April 20th, 2012 (#1070)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 20th, 2012:

Machiavelli, Behaviourism and Neuro-Science
Are Chemically Castrating Your Defiance:

"An Age in Chaos, From Long-Term Planning,
Is in Your Face, with History Damning,
Last Hundred Year Plan is Completed,
Debauch Generations, Old Norms Defeated,
Our Minds and Behaviour Now in Phase
With Test-Rats, All Crammed in a Cage,
Scientists and Experts Fine-Tune Behaviour
Under Guise of Science Being Our Saviour,
Democracy's Farce of "All Playing the Game,"
Depicting Shepherds and Sheep as Equally Same"
© Alan Watt April 20th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 20th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comment)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 20th of April, 2012.  For newcomers, you should help yourself to the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and youíll find lots of audios to download for free, where it covers the history of this last century and even long before.  Because the system that runs the world is a vastly different system from the one youíre trained to believe in.  And really, weíve been conned for an awful long time, on how this system actually works.  Weíre trained to see things one way, and very clever people with hundreds, maybe thousands of years of experience actually work the world in a completely different way all together.  At home, they give us a good version.  Weíre all nice, nicey people.  And abroad, of course, we plunder and send in special forces and provocateurs to go into countries and work for the taking over the country, knocking it down from the inside, terrorizing people, and if necessary, creating war.  So, thatís really the system youíre living in today.  It just goes on and on and on.  It never stops.  And really, itís been going on for such a long time, even right through the 20th century, well documented, and people donít even know about it.  They prefer, well they choose to prefer, really, the nice version, that weíre all just goodie-goodie, and the flag, it doesnít matter what country you live in, the flag always means something special to you.  So, I go through the histories of the organization that came together in the late 1800s, and into the 20th century, and still run the world today, almost openly, as far as Iím concerned, and how they brought the big international banks in with them, and thatís really the international moneylenders.  These are big, big boys.


And, as I say, you can go into the website, help yourself.  Remember too, you can keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And youíll find that from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check, still.  You can also use an international postal money order from the post office.  You can send cash, or you can use PayPal to order the books.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And straight donations are really, really awfully welcome.  Canít stress that enough in this present time of inflation, everything going up in price and up in price and up in price. 


Itís absolutely crazy, but thatís the agenda, they said, for the next ten years, until eventually the dollar, well, the dollar already has devalued, but since, say, four years ago, by another ten years, thatís fourteen years or so, it will be worth about half in purchasing power of what it is today.  Thatís the expertsí opinion of how to work around all this problems you see, of massive debt, which we shouldnít be in in the first place.  But, you see, the system is designed that way.† Itís designed to get us into massive debt, always was.  And Carroll Quigley went through the whole agenda with the International Monetary Fund to be set up, a World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, and how eventually theyíd take over the entire world through debt, basically.  And they would allocate cash to each country on a debt basis.  Itís all happened.  Youíre living through it, and weíre there pretty well, for World Government.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system we live in, and how itís projected to us, the system that weíre taught to believe really exists.  And thatís why we have law, fairly much law and order at home, basically, wherever home happens to be.  And we also think weíre good, as a people, you see.  Weíre taught that.  Weíre trained to believe that.  And meanwhile, as Iíve mentioned before, those who run your countries and gave you that whole perspective on yourselves, have a totally different one abroad, where they plunder and steal and ravage and rape, as well, of course, across the planet, and fill the coffers for the big boys, who really own your country in the first place.


All countries really started up under kings.  And immediately they got the early type of lawyers in, and they created corporations.  Really, thatís what your country is.  Itís a corporation.  Within your corporations, you have many little corporations, and right down to even your local police force.  Theyíre a corporation too, all chartered.  And itís quite interesting to see how itís all set out.  Itís all set up, and economists will tell you that, around money.  All the laws in your country really revolve around money.  Right down to whatís it worth to kill a person.  If you kill a person, what should you pay back.  And they actually go into what this person might have been worth, you see, if they paid taxes throughout their life, and youíve just eliminated them, then that will actually put so many years down to your service to pay off.  And thatís why, when they kill people at the bottom, theyíre out in six or seven years.  Theyíre not worth too much, you see.  Iím not kidding.  Thatís the real world.  But, as I say, weíre so brainwashed into it, so cleverly brainwashed into it, and everyone is given the same brainwashing, every generation, at the same time, so they all think itís quite natural, like all children do.


Also, youíll find that the leaders that run the world today, Iím talking about the leaders, these bureaucrats in high positions, inside and outside your governments, because government now is private/public, isnít it.  And you have this massive United Nations, that was set up to be a world government, and technically it already is, since all your laws, the big laws come down from the United Nations, and presidents and prime ministers just sign them into law, without question.  All your building codes.  Even all the codes to do with how many farms you should have by the year 2030, meaning declining, declining, declining, because they donít want you to have small farmers all over the place, because small farms help you out in times of massive depression and hyper-inflation.  Thatís what got people through before. 


And since World War II, the United Nations has had a war on many different aspects of life, but also on farming.  And theyíre quite happy with the big five Agri-Food businesses taking over all these farms and combining them all into one.  Thatís no problem at all.  Theyíre very happy with GM food; itís a prime mandate, for the United Nations, of course, is to get everyone eating thisóyou donít know what it is anymore, do you?  Never mind all the pesticides theyíve got in it as well, but guaranteed to take your life down a few years, quite a few years, and give you cancers and things like that.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Because you have to go into the beginnings of the United Nations, and into the Royal Institute of International Affairs who drafted up and set up the League of Nations.  It wasnít Wilson that was the guy who set up the League of Nations in America.  Thatís the propaganda.  He turned up there.  It was actually Britain, London actually that set up this whole League of Nations, with the intent to set up a world government.  And in the period thereafter, the whole idea was to amalgamate countries together, and they tried to get that done, even, they called it Pan-Europe; but now itís the European Union.  Iím talking between the two world wars. 


And they have all social agendas, as well, hyper-feminism and all this kind of stuff.  All of what they were using in the Communist countries is promoted by the United Nations.  Itís to divide and conquer, you understand, not to help any particular group at all.  Itís all divide and conquer.  Because when youíre all divided, and all fighting each other and arguing with each other, they come in with all their experts and their agencies, from your government, and they deal with it all and take over, because the family has to be totally eliminated, you see, and theyíve done an awfully good job about doing it. 


When they first started up, the United Nations, they had all these different groups, and UNICEF was one of them.  UNICEF was going to basically ďhelp all the children.Ē  And all these philanthropic organizations, philanthropy is the big con.  Itís hard to attack a charity, when you think itís a charity.  Itís only when you realize itís not a charity at all, itís got a social and political agenda, that you can get involved.  And thatís what you must do with all of these things.  Even Weishaupt, remember, said that philanthropic organizations would eventually advise and run governments, a long time ago.  And all these organizations, the foundations that are owned by multi-trillionaires, the big bankers and the Rockefellers, Carnegies, etc, they were all set up to be the fronts to funnel trillions to, in non-governmental organizations across the world.  All with nice-sounding names, mind you.


Remember, Iíve read before, from the book by Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley, who talked, he was the first CEO of UNESCO, and he talked at UNICEF, he talked about their agenda at the time, and through education, they would eventually alter the world, through basically brainwashing children, as the Communists had done with the Young Communist movement and the Nazis did too, with the Hitler Youth.  Theyíre doing it too, to provide future leaders that will rule over the rest of us, you see.  Now, when you get children, they donít have the experience of life.  Itís very easy to brainwash them.  Itís so easy, the media does it every day by showing you one part of a story, but never the other side of a story.  Thatís how.  So, you come to the required opinion, the pre-designated opinion.  Youíll always arrive at the same thing.


And thatís of course how they teach children, in school as well.  And theyíll see, oh, the poor polar bears drowning.  Theyíre not drowning, theyíre swimming.  And theyíve always swum, as far as we can tell for hundreds and thousands of years.  And they can swim hundreds of miles, by the way.  And, but if you show them this thing, and youíve got the music playing in the background, youíve got an intense voice there, generally a womanís voice, almost with a monotone to it, and incessant, youíll say, ďoh my God.  This is terrible.  The world is falling apart.Ē  And thatís how they brainwash children, through emotive lectures, you see. 


So, just to get back to it, Iím going to put a link up tonight, to talk about one of their meetings, and to show you at UNICEF, theyíre turning out leaders of the future.  Now, these are children, going to their annual conferences.  It doesnít stop just with the conference.  They also keep working it in school projects, at home, through the educational system, which again all comes from the UN, and theyíre taught all, theyíre going to be little fascists when they grow up, and utterly true believers, fanatics, to push the next part of the agenda through, which is no homes, no private property, that kind of thing, the Millennium Project.  Theyíre steeped in it, little children prattling on about the Millennium Project.  Itís just amazing.  But theyíre given total hands to do this, and a free hand to do this.  And people donít say anything.  The children think itís great.  Oh, itís a great honor to go to the United Nations and be part of this.  And thatís exactly as I say.


Donít forget, never, ever forget, when they go for children with political and social agendas, you know, thatís not philanthropic at all.  Thatís the agenda.  And that should be stopped right away.  Because no one, I donít care who you are, can make up your mind on anything, until youíve got a bit of life experience, and then you see all the cons that have been pulled in the past, and even show people, to show them how the cons are pulled off in the present.  Thatís what has to be done.  Thatís why homeschoolers have got the only chance there is, really.  You canít put children into public schools anymore.  But I can see these people growing up.  Theyíll go right into positions at the United Nations.  The United Nations, remember has its own school system for its own bureaucrats.  And, of course, itís just a hereditary job.  But they also take in other ones who have got the potential to be rabid fanatics.  And then these fanatics end up in your communities when theyíre twenty, twenty-one.  And the next thing you know, theyíre appointed over your councils and so on, into environmental groups.  So, itís just disgusting, as I say. 


And look up Wikipedia, and see what UNICEF says, and then look into this particular little video that Iíll put up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, at the end of the night.  These are true little fanatical believers.  Astonishing, but then, not again, you know, all the Commies have used this technique.  Theyíve used it in Cambodia as well, where they got young children to go out and slaughter all the parents at one point, because theyíd brainwashed them.  Thatís the world you live in.  Thatís the real world you live in.  The real one. 


Now, the International Monetary Fund, as Carroll Quigley said, and he was the insider at the Council on Foreign Relations, who got into the archives and was their official historian.  They have their own version of history.  And they admit in their own version of history, they were behind all the wars.  And they would agitate in countries to get wars going, which they did from the very beginning in fact, and he documents it very well in the Anglo-American Establishment.  And take over all the worldís resources.  Thatís what weíre doing right now.  The water, the oil, all the minerals, everything of value whatsoever, but mainly everything thatís necessary for the sustainability of life for humans or animals, in fact.  Water and food.  Water and food.  Water and food.  Keep saying that as a mantra every day.  And then, look up, do a search, to see anything to do that comes up with water and food.  Incredibly important stuff.  Because, without that, everything else is mute point. 


Osborne under pressure to provide extra IMF loans


Finance ministers from the G20....


Now, the G20, is again, what Quigley talked about, that the leaders of every country would eventually form these little clubs.  They used to call them circles at one point, in the early days, and then they called them other names, until weíre up to the groups of twenty.  They also have councils of tens, etc.  Standard Royal Institute of International Affairs.  But they want to boost the IMFís power, over all the world.  Back with more, after this.


HI folks, Iím Alan Watt, back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, and this is what Quigley talked about, itís probably one of the most important books in the last century written, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, two books, actually.  He goes through the whole agenda, from their own records.  But thatís how itís to be.  And of course, you get one country into it, one after another, and then you amalgamate the whole lot.  You make it worse and worse, and then the answer and solution is to amalgamate them even more to strip away all vestiges of any national sovereignty at all, any say in their own countries.  Thatís whatís happened with Europe, of course, and theyíre working hard to do the same with the Americas, as they call it, the Summit of the Americas was held recently.  And thatís part of the agenda too, is get Canada, the States, Mexico, and others into the hole.  And the IMF comes in as the big savior, but with an awful, stiff price, because they manage your country.  They manage your politicians, when they come in.  So, it says here that the finance ministers from the G20 group, this club that they formed, thatís in nobodyís charter they can form these international clubs, but they do it anyway:


...are meeting in Washington to discuss boosting the IMF's resources.


IMF managing director Christine Lagarde wants to boost her organisation's lending capacity by $400bn (£250bn).


And this is all to each other, because theyíre all in the hole to the same guys who own the IMF, they comprise the IMF.  The same guys, the World Bank boys and so on.  What a deal, eh?  What a deal.  And yet, letís be honest here.  I donít care what your IQ level is, you have to figure this out rather quickly and simply, because it is very, very simple.  Itís a totalitarian, you know, takeover of the entire globe and everybody in it, by a system that they dare not change.  They will not change it.  All these supposed experts canít see this ainít working, itís not meant to work?  Thatís from your point of view.  From their point of view, it is working.  Theyíve got you all in the hole.  Theyíve got politicians in the hole.  They own them.  Theyíve got them in the pocket.  And thatís really what itís all about.  So, theyíre passing, so now every country has to pass money to every other country to help their economy.  Weíre already passing money through the World Trade Organization, also put through by the same boys at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that weíre sending money to China to build hospitals and schools for them, while they rake in trillions every year.  And the same with India and Brazil.  Emerging countries, they call it, while they cut you back to the bone, at home. 


And they wonít change it.† You see, this is a battle plan.  They arenít going to change their strategy, because this is the strategy for the battle plan.  And folk put up with it.  ďOh, well, what can you do.Ē  Rates go up.  ďOh, well.Ē  You know. 


Now, again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, stated that its goals were also to take over all resources across the planet.  All resources, into the hands of a few powerful families.  And Iíll put up a link tonight too to peak oil, the con of peak oil, where they tried that in the 70s and then churned out books, because theyíre working again with the Club of Rome and it tied in with global warming, running out of resources, famine and the like, thatíll do.  You know, thatís basically what they came up with, this big think tank, the Club of Rome, who have unleashed a whole bunch of stuff, that they did in the 70s, once again, right now, to get us all terrified of the environment and so on, in preparation for the RIO+20 Meeting, 2012.  So, anyway:


Myth of 'Fossil' Fuel Scarcity & Origins:


The World is Awash with Oil and Natural Gas


Peak oilers have had a pretty hard time lately. Not only have global unconventional finds flattened Hubbardís Ďpeakí (Alan: That was the peak oil.), more and more conventional plays are cropping up. ĎRunning outí? We have more than enough of the black stuff to incinerate ourselves several times over. Such supply side bounty has been well documented in the Americas Ė not just in the US and Canada, but across Latin America, offering a second pass at resource riches.


And theyíve got it all over the place now.  Theyíve found it in Australia.  Theyíve found it in various parts of Africa, recently, massive quantities of oil.  And the big boys donít plan letting the Africans have it, you understand that.  They knew it was there all along.  Their big corporations will go in and manage them, you see.  Because you might not have to bomb Africa into submission, itís pretty well poor already.  Thatís what theyíre doing in the Middle East too, is grabbing all the resources, under the guise of, you know, terrorism and getting those nasty people, and killing folk that presidents say are just bad men.  And thatís worth the risk, killing them.  Well, the worldís better without so-and-so.  Thatís what presidents actually say.  Is it a personal thing with them?  He just doesnít like the way the guy looks or something?  They go in and bomb you.  And thatís good enough for the people, eh?  Well, whoís next? 


Believe you me, when they run out of enemies, and theyíre already doing it as theyíre doing this, because thereís two programs going on simultaneously. Theyíre getting ready to literally, well, they already have; theyíve dominated most people across the planet, under the guise of anti-terrorism.  But when thereís nothing else to plunder across the planet, believe you me, and you hope it lasts a while, because when they turn on you really, really hard, youíll wish you were somewhere else, if thereís anywhere else they havenít taken over, that is.  This is a world agenda. 


Another article too, is the obvious.  Everything is very obvious.  Itís about:


A 'guinea pigí generation of children is growing up addicted to hardcore internet pornography, MPs were warned last night.


(A: Like they donít know.  Hey?  This is mainstream.  They donít know?  You should see the Mail Online.  The Mail Online shows you nothing but half-clad females all down the right-hand side of every story.  This is the ones who are bringing this too you.  It says:)


Four out of five 16-year-old boys and girls regularly access porn online while one in three ten-year-olds has seen explicit material,


Anyway the whole thing boils down to the fact that theyíre addicted to it.  Youngsters, youngsters are getting addicted.  Thatís the whole point of it, isnít it?  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about internet pornography.  And of course, the big boys use this too, even for the security and watching all of us, in case they get pedophiles, supposedly.  They know every pedophile there is, because these guys start pretty early, and theyíre always in trouble, and they keep tabs on them wherever they go, all the time.  Itís a great excuse to watch all your emails and everything else, isnít it, and what sites youíre looking at, great excuse.  You understand, the boys, the perpetrators who cause the problems, by using the media, and pretty well all of major media belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, all of it, across the planet.  So, it runs both sides of the plan, you see.  And Iím talking about one right now, about internet pornography and how theyíre shocked about it.  Shocked.  Oh, my goodness.  Members of Parliament are shocked. Theyíve had articles in the British papers about members of Parliament, female ones at that, with families, who even put their expenses down for their internet porno watching, on the taxpayer.  So, theyíre all shocked here supposedly.  Theyíre all suddenly naÔve, you know.  It says:


 Four out of five 16-year-old boys and girls regularly access porn online....


One appalled MP revealed that her son had told her that swapping hardcore images on memory sticks between pupils at his school is Ďabsolutely rifeí.


There are fears that


(A: Now, listen to this.)


fears that the rise of internet pornography is leaving teenagers unable to maintain normal relationships and even increasing their susceptibility to grooming by sexual abusers.


Now this is happening at the same time when the elite at the top are pushing, and they have annual meetings about it, all the different groups that theyíve paid and financed through their foundations, to lower the sexual consent age, and eventually do away with the term pedophilia, all together.  They call it intergenerational sex instead.  Itís more, you know, diffuse and obscure.  So, anyway, thatís where theyíre going with it.  So, they play both sides of it.  But theyíre shocked when they find out it works.  Oh, my goodness.  As I say, the Mail Online has got nothing but that down the right-hand side of every darn story.  I donít see any forty and fifty-year-old half-clad people there.  Itís all teenagers and so on.  You see the hypocrisy of it all?  They know darn well what theyíre doing.  You couldnít do it without the media.  And the media was at it long before, Iím talking about your daily papers, long, long before the internet came along, to the people at the bottom, that it is.  So it says theyíll be unable to maintain normal relationships.  Well, thatís exactly what they said.  The abolition of the family unit.


And Bertrand Russell was given an experimental school, back in the 1920s, to try and promote pre-pubertal sexual relationships with children, with the idea and testing to see if they would have multiple partners and be less susceptible to having a permanent partner.  That was the whole point of it.  And thatís also the point of internet pornography.  They get addicted to that, and they cannot bond.  Itís actually, actually the Soviets said that they would separate the bonding process, the emotional process from the sexual act itself.  Thatís been done.  Thatís already been done, folks. 


See how theyíre playing both sides in the same newspaper, because they know darn well, they know darn well what the agenda is, these reporters.  Of course they do.  So, itís working in other words.  Itís working very, very well.  Itís a pity they wouldnít say that at the bottom of the page. 


And talking about the Bank of England and theyíve got the Bank of Canada and all that.  Theyíre all talking about these Central Banking private systems that they have.


The process of selecting the next governor of the Bank of England lacks clarity, a leading politician said on Thursday.


(A: Thatís the first time in about a hundred years anybody has asked, how do they elect the person to the top of the bank?  I mean, how?  This little clique of generally related people in one way or another.  It says:)


"I am concerned that the process for selecting the next governor lacks clarity,"


(A: Well, no one knows how they do it.  Itís all secret.)


Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, wrote in a letter to finance minister George Osborne.


"I would be grateful if you could set out in detail the process envisaged for the appointment of the next governor ... The choice of the next governor will be perhaps the most important public appointment the government will make."


And thatís all there is about it.  Thatís the story.  No one knows.  Itís all secret.  And everybody in the country is, you know, just living under this shadow, this strange secret governmental system of banking, the top character.  What is it?  Who appoints them?  They all have to work for Goldman Sachs, mind you, even the guy they put in for Canada worked for Goldman Sachs.  His daddy was Canadian, who sent him off, down to the States to Harvard to get taught.  All three brothers in fact, he sent down to Harvard on a teacherís pay.  Ho, ho, ho.  Whoís kidding who, eh?  What a joke.  What drivel they give the general population. 


Now, if you think itís not bad enough with the idiots walking around photographing everybody on their iPhones and so on:


University of Texas researchers design chip allowing mobile devices to see through walls


(A: Oh, here we go.  It says:)


As unbelievable as it sounds, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created an imager chip for mobile devices which would turn an ordinary cell phone into something which can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper, skin and other objects.


Using the terahertz (THz) band of the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelengths of which fall between the microwave and infrared bands, the chip could signify a revolution in the surveillance capabilities of mobile phones along with new chips like Broadcomís


(A: And it gives you the number of it.)


which is capable of providing ultra-precise location data.


So, everybody will be able to spy on everyone else.  And you wonít care if the cops go by and scan your house too, to see what youíre up to, wherever you happen to be, in whatever position as well.  And this is whatís been permitted out there.  Because everyone, as the CIA director said, has been turned into a spy.  Itís awfully, awfully handy, you know, for them to get all these images coming through, with the locations and everything, instantly.  And who lives in that house, yadda, yadda, yah.  See, youíre all being trained that youíre going to have no privacy whatsoever.  You are in a prison.  You understand that?  Thatís what prisoners see every day.  The little peephole goes through, an eye pops out at it, and they stare at you, sitting on the can or something.  Thatís what youíre in.  Thatís what it is, folks.  But it doesnít really matter, most folks will accept it.  Thatís how folks are.  ďWell, they wonít do it to me,Ē until they see people outside their homes one day, scanning them.  And then it will be normal, you see.  They adapt quickly.


Now, Iíve mentioned before about the United Nations, again, and the so-called philanthropic organizations that work with the United Nations.  This new, parallel government we have, you see.  Thatís what it is.  Itís been here for a long time.  And when you tie that in with the bill that Kissinger put through on depopulation and so on, and the big world meeting they had in 1946, with the British Royalty.  It was a world meeting to do with bringing the population down quickly.  They decided at that meeting that they would take Africa down quick, some way or another, and that they would take down the Western civilized countries, so-called civilized, more slowly by making people sick, you see.  Who wants to marry a sick person?  Thatís really how they plan to do it.  And youíd have earlier deaths, etc, but not all at once, which is great, because no one takes any notice when ten are dying off in a little area, rather than having every second neighbor dying off.  Youíd kind of notice it then, wouldnít you?  And the cancers have been skyrocketing, and thatís the purpose of it too. 


They didnít sit back and say, oh, what will we do, just convince the public to accept euthanasia.  No, no.  They decided there and then to sterilize you through your inoculations and your food. 


Bill Gates and 47,500 Cases of Paralysis


(A: This is his wonderful, you know, promotion, along with big pharma, of course, that really is bacterial and viral warfare.  Thatís what they are, theyíre facilities for that.  Thatís what they are.  It says:)


In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. Nana Petakar became a brand ambassador for Monsanto. The advertising has been called ďaggressive, unscrupulous and false.Ē


Bill Gates, heavily invested in Monsantoís GMOs as well as in vaccines, hired the most beloved of Indian actors, Amitabh Bachchan, to promote the oral polio vaccine.


(A: Now, the oral polio vaccine uses a live virus.  Everywhere theyíve put it, theyíve had outbreaks of polio.  Theyíve already got that in Nigeria.  If you look up, just punch-up Nigeria and polio, and World Health Organization, who were behind it then, with Gates too, and they got, they created.  See, once itís in your body you become a breeder for it.  Thatís the point.† They call you breeders.  Big Pharma calls you breeders.  And youíll breed thousands of these things, and with every person, a little bit of genetic material changes hands over to the virus and vice versa.  Because thatís what viruses are great for doing.  They steal genetic material and alter themselves in the process.  So, they ended up in Nigeria and different places, with an active polio, which they couldnít treat.  So, here they are, not only killing you with the food, thatís soaked with their special pesticides, but the oral polio vaccine.  Now itís in India. )


Here is one example of the ads Bachchan created. Here is Bachchan and use of Bollywood itself to promote the vaccines, and here is another ad...


(A: It shows you all them, they put all the links to all these things.)


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says:

ďWorldwide efforts in the last two decades have reduced the number of polio cases by 99 percent. Until we reach eradication, however, we are working with governments and all partners in the polio effort to ensure no child is at risk of either contracting or transmitting this crippling disease.Ē


Monsanto used Bollywood actors....


(A: And so on, and the cotton seeds as well.  By the way, the Bt cotton seeds, I donít know if you ever looked into cotton seeds.  In China, you couldnít sell it to the people, to take off your hands, because in the cotton seed is an actual, very effective male sterilant.  It sterilizes the males, very, very effective.  And the Chinese government had used it on the people in China before, so they know all about it, what itís for.† And itís even in the eggs you get too, by the way, Iíve noticed that.† I thought, how weird, they ban it in the States eventually when it comes out that the Chinese are using it to sterilize the males, and then they start feeding it in chicken feed, for the big companies, those big factory farms of chickens.  Itís in, the cotton, their damn feed for God Sake.  And youíre eating the egg.  So, youíre getting it anyway.  Another good way to get you sterilized.)


Profits for Monsanto rose. When yields were less than promised, farmers incurred massive debt, leading many to suicide, in what is considered ďthe worst-ever recorded wave of suicides of this kind in human history.Ē To date, the number of suicides has surpassed 250,000.


The end justifies the means, eh?  Remember too that in India it was the Rothschilds who moved in and bought over those farms for peanuts, once theyíd killed off the farmers and brought in the GM foods, because theyíre into it too.  Anyway, what happens is, wherever theyíve gone with the polio vaccine, theyíve come up with these new cases of paralysis, you see.  Obscure paralysis.  Now, thatís what you used to get from polio.  And that happened in the West as well.† We had the massive campaign to get everybody immunized against polio.  It was not rampant like they said it was.  And of course, lo and behold, they said, weíve eradicated it in places like Britain and elsewhere, and suddenly you came up with this other thing they had, meningitis and encephalitis.  Same darn thing.  So, they didnít call it polio anymore.  It didnít cure anything.  What was it for?  They definitely put cancer viruses in it, and lots of other bio-warfare minutiae in there too, to sterilize you.


Do you think it all happens by chance that everyone is going sterile, by chance?  If you do, keep watching the six oíclock news.  And this article here too, is about your car.  It wonít belong to you basically in 2015.


The latest brick in the wall is the predictably named ďMoving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century Act,Ē also known as Senate Bill 1813.


And thereís links from this article.  Iíll put all these links up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can get the full text of the bill here.  And this is the little black box that records all your data, where youíre going.  They can switch you off remotely whether you like it or not.  And you canít start your engine without the black box working.  Thatís all part of it too.  At the moment, supposedly, you can ask for it to be disabled, but theyíre going to make it law that you canít.  And, once itís enabled, your engine wonít start, unless itís active.  Iíll put that up for you all to have a little gander at tonight, as well. 


And lo and behold, thereís a national opposition to windfarms, that popped up in Britain.  And it says:


A new group is being launched that will oppose windfarm policy in the UK.


And itís very good, actually.  The real, you know data, the real dope as they used to say, on what windfarms do, and how they canít really function very well at all.  They canít store the energy.  We pay more money to keep them going than they ever produce in energy at all.  And Iíll put this up tonight for those who want to maybe join the group, or at least look through it and see what itís up to.  Because itís the facts you need.  Itís facts which you need.  And thereís plenty of facts out there.  Everybody, even at the top, they know darn well, financially, itís a dead loss.  But itís going to put you all in the hole, you understand.  Iíve said for years, you will be paying a lot more for one hourís electricity, maybe even a day, just to charge your batteries, than youíve ever paid in the past.  Theyíre privatizing all of what really is the publicís, itís supposed to belong to the public, all the different systems theyíve set up for gas and everything else. 


Itís your cash that finances it all up, and then they call it public for a few years, and then they privatize it, and then they stiff you, because these corporations are not more effective.  Theyíre not more cost-efficient.  Theyíre in it for the biggest profit they can possibly get.  Of course.  Theyíre private businesses.  But theyíve used the same con with everything from water supplies to this, that and the other.  And youíve already paid for it.  Your grandparents for goodness sake often paid for it too.  Paid over and over.  And then they give it to private companies that stiff you.  In Canada, itís to go up to twice as much within the next few years.  Every year itís tacked up about another 30%, since privatization. 


And hereís a really good one too, on Parkinsonís Disease, because, it says:


Alarming new research published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology supports the emerging connection between glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide,


(A: Roundup-ready herbicide.  Thatís Monsanto, still again.)


and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsonís disease and Parkinsonian disorders.


Published this month (April, 2012), the new study entitled "Glyphosate induced cell death through apoptotic and authophagic mechanisms," investigated the potential brain-damaging effects of herbicides, which the authors stated "have been recognized as the main environmental factor associated with neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinsonís disease."


(A: So, everything thatís out there, they know what causes it, but itís probably on purpose, and they tell you to spread it on your garden.)


They found that glyphosate inhibited the viability of differentiated test cells (PC12, adrenal medula derived), in both


(A: Thatís parts of the brain.)


dose-and-time dependent manners. The researchers also found that "glyphosate induced cell death via authophagy pathways in addition to activating apoptotic pathways."


Roundup herbicide is now a ubiquitous contaminant in our air, rain, groundwater, and food, making complete avoidance near impossible. A growing body of experimental evidence now indicates that it in addition to its neurotoxicity it also has the following....


Problems.  And they go through the cancer problems, endocrine disruptors, and we know too it really does do a number on the sexual hormones. Genotoxic, Biocide, and Cytotoxic, etc.  Back with more, after this.  Donít use this stuff, folks.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And before I take a caller, another link Iím putting up tonight too is to this article, itís about Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  Now this is the guy who created the www, the worldwide web.  He was the founder.  And he is advising everyone in Britain and elsewhere to take to the streets.  Take to the streets against plans to increase internet monitoring.  Now, when he says take to the streets, he obviously means take to the streets, because youíre going into utter, utter totalitarianism and tyranny.  Thatís the point of it all.  This is beyond, beyond any tyranny of the past that weíre going through now.  Way beyond it.  The Stasi would be having orgasms if they had the equipment and technology of today, rather than putting one out of four people into the population as spies and forcing others to do it.  They blackmail folk to spy on each other. 


Now, thereís Rob from Ontario on the line there.  Are you still there Rob?


Rob: Hi Alan.† Well, Iím calling in to say that I love the show, and I have to say, Iím a grad student here in Canada, and Iíve been doing some research.  And your analysis with regards to kind of the moral, I guess, swindle thatís kind of been put through with kind of the 60s generation and that kind of thing, where you know, rock íní roll, sex and drugs and this kind of thing as a kind of liberatory movement, as kind of like this Trojan horse that was brought in. 


Alan: It was intended to be.  You understand, they tried that in the 20s, the roaring 20s, when they got the booze cans and made them awful sexy.  And brought in the mini-skirt then.  They were doing the Charleston dance.  And they even tried coke as well.  They brought lots of coke in during the depression as well.  And it failed, because there was too many children being born without parents, and the homes, the foster homes were overcrowded, and they had a lot of VD, as well.  They didnít have penicillin and etc. So, they tucked it away, went back to work, used the taxpayersí money to create the pill, and brought the same system back in again, and called it, ďSex, Drugs, and Rock ní RollĒ and the pill.


Rob: Right, yeah.  Well, itís terrible.  What Iíve found is that if you, youíre probably familiar with estheticism and Oscar Wilde.  And itís a while since I read his Portrait of Dorian Gray, but essentially thereís a movie that came out recently, and it kind of reminded me of this, because Iíve been reading a couple of his essays.  And essentially the idea is that the dandy, who is kind of like his mentor, kind of corrupts him morally.  And itís kind of this culture of youth which kind of connects with like Friedrich Nietzsche and this idea of like, kind of like trying to get away from Christian morality and turning towards this kind of appeal to peopleís kind of egos and their weaker nature, and it just seems so apparent in like the television programs and that, that we watch now.


Alan: Well, now itís moral relativity.  In other words, everybodyís idea is okay.  Everybodyís opinion is okay.  Thereís no real right and wrong, good or evil anymore.  That was always their agenda.  And once again, go into the books by Julian Huxley.  He talks about the necessity to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity, that gave at least basic morals to the public.  That was why. They didnít care about the reality or unreality of it.  It was the fact that they gave a morality to the public which gave people respect, self-respect, and that goes to self-respect, for yourself and then others.  Thatís what follows.  You have respect for other people.  In this system, itís base.  Itís narcissistic, of course.  Bertrand Russell said that too, weíll make them narcissistic and hedonistic, and they wonít care about anybody else, or whatís happening to anybody else when the government is after them.  Youíre quite right.


Rob: Yeah, I know.  Itís terrible.  Youíre right on with that.  And the other interesting thought I had too, was around the Mayer Goldwin logo, the movies, the Ars Gratia Artis.


Alan: Yeah.  Okay.  Well, thanks for calling Rob.  Thatís the end of the show.  And from Hamish and myself, from a once again very white, snowy Ontario, Canada, where I am anyway, itís good night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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