March 14th, 2012 (#1043)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 14th, 2012:

Huckster Huxley:
Those who Design and Update Culture Creation
Are Assured of Your Unwitting Participation:

"Julian Huxley said How Far They'd Go,
He was First CEO of UNESCO,
Standardize Universally All Education,
To Ensure Authorized Sets of Indoctrination,
For a Time He was Head of Eugenics Society,
A Collector of Awards with Practiced Piety,
Champion of Rights, Forced Sterilization,
Which UNESCO Plied Nation to Nation,
Friend of Sanger who Called Children Weeds,
He Called Upon All Media to Sow Seeds
Including Entertainment, Into Minds of Minions
So All Lower Classes would have Same Opinions,
And the Beauty of This, So it would Go,
Was that None of the Minions would Ever Know"
© Alan Watt March 14th, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė March 14th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 14th of March, 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the free audios for download at, and youíll get a wealth of information that hopefully will change the way you think about reality in general, and your own conditioning particularly, because weíve all had the same brainwashing from birth into an artificial system run by experts at the top, that have really covered all the bases.  And our cultures, the changes in our cultures are all really deemed necessary to control us all and bring us all together, at the same time into this global World Order system, basically.  And itís been like that for an awful long time.  At the top you had the big bankers and eugenicists, of course. They were all eugenicists in the top banking positions.  These are the international lenders themselves.  And they formed their own clubs at the beginning of the 20th century, actually the late 19th century, and came up with the whole idea that since they were already grabbing resources across the world using other countriesí militaries to invade, just like today, then they should carry on doing so and eventually own all the worldís resources.  And they would put into a fake account, you might say, an account that would pretend, theyíd hold for the world.  And they would become the ones that would dispense even food itself to the world down the road and all minerals and things that you buy.  So, basically, itís a world order, run on economics in a sense, with a eugenic program on it too.  And they even have departments on the fate of man, the future of man, and they go through how obsolete humans became, because of the machinery and the mechanization of really the industrial age, and how it put so many out of work.  And before that, of course, you had artisans getting put out of work too when the machines came in.  So, these guys literally worked down through the ages, always planning the future, to ensure that themselves and their own offspring are still in charge of the future to come. 


And the system that they want is a perfected world.  Almost a post-lower class human type society, definitely.  And those who come through will be the ones who are necessary for the New Age, as they like to call it.  Intellectuals, people who are really scientifically orientated.  And thatís really it in a nutshell. You can read their books.  Iíve mentioned lots of them in those talks I give, at, of the big players who took part in it, and how they shaped the cultures of the world, and they altered them generationally; every generation had its own culture updated for things to come. 


So, when youíre reading that too, remember, you bring me to you, every night, five nights a week, at least, and you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at because I donít sell anything else.  I donít flog anything thatís going to keep you alive forever.  And I donít have shares in any businesses, that sell various products and so on.  So, I depend upon you, and you can buy the books and discs, if you go into  From the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or international postal money order, or you can send cash, or use PayPal.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again. 


And I chronicle the events, and take it back into the past to show you that whatís happening today was planned sometimes fifty, sometimes eighty years ago, sometimes a hundred.  And by documentation as well, by the ones, many who are long dead, who gave us the present culture youíre living through right now.  The ones who predicted this very stage, and how society would be with single parent families and that kind of stuff too.  Many of them died off in the í40s and í50s, of the last century.  But they knew what they were bringing in, and here we are, folks.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíve gone over many times, this big agenda.  This agenda of a utopia for the elite themselves, of course, and the technocrats theyíll use to run the future, not too far from now, in fact, because they want a big, big cull.  And theyíve talked about this openly.  Iíll touch on some of the Big Boys who did talk about it openly, tonight, if I have time.  And they were talking about this in the 1920s onwards, how theyíd have to vastly reduce the populations, and in their inner circles.  They always give stuff for their outer circles to print in public.  But in the inner circles they go much, much further and deeper, talking about, and they get the professors in to talk about the different ages that have come and gone, from Stone Ages to Bronze Ages, and Iron Ages, and things like that, right down to the Industrial Era, which, as I say did away with so many craftsmen and artisans, and put them all out of work forever, basically.  And then you go post industrial, and then, all that lot that worked at factories are out of work as well, because youíve got new human capital they call it, in China. 


So, theyíre always wondering what to do with the rest of us, you see, who are technically, in their terms, obsolete, because they run on secular humanism, and what they call being very pragmatic about the purpose of humanity.  Because, for them, you see, thereís always a purpose for humanity.  And we donít just exist for the sake of living.  No, no.  We have a purpose, you see.  And the ones at the top believe that they were the ones who were chosen to lead the purpose.  And they use Darwinism as a flag almost for their cause.  And they run UNESCO and a whole bunch of organizations at the United Nations.  They work closely with and are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, always have been, for generations, and theyíre still going at it.  But one way was to bring down the population. 


Now, theyíve been very successful with creating infertility in men.  And Iíve done many articles about that from their own websites, their own newspapers and journals, to do with the fact, such as The Disappearing Male, that was done on CBC television.  And they show you that the male today has very little active sperm, functioning sperm, compared to the 1950s model.  And what they do have as active is often very deformed, with two tails and things like that.  Canít even find its target.  So, this did not happen by coincidence. Because, back in the 20s they talked about using food and even drugs to basically cause infertility and bring down the populations.  You cannot have such coincidences happening when they mandate it at the top, and at least speculate on it at world meetings, and then it actually comes into fruition.  So, itís been done, because people would not volunteer for such things, obviously. 


When we go into other methods too, of making you dumb and compliant, because that is the function of the average citizen at the bottom, is to be dumb and compliant.  Iíll touch on that tonight too.  Hereís an article here.  And itís to do with something that happened in 2004 in Cornwall, in England.  And another one happened only a couple of years ago.  I remember reading about it too, very, very similar in England.  It says here:


A coroner has criticised a water authority for "gambling" with the lives of 20,000 people by not telling them for more than a fortnight


(Alan: Two weeks.)


about Britain's worst mass poisoning.


(A: By your water company.)


West Somerset Coroner Michael Rose criticised the South West Water Authority as he gave his verdict on the death of Carole Cross.


Mrs Cross, 59, died in 2004 from a rare disorder usually associated with much older people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


(A: Now, Alzheimerís was unknown, at one point.  You had various pre-senile dementias, as they like to call them.  And they were not that common either.  And from about the 1960s, late 60s onwards, they kind of sped up and became very common, because something obviously happened to them.  Nothing happens on a mass scale at the same time, without a cause.  And the cause is either inoculations, food or something.  Something has got into the body.  Simple detective work, you see.  Anyway, it says:)


She had been living in the Camelford area of north Cornwall in July 1988 when the poisoning occurred.


She was one of 20,000 customers affected when a relief lorry (A: truck) driver mistakenly added 20,000 tonnes


(A: 20,000 tonnes)


of aluminium sulphate to the drinking water at the Lowermoor treatment works.


The coroner recorded a lengthy narrative verdict in which he said there was a "very real possibility" that the ingestion of aluminium by Mrs Cross had contributed to her death.


(A: Well, they always find it in the brains of Alzheimerís patients.  High quantities of aluminium.  Thatís what they call it in Britain.)


The inquest, which first began in November 2010, heard that a post-mortem examination later found high levels of aluminium in Mrs Cross's brain.


The inquest was told that, for more than two weeks, South West Water Authority, which ran the treatment works, did not tell the public the cause of the poisoning and insisted the water was safe to drink.


(A: These are the guys that are looking after you.  And oh, who are you going to save?  Themselves or you?  So, they just lie, you see.)


Many people reported rashes, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers and other health problems after drinking the water or bathing in it. The water became so polluted in the first few hours that customers reported hairs sticking to their body like superglue as they got out of the bath.


Customers flooded the switchboard of the water authority but were told it was safe and it has been claimed some were even advised to boil the water, which increased the levels of aluminium still further.


Mrs Cross, who lived on the outskirts of the town and later moved to Dulverton in Somerset, died in Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital. She suffered from a rare neurological disease - cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Her husband, Dr Doug Cross, believes her exposure to high levels of aluminium during the incident caused her death 16 years later. Dr Cross, who now lives in Cumbria, did not attend the hearing in Taunton, Somerset.


Anyway, this is the stuff thatís dumped in your water in lesser doses, you see. And of course, we all know about these different things with fluoride and aluminum and all the rest of it that they dump in there.  These are poisonings.  Theyíre medicating the water.  You see, your drinking water should not need medication.  And thatís the first point.  When do the authorities have the right to medicate you?  And you have to go into all of the effects of the Ďmedicationí as they want to call it, because itís been used for nearly a hundred years for dumbing people down.  Thatís really what the stuff does to you.  It makes you very compliant.  And thatís what they want at the top.  So thatís what happens when they put a bit too much in at one time.  But itís not the first time trucks have arrived in the middle of the night and no one is there to tell them which dock to dump it in, and they dump it in the wrong one.  This isnít the first time this has happened.  And Iím sure thereís been other instances where they havenít told the public at all or just kept lying, you know. 


Now, getting back to eugenics, this is all part of eugenics too, by the way, and population control, and creating a public that are very obedient.  And this article was a Report to the Club of Rome in 1976.  And itís called:


Rio: Reshaping the International Order


Public opinion is no phenomenon sui generic. It is in part the result of government policies and by definition


(A: So, for the hard of thinking, Iíll just repeat that, because you have to catch this off the bat.  Public opinion is no phenomenon that just happens by itself, right?)


It is in part the result of government policies and by definition politicians cannot hide behind their own creation. If some sectors of public opinion in the industrialized countries are immersed in the rhetoric and slogans associated with misunderstanding, then much of this may be inherited from their political leaders. And if these leaders are in part responsible for a situation which impedes acceptance of the need for change, then they themselves must be held responsible for changing this situation.


And as I say, that was Reshaping the International Order: A Report to the Club of Rome, 1976, admitting that theyíre in charge of giving you your ideas and your thoughts and opinions.  And at that time, they were saying theyíd have to do a better job, because some folk still had their own opinions.  And they couldnít have that, you see.  Couldnít have that.  And as I say, then you go into the various characters who were involved in UNESCO.  Now, UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was set up and Julian Huxley Ė Aldous is his brother Ė was the first CEO.  And Julian Huxley, remember the Huxleys, the grandfather was Sir Thomas Huxley who was called Darwinís bulldog.  He was the best pal of Darwin and took up this whole championing of not just evolution but eugenics.  That was what it was all about.  Forget evolution.  It was all about eugenics.  Evolution was the excuse, you see. 


And Julian wrote lots of articles and books about the need to interfere with eugenics, because there were too many unfit around the world.  He belonged to the Eugenics Associations in the US and Britain, and talked and wrote lots about bringing down the population.  He was also into zoology, because he used animals, and then said man is just another animal; study animals and weíll find ways to really manipulate the humans.  He was also a champion for using UNESCO, and its other organizations within the United Nations to bring down the population of the planet, under the guise of womenís health, as they called it, which was abortion across the world.  Not because to help women free themselves, which was the slogans they all used, but to drastically reduce the population of what he said were the unfit and the primitive.  Thatís why.  Forget all these slogans that the feminists were all paid to yell and scream.  The fact is, this was part of an agenda.  And youíll see here too, this part here.


Taking the techniques of persuasion and information and true propaganda that we have learnt to apply nationally in war, and deliberately bending them to the international tasks of peace, if necessary utilising them, as Lenin envisaged, to ďovercome the resistance of millionsĒ to desirable change.


(A: Now, the ones at the top decide whatís desirable change.)


Using drama


(A: Thatís your movies.)


to reveal reality and art as the method by which, in Sir Stephen Tallentís words, ďtruth becomes impressive and a living principle of actionĒ....


Back with more of this article, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading a quote, a paragraph from UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy.  And, as I say, you find that Huxley was the one behind this.  He said this and wrote it.  He said.


Taking the techniques of persuasion and information and true propaganda


(A: Thatís real mind-bending stuff.)


that we have learnt to apply nationally in war,


(A: Remember the first casualty of war is the truth.)


and deliberately bending them to the international tasks of peace, if necessary utilising them, as Lenin envisaged, to ďovercome the resistance of millionsĒ to desirable change.


Using drama to reveal reality and art as the method by which, in Sir Stephen Tallentís words, ďtruth becomes impressive and a living principle of action,Ē and aiming to produce that concerted effort which, to quote Grierson once more, needs a background of faith and a sense of destiny. This must be a mass philosophy, a mass creed, and it can never be achieved without the use of the media of mass communication. Unesco, in the press of its detailed work, must never forget this enormous fact.


So, in other words, using massive propaganda, staged to bend the mind and to get everyone else, the victims of the eugenical program, to go along with everything.  Consent, in other words.  And he called it evolutionary humanism.  And he was in with Charles Galton Darwin and others.  Now Charles Galton Darwin, of course was also the head of the Eugenics Society, and then it was taken over again by Huxley.  They sort of swapped chairs all the time.  But, from The Next Million Years, which is a book written by Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s, and he was a physicist, an actual scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project.  And he still held dearly to Darwinís initial push of eugenics basically.  Thatís what the whole thing about was to do with Darwin.  It was eugenics.  Not just the evolution of man, but eugenics itself.  From The Next Million Years, it says:


The detailed march of history will depend a great deal on the creeds held by the various branches of the human race. It cannot be presumed with any confidence that purely superstitious creeds will always be rejected by civilized communities, in view of the extraordinary credulity shown even now by many reputedly educated people. It is true that there may not be many at the present time, whose actions are guided by an inspection of the entrails of a sacrificial bull, but the progress has not been very great, for there are still many believers in palmistry and astrology. It is to be expected then that in the future, as in the past, there will be superstitions which will notably affect the course of history, and some of them, such as ancestor-worship, will have direct effects on the development of the human species. But superstitious creeds will hardly be held by the highly intelligent, and it is precisely the creed of these that matters. Is it possible that there should arise a eugenic creed, which - perhaps working through what I have called the method of unconscious selection - should concern itself with the improvement of the inherent nature of man, instead of resting content with merely giving him good but impermanent acquired characters? Without such a creed man's nature will only be changed through the blind operation of natural selection; with it he might aspire to do something towards really changing his destiny.


So, theyíre talking about the creed at the top, the ones who are basically humanists, secular humanism, and who are pragmatic.  These are the guys who gave you, and are teaching all your children, situational ethics at school and moral relativity.  You know, five in a boat, you have no food, the one who is sick, should you kill him and eat him.  That kind of stuff.  These are the guys who are ruling the world.  These are the guys who work with the military, before the battles.  They plan long-term strategies, war after war, and bring it down to collateral damage, and how many should they expect to lose, etc, etc.  So, theyíre cold-hearted psychopathic types.  And they do interbreed, and definitely psychopathy can also be hereditary.  Thereís no doubt about it.  So, Iíll put up tonight links to UNESCO: Its Purpose and its Philosophy, by Julian Huxley, the first director general of UNESCO.  And it was published Washington DC, public affairs press in 1947. 


And itís quite interesting going through it all.  Thereís a lot, a lot in it, because he talks about the need to bring down the population of the world through different means, and how education would be used as a function of a world society.  So, a world education must be standardized, across the whole planet, for everyone.  So youíd all grow up in the same conditioned reality and accept whatever they had planned for you.  And he says:


The fact has also been emphasized by the development of intelligence testing,


(A: That was done by Galton, who faked his results, by the way, because he wanted to prove that the working class were vastly inferior to the upper class, so he fudged all his statistics.  Theyíre still using the same test today in schools.  It says here.)


The fact has also been emphasized by the development of intelligence testing, some authorities in this field going so far as to assert that only 10-20% of the population are capable of profiting by a university course.


...peace must therefore be founded, if it is not to fail, upon the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind.


In the forefront is set UNESCOís collaboration in ďthe work of advancing the mutual knowledge and understanding of peoples, through all means of mass communicationĒ....


Again, mass communication.  As I say, when you get down to it, he also talks about population control.  He had population control on his brain.  And remember, he belonged to the eugenics society.  He was all for the sterilizing of the unfit, as he called them.  You got to understand these are the characters who gave Hitler his ideas.  They were on the go long before Hitler, through their various organizations.  In fact, Hitler simply copied the eugenics program that theyíd set up in mainly the US.  Really something else.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article by Julian Huxley for UNESCO, about the purpose of UNESCO, this wonderful United Nations Organization.  And he says:


There are thus two tasks for the Mass Media division of Unesco,


(A: Iíve mentioned before, they just hand out handouts to all the media now, and theyíre suddenly published, and that becomes just another article that you think is written by some independent journalist.  No, thereís a handout.  Most of the stuff thatís in general media now are simply handouts, except the trivia.  It says:)


The special one is to enlist the press and the radio and the cinema


(A: Now itís television too.)


to the fullest extent in the service of formal and adult education,


(A: By that they mean continuous education, lifelong for updates on your political correctness as they bring new things into view.)


of science and learning, of art and culture. The general one is to see that these agencies are used both to contribute to mutual comprehension between different nations and cultures, and also to promote the growth of a common outlook shared by all nations and cultures.


(A: And the conclusion he says, the task before UNESCO:)


That task is to help the emergence of a single world culture, with its own philosophy and background of ideas, and with its own broad purpose. This is opportune, since this is the first time in history that the scaffolding and the mechanisms for world unification have become available, and also the first time that man has had the means (in the shape of scientific discovery and its applications) of laying a world-wide foundation for the minimum physical welfare of the entire human species. And it is necessary, for at the moment two opposing philosophies of life


(A: Do you understand what heís really saying here for those who are thinking?  Minimal physical welfare goes under the Department of Health, the World Health Organization at the United Nations.  Thatís what the world is to be reduced down to with Obama-Care, the British Health system, the same thing.  Provide for the minimum physical welfare.  Thatís also food, by the way, of the entire human species.  Thatís what theyíre guaranteeing you.  Minimum.)  


And it is necessary, for at the moment two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East,


(A: That was Capitalism and Communism.)


it is necessary, for at the moment two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East,


(A: Thatís the dialectic, you see.  And thatís why you had the long Cold War.  And thatís why you had the Reece Commission come out with its conclusions that the big foundations that apparently were founding what seemed to be Communist movements within America and Britain and elsewhere, these foundations, some of the CEOs actually admitted it, and it was read out in Congress, the Ford Foundation CEO said, yes, our job is to bring in the culture of the Soviets and blend it so well with that of the West that theyíll become one in the end.  Until youíll be ruled by a fascist group on the top, the bunch at UNESCO and so on, and the United Nations, but weíll all live in a form of collectivism at the bottom, getting minimal food, minimal healthcare, etc, etc.  And he says it was necessary, ďit is necessary, for at the moment two opposing philosophies of life confront each otherĒ.  That was the dialectic process.  Thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.  So, he says:)


You may categorise the two philosophies as two supernationalisms; or as individualism versus collectivism ; or as the American versus the Russian way of life ; or as capitalism versus communism ; or as Christianity versus Marxism ; or in half a dozen other ways. The fact of their opposition remains and the further fact that round each of them are crystallising the lives and thoughts and political aspirations of hundreds of millions of human beings. Can this conflict be avoided, these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis ? I believe not only that this can happen, but that, through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen. . . .


(A: And thatís what your whole Cold War was all about.)


In pursuing this aim we must eschew dogmaówhether it be theological dogma or Marxist dogma or philosophical or any other form of dogma : East and West will not agree on a basis for the future if they merely hurl at each other the fixed ideas of the past. For that is what dogmas areóthe crystallisations of some dominant system of thought of a particular epoch. A dogma may, of course, crystallise tried and valid experience : but if it be dogma, it does so in a way which is rigid, uncompromising and intolerant. . . . If we are to achieve progress, we must learn to uncrystallise our dogmas.


Be very flexible, etc.  Iíll put this link up tonight, as I say.  And itís really interesting to go back into the history of the organizations that are still in existence today and still working towards the same future, and how theyíve managed to bring in their mass sterilization across Third World Countries under the guise of womenís rights, you know, and all that stuff, and abortions too.  Because they are the most racist, not just creed racist, but theyíre racist to the extent of classes, believe you me.  Itís a class thing with them.  And theyíre working very well on it.  As I say, most of the young guys now have a fraction of the sperm that guys had in the 1950s.  And what they do have is utterly dysfunctional and deformed.  Deformed.  That didnít happen by itself, folks.  And itís across the world now. 


This article here, Iíll put up too.  Itís from John Taylor Gatto:


The Public School Nightmare:  Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?


(A: And he says:)


I want you to consider the frightening possibility that we are spending far too much money on schooling, not too little. I want you to consider that we have too many people employed in interfering with the way children grow up


(A: Isnít that a fact, all these government agencies.)


ó and that all this money and all these people, all the time we take out of children's lives and away from their homes and families and neighborhoods and private explorations ó gets in the way of education.


That seems radical, I know. Surely in modern technological society it is the quantity of schooling and the amount of money you spend on it that buys value. And yet last year in St. Louis, I heard a vice-president of IBM tell an audience of people assembled to redesign the process of teacher certification that in his opinion this country became computer-literate by self-teaching, not through any action of schools. He said 45 million people were comfortable with computers who had learned through dozens of non-systematic strategies, none of them very formal; if schools had pre-empted the right to teach computer use we would be in a horrible mess right now instead of leading the world in this literacy.


(A: So, then he compares it with Sweden and so on, where they donít go to school until theyíre seven years of age, and they leave earlier than the ones in the West, and so on, and so on.  Iíll put this article up.  He shows you the techniques of how your mind is swayed to look upon Japan and countries like that, where they put in way more time at school, even per day, never mind years.  And he says, why are they doing this?  Why not point to Sweden and say, well, look, Sweden has got less time at school, and you donít start until youíre seven and you leave one year earlier.  Itís because they want you to be tied up in school forever, thatís why.  And he explains why that works and the whole purpose behind it.  And he also explains a lot of the history that it came from.  And how:) 1806 when Napoleon's amateur soldiers beat the professional soldiers of Prussia at the battle of Jena. When your business is selling soldiers, losing a battle like that is serious. Almost immediately afterwards a German philosopher named Fichte


(A: Fichte, by the way, literally was one hell of a demon, and thereís a lot of them that really stuck to his particular schooling today.  Anyway:)


delivered his famous "Address to the German Nation" which became one of the most influential documents in modern history. In effect he told the Prussian people that the party was over, that the nation would have to shape up through a new Utopian institution of forced schooling in which everyone would learn to take orders.


So the world got compulsion schooling at the end of a state bayonet for the first time in human history; modern forced schooling started in Prussia in 1819 with a clear vision of what centralized schools could deliver:


(A: And should deliver.)


Obedient soldiers to the army; Obedient workers to the mines; Well subordinated civil servants to government; Well subordinated clerks to industry; Citizens who thought alike about major issues.


(A: Because theyíre all getting the same information from the same sources, their betters, the elite, you see.)


Schools should create an artificial national consensus on matters that had been worked out in advance by leading German families and the head of institutions. Schools should create unity among all the German states, eventually unifying them into Greater Prussia.


Itís so easy to get a child and brainwash them, isnít it?  Itís so darned easy.  And thatís been known forever.  And this article here is about home schooling too. Thereís a lot of folk, all across the world now, really into home schooling.  And some of them in Sweden, for instance, are getting hammered, because Sweden is such a Socialistic state.  And of course, if you just talk loudly to a child thatís been disobedient, that could mean the child can get lifted from your home.  No kidding.  It says:


(First talk by Neil Taylor at the European Home Education Conference 2011)


The people never give up their liberty but under some delusion.Ē

[Edmund Burke 1784]


(A: Thatís how they started off the conference.)


It is the nature and intent of that delusion which I want to explore in this talk in the hope of better enabling us to know what it might be worthwhile to attempt to do to improve conditions for us as home educators, and what might be hopeless action or worse. Please bear with me if what follows does not at first seem to have much to do with home education. I promise I will try to justify its inclusion.


The state is the principle manufactory of mass delusion, and almost everything it does has this quality of appearing to be one thing, but really being another,


(A: And isnít that the truth?)


usually opposite thing. Parliaments are really now reduced to little more than pantomimes, staged to entertain us with the illusion of sovereign government we voted for, as it simply dresses up and puts into place the directives of global governance to which it is signed up and legally committed to.


(A: And thatís true.  Theyíve all signed on to that, in 1946, at the United Nations meeting in San Francisco.)


Much of what passes for national policy can be found in the EC Lisbon 10 year strategies


(A: The Lisbon Treaty, for the Economic Union. And youíll find the 10-year strategies:)


(1) and in the UN Agenda21 (2) for example, but these are not the only sources. There is a vast bewildering world of more institutions than it is possible to imagine let alone remember out there, all dedicated to expertly determining for us how we shall all live, and what we will think and believe and even feel about it all. Web surf through this morass sometime if you have never done so, and you will begin to understand your intended place in the totally managed world.


Only the other day I stumbled across the International Union of Local Authorities (3)


(A: Did you know there was an International Union of Local Authorities, folks?  Did you?  Do you know how old it is?  98 years itís been on the go.)


which has been going for 98 years Ė pause to take in the possibility of anachronism here! If you have ever wondered how local government in one country can manage to oppress home educators in seemingly identical ways with identical prejudices and modus operandi, then here is a contender for one efficient mechanism for globalising bad practice! Amusingly in attempting to re-source this organisation I fell over another couple in the same field before finding my way back to this one. One of them cheerfully informed me that half the legislation affecting local government came from the EC.


(A: 98 years.  Can you believe that?  Of course, they have the international association of mayors and on and on it goes.)


So, even the institutions of local and national government itself as we are taught to understand them are mostly a delusion. The real power and planning happens elsewhere behind the scenes, and national government is reduced now to puppet status the world over.


(A: And that really is true, because theyíve outsourced most of the departments to these big foundations and organizations.)


ďVery few major events of the past have occurred in the absence of conspiracies.


(A: That was what G. Edward Griffin pointed out.  And he says:)


To think that our modern age must be an exception is not rational.Ē  If we donít know this, then perhaps our own educations in history have been somewhat lacking?


The use of this term as ridicule of critics of the state is understandable as a good example of how what pass for our own thoughts are handed to us by the state.


(A: Well, isnít that what Julian Huxley was saying in that previous article?)


ďDeception is a state of mind, and the mind of the stateĒ (7) wrote James Angleton, Head of Counterintelligence at the CIA from 1954 to 1974 who was in a position to know I think. It is an indefensible and demonstrable nonsense to apply the term Ďconspiracy theoryí to what can be so easily demonstrated to be the case from the very architects themselves. Aldous Huxley knew what he was writing about in Brave New World, because his whole family were world controller class and intelligentsia. His Director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre explains: ďat last the childís mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the childís mind. And not the childís mind only. The adultís mind tooĖall his life long.


(A: Thatís lifelong education and indoctrination)


The mind that judges and desires and decides Ė made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestionsÖ Suggestions from the State.Ē


Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxleyís older brother was the first director of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. He wrote its mission statement in 1946 in which he said ďin its educational programme it can stress the ultimate need for world political unity and familiarise all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organisation.Ē


It is not possible to reconcile this statement with fighting for king and country which was therefore a con, these being slated for obsolescence even as the war was being fought, and indeed long before that. The UN and its various agencies, through its 1,298 treaties


(A: That youíve all signed.  All your governments have signed.  1,298 treaties.)


that national governments are signed up to implementing in domestic law, is, the global governance, and its founding documents, as above, and other sources reveal that this was always its mission. A not dissimilar ambition to Hitlerís just defeated unification mission also, but such unification was never going to come about through military conquest. War did provide the excuse for implementing much the same agenda through peaceful means, and how we have come to understand the mission of the UN as world peacekeeper and thus feel such affiliation gratitude and reverence for it. It is not too cynical unfortunately to see the two World Wars of the twentieth century as the manufacture of a problem, justifying the solution (the UN), which turns out not to be what it seems at all, but merely similar world conquest ambition in disguise.


(A: And thatís what it is.  Thatís what the United Nations is, for world conquest.)


Indeed the League of Nations formed after WW1 was the prototype of the UN and its ĎInternational Commission on Intellectual Cooperationí which doesnít sound any less totalitarian in its implications was simply rebranded as UNESCO. WW2 therefore served to further advance a pre-existent covert agenda. It was as necessary for the success of the UN and its one world government agenda as 9/11 was necessary for the Patriot Act and the rest of the destruction of civil liberties in America and across the globe since then.


And this one goes on and on, quite a bit too.  But localism, and all these things as well, is just the next part of it.  Itís called Communitarianism.  Thatís the collectivist part that Julian Huxley talked about, but itís run by a super-elite. 


Iíll also put up tonight as well at, this first report out of todayís meeting from the big organizations that run the world, they had at Washington DC today and tomorrow. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to a caller, as I say, the Councils of Councils is having their first World Meeting in Washington DC.  Itís run by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and basically, itís all their other organizations across the world, the ones who advise all the different governments as to what to do.  So, theyíre having their big meeting right now.  Iíll put up the first report from their speeches today.  And some of the attendees that were at it, all the big players, of course, and you can make from that what you will.  Theyíre pretty blatant if you get their drift of where theyíre going, about what theyíre going to do and so on.


Now, Iíll take Steve from Oregon, if heís there.


Steve: Yes, Iím here, Alan.  Just real quick.  Iíll be brief and articulate.  Number one is I appreciate you, and Iím bored of everybody.  I donít think Iíll get bored of you.  Thatís that point.  Okay.  And the other one is, first I want to talk about one thing that I learned is the Queenship.  I never knew about this.  Something brought it to my attention.  And I started looking into it, and thereís like five levels of all this Queenship that she does.  And I just wanted to give one point, but I have another one Iíd rather talk about.  Then I look at they gave the Queenship to the Beatles.  Paul McCartney kept his, and so he meets with Bush and Obama.  John Lennon gave his back, and heís dead.  So first, I wanted to say that. 


Alan: Well, actually, Paul McCartney also bought his knightship.† At that time Tony Blair was in and for 40-grand donated to the Labour Party heíd put you forward to get a knightship.


Steve: Right.  So let me go on to the next one, then Iíll let you go, because I want to talk about LSD.  Now, Iím 54 years old.  Iím doing good.  My kids are 22 and 24, doing great.  Weíre not on school loans.  All this stuff that you talk about, we all know.  My wife, everything.  And Iíve got property, goats, chickens, whatever.  So, Iím fine, I suppose.  I understand all youíre talking about.  But when I was in my 20s, I did LSD.  And I did it a lot.  But what I did, I didnít want to watch walls melt, like my friends did.  Iím going, this is stupid, you know.  I want to be in control of my life.  And, so, what I did is was what was raw back then.  You know, I would cut it into, you know quarters, 50 cents a day is what it cost me.  I did it almost every day, you know.  And Iím telling you, I really liked it.  But once he, the person that was selling it to me got caught, luckily he only got probation, but I just quit, you know.  I just quit.  I didnít have withdrawals.  I had nothing.  And one of the things that came to my mind when I quit is that you donít need LSD.  You can do this on your own.  You can do it by looking at the trees.  You can do it by this and you can do it by that.  But itís hard, because theyíre pulling us so hard.  So, I just wanted to, and I think Iím done, and Iíll let you talk now.


Alan: Itís interesting too, that McCartney and the Beatles did LSD, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  Thatís also how you get a knighthood too, was by promoting the drugs.  But I do know that the early stuff that came out, LSD, was really, really potent stuff.  And I can remember girls at rock concerts walking into a lake at one point and drowning themselves.  And friends of mine, who actually walked out a second story window, and crawled along a telegraph wire, and then reached for a star and fell down two floors onto some concrete.  So, that was very common as well.  And different folk it would effect in different ways as well.  Some really bad trips. Some people would take one dose of it and end up with drug-induced schizophrenia.  They kept getting flashbacks and seeing monsters for years later.  Just one dose.  It just depends upon yourself, you see.  But itís not something I would certainly advise.  But it was promoted from the top, the top down, as I say, even through the music, big time, by the BBC.  All the old Etonians pushed this stuff on the population.  So, it certainly had an effect.  Thanks for calling.  And from John in Canada, Ronnie in Oregon, maybe you can call tomorrow.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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