April 19th, 2012 (#1069)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 19th, 2012:

Behaviour Modification:
Greening Propaganda, Result is Damaged,
Populations Sick, Poor and Famished:

"The Planned Society, All Micro-Managed,
Healthy, The Intelligent and The Damaged,
Cradle-to-Grave Records on Little Old You,
Every Thought, e-mail, Yes All You Do,
Ooh! We're All in Danger from Bad People,
"Keep Us Safe", The Chorus from Sheeple,
And This can't Be Done Without Sustainability,
Even Though There's Massive Infertility,
A Thousand Organizations Pushing for Rules,
For U.N. Enforcement Upon Nations' Fools,
Everything's Fees, Indoctrination-Compliance,
We're Interdependent, No Self-Reliance"
© Alan Watt April 19th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 19th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 19th of April, 2012.  Newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning, rather than pester you all the way through, to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and help yourself to the free audios available for download there, because thereís so much history involved, to do with the system that weíre living in today.  Itís been here for an awful long time.  Itís a chameleon really.  It changes its shape now and then, its outer appearance, to bring in the new type of system for the managers who run the world, but itís always the same system.  And even when the public fall onboard with the new agendas to do with greening and sustainability, itís the same boys, the same boys at the top who are simply taking you into an old plan.  Theyíre not calling it depopulation.  Theyíre not calling it eugenics, etc.  And theyíre not calling it back to a really full implementation of slavery, because that would put you off.  You wouldnít follow them.  You wouldnít get all rah-rah and happy about it.


So, theyíve got to get you happy about, youíre all working towards something.  Remember what the Green leader said a long time ago in Britain.  And I read it on the air at the time.  She said that we must get a war situation going.  A war, basically to save the world or the habitat, whatever, it would do, and weíre all involved.  Weíre all in it together.  And, of course, it would be taught through schools, right through high school, at university levels, and into all businesses, as well.  Thatís already happened.  Theyíre not going to back off.  Theyíre using the carbon con scare tactics as well, global warming, to get the agenda.  Actually, itís the best thing they ever thought up to do.  Because the ones in the past, you had more people with a bit of wisdom that knew they were up to something, up to no good, definitely.  And, but today, because itís so indoctrinated into the school system, that itís going to be impossible, I think, personally, to change the direction that weíre going into.  It was planned a long time ago, incredibly well funded, by the big foundations, with trillions and trillions of dollars.  And Iíll even touch on some things tonight to do with the training of change agents, they call them, change agents, to change you, you see.  The leaders, and how to train the leaders.  And of course, they even have big courses for leadership training throughout all the so-called world communities.  They get onboard your councils.  Theyíre in your governments.  Theyíre all over the place.  But when you see big corporations backing all of this, the same corporations that took you through war after war after war, and always seem to profit no matter if it was Communist, Capitalist or whatever they want to call it, they always made masses of profit, then you know itís the same damn system again, and youíve been had once more.  We always fall for the happy face, you know. Weíre all in it together.  Letís suffer together, itís not so bad that way, and save the world. 


While youíre at it too, remember, you can buy the books and discs Iíve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thatís the only income that there is for me, and it keeps the websites going.  And it helps to feed me.  So, if you want to buy them, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, remember personal checks are good, and so are international postal money orders from the post office.  And you can use PayPal, send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And straight donations are really, really welcome at this time. 


As I say, people always fall for one thing or another.  We always follow leaders too.  I was watching some documentaries to do with Latin America and how they literally had the population batting between left/right, left/right, left/right, through generations.  And Iíll be back with more on this topic after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And what I was going to mention too was, as I say, leadership is the thing too.  The Big Boys generally give us the leaders down through the centuries, even for rebellions.  And itís strange that itís the same monetary system that they bring in as they had before, really, from rebellions one to the next.  Same in Latin America, which is a great example, going through the history of it, where thereís so many documentaries out there, including talks with the different CIA characters who were involved in creating wars in Latin America, all over Latin America, and deposing governments and putting in their own boys.  Just like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere. 


While at home, they always give the people at home, it doesnít matter what country it is, if itís Britain, the US, whatever, Canada, they always give you this different image of the Canadian or the American, for you to believe in, if you live in the countries, where youíre really good people, and nice and decent, etc.  And meanwhile, youíve got armies all over the planet, slaughtering folk, and big corporations are quite openly working hand in hand with them, and even in the pre-planning stages of the attacks, to grab the resources that the countries have.  And itís just astonishing how we fall for it time and time again.  But at home as well, they always give you a vision for a century, or a vision for the next 20 years, like Vision 20 or so on, you have all these visions, you see.  And people jump on board, the kind of happy-go-lucky types, the ones that are really hyper-optimistic.  They like to be on stage talking down to other people.  They are the ones who run into it and take the courses, so as they can talk down to you, and spread their enthusiasm, you see.  And they all take motivational courses, which is all part of their indoctrination.  And the job is that they go back into society and get into leadership positions.  Actually, theyíre helped into leadership positions, even from the most pettiest to the highest.  And then their job is to indoctrinate you.  Itís just astonishing to watch this over and over and over again, with different movements down through the ages. 


When the Eugenics Society was really openly advocating slaughtering, you know, they had wonderful names for slaughter, of course, especially when they add medicine to it as well.  Then they openly advocated slaughtering lots and lots and lots of people, the ones who were unfit, they claimed.  Unproductive is another one.  And even the Nazis used that as well.  The Soviets were quiet about it, but the same thing was happening there, even on a bigger scale because they were quiet about it and nobody talked about it.  Plus there was an agreement, you see, that because the Soviet system had been an ally, you couldnít criticize them in any way, shape, or form. 


Really, what does it mean to be unproductive, eh?  And this is where itís going today as well, under sustainability.  Oh, weíre going to have food shortages, can we feed everyone?  Well, if we canít feed everyone, as they claim, you see, or they try to pretend, then who goes first?  Who do you start killing off first?  We already have doctors and abortionists coming out openly saying we should start killing the children about the age of three, or at least up to the age of three.  We live through this without a yawn, you know.  And that would have been cause in itself for rebellion fifty years ago, even a hundred years ago, utter rebellion.  Because they knew darn well, having a bit more smarts and less GMO and less vaccinations, they knew that the elite always had something nasty up their sleeves, whenever they came down with a smiley face.  And today, weíre so dumbed down, itís just incredible, because, you understand the technique of dumbing people down is so perfected today.  Itís so perfected today, with these psychologists, neurologists, neuroscientists, all working together, on Ďhereís how the brain works and hereís how you effect this part and that part.  Hereís how you present something to children in a way that they will definitely remember, without thinking critically about ití; because children have a hard time thinking critically about something.  Theyíre not old and wise enough to realize that the world is full of scams all the time.  Youíll see scams in every newspaper article, every day of the week.  But the children donít know, and so youíre trusting, you see.  You take what the teachers say.  Theyíre given toolkits to brainwash the children.  Every teacher across the planet starts off with the same word and ends with the same word, because itís all in the curriculum which is handed out to them, generally through the world educational authorities, from the United Nations, basically.


So, weíre under constant attack for your mind.  Itís a war for the mind, remember.  Itís constant.  Itís incessant.  Itís loud, and it comes under many guises.  From the ones, Ďoh, we can get this bunch in if we put these programs on television, aimed at the mushy stuff.  That will get lots of the women in, who will go for the emotional parts of it.  And then we can try and get the guys in by getting bunches of guys to work together on gardening projects and do a series on that type of thing, and get them to talk about saving the world, through growing turnips and carrots.í  Meanwhile, the big boys, like everything else they have done.  The ones who own the entire system of money across the planet, and loans to every nation, and who hold everybodyís debt as well.  They own the planet.  These characters have, they own the food supply of the world.  They put all the farmers out, not all, but the vast majority of small farmers out of business.  The ones that could help you get through depressions are gone.  Either through legislation or government interference, until they just up and move, or theyíre cut off because they canít sell their goods, because theyíre prohibited from selling their stuff on the market, even the local market.  Because, you see, big money is in the business of monopolization.  It doesnít tolerate competition.  Rockefeller said it.  ďCompetition is a sin.Ē  So what do they do?  ďOh, please stop competing with us.Ē  Oh, no.  They make sure that youíre out of business.  Rockefeller boys, remember, were gangsters when they started.  They still are gangsters today.  They donít have to use the heavy hand anymore to blow up other peopleís oil fields.  They simply use armies to do it. 


Thatís how the world really is.  But for the nicey-nicey people who are brought up with television and the comedians and all that, they canít get their head round that.  They cannot do it.  They canít do it.  They donít realize the vast majority of the worldís elite started off as mass murderers and utter crooks, gangsters.  And then gangs got together and consolidated their power, and then you end up with having governments.  Same descendents, same type of people in it.  They do bring fresh blood in, if you show the right qualifications and give them a rťsumť of slaughter, mayhem, conniving and being very cunning.  They might bring you up and use you then, you see.  But thatís the reality of the world.  And in every nation they have the same people, the psychopathic types.  Every single nation on the planet follows the same process.  And it doesnít matter if you start off again after a rebellion.  In no time at all, the same boys are back in place, running the same system, with a different face on, a different mask.  


They run the wars.  They profit off all sides during World Wars.  Carroll Quigley talked about the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, impetus in creating World War I and II.  They were agitating while already theyíd created a fake war against the Boers, claiming the Boers attacked them. And Quigley, from their own records, goes through the whole process of how they got the Boer War going.  The Boers didnít attack anybody initially.  It was this bunch set in by Cecil Rhodes, with a bunch of mercenaries, who attacked the Boers.  They brought their own reporters from The Times with them, to telegraph a story to London, saying, oh, the Boers have attacked, theyíre slaughtering English folk.  And then, Britain, of course, naturally went in with the troops, you see.  And before you know it, you had concentration camps.  And they were called concentration camps, where thousands and thousands of Boers and their children died.  And during that period, they were hard at work with the press, because they owned the press in quite a few countries by then.  The Times of this, and the Times of London, Times of India, Times anywhere is one of theirs.  And the New York Times, of course.  And they were agitating for war with Germany, years before, many, many years before it happened, in the late 1800s, they wanted a World War with Germany.  And out of that, they hoped at that time even to get a European Union when everyone was vanquished and on their knees and starving.  They almost did get it then.  And after it happened, and they didnít get countries to give up their sovereignty, their big propagandists like HG Wells said, oh, it didnít work, weíll have to get another World War, before the public will get on their knees and give up the ghost.  And give up their countries.  Itís just astonishing, the public donít know it. 


And then in Winston Churchillís own personal secretaryís writing, his diaries, his memoirs, and while Winston was telling people to go off and fight to save their culture, and all that kind of stuff, and slaughter the enemy, he was telling his own peer group at night parties, nightly parties they had, where they sloshed the brandy down.  He was telling them, this is great, he says.  Out of this weíll get our long waited upon dream, he says, fulfilled, of a United Europe.  If theyíd told the British folk then, that out of this war will come a United Europe, under a government, a different government, a foreign government, really, itís a new thing, they wouldnít have gone to war.  You canít win, you understand, by fighting their game, by going along with what they want you to do.  It doesnít work.  And youíll never get the truth from governments as to what theyíre up to.  Theyíre not in the business of being transparent.  When they talk about transparency, theyíre talking about frosted glass in a bathroom.  Thatís what theyíre talking about.  Because thereís only one agenda across the world.  And at the very top, you have the banking boys, who basically appoint the heads of all the central banks they own.  And from then on down, then you get down to prime ministers and politicians, but above that is the banking boys.  They hold the key. 


And no one dare change the system.  Itís never worked over the centuries, where they plunder you twice a century.  Itís never worked.  And nothing is ever done to stop it from happening again.  And we go through farces where they plunder you more and more forever by, oh, my goodness, weíve got to bail out the whole of Europe forever and ever amen.  And we go along with this farce, when thereís not one thing published for the general public to show them where their money is actually going.  Oh, your taxes are going up and up and up.  Weíve got to plug this hole, the black hole of Europe.  Weíve got to plug it.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the system and how weíre fooled at every turn.  And the elite simply, like chameleons, change their color once in a while, and give you what you think is a brand new system and a promise of a heaven down the road.  Always future utopias.  And they hit on a winner when they came up with the idea of global warming at the Club of Rome, the think tank that was given the task of finding some excuse to basically bring in a totalitarian system across the world, and get everyone to give up their rights and increase vastly the amounts of bureaucrats and government agencies that will come around literally running your life in a microscopic fashion.  So, itís working very well, as I see, because thereís so much money out there, so many organizations, all from the same sources, though.  Different names, pushing the same thing, getting funding from the same foundations.  And theyíre getting the children into it, and people with too much time on their hands, as well. 


Also, remember, this goes back, this system goes back, even before they formed the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and before they had the Milner Society, they were simply, the Milner Society was simply the next generation of an already existing society.  These guys have been at this for an awful, awful long time.  And when they have their archives, like Quigley had access too, I mean, that was not for everybody, you understand.  It is a very rare occasion a person is admitted to see the archives.  And hereís a whole alternative history to the world.  To the world.  The battles of the past, the battles of the present, the battles of the future, and all the techniques theyíve got planned to keep us all in check, so that they can live in comfort at the top.  But they must always guide the general population.  Theyíre the good shepherds and weíre the bahhing sheep, basically.  Thatís really how itís walking about at the top.


They donít explain things to us, they say, because, you see, weíre too stupid to comprehend the importance of what theyíre saying.  So, they just go ahead and do things.  You have no idea.  You really have no idea.  Especially the TV watchers that watch lots of dramas and movies, where people are pretty good.  Thereís always the obvious bad guy, and heís very obviously a bad guy, but everybody else is pretty well good and decent and all the rest of it.  Thatís what they give us, to make sure that you think that way, that the odd bad guy is really odd indeed, very unique.


Now, the combination of the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, formed under a Royal Charter.  In other words, it was anointed from the top to go ahead, because they were on it too.  And again, through wars, etc, they would take the whole world over and get the countries into massive debts they would never get out of, and because of the heft they would have over the monetary system and the debt system they could basically dictate the terms of how the peasants should live. And theyíve done awfully well so far.  Now, they also wanted a United Europe, because they really love Karl Marx too.  They set him up and funded him.  And they actually funded Trotsky as well, and a whole bunch of revolutionaries that went over to the Soviet system to get that one taken over, and theyíve put their own guys across the whole planet, in China too.  They run in China.  And China didnít pull itself up by its bootstraps by any means.  It was done through the World Trade Organization in treaties, and we funded them to come up and gave them the expertise and even put our factories over there to even make machinery for them.  So they could then sell stuff at the same price to us, but made for pennies, basically.  The workers get fractions of pennies over there. 


Anyway, getting back to this article here.  Itís to do with this black hole in Europe, where they throw the money at.  Now that weíre all, after all the lies, how great it was going to be for everyone.  Weíd all benefit.  And they showed you all these little pictures in all their brochures of smiling, happy faces, as always.  And look what it is today.  Theyíre still giving you happy faces, but I donít know where those folk live.  Maybe Switzerland.  Anyway, it says:


The UK has already pledged to give £29.5bn to Fund


(Alan: To this new fund, another fund for the International Monetary Fund.  Now, remember that was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs boys, and the Milner Group, a long time ago, with the intent of getting every country into massive debt, lending money.  And then the IMF would come in and be the big collector agency, with a heavy hand, over nations, not people, just a few people, but over entire nations.  And thatís how it lives.  Massive interest too.  Itís not cheap to get a loan from them.  And they get the loan, again, from the World Bank, this other private collective, that also gets money from us too, to keep it going, just as an increased incentive for the guys to work there, I guess.  So, the UK, God knows how much itís put in already to this.  And every country has put money into this.  Oh, oh, Italy is going down now.  Oh, oh, Spainís going down again.  Weíve got to put money into Spain.  And itís just one after the other.  Youíre constantly bailing them out, as the standard of living plummets across every country in the Euro.  Well, naturally it does, because theyíre taxing the blazes out of everybody. 


Control is control.  Thereís many ways to control people.  They can control how much you can afford to eat, in a post-consumer society.  They can actually enforce how much you can afford to buy.  They make everything so expensive.  But youíll have to still buy the essentials.  They own the food industry.  They have their marketing chains across the planet for groceries.  And they can influence you in so many different ways as well.  So, hereís another:)


 £29.5bn to the Fund, £5.5bn of which has gone into the eurozone rescue scheme.


(A: What a rescue this is.  This is the worst rescue in history.  I mean, youíd think theyíd make movies about it, like guys falling down crevasses and things, and people heroically going down to try and save them.  But with a black hole, you see, you canít get anywhere.  Itís gone.  It went through the other side of the black.  Itís just gone from view, you see.  Thatís what they tell you.)


But it is thought the Chancellor


(A: Thatís the guy in charge of the treasury:)


will agree to add more money to help the IMF go from $400bn (£250bn) to around $1trillion.


Amazing, isnít it?  And in democracy, the public say nothing.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big system.  Itís always the same system under different guises, but itís always the same system, and how they bring you into con after con after con, by always showing you a utopia, if you just work towards it, and the next thing you know, thereís a crisis, and before you know it, youíre bankrupt, and youíre all bankrupt, and even when youíre bankrupt, youíre borrowing money from the World Bank, borrowing it at high interest rates, to throw into this black hole to save each other.  What a con this is.  And itís worked so well, because the countries havenít rebelled in any fashion at all.  And it says:


it is thought the Chancellor will agree to add more money to help the IMF go from $400bn (£250bn) to around $1trillion


The Government is able to commit the extra £10bn without a vote in Parliament


(A: Isnít that just awfully neat?  Isnít it?)


without a vote in Parliament but Mr Osborne said the UK will only dish out the extra cash if there were 'no new vehicles or funds specific to the eurozone'.


(A: Whatever that means.)


He also said there would be no deal unless all major non-eurozone countries signed up to give more.


(A: Everybody in the world is paying up for this thing.  It says:)


All bar the U.S. after Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, said the U.S. would not pledge any more money until the eurozone added sufficient funds to its bail-out scheme.


(A: So they all sort of bolster each other.  Oh, youíll have to screw the people even more, before we get in on the act of screwing our folk at home.  Thatís what it is.)


It was a blow to IMF managing director Christine Lagarde who told The Telegraph last week that she was 'hopeful we will make progress' this week.


Progress is just filling the coffers of some private individuals.  Because, as I say, no one has ever, every come up and said, ďhereís the money that your country is borrowing.  Hereís what weíve thrown at the eurozone.  And hereís where it went.Ē  And theyíre still doing it.  Theyíre still doing it.  Itís like a sacrifice to Moloch, you know.  Itís like being told that every gardener must dig up his veggies and throw it into a black hole to satisfy this god.  Same thing.  And you hope one day, you know, that the god burps, and everything is back to what you think is normal.  You can keep a few veggies for yourself.  This is what they call advanced civilization.  Advanced, hmm? 


And once youíre up to hawk with the IMF, they run your whole country.  They actually come in, because you sign the agreements, when the PMs sign on, and presidents sign on to it, that they will take over and start deciding where you must cut in your own countries.  And the hospital systems across Europe are just plummeting.  Thatís the first place they always cut.  And this article here too is to do with privacy.  It says:


The Prime Minister defended a series of proposals which have angered civil-rights campaigners by saying they were necessary for the UK's defences.


Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said while he shared some of the concerns, hearings involving national security cannot be allowed take place in public if that means lives would be lost. They spoke out after Deputy PM Nick Clegg said he could not support the proposals in their current form.


MPs and peers on Parliament's cross-party Joint Committee on Human Rights published a damning report on the controversial proposals, saying they were based on "vague predictions" and "spurious assertions" about catastrophic consequences.


In reality, the plans are a "radical departure from long-standing traditions of open justice"


(A: Well, we never had open justice, because everything is decided before the court sits, actually, between the lawyers and the judges in a back room.  The whole day, all the cases, itís all decided in advance.)


which should only ever be used when publicly disclosing material would carry "a real risk of harm to national security", the committee said.


(A: What they want to do is bring in basically silent and private courts.  You canít get into them to see whatís happening.  Which totalitarian systems always use.  Nobody is allowed, no visitors allowed, no journalists allowed, and they canít even talk about what happened inside of it once itís finished by law.  And he wants also to take away even more power, and that means more money as well, to monitor all the emails and all the internet, and see what everyone is looking at and so on, which of course they hand up to their bosses, who do all the motivational techniques by using your data, and how to motivate you.  So, it says:)


Draft legislation, expected in next month's Queen's Speech, would propose allowing the Government's listening centre GCHQ to access information from emails and internet use "on demand" without a warrant. But Downing Street said only data - times, dates, numbers and addresses - would be accessible, and not content.


Which is absolute lies.  Theyíve already told us before that theyíve been taking the content from emails for years, but now, of course, with this new drastic one, oh, theyíre not going to be doing that.  They just want to know when you fax so-and-so or emailed so-and-so.  This is, again, what youíre all living towards.  The same guys are all for greening programs, sustainability, and the big corporations that run them all.  Hereís a great form of blackmail though.  Because I mentioned a week or so ago, that theyíre going to force people in Britain, you know, if you want a window or you want to build something in your home, you must get permission. Even the replacing the window, itís coming down to.  And you canít buy glass, you see, unless youíve got a government approval, a little chitty in your hand, which costs you cash, of course.  And if you want to build anything, they bring in the engineers, they do an environmental impact study.  You pay for each one.  I think itís five grand here in Canada for one, just to get one, before you can move into a house.  And then, any repairs, of course, have to be authorized as well. 


But itís going even further now, and this will catch on elsewhere, you see, because all the big hardware corporations are just that, theyíre massive corporations.  Like Wal-Mart, and etc. 


DIY [Do-it-yourself] firms allowed to send staff into homes and push their own products in Green Deal scheme


(A: So, B&Q, I guess thatís their version of build-all or something.)


B&Q staff are to be allowed to enter homes, decide how to make them more energy efficient and then sell their own green products to householders, under a new Government scheme.


The DIY giant is one of a number of businesses set to reap multi-million profits from the new Green Deal,


(A: Oh, itís so wonderful.  This greening is just so great for massive, massive wealthy people.  It makes them even more stinking rich.)


which will see homeowners borrow up to £10,000 to fit boilers,


(A: Thatís your heating, they call it, your heating water.)


insulation, double-glazing, doors and other eco-friendly features.


(A: This eco-friendly stuff ainít so friendly, is it, to your wallet?)


However, there will be fears that private sector energy assessors employed by B&Q and other firms may exaggerate the measures needed in the property to maximise their profits.


The same things, of course, that they did with the car industry, especially when the ones who sold the cars, the firms that sold them, made them impossible to fix by small garages, basically, with all this special equipment for each car that they made.  And the government also passed the MOT bill at the same time, that was the Ministry of Transportation, which meant you had to get it examined every year for this particular test and pay through the nose.  And the garages were hauling in the money if you had a tiny needle-hole prick in the bottom of your car, that might not have been there before they looked at it, eh?  And you had to fix that as well.  So, now itís your home, as well.  See, technically you own nothing.  Or, if you own it, you canít use it.  Or, if itís a house, you canít live in it.  Until they wring out every single penny that they can possibly ring out of you.  Folk are quite happy with these situations.  They adapt quickly to them too.  Itís astonishing, isnít it?


I remember a guy I knew and his family, they bought a car.  They were from another country.  They bought what they could afford, a used one.  And I checked it all out, and it was fine.  You know, fixed the brakes, had it working just great and so on, and the lights working.  And went to the first garage, and they said, oh, thereís a pinprick under the floorboards, and that could let Carbon Monoxide in.  And they wanted, they said theyíd pay about $200, $300 for the repair.  And, again, the fee on top to be retested.  So, I says, forget that.  On the way to another garage, I got some chewing gum, put it underneath.  I had some black rubber underseal there, and I sprayed it over it, and then it passed without a problem.  This is the lengths you have to go to, this is what you have to go to, to try and feed yourself these days.  Britain knows about that, because theyíve been at this game for a lot longer. 


So, here they are now with your home.  You canít fix anything in your home without special approval, engineers coming in.  Canada, you canít buy oil to heat yourself in the winter, without the up-to-date certificate from the government, from a government agent that comes around and inspects it.  And if he says, oh, it needs this or that, same as your car, same thing, oh, I canít allow you.  I canít give you a Ďbuy oilí deal, or chitty, you must show to the oil guy each time you fill up for that, for oil.  Pure blackmail.  And their big boys profit, and it gives all this work to their government agencies.  But, more than that, itís getting you trained that you have no rights whatsoever.  And each time you cave in to any of these deals, youíre just really reinforcing that upon yourself and your children.  You do what youíre told, and pay up and cough up.  The things never really change.  Itís just, you know, change it from this to that.  Do that instead. And away it goes.


Iím also putting up:


Dramatic Sea Ice Increase! Why So Many ďDramatic DropsĒ, But Never ďDramatic RisesĒ?


Because, what happens in the North Pole is that the ice goes up so high, itís just like your fridge, the old-fashioned fridges that youíll see.  Iíve got one of them here.  And you open the door and the thing is creeping out.  Itís trying to get outside the door.  Itís just expanding and expanding and eventually it breaks off.  Well, thatís how it happens in the sea as well.  Thatís why youíve got all these icebergs everywhere.  So, Iíll put up this article to do with massive rises in ice, of course, but the media donít want to talk about that.  They still want you to think that itís all barren and sunny up there, and that polar bears are dying.  Everything is deception, you understand. 


Another article too is:


Foreclosure Frenzy: Bank Of America Sues Bank Of America


Theyíve got so many subsidiary companies, they end up suing themselves over.  Itís a feeding frenzy trying to grab these mortgages for peanuts, you see, right now.  So, theyíre suing each other, all the big banks, even when itís themselves.  And they wonít lose, suing themselves and subsidiary companies.  They have all these lawyers working with them, that have fixed it all up with the politicians at the top.  Another article too is:


Guardian Readersí Dream


The Guardian is all Left-Wing and all Greenie, etc.  And occasionally theyíll give you a decent story about whatís really happening, but their whole agenda is to push the Greening thing, which is the worst kind of imprisonment you can possibly imagine.  It truly is.  So, Iíll put this up tonight.  And itís called,  Humanityís Nightmare, but the Guardian readerís Dream.  And, Iíve seen it up there before on the internet, I think I put it up a few years ago, itís called: Plannedopolis.  And you can see, through this cartoon stuff theyíre putting out in ads, I think theyíve been running in Britain for years, whatís coming to America and every other country, as your bosses sign integration, integration, and integration legislation.  Weíre all going to be the same across the planet.  But it doesnít hold much back.  It makes all the worst kind of things sound so happy and wonderful in this totally controlled society.  Now:


Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid


(A: He says:)


"100% certainty of catastrophic failure of energy grid within 3 years" 


The vulnerability of the energy industry's new wireless smart grid will inevitably lead to lights out for everyone, according to leading cyber expert David Chalk. In an online interview for an upcoming documentary film entitled 'Take Back Your PowerĒ, Chalk says the entire power grid will be at risk to being taken down by cyber attack, and if installations continue it's only a matter of time.


(A: I mean, itís true.  They can actually put Trojans into your meter and everything else.  Iím sure the guys who own them will do that too, to up your prices.  Say, ďoh, according to our readings, youíve used so many megawatts of electricity,Ē etc.  But, you know, I was reading too in one, again, Latin American country, where they have to be very, very inventive if they want to feed themselves and live.  Theyíre already, if you have a home, you can pay some guys to come around, thereís teams of them going around, they bought the equipment that actually programs these computers, and itís a little infrared deal they put up to it.  And they can really cut down your power consumption, at least on whatís getting sent back to the ones who own it.  And they got the software as well, off the internet.  I mean, thereís innovation for you too.  They wonít get innovation prizes, Iím sure, but thatís innovation for you.  If itís that easy to do, you can imagine how it can be done to you by, you know, some locals, or even guys in different countries if they want to.  But definitely, even by the power meter guys themselves.  ďOh, you canít argue with that.  See, thatís the computer.Ē  And heís got a whole record there, a whole monthís record.  ĎI never used that.í  ďOh, you did.† The computer canít lie.Ē  So, he says:)


ďWe're in a state of crisis,Ē


(A: He says:)


ďThe front door is open and there is no lock to be had. There is not a power meter or device on the grid that is protected from hacking - if not already infected - with some sort of trojan horse that can cause the grid to be shut down or completely annihilated.Ē


ďOne of the most amazing things that has happened to mankind in the last 100 years is the Internet. It's given us possibility beyond our wildest imagination. But we also know the vulnerabilities that exist inside of it. And then we have the backbone, the power grid that powers our nations. Those two are coming together. And it's the smart meter on your home or business that's now allowing that connectivity.Ē


Chalk also issued a challenge to governments, media and technology producers to show him one piece of digital technology that is hack-proof.


Well, Iím sure it exists within the higher, upper echelon, that have names that you have never heard of, way above the CIA and so on.  Theyíll be private ones, as well.  But, yeah, what they give to you isnít hack-proof, and they want it that way, I think.  They actually want it to be able to be hacked, just like your computer can be hacked by government.  Thatís the law.  You canít sell a computer in Canada or the States, without it having at least four or five backdoors for government agencies to enter at any time they wish.  That is the law.  And Iím also putting up a link tonight too to:


Sir Jeremy Greenstock is chairman of the UN Association in the UK and chairman of the strategic advisory company Gatehouse Advisory Partners Ltd.


He was a career diplomat from 1969 to 2004, developing specializations in the Middle East, Transatlantic Relations and the United Nations. He served as political director in London from 1996 to 1998.


(A: Political director.)


He was UK Ambassador to the UN in New York from 1998 to 2003 the period which covered 9/11 and the allied invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. From 2001 to 2003, he was chairman of the Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee. He was UK special envoy for Iraq from 2003 to 2004.


(A: So, heís way up there with the conning bunch.  And it says, heís a:)


Member of the IPPR Commission on National Security in the 21st Century


This article here is all to do about, you know, power, and all what they expect, the shortages in the future, which theyíll create in different things, and lots of greening stuff as well.  Lots of greening stuff as well.  Iíll put this link up about Jeremy Greenstock, these guys that somehow rocket to fame from obscurity, supposedly.  Just like the present Canadian, Bank of Canada, boss, who, from out west in Canada came, apparently.  His daddy was a school principal.  And, I know, back in the 60s, they were not getting anywhere near the kind of money they get today, even accounting for inflation, but he sent all three sons to Harvard.  From a paycheck like that?  I donít think so.  Thereís always something else there, eh?  Something else, you just know.  But now, theyíre so good with the internet, you pay a company and theyíll take everything down that you donít want up there.  All the big boys do it. 


And special people now, of course, and even a few years ago, they have the governments themselves that scrub nasty stuff about you off, and including where you live and all that kind of stuff.  Itís gone.  Because theyíre special, privileged people, VIPs.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, one article Iíll put up tonight too is a PDF, and itís to do with the Great Transition, you see.  You see the terms all over.  Thereís a Great Vision.  Thereís the Great Transition.  Thereís a whole bunch of terms put out by the same people, as they train members of the public to dominate you in the new Soviet System.  Thatís really what all this is about, you understand.  And then the bankers will still go on with their banks at the top and run all the countriesí cash.  It says:


Our planet can no longer support the demands humanity makes on it. At WWF, we are working to build a future in which people and nature thrive


(A: Youíre going to thrive in this wonderful utopia.)


within their fair share of our planetís resources.


(A: Everyone according to their means, according to Lenin, right?)


within their fair share of our planetís resources.  To achieve this, we are focusing on three big challenges; safeguarding the natural world, tackling climate change,


(A: Climate change is everything; without climate change theyíd fall flat on their face with everything, you understand.  Itís all nonsense, but as long as they keep prattling on about it, and paying well-known faces to come out on television and promote it, then, and teach it in schools, itís going to be believed.  You donít, you canít, unless you had your own system of television companies across the planet, just pumping out the propaganda to end it, the anti-propaganda, then you donít have a leg to stand on, because every government is on board, as they are with taxing you out your homes and everything else, with this agenda.  Because itís the big boysí agenda, the big international corporations that youíll see attending all these world meetings and donating cash to it.  So, it says:)


The Natural Change Project is part of WWF Scotlandís work on changing the way we live but it also supports our work on tackling climate change and safeguarding the natural world.


Eh?  As they go across the planet leaving depleted uranium made by the same corporations that attend these WWF meetings.  People are really stupid.  Iím sorry to say it, but most folk are awfully stupid; they just go for the information.  So, itís called social change, and it talks about again training teachers and so on, as change agents.  Theyíre all using the open term now.  They used to hide the term, except for their own texts, but here itís out in the mainstream, their own sites, through social change, through outdoor experience.  Theyíll give you six, I think months of training.  And you walk around by yourself, and you sit under a tree, and I guess you get a Buddha experience, and suddenly youíre a Greenie.  And you know better than other people how the world should be run, and theyíll present you with a whole toolkit on how to do it in your own community, how to get on to the board of the council.  Even if youíre not elected, you can get appointed to it, you see.  And school boards, to make sure the right curriculum is properly taught, and you go around like a little Stasi operator and listen to the teachers with their toolkits brainwash the children, you see. 


So, Iíll put this link up as well, because thereís quite a few of them on this.  They actually say in some of these articles here that itís to do with change agents, to change by motivational techniques, they say.  Skinnerian techniques.  Change the whole population of the planet, including have the children eventually come home and brainwash the parents.  Theyíll be nagging the parents about donít do that, donít throw that away, you know.  Etc.  And donít use so much water when you have a shower, in a country where youíve got swamps everywhere and lakes everywhere, like Canada.  The mosquitoes testify to that.  But it doesnít matter.  Itís to be the same agenda for everyone.  And in an Orwellian fashion, they convince anybody in the middle of a thunderstorm and a monsoon type rain coming down, they convince you that, oh, well, itís a very rare thing to have rain.  No memories, eh?  Folk have no memory.  And then they donít trust themselves.  ďWell, maybe my memory is faulty.  All these experts canít be wrong.Ē


The end product folks is a totally controlled Sovietized type society on behalf of the international bankers who own you all and the military-industrial complex.  A more perfected system of slavery.  Thatís what Charles Galton Darwin said.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god and your gods go with you.



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Bank of America Sues itself

Planned Society--The Green-Dream, Humanity's Nightmare

Smart Grid Open to Hackers

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