March 16th, 2012 (#1045)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 16th, 2012:

How to Rule, Present a Fool:

"It's Odd that People Jump On a Theory
Without Empirical Evidence, It's Only a Query,
Men of Letters Back Someone's Guess,
Changing the Way We Think More or Less,
Freud, for Example, was Elevated a Saint
By Those Obsessed with Sex, How Quaint,
Marx Prattled On About Dialectic Material,
Lenin Slaughtered Religious, Thoughts Ethereal,
A Theory's Made Fact by Numbers that Follow,
The Ready-to-Program, Skulls All Hollow,
World's Masters Keep Tossing Out Guesses,
Leading Us All into Enumerable Messes,
Common Sense is a City, Before the Sacking,
We're Guided by Theorists with Financial Backing"
© Alan Watt March 16th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 16th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of March 2012.  I always suggest for newcomers to the show to go into the archives section at  And you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download, where hopefully you’ll start to understand the system you’ve been born into, and how vastly different it is from the way you’ve been conditioned to perceive it.  And how you first learn from your parents, who have been conditioned before, and then once you go into school, you’re given another indoctrination, which prepares your mind for accepting propaganda in the future.  Again, scientifically driven, and it works too, very, very well.  It’s worked for a long time.  And they’re getting even better at it all the time with indoctrination techniques.  So, help yourself.  You’ll find out the big organizations that run the world, always have run the world, for over a hundred years, and how the rich men came together with their various cabals and formed societies, with fronting foundations which they could funnel all their tax money into, and then fund hundreds of NGOs, nongovernmental organizations to protest governments, and to lobby governments.  They have their full-time lobbyists, these NGOs.  They’re not little tin can collection agencies.  They’re given tremendous money, massive money, and some of the CEOs of the nonprofit groups earn over a million dollars or more per year, quite easily.  So, we live in a fantasy. A fantasy designed by the masters.  They call themselves the masters, who are in the know, the real know, the real understanding of what the world is all about, and they’re given a completely different education, and they know how to manipulate it.  And they want to make sure that it goes on for another hundred years, with their offspring in charge, as they have done already for the past.  So, help yourself to that. 


Remember too, you are the people who bring me to you.  So, you can support me by buying the books and discs at  Because I don’t bring on advertisers.  And I don’t have shares in any companies or whatever that sell any products.  So, from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check.  You can send cash.  Some people use PayPal.  And there’s also an international postal money order from the US too, to Canada, which is valid.  Across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.  And donations are really welcome.  Really, really welcome. 


Where we’re going with the world is into the realms of science fiction.  Science fiction really was simply the way it was given to us, it’s called predictive programming actually.  Anything you enjoy in sci-fi, whether you’re reading a book or watching the movie, is implanting ideas of possibilities, which are more than possibilities because it gets you used to the idea of something really different happening in the future.  So, when it comes along, you accept it.  It’s familiar to you.  And then you think, “well, I guess it must have happened that way.  It had no choice but to be that way.”  Nothing is further from the truth, because almost all science fiction writers belong to the futurist societies.  And remember, the first ones were set up by Rothschild in England, and again Rockefeller and others in America to bring on board young novelists, who would then sit in on scientific meetings and also the agenda’s meetings, and write their agenda into the story to familiarize us with where they would take us.  And that’s how simply it works.  It works very well indeed.


So, we live in a time, as I say, where we’re going through these massive changes.  This is the Century of Change that those in the big academies talked about for the last 50 years.  This is the century for it, the 21st Century, and we see all the changing occur.  We’re living through it, like a roller coaster now, as they go over complete control of the earth, everything in it, including you.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  We get so used to the changes that we adapt very quickly.  And of course, the Big Boys that planned all of this talked about our ability to adapt to anything that our masters give us basically, written by the masters themselves.  And how very few people in the public, 80% they said, this was Charles Galton Darwin, 80% are sheep basically, he said.  And they will simply follow any leader that comes along or bosses them around.  They are quite content with their situation.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a new situation, they’ll adapt into it quickly, because everyone else is adapting in at the same time.  And that’s really how they view the world.  “I’m good.  I obey all the rules.”  And they‘re told to update themselves into a new bunch of rules and they do so.  So, these people really are out of the picture. 


And then there’s 20%, he went on to say, that were the troublemakers, the goats, the ones who tended to criticize, just because the rest went along with something, they’d tend to criticize them.  So, there’s a part of truth in both of that, for sure.  There’s also a part to do with the goat’s on the mountain.  They’re above it all.  They’re looking down at it all, and they can see the herds beneath them, and they know the real picture, because it’s the only proper view you can have, is from the top down. 


So many things are changing so quickly, and we accept them.  We accept authority, obedience to authority.  I’ve mentioned the book so many times, but it’s a must-read, and it’s written again by the guys who did the different testing in universities in the US to do with the pain threshold: Would you obey authority if you were told to shock a person to death?  Same guys who did that.  And of course, they knew all that long before he did his book, because he had the whole of the era of Lenin and then Stalin to study as well. He had all that data.  So, he knew darn well that it wasn’t a post-World War II phenomena, or even during World War II.  Long before that the Russians had tested all of this stuff out; will you kill your friend?  And they did it for real.  And people tend to do whatever they’re told by an authority figure, as long as the authority figure says they will take all responsibility for the outcome.  That’s how most folk are, unfortunately.  Isn’t it terrible to think that?  Most folk truly are like that. 


And so they’ll do anything.  And that’s why they’ll go into a firing squad and shoot people and etc, etc, etc.  Which shows you, because it’s been done in every ethnic group, any ethnic group will do the same thing.  And that’s the history of the world too, when it comes down to it.  In fact, if you don’t do it, if you don’t go and shoot some guy tied up and blindfolded, then probably the officers will end up telling the rest of the guys to shoot you.  Democracy is wonderful that way, you know.  You’ve got so many choices.


Anyway, this article here is also about police invasions, because they’re on the rise, as the police, it’s like an unwritten rule that’s been put out there that we haven’t heard of.  I was looking at one article, for instance, to do with 300 different killings in Britain by the police on civilians, over the past few years.  Not one policeman has gone to jail for it.  They’ve been given the authority, you see, to do as they will.  And the message is really for the public to get that through their heads, which it does eventually seep through, that cops can do whatever they want to you.  In British Columbia in Canada, the excuse is the grow operations for marijuana.  There’s been so many home invasions by the SWAT Teams, which is not a pleasant experience.  You know, they don’t come in and want to talk to you.  You’re down face on the floor.  They tie you up, hands behind the back.  Even the children.  Guns at the head and all the rest of it.  This one is to do with something that happened this month in British Columbia.  It says:


A B.C. (Alan: British Columbia) man who raises tropical fish said his home and privacy were invaded when local enforcement agencies knocked on his door while looking for a marijuana grow operation, and then forced him to (A: Forced him to:) pay for an electrical inspection and upgrade his fish-tank operation.


(A: No kidding.  See, they’ve got to get something on you, it doesn’t matter how silly or pathetic or trivial it is, to justify the fact that they come in and smash your doors in and come through the windows.  Because they like playing, you know, like the actors on television.  They really do.  They’re children in uniform.  He says:)


“I felt violated,” said Mike Baynes, 67, from Surrey, B.C. “When they came in here and saw no grow-op, I think they should have said ‘I’m sorry Mike,’ and then turned around and walked out.”


(A: Well, that was in the good old days, you know, when they were half decent.)


Baynes is one of 128 Surrey residents who don’t have grow operations, but were nevertheless subjected to searches and electrical repair orders in recent months because they use a lot of hydro.


(A: Electricity.  They call it hydro here.)


“I think that is an invasion of privacy,” he said.


(A: Well, don’t think about it, it is an invasion of privacy.  It’s more than that.)


“I don’t think that the City of Surrey has anything to do with my hydro consumption.”


Seven B.C. municipalities, including Surrey, are registered with BC Hydro to get monthly lists of all customers who use more than three times the daily average amount of power.


(A: Well, what is the daily average amount of power?  At one time, it was as much as you want to pay for, right?  But, you see, they’ve all got Smart Meters now, and these things are spying on you.  And if you were suddenly to go off gas, say, and put in a cooker that’s electric, and things like that, they want to know why.  You might get a SWAT Team coming in.  Anyway, it says:)


Teams of electrical and fire inspectors then go out to the homes they suspect could be marijuana grow operations to conduct searches, with the RCMP standing by outside.


(A: So, they’re doing this without warrants, you see.  They get home inspectors to do it for fire or whatever.  And it says.)


Residents first get a written notice that says if they don’t consent to a search within 48 hours, the team will seek a warrant.


“I heard a noise outside, and then when I went and looked I had this big yellow notice stuck on my door,” said Baynes. Because he wasn’t doing anything illegal, Baynes said he had no problem giving his permission. In hindsight, he said, he wishes he’d asked more questions.


(A: See, folk just obey, because they’re scared.  You know, authority, authority.  You’re taught that in school.  And that’s part of the reason you’re forced to go to school, to teach you to be obedient to authority.)


“They come in, they look around, different guys wander around here and there and the electrical inspector comes in and he looks at the power bars under the aquariums and he says, ‘I don’t like those power bars on the floor,’” said Baynes.


(A: Maybe they should have been halfway up, maybe put on wires hanging from the ceiling, eh?)


“I misunderstood the system. I didn’t know that they had the powers to order a safety electrical inspection.”


Baynes said he was ordered to hire an electrician to look at his 19 fish tanks, which cost him $800. He added it was cheaper than it could have been because as a retired electrician


(A: He is a retired electrician.)


he did some of the work.


Baynes was told the power bars he uses for his fish tanks posed a hazard.


(A: Well, I don’t know why it would pose a hazard.)


“I think [municipal inspectors] have to justify their existence,”


(A: See, without justification you could sue them.  You understand?  They’re still trying to prove they have authority to get access, and harass you, by the way.  You can sue folk for harassing you.  And so, therefore they try to come back, oh, your electrical system is not up to scratch.  Anyway:)


 “They turned around and said, ‘We can’t find [any grow op]


(A: There’s no marijuana growing:)


 but — just in case — slap. Do this. And some of the quotes I got [for electricians]


(A: To fix his power bars and that.)


were $3,000.”


The electrician who did the inspection confirmed Baynes did nothing wrong, but some of his wiring wasn’t up to code. Baynes then made some upgrades to his fish tanks, which he felt were unnecessary.


“I was picked on,” he said.


(A: Well, of course he was.)


Statistics show, for the first time last year, more often than not the Surrey teams found no illegal grow-ops at homes they inspected. In 2011, they found 82 marijuana grow operations, but also issued 128 electrical repair notices to law-abiding residents like Baynes.


(A: Now, in this day and age, they know who’s doing what.  You can’t keep anything secret.  If they want to put a car outside somebody’s house and watch who goes in and out, if they have a grow-op on the go, they can do so, rather than just smash people’s doors down and walk in and harass everybody.  See.  It says, so:)


“When you don’t find anything — and you still look for a reason [to issue an order] — I call that harassment,” he said. “And I’m paying for that. I pay taxes here.”


(A: So, it says:)


Since the program started in 2005, the teams have inspected 2,253 homes, of which 1,158 were confirmed as illegal grow operations. Those homeowners were fined between $2,300 and $3,600, Garis said.


(A: So, I guess he had to pay $3,000, this guy here, for the electrical upgrade and the inspection.  It would have been cheaper if he had a marijuana plant growing, because then he would have only been fined $2,300.  And it says:)


Many have no grow-op

At slightly fewer homes — 1,067 — the inspectors found no evidence of illegal grow operations. Of those, 642 had legitimate reasons for high hydro bills.


The other 425 — like Baynes — were given repair notices for electrical violations, requiring them to do upgrades.


So, what it’s all about is just harassing more and more people to obey, obey, obey and it’s such a joke.  It really is such.  And the cost to the taxpayer again, for all these different raids, well over a thousand and they don’t find anything.  They’re just ordinary people, who have maybe changed, as I say, to an electric cooker or something, or electric heating.  A lot of folk got fed up with the price of oil.  They said electricity would drop, which it didn’t of course, and a lot of folk are using the electricity to heat themselves now.


Also tonight, I’ll put up a link to Aldous Huxley, the letter from Aldous Huxley to George Orwell over the Nineteen Eighty-Four novel, because they wrote to each other all the time, these two, to see which kind of world system of domination would come in.  And Huxley in fact taught Orwell at one point in university, and they always kept in touch.  And it says:


They were both critically acclaimed writers who were ahead of their time, creating imaginative visions of the future in their novels.


Well, they were more than that, because they sat in on world meetings.  They were from the class too that sat in on world meetings.  And Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian, as I say, was the head of UNESCO at the United Nations.  I read some of his stuff yesterday.  And they knew of all the plans to alter humans, physically, by using hormones and different techniques to do so.  And drugs as well.  So, I’ll go over this letter when I come back, this correspondence between the two of them, as they debated who would rule the world, the totalitarian boot or the psychological scientific bunch.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re reading an article here by Huxley, Aldous Huxley that he sent to George Orwell, about the different kind of society that would come in the future.  Would it come in through the big boot of war, or would it be brought in gradually through scientific means, or whatever.  And this is what Huxley said:


'My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power,


(A: So he admits that’s part of the reason they get up there, but psychopaths always crave power, you see. He says:)


and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.'


(A: And:)


His novel Brave New World, published 17 years before Orwell's, had foreseen a society characterised by medicated contentment,


(A: That’s drugs and pharma.)


a widely accepted, eugenics-supported caste system,


(A: And they’re actually talking about that now, and creating new types of humans basically, for different tasks.)


and a government-enforced obsession with consumerism.


But Orwell's novel presented a nightmarish vision and gave birth to the phrases 'Big Brother', 'thought crime' and 'double think', all now commonly used to describe increasing state control.


The book was later made into a film starring John Hurt, Richard Burton and Suzanna Hamilton.


In the letter Huxley began by echoing the positive reviews for 1984, telling Orwell 'how fine and how profoundly important the book is'.


Going on to focus on the differences between their predictions, however, Huxley wrote: 'The philosophy of the ruling minority in Nineteen Eighty-Four is a sadism which has been carried to its logical conclusion by going beyond sex and denying it.


(A: And he says:)


Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful.


(A: Well, I don’t see why not.  It’s getting worse all the time.  We’re pretty well there.  Then he goes on to say:)


My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy


(A: The ruling oligarchy.  There’s always been, and he called them that, Huxley called them the ruling oligarchy, and he was related to most of them.  And he also called another bunch the dominant minority.  That was another term he used.)


will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World.'


It was written by Huxley from his California home in October 1949, a few months after the release of Orwell’s book.


The relationship between the two authors began in 1917,


(A: Can you imagine way back then they were discussing even how the world would turn out, talking about using pharma to dope populations, etc, all that kind of stuff.)


while Huxley was a tutor at Eton and Orwell was a pupil. Huxley taught French.


Huxley's other students at Eton included the writer and scholar, Harold Acton.


And the whole letter actually is in this particular article, and I’ll put up the link to it tonight, after I finish the broadcast.  It’s quite interesting to read that these guys were talking about this stuff in the 30s and 40s, because they were attendees of world meetings of a very small world minority of incredibly rich people. And very old families that held onto their power. 


And we are living through it today, as I say.  We’re living through a combination of both right now.  We’ve all had the scientific indoctrination.  The media takes over.  And then through television, they can give you, even through comedies or dramas, they can make you feel guilty about something you’ve never done, or even thinking about something in a certain way.  They can make you feel happy at things you shouldn’t be happy at.  And they can even get you laughing at perversion, it’s quite something, which they said they’d be able to do too, by scientific technique, once again.


Another article tonight is from Brzezinski who talks about the upcoming war with Iran.  He says


"If they [Israelis] do it, they will be on their own. The consequences will be theirs, because the price we’ll all pay, based on a massive war, which the Iranians interpret as being done with our connivance, will be disastrous for us in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the terms of oil, but also in the Middle East more generally.”


So, he gives his little spiel on that.  And he’s all against it.  Strange that, because I know other ones are dead for it, but he’s kind of out of the loop here on this particular one.  But at least he’s using some wisdom for a change. 


And morality and how things change in culture.  Remember, culture is plastic.  Culture is whatever is right and wrong and approved by again, the dominant minority, the ones who rule you, in any era, in any country.  And there’s always an innate right and wrong.  I don’t believe that it’s such a thing that’s all taught to people.  There’s always an innate right and wrong.  And people know the basic things that are wrong, even as children.  They know it.  You don’t have to tell them.  They know.  But of course, we’re living in this moral relativity era, where they’re indoctrinated not to believe there are basic instincts and to, you know, believe that they can do anything, as right, under the right circumstances.  So, everything changes.  And mind you, lots of groups are funded into existence.  And then they become power groups, basically.  They’re used by people above them, again, the dominant minority, and they don’t know that.  They don’t know that at all.  It’s the easiest thing to get a bunch together, and find out the ones who have been harmed by this, that or whatever, and they’ve really got a grudge against something, and form a group out of the ones who put their hands up.  It’s quite an easy thing to do.  Most folk are very socially orientated, and people who have grievances like to be around the same kind of people, same as the leftwing and rightwing people like to be around their own types of people.  Very simple.  But they’re all used.  And the one that’s coming up is to do with transhumanism and why they’re using the gay movement.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how groups are formed and then used.  And those at the top of the tree, again, dominant minorities know how to start groups off and how to create divisions in society.  And long ago, of course, even during the days of the League of Nations, even George Orwell in one of his writings talked about this when he was attending the author’s guild.  The whole push was on in the 40s and 30s even about gay rights.  They didn’t call it gay rights then.  It was homosexual rights, because not everybody who is homosexual is actually happy.  Anyway, it says, this article here:


Fertility company targets gay men as sperm donors


(A: So on the one part it’s a publicity stunt for the company, IVF company.  And there’s big, big money in invitro fertilization.  Big money because so many folk are going sterile, right?  Long ago, as I say, the League of Nations, and then the United Nations, they had their world conferences on population control, as Darwin did too.  I mentioned that the other day too, from his own book, to do with they were always worried about populations and sizes of population.  And they thought then, if they could find different means to make sure that male and female would not mate up and marry, because they connotated marriage with having children, you see, then the population would be reduced.  So, they also said if they promoted one type or another such as homosexuality or lesbianism, then that would also fit the bill too.  So, here you are today, it’s all the new normal today.  And it’s taught in schools and very young schools.  Even kindergarten in some schools.  And in some schools in Sweden, in fact, I’ve got an article here from a guy who translated one from a Swedish article, they call the males and the females in the kindergarten schools as hens.  There’s no male or female.  It’s a combination between he and she, apparently in Swedish, and they call them hens.  And they can dress them up as boys and girls and stuff like that.  Big experiment, you see.  So, here’s a fertility company targeting gay men as sperm donors.  And it says:)


Fertility service IVF Australia is to launch an advertising campaign encouraging gay men to be sperm donors, and promoting its services to same lesbian couples looking to have children.


(A: It’s strange that again, because, after all, why don’t they simply adopt?  You see.  And there’s so many children in homes, for instance.  Why don’t they adopt?  But it’s getting everybody used to the fact that science is creeping in between the male and the female of the normal process, you see.  Science is coming in.  And they’re already talking about, oh, yeah we can take all the bad genes out and the good genes in.  And governments want a compliant population as you well know.  And that’s really what’s behind it.  It’s a form of transhumanism.  Anyway, it says:)


The campaign, which will include print, digital and radio, will run in media outlets allied to the Pink Media Group sales house.


The campaign asks for “healthy, intelligent & generous” donors.


(A: That’s the ones with carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.)


Among the information available to prospective parents is the sexual orientation of a sperm donor.


So, they’ve got professors behind it, and all the usual stuff, who will get paid money and all that kind of stuff.  As I say, it’s transhumanism.  It’s just getting the public used to, these articles are to get the public used to the idea of changing a child, or even creating a child by removing genes and replacing them with other ones.  That’s really what it’s all about.


Interesting too that Raquel Welch, who, she’s an aging actress now, but at one time she was one of the bombshells of her era.  And she says:


The ‘era of porn’ has ‘annihilated’ men


(A: And it says:)


As one of America’s most revered sex symbols, she might not be the first celebrity to jump to mind as a crusader against pornography. But Raquel Welch, who rose to icon status as the beauty in the leather bikini from the 1966 movie One Million Years BC, told Men’s Health Magazine in an interview posted online March 8 that today’s sex-saturated culture had sapped the meaning out of sex, and damaged countless men through the pornography industry, which she called “an exploitation of the poor male’s libidos.”


(A: And it’s true, if you live in cities, you can’t get away from it, from all the advertising, in the streets, everywhere.  It’s all over the place, and television and so on.  She says:)


“It’s just dehumanizing. And I have to honestly say, I think this era of porn is at least partially responsible for it,” Welch said of rampant sexual addiction.


(A: And there is an awful lot of addictions now to do with that, all kinds of them.)


“Where is the anticipation and the personalization? It’s all pre-fab now. You have these images coming at you unannounced and unsolicited. It just gets to be so plastic and phony to me.


(A: She says:)


 “Maybe men respond to that. But is it really better than an experience with a real life girl that he cares about? It’s an exploitation of the poor male’s libidos. Poor babies, they can’t control themselves.”


Welch criticized men’s modern habit of “equat[ing] happiness in life with as many orgasms as you can possibly pack in,” and described the concomitant loss of real masculinity in vivid terms.


(A: Well, there’s more to it, as I say, even young men are losing interest in sex by the time they’re in their late 20s, sometimes 25, because their sperm count is down, the testosterone level is down big time.  And who’s putting all these thoughts in their heads?  Who gives you this culture?  Your culture is created.  It didn’t come by itself.  It’s authorized, just like the future culture that they’re bringing in today is authorized as well, by those from the top.  And the people, of course, will have as many partners as possible, and they can’t mate with anybody, anymore.  Or if they do mate, they can’t stay with that person, with so much temptation around them, because all the TV and all their pals are saying, oh, I’ve had five, you know, this week.  And that’s common, common stuff.  Ask any venereal disease clinic.  You get to talk to them there.)


“I just imagine them sitting in front of their computers, completely annihilated. They haven’t done anything, they don’t have a job, they barely have ambition anymore,”


(A: And that’s true.  And as their testosterone level goes down too, they certainly lose ambition.  Look at the eyes and the way they stare at you.  You don’t know if they’re actually human sometimes.  And she says:)


“Do they know how to negotiate something that isn’t pre-fab and injected directly into their brain?”


Well, they don’t know.  They actually don’t know how to do something normally anymore.  They think their ideas are themselves.  In fact, they adopt the culture that they’re born into.  And of course, this is the end product of it all.  So, this part, this article ties in with the last one as well, and they all tie in together, of course.  That’s the whole thing about all these articles, they tie in together, to do with fertility clinics promoting homosexual men for sperm, so that lesbians can get babies, etc, and then this one here too.  We’re right on track with it all.


In fact, I was reading The Next Million Years again last night, I read a little bit, from this book here, a real book, made of paper.  How old-fashioned, eh?  And in it, Charles Galton Darwin says:


It is in the biological sciences that the most exciting possibilities suggest themselves, perhaps because biology has only recently shown rapid advances like those made earlier in the inorganic sciences. I will only speculate on a few among these possibilities which might have great effects on human life. I have already referred to the possibility of quite new sources of food, and I need not enlarge on that further.


(A: You think the GM idea is new, eh?)


Another type of discovery may be connected with hormones, those internal chemical secretions which so largely regulate the operations of the human body. The artificial use of hormones has already been shown to have profound effects on the behaviour of animals, and it seems quite possible that hormones, or perhaps drugs, might have similar effects on man. For example, there might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire,


(A: So, you would be, basically, you wouldn’t care.)


and so reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive.


(A: Then you’d keep the population down, and they’d all be kind of little drones.)


Or there might be another drug that produced a permanent state of contentment in the recipient—after all alcohol does something like this already, though it has other disadvantages and is only temporary in its effects. A dictator would certainly welcome the compulsory administration of the "contentment drug" to his subjects.


He goes into it even further in the book, and he talks about tinkering deliberately with the hormones of both male and female, which has been awfully successful, when you go into videos like the Disappearing Male and other ones I’ve put up there at And if you go into the Horizon documentary, in 1992, you’ll actually see, under the microscope, the spermatozoa of males, and literally they’re deformed and everything.  In 20 years it happened, compared to what they show you of a fifty-year old guy, a guy who’s still going strong, and how they’d brought the population down, almost effeminate, within a span of 20 years by various means, artificial estrogens, etc.  So, there’s nothing out there by chance.  And that’s why the UN prattles on about every year, oh, the sperm count has dropped even further in males.  And then they go on to the next topic.  They never explain anything and tell you why.  And it’s never a crisis.  It’s never a crisis, which means it’s deliberate, you see.  That’s why it’s not a crisis.  Anything that’s outside of the planning, believe you me, that wasn’t done by the dominant minority and authorized by them, anything outside of that would be a crisis. Because they’re control freaks, you see.


This article here too is interesting, because all religions now have been really hammered.  And of course they said that.  Part of the article I read yesterday too by Julian Huxley talked about the dogmas in religions and so on, and how they’d have to do away with them, and bring in a new one by the way, a new religion.  And even the Club of Rome has got an article out on that today, bringing faith back.  You get interfaith, and creating a new religion out of it for basically sustainability.  That will be the new religion.  Anyway:


Priest who denied communion to lesbian stripped of priestly faculties


(A: Now, under the priest’s doctrine, and his own oaths, he’s supposed to deny communion to people who break the rules as he’s been taught them, according to what he believes is the Holy Bible, you see.  Now, like anything that you join, generally the people have the right to kick you out, if you go against whatever they believe in, whether it’s Masons or something else, you see, or any other organization.  It says here, March the 12th.)


The Maryland priest who denied communion to a lesbian at her mother’s funeral is being “placed on administrative leave,” meaning he will not be able to exercise his priestly faculties, according to a letter from the Archdiocese signed by auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout.


Fr. Marcel Guarnizo was previously censured by the Archdiocese after denying communion to Barbara Johnson, who had reportedly introduced her lesbian “lover” to the priest in the sacristy right before her mother’s funeral Mass.


According to a source close to the incident who spoke with LifeSiteNews, Johnson’s lesbian lover physically blocked Fr. Guarnizo from speaking further with Johnson when she abruptly left the sacristy following this introduction. When Johnson presented herself for Communion, the priest refused to give it to her, although she ended up receiving from an extraordinary minister. It was later revealed that Johnson is also a Buddhist.


(A: So, this guy gets stripped for following his belief and all the rest of it, that he’s sworn too, that’s his job.  You don’t have to go to him if you don’t believe in it yourself.  But this woman went to it, even though she’s a Buddhist and a lesbian.)


The Archdiocese issued an apology to Johnson and said that Fr. Guarnizo’s actions were “against policy” and that an investigation was underway.


Well, whose policy?  These are the oaths the guy took.  You see?  If you don’t like it, don’t go there.  It’s so amazing.  And the hypocrisy too you get.  Hypocrisy is rampant in our society, where the perpetrators of massive wars, under the direction of the United Nations and NATO – NATO is just the military wing of the UN – they always turn, I’ve mentioned this before, people who are abused often turn to the abuser for help, you know.  Or the abuser will blame the one who’s getting abused for causing their own circumstances.  And it says here, the United Nations, eh:


1.3 million still homeless from Iraq conflict


(A: It wasn’t a conflict.  It was a walkover.  A walkover.  Where massive military went in for a long time, and blew up all of their infrastructure.  That was water wells, electrical supply, houses.  Everything was blown up.  Even their factories for food.  The whole lot was demolished.  Back into the Stone Age, it said at the time.  Bombed into the Stone Age, right?  And then the Big Boys came in with their private mercenaries, who worked alongside the armies to guard the oil fields for their bosses.  And they’ve been looted ever since.  Most of the money is just taken straight out of Iraq in oil.  But here’s what the UN is on about.)


Officials say more than 1.3 million Iraqis remain homeless after being forced to flee six years ago during widespread sectarian violence that threatened their lives.


(A: It was all sectarian, you understand.  It wasn’t those planes overhead and tanks coming in.)


United Nations diplomat Claire Bourgeois


(A: Where’d she get a name like middle class, eh?  Bourgeois.)


voiced concerns Sunday that Iraq has not taken enough steps to help the homeless "go back to a dignified life."


(A: So the Iraqis, that got bombed into the Stone Age, are getting blamed for 1.3 million of them still being homeless by the United Nations.  Eh?  Isn’t that a typical disgusting technique which they use over again?)


She said squatters should be helped into permanent homes instead of evicted from empty buildings or public places where they are living.


Bourgeois also said many of the homeless have lost identification and other documents


(A: That’s because their houses were all blown up from the air.)


that would entitle them to government assistance.


All the oil money is going out of the country anyway too.  So, blame the victim.  Yep, now you’re homeless.  It’s your fault. 


And now, the US also signed one of the biggest trade deals for years, free trade deals with South Korea.  I don’t know when they’re going to bring value added tax into the US, but it must be soon, because of all their free trade deals.  The whole idea of value added tax was put out by the Council on Foreign Relations years ago, because they said, when they brought their plan in of free trade across the world, all the import duties would be gone.  And that helped keep the country going.  So, they’ll have to shift the burden onto the people, the citizenry, to make it up, with value added tax.  So, I just wait to see when that’s going to get brought in.  Obama might.  He won’t bring it in, until he gets back in again.  No doubt at all. 


Also Rio 2012 of course is coming up.  And you’re going to see nothing more or less than hundreds and hundreds of blogs and articles in the media getting you ready for this, as though it’s some official thing.  It’s a private organization, folks, with Maurice Strong.  Private organizations write up laws, give it to your governments that sign them into law.  That’s what they call democracy.  It says:


One of the biggest questions being asked in the lead-up to the Rio+20 conference this June is also one of the oldest.


In a nutshell: does the way humanity governs itself need a series of tweaks or a complete overhaul, in order to meet the broadest ambitions of improving the lot of the


(A: Prison’s poorest.  It’s a prison planet, eh?)


planet's poorest, safeguarding nature and making the global economy more sustainable?


They’re bringing in an Earth System Governance Project.  That’s everything, including total sharing of all your wealth across the planet.  Total sharing.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just talking about the changes that are all part of predictive programming for other bigger things ahead.  Even those who participate in the changes today, the groups etc, don’t know themselves they’re all being used towards someone else’s goal.  They’d never know that.  And when they think they’re on a winning streak, and that’s what they allow them to think and they fund them and so on, different groups, they get more cocky and more arrogant, and then you find out the ultimate fate for all mankind and of course it will be to create the perfect slave basically.  And Charles Galton Darwin talked about that.  They’ve all talked about this at the world meetings.  The perfect passive and obedient citizen who’s always content.  And that’s what they’re going for, of course, through it all.  And also, to confuse everyone else on the way, to make sure that there’s no such thing as normal, you see. 


Now, there’s Emmet on the line there from Ireland.  Are you there Emmet?


Emmet: Hello.  Hi, Alan, how are you?


Alan: Not bad at all.


Emmet: That’s good.  I’m a long-time listener, first-time caller.  And first of all, I just want to say thanks for all that you do.  I’d say it’s helped me quite a lot over the past few years.  I just wanted to make one or two comments about the educational system.  I’m in college at the moment.  I’ve been in one or two colleges.  And I’ve noticed that there is a huge agenda program for the minds of the young to prepare them for this next phase.  And I even noticed that back in secondary school or high school.  But in college, at the moment, I study English, among other things, but I find that Marx and Freud are both figures that are heavily promoted in college and university.  And even the other day, there was just a lecture on the history of drama, and then suddenly there’s this huge image of Karl Marx with a quotation from him, in this lecture hall full of about 200, 300 students, you know.  And that’s not the first time, you know.  Then suddenly there’s this whole psycho-analytic approach with quotes from Freud and promotion of psychology and psychiatry and Marxism.  So I just kind of wanted your comment on the educational system.


Alan: Well the educational system is essential, as I say.  Jacques Ellul said it, the philosopher, that your subsequent life-long ability to download propaganda directly into your mind depends upon your schooling.  Without the schooling it will not work, he said.  It’s designed to go with schooling.  And school prepares you to simply believe the propaganda that comes down the pike subsequently.  It’s interesting too that Julian Huxley from UNESCO said the same thing about Marx and the other forms of consumer capitalism.  He says, the two are essential.  The two are essential, all through the Cold War and so on, he says, in order to create the dialectic and then bring them together into a new synthesis at the end for the world.  And of course, the one we’re going in today, it’s a blend of Socialism or Communism, along with Capitalism at the top, under the guise of CEOs, massive corporations acting in government capacities.  So, it’s not just in your country though that Marx has been heavily pushed.  Canada you might say, a big part of their agenda at university is Karl Marx and the whole agenda.  And of course the environmental systems have been brought into it too, under that guise, the sharing of wealth across the world, they can help the environment and so on and so on and so on.  In other words, this system we’re going into now was worked out a hundred-odd years ago or more.  Actually long before that.  And centralization of government will go into a world government.  That’s what Marx was after.


Emmet: Yeah.  Okay, thanks, Alan.  Thanks very much.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Call again.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, where there’s never enough time, really.  An hour just flies by.  It’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you. 



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