April 23rd, 2012 (#1071)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 23, 2012:

The Self-Monitoring Brain Joins the Gravy-Train:
Being Sold Down the River has Never been so Easy,
By Science and Behaviourists and Politicos so Sleazy:

"Gross National Well-Being Replaces GDP,
Writing on the Wall Concerning You and Me,
Self-Monitoring Behaviour for Modification,
Attached to Old Norms Will Cause Consternation,
Medical Insurance Requires Wearing Devices,
Overlords can Tell if You're Constipated or in Crisis,
Fancy that Cake?  You Must Ask Permission
From Your Insurance Overseer to Make Decision,
A Micro-Managed World, Prompts and Nudges,
Still Self-Thinking? Computers are Your Judges,
High Profits, Cost Cutting, Public Private Merger,
Tracking Fibers in Your Clothing from Auto-Serger"
© Alan Watt April 23rd, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 23rd, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers’ Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 23rd of April, 2012.  For newcomers, you should always make use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download where I go through the big change that happened over a hundred years ago to do with the push towards a global governance system.  And that includes all the big corporations too, international corporations, the big cabal that now are prominent in our lives; they’re deciding really where we’re all going along with government– it’s a type of fascism, you might call it that, and beyond fascism even to micromanagement of every individual.  An old plan where the corporations would take over all the resources of the world and basically the public would be kept in their little ghetto areas– they could even be big ghetto areas like a big city– as they overcrowd them because that’s the plan under Agenda 21, the Millennium Project; of course you’ll hear more about that at the upcoming Rio+20 meeting they’re having in June.


So anyway, help yourself to the website. Find out who the big players are.  Find out how you’re manipulated, so easily too by the way because you’re conditioned to be manipulated by the big players; that’s what your education system’s for; that’s what entertainment’s for and the media.  So, help yourself to that.  Remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you.  I don’t bring on guests who kind of lull you into sleep and then start selling you products once they’ve got you all hyped up, so I depend on you the audience to support me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And remember from the U.S. to Canada you can still use Personal Checks, International Postal Money Orders, you can use PayPal and some people just send cash.  And across the world you can use Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again.


Straight donations are really, really awfully welcome at this bad time with people losing their jobs and the inflation just going up like crazy because that’s the plan of course; nothing happens on large scale without planning for years for every part of it, years in the planning, years and years.  So, never think things are just happening out of chance, by chance as developments occur; it’s all to do with planning from wars to even what inflation would be at this particular time, probably set up five years ago or before the crash with the banks– because even that was planned as well to bring you into a so-called “austerity.”  If you’ve noticed, the banks are wealthier than ever before and they’ve done awfully, awfully well out of that crash since they were bailed out by your tax money, plus they kept the houses and all the junk mortgages they had too.  They still have the houses as well.  Not a bad deal eh, where the government always comes to your rescue with your taxpayers’ money.


So help yourself to that as I say.  And, I try and chronicle what we can trace to be the foundations of these organizations that came together in the 1800’s.  Remember, international corporations have been around for an awful long time; even with Queen Elizabeth the First with the East India Company they set up and they also had the Dutch East India Company as well and these are corporations that became international hundreds of years ago.  Even when they set up America they gave grants to big corporations; Canada was split up for instance and the Fraser Company and other ones too and Hudson Bay Company and many others, vast territories of land basically given to them to use and plunder, which they did for the furriers and for the natural resources.  In amongst all the Americas it was the same at that time.  So, incredibly powerful even hundreds of years ago and even perhaps more so now, because they have governments in their pockets.  Government is a part of this system and “governance” is the complete association of all these organizations working together, planned and worked by big foundations that really are fronts for the international moneylenders.


Back with more after this…


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And tonight I was going to touch on behavior modification because we live under constant behavior modification.  Political correctness is part of that too where the big boys come out with some brainstorming. They call it “brainstorming” when they all get together with new ideas on how to manipulate the public so that we eventually manipulate ourselves in the required method and direction.  You find that the big corporations of course are completely interwoven with all governments today– and that’s not by chance.  That was the system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about would emerge when the “new feudal system” he talked about would come in across the whole world: a global system where the CEOs of corporations would be the new feudal overlords he said.  And sure enough, the government, they have no time for the public anymore; they simply work with big lobbyists from corporations.  And we find corporations, even ones involved in the war industry, are the ones doing our census; they’re the ones that actually get our taxes; they do our taxes in India.  They farm it out to India through a war-industry company.  Britain has basically privatized its whole nuclear war industry to, again, Lockheed Martin and companies like that.  So, you understand, there’s no such thing anymore as “government” in the old form where they were supposed to be responsible for everything they were involved in and they were supposed to tell the public what it was about.  With the corporations involved you’re really under this new corporate feudal system and that was always the plan.  That’s why governments are completely cooperating with them.  That’s why the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations across the whole planet have got their boys in place as Prime Ministers and Presidents and have for a hundred years.  This is the system we’re going into.


But now, it’s time to really, really train the herd.  And we have been trained in so many ways in different phases of this big program for the last hundred years, right down to the destruction of the family unit along with rock ‘n roll or pop and drugs of course and the pill and the massive push for promiscuity, and you end up really with single mums now and then when the ones that want to have children (they don’t need men) and the government catered for that for a long time with the welfare system– they encouraged it– and now they’re pulling it all away from under their feet in places like Britain; it’s served its purpose.  People will no longer bond, you see, for life, that kind of thing.  All very successful because we have so many dynamics working upon us by professionals from above, always from above, and working through the media, entertainment, and education to make you go in the desired direction without you even knowing you’re being manipulated and conditioned and controlled. 


And the big move now is to go into the next phase, which is to do with insurance companies. Because if you go into insurance companies, Jacques Attali wrote about that, the big guy at the United Nations after attending hundreds and hundreds of meetings to do with the United Nations and the big corporations that help them run it, all under the Royal Institute of International Affairs because that’s who put up the United Nations in the first place; it was a big front.  He mentioned insurance companies will participate in our lives from now on basically in a very big major way, right down to purchasing food: “Are you healthy?  If you are healthy, should you be eating this food?”  And literally the day is going to come, and he mentions this too, where you’ll walk into a supermarket and you’ll have little implants under the skin– it will start off with cards of course and voluntary programs; they’re already out by the way– to do with you.  When you walk in you’re scanned with biometrics and then your shopping list is punched in and of course they’ll say “no, you shouldn’t eat this, this and this and this.”  If you do there will be so many penalty points against you and your employers will know and things like that.  I’m not kidding.  It’s already here but now it’s “voluntary” right now.


Everything is voluntary until it’s institutionalized.  You understand, the more things are done with this group over there, and you hear about it vaguely, until your boss says the same thing.  “Oh yeah, you’ve got to participate in this program here; it’s all biometric programs” or they’ll give you an incentive to start off; they’ll give you $50 off your groceries, something like that you see, to get you started off.  Same as they did with the credit cards in the stores– your “convenience” cards.  “Do you have the store’s convenience card?” for your drug store, for your grocery store, and you get a point system.  You know we’re just little animals you see and most folk go for that – I didn’t, I didn’t take any cards.  Most folk do go for that and they think, oh, they get a few bucks off their weekly or monthly groceries and that’s enough for them to give up all this information to these agencies which work with government, I mean they work with government.


In Canada they have Air Miles, that’s one of the big ones, that’s used in the grocery stores and so the government also gets a copy of everything that you buy to eat and how much you buy to eat.  They know how many is in the family, and they work it out etcetera and it’s all basically making a profile of you; they already have all your other profiles from the internet and your telephone calls and texting.  So, to do with your eating habits and what kind of food you eat.  And Air Miles also oddly enough, in Canada the liquor stores are run by the government, you see– big taxes for booze– and you get Air Miles there too, so they know how much you’re drinking as well.   So eating and drinking; they know exactly what you’re drinking, how much you’re drinking, is it good for you, bad for you, and they do all these surveys to do with your drinking habits plus your diet, because they’ve got both now you see, and they come up with a profile for you and then the insurance companies will come down on your shortly and say “you know, you drink too much of that and then you’re eating this fatty food along with it,” etcetera, etcetera, and then you get a dressing down, and then you get a “health warning”, you see.  Because your health systems are authorities now– they’re health authorities.  “We’ve noticed you’re eating and drinking this and that and we’d like to have a word with you and we’ll get together and make an agenda for you, a personal profile for you, what you should eat.”  I’m not kidding.


This is what it’s all about: Micromanagement– I said this years ago– of every individual in every area of your life.  They started with the children remember, at school.  They’ve already been conditioned to have a little chat with some officer every so often, you know, their personal assigned officer, to do with their “mental wellbeing” and all that kind of thing, their “guidance counselors”.  And that’s trained them.  They’re trained and ready for the next step.  That’s what you always do: do a generation or more with one technique and then push it into their adult life and they’ll accept it as being quite natural and when your boss says “you’ve got to wear this pedometer…” which they’re putting out by the way – they’re giving lots of employees through their insurance companies – if they give them a little incentive, just like an animal, you know.  Give it a dog biscuit and the dog will jump hoops for you.  Same with people too.   “Oh, well you know,” or “you could win so much bucks worth off your groceries if you wear a pedometer for a week or two weeks and let us have access to your movements and how far you walk every day or week and so on.”  That’s all here.  And as I say, at the moment it’s voluntary but it’s all to go and be mandatory and then Big Brother starts dictating to you.  They’re already dictating to folk who are stuck with this stuff as employees in corporations.


Here’s an example here too.  It’s the Weis Markets grocery chain I guess there in the States that are paying $50 for people to have biometric scans via the StayWell Health Management Company, a wellness organization.  This “wellness” vagueness, like your “goodness” you know, and all that.  The company also runs healthcare for British Petroleum amongst others for Health Risk Assessments.  And I’ll put some links up tonight at the end of the talk so that other ones can have it up on their sites tomorrow as well.


Anyway, I’ll go through this and also touch on this one here.  It’s to do with screening.  Here’s one:


StayWell Biometric Screening Form


(Alan: It says)


Please use this form to record your biometric screening results taken by your health care provider. Simply have your physician complete this form at the time of your screening. Or if you’ve received a screening within the past six months, you can enter your results on this form. Be sure all fields on the form are filled in.


(A: Etcetera, etcetera. And then if you do all this stuff...)


Once you have your data, you’ll be ready to enter it into the Health Risk Questionnaire, which will be available beginning February 2.


And it’s got Vanguard.online.staywell.com, you see.  And these are all trial tests of stuff that is going to be used on the general population.  It’s a consent form and all the rest of it, and the StayWell Health Management can use all the data which they obtain from you in all their studies.  You’re already trained through all the apps for your computer and your phones you know.  Tick this, tick that, “do you agree to blah-blah-blah”, and just yeah-yeah-yeah, “take my first-born as well” and it’s much like a computer program, this.  It’s really much the same thing.  You’re already trained to it you see?  And they’ll follow you with your height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL and glucose and various other things as well.  Then they’ll start to manage you.  So that’s how easily it’s done and it’s happening all over the place– again, at the same time.  And your mainstream news maybe, or maybe will not, give you “oh here’s so-and-so, she works at…and here’s her little pedometer,” and you see her walking the streets and being quite happy… “oh yeah, they’re taking care of my health now…they want to know how well I am, yada-yada-ya…” Well, guess what folks?  Down the road you’ll have to already have done all these things for every employer to get a job somewhere else.  You understand where it’s all supposed to go?  And if you have refused them you won’t get a job.


And this other one is called “Absolute Advantage - the Workplace Wellness Magazine.”  It says…


ROI Bullseye


Demonstrating Results With Population Health Management


(A:  And it says…)


When you add population health management to your health promotion programming. Skyrocketing health care costs are forcing us to look for new ways to deal with disease. Population Health Management combines the resources of employers, benefit plan providers,


(A: That’s your insurance companies...)


and health promotion practitioners to better manage the health of both high-risk and low risk employees.


(A: And it’s also to do with behavior modification.  What to eat, what not to eat, how much to walk, how much to jog, etcetera.


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how the systems of management, or management systems as they like to call it, are running your lives and are to be more Intrusive.  And you won’t think they’re intrusive because you’ll get “points,” just like animals, you know, give them so many points, or you get points at buying so many groceries.  “How many points have you earned this week?”  That’s how you train animals and you get chimps as well to do the same thing; they can pull levers and jump up and down and do little funny things and then you show them the lever and it pulls the lever and it gets a banana.  Well, it’s the same with people– the same with people.  And you know, they think it’s “something for nothing” but then they start making them work for it, you see.  And that’s how you manipulate people so darned easily.  It works on the majority of them.




            British Petroleum is partnered with a third party Wellness Organization


(A: British Petroleum, the guys that poison the seas and stuff, have gone with a third-party Wellness Organization.  My Goodness!  Wellness eh?  I guess there’ll be a fineness as well.  “How are you feeling?” “Well, I feel good, I feel well, I feel fine.”  So, you’ll have wellness, goodness and fineness I suppose.  Anyway…)


StayWell Health Management, to offer a variety of wellness


(A: I hate even saying the word.)


programs to support your health needs and interests. These wellness (A: Let’s call them what they are: Health...) programs are available to BP retirees and their covered spouse/domestic partner.

Participation in these programs also determines your eligibility to enroll in the HealthPlus Option


(A: "Health Plus"....that’s something better isn’t it?  So...)


(you and your covered spouse/domestic partner must each complete the Health Questionnaire requirement and earn a minimum


(A: ...you "earn a minimum....")


of 1,000 points annually by participating in these programs).


(A: And then you get a banana, right?)


To learn more about the available activities in the BP Wellness Program and their associated points, visit the Wellness section....


(A: And I’ll put up all these links tonight.  And it’s interesting to see the questionnaire that they put out with it too and all the things you might get if you can measure up to it and jump through hoops and pull levers and get bananas. So, the wellness points go into the kind of plans you’re in already, the health plus option, if you’re in that, they can give you a higher one as well.)


If you’re currently enrolled in a Standard Option or an HMO, or you currently elected “no coverage,” you and your covered spouse/domestic partner first must satisfy the annual Health Questionnaire requirement to be eligible to enroll in the HealthPlus Option the following year.


(A: You’ve got to jump through hoops, etcetera.  You’ll see the banana, but you won’t just quite get it so very quickly.)


You must each then also earn a minimum of 1,000 wellness points


(A:  ..."wellness points." Oh my goodness...)


and complete the Health Questionnaire requirement each year to remain eligible for the option in subsequent years.


Now these plans, you see, are not only just for the corporations; these corporations are working together and lobbying government and working with government to bring in national healthcare plans.  These are the guys, who, as an alternative to having you end up in the hospital, they’re going to try to keep you out of the hospital as much as possible by making you jump through hoops and get bananas instead of eating some meat or something.


So, this is how you’re all being trained gradually, gradually, and lots of people have sent me emails on what’s been done to them and what they have to do now, and wear pedometers to measure their mileage every day, and you take these as suggestions but you know darn well if you don’t do it you’re going to get fired, you see.  You’ll still have to pay insurance, but they’ll still fire you if you don’t keep up to scratch.


And there’s another one called the HERO Board, the HERO organization, and it’s a StayWell Health Management, you see.  I’ll put these links up to do with that; you’ll see different characters they’ve got on it: the psychologists, psychiatrists, etcetera, all to manipulate you and their strategies and program designs and – (David W. Bellard is an American Psychological Association member who is at the top there too) – how they build their markets and build the people in the markets, their employees, and everything else. 


Insurance is going to be the complete way of the future, you understand, for everything.  Everything that was called a service is going to come down to you via these insurance companies and that is the way of the future as Jacques Attali talked about in his book. The first one he wrote, I’ve mentioned before, years ago, was called Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order…big, big player.  He was an advisor to a whole bunch of previous French Presidents.  He was more important than the Presidents; it even mentioned that in some of the French newspapers because he was the guy who really ran the show, and then he went off to the United Nations.  Then he came out with A Brief History of the Future.  And when this guy says it– he’s been at every top meeting with all the international corporations and all the governments working with them– he’s telling you what’s coming along here.  And he said in this Brief History of the Future on page 177:


…around 2050, the market will no longer be satisfied with organizing long-distance surveillance:


(A: You see, right up to the year 2050 you’re all under surveillance.  They…)


…will no longer be satisfied with organizing long distance surveillance:  mass produced objects will allow everyone to monitor to his own compliance with the norms,


(A:  Self-monitoring.  That’s a big, big term they use consistently on everything.  Self-monitoring.  That also means becoming sovietized, like the Soviets; you don’t jump up and down in the streets even if a monkey gives you a banana.  I mean, just keep a straight face and carry on like nothing was happening– and it’s self-monitoring.  And you’ll be told to wear different gadgetry.  You might even get chips under the skin.  He says so you’ll also be able to monitor your own compliance with the norms.  Now, the norms have to change, and as they change you have to change with them.  You monitor your own compliance.  Are you politically correct enough? you see.


…and self-surveillance will appear. Machines will permit everyone, public or private, to monitor his own consumption of energy, water…


(A:  See, energy is the big one…)


…water, raw materials and so forth, while other machines will offer self-surveillance of his or her savings and inheritance.


(A:  Are you in charge? Of course you’re not; you get a banana.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system we’re in and where it’s going and the projections to where they want to take it– at least to the year 2050– from Jacques Attali who certainly does know because he’s met every top corporation, he works with the big think tanks when they get together, IBM and all the rest of them, and they know where they’re taking us all by training us you see.  And it says here…)


These machines will also help save time for living.


(A: Etcetera…he says…)


Already the mirror, scales, thermometer, alcohol tests, pregnancy tests, electrocardiograms, and countless sensors are measuring parameters, comparing them to a value self-styled normal, and announcing the test results to the world.  New technologies will arise to multiply these portable means of surveillance.  Computers will be integrated into clothing…


(A: Already is…)


…by nano-fibers and will miniaturize still further the body’s self-monitors. Electronic bugs, worn subcutaneously,


(A: Under the skin…)


will ceaselessly register heartbeat, blood-pressure, and cholesterol.  Microprocessors connected to various organs will watch their functioning as compared to the norms. Miniature cameras, electronic sensors, biomarkers, nanomotors and nanotubes (microscopic sensors that can be introduced into the pulmonary alveola or the bloodstream) will give everyone the opportunity to measure, permanently or periodically, the perimeters of his own body.


(A: They’ve just announced by the way that they’ve got these nanotubes now for that very purpose.  That was in the paper last week; I think I mentioned it.)


On matters of education and information, we shall also see the appearance of self-surveillance instruments and software for the monitoring of compliance…


(A: See, compliance is a big part: self-compliance.  It’s all to do also with monitoring: self-monitoring.  That’s your behavior; that’s everything.  Understand, the whole thing is behavior modification; when you start monitoring your own behavior you’re into behavior modification.  And it says…


On matters of education and information, we shall also see the appearance of self-surveillance instruments and software for monitoring compliance with the norms related to knowledge.  They will organize verification of acquaintances.  The nomadic ubiquity of information will become the permanent monitor for knowledge.


For a little longer, only doctors and teachers (working together on production and testing of these self-surveillance devices) will be authorized to use them.


(A:  So you use them on the children first you see, to make them used to it.)


Then these objects will be miniaturized, simplified, manufactured at extremely low cost, and made available to all, despite the stern opposition of the experts with whom they will enter into competition.  Surveillance will become nomadic…


(A:  That’s the “internet of things”; everything is connected and communicating with everything, all the portable devices.)


…and ubiquitous. Everyone will return with passion to these instruments.


(A:  Addicted to them…)


Fear of physical deterioration and of ignorance, growing familiarity with nomadic objects, mistrust of the medical and educational guilds, and faith in technological infallibility will open enormous markets for this variegated spectrum of devices. Bent on establishing continuing adjustments to their premiums on evaluation of the risks run by each of their clients, insurance companies will urge them to participate in the markets.


(A:  That’s happening now…)


They will therefore insist that their clients furnish proof that they use self-surveillance.


(A:  And that’s what they’re already doing.  And it says…)


Once again the collective services (this time state run) will become mass-produced industrial products.  Everything put in place over the last several decades will meet a triumphant conclusion.  Everyone will now have become his own prison guard.


(A:  I’ll say that for the hard of thinking, again…)


Everyone will now have become his own prison guard.


(A:  It’s all behavior modification.) 


And at the same time individual freedom will have reached the mountain-top –– at least in the imagination, by the use of new nomadic objects.


(A:  And then he goes on beyond this self-monitors and he says…)


Beyond the self-monitors will come (and are already becoming) self-repairers, making it possible to correct mistakes detected by the self-monitors.


(A:  Immediately a little voice will go off, either through your cell-phone or a little chip near your brain probably, and tell you you’ve just made a “social mistake” or something like that you see.   He goes into insurance again on another page[188] and he says here…


To manage mercantile time, the two dominant industries will still be insurance and distraction.  Insurance companies (and the risk covering institutions of the financial markets) will create private police forces that will first take care of hypersurveillance of businesses, consumers, and workers…


(A: These are private police forces…)


They will spend considerable sums to shape public opinion and gain the loyalty of their clients.  They will require of them the obligation to respect the norms, and then the purchase of self-surveillance items.  For the poorest, micro-insurance will no longer be (as it was in the ninth form) an instrument for promoting democracy but its substitute.


(A:  It’s a substitute for democracy you understand.)


Similarly, the distraction industries will use surveillance technologies and offer performances ceaselessly adapted to the reactions of the spectators, whose emotions will be permanently captured, monitored, and integrated into the play.  The fact that the spectacle will be free of charge will serve as a support for new consumption. In order not be seen to be reduced to fear management, self-surveillance will dress itself up as information, as a game, or as entertainment.


(A:  All of it will be self-surveillance. You’re helping to modify your own behavior for your masters you understand.) 


What remains of politics will also become a pure stage-…


(A: It already is…)


… stage-managed show put on by politicians, occasional players in a neglected performance.


And we’re here folks.  We’re already here with most of this.  You’ve already been trained through so many ways to be politically correct on everything and socially correct on everything and when a new norm crops up that’s an opposite of an old norm, you must adjust immediately or your insurance and different companies will come down on you, and even private police forces will come down on you, for, “why did you act this way when you saw this or read that?” or whatever, you know.  “Why was that reaction like that?” Constant self-monitoring and you are basically being told to alter yourself, which you will do, through games and everything else.  I get it even through the emails I get from people: the terminology, the new PC that they’ve been given; they just reel it off.  People from Britain and elsewhere often refer to themselves now, “I’m a European”.  It only took a few years to change them from being English or Scottish or whatever into being a “European,” because of course that’s the mantra over there and they start parroting it thinking that they’re “good” by being “good,” PCpolitically correct, you see.


So, we’re really on a roll now, and of course the electronic gadgetry is to be your jailor in a sense: it will be your jailor, it will be your torturer as well, and it will be the ones that deny you certain privileges; everything comes down to “privileges,” which you all pay for of course, in the near future.  “We can’t give you a job because you didn’t wear this gadget to monitor your blood-sugar and your fats and so on.”  So, that’s how it’s going to be.  And you won’t get a job.  And you won’t get certain foods either.  There’ll be no choice in anything anymore; there might be an appearance of a choice but really it’s not a choice at all.  And I can see it working.  Everything else has worked up till now. Why shouldn’t it?  Why shouldn’t it work?


So, I’ll put a lot of links up tonight too to these insurance companies because insurance companies are really going to manage everything, even governments by the way.  And what can you say?  What can you say? It’s just so sad that people don’t know what’s happening to them, and they do, like– you have to say it– like dumb animals, they go for the bait, you know, like scratch and win; they stand there and scratch one after another, a dollar or five dollars at a time and there’s a whole pile on the floor.  And they do jump through hoops to please their bosses.  “Okay, I’ll wear this and I’ll wear that.”  Then you sign all your rights away; they know what you’re doing at night: they know what your blood-pressure is here or there, and they’ll know when your blood-pressure goes up what you’re doing then too by the way because it’s different from when you’re walking.  Anyway, there’s nothing they won’t know and you’ll quite happily participate with them.  And you’ll also be taught to monitor your own behavior; you’ll get little “peeps,” maybe a single peep, for you’ve done something wrong, a no-no, and you’ll have to correct yourself and it might go into three peeps for a bad one.  And then you’ll get points or demerits for different things as well.  It’s nice being in the zoo, isn’t it?  It’s really a circus– and we’re all trained animals.  But most will adapt right into it and think you’re crazy if you don’t go along with it.  They really will think you’re crazy.


It’s bad enough working in big organizations as it is, even some small ones, with the fact that you’re being monitored externally with cameras for everything that you do.  In hospitals now, all the staff spend half their time at the computers; every time they give a pill to someone they’ve got to go and punch it up on the computers.  Everybody is touching the computers, no one cleans them; some are coming from people with wounds that have just been dressed and stuff like that, and they’re all using the same keyboards and of course infection spreads.  But you’ve got to– see, the computer runs your life, and so on.  And then your assessment too, if you’re an employee in the hospital, whatever rank you happen to be in it doesn’t matter, you’ll get your monthly assessment where they’ll pull up certain things, you’re on camera at a specific time, and the computer was recording something else at a specific time: “Why didn’t you do this first? Why were you a minute late punching this in?” “Well, I’m sorry, a person just dropped with a heart-attack.”  That’s itthis is already happening; I know that because I talk to people in hospitals.  


So, that’s your brave new world, and most folk don’t even know that right now they’ve adapted right along the way to that point anyway.  And that’s why I say I’m not a rah-rah cheerleader for the masses, because I understand the weaponry that’s already been used on the masses.  And now they’re preconditioned for the next step. You see?  I understand the intensity and the micro-management of this war.  As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, just the children being trained to go through metal detectors to get into school was the start of it.  They were training a generation that wouldn’t have any problem being scanned and x-rayed and everything else down the road.  That’s how they do things.  And they think it’s quite natural.  “Okay, I did that at school so what’s the difference with an airport?”


Now, jumping to something else, is to do with the Secret Service of course.  Everyone has heard about the Secret Service scandal that cost some agents their jobs supposedly, but this is the norm, and to do with President Barack Obama and the Secret Service.  It said…


...Wednesday that three employees will leave their jobs over the sex scandal in a hotel in Colombia which tarnished the elite presidential protection agency’s image.


They do this wherever they go at that level, you understand.  You hire hookers; this is all your tax money at work.  It’s the same when the G20 meets; there’s a big separate bill for hookers that the taxpayer pays for as well, male and female by the way and they also have young ones, underage ones for special high-chutzpahs from other countries.  We pay all that.  This is the system.  This is real life, folks.  Get away from this...I don’t know what kind of movies you’re watching or what...This is real life.  Real life is like what you see in the mafia movies.  That’s the reality– it’s always been that way though.  It’s always been that way.  Anyway, it says that these guys are getting a little rap on the knuckles simply because a prostitute had an argument with one of them, the guy was trying to give her less cash and that’s the only reason it blew up and got into the papers, because this happens everywhere they go; they lay on hookers for them all, even at that level.  And you should see the ones at the G20.  The G20, when it met in England once, a whole hotel was fitted with heart-shaped beds– heart-shaped beds– just for the occasion.  And the British taxpayer funded all that, because I know the reporters who went there, and the hookers were all lined-up for interviews and so on, the ones they were going to select for them, male, female and all the rest of it. You all pay for it.  This is real life.  You think that the life of Caligula is long past?  No, it’s always been up there at the top, but better shielded today, you see.  You have no idea.  See, big gangs run the world, and they have no problem discussing amongst themselves that’s how they run the world.  You are the test little monkey at the bottom that gets the banana, you see, for being compliant and good and all that.  Being good is whatever they say is good today.


Now, there’s been so many cases of sexual harassment– let’s put it that way– in so many countries recently, as again, our “wellness” is upgraded to be politically correct.  See, we’re all “wellness” crazy now and we’re all politically correct now too.  And so when the new norms become different norms and you’ve got another new norm given to you, you see these particular things, which folk could see way ahead of time what would happen, are happening.  And I know New Zealand and other countries have had the same problems, Britain too, and here’s Australia…


Federal Parliamentary Speaker


(A: That’s the top honcho in Parliament...)


Peter Slipper


(A: What an unfortunate name...)


has arrived back in Australia to face a barrage of questions over fraud allegations and claims he sexually harassed a close aide.


(A: Now, people say "what’s new about that?"  There’s nothing new, it’s just the type.  And...)


Mr Slipper was overseas when former staffer James Ashby launched legal action in the Federal Court on Friday.


Mr Slipper has now arrived in Sydney after his flight was diverted to Brisbane due to fog.


Documents filed in the Federal Court on Friday under the Fair Work Act detail alleged explicit text messages, unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments by Mr Slipper toward Mr Ashby.


I mean, there’s more and more and more of this stuff coming out now, and part of it is to condition you that this is all normal, you see; even the harassment is normal.  And it’s also to get people reacting emotionally and taking sides once again.  Because the more you talk about something in the dialectic the more "normal" you make it by simply going into the emotive argument, rather than, in fact, the way of saying "well, everybody foresaw this would happen."  You know, that kind of stuff.  That’s how they do it you see.


And someone asked me to do a talk on the Music Industry recently, but just today this came in.  It’s about Jonathon King.  Now Jonathon King also had a little bit of disgrace – disgrace is nothing you see to the guys with lots of cash in the music Industry – and he was caught with a string of young boys.  You know…his thing was very young boys.  He says….


‘The only apology I have is to say that I was good at seduction’


(A: He says.  And when you go into who he is, it says...)


Should the mere mention of his name turn your stomach and raise your blood pressure, please be advised that you are not the first to be appalled by the degenerate recreations enjoyed by some in the music business.


(A: And I’d add in the political business as well, but that’s no big deal; it’s normal in politics.  It says...)


"Free love," Jonathan King complained,


(A:  Free love by the way was the agenda that HG Wells was writing about in the late 1800’s for his masters in the Milner Group.  It was part of the destruction of the family.  It didn’t start with what later was called communism.  It says...)


"Free love," Jonathan King complained, in a 1968 Music Maker magazine article berating what he described as "the seamy side" of the pop world, "is considered natural behaviour by a large portion of British youth.


(A: Really?)


Pop performers," he went on, "take sex wherever they find it, and there are very many outsiders willing to provide those facilities."


Confessing that, "I do not know what the answer to this problem is," King – then best known for his 1965 top 10 single "Everyone’s Gone to the Moon" – noted that, "For some reason, when an affair ends, it is always the star who suffers.


(A: That’s a standard psychopath that always blames someone else for it.)


I have nothing but contempt for these little glory-seekers who trouble the artists they were so keen to sleep with."


(A: But then he goes into all the different songs and the groups he was involved with.)


Back with more after this...


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I take a caller, just to mention that this article here, about Jonathan King, goes into his life which was basically, he was charged, and it says here, from the newspapers and the court, that he was buggering little boys.  And he also was basically a follower– you’ll see it in his terminology– of Aleister Crowley, “Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law,” etcetera, etcetera.  If you just reword it a different way it’s the same thing.


Now we’ll go to Nickie from Vancouver.  Are you there Nickie? Hello?


Nickie: Hello?


Alan: Yes


Nickie: Hi Alan.  We really live in some over-the-top kind of crazy times.  I’m just wondering, what can we do as a people of this world now, since this whole diabolical scheme has been laid out for decades and centuries?  I’m just wondering, how do we stop it? Because the foundation is set and they’re already implementing all their plans.  And I think that if they’re feeling threatened at any moment…I don’t think everything is completely set up but I think that if they’re feeling threatened at any moment, whatever they’ve got set up could be implemented.  So, what do we do to stop them?  And what do we do to stay alive and ride it out?


Alan:  Well, that’s the big kicker because, you understand, we think we’ve been free in the past and that itself was really the perception that was given to us by media and so on, and the game of politics.  In reality, we were already conditioned, right up to this present time.  We’ve been conditioned and conditioned and conditioned.  So, it isn’t just that.  There’s no organization that sits back and says “what should life naturally be?”  And then if they do, they’ll start off into left-wing and right-wing nonsense, which is just the game that they were given, the dialectic game.  So, we have to say to ourselves “what kind of lifestyle do we deserve for ourselves? How much control should we have over ourselves?” And again, it’s not going to happen by pleading to government, you understand.  I mean, this is a done deal.


Nickie: As a people…Don’t we as a people need to rise up and do something because each day that goes by is another day that it’s getting locked-in.  And so many of us, just through eugenics and just through what they’re going to do to us, are going to be wiped out.


Alan:  I know.  And that’s the kicker.


Nickie:  Can’t we do something now and take our chances, and you know, at least try to stop them?


Alan:  Yeah, there should be mass marches in the streets to do with personal privacy.  In fact the inventor of the internet, the WWW system, the World-Wide Web, came out last week and he said it.  He says it’s time to take to the streets.  And he was quite serious about it.


Nickie: I believe if people take to the streets now and do something, some of us won’t make it, but I believe if we wait any longer, and every day that goes by that we don’t revolt which we’re going to have to do anyway…


Alan:  You understand, we’re actually at the stage, we’re at the same stage of the so-called peasants rebellion back in England.  We’re actually really at that stage.  We don’t have democracy, we don’t have personal power, we’re ignored by all those in power; they’re a big club that works only with big international corporations– and you actually would need a real democracy, which we’ve never had.  So they’d have to push for that…


Nickie:  Isn’t there a way to…I mean, everything is so infiltrated; it’s such a disaster and a nightmare, we can’t rely on anybody except the citizens.  I mean, I’m talking about the citizens of the world rising up and taking everything back from these few crazy people.


Alan:  Yes, because they have told us in no uncertain terms where they’re taking us.  You know, no input from us at all. We’re kind of ignored like the Proles of Orwell, and we have to start taking charge of our own lives and our own kind of natural sovereignty, if you like to call it that.  But not to be trained like animals, like they’re talking about with Attali.  This training of us all has to stop.  But thanks for calling in.  I should have taken the call earlier but I didn’t see it.  Thanks for calling.  Maybe call again tomorrow. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you.    



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