May 3rd, 2012 (#1079)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 3rd, 2012:

No Hiding Place when it's In Your Face:

"With All the Laws Our Nations Signed We're All in Prison Now,
Each of Us is Flagged 1 to 5, Yet There's No Popular Row,
For Most Follow Their Reality of "No-One Looks at Me",
Facebook's Worth 75 Billion? How Come if it's Free?
Surveillance is Unobtrusive, Like Stalking of a Cat,
They've Tested it in Laboratories, Even On the Rat,
The Third Ear is Silent, When Prattling to Your Friends,
Yet Every Word You Uttered is Synchronized to Trends
And Kept for Perpetuity in Case They Need to Pull You In,
Disclosing in Star Chamber a List of All Your Sin,
There's Good People On the Left, Good On the Right,
Yet Oblivious of the Puppet Master When They Start to Fight,
The World's Elite Know Ancient Tricks, to Deceive They do Vow,
With All the Laws Our Nations Signed We're All in Prison Now"
© Alan Watt May 3rd, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 3rd, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May the 3rd, 2012.  I always start off by suggesting you make use of the website,, because thereís so many free audios there for download, where I take you through the history of the big system, the big conglomerate you might say, that got together in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  All the richest men on the planet, actually, with their big corporations, international moneylenders, basically.  They lent to nations.  And they got together with the big plan to take over the world, and basically, all the resources in it too.  Not only that, too, they combined the Darwinistic eugenics program into their plan.  They hired lots of scientists to work for them.  And they took over the educational systems and all of academia, higher academia too, to make sure, you see, that the plan went smoothly; generation through generation, they would turn out the ones who would help influence all the rest of the general public, and itís been done very successfully.  They believe that scientists should work for them, the elite, the dominant minority, and the scientists should run the world on their behalf, basically, while we go into a planned society across the planet.  And thatís why weíre being forced through various scams to pay so much money towards carbon taxes and all the other things that are coming down the pike, and all the scary scenarios, which they admit they must give out before big meetings, like the Rio+20, 2012, Summit type of deal. 


So, thatís what itís all about, the takeover of the entire planet and the indoctrination of society.  Donít be afraid of it, because, you see, weíve all been indoctrinated, and your parents before you, and your grandparents too.  Itís a matter of getting out of it.  So, help yourself to the audios.  It might help you to get the better picture, the bigger picture of how it all came to be.


And remember too, you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at, and remember too that thereís a lot of discs there, as well, of audios for purchase as well.  Over a thousand of them.  So, anyway, you can really start to understand the system if you buy the books and discs, etc.  Remember too, from the US to Canada, you can order using a personal check or an international postal money order from the post office.  You can send cash.  Or you can use PayPal.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  Remember, straight donations are really seriously welcome right now. 


I try to bring todayís news and go to the past, because you must understand the past to understand the present.  Itís hard for very young people, whoíve had their recent conditioning, because theyíre always updating every generation, you see, but itís very hard for them to imagine that it was different even forty, fifty years ago, in the system, as it is today, including freedoms and things like that.  They have been through an indoctrination process, which works very well, invented a long, long time ago.  And the guys who worked on it often wrote books about it.  They worked in global meetings with global systems and societies, to bring this about.  And they said that scientific indoctrination would ensure that the children would get the right kind of education, which meant they would take their values and morals from the State, which would be instituted through the teachers to the children.  And that has been awfully successful as we all can see. 


And you canít blame, never blame the young, because we all go through it.  And we all get our own personal indoctrination regardless of the generation.  And when youíre young, you think everything is normal simply because it exists as it does.  You have no idea, of course, theyíre working through a big global agenda to shape your values, shape your morality, give you new values and new morality, and prepare you too to be well indoctrinated in the future.  If you donít get the early indoctrination at school, Jacques Ellul said, and he was tremendously well up there too, he said that your subsequent indoctrination and propaganda will not take very well on you.  So, early education is essential for future propaganda to work.  Back with more, after this break.


HI folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about this amazing system.  And it truly is amazing, when you see so many think tanks across the planet working with the big international foundations.  The foundations that fund hundreds, actually thousands of nongovernmental organizations, which are just armies, which constantly lobby governments to get laws through, on behalf, basically, of the big foundations which fund them.  So, this is a parallel government, the one that Thatcher and others talked about.  When they leave government, they said, we never really leave at all, we work with the parallel government, which of course, for her is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and for other branches across the world, theyíre called the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís all the same club, basically.  And they all know each other, she said, so we donít have to be responsible to the public, we can continue and get the big things done, because democracy, you see, is awful slow and cumbersome.  Which echoes what the Club of Rome said in the 1970s, that democracy would never work, they said.  Weíll have to go into a post-democratic society.  There are too many conflicting parties, all arguing with each other, so they couldnít actually get big things done across the world.  So, youíd have a pretence, in other words, of democracy, and even used for warfare, but they donít intend, of course, ever to give the public actual democracy.  Specialists and experts are supposed to run the world. 


And you can see today, under even terrorism, where theyíre testing us all like guinea pigs.  Theyíre spraying the skies like crazy.  They have been since 1998.  And weíre not supposed to notice.  And if we do notice, weíre crazy, because the big faces on television wonít mention it, even though lots of testing has been done on the substances that fall down, and believe you, thereís not one of them very good for you, and it shouldnít be in the atmosphere anyway.  But anyway, hereís an article here, for instance, that ties in with that, you see.  And itís from Boston.  It says:


The Department of Homeland Security has installed sensors in the MBTA system to detect biological agents and they've been testing to see how the air moves.


(Alan: Theyíve done many of these tests in the past, so why do they have to do more?  They were even dropping light bulbs full of bacterium back in the 70s and the 80s and through the 90s in different subways.  Anyway:)


Now they want to release particles in the tunnels to see how well the sensors work.


(A: Like they donít know, right?  It says:)


The tests will be held at stations in Cambridge and Somerville.


Federal officials say they test the subway sensors by releasing dead bacteria called B-subtilis.


(A: Very subtle, eh?  Itís kind of dead.)


They say it is used in food supplements,


(A: So, they put dead bacteria in food supplements.  Hmm?)


has been rigorously tested and has no adverse health effects for low exposure in healthy people.


(A: Now, thatís how they generally write things.  And for the hard of thinking, Iíll repeat the last part.  It has no adverse health effects for low exposure in healthy people.  What happens to those who are not healthy?  Hmm?  See how they legalize.  Legally theyíve given themselves an out here, you see.)


The tests will be held during the off hours this summer, likely overnight.


(A: In fact, this whole article is disclosure to tell the public, obviously.  And if a law case comes up, they say, well, we told the public it was happening and hereís the times it was happening.  Thatís how they do it.  So, if you croak, itís your own fault.  Itís your problem.  So, it will be likely overnight.  So, likely doesnít mean it will be overnight.  Theyíll do it during the day too, Iím sure.)


As part of the legal process, a hearing will be held May 16, from 5:30-7:30pm at the Cambridge YMCA in Central Square. The public will be able to voice concerns and comments.


And Iíll put the links up tonight on that to do with this Bacillus-subtilis study on human beings, the guinea pigs.  And of course, if youíre healthy, you may or may not come out okay.  But if youíre unhealthy, you may very well become sick with it, obviously.  Itís amazing what theyíve done in the past when you really look at some of the disclosed stuff, the stuff they let out from their deep vaults, thirty, forty years later.  What theyíve actually done on the public is astronomical, really.  Any other country, you see, this is the beauty when youíve got a bad enemy over there, like when it was the Soviet Union, you had the Bad Bear, and you could always point to, oh, look what theyíre doing to their citizens in Kazakhstan, theyíre blowing atomic missiles underground and channeling the blast towards the villages to see how the public reacted.  And actually, they did that too.  They really actually did that.  You had to go outside your homes and sit in the garden, and then they come along later and test you.  But the US was doing the same kind of things elsewhere too, on their own citizens.  They just didnít tell them.   But now we have no one to point the finger at, to compare with, you see.  So they can treat you like anybody across the whole planet.  It doesnít matter.  Weíre just cattle, really, arenít we? 


Of course, tonight too, the big sort of scuttle today is this hullabaloo over the US Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual.  Iíll put that up too.  But itís no big deal.  Theyíve had ones out before.  They put them out every year or so, or couple of years.  And itís also a PDF to download as well.  And I think itís the one they generally give out to contractors that work with them, and thatís how it got out in the first place.  It gives you their outline of how they deal with threats to populations that may result in conflict and human suffering of course, and how theyíre going to deal with all of this.


Back in the 90s, better ones came out, because I can remember Bill Cooper talked about this very thing, where they even did practices in train yards, where they would have sections of the platform in different colors.  And when you went in, you were literally given a sort of hand paint of yellow, orange and red, etc, according to your value alert.  And they had actually testing on people and volunteers back then for this kind of stuff.  See, youíre always under the same system, because government is always worried about revolutions, rebellions, or dissent by the public. 


And thatís also in the 90s when they came out with basically, how would they sustain government in times of war or even insurrection and rebellion in their own countries.  Theyíre always doing the same kind of thing.  Theyíre always prepared, like the Boy Scouts, you know, always prepared.  So they have these facilities.  And theyíve done them in Canada too.  And they have many places and camps all set up where they can take all the bad boys, the ones that actually donít go along with things, or say, hey, Iíve got rights.  ďOh, thatís enough of that.  Come with me.Ē  And then off you go to the camp, you see.   Most folk will be okay.  They wonít go.  Theyíll be quite happy to watch television or, you know, fiddle with their cell phones or something, and things like that.  So, Iíll put this up tonight, along with the PDF, for those who want to read it.  Itís used abroad too, of course, but itís also for internal as well. 


And whatís interesting too is all the farce.  I donít even get into the debate anymore, trying to discuss or argue science.  See, itís beautiful.  Itís like arguing religion.  Thatís what science is today.  Itís a form of religion.  As I mentioned before, in the late 1800s, even certain Christian branches had to grab science and adapt to science on the end of their name, you see.  And Christian Science came along, because science was the big thing that was going to make a world utopia.  But, we find today, through all their fudging of statistics.  And everyone can fudge statistics.  Everyone can fudge any data to go along with their argument.  They all do, in fact, that thereís no point in getting into it.  All you have to know is whatís their aim, whatís the end goal.  And the end goal is to make us all believe that weíre causing global warming.  Weíre contributing to the earthís demise.  And weíre all naughty and terrible.  And weíll have to pay incredibly, incredible amounts of money to make it all better, you see, to the right people, of course.  And they already have the right people with their international banks, like the Rothschilds set up, to deal with the carbon taxes and stuff like that.  So, why bother getting into it?  Iíve mentioned before, I donít care if God himself comes down and says itís all nonsense.  Theyíll have to kill him, you know, or try to kill him, because they canít back out now. 


Theyíve all had global agreements on this years ago, to make this the con.  And it was the Club of Rome, the big think tank for the United Nations and all the big lefties that work for the big righties, because at the top, itís really Fascist at the top, with Communism down below.  The Communist bureaucracy runs all of us, you see.  Thatís how it works.  And, back in the 70s, the Club of Rome said the same thing, that they were given the task to find a reason to take all your rights away and to bring your standard of living down, and apart from giving all your factories to China, and paying for it, by your tax money, they also wanted to create big scary scenarios.  They said, so they thought about ways to bring the world together under different threats; eventually they settled on global warming, famine, and drought, starvation, and the like; that would fit the bill. 


So, in other words, they had a brainstorming meeting, and tossed different ideas, and that was the one they settled on.  So, they settled on it back then, theyíre not going to back off now.  And we even had politicians in Canada in the federal government come out and say it doesnít matter.  It doesnít matter if itís all bogus about global warming and carbon and so on.  This will help us redistribute the wealth across the world, because theyíre all Marxist, you see.  Theyíre all Marxist.  And the Marxists think itís going to be a wonderful world.  But, see, itís not going to the Third World countries.  Itís going to the international corporations that put branches up in the Third World countries.  Everybody is scammed, eh?  But many donít mind being scammed, mind you. 


And tonight too, Iíll put up an old article, itís very old.  Itís from 1961, which also ties in with today.  You see, when they set up the United Nations and had the big San Francisco meeting in 1946, I think it was, every president and prime minister that signed on, basically sold their country down the river, and technically, they were all treasonous, because the public werenít even asked about it.  They signed so many agreements.  Alger Hiss the Communist drafted it up in collusion with Lester B. Pearson of Canada, and one of his cohorts, Eliot.  And they mentioned it in their own articles, that this was for global government, no two ways about it, and a Socialist type at that.  In other words, Communist.  Thatís what they were after.


But Communists donít believe, you see, in equality.  Thatís the big mistake for those at the bottom that read a little bit of Karl Marx and start parroting it.  They donít understand that they truly believe in the Darwinist theory of evolution, and that special people should rule over the masses, if you havenít quite got that yet, you see.  Thatís how they really believe.  You had the same generations of families dominating the Soviet Union, that moved into the Soviet Union and took it over in 1917, still running it today, intergenerational.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, as I say, you always have to go into the past to find out whatís happening today, because everything thatís happening today was decided long ago, in the past, often before you were born.  And one of the many articles that came out, that went through the United Nations, from the United States, in fact, where it originated, was ďFreedom from War,Ē it was called.  Freedom from War.  Now, remember, itís very Orwellian.  Even now, when theyíre plundering across the planet, with NATO, etc, and theyíve grabbed all the oil fields for the big corporations, who, according to the boys long, long ago, said that they should own them because theyíll manage them better.  These people just sit on them and do nothing with them, so itís rightfully ours, because, well, we want them.  Anyway, they use peace as war.  Itís very Orwellian, of course, so:


Freedom From War: The United States Program


(A: Itís called)


for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. 


(A: Iíll give the PDF out as well, thereís a PDF of it.)


On 25 September 1961, in a speech to the UN's General Assembly, President John F. Kennedy introduced a State Department-created document entitled Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament In a Peaceful World.


(A: That also meant civilian, by the way.)


Also designated "Department of State Publication 7277", the document calls for a strenuous and uninterrupted effort toward the goal of general and complete disarmament, with all disarmament obligations to be subject to effective international controls.


(A: And they are today.  Itís all international.† So:)


Freedom From War outlines three major stages, to be implemented over many years. During the first stage, the testing of nuclear weapons is to be prohibited by treaty. The size of the war-making capabilities of nations is to be greatly reduced, and treaties and monitoring mechanisms put in place to prepare for the reduction and eventual elimination of all chemical, biological, and radiological weapons.


(A: Except for use in your own subways, I should say.)


In the second stage, states will engage in further reductions in armaments and military personnel, as the United Nations establishes a permanent international peace force.


(A: Thatís the UN Peace Force that weíre all under now.)


In the third and final stage, states would retain only those forces, non-nuclear armaments, and establishments required for the purpose of maintaining internal order;


(A: Internal order is the final phase.  I said years ago too, on this show, and even before this one, on this broadcasting station, I said that eventually, when they finish all their wars across the Middle East and elsewhere, and have set up a perimeter around China, that will be the last one you see, just a perimeter to make sure everyone behaves, then theyíll turn.  And theyíll be getting ready to turn to their own public internally, because massive changes have to happen then.  Itís now called austerity, of course.  Thatís the term theyíre using.  Getting back to the article, it says, so youíll only keep a police force and a military force for international peace and internal peace and internal order.)


they would also support and provide agreed manpower for a UN Peace Force.


(A: Thatís NATO.  Itís expanding all the time.)


This series of comprehensive measures aims to bring about a world in which there is freedom from war and security for all states.


(A: And it goes on to the view of John F. Kennedy on disarmament, excerpts of the speech by Senator John F. Kennedy, Milwaukee.  And it says, October 23rd, 1960.  This is what Kennedy says:)


In the years preceding World War II, Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed the historic Four Freedoms as the goals of American policy and American society. Tonight, I want to talk to you about one of those freedoms - freedom from fear.


(A: By the way, Iíll put up all four, a link to it tonight.)


In a message to Congress on January 7, 1941,


(A: This is Kennedy talking Ė with a Scottish accent...)


President Roosevelt translated freedom from fear to mean "a worldwide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor anywhere in the world." In short, freedom from fear was freedom from war - the pursuit of that freedom was the pursuit of peace -


(A: Now, remember, war is peace.  And they have to have all these wars before they can bring in so-called peace.)


the method of achieving that freedom was the method of disarmament.  Today, 20 years later, we are still far from Franklin Roosevelt's goal. War still threatens - this time with weapons of destructive power far beyond the imagination of 1941. The pursuit of peace is still the focus of our leadership, our energies, and our determination. And disarmament is still the most vital step on the road to a lasting peace.  The great question of the 1960's - the overriding concern of all Americans and all men - is whether, in the coming decade, the world will move toward a secure peace and the survival of mankind or whether we will move toward war and common destruction. And how the American people choose in this campaign may well determine our direction in the years to come.


(A: See, they always give you a fear thing.  Now itís the weather.)


Of course Mr. Nixon and I both want peace.


(A: He says.† Oh, yeah.)


We both want to put an end to the arms race and the prospects of nuclear holocaust. But we do disagree - and we disagree fundamentally - on the nature of the effort and leadership which the pursuit of peace demands.


So, he goes on and on and on.  And they talk about more impressive things, etc.  And words with Mr. Khrushchev, etc, and all that kind of stuff.  But, when you really go through, the thing is for complete and general, general and complete disarmament for all nations.  And the nations all signed this long ago, back in the 60s, just to let you know whatís to come, you see.  And thatís why every country now has internal armies, because, as it said in this article here, eventually youíll only have internal armies to keep domestic peace, because also, part of the agenda wasnít to bring in a happy utopia, it was making you come down to almost a Third World standard of living, by the way.  It was sustainability and all that stuff.  So, there you are.  Iíll put that up tonight too. 


Now, John Pilger does an awful lot of stuff across the world.  And he talks about, itís generally, oh, look at this terrible thing that corporations have done in this Third World Country, and itís all terrible and sad and nasty.  But he never tells you what you should do about it, you see.  And he works for international organizations.  Thatís the only thing I can say about him that doesnít quite tick with me.  But Iím going to read this article.  Itís well written and itís true, and itís up to you what you want to do about it.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about John Pilgerís articles.  Theyíre generally very, very good.  I know he goes into some of the Green organizations, and he spoke in Sydney Australia, I think, a while back.  It kind of made me wonder if heís into this global warming and itís a good idea to use against the public.  I donít know if thatís his attitude or what, because I couldnít listen to it all.  But generally, he does go through all these countries where chaos is happening, and famine, and etc.  He also goes into some of the top newspaper people in the world and takes them on.  Heís like a terrier.  He will argue with them, and he even argued with Strauss-Kahn when he was head of the big world bank.  And of course, Strauss-Kahn had more in common with Genghis Kahn at the time with all the pills I think he took to keep going in his nightlife.  Anyway, hereís what John Pilger says:


You are all potential terrorists. It matters not that you live in Britain, the United States, Australia or the Middle East. Citizenship is effectively abolished.


(A: And that is true, folks.  I donít think you understand that.  You canít get out of the country Ė I said years ago, this would come, weíre going to be imprisoned.  If they donít want you to leave the country, you ainít leaving it, whether youíve got your passport in order and everything else.  He says:)


Turn on your computer and the US Department of Homeland Security's National Operations Center may monitor whether you are typing not merely "al-Qaeda," but "exercise," "drill," "wave," "initiative" and "organization": all proscribed words.


(A: I said it all.  Iím really bad.)


The British government's announcement that it intends to spy on every email and phone call is old hat.


(A: Itís true.  Why is there all this upset about it?  Theyíve been doing it forever.)


The satellite vacuum cleaner known as Echelon has been doing this for years. What has changed is that a state of permanent war has been launched by the United States and a police state is consuming Western democracy.


(A: And thatís the facts, folks.  He says:)


What are you going to do about it?


In Britain, on instructions from the CIA, secret courts are to deal with "terror suspects."


(A: Thatís these star chambers.  Locked doors, the whole lot.)


Habeas Corpus is dying. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that five men, including three British citizens, can be extradited to the US even though none except one has been charged with a crime.


(A: This is way beyond anything thatís happened in the past.)


All have been imprisoned for years under the 2003 US/UK Extradition Treaty which was signed one month after the criminal invasion of Iraq.


(A: And it was a criminal invasion.  It even came out in the inquiry where Bush says, well, I never said, you know, that Hussein had anything to do with 9/11.  He says, heís just a bad guy and the world is better off without him.  Well, can you imagine that kind of power from a psychopath?  I donít like that one.  Go and bump them off too?  Thatís law?  Is it?  Thatís lawlessness.  Anyway:)


The European Court had condemned the treaty as likely to lead to "cruel and unusual punishment." One of the men, Babar Ahmad, was awarded 63,000 pounds compensation for 73 recorded injuries he sustained in the custody of the Metropolitan Police. Sexual abuse, the signature of fascism, was high on the list.


(A: And boy, it really is.  Itís all here.  Itís full-blown, folks.)


Another man is a schizophrenic, who has suffered a complete mental collapse and is in Broadmoor secure hospital; another is a suicide risk. To the Land of the Free they go - along with young Richard O'Dwyer, who faces ten years in shackles and an orange jump suit because he allegedly infringed US copyright on the Internet.


As the law is politicized and Americanized,


(A: Actually, itís not American, either. America is not even run by Americans.)


these travesties are not untypical. In upholding the conviction of a London university student, Mohammed Gul, for disseminating "terrorism" on the Internet, appeal court judges in London ruled that "acts ... against the armed forces of a state anywhere in the world which sought to influence a government and were made for political purposes" were now crimes.


(A: Do you hear that?  Were now crimes.  So, anything that you put up there now to do against government, etc)


against the armed forces of a state anywhere in the world which sought to influence a government and were made for political purposes" were now crimes


Call to the dock Thomas Paine, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela.


What are you going to do about it?


The prognosis is clear now: the malignancy that Norman Mailer called "pre fascist" has metastasized.


(A: Itís cancerized.  Itís spreading.)


The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, defends the "right" of his government to assassinate American citizens. Israel, the protťgť, is allowed to aim its nukes at nukeless Iran. In this looking glass world, the lying is panoramic.


(A: And it is.  Itís nothing but lies everywhere, but theyíre all on board with them.  Thatís why they all parrot the same things.  They actually have lectures and lessons to teach them all to say the same things to all the press, never put your own word across, always parrot ďweapons of mass destructionĒ and things like that, you see.  Anyway, it says:)


The massacre of 17 Afghan civilians on 11 March, including at least nine children and four women, is attributed to a "rogue" American soldier. The "authenticity" of this was vouched by President Obama himself, who had "seen a video" and regarded it as "conclusive proof."


(A: So, a video now is conclusive proof.  Right?)


An independent Afghan parliamentary investigation produced eyewitnesses who give detailed evidence of as many as 20 soldiers, aided by a helicopter, ravaging their villages, killing and raping: a standard, if marginally more murderous, US Special Forces "night raid."


Take away the videogame technology of killing - America's contribution to modernity - and the behavior is traditional. Immersed in comic-book righteousness, poorly or brutally trained, frequently racist, obese and led by a corrupt officer class, American forces transfer the homicide of home to faraway places whose impoverished struggles they cannot comprehend. A nation founded on the genocide of the native population never quite kicks the habit. Vietnam was "Indian country" and its "slits" and "gooks" were to be "blown away."


(A: And itís true.  The military does always demonize an enemy.  And believe you me, theyíre teaching them in the military to demonize all of you in your own countries.  In fact, eventually theyíre paranoid about you.  You understand, Iíve always said that, you should be terribly, terribly afraid of any person in a uniform.  Uniformity means these people cannot think for themselves.  They think as theyíve been brainwashed to think, like one.  Uni-form.  One form.  Their bosses.)


The blowing away of hundreds of mostly women and children in the Vietnamese village of My Lai in 1968 was also a "rogue" incident


(A: They always call it a rogue incident.)


and, profanely, an "American tragedy" (the cover headline of Newsweek). Only one of 26 men prosecuted was convicted and he was let go by President Richard Nixon. My Lai is in Quang Ngai Province where, as I learned as a reporter, an estimated 50,000 people were killed by American troops, mostly in what they called "free fire zones."


(A: Itís the most deadliest zone they can possibly have.  Anything that moves is a legitimate target, and thereís no checking up to see who youíve slaughtered.  And all armies, by the way, have these free-fire zones when they go in these countries.)


This was the model of modern warfare: industrial murder.


(A: And it is industrial murder, folks, for the big corporations.  Itís the same across the Middle East.  Look who were given all the contracts that came out in the British papers, that Shell, BP, and all the rest of them had gone to #10 Downing Street, long before the war started, to put their bids in for the oil fields.  Thatís whatís behind it too.  Anyway, he says:)


Like Iraq and Libya, Afghanistan is a theme park for the beneficiaries of America's new permanent war: NATO, the armaments and high-tech companies, the media and a "security" industry whose lucrative contamination is a contagion on everyday life. The conquest or "pacification" of territory is unimportant. What matters is the pacification of you, the cultivation of your indifference.


(A: Now, Iíve mentioned before, we are cultured to be indifferent to things.  And itís the way the news is presented to you.  Mr. Sunstein himself is the information czar for the whole of the US.  And theyíve got whole scientific systems to make sure that all news is presented in a way which youíll never really figure out for yourself.  In fact, it wonít even give you any emotion at all, except give you a yawn.  So, he says:)


What are you going to do about it?


The descent into totalitarianism has landmarks. Any day now, the Supreme Court in London will decide whether WikiLeaks' editor, Julian Assange, is to be extradited to Sweden. Should this final appeal fail, the facilitator of truth-telling on an epic scale, who is charged with no crime, faces solitary confinement and interrogation on ludicrous sex allegations. Thanks to a secret deal between the US and Sweden, he can be "rendered" to the American gulag at any time. In his own country, Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has conspired with those in Washington she calls her "true mates"


(A: Theyíre all true mates now.)


to ensure her innocent fellow citizen is fitted for his orange jump suit just in case he should make it home. In February, her government wrote a "WikiLeaks Amendment" to the extradition treaty between Australia and the US that makes it easier for her "mates" to get their hands on him. She has even given them the power of approval over Freedom of Information searches - so that the world outside can be lied to, as is customary.


What are you going to do about it?


So, itís true.  And I said years ago, I says, America and the world, and Britain too, was raising a generation addicted to X-Box games and killing and slaughter, games that were designed for the military, by the military, with collusion of the big electronics corporations, to train them to kill with indifference.  And many of them, thereís even videos up there, young guys who have got the uniform on now, and they went straight from their X-Boxes, right into the military.† Because, most folk donít like killing, you understand.  Theyíve done study after study since the Civil War.  In the Civil War, only about 15 people out of a hundred actually fired their guns.  Itís not natural just to kill a person you donít know.  And so, they came up with ways to desensitize people to make them kill.  And it wasnít until the 20th century came around, they came out with, well, letís give the games that weíre training the troops with, to desensitize them, letís give it to the children, because, down the road in 20 yearsí time, weíll need, weíll need a generation like that, that will just slaughter and laugh.  And thatís what youíve got.  All done by design.  And of course, some wonít believe that, eh? 


And of course, the US is getting bad news wherever they go.  Even when Obama went down to the States and Brazil and so on, and the SS guys Ė itís a good name, the Secret Service, SS, isnít it? Ė where they were into prostitution, and they threw a lot of the females about, etc.  Hereís another article here.


Brazilian prostitute had collar bone broken when three U.S. marines threw her out of a moving Embassy car


(A: The embassy car.† Right?† What representation is this for your country?)


in fresh embarrassment for Obama


American marines injured a Brazilian prostitute after throwing her out of an official Embassy carÖ


Romilda Ferreira was left with a broken collar bone, two broken ribs and a punctured lung after the incident in Brazil's capital Brasilia.


The three marines on a U.S. Embassy security team, and an Embassy staff member, were pulled out of the country before police were able to press charges, according to Brazil's Jornal Nacional programme.


The revelation comes a week after ten American Secret Service agents were accused of hiring prostitutes in Colombia prior to president Barack Obama's visit to the Summit of Americas.


Well, after they threw her out, of course, this prostitute, threw her out of the car, she was run over as well.  So I guess they had a good laugh at that too, you know.  Quite something.  This is the normal now, folks.† See, society is so degraded, which is all part of it too, to give this last generation, the last generation really that would be involved in all these wars, who will eventually be taught, and they are being taught, to turn on you, brought up with their little games, you see, video games, kill, kill, kill.  Bash open the head.  Have the big gun.  All the power, you see.  This is the most degraded society and generation.  Even the music plummeted to fit in with it.  The whole culture industry worked towards it as one.  The Pentagon, Hollywood, Music Television, etc, all work together.  And your schooling as well, by the way.  An you think itís all happenstance and coincidental.  No.  No, not at all.  You have to read a lot of books to understand what goes on. 


So, itís just something else.  And another one too, is the:


Breaking Ė EPAís ďcrucifierĒ resigns


The guy who was in the EPA, who was up on YouTube, thatís all over the place, that said that their idea was to pick various characters, basically, crucify the industry in America.  He says, that was their job, to get rid of industry, by crucifying it, massive fines, so that industry would all close down.  Whoís teaching these guys and why?  Well, this is the global agenda.  All the First World countries are coming down, folks.  And shortly they wonít need you anymore, once your military machine has finished off the rest of the world for them.  That is the plan.  The people who run America are internationalists.  Theyíve always been internationalists.  They donít care about flags.  And theyíll wrap themselves around any flag when theyíre in the country and they want you to follow, but they donít mind what flag it is.  Theyíre all psychopaths at the top.  Big psychopathic club.  Lots of them are related to each other, by the way.  Theyíve got a lot of things in common, in fact.  Lots of things. 


And also too, that drones are coming over the skies of the beltway.  [Article: ďChief: Drones 'certainly' coming to skies over BeltwayĒ]† Itís from the big police chief and all the rest of it.  That everything is going ahead as planned, and the drones are on their way.  By the way, theyíre really training a lot more people, even in universities now, along with the police cadets, etc, because the drones will be all over the US and Canada, very shortly.  Theyíve already got them.  Iíve got some photographs of them launching some of them off special forces boats in the Great Lakes.




Der Spiegel Reports On Germanyís ďSetting SunĒ Ė The Collapse Of The Solar Industry


And also, another article:


Germany Succeeds Making Energy Unaffordable For 15% Of Its Population Ė


(A: And itís growing, by the way, which means:)


600,000 Households Disconnected Annually!


(A: Thatís your greening revolution, folks, as they push you back into the Middle Ages.  If you canít afford it, that is.  You know.  If youíre not up there.  You know, most folk who can afford it really work for government.  Itís about the only growth industry there is, is working for government.  And you get index-related pensions and everything.  Nobody else does.  Anyway:) 


Every year 600,000 households (2 million people) are getting their power switched off in Germany


It sounds like Britain now, where you have fuel poverty and multi-thousands die in their own homes because they canít afford the fuel anymore.  And thatís acceptable now.  Theyíre getting us used to it being acceptable.  Because theyíve just had their big, big meetings, you know.  Itís all over the place.  Oh, you know, itís unsustainable taking care of elderly people.  This is out from Britain.  Thatís what they said in Britain, just a guy in Parliament recently.  Unsustainable.  Canít take care of the elderly.  Well, who needs them anyway?  Theyíve paid their taxes all their lives and they canít do any more.  What use are they?  Whatís the use in keeping cattle and sheep around that arenít producing anymore?  I mean, isnít that what itís all about folks?  You better believe thatís what itís all about, because itís happening.  Thatís the truth of it.  Thatís how they view you. 


The ones who come on television and give you wonderful speeches, with all the trigger words that get you going and some countries they even get tears flowing when they bring out the national emblems, or like the Masonic family jewels.  They bring out their jewels and spread it out.  Youíre all trained, indoctrinated, and you donít even know it.  Pavlovian responses.  So much so that you cannot think outside the box.  And if youíre going to survive, you better start thinking outside the box.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  And weíll go to the calls, and thereís Carlton from New York on the line.  Are you there, Carlton?


Carlton: Hey, Mr. Watt, how you doing?


Alan: Iím not bad at all.   


Carlton: Alright, thatís good.  Thatís good.  You just said something about how they donít think old people need to be around and all of that.  Well, I was just down in DC for my fatherís birthday, and just was talking to my grandparents, because Iíve still got both of my grandparents alive.  And theyíre both 83 years old, as a matter of fact.  And I was talking to my grandfather about, because I havenít really talked to him about all the little things that Iíve been looking at, and you know, some new information Iíve come into.  I just brought up certain little things, like, I asked my grandfather, ďHow does food taste to you since when you were a kid?Ē  He was from the country and all that good stuff, so he got all the natural good stuff, I guess.  But he was like, man, nothing tastes the same.  All of that mess is just crazy.  And I mean, I look at it like as, this is the last generation of old people, Iím talking about like elderly folks, 80s, 70s, and maybe like my parentsí generation, with any type of true wisdom.


Alan: Wisdom and memory, yeah. 


Carlton: Because the crop of older people I see now, like in their 40s, 30s, man, they, boy, boy, boy, boy.  Itís bad out here.


Alan: It really is.  Itís scary.  Itís scary when you listen to people who had so much accumulated wisdom, who went through before the techniques of perfect mind control were put on the public.† They can tell you incredible stories of how things really were, which is the only true history there is.  History is oral by those involved who lived through things.  Not from books. Itís all fudged in the books, to make the countries look good.  But itís true, with taste and everything else.  I mean, everything now, really, the food for the general population, itís full of the stuff thatís from the chemical industry.  They dump it there instead of paying to get it dumped elsewhere.  They dump it in the food, all the chemicals.  The meat tastes the same.  Everything tastes the same.  Thatís why thereís so much seasoning and sauces used.  Itís to give something some taste, because what weíre getting now is the bottom line of garbage.  And they know that at the top.  Thereís no nutritional value in it at all, and weíre being poisoned by it.  


One of the perks theyíve got in China, which is the same in the US and in Britain, by the way, and I read this from one of the Chinese papers.  If you work for the Politburo in the government, one of your perks is to get real organic food, access to real organic food grown by government facilities, by the way.  And you also get, because of all the spraying in the air, that weíre getting, you also have all your apartments and even your limo, because they have their limos given to them, theyíre all air-conditioned and extra filtered so they can get clean air.  The public canít get that.  They eat the rubbish thatís grown in the fields, full of cadmium and everything else, and they breathe all the pollution.  So, these guys, this is worldwide.  Theyíre taking care of themselves, big time, and they know by their own statistics that the population is going to plummet from about now on to the year 2050, as we all die off with all these cancers, etc.  Thatís the plan.


Carlton: Itís funny you said something about the spraying in the sky, because itís been a little cloudy and rainy for the past few days down here in New York.  But Iíve got asthma and allergies and theyíre both kicking my behind right now, a little bit, but Iíll be all right. 


Alan: And now you have people too that never had allergies in their lifetime, who are getting it at the age of 40 and 50.  Itís the new normal, you see, with the spraying.  Mind you, Holdren is all for it, John Holdren.  He says heís all for geo-engineering to save the world from global warming, and kill us off at the same time, obviously, because heís really into depopulation. Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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