March 6, 2012 (#1037)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 6, 2012:

Power Seekers become Control Freakers:

"Those on High say the Big Push is On,
Old World, the Old System to Be Gone,
Master Builders have New Way of Living,
Where You'll Obey and Keep on Giving,
Henchmen and Goons Already Trained,
TSA Gropers Leave You Ashamed,
They're Ready for Flashmobs, Dissenters,
Who're Angry at Bankers, Dodgy Investors,
Teachers Already Training very Young Minds
To Embrace all Changes, Even Dubious Kinds,
The Architects Drafted this Long Ago,
A World Teaching All You'll 'Need to Know' "
© Alan Watt March 6, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 6, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March 6, 2012 and we’re live on RBN.  Most of you know that generally I start off the talk by mentioning the books and so on, the discs, to buy at, but tonight we have a problem too to sort out because there are very few talk radio shows left.  Real talk radio shows, where you can get below the tennis net, you might say, and start exchanging real information as opposed to the politically correct stuff that keeps you out of trouble. 


There are very few stations left and over the years I’ve watched so many come and go.  Even from the days of shortwave radio; where that was the big thing, shortwave radio.  It was the only way you could get what they called patriotic news at that time or alternative news at that time.  Even then the shortwave too travels across the whole world so lots of people listened in from all different countries and then in came the internet.  People thought well that’s the days, the shortwave gone, but it’s not really.  We might have to go back to those eventually, who knows, because they’re really tightening up on the internet.  I know that personally from the attacks I get on my own computer here.


So tonight, as I say, is a pledge drive for RBN.  They have to get some cash in to keep the ball rolling here.  I understand even from my end here how much it costs just to replace the equipment here, which does get burned out very quickly.  Especially when you’re getting hacked half the time and that does literally happen because you’re saying things, you see, that they don’t like you saying.  You’re reaching a big audience and the bigger the audience you get the more folk who are responding to it.  Believe you me, all these universities have got contracts and they get all your emails; they know what you’re chattering about.  They know what shows you’re listening to, all that kind of thing.  They know who’s having the impact and you can always generally trace it back to talk radio.  And there are very few stations out there that actually do this anymore.


As I say, the shortwave is almost out of the picture because it’s catering primarily to the old Christian way of dealing with things, which has really taken a nosedive into almost Buddhism because they don’t want to be involved in anything.  We also have the government joining the real Evangelical Christian types, with Israel, so you don’t know which country you belong to anymore. 


There’s very little real talk radio out there where your own interests are at stake here, your own country, for instance; where it’s going, why it’s going in this direction and not just your own country in the US but Canada.  I get email from all over Australia, everywhere across the planet, even China in fact; people who are working in China, who have come from the West to work, email me too; Japan.  Again, you can always thank stations like RBN for doing so because it reaches a lot of people across the planet. 


So RBN is doing a pledge drive and they need a bundle of cash quick to keep this whole project going because I’m sure they’ve got their own hassles too, and maybe even legalities, because as I say, it’s getting to the point now you’ve got to be very careful what you say and how you word things because the big boys aren’t messing around anymore.  They really are not messing around.


In fact, if you’ve got the old firewalls like I use, you can actually see who’s hitting you everyday.  You’ve got Fort Mead and all these different US establishments, military establishments, whacking away at your computer, trying to get in there.  It’s much worse now because they’ve been given the go-ahead to directly hack computers.  They’ve been doing it for about a year and a half now.  They can fry your hard drive.  They can screw up every program you’ve got, so darn quickly.  At other times too I can’t even get sites pulled up anymore because they’re verboten basically.


That’s the world we’re coming into, so we need stations like and we’ll talk about more of this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  We’re doing a pledge drive for Republic Broadcasting tonight because they’re in need of some cash flowing through.  Understand, there’s a history to a lot of these stations that have come and gone over the years.  You’ll find, for instance, the advertisers are small family advertisers, companies basically.  You don’t get the big corporations coming in and advertising their cars, for instance, or the big products like television or the best computer.  They don’t do that, because, see, the big boys are really a big cabal; a cabal that create massive money and massive profits, by selling you all the junk that we buy.  So, they don’t take on the small advertisers.  In fact, small advertisers, according to the big boys, CFR and elsewhere, they’ll be gone, small companies will be gone.  That is the agenda for the world.  That’s how eventually it will be.  So, in the meantime they’re kept afloat by the advertising revenues from the smaller companies, as I say; which are generally family-owned ones at that and without them they wouldn’t exist. It’s that simple


People are very, very generous when it comes to themselves.  They’ll buy all the junk that comes out and the latest gizmo or gadget or the next bell and whistle they put on your phone and they think nothing of it.  Unfortunately too, people have been spoiled for a while too because they expect you to always be there, on the radio.  They expect the station to always be there too and I have lived long enough to see stations just go silent the next day, and everybody is saying,  “What happened to them?”  Well they couldn’t get any financial support.  Everybody was listening but no one supported them.  Same thing happens with individuals too.  They’re just gone.


So, people enjoy the stuff and even your worst enemies will listen to you every night of the week so they can criticize you.  That’s fine, they’re listening.  People are shocked, they’re suddenly shocked; like it’s putting on a light switch and suddenly the light doesn’t come on anymore, you expect it to come on; what happened to it?  That’s always too late.  It’s always too late.  So, you’ve got to keep the light switch going on and keep that light shining because, as I say, there’s too few alternative sources.


And you don’t understand too, how much of an impact this has had worldwide, stations like this.  Lots of movements have sprung out of the information that comes across from these alternate sites, like Republic Broadcasting.  Across the world that is, too.  You can even give out information about countries that don’t even get it printed in their own country.  That’s a favorite tactic of this global society and system. 


So tonight’s the night that you should dip into your wallet and return something back to the sources where you got it from because, as I say, they have to live and eat too.  They have to buy equipment and they’ve got staff to pay, as well.  It really is up to you. 


You can either phone in 1-800-724-2719 for Republic Broadcasting and if you get in there too for those who want to pay by PayPal you can see the click button there for the pledge drive and that’ll take you to PayPal as well if you want to use that.  Some people too, and I know this for a fact, they get this information burned on a disc to them and they listen at home and they’re not on the computer.  You can always write to:

Republic Broadcasting Network

2251 Double Creek Drive # 302

Round Rock, TX 78664.


Again it’s up to you how you want to do it.  Just put down at the top Republic Broadcasting and it’ll get to them.  You’ve got to start chipping in when things come down.


As I say, one day you’ll just phone up or click on and you want to hear what’s happening and there’s silence there.  It’s gone.  That’s how it happens to be.  I’ve listened to so many people as I say over the years who have done pretty well for waking up a lot of people and just disappeared.  Just gone.  And it turns out that’s what happened.  They couldn’t get the financial support. 


It’s disgusting really when you think about it because the information is put out by lots of people.  It’s priceless really when it comes down to saving people; at least getting them ready for what’s coming down the pike.  And as I say too, for all the other people who write about it in other blogs etc that take the information and run with it, but they never give anything back. 


That’s a very sad state of affairs because, as I say, turn on the switch one day and it’s all gone.  Too many people have gone that way in the past.  You can’t let it happen especially at this stage of the game because we’re going through the biggest changes.  The biggest changes we’ve ever seen in our entire lives.  We’re living through them right now. 


The whole world map has been drawn out for us.  The financial system isn’t just the financial system, it’s a whole social system.  It’s a whole social Darwinistic, Pavlovian training program they’ve got for the entire planet.  “Lifelong training”, they call it, from cradle to grave.  Some countries have already introduced it, in Europe.  Where you’re monitored and prodded and rectified if you’re just off kilter a bit with your views and opinions.  You’ll be going to the rehab center to get your opinions put straight.  And I’m not kidding about this, their articles are all out there from the United Nations and other sites affiliated with them.  That’s the kind of world they want to bring in, a totalitarian system, completely.


The last country on earth really that has a got a bit of freedom, I’d say countries, it’s actually Canada and the States.  Canada does it quietly, mind you, Fabian style and not much is put out in the media, whereas the States they’ll suddenly give you an insight into where they’re taking you.  Remember, these are big, big countries. 


The trouble with the US, of course, is there’s so much media, mainstream, radio and television, that they think they’re getting told everything they should be told.  Technically they are, you’re getting told everything you should be told, according to those that decide how much you should know.  So, because you’ve got massive media doesn’t mean you’re getting the truth, or even a fraction of the truth.  The only places you have got it in the past are the smaller alternate sites that put out the kind of information.  They’ll go where angels fear to tread, believe you me.  And you have to tread very carefully even when you’re putting this stuff out.


This is not a game.  Now, unfortunately, in some media, conspiracy has become synonymous with entertainment.  When that happens, it’s just a circus.  I understand why it works though, because from the most ancient of times people love the storyteller.  The storyteller would tell them fantastic stories about gods that didn’t exist, but they were wonderful; you could picture them in your head, and remember they didn’t have Hollywood then. 


Children especially would grow up wondering about these gods, and giants and things like that, and flying dragons.  That’s how they told stories in ancient times. Then they coupled it too with religion and often interfaced it too, especially in ancient, ancient religions.  Even today they’re bringing in the same kind of stuff, the same techniques into “conspiracy theories”.  What you’re putting out on these, Republic Broadcasting Network for instance, is not theory at all.  It’s all from either mainstream or from the big boys’ sites themselves, like the Council on Foreign Relations.  It’s verifiable.  This is not the circus.  This is not play-acting.  This is fact, recorded fact.  When you start bringing in fantasy with it, of course, you’ve lost it.  You’ve lost it completely, you’ve lost your critical thinking abilities and you can’t see the strategies of those who want to and have often invaded alternative media.


As I say, it’s so sad to see people come and go.  People who’ve woken other people up, even a generation ago, even 20 years ago, just gone.  Gone by the wayside after putting out years and years of research.  Never to come back, just gone.  Again, there’s different people who will listen into alternate media; one group are the ones who want entertainment as well as something that awes them, you see.  Then there’s the groups as well who want the straight stuff because they want to invest and all the rest of it.  I don’t go that way, in investments, because I think the whole thing is such an incredible scam, that you can’t repair the Tower of Babel; that’s my own opinion of it.


The money system is so rigged.  It’s always been rigged.  You understand, your governments for a long, long, long, long time have never been there to serve you.  They’ve all been on board together with this world agenda, mainly from World War II onwards, with the United Nations.  For those who want the information, go into the charter of the United Nations.  Go into all the people who signed onto it, all the presidents and prime ministers across the world because they all had to give up sovereignty to join it.  They all had to give up a lot of their own tax base and give it across the world through different United Nations programs.  That’s called redistribution of the wealth.  That was a communist idea. 


Most people who joined the United Nations were all for the communist idea, to bring in a socialist world run by your “betters”, you understand.  The masters who understood that they were somehow physically and genetically better, mentally better than you.  This has been here for an awful long time and lots of authors involved in this have written about it.  Again, it’s verifiable, all the different meetings they attend, world meetings to do with the kind of system they’re bringing. 


Eugenics is coming in big time, again.  It’s already getting introduced in Australia, big time, into the children, where they can go in and lobotomize them, literally, or sterilize them without parental consent.  They’re really leading the charge with the Fabian style socialism and for the first time Australia has been whacked with all the free trade agreements that’s been recently signed.  Their jobs are flooding out of Australia, whereas in Canada they were flooding out in the 90s, the same in the US, as your own leaders had signed agreements with the World Trade Organization to throw over to China.  That’s where they all are now.


So, you need Republic Broadcasting to carry on and give you information as it happens, even before it happens.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and we’re talking about the pledge drive for RBN and the problems that the smaller companies have.  As I say, many people tune in because they want financial news and that’s okay.  Always remembering the market is rigged, it’s always rigged.  There’s others who listen too for many other reasons to get just the other side of the story, the other side of the news.  Again, from understanding real news, you understand what’s coming up in the future and hopefully you can prepare in other ways as well. 


So, there’s many different types will tune in just to get the lowdown, you might say, on what’s really happening.  I’m talking about across the world.  Across the world I get emails everyday from people in all countries asking how should they react, how should they go to try and save themselves; but listen, this is a global New World Order.  It’s a New World Order, you see.  Everybody is to be brought down to the same basic standard of living except the countries you’re giving your cash to right now—at least your leaders are, or your owners are—and of course they’ll go much higher than you are.


In fact, in China, China is like 1980s Canada, early 80s, late 70s.  They can drive old bangers there, the cops are told to leave you alone, if the car is falling apart, just let them go, because they’re working people now, you see.  They can smoke as much as they want, wherever they want and the cigarettes are cheap, so is the booze and lots of other things to entertain the workers. 


That’s what they do.  This is a system we’re living through and there’s phases of this system.  We had it in Canada too and the States about the same time and then they pulled it, you see, through the World Trade Organization.  They’d done it long before in Britain, without ever telling the British people why all these companies and factories were just pulling up and going over abroad.  They never even mentioned China at that time but that’s where they were going. 


Your leaders had it planned where they were all going long, long before you heard of the free trade negotiations.  It was already happening in other countries, but Australia is getting hammered now and they’re certainly catching on very quickly to the kind of system they’re being brought into. 


So, many different types of people can be warned about what’s happening and tune into this type of radio station because it covers all of that.  It covers your markets, it covers the cost of living that’s constantly going up, this inflation they’re going into.  We’ve even had the head of the Federal Reserve saying their plan for the next 10 years is constantly increasing inflation.  That’s what they plan and that’s why your food and everything else is skyrocketing now. And they’ve just started. 


Austerity means, of course, under this world austerity program, except for the up and emerging nations that we are financing to come up, austerity means poverty.  I said years ago on this station, on this very station, that it means that ultimately all the money that you used to have extra in your pocket at the end of the month and you would spend on something that you wanted will no longer go to that.  It’ll be on something that you really, really need, right down to carbon taxes.  They’re going to tax everything off of you and your energy supplies are going to go up massively.  Across the world they’re going up at the same time because we’re living under a consortium that controls all of the energy of the planet.  Cabals, if you like. 


That’s the wonderful New World Order.  We’ve got the same in education, etc, etc, etc, how to bring up the children, it’ll be done by the state; they get their morality, the new morality from the state.  And they don’t listen to the elders because they’re taught not to listen to their elders in school and then Hollywood and the rest of the boys gives them the rest of the culture.


So, I don’t see RBN as entertainment at all.  What we’re dealing with is life and death, literally, and the death of cultures.  You might even say the death of civilizations.  We’re living through it all now.  That’s really what it is.  And no one has elected their own president for an awful, awful long time; the person who represents anything to do with your own constitutions or charters of rights, or anything else. 


Now, it’s interesting too, talking about giving money away.  There’s so much in the media about the big loans.  Not loans, sorry, they’re cash grants given to Israel every year.  It isn’t just from the government, the government also gets it through foundations.  They’ll put it through a foundation that will then give it to Israel, one after another, massive.  And then what are the Israelis doing with it? It says here:


Israel to Begin Investing Reserves in U.S Equities Today

(Alan:  It’s a circle.  It’s a big darn circle.)


The Bank of Israel will begin today a pilot program to invest a portion of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. equities.

The investment, which in the initial phase will amount to 2 percent of the $77 billion reserves, or about $1.5 billion, will be made through UBS AG and BlackRock Inc. (BLK), Bank of Israel spokesman Yossi Saadon said in a telephone interview today. At a later stage, the investment is expected to increase to 10 percent of the reserves.


No one asks the people.  Have you ever seen anybody running for presidency or anything, who asks the people, “What do you want?”  Now, they always give you the speeches to what you want to hear because they know what you want to hear.  As I say, look at the massive agencies that are looking at all of your email everyday and watching everything that you’re looking into.  Every site they check up.  They’ve got your whole history.  In real time they’re doing it.  A whole continent is being done in real time at the same time.  They’ve got the pulse on the public.  They know what you’re thinking about.  They know what you’re chatting about. 


So, it’s not hard for the scriptwriters for presidents and prime ministers to come out and say, “I feel your pain”.  Is it?  Once they’re in office, you know darn well, you all know this, all of you know this, they go off in some strange course to bomb the world and not even for themselves.  For big international corporations.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the pledge drive for RBN, which is underway just for today.  Hopefully they’ll bring in enough money to keep the ball rolling and keep the news coming out, the alternate news.  That’s what you really need today, is alternative news.  We don’t have enough of it.  You can scour the internet, sure, and there’s thousands and thousands of bloggers, then you find out that the government runs most of them.


We really live in an amazing time.  We have information overload and you have to learn to be discerning about what you’re reading or hearing.  At least with radio talk shows you can phone in or put your point across or whatever, as to how you see the world.  Where in the bloggers, often, you don’t know who’s sponsoring them, who’s funding them, or whatever.  Other countries have lots of bloggers in the US. 


There was a big article in the Guardian about that not long ago.  Most of the information we get about the Arabian countries, they said, was all coming through a particular intelligence service that ran and pretended that they were all from the Arabian countries.  That was in the Guardian newspaper quite some time ago.  I might pull it up again tonight and put it on  You have to be very, very careful of news of any form coming from whoever.  Always check it out for yourself, if you can. 


Talking again about the markets, they’re so manipulated.  I couldn’t believe when the American congress basically voted themselves the right to get insider-trading information for their own companies and corporations.  It’s just astonishing how bold and in your face everything is today.  At least in Britain, these old guys at the House of Lords have all the media in their pockets so they can keep it awfully, awfully quiet.  They’ve been at it for hundreds of years but in the US it’s a bit different, it’s supposed to be far more open.  It’s not open at all.  I think even Obama has pulled the curtains on his so-called transparent government. 


Germany too is a big player. It’s amazing how we’re tied together, isn’t? financially, in this global system. They were literally doing international bank deals preparing for all this and actually working it all, long before you heard of the New World Order.  Under the guise of the World Trade Organization and various laws they were passing, tying all the banks together so they could borrow from each other, even the central banks as well. 


Then with the massive crash that was planned to come down then, we bailed all these monsters out with our tax money. Thousands lost their homes and live in tent cities even yet today, or in forests, in the States. So the banks lost nothing; in fact they gained an awful, awful lot. 


You understand, the big corporations, all the military-industrial complex that you have in the US, for instance, and in most countries, it’s Goldman Sachs that owns them. They own them; they are, according to themselves, America.  They are America.  Look to see all the big CEOs from corporations who go off with Obama on their big jumbo jet trips and the same with the Canadian Prime Minister or the ones in for Britain as well. It’s the big banking boys at the top, followed by all the CEOs of the military-industrial complex, but the complex is owned by the bankers. That’s why you were told to bail them out.


In Germany, it says:


German prosecutors launch 80 raids in insider probe


Police in several European countries have raided more than 80 properties in a probe by German prosecutors into stock market manipulation, the Munich prosecutors office said on Thursday.


The office's spokesman said the raids on Wednesday were into suspected cases of market manipulation, insider trading and fraud.

Fifty-three sites in Germany were searched, 29 in other European countries and four outside Europe.


He declined to identify the people or any companies under suspicion, saying only a double-digit number of people were involved.

"The investigation is at an early stage. The analysis could take a while," the spokesman said, adding that it could take years.


(A:  And it will take years as they try to follow the money trails and all the rest of it, that these guys have been at for centuries.  That’s why they created Switzerland, you know.  It was created for this purpose, and the Cayman Islands and all the rest of it.  It says:)


He said that there were "some similarities" to four recent Munich court cases where people running stock market newsletters and tip sheets targeted at retail investors had been tried for market manipulation.


Two of the cases, which also implicated members of a shareholder rights lobby group, have ended with confessions, suspended prison sentences and fines. The remaining cases are still being tried.


I know too that the Bank of Switzerland came forward as well, voluntarily.  Voluntarily, so they wouldn’t get charged.  They made a deal because of all this cash that’s flowing into them from all this insider trading.  Now, these insider traders are not little people at all. They’re the big boys themselves. They’re the big boys. Of course, that’s how money goes, it goes round and round the same circles and into the special banks that they’ve got set up. 


So, as I say, I don't personally put my faith in stock markets at all. You can't do it because it's a complete fraud. It's been rigged from the very beginning.  Apart from that, your cash shouldn’t be running around the whole darn planet and neither should your pensions or anything else. Or anything else the government taxes from you, like Social Security or security for the elderly, whatever it happens to be, should not be put into this massive fraudulent casino. That's all it is, it’s a big darn casino where everything, every game is rigged by guys who’ve done it for centuries.


They can rig something so fast you'll never figure it out, it'll take you years to figure out the scams they get up to, years, because you think in a linear fashion and these guys don't. What kind of people are we dealing with? I've mentioned before about psychopaths etc and how they are the ones that get to the top. They’re the most obnoxious people you could ever meet. Sometimes, of course, when they want something from you, oh, they can be your best pal until you give it to them; then they've forgotten about it and they’ve forgotten all about you.


They can charm you. They can charm whole nations. They rise to presidents’ positions. You know the presidents and prime ministers are just front men. They always hire these little psychopaths to read the scripts. Why not just have a scriptwriter? Put him on as the president and see who's really doing it, who's really putting the words into his mouth.


Here's a typical type of character who's a psychopath and who's power-crazy and I’m sure he’s used to people bowing and scraping at his feet. Just like Strauss-Kahn was too, head of the big world bank and so on, the IMF.


Morgan Stanley Executive Charged in Cab Hate Crime Attack


William Bryan Jennings, Morgan Stanley’s bond-underwriting chief in the U.S., was charged with a hate crime in the stabbing of a New York City cab driver of Middle Eastern descent over a fare.


(A:  Now, I can imagine also this guy wouldn’t like Middle Easterners no doubt at all, working at a company like that.  It says.)


Mohamed Ammar said the banker attacked him Dec. 22 with a 2½-inch blade and used racial slurs after a 40-mile ride from New York to the banker’s $3.4 million Darien, Connecticut home.

Jennings, who had attended a bank holiday party at a boutique hotel in Manhattan before hailing the cab, refused to pay the $204 fare upon arriving in his driveway, the driver said. When Ammar threatened to call the local police, Jennings said they wouldn’t do anything to help because he pays $10,000 in taxes, according to a report by the Darien police department.


(A:  And that’s how they think, “I’m just too important, I can do what I want”.  Anyway, it says the banker swore at the driver, you know, because he was originally born in Egypt; he’s now American.)


Ammar, a native of Egypt, said he then backed out of the driveway to seek a police officer. The banker called him an expletive and said “I’m going to kill you. You should go back to your country,” according to the report, filed in state court in Stamford. A fight ensued as they drove through Darien, and Jennings, 45, allegedly cut Ammar, 44, police said.


The banker, who eventually fled the cab and turned himself in two weeks later after a vacation in Florida, was charged with second-degree assault, theft of services and intimidation by bias or bigotry. He faces as long as 5 years in prison on the assault charge.


(A:  The banker fled off for a quick holiday in Florida, phoned his lawyer of course, and he’s come back to face the music.  He’ll get off with it because it says:)


Pen Pendleton, a spokesman for New York-based Morgan Stanley (MS), said yesterday that Jennings, who is free on $9,500 bond and is set for a March 9 court appearance, has been put on leave.


He will get off with it, they’ll cover him; it depends how important he is, what his prospects are for the company in the future.  In other words, if he can rake in more cash over shady deals he’ll be welcome; if he’s getting on and getting over the hill they’ll just brush him off or throw him to the dogs.  That’s what they do.  That’s how it really works at these big corporations.


Psychopaths at the top can get on awfully well together, but they have no problem chucking one out to the dogs at the bottom – that’s us; that’s what they say, we’re the dogs, you see, to the mob – when one of them gets caught and of course they want to keep their “good name”.  I don't have much faith in the characters who run the cash system, they're all crooks. They're all crooks, they always have been crooks. The history of central banking is just awash with incredible stories of people being assassinated over and over and different ones throughout history.


To rule the world you have to create a central banking system and of course Carroll Quigley talks about the Bank for International Settlements being created with underneath it the World Bank and the IMF.  He says once that's done, basically, they can go completely global and bring in this new order of things, which they’d worked on, he said, for well over a hundred years. He should know, he was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations—the group belonging to the British group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that planned this whole agenda in the first place.


So, you can't trust them, at all. As I say, the tower of Babel is held together with glue and scotch tape and its foundations are rotten as well. Central banking always is in private hands.


Anyway, for those who listen to RBN, as I say,  you always get advice on cash. Everyone is terrified of suddenly being put into poverty; you're scared of your families being penniless too, what happens to you. You've already had a great scare with people being put on the streets, losing everything. I talked to a woman not long ago, and there's people in a forest near her home and the police go in every so often and clear them out. These are people who had homes. They all had homes. They didn't get any bailout from the government.


So remember, to keep RBN on track, you have to help them out too. As I say, one day you put on the light switch and nobody’s there, dead silence. That's what happens, I've seen it too many times in the past. You've got to have different sources of alternative information. If you've only got one left, that's it. What is mainstream, what isn't?


Remember too, their pledge number is 1-800-724-2719. You'll bring up the website at as well and click on pledge drive. You've got an option of different ways to pay and there's certainly people out there with enough cash to do so. Maybe some people who have benefited from even listening to the programs that's helped them amount that kind of cash. Maybe it's time to pay some of it back. Everyone is so used to today of having the internet and having everything free, they think.  It’s like the free flu shot; it’s not free at all, your taxes pay for it all.  But in this kind of operation here, nobody pays for it. If you don't nobody else does, and that’s it gone.  So as I say, help out and hopefully we can keep going at RBN for some time.


For those too that want to send it in, mail it, you know the old-fashioned way, which is probably the best way for a lot of people. I tell people, if you’ve got something really personal to say, write it and post it to me. Yeah, they can tamper with the post too, and they certainly have on occasions, but everything you send across the net is monitored. The address is:

Republic Broadcasting Network

2251 Double Creek Drive # 302

Round Rock, TX 78664


You can also use that method as well.


I know the tricks too that are done, even when shortwave was on the go, because I was on a station there. It was one of the biggest shortwave stations worldwide that people use, expensive to go on it too, and every time I went on the volume went down to half of what it was. Someone did eventually go into the big place where they were broadcasting from and saw that their meters were down to half output. 


Dirty tricks happen all the time. The best thing about the internet so far, and the internet will be changed, I don't know if we’ve got a year, two years to go on the darn internet, we just don't know. We know the laws are coming fast and furious to do with censorship and they will back it up by massive lawsuits, by the way, to make sure everyone gets the message, “Oh, I don’t want that happening to me”, you see.  That's how simple that is and they are pulling sites down across the whole planet, have been for quite some time.


So, unless you keep these particular types of stations going, there's no alternative means left to you unless you go back on the shortwave and hope for the best. And I don't discount that either because shortwave did cover the world; and they can certainly jam it.  Sometimes they used to jam the shortwave, the government would, and you would hear coming in a high-pitched whine that would come over until you couldn't stand it anymore, it would just give you a headache, but most of the time it was fairly clear and you can always listen. People should have a shortwave radio, by the way, you can get them pretty cheap now, and put them in a drawer for when things go down. And one day they will go down because the boys at the top are not messing around. They're all heavy-handed now. The glove is off.


We certainly don't want RBN joining the vast trail of people in the past who were trying to wake up Americans, Canadians and people across the whole planet before. And they really did. Some people dedicated their lives to this kind of stuff, and it's not easy. It’s not a matter of just coming on one hour per day, at all. It's a full-time job and it's a seven-day-a-week job, 7 days a week, because on weekends you have to repair all the damage that’s done on your computers. You have to keep up with the news; you have to go into alternative sites again, and the mainstream sites of the companies that are all involved in the stories. You have to go into the big think tanks that give marching orders to the government, all these independent private think tanks that governments all run on today, and get all that stuff ready because you can’t catch up on a Monday; can’t do it. 


So as I say, you know what to do, you can always phone 1-800-724-2719 and hopefully we can get the cash pot up again to where it should be.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix and we'll take Daniel from the UK, if he’s listening in there.


Daniel:  Can you hear me ok?


Alan:  Yes, I can.


Daniel:  What do you think about this Lord Blackheath business?  Doesn’t it seem a bit strange because I thought if you were a lord you were part of this system?  Why would he be blowing the whistle on all his mates in big business?


Alan:  It’s difficult to say.  We’ll never get to the bottom of it.  He certainly came out in the Hansard meetings, that’s the British Parliament’s Lords’ meetings and they publicize that and show it.  I think they're untouchable at that level of whatever they say.  I think maybe that whole phase of his life was over; I mean this is the guy who worked for the City of London, you know “the City” they called it, the big banking institutions for the government, and he was put in there to divert millions and maybe billions of dollars in so-called terrorist money, drug money and so on, into other areas, supposedly.  And it probably went to the British Crown coffers.  Anyway, he certainly has come out with some amazing stuff recently to do with the cons that are going on, but the mainstream isn’t giving him much press at all, you’ll notice.


Daniel: Do you think he's genuine? This is what I can’t understand, because I thought if he was part of the system and a Lord and all this. I'm just a bit surprised that he’s blowing the whistle because you’d have thought he was all in on it as well, being a Lord and everything.


Alan:  I think it's so corrupt today that everyone at that level, even to get up to be a Lord, meant that you were already involved in a lot of corrupt stuff, by the way. You don't just get made a Lord. Most of them in the House of Lords are not hereditary lords. They start off, they get knighted or given the title because they’re big, big merchants or they work in big banks and things like that. That's how they get their titles now. So, they're pretty corrupt to start with and I think when he's mentioning what he's been involved with, I think the rest of them just sit there and yawn, because they probably know the story, they’ll be involved in the stuff themselves.  And see, the British public are so apathetic, I don’t think they care anymore.  Everyone is so apathetic with the whole system.


Daniel:  It’s true.  Why do you think they actually brought it out in the first place?  Why do you think he actually brought it to everyone's attention?


Alan:  I think someone actually caught it, probably when everybody else was snoring away and just videotaped it and put it up there. See, there's two ways to bring a person into even deeper apathy.  One is to produce the apathy, like Lord Bertrand Russell said was a technique they would use at this particular phase in society.  Create apathy so no one would stand up and do anything about the corruption, which they themselves would bring in at the top.  The second part is to create more apathy by exposing the technique; it makes you feel powerless that these guys can have the power to do it and then tell you to your face and get away with it.  It makes you even more apathetic.  They call it “revelation of the method”, that’s what they call “revelation of the method”, after they’ve done something like that.


Daniel:  Actually, that’s similar to, maybe the way they keep mentioning pedophile, pedophile, pedophile, terrorist, terrorist, terrorist, because when I was a kid when they mentioned pedophile it was shocking because you never heard it.  But now you hear it so much that, I’ve realized that when they keep repeating something, whether it’s good or bad, you just become desensitized.  Don’t you?


Alan:  You do.  You tune out eventually.  You simply tune out, like it’s overboard with it and you tune out and they go ahead with the next phase of what they now want to call “intergenerational sex”.  They want to give it a nice name over a rather filthy thing; but that’s what they always do.  Definitely the pervs and the psychopaths run the world and it’s got to be stopped.  It’s got to be stopped.  Thanks for calling.


Now remember folks, phone in to RBN, 1-800-724-2719 for the pledge drive or you can go to on the computer, click on pledge drive and take your pick of how you want to do it.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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