March 12, 2012 (#1041)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 12, 2012:

Global Integration:

"The World's Being Forced into Total Integration,
Simultaneously Passing Laws Across Each Nation,
Even Though Published Media Still Tries to Kid,
IBM and Others Working on Global Electric Grid,
Universities Swamped with Grants to Find Ways
To Render Humans Passive for Commune Days,
They Work on Removing or Replacing Genes
For a Transformed Baby with Collectivist Memes,
Bio-Ethicists Scheme in Their Own Global Senate,
Designing Brave New World and Such People in It"
© Alan Watt March 12, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 12th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 12th of March, 2012.

For newcomers, help yourself to the free audios at because if you don’t understand the past, you won’t understand the present or the future, where all things are supposed to go. Because I go through the histories of the organizations that came together a long time ago to govern the planet properly, the way that they said would be proper, rather than this wishy-washy way of doing things; scientifically you might say. And how they got together. Men of incredible wealth, you’re talking about international bankers and lenders to nations and they formed their own societies and eventually got royal charters, in fact, to exist and implement their policies. Biggest think tanks, they are too, to the countries, the nations and to the United Nations as well, which they set up as well to be the embryo system for a new global government. So help yourself to the audios, in the archives section at And you’ll find different books mentioned, authors, people who took part in these big global meetings and who helped design the very present culture and the changes in the culture and society that you are experiencing today, because a lot of them are dead now, but they planned it an awful long time ago, step by step by step. You can’t understand anything until you understand the past. And as I say, these boys created, literally, a hundred to a hundred and fifty years in advance, all the changes that the society is to go through on the way to this world-integrative system.

Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can buy the books and disks at and from the US to Canada, you can actually use a personal check or an international postal money order or Paypal. Some people just send cash. Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram and again, Paypal. And straight donations are certainly welcome, because I am so incredibly busy doing what I do. I mean I have to check maybe a hundred-odd stories per day and read them all to pick out the relevant ones and throw the rest in the heap because there’s no point in just prattling on on what the news gives you. I try and fill in the little blank spots that the media doesn’t give you along with the stories. In other words, I fulfill the stories, I complete the stories by adding to it the stuff that you don’t know and the media’s not going to tell you.

We are on a massive change towards a new organization across the world. Some of us are further along than others in countries. Others are still just getting hammered now with the systems that Britain, Canada and the States had introduced maybe twenty years ago with the massive free trade agreements. And of course they’re in shock with the layoffs across the country in Australia. And of course now they’ll be importing like crazy and exporting practically nothing except raw materials (the same as Canada). So, the world’s been shaken up and there’s more shaking up to do as they go through the countries that aren’t into this system, that don’t have central banks (mainly the Moslem countries) and of course they must bend the knee to the new system and allow themselves to be overrun or it’ll be done by force. There’s no doubt about it, there’s no sort of tipsying through the daisies with these guys. These guys have the gloves off now and they are going across the world. The Bush regime called it “revolutionary democracy,” by forcing democracy on the public of other countries that don’t have it – not that we have it here. It’s a good, nice, fuzzy-sounding term, in the Disney sense. But that’s what’s happening to the Moslem nations now and they must come under this global society and they are not allowed to be nationalistic anymore. So, I try, as I say, to put it together for you coherently, put out the nonsense and fill in the blanks that the media leave out. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan: Hi folks. I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix. I’ve talked many times about this global society where everything’s to be one in the end. Just like the movies: “Oh who’s the one? Everything must become one.” And that’s what they’re doing now. One corporation, eventually, in the world, will run all electricity, eventually. One will control all foodstuffs, etc. That’s the way it’s meant to go, you see. It’s planned that way. And this article here, is about electricity. I’ve mentioned how electricity is going to cost you so much for a lot less that you’re going to receive, so the big boys aren’t losing out, for instance, by bringing in rolling blackouts or brownouts as they’ve been experimenting across Europe with for a while. They’re actually getting more money than ever before for the little they have to give you. So there’s less material, less outlay, less work for them and more money comes in. “It’s all about energy,” as they say. And he who controls energy, controls everything pretty well in this system.  This article is from IBM and I think AT&T brought it in. They’re responsible for the actual article. Anyway it says,

Without a smart grid, electricity prices will soar.”

Alan: So there’s your propaganda piece. “You’ve got to let us have our way or the prices are going to go through the roof.” Now, every country who’s had parts of the smart grid already put in place, like Canada, where they’re installing all the smart meters, along with the smart meters and your local electric companies, they tell you, that by the end of four years, your electric price is going to quadruple. Or actually more than that, than you’re paying already. So even with it in, it’s going to quadruple. So it says,

“March 7th .  McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX.  Electricity prices in Western countries will soar 400 percent in the next 30 years if electricity grids do not become smart grids.”

Alan: Now, this is putting pressure on the governments who are quite willing to be pressurized because they all get to put shares in these companies now; all the politicians. And they are creating a global grid. So all of our power eventually will be going onto one grid across the world and when they need something, some more electricity in one area, they’ll simply take it from another and shut you down for a while. That’s a brownout, you see. Maurice Strong, who came over to privatize Ontario Hydro – that was the company (massive company) that supplied Ontario for an awful long time, built by the taxpayer, etc. – he privatized it and gave it off to his buddies for peanuts. He actually said that this coming system would be just like what I’m reading right now and there would be brownouts. And after he’d sold off Ontario Hydro and he was getting two paychecks by the way, they found out, at the time, one from the World Bank, because he still worked for the United Nations, and one from Ontario Hydro. Anyway, he said, eventually they’d have to make the electricity go where it was going to make a profit, in other words, for the big factories that are still going. Well, that’s not in the Western countries, because we’ve lost all the factories to China. So he advised that the taxpayer fund essential services – that’s your big businesses; that’s your governmental buildings – with massive generators, diesel generators to get through these hard times that he said, oh at least 15, 16, 17, years ago, would come in. It was all planned a long time ago. Anyway,

Bartels came to Israel last month as a guest of the Israel Smart Grid Consortium. The first step that will be taken in Israel towards introducing a smart grid will be a pilot scheme starting at the end of the year among 2,500 households in Binyamina. This is an initiative by Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) that involves installing systems that will provide running information on the Internet about electricity consumption,...”

Alan: Well that’s basically your smart meters and so on.

...and that will enable IEC and the consumer to plan the home’s consumption, with a view to making it more efficient.”

Alan: It’s about sustainability and bringing it down to the minimum for the general public. That’s what it’s all about. Agenda 21, etc. And again it’s under austerity. To create austerity, your spending money, at the end of the month, will have to go to paying electricity and things like that. That’s where it’ll go. Not in buying something that you need or want, but to services that become essentials. So that’s where it’s all going, as I say. And this is a quite lengthy article, but it does go through all the different types of smart grid systems they’re testing elsewhere and how they’re going to put it across the whole planet, basically. And you’ll be paying an awful lot more money for it. I guess it’ll be the value of your region, as they like to call it at the United Nations. Is the value of your region really making a good profit right now? “Do they need the electricity or should we switch it off to somewhere in China for the next few days?” This is where it’s all going to go.

Now, I’ve talked so much about bioethics in the past, which is just the new term for eugenics and they have a new role to play and that’s the role in vaccinations. “Should we vaccinate the public mandatorily” or whatever. And this article here is about just that. It says,

“Treating Children Whose Parents Refuse to Have Them Vaccinated.”

Alan: And this is from Virtual Mentor, it’s called. And it’s in American Medical Association Journal of Ethics. So it says,

Dr. Feyn, a Denver pediatrician, mentions to his colleague Dr. Manning that parents’ refusal of vaccines for their children has become more popular among parents in his patient panel in the last 5 years.”

Alan: Then it goes on to say, lower down:

‘The CDC has recommended schedules for vaccination, but I know you would like to respect the discretion of patients and parents of patients as much as possible. So what are you going to do?’”

Alan: There’s your preposition, right there. What are you going to do if they don’t want it? And then he goes through the reasons that they’re going to make you take it, regardless.

‘In the past I have documented the vaccine refusal and moved on, but I’m considering changing my approach,’ Dr. Feyn responds. ‘As the number of unvaccinated children in my practice increases, I wonder if I am creating a risky environment for vaccine-preventable infections in my community. We recently witnessed an outbreak of pertussis nearby in Boulder because the percentage of immunized children at a certain school was below threshold necessary for herd immunity.’”

Alan: We’re just part of the herd, you see. And so,

‘I’m thinking of insisting that my patients receive vaccinations according to the standard schedule, unless, of course, there is a specific health-related reason why an individual child should not be vaccinated. I am also considering not treating children in my practice unless they are vaccinated.’”

Alan: And that’s the key right there. This is going to tell every other doctor what to do: “If you won’t take the vaccinations, then you’re off my list. Go find another doctor,” until they’re all doing the same thing. That’s their bioethics. It’s written almost like a Platonic discourse. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s really meant to hit GPs and to tell them how to handle it by simply refusing to see them in the future. And it goes on to talk about the different cases of measles and so on and so on and so on. And the reality is, you see, if you are unimmunized, then technically, if anything happened and you caught the measles then all those who have had their injections, inoculations, vaccines, should be immune, right?  If it works, which it doesn’t, but if it worked, they’d be immune and so you’d pose no risk to them at all because you didn’t take it.  But he’s really telling them how to handle the patients: just strike them off your list. And this is from, as I say, the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, that’s what all the doctors read, to see how to handle this kind of situation.

Now, we’ve gone through Monsanto and the various other genetically modified characters. They are characters, I think, themselves (not only their crops but the people themselves). Anyway, to do with the so-called debates on should you eat this stuff or not. Well there’s just too many articles come out on small independent, often non-authorized surveys because you see, Monsanto and the big boys have the patents on these things and they don’t allow you to do any testing on it, which is great if they’re killing you, right? You know, nobody can test the stuff. Anyway, it says

“GM debate in Europe is based on ‘emotion, not evidence.’”

Alan: And this is from the chief scientific officer, the czar of the European Union. They have their czars just like we’ve got their czars, because we are the new Soviet system. It says,

The evidence base to support greater use of genetically modified crops and animals...”

Alan: And animals, right?

...developed over a period of decades in America, must be acknowledged if major issues like food security are to be overcome, the new European Union chief scientist has told In her first interview on the topic since taking on the EU role, Anne Glover denounced the standard of the GM debate in Europe, suggesting it was emotional rather than scientific.”

Alan: In other words, it’s all wonderful, there’s no evidence for any side effects of the food etc. etc. And it’s just anxiety in the public. And she goes on to say how GM crops and animals are fine to eat etc. etc. For you lot, mind you. She won’t be eating it. She’ll be on the natural stuff, believe you me. But then I got this article here and it’s the only one that I’ve found from a big... it’s from the Journal of Applied Toxicology, on the glyphosate and the different mixtures they use for pesticides on the GM crops, the special pesticides that they use. And it’s the abstract of it. I haven’t seen page two yet (it’s supposed to be out by now), but this is the first one to show you and it does go through it and it tells you about the problems this stuff causes with embryonic kidney cells and so on. It tells you as well, of the three bio-markers of cell death, which they’ve tested, measurement of mitochondrial succinate dehydrogenase etc. etc. But what it tells you, it’s causing cell death and in even lower doses than they advise the farmers to use. Way down. It says,

The Roundup tested alone from 1 to 20,000 ppm is necrotic and apoptotic from 50 ppm, far below agricultural dilutions (50% lethal concentration 57.5 ppm). The only measured significant combined effect was that Cry1Ab and Cry1Ac reduced caspases 3/7 activations induced by Roundup; this could delay the activation of apoptosis. There was the same tendency for the other markers. In these results, we argue that modified Bt toxins are not inert on nontarget human cells,...”

Alan: In other words, they’re active.

and that they can present combined side-effects with other residues of pesticides specific to GM plants.”

Alan: It causes necrosis, death of tissue. Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan: Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. As I’ve said many times, what happens in one country today, legally or through the government system, especially to do with spying, is the same as every other country. They’re all going into the same thing at the same time on every level, because it’s coordinated globally and they do have global meetings about it. We’re all inter-meshed in a global structure, so if it’s happening in France, new law legislation is happening in Canada, it’s happening in Britain, it’s happening at the same time. I’ll put a link up tonight to,

Bigger Brother: Total Surveillance Comes to the UK.”

That’s where they’re going to use a new system based on the cloud and so on, to give government agencies complete real-time analysis of everything that you’re doing; every single citizen and they’re going to check and double-check to see if that’s you and check to see if you’re going to ten doctors at the same time. All of these different kind of things. All the different locations you’re at in real time. They want to know every single thing about everybody now. And so I’ll put this link up tonight. And here’s the one from Canada, at the same time:

G-Cloud: Entity Group’s Single View...”

Alan: They call it “single view.”

Product Suite Approved.”

Alan: And Canada takes this sitting down. Most folk won’t even hear about it, or if they do, they’ll just dismiss it because they think “who’s interested in them?” But it says,

Entity Group, a leading UK based information management solutions company, today announced that they have been selected to provide their Single View product suite via the Government’s new G-Cloud catalogue. They applied for two of the four lots on the G-Cloud Framework – Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services, and were approved for both of them.”

Alan: Remember, as I say, what Lenin said, “we’ll give them services.” It confuses the public, you see, you think, “it’s something I can take or leave at my leisure.” But no, services are authorities, you see, like your health authority and everything else.

Entity’s Single View product suite provides government agencies with trustworthy, timely and relevant data about citizens, patients, patient pathways and subjects-of-interest.”

Alan: That’s the part that’s important, “subjects of interest.” That’s everything else about you.

By knowing who your citizens, patients and subjects are, you are able to provide targeted service delivery,...”

Alan: It’s really to help you get better delivery from government, right?

use resources efficiently, identify fraud and crime, reduce costs and make information available for joined-up service provision.”

Alan: So all the services are in on this.

‘Understanding the importance of information and how to extract value from it is critical to success in the public sector,’ said James Wilkinson, Executive Vice President of Entity Group. ‘In a strained economy, very difficult decisions have to be made but the challenge of providing first rate, cost effective services remains.’”

Alan: His PR spiel, of course.

‘UK Government is awash with personal information and data, the challenge now is how to unlock the power and potential of these strategic assets. Entity’s Single View product suite reduces the barriers to information management across the government space.’”

Alan: So it’s everything. That’s all your emails, that’s your facebooks and all the usual stuff that you ridiculously signed onto. And they’ll have all the data that they want, because government wants to know, again, every single thing about you, to help you better, to give you better services, you understand? It says,

The UK Government ICT Strategy, and its strategic implementation plan, published in 2011, places a heavy emphasis on realising the value of the information it holds as an asset, in order to share information between government departments and citizens. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has underlined the importance of transparency and open data in his letter to Cabinet Ministers, dated 7th July, 2011. Similarly, the National Health Service is governed by new policies towards patient centricity and understands that ‘ the key to better care, better outcomes, and reduced costs,...”

Alan: So they’re using the old scam again: “it’s to help the poor and the sick” and all the rest of it. It says,

while the policing and intelligence services have a de facto requirement for trusted, joined-up information.”

Alan: That’s the part that’s true {laughs}.

Departments across the public sector now have a set of mandates to work with proven information management partners to help them progress towards the vision of joined-up service provision.”

Alan: So all, any, all and every government department will be able to access your personal data and work with it to try to get commonalities of what you’re up to, what you’re doing and so on. And everything’s on there, everything, believe you me. It’s all in one. So that’s your freedoms for you, for those who care about them.

Now I talked last week, too, about a few things. And the week before I talked about the Exogenesis. Of course the projects were ultra-feminist scientists want to create babies out of the womb, in artificial wombs, because it’s just unfair that nature made them to be the carriers of babies for instance. No kidding. I mean this is a big thing. It’s also to do with trans-humanism, which is funded by all the big foundations to push into the next step, to create a new race of servile workers and really that’s what this article here is about, if you can think about what I’m saying here. It says,

Why the British are free-thinking and the Chinese love conformity: It’s all in the genes claim scientists.”

Alan: So here we have the eugenicists at it again, you see. Remember, they want to take genes out of the sperm or the ovum, you know the ones that make you talk back and be anti-social to government. And defiant, oppositional defiancy and all that stuff that they’re calling it today. So let’s hear their spiel here. It says,

Cultural stereotypes may be deep rooted in our genetic makeup, say scientists. Common traits like British individualism and Chinese conformity could be attributed to genetic differences between races according to a new study. The study, by the department of psychology at Northwestern University in Illinois, suggests that the individualism seen in western nations, and the higher levels of collectivism and family loyalty found in Asian cultures, are caused by differences in the prevalence of particular genes”.

Alan: You can see where it’s going. If you want a passive population.

Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth - ♫}

Alan: Hi folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And I’m reading about the push. You got to understand how to read articles because they’re not out there by accident. And even though most people, if they even have a cursory glance at them, they don’t remember too much except the basic thing that’s meant to be embedded in their mind. And that is the fact that this is all coming down the pike. And then when it comes, it’s obviously natural because you’ve got a vague recollection of something. It must be evolving so it’s natural, you see. Never mind all the stuff that’s in the movies, especially the Sci-Fi movies, and articles in various science magazines. It says,

Chiao and her colleagues combined data from global genetic surveys, looking at variations in the prevalence of various genes.”

Alan: These are the various genes that make you an individual, you see.

The findings were matched with other research which ranked nations by levels of individualism and collectivism.”

Alan: You’ve all to be collectivists, remember, in the new communitarian societies, which is in vogue in Britain right now. So,

The team focused their attentions on the gene that controls levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain which regulates mood and emotions.”

Alan: It does more than that. It’s a necessity for freedom, in fact, as a kind of fight or flight thing. For survival. Even, you’ll find that crickets and insects that swarm and take off in swarms, tend to produce a lot of serotonin before they make the big jump. So, all creatures have this. It’s interesting too, that a lot of so-called ‘anti-psychotic’ medications right now, they block the serotonin uptake and they inhibit them and the people end up being nice obedient little easily-controlled people, which is exactly what they want. So,

Their studies found that one version of the gene was far more common in western populations which, they said, was associated with individualistic and free-thinking behaviour. Another version of the same gene, which was prevalent in Asian populations, they said was associated with collectivism and a greater willingness to put the common good first.”

Alan: Oh it’s all for the common good isn’t it? That’s what they tell you about everything.

People with this gene appeared to have a different response to serotonin. If they are confirmed, the findings made by Chiao and her colleagues would suggest that races may have a number of inherent psychological differences, just as they differ in physical appearances.”

Alan: They never mention anything about cultures and the evolution of societies. No. It’s all to do with genes. Genes are everything to them, you see.

Chiao suggests that the version of the gene predominating in Asian populations is associated with heightened anxiety levels and increased risk of depression.”

Alan: Maybe that’s because they’ve been under oppressive governments for so long.

She adds that such populations respond by structuring their society to ward off those negative effects.”

Alan: In other words, you come together because you need communal help.

The success of such social structures would then ensure that the gene would spread. She added the findings showed how culture could exert a powerful influence on human genetics and evolution.”

Alan: So, they really want to do this in trans-humanism, remove certain genes from, I guess, most of the population at the bottom level to make you more compliant and more like the Chinese. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding about that. That’s all the rage. Governments have meetings all the time, global meetings about this kind of stuff. And of course, the big push now is to order babies. There’s women who order babies, today. They want this, that and the other and they tell them the height and all the rest of it, but what they don’t know is the big boys at the top have been doing a lot of experiments with these little babies that they end up with and they study them for the rest of their lives, unknown to the person who’s adopted to them.  So, things are going on all the time.

Also, I read an article, not so long ago, about the Japanese scientist that wanted us all to eat poop. You know, it’s reconstructed poop, basically. And he says it’s clean and all the rest of it. Personally, I think the guy is full of you-know-what. Anyway, this is the stuff they’re pushing on you for sustainability, right? And this article here is about, they call it ‘pink slime’ and it says,

Los Angeles. Are you ready for a little "pink slime" in your children’s school lunches? Officially called ‘Lean Beef Trimmings,...’"

Alan: You know they’re utter liars at the top but terminology is so important. ‘Lean beef’ sounds not too bad to the people who are on to “oh you gotta have lean beef,” right, but it’s actually made of all the throwaways that they don’t normally sell from the cow. You know, like tendons and things like that. That’s really what it means. So they’re liars right off the bat. Anyway, it says,

the ammonia-treated ground beef is bright pink in color, thus has the moniker "pink slime." It consists of a ground-up beef scraps, cow connective tissues and other beef trimmings.”

Alan: As I say, the rubbish that you don’t normally eat. But it’s ‘lean beef trimmings,’ yeah.

The meat is treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria...”

Alan: Goodness knows how long it’s been lying out to need that done to it.

... and then blended into traditional meat products, like hamburger patties. Although ‘pink slime’ has been rejected by fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King, the USDA is buying 7 million pounds of it for school lunches.”

Alan: So the lower classes get the C-R-A-P.  And you know where it’s all going with it you see, because the elites won’t eat this stuff.

Health watchdogs have voiced various safety concerns about pink slime. Some of the concerns involve the dangers associated with ammonium hydroxide, which is also used in household cleaners and fertilizers.”

Alan: But I’m sure an expert will come out and tell you it’s good for you.

Additionally, in 2009, the New York Times reported that, despite being treated with ammonia, E. coli and salmonella were found in tests of Lean Beef Trimmings from schools across the country.”

Alan: That’s because this stuff should have been tossed out long ago. It’s necrosis setting in, you see.

Between 2005 and 2009, E. coli was found three times and salmonella 48 times, according to the Times. Despite the concerns, the USDA insists its ground beef purchases meet the highest standard for food safety.”

Alan: Pink slime school lunches. Anyway, there you go. That’s what they want to feed the poor. And there’s a lot worse to come as they go into this nonsensical stuff about sustainability. What they’re really doing, you see, is if your little region, not country, but region area, is producing well and causing little trouble for the law and order, as you go on your starvation diets and get sick, if you’re causing little trouble, then of course, you get a few perks here and there and it won’t be better food, mind you, but they’ll maybe give you more electricity, for instance, things like that. For sustainability.

Australia. This is an article that’s quite comical too. They’re all comical to me you see. It says Sandra Murray was the one to put this up. It’s probably a handout from one of these private foundations helping advise governments on sustainability. It says,

Update Australia’s dietary guidelines to consider sustainability”

Alan: So you get a disclosure first, that,

Sandra Murray does not work for or consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article.”

Alan: Sure. It says,

The University of Technology, Sydney is a Founding Partner of The Conversation. The University of Tasmania is a Member of The Conversation. Our goal is to ensure the content is not compromised in any way.”

Alan: And it says there, it says,

Healthy food needs to promote long-term health, so must consider environmental impact.”

Alan: And then they go on and on and on about,

The consumption of seafood has led to the over-exploitation of three quarters of the world’s oceans. Meat and dairy foods require more water, energy and phosphorus to produce and have higher greenhouse gas emissions...”

Alan: Yada yada yada yada ya. You know. And it mentions the NHMRC’s draft Australian Dietary Guidelines and so on, which I’ll give you the link for that too, if you want to read up what you’re going to be eating in the future. So, it’s got a huge guideline here. It says,

“...a review of some 55,000 health and nutrition studies, wide consultation with food, nutrition and health experts around Australia as well as in-depth modelling and analysis.”

Alan: And then it goes on to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, of course. And of course, climate change is going to cause a lot of problems like “more heat-related deaths,” “more flood-related deaths” and they’ve covered every base except ice.

An increase in mosquito-borne diseases...”

Alan: We heard that, oh, thirty years ago.

An increase in water-borne diseases; more food-borne diseases like gastroenteritis and hepatitis.”

Alan: Probably from the shots you get. Anyway, more food plants and less meat and dairy. So the whole thing is to put you back into the vegetarian society. Remember that I mentioned before in the Third Wave, the book that Newt Gingrich handed out to all the congressmen, by Alvin Toffler, another guy of the New World Order circle. They said, the world we’re bringing in is a vegetarian society.  That’s for the bottom. That’s all of us, all the carp, the carp type at the bottom. But they won’t be eating that at the top. So the vegetarian society, they said, and it must be so. It must be so. So they want to reduce emissions from livestock etc., so that we can eat all their GM food and get drugged, probably lose our serotonin on the way and be happy in our communes till we die at a very young age.

So they’ve covered every base and they get these handouts; they just stick them in the newspapers with the collusion of the newspaper owners, which are all Council on Foreign Relations boys, and away they go.

And Australia too, as I say, is utterly hammered, because they never had all these free-trade deals on the go. They were still on the British free-trade deal system, but the British one was intended to expand across the world, globally, like Milner and the boys said over a hundred years ago. And they’re losing jobs left, right and center.

Transpacific trade negotiations are on track.”

Alan: It says.

The latest round of negotiations in the ambitious nine-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement concluded in Melbourne this week, with members suggesting the deal was on track ahead of the year-end goal for completion. Australia’s chief negotiator Hamish McCormick refused to offer a date for its completion but said that the 11th round of talks brought substantial progress in the areas of regulatory adherence, the deepening of regional supply chains and the promotion of development.”

Alan: I mean God help them all there, because it’s a shock. They’re hitting them really hard and fast with this. It’s not being incrementally introduced. So they’re really into this stuff, as the agreements for the 21st century are all being signed right now, and of course, China is the big, big boy for that area. They’ve been given all the rights over the whole region. And eventually, one day there will be no Australia and no New Zealand and so on. That’s the way it’s supposed to go, according to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, who set out one of their groups, again a hundred years ago, because they’ve been working on the Far East to bring all this about. The Council on Pacific Relations was one of them. That belongs to the C.F.R. It’s one of their groups. So they’re right on track with this and they’ll just lose all their jobs like crazy, which they are doing, in fact, already. Micromanagement by the control freaks. That’s part of the Orwellian world we’re moving into. And it’s partly Orwellian and it’s partly Aldous Huxley because they’re introducing both at the same time: the big stick and the psychological persuasion to guide you into new ways of living and behaving. But they’re also going so far into this system that it gets ridiculous with the control freaks. You can’t turn without control freaks. Maybe the Chinese, with their lack of serotonin, wouldn’t mind it, but if you do have serotonin, you certainly do.

Town sets to use CSI-style tests on dog poop in bid to track down the owners.”

Alan: No kidding. This is a tiny village in Scotland.

...plans to start CSI-style tests on dog poo...”

Alan: Etc.

to track down owners...Locals in Castletown, Caithness, are kicking up a stink about increased dog fouling in the streets.”

Alan: Really? It’s probably one or two that are on the board that run their little place.

Now Highland Council plan to launch a pilot scheme where a DNA database of all dogs in the area is set up so offending owners can be easily traced. Council Robert Coghill wants to use London-based firm Green Paws, who have developed DNA technology which matches dog dirt to an individual animal and have carried out a successful scheme in Croatia.”

Alan: No kidding. They have no original ideas of their own. They’re bored stiff. But a lot of these characters came up from England you know, that run Scotland, for retirement or semi-retirement, or early retirement. Because they made it such a mess, as they were supposed to do, of destroying England. And so these civil servants, and ex-civil servants, move up to Scotland and end up running the country to drive it into the grave as well. They’re all over Scotland, and the Highlands too. Anyway, it says here, they,

...have developed DNA technology which matches dog dirt to an individual animal and...”

Alan: Apparently it was successful in Croatia. They must be even crazier than Scotland.

He said: ‘Not only is dog mess unslightly, smelly and nasty but it is a threat to health, especially children. Cattle and horses have passports and sheep are double tagged to help with traceability. DNA can do the same for dogs.”

Alan: Well you know this is all getting you acclimatized, just like the chip. It was first put in animals and dogs, especially dogs and it’s getting you acclimatized for your chip coming as well. Then when they find your poop somewhere, you know, because you can’t afford the water to flush it away, they’ll know where to come, right?

Now, part of the system, that Australia is finding too, and we’ll find a lot more of shortly, is to destroy the cultures of the societies which exist at the present. A lot of them have already gone. And I mentioned before than Tony Blair’s right-hand man (I read it on the air, from the mainstream) admitted that they were told to open the floodgate, mainly from India, for immigration, to destroy, they said, to destroy the British culture forever, in such a way that it could never ever re-form and get itself back to the old way at all. Total destroying of culture.

Secret EU deal forces Britain to take in 12,000 Indian workers despite soaring unemployment.”

Alan: It’s actually not an EU deal by the way. It’s a free-trade deal through the World Trade Organization. So they can’t even get that right, but they’re not supposed to; because you see, we’re global now. The United Nations run all that stuff. Remember, the free-trade deal means the free movement of goods and labor across all borders and continents. So anyway, they bring in 12,000 more Indian workers, who won’t go home and their families will all join them and that’s just the way it’s been for years. So it says,

Britain must take more Indian workers than any other nation and twice as many as France... must take 30% of the workers despite having only 12% of the population. Brussels has drawn up a secret diktat which could force Britain to admit 12,000 workers

Alan: Etc.

from India…The order is part of an EU-wide plan to boost trade with India.”

Alan: What, are they going to just trade people? {laughs}

EU officials say that, in return for opening up the jobs market, countries such as Britain will be helped to land lucrative export deals.”

Alan: So is it blackmail or what?

But, of 40,000 workers who will be allowed to live and work in Europe, Britain has been told it must take 12,000, according to leaked EU documents.”

This is far more than any other EU nation - and three times the number which will be permitted France. Even Germany, which has one of the world’s largest economies, will admit only 8,000 workers. The Indian migrants, who can live and work in Britain for six months, will be in addition to people given visas under Britain’s supposedly strict immigration cap.”

Alan: So once they get the visas, they never go home.

This is despite the EU not normally being allowed to meddle in Britain’s border controls.”

Alan: Now, who’s kidding who? When you signed... when you allowed yourselves to be taken over by the EU government, that was also set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (that was part of their agenda), you didn’t have a nation anymore. You’re not sovereign. You’re under this big monolithic Soviet structure, called the EU Parliament. And they are not democratic. They’ve never pretended to be democratic. They’re authoritarian for a post-democratic world. That’s what they said. That’s what they are. That’s what the Club of Rome said too. So you have no say in what’s happening in your country, or who’s coming in or you don’t even know the reasons why they are coming in; it’s to deculturalize everyone else.

Now, the power of the police is something else. An article came out to talk about how you’re put on blacklists for work. Blacklists for work. And this thing’s been going on for over, I think, twenty-odd years.

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫ }

Hi folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And you never think of the police being involved in really intelligence work in collusion with big organizations like MI5, but they do. It says,

Police are linked to a blacklist of construction workers.”

The police or security services supplied information to a blacklist funded by the country’s major construction firms that has kept thousands of people out of work over the past three decades.”

Alan: Thirty years, folk couldn’t get jobs if they were on the list.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has revealed that records that could only have come from the police or MI5 have been discovered in a vast database of files held on 3,200 victims who were deemed leftwing or troublesome.”

Alan: They’re talking about guys who were pushing unions.

The files were collected by the Consulting Association, a clandestine organisation funded by major names in the construction industry. Its database was seized nearly three years ago, but the extraordinary nature of the information held has only now emerged, following an employment tribunal for one of the victims, Dave Smith, a 46-year-old engineer who had a 36-page file against his name and was victimised repeatedly for highlighting safety hazards on sites, including the presence of asbestos. David Clancy, investigations manager at the ICO, told the central London tribunal adjudicating on Smith’s claims against construction giant Carillion that "there is information on the Consulting Association files that I believe could only be supplied by the police or the security services."

Alan: MI5, again.

Speaking to the Observer, Clancy added: ‘The information was so specific and it contained in effect operational information that wouldn’t have formed anything other than a police record.’ The scandal will be thrown open to further public exposure in the coming months as a class action by 100 victims against at least 39 companies is set to be pursued in the high court by Hugh Tomlinson QC, currently counsel for several of the phone-hacking claimants. The revelations will inevitably raise fresh questions about the probity of the police in a week in which its relationship with major news corporations, and News International in particular, has come under sharp focus. Last week the Leveson inquiry heard that the police were investigating a "network of corrupt officials" as part of their inquiries into phone hacking and police corruption.”

Alan: So we’re already in Big Brother’s world, you see, folks. And most of you, you’ve all, actually all of you have got files on you. All of you, have got files on you, in the so-called first world countries. And some of them are massive. There was one German guy, ended up he found 900 pages, that he was allowed to find, under the Freedom of Information Act. Some have got thousands on you. And that includes everyone. The ones who keep their heads down, think, “I’m good. I’m not worried about anything.” Yep, you’ve got big files as well. See everyone’s important. Everybody must be predictable in a tyrannical society. That’s the old, old adage: you must be predictable. They want to know where you are, what you’re doing at all times. Have you varied your pattern of behavior? If you have, why? They’ve got to find out immediately, you see. But here it comes: if you speak out against things that are killing people, like asbestos, for instance, you might never get a job for the rest of your life. And a lot of folk will commit suicide, because they never suspect this is being done on them. They think it must be themselves, they’re failures, and things just go wrong all the time when they apply for jobs. They’re just turned down and they have no idea why. That’s the real world you’re living in folks. The real world. Not the entertainment world—the stuff that you generally try and live in as entertainment in your head to pass your boring lives and your boring jobs. That’s what folk do. Or we hum music that others give us, because life is pretty boring for most.

Anyway, we’ve all got files and that’s your Brave New World.  Most folk don’t mind. They’ll put more and more info up there, willingly, for them to grab. And those folk are goners already. Mind you, they haven’t got any serotonin left, probably. That’s probably the reason.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.

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