April 13th, 2012 (#1065)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 13th, 2012:

You'll Know You're Elevated to the Superclass
When You Eat Steak by Telling the Rest to Eat Grass:

"Oh Humankind, Which the Elite Love to Hate,
You're Blissfully Ignorant of the Fate
Planned for You, Why?  Because You're Good,
You Believe Everything, You're Taught You Should,
From the Superclass which Manages Your Thinking,
Relayed by TV from People without Blinking,
And Every Story is Scientifically Spun,
Fine-Tuning the Brain so it's Properly Run,
Why Become Burdened with Understanding,
Have a Beer, Watch TV, It's so Undemanding"
© Alan Watt April 13th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 13th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of April 2012.  For newcomers, help yourself to the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thereís lots of audios for free download, and hopefully youíll start to understand this system that youíre born into, vastly different from the system that you thought existed, and that the media tries to maintain actually exists, the fake one that is.  And youíll understand the system that you live in, which is really a scientifically organized and created structure.  And itís an incredible structure.  Itís like the matrix itself.  You think you understand it all.  You move into the next level of the matrix, and thereís another one above you, below you, to the side of you, beneath you.  Theyíre all over the place.  Weíre micromanaged in other words.  This is the form of scientific dictatorship that Bertrand Russell and others talked about.  And itís been here for quite a long, long time.  We can see also that the structure also encompasses your whole way of living from birth to death, what youíll work at, your kind of education, your class structure, your necessity to the system or your non-necessity to it for that matter as well.  And sustainability, etc, all discussed over a hundred years ago by the boys who set up the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is also the Council on Foreign Relations across the rest of the world.  They have the Trilateral Commission as well.  And they run the planet into an organized fashion.  Right now, youíre going through the shake-up as they amalgamate countries and continents together, under the global structure, using your tax money, naturally, along with private business that uses your tax money, and theyíre getting awfully rich off it in the meantime too.  But the outcome is a managed society under a bunch of guises of sustainability, etc, and using the fear tactics of global warming, carbon dioxide, all these things, to make you give up all your rights and just go along quietly, like the good herd that youíre supposed to be.  So, go into the audios, help yourself to those and youíll understand how it all works, and the long, long history behind it as well. 


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and keep me ticking along, because thatís the only income I bother to have.  I could get a lot more if I wanted to, but then Iíd have to bring on lots of advertisers and staff and then before you know it youíve got a business on the go, and you canít, youíre beholden to too many different organizations then.  You canít really say what you really want to say.  So, if you want to support me, you can buy the books and discs as I say.  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use a personal check, or an international postal money order, or you can use PayPal or send cash.  Itís up to you.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  And straight donations are really, really awfully welcome. 


As I say, we live in a global society.  Itís been announced in many different quarters.  And weíre always having new announcements all the time, mainly from the United Nations or their affiliates, all the organizations that belong to them under their umbrella.  And you know, we learn primarily through osmosis, not by direct reasoning and argument.  Thatís how the general public learn.  Itís through osmosis.  Itís through the tiny bits of repetition you hear through a thousand sources over the course of a whole year, the same things over and over, until itís quite natural to start talking about it.  You donít have to understand what it really means.  You have a basic understanding, and no more.  But thatís how you learn, through osmosis.  And thatís why you have such a vast media enterprise, world-wide enterprise with big media barons, to make sure that all the media says the same stuff about the same time, on the same topics, to make sure you get the message, whether youíre listening with half an ear or not.  It doesnít matter.  Osmosis will do the rest.  Because the vast majority of the public, as I say, are never truly conscious.  Never a hundred percent conscious of whatís happening around them, and to them, in any generation.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about this system we live in.  And most people, remember, donít listen to shows like this.  They listen to mainstream.  The 6 oíclock news.  The 9, 10, 11 oíclock news.  Whatever it is.  And they see their favorite commentators and newscasters, and they get so used to them.  They grow up with them.  Thatís why they used to keep them until theyíre falling off their chairs.  Theyíre like your dad or your grandpa.  And you canít believe theyíre lying to you, you see.  And they give you the news, and you never question it.  Most people never, ever question it at all, because it never dawns on them they could be lied to.  What amazing trust the general public have in private corporations.  And yet, it wasnít always like that.  Iíve mentioned that so many times before, that really up until World War II and beyond, people were rather suspicious of mainstream news because it was still fresh in their minds of all the scandals of the past.  They knew what media barons were all about.  They worked on behalf of the king or country sort of thing.  And they misled the public, especially in times of war, or when an upcoming war was about to take place.  Theyíd mislead the public to get them all on board against somebody theyíd never thought about hating before, and suddenly, youíre supposed to just switch on and hate them.  So, media is a very powerful, powerful thing.  And the same media goes to incredible lengths to make sure that it stays very powerful.  It will tolerate no competitors. 


Look at the Murdoch institution for that, because thereís quite a few videos out there, not just on the fact that they were hacking folksí mails and so on, but they also have a company in Israel which put under competitor rivals that were starting up to challenge the cable TV industry.  They hired hackers and gave them the keys, you know these little keys that they put into the boxes for cable to allow you access to them, and they manufactured millions of them, and gave them out for nothing, to put their competitors under.  And got away with it too.  Quite astonishing.  These are the people weíre supposed to respect, you see.  These are the people who bring you your news.  And people do believe them, too.  It was Murdochís group as well that really hyped up the whole war against Iraq, and for all the rest of them ever since, because theyíve got a lot in common with people in the Middle East there. 


Theyíve got a lot of agendas to fulfill, because medias do have agendas, believe it or not.  Iím not talking about your little local one, round about you, where itís really an advertiser they put around your local area, with the local ads in it.  But even those guys too put inserts in as well, about sustainability, so that the local group thatís put themselves on your local council, just placed themselves there, until you canít do anything without their permission for the sustainability and the ecology, they get their inserts into your local papers as well.  So, everything is propaganda.  Thatís the whole key of everything.  And the way to propaganda is to look at any totalitarian system of the past.  You must start with a young group in school.  And you give them a different reality from their parents, or even the children a few years older in some cases.  Different education.  And step by step you make it even more radical and more radical until you have true believers, they grow up being true believers in whatís being pushed for the big totalitarian society that theyíre going to grow up into and be part of.  And so, itís sustainability and greening and globalism, overpopulation, and so many, many other things.  Things that were worked out long ago, over a hundred years ago by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, working with its various other organizations like the Royal Society and the various societies on eugenics at the same time, to bring in a world society. 


And they truly hoped at the time that World War I, which they helped to create by the way, according to Professor Carroll Quigley, that World War I, would be enough to get every nation on its knees.  Theyíd be so bankrupt, so starved with rationing and theyíd lose so many of their young that theyíd be on their knees and ready to accept a kind of scientifically-run system, an expert-run system, worldwide.  A global society.  But it didnít work out that way.  And even H.G. Wells talked about it quite openly in his books.  And he says it didnít work, we need another war.  So they had World War II.  And even then, he said it hasnít killed enough.  These are the characters youíre taught to admire.  And it hasnít stopped in the least, because these are only a few people, really, in a vast, a vast army of so-called specialists, all interconnected to do with the planned society for poor old Mother Earth, you see. 


And they use billions, if not trillions of your tax moneys every year, across the world.  Theyíre interfaced totally with the big corporations, international corporations to do with food, armaments, everything.  To do supposedly with bringing World Peace, to the whole planet.  Thereís whole corporations who make their living off government grants across the world, and their founders are billionaires, multi-billionaires.  Itís big business, you see, sustainability, and bringing the population into line, until the bulk of the population will simply do as theyíre told.  Thatís what itís really all about, getting the vast majority to change their whole lifestyles, donít ask questions, just go along with the herd and donít complain.  Thatís really what itís about.


And with all tyrannies from the ancient past to the present, you must have your high priests, you see.  And different priesthoods, even in Egypt, specialized in different areas.  Even as far back as Sumer, we know this was so.  Some priests dealt with real estate in Sumer.  Other priests dealt with taxes.  And other ones dealt with imports and exports and so on and so on.  And really today that has come into what we now call government, and government bureaucracies, same thing, but priesthoods at one time did it.  But priesthoods are good, because they can always bring a bit of voodoo into it, and say things which are unintelligible to the public.  So, they must be right, because you canít follow them.  See?  Thatís how it works.  Itís very simple.  Itís like someone talking in tongues.  Itís all nonsense to you listening to them, but if you elevate that person as some sort of high priest in contact with a deity, then now youíre not quite so sure anymore.  Everybody else is sitting in awe, listening to the gibberish, and you think, well, maybe theyíre right, you know, maybe Iím not quite getting the point here.  And thatís how science works, you see.  A science comes into being from an obscure grounding, generally, very obscure.


Now, when you mix so-called science with politics and power, then youíre going to get a lot of this stuff that weíve seen for years now to do with sustainability, climate change, the IPCC, things like that.  They make up incredible doomsday scenarios every year.  And they admit it themselves on their own websites: We must give the public horrific forecasts, horrific, to really terrify them, so that theyíll all accept our findings, when we have our latest powwow.  You see.  And they have lots of powwows, which we all pay for through our tax money, so that they can con us.  And then they use terminology, because the first thing you must do, creating a science, is use terminology that the public donít understand.  It sounds holy that way, you see.  And so, they make up lots of words, and then the next thing you know theyíve got a university course to teach them the words.  And then theyíre up in the limelight preaching to us, using big fancy words that you donít understand, because you donít have time to study what they call science, you see, their particular science. 


You always find too, when you get people who do understand the lingo, and who donít agree with them, theyíre awfully upset, the political priesthood, you see, the political scientific priesthood, because itís quite easy to beat them, with their terminology and the facts, you see.  They donít like facts at all.  They prefer that you just believe their magic and give up all your rights and do as youíre told.  And thatís what most folk do.  Especially most folk that have got children, because the children come home, theyíre talking about greening this and greening that, and stop using so much water washing yourself.  Stuff like that.  And so, the children train the parents as well. 


Again, youíve got to understand, there have been many attempts over a hundred years to unify this planet by the same founding organization, using wars and various other things, even financial disasters to bring it all together. And of course, they hit upon, using the Club of Rome, the think-tank, they hit upon using climate change as the big stick that everyone would be forced, once the laws were passed, everyone would be forced to change their way of living, into this new term they call austerity.  And big greenies have come out, as Iíve mentioned before, saying that theyíve got to teach the public, you know, that itís a war situation. Because, like in World War II, people got ration cards.  They ate very little protein.  And they didnít complain too much, because they were at war, you see.  And she said, this is a woman from Britain, she said, if we could only get the same scenario back, and the public will go along with all that we want them to go along with. 


Weíre treated like animals and mental retards at the bottom.  Lets say what it is.  They actually say it themselves, like weíre just a mental retard.  You donít tell the people the truth.  Theyíve actually said it on some of their sites too.  You canít tell the people the truth, because they wouldnít want to go along with you.  In other words, if we knew the truth, being human, and not stupid at all, we wouldnít go along with them.  So, for them, itís all or nothing, especially when theyíre making so much money.


I looked up the amount of organizations even listed on Wikipedia.  It could take you a week going through them all, or two weeks, maybe a month, to do just with the greening and sustainability.  I think itís a growing industry.  We should all get a job in the greening industry, just complaining about things, and writing a little paper once every six months, send it to the United Nations, and in comes your grant again.  Lots of cash there.  People are making their entire careers with this kind of stuff to change everybody else beneath them; you know, the real producers at the bottom. 


Everything is counting, you see, on the Rio+20, coming up, you see.  And when you think something new is coming out, itís not.  Any part of their agenda, including how theyíll present it to you, has been discussed in papers going back for maybe six months to a year prior to the big top guy himself announcing it to the public.  And Iíll touch on that when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system that controls people.  It prompts us all, of course, where to think, the directions to think in, or just accept and believe, in fact Ė most folk just believe it without thinking Ė and why it must be so, this planned society.  And remember, Bertrand Russell said the same thing, many, many years ago, and he was a big player in creating the system youíre living through today, at all the world meetings he attended.  He also worked behind the scenes for culture creation and alteration of cultures with big, big groups who were funded by your tax money, again.  I touched on an article yesterday or the day before, on Ban Ki-Moon, on his new economic paradigm.  He says:


New economic paradigm needed, including social and environmental progress


(Alan: Itís also called the Blue Economy.  Itís where you donít really have much of a Gross National Product, basically.  And so, theyíre going to go into Gross Happiness Projects.  You see.  A mindset.  A complete mindset change.  Maybe theyíll bring in Hinduism and we can say that, well, nothing is real anyway, and weíll just sit there and you know, meditate until we die or something.  Anyway, this is what they want to bring in.  So, theyíre not going to go by your GDP anymore, Gross National Product, because we donít have much left, you see.  We import pretty well everything, and that was also the agenda, to bring down America, especially.  I read the article by Hansen yesterday, from NASA, whoís a real nutcase, and he wants to kill most of the folk on the planet, that doesnít have a professional degree in anything.  And he wants to really turn America back, heís said this in many statements, to the Stone Age.  He wants to literally dismantle all manís dams, everything that theyíve done and changed, take down all remaining factories, and just put it back to wildlife.  He doesnít like people very much, you know.  And they like a few psychopaths at the top as nutty as him, and they keep them around for certain reasons.  So, anyway, weíve all to do without goods.  Weíre postindustrial.  Weíre post consumer, according to the United Nations.  And the United Nations, remember is just the mouthpiece for the big boys behind the scenes who set them up in the first place, and that was the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations.  And it was big international bankers that set that up.  Now, it says:)


Convened by the Government of Bhutan, the meeting Ė ďHappiness and Well-being:


(A: Thatís all that matters now.  Remember too, they talked many, many years ago, about using pharmacology, a kind of Soma drug on people.  Make them happy and stoned, and theyíll live their lives and die.  So, happiness and wellbeing is more important, you see, than Gross Domestic Product:)


Defining a New Economic ParadigmĒ Ė


(A: A New Economic Paradigm.  What do you think that means?  Itís again to do with Communitarianism and all that kind of stuff, because I looked at the other membersí websites, and thereís thousands of them.  Youíd spend your whole life going through them all.  This organizational system that all lives off your tax money, and lives very, very well, by the way, way above you, and plans the future all the time for you to live in you see.  And it says:)


brought together hundreds of representatives from governments, religious organizations, academia and civil society to discuss the issue.


(A: And then, as I say, they give you the Himalayan kingdom example.  I guess thatís maybe before the Chinese killed an awful lot of them.  And they were all very happy.  And they focused on being happy and their well-being.  You know, wellness type of thing, rather than economic productivity.  And thatís because too, the world was throwing so much at.  You understand, thereís whole countries now, whole countries living off the things that are thrown at them from countries like ours: to feed them, to give them work, to give them everything.  Thatís what they live on.  So of course theyíre quite happy.  They donít have to do very much to be happy.  I think Iíd be quite happy that way too, if people just threw cash at me and I had no worries about the future.  Wouldnít you be happy too that way?  And then it says:)


ďWe need a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible.


This is to be their mantra for the Rio+20 meeting, you see.  Theyíve got lots of these mini kind of dress rehearsals prior to it, you see, from their different organizations.  And, as I say, thereís thousands of them all working with this.  Itís a massive bureaucracy, you understand.  A huge bureaucracy thatís probably about a thousand times larger than all the bureaucracies of nations put together running the show.  Do you understand that?  Do you really understand that?  And, as I say, this is from April that Ban Ki-Moon came out with this thing.  But of course, they tested it already, back in January, and it says:


Rio+20 and the green economy: how to make prosperity sustainable


(A: And so, this organization, the Ditchley Foundation, was given the task of introducing this idea.  Theyíve all got to come up with ideas, all wacky ideas, you see, all these different guys that are getting grants, from us basically, via your governments.  So, it says:)


This conference featured a diverse group trying to identify new ways to tackle the huge challenges of sustainability and prosperity the world faces, in the run-up to the Rio+20 conference. We agreed that we were currently in a terrible place from an environmental and sustainability point of view, but seemingly unable to convince either politicians or peoples of this reality in the middle of an economic crisis.


(A: Now, remember, these are non-governmental organizations, but they get masses of your tax money given to them to exist and do what theyíre doing.  So, he says that.  They couldnít convince the politicians and so on in the middle of an economic crisis.)


If people were not listening we were not saying the right things. We therefore had to change the messaging and appeal


(A: This is for the masses, right?)


both to peopleís self-interest and their sense of responsibility in new ways which engaged them emotionally as well as intellectually.


See, itís very important to con you through emotions.  Thatís in fact the main way that youíre conned, is through emotions and documentaries.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big overlaying system that runs the world and how thousands of these type of nongovernmental organization bureaucrats run so much of our lives, actually, and where theyíre going with it, and how they talk to each other, because they treat all this like a war, you see.  It is a war to them, to conquer the publicís minds, and to get us to give up all our rights and freedoms, become global, and learn to use a pick and a shovel, or learn to grow turnips and cabbages.  And of course, theyíll get it all at the top, because the ones who design it all for you see themselves as a new separate scientific class, you see.  Theyíre more responsible than we are.  And they know how to rule our lives better.


And this article Iím reading here is from the Ditchley Foundation, thatís a big part of this stuff.  They write a lot of stuff that Ban Ki-moon picks up on and starts parroting six months later.  And I started off by reading a bit of Ban Ki-moonís stuff.  Itís actually from this article written back in January.  And theyíre talking to each other in this article here, not to the general public.  And itís a note actually by the director.  And it says here theyíve got to find new ways in which to engage them, thatís the public, them, you know, emotionally as well as intellectually.  It says:


Did we need to change our economic model and behaviour radically to get where we wanted to go, or could we achieve this by more incremental change?


(A: You see, they generally use incremental change over a span of fifty to a hundred years.  It says:)


There was much debate, but we agreed it was not either/or but both/and.


(A: All of it in other words.)


There was no time to wait for governments


(A: Now, listen to this.)


There was no time to wait for governments to see the error of their ways,


(A: And you think youíre living in democracies; and these characters that your tax money is funding bypass the governments and simply steam ahead, full-steam ahead.  So, thereís:)


no time to wait for governments to see the error of their ways, and action had to start now with things we knew worked


(A: Things we know worked.)


and experiments with many others.


(A: What they know works, you see, is ďOh, my God, youíre all going to die.  The sea is going to rise up and flood you all.  And youíre going to freeze to death.  Or youíre going to roast to death like a piece of toast.Ē  And stuff like that.  Thatís what heís talking about there.  Using emotion and fear on the public.)


There were already good examples of changes which led to others with a powerful snowball effect. Wartime-style mobilisation could follow.


(A: Now remember what they said before.  They all want us to get into rationing for your food and everything, clothes, the lot.  Even sharing accommodation, cramping you in.  Because they all want to get you off the land, you see, under Agenda 21, into these crowded cities.)


Meanwhile, if it was clear that measuring GDP growth did not tell us what we needed to know about human progress and well-being, it was less clear which additional simple metrics would catch on. But we should at least be able to agree on a set of global indicators which told us where our world was heading, including the great risks involved in not respecting planetary boundaries.


On the international side, we had low expectations of new major agreements, but better cooperation was still needed, including in areas like trade and technology transfer.


(A: You see, under the agreements youíve got through your governments and the United Nations, youíve been transferring your technology and your factories for about fifty-odd years, by the way, and speeding up towards setting up China, and now itís Brazil and India and so on.  Youíre funding all of that, you guys back home, you see.  It says:)


While we could not agree on the desirability/feasibility of a rapid move to the establishment of a new, fully-fledged World Environmental Organisation (WEO), there was strong support for an initial non-intergovernmental move in this direction. Setting up an environmental data clearing house which would enable national sectoral progress to be tracked and comparisons made should be launched in Rio.


(A: Thatís the Rio Summit coming up.  So, theyíll announce that then, that thereís a new massive WEO.)


Environmental targets should also be included in whatever replaced the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), or alternatively the concept of planetary boundaries could be reflected in a separate set of targets.


(A: So, you see, they set their targets that all of us at the bottom have to meet, even if you donít know why youíre meeting them or what they even are all about.  So, theyíre talking about how to get more cash, more public funds:)


...to leverage the private resources which would be needed. The money was clearly out there if entrepreneurs and fund managers


(A: They have their own professional fund managers, these people, these groups.)


could be convinced that investment opportunities could help solve both the economic crisis and the environmental crisis simultaneously.


(A: And theyíre even talking about floating Green Bonds along with the Carbon Credits, and so on.  And you have to understand too, and youíve got to read these articles, because they put out their own definitions of the words that theyíre using, what they mean by the words, of prosperity.  Theyíve got a different definition of prosperity and sustainability.  It says:)


We started by trying to ensure that we had a common understanding of the key aims of Ďprosperityí and Ďsustainabilityí. Participants preferred such terminology to talk of green growth or green jobs,


(A: Thatís why, these are the foundations who created all this green nonsense.)


which could not sensibly be disentangled from other kinds of growth or jobs, though it did make more sense to talk of Ďgreeningí both jobs and growth. We understood prosperity to signify well-being


(A: So prosperity, itís saying, all happens in your head, you understand.  If you bring in neuroscience with this, which they do, and Iíve talked about Persinger and other ones before him, neuroscientists who say that nothing happens outside.  Everything happens inside your head, including well-being or unhappiness, or sorrow, or depression.  And normally, when you donít have enough prosperity, and you canít sustain yourself, youíre rather depressed.  But theyíve got to find ways, you see, to make you have good well-being, regardless of the conditions that youíre living in, as you lose all your jobs and you all have to share your toast in the morning with your neighbors and so on, like a war time situation, that this is all going to be good for the planet, you see.  So, theyíll make you feel good about it.  I donít know, eventually theyíll probably have a lobotomy pill they can probably just give us. Maybe itís already there in nanotechnology they stick in the food, but eventually you wonít worry at all about the conditions youíre living in.  And it says:)


There was agreement that we faced a dire environmental situation where business as usual was not an option. Climate change alone....


Although thatís all debatable, but not to them.  Climate change to them is their big stick.  They canít let it go.  It doesnít matter if God himself came down and said it was all rubbish.  Theyíll try and blow God out of the skies, because they cannot give this up.  This is the technique to control everyone.  Again, go back to the Club of Rome that came up with the idea, and theyíve picked on that and jumped on it since then.  And even some politicians in Canada have said it doesnít matter if the climate change science is all bogus, we can help spread the wealth across the world.  Thatís the function of it.  Distribution of wealth, one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. 


So, anyway, itís dry, boring stuff, but itís the only way youíre going to understand whatís going on, especially when they give their handouts to the newspapers to read to you.  If you read their inside stuff, then youíll understand where theyíre really going with it all and why theyíre going with it all to that direction.  And youíre going to hear lots and lots more about forget your Gross Domestic Product, all you need is to feel happy, be well inside yourself.  Mind you, if youíre all brought up in utter dire poverty, youíll think itís normal after a generation, because you have nothing to compare it to.  And thatís true.  Thatís happened in the past to people.  It works very, very well.


So, if you think that Sustainability is something to do with that, itís not at all.  In fact, in another article today, it said that there are fewer and fewer American teenagers having children, 18-year-olds, 19-year-olds, like they used to do.  In fact, they used to get married at that age, quite commonly.  But itís gone down to 1940s levels, just plummeted.  They donít want children.  And thatís why they bring in immigrants to pay off the National Debt, supposedly.  Thatís what they tell us at the top.  Mind you, the abortion rate has increased dramatically, along with STD, but they donít bring that too much into the actual article. 


So, youíre living through a planned society, depopulation.  They make it a cultural desirability not to have children, and thatís happened.  It worked very well.  And the PR for that was starting in the 50s, and then really burst out in the 1960s, when they gave the pill out.  They gave free abortions out.  And the state basically came out and says, ďdonít worry about that.  Do what you want.  Have fun, and weíll take care of any problems for you.Ē  And that happened and here we are today.  And yet, the same United Nations is prattling about, oh, thereís still too many people.  Thereís too many people.  No one is having children, but thereís too many people. 


And then if you have children, youíve got the childrenís aid going to grab them off you, probably.  Because youíre giving them bad ideas, bad ideas about when you raise them and say, look, donít believe everything youíre told at school.  Thatís enough to get your children taken off you.  Iím not kidding you.  It is.  Thereís lots of folk who have had that done to them already. 


And even when I was young, I can remember the farce to do with pensions, because government, of course, uses the cash thatís put in every week or every month from your paycheck into the pension pool, and itís invested immediately, masses of money invested.  Iím not talking about like 5% return, Iím talking about 30%, 40%, because they lend them out through the IMF, often, in fact, to countries that have already defaulted that are paying incredible rates of interest when they take out loans.  But, when it comes down to your retirement time, they grudge giving you your retirement money, even though youíve paid into it all that time, and theyíve used it over and over and over again through investing.  And itís a trend now, of course, worldwide, you know, itís a trend, because weíre global, you see, that everybodyís pension age must go up now.  With all their stats and statistics and so on, they know exactly pretty well how many folk are going to die.  Now that theyíve got everybodyís DNA as well, and your genealogy, they have a good idea how long youíre going to live.  And Iím not kidding about that, theyíve actually done it all.  And theyíve worked out if they can raise the pension age to 67 maybe, then an extra so many billion or whatever million will die every year without collecting their pension, then the government can keep it, you see.  Thatís the whole point of it.  But itís presented to the public as itís kind of the publicís fault.  Thereís too many of you.


Pension warning as Britain told to act now or see £750 BILLION added to national debt


(A: Itís like blackmail, isnít it?  Isnít it?  It says:)




(A: The International Monetary Fund, which is a private organization, that gets your cash by the way, because you must pay cash.  Every country pays its cash to the International Monetary Fund for these private guys to have their private banking system.  And they act like the big hard man.  They give out loans to countries that have defaulted and then they put you back down home, the countries that lend them the money, put you down as the guarantors.  So, youíre constantly being guarantors of third world countries that always renege on their loans.  And the bankers love that.  Perpetual money coming in forever and ever and ever with massive interest.  Anyway:)


British workers should be forced to delay their retirements now or see £750billion added to the national debt, the International Monetary Fund warned yesterday.


(A: I mean, the IMF should be out of the picture.  There shouldnít even be an IMF, you understand.  This was all set up, under the United Nations and the World Bank, a long time ago, and the Bank for International Settlements, where Carroll Quigley himself said that the BIS, Bank for International Settlements will work all the other Central Banks underneath them.  Theyíll be the boss of them all.  And the IMF will be their strong man.  When a country gets into default, or theyíre having a hard time making their payments, with compound interest, of course, then the IMF comes in and runs the country for you.  The first thing they do is slash healthcare to the bone, until thereís none there, and everything is chopping, chopping.  Wherever they can chop money theyíll chop it.  So now the IMF, exactly as predicted, as it was designed to do, is now running countries like Britain and lots of other countries besides.  Even though Britain is still lending money out on its own to other countries and giving cash away.)


It said the country faced financial ruin if the average lifespan in the UK rose by just three years more than predicted.


(A: Oh, my God, donít live.  Itís because youíre living, you understand, that youíre in such a problem.  Yeah.)


The organisation warned that if that happened, £750billion would be added to the national debt by 2050 to pay for the increased cost of pensions and healthcare.


(A: Thereís hardly any healthcare left there, by the way.)


That would push the debt burden up from 76 per cent of national output to as much as 135 per cent.


(A: See, this is the voodoo priests giving you their terminology, you see, to lose you.  But youíre supposed to believe their statistics, you see.  Remember that saying too, there are lies, then there are damned lies, and then there are statistics.  Like itís science.  You canít argue with that.)


In a report into so-called Ďlongevity riskí,


(A: So, now itís a longevity risk, you might live too long.)


the Washington-based IMF urged governments to tackle the problem now before it is too late.


(A: I think Brown now is in charge of it there.  He was sent over after decimating Britain as a prime minister.  And they sent him over to be in charge of the Washington-based IMF.  So, heís helping to destroy whatís left of the world.  Now he wants to kill off all the older folk.)


It suggested a further increase in retirement ages, higher contributions


(A: Of course.)


into pension pots from employers and employees, and smaller payouts to those in old age.


They can hardly get, there are folk dying in Britain every year, and elsewhere in Europe Iím sure, because they canít afford the fuel to heat themselves in their homes.  This is progress, folks.  But mind you, from the other sideís point of view it is progress.  They want more of you to die off and live in below-subsistence pay and pensions and just die.  Basically, the message is just die, you know.  For what?  So that theyíve got more cash to dish out into China and build hospitals for the Chinese?  We are still building hospitals for the Chinese.  Canada, the US, Britain, France, all these other countries, under the United Nations organizations that we all signed on to in 1946.  Quite something.  So, they want you to work into 67 and even longer it says.  In fact, theyíre even talking about doing your own genealogy and if youíve got a chance to live into your eighties then theyíll make you work into your eighties.  Thatís basically what theyíre saying.  Yeah.  Quite something.


And money, money.  Thereís always plenty of money for, as I say, these world operations and throwing overseas and building even atomic power plants for instance in China.  Canada was part of that too, because we were kind of ahead on building these big plants for atomic power.  And I remember Canada years ago got the contracts for building them for China, although Canada has to pay for most of it themselves.  Not bad, eh, Candu reactors, and also the biggest hydro-electric dams too for China as well.  Weíre all paying for that as well.  They wonít even up and fix the systems that are existing in Canada, but we can do it for China, because we signed an agreement, you see.  Nobody talks about that kind of thing, do they?  It doesnít happen.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to a caller, Iím also going to mention another link tonight will be the one to do with the upcoming NATO meeting in Chicago, and theyíre expecting demonstrations, and theyíre going to use the same, various sound cannons and so on, the non-lethal weaponry that they used at one of the G20 meetings in Pittsburgh.  And theyíre going to use the LRAD system itís called.  It gives high frequency signals out there, and gives you splitting headaches and so on.  And theyíre getting sued actually for using it.  It doesnít matter though.  Theyíll use it again in Chicago and maybe some other tricks as well, theyíll unroll to the general public. 


Now weíll go to George in I think itís Pennsylvania.  Are you there George?  Hello?


George: Hello, Alan.† How do you do tonight?


Alan: Not too bad at all.


George: Nor I, nor I.  Pleasure to speak with you once again.  Itís been a few months, several months.† Well, I wanted to call you to thank you and touch upon a few things you brought up over the past two weeks to a month.  But first, you had mentioned a quote, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.  That was Mark Twain, was it not?


Alan: I think it was.  And I know Theo Roosevelt and others used it afterwards, yeah. 


George: Right.  Whatís your opinion on the likes of Mark Twain and Jules Verne as far as the predictive programming and what have you are concerned?  You know, Mark Twain said a lot on religion, you know the papers on the Adam family and things of that nature, like who is the Republic.  Is it, etc.  Iím sure you know the topics Iím speaking of, but what of the likes of Jules Verne whose literature is more or less innocent compared to the likes of H.G. Wells and the Huxleys. 


Alan: Well, I think at that time, really, Germany had the lead in science fiction.  Even in the late 1800s, and so it was pushing lots of stuff that got copied by others, to do, that science was going to become the New God, the New Savior.  It would solve all our problems for us, and weíd go to the moon and all that kind of stuff.


George: Right.  And under the sea.


Alan: Under the sea, and also under the sea had a lot of, man was wicked on the surface.  Man was bad.  He was conquering.  He slaughtered.  He was a thief.  He robbed everybody through piracy.


George: And so you had this man, Captain Nemo, which is Latin for no one.  He was basically telling the fellow, as far as youíre concerned, Iím Captain Nobody.


Alan: Yes.  And itís also Omen backwards.


George: I have to laugh, because these people watching the Finding Nemo cartoons are watching a movie thatís essentially entitled Finding No One.  You know, thereís something funny about that, but I canít quite find the joke there. 


Alan: Itís also, they love to put a word, Omen, backwards, is Nemo. 


George: Yeah, thatís true, thatís true.† I was also wondering about AT&T.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  But also with Mark Twain, Mark Twain, I donít think he was a fool on anything.  I mean, he was so into what was really going on, he was a very streetwise guy as well.


George: Oh, yeah, yeah.  Well I suppose that could be credited due to the fact that he was born on the proverbial wrong side of the tracks.† Thatís where he grew up so he saw the grime and gritty, nastiness of the human end of society.


Alan: He saw the reality of life.  I mean, I love the story about how to get rich, the one about picking up pins outside the bank, you know, and the bank man comes out and thanks you for them, and then gives you a little job there, then you end up marrying the daughter of the banker.  And then he tells you the real truth.  You pick up the pins, the banker comes up, grabs them, and kicks you in the butt.  And you know, thatís how it really is.  He gives you all these different comparisons in his stories of reality compared to the fiction thatís projected to us through the media.  Excellent for that.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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