April 12th, 2012 (#1064)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 12th, 2012:

Lulled by a Symphony which Hides the Infamy:

"There are Signs and Symptoms of a Disease,
We All Can Feel It, Gives Us Unease,
The Cause We Know, Not Exactly Hidden,
But No-One Dare Speak, Because it's Forbidden,
We're Told the World, by Itself is Just Going Global,
And the World Bank, IMF, Private Entities Noble,
Will Run Economics, while Experts will Help
All the Peasantry Go Green, e.g. Collecting Kelp,
To Live Austerely, and Childless, Die,
"Stopping Climate Change" You All Must Try
To Energize Well-Being, with a Happy Face,
Laugh at Misfortune, Content in Your Place,
Like Medieval Peasants, Bowing before Betters,
Professional Titles with Lots of Letters"
© Alan Watt April 12th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 12th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 12th of April, 2012.  For newcomers, make sure you use the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com because there’s so many audios on it for free download, where, if you can wade through it and keep your sanity, you’ll begin to understand the system you’re born into and why it’s so well managed at the bottom level.  That’s everybody’s level basically, the bottom level, where you’re given mainstream media.  You’re never given the real reasons why things are happening.  You’re given a sort of childish excuse as to why things are happening.  But you suspect there’s something else behind everything, and of course, you’re quite right.  And I try and give you the system, the system you’re born into and explain it to you, its beginnings, its founders, the organizations that set up the foundations, hundreds and hundreds of foundations it’s set up, to funnel money to non-governmental organizations, which really comprise the new democracy.  If you don’t belong to these NGOs, authorized NGOs, that are all bought and paid for by the big bankers, then you have no voice in anything at all, because there’s a one world agenda, and it’s a completely different way of living they’re bringing you into.  Mass austerity.  You haven’t seen anything yet.


When you read the fanatics, and the NGO websites, it’s just astonishing where they’re going to take you.  Of course, they themselves are well paid by the foundations, pension schemes and everything.  And they won’t be suffering. And, of course, people who have to attend international meetings can’t live like you live at the bottom.  They have to have very smart clothes, attendants and chauffer-driven cars, and travel across the world, while they don’t want you to travel at all.  And I’m not kidding about that.  They have that in their various websites across the planet.  So, the truth is out there, it’s just that you’re not taught how to read it.  You’re distracted by so many things that try and take you off into la-la land, so that you’re not a problem.  And, of course, the media as I say is not there to help you.  It’s there to constrain you and to keep you in the box. 


So, help yourself to the website.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  The only way I get by here is by you buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and the orders have really slumped.  So, it’s a touch-and-go situation.  It’s up to you if you want to hear this kind of stuff and keep it going.  It really is up to you.  Because I don’t have time just to churn out the books or get ghostwriters to do the stuff that everybody else does.  And that’s how it’s done with most folk, you see.  So, as I say, buy the books.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or international postal money order.  You can send cash or use PayPal.  You’ll find out how to do it at the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  And remember straight donations are really, really welcome, especially right now.  Because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  I have no shares in any products sold.  And I certainly could take on advertisers and live very, very well.  But I don’t.  Because then, you’ve got obligations then to them, and there are certain things that you cannot perhaps say if you’re asked an honest question.  So, I do it my way, which is the suicidal way, but that’s okay.  It’s best to, you know, burn out than to just fade away.  And that’s what I do, basically. 


Now, what I try and do, as I say, is go through history.  You’ve got to understand history to understand what’s happening right now.  Because, you see, all the big boys get taught why empires rise, what causes them to rise, and what causes them to fall after a certain period of time.  There’s always the same patterns, because, as I say, money boys are always involved in it.  When they move into a new area, they bring the cash in with them, and up come the ships, and then, of course, mercantile ships are across the planet, trade, and then the banks start up, and it lasts for a long time, until the society becomes rotten and overtaxed by the few at the top, the dominant minority.  There’s always a dominant minority, unfortunately.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  It’s funny to look back and really see how things transpire, even throughout your own life, because, if you really go into the proper libraries, and have made a habit of doing so, you’ll understand that there’s another world out there all together, compared to the one the media gives you.  And I used to think in history books, when you saw plots happening, like gunpowder plots and things like that, and of course, you always had plots between kings, going to overthrow their cousins in some other country, and then they’d make up after thousands of peasants were slaughtered, and then they’d marry off their daughters and things like that and it was all right.  So, there was a lot of plotting going on.  Always plotting.  But the biggest plotting is about government on the public.  Even the writings of Francis Bacon gives you an insight into it.  Because he gave a kind of résumé to the king at one point, and it was about how to be conniving and cunning and how to keep the public in the dark on pretty well everything.  And of course, you go into Machiavelli, who was fairly typical of his time.  Remember, all kings had advisors, just like presidents and prime ministers have a battery of advisers behind them.  And the advisers are really, just really good psychopaths trained in marketing techniques and social behaviorism, the psychology of behaviorism for the general masses.  And for marketing itself. 


Marketing itself is a very important thing, because from Bernays and even long before Bernays, there were select peoples who were studying the populations even for centuries to do with, how do you make them buy something they don’t want or have never thought about.  And how do you make something appealing.  So, it’s an old, old technique of observing the masses.  And what works in one country generally works in another.  So, these characters get together and they become advisors to the puppets that you think that you put in.  You don’t put them in at all, because, as I’ve mentioned before, the Council on Foreign Relations selects them from all parties.  All the top guys belong to the same organization and have done for a hundred years.  And so, we’re given a fake reality at the bottom.


I always like to use the word proles, like George Orwell used, because, throughout his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, he mentions from a bureaucratic standpoint that the proles don’t count.  They never know what’s really going on, and they don’t really care to know.  They get their pubs.  And they get their songs churned out to them by machines, in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  And they even have departments of pornography run by the government, that churn out all the porno stuff to keep them occupied, etc.  It’s much like today.  I mean, it’s pretty well that way, you know.  It really is pretty well that way. 


I used to be intrigued, going across Europe and every castle you’d come to, generally on a hill, so they could look down on the peasantry, and they’d have a long hill coming away from it, going downwards, you’d read the history and the towns, the town really was built around the castle and coming down, all the way down into a valley area, and it was nothing but prostitutes and whorehouses and booze cans.  That’s what you do for an army.  Even today they still have that kind of thing, you see.  So, they’ve used practical psychology all down through the ages to keep the proles, including all the troops, quite happy.  And the troops get a bit better food and pay than the average person, basically.  And it doesn’t matter how hard times get.  They always, you always make sure that you pay them well.  Lenin said the same thing, and so did Stalin.  He says, you must pay your police good, good cash, and your military, and your teachers, because the teachers also brainwash the next generation into their prole mentality, basically, subservience.  So, that’s what you live in. 


Now, lots of folk are happy being proles.  They’re very happy, because there’s a lot of play time involved.  And it doesn’t matter their circumstances, as long as they can have their electronic entertainment, etc, or can afford to party at the weekend, get absolutely drunk, plastered and fall all over the place, they generally call that okay, because everyone else in their own peer group is doing the same thing.  It’s only when they can’t afford to do that, that they feel sorry for themselves, and seek help from the health services, and then they get drugs to make them feel happier. 


So, you’re living in a controlled system.  I can remember Thatcher said the same thing when she did away with the old laws to do with when bars could open during the day.  Because at one time they closed around, oh, it was about twelve or one o’clock or something.  And then they reopened again at four or five, and then they had to close by midnight.  And she did away with a lot of that, and they were open all day.  The reason, she said, was to keep the people, the youngsters especially, happy and entertained and drunk.  She said it was better having them drunk and spending their welfare checks, than out in the street protesting. 


So, we’re managed you see as proles.  And sometimes the temptation is quite nice, you know.  I must admit it.  They can give you kind of wonderful bars at times when you’re young.  But the thing is, they try and keep you like that for your whole lives.  For the older folk, of course, television took over, and they’d sit there at night and just take their beer, drop their jaw, and just stare at that television until it was time to go to bed.  And all the time they’re being brainwashed with a lot of nonsense, and doctrines coming from government, and they’d be downloaded with the doctrines, even when they’re watching soap operas, or whatever.  Lots of messages in it too.  So, you’re living in a scientific society, you understand.  And you always have been.  Some people are waiting for the scientific society.  It’s always been here.  Science runs the people and keeps them in some form of order, so that they’ll obey their betters, those at the top, you see, the official people.


And we’re taught, of course, to obey official people, because they say they’re official.  It’s obedience to authority.  Lots of books put out on obedience to authority.  Lots of ongoing books, of course, I’m sure will go on about it too, because they’re so interested to find out why some people will rebel, you see.  A very, very important part, in fact.  And they know by their constant, constant studies, and poll taking and testing in universities.  Every generation, every year in fact students, new intakes come in and go through the same tests.  They’re asked the same questions, to make sure that the boys who control are always up on what’s needed.  Do they have to do a tweak here or a tweak there, to keep everybody dumb, stupid, and crazy on sex.  Basically that’s what it is for university.  That’s really what it is, party and sex.  But you learn very little.  And anyway, even when you’re trained for something, you won’t get a job, because we’re now in austerity times and all the jobs are overseas. 


So, when you just stand back from it all, just stand back from it and look at it as it really is managed, and then you realize that it’s incredible micro-management that’s going on.  Look what’s happened just since 9/11, even before 9/11.  They passed anti-terrorism bills then, you know, before anything happened, because when you go back to the talks, even by Maggie Thatcher, when she was doing her world tour on the coming New World Order, this was after she took Gorbachev around on her arm across the world, the head of the ex-KGB and the president of the Soviet system.  She said that the next wars will be to do with religious fundamentalism, she said.  Primarily across the Middle East.  And that was in the early 90s.  So, you see, they were planning all this for many, many years before George Bush came in, and before they started the whole kit and caboodle off with the Middle East and ongoing wars, you see.  The only ones who weren’t allowed in on the big know were the general public.  They’re happy with soaps and movies and parties, etc.  That’s how we’re trained.  It becomes normalized, you see.  And most folk don’t think beyond it.  In fact, most folk are trained never to participate in changing anything.  That’s an important part of governing peoples, is train them to sort of stay neutral on everything.  Maybe turn up for elections, because they’ll vote for one of the two people who are presented to you, generally, who both belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.  And then they think they’ve done their duty, and they go home, and then they complain about the government.  So, that’s really how the world works.  We are under micromanagement, micromanagement. 


And as Brzezinski said, and it’s so true—I tested that the other day, in fact—he said that the general public will shortly be unable to think for themselves. All they’ll be able to do is talk about the previous night’s news or what was on television.  And he says, they will expect eventually that the media is there to do their reasoning for them.  Reasoning for them, like an appendage to your brain, you know.  And they do now.  And that was written in the 70s.  But I tested it out the other day there, because I knew what had been on the previous night’s news, and sure enough, when I went up to a particular store, the guy told me, the man told me exactly what was in the news.  I was all polite, and all that, and said, yeah, mm-hmm, uh-huh, yep.  And as long as you’re polite and that, they’ll think you’re one of them.  You see.  They don’t like someone not being one of them.  If you say something that’s outside their ken, their knowledge, they’re a bit suspicious, you see.  Like, why are you reading those books, you know.  I’m not kidding you, people are like that.  Everyone belongs to some kind of group, or they identify with some kind of group, even if it’s just the general public.  You know, that strange term, the general public.  What does the general public mean?  Go and look it up 


So, anyway, plotting and scheming is always going on.  And the greatest thing now is how to get us all, like a big herd, that’s how they talk about us, like herd management, how to get us from where we are to where they want us to go, which is globalism, of course, and watching most of your food going offshore to elsewhere.  That’s a big part of it.  Austerity of all kinds, and also high energy bills and fees so that all your disposable income in a post-consumer society that’s officially declared by the way, at the United Nations, it was quite a few years back, so, where your money will actually go, which is just to survive, just to get by.  That’s where your money will go.  And the redistribution of wealth across the world, ala Karl Marx, you see, is already being officially declared.  That’s what we’re doing.  We’ve actually been doing it since World War II, but not as much as we are now.  Because governments set up departments at the UN to do that job at the end of World War II, the overseas economic development corporations.  You’ve all got one.  Back with more after this break.


HI folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about reality.  You know, it’s a rare thing to talk about reality.  And, as I say, you’ve got to understand history and at least peak into it now and then, because pretty well everything that’s happened with techniques has happened in past times too.  And today it’s much, much better, because they have, and George Orwell mentioned the same thing too, he said that never before had the public really been so spied upon.  They didn’t have the technology to do it in his day.  And they had a lot in his day.  They could put cameras, micro-cameras and spy on you in the Cold War, etc.  However, today it’s everywhere.  And we’re helping them all by buying their spies. We bring their spies into our home with us.  Some people even polish them and clean them.  It’s just astonishing how they take care of spies in their home.  I can’t understand it.  Anyway, you know that even the CIA director said the same thing.  He says that the general public are helping us to spy; we don’t have to hire so many spies as we used to. 


So, the proles, the people at the bottom are always given, as I say, a fake reality.  Lots of entertainment.  Even Bacon mentioned that.  Long before him too, Plato.  Because, you see, Plato mentioned that the sort of engines of the future that would drive what they call progress for this big agenda that he had in mind at the time, in the Republic, the planned society where they’d literally breed the right kinds of humans for the right kind of jobs, all specialized, and Plato said that, that cities are unnatural.  Of course, people are not meant to be crammed together like that.  So, he says, in a city, you’ve got to give them lots of entertainment.  And you’ll read that, on down through the centuries, wherever government has talked about creating cities.  Because, in cities, they get a dynamic engine.  Everything is unnatural, therefore you can push culture to any limit you want, and the people inside the city will copy it and go that way.  Because they have no natural roots you see, in a city.  It’s all unnatural.  And give them lots and lots of entertainment.  They can alter the culture at a whim, so easily, so quickly.  They’ll all adapt.  Because they’re all basically helpless, for their food.  It all comes into them.  They live on an artificial system called money.  They don’t grow money, and eat it, like food.  And the water has to come in to them too.  Everything has to be brought in to them. 


But when it becomes toxic, and cities become toxic at a certain level of power, you see, they begin to turn on the agrarian sector, which even ancient Rome did it.  It wasn’t just that the Huns and the Goths and the Visigoths and all the rest of them attacked Rome, it was also the peasantry, who were so sick of being taxed into the ground and losing their land, you see.  That’s what cities always do eventually.  And then they start dictating how everybody outside the city should live.  You still get that when city folk semi-retire, especially government bureaucrats, and move in to rural areas.  They bring it all with them.  “Oh, we’ve got to get committees built on this and that.  NGOs.  Non-governmental organizations on this and that and the other.”  And your taxes all go up.  So, we live through the changes.  Most folk don’t notice them much at all.  They adapt very quickly.  And because everyone else is adapting at the same speed and time, they don’t question it at all. 


Most folk really simply look at their sanity by bouncing it off other people.  “Are they doing the same as I’m doing?”  Or, “am I doing the same as they’re doing?”  And then they all want to join them and be the same.  Sameness is the character of the masses.  Sameness.  Uniformity.  So, they don’t really notice why.  They don’t even need detailed in-depth explanations as to why things are happening at all.  And in many of the big documents that are put out by think tanks, they mention that fact, that if you’re going to lie to the public, don’t give them elaborate explanations of the lie.  Just tell them a simple thing, and don’t, never, never expound on it.  And that’s good enough.  If you expound on it, it sounds like you’re conning them. They’ll pick that up.  So, just tell them a simple lie and that’s it.  And that’s good enough.  And you have to accept that.  Most folk in society by statistics and by the studies that have been done for so many centuries, always bring about 80% of the public are quite content.  It wouldn’t matter what flag they’re waving or whatever, whoever is running it.  They wouldn’t really care if it was Godzilla monster.  I mean, as long as most things are the same for them personally, they’ll continue, and they won’t complain.  That’s just nature.  That’s human nature.  But the other 20% you see can be a problem.  So, what the government does is tries to recruit them.  That’s why you have so many non-governmental organizations that are all onboard with the big global agenda because there’s a lot of good opportunities for job growth, you know, and advancement once you get into these NGOs.  And they all do that.  There’s incredible fighting within them.  You had this in the Soviet Union too, but the Soviet Union had nothing but nongovernmental organizations.  Rule by councils, it meant, Soviet.  Rule by Councils.  Same thing as they’ve got with Communitarianism in Britain, rule by councils, NGOs.  And they’d have terrific battles to see who was more Marxist than others, you know. And they’d try to trip up each other on points of Marxism and theory, to get to the top, where the big money was and power was.  And it’s the same with all these NGOs.  And that’s why they all go into the global warming trip, and parrot all the right phrases.  You’re not listening to a person anymore when you’re talking to these characters.  You’re listening to a totally conditioned Marxist, basically.


And again, Orwell, you have to read Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four, who goes through the process of doublethink that bureaucrats all live by.  Because when a new thing comes out from the United Nations, even if it’s opposite of what they were talking about, they’ll all parrot it suddenly, as though it had always been that way, to show that they’re so politically correct.  And everyone is in step with each other at the same time.  It’s an amazing form of madness.  And you better be very, very scared of mad people, because these people are fanatics, and we know the damage fanatics have caused down through history, even recent history.  Back with more after this. 


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about being fearful of these fanatics, because they are fanatics.  And, over the past, if you go into the archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you’ll see some of the talks I gave about the fanatics within these global organizations, who want to cull us off.  And they say it openly.  They want to bring down the population, cull a lot of us off, just kill us basically, sterilize the rest, and yadda, yadda, yah.  Now, here’s one here.  Head of NASA calls for global governance through carbon taxes.  Now, technically, you see all this global warming stuff was an idea they came up with to take over every individual’s life.  That was the idea that the Club of Rome came up with.  And I’ve gone over that so many times.  That was their actual dilemma, was how to bring in global governance.  They needed an excuse to do it, so they thought, you know, climate change, global warming and famine and drought would fit the bill.  And so, hype it up, hype it up and then grab taxes, etc, and then distribute it across the world, the redistribution of wealth as they call it.  It doesn’t go to where you think it goes.  It goes to the corporations that are all behind this, across the whole planet.  But here’s the head of NASA.


Head of NASA Calls for Global Governance Through Carbon Taxes


(Alan: You see.  And I’ve always said that, that’s what it’s for. It’s essential to get all the cash to fund all this and to rise the United Nations up to its proper height, you see.  Now, James Hanson, he’s been in the papers so many times:)


Head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is a global warming supporter who is calling for global taxes on carbon emissions. In the past, Hansen has endorsed environmental terrorism and genocide in the name of returning the Earth to the agrarian age.


(A: Now the guy should be locked up, because he has, he’s an eco-terrorist.  He has gone and smashed dams with whole herds of these screaming creatures, of environmentalists, the fanatics, and tries to bust dams down and things like that, you know.  He’s been caught doing it umpteen times.  But of course, he’s a special person and he gets off with it, you see.)


Hansen endorsed a book by his climate change comrade, Keith Farnish where Farnish called for acts of sabotage and environmental terrorism by destroying dams and cities in order to force the coming agrarian age.


(A: That’s when you get back to being a peasant on the land again, you know, and you talk in a strange dialect, and you talk about farming, lad, and stuff like that, and how’s your turnips.  And that’s what they want us all to be.  Of course, they won’t be, because they’re all scientists at the top.  They’ll have to live high above the common herd, so they won’t be helping you with your turnips, or your manure for that matter.  It says:)


Farnish stated:


“The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization . . .  will die in huge numbers when civilization collapses”.


(A: These are the fanatics that are getting funded with your tax money, because your government also funds these NGOs, by the way, and the big bankers through their foundations funds them incredibly well, and gives them pension plans and everything.  And even travel expenses for their buses and that, when they go to raid dams and stuff, and break them up.)


The author also says massive depopulation is a requirement for saving Earth.


(A: You know, it’s theirs, you understand?  Understand, it’s theirs.  You’re an interloper here.  You belong to the extinct species that died off in the past.  You just haven’t died yet.  That’s the problem, you see.)


“In short, the greatest immediate risk to the population living in the conditions created by Industrial Civilization is the population itself. Civilization has created the perfect conditions for a terrible tragedy on the kind of scale never seen before in the history of humanity. That is one reason for there to be fewer people.”


(A: So, in order to stop this terrible catastrophe happening, they want to kill you.)


Farnish claims that through random acts of eco-terrorism, the collapse of the industrial countries can be achieved.


(A: Now, he’s talking about the so-called First World countries.  He’s not talking about the Third World countries.  They’ve got this strange, you know, hate relationship with the first world.  But they’ve also got this gloating and overabundance, a plethora of warm things for the Third World, you know, that they’ll be lording over of course.  As long as they’re lording over it.)


“Unloading essentially means the removal of an existing burden: for instance, removing grazing domesticated animals,


(A: So your farms are all going to go.  That’s why they’re attacking all the farms across the Western World and Australia.)


razing cities to the ground, blowing up dams and switching off the greenhouse gas emissions machine. The process of ecological unloading is an accumulation of many of the things I have already explained in this chapter, along with an (almost certainly necessary) element of sabotage.”


(A: Right?  And:)


The Guardian reports :


“In his lecture, Hansen will argue that the challenge facing future generations from climate change is so urgent that a flat-rate global tax is needed to force immediate cuts in fossil fuel use.”


(A: What it is folks, it’s to bring you down to your beyond subsistence level in food and everything else, so that you can die off, if you cannot put two and two together.)


Hansen certainly agrees with man-made climate change alarmists like Kari Norgarrd who call skeptics racists who should be drugged.


Hansen is not concerned about the rise in fuel costs due to the carbon tax. Only that this tax is necessary to save the planet.


In response to Hansen’s lecture, Physicist Luboš Motl said in a speech:


 “People around Hansen have stopped interacting with scientists or sensible people in general many years ago. They’re not even trying to hide anymore that they have switched from attempts to find valid answers to scientific questions – a challenge in which they have failed miserably – to pure political activism. Hansen also wants to introduce a global government:


(A: Well, they all want that.  So do the Big Boys, you see.  That’s why they use guys like Hansen.)


Under the global carbon tax proposal, the mechanisms for controlling fossil fuel use would be taken out of the hands of individual states influenced by energy companies, and politicians anxious about winning elections.


So, I’ll put this link up.  And it goes on and on and on, too, but it’s all much the same stuff, for those, and people who listen to this broadcast, and who have listened to past ones, know what’s going on.  I don’t have to explain it to you.  You already understand the agenda, how it’s implemented, and how these so-called opposing groups are all working together, including the activists, alongside the guys with the oil, who all attend the Copenhagen meetings and are all for it.  Because they want a world too, where you’ll pay through the nose, for, you know, your quart of oil to go in your car.  Just like the electricity guys will get about a hundred times more profit than they’re getting right now, for giving you one-tenth of what you get right now.  It’s all worked out that way. 


Also tonight too, for those who just adapt and adapt and, you know, adapt and adapt and yawn.  I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ll do it again.


Joint Special Operations University Report on Convergence of Special Forces and Civilian Law Enforcement


(A: This is for the US.  They have the same one for Britain.  In fact, Britain announced, and I’ve mentioned it in the past too, that Special Forces now and the Paratroopers, which are pretty much up there with the Special Forces, are going to help the cops with any future riots.  But for the US it says:)


In recent years there has been an apparent convergence of the operations conducted by Special Operations Forces (SOF) and those of civilian law enforcement agencies (LEAs), especially Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units, in what were formerly separate and distinct missions. The requirements to obtain warrants prior to execution of raids for high-value targets, collect and preserve evidence for criminal prosecution, and on occasion present testimony in courts of law are new missions for SOF. They are not relatively simple changes in the rules of engagement or comparable techniques. As far as can be determined, previously no U.S. military combat arms unit has ever been tasked with such a mission during combat operations. The thesis is straightforward; if such missions are to continue, then consideration must be given to adequate training for them.


So, they’re blending in laws basically, the civilian laws into the special forces and everybody else who is interacting with them, the ordinary police and so on, because they can’t just go smashing doors in, and go off and rape children in the middle of the night and kill them all and stuff like that, like they do overseas.  At least not yet.  Give them time.  And no one will pay any attention to it; I’m talking about authorities, that is.  I’ll put that up tonight as well. 


Now, so many techniques.  What always happens when this same bunch gets in, because it’s the same bunch actually that funded Socialism, either the Communist form of Socialism, and they also funded the Nazis, you understand, under the IG Farben group, all the big boys, all the big General Motors and so on all were part of the IG Farben group, the Bayer corporation too for pharmacology, and many, many others all belonged to that.  And that’s how Hitler got his war machine going, from the Western corporations.  None of them were put in prison for it.  A few of them were fined a token, and that was all.  But without that there would be no Second World War, without the corporations in the West. 


You always find when Socialism takes over, especially in the Communistic types, you always have a massive famine as they get all of the folk off the land, you see.  And then they end up killing all the farmers, or at least taking them off the land.  Generally they kill them all.  In the Ukraine they starved them to death by taking all their grain from them, while at the same time Lenin or Stalin exported the grains from the Ukraine overseas for a profit.  But they always do the same thing.  And you’ve got to understand too, in the Soviet system, remember the bankers created both systems.  They already had Capitalism, and they created the dialectic called Communism.  Today you’ve got them both together, you see.  That’s how it was supposed to end up.  And, as I say, they starve the people and then they tell them to go out, all the youngsters to go out and work the land.  You have to do so many months every year working on the land, to get you to appreciate the fact where your food comes from and all that kind of stuff.  And you’ll get it back soon again.  It’s all part of it.  You know, the ones that they let live, that is. 


But they also used science.  See, in this modern age, which is Socialistic, Communistic, but run by the Fascists at the top—wonderful combination, eh?— you find that they really believe that science is the new god.  And they did crazy things in the Soviet Union like Lysenko, and the Lysenko Affair, where Stalin took a shine to Lysenko and his theories where they could force plants to evolve to grow in cold climates, by forcing them.  You know, scientifically like.  Put them in cold water and stuff and freezing them, then putting them up in the frozen north.  It never ever worked, but it didn’t stop them from praising him and giving him awards.  That’s what you also find too with these fanatics, like we have today. 


They also used Pavlovian techniques in the schools.  Pavlov wasn’t just practicing with dogs, he also used children by the way, and put probes in their brains, cut open their jaws, just like the dogs and put in probes there to get them to salivate and do things like that too.  This great Pavlov.  The same guy that H.G. Wells went over to see, and left his son there to train with Pavlov, who eventually came over to the States to New York and became a zoologist and worked with the eugenicists for America.  Anyway, you understand, they’re still using this technique today of shocking and behavior modification, because, you see, the Communists said that if they couldn’t recondition you—and they would take you off to these reconditioning camps when they first took over, to get you to be politically correct, and have doublethink, proper doublethink, you see—then they’d have to kill you.  But they first gave you a chance, generally, to succumb and say, yes, yes, Marxism is the best thing that the world has ever seen, and it’s our savior, etc.  Now it’s global warming and we’ve got to combat that, and greening the planet.  Green, green, green.  If you can’t say that, you’re off to the chop shop.


And believe you me, an article like this one I’m about to read is very important, because it means, like all universities and these schools that do strange things, like Harvard and all the rest of them, they’re doing incredible studies with government backing.  There’s always government backing involved, because they’re interested in studying the victims, you see. 


Video reveals teen’s electro-shock torture at Massachusetts school


A video that a school in Massachusetts has fought in court for years to keep under wraps was played in public for the first time this week, revealing the torture of a disabled boy through the use of repeated electric shocks.


(A: This is in the US, eh.  Massachusetts.  It says:)


The Judge Rotenberg


(A: And he certainly was rotten.)


Center (JRC) in Caton, Massachusetts has for years been pushing back against allegations of flippant use of electric shocks and other abuses against its special-needs students, and it had managed to keep video central to a case brought by one former student’s mother under wraps.


Now, the public knows why.


Footage played in court this week and captured by a local Fox News affiliate shows former student Andre McCollins, then a disabled 18-year-old, strapped to a table and screaming savagely in pain as faculty applied 31 individual jolts of electricity over the course of seven hours. He was ultimately hospitalized.


JRC lawyers insist the shocks were applied as part of a treatment routine meant to pacify mentally and emotionally troubled students,


(A: You’re going to get this stuff done on you one day, by all these green nutcases, and I’m not kidding about this.  I’m not really kidding about this at all.)


and that McCollins was just one of many who have undergone the so-called therapy. They also claimed he was “aggressive,” and therefore needed the treatment.


Security camera footage revealed, however, that the boy’s prolonged torture was brought on when he refused to remove his jacket in class.


(A: Oh, high crime.  It’s like you not bowing down to the Green goddess, eh?)


His mother Cheryl told a jury this week that she never agreed to the procedure and that she had “no idea that they tortured children in the school.” She added that he appeared to be “catatonic” during a family visit three days after the incident.


(A: Well, so would you be.  You know, if you survived, that is.)


The video, filmed in 2002, was sealed by another judge eight years ago amid a lawsuit filed by McCollins’ mother, but a higher court ordered it be displayed to the public earlier this week.


That means they’ve got all the data they need after all these years and years of experimentation on these students.  That’s why, obviously, they’re going to put it out now, you see, and the trial’s still ongoing.  This was given permission to go on for years and years; I remember reading about it years ago.  They use all this data to see if they can recondition all of you one day, you see.  And it will happen.  Not all of you. I mean, most folk, as I say are within the 80%.  They’ll go green.  They’ll go whatever, until it’s part of their vocabulary, and you know, that’s what it’ll be, “have a green day.”  “You too.”


Now, I knew too that years ago, eventually, you’ll just have your iPhone basically.  You’ll plug it into a booth somewhere and you’re plugged into the net.  Well, here it is, New York City.


City ‘i’s new phone booths


The city plans to unveil 32-inch “smart screens” with Internet connections next month inside 250 old phone booths throughout the five boroughs.


The pilot program will replace crusty telephones that most New Yorkers wouldn’t touch with their bare hands. And the futuristic screens could eventually replace all of the city’s 12,800 outdoor pay phones, whose franchise contracts with the city expire in October 2014.


The free touch-screen technology will display local neighborhood information, including lists of nearby restaurants....


And so on, and so on.  And also monitor you.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back.  And I’ll also put up a link, all put all these links up tonight, plus this one, it’s the:


The Guardian Classroom at it Again! – Revolution, Flashmobs, and Brain Chips. A Grim Vision of the Future (Revisited)


(A: And it goes through the Guardian.  It’s also got me there yapping on about something or other, and so I’ll put that up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end.  It says:)


The following article appeared in The Guardian on Monday, April 9th 2012....


And I’ve got it actually up here, it’s talking about “Riots may be controlled with chemicals”, police firing chemicals, and it shows you them, “at rioters in search for 'less lethal' weapons, such as plastic bullets, to deal with civil disorder”, which is coming obviously, since you’re going into austerity.  And the riots may be controlled with chemicals, etc.  It says:


Future riots could be quelled by projectiles containing chemical irritants fired by police using new weapons that are now in the final stages of development.


(A: They had all this stuff developed years ago.  And one of them is called:)


The Discriminating Irritant Projectile (Dip)


(A: D-I-P.  They’ll give you your chips.)


has been under development by the Home Office's centre for applied science and technology (Cast)....


(A: This is their weapons industry.  Centre for applied science and technology.)


Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal that last summer's riots in England provided a major impetus to Home Office research into new-generation riot control technology, ranging from the Dip to even more curious weaponry described by Cast technicians as "skunk oil".


The briefing by Cast for the Police Service of Northern Ireland says that last year's disorder sparked a surge of ideas to the Home Office from the public as well as companies manufacturing police technology. To capitalise on the interest, Cast convened a "brainstorming" event in October.


(A: Everything is a make-work project now for cops and military, isn’t it?)


Participants included police from London and Northern Ireland, the Police Federation, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Ministry of Defence's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.


"No ideas too stupid or 'off the wall' to consider," the briefing notes record.


(A: They must be just throwing cash out like crazy for all this wacky stuff.  And then:)


The November briefing, The Development of New Less Lethal Technologies, suggests that the Dips would be loaded into guns used to fire the existing generation of plastic bullets. They would be intended to be accurate at a range of up to 65 metres.


It is understood that the Dip, which was originally supposed to have been introduced in 2010, would be loaded with CS gas, pepper spray or another irritant.


(A: They’ll probably put acid in there and your clothes will melt off you and your skin too.)


Other parts of the briefing, released under the Freedom of Information Act, refer to a need in the short term by police to develop "counter laser dazzle"...


(A: They’ve got that stuff too.  They’ve got these flashlights they can shine in your eyes and it’s supposed to put you into a sort of quasi schizophrenic state basically.  That’s all they have to do actually is point them in the direction of the crowds.  It says:)


Large sections of the briefing were redacted by the Home Office, which designated them as "commercially sensitive".


(A: It means that the public wouldn’t be too chuffed to know what was happening, you know.)


However, the Guardian understands that the "less lethal" technology discussed included heat rays and sound weapons. One weapon that particularly interested police officers was something Cast technicians referred to as "skunk oil".


(A: Oh, they’d like that, eh?  And:)


The system would involve pellets containing foul-smelling liquids being fired from weapons similar to paintball guns. Such would be the smell that individuals hit by the pellets would want to go home to change their clothes, while associates would be reluctant to stay close to them.


I wonder if it would be so stinky that the cops won’t want to come near you either.


Well, there’s no end to it, is it?  Because, you see, it’s all coming down folks, step by step, here, there, different times.  It all comes down.  And you all adapt to it, instead of standing up now and saying enough is enough.  No austerity and no carbon taxes.  No throwing our cash money across the planet to the big corporations; but who’s going to do it, eh?  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you. 



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