March 8th, 2012 (#1039)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 8th, 2012:

Independent, Witty, Not Sedated?
They'll Send You to Gulag to Be Re-educated:

"Lord Bertrand Russell was Realistic,
Tyrannical Government Should Be Scientific,
And Here We Are, In the Century of Change,
Where Eugenicists have Power to Rearrange,
Kicking Out Old Norms to Bring in the New,
Assigning New Genders to Toddling Few,
Social Engineering Will also Prevent Crime,
Grab Them at Age of the Nursery Rhyme,
Behaviour Modification and a Pavlovian Trainer
Will Guarantee a Child Who's a No-Brainer,
Behaviour Czars are Given More Power,
Freedom of Thought is Turning Sour"
© Alan Watt March 8th, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 8th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of March, 2012.  Newcomers, help yourself to the free audios for download at  And hopefully, if you start near the beginning and maybe work your way through, you’ll understand this system you’re born into, this incredibly well thought out, well planned, well organized system that you’re born into that gives you a fake reality, from cradle to grave, in fact.  And they cater to every single generation, and subsequent generations too.  They plan the future from all the data they’ve collected from the past.  And I’m talking about an awful lot of data from a very, very long past.  You’re living in an incredible system thought out by people who’d run the planet for an awful long time, to do with money, and nations, wars, all of that kind of thing.


And how to get the perfect societies to basically obey them through laws, dictates, education, which is indoctrination, and now of course they’re working on further ways to indoctrinate the children, and even eventually create a new species of slaves basically.  That’s what it is, really, you cannot help get past that point, when you read so many different articles in the medical magazines, science magazines, bioethical magazines, and so on.  You can’t get away from the fact that they’re working together to bring in a new species, basically, that will be awfully obedient, won’t need entertainment, or money even, for that matter, kind of like Seven-of-Nine in the old Star Trek series.  And you’ll just get put into a cubicle at night and fed some drip or something, and you’ll work very, very well, and never, ever think about rebelling against a tyranny whatsoever.  That’s the system they’re bringing in, as we live, in fact.  And we’re helping it, because, you see, our tax money all goes towards it, to all these big scientific institutions and laboratories that are working pell-mell to bring this about. 


Meanwhile we’re distracted with the usual stuff, of wars, as the big boys, who own the world, basically, and created the world system through their amalgamations of nations, they call treaties, of course, United Nations, and they’re pretty well pulling the whole thing off as we live, right now, and people are up in the air about it.  They don’t know what to do.  They still think they’ve got nations, even though Professor Quigley and others, who worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, back in the 1960s said, you haven’t had an American President or a British Prime Minister or Canadian Prime Minister for over 60 years.  That was in the 1960s, he said that.  They all belong to this big global club that puts men in position, and they don’t plan anything.  They just sign documents.  Their job is for you to throw tomatoes at and vote somebody else in the next time.  It stops you from rebelling, you see.  It works very, very well.  So, anyway, help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, you bring me to you.  You can buy the books and discs at, hopefully, and I can sort of just trickle on a little bit further, because it’s tight here.  I don’t run this as a business, and I’m not expanding into some sort of conglomerate.  It’s just a way to get the information out to the public. 


And I started way back, years ago, talking about the Tavistock Institute, the Club of Rome, Eugenics, Psychopathy, all that stuff has spread like wildfire, and it’s good that everybody else has picked up on it, and that they’re pushing it, because that’s the system you live under.  The psychopaths believe they are the fittest and they’ve got the right to survive.  And their proof is in the fact that they are at the top of the financial and power tree.  That’s all the proof they have to go by. That’s all they need.  And they’re true Darwinians.  They didn’t sit back and say, “okay, well, eventually the working peoples will overtake us.  What will we do about it?  We’ll just wait and see.”  No, they planned a global society, a scientifically planned society long, long ago, and they love to write about it in their own books.  Go through the audios.  You’ll find out many of the books and the names of those who wrote them.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Money is at the bottom of everything, of course, because those who own the money and create it, and seem to have the entitlement to it, it’s like a charter from god or something, and they just go ahead, and it’s the natural way to be, that these particular characters are always in charge of the cash system.  It’s ancient.  Absolutely.  Wars in ancient times couldn’t have come about without cash, or some kind of payment to the troops, you see.  Troops go home, if you’re just giving them a little bit of bread and butter.  It just doesn’t work.  They go home, you see, so you’ve got to pay them a wage.  And, of course, even when they coined money, the wars really took off around 800 BC, because then the lenders then could take over countries through debt, and then use the countries’ armies to go invade another country, and then push their own system in, as they went along, following them behind the wars.  That went on for hundreds of years, in fact, as so-called Empires pushed to, you know, tame barbarians and all that rubbish.  And really it was to tax the people.


First had to come the money guys, along with the troops, force the money on the public, and then tax it back from them.  Great, great system.  Because, when you’re earning cash, and you get in trouble through debt, you always think it’s your own fault, you see.  And governments pretend it’s the same with them too.  Oh, we just didn’t see this coming, even though they have all these panels of experts and economists that are supposedly looking after their budgets.  It’s an utter con game.  And it’s a scam.  And everybody involved in it knows it.  Everybody knows it.


Years ago, on the BBC in England, they showed a documentary, I don’t know if it was Man Alive or what it was, but anyway, they showed a documentary on the other side of economics.  And it was all ex-economists, that taught at universities, who all admitted one after the other, the whole thing was a con game.  Even their science was a con.  It’s all a con game.  After all, you get put in debtor’s prison if you don’t pay your debts.  Government doesn’t, you see.  No one suffers at the top.  It’s just the population that always suffers.  If you went back to the same mechanic for your car getting fixed and the wheels kept dropping off, you wouldn’t go back to him anymore.  But you keep voting these guys in.  You’re trained to, you see.  You’re trained. 


And we’ve all been raped.  The whole planet has been raped by the money boys.  And no doubt, for two or three years, long before, maybe even four years before the last bank crash as they called it came about, the Big Boys knew it was coming.  They all sat together, the Big Boys, the big banks and had their tête-à-têtes and said, “well the governments will have to bail us out, because we’re too big to fail.  They need us, you see.  We have given them the only system that they have or know.”  It’s all planned that way.  And they got all their personal cash out, and you’re still paying it off.  And if you do have grandchildren, if you’re not sterile by then, your great-grandchildren will still be paying off this last debt here, and then they’re back to giving themselves billions and millions.  Same with the big Ford and GM guys too.  The CEO of Ford just gave himself an enormous amount of money, in the millions.  And we bailed them out as well, even though they went offshore.


Anyway, here you are again, you see, because you never learn, do you? 


A report released today by Goldman Sachs


(Alan: Who basically run the world, it seems, you know, along with the World Bank.)


says that if push comes to shove,


(A: This is them telling government.  This is the banks that you bailed out now telling government, Goldman Sachs that owns the military-industrial complex, all the corporations under it, they own them.)


if push comes to shove, the federal government will pay its lenders before it pays Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries. Debt service “should be seen as the top claim on government resources in most cases,” says the Goldman analysis.


(A: These are the guys, we were bailing them all out recently.)


On one hand, the idea that lenders come first is blindingly obvious. Just look at what happened last summer, when the government tied itself in knots to make sure it didn’t default on bond payments. Of course lenders stand at the head of the line for taxpayers’ money. On the other hand, if things got really bad in the U.S.—as in Greek bad—the priority of payments could start to flip. At some point, as we have seen in Athens, citizens rise up against lenders and insist that the country protect its own ill and elderly before it pays faceless creditors at home and abroad.


So it’s interesting for all concerned—creditors and beneficiaries of the federal government alike—to understand how much the government owes to whom.


You understand?  Your government system isn’t yours.  And what they’re pretending to do is still govern.  Pretending.  Because, you see, they’re defunct as well.  They’re obsolete.  They only have to go through the motions of everything.  You know, paying lip service to the public once in a blue moon, as we go through this global change into the transition of the New World Society.  That’s all they’re there for.  And they all know it, that’s why they’re ripping, everyone has got their hand in the cookie jar and they’re ripping off the taxpayers like crazy right now, personal.  You see, into this New World system, you’ve got to be utterly stinking loaded, loaded to get in, and to come through and survive, and they all know it.  That’s why they’re really helping themselves.  But you don’t get that chance, you see. 


Now, another part too of this scientifically organized and controlled society was to get in the carbon taxes, a new substitute for working and producing stuff, you see.  So, you’re going to pay all your extra cash that you would pay for a new whatever, like worthless computers that keep packing in, even though they’re a year old.  Stuff like that, you’re going to be constantly buying it, and bang, new stuff, just to replace your basic necessities.  And they’re making sure that you need the computer, you see.  Half the post office in the US is being slashed.  They’re shutting them down all over.  The writing’s on the wall.  It’s going to be email only for everything in the near future.  So, you’ve got to have the computer, so they give you junk, and you buy them, and they last a little while and then, of course, you toss them for the next thing.  So, it’s all your spending money will eventually go on basic necessities, and I mean food, and rent, and mortgages.  As long as you have private property, that’s to go as well, of course, according to Agenda 21.  So there’s bigger crashes to come, you see.


Even Karl Marx too, the first meetings of Karl Marx and the Society of Just Men, as they called themselves, they actually talked about that, the increasing taxes, including income taxes and property taxes and inheritance taxes.  So, even if your dad could leave you some of his saved pension money up, you wouldn’t get it, you see, the government would tax it from you.  And you think they’re all just right wing and left wing.  There’s only one bird here.  It’s one bird.  It needs two wings to fly.  And this is the system you live in.  It’s a con game.


So, “The high priests of global warming have lost their prestige and the realists are winning the debate.”  And it’s by Delingpole, of course.  And he goes on about being on a talk show, and he didn’t get all the old callers calling in, calling him a climate denier and all these nasty things.  And he was kind of puzzled by it.  Everyone knows it’s a con, but it doesn’t matter, you see, it got what it wanted.  It’s got global carbon taxes and things like that.  Plus, you’ve got a bunch of children at the bottom utterly indoctrinated like the little Red Shirts of Russia, Young Communist society.  Or the Hitler Youth, the same thing.  Once you indoctrinate them at that stage, they’ll still believe.  It doesn’t matter what the evidence is against it, they’ll still believe it.  So, it doesn’t matter.   They got what they wanted.  And that’s what they say.  They’ve got to win, you see.  They do win.  Logic and reason and fact has nothing to do with it.  They won, even though everyone knows it’s a con.  And more and more scientists have come out afterwards that “yeah, yeah, it’s a con.”  It doesn’t matter.  They did win, you see. 


And austerity means that you’ve got to pay fees, fees and fees.  On everything that you purchase, even your food eventually, they’ll have how much carbon that tractor used to plow up that field, and harrow it and the whole bit to plant those turnips or whatever, or those cabbages.  And you’re going to pay carbon tax on it.  And you’re going to eventually get your personal carbon bill for existing, just like the Fabians pushed, you know.


We live truly in a fantasy, and people like to go along with it though.  There’s lots of entertainment out there.  And recently, I’ve been going through old sci-fi movies and series that I never saw years ago, and it’s amazing to see step-by-step, over the years, how they put all the PC updates, just like a computer program update, into their entertainment.  Just steadily, steadily, steadily, steadily.  And then you’ve got women who look more muscular than the guys in space, fighting all the aliens.  And they’ve always got the top positions.  And they’re the mechanics too, at the same time.  Just amazing.  The guys kind of squat around in the background there, kind of floppy, you know.  Floppy guys.  And all the stuff that’s pushed there, plus the language they bring in, too, until they have all the females talking like they thought guys used to.  Guys never used to talk like that, unless they were absolutely drunk in the worst kind of pub.  This is the society that they’ve brought in, and everyone has been updated, as I say, and programmed for the next step and the next step and the next step. 


Meanwhile, of course, I said years ago, you don’t have to worry about foreign governments going to kill you, your own government will do it very well, and more efficiently.  And over the years, I’ve given updates, as more information is released from declassified.  They wait fifty years to declassify something, then they tell you, yeah, we sprayed Norwich and a whole bunch of places in England with this virus, that virus, this gas, etc, and studied the results on the population.  Same in Canada too.  In Saskatoon they sprayed the whole city for, I think it was eight days, low-level aircraft from the US, years ago, 1948 I think it was, with a particular virus and they waited to see how it would affect the public, all with the cooperation of the Canadian government, except that the public weren’t told, of course.  And here’s one, another one to admit, to add to the list.  It’s still going on, by the way, as you well know, today.  Here’s another one to add to the list.  It says: UK Government admitting they spray us with Viruses, BBC.  And bacterium as well.  It’s a good little video. And of course, then they get at the end, like all these videos, the government man comes out, “I’ve been appointed.  I’m impartial, of course.  I’m a scientist and I work at university.  I’m totally impartial.”  He’s made his life on grants, working on bacterial warfare for the government.  “But I’m impartial.  So, I’ll do an investigation, and I’ll be very, very honest and impartial about it.”  Yeah, right. 


So this one goes into heavy spraying, even with Ecoli and different things back in the sixties and into the seventies.  So, we’ve still got a whole bunch of years to go, right down to the present.  We’ll all be dead before they declassify that.  Dead, because we’re being killed off as we speak.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we are so easily conditioned, aren’t we, really?  We really are amazingly conditioned through a lifetime of watching TV ads and propaganda they call newscasts, things like that.  And even down to your national identity.  Because, you see, the big boys, under Bernays used all these tricks in advertising to create not only a consumer society for that time period, just like his successors have now given us an austerity society, you see, but during the consumer society, they made you think that everything that you were buying, especially in the car industry was yours.  It was your company, like Ford or GM or whatever.  These are international corporations.  They’re doing the same thing in China now and elsewhere as they did in the USA, even though they have more plants abroad, and they’re closing all the ones down inside the US.  For years they showed you the guy getting out with his wrangler boots on, and all that kind of stuff, you know, and the big hat.  Made in America.  Built in America.  These guys didn’t give a damn who was buying it, as long as you were buying them.  Then they jump off to China, and there’s a little Chinese guy popping out there in a traditional Chinese outfit, and it’s Built in China, Tough, you see.  And we fall for it.  And then everybody is really ticked off when they get up and move, like part of your heart was taken away.  Do you see how you fall for this rubbish?  This utter rubbish.  International corporations mean international corporations.  They don’t give a damn where they make them, as long as it’s cheap labor.  That’s Free Trade for you.  And remember, Free Trade came through the World Trade Organization and through the Treaties signed by all the guys that you voted in across the world.  Oh, yeah?  Of course they didn’t mention it much when they were running for their office, but afterwards.  And it was all in the papers and so on.  You could have read it if you wanted to, about Free Trade, where it was all supposed to go, because it was planned over a hundred years ago. 


So, anyway, that’s how they do things, you see, and you get attached to things thinking they’re yours and then they go away, and Aunt May’s chocolates are made over in Taiwan or somewhere.  So, I mean, that’s just what happens in the world, when you fall for the conology, and you watch that stupid television.  And you raise your children on them too, so they get their indoctrination for their future that’s planned for them, by people you’ll never meet.  And of course, we go through these ridiculous wars that were all planned long ago, and then came out publicly in the 90s with a whole list of countries that were to be taken out.  We’ve gone through the same scenarios, oh, weapons of mass destruction.  Oh, now it’s Iran, it’s got a nuke, even though all the top generals across the world have said, no, Iran is not crazy, as Israel keeps saying that they’re too crazy.  They’re crazy people.  That’s what they keep saying in Israel.  Everybody else parrots it.  But the top generals say, no, they’re not crazy, and they don’t have anything close to what you’re talking about as far as nuclear weapons go.


You see, it’s just on the list.  If you’re on the list, it’s just tough luck, folks.  It’s the same if the government draws a list of, and they have lists of people to detain and pick up during times of strife within your own countries.  We’re all on it.  If you’ve talked out at all about things.  And they class you A-B-C, and they’ve got a color classification as well.  You know, red, blue, green.  All that kind of stuff.  And if you’re on the list, it’s just tough cheese.  That’s it.  It doesn’t matter what you say.  It won’t matter.  It wouldn’t matter if God came down and stood by you, and said, no, the guy is quite innocent.  It doesn’t matter.  You’re on the list.  That’s how it’s done.  They never change their list, you understand, once they make it.  They never change it.  When they put an agenda out and get everybody to sign it, they never change it.  And there’s some incredible rubbish getting blasted out again, just like the last three countries that they’ve invaded, same rubbish.  Same verbatim rubbish.  Same.  Why change the formula when it works, eh? 


And what do they do to the countries afterwards?  Well, they plunder it, you see.  Like Brzezinski said it.  I’d prefer he says, if they were all, we destroy their countries, destroy their forms of government.  Yeah, give them puppet governments, but make sure all factions are armed to the teeth so they’ll fight each other for perpetuity basically, forever.  And then the Big Boys go in with their mercenaries, go round an oil field, and that’s their land, you see.  And they can take it all for nothing.  Anyway, it says:


It may be the start of the biggest oil job in the world. Each day, 20 workers from BP and China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) buckle down to the task of prepping the Rumaila oil field in southern Iraq for rapid development.


(A: It says here.  And then you scroll down, and they worked out a contract between them.)


BP is the largest partner in the venture,


(A: Right.  They got that for nothing, by the way.  In fact, you paid for it all, and the new refineries they wanted to put up there.  They said that before the war, we want to destroy all the old refineries.  So they bombed them all.  And then, the US taxpayer primarily, and Canada involved as well, Britain, built them brand new ones.  And then they had a kind of raffle and gave it to BP.  Yep.  Not bad, eh, being a powerful elite at the top.  It says:)


It has a 38% stake, while the Chinese hold 37% (the rest is owned by an Iraqi company).


(A: Which will probably be based, a lot of it’s based there, but owned by foreigners too.  So, there you go.  You know.  It says:)


The media focus has been on BP's decision to take up the Rumaila challenge for a low fee of only $2 for every barrel the venture produces.


(A: Two dollars a barrel, oil, eh?  What are you paying?  What are you paying for gas?)


But the more important story could be China's role. "CNPC's involvement brings together the country with the most rapid growth in energy demand in history with the country that plans the greatest buildup of production capacity ever," says Alex Munton, an Iraq specialist at Edinburgh-based oil consultants Wood Mackenzie.


So, China is all over the place.  Same thing happened of course in Afghanistan.  The US troops and other troops patrol the poppy fields, and they also guard the Chinese coming in to take out all the copper and minerals.  Not bad.  It’s a good cabal, this, isn’t it?  A good cartel, this World Conglomerate.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s amazing too, you see.  These guys who run the banks have had, you know, many, many centuries of raising up empires, conquering and plundering, and then moving on to the next place after they, you know, squeeze out the tax at the last place and plunder it too well, leaving deserts behind them, usually, and then move on to the next place.  And this is how it’s gone on for centuries and centuries.  Countries don’t raise themselves up by their bootstraps and suddenly become awfully prosperous.  It’s because, you see, the guys with the money move in.  That’s how it starts.  And out go the loans.  And entrepreneurs come along and take it up, and run with it basically, and end up paying it all back, of course.  That’s the key to the whole system, is the money con game. 


And here’s one.  Here’s China, China the most favored nation trading status, it’s got, under the World Trade Organization.  We’re all paying money, all the countries that signed them in to be the world’s most favorable trading nation status country.  We’re paying for hospitals to get built over there.  Meanwhile, they’ve got multi-millionaires from China, running all over northern Canada, killing polar bears for fun.  It’s okayed by the Canadian government though, you know, these.  Strange, that.  All these warming nutters that were, “oh, the polar bears, they’ll all drown, because the pole is melting.”  There’s not a whimper out of them about this mass slaughter going on.  Ha, ha, ha.  Because their bosses tell them, stay out of it, you see.  Everything is a front, a front with bosses at the top. 


Anyway, China, these ones that pull themselves up by their bootstraps and just made good in the world, you see, by saying basically we’ll take all your factories and they won’t have to pay any taxes for twenty years.  They can pollute as much as they want.  They get awfully cheap labor.  And at the end of that twenty years, if they haven’t recouped what they thought they’d have got, they can extend it for another twenty years.  How’s that for a good deal?  That’s why all your factories went up and left.  And that’s why you, the taxpayer, funded them all to leave.  That was part of the agreement.  Your tax money funded all your factories to go over to China and build them new ones.  This is what they call democracy, eh?  And some people actually still believe in it. 


China’s oldest bank is expanding in New York lending for trophy buildings as Europe’s debt crisis sweeps away the last wave of (A: Other) foreign financiers.


(A: I put “other” in there, because that’s what they should have done there.)


Bank of China Ltd. increased its loans outstanding on US properties fivefold to $2.6 billion since 2008, with most of that growth in New York, according to Trepp Llc., a mortgage data provider.


(A: So it goes on about some of the big buildings, etc, that they’re funding, and who else is in on it. It says:)


The bank agreed last month to refinance the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Columbus Circle owned by Dubai’s Istithmar World PJSC. The Beijing-based state-backed bank is making inroads after European lenders including Anglo Irish Bank Corp., pulled out of the market, Commerzbank AG’s real-estate lending unit stopped competing, and Societe Generale SA pared assets.


Whatever that means.  I’m not really up on all their rubbishy, joking lingo.  Anyway, that’s where, they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stopped making woks and started churning out cars, basically.  And that’s how it happens, you see.  Just magic stories, like rags to riches. 


Now, I mentioned before about the Fabian Society, where the Communists and the Capitalists, who always were together from the very beginning, funded by the same bankers, by the way, because banks like Socialist systems.  Governments can then come one-on-one to them and borrow for the whole nation, rather than different people in the nation going off and borrowing from the bank.  And it saves the banks from sending guys out to claim back anything on default, you see.  The government will do it for them.  They like this system.  A trained society, you understand.


And here’s where they’re going with their Orwellian and Brave New World indoctrination now.  Now that we’re living in a scientific socialist system.  That was always the agenda, science, you see, is the god, the new god, wearing a white coat.  And over the years, I’ve watched this same con game getting pushed and pushed and pushed as they come in with their behavioral experts.  And I can remember at school, they used to measure your eyes.  How far apart were they? Then they’d look at your ears, just like they did in those old German movies, just when World War II was starting.  And they’d measure your forehead and things like that.  And they’ve always got new things coming up.  And no kidding, in the 70s and 80s, it was still the ear.  Oh, they had to study your ear.  It was awfully interesting.  The ears, it could say that you’ve got a criminal personality coming up, you see.  But here you go, going further and further.  And this article, it says:


How a bad 'un (A: one, a child) can be spotted at the age of TWO - and should be sent to 'discipline institutes' at five, says behaviour tsar


(A: You see, we’ve all got these guys appointed now on governments for weather and for everything else.  Behaviour tsar, eh?  And they have; they get massive funding.  And he wants to start new schools up, you see, for children.  It says:)


At risk of descending into a life of crime and aggression can and should be identified at the age of two, according to the Government's 'discipline expert'.


Those children likely to 'go off the rails'


(A: Likely to go off the rails at two.)


should be sent to specialist behavioral institutions at the age of five


(A: This is what the Soviets always wanted to get to, that stage.  We’re at it.)


to stop their bad behaviour escalating, said Charlie Taylor, whose report is likely to be endorsed in full by the Government today.


Taylor said nurseries should be able to spot children with behavioural issues


(A: It’s just like the teachers now spot them, and say, “you.  You should be on drugs.”  And bang, before you know it, your brain shrinks and you’re sitting there drooling, and you know, half listening.  So, those with:)


behavioural issues and recommend them for specialist tuition to provide them with boundaries and social skills.


Mr Taylor said: 'Any child can go off the rails for a bit and what we need is a system that is responsive to them and helps them to get back on the straight and narrow.'


The government wants you to be all uniform and stupid and timid, timid is what they want really, to authority.  So, there’s that article there.  And then, this one goes into it a little bit deeper; I’ve mentioned the Tavistock Unit before, the clinic. There’s a Tavistock Institute.  And this is what’s behind all of this, let’s get the young, you know.  These guys were up and running at the time the Fabian Society kicked in, and Fabian Socialists all down the road, who have talked about recreating humanity, you know, have been working hard at this.  I mean, I’ve got a tape up on the archives section with Aldous Huxley talking about this wonderful institute, where they had brains in folks, in people’s heads.  I mean, wires in folks’ brains, I should say.  And he thought this was wonderful.  They could make them turn left and right and sit down and all that kind of thing.  He thought it was great.  It got him animated during his Berkeley Speech.  And that’s what it’s for. 


You know, Tavistock too was set up to create a kind of World Culture, for the future, for this Century of Change, the one we’re in now.  That’s when all the ideas would come to the fore.  And also they created the first massive, proper, workable propaganda system to get nations ready for wars.  They’re still working at all that. All the stuff you see working today in the US is all from Tavistock, the propaganda techniques.  And how the public receive it, even when it doesn’t sound concrete enough, but they have other ways of getting round that, blocking your mind with repetition and various other things.  Tavistock created all that. So:


The Tavistock Clinic is based in an anonymous concrete building in North London. Once there, you have to go to the third floor to find the Orwellian-sounding Gender Identity Development Unit.


(A: No kidding.)


The unit received £1,042,000 in funding last year from the local healthcare Trust.


(A: It also gets millions directly from government agencies and foundations.)


In layman’s terms, it treats patients who believe they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’.


Few would associate such a place with children barely old enough to attend school.

But it emerged this week that a little boy called Zach Avery, just five years old, now wears his hair permanently in bunches after being assessed by ‘experts’ at the Tavistock and ‘coming out’ as a girl.


And Zach is not an isolated case.


Over the past year, 165 children have been referred to the clinic’s team of social workers, child psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.


(A: It’s a growing field, isn’t it?  A growing industry, isn’t it?  Remember too, the whole idea with Communism and Socialism is that you see, you’re actually taught your genders.  You’re taught it, you see.  And that’s why they shove them in together, and make them wear, even exchange their clothing and all that kind of stuff.  Because girls are just the same as guys, and guys are just the same as girls, according to them.  Or it should be that way.  And they’re really angry when you point out any other differences.  They get awfully angry.  You hit their tender spot.)


Seven children under the age of five were officially diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) — when a person is born one gender, but feels they are the other.


Now, some might ask whether it’s not Zach but his parents who need counselling for allowing him to go down this path — when even his grandparents believe he is ‘just going through a phase’.


The research supports their view. According to the Tavistock’s own figures, up to 80 per cent of youngsters who think they are the wrong sex will change their minds upon reaching adolescence.


Nevertheless, a clinical trial is currently underway at the Tavistock which involves prescribing children from around the age of 12 with drugs to suspend puberty, thus preventing — so the theory goes — the mental anguish caused by the maturing of sex organs and changes in the voice.


It also makes it easier for them to have gender-changing surgery, should they so wish, when they are older.


Previously, children had to wait until they were 16 to get hormone-blocking injections in Britain, because, apart from anything else, the effects on brain development, bone growth and fertility are still unknown.


(A: That’s not true.  They’ve known for about a hundred years what it does.)


Nevertheless, six children have already begun receiving the medication, with the consent of their families, effectively reducing them to a state of ‘biological neutrality’


(A: That’s what they call it.  What are you?  Are you a boy or a girl?  Oh, I’m in a state of biological neutrality right now.)


Others are expected to join the trial.


Why did the National Research Ethics


(A: See, bio-ethics again.  Bioethicists.  Eugenicists, folks, you know.) 




(A: It’s called a service.)


the body responsible for sanctioning such studies, give the go-ahead after initially refusing permission? We can’t tell you because it declined to elaborate on its decision.


What we can say about youngsters such as Zach Avery, from Purfleet, Essex, is that 20 years ago their condition — if that’s what it is — didn’t exist.


(A: Did not exist twenty years ago, folks.  It’s a TV-promoted thing, through all your talk show hosts, you know, that get you all crying on television at the slightest thing and all that stuff.)


Gender Identity Disorder was first identified as a syndrome by the American Psychiatric Association back in the Nineties.


(A: It suddenly came there.  Ooh, oh.)


With the rise of the internet, it quickly gained currency on this side of the Atlantic and elsewhere.


Typing the words ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ into Google brings up more than one million results. There are 125 support groups for transgender people in Britain alone.

At least four are specifically aimed at young children and teenagers. Zach’s mother, Theresa, it seems, read about one of them in a magazine and answered an advert for the organisation.


‘That’s when all this started,’ says Zach’s grandmother, Christine Avery, who lives in Clacton.


‘All this’ being the sorry saga of a boy who enjoyed dressing up in girls’ clothes ending up on the third floor of the Tavistock Clinic.


(A: Mind you, they all watch that strange cartoon they watch that got another one off on it too, that boys should wear little girls’ clothes, in a cartoon.  That’s what started it with the other one.)


Until shortly before his fourth birthday in December 2010, Zachy, as his mother calls him, was just a normal little boy.


Suddenly, it seems, he became obsessed with the children’s TV character Dora the Explorer,


(A: Dora the Explorer, it’s called.)


began wearing female clothes and stopped playing with his Thomas The Tank Engine. Then, one day he announced: ‘Mummy, I’m a girl.’


(A: And he’d probably get taught that too at kindergarten.)


Mrs Avery, 32, and husband Darren, 41, became increasingly worried about their son’s behaviour and took him to see the doctor. Eventually, he was referred to the Tavistock.


His school, Purfleet Primary, was subsequently informed that Zach would be coming to class as a girl. Teachers allowed him to come to class in a girl’s trouser uniform and black boots with pink trim.


(A: And again, the whole school has to be indoctrinated now.  You’ve got to be nice.  Don’t laugh.  Don’t giggle.  You’ve got to be nice.  We’ve all got to change because of this one person here, you see.  And the toilet block:)


The lavatory block was made ‘gender neutral’


(A: Gender neutral.)


to accommodate his needs (the school say the decision to refurbish the toilets was taken before Zach’s change).


(A: Yeah, sure.)


Behind Zach’s story is the inexorable rise of a new industry which, subsidised largely by the taxpayer, is touching practically every aspect of public policy in Britain.


(A: Just like global warming.)


Those diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, for example, can be prioritised by local councils for housing as ‘vulnerable’ people.


(A: There’s a lot of perks to it as well.  And then it says:)


Prominent among its campaign groups is the Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), created in 1997, to ‘transform attitudes in society to anyone who has undergone a gender change.’


It has provided ‘policy advice’ to the NHS,


(A: All these private organizations, well funded, start giving advice to your National Health Service.)


the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and the Home Office, which awarded the charity a contract


(A: A charity telling you what to do, right?)


to develop a ‘tool kit’ to help schools combat ‘transphobic bullying’.


(A: Now, there’s no such thing as transphobic or homophobic, because phobic is a fear of, you see, if you’re phobic about something; just not liking something isn’t a phobia, you understand.  They use these neurolinguistic terminology to make you feel guilty about something.  Why should you feel guilty about being repulsed by something?  Hmm?  Have you ever walked across a cow’s field in a meadow and stood in something?  No one taught you how to react to it, but everybody does.  You’re not phobic, either.)


In 2010, GIRES received Government funding of £35,115.


(A: This charity got government funding.)


The founders, Surrey couple Bernard and Terry Reed, whose adult daughter is a transexual, were honoured with OBEs


(A: Orders of the British Empire)


in the same year.


(A: Just for being transexual.)


The charity claims that around one per cent of adults in Britain (based on their own report) — roughly the population of Sheffield — experience some ‘degree of gender variation’ and, on that basis, a typical primary school of 300 children would have three transgendered pupils, although they may not be ‘out’.


(A: Well, they may not even be there, unless it’s promoted.)


Bi-monthly meetings of a trans-youth group, held at the Central School of Speech and Drama, near the Tavistock unit, are advertised on the GIRES website.


(A: So, it’s a big growth industry now, you see.  So, it comes out, how to train all of the society to accept this, you see, as just a new normal.  And of course, even though these youngsters from the age of two and up are all getting taught, through primary care and so on, and kindergarten, it’s all quite natural.  You know, give your doll to Freddy there.  Freddy wants it.  Well, Freddy might want it because he doesn’t like the little girl, and he just wants to take everything away from her, you know.  But no, that’s not the answer anymore, is it?  So, what age are they aiming at, this particular session group, it’s called, for:)


...mental wellbeing; sex and relationships


(A: It says, the:)


Answer: ‘13 to 25-year-old transpeople.’


(A: We’ll need a whole new dictionary before these charities are finished, these government-sponsored charities are finished, right.  And then:)


The organisers are not from GIRES, but yet another group, called Gendered Intelligence.


One of this group’s directors is Mark Jennett, a national adviser on the government’s National Healthy Schools programme....


So, guess what they’re pushing in schools, folks.  You better take two sets of clothing to school, until the teacher starts to like you.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about children being diagnosed as possible criminals, you see.  Get them into prisons—oh, sorry, it’s really Clockwork Orange institutes, where they recondition you from the age of two.  And then the other ones who watch these silly programs on television, cartoons, want to change their gender because it’s funny, and everybody gives you a lot of attention as soon as you mention it too.  A lot of attention.  Anyway, that’s the way the world is.  It’s been created to be dysfunctional by the eugenicists, and psychiatry is really on par with Nazism, whether you like it or not.  That’s where it really came out in full force, was during the Nazi era, and, of course, through the Communists as well.  They thought they could change anybody into anything.  And maybe the way they’re going they’re right. 


Now, we’ve got Judy from Florida on the line.  Are you still there, Judy?  Hello, Judy.


Judy: I was calling about the announcement basically made before congress by Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, basically saying that Congress is now ceremonial when it comes to initiating wars, and it seems as though we’re going to be going into full-fledged war with Syria and Iran.  I was wondering if you knew that along with that there was a resolution being put forth by Congressman Walter Jones.  It’s a resolution, you know, to proceed with impeachment of Barrack Obama. 


Alan: I don’t think it will matter.  I really don’t think it will matter.  It’s not the government you thought it was.  And I’ve seen so many impeachments come forward in the past, and they never go anywhere.  And you understand too, when Netanyahu came over there to see Obama, and some of the primaries were still going on in the US, I think it was primaries, I thought Netanyahu was coming over to run for presidency.  That’s what I thought.  Because the last time he was in Congress, he had, what was it, 102 or more standing ovations by the Congress, who all belong to AIPAC, you know.  So, it’s not your government.  It’s not your government anymore anyway. And Obama knows that as well.  He’s taking his orders, and the whole world is.  So, the money boys rule.  Those who own the big, big bucks and the banks and who can close you down by pulling all your advertising out of your newspaper overnight, which they’ve often done, they rule the country, and they have for an awful long time.  So, these impeachments really are just little panaceas to keep you busy for a little while, thinking something might happen, when it won’t, you know.  You’ll never get the backing for it.


Judy: Well, maybe a few Congress people at least.  The next question then is, is there going to be sooner or later, because this is what we’re being pushed towards, is some type of, I don’t want to use the term, an installation I’m going to call it.  But how many foreign troops come with their brigades in the United States that no one knows about?


Alan: In the US I don’t know; but I know from the 80s onwards, Canada and the US, in their own military bases were training officers, primarily, at that time, actually with the 70s onwards, from the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Bloc countries.  And I talked to some of them in Canada, and they said they were training to understand the civil laws of Canada and the US.  So, there’s only one possibility.  That’s for, like Rockefeller said, you’ll welcome them in eventually at the right crisis.  I think that’s what they were there for.  It’s the officers you must bring in first, teach them the basic laws of the country, and how to get on with the public, the psychology of the public, for crisis down the road.  So, we’ll never know how many are here now.  Actually, they’re all intermingled now, to be honest with you, as well.  That’s another thing too.


Judy: I didn’t realize the music would be coming in so soon.  It’s a shame we can’t talk a little bit more.


Alan: Yeah, but thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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