


(A: So God is blacklisted I guess, eh?)


who, listening to the prayers of the faithful, may or may not heal, according to what he decides is best for all persons involved. Thus, nobody says that “prayer heals”, but what all Christians believe is that God has the power to heal. And this is indeed a central tenet of the Christian faith. If God were not even able to heal illnesses, how would He be able to create the universe, or to raise His son from the dead? Such a god would not be God.


So anyway, they’re going after all this because they say only science can prevail in this new world order, and we’ve got to listen to the white-coated priests that we have today that come out of academia and tell us how to dress for a rainy day and things like that, you know– they’re very very important apparently– and when to put sunburn cream on so you won’t get sunburn; things like that.  Because we’re all rather dopey according to them.  They actually get money for telling us this stuff.  Can you believe that– these experts?  They actually get paid to come on television to talk rubbish like that.  But yeah, they’re going after every aspect of all that was, you see.  The old traditions, the old societies that gave you your culture must be utterly decimated to bring in the new, as you well know. 


And also, I want to talk about this article here.  I’ve mentioned for years about the brutality of bread and circuses as they bring us up to the next phase. You always get this between changes of Orders, you understand.  They call them Ages of course– the historians call them Ages and the philosophers call them Ages.  And you always bring in a decrepit society where you turn sexuality upside down, it’s the first thing you see, depravity of all kinds and then lots of homosexuality, lesbianism, and even in Rome they had to eventually order the nobles to mate to have children because they were running out of children– it was that bad.  At the same time they had the circuses going on for the rest of the public where they watched people getting slaughtered all the time, just to pass a nice sunny afternoon and they give them free wine and bread.  And in China it’s got “the Execution Factor.”


They said:


It was designed as propaganda to deter would-be criminals. Instead interviews on death row have become China’s new TV hit


(A: We’re going right into all the sci-fi movies that we saw years ago, The Running Man, all these different ones that they put out there to do with the same thing for the cattle out there, the general audience, and that’s what they’re called by the producers, to watch as we get more and more debased, more jaded with so much entertainment that we eventually go into this animalistic state of sitting and watching people get slaughtered.  So anyway, it says...)


With her silk scarves and immaculate make-up, Ding Yu looks every inch the modern television presenter.


(A:  I wonder who they’ll get it for the U.S., which they’ll pick– who could it be?  And it says here...)


Indeed, for the past five years she has hosted a hugely successful prime-time show in China which has a devoted following of 40million viewers every Saturday night.


But while in Britain the weekend evening entertainment will be The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing, Ms Ding’s show features harrowing – some would say voyeuristic – footage of prisoners confessing their crimes and begging forgiveness before being led away to their executions.


(A:  That’s the biggest hit in China...)


The scenes are recorded sometimes minutes before the prisoners are put to death, or in other cases when only days of their life remain.  The glamorous Ms Ding...


(A:  There’s sadomasochism right there you see.  It’s in all the movies that stuff...)


...conducts face-to-face interviews with the prisoners, who have often committed especially gruesome crimes. Her subjects sit in handcuffs and leg chains, guarded by warders. She warms up with anodyne questions about favorite films or music, but then hectors the prisoners about the violent details of their crimes and eventually wrings apologies out of them.


She promises to relay final messages to family members, who are usually not allowed to visit them on death row. The cameras keep rolling as the condemned say a farewell message and are led away to be killed by firing squad or lethal injection.


(A: And then of course they harvest their organs and it goes to bigwigs and so on.)


So I’ll put this link up too.  There are probably lots of folk interested in that in this day and age because we are really simply emulating ancient Greece and Rome at the same time.  It’s all around you; all the same techniques are in play to bring us all down. 


Last week too, Geithner was arrested and released. Did you know that?  I’ll put this link up tonight and you can have a little look at that.  He was sort of arrested and then let go again, about some tampering that he was involved in.


And this one is quite a good little thing from Australia.  You see, we’re getting trained to go into austerity now you see, it’s not just that the banks crashed and the whole bit.  Money is still flowing around, but they’ve jacked everything up because the big boys got together in global meetings years ago to say that all energy would become a luxury you see.  They won’t lose anything you understand by producing less power, say electricity for instance.  They won’t lose a darn thing.  They’ll simply put it up eightfold, tenfold and give you half the usage that you’re allowed basically.  That’s how.  So they’ll always be stinking rich at the top.  Same with gasoline and everything else.  And everything that’s transported by gasoline or diesel, it’s your foodstuffs, everything, has to go up in price as well.  So the power of the purse brings you down into poverty– or they call it austerity, where all of your cash goes to the very basics in a post-consumer society, according to the Club of Rome.


So it says:


Electricity Set to Become a Luxury Item in Australia


Julia Gillard’s new pledge to Australians should read “There will be no more affordable electricity under a government I lead.”


(A: That’s their little quip.  And it says...)


Electricity generators have warned that they face a cashflow crunch of hundreds of millions of dollars to buy carbon tax permits


(A: This con that’s going to put us into the poorhouse.  That’s its intention though.  Austerity is poor...)


as the latest greenhouse gas emissions figures suggest almost $4 billion of the $7.7bn to be raised in the first year of the policy will come from power companies. Data from the Climate Change Department yesterday shows the power generation sector accounted for about 170 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the 2010-11 financial year, which could mean a carbon tax bill of $3.9bn if repeated next year.  The two NSW state-owned generators – Macquarie Generation and Delta Electricity – were the two biggest emitters in 2010-11, with 20.3 million tonnes and 19.8 million tonnes in CO2 emissions respectively.


(A:  They don’t even measure that.  You know, it’s just somebody’s guess.)


If the same emissions levels were repeated next year, Macquarie would face a carbon tax bill of more than $466m and Delta would pay $455m, based on the government’s starting carbonprice of $23 a tonne from July.


So, getting electricity in the future is going to be awfully awfully awfully expensive, and the new crime will be stealing electricity and things like that.  And I’m not kidding you, it will come– it will come and it’s all designed this way to come.  This is what this whole farce of carbon tax is about, to bring you into austerity and more government regulations, more government boards and offices to direct your life in every possible way that you can possibly imagine or even not imagine for that matter.  They’ve got great imaginations at the top. 


Also, I’m putting up “The Bystander Effect.”  The bystander effect is one of these psychological studies on the general public that don’t know they are being studied you see.  And universities are very famous for playing these tricks on the public.  Again, all the data goes to the big think tanks and they use it on the general public.  They use a microcosm and then put it onto the macrocosm.  This one here shows you them making you feel guilty how people react when someone apparently falls down on steps in a busy place, New York it happened to be, and of course no one stops to see if they’re ok; they just walk over them or walk past them.  But it tells you that there’s a group mentality– it’s a group mentality.  Everyone conforms to the group, even though you don’t realize it, and of course it takes one to break out of the group and go and see if someone’s ok, and then the rest will follow that person.  What they’re really showing you, without saying it, is the same reason that you vote– well, because everybody else is voting.  It’s the same thing. They know every darn thing about us.  We’ve been studied minutely, more than any insect or animal on the whole planet for an awful long time by university hidden cameras and phony situations.  But it works on the masses when you use the same techniques on the masses you see.  They can make you feel guilty or they can make you feel proud, or whatever.  They can make you feel anything they want you to feel and you will react that way. 


In Britain, it’s getting madder– madder by the day.  You’ve got all these weirdo people who have gone through academia, now sitting in councilors’ jobs.  You know, where they get to: “We all must feel blind today like the blind folk do.  Let’s all put on blindfolds and stumble across a classroom and break your legs and things”; that kind of people, you see?  And they sit and they brainstorm for new ideas to spend your money.


Here they come out with:


A new weapon has been developed in the war on Britain’s litter - talking rubbish bins.


(A:  It was bad enough that they’re chipped and all the rest of it. Talking Garbage bins eh?  Remember you’re just an animal in the humanistic philosophy.  You’re an animal that can be retrained, you see.)


As well as saying "thank you" when someone dumps in their rubbish, they can also sing opera and Abba, 


(A: So they cover all the classes you see.)


give a round of applause and sometimes even burp.


(A: for the very very base, you know, guys who watch television and things...)


Keep Britain Tidy is running the campaign along with arts organization Sing London.


(A:  So, the garbage bins sing to you, you see.)


Sing London’s director, Colette Hiller, told Sky News: "Its ambition is to actually make people care about the place where they live and we want to do that by using fun as a way to bring the best out in people."


This is a person who has gone through all these motivational courses and you do stupid things and you turn around and hug a total stranger next to you, you know, that breathes viruses all over you and all that, probably had their flu-shot and they’re shedding viruses everywhere.  Crazy.  But that’s how they are.  This is the generation who are in now who’ve been brought up with this rubbish.  You can tell by the crooked legs, when they broke their legs wearing the blindfolds. 


Hate speech in Canada, it’s a hate speech clause actually:


Hate speech clause in human rights act may be history


Marc Lemire leaves a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing into a complaint against him in Oakville, Ont., in 2008. The Toronto resident argued that rights legislation aimed at preventing the spread of hate on the Internet gags free speech and is unconstitutional.


(A: And so, it says here that…)


To protect freedom of expression in Canada, sometimes you need a majority government in Ottawa.


That’s the moral of the story of a Conservative backbencher’s private member’s bill — which has now cleared second reading in the House of Commons and gone to committee — seeking to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.


Let’s recall the exact wording of that infamous clause. Hate messages, according to Section 13 (1), are communications "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination."


(A: That’s how it’s worded...)


In other words, if I were to write something critical about Islam,


(A: They wouldn’t say any other religion there except Islam...)


for example, and someone reading my column felt it "likely" that my words could provoke "contempt" towards Muslims, they could lodge a complaint against me with one of Canada’s government-created human rights commissions.


Truth would not be a defense. Neither would my intent. And the person complaining wouldn’t even have to be a Muslim.


(A: Anyway, when you read through the article, what it really comes to is not a kind of “hurrah hurrah, you can say what you want,” because this is under a kind of different system– this human rights thing– because if they want to bring it in, if this wins, they might bring it back in a criminal rights act, you see, under a criminal act.  So this is maybe the tack behind it, I have no idea.  And it says here...)


It’s a system ripe for abuse. And that’s exactly what has happened. We’ve seen comics fined for insulting hecklers (B.C. human rights tribunal), former publishers spend $100,000 in legal fees over three years to defend themselves for printing "offensive" cartoons (Alberta human rights commission), and Maclean’s magazine investigated by three human rights bodies (federal, Ontario and B.C.) for running an article on Muslim demographics in Europe.


The Conservatives have long opposed Section 13, but didn’t feel they had the support they needed from the other parties, as a minority government, to push the issue legislatively.


So as I say, if they scrap it, they might bring it back through the criminal code instead and it says it will place a greater burden of proof on complainants. So, who knows where that’s going, I wouldn’t hold my breath at all. 




Free press to be sacrificed for political retribution


(A: This is from Australia.  It says...)


‘It is not the role of the government to stand in judgment of public debate.’


Freedom of the media is too important to be controlled by government.


The Independent Media Inquiry has proposed just what was expected: an outrageous attack on freedom of speech and the press.


Its 470-page report, written by inquiry chairman Ray Finkelstein and released on Friday, concludes Australia needs a mandatory ‘‘News Media Council’’


(A:  That’s what they called for in Britain too by the way– they’ve called for it across the British Commonwealth…)


‘‘News Media Council’’ that would have coercive powers to regulate what it deems is ‘‘fairness’’, ‘‘accuracy’’, ‘‘balance’’, and ‘‘quality’’ in the press.


(A:  It’s the same thing across the British Commonwealth.  In other words they want to silence you on certain topics.  As long as you’re politically correct and go along with everything you’re fine. It says...)


This new independent regulator would have power to compel newspapers to publish responses from people who feel aggrieved. And it would have the power to censor: it could, for instance, force media organizations to delete stories from their websites that regulators feel aren’t up to standard.


So if you don’t go along with the mainstream bigwigs, and they’ll always give you a main one to follow, to give you an idea how to write it, then you’ll be censored.  That’s our wonderful freedoms that we have today.  We’re going towards this bright road of freedom and light.


Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m back. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the big boys of course who make weaponry are into all kinds of weaponry, even social weaponry.  They have many types of social weaponry actually, because they know there’s lots of massive protests to come up in the future– you ain’t seen nothing yet to what’s to come because I know what they’ve all planned for you all. 


Anyway, this one here is made in Japan I think it is, and it says:


Ever since humans first invented guns, they've been inventing new uses for them.


(A: And it says…)


But a strange and unsettling new gun being developed by Japanese researchers shoots sound waves in an effort to disrupt and silence anyone who dares speak out of turn.  The gun operates based on the concept of delayed auditory feedback. An attached microphone picks up the sound being made by the target and plays it back 0.2 seconds later.


(A: Musicians or singers, you’ll always know, you’ve probably had experiences of that too.  You start singing some fantastic melody and you’ve actually been singing “Knees Up, Mother Brown.” It says…)


The effect is incredibly confusing to the human brain, making it all but impossible to talk or hold a conversation. The device doesn't cause the person it's being used on any physical harm — it simply messes with their head.


 (A: And they’ve got lots of these kind of things out to mess with your head now.)


When the human brain hears its own speech perfectly in sync during normal speech, it easily processes the input and allows you to largely ignore the sound of your own voice. However, by offsetting the response just a bit, the brain hears your mouth speaking as well as the strange echo effect produced by the gun. This unusual combination is confusing enough to effectively shut down the part of your brain responsible for managing speech, and you fall immediately silent.


(A: So you can imagine that getting used on protests, eh?  They’ll be awfully silent in the future.)


The first versions of the weapon — if we can even call it that — were dependent on a separate PC to process the input and relay it back to the speaker. However, the second prototype


(A: And they give you the photographs of it…)


…does away with the need for additional hardware and includes all the necessary processing bits within its casing, making it easily portable.


So, that will be out there amongst the arsenal that cops and that have already, I’m sure, and it will be used profusely along with everything else– the tasers, which are just cattle prods, and all the other wonderful things that they plan to do to you. 


But it’s getting really, really bad.  Interesting times certainly, but it’s getting really, really bad with what’s coming up.  It’s so obvious the mess that they’re getting the world into deliberately to take advantage of the situation, the crisis, to bring us even closer into integration.  I might put up the link tonight too to Mr. Haass’s talk for the CFR on that very topic.  He talks about their purpose now is closer integration; integration of the world he’s talking about.  The entire planet; culturally, every way– total integration. Monetarily through the World Bank, IMF, BIS, and a common culture of course for everyone.  And of course classes, your fixed class– the one that you’re supposed to be in– is all part of it too because guys like Hass will be in the upper echelon who’ll decide what’s better for you– like they all do you see.  They all know what’s better for you and how you should behave and think and all the rest of it.  They’re pretty successful. Talk to the average person out there and they’re all pretty uniform on whatever they say.  You know.  So things are really going crazy as I say, by design, and crazier things to come.  By the way, Iceland’s thinking about adopting the Canadian currency, the loonie; they must be loony.  I should put up that link tonight too to do with “Oh Canada” again, to show you how the Canadian Banking System really works. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where we got 16 inches of snow over the weekend on top of the snow, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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