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The Tower of Power Turns Joyous Living Sour:

"In Ancient Times Before Soldiers were Paid,
Gangs would Plunder, Spear and Blade,
Then They'd get Bored, Purpose Forgotten,
Easy Booty Squandered, Bloody and Rotten,
Until Other Men Devised Money and Trades,
Owning Plants to Make the Spears and Blades,
Encouraged Leaders to War with Neighbours,
Fund Them Too for Interest and Favours,
Paying Youth to Train then Plunder
Easy Targets, Ripping them Asunder,
Banking Families Rose to the Top,
With Power and Riches They did Not Stop,
Hiring Learned Men with Flowing Robe,
They Formed a Think-Tank to Own the Globe,
Private Central Banking to Own Each Nation
Would Keep the Peoples in Subjugation,
It's All been Successful, Anyone can See,
Make Money from Nuthin', The Kicks are Free"
© Alan Watt May 1, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 1, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks. I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 1st of May of 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest you make use of where I try and explain the system youíre born into. The system thatís vastly different from the one youíre taught to believe in and how it came together, how long itís been around, where itís going and really youíll understand the whole course of the world and the past history, the present and the future if you understand the organizations, the foundations, the big money boys, who sat together over 100 years ago and planned to take over all the resources of the planet; including all of us too, of course. And how weíre really sort of chattel, thatís all we are to them. We filled the factories at one time in the West, and of course, weíre superfluous; now theyíve got China to do all that.


They want to convince us that we should be sterilized and culled off, basically. Theyíre very ruthless and they treat us like animals. After all, you see itís a farm and Charles Fort was quite right when he said that little statement, he made a little statement, he said, ďI think weíre farmedĒ, and heís quite right. When they want wars, etc. they tell us to breed and go and fight the other guy and when itís all done they want to cull the population down to a more manageable level.


So, if you understand whatís happening with the Greening and all the rest of it, itís all part of the same system, because these guys, the Capitalists, invented the Communists and what a terrific system it is because they always give you sides to choose and like fools we always pick one or the other. Itís the same with all debates on television. They always give you two experts and basically, you take your pick of the one or the other. You always end up on the same path down the road. Itís more important that they get you debating the arguments they give to you and choosing sides than thinking for yourself and not taking part in either side and thinking off in a different direction altogether.


Itís all technique, you see, and these techniques have been studied for thousands of years. Weíre truly mushrooms at the bottom where we get to see the sky once a day, when they open the lid and they put in the you-know-what and then they close it on us; thatís what they feed us, you see. No kidding, thatís how it is.


Now remember too youíre the audience that bring me to you, and make use of the website, as I say. Thereís transcripts on them too; all the sites carry transcripts, in English.  If you want transcripts in other languages, apart from the audios, go into and help yourself from the ones offered there. You bring me to you so you can keep me going because I donít bring on advertisers as guests. Thatís okay for those who do, thatís how they make their cash.† I depend upon you to keep me going by buying the books and discs at From the US to Canada remember personal checks are good, international postal money orders are good. Some people send cash and you can also use PayPal. Straight donations are really, really awfully welcome; across the world Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.


What I try to do is to go through the histories of the past. If you go into the archives at youíll find a lot of history there of the organizations that got together even as early as the 18th century, in fact. They came out fairly openly, books were written about them then, the various organizations they formed. The richest people on the planet, that ran all the trade routes across the world. They owned fleets of ships for merchandising. They owned the merchant banks as well and where some people take over the world just by military power, these guys had realized thousands of years ago they can conquer the world with monetary power because then you own the military too. Everything comes down to the cash system and thatís why itís such an incredible powerful tool, is money. Thatís why nothing is going to change it. Asking them wonít change it. People have known about the con of money for a long, long time and the private banks, that no one needs, if youíre actually a national government, if youíve got a national government you could all make your own. Canada used to and then it got sold out from within, infiltration. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix and I should thank you all too, those who called the numbers I gave last night to do with Katerina Jeleva because of her son being held by the childrenís services, as they call them, for kidnappers, under a fake charge which was already disproven in a higher court but now theyíre going through the social services system and the court system there. It was a pretrial that was on today and the main antagonist, thatís the Guardian ad Litem, as they call it, the guardian thatís been given to represent the child, doesnít let, of course, the child see her mother at all. She didnít turn up because of all the calls that came in, I presume. Some young fellow was put in there who didnít know much about the case either, then the judge, basically, told the opposition, theyíll set a another pretrial in a monthís time or so and they better get evidence in then because the judge says she hasnít seen any evidence at all.


The idea is to get the person whoís basically put in the docks as a bad mother who isnít bad at all because all the other experts that came from the previous trial said the same thing, thereís not a shred of evidence here at all, itís all fake. They hope that sheíll give in, basically, thatís the whole idea of it, youíll settle. Settling means giving your child up to them and if you keep saying no I wonít, and thereís no evidence, well, what they really do for most folk is they get them to bankrupt you through your lawyer. Well, she doesnít have a lawyer, she represented herself and sheís doing pretty well at it too. So regardless, theyíve put another pretrial for a monthís time and if evidence doesnít come then, then theyíre going to have to give the child back or else take it to court. And if they take it to court then theyíve got to bring evidence up, and, as I say, there is no evidence.


So thatís how bad it is. Iím sure thereís lots out there who know this system because itís all across America, Australia, Canada, Britain, everywhere. Itís the same story as these so-called services end up being pariahs on the general public, but thereís reasons for this because, you understand, youíve got to go into the histories of why this is happening and itís quite a history at that too. We have the top people in Harvard.  Harvardís a big university for promoting this one-worldism, has always been, based on eugenics and based on Darwinism. Everything is based on Darwinism and itís permeated the whole schooling system and of course they basically came out with the psychiatric associations, the Freudian associations and declared, basically, that all people, all parents are mentally ill.


Iíve read these quotes before from some of the top people. Theyíve never changed, theyíre on a roll now, you see, because after all, you see, when they canít win an argument they always try to create what is called a science. Itís the same with statistics too, you know. First thereís lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. In other words, if itís scientific itís hard to argue because you donít understand all their new terminology, you see. Every science creates its own terminology to try and lose you.† If theyíre talking nonsense to begin with, covering it with a lot of fancy terms doesnít make it any more or less nonsense.


So, you got to understand, as I say, how this system is set up. Now, one of the main characters in the States, whoís responsible and has been for many years in getting this stuff taught, across not just the US but across the entire world, is from Harvard; and thatís professor of education and psychiatry at Harvard, Chester M. Pierce, professor. He said:


ďEvery child in America entering school at the age of 5 is mentally ill


(Alan: This is whatís taught to every social worker and even to the judges too, they hear this kind of stuff too, to deal with young children.)


because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. Itís up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well ó by creating the international child of the futureĒ


This is still taught at Harvard. Heís still teaching; heís been there for God knows how many years.† He really means what he says and everyone whoís taught this stuff knows that in all their examinations, if youíre a social worker, a childcare worker, whatever, you will believe this with all of your heart because you arenít going to get through your exams otherwise, and then they go for the children. They have this warped attitude through all their training that every parent out there is really contaminating the child with old-fashioned allegiances.


Itís all Marxism, for those who donít understand it. This is Marxism. All the big associations and foundations fund these big organizations, like the ones that Chester M. Pierce is on. Heís got associations across the whole planet for the international child of the future who are made well because they come to school sick because of their parents, basically, and because of their belief systems. In other words, they like a country to live in; itís a natural thing to like a country to live in. Isnít it?† But Marxism, of course, is no countries. The state will fade away, he said, eventually. Youíll have a global system of nothing but bureaucrats, bureaucrats until youíre sick and sick of levels and layers of bureaucrats, running your lives for you.


So, I thank you all as I say for phoning the court system and the ones involved, Katerina Jeleva. As I say, technically sheís kind of won this round but theyíre going to go for another pretrial and the judge is really giving the opposition, the social services, time to try and make up new evidence I suppose, because so far, as the judge says I havenít seen any evidence at all. Technically, they shouldíve given the child back today and says no more pre-trials but of course the court always sways towards another government-mandated society like the social services department.


So weíll see what happens, Iíll keep you updated, as well.  Anybody who has information and experience of these things can always get in touch with me or Katerina and her number is up on last nightís broadcast.† Itís quite something to see people. I get lots and lots of letters like this, across the world, in so-called first world countries, theyíre doing this everywhere, the same system, itís international. As I say, Chester M. Pierce is one of the characters behind it all; so is John Dewey, as well. He also said that children are sick from their parents. Exactly the same stuff they all parrot from Karl Marx onwards; and folk donít even know thatís whatís been taught to these characters. Theyíre taught to be paranoid against anybody who is normal-looking.† You got to understand, in the social services to do with children, you wonít really find what you would take as the average normal person. Even this Amber Ruder that didnít turn up today, a bit of the fear, I think, fits into that profile for those who understand what Iím saying.† You know the acne face, no makeup, Elvis Presley haircut type thing, thatís generally how they look. You know what Iím talking about, thatís how they are.


Thereís more abuse in childcare than any abuse in families across the planet. Theyíre notorious for it. You understand, there are people who like children in a special way, a very special way and now they either become Boy Scout leaders or Girl Guide leaders, or things like that. You see it all the time in the newspapers and the bulk of them now go into childcare, child services, that kind of stuff. Thatís just a fact.  So, they donít like getting beat and they certainly got a scare today, obviously, from the response from listeners calling in, etc. so, Iíll keep you updated on that.


This Chester M. Pierce thatís a professor, who is only one of many, mind you, they use the Harvard logo, basically, like a big club on everybody else, ďOh, this is HarvardĒ, you see. Heís the Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Professor Emeritus of Education at Harvard School of Education, and Dr. Gregory Fricchione, an Associate Chief of MGH Department of Psychiatry and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, yada yada ya.† Theyíve got all these international divisions of psychiatry across the planet. They also deal with all the problems of the African Diaspora. If you wonder, all the rappers out there, whatís happening, and Iíve got a couple of good links actually that were given to me by some guys in the States who were getting their own community together, to see what happened in the industry and how the sex has taken over, and women, their own women are all completely dehumanized now as nothing but sex objects. If you wonder whatís happened to you, youíve got to look at these characters Iím talking about now because this Chester M. Pierce and his Marxist philosophies, they all work together, you understand, to really screw everybody up, until everyone is dysfunctional, and then they bring in their new system to heal you, you understand, and to be a good little obedient Marxist. Thatís really whatís itís about. And you think Iím kidding. Iím not kidding at all. This is how the system works. This is really, really how the system works and people really havenít a clue about it. Hereís some quotes from psychiatrists.† Hereís one:


ďEvery child in America entering school at the age of five is insaneÖĒ  Dr. Chester M. Pierce, Psychiatrist, address to the Childhood International Education Seminar, 1973.


(A: Thatís only a partial quote, I gave you the full one earlier.)


And another:  ďEducation does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know Ė it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.Ē


(A: In other words, completely, itís behavior modification into what they want you to be.) 


--National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) sponsored report: The Role of Schools in Mental Health


The role of schools in mental health. You have to do quite a bit of digging; itís quite easy to find all these different quotes from the top, people who run the systems that you generally donít hear much about. Theyíre fairly quiet to you, but they have lots of meetings. Once again, they have their pseudo-laws and rules brought into government, who then back them up because thatís how they run things, by rules, not by so much laws. Like star chambers, childrenís courts, that kind of thing. Back with more after this.


Hi folks Iím back and Iím Cutting Through the Matrix. As I said before, there are those who understood long ago that you take over the world through money, something that very few folk understand because theyíre not told much about it. Itís good enough just to get some put in your hands and you go and spend it. But few folk actually ask where it comes from and how come weíre always in debt. Of course, the few countries that had their own banking system succumbed through infiltration, bribery etc of officials, into handing everything over to the private bankers, the cartel that runs the whole planet, private banking.


One cartel runs the whole system and of course itís no surprise for those who listen to this particular broadcast because weíve gone over the history of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They didnít use ďRoyalĒ in America; it wouldnít do too well, it wouldnít go down too well. They planned, as I say, to take over all the resources of the planet. Thatís minerals, gold, silver, everything that you need to make anything at all, they would have it, including water and food, by the way. And theyíve done it, theyíve pretty well done it, in our lifetimes, theyíve taken over the food and the water, quietly, by stealth, through governments again just signing bills through and itís all kept fairly quiet.


Weíre paying most of our money off in compound interest, thatís how it works. Tonight Iíll put some videos up, ďOh CanadaĒ is one. Itís up there again, you got to watch it; itís the same in every country, so itís worth watching because it doesnít matter what country you live in, itís the same con by the same people running the show, these shady international banks and bankers that lend to nations, lend nothing really but they bring everything back. They own us all; lock, stock and barrel. They also own the legal system by the way, and thatís how they can always make sure they donít change their system. Because every country has the ability to produce their own cash and borrow from no one. Canada used to do that.


Iíll also put up tonight too, Canada, the class action accuses banks of illegal creation of money. Itís still ongoing, it started in 2005, and Iíll put that one up but Iíll also put up, Oh Canada, and some other ones to do with the banking system. Plus the young girl too who talks about it, 12 years old, and explains money for dummies, basically, to Canadians and other people across the planet, how itís done. It doesnít take long to listen. Itís very simple. A child can tell you, out of the mouths of babes comes the truth sometimes because they donít complicate anything.


Youíll see, as I say, that weíre all in debt to the same cabal who decided a long time ago, as I say, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to take over the worldís money supply. Professor Carroll Quigley who was allowed to be their historian, because they have their own separate history of things, you understand, and their own archives. Thatís where the real truth is of why wars happened and who fomented the wars, who funded the wars and all that kind of stuff. He said that eventually all the central banks will come together under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, which it has done. Itís been that way for a long time and of course, you have the World Economic Forum, that all belong to it as well, all the big players, and the International Monetary Fund was to be brought up to its proper height, where itís really a boss across the world, forcing austerity upon us all.


So much so that even Holland, the government of Holland, basically walked out or dismissed themselves because they cannot bring themselves into agreement over this forced austerity that the new European Central Bank is forcing them all to go into, the new way of the future. Of course, youíll have your gross well-being, thatís to replace money. It doesnít matter if youíre wearing rags. Theyíre teaching us all through psychology etc., repetition, propaganda, that just feeling happy is all there is to life. I guess thatís good enough for domesticated animals, if it actually works. Theyíre training the people already.


There are lots of sites up there to do with your gross well-being; it came out from the United Nations, although it was thought up by a think tank first of all in Britain. They have lots of think tanks, multimillion-dollar think tanks that are working full-time to con you, find new ways to influence society through their trends and their memes and all the rest of it, that they give you. Even through all the nonsensical entertainment they give you too. Itís all propaganda and you have no idea of the mind control of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, marketing, all working together on you, every single day of your life. You have no idea.


Right down to, I got cut out today, I was looking into some, I was following threads on this very topic; it was called web-centric warfare. I followed into that from population-centric warfare, where the government departments, their warfare departments, are using strategies, old strategies with new terms, new names on them, to literally influence the behavior and the belief systems and our topics of conversation etc., on the general public here.  They really did it well in Russia; Bezmenov, the KGB guy that I put up yesterday, you can listen to him talk, the LA talk is very, very good, the one he did in the States. He tells you how they come into the country.  They get into very powerful positions, generally in universities, inside governments as well, as advisers, and then they gradually take down society culturally. They do it in such a way that eventually itís hard for the average person to come to a decision on their own about anything because theyíve destroyed everything that you used to believe in. It might take 20 years to do; it might take 10 years. They were working on America, Britain and all the countries of the world for an awful long time because these Soviet experts work for the global experts Ė the guys who run the whole system through cash. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the system that really runs the world and those behind it. Because the plan was put out an awful long time ago, theyíd set up a world banking system, theyíd set up the International Monetary Fund; they would dish out countries, Third World countries, cash to them, basically, as loans; theyíd get the first world countries to put their own people down as the guarantors of those loans because they knew darn well theyíd never pay them back.


Your country acts basically like a borrower and a lender. Your country, your nation, your government is in the business of banking, or theyíre working for the big banks themselves, but they put you down as guarantors and thatís why theyíre so happy to write off Third World debts and immediately give a new loan out to the same countries. It doesnít matter which country they do it to, or even which country is getting the cash. The fact is, the big bankers get the cash through compound interest.  This is the scam.† This is how you take over the whole planet.  Every prime minister, every president for a hundred-odd years has known this. Theyíve known how this scam works. The first thing that a prime minister of any British Commonwealth nation is told to do when heís elected is to go and see the governor of the Bank Ė the Bank of Australia, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, whatever; thatís their boss. Thatís the first person they go and see and thatís where they get their marching orders from.


Now, Canada was just told the other day there.† You see, we were told in Canada when all the banks went down in 2008 and 9 and all that, we were told that the banks were in great shape in Canada, fantastic shape. Now that would take the collusion of the Prime Minister, the top cabinet guys, it would also take the guys in charge of the so-called Bank of Canada, which is just like an office, where they appoint a guy who deals with the moneylenders, and they sort out how much we owe them after we borrow all the cash that we shouldnít be borrowing from them in the first place because theyíre all private banks. Anyway, they told us we were in great shape and the economy was great, blah-blah-blah. In other words they conspired.


Now, people are always on about conspiracies, you see, and history is nothing but conspiracies, of either sons trying to kill off their daddies as kings, to get into the throne, or even daughters at times doing it too, and sometimes the mothers, going back into ancient Rome. The world is full of conspiracies. Wars, they donít tell their enemies theyíre going to fight them, generally. They start it off by sending in, you know, color revolutions and things, then, ďOh we have to go in and help them, itís such a mess going on in that countryĒ. These are called conspiracies, you see, when people get behind closed doors; just like the childrenís societies, the judges and all the rest of it. Closed doors and have secret meetings like star chambers and they decide, they collude, to do something to the detriment of somebody or some people other than themselves. Thatís a conspiracy, you see, and it happens all the time.


So they conspired in Canada to tell the people that everything was great, Canada was borrowing nothing, the banks were strong. Now this fellow wrote to me and he says to me, he says:

So when Canadians were being told that Canadian banks were so much smarter and more clever than the rest of the worldís banks, the truth was that they were receiving emergency funds from the CMHC, the Bank of Canada and the US Federal Reserve.

These are private banks theyíre giving the money to.

These bailouts occurred over nearly a two-year period, from 2008 to 2010.

Iíve got the videos of the press conferences and all the rest of it. You can hear them for yourself, Iíll put them up tonight too. It says:

Itís interesting that the banks listed as receiving the emergency funds such as Scotia Bank, the Royal Bank, the TD bank, CIBC, and the BMO are the largest banks in Canada. The CCPA report says that the smallest of these banks receive more funds than the entire worth of the bank, in some cases 150% of the value of the bank itself.

And some inconsistencies too, this fella noted, he says:

If there was nothing to hide, why did the Canadian government lie and continue to lie, and why do they continue to refuse to comply with FOIA requests?

About all the truth etc.

The CCPA presenter claims the $114 billion is the total amount. How does he know this without the FOIA documents?

It could be a lot more and probably is.

The CCPA presenter claims all the money has been paid back.† How could it be possible for a bank to borrow a 150% more than its actual worth and be able to pay that entire amount off within roughly 4 years?

Again with compound interest.

Does the US Federal Reserve now own part of these Canadian banks?


Well, youíll find itís the same moneylenders. You see, thereís many ways to own something. You understand? What are these banks anyway, like the Bank of Canada?  Theyíre institutions, institutions; look up the meaning of institutions. And they become institutionalized in your society by habit and by you accepting the fact theyíre simply there, like the UN is a big building that plans to take over the planet, basically, and alter all the childrenís way of thinking and bring in this global society; with the help of the banks too, because theyíre owned by them too. Nobody voted the United Nations in. The public never even knew what was going on. Theyíre not democratic, any more than these institutions are democratic. They simply graft themselves onto your governmental system.


And he says:

But donít worry, even though the presenter based everything on public documents, the Canadian government is calling this a ďconspiracy theoryĒ.


Iíll give you the links as well to this so-called conspiracy theory. Which obviously was a conspiracy: why would they keep quiet about it for 4 years or so, till it bust out? And it also took a conspiracy to keep it quiet all that time, as well. They didnít want the shareholders or the people in the banks withdrawing their cash out, obviously. Thatís a conspiracy; itís making a pact and keeping it secret. Thatís how it works.


So, Iíll put up a lot of links to that tonight, as well.  Itís from the CBC as well, the Communist Broadcasting Corporation, Canadaís newscast, they even mentioned it too, and a few others, the Globe mentioned it as well. Itís quite something, Canadaís big banks, a big secret; quite something indeed. You understand, with money, it hasnít been in the hands of the governments for awful, awful long time. Now Iím putting up a link tonight too, to Mr. Abrams from British Columbia whoís a retired schoolteacher, who did great research, as well, on the banking system in Canada. He shows you through his own graphs that he made, and his own little kind of (I called them) Ďfruit piesí, basically, when he does a circle and it shows you how much youíre actually paying in compound interest. All the shaded area pretty well is almost the whole darned circle, and thatís what you pay every year to these international lenders, when you could be creating your own cash, like Canada used to do. As I say, weíre conned and conned and conned, over and over again.


Now, Iím also putting up a link tonight too.  Itís called The Church of Malthus. Itís very good. Malthus, of course, one of his later cousins youíll find was Darwin. Because it runs in the families, these ideas, itís like an obsession or maybe itís genetic, who knows.† The families certainly have their own particular parts to play in the agenda. Itís taught from father to son, just like the Rothschilds teach their sons to be bankers. They donít go off and say, daddy I want to be an actor, or I want to fly planes or something, you know. No, they always carry on in their tradition of the family, thatís drummed into them and the same with those who become the scientific types, or call themselves sciences, of eugenics or to do with evolution, etc. Theyíre all in the family, right up through the Huxleys and everybody else, of famous names.


This one here goes on about Holdren, John Holdren, for instance. It says:


He is not a scientist nor does he appear to participate in any sort of productive industry.


He is a modern day Malthusian evangelist Ė preaching the limits of population growth as hysterically as Thomas Malthus did over 200 years ago, warning of imminent societal collapse.


(A: Thomas Malthus again was the first one to come out with these impressive graphs. Theyíre awful good at scribbling grabs up, you know. And ďOh, gee, look at that spike going way up there. In 10 yearsí time weíll be all standing on top of each other.Ē This was way back then. Of course it never happened.)


Gildingís contemporaries include John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, who in 1977 ludicrously concluded that the United States would collapse when its population reached ď280 million in 2040.Ē


Americaís population stands well over 300 million today, and the only collapse it faces is due to a maniacal government attempting to carry out global imperial conquest through trillion dollar decade-spanning wars, and mega-trillion dollar banker bailouts paid to the order of institutionalized degenerate gamblers.


(A: The stock market.)


Clearly, whatever ďscienceĒ men like Gilding and Holdren are basing their system of beliefs on is divorced from the science that gives us technology and progress.


(A: Now, getting back to eugenics. You got to understand there is an elite in the world. Thereís always been a dominant minority. Thatís something that Aldous Huxley harped on about in his many different lectures. The dominant minority donít have to actually do work, they tell the rest below them what to do, for work. Go back to Plato, for instance. Plato talked about breeding different classes just below the dominant class that would manage all the peasantry down below. So you would breed scientists, you see, you would breed your mathematicians, you would breed the ones that would handle all the cash system, etc. and the educational system. Theyíd all be part of the helpers of the guardian class at the top. Itís never changed, folks. And eugenics, believe you me, under many names, has always been there. Itís the same belief system of the elite, the true belief system of them, down through the eons. It says:)


It is analytical, theoretical, and compiled by men who have little experiential knowledge of how the world actually functions.


(A: I would contradict that and say, oh, these guys know how the world functions. See, theyíre using this as a guise, a guise to bring in their own world because under their own doctrine and under Darwinís theories again too, if the inferior types outbreed the elite, and this is one of their laws in eugenics and evolution, then, of course, itíll bring down and dilute the blood of those at the top and eventually the world will fall into chaos. They actually teach this and utterly believe it, you understand. So the Greening projects and the overpopulation theories, etc. are all part of you, to allow yourselves, and itís happening now, to be sterilized and even, ďOh, youíve lived 50 years; donít work any more, take this pill and kill yourselfĒ. Thatís all coming in too and Iím not kidding about that either. You see, weíre the only species on the planet that has to be convinced to give up our own lives, so that the elite can go on into their wonderful green utopia, once weíve all died off, you see. It says:)


These are priests and evangelists perched in ivory towers and behind podiums shouting out their patently false conclusions to the crowds before them.  Their rťsumťs are devoid of accomplishments in applied science and technology, and instead filled with ridiculous predictions and ďacademiaĒ that have humiliatingly and repeatedly been proven false.


(A: It doesnít matter, you see, thereís the real reason, itís eugenics. See, itís you that has to start to believe in what theyíre saying. Thatís why they make it mandatory they teach all this rubbish in schools. You cannot get a child and give them a social agenda in school because they have not got the wisdom to understand the complexity; yes, and even the conspiracies that go on in the world. They think adults must tell them the truth, especially teachers. In fact, theyíre taught nobody will tell you the truth except your teachers; believe your teachers, donít believe your parents.)


Worst of all, their work is carried out on behalf of a ďGreen VaticanĒ of sorts Ė not based in Rome, Italy, but on Wall Street and in the financier capital of London Ė who in reality are the greatest purveyors of environmental catastrophe.


Like many cults and organized religions before them, they shift the burden of reconciling "sin" onto its growing flock of followers instead of taking responsibility for its own actions....


In other words, itís all your fault the world is like this, not because we run the world and we plunder the world, we cause wars, we demolish mountains looking for specks of gold. No, no, no, itís all your fault folks. And Iíve heard some of the bankers say, see, we give the people work, if it wasnít for us thereíd be no work. Well, Iíll tell you, if you had an honest banking system in thereíd be plenty of work all right and there wouldnít be debt, and all the cash that you did pay in taxes, if you paid at all, because governments used to get it all in import duty, that was enough at one time to take care of all government. But now government is expanding in the communist fashion into layers and layers and layers of bureaucracies and special interest groups, that take on responsibilities or give themselves responsibilities over you, self-appointed. Government is supposed to be minimalistic. That was the only way you could possibly, that people could possibly flourish at all; but its whole job, as you can see, is to make it minimalistic. Your life is to be minimalistic in the things that you could possibly do, all the options are taken away from you, school-to-work and all the rest of it Ė the Marxian gospel; again, created by the capitalists.


So Iíll put this up tonight too and youíll get all this nonsense about the global footprint networks and whoís behind all this stuff, etc. etc. etc. Because these same guys, as I say, theyíre farmers; they call themselves shepherds, by the way, and youíre the sheep. Just like Fort said, ďweíre being farmedĒ. And then they break the legs, you see, of the sheep or the cattle, they break them, and when you fall down they kick you because you canít get up, and they mock you and they hate you because you canít get up. They always blame the victim.† And youíve got to get your head around this massive psychological leap because thatís how the world really is and thatís how itís always really been, because this money system has been around for an awful long time, awful long time. And thereís nothing to change it because, as I say, they own the law system, the legal system. They arenít going to bring laws in to stop them ripping you off twice a century or more. Theyíve done this every century, twice a century, sometimes three or four times a century. And we canít get our heads around that these are the best scientists and they canít figure out a better way to run the system, recessions, depressions, recessions, depressions, wars?


Have you seen the wealth, even the United Nations by its own laws must push out to the public every so often, of the incredible gap between not just the rich and the poor, see weíre all poor now. All this money that the banks were bailed out with, thatís all on your heads now. You all owe part of that, to pay it back. Now, have you seen the lifestyle the guys at the top are living, these guys that ripped everybody off? Some of them have private helicopters on top of their skyscrapers, so they can take them to their fleets of private aircraft. Are they suffering? Theyíre laughing up their sleeves, theyíre laughing at everybody, because they own the legal system and nobody in government is going to touch that.


So, weíre really conned from every possible direction you could possibly you think of. And as I say, tonight as I was going through all this stuff to do with web-centric wars and even population-centric wars, somehow I got into some government websites in the US, and I got massive red warning signs came up on the computer, everything except the siren, wah-wah, telling me, warning me that I was blocked from entering these particular sites. What it was, I went into neurology and psychology to do with the war departments and the techniques theyíre using on all the citizenry and how they put it out through propaganda to the public, in all the different ways they can do it. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks. Iím back Cutting Through the Matrix. Just mentioning too how I followed a trail and ended up on government websites. It was actually the US military academies and up comes my own number here for my web and the whole bit, and the computer, even the computer description and the whole lot, everything came up on my screen all in big red flashing signs and saying I was forbidden to enter this and all this kind of stuff.


So, theyíre using this on the general population because you donít know that your culture has been bent 180 degrees by design, over quite a few years. The Marxist manifesto has pretty well been accomplished. This war on the family, itís almost totally destroyed. Now itís down to even women trying to get their children from childrenís aid or childrenís services and you have to battle and battle if youíve got the cash to do it or at least having the stamina to keep going up against these people who are venomous, utterly venomous to the people that they see as normal, you see, people who are old-fashioned and have been married, that kind of thing.


So, itís quite something to see this system being totally conquered by another system. Designed by, I would call them actual scientists, social scientists, who look to society, what makes it work, what makes it function, what holds it together, makes it functionable and then you gradually go at it and destroy bit by bit every part of it till theyíre helpless. Thatís exactly what you come to at the end. You cannot make your own decision on anything. Youíre unsure of everything. Thatís when you know your culture is destroyed. That was the whole purpose of psychological warfare operations, from the Soviet system but now your own countries are doing it on your own people, across the planet.


Iíll put all these links up tonight. And also another link too, to Overpopulation is a Myth, very simplistic in a sense, but itís also true. Itís a short video for those who want to see the hype and nonsense to do with overpopulation. You understand, the United Nations has mentioned itself that basically the native populations or those whoíve come in later, if you want to call it that, and became the populations of, say, Canada, the States and elsewhere, their numbers have been plummeting for about 30-odd years because they were doing what they were told: chase the car, chase the material world, donít have children, maybe donít even get married, or have childrenójust have one of them.  Then you half your population; and then your governments that run for the banks, work for the banks, ďOh, you got to bring more immigrants in because weíve got all this debt to pay off and thereís not enough people to pay off the debtĒ, you see. You canít win, you understand. Itís not meant that you win by being good; ďOkay Iíll just have 1.1 childĒ, you cannot win.


This other article Iíll put up too is called


Power really does corrupt as (A:  Experts, itís got to be experts because theyíre the new priests.) scientists claim itís as addictive as cocaine


(A:  It goes through some of the history of some powerful people.)


Baron John Acton coined the phrase Ďpower tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutelyí scientists claim the saying is biologically true.


(A: Because it affects chemistry in your body when youíre on this power trip, you see. It says:)


The feeling of power has been found to have a similar effect on the brain to cocaine by increasing the levels of testosterone and its by-product 3-androstanediol in both men and women.

This in turn leads to raised levels of dopamine, the brainís reward system called the nucleus accumbens, which can be very addictive. 


Iíll put this link up tonight and you can go through it to see why your masters, the inbred masters, obviously have the same problem with their brains. They need this kick and they certainly get it from all of us passive people at the bottom. Weíre either passive or weíre fighting each other. Thatís also part of the agenda, getting you all fighting each other, just like, well, Iraq. Thatís what Brzezinski and Kissinger said, leave them all fighting each other and theyíre helpless, so are we if we allow that to happen. Stop fighting each other and get together, educate yourself, and thatís how you stand up to these characters, eventually by saying no.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou



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