April 3, 2012 (#1057)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 3, 2012:

A Healthy Ovum and Spermatozoon,
XX or XY,  They'll Change that Soon:

"Watching Education and TV Promoting Sex and Profanity
Will Affect Your Judgement, Reasoning, Sanity,
Most Emulate the Vulgar Just to Be Cool,
Cool's Politically Correct Meaning You're Really a Fool,
Surgeons Excise Testes and Just to be Silly
Do Exterior Decoration where They Removed a Willy,
Pretending They've Created a Woman Out of Man,
Well, Where's the Ovaries, Womb and Tubes for This Tran,
The Majority's Views are Easy to Alter,
To Be Part of Crowd Their Memories Falter,
Most Adapt, Parroting "We're All the Same",
So Hug the Humanoid Next to You, Go Completely Insane"
© Alan Watt April 3, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 3, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 3rd 2012.  For newcomers help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios; where I try and point out that things that are happening today really were planned long ago in the past.  The whole world system, this world agenda, this global agenda, this amalgamation of countries and continents and so on into the one big taxpayer base, basically, for the future, was decided over a hundred years ago.  I give you the evidence and go through the big players who helped set up this system.  And how they basically owned the media way back then too.  Why not?  They’ve always had the cash. 


Really, what we get from the media is generally trivial or it’s slanted.  Always slanted.  It’s never a full story, an open-minded story where you’re left to make your own assumptions on something.  You’re leaned towards your proper opinion on things by the media.  That’s the trick they use, very simple trick.  And it’s been used for a long, long time.  Same with documentaries as well that the mainstream will put out. 


So, help yourself to the audios.  Find out how the world really runs and how it’s really always been run and where it’s supposed to go with it all.  Including all the catastrophes of societies as they demolish cultures and so on, on the way; because they spoke about that too.  No stone is left unturned.  They’ve got to investigate everything to keep control.


So help yourself to the website.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t get backed by advertisers, I could be.  I could give you ads every 5 minutes if you wanted to, and sell you lots of products that would make you live forever and ever and things like that, but I don’t.  I try to stay pretty well honest and out of all that side of things and business.  I don’t have any shares in products either. 


So, if you want to keep me going you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada remember you can use a personal check or an international postal money order.  You can also use PayPal.  Across the world people can use Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal.  And remember straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.  That’s generally how I tick through the months, and even the weeks, at the present stage. 


So, it’s up to you if you get something out of this because I try to stay away from the completely emotive side of things.  That’s what you’re meant to fall into, is emotional things rather than stand back and look at things calmly.  And only then will you see the big players and who’s involved and why they’re doing things.  Because you must think your way through and think after you’ve read a story, you must think after.  If you’re given your opinion with the story and never question it afterwards, then you’re generally being used.  You’ve got to be able to check up on things for yourself.


We’re very easily controlled in this day and age because Brzezinski himself said 30 years ago, 40 years ago, he said that eventually the public will be unable to come to a conclusion by themselves.  They’ll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  Well, that has unfortunately happened.  The media and the entertainment industry have given a completely new culture across the whole world.  It’s a globalist culture for a globalist society and now we’re going through the system where, as I say, they amalgamate countries into big unions, which are just like the old Soviet bloc.  And Karl Marx talked about it too because he was funded by the same bunch in London. 


The Royal Institute of International Affairs also boasted that they set up this plan too.  They wanted a United Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim region, all controlled under a world government and pretty well it’s all here.  The United Nations may be the final world government when it really gets the push to its next level, or they may call it a different name.  Who knows?  We’re certainly pretty well there today.  Now the music is coming in and I’ll go into some of these stories.  Remember they are stories and you’ve got to glean what you can out of them and discard the rest.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s true, you have to read every single story and also ask yourself why a lot of stories are out there.  Because there’s a lot of stories that are really just political correctness and reinforcement, basically.  Because we live in a world where there’s heretics and it’s very heretical not to be in the mode of the politically correct, you see.  And there are so many crimes to do with that too now.  You just have to humor people who think they’re something else.  It’s just astonishing.  I mean why should you put your sanity to the side to be politically correct?  Why should you?  It’s absolutely absurd.  It’s like a bird trying to pretend it’s a penguin, like a little sparrow or something; it’s not.  Once you say, well I guess it is, then you’ve just lost it, you see, you’ve caved in and you’ve been brainwashed.  I’ll touch on that later.


That’s how most stories are today.  We also get in this day and age a lot of nonsense like this following story, which is pretty typical, I’ve heard ones before along the same vein.  It says:


Federal Judge Slaps FBI for Continuing OKC Bombing Cover-Up


During a March 20 [2012] hearing in Salt Lake City, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups described as “astounding” the FBI’s claim that critical video of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing had simply gone “missing” –


(Alan:  Can you believe that?)


an assertion that buttresses attorney Jesse Trentadue’s belief that the Bureau has spared no effort to cover up critical facts about the atrocity.


Trentadue, whose brother Kenney was murdered by federal agents in Oklahoma shortly after the 1995 terrorist attack, filed a Freedom of Information Act request for surveillance video of Timothy McVeigh parking the truck bomb outside the Murrah Federal Building, and dashcam video of his arrest by a state trooper 90 minutes after the explosion.


(A:  Because that’s what everybody was told.)


The FBI claims that these indispensable pieces of evidence regarding what was at the time the worst terrorist act in U.S. history have simply vanished in the tenebrous depths of an official warehouse, much like the Ark of the Covenant was at the end of the first Indiana Jones film. The attorney filed his first FOIA request in December 2006, and the Bureau has done its formidable best to ignore, mislead, misdirect, and otherwise obstruct efforts to produce the records, as it is required to by law.


“The FBI has submitted several declarations from its top records manager to show the agency has searched electronic databases and evidence warehouses without success,” reports the Deseret News of Salt Lake City. “But Waddoups said the declarations lack credibility because they do not include firsthand knowledge or details about who, when, where or how the searches were conducted.”


Attorney Kathryn Wyer, representing the criminal clique that wittily calls itself the Department of Justice, produced the novel complaint that compelling the FBI to comply with its legal duty to find the video evidence – as opposed to conducting cursory database searches and then dismissing the matter – would be tantamount to issuing a “search warrant.”


This objection, which emits the pungent odor of bad conscience and the rank aroma of desperation, is absurd: The purpose of a search warrant is to protect the privacy rights of individual citizens from government invasion, not the reverse.


And it goes on about it in quite some detail.  That’s pretty typical, you understand.  That’s not the first time I’ve heard or read that critical evidence that cases were based on has just gone missing.  Happens all the time, apparently, so we’re told, and people believe it too. 


Mind you everyone’s busy getting entertained and working and, you know, just gazing out once they’re back home after work.  They don’t want to think.  They don’t want to think critically, for sure.  They just want to be entertained.  That’s why these guys can get away with these kind of things too.  Another thing too is, “Well it was in the past.  What does it matter?”  Well that past changed everything, because really it was a precursor to the 9/11 bombings. 


You understand too, that Clinton at the time was trying to pass an anti-terrorism bill through, long before 9/11 and it got turned down; the following weekend, boom, up went the building and it was passed the next weekend.  That’s how it was done.  That’s how you do things, you see.  If you want things done that’s how you do it. 


Here’s a bunch of course, they have DNA databases and everything and they’re claiming they just can’t find the evidence that everything was based upon at the time.  It’s gone missing, you know, just gone missing.  You know they’ve got more evidence on Jack the Ripper in London than they have on McVeigh.  Astonishing.  But really, is it?  Is it astonishing?


The world, you see, is run by the “old boys club”.  They call it the “old boys club” and at the top of the tree you’ve got the boys from Yale University and their war room in the Skull and Bones society, their little federation there.  And I can remember too, a few years back, some of the descendents of Geronimo were trying to get Geronimo’s skull back because the Skull and Bones had it in their fraternity building there, where they’ve got the Skull and Bones society.  They had the skull of Geronimo and Geronimo’s rifle; and so here was a descendent with proof that he was a descendent trying to get it back.  And of course, they just got the boys to laugh him out of the court, but he was a direct descendent, no doubt about it.  But what were these guys doing?  They lose nothing, believe you me, they lose nothing.  Maybe they’ve sold off the videos to some guys in Yale, who knows, for their weird entertainment.  We’ll never know.


We know very little at the bottom, you understand.  Because government is not there, amongst themselves this is how they describe it, their purpose is not to inform the public.  Their purpose is to create agendas and get the public going along, generally on a false premise, some other reason to go along with something.  We don’t even really get humored by them much at all.  And that is reality.


And across the world too, under this new feudalistic fascist socialist system we find that everything is being privatized.  I’ve mentioned this before that the left and the right work together.  They always have done, and Quigley pretty well says that in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  What you do when you get a Labor or left-wing party in, is you nationalize everything or you create big projects, and the taxpayer funds it, maybe 20 years, 30 years, until it’s up and running and all the problems have been worked out.  And new equipment replaced, the old stuff that was not quite up to standard or they’ve made improvements on it.  Then of course the right wing comes in and they privatize it.  It’s back and forth, back and forth.  So, the public always pay for big projects, is what I’m saying.


For every single privatization that’s happened in Canada and the States and elsewhere, the people are always fleeced.  Even though they’re always told at the beginning, “Oh, it’s going to make it more efficient and cheaper”.  Nothing ever happens that way.  Electricity has gone up 8 times what it was, since they privatized electricity in Ontario, for instance; same with water delivery to houses, and all these things.  Because you see privatization, they’re in it for the profit, you see, whereas when your councils run it and so on, it’s supposed to be not for profit; it’s not for profit, supposedly.  So, they’re basically doing all this stuff.  And in Britain, that’s the premier flagship for everyone to copy, you find that everything has been privatized; parking meter attendants are privatized, everything is privatized.


7,000 drivers' names sold to criminals: How DVLA made £21m selling details of 4.85m motorists


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has sold sensitive personal details of more than 7,000 drivers to a convicted criminal and his company.


(A:  Well, they’re pals in government.)


Today’s revelation comes despite the quango’s promises to clean up its act in the wake of a similar scandal seven years ago.

Yet The Mail on Sunday can disclose that the DVLA sold motorists’ names and addresses to a parking enforcement company just seven weeks after it admitted dozens of criminal offences.


(A:  They sold it after they knew, but they’re all in it.  Bribery goes on like crazy, you know, and nobody gets charged.)


Agency chiefs knew that Observices Parking Solutions and boss Douglas Harris had been fined £29,850 after a court ruled it had been ‘recklessly unfair’ to drivers last year –


(A:  That’s how they’d word it for them, like a pat on the wrist, “recklessly unfair”.)


but they still sold on the personal details.

The Mail on Sunday can also disclose the DVLA has sold 4.85 million drivers’ names and addresses to parking enforcement firms in the past six years at £2.50 a time –


(A:  That’s per name without checking what the companies use the private information for or whether it was even legitimate.


without checking if the companies’ use for the private information was legitimate.


This is standard and you’ve got to get used to it everywhere.  Because you see we’re living in the first world countries, they shouldn’t call them first world, we’re really third world now.  We’ve joined the third world.  You can tell by the junk we’re sold in your countries, everything falls apart as soon as you get it.  Nothing works the way it’s supposed to work.  That’s really third world standards.  Yet this third world, like Canada and the States, as we go down, is funding to build hospitals and dams for electric projects in China and India, and Brazil and elsewhere, where they’re bringing them up, under the auspices of the United Nations and the World Bank and the IMF.  That’s what’s happening.


We’re all service economies.  Which means you pass things around, once you bring them into the country.  Or you go into the hotel industry and just hope you get enough managerial class Chinese to come over and rent rooms from you.  I’m not kidding about this.  This is what it’s all about, a service economy.  Before they decided to bring the service economy into Britain, I can remember the debates about it.  This was all in preparation because we’d already de-industrialized with an agreement with the United Nations at the end of WWII, and by the late 70s we were to be pretty well completely de-industrialized.  Well, they really did it.  They never told the public this.  You had to go into the UN to find out, and from books written by people involved at the time.  The newspapers never mentioned why you were being de-industrialized.  And millions were tossed out of work.  Then they came out with this big massive propaganda program to go into service economies, service, and change sheets on beds and things, and that’ll be the new future.  And you know, in Britain they’re still churning that rubbish out.  I’ll get off that topic anyway.  It upsets me.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about sanity and things like that, because in a kind of Orwellian world, and we are in both Orwellian and the world of Aldous Huxley, Brave New World – both are going along simultaneously right now – you get taught what to say, what to think and what’s illegal to say, for instance.  How can something be legal to say and then suddenly illegal to say?  I’m talking about your sanity.  Your own personal sanity, you see, because we’ve seen the massive change and destruction of culture. 


Remember the family unit was to be destroyed by the communist manifesto, by the socialist manifesto and even by the right-wing-at-the-top manifesto, the ones who wanted to bring in this global system and structure.  To do that you must make everything vague, distorted, distorted thinking.  Then you must reverse thinking, even, that’s very Orwellian, doublethink, all that kind of stuff.  And never mention what your real thoughts are or you might get in trouble, hot water about it.  You understand, if you actually go along with that and get into true doublethink, believing two opposing things at the same time and are quite comfortable with that, then technically you’re mad, you understand.  Technically, you are mad. 


So, we’ve seen all the massive promiscuity from about the ’50s onwards really getting pushed ever more in each generation until everything is dysfunctional now.  Even the United Nations admits that some countries in the West are below replenishment level.  That’s why they say they must bring in massive immigration.  No one is having children.  They’re all rutting like rabbits but no one is having children, you see, to pay off the national debt.  That’s what Thatcher and others have said since. 


Here’s an article here, it’s to get you emotionally involved in something.


A transgender B.C. beauty queen will be allowed to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant after all.


(A:  And it goes into this person’s story.)


Vancouver's Jenna Talackova was named one of 65 original contenders for the beauty title, but was dropped from the Miss Universe Canada website days after bloggers discovered that she was born male.


(A:  Now, that generally would turn folk into the emotional side until they lose track of things and they just give up.)


The Donald Trump-owned pageant explained that Talackova "did not meet the requirements to compete" and representatives said their rules stipulated that contestants must be born female.


(A:  And that’s the wrong definition actually too.  You should say born female and they have ovaries and all the rest of it.  That’s what they should say.)


But the pageant organizers have now backtracked and say the buxom, 6-1 tall blonde can compete in the pageant in May, "provided she meets the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and the standards established by other international competitions."


(A:  So apparently this Talackova hired a legal counsel for the court in Canada, from the U.S. though:)


...Famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred


(A:  Well named, all red.)


was set to represent her south of the border, and had scheduled a press conference for Tuesday to announce what legal action she planned to take if Talackova was not allowed to compete.


The beauty queen has previously represented Canada at Miss International Queen, a transsexual beauty pageant in Thailand, where she placed as a finalist.

In an interview posted on YouTube, Talackova says she began to identify as a woman at four years old


(A:  That’s what they’re told to say now.)


and began hormone therapy at 14. She had her reassignment operation at 19.


(A:  A reassignment operation. That means you become a eunuch, you understand, if you’re born male.)


Let’s say things as they really are.  You become a eunuch.  Just like you get a bullock in a field, he’s had something snipped off.  Right?  And then you get plastic surgery, which is not making a real something.  It’s an attempt, an imitation by surgery to alter the appearance of something.  Right?  And having your gonads removed doesn’t mean, by the way, that you become a woman.  No, you become a eunuch. 


So anyway, I’ll put this up tonight and I’m sure people will go back and forth with their views.  Even, it’s quite funny when you read some of the comments.  Here’s somebody who’s PC, but it could be put in, again, just to get you going, by the station itself: “And she still won’t win because the pageant judges will be too closed minded to fantasize about having sex with her”.  I wouldn’t say that, you know, these judges tend to be all kind of for that themselves. 


Anyway, I’ll put that up.  That’s the sort of stuff you’re fed to make you insane.  That’s the purpose of it.  Because when you start calling someone who’s a he a she; because you’re told to, or you’re scared to say what you see or what is is.  Then you’re supposed to get into trouble.


Now, government has no right to mandate that you must call.  I mean you get people in hospitals that still think they’re Napoleon.  Supposing the government says we’re going to let them loose into the population and you must give them deference and call them Napoleon, or else.  Where would you go with that?  There’s people who think they’re Hitler.  There’s folk that think they’re God, actually.  Can you imagine that?  And then, not to offend them, you must call them God, eh, and even more perhaps.  This is the madness that political correctness brings into society as they try to blur all distinctions between a man and a woman and marriage, folks.  That’s the purpose of it, because marriage ends up with having children and they don’t want that.  They’ve said so.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about sanity and holding onto sanity as you actually go through and you’re forced through all these politically correct agendas that are out there.  And they are politically correct; they’re definitely agendas.  And they’ve got the backing of the big boys at the top that rule the world, telling you to accept insanity and be safe; or if you say what actually is, like you know 2 + 2 = 4, then you’re in big, big trouble.  As I say, if someone pretends to be a woman and actually is simply a eunuch with some alteration by a plastic surgeon and a bunch of hormones, still doesn’t have a womb, can’t produce children, doesn’t have ovaries and so on, it’s ridiculous to try and pretend that the visual is all there is to gender.  It’s not.  Surgery today can make you look like anything you want to, a humpback whale or whatever; I mean that’s just what they do.


So, hold onto your sanity, regardless of the accusations against being sane, that’ll get flung at you; because it’s a massive, massive PC agenda.  Youngsters especially are really brainwashed into this stuff at school for the new society that’s coming up.  Because you see, they want the depopulation agenda to turn up, producing very little, before they end up cloning us all and cloning the slaves, basically; they don’t want children.  They really don’t.  Look at all these articles on abortions and forced abortions and eugenics that are out right now, in your face.  They want to kill children up to the age of 3, some of them have suggested.  Because you’re not a person according to their strange law until you’re 3 years old.


What’s Canada really doing behind all this too?  Well, they’re of course splashing money across the planet with all these different free trade agreements, just like the US and Britain and everywhere else now.  At the same time they’re bringing down drastically the standard of living of every Canadian as they do it, because that is the agenda, too.  All your spending money will go to paying for energy, electricity, gas, whatever, gasoline, and taxes, more and more taxes.  That’s really the new method to get rid of you being consumers, a consumerist society.   No more, you see, it’ll be just essentials only.  That’s what they’ve decided so they’ve got to get rid of it some way.  It’s a substitute for war.  That’s where you get rid of your surplus, generally.  And eventually we’ll have no more wars because we’ve only got a couple of more countries to conquer, maybe a half a dozen at the most and they won’t take long.  So, they’ve got to have a substitute for war and then that’s when they bring you down into austerity, gradually, you see.


Canada's center-right government called for the retirement age to be raised and for major public service cuts Thursday, in an austerity budget that aims to balance the books by 2016.


(A:  This is a government, since they altered the Bank of Canada, which was a real bank of Canada, a government producing its own cash, until Trudeau came in and that’s when they really changed it back into the same private system where we borrow from private bankers.  It’s never been balanced ever since, you see.  Naturally, you can’t balance anything when you’re up to your eyes in debt.  That’s what you get when you go into privatized banking, central banking because every dollar is a debt dollar.  You borrow it with massive interest to be paid on it, for every dollar.  You can’t win, and so governments never balance their books.  When they say they’re balancing their books, what they mean is what they borrowed that year, they managed to pay back that year.  Not all the other years before that they haven’t paid back.  It’s con after con.  So anyway, it says:)


"Other Western countries face the risk of long-term economic decline.


(A:  What do you mean, other Western countries?  Is Canada excluded?)


We have a rare opportunity to position our country for sustainable, long-term growth," Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said in the House of Commons.


Tackling unpopular measures that many industrialized countries are being forced to consider as their populations age....


Now, understand, populations in every generation always have aged, but this is like the first time it’s ever happened in history.  What they’re really saying, but not saying, is that you don’t have enough children.  You don’t have enough children, because that’s the agenda, you see.  That’s why they have mass immigration.  That’s what was said in Britain too, and Blair actually pushed all that through.  That was admitted in the media.  So, as I say, we live in fantasy and there’s nothing worded clearly and coherently for you to understand.  You’re not meant to really understand the deeper picture, at all.


From Australia, they’re really being thrown through it very quickly, the whole free trade idea. 


Carbon cost emerges as an industry killer


(A:  Well, no kidding, eh?)


If you are serious about driving a company out of business there is a guaranteed way to succeed;  charge more for your services than competitors.


The same rule applies to countries, which is something Australia is about to discover with our carbon price from June 30 set at $23 a tonne, and Europe’s carbon price last night dropping to a record low of $7.89/t.


There are many differences between Europe and Australia, but one of the common threads linking all countries is the cost of power, especially electricity.


What Australia’s fixed $23/t starting price for carbon means is that our carbon tax, or buying permits in the emissions trading scheme which the Australian Government prefers to call its new tax, will be at three-times the going rate in Europe.


Differences in the way energy is produced, supplied and taxed, make direct comparisons between countries difficult, but that three-fold gap in carbon pricing is a sobering reminder that Australia is making itself a very high-cost country in which to do business.


And how did they work out this cost per tonnage?  It’s just guys with pencils and a few algorithms here and there tossed in to make it look really scientific.  It’s just guessing, folks.  It’s guessing.  But that’s the method to rule the world, it’s “Oh, the climate, we’ve got to save the climate”.  You know, weather changes, we’ve always had weather changes but now it’s a man-made thing.  They say, “It’s man-made and you’ve got to pay for it”.  Any excuse will do to get the peasant to pay, eh, and ultimately of course they’ve got to pay or they get put in the slammer, for more madness, you see.  Organized, literally scientifically-designed madness, but never scientifically provable.


Another article tonight too, is about a TV show that promotes euthanizing children with disabilities.  It’s very popular at the moment, apparently.  Anything is made popular by the media, especially television, and some well-known talk show hosts on television and saying the right things.  And folk have no brain of their own, “Oh, he must be cleverer than me so I’ll just adopt his opinions”.  It says:


Taking Mercy, an edition of the Global TV program “16x9” in Canada, concerns a mother, Annette Corriveau, who wants her children with disabilities to be killed by euthanasia. The show also features Robert Latimer, the man who killed his daughter Tracy in 1993. Tracy had Cerebral Palsy. The show speaks to pro-euthanasia ethicist


(A:  We’ve got ethicists about killing folk, you know.)


Arthur Schaefer who suggests that Robert Latimer should have been given “mercy.” Schaefer also suggests that Corriveau should simply stop feeding her children, but Corriveau says she does not wish to starve her children to death.

This is a dangerously one-sided show.

Taking Mercy represents the first serious attempt by the Canadian media to re-write the history of the Latimer case and to justify euthanasia for children with disabilities.


(A:  Can you imagine people who have disabilities, what they’re thinking when they see these shows?  Is anybody apologizing to them?  Do they get the same kind of status as people who get some plastic surgery and pretend that they’ve reversed their genders?  No, because they’re disabled, you see, they’re not producers.  A good producer and consumer, according to the United Nations, is a good world citizen.  And we pretend, we go through this hypocrisy of being fair, eh.)


Yesterday I received an email from Ari Ne’eman, a disability leader in the United States, who is asking people with disabilities to organize candle light vigils on March 30 at 5:30pm for disabled people who have been murdered by relatives or care-givers.

Today I spoke to Steve Passmore, a man who was born with Cerebral Palsy, who has actively opposed euthanasia and assisted suicide since Tracy Latimer was killed by her father.

Steve stated: “Many people in society view people with disabilities as having lives that can be euthanized, like a kept pet, because of pain and suffering, that he lives with everyday.”

Steve wants Robert Latimer & Annette Corriveau to know that he is not the same as a ‘kept pet’. He stated: “this story clearly shows the prejudice that people with disabilities experience in society and the threat that euthanasia and assisted suicide place on the lives of people with disabilities.”


It’s a worrisome thing to be disabled in this day and age.  If a baby could really work out what was happening at birth she’d be very worried too, the way things are going. Civilization, eh, run by experts, apparently.  Hell has come down folks and you’re in it.  And it’s going to get worse.


The EU, the Economic Union, this great Soviet structure with its secretive bunch at the top that run everything, they’re now really throwing their weight around:


EU threatens Hungary over refusal to implement austerity policies (A: That’s your poverty policies.) and 'authoritarian' new constitution


The European Union has stepped up pressure on Hungary over the country's refusal to implement austerity policies and threatened legal action over its new constitution.

The warnings escalated the standoff between Budapest and the EU, as Hungary negotiates fresh financial aid from Europe and the International Monetary Fund.


(A:  See, they’ve got you in the bag, you’re up to your eyes in debt.)


Over the past months, the country's credit rating has been cut to junk [standard] by all three major rating agencies, unemployment is 10.6 percent and the country may be facing a recession.


(A:  No kidding.)


But bailout negotiations broke down after Budapest refused to cut public spending and implemented a new constitution reasserting political control over its central bank.


(A:  Well, good for them.)


The EU fears the new constitution hurts the independence of the country's judges, its central bank and its data protection agency.

Some civil rights groups and the European Parliament have warned that the former Soviet-bloc nation of 10million, which led the fight against communism with its 1956 revolution, risks losing its democratic footing.


(A:  I was going to put “looting” there because they’re going to get looted.  Once you join the EU you get looted.)


EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn today also blasted Hungary's fiscal policies - which rely on unorthodox one-time measures instead of fiscal austerity.


(A:  Which is poverty. As I say, it’s about bringing down their standard of living.)


That’s what they want done to America too.  A United Americas is on their list.  They came out with the CFR declaration in 2005, and I taped it all.  They came out under their own guise as the CFR.  They said that they drafted up the amalgamation for the Americas that the 3 amigos signed.  They called them the 3 amigos; 2 presidents and a prime minister.


Of course, science is leading us all into this wonderful utopia as you all know.  Here it is:


Doctors have begun to treat non-diabetic obese women with drugs to reduce the size of their babies in the womb.


(A:  So, they want to reduce the size of babies in the womb.)


Doctors are using ultrasound technology to make decisions about the size of a baby in-utero.


In a world first trial, 400 overweight pregnant women in the UK and Scotland will be prescribed metformin - a drug that has been used for decades to treat diabetes and is cleared for pregnancy.


(A:  Well they must have cleared it recently.)


Researchers are hoping that taking metformin from the second trimester onwards will have result in smaller babies and cut the risk of stillbirth, maternal death and cardiovascular disease.

The trial has angered many health experts who say overweight mothers should be encouraged to exercise and eat properly rather than just pop a pill to produce a thinner baby.


Isn’t that the truth?  Isn’t that the truth today?  Mind you, you’ve got to stop and completely change your complete diet and the rubbish that you’re eating too.  There’s nothing out there that’s good for you, pretty well.  Even in the grocery stores.  There’s pretty well nothing.  It’s all been weaponized.  It’s all been weaponized, the food.




It's in the fine print: sex, Sachs and the city

Goldman Sachs has a 16 per cent stake in a company which runs a website that is a forum for the sex trafficking of under-age girls, writes Nicholas Kristof.


(A:  Well, I’m not surprised at all because in the particular law that they go by, those guys, you’re allowed to do that.)


The biggest forum for the sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a website called Backpage.com.

This emporium for girls and women - some of them under age; some forced into prostitution - is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media.


(A:  That’s a common one in New York.)


Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are. Now that mystery has been solved. The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs, which has a 16 per cent stake.


Goldman Sachs was mortified when I began inquiring last week about its stake in the US's leading website for prostitution advertisements. It began working frantically to unload its shares, and on Friday afternoon it called to say that it had just signed an agreement to sell its Backpage.com stake to management.


''We had no influence over operations,'' a Goldman Sachs spokeswoman, Andrea Raphael, told me.


Let's back up for a moment. There's no doubt that many escort ads on Backpage are placed by consenting adults, but it's equally clear that Backpage plays a major role in the trafficking of minors, or women who are coerced. In one recent case in New York City, prosecutors say that a 15-year-old girl was drugged, tied up, raped and sold to clients through Backpage and other sites.


Backpage commands 70 per cent of the market for prostitution ads, a classified ads industry organisation, the AIM Group, says.

Village Voice Media makes some effort to screen out ads placed by traffickers and to alert authorities to abuses, but neither law-enforcement officials nor anti-trafficking organisations are greatly impressed. As a result, pressure is growing on the company to drop escort ads.


After my last column on this issue, 19 senators wrote to the company, asking it to stop abetting traffickers. On Thursday, anti-trafficking campaigners protested outside The Village Voice newspaper, which is owned by Village Voice Media. A petition on Change.org criticising the company has gathered 220,000 signatures.


(A:  The big banking boys, of course, why should they miss that part of it?  A buck’s a buck, right?)


And they’ll have these same things all over the world; Thailand, and all those countries as well, I’m sure.  You’ll know that yourselves.  Why would they miss, as I say, a buck, here and there?


And what’s under capitalism, as they like to call their totalitarian control of the system?  What’s under capitalism that says it’s got to play fair with the populations, or the communities?  Nothing.  There’s nothing in all of their economic stuff to do with regulating immorality, of themselves, that is, or not making a buck off pain, for instance.  That’s the world we live in, eh.


Of course, you created it all, didn’t you?  You’re all democratic.  You created it all.  You had a chance and a say in setting up all of this structure.  Right?  You see, you all accept the fact you’re born into a system that must be normal, simply because it’s there, already.  You’ve got to stop thinking that way, and think about changing it.  You don’t have many chances left.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  We’ll go to the phones now.  There’s Darin from Ireland on.


Darin:  Hi Alan.


Alan:    Hello.


Darin:  Speaking of the whole medical system, I just want to read something quick from Plato’s Republic.  I think it’s verse 410.  “This then is the kind of medical and judicial provisions for which we will legislate in your state.  It will provide treatment for those of your citizens whose physical and psychological state is good.  As for the others, it will leave the unhealthy to die and those whose physical state is incurable, corrupt, it will put to death.”  I just want to ask one quick question.  I’ve just been thinking about all these real elites and the people who control the world.  Do you honestly think that the lazy boys, as you called them, do you think maybe they can live to nearly 200 years or even more?


Alan:    What’s admitted and even the guy who called us all maggots, he’s not even a zoologist, he’s a geneticist, David Suzuki.  He’s been on television for years and years about animals and depopulation of humans.  He himself came on Canadian television a few years back and said that we now have the capability to stop the aging process and make a person live to 500 years if we wanted to.  So, here’s one of your top globalists, one of Canada’s top shows for animals – they have one in every country; David Attenborough in Britain, who’s also for culling off the people – standing up and saying that live on television.  They do have this ability. 


What they teach you in university, and I’ve even read it too from Bertrand Russell.  Bertrand Russell said in the ’40s and ’50s, he says, at university level, he said, that’s where they’re kept at university level.  Even if you’re a professor you’re at university level.  There’s another level above that and the archives are only open to a select chosen few.  So, what you’re taught in university, or what you’re taught in the papers as the latest cutting-edge technology, whatever, is really obsolete.  And even when you’re a student in biochemistry, etc, you can’t find anything new on the same repetitive experiments you all have to do.  If you find something new, it’s not because it’s new, it’s supposed to be kept secret, and so the professor will come down on you and say, “Look, just stick to the program and be a good boy and you’ll get on in life”. 


So, there’s no doubt about it.  They’re copying the same agenda as Plato advocated.  Plato got it from Socrates.  Socrates got it from the system that kept going with Pythagoras.  It didn’t disappear.  So, these elites always came out with the same agenda of getting rid of what they called “the unfit”.  The rest of them, remember, he said, they’d interbreed tall people to pick apples off trees and small squat people would get married with other small squat people, obviously a real male and a real female, and they’d be miners and things like that.  So, it’s the same agenda.  And all the top elitists, including H. G. Wells, said that Plato, The Republic was his favorite book.  All the top globalists still say that, so they follow it.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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