March 26th, 2012 (#1051)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 26th, 2012:

Democracy Where Art Thou?

"Democracy, Democracy, Where Art Thou Democracy?
An Illusion Created by PR for Those Gifted in Sophistry,
A Running Candidate Promises, Always Feels Your Pain,
A Psycho Emulating a Saint, Nothing Personal to Gain,
Those Who Run the Nations are Lifers and Emphatic,
Not a One Elected for They’re All Bureaucratic,
Highly Trained for Their Part in This New World Order,
Free-Trade Integration, Working Across Every Border,
Older Generations Complain of Taxes, Price of Food,
The Young are Brainwashed into "Globalism is Good,"
At the Top of This Agenda are Those the Public Curse,
The Uniformed, The Legalists, Mighty Power of the Purse,
There are Those Who Smooth Transitions, Never Getting Thanks,
Neuroscientists, Marketers and Thousands of Think-Tanks"
© Alan Watt March 26th, 2012


Poem and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 26th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on March the 26th, 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the audios at and hopefully you’ll get a big understanding, a clearer understanding of the big system that pays no attention to you at all, apart from wanting to know your data, but a big system with a big plan and the organizations behind it that really set out to own the world a long, long time ago and how– really– you’re living through a script.  All the major events in your life really to do with wars and amalgamations of countries, all that kind of stuff, it’s just a big long script that was drafted up about a hundred years ago, probably longer actually, but they certainly came out with the ideas and the organizations to make it happen at least a hundred years ago– that’s in the open, that is.  


So help yourself to the audios there and you’ll understand really the system you’re living through and why there’s so much mass unemployment, and it’s all part of the big plan of course as they moved all the big factories and lots of business off-shore to cheaper countries, not just for the cash but also to bring you into this thing called “austerity” and to build up the next countries as they bring them up into the best nation trading status that they give them for trading, etcetera– which means tax-free basically for the big corporations.  Anyway, help yourself to those, you’ll find out the books that I mention along the way and the big players that wrote them that were involved in setting up their part of the global structure.  


You can also keep me going by buying the books and discs at and from the U.S. to Canada remember you can still use Personal Checks or International Postal Money Orders from the Post Office or send Cash or you can use PayPal.  It’s up to you.  Across the World, Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again. Remember straight donations are very, very welcome.  


Now, I try and chronicle the events and go back to the past and various books or articles that the big players at their world meetings put out at the time that no one took any attention to, because we’re trained, you understand, not to even look at what’s going on, on a global scale– in fact we’re too worried about what’s happening in your little local area, never mind the national area.  Most folk are worried about keeping a job, paying their rent and that kind of thing– so they don’t have much time.  Plus the media is so incredibly good at diverting you from major events that are affecting you directly and taking you off into some other foreign field somewhere, what’s happening over in the Middle East or somewhere else as they go on with their War Plans, which is again part of the script, and meanwhile they are doing amazing things back home.  Amazing things to do with, well, training children they don’t need privacy: most children already believe that for instance– that’s for one thing.  And if you’ve no privacy at all you can’t have your own mind ultimately.  You’ll start second-guessing yourself as to what information you’re putting out there, who knows about it, and ultimately you don’t need to be put in a prison– a little cell– to be monitored.  You’re monitored wherever you go, for whatever you say, who you talk to and everything else.  That’s the perfect prison you see and you’re all part of it.  You’ve been trained to be part of it.  Most folk do adapt into it because most of it is unobtrusive to them, so they don’t get upset, but as I say, it doesn’t get obtrusive until they come for you for some reason or another.  And you’ll never know in some ways when they do come for you because you’ll visit the doctor on something and unbeknownst to you they’ve told the doctor what to give you.  How about that one?  You think it doesn’t happen?  Of course it does. You’re living in a stage play in a sense and the one person who is kept in the dark is yourself.  Every organization, every licensed person in professions, if need be, can be called upon and are called upon to deal with you when required.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  We are all living pretty well in doublethink, as it’s called, where we can hold two opposing opinions in our head at the same time and we think we’re sane.  When you go into the world and we can’t help but go into the world of entertainment today because it’s everywhere. There’s so much entertainment and we gobble down their movies– we really do gobble them, people gobble them one after another– and they never think there’s anything but entertainment value to the movie they’ve just gobbled down.  In reality, every one has got a hook in it– you see– which is predictive programming, which gets you used to a kind of idea coming along the road or an idea that’s already here and you also see how the people react to it in the movie.  Do they react at all?  Do they just accept it?  Well however they react to it is how you accept it too down the road. Old technique.  The Tavistock Institute was really the primal group that came out with all this idea of predictive programming from World War I onwards for the BBC and they worked with even television dramas and soaps like Coronation Street that always gave you the next part of your future, including mass immigration: How you’ll react to it, how do families react to it, and people actually copied the characters in the series.  It was incredibly well done and onboard they had psychiatrists, psychologists and every “ist” you can imagine was on the board to make sure they were dead on with their techniques.  You never realize the same thing happens with movies and when you watch movies like “Eagle Eye” of course you get wrapped up in the chase, because they always give you a chase, you identify with the hero or heroine– and sometimes both in this strange world we live in now, at the same time, that is– and then of course they’re getting chased so you’re getting chased and that’s why you keep watching it to the bitter end. You see?  It affects the primal part of your brain, very primitive part, and you can’t turn away.


So, fear is addictive.  Fear can make you watch something right through, but what you don’t really notice is the programming you’re downloading along the way. As I say, there’s “Enemy of the State” as well– it’s an excellent one to see and that was done in the 90s, but it was showing you the techniques of the NSA and other organizations working with them and even then showing you a lot of fairly advanced stuff for their time, but what really came out of it is the incredible unlimited access that the big agencies have to all your data– they always have had.  And once in a while you get someone coming out of the organizations because laws have been broken, they’ve crossed lines somewhere– a line in the sand basically of the law– and they’re uncomfortable about it and they blow the whistle and they always get persecuted and prosecuted, but really persecuted.  And tonight I’ll put up a link to Thomas Drake, who was in the NSA and he came out and talked about what was happening with surveillance and how they’ve been doing it for years and years, even before 9/11 and crossing the line even then, even all the way back to the days of Jimmy Carter.  You understand, when you’re owned– and let’s be honest about this “democracy” nonsense– we don’t have democracy; we have no input into anything.  If the public ever have any kind of input the idea was given to them by the ones who own them and that’s why they have NGOs who stir them up, all the banners come out and so on, and you kind of go along:  “Oh, ok, that’s sounds fair,” but you don’t realize that there’s another agenda there.  But the public have never had what they call “democracy.”  Democracy is supposed to be where someone from your area– that you can go and knock on their door and talk to– is sent by you to the government to stand up for his area. That doesn’t happen.  They stand up for something called “the party” as you well know.  And so when some law is going to get passed that’s going to be detrimental to their area, your party member (politician) will say, “oh, I can’t help it, because you see, I have to go with the party’s vote.”  It’s been like that forever, you see.  It’s nothing to do with what the public want– it never has been.  There’s a power structure, the dominant minority, a technocratic bureaucracy that deals with them and there’s a lot of technocracy involved in this day and age, believe you me.  They’ve got the scientists all on board with them to do with information, information, information, and then there’s all of you down at the bottom that get something called “the daily news”, dished out to them by the bucket load, which is trivia or nonsense or twisted news.  


Tonight I’ll put up the links to the NSA employee Thomas Drake, and you can hear from his own mouth what they were doing and what they are doing today and how they get round every law that they draft up themselves.  They even had a law you see at one point– I think it was FISA– that they couldn’t investigate people domestically, unless they were from a foreign country or whatever, so what they did basically at one point is decided to call America a Foreign Nation so that they could break their own laws and spy on every citizen.  Well, what do you expect from them?  They’re beyond the movies– they’re beyond movies, and that’s what power is, you see, and it’s power that’s unchecked, and out of the Cold War came all these different organizations that even politicians couldn’t question, until you have this Shadow Government that no one can find out anything about.  They have their own budgets and everything.  And no politician can even ask them or demand, you know,  “how much have you spent this year and what on?”  How can you have a democracy when you’ve got that running you?  You can’t.  Especially when the Shadow Government supposedly is there to keep the nation in check, etcetera, and pretend that it’s your big shield against everything.  Well, they shield us and keep us in utter ignorance.  


I’ll put this up tonight, these links.  There’s part one and two– part two is really interesting and you’ll see how it really works and every country is the same.  Every nation is the same, because as I say, at the top you’ve got this intergenerational dominant minority that owns everything; you’ve got all these big organizations and agencies and corporations that are owned by the dominant minority too; and a weapons industry and then all this massive surveillance industry.  And there’s been nothing put up in any country, I think, to stop surveillance– to stop it.  You see, people say, “well you can’t stop science”; well who’s saying “stopping science?”  Put it this way: Because it exists doesn’t mean you have to use it.  We’ve got the Atomic Bomb but we don’t use it.  That’s been agreed upon.  Well it should be the same with this snooping and spying and everything else: “Yeah, we could do it but we’re not gonna.”  You see?  Why?  Because it’s wrong, that’s why. And it never ends.  It goes into everything, as we well know, until, as I say, there’s television sets coming out now that spy on you.


And there’s always the morons at the bottom– there are moronic people at the bottom level; there’s all levels that have got morons but you definitely have a bunch at the bottom as well, you know the kind.  They used to sit at the back of the class in school and make strange animal noises and the teacher would throw them raw meat once in a while; I mean, you do get people like that– who think it’s great. “Oh, it’s watching us, let’s do something,” and you know what they’re going to do.  This is reality, but the average person will adapt to it so quickly– so quickly– and because it’s unobtrusive, you don’t have a big arm sticking out of it with a camera lens, it’s hidden inside the television, you’ll get used to it and adapt until you’re doing things maybe in front of it that you should not be doing.  People just don’t think you see. And the governments are all onboard with this because the governments you see are one government today.  They call it governance, global governance, and I might touch on this later as well.  As I say, definitely go into the NSA employee Thomas Drake’s talk– it’s on Democracy Now, which I understand takes money from the Rockefeller Foundation, but, never mind that, just listen to what the guy has got to say.  


And, talking about getting used to being spied on and having the technology and using it, you see, in this article here it says:


Micro-chipped school uniforms notify parents when kids skip school


(Alan: Now, I talked about this coming a few years ago because they had articles in some of the magazines back then about chipping uniforms, I think even Oprah had some character on she was pushing at one point, someone said, where he was talking about doing the same kind of thing, because they’re just so worried about the children, right?  It says here...)


In Vitoria da Conquista, Brazil, 20,000 grade school students have recently started wearing uniforms embedded with GPS chips similar to those used in pet trackers. The chips automatically send parents a text message as soon as their children enter the school grounds, or if their children are late for more than 20 minutes.


The microchip is embedded either under the school’s coat of arms or in one of the sleeves. According to the city’s education secretary Coriolano Moraes, the local government decided to launch the project because parents "would always be surprised when told of the number times their children skipped class."


(A: So they put a light-hearted thing on it.  We’ve all skipped class at sometime– sometimes for months– but anyway...)


Vitoria da Conquista’s government has spent $670,000 designing and manufacturing shirts for the first 20,000 students.


(A:  675,000 dollars! That’s not a bad profit, eh?)


City officials plan to make more so that all 43,000 public school students in the city from ages 4 to 14 can use the high-tech shirts in 2013.


Now that’s going to be great for stalkers and everybody else who can tap into it, which will be easy enough to do, but it won’t matter you see because technology is the king now, it’s the new God– it’s the new God apparently, it can do anything.  And we’ll see what comes out of it, but articles like this and even what they’re doing, it’s to get the rest of the population used to being tracked themselves, the older ones too; it will soon be in all your shirts if it’s not already and they’ll track you wherever you go.  I know it’s in shoes and things at WalMart, I think it’s WalMart that’s got them embedded in them, but it’s going to be everywhere and we’ll just have to adapt to it.  And as I say, this is the unspoken thing, “oh, if science can make it we’ve got to use it -we’ve got to use it.”  What nonsense, utter nonsense.  You see if you had democracy you’d have the right to say No and they’d have to go along with you, and you’d have to have a democratic panel on board watching all these politicians that you don’t elect, over their shoulder, to make sure they went along with the wishes of the people; but, as they say, that’ll be the day.


Back with more after this….


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. I can remember years ago talking to someone who was ‘in the know’ and I mentioned exotic weaponry, as they call it, and that even during Reagan’s time, and probably before, they had been putting satellites up there that could literally target nations with their various technologies– make people sick for instance and of course there’s nothing new in that because Brzezinski in Between Two Ages talked about that too, literally technologies that could put ELF waves or different kind of waves across a continent and either lull a people into sleep or wake them up, make them hyperly excited, and things like that.  However tonight too I’ll put up a video about one of the Bills that were passed years ago and “Congressional Bill Mentions Targeting Populations With Exotic Weapons,” and the Bill is also called “H.R.2977.IH”, and that goes into it in some detail, the different types and so on, but you understand these technologies can not only attack whole specific nations and countries, they’re so accurate they can target a single person if they want to and drive you crazy– probably– or make you suicidal; stop you from sleeping at night– that would start to do it, for instance.  And they have this stuff and it’s all up there all over the sky above you and I’m sure the big countries all have the same technologies because you can’t keep it secret anymore these days you see.  So I’ll put the video up and the Bill itself and that was from 2001-2002 that the Bill was put forth and as I say, they do have this stuff.  They’ve got so much stuff going on it’s just incredible, just incredible.  That’s why these odd things come into all the papers from Britain, they have it for about a year, the strange sounds, the hum that everybody hears.  Australia has got it now, a kind of whistling sound they hear– drives them crazy, in some parts of Australia, and they use it across the world just laughing up their sleeves saying “yeah, it works here too,” and stuff like that.  Of course it does.  We’re the ultimate guinea pigs because when they’re doing this stuff on animals and the little rats in cages, it’s meant to be used on people.  They want to see what it does to the animals first you see.  Do you think they want to retrain animals to take over the world or something? No, no, no; it’s just that they say we’re a higher animal, and if it works on these particular ones it will work on humans too.  


You really live in a nightmare and a lot of people can’t handle what they have working on the public.  Maybe it’s better that some people, if they can’t handle it, don’t push it.  Don’t force someone to wake up whose personality is a bit neurotic, whatever you do.  Don’t try; don’t even begin to try, because they can’t handle, a lot of people can’t handle the really, really, really bad news.  Especially close relatives.  If they can’t handle it, leave them alone.  Otherwise, you’ll have nobody, you know.  You’ve got to keep your family intact.  


And, here’s an article here, it’s quite interesting actually.  It says…


Climate Fund


(A: A climate fund– big business in charity work and stuff for it, you know...)


Seeks UN-Style Diplomatic Immunity


The Green Climate Fund,


(A: They’ve had massive websites out all over the place...)


is supposed to help mobilize as much as $100 billion a year to lower global greenhouse gases


(A:  They probably create more heat with all their websites…Anyway...)


is seeking a broad blanket of UN-style immunity that would shield its operations from any kind of legal process, including civil and criminal prosecution, in the countries where it operates.


(A:  Isn’t that wonderful being a big organization– you know, charitable type– where you’re shielded from any kind of legal process, no one can open your books or fine you or charge you or put you in prison.  Isn’t that wonderful, eh?  It says...)


There is just one problem: it is not part of the United Nations.


Whether the fund, which was formally created at a UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa last December, will get all the money it wants to spend is open to question in an era of economic slowdown and fiscal austerity.


Its spending goal comes atop some $30 billion in "fast start-up" money that has been pledged by UN member states


(A:  That’s the people– the public, you know, including us, who are going to start up using billions of dollars, this new con-game, you see.  So, do we really need another climate change bunch?  Well the big boys must think so.)


A 24-nation interim board of trustees for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is slated to hold its first meeting next month in Switzerland


(A:  Oh, good for them, they get to go on holidays everywhere...)


to organize the fund’s secretariat and to get it running by November, as well as find a permanent home for the GCF’s operations.


(A:  I’m sure they’re looking for a disused castle somewhere in the Alps, you know.)


The board expects to spend about $6.7 million between now and June of next year.


(A: Not bad, they haven’t even started up really officially yet as a bona fide U.N. cover.  Once you get that stamp on it you’re ok– you could, you know, put half of it in your pocket and go home with it.  Anyway, it says...)


But before it is fully operational, the GCF’s creators -- 194 countries that belong to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) -- want it to be immune from legal challenges and lawsuits, not to mention outside inspections, much like the United Nations itself cannot be affected by decisions rendered by a sovereign nation’s government or judicial system.


(A:  It’s much like the Bank of England, isn’t it?  You can’t open its books either or charge anybody.)


Despite its name, the UNFCCC was informed in 2006 by the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs that it was not considered a UN "organ," and therefore could not claim immunity for its subordinate bodies or personnel under the General Convention that has authorized UN immunity since the end of World War II.


Mind you, all the money will go missing into pockets and all that stuff.  Back with more after this break...


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, and it truly is a Matrix isn’t it? It truly is a Matrix.  Most folk are still on the bottom level, that’s the vast majority of the public that believe the media and are taught to believe the media; in fact they’ve got no idea that the media should do anything wrong in the first place.  They question nothing.  They’re “good” people, they’re generally good people, but their conditioning, their indoctrination and conditioning has “taken”; it’s taken on them, like an inoculation– it’s really taken well and they haven’t a clue that there’s anything…in fact they’ll get kind of nasty if you try and tell them something different from the media.  


The free trade idea was dreamed up even 500, 600 years ago in Britain and John Dee mentioned it, if they can create a “Brytish Empire” he says with free trade, but it also had to, you see, adopt Britain’s system of government, which as you well know is really a monarchy you see.  That’s why you see Obama over there– which I put up last week– giving a little speech to the Queen as her loyal and obedient servant.  This is a President of the United States saying “I’m a loyal and obedient servant.”  See, underneath that, that group of servants, that’s all the Sirs and all the ones that got Knighted and everything, then they’re just the Rabble you see– they’re called Subjects; they don’t have any rights at all.   So that’s an official thing when he says something like that– it’s very, very official.  It’s an understanding; it’s the “special relationship” that they have with England you see, the U.S. and England.  But John Dee mentioned it, Francis Bacon mentioned it too, and then of course the Milner Group that emerged– other groups came before them, probably the same group just bobbing up through time with different names– they joined with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and Lord Rothschild to create the Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly called the Council on Foreign Relations in America, but they have them across the whole world now and these are the boys who drafted up the whole plan for the United Nations to be set up and then for the World Trade Organization to be set up and then Free Trade to be set up you see.  And we’re ongoing with “free trade.”  So not only do you join it by sending your goods back and forth, and your people, but you also have to join a system which they pretend at times is democracy, but really it’s the same thing, where whoever joins it sends the head honcho over to the Queen you see to get a little ceremony done.


Anyway, here’s an article here and it’s from the Canadian Press and it says…


Stephen Harper (A: the Prime Minister of Canada) hailed the opening of free trade talks with Japan on Sunday as a "historic opportunity" while economic experts warned of the perils of opening borders to the world’s third largest economy.


So, they’re running across the world, so is Obama too doing the same thing, signing these Asian-Pacific pacts and all the rest of it for Free Trade, but the US hasn’t brought in Value Added Tax, which takes over from the import tariffs.  See, they’re going to lose import tariffs, you see.  That’s how governments existed before at one time– that’s how the US was supposed to exist– was on import tariffs, not personal taxes from the people.  And because they’re doing away with the import tariffs you have to get a Value Added Tax in– call it any name you want but a rose is still a rose under any other name.  In Canada they called it the GST, General Sales Tax, because the Canadians had an outcry about Value Added Tax and so Mulroney changed it to GST which is the same thing.  And then of course it expands up and up and up; in some European countries it’s 25% on every item you purchase and in some it’s even more, every item you purchase, this massive tax that should really be kept on import duties.  


So anyway, they’re all running across the world signing these things and saying nothing to the public, you know, and of course it also allows under its many subsections to allow corporations from any country coming into your country and polluting if they want to– if they pollute in their own country, for instance, say for a third-world country– come in and also hire people at the wages that they pay them in their own country; and if you say no, you can’t do that, they can go to the WTO and fine you millions of dollars.  So we lose whichever way it goes, even if your country charges them for something; they’ll charge you back and they must win under the agreements.  But they also have this “Free Trade” which is also the free movement of Goods and Labor; that’s why in Australia they’re bringing them in from China and elsewhere to work the mines, and the same with India, to work them; they’re bringing their own labor in.  So it really does the people no good at all.  And everything goes up and up in price.


Anyway, everybody is doing it today.  The big rush is on to get the whole world bound together and then under economic global governance– which runs everything– they get their way you see.  And Canada also runs after free trade deal with Thailand.  Poor little Thailand is going to get hammered one way or another.


And this article here is an interesting one because it’s the Global Citizen organization.  Now, I know that Rockefeller certainly has been giving out Global Citizenship Awards for years to all the big players, the well-known names that you all know.  That’s newscasters, to politicians, for those who don’t know and you can search it up.  You’ll find interviews or actually you see him handing the little cup or whatever they get to the global citizen leaders, etcetera, but there’s an actual site up you see and it’s called “Global Citizens’ Initiative.”  You can go back all the way to Socrates and even before that you had other ones talking about it because it’s a continuous movement in philosophy groups, this global citizens idea.  And it gives you interviews with some of the top leaders.  For instance one of the top leaders, I’ll put up tonight, it’s an interview for the global citizenship initiative, is Fernando M Reimers, who is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Education and Director of Global Education– isn’t that nice– at the International Education Policy Program at Harvard.   Did you know you had an International Education Policy Program at Harvard?  Well you wouldn’t, because you didn’t go to Harvard, eh?  Anyway… learn more about his personal path toward global citizenship. As an educator with expertise in a wide variety of fields from social entrepreneurship to democratic citizenship, Fernando brings a unique perspective to the conversation about what it means to be a global citizen.


And then it’s also got Parag Khanna, who is Director of the Global Governance Initiative at the New America Foundation. You see.  Remember too at the Ford Foundation for instance, they were one of the groups mentioned that were funding all the Left Wing activities back in the 1950’s when investigated by Congress, the official inquiry that went into these foundations: Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, all the big ones, Guggenheim, there’s lots and lots of them out there; they were funding all what seemed to be communist movements.  Why would they be doing that in their own country?  Why would top Capitalists be funding the top Communists who wanted to overthrow the Capitalist system?  It made no sense until you realize they both work together and of course the big boys with the cash set up the ones who had nothing– they called them communists.  And actually there were many millionaires and multimillionaires who were communist too.  You should question why that is, eh?


Anyway, I’ll put this site up here and also their own site, which says who they are…


"A global citizen is someone who identifies with being a part of an emerging world community, and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices."


(A: What it means, it’s someone who’s going to get a job in the future.  You know, I get asked all the time by youngsters what are they going to do?  They’re in countries where there’s no work.  "What should I study, etcetera?"  And if you can stomach it and swallow the bile– don’t let it out, you know– you’ve got to go into something like this, unfortunately, because there’s going to be no other work otherwise.  In this world they’re bringing in you’ve got to be, or at least pretend you are– just like Winston in George Orwell’s 1984– you’ve got to pretend you’re a loyal supporter to get fed or to get a paycheck.  So...)


Global Citizenship: A Path to Building Identity and Community in a Globalized World


(A: And they’ve got a book out too by Ron Israel, 2011 it went out, but it gives you questions to ask.)


1. How can I act more responsibly as a citizen of the globe?


2. How can I better contribute to and advocate for policies and programs that benefit the whole planet?


3. How can I become more engaged with institutions involved in global governance?


(A: See, they give you all the contacts to get work.  You start your own little charity off and be a good yes-man and then get diplomatic immunity, like that green group, and they never question where the cash goes, and go off to holiday in Switzerland and stuff like that.)


4. Where can I meet people who share my interest in global citizenship and work with them to build a better planet?


So it’s a win-win situation, but you’ve got to either be a psychopath or you’ve trained yourself well to be a survivor, and seriously that’s what it’s down to.  Do you get to vote on Global Citizenship?  Have you been asked your opinions on it? Do your opinions matter?  Of course they don’t.  But they will put you in touch with all the different groups that will find you work, and before you know it you’ll be telling town councils and city councils what to do and you’ll get to wear a good suit and you might get to go to those parties like Strauss-Kahn went to, you know, stuff like that.  Anyway, that’s how it really is in the world, it really is in the world.  There’s no democracy for the public at the bottom.  


An article too I want to put up is to do with Monsanto, a Biotechnology book for children is caught brainwashing them. So they’ve put out a Biotechnology activity book it’s called.


Monsanto ‘Biotechnology Book for Kids’ Caught Brainwashing Children


Facing direct opposition from the public, biotechnology giants like Monsanto and Dow are now making a disturbing attempt to brainwash developing minds into accepting their genetically modified foods using blatant lies and propaganda. In a last ditch effort to potentially sway public opinion, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI)  has launched the “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book” for [children]. With the intent to be used by ‘agriculture and science teachers’, the activity book spreads absurd lies about GMO crops — even going as far as to say that they ‘improve our health’ and ‘help the environment’.


It’s astonishing, it’s just astonishing.  It’s a pity that there are no laws to do with lying, eh?  But then you’d have no politics at all.  It’s sad.


Now there’s another article too I wanted to mention, it’s about the big banks, and it says…


"Too Crooked to Fail": Matt Taibbi Says Bailouts, Fraud are the Secrets to Bank of America’s Success


I’ll put that up tonight too and some other ones as well which go along that line.  Last week I mentioned your TV watching you, I’ll put that up again for those who have already forgotten it because I’m sure you’ve got to have everything, right?  The latest gadgetry, and you want to get the latest HD TV and you better remember this stuff is going to be tracking you and everyone who comes into your house.  I mean personally, if I was invited into a house where they’ve got this TV on I’d say No; I wouldn’t go in.  It’s got voice recognition, face recognition, all the rest of it and there’s just no way I’d be near people like this.  It’s bad enough with their phones, eh?  They’ve always got their phones in their hands, taking photographs of before and behind them and you can’t get peace.  You can’t get peace from idiots, and they are idiots.  They are idiots because they get told all the time by the media what’s happening to them.  They’ve got the whole layout of your house and everything in your house and they still keep using them.  Well what can you do, eh?   


Occupy London’s anger over police ‘terrorism’ document


They’re now classed by the City of London as amongst terrorist groups such as al-Qaida and other ones.  So, that’s that for that.  And now they’ve got Soviet Bankers getting shot in England now, interesting, ex-Soviet, you know…


A former Russian banker is in a critical condition in hospital after he was shot several times in east London.


See, there is a big mafia that’s been in actually Britain, a lot of them went to Ireland too in different places, because they get all this free funding to start up businesses by the government, but now they’re having shoot-outs in London by the big bankers from Russia.  And it’s interesting how it’s developing, all this wonderful internationalism and multiculturalism, and it’s good for everybody and stuff like that.


Now Canada is so hard up now that they’re actually making it ok for brothels to start up.


Ontario Court of Appeal greenlights brothels, sweeps aside many of Canada’s anti-prostitution laws


(A: It says...)


Nikki Thomas Executive Director of Sex Professionals of Canada (A: They’re called “Sex Professionals”.), Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford and Valerie Scott celebrate during a press conference in Toronto March 26


The Court of Appeal for Ontario has swept aside some of the country’s anti-prostitution laws saying they place unconstitutional restrictions on prostitutes’ ability to protect themselves.


(A:  So, the Court of Appeal has swept aside them and the rest of the country can basically follow suit apparently.)


The landmark decision means sex workers will be able to hire drivers, bodyguards and support staff and work indoors in organized brothels or “bawdy houses,” while “exploitation” by pimps remains illegal.


So certain things still remain illegal.  The government will become the pimp now and collect taxes.  I mean, that’s really it, isn’t it? That’s really what it is, the government is the pimp.  Mind you, bodyguards and that, so there’s good work for guys that are getting out of the Army if they’re still alive and in one piece.


And, this other article too is kind of funny in a sense but predictable.  People in the US and Canada don’t realize that even their census information is sorted out by people in India– it’s all outsourced to these people, and you know that most of your IT companies and that too, if you need any problems worked out, you’ll get someone speaking a very thick Indian accent generally.


Indian call centres selling YOUR credit card details and medical records for just 2p


(A: Two pennies for you!  The...)


Data belonging to 500,000 Britons on offer to criminals and marketing firms

Crooks offering information on customers of major High Street banks


Confidential personal data on hundreds of thousands of Britons is being touted by corrupt Indian call centre workers, an undercover investigation has discovered.


Credit card information, medical and financial records are being offered for sale to criminals and marketing firms for as little as 2p.


(A: per person)


Two ‘consultants’, claiming to be IT workers at several call centres, met undercover reporters from The Sunday Times and boasted of having 45 different sets of personal information on nearly 500,000 Britons.


(A: It’s an industry.  It says the actual industry itself, the IT business, employs...)


about 330,000 people are employed in India’s call centres, in an industry worth around £3.2 billion a year.


Data included names, addresses, and phone numbers of credit card holders, start and expiry dates as well as the three-digit security verification codes.


The information – much of which related to customers at major financial companies, including HSBC and NatWest - would be a goldmine for criminals, allowing fraudsters to syphon thousands of pounds from bank accounts within minutes.


So it’s just great, they’re spreading your data across the planet and outsourcing, it’s under free trade.  Well, it gives the crooks work, doesn’t it?  Gives lots of crooks things to do, I suppose.  And as I say, the real world is vastly, vastly different from what they give you– Vastly different.  


Back with more after this break…


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix and we’ll go to Darren from Ireland if he’s still hanging on there.  Are you there Darren?


Darren:  Hello Alan, how are you today?


Alan:  Hanging on here too myself.


Darren:  Just to go back to a point you made about Coronation Street.  If anyone wants to check out a documentary that was recently released, it’s called The Road to Coronation Street and it’s a documentary on the whole show over the last 50-odd years and in the documentary they admit how the show was able to suade public opinion and even change it at times when it comes to a variety of broad topics, and I just want to make one other point.  This whole management system in the whole New World Order thing, if it’s a degreed system of let’s say 360, are we only able to see the whole 180 degrees of the rest of the management system, and are the real kind of controllers the other 180-degree system that we can’t see?  I was trying to think of it as when the sun rises and sets, if we are only allowed to see that kind of area of it, and the rest because the sun goes around 360 but we’re not allowed to see the rest of the side.


Alan:  That’s right.  There’s no doubt about it.  Even with the group that takes the credit for starting up the whole idea, that’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they have an outer circle, so we’re only allowed to know the names of some of the big players from the outer circle, we know all the media guys are all part of it and so on, they’re all members in all countries.  I’ve even got the names, mind you, from their old books of those in Ireland– I have them here– from the minutes of their meetings, going way back to the 30’s, but you have another group too, the inner circle.  And George Orwell knew what he was talking about in “1984” with the Outer Party and the Inner Party because it’s very much like that and that’s what he was really referring to in his book, but there’s lifelong fellows and they meet in All Souls College, that’s where they meet every so often for big, big plans when there’s going to be a next push on something.  These are the guys who met there too when they decided to take over Africa and the mines and get it out of the hands of the Boers, by faking and starting a war and blaming the Boers.  Carroll Quigley mentions this in his own book– the historian for the group.  So, these guys have been behind every major war, even before World War I. So they had the Boer War that we know of and Quigley again mentions they even had reporters from the Times come over with them to help start the war that wasn’t happening, to make Britain back home, all the British folk think “oh there’s war, we better send the troops in.”  And at the same time they were hammering to get public opinion up against Germany in the late 1800s, and eliminate Germany.  So, it took years of propaganda for them to work up for World War I so that it was a dead go when it started.  So these guys literally decided to take the entire world over, but at the very pinnacle of it all they’d have their CEOs in the corporations which they themselves would start up– all these big, big business corporations didn’t come out of little guys making shoes or whatever, they were started up by big money from the same groups because the initial Royal Institute of International Affairs boys were made up of international bankers and their sons; and so they run the world, basically.


Darren:  There’s just one last point, Alan.  If everything is a front, and the way they say that the West controls everything, is it really that the real controllers are probably in the East?


Alan:  Well actually they are global now, they’ve intermarried into the top families of every country in the world and have been doing that for quite a long time actually.  They are the prominent families across the planet now.


Darren:  Thanks Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling; and from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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