April 10, 2012 (#1062)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 10, 2012:

You can Lead a Borg to Water,
but, You Can't Make Him Think:

"Thought Facebook was Collecting All You Say?
Well, They've Spread Their Branches into DNA,
Now Dream On with the New iPhone App.,
Will Record Your Dream-State When You Nap,
And iBrain to Interface Your Thoughts (If Any),
Then Share the Info. with Universities and Many
Hush Hush Agencies, All of a Kind,
Working Continuously to Control Your Mind,
For Those Who're Fearful with Consternation,
Remember, They Count on Your Participation"
© Alan Watt April 10, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 10, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 10th of April, 2012.  Newcomers, I always suggest that you look into the website and use it, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll find over a thousand hours of audio for free download, and I’ll take you through this system we call reality and show you how it really is and how you’re really trained from birth to see it in a different way of course, for the rulers to manage you better, really.  I go through the history of it and how the rich guys basically a long time ago decided to form clubs and then create foundations, as fronts, that would hire thousands of non-governmental organizations that would work in concert demanding things from governments.  Of course, it’s all on behalf of their masters that really are the international money boys that set up the club in the first place.  It’s their world.  They decided that it was better, in fact, for bankers and even Rockefeller said this, bankers and their own intelligentsia to run the world rather than leave it to politicians and nations to go on their own path by themselves, basically.  That’s roughly what he said and that’s what they decided to do.


So, you’re living through a script in other words.  Everything that happens on a major scale is a script, including the major wars of course.  They even publish them in advance, like the New American Century that published all the countries they were going to take out in the Middle East.  We’re living through a script and every major change in it, that’s cultural change, financial changes, depressions, that type of thing, are all part of it and we’re certainly ramping through it now because this is the century of change, as they called it at universities in the last century. This was to be the century of change.  So, hang on of course to your seats because you’re going through it whether you like it or not.  You can’t opt out from this and it’s pretty well global. The first world countries have to get the hardest crashing around that they’ve ever had in their entire lives, basically.  The third world countries, the second world countries are getting it hard already.  But the first world countries are to be pretty well smashed down to a much lower level and it’s still going on.


So, help yourself to that and remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. You should read the books too because it shows you the art of conology, and that’s what it’s called, of running the masses.  Conology is a very, very old art.  They’re still using it yet, of course.  In olden times it was much more simple.  They simply put things in code and so on, so that the literate ones could understand what they were really saying.  That was used right up until the 20th century, pretty much.  I show you how it was done and they did use the religions, too, that always seem to be on the side of the money boys down through the centuries, regardless of how the peasants had it, good or bad; generally bad.  And how really they’re bringing in this new religion that one of the Russian leaders actually mentioned too, he said, we’re creating a new religion for the masses, it must be based on a form of earth worship. 


That’s what they’ve got today. We’ve got a form of earth worship called sustainability, go green, all that stuff, and that’s what he was referring to.  That was Gorbachev of course that said that.  So, they brought it in and it’s a mantra now.  You can’t say anything about it.  It’s just like George Orwell’s 1984, with doublethink.  You must adapt to the new sayings, the new terms they use instantaneously if you want to survive in this new system; and of course, the bureaucratic types do immediately, so do the middle classes and all those at universities.


So I show you how it’s done.  As I say, buy the books and the discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Remember from the US to Canada you can use a personal check or international postal money order.  Send cash or you can use PayPal; across the world Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.


We’re living through a script as I say.  That’s the hardest thing for people to realize.  It isn’t until you can relate what’s happening today with the writings of the big boys that were put out in the past.  It simply verifies it.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix. When you look around the world and watch what’s happening in some countries like Greece, that’s been hammered and hammered and hammered with this idea of austerity measures that was forced upon them, through their technocrats at the top and of course the Central Bank of Europe being at the helm of everything now, for many countries. You can get a taste of how things can come back home to you, and people forget that too. We’re so used to watching television in a kind of schizophrenic way. When something’s over there it’s like it’s untouchable. It’s not really within our reach. It’s kind of like an outer limits or outer planet type thing and we don’t really take it so seriously.


Yet we forget that these depressions have been started before they rippled across the world and they all implement the same types of measures when it happens. And then you tie it up with, of course, the situation we’re in now where every country, Canada and the States included, because we’re all in it together, as they keep telling us, that we’re joined at the hip, etc. You see all the ammunition that’s getting brought into the States for Homeland Security. I mentioned that last week. I mean this is enough for a war basically, for Homeland Security. Now what do you think all that’s for?


See, most people get these little things and it’s out their head as soon as they go onto the next station or listen to the next host or whatever; it’s out their head immediately. Again, it becomes unreal to them. Things are happening for a purpose and the purpose is, of course, in case the U.S. actually crashes or they bring down some measures; maybe which they intend to bring down anyway, you see. It could be just one of these “if” preparations, but it could also be something that they’ve planned; you have no idea because the ones who run your country are not the ones that you see in the limelight, of course. You haven’t really had real presidents and prime ministers across the world for an awful long time.  We’ve got actors really, just low-level actors, that read their scripts. They don’t even write their own speeches for goodness sake.  And they get well rewarded for it, of course, and they get bigger rewards when they leave office if they’ve been good and signed all the bills they’ve been told to sign. The much bigger boys above that run the world and even that goes back to Benjamin Disraeli, in fact, in Britain, who said that the ones who really run the government behind the scenes are people you’d never suspect, basically.  And you never see them. They never come forward like the Rockefellers even; he’s known, the family is known. These are people who you never hear about. Their names are never mentioned in the media. In fact, they’re kept out of the media; very powerful, very powerful people.


So as I say, it’s a sad thing when we can’t relate to other countries and see what’s going on and bring it back home; because the signs are all around you. In fact, in the US I’d say that one day they’ll write a book about this and it’ll be a kind of drama type sci-fi book because all the signs are there, that you’re under total martial law, which is incrementally implemented because they don’t want to scare you too much by bringing it all down at once. So they bring it a bit at a time, here, over there, behind you, in front of you, and you adapt and you adapt. We’re awfully good at adapting to things, aren’t we? Awfully, awfully good.


The elite have always known this too, because they get archives of information on how populations have been managed in the past, to do different things and prompted to do different things, or forced to do different things and how they adapt to it. So that’s why they have the big boys at the top, to advise the real governments what to do and how to handle the masses, basically.


They’ve got it so worked out today that they have us all categorized into different groupings of people who will always be passive, those who get a bit upset, those who still think politics will solve it and start yelling and protesting, and those that might even go further. Everyone is categorized today; through the internet, of course, and the constant uptake of all your data and putting you into different categories; and all your e-mails and all the rest of it too. They know the blowhards. They know the ones who would do something. They’ve got it all worked out.


It’s amazing too how all of this big push for globalism ends up at this stage when they give you the internet too. It’s all meant to be this way, at this time, with all these things together, of course. So they can manage it so perfectly, through the “great transitions” as they like to call it, into the new “sustainable” way of living. And yet each part of this sustainability at one time or another would have caused riots in the streets, but we adapt to it so coolly now because it doesn’t hit you all at once. It doesn’t take all of your pay from you at one go.


And then when you compare it to other countries like Greece, they’re getting the full brunt of it all. And lawlessness is starting to abound there and people have to steal to live, food and all the rest of it. You’d do the same thing. The only difference is, over here, of course, they know who would steal or go fishing when they shouldn’t, without a license, all that kind of stuff, to feed themselves. You’re very predictable in the West.


Here it says:


Cop shop: Crisis-hit Greece rents police for €30 per hour


Greece is offering a ‘cop-for-hire’ service, renting out policemen for €30 per hour, plus €10 if you want a police car too. It triggered fears that security of people who cannot afford a policeman for hire may be affected in favor of those who can.


(Alan: Well of course it will.)


This new way for the cash-strapped Greek state to raise money will "pay for the cost of using police materials and infrastructure, and allow to modernize them", the Ministry of Citizen Protection said in a statement.


(Alan: We’ve all got these ministries now, eh. The US have got the ministry, just call it the Ministry of Homeland Security. Department is the same thing. Public Safety is another one they like too. They’ve used that since the French Revolution when they chopped the heads off of folk.)


The Police services on offer were previously used in "exceptional cases" – escorting the transportation of dangerous material or art works and were free of charge. Now, Police services have a price-tag. If you need something special the hourly fee for patrol boats is €200, and €1500 for helicopters, according to the Proto Thema newspaper.


Even though the ministry said it would only accept such hires if they do not affect the security forces’ operational capacity, only those with the cash will benefit from the initiative. The newspaper says the less wealthy will be left to deal with crime by themselves.


(Alan: You understand, that will all come here too.  And you can probably hire everything. You can get drones and the whole lot in the US; and maybe about 10 dozen SWAT teams or something.)


The financial crisis left Greece with rising unemployment, a fast-growing crime rate and a surge in illegal immigration. Security has substantially deteriorated in the Greek capital in recent years, with previously safe and calm neighborhoods of the city becoming literally off limits after nightfall.


(Alan: That could so easily happen in the cities of Canada and the States and elsewhere, so easily. Look at Britain; they’re talking about the flash mobs. A flash mob can be started by the authorities themselves, of course. And then all the followers jump in on it. They can have riots when they want. Made-to-order riots, basically.)


The Athens City Council described the situation as, "The city’s historic center and other major areas are suffering desertification, all manner of criminal activity and manifestations of violence, insecurity, lawlessness, the impoverishment of significant numbers of people – both native inhabitants and foreign nationals, illegal prostitution and illegal drug trading."


Youth unemployment is soaring as high as 50 per cent, driving some to leave the country, others to protest, and a few to resort to breaking the law.


That’ll happen in every country, whenever the big banking boys decide to put the slap on you. They slap the ticket on you. It’s all planned that way. All planned that way. And how will you react to it when it all comes down? Because it’s going to come down; you don’t create a police state unless you’re going to use it. You can use it for positive reinforcement, basically, forcing the public by fear, to go along with things.


You’re getting down to what was – and Britain is very much like this – the Soviet Union at one time; they called them the grey people on the streets. Everybody walked, looking at the sidewalk, looking down. You didn’t want to look at anybody’s eyes. You didn’t want to look at the cameras above you. You don’t behave the same way, you’re not spontaneous and normal when you know you’re being observed all the time.


Well, that’s what we’re under today and it’s going further ahead and further ahead and further ahead. The difference in the US, I’d say, is that with all the apps that are coming out to monitor yourselves, you’re helping them. In fact, the head of the CIA said that, at one point: the people are actually helping us; they’re being spies themselves, even on themselves, by getting all these apps. So it’s the only one in history probably to go down willingly, I guess, by giving the bosses all they want.


I’ll put up a link tonight too, to do with the EU referendum.  It says:


Leaders of the UK’s three largest parties have rejected calls for an EU referendum

Nearly 90% of those who voted in a public poll over Britain’s membership of the EU have backed calls to stage a referendum, campaigners say.


Some 14,590 people in Thurrock, Essex, returned postal ballot papers or voted electronically - a 30% turnout - said cross-party group People’s Pledge.


So they’re all for having another referendum to get Britain out of the EU. That would cause an internal war because the elite don’t want that. It’s been planned for a long, long time to get them into this EU. In fact, Britain was to be the flagship to create it all, which it was, from London of course, I’m talking about the City of London, where all the real orders come from.  So, I’ll put that link up tonight as well.


Now, it’s astonishing how many foreclosed homes there have been in the US, in the millions. We know that Obama has given contracts out to big groups that come in and buy them wholesale, like job lots, for peanuts, as well. That’s how things work, with your friends at the top. The American taxpayers are left, not just paying for it all but taking care of the houses as well. I’ll read about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks. I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about all the homes, these repossessed homes that the US government now is in charge of. They’ve been selling off vast job lots of them, across the whole country, lots of Israelis are getting in on it too, because real estate tends to, if you buy it so darn cheap for goodness sake, sometimes six grand for a house, and they get into the thing and it goes up in price later down the road. Some say it’s better then coinage in gold and all the rest of it.  This article says:


American taxpayers own


(A: I like how they word it too, like you own this, right?  No, you owe the debt.)


close to 200,000 vacant houses, and over the next year they will spend more than $40 million just to mow lawns at these properties. Taxpayers also foot the bills to paint walls, fix cabinets, plant flowers and more -- expenses that just last year, exceeded a half a billion dollars.


(A: That’s just so as that they can give it to their buddies, you see, in job lots for peanuts.)


The housing bailout has already cost taxpayers $124 million, now Americans are spending hundreds of millions more fixing up foreclosed homes to try and sell them.


(A: It costs them a lot more than that because you have the banks to bail out too, right.)


It is a bizarre and expensive side effect of the housing market collapse and failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants that went into federal conservatorship in 2008.


(A:  By the way, Fannie Mae keeps putting its hand out every 3 months for millions and it gets it. There is quite a lot of articles out there about that too.)


Fannie Mae alone repaired nearly 90,000 homes last year.


(A: So I guess the taxpayer is giving Fannie Mae the cash and they fix them up.)


"That is a lot of homes, and it is a lot of materials that need to be purchased," said Jay Ryan, Fannie Mae’s vice president of real estate owned homes.

Ultimately, Ryan said, Fannie Mae pays electricity bills, property taxes, and the costs of general upkeep of properties to make sure houses are ready to sell. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have already sold hundreds of thousands of homes, but they continue to foreclose on thousands more every month. Real estate experts say getting rid of all of them is not going to happen any time soon.


It goes on and on and on.  It’s such a disgusting thing what’s happening. These guys aren’t going to jail. They get the occasional character; recently they picked a few of them. Here’s one, for instance. They throw them to the public but they let the big boys go free.  It says:


NY equities boss pleads guilty in $66 million mortgage fraud case


(A: So, they pick a small guy.  That’s small, 66 million.)


The president of a New York brokerage firm pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiracy in a $66 million mortgage fraud scheme -- the latest victory in U.S. President Barack Obama’s campaign against financial fraud.


(A: Well, it’s a token thing and to boost Obama up too, obviously.)


Gerard Canino, President of First Class Equities, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud in a New York federal court, said the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years prison.

"As the president and owner of First Class Equities, Gerard Canino should have promoted responsible homeownership and protected the integrity of the mortgage finance industry," Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement.

"Instead, he used his firm to commit a massive mortgage fraud scheme that left scores of foreclosed properties in its wake. With today’s plea, Canino now stands convicted for his role in this brazen scheme."


(A:  What about Fannie Mae and all the rest of them? How come they’re getting money and grants every other month?)


Canino’s lawyer, Stuart Kaplan, described his client as "contrite and forthright in accepting his responsibility."


(A: But what he did was:)


The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Canino and his firm recruited "straw buyers" - people who posed as home buyers to purchase distressed properties but who had no intention of paying the mortgages.


(A: Well, they were all doing that for goodness sake. There have been enough documentaries on television about them passing them up to the biggest banks in the US. They all knew it. They were all in on it.)


Instead, the bank loans to buy the properties were transferred to Canino and his co-conspirators. Court papers said the Long Island-based firm ran the fraud from 2004 to 2009.

Canino was charged last August, along with 13 others. The trial of his co-defendants is set to begin on July 2.

The case involved coordination with Obama’s


(A:  Why do they keep saying “Obama’s”?  It’s just like a PR thing for Obama.)


Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, which was created in 2009.


So, they’re going after the small fry but letting the big boys off; they have to let the big boys off because they run the country. What happens if you put them all in prison?  The banks will go down again, you know.


Now at the top, I think everyone has caught on to the fact, eventually, that Google is really an arm of the NSA. It was set up to be so. When you look into the history, for instance, of the CIA, MI6 and other countries’ main spy programs, they have many front organizations out there. Legitimate front, real organizations that will really sell things and do things and stuff like that.  But behind the scenes, they go much, much higher. Even a lot of the electronic companies, especially the electronic companies, are often really big legitimate fronts. You’ll find they’re all interconnected and often at the top, the CEOs of these corporations are ex-CIA, ex-this and ex-that. So it’s the revolving chairs, you know, it’s the musical chairs story. They’re all one at the top; they have to be at this time for a global society.  It says:


DARPA Director Goes to Google But Probes Continue


Twin probes into possible irregularities in the awarding of contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars during the tenure of Regina Dugan at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will continue even though Dugan has left the agency for a position at Google.


(A:  So, they just go back and forth like musical chairs, one department to the next. Government to private, government to private, but the private really is still an agency. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, reading about the musical chairs as CEOs and directors jump from one government position into, what seems to be, a private position, but it’s really like the NSA they’re jumping into and things like that. Because Google and all these big ones are all part of the agencies, whether you like it or not.  It says:


Twin probes into possible irregularities in the awarding of contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars during the tenure of Regina Dugan at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will continue even though Dugan has left the agency for a position at Google.


(A:  See, you can’t have people in such high positions with all the dope on everybody, all the data on everyone and who’s doing what and etc, and then jump into Google, if Google was truly nothing but a private organization. It doesn’t work that way.)


Both special audits of the agency are ongoing, Bridget Ann Serchak, a spokesperson for the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DODIG),


(A: Which is called Dodig, by the way.  They love these, eh?)


told PCWorld this week.

Serchak declined to comment on when the audits would be completed. "We never speculate on completion dates for projects," she said.


(A: Well that’s government, eh?)


The DODIG’s office announced the first in a series of planned audits of DARPA in August 2011. The first audit will "determine the adequacy of DARPA’s selection, award and administration of contracts and grants awarded in FY 2020 and FY 2011 for research and development projects," the DODIG’s office wrote in a letter to Danielle Brian, executive director of the Project On Government Oversight (POGO),


(A: POGO, like the pogo stick, right?  So I guess they can hop over the things that they’re not supposed to talk about.)


a federal watchdog group.

It was POGO that waved a red flag over contract procedures at DARPA in a letter to DODIG


(A: Isn’t this wonderful, POGO and DARPA and DODIG?)


Gordon S. Heddell. In the letter, dated May 9, 2011, POGO’s Brian wrote that her organization was concerned about possible conflicts of interest between Dugan and RedX Defense, a bomb detection firm that Dugan founded and where she retains a financial connection.


(A:  So, even though they’re involved in government, they’ve got all these private little deals going on amongst themselves. But so what, because I mean look at the guys that came in in Homeland Security at the top and ended up getting the contracts for all the x-ray devices that you walk through, when they left. This is from the top down, it’s all, we used to call it in Britain, rank, meaning rotten, you know.)


"RedX Defense has received approximately $6 million in contracts from DARPA since it was founded," Brian wrote. "The company received about 30 percent of the $6 million, or $1.75 million, since Dugan became the Director of DARPA."


So, there you go, POGO and DARPA and DODIG and all that.  You need a whole new dictionary for these characters, don’t you? Because they intentionally do this, so as you can’t keep up with them all. The problem is too that government is cancerous. It throws off metastases every so often. And they throw off metastases until you’ve got nothing but secondaries all over the place. And they just keep growing and growing and growing.  I wonder if they’ve got a dictionary for the computer for all these particular governmental departments? Just for us, you know, to explain it to the simpletons at the bottom, but that’s probably top-secret.


That’s the farce that we live in today. We’ve lived under this system for a long, long time. Look at Chertoff, he got all the contracts for those machines and everything else. No one went after him.


I also want to just mention tonight about different things. We know, for instance, that many programs out there are after specific things about the general public. It’s almost they’re specializing in certain areas of either your psyche or the body or whatever.  This one’s about the iBrain, it can read your mind, so it’s enlisted Stephen Hawking, it says. Now, already with Facebook and so on, they’re collecting DNA. They’ve got massive programs there to put everybody down, and your family, and so on, and they’re collecting your DNA across the world. It’s one of the biggest collectors of documentation of family histories, so they can match it up with DNA and so on.  This one here is from iBrain, it says it can read your mind.


iBrain can ‘read your mind’; enlists Stephen Hawking


A team of California scientists have developed the world’s first portable brain scanner, and it may soon be able to "read a person’s mind," playing a major role in facilitating medical breakthroughs.


(A: So, it’s really for medicine. It’s always for medicine, right?  You know that’s what it’s for.)


"This is very exciting for us because it allows us to have a window into the brain. We’re building technology that will allow humanity to have access to the human brain for the first time," said the project’s leader, Phillip Low.

KGTV reports that the device, created by San Diego-based NeuroVigil, and dubbed the iBrain, fits over a person’s head and measures unique neurological patterns connected to specific thought processes.


Low says the goal is to eventually have a large enough database of these brainwaves that a computer could essentially read a person’s thoughts out loud. One person who has already tried out the iBrain is famed physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking.


"We’d like to find a way to bypass his body, pretty much hack his brain," said Low. This past summer, Low traveled to Cambridge, England, where he met with Hawking, who was asked to think "very hard" about completing various tasks while wearing the device.


NeuroVigil says the device could be used at home by individuals and worn during sleep. It comes equipped with a USB port for transferring the recorded data to a local computer.


Beyond so-called mind reading, the device has potential medical applications....


And they always say that.  “Don’t worry about it, it’s for medicine,” and so on.  So, that’s one article that popped up. Another one is to do with one that’s already out there, actually, you can buy the thing, getting the public ready. It’s called “NeuroSky - Brainwave Sensors for Everybody”, as it’s selling this stuff for you to use at home. But, of course, all this stuff that it collects on you will be sent back to its own particular organization and company, so there’ll be a database on your brainwave patterns and so on. I noticed too, they’ve got little quips there too, to do with Harvard and different universities where it says they actually have 7000 brains, I think, stored at Harvard.  They like to cut them up, these neuroscientists, and look at them and stare at them and things like that.


Then the iPhone has one for sweet dreams, a new app, it says:


Want sweet dreams? Now there’s an app for that


Once, the only way you could supposedly influence your dreams was by regulating your cheese consumption before bed.


These days, however, things are little more hi-tech. Scientists have invented a phone app they claim lets you create your perfect dream, by playing a ‘soundscape’ that subliminally influences the sleeping mind.

Users can take their pick from peaceful rural settings, busy street scenes, or even dramatic adventures set in space.


While it may sound rather like a sinister plot from a science fiction film, Professor Richard Wiseman, who helped develop the programme, believes it could aid those who suffer from sleeping disorders or depression.

The Hertfordshire University psychologist plans to collect thousands of records from users of the app as part of a mass experiment for the Edinburgh International Science Festival to find out how easy it is to influence dreams.


(A: Now, if they can influence your dreams, they can influence your waking thoughts as well.)


The app, called Dream: ON, is free and can be downloaded by iPhone users from today.


(A:  Now, anything that’s free you know is collection of data for them; in this case it’s science.)


An Android version is planned for later in the year.

Before going to bed, the user selects the time they want to wake up and chooses their ideal dream scenario.

They then put their phone face down on the mattress – ideally close to their head –


(A: Oh, that’s wonderful, it’ll fry you during the night.)


and it uses a motion sensor to detect when the sleeper is dreaming.

During the night, we pass through cycles made up of three different stages of sleep. During deep and light sleep, the first two stages, we are restless in bed.

But during rapid eye movement, or REM sleep – the time in which we dream – the brain paralyses the body so we don’t act out our dreams and harm ourselves.


(A: Have you ever done that, you’ve actually acted out your dream? And you know, you’ve fallen off a bed or something?)


The app waits until the last period of REM sleep before the chosen waking time, then plays the soundscape.

Once this dreaming sleep is over, the app wakes up the user within a minute to increase the chances of them remembering the dream. They are invited to record their dream


(A: You’re invited to, like they don’t do it anyway automatically.)


and submit a description into an online database.

Some of the soundscapes are designed to encourage ‘lucid dreaming’, where the sleeper is aware they are dreaming and can influence what happens.


(A: I like those dreams because if something is bad you just choose another door and go somewhere else.)


Soundscapes featuring the mimicked voices of celebrities, actors and even President Barack Obama....


Oh [laughing] how wonderful, eh? Isn’t it just great?  As I say, they’re just up to all this stuff and you understand, this is not for your fun. None of this is for your fun. It’s always sold that way.


The Genetic Social Network: Facebook has your Personal Information; Now Google wants your DNA


(A:  That’s what I was talking about earlier.)


Facebook has amassed a gigantic database of human intelligence from its millions of users. This information has been used by police in the arrest of suspects, and is milked by marketers. What if a similar system gathered genetic information?  In 2005 it was revealed in a book called The Google Story that Dr. Craig Venter, known for his creation of synthetic lifeforms, was in discussions with Larry Page and Sergey Brin [founders of Google] to: “…generate a gene catalogue to characterize all the genes on the planet and understand their evolutionary development. Geneticists have wanted to do this for generations… Google will build up a genetic database, analyze it, and find meaningful correlations for individuals and populations.”


Google has been funding a program to do just that called '23 and me'.


In 2006 the organization was co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Will the general public be acclimated to share their genetic information online as they were with Facebook to share personal information? Facebook has altered the public perception of privacy.


(A: Hasn’t it though, eh?)


As Time magazine reported in 2010, “The willingness of Facebook’s users to share and overshare — from descriptions of our bouts of food poisoning (gross) to our uncensored feelings about our bosses (not advisable) — is critical to its success.”


A recent article from Discover magazine pointed out that: “Many researchers believe that personal genomics will really not hit the biomedical sweet spot until you have on the order of a million people sequenced. But even then in the American system how to get a hold of all that information is going to be problematic, since it will likely be decentralized.”


(A:  It goes on into a lot of this stuff to do with the US military and so on. It says:)


Samples have even been provided to U.S. Military labs.


(A:  That’s to do with the DNA of the newborns, and so on.  That’s been known for years.)


Also present in this issue is the prospect of who own the copyright your DNA.


(A: Well, they’ve told us that they own it because they discovered it. It was always there but they discovered it. Kind of like planting a flag in it or something.)


If the government already has a database of millions of people’s DNA, what function could an organization like '23 and me' fulfill?

Managing public perception


(A: That’s the most important thing that everything runs on, is public perception.)


Managing public perception is perhaps where the answer can be found. Having your DNA in a database to share with your friends in a familiar social network setting is a good way to introduce the masses to the idea. Also, Google is an extension of government agencies. As Facebook has proven, it is much easier to have the general public willingly volunteer their personal information.

The Yale Scientific Magazine announced earlier this month that with the '23 and me' genetic social network, “…it is easier than ever for people to find out their genetic risks for diseases,


(A: That’s how they sell everything to the people. Isn’t it? Alter your perceptions. “We’re concerned about you and you don’t know what you’re prone to; we’ll find out for you.”)


as well as connect with others who share parts of their genome.” It remains to be seen whether '23 and me' will become a widespread success like Facebook, but it certainly has a powerful backing. As of last year, '23 and me' reached 125,000 users who have submitted gene samples.


(A: There’s the stupid people for you.)


Google founder Larry Page met with Craig Venter in California at the Edge billionaires meeting in 2010. Also present were representatives from the State department (A: of course), Bill Gates (A: of course), Anne Wojcicki, Bill Joy and dozens of other tech company CEO’s and scientists. The Edge billionaire meetings have discussed the future of genetic engineering, biocomputation and re-designing humanity.


(A: “Redesigning humanity”. That’s what all these things you’re playing with are all about, you see.)


Physicist Freeman Dyson described the individuals leading this group as having god-like power to create entirely new species on earth in a “New Age of Wonder”. He describes them as: “…a new generation of artists, writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses, might create an abundance of new flowers and fruit and trees and birds to enrich the ecology of our planet.”


(A: And lots of willing zombies too, I’m sure.)


The technological elite are engaged in a mission to attain full spectrum dominance over life and its complex processes, and in the process re-write the genetic code of the planet. The harvest of your genetic information brings this vision a step closer to reality.


(A: And you buy it all, of course, and you play with it; some of it’s free, mind you. And your inquisitiveness into “Oh, I wonder who else is related to me?” All these little carrots get you hooked into it and you just can’t pull away and you’re basically dooming yourself. Dooming yourself altogether. You can’t stop most folk, you know.  It’s like lemmings going over the hill, you can’t stop them.)


Now there’s Chris from California hanging on the line there. Are you still there Chris?


Chris: Hi Alan.  What appears, Alan, that the model of psychological warfare that the globalists employee, that you have described, effectively disables the resistance. Including shows like your own which draw back the curtain. And I say that because the avalanche of information you provide is so overwhelming that the public will often draw back with a feeling of despondence, or anger, or depression. And as you’ve described that serves to reduce the capacity to respond.


Alan: I’ll interject here and tell you something. You cannot save the majority of the general public because they’re so into this dream state of surf, surf, surf. I’ve read so many articles from the elite’s point of view on their surfing habits, that they themselves cannot handle information and you don’t worry about the majority of the public because they don’t know what’s going on and they don’t care to know what’s going on.


That’s also come out in so many studies after studies after studies. And they’ll always be like that. These are the people you can give even basic information to, and they’ll tell you, I don’t want to hear it. Also with the New Age group, there’s a whole massive New Age movement out there too, they’ll actually condemn you for exposing this stuff because they say you exposing it will make it happen. Like it’s all in your mind, you know, and you create it by just thinking about it, you understand.


And you cannot target the general population. You can’t target them.  You can only target the ones who are already up and coming up into a much higher understanding, that’s why I call it the matrix, because those are the ones who can handle it, and they don’t forget the things that they shouldn’t do.


They remember the things they shouldn’t volunteer to do and they don’t get caught up in all this kind of stuff. And a lot of young people believe it or not, a lot of young people have thanked me, who were ready to plunge into a lot of this stuff and give all their data and stuff away. So, I’m not really going for the general population. Eighty percent of the general public are oblivious to what’s happening on a daily basis and even a yearly basis. They adapt from pre-9/11 to post-9/11. They adapt to troops on the streets and think nothing of it. And their life to them is pretty well unchanged as far as they actually see it, and these are from government studies. Hold on and we’ll be back after this break.


Hi folks. I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about really it’s news and exposure to news, who can handle it, who can’t handle it, and is there a danger of overload. There’s always a danger of overload for those who cannot handle it, of course. That’s just the way life happens to be, there are people who’ve got different cracking points. You’ve got to understand, you cannot target a whole audience or a whole generation or a whole population and expect them to even retain most of what you’re even speaking about. They won’t, they’ll go off into the next program or they’ll go off and play with their different apps and they’ve forgotten all about it.


A lot of people actually are beginning to use all of this as entertainment, you understand. Even the whole idea of patriot radio has gone off into entertainment and that’s a bad, bad sign when that happens.


Chris: I agree entirely and that’s part of the reason I called in. One of the concerns I have, as you mentioned, that 80% of the public is in a zombielike trance. They learn to adapt over time. And I think that solidifies the notion that the globalists are invincible and unfortunately it’s hard to conclude otherwise the way I’m listening to your breakdown. I began to question at what point do we say enough is enough, what’s it going to take.


Alan: Well, understand that 80% has been pretty well fixed for well over a hundred years. They’ve done so many studies. Britain has done incredible studies, even in the late 1800s, on the general population, how much they’d put up with, the different classes and so on. Every country does this, by the way. And it’s generally always steady around 80%, the same 80-odd percent that Huxley talked about. They’re always in a semi-hypnotic state he said and are very suggestible. That’s why they accept the mainstream media and are quite happy listening to it every night. So it’s always within a 20% that changes take place.


Chris: Just one question and I’ll conclude here. Do you think that the patriotic radio shows are in fact contributing to the very system they seek to take down?


Alan: If they don’t talk directly to what to avoid on an individual basis they certainly can be doing it.  I mean fear itself, and I’ve mentioned this before, fear is addictive.  Again, you’re not going out for the audience who want to be fearful, at least I hope not.  For those who can handle truth, truth is an awful thing to handle and it’s going to alter you regardless. It will alter anybody, just knowing the truth because you’ve got a completely different perspective on life and yourself and your place in life and those around you, as you had before. Lots of folk do go through that and almost crack up, some do crack up when they go through it, but it has to be done. If anybody is going to come through any of this, it has to be done, with the knowledge, you know.


Chris: Indeed, and to me the breaking point is the vaccinations; they’re weaponizing the food supply.


Alan: Well of course; I would never take a vaccination for anything, and the food too. The sad part about the truth is really they’ve been poisoning us since at least the end of World War II, pretty heavily. With the intensive farming and all the chemicals, which they knew. They knew what it would do to the public, down the road. That’s why they were bombasting the public, “oh, the baby boomers,” after World War II, “oh, they’re going to be a terrible danger down the road. There’s too many of them”, long before they were getting sick; they knew they would be getting sick because of the stuff they were using on the food and then they brought in the GM as well. Then they hit them with all with so many inoculations. It’s just astonishing but they knew what they were going to do. They planned it a long time ago.


Chris: Continue the good work, my friend.


Alan: And you too and take care. Yeah, it’s a sad thing to hold onto, is your sanity but you’ve got to do it and you will change, going through this. You will change. If you want to be the same just stay the way you are. But if you want to understand on a high level what’s going on, then go for it. It’s worth it in the end.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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