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Elites' Propagandist Paul Ehrlich der Fuhrer
Wants Rapid Humane Depopulation of the Poorer:

"Eugenics Advocates Pulling Out the Stops,
Bringing Forth Their Speakers Who're Over the Top,
Scary Scenarios, Starvation, Disease,
Only Cure, Rapid Depopulation, Said with Ease,
From the Time of Malthus and Cousin Darwin,
These Higher Evolved Types Spew Out Views Alarmin',
Believing Lesser-Evolved Will Drag Down the Rest,
They want Permission to Kill Us to Save "The Best",
Scraping the Bottom for Terror Scenarios They Delve,
As They Build Up Crescendo for Rio 2012"
© Alan Watt April 27th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 27th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 27th of April, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  It's got thousands of audios for download.  And you'll start to understand the system that you live in, which also explains your daily news events, etc, that are given out, just why they're out there in certain orders of things and all related to other titles similar, to change how you think and what you think about, and to give you the proper opinions.  That's what the media is for.  But it's much, much bigger than that, of course. 


And I go into the foundations of the organization that set up in the late 1800s with the richest people on earth, big multinational company bosses and international bankers that decided to take over the running of the world and to bring a world system in where they'd own all of the resources of the world, and they would distribute it across the planet, as they saw fit.  And that means food, water, everything else.  And they would basically own it.  And then they came up with an even better idea when they created the League of Nations, then the United Nations, to make it seem like an independent body and not these guys working behind it, to get the same goal and agenda through, with depopulation of, you know, the lesser types of humans that were spoiling their world for them in a post-industrial society. 


And as I say, go into it.  I give the histories of it, the people involved, the organizations that really are on a gallop right now, all these organizations.  They're all interlinked across the planet.  And they make sure the right curriculums are taught across the world to do with sustainability and so on, so everyone is brainwashed.  We're the only creature on earth that has to be brainwashed into killing ourselves basically for ďthe betterment of society,Ē meaning the elite themselves who will be left at the end of it all.  And that's what's all happening now.  And Iíll touch on that tonight, in fact. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  And I just basically depend on selling the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can buy them if you go into the website.  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use personal checks or an international postal money order from the post office, or send cash, or you can use PayPal.  And straight donations are really, really, really welcome right now.  Across the world, Western Union and Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.


We live through an amazing society.  Itís a controlled society.  First you control the minds of society by introducing the educational system, without which your subsequent indoctrination and propaganda, it wouldnít take.  It wouldnít take properly.  You need that initial indoctrination into the system, designed by Rockefeller and others that were all top eugenicists.  They still are of course.  And this whole thing about sustainability is nothing more or less than the same organization that ran Charles Darwin and before actually he even came along, through his grandfather, and then Charles himself, and then Francis Galton, and then Charles Galton Darwin, and then the Huxleys, and so on and so on, up to the present bunch that run the world.  Theyíre all into eugenics, which means theyíre terrified of the lesser types.  This is taught in eugenics and Darwinism, that basically the lesser types will kill off or destroy the more advanced types that have evolved further than the lesser.  So, thatís what this is all about today.  Itís very, very simple.


And Iíve said so many times, donít worry about the guys like Hitlers and so on who wear uniforms and tell you who they are.  You worry about these characters who are running the world under the guise of science, you see.  At one time it was religion, and when priests said, oh, thereís going to be an eclipse, or thereís going to be a comet coming in, and itís going to be a bad omen, everybody was petrified.  Well, science took over that job, and itís far, far worse today with all their scary scenarios.  It works just as well, but they always say, you canít argue with science, you see.  Thatís what they say.  Oh, really?


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about this scary world weíre in right now.  Itís scary because the media tells us itís scary.  And of course, thereís much more at play, because we have all these foundations, the foundations that got together, as I say, a long time ago as charitable fronts.  They called themselves philanthropists.  And theyíd help the world, you see.  Help, help.  Believe you me, with their help, theyíll kill us off much, much faster, because that really is their intention, and Iím not kidding about that either, because itís all based on eugenics.  And the best technique is to come to people and say, weíre here to help you.  And then they start reorganizing your life.  The next thing you know, youíve been sterilized, and they might give you a sandwich after it or something like that, and send you on your merry way.


Everything out there under the guise of philanthropy is basically a part of this big, massive, inter-foundational front that were created a long time ago, something that the public generally never catch on to, because they read little bits about charities and foundations and philanthropists and think, oh, thatís nice, thatís awful nice.  They donít know this is eugenics in action, because all the boys who founded these fronts were, and they still are, eugenicists in the truest sense.  All through the schooling systems and university systems is taught Darwinism.  And out of Darwinism, you get Survival of the Fittest, coined by later characters.  Basically Darwin was also of the same belief of it too, that the lesser species will drag down the more advanced species.  This is at the back of everything today, everything.


And also, apart from killing you off, these guys also decided in the late 1800s when they were the Cecil Rhodes Society and they were the Milner Society that joined together to form the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, that they would take over the resources of the entire world, and theyíre doing it under the guise of again, helping the world, because these guys outline where the world is to go in all areas, because they have so many departments working on everything.  Theyíre a supergovernment, in fact.  And they simply present it to the governments and it gets signed into law.  And thatís why our lives now are really going down the tubes, under this guise of sustainability, redistribution of the wealth of the world, which is your tax money across the world, to their corporations based in Third World Countries.  So, we have to go down much, much further.


And whenever theyíre building up to a big meeting, a world meeting thatís going to really change us once more into more austerity, they always bring out their favorite players, the most radical of them all.  Real fanatics, in other words.  And Iíve read it from their own websites before: We always give the public scary scenarios before the meetings, to get them ready to accept the treaties that will be signed and so on.  Otherwise, weíd ignore them, or say, ďgo away with that; we donít need it,Ē you see.


So, The Guardianís got the big thing with one of their favorite stars, but The Guardian is all for this depopulation agenda, and supposedly helping the poor, which is not that at all.  What they do with the poor is sterilize them across the planet.  Thatís what foreign aid generally means.  But they pull out this Paul Ehrlich, you know, a guy who literally has been mamby-pambied through the universities, because of his fanaticism and to do with population control and his love for collecting, just like Darwin and all the rest of them, and the Rockefellers, insect collections.  You know, sticking it with pins.  He likes things stuck on the wall with pins, like butterflies and stuff like that.  Dead of course, but theyíre still looking pretty pretty.  Thatís what theyíre all into, these characters. 


Zoology of course, is a big bit of it too, because they try and prove that there is such a thing as evolution through various animals and similarities and so on.  But he was picked up very early on, because he was a good fanatic, and promoted to the top as a superstar.  Same techniques you use, you see.  There are organizations in marketing that will make anybody a superstar.  And they put him to the top a long time ago in the 60s, with his book, The Population Bomb, it was called, where we were all supposed to die in the 1970s.  It didnít happen, of course.  Of course, that doesnít stop them from pulling him out once again, oh, scare tactics you see.  Oh, be afraid, be very, very afraid if we donít go into utter austerity.  Well, he actually means you lot, you see.  He wonít be starving himself.  But heís on about the fact that ďphysical numbers were as important as the amount of natural resources consumedĒ.  And then they go on about optimum population of the Earth, you see.  And again, thereís a whole bunch of links to all the different optimum population associations across the planet, and all the top eugenicists, and I mean radical eugenicists, belong to it.  And theyíre all paid for and funded by the foundations and the United Nations, because the United Nations is run by the foundations.


The optimum population of Earth Ė enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone Ė


(Alan: He says it:)


was 1.5 to 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion who are alive today....


(A: Now this is the stats heís actually using from the United Nations.  In other words, they can either feed a couple of billion and keep them at a good lifestyle, or we all go into starvation and live in utter poverty.  This is the big scary scenario.  And he says theyíre expecting 9 billion in 2050, which even the other studies contradict.  It doesnít matter though.  See contradictions donít matter to these guys.  Being proved wrong so many times doesnít matter to these guys.  These guys are fanatics and you should be very afraid of them.  Because theyíve got so much influence.  And they can con the victims, thatís the general public, into basically going along with their own demise.  So, anyway, it says:)


"How many you support depends on lifestyles. We came up with 1.5 to 2 billion because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you want a battery chicken world where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely


(A: Listen to this:)


So we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage."


(A: See the terminologies theyíre using here.  Theyíre talking about massive culling, folks.  If you canít really get it, weíre dealing with fanatics here.  Very, very dangerous fanatics.  The same fanatics, by the way, who worked on your vaccinations that would bring you down quickly too, heath-wise, and cull populations.  Rockefeller was behind all the projects to do with vaccinations and still is today.  And Ehrlich is for all of that too.  And heís also for, again, sterilizing most of the Third World.  So then he goes on to his thing.)


"The question is: can you go over the top without a disaster, like a worldwide plague or a nuclear war between India and Pakistan?


(A: Well, we havenít had it so far.  And we wonít have it either, unless the CIA steps up its intrigues with its droning and bombing of Pakistan.)


If we go on at the pace we are there's going to be various forms of disaster. Some maybe slow motion disasters like people getting more and more hungry, or catastrophic disasters because the more people you have the greater the chance of some weird virus transferring from animal to human populations, there could be a vast die-off."


(A: Actually, you wouldnít need many people at all.  You could have ten folk and you could get a virus mutation.  So, thatís all bogus, you see.)


Ehrlich, who was described as alarmist in the 1970s but who says most of his predictions have proved correct,


(A: Oh, what a liar this guy is, eh?  You know, you canít keep a good psychopath down.  You know that?)


says he was gloomy about humanity's ability to feed over 9 billion people. "We have 1 billion people hungry now and we are going to add 2.5 billion. They are going to have to be fed on more marginal land, from water that is purified more or transported further, we're going to have disproportionate impacts on how we feed....


(A: Now whoís we?  He doesnít feed anybody.  See, these are the elite themselves talking.  Heís talking on behalf of them really.  And theyíre always on about, oh, what are we going to do, what are we going to do?  The fact is, the elite themselves have put most farms under, across the planet, small farms, to introduce their own big Agri chemical businesses.  And they own most of the worldís food supply today.  One of his patrons, the Rothschilds, as I mentioned the other day there, after bribing the Indian government to really hassle the farmers there, to make them buy the genetically modified seeds and so on, they put them under.  They put them under.  You know, millions of farmers went under in India, and thousands committed suicide.  They lost everything.  And now here they are with the Rothschilds, who bought up the land for peanuts, an old trick that theyíve used, down through the centuries and in comes their own GM food and their own chemicals, and all the rest of it. Now the water is polluted.  And these are the guys that are going to save us all.  Right?  Thereís the reality behind it. 


Anyway, it says:)


"Most of the predictions [in Population Bomb] have proved correct.


(A: Well, I donít see that.  Heís been proved wrong on so many things.  As I say, weíre supposed to have died off in the 1970s.  And he says:)


At that time I wrote about climate change.


(A: They were all for the coming Ice Age at that time.  They were churning out books in the 60s, oh, God, weíre all going to freeze to death, you know.  He says:)


We did not know then if it was warming or cooling.


(A: Well, if that was the case, why were you even writing about climate change if it wasnít going one way or the other?  You see, itís to use a con.  And again the Club of Rome, which he also is associated with, came up with the idea of global warming, drought, famine, etc, that would fit the bill, to get all these bills passed, you see.  Anyway, he prattles on with his usual stuff.  And the Guardian, as usual, is very, very incredibly soft.  Heís one of their heroes, actually.  And anyway, he agreed with the Royal Society report, this bunch of supposed scientists, a Masonic Club actually, thatís how it was formed initially, the Royal Society in Britain.  In fact, Bacon was a member, and Bacon had to put his wife and children away, because you were not allowed to devote any of your time to a family. So, he paid his family off and left them to join the Royal Society.  Quite an interesting group there actually.  Theyíre all a sort of boy type thing, you know what Iím saying?


Anyway, it says:)


But he agreed with the Royal Society report that said human population and consumption should not be divided. "[They] multiply together. You have to be deal with them together. We have too much consumption among the rich


(A: Now, heís talking about you folk out there, who are probably eating a lot of garbage food, because thatís all you can get a hold of, or thatís all you can afford now, because these boys have destroyed your own agri-business in your own countries.  And with their chemical industry, of course, thereís more chemicals in your food than you can ever imagine.  And he says:)


We have too much consumption among the rich and too little among the poor.


These guys donít give a damn about the poor.  Eugenicists actually hate the poor.  You better go through their curriculums, how theyíre taught, because they really see the poor as an inferior species that simply has not evolved, and that will bring them down, you see.  Anyway, Iíll put this piece of trash up for you to read to see how the media is preparing you all for the Rio+2012, when they put the next bunch of treaties through, if you let them.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big plan, the big eugenical plan thatís really rushing ahead.  But it needs our consent, you understand, and thatís what the media bombardment is all about, is to get your consent.  ďWell, they must know what theyíre talking about.  Theyíre all called experts, you know.Ē  And remember what Bertrand Russell says.  We shall train the public to listen to nobody but experts.  And thatís been done a long, long time ago.  You donít have to even give their names now.  Expert says this, expert says that and we jump, you see.  Great trick, isnít it?  Again, the Rockefellers talked about that in the early 1920s, they would do this kind of thing. 


Another part was too, to start cutting back on healthcare for the Western countries.  In the African countries, of course, they go in there, they inoculate them, they become sterile just like we are, and they come down with cancers like we do.  And they also sterilize them, if they get a chance.  Thatís a big, big part of their ďforeign aidĒ program, itís always been sterilization to cut back their numbers.  Because, you see, weíll all drag, all us scum at the bottom will drag down these characters who live inside universities on our tax money, you know.  Because theyíre more evolved, you see. 


And, so anyway, part of it too in eugenics was to bring down certain countries first.  And the Irish were on the list.  You should see the list that the eugenicists put out there, and John Stewart Mill put one out a long time ago too, a long list.  They said American Indians had to go down, because they already knew in the 1700s and 1800s that they would never come into what they called the White Manís Economic System, and get up in the morning at 6 and trot off to work and come back home at 9 or 10 at night.  It just wasnít in their nature, because they lived naturally, the Indians, you see.  Weíre not living naturally.  And they also had the Irish down for it too.  And even the Scottish as well.  We know people like H.G. Wells added the Scots to it, even though a Scotsman gave them their Bank of England, just in time for Rothschild to take it over.  But itís interesting here that you see what ties in with things.


Across the US and Canada, and Britain and elsewhere, the first world countries, theyíve got this crisis in healthcare.  Oh, itís so much money it costs, yadda, yadda, yah.  Meanwhile, they find billions right off the bat for wars, these spontaneous wars that they planned for years.  And they can fund them and buy new missiles and the latest gadgetry, and they can spy on us with more trillions of bucks of equipment thatís got to be updated every six months or so; they have no problems with that.  But when it comes to treating you, you see, for all the cash that youíre putting in to taxes, which theyíre now floating across to the Third World countries and propping up India and China and Brazil and a whole bunch of other nations.  And of course, whoís in charge of it?  The same international corporations and the big foundations that help promote it.  Anyway, theyíre cutting back on everything in all the countries.  ďOh, thereís a crisis.  We just donít have the money,Ē as they want more money off you.  Wait till you see this Rio+20, thatís going to be a massive demand to cut back drastically here, until we are Third World, and Iím not kidding about that.  Thatís what they want.  They want all your cash off of you.  To help the others across the world, you understand.  It takes a lot of equipment and stuff to go over there and sterilize folk.  And I read an article yesterday where Britain is already putting millions of pounds of their taxpayersí money into sterilizing people in India.  Anyway, Scotland, as I say, is on their little chop list.  Well, here they are, it says:


GP [General Practitioner] leaders


(A: The doctors, in Scotland:)


fear deep NHS cuts in Scotland after a report by MPs found its 14 health boards plan to make £226.7m savings in 2012/13.


(A: In the upcoming year.  Now thatís a hell of a chunk for a small population.  And it says here:)


The report said that among others, Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board plans to save £58m....


(A: Each, and etc, etc, etc.  And of course the doctors are getting ticked off with it.  Some have walked off in England as well, with the slash and cuts theyíve had there.  Theyíre cutting to the bone under austerity.  And some surgeons as well, top surgeons have walked off.  Anyway, it says:)


'Savings equate to cuts. The idea that this government is trying to be more efficient


(A: This is what they tell you, too.  Blair said the same.  Weíre going to be more efficient in healthcare by cutting back the money.  You know.  Thatís how stupid they think we are, with all their surveys: I guess they wonít figure this one out.  So, theyíll be more efficient by slashing the budget.)


doesn't add up as it implies you were hiring people and doing work that was not needed and that was not the case. They are cutting jobs and funding, and should be honest about it.'


Well, these characters at the top canít be honest about it, because they speak through public relations companies to the general peasantry at the bottom, you see.  And the problem, again, with all, itís a human problem actually, itís a dilemma, once you create an organization and you get too many chiefs at the top all sitting on their big fat gluteus maximus, and soaking up your money, they cut the ones beneath them that actually do all the work.  And thatís the problem with that too, in every country.  Itís human nature. 


And also:


Deprivation in Scotland threatens public health, RCGP Scotland warns


Severe deprivation in parts of Scotland threatens public health and has cut life expectancy to as little as 56 [years] in some areas....


So, theyíre dying younger.  And of course, thatís all part of the agenda too.  If you havenít read the various eugenical programs that are on the go, you better, because this includes the US and everywhere else, and only by seeing what theyíve already done in other countries will you understand what theyíre implementing now on you.  You have no idea.  As I say, Iíd rather have the guys in uniforms and strutting around.  Itís so easy to recognize them.  But you will not see it with the suits and ties or a white coat, you know, giving an address on the human population problem, the problem.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the system in which we live, and most folk take for granted, because they were dumbed down at school, and they donít take much interest in what they think are specialized affairs, sort of above them, floating above them, are these special people that come out of special wombs and run the world and the country and all that.  And they really think it must be so incredibly complicated that thatís why you need special people.  And these people are anything but special, except the fact that theyíve all got the same things in common, and that is, they like to rule over people.  They like to fool people, because everything that they say comes through public relations, as I mentioned before.  Theyíve got marketers onboard and theyíve got scriptwriters on board as well.  And itís all to condition you to accept things to your own detriment, and to keep you from doing anything about it.  And most folk go along with that.  Oh, you canít argue with experts, you know.  Even though theyíre wrong time after time after time after time. 


Remember too that John Holdren also helped work on that book, The Population Bomb, that was full of mistakes and so on, but it was radical in its need to do mass culling of the general population. Donít forget that.  And he was appointed to the board as science czar in the US.  These are fanatics and they should not be there, and you should be kicking up one hell of a stink from the very beginning to get them off of there.  These are fanatics, folks.  Theyíre very dangerous people.  Now, the cyber-security legislation or CISPA as they call it:


The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act sponsored by Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Maryland), passed on a vote of 248 to 168.


(A: So, theyíre talking about more internet security.  We know what itís all about, of course.  Thatís the end of the net, folks.  You canít say anything or text, or whatever else, or email on the net without records being kept, in real time, by the way, they can go over them and scan them, etc, etc.  I mean, thereís no privacy at all anymore.  And what itís like now, if youíre texting someone, or phoning someone, itís like being in a prison.  And youíve got a visitor, and thereís a glass between you and the visitor, and you canít say much, except in kind of roundabout language, because thereís a warden standing, listening to everything you say.  Thatís where you all are, right now with this.  I hope you realize that. 


Now, a lot of people wonít care.  Theyíll prattle on about all, they donít mind, even their most intimate things.  Thatís disgusting.  Disgusting, when you accept the fact that these people have the right to listen in to anything at all, because every phone call, technically, is definitely personal.  Thatís why you do it.  Itís personal phones, personal messages between people.  You donít need to have oversight by the wardens.  And thatís what this is all about.  All about.  How disgusting that folk just accept it.  So, itís probably time now to almost pack it in, to be honest with you, as far as Iím concerned.  It says:)


The bill was amended to provide more privacy protections


(A: To provide, if they want it, but of course they wonít put that in.)


but it was not immediately clear whether the Senate or the White House would give the amended bill its blessing.


The measure, which some are calling the Son of SOPA, allows internet service providers to share information


(A: So all the ISPs can share information)


with the government, including the Department of Homeland Security


(A: So, everything in other words that was illegal for them to do, and they have been doing, theyíve now simply made a law to make it legal.  Itís great being at the top, a tyrant, isnít it?  You donít break the laws.  You just change them to suit yourself.)


And the National Security Agency, about cybersecurity threats it detects on the internet.


(A: Well, why they listen to all of you lot, eh?)


An ISP is not required to shield any personally identifying data of its customers when it believes it has detected threats, which include attack signatures, malicious code, phishing sites or botnets. In short, the measure seeks to undo privacy laws that generally forbid ISPs from disclosing customer communications with anybody else unless with a court order.


(A: So, it doesnít even need that anymore.  So it gives protection to the:)


...ISPs from privacy lawsuits for voluntarily disclosing customer information thought to be a security threat.


(A: Now, a security threat is anything at all, folks.  Anything at all.  Skyís the limit.  Youíre going to hear a lot of court cases in the near future where theyíve stretched it and stretched it to the most ridiculous ends to get somebody that they simply want out of the way.  You wait and see.)


Internet companies are also granted anti-trust protection to immunize them against allegations of colluding on cybersecurity issues.


(A: And on it goes and on it goes and on it goes.  So, under national security, youíre all in prison now.  And remember that when you talk on the phone.  Remember that.  Donít think for an instant theyíre not interested in you.  Donít you dare think for an instant, because theyíre very interested in all of you.  It doesnít matter who you are.  They donít care a damn about Mustafa so-and-so.  Itís you theyíre interested in.  And you better believe it.  So, who were the supporters of the bill?)


Microsoft, Facebook,


(A: Who did you expect?)


AT&T, Verizon, Oracle and many others.


(A: So, itís an abdication of Americansí online privacy and every country has signed the same kind of deals already by the way.  So, itís going to be, and once they shove a whole bunch of amendments on to it as well, the sky is the limit.  They can collect anything they want from anybody, all the time.  And it says:)


Amendments to remove language allowing the information-sharing in the name of ďnational security,Ē and to remove the NSA from the agencies receiving the data, never made it to the House floor.


So, the NSA have got access to it, and all these agencies now have access to the same information.  And I have no doubt too, it will come right down to your local police, as well, kind of make-work projects, theyíre always trying to find people to charge for something.  And it will.  The sky is the limit now.  The sky is the limit, folks.  And a lot of folk wonít mind.  Because thereís so much fun and porn and stuff on the internet, Iím sure, theyíll be quite happy to put up with it, until they come and get them.


And this article here is about spies.  You know, spies are generally psychopathic, the real spies, in nature.  The James Bond character, theyíve actually written articles about it, if he was a real person, heíd have to be an utter psychopath, where he goes with one woman, he comes back, sheís been covered in gold paint and killed, or whatever else it happens to be, and five minutes later heís in bed with another one.  Or heís just killed ten guys and does the same sort of thing.  And so, in other words, thatís how a psychopath would behave, because they have no real morality, and emotion as you can imagine it.  So, but they also hire a lot of geeks, as well, you see.  And with all the new laws that they have in Britain, theyíre taking on all kinds of people.  Generally they used to do massive background checks, to see if you came from the right families.  Thatís what was really important, the right families, you know, and the right school ties, and was daddy in the service, etc.  But now itís kind of spreading out. 


And it talks about this one here.  Here again, hereís the term, you see, as you get trained to just accept it.  An ďexpertĒ has said.  You could say a high priest of the Incas or something here:


An expert has said he believes a third party was present when Gareth Williams died because theories that the MI6 spy got inside a bag by himself were "unbelievable scenarios".


(A: He was found dead inside a bag.  MI6.  It says:)


Mr Williams' body was found curled up naked in the padlocked holdall in the bath of his flat in Pimlico, central London, in August 2010.


Former Parachute Regiment reservist Peter Faulding told an inquest even escapologist Harry Houdini "would have struggled" to squeeze himself into the bag and lock it from the inside.


Mr Faulding, who specialises in rescuing people from confined spaces, made 300 unsuccessful attempts to lock himself inside an identical bag measuring 81cm by 48cm.


"My conclusion is that Mr Williams was either placed in the bag unconscious, or he was dead before he was in the bag," Mr Faulding said.


(A: They spent a lot of money on this investigation.  Listen, Iíll go on with it.)


He suggested it would have been "very easy" to fold the dead spy's arms and place him in the holdall as long as rigor mortis had not set in.


During the forensic investigation no fingerprints were found at the scene but tiny DNA samples were discovered on the bag, their owner has never been identified.


(A: Well, that could even be the guy that sold him the bag, for all they know.)


But a second expert, William MacKay, told the inquest it was not impossible that the fitness-loving maths prodigy died without a third party present.


Mr MacKay's assistant, a yoga specialist


(A: This is who they brought, a yoga specialist.)


who is of similar build to Mr Williams, carried out another reconstruction and was able to curl his body into an identical red North Face bag.


But despite more than 100 attempts, he was not able to pull the zip into position within the space, and could not lock it from the inside.


(A: Youíll find out where itís going shortly, so:)


Mr MacKay told Westminster Coroner's Court: "I would not like to say that it could not be done.


"There are people around who can do amazing things and Mr Williams may well have been one of those persons."


(A: So, they found out that Mr. Williams, the spy, you see, he occasionally looked in at bondage and fetish websites, occasionally, itíll be more than occasionally.  And a lot of these characters like to do things like almost strangle themselves because theyíre into self-erotic sort of situations, where they really apparently get into themselves and do odd things, and put themselves in cupboards and small spaces, and stuff like that.  And:)


A police officer described to the coroner the findings of his work investigating Mr Williams' electronic devices.


Around half of his web browsing surrounded female fashion but he had also stored electronic images of several drag queens.


Records showed that he had researched bondage on Wikipedia and had visited bondage and fetish websites.


Thatís the sort of thing theyíll do on their own.  I can remember when they found a judge in England.  Heíd put up a sort of hammock-like rope across hooks he put into his walls, this judge, and he was dressed in womenís clothing, and he was stretching himself by the neck, by the way, and he was found dead there.  He couldnít get out of the noose that heíd made for himself.  And they get a sort of high, apparently, at a certain point of excitement into self-eroticism, and itís very possible this guy did it himself too, because they also found, in another article, that he had lots of womenís clothing in there.  20,000 pounds worth of womenís clothing and wigs and all that kind of stuff as well, you see.  So, this is what theyíre recruiting as spies these days.  20,000 pounds of womenís clothing had been found in her brotherís flat, this is the sister, and they could possibly have been gifts.  He must have known a lot of friends, and so, the guy is a cross-dresser and all the rest of it, and obviously into something.  But theyíve spent a lot of cash trying to find out what happened to this character, because, I guess, thatís what they do with their own, eh?  Even if, you know, heís a spy. 


So, there you go, how the people pass their, I guess everyone has to have their hobbies these days, and everything going crazy and all.  And itís quite something, as I say. 


Now, there was two small earthquakes off Vancouver Island, today and apparently on the 16th, but it was no really big deal, but I think there are more and more of them happening in the Pacific region, off that coastline.  And we have to keep an eye on that and see what happens. 


Now, this is from Homeland Security News, and it says:


Terrorism: LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] shows the way in local counterror efforts


Commander Joan T. McNamara,


(A: Who leads the band.  Sorry, I had to say that.)


who heads the LAPD Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, has devised a method which is considered so inexpensive, easily implemented, and innovative that federal authorities are considering making it a national model for local law enforcement intelligence gathering.


(A: And it says:)


In the years following the 9/11 attacks, federal authorities have been asking the 17,000 U.S. local law enforcement agencies to man the front lines in domestic counterterrorism by gathering information about crimes and other suspicious activities that may indicate an impending attack.


(A: Which means just taking notes on everything that they hear on the streets and stuff.)


For various reasons, the idea has not been implemented as hoped. The local agencies have gathered information in haphazard ways, authorities say, or in many cases not at all. Most police officers are trained to gather evidence to prove crimes, not to cultivate,


(A: Isnít that true.  Thatís what theyíre supposed to do.)


gather, and analyze intelligence to prevent a terrorist strike.


Commander Joan T. McNamara, who heads the LAPD Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, has devised a method which is considered so inexpensive, easily implemented...


(A: Blah-blah-blah.  It says, they:)


...added a section to the form that officers must fill out for crimes, real or suspected.


The added section includes a checklist that codifies activities usually associated with terrorist activity. These forms must be filled out if the officers observe suspicious activity, whether or not a crime has been committed.


There is also a check box that indicates that the form includes suspicious activity.


(A: Thatís of all kinds, basically.)


Over the recent months, all LAPD officers have been receiving training in how to execute the forms, and in what forms of suspicious activity to watch for, based on the sixty-five item checklist which is included on the form.


And they have surveillance.  Anybody passing a government building and just glancing up now, is, oh, youíre surveilling the building, you see.  Things like that.  Everything that was once innocent is now going to be suspect, and theyíll start bashing folk on the head, tasering them, and pulling them in and torturing them.  You know, that kind of stuff.  Itís all going that way, because itís intended to.  Itís intended to. 


And yesterday too, I mentioned Agenda 21, the End of Western Civilization.  Youíve got to read Agenda 21, because that again is all tied in with whatís happening now with the hyping up, oh, too many people.  And by Kathleen Marquardt.  Iíll put that up again, Part IV tonight, and you should actually go through the whole series because youíll know what theyíve got in store.  The plans were made years ago to take the land off of the people living in the country, move them into the city, pack them in, and even the UN has admitted that eventually in a few years, there will only be 3% of people living on the land, and those 3% will be very, very wealthy people indeed.  Probably all top bureaucrats.  Quite something, eh?


Now, part of the whole plan of the eugenicists as well, was to destroy culture by destroying religion, destroying the family unit, by promoting promiscuity, until children would never bond later on in life with a person and have children, you see.  And here they go now.  The United Kingdomís National Health Service, the one that, you know, is promoting just go to it.  Just rut like animals, folks, along with the school system teaching, you know, do what you want.  Any age.  Just do what you want.  Weíll take care of any problems for you. 


Girls as young as 13 should be offered the contraceptive pill by pharmacists without needing a GP prescription, an NHS report has suggested.


(A: So this is the next part.)


The idea follows a pilot scheme which found the number of women needing emergency morning-after contraception


(A: An abortion pill)


"dropped significantly" in the year following the introduction of over-the-counter access to the pill.


(A: So:)


The trial was successful in reaching its target group of black British, Caribbean and African women


(A: See how theyíre targeting?  You know, ďall the people that, oh, you know, havenít evolved enough.Ē  Thatís your eugenicists.  Thatís what they say.  ďHavenít evolved enough.Ē)


aged between 20 and 24 and those who had not previously used oral contraception, the report by NHS South East London said.


(A: It says:)


The study was carried out at five chemists


(A: Thatís pharmacists.)


in the Southwark and Lambeth boroughs of south London, which have some of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe, and the highest in the capital.


Those who used it had valued the convenience of the service and the anonymity it offered, the report revealed.


(A: So, you can just buy the morning-after pill.  So, now theyíre going to use the same scheme to go, ďoh it works so well, so letís use it on thirteen-year-old children, give them the contraception pill.Ē)


It recommended that it be expanded to other pharmacies around the country and also consider offering it to teenagers aged between 13 and 16.


They donít have to tell the parents.  Thereís nothing to sign.  Itís over the counter, and thatís it, eh?  Yep.  Yep, society has been under attack, and it didnít even know it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, to tie in with eugenics and whatís happening in the world, and the forced austerity. Forced austerity, after, mind you, theyíve been putting all your industry offshore to China, with government policy, using your tax money to put those companies over there, to pay for them to move and set up, for years and years and years, and leaving you with nothing except service economies.  And then they go on to, this article ties right in:


Staggering rise of the British food bank: One opens every week after rise in families unable to afford to eat


(A: Now, you know, this is the kind of stuff that eugenicists and the alarm mongers will use.  Oh, see, they canít get food.  Well, they canít get food because they have no money, folks, because theyíve been plundered.  The banks plundered them too.  Britain has put so much, billions and billions and billions into the black hole to keep this Central Bank of Europe supposedly afloat, and stop countries from sinking, that theyíre broke. Theyíre taxed to death.  So much so, they canít afford to eat, you see.  And thatís why theyíre going to the food banks.)


One in five Britons are borrowing money for groceries because of the soaring cost of living


Shocking figures have revealed that every week a new food bank opens in Britain


(A: One per week is opening.)


as more people find themselves struggling to make ends meet.


And the number of people needing emergency aid is expected to rise with many food banks operators worried that the full impact of the recent budget....


Because theyíre getting taxes going up, because youíre redistributing your wealth.  Youíre putting your tax money across the world, not back into your own country.  And thereís no end to it.  They need more and more tax money.  And theyíre going to ask for more and more at the Rio+20 meeting in June.  Also, Iím putting up tonight, by the way, the White House Advisor on Economics has brought forth the big topic of a global tax.  A global tax folks.  A minimum global tax, to start with it will be minimum, for instance, but itís being voiced now for the first time.  Iíll put that link up as well.  And you can peruse that. 


Just to end,


How soap operas changed the world


(A: Iíve told you, everything you watch is part of the big agenda.)


BBC: Soap operas aren't often celebrated for contributing to the good of society.


(A: They admit theyíre addictive though, because theyíre meant to be.)


But around the world the genre has succeeded in providing "educational entertainment" - a blend of public service messages and melodrama that has enraptured millions of viewers.


(A: Thatís what makes you all PC, politically correct.  And it gives you an example here:)


Harry Oakes as Dan and Gwen Berryman as Doris Archer in The Archers. The Archers is widely thought to be the longest running soap opera in the world.


It was in 1951 that BBC radio and the Ministry of Agriculture


(A: So here you are, the Ministry of Agriculture, run by the government, and the BBC, run by the government:)


created The Archers, an "everyday story of country folk", which encouraged farmers to try new techniques to increase productivity in the years after WWII.


(A: That was chemical farming, folks.  And the chemicals came from the waste products of the munitions industry, from the Duponts, etc.  It says:)


Why soap?


The genre was christened in 1931 when the first radio drama series, Clara, Lu and Em attracted the attention of detergent manufacturer Colgate Palmolive. The daytime series had a loyal following among housewives and Colgate Palmolive became its main sponsor, using it to advertise detergent.


"It's one thing to read a persuasive argument in print it's quite another to be persuaded by the power of the human voice," says Andrew Crisell, Professor of Broadcasting Studies at the University of Sunderland in the UK.


"What was challenging was getting the message across without people feeling they are being harangued or preached at."


They just put it in the soaps.  ďWhat are you using there, Dora?  ĎOh, itís Palmolive.í  My, your skin looks so soft and lovely.Ē  And thatís how you get stuck on it.  But thereís a lot more that goes into soaps than that.  Everything thatís politically correct for updates is in there too, and your comedies, and in your movies.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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