April 25th, 2012 (#1073)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 25th, 2012:

Pragmatists' Dream, Hear Proles Scream:

"The Future's All Planned, How to Tell?
Men Wrote Years Ago, They'd Bring Down Hell,
At First Industrial Nations would Lead the Way,
Then Through U.N. Treaties They'd Pay and Pay,
So Third World would Rise, The Solution,
Then First World Collapses in Confusion,
Nations, States were to Fade Away,
And Light would Dawn for the New Day
On a New Feudal System, Corporate Governance,
The World Over, Peasants in Sufferance,
Democracy, From its Earliest Inception,
Was the Effective Tool of Deception,
While Money Barons Plotted the Scheme
Of Totalitarianism, The "Pragmatists" Dream"
© Alan Watt April 25th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 25th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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HI folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 25th, 2012.  Newcomers, I always suggest you use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and hopefully youíll start to understand this big system youíve been born into, and how the reality that you believe in has all been carefully constructed for you. And itís been like that for a long time.  Your parents went through the same system.  They had their own indoctrinations.  And their grandparents too.  Very old system, set up a long time ago by so-called experts, and I guess they were experts really of their day.  They understood the mentality of mass communications, of basically controlling of huge populations.  A very old technique going back thousands of years, obviously, since thereís always been nations and thereís always been those who rule and those who are the slaves.  Nothing has really changed.  Charles Galton Darwin said the same thing.  We are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery, he said.  That was in the 1950s.  And itís here.  Itís all here.  And often they use your own drives, instincts, and so on, that everyone has, and they use it against you to basically degrade you, bring you down into a state where youíre easily controlled.  And thereís lots of info so help yourself at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Listen to the audios.  I give you a lot of the names, the foundations behind it, the funding, and how they got together, and created the construction of a world type government. Itís been here for a long time.  Wars are created by them too, to get what they want.  Even world wars. 


And itís astonishing for most folk when they wake up to realize that nothing that they really believed in is actually real.  Itís like all the agencies for government help, you think is out there, one day, if you ever need them, theyíre out there, until you do need them and itís completely unlike anything you could ever imagine.  Most of them donít exist.  Or youíre not eligible for this or that or the other.  And if you do get into any of them, youíre really groveling.  Youíre treated like a child.  And they run your life for you.  Thatís the system that you really, really live in. 


And remember too, you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And I donít bring on advertisers as guests and sell you stuff thatís going to make you live forever.  I just try and get the truth out there to people.  And itís really worked.  Itís really, really worked.  And the whole patriot movement years ago started turning around from its naval gazing, and looked at the whole big planet, realizing that all the laws that are passed, are passed across the whole world at the same time.  Right down to the smallest laws.  Right down to your building codes, all from the United Nations.  So, buy the books and discs.  Remember too, from the US and Canada, you can use a personal check.  You can use a postal money order, from the post office.  You can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal as well.  Remember, straight donations are really, really welcome.  


And what I do is go through whatís happening now and always go back to the past, when they talked about it, maybe even a hundred years ago.  Because, a big business plan in big international corporations, and thatís what the world really is run like, itís really run by that, in fact, to be honest with you.  Theyíll have their investments and even takeovers and potential takeovers worked out ten years down the road, fifty years down the road, and even beyond.  Especially in investments and things like that too.  So, weíre run the same way.  The United Nations uses these plans, five, ten, fifteen, fifty, one hundred, and so did the Soviets.  Itís no coincidence, because, you see, the bankers who run your lives, and you thought it was all capitalism, also created and ran the Soviet system as well.  You cannot get change without conflict.  And they must always create conflict and bring you out to the new system.  Thatís the resolution that comes out of conflict, you see.  The Hegelian dialectic.  So, youíre living through a planed agenda.  A planned agenda.  Very minutely planned at that.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And you know, people have no real idea.  Most folk have no real idea whatís going on in their world.  They read the mainstream newspapers, and theyíre kept busy with sports and trivia.  They get little diktats, I call them, coming down from above, and never explained in any depth whatsoever of laws that are passing and so on.  And they just sort of adapt to it and adapt.  And they, like Jacques Ellul said, they donít really think about things or reason through things.  They adopt opinions, and theyíre given to them by others, experts generally.  They might come on television.  And that becomes their opinion.  Itís a form of osmosis, he described it, as opposed to a reasoning process.  And most folk, unfortunately, have been trained to be that way. 


And he also said too, remember, and itís so true, that youíve got to have early education in the standard school systems we have, in order for your subsequent propaganda to take on you, to actually work on you.  So, youíre primed, it seems, at school.  And when you grow up into an adult, then propaganda takes very well on you.  Youíre prepared for it, somehow or another.  And as I say, most folk really donít reason through things.  Theyíre given opinions by experts.  And youíll notice on almost every television show when anything is announced about anything that matters really, thereís always two immediate experts there who chat it out.  And youíre left to take this opinion or that opinion.  Youíre always given a choice of two in most things.  And it doesnít matter anyway, because youíre only given part of any data.  And you canít form your own opinion really, honestly, unless you get all the data.  And youíll never get that from mainstream.  Their job is to keep you lulled into a form of hypnosis.  And people stare at that television, their jaw drops just like the children, and theyíre oblivious.  They zonk out after coming home from a hard dayís work, at a boring job, generally.  And thatís the system we live in.


Itís not a natural system, obviously.  And the more unnatural it becomes, then the more people behave in an expected way by those who have studied us for so long.  They know what theyíre doing.  But itís hard for them.  Itís very, very hard for them to believe that anybody, especially in a Socialized system, their domesticated system.  Thatís really what it is, Socialism.  Then itís hard for them to believe that anybody has got any bad intentions towards them.  Especially from those they expect above them to really be taking care of them.  Itís very, very difficult.  And, when you give them evidence of the fact that theyíre being poisoned, with vaccinations, from the very societies that are investigating this in science itself, they still donít want to believe it.


They would believe a famous person on television that theyíre so used to, maybe a Barbara Walters coming out and saying something.  Thatís how theyíre trained.  But someone else, no; they have a hard time with that.  Because somebody would do something about it.  Thatís what theyíll tell you.  Oh, if that was happening somebody would do something about it.  And thatís why everything happens to the people, because theyíre always waiting for somebody to do something about it, but not themselves, you see.  And thatís why itís easy to control them.


So, itís hard to go through even the whole history of eugenics.  Itís a very old history.  In fact, itís ancient.  Some societies used to make, the mothers would be taught by ancient priests, in ancient times to put boards on the heads of the children and make them flat.  They even had them in the Americas, as well, the flatheads.  And that was the kind of fashion they were taught.  But it was also a way to get to heaven a bit faster.  Maybe it gave you a point, so you could cut through the atmosphere when you zoomed up there after death.  But, whatever it was, the fact is, of course, it alters the brain function, because the brain is being crushed in a very, very interesting place too, because itís the part that gives you your personality and your ability to hold yourself in check.  If you get frontal lobe damage, like many people do, in accidents, they have personality changes and have massive outpouring of temper, etc.  Much like the psychopaths do when they canít get what they want, the ones who rule us.


So, as I say, itís very difficult for the average person living in the happy land.  Even when things are getting tight with cash and so on, they still want to believe everythingís happy.  You turn on that television, and thereís all the smiling, happy faces, on every ad.  Your regular comedies are on, everybodyís laughing, so things must be okay.  And thatís how you really work out your life, your position in it.  Everything seems okay, so, if something is wrong with me, and I canít afford to keep going the way Iím going, then itís got to be my fault.  You feel like a failure.† And we saw this through the constant, I would call it the constant depression that Britain has always been in.  Theyíve never really had a break you know.  And in the 70s and 80s they had so many suicides there, they overtook Sweden.  And no one was talking about it.  You know, theyíd mention the death rate going up and so on, but no one really did a program about it on television, because youíre supposed to be happy during depressions.  But what was happening was the individuals were thinking, itís got to be my fault, Iím a failure.  Especially the young people.  And they were committing suicide. 


But itís not their fault at all, because, they didnít know.  They didnít know that at the end of World War II, Britain signed deals with the US, the leasing Marshall Plan deals and so on.  And all the grants they were given and loans they were given.  Part of the deal was to unite them with Europe, on the condition that they would deindustrialize.  Way back then.  And so, from the 50s on, they were gradually, gradually making it harder for big companies to stay in Britain. And remember for every big corporation that manufactures, thereís a lot of spin-off industries that also service the main manufacturer.  And they didnít know that.  No one was telling them the truth.  They didnít tell them that in 1948, the first office to set up the total integration of Europe into a world government.  They werenít told that was happening then, either.  Every prime minister lied their teeth off, because, you see, every prime minister, even before then, right up to the present, is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the Council of Foreign Relations, which has branches across the whole planet.  Now this Super Soviet Parliament they have for the whole of Europe has its own branch of the Council on Foreign Relations and itís run by George Soros.  And you think youíve got democracies and things. 


Itís so interesting to see that people like Weishaupt talked about they would get around governments by being the governments, through very rich men, philanthropists, philanthropy, like Bill Gates, you see, and Rockefellers, and the Ford and Carnegies and all the rest of them that are out there, that run thousands of nongovernmental organizations that are constantly lobbying government.  And the government knows what itís all about, because the guys at the top all belong to the same group at the top, the Council on Foreign Relations.  The general population are simply out of the picture, or, as George Orwell said, the proles donít count. 


And part of it too, was depopulation.  Weíve signed deals with China.  You know about the G20.  Well, theyíve got their G77.  And Iíve mentioned the articles here from their own website, in China, where theyíve talked about the West must bring their populations down, in accordance with Chinaís policies.  The United Nations also has said that China is the model for us all to follow.  You know, you can get rickshaws.  Thereís always a way to get work going and stuff like that.  And bring your populations down, one child per family.  You see the totally Socialist Fabian Communist system in Australia today, where they put the right person in at the right time, no doubt about it.  They just waited and bided their time and put her in, because itís the right time to put her in.  And theyíre paying through the noses with carbon taxes and bringing them down into poverty.  Because, you see, all the first world countries have to go down almost into the Stone Age, as we finance all the other Third World countries to come up to a certain standard of living.  And as they cut and slash your hospitals and everything else, weíre paying for theirs, to build them.  The redistribution of wealth across the world, that the big bankers wanted through Karl Marx, the guy that they put up there to start the whole kit and caboodle going with Socialism.  They like Socialism, the bankers, you see, since they created it.  But itís hard for the average person to grasp.  Very, very difficult.  And meanwhile, mind you, it doesnít matter how bad it gets, they turn on that television, and the jaw drops, the eyes just bug out, and theyíre under hypnosis, and laughing at some ridiculous comedy or whatever it happens to be. 


Depopulation and making people sick too.  Thatís a big part of it.  You cannot rule and conquer a people who are aware and sentient.  To be sentient you have to have not to be poisoned, with your food or inoculations.  When youíre hit in the womb, in fact, when youíre actually hit in the womb, with stuff like bisphenol-A, it alters.  Itís not just a gender-bender for males.  It also attacks the brain.  Thereís an article here.  Iíll put this up tonight.  Itís a YouTube, actually.  And if you scroll down on this link that Iíll put up tonight, Iíll put all these links up, youíll also see related articles from governments and so on, on bisphenol-A and from the scientific community, but a lot of government ones, where they actually have it listed also as a neurotoxin.  A really bad neurotoxin.  So, you see, thatís why weíre all a few points short on the IQ level today.  And weíre a bit slow in picking up whatís really happening around us, because weíve all been hit very quickly.  As I say, in ancient times, just put a board on the head of the baby.  Today, use chemicals and vaccinations.  But, itís very good, it says:


93% of Americans have Bisphenol-A in their blood and urine


And itís from Brasscheck TV.  So, you can look at that and scroll down, as I say, and get all the links from the government that verify it all, for those that want to know.  But no one should be using plastic today.  No one.  You know, you shouldnít even buy your meat in that ridiculous clear stuff that they put over it.  Itís all plastic.  And the foam that they put it on too.  It gets into everything, by design.  By design, of course.  You see, itís so easy to take everything at face value and say itís all coincidence.  Oh, itís all just mistakes folk made in the past.  Oh, no.  No, no, no.  Bisphenol, they knew in the late 1800s what it did to the human being.  Nothing is new.  And there really are evil people out there.  Of course, with moral relativity, they wouldnít say theyíre evil, theyíre just practical.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about how we react or behave in certain ways.  Weíre all predictable, more so than ever today, because all the data that you put up on the so-called public air, or the ethernet, or whatever they want to call it, is their property.  Itís anybodyís property.  Thatís what they claim, at least governments do.  And itís fair game for them to grab out of the air and use all that data.  And itís bad enough when your governments are doing it, because governments really have to be watched like a hawk.  You watch them like a hawk at all times, because theyíre always up to no good.  Governments always, it doesnít matter if you started off with a great government, before a generation is over, itís already corrupt.  The psychopaths are in there, you know, because thatís where the honey pot is, all the tax money and so on.  And they get in right away.  You just canít do it.  You canít keep them out.  All you can do is get rid of them all in one go, like they did in America, and basically, and Jefferson said the same thing, youíd have to have a revolution every generation to try and keep it fairly honest, because, power, and power hungry people are attracted to that.  Itís just like a bear going after the bee to get the honey.  They canít stop themselves.  Thatís where they always gravitate, power.  And thereís a lot of folk out there that are power hungry, power mad, in fact. 


We ourselves are so predictable, as I say.  Thatís why you always want a passive people, and lots of entertainment, of course.  Lots and lots of entertainment.  Even Plato talked about that.  When they created cities, he says, weíve got to use them like beehives, we can alter the cultures, and itís so easy in a city to do so, because nothing is real and itís all artificial.  And, of course, the money boys like it because the whole city runs on money.  They donít grow any food.  Everything comes in to them.  But youíve got to give them lots of entertainment.  Lots of entertainment. 


In Canada, I remember quite a few years back, the snowbirds, as they call the retirees, were going to get hit when they were deregulating the cable industry, for television.  They were going to get hit with higher costs and so on.  It was the only time in Canada there was mass protests and people protesting the government.  Because they didnít want to lose their cheap television programs.  Thatís the only thing that ever really got them going.  Iím talking about people who are over the age of being a student, and right up to the gray-haired ones.  Thatís the only time they got together about something, over television, the teat that they suck on, you know.


And the same thing happened in Poland too, because, partially in Poland, I mentioned it yesterday.  They came out to protest the ACTA agreement in large numbers.  The West tries to portray that itís really all about that they donít want to be spied on when theyíre downloading stuff thatís illegal.  But thatís not really what theyíre protesting about at all.  Itís all the other laws that go with it, the real object of it, which is to spy on every individual.  And thatís not a healthy thing for people who have just got under the boot of Communism, where they had secret police going around and finding out what theyíre up to and so on.  Bad move on the part of the government there.  And now, of course, thereís videos up too, where all age groups are out protesting actually the very fact that the government is telling them to stop going back to Christianity.  And you canít wear crosses at work and all this kind of stuff.  And I think the whole nation is up in arms about it, because, you see, even through the whole Communist era, it was the only thing that got a lot of people through, was having something else to believe in.  And they had to meet in secret, a lot of the time.  So, here we are in the West, you know, dumbed down, stupid.  And thereís folk whoíve just got under the boot of Communism, and theyíre not going to have it anymore.  Not going to have it anymore.  So, good for them.  Good for them. 


And of course, the government has had no option but to stop and listen to it all.  They canít just bluff their way through it and dictate to them when the people are making more noise than the politicians are.  Itís a pity other countries canít do the same thing.  So, as I say, weíre so well socialized in the West.  We had a more perfect form of mind control, you see.  We didnít look for the jackboot coming so much, although itís all over the place now, and even then, most folk accept it.† Weíve had more of a subtle, gradual indoctrination into the whole system, all the time telling us itís normal, itís still normal.  Oh, nothingís changed, weíre still normal.  No weíre not.  We certainly are not normal.  Weíve moved a hundred and eighty degrees, and everyone has adapted degree by degree to the new normalcy.  Thatís why they can rush ahead and do what theyíre doing in the Western countries.  They know.  They know how we think.  Theyíve got all our data.  People are chattering every day, putting all the data up on their facebooks and twittering, and the Pentagon has it all.  Every government agency has it all in every country. 


Now, one thing theyíre after too, and Iíll put this up tonight too, from Cryptogon.  Itís about the farms.  Of course, Iíve mentioned it before that theyíre trying to stop children from doing work on the family farms.  Iíll put that up.  And it covers everything.  Itís just surprising.  You canít even help gathering in the hay or anything else or anything to do with raw products, materials, prohibiting places of employment, etc, etc.  I mean, itís the end, theyíre trying to stop.  You see, real farmers, Iím not talking about these big Agri-food businesses, which take over all the farms that they put under, real farms were family farms.  And the best farmer of all is someone whoís grown up on the farm since a child.  And they like it.  And they know what theyíre doing.  And as Iíve mentioned so many times, the family farms got people through the Great Depression, because even in towns there was always farms around them, and they could trade, barter, and all the rest of it.  And thatís how they got through.  In other countries, not just the US and Canada, but other countries as well.  And theyíve pretty well obliterated most of them, and theyíre going after the rest.  But, once you break the ability to go intergenerationally in the farms, youíve lost all that knowledge.  (Back with more, after this break.)  Then youíre helpless you see. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  You understand too, as I say, that the family farm is so important, because the knowledge is passed on from father to son, generally.  And thatís how itís been for hundreds and thousands of years.  Theyíre the best farmers of all.  They know how to take care of the land.  And they are the best environmentalists you could possibly find.  Thereís no point in living on a farm if youíre going to destroy it.  Thatís not how it works.  Youíve got to take care of that farm, and they know how to do it.  And of course, a lot of them have gone into the GM business, unfortunately, or have been pressured into it, or forced into it by blackmail from Monsanto and others, and itís bad for them all, of course.  And the stuff theyíre producing isnít the quality that we really, really need to be healthy. But there are still a lot of family farms left.  Well, I shouldnít say a lot.  I know even around the Michigan area, itís decimated. 


Theyíve been doing this across the world for years now, because the plan is that you have to be completely dependent on the world system.  Remember, the United Nations was set up to be a world government.  And in all, basically, forms, it actually is already, because itís got all these agencies that simply draft up their new treaties and every country signs on to them for whatever it happens to be.  Thereís hundreds and hundreds of treaties.  And itís also one of the biggest sinks for all your cash.  Thatís where it gets sent to, then itís supposed to be redistributed after theyíve taken their cuts for themselves, of course, and then put to other countries.  But it goes to international corporations, and believe you me, theyíre big in bed with international corporations.  Because, as I say, it was the Royal Institute of International Affairs that created the United Nations.  And before that, the same boys created the League of Nations, when they were called the Milner Group. 


So, part of it was too, to take over the food and agriculture of the entire planet.  I hope you understand thatís still on the go today.  Itís part of their basic charter for the Agricultural Department at the United Nations.  And they have said in the past that eventually, in this ideal Utopia, for them, of course, itís their Utopia, where they lord over us, they will ration out the food to all the regions in the world.  And theyíll also mandate that you bring your populations down, because theyíre going to give you quotas of food, and itís up to you then to bring your population down.  Thatís no kidding.  Look it up yourself and youíll find all this stuff is in it.  So, they work hand in glove with the big Agri-Food businesses who are taking over the planet.  The Rothschilds decimated India and then took over the farms for peanuts after most of the farmers committed suicide.  And they did, by the way.  Look that up too.  And theyíre doing the same in other countries as well, third world countries.  Youíre paying for all that too, because, believe you me, these corporations get your tax dollars to help third world countries. 


In the West, weíve already seen what they did with Britain.  Remember too, they want you to be vegetarian only, and the only vegetables youíll get eventually are the GM group, heavily soaked in pesticides.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Weíre already on it, most of us, unless you can really afford the so-called organic, which is normal food.  We used to call that normal, not long ago.  Now itís called organic, and you pay an awful lot of cash for it.  So, in Britain, to get folk off meat a while back they had the big Mad Cow scare, massive scare.  And they didnít even bother testing them, once they said theyíd found one or two.  Only one lab, this sort of government owned lab, was able to apparently identify this disease.  And one guy was the only specialist in the area who could actually see it.  So, the whole population pretty well all across Britain of cattle and even pigs were destroyed.  They even flew these helicopters in with guys and guns that would go into farms, gun them all down, heap them in a pile like a pyramid and set them on fire and take off to the next one.  You would not believe the damage they caused.  Because you will eventually be forced to be vegetarian. 


It ties in with the environmentalists too.  They keep harping on about my God, yes, thereís all this methane, etc, blah-blah-blah.  Unsustainable, yadda, yadda, yah.  Well, Mad Cow Disease is now found in California.  Bingo, you see.  And it says, the first case, of course, in the US, they claim was reported in late 2003, when they were burning all the ones in Britain.  And it says:


United States authorities have reported the country's first case of mad cow disease in six years.


(Alan: Well, weíll see how this takes off and if theyíre going to go the same route here, or are they going to play it down.  It depends if the food business there fights back enough.  It says:)


The US Department of Agriculture reported the country's fourth case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a Californian dairy cow, but stressed the outbreak was contained and no meat had entered the food chain.


(A: Now, you see, this is the usual stuff they give you.  All the propaganda they gave folk in Britain at the time was that it was transferred from one to the other, to one to the other.  And if the offspring had it, then generally the adults had them too.  And so on, and so on.  But here itís saying something different.  It says it was contained and all the rest of it to the one cow.)


And no meat had entered the food chain.


(A: And it says:)


The first US mad cow case in late 2003 caused the nation's beef exports to drop by nearly $3 billion the following year.


(A: And it says:)


BSE cannot be transmitted through milk.


"USDA remains confident in the health of the national herd and the safety of beef and dairy products. As the epidemiological investigation progresses,


(A: And it says the USDA, those guys who pass all the things that are bad for you, you know.)


USDA will continue to communicate findings in a timely and transparent manner," agriculture department officials said.


Samples from the infected animal were sent to a laboratory in Ames, Iowa, where they proved positive for a rare form of the disease.


(A: What do you mean a rare form of the disease?  The disease is rare.)


The results are being shared with labs in Britain and Canada.


The admission of even a limited outbreak is highly sensitive; previous cases of mad cow in the US, Canada, Israel, Europe and Japan have caused disruptions to the global food trade worth billions of dollars.


(A: Believe you me, these guys are going after the whole food supply of the planet.  And I really mean that too.  And they can play games.  The big boys, believe you me, thereís nothing, thereís nothing honest in business.  I donít care what business it is, thereís nothing honest in it.  Business is war with most of the guys who own businesses.  And the successful ones are at war all the time.  And theyíre also speculating in the stock market too, all the time, remember.  And when this kind of thing hits the news, then they can really plummet with the prices of beef and exports and all the rest of it.  So, these games go on as well.  So, you never really know whatís going on or whoís behind it, or whatever, or even if the story is genuine.  Or is someone just putting the claim out there.  Whatever.  You just donít know.  You donít know. 


And at the time too they said that that form was caused by a prion, they called it.  Itís not a bacterium.  Itís not a virus.  Itís an odd thing called a prion.  And when they burned them all in Britain, they said basically that the reason they burned them all in Britain, all the cattle and everything else, was that you couldnít destroy the prion.  So, you couldnít use it in food, in other words.  You couldnít use other parts of the animal.  Well, this is contradicting it here, you see.  It says:)


A stream of sanctions and restrictions were introduced and in some cases and entire herds of cattle had to be slaughtered, destroying the livelihoods of many farmers.


But then it says here that this stuff has been sent for rendering and made into animal feed.  Well, at the beginning they said part of the reason for the prion getting into the animal stock was that they were feeding meat to animals through rendered meat, in those pellets that they give them.  This story here is telling you theyíre going to render this cow, you see, and itís quite safe to put it into animal feed stuffs.  Total contradiction.  So, thereís games going on, you see.  Big, big games going on.  And the only way you can be absolutely sure of it, supposedly, is to cut the head off.  Kill the animal, cut the head off, and test the brain.  So, we have no idea whatís going on, but theyíre going to have more and more of these kind of stories coming up all the time, because it ties in with so many things, including, as I say, this big push to have everyone vegetarian, poisoned quickly and heavily.  Theyíll die young too, when theyíre stuck with nothing but these GM foodstuffs to eat. 


These are all wars.  These are war tactics.  War always starts with food and water.  You starve them out, or you put them into a drought.  And thatís it.  The big magnates own, pretty well, almost the entire food supply of the planet now.  Five corporations.  And it will be the same few people that have the controlling interests in every one of those corporations. 


Now, carbon satellites are going up.  Thereís more than one up there, but it says:


ē Astrium is designing a new climate satellite for ESA.

ē CarbonSat project builds on experience gained with Sciamachy.


(A: Itís called here, whatever that is.  So, it says:)


Astrium, Europeís leading space company, will be pushing ahead with the preparation of CarbonSat, a new climate satellite for the European Space Agency (ESA), over the next 22 months. In early April 2012, ESA announced its decision to award Astrium a contract to define the CarbonSat satellite.


So this thing is going to circle the globe and literally, supposedly find out where the carbon sinks are.  But it will also find out where the carbon is coming off.  And believe you me, youíre going to see SWAT teams come down if you have a fire one day.  I said this years ago, theyíll do that with satellites.  And so, theyíre putting them up there.  So, this is their utopia and your hell, and youíre living through the creation of it all. 




CISPA revision allows DHS [Department of Homeland Security] Internet 'countermeasures'


Homeland Security Secretary Janet (A: Napoleon) Napolitano would be authorized to "intercept" and "use" data from federal government-affiliated networks, according to new CISPA amendment.


A proposed addition to a controversial surveillance bill authorizes Homeland Security Secretary Janet (A: Napoleon) Napolitano to "intercept" a large portion of Web and e-mail communications and "deploy countermeasures" against Internet-based adversaries.


(A: Now, thatís a very broad term.  Internet-based adversaries.  Well, adversaries to whom?  The system, eh?  It says:)


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Texas Democrat, today proposed amending CISPA to give (A: Napoleon) Napolitano broad authority -- so broad it trumps every existing privacy and surveillance law -- to monitor all government networks, even ones operated by the FBI, White House, and the State Department. CISPA stands for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.


(A: So, youíre seeing the consolidation, really, of a new governmental system than what youíre used to, that really is above all the other ones now.  Itís just total control, really, by one group at the top.  And it says they could:)


"Acquire, intercept, retain," and "use" data that transit networks owned by the federal government or operated on its behalf by a carrier such as Verizon, Qwest, and AT&T. Homeland Security could do that if it claims the surveillance would ward off "cybersecurity threats";


(A: Now, cybersecurity threats can also simply be that youíre putting out information, over the net.  You see?)


the amendment includes the same phrase "notwithstanding any other provision of law" that made CISPA so unloved by nearly 800,000 Internet users.


(A: So Iíll put this up tonight, the link up for this, and you can get the whole amendment.  The PDF is on it too.  And it says itís:)


...broad enough to sweep in government contractors and university networks such as Internet2 and CENIC, said a telecommunications attorney who did not want to be identified because of client sensitivity. It also appears to cover open Wi-Fi networks run by federal agencies and networks in government-provided housing.


(A: So, Iíve got to love the names theyíve got.)


The proposed surveillance system resembles a more muscular version of the Einstein monitoring project that DHS has championed for the last several years.


(A: And Napoleon says:)


"we need the legal tools to do things like monitor the recruitment of terrorists via the Internet."


You understand, terrorism itself is not a thing as such.  Itís more of an emotional group, or even individual.  What is terror?  Itís a state of being, you understand.  And it can cover anybody whoís upset about anything, or simply retaliating by putting out alternative information to the mainstream.  Which theyíll say is sensitive or detrimental to the government.  Opposing points of views. 


So, Iíll put that up tonight as well.  And itís really going after all privacy, all privacy, and everyone is upset about it, at least the ones that are doing something about it.  Most of the public will sit back and wait for other people to do it all for them.   And thatís why this will go through and youíll end up where youíll be. 


And, in:


Raleigh, NC.  An author who has studied state-sponsored sterilization programs that came before Nazi Germany adopted the practice is in North Carolina a month before lawmakers consider compensating victims.


(A: Remember, the US was at it long before; in fact, the Germans actually said that they copied America.  And it says:)


Edwin Black is speaking Wednesday at the General Assembly in Raleigh and later in Research Triangle Park at events co-sponsored by Campbell University's law school. He's authored a history of the eugenics movement in America.


From 1929 to 1974, more than 7,600 people in North Carolina were surgically rendered unable to reproduce under state laws and rules that targeted people deemed unfit to be parents.


(A: Remember too, if you were poor, they called it the poverty gene.  Thatís all.  You didnít have to be mentally defective, as it says here.  The poverty gene was enough.)


They included epileptics, those considered mentally defective, and many who were simply poor.


Many state lawmakers have come together on the issue, attempting to right the wrong by compensating the victims of the state's sterilization program. Janice Black, who was sterilized as a teenager, says there isn't much North Carolina can do to apologize for what happened to her.


And it goes on and on.  But you understand, theyíre bringing all this back again.  And the US has been criticized for helping fund it; and Britain, too, by the way.  Britain has just been criticized in the Indian papers, Iíll try to get the link for you tonight, for sending millions of dollars over there to sterilize the poor Indians in India.  Thatís a mainstream story, actually.  The US has also been funding through the United Nations, and they sterilized lots and lots of people in Chile, for instance.  And Peru.  Peru was another one too.  They told the women they were going to just give them a check-up and ended up sterilizing them, thousands of them.  What a wonderful world. 


See, youíve got to get out of this TV mode of Leave it to Beaver, you know, and Happy Days, and all that rubbish thatís come ever since, and look at life as it really, really is.† Because, you see, are you expecting cartoon characters to come out and do all this for you?  Itís up to you and your own conscience. 


Now, Iíll also put a link up tonight about the US militaryís fight, to fight the negative perception of the pain ray that theyíre going to be using shortly on people, where you canít stand in the same position, it burns you and the whole bit.  Itís got different settings on it, they didnít mention it in the movie, but theyíve used it in other countries, on high settings and even fried people.  But in the West, of course, they give it, they even bring on mainstream TV guys to watch it on a very low setting, and they just jump out of the way, ďOh, thatís nastyĒ sort of stuff.  Anyway, theyíre fighting the negative perception of the pain ray.  Iíll put that documentary, the link up tonight on it, as well. 


And Al-Jazeera, Al-Jazeera of course, as you know, pretty well everybody who works in it is from the BBC.  They were all trained by the BBC.  And the former producer of it has just left, because he says the reports about plots against Libya and Syria were basically fake, and they were being told to put them in by superiors, and he couldnít handle it anymore.  Itís just propaganda.  So, Iíll put that link up tonight, and you can see that one for yourselves.  See, everything is propaganda when it comes down to it. 


Also, Iím putting up tonight, Agenda 21, the End of Western Civilization Part IV, by Kathleen Marquardt.  And it says:


ICLEI, Unelected Councils and other NGO vehicles promoting Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the New World Order


And youíve got to go through the whole lot to understand whatís happening today in your own countries. And you donít get a vote on any of it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Tom from Wisconsin on the line, if heís still there.  Are you there, Tom?


Tom: Yeah, Iím here, Alan.  Can you hear me?


Alan: Yes, I can.  Go ahead.


Tom: Excellent.  I just wanted to call in tonight, because there was something that I donít think gets said very often and that is that basically you can look, thereís a number of websites, but if you search like American laws, most Americans donít know about, or truth about the US government, itís very easy to see that the whole basis for all of these crazy things that are now being done in the name of protecting us from terrorism, have already been laid out in more broader laws and declarations and such in the past.  And you know, Iím at this point where I donít even think that we can look to the past so much for the way forward, but we have to look at it as kind of like the cow patties that youíve mentioned before, where these are the things that we definitely want to avoid as we formulate what the future is going to be.  And you know, itís like the things that are happening now are just mere symptoms of what cancers have already been injected into the body politic, through all those previous laws and declarations that are sort of, you know, in the dusty bins of history, that are, you know, tucked away in a corner in the Congressional library that most people will never, ever hear about.


Alan: You canít go back either, because the whole system is so corrupt.  You canít go back.  The boys who own and control all the power of every country, it isnít just America, theyíre one big gang across the world now, you see.  And they have no intentions of going back to anything, except maybe peasants working in fields one day.  Who knows.  And their ideal life really, the new feudal system as theyíve called it.  And Carroll Quigley called it that.  Itís going to be a new feudal system.  And thatís what they want, living simply, but a small population, and the big corporations running the world as the overlords.  Thatís already here.  Thatís here now.  And the people themselves have never figured out what kind of system they want.  You canít say, well, I want this one, because itís totally corrupt.  You understand, thereís the dilemma, thereís the paradox of trying to keep something, even though itís utterly corrupt up to this point.  You cannot keep that system.  You have to go elsewhere, forward on to something else.  But no one can verbalize actually what they want.  They want all parts of the corrupt system, as well.


Tom: To be pulled out later, like youíve said before.  And, I mean, basically, basically, I want your honest assessment.  I think itís going to take an armed conflict between those that donít want to be ruled, between those that donít want to be ruled and the enforcers of the big boys that you often refer to.


Alan: H.G. Wells said that.  He says, many will fight and die eventually against the New World Order, he says, hopelessly, he said.  Hopelessly.  Because these guys at the top are not Ė look at what theyíre prepared for.  Theyíre prepared for total war on the people.  Total war, not on people overseas, no, on their own people, they are prepared for total war.  Theyíve signed treaties under NATO and all the other countries to come to each otherís aid if anything happens within their countries, because these guys know thereís going to be conflict down the road.  Theyíve been training internal armies for about 25 years for whatís coming up now.  Because, everything that happens is planned years in advance, including the effects on the public.  When the public start to starve, and looking at all the laws that are running down, with all the carbon laws to come, and the value added taxes that have to go up to an incredible amount, once they bring them into America. 


The Americans literally havenít a clue whatís going to hit them.  They havenít had that.  Theyíve never had 25 to 28% value added tax on top of everything that you buy, even a chocolate bar, you know.  So they have no idea whatís going to hit them.  And if they think itís bad now with the dollar being low with its purchasing power, with ten years gradual inflation, thatís the policy, thatís the only policy that the Federal Reserve has said theyíve got in place, is a gradual inflation over ten years, of course thereís going to be riots as folk lose their jobs and they canít buy food; itís too expensive.  Look at the price of it now.  Theyíre slashing welfare.  They know thatís going to cause riots.  But the public have got to understand, this is all worked out in advance.  Every single part of it is worked out in advance.  And theyíve got to decide, are they going to go down with the ship, or do they want a new system?  If they want a new system, theyíve got to be involved in it somehow.  Even with their conscience.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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