April 18th, 2012 (#1068)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 18th, 2012:

Debauch and Conquer:

"Reading News Today Leaves You Frowning,
Full of Trivia and Gossip, Sex and Clowning,
Rapes, Pedophilia, The New Clear Family,
My Two Mums-My Two Dads, A Real Calamity,
Yet Promoted from Highest Pinnacles of Power,
In Sit-Coms or Movies Devoured Hour by Hour,
Guise of Sex-Ed., Schools, Promote Promiscuity,
To Be Upgraded Every Few Years for Continuity,
History Shows Debauched Cultures All Fall,
Down Goes Each Nation, Dreams and All"
© Alan Watt April 18th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 18th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th of April 2012.  For newcomers, you should look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Make sure that you download as many of the free audios as you can, because thereís so much information in there to do with the system youíre living in, the systems that your parents lived in, because weíre all organized systems for every generation of indoctrination, and youíll find out that this has been going on for well over a hundred years through education and through the media.  Basically, getting you ready for the next big stage of moving.  Moving your whole way of living to another way; always, mind you, it gives you the feeling that youíre doing something for yourself.  In reality, youíre really being conned, as always, because weíve always been conned at the bottom level for thousands of years, and the big boys themselves, the big boys who currently own all the big corporations, international corporations, are the ones who are behind all of this thing thatís going on today, to do with global warming, and to do with carbon credits and all this kind of stuff.  Itís all for their own benefit to get an obedient compliant society that will go along into the future, paying everything that they earned, basically, for very high priced energy supplies to their own homes, food, and everything else.  Thatís really what itís about.  And they get the fanatics down below, pay them awfully well, mind you, and get them to be their commissars basically.  Thatís how it runs.  So, I give you a lot of the names, organizations, foundations, and the big bankers that own the foundations which fund the thousands of non-governmental organizations.  Help yourself to the audios. 


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me get by, and I mean that, just trickle by, by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and donating as well.  And straight donations are seriously, seriously welcome, because things are really falling back right now, until Iím not breaking even for the cost of even putting this out.  And itís an all-day job, believe you me, every day is an all-day job from early in the morning until very late the following morning.  Thatís how it works out. 


So, weíre living in a planned society.  A planned society, and, as I say, the previous generations lived through their eras too of planned societies.  In the 1800s into the early 1900s, we always got, across the world, the same kind of histories.  You were the best country in the world, it didnít matter where you lived, and you had kings and queens who paraded around in carriages and so on, and big crowds went to see them, because somehow they personified deity in a sense.  And, of course, the rich at the top lived the same, in the same manner as the kings and the queens, and they had a completely different take on life than the ones that cheered the guys at the top on.  They paid for, the people at the bottom paid for every war that came along, and there was lots and lots of wars.  Thereís hardly a period where they didnít have wars in Britain, really, for century after century, because they got the Central Banking systems in long ago.  And from then on, it was just war after war, and empire building.  Today, they donít need the empires.  Theyíve already got that.  Theyíve got a global form of government underway, well underway, in fact, all bound together through treaties, and adding to them, literally daily, because thereís so many treaties churned out by the United Nations to all kinds of groups. 


And so, they want a global governance system, as they want to call it.  Carroll Quigley described it as a new feudalistic system where the corporation CEOs would be the new feudal overlords, and he should know, since he worked for the Council on Foreign Relations, which is way up there, under the control of the big International Bankers.  Same bankers that brought you Communism, and same bankers that already owned, or they were the capitalists you might call it.  And they canít get change done without conflict, you understand.  Most folk, if thereís no conflict, no opposing force, the same system could last for hundreds of years.  So, they create an opposing force, knowing where they want to take the public, and that is your solution.  Itís the Hegelian dialectic.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about the system we live in, because very few folk truly have a grasp on what it actually is, because they donít know the past.  Or they think the past is always irrelevant.  Well, the past was simply a series of tests of changing cultures, step by step, different types of culture, for different parts of history, for the time period that they were living in, because thatís how you run the world.  And you never lose track of the world if you keep coming up with a new plan to, well, scam more money off the general public.  The best thing is to get something that they truly believe in.  And today, of course, itís global warming and carbon pollution, and all this kind of stuff.  And youíre going to pay pretty well everything youíve got in the future, to various governmental agencies, which are in partnership with private agencies, that will be coming around everybodyís home.  That will be a normal thing.  Probably a weekly inspection in the not too distant future, according to some of the reports Iíve been reading from their own websites.  And you have no idea how stealthily this goes on, constantly, and itís seldom mentioned in the newspapers at all, because newspapers are not there to inform you about things.  Theyíre there to keep you distracted, generally, or give you little emotional things to get angry about, but it ends up leading nowhere. 


So, anyway, geothermal experiments are going on all over the world.  Itís another term for fracking, as well, I think.  And this article here is about:


Geothermal experiment on Newberry Volcano gets OK


(Alan: So, theyíre experimenting on volcanoes in the US and Japan.  This is from Bend, Oregon.  It says:)


The federal government has given overall approval to plans by a geothermal energy company to pour millions of gallons of water deep into the ground on the flanks of the Newberry Volcano south of Bend.


The Bulletin newspaper reports the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has concluded the demonstration planned for this October by AltaRock Energy will not cause any significant


(A: I like that, how they word it.)


will not cause any significant earthquakes or contaminate local groundwater.


(And it says:)


AltaRock is demonstrating a new technology for fracturing hot rocks to create the reservoir of fissures needed to produce commercial levels of geothermal energy.


(A: Now, you understand, Iíve said this so many times, thereís no point in really working as an employee anymore.  I mean, there never really was, in the past, you know.  You could certainly get better money back in the 50s probably if you worked for GM or Ford or something, and in the 60s, but thatís all gone down the tubes.  And people are struggling to survive now with two or three jobs sometimes.  And we were told that, even back in the 60s that down the road you will be doing two or three jobs to get by, because theyíd already planned by then to be internationalized and farm all your work abroad somewhere.  So, if youíre a private company now and you can be a prostitute and be a man of all seasons and grab the cash, regardless of any convictions of anything, if you can actually do that, then youíll make a lot of cash, because the government is handing out so much money, of your money, to these private corporations.  Thatís true fascism, you see.  And fascism and communism is the same thing. 


The system coming in, as I say, is a communistic-style system based on the Soviet system, rule by councils.  Councils for everything, right down to your local level.  And the big Greenie sites that are out there are boasting about this, because theyíre in on the know.  Anyway, getting back to this fracking company, it says:)


The project has been given $21.5 million in federal stimulus funds.


(A: Thatís your tax money.  So, you understand, theyíre throwing money at you if you want to be a true Greenie and come up with some great idea, you see, theyíll just throw the cash at you.  And youíll probably pocket most of it, no doubt, and they will too, and nothing will be done about it, as always, with these Green projects.  But no one complains.  So, $21.5 million in federal stimulus funds, and thatís just one going on across the country.  Itís costing these guys nothing.  And of course, once they get up and going, and if they can get whatever they want out of there, the energy they want, theyíre rolling in more millions.  It costs them nothing.  Itís all connections, old school clubs and old school ties.  It says:)


BLM concludes that any earthquakes wonít be felt in Lepine, and a mile of solid rock beneath the test well and local groundwater will protect the aquifer. 


So, the locals are worried about their water in that area, because itís not just water, itís generally chemicals they put in there too to cause the explosion.  It would be amazing too if the planet starts breaking up, and just falling apart, eh, down the road.  Of course theyíd say that they never saw that coming.  But thatís the way it really is. 


And you canít get anywhere today working as a small business person for yourself, unless you join the Greenies, because youíll be taxed to death.  Thatís how it works.  Youíre taxed to death.  And Maggie Thatcher and others, back in her time in the í80s, said that eventually there would be no private businesses at all, there will only be big corporations, international corporations only.  And that is the agenda.  Thatís why you get taxed so much as a small business. 


This other article says:


Across the United States more than 2,700 companies are collecting state income taxes from hundreds of thousands of workers Ė and are keeping the money with the statesí approval, says an eye-opening report published on Thursday.


(A: Well, why not cut out the middle man, eh, the government, and give it straight to the employer, the corporation?)


The report from Good Jobs First, a nonprofit taxpayer watchdog organization funded by Ford, Surdna


(A: I guess the guyís name is.)


and other major foundations, identifies 16 states that let companies divert some or all of the state income taxes deducted from workersí paychecks. None of the states requires notifying the workers, whose withholdings are treated as taxes they paid.


(A: And who are the guys that are doing this?)


General Electric, Goldman Sachs,


(A: Of course.)


Procter & Gamble, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and AMC Theatres enjoy deals to keep state taxes deducted from their workersí paychecks, the report shows. Foreign companies also enjoy such arrangements, including Electrolux, Nissan, Toyota and a host of Canadian, Japanese and European banks, Good Jobs First says.


(A: So it says:)


Why do state governments do this? Public records show that large companies often pay little or no state income tax in states where they have large operations, as this column has documented. Some companies get discounts on property, sales and other taxes. So how to provide even more subsidies without writing a check? Simple. Let corporations keep the state income taxes deducted from their workersí paychecks for up to 25 years.


(A: Do you know how inflation works?  Of course you know how it works, it goes up every year, and you get less and less for one dollar.  And can you imagine the cash theyíd have to give back in the future, if they ever bothered getting round to it.  Probably wonít.  Theyíll just postpone it for another 25 years, as they usually do.  But if they gave money back, itís pretty well worthless.  Itís like peanuts to them, by then.  And it says:)


It was not always this way. Letting companies keep their workersí state taxes apparently began in Kentucky two decades ago as a way to retain jobs.


Last July when I wrote about six big companies that pocket Illinois state taxes I knew there was more to this. But I had no idea how pervasive these diversions were until I read an advance copy of the 39-page report by Good Jobs First.


(A:† And itís called basically:)




I told you, the big bankers and the corporations love socialism, because socialism is really the same as capitalism or fascism.  Itís all the same isms.  Only they have more cons going on to fool the public.  Thatís really all it is.  And I can remember even when they built the Honda factory in Ontario, the government and local government, all the taxpayers, paid for the plant to have roads built, first of all, and put in the massive septic tanks for them, put in water supplies for them, put the highways down to them, and gave them grants to build the darn plant. 


So, again, see, youíve got to be somebody whoís big to get all these free grants given to you.  And then you basically get the whole thing for nothing.  Oh, weíll give you jobs, they say.  Well, thatís good enough, right?  By the time actually theyíve paid enough in workersí salaries that would equal what the government put in, and you put in, to build the darn thing, itís up and away somewhere else.  So, they lose nothing out of it at all.  Itís just gain, gain, gain.  Thatís true, technically, fascism, as they like to call it, but fascism and socialism is all the same to me. 


And another article Iím putting up too is to do with this other term thatís out there amongst all the big corporations, and again, itís in with all the global citizenship group, the Rockefeller foundations, etc, earth system sciences, etc.  Itís called the Blue Economy.  Iíll put that up. 


Report to the Club of Rome 100 innovations Ė presented weekly over 2 years


And you can go back over the two years and see the different reports and all the technologies, etc, that they want in.  But theyíve got all the big boys in there, talking about Green Prosperity.  Thatís what, if you say youíre a corporation whoís Green, you want to be Green, you see, again, theyíll throw cash at you.  Just start using their lingo, and youíll be rolling in dough, you see.  And sustainability, all that kind of stuff, system stuff, is in there with it. 


And another one Iím putting up tonight too is interesting.  I was sent a link to this one.  Itís called The Carbon War Room.  And The Carbon War Room is in the States.  They have them all across the world, of course, their own Carbon War Rooms, where they advise and guide NGOs through money from foundations they get.  The foundations are run by the international bankers.  And how to keep petitioning government for what they want and getting access, just like lobby groups.  They are lobby groups, in fact.  And they also get money from the taxpayer to help fund them, as well.  Wonderful.  The taxpayer always either buys the bullets for his own shooting, or pays for the manacles thatís going to imprison him and hold him.  Thatís the public.  But itís interesting to scroll down this one too, and see all those who are involved with it. 


You understand, theyíre calling this war.  It is a war, to get carbon taxes passed, because carbon taxes and sustainability and greening, theyíre all the same terms for the same agenda, which is micro-observation of every individual on the planet, and training you generation by generation on what to believe about it all, from school, starting at the age of five they say.  Iíve read the policy for the Australian one recently, from their own government site, and they want to start brainwashing them at five years old.  And they call themselves Change Agents.  The teachers are to be the Change Agents, they said in their own report, from the government.  Back with more, shortly. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big enviro groups which get so much money itís just astounding, actually.  But theyíve got a big job to do, and that literally is to brainwash whole generations across the planet, starting from the age of five, so that theyíll grow up thinking that what theyíve been taught and conditioned with is absolutely true.  And I even got the curriculum too, that theyíre going to teach, for the teachers in Australia, from the government.  And as I say, they call themselves Change Agents.  The teachers must be Change Agents.  Thatís changing the whole way of thinking for the child, thatís going to stick with them forever, all through their lives, and theyíll believe it all, you see.  And itís very good too, because they give toolkits to teachers in a specific psychologically-designed way so that they will be brainwashed.  And itís through repetition and repetition of trigger words and so on.  Each time the teachers mention them up, the children will immediately go into that zombie look, as theyíre getting downloaded with more of the same kind of stuff.  It really works awfully well, apparently. 


But once they brainwash you into believing all that, then youíve got them for life.  Thatís why they have to always grab children.  Same in the old days too, as I say, when all you got taught was to worship your king or queen or whatever, and fight for your king and country, and then your history consisted of battles and the names of the guys that won them, and that was it, basically.  And you basically thought that was your function, you know.  You either shoveled coal in the mines, and when war came along you went off to fight people you never knew before and kill them.  And again the big war profiteers, massive profit in wars, loved wars, because that was the reason for it.  Thatís why even in World War I, you had different heads of state, in different countriesóyou had the tsar of Russia, you had the king in England, and you had the German Kaiserówho were all cousins.  They were all cousins.  They didnít mind if you won or lost because you always benefited, because you were invested in the private banking system and the loan business for big corporations that made armaments and equipment and got horses for World War I and stuff like that, big guns, you know, the big battle guns they used.  And itís very profitable. 


But weíve got to the stage now, you understand, where they can blow up the whole world.  And so, they had to get a new strategy, and that was sustainability, for themselves at the top, that is, while you suffer down below, and the day will come when you canít even heat yourself.  Or, if you get a little bit of electricity for an hour, youíll be groveling and very grateful.  And youíll be texting back, thank you very much, you know, the corporation of the world that runs the energy.  Iím not kidding you.  Because people will do that.  Theyíll adapt and adapt.  Most of them will do. 


Iíve always said, thereís a symbiotic relationship between those who rule and the masses, the bulk of the masses.  You see, one canít live without the other.  One needs the other. Each needs the other.  And itís only the ones outside of it that understand the cons, that are left out in the cold, basically, and they use democracy, by using the masses, to get things through.  You can point them to something, and theyíll go for it, you see.  Itís quite easy to do.  Theyíve done it so many times.  Democracy is an old repeated experiment, you know, even in ancient Greece they had periods of democracy.  And it was well observed and analyzed and it hasnít changed to this day.  You can always steer the majority of the public in the direction that you want them to steer.  And again, youíve got ten to fifteen percent maybe left, that are stuck between the minority who rule, which is a dominant minority, and the masses.  And then they say to you, well, eighty percent of the public havenít minded paying this latest tax or fee or whatever, whatís wrong with you?  And then they pass a law.  And something that was voluntary becomes mandatory, and you have to go along because all the dopes around you already had jumped on the wagon, basically.  Thatís how it works. Thatís why it works. And thereís whole volumes and volumes and volumes of books written on this kind of stuff, to do in marketing, and to do in the archives, of course, of those who rule the world, and they do have archives, like Professor Quigley got into the archive of the CFR, a very rare, rare privilege indeed.  And saw the other side of history, what caused it, which was the CFR themselves.  So anyway, thatís how the world goes.


Now getting back to the Carbon War Room, this particular one.  As I say, they have them all over the world, but this one is in Costa Rica, and itís run by Josť Maria Figueres, former president of Costa Rica.  Heís now the President of the Carbon War. Room.  He takes over from Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison.† And then you go down there and then you find out that this Mr. Maria Figueres, Jose Maria Figueres, is also the head, he was appointed as the head of the World Economic Forum, where all the big characters go to, all the big banks and everything go to that one.  So, heís a well connected fellow, Iíll put it that way, you know.  So the big boys at the top all want this Carbon War Room, because, you see, theyíre going to plunder everybody with carbon taxes, down to the individual level.  What it costs.  What you cost the whole world to keep alive, youíll be surprised.  And your pockets will be awfully empty, as well. 


Now, itís rather sad what happens to do with todayís society.  Todayís society is more degenerate in every way than any other society thatís been in the past.  One of the reasons is thereís no religion anymore, basically, for most people thereís no religion.  Even the religions that exist are nothing like the same religions were a hundred years ago.  Nothing like it at all.  The modern Christian is a wimp, basically.  Theyíre wimps.  And basically, you could put them together with the New Age movement, and theyíre much the same.  They want to be left alone, to be happy, and they love charismatic churches, where they can wave their hands like sea anemones, all in unison.   And they donít want to hear bad news.  And because of that they allow the nasty things to happen.  Back after this. 


Iím Alan Watt, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about really how society has plummeted, by design, in the last really fifty, sixty years, and even before in fact, and through a strategy of infiltration and changing the norms into new norms, always changing into new norms.  Most folk think youíre just evolving and society is evolving by itself.  Nothing is further from the truth, because they canít allow anything to be grass roots, even Plato mentioned that, because it might upset the initial plan.  So, anything thatís changes in culture is authorized from the top, you see, and pushed by the top.  Thatís why all the big media go into cultural changes big time when theyíre told to.  But I was mentioning there, the only thing that halted it for centuries, like the rights, it gave people rights and stood up for the rights of people, as a people, right down to the individual, was Christianity.  And of course, once the 20th century came in, we suddenly found ourselves in every country following a sort of Socialist, which was really Communist, system, and the media, the mainstream medias of all countries, especially the BBC in Britain, started pushing the same kind of new norms down on the general public and always putting out almost comic strips on Christian types.


Christian types at one time were not the limp-wristed types that you have today, you know, that canít go anywhere without a suit and tie.  And even in the US especially, and Canada, youíll still see these old shelters that they built, behind all the houses, in case even Indians attacked them.  The Indians werenít pleased that everyone was coming in and taking their land, naturally, and theyíd occasionally attack settlements or houses.  And youíll see these little fortified squares made of thick timbers with small windows.  That was where everybody went into, with their guns, to shoot back, you see, rather than get just burned down and killed.  And most of those folk were Christians at that time.  Today, itís the opposite.  Theyíre terrified of standing up for themselves in anything thatís physical.  And theyíve been brainwashed by the World Council of Churches, that Rockefeller set up.  Because all the formatting of their seminaries and their teachings comes through this organization that step-by-step changed everything, until all they talk about now is the Old Testament, all the time. Thatís all they talk about is the Old Testament, really.  That was the agenda.  They forgot the New Testament was a new religion.  Doesnít matter though.  Itís all happened.


And now anything goes, especially sex, because part of the Communist Manifesto remember and the Socialist Manifesto was the destruction of the family unit, and to promote promiscuity.  And the Soviets brought in that, right at the beginning of their reign of terror, and also, free abortions, until they got the pill, and they still had free abortions.  Most folk in the Soviet Union, until it so-called ďfellĒ, it didnít fall, it merged, as it was supposed to, they actually, most women used abortions as contraception, a method of contraception.  They were too stingy to give them the pills, except the upper classes.  And they had classes there, believe you me. 


So, society constantly plummets, and itís worse and worse, and we accept more and more, because youíre all being degraded further, as you watch television and think youíre being entertained, you see.  Because your values plummet with it, as is intended.  Anyway, thereís so many stories now about abuse of teenagers, or children.  And this one here is the abuse of teenage boys in a detention center.  Itís from The Guardian in England.  And it goes through cases of people who went to prison, young Borstal institutes they called them at the time, if they were young, and maybe could be twelve even to seventeen or eighteen.  And how they were raped, basically, by prison guards, wardens, by certain ones.  And how the boys, you know, the boys who all belong to the Masonic clubs, thatís the guys who love to wear uniforms and all these things, would keep quiet about the ones who were doing it, for their whole lifetime.  And it says here:


ďThere are two things that are important to successfully sexually abuse somebody,Ē Young says. ďBy successful, I mean without being prosecuted. One, anonymity or silence Ė if you canít carry out your act without people knowing, youíre not going to be at it very long. The second thing you need is a victim whoís Ďreliableí; a reliable victim is someone whoís already been abused to the point where, if they do speak out, who on Earth is going to believe them?


(A: And of course, you get further punishment for speaking out, too.)


And who on Earth is going to believe Kevin Young, the pauperís son, who has been in and out of care, whoís a knife-wielding thug, a bully?Ē


(A: Thatís how they described him.)


That is how a number of care home reports described Young, but he insists he was a quiet, over-obedient boy. ďThe truth is, nobody would have believed me.Ē


And this goes on and on.  Thereís so many incidences of this thing happening right now.  And one of the other ones thatís to do with this:


Prisons chief admits failings in service over sexual abuse


This is an example of the same guy, Kevin Young.  And how the staff covered up for the main perpetrators, said nothing, and knew what he was doing.  And theyíd see him being left with one child every night, type of deal.  Quite common, of course, and thatís just the way it is folks.  Society is not as, you know, nice as you think it is, out there, especially today.  Itís far, far worse.  At one time, anybody seeing something like that would have reported him, whether they worked there or not, they would have reported it.  But again, today, itís all Ďkeep your head down.  Donít get named in reports for anything, so donít turn in somebody whoís abusing the children.í  Thatís really how it is. 


And, tonight too, Iím also putting up a list of the female teachers in the US that, so far to date, have been caught, have actually been having sexual affairs with their students.  Some very young, actually, students.  And itís all females, this one, because itís both sexes, you see, both genders, I should say.  And youíll see that theyíre actually perpetrators.  It goes on for thirteen pages.  And where do they get all this from?  Everybody has been destroyed, basically, of their morality by watching television their whole darn life.  And television started off with the kind of innocent type things.  Fairly innocent, mind you.  Occasionally risquť.  But they gave things you could relate to, cowboys and the Wild West in the old times.  That kind of stuff.  And then little detective stories.  And then, eventually, they upped the ante, and gave you more and more sex.  Just a little bit more risquť again, because itís an agenda.  They know exactly how much to push every year.  So much so, they can actually project, oh, it will be forty years until we can bring in this part and the public will follow and copy it.  Or fifty years.  Or even a hundred.  A hundred.


This article too is to do with, there was a bill being introduced and the Democrats killed it.  And it was to crack down on teacher-student sex.  And it says:


Majority Democrats on a California state legislative committee have decided to kill a plan that would have cracked down on intimate relationships between school teachers and their students, prompting a pro-family organization to warn that it is just another reason for parents to pull their children from the government education industry.


(A: And you should not just for that; thatís one big part of it.  Another part too is the indoctrination thatís literally up on the governmentís websites now, how to indoctrinate the children at an early age, on, basically, weíre all part of the World Global Citizenship.  It means sustainability for everybody.  And they have this massive new system of private companies and government agencies working together and expanding all the time, to literally as I say, come into every home in the country on a weekly basis and inspect you all, and talk to you all, to see if youíve got the right-think.  And God help you, if youíve got the wrong-think.  But it says:)


Assembly Bill 1861 would have made it a felony if any teacher or employee of a public or private school ďengages in a sexual relationship or inappropriate communications with a pupil.Ē


(A: Because theyíve started texting them now, you see, as well.)


Those communications were defined as anything that is ďsexual, lewd or lascivious in nature.Ē


ďThis is yet another reason for conscientious parents to flee the dysfunctional, immoral, and imploding government school system for church schools and home schools, which are much safer physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually,Ē said Randy Thomasson, president of SaveCalifornia.com.


ďWhy are Democrat legislators supporting child sex abuse? Why donít they care about childrenís immature hearts and minds being immorally manipulated and sexually seduced by public school teachers,Ē he continued. ďIt is certifiably evil that this bill to protect schoolchildrenís bodies was defeated by this Democrat-controlled committee.Ē


(A: Anyway:)


It died in the Assembly Public Safety Committee,


(A: Amazing, eh, for the public safety.  ďOh, wait.  Oh, no, we canít stop that from happening.Ē)


and according to the Sacramento Bee, critics worried that it would duplicate laws already on the books against sex between adults and children, and also could be used to prosecute those who text messages and exchange emails concerning various pieces of literature, such as the ďGreat Gatsby.Ē


(A: What rubbish.  What rubbish.  Huh?  What rubbish.  So, theyíre all perverts, you see.  Theyíre all perverts.  And it says:)


The proposal had been prompted by the recent case in which a student, 18-year-old Jordan Powers, moved in with a teacher, 41-year-old James Hooker.


(A: What a name, eh?)


The two claimed Powers was of age, 18, before their relationship became romantic.


However, reports in the last few days indicate the couple may have split.


Well, who cares.  But the fact is, thereís a lot more younger ones that this is happening to.  Thereís a case on that list Iím going to give you where one woman was getting bunches of fifteen-year-old boys, having parties for them and getting them stoned and drugs, the whole lot, and having sex with females and males.  So, thatís the new normal, you see.  ďSo what,Ē everybody says.  ďSo what?Ē  Most folk, Iím not kidding you, are so drugged down and dragged down by pornography; again, your morality goes with it.  ďWell, so what,Ē you know.  Thatís what you think.  The movies put that stuff out.  Because, you see, they create the culture, and those who think theyíre avant-garde just follow.  You understand, any drive that you have thatís normal, like food, eating, sex, anything like that, which is normal, has to be controlled.  Thereís always the side effect.  If you donít control it, you balloon up, if youíre eating too much.  And you become addicted to pornography very easily.  Itís a big, big business right now, with people who are addicted to pornography, trying to deprogram them.  And it creates chaos in a society, in their communities too.  All part of the pornography industry, that was allowed to go full-steam ahead, as part of the Marxist takedown. 


And hereís an article too.  It shows you how bad itís gone, really. Because, when you try to depict a man, a woman, and a childóa husband, a wife, and a childóI know Iím upsetting a lot of people out there just by saying wife.  Oh, thatís like property.  Oh, oh, we shouldnít say wife.  What are you going to call her?  Oh, partner, partner, eh.  Partner could be anything.  It could be a giraffe now.  Bestiality.  Who knows. 


Warwick School Superintendent Peter Horoschak is stepping in after a student mural at Pilgrim High School was deemed inappropriate and painted over because it depicted a man holding the hand of a woman and child.


A parent of a Pilgrim High School student who first reported the incident to WPRO's John DePetro Show. The mural was meant to depict the life of a man and it ended with the scene with the man, woman and a child. The student artist, 17-year-old Liz Bierendy, said that she depicted the man and woman has married with wedding rings. According to Horoshackís press release the scene was painted over because ďsome of the members of the Pilgrim High School community suggested that the depiction of a young manís development from boyhood through adulthood as displayed may not represent the life experiences of many of the students at Pilgrim High School.Ē


(A: Thatís for the few whoíve got two daddies and two mommies, if you donít get the point of it.  Everything is so politically correct now, you see, that what was normal not so long ago is now, oh, taboo, today.  Where you can have sex with the students if youíre a teacher.  Thatís okay.  And of course, you cannot depict a man, a woman, and a child, in other words, a family.  A family, you understand.  Itís taboo.  Unless itís a new-normal family, you know. )


According to the release, the assistant principal approached the Bierendy after the concern was raised from the school and ďasked her to look at other ways to show the outcome of the subjectís progression to adulthood.Ē


(A: Well, she shouldíve put in there an orgy of all guys getting together, maybe the guy gets into an orgy with guys, and stuff like that, before he ends up, you know, trying something else.  I mean, I guess, then theyíd be happy.)


After consulting other administrators, Superintendent Horoschak asked the assistant principal to meet with the student again and discuss her views on the proposed changes to the mural. The assistant principal reported that the student ďpreferred the original ideaĒ however she ďwould take the weekend to think about any changes to the original sketch.Ē


Thatís how they get you in school.  And itís how you get it in the workplace and anywhere else, if youíre normal, you see.  Thatís how they get you.  You get a little talking-to.  ďIt would be much better to keep everybody happy,Ē if you just, in other words, compromise, eh.  You understand, you keep compromising and compromising and youíve lost all your values all together, and youíll have no respect for yourself.  Thatís the new normal.  And people think theyíre going to save America.


Remember too, Plato talked about that too.  It was to really promote promiscuity with women.  He says that women are collective, he says, we should make a collective of them, and theyíd all be basically available to anybody that wants them.  Well, they did that in the 60s, you see, giving them the pill, rock music, dope, and since then, itís worked awfully well.  You understand, itís the same agenda, all down through time, to create the controlled, eugenically controlled society.  Thatís what it is.  Same agenda, folks.  Thatís why they all love Platoís Republic, all the big boys at the top.  They talk about it.  Why bother having a family when you can just take your pick and have one or two a week, whatever it happens to be, you know.  And theyíre women in common.  Keep women in common, in other words.  Itís so clever too.  You make them think theyíre free and technically theyíre all held in common, because theyíll have so many partners in their life, thatís the same outcome.  The outcome is the thing that matters.  Itís the same thing. 


Now, thereís someone on the phones hanging on here, I should try and get in here.  And I think itís from Ohio.  Itís Jules.  Is Jules there?


Jules: Yeah, hello.


Alan: Hello. 


Jules: Hi, Alan.  In the past youíve talked about levels of reality.  I have one simple question.  What happens to you if you start waking up to the higher levels of reality? 


Alan: Whatíll happen is you will probably have a depression.  A lot of people have a depression when they understand the totality, the enormity, how enormous this whole thing is, and how you, yourself, you start to see how you yourself have been conditioned with all your opinions, all through your life.  And itís so vastly different from the low reality, so vastly different.  And itís so vastly different even from the middle reality that you really have to start rethinking everything from scratch, for yourself.  And if you can get through that, thereís a reward for you; in other words, youíre much more calm.  Youíre calmer.  You understand whatís going on.  Youíre incredibly streetwise.  Whatever article comes across the pages that you read, youíll know what spin is put on it, right away.  And thereís so many clever spins, mind you.  You recognize them right away.  Youíre not fooled.  Your problem will be how to communicate to others.  Itís almost like giving them a university education.  Hold on, and weíll continue, after this. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Jules from Idaho.  Are you still there, Jules?  Hello?


Jules: Hello.  Alan, what about metaphysical occurrences?  Iíve read your books and some of the symbols and some of the numbers that you talk about pop up a lot now, not just where itís put there by man, but other places.  Metaphysical.  I donít know.  Is that something that happens too?


Alan: You will definitely have experiences.  Thereís no doubt about it.  The thing is, I mean, these experiences are really for you.  Itís not something you can just give to someone else.  If they can manage it themselves, good enough.  But the thing is, itís really for you, if you get to that level.  And remember, part of metaphysics too, is, you can classify it in two different ways.  You can either go with the fact itís outside of yourself, something approaching you, some insight coming to you from a source.  Or the neuroscientists of today try to demolish it all by saying, well, everything happens in your mind; itís just unexplored regions of your mind that are waking up and working.  Whatever it happens to be, the fact is, you get tremendous insights into yourself, and into others as well.  Tremendous insights.  The thing is, you understand, the problem with metaphysics today is thatís completely taken over as well, by the same agencies that run the world.  They promote the New Agers. 


In fact, the Masonic magazine, back in the 50s, up until and through the 50s was called the New Age.  That was the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  It was called the New Age magazine.  They said in it, we shall create the New Age.  Theyíll put forth the gurus that will lead the world and so on.  And technically, they donít really need so many of them today, except the disinformation ones that jump into patriotism.  Theyíre really counterintelligence.  They mix fact, fiction, and make it all muddy. 


True metaphysics is a very personal thing, because itís for you.  And itís never the same as anyone elseís experiences, except your mind will wake up, in so many different areas, that you never even knew that you had.  It will give you abilities you didnít even know that you had, or even existed within you.  But thatís really for your own personal use.  You also have to use knowledge of whatís happening in the physical world and how to work through your life in this physical world as well.  Thereís no big school for it.  If thereís a big school out there itís a con.  Itís a con to bring people into sustainability and love the greening planet, and all that stuff, and donít oppose tyrants.  Thatís really what itís for.  So, it can only be used on a personal basis.  And you have to remember too that those who rule the world today have been heavily into this kind of thing themselves, in their big organizations, for thousands of years.  So, thereís a power to it. 


Now hereís the thing that the whole patriot movement lacks: they donít have any common ideology, and common convictions, to stand up against any kind of tyranny.    Understanding whatís going on in the world isnít going to do it and stop it.  And you canít get America back, as you know it, because, after a few generations of destroying the culture, people donít know what to go back to anymore.  And most folk who think theyíve woken up to whatís happening with the evil thatís on the planet today are really reacting, when itís hitting them personally, and they understand the immediacy of things coming down the pike, because itís published.  So, you really have to.


Jules: I want to say thank you.


Alan: Thank you too.  And email me too, and Iíll maybe go into a deeper explanation for you.


Jules: Great.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And thatís what the people need today, a common ideology, a common end goal, which means really, youíve got to have a common culture, and the whole point of Sovietization and Socialism is to destroy all existing cultures and bring in their own, which is diktats from your appointed governors.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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