April 24, 2012 (#1072)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 24, 2012:

Money Conologists are always Monopolists:

"Russell said a Scientific Dictatorship Would Be Brutal,
Quigley said the System to Be Corporate-Feudal,
Yet it Looks like Soviet Russia which Used Red Terror
Of Spies and Terrorists within, Whipping up a Fervour,
That's Why You can't have Privacy, Keep All Protected,
People Might Become Politically Aware Questioning Elected,
Questioning the Money Scams and Why Banks Go "Pop",
Money Goes to Money Heaven, Fat Devils at the Top,
Plundering is Plundering, By Any Other Name,
From Early Days of Accounting, Scam's Always Same,
The People are Just Units, the Productive Capital,
Leeched on by Psychopaths, History says it All"
© Alan Watt April 24, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 24, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of April 2012. As I say every day that I come on, I say try and use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, while it’s there. You can really find so many free audios where I go over the big system we’re born into and your parents were born into before. Each generation is born into a certain part of the plan, five-year plans, twenty-year plans, thirty-year plans, and so on. That’s the system that we work under, and it’s been on the go for well over a hundred years. Of course, it’s to bring in a new scientifically controlled society, basically, expert controlled.


The big boys who set it up also set up a long time ago through their big organizations to take over all the resources of the planet, and everything in it, that includes the people too. They decided a long time ago there were just too many people for a postindustrial society and that’s what they were going to bring in, a hundred years ago. They knew their plans, of course. And in came the whole demand for abortions, reducing the populations. Wars were awful good, they said, but it didn’t kill enough, unless they used nuclear and that was too dangerous for the highfalutin characters at the top, of course. They would be affected too. So, they came up with other ideas to bring the populations down. Increasing diseases of all kinds and in the West it was to be crippling diseases, disablement, in other words, that would bring down us; while other countries and Third World nations would be brought down much, much quicker.


We’re living through a planned society; it’s not pleasant at all. It’s nothing like the one you’ve been brainwashed to believe. Democracy never existed, except in your imaginations, and of course the media works for the big boys who work the foundations, who own the foundations that run the world, the big think tanks, etc.


Help yourself to the audios and remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I came on the suicidal way thinking I could try and do it with donations and selling books. Even selling books is no point because they’re immediately uploaded to the net and folk get them for free. So, that kind of puts it out of the picture, doesn’t it?


Some of them, of course, are definitely organized to cut away the rug from underneath you, if you can’t sell your product and they’re giving it out for free, just like what Murdoch did, by the way, to his competitor in Britain. He hired another company and he had a company in Israel and they produced all these cards, free cards for cable TV for a competitor and gave out millions of them. That’s the other big Murdoch story, which they’re not touching, actually. So, that’s how they can put you under.


Anyway I’ve hung on this long and it’s up to you if you want to hear what I say or continue. Anyway, if you want to buy the books and discs that I have without getting viruses, you can order from cuttingthroughthematrix.com. From the US to Canada remember you can use a personal check or an international postal money order or you can use PayPal. Some people send cash. Across the world Western Union, Money Gram, and again PayPal. Remember straight donations are really terribly welcome.


I try, as I say, and give you the history behind the big system that we’ve taken all for reality, and how it was created, in fact, and the big early psychologists of the time came on board with them at the very beginning. The ones who already had histories of how to control nations, and control nations even with the religions in them and bend their religions to their own profit as well. These characters were not novices by any means. They already owned the world trade routes and most of the trade of the planet and they went after the whole lot via the British Empire. The US took over that and you can find all of that stuff in professor Carroll Quigley’s books, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, from the horse’s mouth, since he was a member. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. The matrix really is the system of illusion that we live in and how it’s taught to you from your parents, initially, because they were conditioned and they believed the system was all quite real. They can’t figure out any other type of system because they’ve had no exposure to any other kind of system. You take up that point and then you go to school and then your initial indoctrination begins. You’re taught immediately to compete with each other, of course, competition, competition, competition.  Of course, that leads into the workplace too and then when you think you’re competing and you’re getting a job in the workplace, then they amalgamate countries together, through pacts and deals and even completely amalgamate them, like Europe. Then they tell all the ex-nations to still compete against each other. Then they get trading blocs of all countries and we’re supposed to compete with China and ridiculous things like that. Well, who is they? Who’s they, eh?


These are the guys who run the establishment at the top, the guys who manage the monetary system, because you see the money boys set up this system at the very, very top a long time ago. I don’t mean just money, the wealth they had wasn’t only in money, it was in land across the planet through the British Empire; it was all the trade routes and the shipping and so on. The merchant bankers they called themselves at the time. They formed their own clubs. They had the best spy ring even in the Napoleonic war, they had a fantastic spy ring. Rothschild himself had a whole fleet of ships that could get messages back to Britain before anybody else could. They never ever decided to give the people democracy. So when people started with the Chartist movement etc, demanding rights, they said, “okay, okay, we’ll be good and give you rights,” but of course the whole idea is to bring in a system which simply stops you from rebelling every 4 or 5 years. And it’s been awfully successful, really, when you look at it.


The people think they’ve got rights and isn’t until they try and exercise the rights they have, that they find out they’re pretty well nonsense. It’s like the tools are all made of rubber, and you try and bounce the pick off the road, and it bounces. Or you’re passed around different departments that can’t help you, etc. etc. This is a totally planned society we live in, right down to population numbers. Even right now they’re even talking about males or females, who should they kill first, in abortions. If they want more males, that’s good for a war down the road, in 20 years time, and that kind of thing.


That’s really how they figure things out, micromanagement, but the general public never see it that way because they’re taught to see it a different way by the TV media spinners. We’re really farmed, in a sense. Charles Fort said it very well, we’re farmed, he said. And we are farmed, by the good shepherds; we are the sheep. They need the sheep, and of course, in times of lots of wars, like the British Empire across the whole planet, they had to have lots of sheep to go off and get slaughtered and just enough sheep left to win. That’s how they got their empire in the first place and the rest of them were dying off in factories, doing 16-hour stints, 7 days a week sometimes.


That’s the reality of our glorious past. The glorious past that they keep changing over and over because they don’t want the next generation or the next generation to know how your grandparents or great-grandparents suffered and what they had to put up with. You’re given utterly fictional stories about Victorian eras and things like that. Utter nonsense, everyone is suddenly middle-class and dressed so wonderfully. They don’t show you anything about the peasantry, the ordinary folks. It’s too depressing.


So, as I say, we’re going through the next phase of the plan and it’s so much happening right now because so much is coming together in the plan. Of course, it’s the world government, everything is global, global, global, and global governance. We also have the European Union threatening its members, if they won’t impose the austerity plans. Now that they’ve plundered them all by getting them to sign the agreements to bail each other out, like for ever. When the EU tells a country, like Britain, to do so, we want another $24 billion by Friday, you’ve got to have it or they fine you. What a treaty, what a great treaty, it’s a treat all right for the ones that get the cash.


The whole idea is to put every other country in the hole so much they’ll never ever, ever get out of it. You’ve got to remember Britain only came out of the debt that they owed to the bankers from World War I in the late 1990s. They’re still paying for World War II and Korea and Argentina, and so on. And now they’ll never pay anything back. It’ll take hundreds of years to pay it back because the whole object is to get them in the hole to such an extent that the IMF is in charge of the countries, as it was designed to be.


You have to really, as I say, go into Carroll Quigley’s books, The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope to see how they set up this banking cartel and how they would get the countries to sign on, as though it was somehow official that the World Bank is really a world bank, this private collection of clubs and banks. Then the Bank for International Settlements is to be the big, big honcho that runs the world. Then you have all these privatized central banks under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements. And the IMF is the big company, again private, that comes in when you default on your loans, you can’t afford the interest, and they come in and they run your country. They slash your healthcare to the bone, they slash welfare to the bone and they create utter chaos and misery. They will not change this system, you understand, because those in charge need this system, that’s how they have so much control of juggling money and incessant profits off debt. Of course, it’s not just debt, it’s multiple debts, all over the place, with compound interest. It’s really a tool; it’s a hammer.


There are many ways to wage war, you understand. The most effective one of all is really through economics and these boys knew that a long, long time ago when it comes to using hard power, like armies. They just tell prime ministers to go to war with who they want. The rest of the time it’s soft power; it’s done through legalities and legislation and international meetings from clubs that formed, like the G20 and the G8 – that literally isn’t written in anybody’s charter of rights or constitution, it simply isn’t there – when prime ministers and presidents get together, form their own club and they start dishing your cash across the planet, you see. We take it all for granted, the folk who grow up with that system, “Oh yeah, the G8, oh, the G20”.  They’ll think it’s always been here, like gravity. These are all someone’s ideas and ideas like that that affect everyone should really get put to the public everywhere: do you want this or not? Of course, you would need to have the absolute truth of everything they plan to do. You’ll never get that, for reasons of national security, which covers everything.


Now this other big con that’s meant to have total control over everyone’s life is the carbon con and the global warming con. As I’ve mentioned before, if God himself came down and said, “It’s all nonsense”, it wouldn’t matter. It’s written in stone now, you see. And they’ll go ahead with it knowing that folk will get used to it within the next generation and the third generation will think it’s quite natural. Just like it became natural just to pay taxes, like temporary war taxes became your income tax, victory tax in the US and temporary war tax in Britain. But as I say, the third generation thinks it’s all quite natural and no one is going to tell them otherwise. All the histories go down the memory hole, especially now with the internet, that’s so easy to do.


This carbon trading scam eventually is going to come down to the individual, and big corporations are given free carbon credits to start off trading, by your tax money, of course, millions and millions of dollars. Some have already raked millions more in, by the way. Eventually when you get to pay your carbon taxes you’ll find a new type of bank forming, same guys, of course. These guys will end up owning you, millions of you, because you’re in debt with your carbon taxes and these are the carbon boys. You know, the carbon gods.


So, this is where it’s all supposed to go and they’ll come into your life and start dictating how you must live, how much you should eat. I already mentioned this whole so-called well-being program that Ban Ki-moon started off. It was first written up by a think tank for him, of course, how to implement it and do it, even the name for it. They’re going to teach you that your well-being is more important than your income, really. Even when they say gross domestic product, they’re really talking about your income.


So, you’re going to be taught to be really poor and on rationing and pay high expenses for every little bit of electricity that they allow you to have, but you’re going to be taught to be happy with it. And they can; don’t laugh at it. These characters with the neurologists working, neuroscientists, behaviorists, psychologists, psychiatrists, they’ve been at this for a long time and they can certainly do it. They’ve already brainwashed a very young generation of leaders across the world, through various organizations, who will be up there just like Gillard in Australia and they’re going to be utter fanatics and they’re going to be ruthless, I mean ruthless folks, to bring all this in.


Now recently Canada, the States, Mexico, and other Latin American countries had their council of the Americas meeting again, where they signed a whole bunch of deals.  They won’t tell us what they signed but of course, part of it is carbon trading and the Asia-Pacific carbon market is to take off.  So, this article here says:


Combet predicts Asia-Pacific carbon trading pact


Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says Australia’s carbon trading system could eventually be linked to those in China and other Asia-Pacific countries in a system which would eliminate "competitive disadvantage" between the region’s economies.


(Alan:  We’re all regions now, you see.  You can go back into the United Nations; they were putting up maps in the middle of World War II about the coming regions of the world.  If you think we’re just bumbling along, go back to the past because they’re right on with the regions.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m back.  I’m talking about carbon trading and how this is a really big one.  What a fantastic scheme for those at the top.  Where corporations are given multimillions of dollars to start it off with, in these carbon credits, they call them.  They’ve put in the whole machinery for it.  It’s all to go through the Rothschild’s private bank, their own family bank in Switzerland.  In fact, he proposed the darn thing for Britain, Lord Rothschild, he was the one who came up and put the bill forward for that.  Not bad, eh, when you’ll be at the top, at that level.  It says here that:


Mr Combet is in Beijing to speak to officials about how Chinese carbon trading systems will work before heading to South Korea, where legislation is currently before parliament.

China is preparing to run pilot carbon trading schemes in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hubei and Guangdong - major cities with a combined population of 250 million people.

The Government’s goal is to then introduce a national trading scheme by 2015.


(A:  By the way, that’s the rate too that all the other countries want to be in on it, 2015.)


Once China and South Korea start trading carbon Mr Combet says there can eventually be an integrated Asia-Pacific system which could also include Australia, New Zealand, California and parts of Canada.


(A:  “and parts of Canada”, if you wonder why I’m reading this one.)


"Australia and New Zealand have got emissions trading schemes, California has got one, provinces in Canada are introducing emissions trading, Korea is introducing emissions trading. There are these pilot schemes being generated within China," he said.


(A:  Now, you know it’s a con from the beginning in so many different ways, but the thing is, how is collecting all this cash going to stop emissions?  This has nothing to do with it, you understand.  This is a new economy for the big boys at the top; there’s never enough cash and power at the top; so it’s really power.)


"In the Asia-Pacific region there is scope in the years to come for us to develop quite an integrated approach.

"A common carbon price could evolve from that, between our economies, which removes any issue of competitive disadvantage.


(A:  Which is a lot of gobbledygook.)


"And this is why I’m putting effort into this particular issue in China and Korea at the moment."

They include a Government commitment to reduce the whole country’s carbon output per unit of GDP by 17 per cent before the end of 2015, and by a whopping 40 to 45 per cent by 2020.


(A:  It’s even worse in Britain.  Eventually, if you followed it at all, you’d have to stop breathing, never mind heating yourselves.  You’d literally have to stop breathing all together.)


All these things are agreed in advance and we never hear who’s doing what and who’s signed into what; it’s all done above.  This is democracy for you.  You know, transparency, like frosted glass in your toilet.  So that’s really what’s going on.  I’m also putting up links to that crazy article that came out about the weeping 4-year-old girl accused of carrying a gun by TSA officers after she hugged her grandmother while passing through security.  Just one of the many things that happen with this farce and these paranoid potato guys that are dressed in black that come up and grab you or tackle you or something, thinking they see guns everywhere, probably the stuff that they’re smoking or swallowing or whatever.  I’ll put that one up too.


Also, I’ve mentioned before how society is always brought to a particular stage before you go into the next phase, the next type of world system, of empire.  And as empires crumble we see the same old scams, where the people are taxed to the hilt.  The elite always seem to move somewhere else but now it’s a world system, a world government, you see.  They always bring in the same old things, it’s excessive sexuality, promiscuity, sadism galore, all over the place.  This article is about swinger’s clubs in Britain, I think there’s going to be a whole chain of them, and, of course, they pay for single females to come in, etc, things like that.  Everyone’s welcome, it says.  I’ll put that up just to show you where it’s all going.


This is all part of the strategy, as they take you down and you lose all morality.  It’s odd how folk, you see, when you’ve lost all morality completely – morality is something to do with your own ability to decide, you understand, to decide what’s right, what’s wrong, and it’s so easy to go the wrong way; it’s always easier, in fact, to go the wrong way.  And you always suffer for it, personally or collectively, that’s just the way it is.  So this is how you bring society down before you pull the plug on people and bring in the new system of totalitarianism.  We’re getting a taste of totalitarianism but the real implementation comes when everyone is completely degenerate. 


In Ireland, I think southern Ireland is the only country that really doesn’t have a pro-abortion system working. This article is from Belfast and it says:


A private member’s bill in Ireland proposes to overturn the Republic of Ireland’s constitutional protections for the unborn,


(A: What a society when you have to get protections for the unborn, I mean you actually need them.)


and includes a provision penalizing pro-life sidewalk counseling with one year in prison.


(A: As a sentence if you try to counsel folk and give them alternatives.)


The so-called Medical Treatment Bill, tabled by Socialist Party Teachta Dála (TD) Clare Daly, is the first ever private members’ bill backing abortion to be introduced in the Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament). It would legalize abortion up to birth in cases where the woman’s life is in danger, or if she is threatening suicide.


Pro-life advocates have pointed out that there is no evidence that abortion is necessary to protect women’s lives, and that life-saving treatment for pregnant women is already available.


(A: So here’s the socialists again who always want to bring down the populations and have no children. The same stuff that they brought immediately into Russia when the Bolsheviks took over. It’s just the same old thing, same old, same old, same old, it’s the same old groups. That’s why politics is of no use to us right now, you understand. You just simply bounce from one side of the tennis court to the other and it’s all rigged. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. It’s astonishing really what reality is. People, I mentioned last night too, you often wake up to this understanding that everything out there is fake. And initially, because it’s so overwhelming, you feel so small and tiny and helpless, “what can I do here?”, because the system is completely rigged. Of course, most folk go off and join a pre-existing group that’s left wing, right wing, whatever it pretends to be. And you go back into the political game of getting the right candidate in, who’s going to just make a wonderful utopia for you, and of course that never ever, ever happens; that’s the con.


Really, we do need a new system, we definitely need a new system, but not this system at all because it’s not intended to help the people of the world at all. It’s intended to, in a Darwinian sense, make sure that the elite who have deemed themselves the most evolved of all creatures should continue on down through time, while the rest of us simply serve them and die off in the process, without breeding, basically. They believe that science can breed more perfect slaves and they have articles out now, perfect slaves for the future, etc. I’m not kidding about that. This is not science fiction, this is reality, this is reality.


I’ll put that link up too, from 2006 it came out, Dr. Doom, the professor who got a standing ovation at Texas Academy of Science for talking about culling off a good part of the population. He said Ebola was fantastic and stuff like this. This is how they talk.  The guys who think they’re part of the special groups, they’re getting up the ladder they think and they’ll be safe from all of this mayhem that will hit ordinary peasantry. But they’re out there and they’ve all made statements about this even long before this, in fact.


Those who took off with the Darwinism really used it as a battering ram to alter society, break down existing moralities and get us all into believing that we’re just nothing so they can do with us what they want to do, and we go along with it, unfortunately.


Another link tonight too is to do with the farce of war. The farce of war is just creating a bigger empire. They’ve mentioned before in the US that they’re creating an empire. Some of the top reporters reported the stories from the top advisers of Bush Jr. at the time when he says, we’re an empire now, that’s what he said, we’re an empire now and we shall create a new reality for you and when you’re studying that reality, we’ll give you another reality and then you’ll study that too, and so on. And that’s just how it’ll be, we’ll make realities, and you’ll just follow them. They’re not kidding, this is how they discuss things at the top; they do give us realities.


But empire is empire and of course, Afghanistan is part of this big empire. So, this particular article is about US troops who are wasted in Afghanistan with the drug trade because when Bush took over and they kicked out the Taliban, the Taliban had stopped all poppy-growing because they didn’t want their own folk to be degenerate and drugged all the time and they stopped the poppies from being grown. The first thing they did when they went in to protect the fields, the US troops and British and other ones, was to get the poppies growing again and get the heroin trade, because heroin is made from opium, get it blasting. Anyway, the article is interesting about the troops hooked on drugs like crazy, even stealing now from the medical facilities they have, to get more drugs. The interesting part really is at the bottom, it says:


Opium is a key revenue source in Afghanistan, both for the farmers and the insurgency,


(A: Who is the insurgency? Well, that’s the troops folks that we send in there that protect the fields. Why do you think we’re protecting them? They aren’t putting weedkiller on them, or pulling them out and weeding them.  It says:)


which can make money selling, transporting or processing the drugs. According to a U.N. report, revenue from opium production in Afghanistan soared by 133 percent in 2011, to about $1.4 billion, or about one-tenth of the country’s GDP.


(A: That’s nothing to what they sell it abroad, once they’ve refined it as heroin, of course. Everyone forgets even the Contra scandal that went on where you’ve got this elite group within the US, arms-for-drugs deals and the drugs were all sold to American youth to get cash in for black budgets, by their government. They’re there to help you, right? There to help you.)


Another thing too is to do with James Lovelock, of course, he was one of the big gurus that came out years ago. He came out with the Gaia theory, and of course, oh, Gaia, you know, Gaia, the goddess of the earth, is hitting back at all of what’s been done to her, like it’s a real thing, a real person; and folk took off with that. Of course, the big boys used that with the Club of Rome and all the other groups that were going to bring us into slavery. Anyway, he’s come out and he’s recanted because he made incredible predictions, like they all do, sold a lot of books, mind you, it was a great moneymaker, and it says:


From his Wikipedia entry: Writing in the British newspaper The Independent in January 2006, Lovelock argues that, as a result of global warming, “billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable” by the end of the 21st century.


He has been quoted in The Guardian that 80% of humans will perish by 2100 AD, and this climate change will last 100,000 years. According to James Lovelock, by 2040, the world population of more than six billion will have been culled (A: killed off) by floods, drought and famine. Indeed “[t]he people of Southern Europe, as well as South-East Asia, will be fighting their way into countries such as Canada, Australia and Britain”.


What he has said to MSNBC is a major climb down. (A:  From his earlier theories.  Right?) 


James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators, such as Al Gore, were too.


(A:  Because it’s a big agenda. They always scare you and come out with the solution, right?)


Lovelock, 92, is writing a new book in which he will say climate change is still happening, but not as quickly as he once feared.


He previously painted some of the direst visions of the effects of climate change. In 2006, in an article in the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, he wrote that “before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.”


And then you’ve got another article here about the same thing.  It’s from the Examiner.  It says:


James Lovelock has retracted his alarmist views on global warming.  He now recants his position that the world is headed for catastrophic change in climate. 


According to an MSNBC report, Lovelock admitted, “all right, I made a mistake.” 


(A:  A mistake?  He’s terrifying.  I’ve read articles here, where there were couples committing suicide, in the mainstream newspapers.  Committing suicide because they saw nothing but a bleak future ahead of being toasted and nothing to drink.  So, this psychopath here says, all right, I made a mistake.)


He admits that global warming is not happening as he expected.  What did he expect?  Along with other alarmists like Al Gore,

Lovelock expected rising temperatures to force folks to live in the Arctic....


(A:  And then it says:)


Lovelock’s dire descriptions fell far short of what happened, but a more realistic depiction of the future “would have spoilt the book.”  Good news, after all, does not sell well. 


(A:  Remember that, folks, good news doesn’t sell well.)


Then another one too from the World News, same thing again, “James Lovelock: I was 'alarmist' about climate change”.  The IPCC were all wrong with their predictions, as well, etc, etc.  And then:


Max Planck Institute Director Admits “Physical Causes Unclear…Models (A:  their climate models are...) Inconsistent With Observations”!


Not long ago global warming science was considered settled here. So much so that climate protection has long since been institutionalized.


(A:  That’s true, they actually said they would institutionalize that.  What do they mean by that?  That means that every class you get in school will always bring climate change into it.  Any meeting you go to will bring climate change into it.  The media will use climate change; it’ll be in comedies, movies and everything.  That’s how you institutionalize the idea of it, till you’re all prattling about it.  It says:)


Now it’s all starting to look like a very expensive mistake. The threat of a spectacular crumble is becoming real.


Michael Odenwald of warmist news magazine FOCUS has written a status report on global warming science: “Global Warming: “A Matter of Standpoint”.


As the title suggests, the dispute depends on how one looks at the data, and so the science is becoming more unsettled than ever. German media is beginning to report on the growing number of contradictions.


David Whitehouse: Time to recognize the temperature stagnation


I don’t think it’ll make any difference who comes out and says what because it’s now on the books.  It’s now on the books; that’s what they wanted, get it on the books.  The Club of Rome remember came up with the idea of this.  The same Club of Rome got authors to write about this right after they had written the books about the coming Ice Age, that all fell flat on its face, as well.  Same authors churned out the books, “Oh the coming, we’re all going to get toasted, we’re all going to get toasted”.


These are incredibly well funded organizations, multimillion dollar agendas. They can hire as many prostitute reporters or writers as they wish, and they do. All these climate guys live on grants. They’ve never had it so good; before that they were lucky to get a job on a radio, never mind a TV station, reporting on the weather. Now it’s all over the place.


Another article I’m putting up too is called “The Natural Change Project: Catalysing leadership for sustainability”, another part of this whole agenda, you see. It all ties together. “This report explores how the Natural Change Project can act as a catalyst to social action”, to get us all galvanized, you see, “and sets out the theories and research evidence that underpin the Natural Change Project.”  Now they’re using this through schools, even Scotland. Scotland’s been the test bed for it I guess too. “This report reveals the process of change that took place for The Natural Change Project participants....” They actually bring participants in and then they give them workshops and so on, then send them off into the communities to join your local councils and everything else to get things implemented. They’re change agents, in other words. So, I’ll put this link up for you as well on that and you can peruse it.


Now for those, as I say, who get up past the usual nonsense. They’re past, “Oh, we got to do something about it, let’s vote for somebody”, or “Let’s join this group here,” the left-wing group or the right-wing group, or the variety that they offer you. That’s all it is. They give you a variety of things to choose from, but they’re all authorized, they all take you in circles and then they’ll take you right back up the path that you didn’t want to go in the first place, which was the opposition to it.


And it’s tragic when people wake up, I do know that, everyone goes through it – well not everyone, a lot don’t get to that level. They get stuck going up the ladder. They get stuck on either the money, just change the money – absolutely you need to change the money; that’s at the top but that isn’t going to happen. You can’t ask them nicely to stop doing all the corrupt stuff with money and just printing it up when they could simply bring in money that’s debt-free to begin with. They’re never going to do that. This is how they have the power over you and the whole planet, it’s through their money system. And it is a cabal that’s been running this for centuries.


When you wake up too, don’t jump into the political, “just get the right guy into politics”; that keeps you going for years, 4 or 5 years in the running and all that stuff and building them up, and if they ever do get in, which they seldom do, if they do get in, they’ll go 180 degrees from what they promised anyway. That’s happened in the past. And we’re living in armed camps, for God’s sake. We’re living in a system where there’s no freedom, where Big Brother is into everything that you do. He’s not happy with going through all your e-mails, and they do read them.  I’ll put a link up tonight too with the NSA guy, I’ll do it again, as I did the night before, who admits what they’re doing to you, he tells you what they’re doing to you. All your records, all your telephone calls, all your twitters, everything, they’ve got everything there, about you. They continue to even give themselves more powers and more powers and more powers, until one day you’ll have to phone them to ask if you can go out the door.


They’re having riots right now in Poland and I love how the media spin it in the West because it’s different in Poland. They’re talking about the new internet laws coming over, about piracy and so on, that’s how it’s spun here. It’s not about that over there; it’s not the piracy aspect they’re protesting, it’s the overwhelming intrusion into their lives, to see what they’re all up to and what they’re doing, that’s what they’re protesting because Poland was under the boot of communism for an awful long time and they remember that. They remember what the secret police were up to and everything and they’ve got parents that remember too. So, that’s what they’re protesting, not because they want to download Hollywood movies for free. They always spin things when they bring it into the media, for the West. And remember too the guy who created the WWW, the World Wide Web, said to us, you better take to the streets because obviously this is totalitarianism; and they’re not going to stop it with these bills, they want to go further. They want to have you monitored and probably with a chip too; they’ve mentioned that in their big articles. Freedom? Transparency?


So, they don’t back off unless there’s mass, mass, mass, mass protests, that’s as simple as that. That’s the only right you have, you understand, is to protest and now you can’t even protest within a certain range of the dignitaries that they bring into the country. So, they’re as well putting you in a separate field, half a mile away. That’s what they call a legal protest today. And if you get protests going, you know you’re going to be infiltrated, you know that you’re going to have, they actually rent these guys and send them across the world, just like the color revolutions. They dress up like you or they put little masks on their faces and then they start firebombing things and then you all get the bad name. It’s even in movies, this stuff, how they do it, in movies; they’ve even done that in a Canadian movie, a while back. They rent these guys from across the world. “Okay, where have we to go? Okay, this demonstration.  Where? Okay, we’ll be there. We’ll fly in tomorrow.” And then they come in amongst them and then they start smashing windows or firebombing police cars. They’ve got everything sewn up.  These are old, old tactics, you understand, old, old tactics.


But the people are so sick of watching their rights being stripped away because once you reach adulthood, you should have the respect of an adult, not perpetual children and that’s what the government have trained us all to be, and to believe, we’re perpetual children. They call it “lifelong learning” as they update you all the time into the next part, and the next part, and the next part.


But it is tragic, I understand when people break through and they get to that particular level where they understand all this and they say, what do we do now? They realize everything out there is fake or supplied for you to walk into like a ready-made suit; join this group, we’ve got the answers, join that group. Take your pick; they’re all authorized. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the big system that’s there for you to live in if you want to really believe in it and of course, they’ve figured out all ways to keep you stuck in this matrix for as long as possible and even they give you options where you think you actually can get out of it and get some freedoms and some rights and all the rest of it. We’re dealing with thousands of think tanks that work 24 hours, every day, year after year, figuring out where we will all go next. They have all our stuff on the net, they know what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling, what our moods are and they work it all out in advance because of that; they have all the data. That’s why knowledge is power to them, you see.


Now, we’ll go to Darin in Ireland, if Darin is hanging on there. Hello Darin.


Darin:   Hello Alan, how are you today?


Alan:    Not bad at all


Darin:   I had a chance this week to go check out the Book of Kells in Dublin and also check out north which is the site you mentioned. I was looking through these and I was thinking of how old this system really is and, you know, how we’ve never really had freedom. I’ve come to the stage where I’m thinking you cannot really look at anything to go back because, you know, democracy was always a front. I think it’s really now time for people, and especially over here in Ireland now, because we have a referendum coming up and even if we vote no or yea, it’ll still going to through. We’re going to have to try now because it really is a point of no return; we could even have come by the point of no return. So I think people should really just really start to look at themselves and look at their own life now and really want to see, because if you stand back now it’s going to be hell on earth, as it is already.


Alan:    They’re getting themselves into a stage where they can never do anything about it, you see, if it goes any further literally there’s nothing you could, and that’s what again Bertrand Russell said back in the 20s and 30s. He says, the coming system, the scientific system they’re bringing in – it’s scientific control of the mind and so on – he said the public won’t even know what’s happening to them, as they’re manipulated by specialists, using marketing strategies too. Madison Avenue is in on it, all the big marketing boys that are professionals in mass persuasion. So, he said once it’s in – and again it was echoed by Aldous Huxley, with his interviews with Mike Wallace and other ones too – he said that he doesn’t see, that when the scientific dictatorship is completely installed in there and working, that the public could ever, ever figure or even fight their way out of it, it would be pretty well impossible and we’re pretty well at that stage.


Darin:   You know, I just want to ask you a quick question. I’ve noticed in your old shows you kind of touch a lot more on the ancient history, but I kind of come to realize that you can really spend your whole life looking in the past and you know it is like nearly a form of mental masturbation because you could spend your whole life reading about the past.  I think with your shows you kind of grapple that even the past was also a front, and a complete system on its own. So, what you think now is the next step really? It’s the only time now to really just stand up and really demand something to change now.


Alan:    What they’ve done in society is the same tactics they’re using, and Kissinger mentioned it, in the Middle East; they would divide and conquer and divide and conquer, until the people could never unify together. Now we’ve already had that go through the Western countries via the Socialist arm, that’s what they were used for. People won’t stand together; even man and woman won’t stand together anymore. I mean they’ve divided everybody, younger people won’t stand with the older, etc.  And it’s time they’ve got to start standing; just like they’re doing in Poland. As I say, it’s nothing to do with piracy; it’s to do with Big, Big Brother all-intrusive into every aspect of their lives. You cannot allow that to happen because it just gets worse and worse until you must ask them permission to go out and come in at night. Who wants to live like that? and still call yourself a human being? Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, it’s good night, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou



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