April 17, 2012 (#1067)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 17, 2012:

Open Eyes Wide to the Great Divide:
Under Attack in Fabian Silent Culture War,
Lost 'less You Find What Your Mind is For:

"Here We Stand in the Shadow of the Vulture
Which Wages War on Nations and Culture,
Divide and Conquer Down to the Miniscule,
Until Everyone's Helpless, Each a Fool,
Prey to "Experts" with All Kinds of Advice,
Such as Personal Well-Being, Be Poor but Nice,
Obedience to Authority, Indoctrination in People
Whom the Shepherd Elites Call the Sheeple,
No Individuality, It's Frowned on by UN,
Then You're Herded Back into the Flock Again,
We'll All Become Bee-Hive Drones,
Sting-less, Brave New World, Obedient Clones"
© Alan Watt April 17, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 17, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 17th of April 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest you use the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Youíll find lots of audios for free download. Hopefully, youíll start to understand this system youíre born into and that often you felt a bit uneasy about, not quite sure whatís really going on as opposed to what they tell you is going on. You just know thereís something up. So I try to give you documentation of big players who set a system into motion a long time ago and decided to take over the world, plan it, a planned society, they created communism, they already had capitalism. The top capitalists did all this, of course. They decided that wise men, intelligentsia should rule the world and create an obedient, compliant population. And then they created the United Nations and the United Nations, basically, is there to standardize cultures across the entire planet. Itís been awfully successful up to this point.


So, help yourself to the audios. Remember too, you bring me to you because I donít bring on advertisers as guests and I donít get paid, of course, for this. I rely upon the sale of books and discs to get by. So, you can help me out by buying them at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. From the US to Canada, remember you can use a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office to Canada and you can also use PayPal and some people just send cash. Across the world youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again. Remember straight donations are really, really, really essential right now, especially.


Now what I try and do is take todayís news and to show you why different projects, world projects, are going on and go back to the original documentation. You find, for instance, that H. G. Wells was talking about wind farms, back in the early 1900s, in his A Modern Utopia book, that he put out then. He worked for the big boys too as a propagandist. So nothing is new, itís just that it appears new to you. Under the guise of sustainability, of course, theyíre pushing now, all this has to be done to save Mother Earth, etc.† Just like Gorbachev said when he came over to the US, to the Presidio with his green little cross there. He said that we must create a new earth type religion, based on earth worship, a form of earth worship. Thatís what he was talking about when the East and the West came together as it was supposed to do.


The Reece commission proved that a long time ago when the Congress set out the commission to look into the big charitable philanthropic organizations, like the Ford foundation, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc. Because they were all funding what seemed to be vast far-left policies, you might say communistic policies. They were told, Norman Dodd was told, and they wrote the book about it too, Foundations: Their Power and Influence. He said he was shocked when the Ford CEO said our job is to blend the Soviet system with that of the West. That was back in the 1950s. They also had to alter the culture as well. All that worked to keep the people separate, in a nation, where they all felt happy with each other, with a common basic at least descendancy from the same religion and the same norms, etc., all that had to be destroyed, including the family unit. And eventually the child would be looked after by the state. The parent would provide the finances and take care of them to an extent, that way, but all indoctrination would come from the state. Thatís been going on for generations now. Thatís why you canít get through to people, a lot of people. They are the victims of perfect indoctrination. They think itís all quite natural because all their pals in their own generation think so too. Youíll know lots of them yourself. Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about how old this system with this agenda really, really is. And I mentioned yesterday how the communist system was taken over really by massive funding. Multimillions of dollars were poured in to get the Soviets on the go. They paid revolutionaries and thousands of them, and send them into Russia. In the West, they decided, because of the culture being so strong, and the people being not so downtrodden of the vast amount of people in the Soviet system, they would use the Fabian technique of intergenerational changes and new normals, new norms, I call them, for every part of it. Of course the biggest change agent would be the school system, coupled with media and entertainment, which was awfully, awfully successful.


It goes way, way back. Even Karl Marx talked about this world that would be broken up into 3 main trading blocs. The trading blocs themselves would have their mini parliaments for each bloc, like the European Union, and one for the Americas, and one for the Far East, the Pacific Rim region. That was in the 1800s, and then the boys they went on to the next step, did the same kind of thing under the guise of democracy in the West and set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations. They have drafted up pretty well the charters for amalgamations for all of those 3 areas, with the United Nations, of course, being at the top, as a kind of form of world government right now.


Pretty well every law that gets passed, that doesnít go through parliament or governments but through local councils, etc. all come from the United Nations and they have your whole life long. Right down to your building codes and standards for electronics and plumbing; everything is down to the United Nations, including the curriculum that gets put through to your school systems, as well. Charlotte Iserbyt has done great documentaries on whatís happened and how they used that to really dumb down the people and get rid of individuality, bring in the collectivist society and itís really, really worked very, very well.


Many times Iíve thought myself, you canít simply overcome this, even if youíre a minority who gains power of some kind, even a voice, you cannot overcome this without a common philosophy. Youíll notice in the patriot movement there is no common philosophy. Most people in it actually donít want anything to get any worse than it is today because they in turn took over in their generation further conditioning into this system, which becomes degenerate with every generation, more and more degenerate. Thereís no common religion. There are no common guiding principles that always came from some kind of religion. If you go back into even when Christianity had different denominations and sects and so on, they still got on pretty well because it all came from a common base of understanding. You donít have that today and thatís why the Communist boys and girls in the US and elsewhere, in Britain, decided in the Fabian Society to use a slow technique of basically degenerating the society, step by step by step; again, mainly through the educational system.


They had many, many big talks about it. You find that Bertrand Russell wrote books about it, Education and The Good Life, and others, and how they would take over indoctrination of all children. Standardizing an entire generation and then theyíd get more indoctrination in the next generation, etc. He said all youíll need the parents for is to pay the expenses and upkeep of the child. Thatís the only duty the parent would have. He said it was so well done back in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, he said, the scientific indoctrination, that when the child went home to their parents they wouldnít listen to them, at all. Eventually, theyíd really come to despise the parent as being too old, too old-fashioned, because they get nothing but detriment in talks at school about parenthood. Now youíve got all kinds of parents etc. and thatís all part of it too. Itís fascinating to watch it and understand it and live through it year after year, knowing whatís coming up and how itís being done.


As I say, thereís no common philosophy to oppose this system. Those who think theyíve woken up, havenít really. To wake up you have to know the history of the whole darn thing and youíll know why youíre arguing over topics that are thrown at you by the media, because thatís the intention of the media. Doesnít matter what position you initially take on any topic thatís emotive, as long as you take an opinion and get arguing about it. Youíll be led to the answer, the correct opinion, thatís how it works. No news is bad news, to them. They want you to get involved, you see. And then most folk buckle under and go with the majorityís ideas. Thatís really how simple it is to control people and put thoughts in their heads, opinions in their heads, from the television and elsewhere, and manage them to the correct opinion, you see.


Itís a very old, old idea and youíve got to understand it. At the United Nations, and some of the big players too, even the CFR had an article not too long ago where they said that theyíre creating a religion, as Gorbachev said too, a religion based on earth worship. The CFR also talked about creating a kind of religion by using existing remnants of religions and molding them step-by-step into the kind of green religion of the politically correct really, for sustainability. They gave a lot of ideas as how to do it.


The same people who are doing this mentioned many, many years ago, many times in fact, that the greatest enemy they had at the time, when they really started changing societies and altering the views of children to be in conflict with the parents, they said the greatest enemy they had was religion, the existing religions and the family unit. Thatís like a mom and a dad, you know, and a child; well thatís all been demolished on purpose because that did stand in the way to this great big vast agenda, a world agenda.


The same politically correct updates are fed out all the time via the United Nations to all the educational authorities to upgrade them to the next part, the next part, and the next part, and itís done worldwide, all at the same time, because to rule the world you need a common culture. Thatís why theyíre getting rid of those guys in the Middle East. You see, they donít have the same culture. Their culture survived for an awful long time, very well, thank you. But itís not good enough; they didnít have a central bank. They had their old family culture and very close family cultures at that. They didnít need welfare for anything. That had to be destroyed, thatís part of the reason; the rest of course, thereís always plunder and booty when you go and invade countries as weíve been watching them doing, simple invasions one after another under various pretexts. But itís to do with standardization, as well, of a world culture. Not a pleasant world culture, by the way.


I am so amazed when I look into the United Nations and to the school curriculum as well. They all have the same formats in their PDFs and web pages as the big corporations. Itís like little cartoon drawings and squiggles and things, like theyíre all children. Itís meant to say this is a happy fun thing, you see. Again, that is put there, that technique, by people who study your behavior. Itís worked in the past, itíll work very well again. Nothing with a funny face can be that bad, you see. But, of course, it is going to be bad because itís a world where youíll have no personal opinion. Your personal opinion will be the collective opinion; anything else will be really, really bad news for you. And itís already happening, as we live through it.


Weíre also being trained into totalitarianism, step by step by step, and to obeyance to authorities, like never before. Weíre way beyond the Stasis even of East Germany, where they had one in four spies in society. Weíre way beyond that now. Even they didnít have the technology and equipment to tap everyoneís house. They tapped an awful lot of houses, mind you, but not everyoneís; they didnít have it. But we help them too by putting all our data up on the internet on a daily basis. There are children who are now young adults whoíve grown up with this stuff and now theyíre really almost weepy-eyed to see what they put up in the past as children. You canít get rid of it once itís up there, canít do it, canít scrub it. Itís up there for all to see.


Now technically theyíve all been warned, but how do you warn a child about legalisms, etc.? And thatís what it is, you accept to use these sites and what you do is give away the right to have any privacy at all. I get lots of folk who e-mail me too from Facebook, I donít use them, I just cancel them because if I go in and use them, Facebook also says that whoever is not associated with Facebook but uses their system to look for anything, theyíre also fair game, theyíre targets. Thatís a form of consent, by using their system. Everyone adapts, donít they?  They adapt and adapt and adapt, and even when Facebook has been in every major newspaper, basically saying, without saying the exact thing, they are part of the NSA and were started up to be so, for instance.


They give you all the clues but people donít mind. Thatís a really, really dumbed down society, really dumbed down. What can you do with people like that? If anything, theyíre really a danger to you if youíre a thinker at all, same with the characters that canít keep their hands off their iPads and their cell phones, who are taking photographs of everything, as it happens. They canít think you see, but theyíre dangerous to other people.


Weíve had so many articles going out about the total awareness network system. That means complete surveillance of everybodyís home via your internet and other things attached now with the smart meter and everyoneís got cameras, which show you the room, the visitors that come in, what they say, everything else. You canít help a society like that; itís too far gone. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Iím Alan Watt. Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about where we are, how we got here, where itís going. Thatís what itís all about. And as I say, without a common philosophy, you canít really get people collectively to do anything; and the things that used to bind people together have all been destroyed, like tactics in a war, because it is a war, you understand. The ones at the top who planned this in the late 1880s, at least emerged with it and really brought it forth in the early 20th century, they donít plan to just give it all up because a few people complain. It doesnít happen that way; theyíve put everything into it. Theyíve caused wars, these people, physical wars as well, to get what they wanted and where they wanted to be.


So you have to really ponder that and start maybe reconsidering all those things youíve been taught to hate or being old-fashioned, etc, because you see itís not in your interest at all to go along with it in the long run, not in the least. And as I say, indoctrination is so perfect today. Whatís taught at school will be shown in some movie or another, or similar situations, situational ethics they call it and moral relativity. That simply reinforces your initial indoctrination. Itís a scientific dictatorship youíre running under, and living under.


Now, the country that was really behind it, at least where it really started big-time, itís not even a country; itís the city of London. Thatís where the bigwigs live, because they were the biggest and richest people on the planet who ran the international banking system, still are. These are the ones in New York and elsewhere that financed the whole communist era and the Bolshevik Revolution by sending armies of trained mercenaries in, highly paid too, to do it; it wasnít a revolt of the people, believe you me. Remember, Lenin said the same thing. He said the dictatorship might only last a generation, about 70 years, and then itíll merge with the West as something not quite communist, not quite capitalist. Well, this is it folks.


Itís a planned society, from cradle to grave basically, where individuality will really be frowned upon and not tolerated in the end at all, unless you go along with all the scientific priests and parrot whatever they say on global warming or whatever else, whatever else it happens to be. So, you need a common philosophy. Most people really just donít want it to get any worse than it is today. Just like 10 years ago they didnít want it to get any worse than it was 10 years ago Ė look where itís come since then Ė and before that, and before that, and before that. Thatís really where people get to, ďI can tolerate this, donít get any worseĒ. At one time you could travel anywhere in the US, even coast-to-coast. Hitchhikers used to go across the country every year in the 60s and 70s up until the early 80s without any problems at all. Your problems now are not getting mugged or raped by somebody; itís homeland security agencies. Everyone is suspect and youíre going to live with this forever? as it gets worse and worse and worse, forever?


As I say, this really began in London openly with the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They did a lot of fancy footwork too, to get the Bolshevik system up and going, along with New York, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefellers. They all put their own personal money into it; mind you, it was all on loan, so they got it back many, many times over.


But weíre back to England again. It says:


Lord Heseltine said European countries would "cling on" to the euro [currency].


(Alan: This currency idea thatís helped the agenda so much because they used it to further integrate Europe as one solid bloc, basically, like the Soviet blocs. They call them blocs. Well, hereís the new Soviet. Gorbachev called it that years ago, the new Soviet, and heís a complete world Socialist. So theyíre clinging onto this money that literally is a black hole where everybody has to bail out everybody else now, forever and ever and ever, you see. So heís trying to say, Lord Heseltine says European countries would cling on to the euro, regardless. Do you understand the importance of this mission that they have? This is only one part of it, one small part of it.† Heís:)


The pro-European politician, recently appointed as a government adviser


(A: So you appoint as a government adviser, a pro-European politician, right? So why do you bother voting in your own, what you think are, national governments, when they bring in European advisers?)


The eurozone faced a "crisis" but he said it was a "very Eurosceptic view" to see the euro as a "failed project".


(A: Well, in any rational business venture, even if it had been, and you ended up selling your shirt and loaning everything else off, it would definitely be a failed project, but this is a mission, itís a must-be, you see.)


Asked if he thought the UK would adopt the single currency, he said: "If it survives, and my guess is it will survive, my guess is in the future - it wonít be this week or next week or next year - we will do so, because the whole process of Europeanisation we have resisted (A: Up until now.) and we have failed at every turn."


(A: Overwhelming, overwhelming force is used; psychological, monetary, everything else. See, you cannot use their system to beat them. Totalitarianism means you cannot use their system to beat them. So, even when the British were all railing against it and there was parades in the street and all the rest of it, because you think you just petition them and theyíre supposed to listen to you.  Well, Iíve never seen them listen to the public. Havenít seen it happen.)


"If you look at the history of it, we were asked to lead it and we refused."


(A: At the beginning, thatís what heís talking about, but they didnít refuse it; they helped finance it, along with France. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the system as it is and how itís been and where itís going. We notice, as I say, it was the same thing with people were asked to vote to join the euro and everybody said no and they come back again at you, try it again, no, more propaganda, lots of ads on television and scary stories if you donít join it, and they kept at this until you get it right, you see. Thatís how they do it. Same with the internet as well, when we know were being spied on and they give themselves carte blanche to do what they want, on spying nowadays. We had different bills come through, that were turned down.† And hereís an article:


800+ major (A: these are the biggest...) corporations and U.S. Chamber of Commerce support internet freedom-crushing CISPA


It says that basically it doesnít matter, even federal judges have passed their verdicts about something, and they overturn that and disregard it. So, what do you do when youíve got a system like this that youíre under? You understand how important it is for them to have total control over and recording over everything you say, e-mail, tweets, whatever it is and itís not going to change. Theyíre going to get more and more.  They want to be in your room 24 hours a day.  They want to be with you 24 hours a day.  Thatís what total observation is. Itís quite interesting to see all the corporations that are involved.† Iíll put this link up tonight for those who want to follow it up because all the biggies are there and theyíre not turning back. They never turn back. If you say no once, they just come back again, and again and again.


And, who owns the television networks?† Interesting article here:


Who Own the Television Networks?


The two articles on TruthOffering.com that garner the most attention, both ask the exact same question:

Who owns the TV networks?


(A:† Eustace Mullins had put up an article a while back on who owns all the media; the actual names of the people, etc, and so they re-run that here to let you know.† It says:)


Having just come across the article, ďWho Owns the TV NetworksĒ by Eustace Mullins, we felt it necessary to repost it in its entirety. The article is clearly dated, and many of these players have died, but rest assured theyíve simply been replaced by more of the same.


(A:  It isnít just who they are, itís who theyíre also associated with.)


Although many people today are aware that television and the mainstream media present a very carefully propagandized picture of world events, we doubt many truly grasp the depth of this perversion of reality.


Additionally, we ["we" as in the original authors, not TruthisTreason.net] were taken aback by a couple of Mullinsís assertions. First, that Peter G. Peterson was former head of the Jacob Schiff/Rothschild-owned Kuhn, Loeb and Co., as well as director at NBC; second, that the John Birch Society was strategically created by Nelson Rockefeller because, ďÖthey needed a right-wing, anti-communist organization.Ē 


(A:  Remember, they need opposing groups for everything.)


The John Birch Society and Peter G. Peterson Foundation are both considered organizations for the promotion of American freedom. Are their motives contrary to what they outwardly represent?


Haydenís Note:

I absolutely agree with Mullinís assertion; the John Birch Society is a total op that has taken on a life of itís own.  Itís truly sad, much like the Tea Parties and Weekend Libertarians are becoming.  Also, check the bottom of this article for one of my own original stories regarding the ownership of the television networks.  It covers a broader group.


Just how deep does the corruption go!? Maybe weíll one day find out.

Many observers have noticed the striking similarity of the programs offered to the public by the three ďindependentĒ television networks. For the first time, we present a detailed study of the directors of the three networks, revealing their interlocking banking and industrial connections, indicating that, instead of three major networks, we actually have only one.


NBC, a subsidiary of RCA, has the following directors:

ē  John Brademas, president of New York University, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (which dominates the other Federal Reserve Banks by its control of the money market), and director of the Rockefeller Foundation. Brademas has received the George Peabody Award (George Peabody established the Peabody Educational Fund which later became the Rockefeller Foundation), and he was named Humanist of the Year in 1978.


(A:  Now, humanism is one of the parts of the sustainability religion that they have.  Secular humanism goes along with it; that was in 1978.)


ē  Cecily B. Selby, born in London, England, national director of the Girl Scouts, director of Avon Products and Loehmannís, a dress firm. She is married to James Coles, president of Bowdoin College since 1952. 

ē  Peter G. Peterson, former head of Kuhn, Loeb Co., and ex-Secretary of Commerce. 

ē  Robert Cizik, chairman of Cooper Industries (sales of $1.5 billion) (A:  This is a few years back.), and director of RCA and First City Bancorp. First City was identified in Congressional testimony as one of the three Rothschild banks in the United States. 

ē  Thomas O. Paine, President of Northrup Co., a large defense contractor. Paine is a director of the influential Institute of Strategic Studies in London, director of the Institute of Metals, London, American Ordnance Assn., and many other professional munitions associations. 

ē  Donald Smiley, chairman R.H. Macy Co. since 1945; he is also a director of Metropolitan Life and U.S. Steel, known as Morgan-controlled firms, and director of Ralston-Purina Co., and Irving Trust. 


(A:  And it goes on and on, this list of people who own media and theyíre all associated with the banking and top positions in that too.)


ē  David C. Jones, president of Consolidated Contractors, director of U.S. Steel, Kemper Insurance Co. 

ē  Thornton Bradshaw, chairman of RCA, director of Champion Paper Co., Atlantic Richfield Oil Co., Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies. 

ē  Although not listed as a director of NBC, Andrew Sigler is a director of its parent company, RCA. Sigler is chairman of Champion Paper Co., and director of General Electric, Bristol Myers, and Cabot Corp. (which traditionally has had heavy CIA involvement). 


Thus we find that NBC has many Rothschild and J.P. Morgan connections among its directors, who include the chairman of the key to our monetary control, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and other directors associated with such Rothschild operations as Kuhn, Loeb Co., First City Bancorp, and the Institute of Strategic Studies in London.


(A:  That advises the military.)


ABC-TV includes among its directors not one, but two, directors of J.P. Morgan Co.:

ē  Ray Adam, director of Metropolitan Life, Cities Service, Morgan Guaranty Trust, and chairman of the $2 billion NL Industries a petroleum field service concern; and Frank Cary, chairman of IBM, director of Merck, J.P. Morgan Co., Morgan Guaranty Trust, and Merck Drugs. 


(A:  Itís just astonishing.† And you think youíve got a free media?† You understand, these characters form not just your monetary organization, big, big, big business and political organization, but they also control your military organization and your cultural organization because you have a culture industry, to make sure you get the right culture, for the right kind of dope heads they want us all to be.)


Thus we see many J.P. Morgan and Rothschild associations among the directors of ABC which was recently purchased by Capital Cities Communications Co., whose chairman is Thomas S. Murphy. He is a director of Texaco, whose most prominent director is Robert Roosa, senior partner of Brown Bros. Harriman, a firm with close ties to the Bank of England. Roosa headed the ďRoosa Brain TrustĒ at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which produced Paul Volcker. Roosa and David Rockefeller were credited with selecting Volcker to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. John McKinley, chairman of Texaco, is director of Manufacturers Hanover Bank and Manufacturers Hanover Trust, identified as Rothschild controlled in Congressional testimony.


So it goes into many, many more people, Chase Manhattan Bank, etc. all the characters in that, and how theyíre all interrelated, all interrelated and thatís what runs your country.† These are the guys who go off when Obama goes off in the big jumbos to take trade across the world or in Britainís case the same kind of thing.  They actually do this, itís jumbo trains, they call them, one after another, with lots of these top executives and they represent Britain or the US or wherever.  What have they got in common with you?  They have their own interests, their own clubs they belong to.  Theyíre all members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission.  This is a long article and itís up to you to ponder through it, for yourselves, see what you think.  Try and remember it and then start talking about democracy again or even republicanism.† When these guys go abroad, you understand, they claim that they are America; from their point of view they are, they run it, right down to what youíre thinking, because they own the media. 


Now, the London metal exchange has been on the go for an awful long time and it says:


On a long enough timeline, all things come to an end. Even for such venerable venues as the London Metals Exchange, with its 130 year history, and its annual turnover of over $11 trillion in metal contracts, which also makes it the largest market for non-ferrous metals. As the English FT reminisces, "When the LME was established in 1877, Britain was one of the worldís most important manufacturing powerhouses, and the LMEís benchmark contracts for delivery in three months were designed to mirror the length of time needed to reach British ports for shipments of copper from Chile and tin from Malaysia."


(A:  It goes through a bit of its history and it says here that theyíre going to drop the British pound sterling, and theyíre not going to use the euro either, theyíre going to I think use one of the Chinese equivalents to it, in metal standards that is. Weíll see how that goes but itís quite an interesting article.  It shows you how the world truly is turning because this was planned on awful long time ago, an awful long time ago, by the guys who own it all; they donít lose anything. Theyíve got their own relatives in China too remember and they pretty well run China as well as they run Britain, the US, and all of Europe, and Australia as well, as we can see so much is going on in Australia. Anyway, it says:)


The LME is asking its members as part of a survey to help the exchange design its planned new clearing house whether they would like the renminbi to be added to the roster of currencies on offer for settling and clearing, and sterling dropped (A:  Thatís pounds sterling.). The LME plans to maintain its benchmark denominated in US dollars. ďWe are always looking at new ways to help the market,Ē the exchange said.


(A: Itíll be a token thing with the dollars until they change that too, of course.)


The use of the UK currency to settle and clear LME contracts has dwindled to negligible levels in recent years....


(A: Thatís because theyíre paying it all out to the euro to bail out other countries.)


ďI havenít traded a contract in sterling for five years,Ē said the head of one large LME brokerage.


Why China? Because, for better or worse, it has become the marginal buyer.


Iíve got the Council on Foreign Relations annual meetings with the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the 1930s where they said theyíd built up China to be the manufacturer of the world. And you think itís just happening in your lifetime? Do you really? Remember this system too, is totally Soviet and thatís why in Britain theyíve got their communitarianism on the go, so-called decentralization from the central government, which is nonsense really. They just put it all down to a place near you.


These people who take over, in your system, are often non-elected and wonít be elected; theyíre simply appointed over you for your new community area. What they do is set up a region as well and they include all those regions, all those little councils, under one region until you have one council. In other words, thereís no point in going to complain to anybody; itís too far away to complain to. Same idea as a central government was, as well, and same idea as the European Parliament is. Whoís got time to just tripsy over the Channel and go over to Belgium to complain, not that you would get a chance to even get in the door. Itís to put it into your own head how far and remote governance is, until you accept youíre just simply being ruled by experts; thatís the whole idea.


Part of it too, again, was to get the children to have as little time with the parents as possible, as Iíve mentioned before. Thatís what Bertrand Russell said in his book, Education and the Good Life.† This says:


Truancy crackdown to include children aged four


(A: See how theyíre going down with the rights of the child? Until the parents have no rights at all and schools have literally police powers now over the child and the parents.)


Government to publish absentee figures for reception year, while behaviour adviser highlights children who fail to attend nursery.


(A: This is the first step, getting you used to it, not fining you a lot of cash if your child is late too many times or doesnít turn up, and then theyíll make it law, like they do everything else. Thatís how they get you familiarized with things.)


Truancy crackdown to include children aged four

In its latest truancy crackdown, the government is to publish attendance figures for reception year, which covers children aged four to five. Children as young as four who miss nursery or the reception year of school will be the focus of a new crackdown on truancy


(A:  Now, we know they already fine parents for older children who donít turn up at school.)


Ė even though education is not compulsory until the age of five, the government has announced.


(A: So it doesnít matter about their own laws or anything else, they just make a new law.)


Figures on attendance in reception, when children are aged between four and five, will be published by the Department for Education so schools can judge their performance on pupil absence.


(A: So schools will send out their representatives to the parents and so on, and say why was your child late, or why didnít your child turn up today, etc.† Remember, educational systems, police and everything else, began as services, you could take them or leave them. But Lenin said it, all these services will eventually be authorities, and thatís what they call them now, school authorities. Thatís just coincidence too though, right?)


In a report largely accepted by ministers, the government's expert adviser on behaviour (A: So thereís a behaviour specialist, you see.), Charlie Taylor, also calls for schools to offer support to parents who are failing to get their children into nursery.


(A:† Maybe you need a bit of amphetamine to get up in the morning or to get on your feet or something. Iím sure theyíll find different ways to diagnose the parents too.† Iím not kidding, and a judge will sanction that too. ďYeah, put them on so-and-so.)


Taylor does not call for the statutory school age to be lowered and there will be no legal sanction for absence from school below the age of five.


(A: So, in other words, you wonít get fined for it, but this is the start of it.† Itíll go for about a year and then theyíll make it law, like everything else.)


However, at the launch of his report on truancy, he drew attention to one possible sanction: "I was in a school in Battersea the other day where, very harshly, they actually shut the door on parents if they bring their children in late. They say you canít come into nursery late. Sounds very harsh Ė but that school has 97% attendance, way above the national average. There is a job [to be done] in terms of educating parents....


ďEducating parentsĒ, lifelong education, that was part of the planks too that they talked about in the Soviet system. Lifelong education, altering behavior, behavior modification. Educating parents, teaching them that school is important and this is where you need to be.† Itís important till you have the right indoctrination, that is true, because without the initial indoctrination, as Jacques Ellul and others have said, the rest of your propaganda youíll meet later in life will not take the same way. You need the initial propaganda to crack all your resistance to the indoctrination.


So this is the new order of things, from these so-called services that are now authorities. That your cash goes to, to pay them, an awful lot of cash for teachers, who know darn well that theyíre nothing but change agents, thatís what theyíre described as. That was the official manual for teachers in the US; it called for change agents, to change the behavior, thatís behavior modification, of children. Change them from the system they had of freedom into basically socialism or communism.


The US now is going after owning the sea as well. In one of the articles I mentioned from the United Nations years ago, it could be in the archives of cuttingthroughthematrix.com, I mentioned that part of the plan for Agenda 21 and onwards was to get the houses away from the oceans, basically, the edge of the sea. They wanted them all cleared out down the road and this article years later is talking about it. It says:


Zoning the ocean

President Barack Obama has an ambitious plan for Washington bureaucrats to take command of the oceansóand with it control over much of the nationís energy, fisheries, even recreation in a move described by lawmakers as the ultimate power grab to zone the seas.


(A: And the shores though, and inland as well. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks. Just before I go to a caller, talking about this new zoning for the ocean and inland as well, also shorelines is along with that too. They actually talk about ďshoreline sprawl,Ē like urban sprawl. So they want to start cleaning up the edges, you might say, and getting folk off their homes near the sea. Thatís very obvious from what Iím reading here. Now weíll go to Mark from Texas. Are you there Mark?


Mark:   I sure am. Iím getting really, not confused, just a little bit upset about the term socialism and fascism as if itís a bad thing. Let me tell you why itís bad. Under socialism the government tries to convince you that itís in your best interest and at the same time they steal from you until thereís nothing left. Look at our IRAs, look at our Social Security, the next progression. Itís a progression Alan. It goes straight to fascism. Guess where they steal from next? The businesses. Thatís why they opened up it to international businesses, to expand their stealing capabilities. Theyíre going to steal from businesses just like they steal from us. Itís called of the continuity of government, right?


Alan:   What they also do, and Iíve said this for years, they need the taxpayer for all their big projects, their huge big projects. Now they need the same taxpayers for world projects, building things across the whole planet, you know. So it isnít just your own countryís big projects; youíre building them in China, youíre building hospitals still in China.† Canada is building their big dams for them, for their hydroelectric systems, thanks to the Canadian taxpayer as well. So I mean, itís the same private corporations; mind you, theyíre all over the planet.


Mark:   Theyíre going to get sucked dry too.


Alan:   Of course, absolutely, this is the whole plan.


Mark:   Itís governmentism.


Alan:   Thatís what I said before, all the money you had in your pocket at the end of the month for free change or spending on whatever you wanted to buy, now will be reduced to fees and taxes for special things to pay for the world plan, you see. You come down to sustainability as they want to call it, which is basically poverty. Your government will decide what you need personally. Theyíll probably have people going round doing surveys, like a means test, like Lenin said, and theyíll decide how much you actually need to live on at your particular status and station in life. Iím not kidding about this. This is where itís all supposed to go.† When you read the reports from the United Nations on sustainability, itís literally to do with bringing the standards of the world, especially the first world countries, way down, way down. In the meantime, youíre paying for other countries to come up a little bit, at the same time. Itís the old story, ďAm I my brotherís keeper?Ē you see, going back to the Garden of Eden, same old battle going on yet.  These guys have decided, yes, you are; theyíre not themselves; theyíll be tax-exempt at the top. Theyíre the ones that are pushing it for all the rest of us.


Mark:   Everyone thinks, well if weíre in favor with the government weíre going to be okay. The individual is being screwed; the businesses are being screwed. The whole thing is a joke on us and it has to keep expanding. Thatís when itís going to come to a halt, once they have no place else to go.


Alan:    Nowhere else to go and then you end up bailing out other countries. You already are bailing out Europe too, you know, the US, as you lose your own homes inside the US. I mean, no, this is madness, but itís planned madness and maybe the only time something will happen is when everyone is out on the street because they have no homes left to own themselves and they canít afford the rents. Thanks for calling


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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