April 11th, 2012 (#1063)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 11th, 2012:

Gross National Wellness:

Gross National Wellness is Now, You See,
More Important than GDP,
A New Diktat from Ban Ki-moon,
Now All Sing this New Looney-Tune:

"With Globalism, You Must Learn to Be Selfless,
Be Austere, Poor, 'cos it's All About Wellness,
Your Earnings, Taxed, Must Flow Offshore
To Deserving Folks Who Need it More,
En Route it Passes Through Various Banks
Which Take Their Cuts and Give Us Thanks,
"A Wondrous Thing for Your Foreign Brothers",
Buying Birth Control for Foreign Mothers,
Every Prime Minister is in On the Scam,
Well Aware Long Before Each Ran,
Through NAFTA, GATT, the WTO,
Watch Employment Pack Up, Watch Jobs Go,
It was All Planned Before You were Born,
But Hey, How's Your Wellness, Don't Be Forlorn"
© Alan Watt April 11th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 11th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 11th, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest that you make use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And youíll find lots and lots of audios for free download, where I take you through the reality behind this system youíre born into, the one that youíre taught is reality.  Itís actually a fake, actually.  And your whole existence is going to be a matter of programming you to believe in the fake reality.  Itís always been that way.  Because, remember, the art of governing peoples is ancient, ancient.  And if you look into the ancient histories of the different religions that were used from the earliest possible times that we have any record of, religion was awfully important on behalf of leaders for keeping people well behaved and servile to their masters.  And today, of course, religion has been pushed out of the way, basically, and they have science behind it, neuroscience and so on, and behaviorism.  Thatís how they run us today.  And your parents didnít know to tell you, because they didnít know either.  They believed the reality that was indoctrinated into them.  And then, you get it at school as well, when you leave your parents, and you must in fact get that early indoctrination at school in order for later propaganda to take effect.  And Jacques Ellul who was a great philosopher talked about that. 


So, as I say, help yourself to the website, because itís awfully important to know the books, etc, that the big boys themselves have written on the subject of controlling all of you.  Iím talking about the whole world over in fact, because itís a global agenda.  And when they decided to start it, who got together to form their first club, and how they financed it.  Really, money is the technique of running the world today, and debt, of course.  So, help yourself to that.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you, because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  And therefore, I depend upon you for buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† From the US to Canada, remember you can use a personal check, to order that is, and you can also use an international postal money order, or you can use PayPal.  Some people just send cash.  And across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  And remember, straight donations are really, really, really welcome right now. 


Now, reality is the key to everything.  Reality is what it all hinges on, what you take of as being real.  All children come into the world and they look around them.  If their parents arenít worried about things, theyíre not worried.  And therefore everything around them at that time must be normal.  Thatís as simple as that.   You can be born into a totalitarian state, as weíve had examples of the past.  And you could always point the finger in fact at a totalitarian state and say, well, thank goodness weíre not like them.  Well, you canít do that anymore, because, you see, you are the totalitarian state.  Itís across the world.  Itís the same one system across the world, all arranged by multitudes of councils under the United Nations, to make it all standardized.  So, you have no one to point the finger at, really.  And because the children are born into this system, theyíll grow up thinking itís all quite natural to go through all the different paraphernalia for metal detection at school, pat-downs, and then itís a simple matter of continuing it through their adult life, as they go to airports, if they can even travel by then. And even on the roads now, and things like that.  Totalitarianism, you see. 


Because at the phase of transition, from the old system to the new system, you have a clash.  And people get upset with clashes.  They donít understand really whatís happening, most of them.  And therefore, youíve got to have a totalitarian, Orwellian system, as you bring in, alongside it, parallel with it, the Brave New World scenario.  Weíre in both of them right now. 


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I was thinking about reality and normalizing things; thatís the term they use today.† Itís a new normal, thatís what I call it and thatís been picked up and used with the mainstream too.  Lots of new normals are coming out too.  Itís very Orwellian, where you have doublethink, and youíre suddenly told to believe in something else, which is the opposite of what you used to believe in.  And most folk adapt to it right away, and itís a technique which is well understood by the dominant minority, as we call them.  But one of the things they talked about for quite a few years has been war.  War itself would be conditioned into the public to be normalized.  And weíve had that with all these presidential wars and governmental wars on drugs and different things and poverty, as they create more poverty.  Things like that.  And we get awfully used to it, you see.  But also the normalization of war, period.  Thatís physical war.  And they had to do this because theyíve got a time table, you see. 


They do have time tables at the top, if you look into the United Nations.  It uses the same techniques with five-year plans for water for this country, water supplies, and ten-year plans for this, and fifty-year plans, a hundred-year plans, just as the Soviet Union used, and thatís not a coincidence, because, you see, itís based on the same Communism type Socialistic aspect that the Communists used, because the bankers set up the United Nations.  And the bankers also created Communism, because, you see, they prefer a world where governments collect from the public the cash thatís due, instead of going round door to door with your heavy guys to collect.  Itís much, much better getting governments to borrow money and put the populations down as the guarantors.  So, they prefer this system.  Plus, under the Socialistic type government or Communistic type government, you have massive, heavy bureaucracies in governmental departments.  Very essential for micromanaging every aspect of the population in society, and which weíre under today, as they bring in more and more systems. 


Part of it too was also to attach to your governments scientists, you see.  Scientists were to take over from religion and be appointed on every countryís boards basically, and governmentís boards, right down to even local levels.  And they would be the real bosses, just like the priests in ancient times were the bosses you see.  Theyíd have to be consulted on any move, and theyíd put their finger in the air and do a little dance or something, and then theyíd say yes or no.  Well, we have them today, because thereís only one agenda.  It does involve eugenics.  It does involve altering society across the planet completely.  Depopulation has been a big part of it.  Your whole life you didnít know it, because theyíve been killing us off gradually, but speeding up the process, as I say.  Rather than scare us off, if we all fell dead at one time, you just kill them off with more and more cancers.  And more early deaths with tumors in youngsters and things like that.  And this was discussed a long time ago by big players, like Charles Galton Darwin and others; population was their main concern, population really of what they called the rest of the public.  Not the real humans, but the rest of the public, the useless eaters, as they like to call them. 


So, getting the folk used to war is an awfully essential part right now.  And weíve had that since, really, I can remember even when they started at Kosovo.  And suddenly the United Nations was really catapulted into the news every day.  Every day, it was incessant, United Nations, United Nations, NATO, United Nations.  And really, it went from there into the first Gulf War and it hasnít stopped since.  Weíve been at perpetual war.  And Iíve often talked about Constant Conflict, which is the article written in Parameters Magazine, the US military magazine, the main one.  What they talked about it too.  That weíre going to have nothing but generations of war.  Youíll grow up and fight, or at least hear about the wars.  And youíll think itís all quite natural.  Normalizing everything.  Anything can be normalized if you know how psychology works, and the human brain, basically, the mind.  And you know too how people think.


I mean, why do you think they have all these anthropologists across the planet for over a hundred years studying tribes doing different things?  Itís all to see how you think.  And how you can be made to think in a different way, or made to behave in a different way.  Your mind is like a computer.  These guys learn how to program it, and youíll come to the desired conclusions and decisions on everything thatís put into you.  Now, hereís an article here, which basically shows you how far itís gone with the normalization of war.  It says:


This Week at War


(Alan: And itís from Foreign Policy Magazine.)


This Week at War: Syria as Prologue


(A: Itís just a prologue, you see.  And it says:)


The uprising could be the sign of even bigger battles to come in the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


(A: You see.  And itís amazing how they even sway you off, because theyíre giving you in the headline how youíre supposed to take the rest of the article.  Is it really between Saudi Arabia and Iran?  Really?  And it says:)


The Turkish government hosted a conference last weekend in Istanbul to discuss possible international responses to Syria's budding civil war.


(A: Well, we know this is one of the latest color revolutions, where the US government, USAID, and all the different NGOs that were sent over to foment the war, for years in advance, actually, mainly at universities, etc.  It says:)


The conference attendees, including the United States along with dozens of other countries and organizations,


(A: Thatís the NGOs.  Thatís the new democracy.  Theyíve got the only voice thatís heard, because theyíre funded with incredible amounts of money, and work full time, like full-time jobs at this, by the foundations that are owned by the banks.  Iím talking about the international bankers.  And they call themselves the ďFriends of SyriaĒ.  And it makes me think of ďFriends of the EarthĒ.  Have you ever looked at ďFriends of the EarthĒ, the quotes from the heads of the ďFriends of the EarthĒ?  They want to kill most of you.  Iím not kidding.  So, itís amazing how everyone is conditioned to terminology.  You understand, thatís part of neuroscience, because words, even letters, is part of the language that you are taught to think in and come to conclusions.  And you can program the result by the way you feed in the information at the beginning.  So you say, ďFriends of SyriaĒ.  That sounds wonderful.  Friends.  We all like friends.  Thatís a nice word.  Of Syria.  But what are these ďFriends of SyriaĒ?  They want war.  They want to get rid of the old regime and put in their own regime, basically.  Same in Egypt.  Same elsewhere.  Weíve watched this for a long time now.)


called themselves the "Friends of Syria" and declared open support for the rebels fighting the Syrian army.


(A: The rebels is Al Qaeda, who are now our friends, apparently.  And theyíre getting paid to fight.  It says:)


The Friends also announced substantial financial support for the rebellion, including $100 million -- pledged by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) -- to pay salaries to the fighters, a direct inducement to government soldiers to defect to the rebellion. For its part, the U.S. government pledged an additional $12 million in humanitarian assistance


(A: I guess thatís the shovels to bury all the dead)


to international organizations aiding the Syrian opposition. This assistance will include satellite communications equipment for rebel fighters and night vision goggles. Attending the conference, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said discussions were occurring on "how best to expand this support."


(A: So, you know, nothing is happening, as Iíve always said, spontaneously.  Nothing will in your lifetime.  Any big movement in society, nationally or on an international level takes years of preparation, lots of money, lots of organizations, all working together.  And itís the same kind of thing youíre seeing here.  But we see these articles every day and think nothing of it.  It seems kind of remote from us, doesnít it?  Itís over there somewhere. 


Well, you better hope and pray that, you know, theyíre taking out the last countries in the world, that donít have central banking, and donít give out loans with usury attached to them, you better hope that it lasts for a long time.  Because, believe you me, when they announce, yep, weíve got the whole planet now, they have to go further in all of their implementations in a harsher fashion in all the countries, thatís our countries, basically; we all have to be taught the complete new way of life, and utter, you think itís bad now, wait until they get really rolling on austerity.  See, youíre the last enemy, if you donít know by now. 


The Royal Institute of International Affairs, that started up comprised of international bankers, money lenders, and spawned off the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.  They have organizations in every single country in the world.  Every prime minister or president is one of their members and is selected to be the prime minister or president.  Theyíve been on the go for an awful long time.  They set up the United Nations to do what theyíre doing.  And believe you me, they have no favorite countries.  Even if they started in London, it doesnít matter.  This is their world, they claim, and it should be run with themselves, being the naturally fittest to survive, since theyíve conquered everybody financially, and they command governments as to what to do.  And they own the military-industrial complex across the planet.  They own it.  All the big corporations are under it.  They actually own them.  But theyíve got lots of plans for you, believe you me. 


So, Hillary Clinton and the rest of them, want to expand this support to slaughter off those ones there.  The same list of course that Israel had in the 90s, all these countries, one after another, and the same list, I guess they swapped them basically, at the Project for the New American Century group that Wolfowitz and the rest of them, Perle, Rumsfeld and so on were all involved in.  Same list.  And of course they want Iran as well.  They also want to go into all the other countries which are also still Muslim.  That has to be eradicated according to the Big Boys at the top.  And then, instead of having their big high pashas at the top there, basically, their muftis, theyíll have to put in, you know, guys like Holdren.  The scientific guys.  The eugenicists at the top, the new high priests that will run them just like weíre getting run too.  So, the normalizing of war.  As I say, look at the title. It says:)


The uprising could be the sign of even bigger battles to come in the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


Itís not between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  We all know that.  And it looks to me like this is even a handout to the newspapers, which is very often done by the Pentagon, because I donít see anybodyís name attached to it from the Foreign Policy magazine.  And thatís how youíre controlled.  Your thoughts are given to you in a particular format.  You will come to the desired conclusion, because they understand how your mind works.  It works on most folk, but not on everybody.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about reality, behind all the illusions that are fed to us on a daily basis.  Remember in the 70s that Brzezinski said that the public will shortly be unable to reason for themselves.  Now, he wasnít talking from the top of his head there, just some kind of strange dream heíd had the night before.  He was talking because he had all the studies at hand.  He was involved in going over all these studies to do with humanity and how we think and how we prattle to ourselves.  Because, even then, you see, they were taking data about stories that they had put out in the press, who was prattling about what, were the people going for it or were they not?  And thatís an old technique, a very old technique to give us our thoughts, thoughts for the day, you see.  And he said, shortly the public will be unable to reason for themselves and theyíll depend upon the media doing it all for them.  And the media gives you all your opinions, youíll notice too.  They always slant it towards an opinion, or they get two guys fighting, this side, that side, and eventually you take the winner.  And that becomes your opinion.  Youíve never actually thought through it.  Itís been done for you.  Youíre a passive observer.  But you also got downloaded with the final opinion, even though you only got really given maybe one-tenth of the facts on any particular topic.  Thatís how simple it is. 


And money, of course, at the bottom of everything, is a technique to control the world.  Quigley went into that, Professor Carroll Quigley.  He said that central banks would be established across the world, private, in private hands, and would run the finances of every country, and they would also eventually come under an umbrella organization.  Theyíd form an umbrella organization under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.  Thatís all happened since then, you see.  So, this Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, and many other names itís got, basically run the world.  They have all their members there.  Including your prime ministers and presidents as well.  It doesnít matter if itís left wing/right wing, itís their boy.  Theyíre always a member.  Always a member of it.  And he said that too, and he should know, since he was the official historian for the group. 


Money is the key, and it doesnít matter what money is.  Itís all a con anyway, because they talk about the gold standard, and itís fractional reserve, you know.  In other words, you can keep a fraction of something, of real value, or they claim itís real value, put it that way, in stock, while they dish out paper money, and create money out of nothing with loans and things like that.  And thatís what itís done.  Thatís really how itís done, isnít it.  Itís quite something.  But theyíre going a step further now, because, of course, weíve all to go digital.  And it says:


Royal Canadian Mint to create digital currency


(A: I think Sweden is also going along with this.)


The Mint is offering a prize of $50,000 in gold to the developer who comes up with the best technology to support its new digital currency, the MintChip.


The Mint is offering a prize


(A: In gold wafers as well. Itís actually gold wafers, they say.)


The Royal Canadian Mint wants to get rid of pocket change ó and itís enlisting hacker-types for help.


(A: Thatís to get all the youngsters into it, hacker types, oh, Iím a hacker type.  It says:)


Less than a week after the government announced the pennyís impending death (A: itís going to be taken out of circulation), the Mint quietly unveiled its digital currency called MintChip.


Still in the research and development phase, MintChip will ultimately let people pay each other directly using smartphones, USB sticks, computers, tablets and clouds. The digital currency will be anonymous


(A: Of course it will.  Do you really believe it?  Nothing is anonymous out there.  And, of course, itís to get everybody into it before they start taxing you on your transactions, which they will do.  Those whoíve lived long enough know that government always lies, but theyíve got to put out a mousetrap.  Thatís what they call them, mousetraps, and youíll get into it, and then it closes on you, you see.  So, it says, it will be anonymous:)


and good for small transactions ó just like cash, the Mint says.


To make sure its technology meets the gold standard in a world where digital transactions are gaining steam, the Mint is holding a contest for software developers to create applications using the MintChip.


(A: And as I say, solid gold wafers will be given as prizes, and coins, worth about $50,000, but that will be shared amongst all the prunes that go for this and try it.  So, theyíre going to get this done for pretty well nothing.)


Itís such an unusual move from the crown corporation,


(A: Do you know what a crown corporation is?  Well, even the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, canít find out.  Itís a strange combination of public/private thatís always been here under HM Queenís system, you see.  And the only ones, there are shares at the top that donít go for sale to the public, nothing goes for sale for the public, but there are shares at the top which go to the Crown and the relatives of HM Queen, you know.  So:)


Itís such an unusual move from the crown corporation, which has been in the coin-making business for more than 100 years, that Hacker News questioned whether it was an ďelaborate hoax.Ē


Itís not, the Mintís chief financial officer Marc BrŻlť said Tuesday.


Commerce is changing and the Mint has always been innovative,


(A: Well, it surely has, making money out of nothing.  Anyway, it says here, thatís what it says there.  And then thereís another one, itís actually from The Star, the newspaper, The Star.  Thereís always a Sun for the right-wing, and a Star for the left-wing, youíll notice in most countries, you know.  And Canada has them.  It says, the Mint, the same thing.)


The Mint is offering $50,000 in gold to the developer who comes up with the best technology to support its new digital currency.


So, everybody will eventually be doing all their transactions, even the petty ones, you see, that you would use pocket change for at one time, and they say, well, itís going to be anonymous.  Everybody will think, ďoh, wow.  Iíll make a fortune off this transaction.Ē  No, no, you wonít.  Because, once enough people have got it, you know darn well, theyíre going to tax you to death.  Thatís what governments do. 


So, Iíll also put in tonight, and I think Iíve used it before.  Itís a twelve-year-old girl in Canada explains the crimes of the Canadian Banking system, how it runs.  And you can learn it in ten minutes.  Itís for sure.  But itís the same con across the world.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about, just the farce in which we live, and we take it all for granted itís normal.  Because everything, all the media tells you it is, and people who really believe the media will tell you the same thing.  Theyíll parrot it to you.  And then theyíll parrot it to their children.  But as I say, Iíll put up that link tonight, where the twelve-year-old girl explains how the Canadian Banking System works.  And it didnít used to work like that too, because we had a real Canadian bank at one time, until Trudeau came in really and had to get into the international system by creating massive debt.  But he was a sworn Communist.  Quite amazing.  All the media knew he was a Communist, because they all knew that he led the ComIntern, International, the ComIntern over to its meeting, its annual meeting in the Soviet Union, back in 1952.  But not one of them mentioned it when he ran for office.  And you think the right wing wouldnít use that kind of stuff?  Oh, come on.  See thereís no rightwing or leftwing.  Itís just the same bird, isnít it?  Theyíre attached to the same bird.  Thatís why you keep voting.  ďOh, get rid of this bunch.  Theyíre terrible.  Letís try the other bunch.Ē  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  Thatís all you do. 


Iíll also put up ďOh CanadaĒ again tonight, the excellent documentary a young guy did.  And he interviewed different ex-Prime Ministers and current politicians who, some of them had no clue how the money system worked, although theyíll keep passing taxes on you.  And guys like Martin, Paul Martin, actually tries to explain to him why debt is great for Canada.  But itís quite a world we live in, eh? 


Now, Iím also putting up a couple of links on the Trilateral Commission tonight.  Iíve got a link.  Itís very important.  See, when the Royal Institute of International Affairs set up they took the Marxian policy that eventually the world would have three massive trading blocs, all subservient to a global government.  And the United Europe was one part of it, the first part, then the United Americas and the Pacific Rim region group that would come under China.  And they set up three different organizations, front organizations.  The Institute for the Pacific region was one of them.  They set that back up in the 1920s to work and try and get them all fighting and then coming together after wars in the different regions.  And it was awfully effective even in the Pacific Rim region.  So, Iíll put this up tonight, the Trilateral world membership for the executive committee.  And a little bit from Wiki on it as well.  And youíll see all the famous names there, that youíre used to hearing and seeing, are members of this group, sworn to bring in World Government.  But not any old World Government, you see, itís a specific type of World Government, run by a Socialist mentality but bankers at the top, who want scientists to run it all the way it should be, and bring down the population, etc, etc, by any means possible.  And also dumb us all down so that weíre very compliant.  They talked in the 1920s about using medicine, pharmacology.  Thatís why, you know, you had that in Brave New World, Soma.  Look at all the children today.  Theyíre all drugged.  A good chunk of the adult population is drugged as well, on either illicit or legal.  It doesnít matter.  If they get it to you they get it to you, one way or another.  It works awfully well, doesnít it?  So Iíll put that up tonight, along with the little Wiki, itís quite amazing too, on the Wiki it says:


The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental,


(A: They all say that, you see.  Because theyíre not governments, although they put guys into government, theyíre not a governmental system that they run under.  Theyíre a club, basically.)




(A: You see.  They bring in Communists, they bring in everything, and it tells you that.  Quigley said the same thing: We donít mind bringing in dictators, Communists, Fascists, whatever, we bring them all in, you see, this world system.)


discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973,


(A: Well, as I say, before that, they were called by their original names, Institute for Pacific Relations and blah, blah-blah, blah-blah, Friends of Europe.  These organizations. They had lots of organizations before they eventually called it the Trilateral Commission.  So:)


David Rockefeller in July 1973, to foster closer cooperation among the United States, Europe and Japan.


Because thatís their three main trading blocs, you see.  Thatís what it was about.  And itís amazing to me too, that they didnít know if Japan would ever stop being so nationalistic, you see.  And they didnít let multiculturalism really get to them that much.  They were awfully aware of who was coming in and leaving the country.  They made sure you left the country.  And bang, they get hit.  The one sort of thorn in the side that just wouldnít quite give up all nationalism.  And they get hit with the tsunami and then the radiation.  So itís quite something.  Now China is truly the dominant party, although weíre still funding them to the eyeballs to be the dominant party.  Theyíre still classed as Third World under the treaties that the same group, mind you, through the World Trade Organization, which they also set up, they control that too, set up to basically fund all the third world countries up into a higher standard of living, as we plummet down the tubes.  Because they get all our work and stuff like that now, you see.  Thatís all part of the agenda.  Quite something, isnít it?


But mind you, as we go into austerity, thereís a new thing happening.  Have you noticed it?  About wellness.  This strange word, wellness.  I remember seeing it when it first came out.  I used to say to people, ďHow are you?  Howís your health?Ē  You know.  Thatís not good enough.  Itís wellness you see.  And I knew something was up years ago when they started this wellness stuff, and the government was pushing it.  But now, you see, wellness, it doesnít matter.  You see, it doesnít matter what state youíre living in, even in a tent, as long as youíre happy, youíre well.  Itís all wellness, you see.  It encompasses your environment, your tent, everything, you see.  And thereís massive programs that have been funded, by us all, to the United Nations, to come back to the NGOs, to push all this stuff in our face.  Of course, these guys that are pushing it in your face arenít living in tents.  You see. 


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the need for an economic paradigm


(A: One of these paradigm shifts, you see.)


that incorporates social and environmental progress in efforts to achieve sustainable development.


(A: So, wellness is all part of sustainable development.)


ďGross National Product (GDP) has long been the yardstick by which economies and politicians have been measured. Yet it fails to take into account the social and environmental costs of so-called progress,Ē Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his remarks at a high-level meeting at UN Headquarters in New York.


Convened by the Government of Bhutan, the meeting Ė ďHappiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic ParadigmĒ


(A: Meaning poverty is good, you see.)


Ė brought together hundreds of representatives from governments, religious organizations, academia and civil society to discuss the issue.


(A: And of course, none of them will be living in tents either, folks.)


In the early 1970s, the Himalayan kingdom introduced a new measurement of national prosperity, focusing on peopleís well-being rather than economic productivity.


(A: I think thatís when the Chinese moved in and started killing them.  Anyway it says:)


In recent years, there has been growing interest in this concept Ė known as ďgross national happinessĒ (GNH)


(A: Oh, gross national happiness.  I donít have any.  My pockets are empty of it.)


With the General Assembly adopting a resolution in 2011, which noted, inter alia, that the gross domestic product (GDP) indicator ďdoes not adequately reflect the happiness and well-being of people in a country.Ē


(A: So, see, the intention now is to convince you all that youíre happy.  You think Orwell was kidding about all this mind-game stuff, this neuroscience?  Everything happens in your head, they said.  In George Orwellís 1984, OíBrien convinces Winston, everything that you think and see is all happening in your head, and if I tell you I can fly, I can fly, and youíll believe it, because itís all happening inside your head.  Youíre not poor.  Look around you.  Youíve got, you know, ten feet of grass to live in Ė as long as you mow it.  Anyway, I mean this is where itís all going, you see.  Itís all incredible mind games, and itís going to work.  Itís already working with some people.  Because, you see, theyíve done this before down through time, created different kinds of societies.  And if they can convince whole nations of slaves not to run away, they can certainly make you feel that youíre happy and believe that youíre happy.  Everybody else is happy at the same time.  ďAre you happy?  ĎOh, yeah.í  What are you on?  ĎProzac.í  Okay!Ē† You see.  And it will work very well.  So, it says:)


ďWe need a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible. Together they define gross global happiness,Ē


(A: Iíd call it gross, all right.)


the Secretary-General told the meetingís participants.


(A: Now, Iíll tell you another thing too.  You read this stuff all the time and how many of you have ever noticed how the United Nations is set up?  You take everything for granted, again.  It was there when you were born, and you get Ban Ki-moon, and youíve had Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros-Ghali, so great they named him twice, you know.  Youíve had all that stuff, and you take it all for granted, donít you?  Look at the terms they use.  Itís all military ranking.  Secretary-General, etc.  It is a non-democratic system thatís telling us all what to do.  Itís a militarized organization.  It has NATO, which is its slaughter arm.  It says:)


The Secretary-General stressed that sustainable development is intricately linked to happiness and well-being, and underlined that the UN Sustainable Development Conference, also known as Rio+20,


(A: Thatís the Maurice Strong one that they all have.)


 in Brazil in June, will need to provide an outcome that reflects this.


So, weíre changing from having cash in your pocket and a roof over your head to maybe living in a tent.  But, regardless of where youíre living, youíre going to be happy.  Theyíll teach you to be happy.  Do you know they already have folk going around tent cities in the States, psychologists telling the folk to be happy?  ďOh, it could be worse.  You might have no tent at all.Ē  Iím not kidding you.  You are going into the next type of insanity which is going to be called normalcy.  And youíll see people all around you starting to grin like Cheshire cats, you know, in rags one day.  Thatís how itís going to go, as they teach you to live like a Peasant should live, post-consumerist society.  And all your cash that you can earn at all wonít go to help you buy better clothes, or a better tent.  Itís going to be going to taxes, to spread across the planet, to keep these bigwigs like Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon living at the standard of lifestyle that heís used to and acclimatized to.  Thatís where itís going.  All worked out, well over a hundred years ago.  Youíve got to read the old books.  And they can do it.  They can do pretty well anything.  Iíve lived long enough to watch them do lots of things, and total, total culture alteration, 180 degrees in some respects, in some areas, in how the people behave, think, and act. 


Also tonight Iím putting up an article.† They always give you these fake stories of rags to riches.  Do you love them?  I love them.  Some of them are so laughable.  Itís like the Rothschild that just sold rags, you know, in the little shtetl there.  And you can see all these guys fighting to get the rags, theyíre mine, theyíre mine, Iím going to sell them, and theyíre all squabbling and that.† And suddenly, before you know it, you know, the old man Amschel and the whole family is just running the central banks of every country.  Just like that.  Thrifty, you see.  They were thrifty.  Rags to riches.  And theyíre still running the world today.  So, Iíll put up that version, rags to riches.  You see, all this stuff is put out for you to slave for, and to try to achieve that.  It doesnít happen that way.  I mean, for those that are a bit naÔve, it really doesnít happen that way.  You donít get up unless youíre allowed up to whatever, you know, classification of artistry or whatever you want to go into.  Thatís how it really works.  And who you know.  And even often to do with what group you belong to. 


So, Iíll put up that tonight, this farcical rags to riches.  They love to tell rags to riches.  Every one of them.  Itís like Madonna, I arrived in London with ten dollars and a pair of ballet shoes, you know.  And then her brother came out and exposed it as all rubbish.  But they love these stories to tell, to sell to the public.  Strange, that goes with psychopathy, I think.  Itís a trait.  It must be a trait.


And then Iíll also put up one by Monty Python, where you have these industrialists in Britain all getting together and discussing how hard they had it as youngsters, and how they made it.  You see.  Because thatís how it really works, isnít it?  What a joke.  What a joke.




UK invests 60 million pounds in climate research centre


(A: Now, weíve already had all the scandals from the climate research centers in Britain, which really is a political enterprise, and a money maker too, for the guys involved in it.  And after all the hacked emails and so on, that they said theyíd have to come together and destroy all their emails that contradicted themselves.  And much, much more.  So:)


60 million pounds ($95 million) to support the Met Office Hadley Centre's Climate Programme until at least 2015 to keep Britain at the forefront of climate science research.


We used to just call it the weathermen.  You know, the weatherman would go up there and, you know, theyíd take you outside and theyíd show you the little whirling cups going round for the wind, and theyíd put their hand out for the rain, and say, yep, look at these clouds, itís going to rain.  But see, itís a science now.  Oh.  Itís a religion now, you see.  Without all this climate change, they canít get all the changes through, including sustainability, meaning poverty.  They canít bring in all their wellness programs to make you happy as you roll about in the mud.  So, this is the reason they brought in sustainability and climate change together.  That would fit the bill, remember.  Thatís what the Club of Rome, who came up with the idea, said in their own book.  They were given the job to find a reason to control minutely every personís life across the planet.  This would fit the bill, they said.  Climate change, starvation, and the like, they said.  But it doesnít matter.  You see, Orwell explained it perfectly in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the whole bureaucratic class.  That goes for all the NGOs and everybody whoís in on this big scam.  But theyíll put you to death if you donít believe it.  They will put you to death.  Even though yesterday they believed something else, and theyíre now told to believe this.  Even though their eyes donít, and their senses, and their sensibilities donít match up with what theyíre told to see and what they actually do see.  It doesnít matter.  Theyíll see what theyíre told to see.  Theyíre all on board together.  And thatís the danger of this kind of government.  All governments are dangerous, you know.  All of them.  Fearful masters if they become a master.  And this is the mentality of totalitarianism.  Totalitarianism runs on this kind of system of madness.  No matter whatís true.  It doesnít matter.  Whatís said to be true will be.


Itís no different than, say, the Middle Ages.  If the Catholic Church sent its army out to behead somebody in a village, thatís what happened, you know, because they didnít believe this, or they swore or something like that.  I mean, who knows.  This is where youíre going with all this.  You better believe it, because itís always the same scenario.  And the new scientists are the new priesthood, and weíre told weíve got to believe them, even though they keep changing their theories.  Just like Orwell said, East Asia, West Asia, who are we fighting today.  Even though the theories keep conflicting with each other, with each new one they come out with, weíre supposed to believe it was always like that.  The new one was always there.  Havenít you noticed?  This is the system, and Orwell certainly knew, because he was trained to bring in this system.  Quite something.


Now, you canít stop people, of course, because youngsters especially want to be the same as every other youngster.  You go through that awkward stage at school, donít you, especially when youíre growing and your legs seem like a deerís.  They wonít coordinate as youíre walking along the road. How do I look.  Etc.  So you want to be the same.  Peer pressure.  Teen sells kidney to buy an iphone.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just mentioning the children, the youngsters, want to belong to their peer group.  If youíre the odd one out, believe you me, children are very cruel, and theyíre going to take it out on the one thatís not up to scratch, with the way they dress or whatever it is that they happen to have.  Iíve seen it too, even when I was young.  I can remember them picking on people who had either crutches, a broken leg or something, or something wrong, they had some sort of brace on their leg.  Iíve seen that happening.  They kind of turn like a natural mob, or like animals almost.  And everybody wants to be the same, you see.  Anything different and bang, thatís it.  Well, it says here:


Five people in southern China have been charged with intentional injury in the case of a Chinese teenager who sold a kidney so he could buy an iPhone and an iPad,


(A: Notice it wasnít food, eh.  At one time it would be food.  No kidding.  Weíll get to see that, of course weíll be happy when we give our kidneys away.)


the government-run Xinhua News Agency said on Friday.


The five included a surgeon who removed a kidney from a 17-year-old boy in April last year. The boy, identified only by his surname Wang, now suffers from renal deficiency, Xinhua quoted prosecutors in Chenzhou city, Hunan province as saying.


Well at least now he can always text his friends, I suppose, as heís in the hospital and all that.  But, I mean, everybody has got to be up to snuff with the rest of the children, or theyíre just out of the group.  Youíre not in the gang.  And that will happen here too, and things like that, for technology.  Not for food.  Not for cash to pay your rent, the exorbitant rents as you all get stuffed into the cities, where a handful of folk own all the property.  And I mean a handful in the cities too.  So, everybody wants to be the same, be the same, be the same.  But, itís true, at one time, it would have been food.  They would have sold a kidney to even feed a family, or something like that.  They still do in the Philippines.  And rich people in the West are buying the kidneys.  Mind you, be happy.  Mr. Ban Ki-moon, be happy, he says.  And you know, itís not a matter of gross domestic product or whatís in your pocket.  Itís a mater of how you feel.  Wellness, wellness.  Youíve got to bring wellness into it.  You might even get some chewing gum to patch your tent and stop the rain coming in.  And then youíll be happy again, for another night.  Happy from day to day with all these little miracles that happen.  Hey?  Iím not kidding you.  And it will work, because most folk, they know how to implement it and work it into your minds.  Why?  Theyíve tried all the countries out under incredible war situations, rationing, the whole bit, losing their homes through the raids and so on from different countries, air raids.  Remember the Green Partyís chief in the UK said that: Weíve got to get a war scenario going across the world, because people are willing to put up with much more deprivation than when theyíre in a consumerist society.  Theyíre not kidding.  Of course, most folk out there, theyíll think, oh, things are just developing willy-nilly, you know, itís all chance. 


And of course, Microchip came out with their latest chip.  Goodness knows how many chips are actually in the darn phones that are doing things you havenít a clue about.  They wonít tell you for about ten years down the road.  It says:


Broadcom has just rolled out a chip for smart phones that promises to indicate location ultra-precisely, possibly within a few centimeters, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out.


Now, why would they want something as precise as that?  Remember about the satellites the other day, the war satellites and things like that.  Think they couldnít just pick you off, from anywhere?  Never mind all the wave technology theyíve got out there too. I might put up that link tonight as well.  Theyíre boasting about it now.  Non-lethal, they say.  To train the animals, you know, us.  Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, be well.  Be well, and be happy, wherever you are, even if youíre starving.  Itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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