May 8, 2012 (#1082)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 8, 2012:

Dinosaurs Farted Up a Storm which Made the Planet Warm:

 Climatologists' Wild Tales, Surely are a Blast,
Blaming Farting Dinosaurs for Warming up the Past:

"Global Warming Enthusiasts, Laying it on Thick,
Scraping the Barrel Bottom for any Dirty Trick,
Now it's the Dinosaurs, That's Where it All Started,
All That Vegetation They Ate - They Burped & Farted,
CO2 and Methane Caused World to Warm,
They All Fried to Death in "The Perfect Farting Storm",
Later the Great Mammoth had Digestive Problems,
Lack of Bacteria in Gut, and Nature Couldn't Evolve 'em,
But Evolved Woolly Coats 'cos They Caused Global Cooling,
Are These Scientists Mad, Greedy, or Just Tom-Fooling?
Of Course it's Analogous to Us and the Food We Eat,
Ruminant Animals (Food) Burp, None too Discrete,
Elite Want Us to Consume their Glyphosate GMO Greens,
Soon Snacking on Meat will Turn on Green Sirens,
Imagination's on a Roll, Better Please our Masters,
To Keep Farting Dinosaurs Away, Save Us from Disasters"
© Alan Watt May 8, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 8, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of May 2012. For newcomers, you should help yourself to the audios for free download at There’s well over a thousand. You can start to understand the big system you’re born into and how it operates across the whole planet, what its goals are, where it originated from, the big foundations, big bankers. All the intelligentsia of the day, over a 100 years ago, got on board together in their big clubs to take over the world, all of its resources and throw all religions out the window and basically bring in a humanist agenda, basically, where the elite, the intelligentsia would run the world and they decided they were the intelligentsia since they pretty well owned a lot of it even back then.


So, you’re living through the big changes as they use lots of excuses to take away your rights and freedoms and make you get down on your knees and beg the high priests of science to save you from your own carbon dioxide and all that kind of nonsense. It’s a clever strategy; it’s very well done. They own all the media, so there’s no problem in convincing the public to go along with it, the general public at least. There are lots of people exposing it now, thank goodness, because it’s been an uphill battle, between lots of little reporters compared to the big massive media giants at the top. They’ve also trained the children through schooling, through lots of very carefully constructed videos with the hypnotic voice and the music behind it, showing them scary scenarios if they don’t get on board with the green agenda. So they’re all ready for the Communistic system of internationalism and down on the knee to the big high priests of science.


Remember too, when you go into the website, they all carry transcripts in English as well.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into, and help yourself there. Remember too, you bring me to you; you can help me go along by buying the books and discs at From the US to Canada you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world Western Union, and PayPal and Money Gram. Straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome during these austere and hyperinflationary times, and you all know what I mean by that.


As I said at the beginning there, we’re living through an incredible time. An incredible time of planned change.  That’s why these big boys with all their international agreements between different organizations that we don’t vote in. No country votes these organizations in. They’re NGOs, non-governmental organizations that sometimes get your tax money, by the way, from your governments because they’re all part of it too. But they get their main funding from the big foundations, which front for the international moneylenders, who came up with this idea a long time ago.  So they lobby the governments that are only too happy, to go along with them and to take their reports and sign treaties, etc., which are drafted up by these private organizations. Remember these treaties affect all of us, because there’s nothing democratic, as I say, about them. This is a planned agenda. Again, I’ll put up the Green Agenda tonight, you’ll see all the quotes given by top players in the IPCC and the various organizations that come out with the fake reports, that came out before with WikiLeaks and others; when they made up lies to convince the public that they really know what they’re talking about, when they don’t at all. They even admit that their own computer models give them scary scenarios because they feed in scary scenarios.


It’s a wonderful thing. You can put in large numbers of things for data, large numbers, into these computers and guess what?  They’ll give you even bigger numbers back, oooh scary, scary stuff. Specially made computers for that. Just astonishing, isn’t it?  That’s the world as it really is and we’ll touch on that tonight, it has to do with their conditioning of the general public. I’ve mentioned before, this is the time when they come out with all the scary, scary stories to terrify you, building up to the Rio+20 meeting. They always do this before the big meetings so that we’ll all go along with the signing or the leaders will sign your rights and freedoms away for you. You’ll just sit back, “Well, I guess they had to do it to save us”. Back with more, after this.


Hi folks. I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the big system of illusion. It’s really management of perception. That’s what they’re into, is giving you really what you’re supposed to believe and you do that because you’re trained in a certain way. In fact, it’s a natural way to think. You’re given certain bits and bites of words, and sentences and they will steer you by nudges into coming to what you think is your own conclusion, but in actual fact it was designed for you to come to that conclusion. Much like a programmer of a computer knows the language of the computer.  He knows its logic system and he knows what it must come to when he gives it a problem to solve; same thing with people.


These are all neuroscientific techniques that they use on the general public all the time. So, right now is the time to blast us all with scary, scary scenarios, as I say, because of the upcoming big Rio meeting, where they had Rio part one, of course, 20 years ago and that brought in Agenda 21. It brought in a whole bunch of laws and treaties that were signed at the top that took away the rights of people to even work their own land they supposedly owned for themselves.


If you think that was bad, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming up. Believe you me, this is to be the final killer, to bring in the big hope for the far, far left, you see, of the controlled dominated society where scientists run us from cradle to grave. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the only reason for it, and to bring you into austerity because they claim, well you’ve had it too good for too long and they want to supposedly bring up the third world countries to at least a basic standard, as you plummet down. That’s what’s happening right now. So even when you’re plummeting down across the world, like Australia, Britain, Canada, the US and lots of other countries, they’re also taxing you into the ground, to take your taxes and redistribute the wealth.


According to Karl Marx that was one of the planks of the manifesto and they’re doing that too. The people don’t even know what’s happening or the logic behind it. Remember the international bankers love socialism, that’s why they created it, because they prefer a managed society. Managed by government and governmental agencies.  They like that kind of centralized system because all the departments have to go to the bankers via the government. So, there’s only one bunch of folk to see in the government, for the moneylending and getting the cash back, for the bankers. It’s far easier than going state to state, village to village, town to town, that kind of thing.


Anyway, to start off tonight too, people have gone on about pros and cons for Minister Farrakhan. I’m putting up a link tonight to a video where you’ll see him being interviewed in a radio interview. During the commercial he lambastes all the mainstream media that’s there, trying to catch them out on something. He tells them exactly what they are, who they work for, how they’re all basically prostitutes and how they’re putting America into slavery and they’re well aware of it. He says it as it is. So I’ll put up that link tonight and there’s nothing I can disagree with that he says, at all. It’s right on the money. So I’ll put that up to start it.


Now, there’s so many articles getting thrown out by the big boys and lots of them are really comical, as well. But again, scary scenarios remember, that’s what you’re seeing, scary scenarios. One of them is: Can geo-engineering solve the global warming? Well, the premise is that there is global warming, when actually in fact, it’s not, but good lies stick, you see. It’s interesting too, the lie that comes out first generally stays in your mind, even when the truth exposes it as a lie. It’s quite a technique; they know all this, of course, in neuroscience. This one here is from the New Yorker and it goes on about the scary things, oh, a volcano in the Philippine island of Luzon began to rumble etc. back in 1991. Then they go on to all the terrible things that happened, the gas and ash penetrated the stratosphere, yada yada ya. Then it goes into:


The heavy industrial activity of the previous hundred years had caused the earth’s climate to warm by roughly three-quarters of a degree Celsius....


(Alan:  Which it hasn’t, of course. The fact is it’s great how they give these scary things that happened in real life, like volcanoes going off, and they immediately tie it to heavy industrial activity. That’s why they’ve de-industrialized most of us but it’s not enough anymore, you see. You got to make sure you get a permit to heat yourself in the home. They’ll fine you if there’s a bit of heat escaping here and there in the crappy houses we all are forced to live in because of the cost of them. It’s to bring you down into their way of thinking, so you’re the problem, remember. For all these guys that are on board with the climate change stuff, you’re all the problem. So they go into all the different stuff here:)


For years, even to entertain the possibility of human intervention on such a scale—geoengineering


(A:  That’s spraying the skies with all the stuff they’ve been doing since 1998, as though they’re just going to do it now, for those who don’t know.)


geo-engineering, as the practice is known—has been denounced as hubris.  Predicting long-term climatic behavior by using computer models has proved difficult, and the notion of fiddling with the planet’s climate based on the results generated by those models worries even scientists who are fully engaged in the research.


(A: In other words they make their living off imagination.)


There will be no easy victories, but at some point we are going to have to take the facts seriously, “David Keith, a professor of engineering and public policy at Harvard and one of geoengineering’s most thoughtful supporters, told me.  “Nonetheless,” he added, “it is hyperbolic to say this, but no less true:  when you start to reflect light away from the planet, you can easily imagine a chain of events that would extinguish life on earth.”


(A: And it goes on and on with the usual. Now don’t get confused by mathematics. They use the same technique as a con man who works as an economist, you see. It’s the same techniques.  You know the guys who do all the hedge funds and yada, yada, ya. They throw out all these different scenarios of possibilities and present it as fact until you’re totally confused at the end and you say, “My, they must know what they’re talking about.  I can’t keep up with it”. That’s the con trick. The snake oil salesmen of a hundred years ago did the same thing when they were selling you literally snake oil and battery acid mixed together and a bit of alcohol in there too, of course, to make you feel better. That’s how it worked. But they’d always throw in a bit of science to try and con you into why this actually worked. This is quite interesting, this article, because:)


Tens of thousands of wildfires have already been attributed to warming, as have melting glaciers and rising seas.


(A: All debunked in the last year or two, all that stuff, but it doesn’t stop them lying, you see.)


“We don’t know how bad this is going to be, and we don’t know when it is going to get bad,” Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist with the Carnegie Institution, told me.  In 2007, Caldeira was a principal contributor to an I.P.C.C. team that won a Nobel Peace Prize.


(A: For lying with a straight face. I added the last part on, because that’s true.)


“There are wide variations within the models,” he said.  “But we had better get ready, because we are running rapidly toward a minefield.  We just don’t know where the minefield starts, or how long it will be before we find ourselves in the middle of it.”


(A: Oh isn’t that scary? Doesn’t that scare you, that one?  I’ve got the full thing from the New Yorker here and it’s quite interesting here because what they give you are scientists or guys like professors, who always dress up with bowties and have funny habits; which they practice, actually, because you’re supposed to be a bit eccentric, to fool everybody that you’re actually more intelligent. So they all have this little shtick you see, like the Nutty Professor. And so this guy goes on to say:)


At Cambridge, Hugh Hunt and his team are trying to determine the best way to get those particles into the stratosphere.


(A: This is for geo-engineering. They’re talking about sulfur dioxide, which produces sulfuric acid. They want that to rain down on you folks, you know.  No kidding.)


A third group, at Oxford, has been focusing on the effect such an intervention would likely have on the earth’s climate.


(A: Never mind us, eh, because we’ve been coughing and hacking since 1998 with the heavy spraying that’s going on.)


Hunt and I spoke in Cambridge, at Trinity College, where he is a professor of engineering and the Keeper


(A: It’s his title.)


of the Trinity College Clock,


(A: He’s got a little clock, you see.)


a renowned timepiece that gains or loses less than a second a month.


(A: Well, what’s that got to do with it?  Now listen to it. Here’s the eccentricity they always give you.)


In his office,


(A: This scientist, this professor:)


dozens of boomerangs dangle from the wall.  When I asked about them, he grabbed one and hurled it at my head.  “I teach three-dimensional dynamics,” he said, flicking his hand in the air to grab it as it returned.


(A: See, that’s his shtick, you see, to pretend he’s eccentric, meaning clever.)


Hunt has devoted his intellectual life to the study of mechanical vibration.


(A: Well, you see those things in the stores, along the street in the little dirty stores, I guess that’s what it is.)


His Web page is filled with instructive videos about gyroscopes, rings wobbling down rods, and boomerangs.


(A: So then he gets a pink balloon, of course, it’s got to be pink, it tells you something too, attached to a string. He’s talking about putting this pipe up in the air, so this is to demonstrate how the pipe will work.)


“The principle is pretty simple.”  Holding the string, Hunt began to bobble the balloon as if it were being tossed by foul weather.  “Everything is fine if it is sitting still,”


(A: He’s talking about putting these big pipes up into the air attached to dirigible balloons, huge ones. You’ll pay for it all, folks, as they play, you see.)


he continued, holding the balloon steady.  Then he began to wave his arm erratically.  “One of the problems is that nothing is going to be still up there.  It is going to be moving around. And the question we’ve got is …this pipe”—the industrial hose that will convey the particles into the sky--“is going to be under huge stressors.”  He snapped the string connected to the balloon.  “How do you know it’s not going to break?”


(A:  That’s why he’s a genius, eh?  The balloons and all that stuff.)


We are really pushing things to the limit in terms of their strength, so it is essential that we get the dynamics of motion right.”


(A: Yeah, they want to put miles of this stuff into the sky to do this little test, which is nonsense, since these big planes have been covering us with this stuff, as I say, since 1998. Pretty well daily up this way.)


Most scientists, even those with no interest in personal publicity, are vigorous advocates for their own work.  Not this group.


(A: In other words, they’re real, you see, with their little pink balloons.)


“I don’t know how many times I have said this, but the last thing I would ever want is for the project I have been working on to be implemented.” Hunt said.  “If we have to use these tools, it means something on this planet has gone seriously wrong.”


(A: Yeah, we’re poisoned by putting sulfur into the air, that’s what it is. And it goes through S-P-I-C-E.)


Last fall, the SPICE team decided to conduct a brief and uncontroversial pilot study.  At least they thought it would be uncontroversial.  To demonstrate how they would disperse the sulfur dioxide,


(A: Do you know how bad that is when you breathe it in? Well you all know, I’m sure you’ve all had the hacking coughs that don’t go away, and the bronchitis and your children do too.)


they had planned to float a balloon over Norfolk.


(A: Where they’ve done lots of experiments in the past, the 60s and 70s, they sprayed cadmium over the public there. I’ll put that up tonight again too.  Poor old Norfolk, they’re always poisoning them. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the Climate Fixers. They start off with a volcano and then end up with, basically, industrial societies, meaning they’re just the same, you see. It’s all your fault. You’re the problem; you’re just like a whole bunch of volcanoes just spewing sulfuric acid. Meanwhile they want to use this stuff to spray on us just to see what happens, if they can cool the atmosphere, etc. etc.


These guys have got jobs for life. Don’t forget too, these are all recent sort of positions in universities and you get all these students coming in for years now. They can use their imaginations and dream up more scary scenarios because they’ve got to justify what they’re doing. I wouldn’t even call it a science at this level, to be honest with you. But it definitely is a political agenda, to please the big boys, and get us all, you know, properly run, the whole world run from cradle-to-grave, every individual, and living in utter austerity, you see, to give the top guys more power. Power, remember, is a drug to these guys at the top. Every generation creates psychopaths who crave power. In the past, read your history books, they’ve taken power by so many different means possible, but the best way is to convince the public that you’re all going to die and they’re going to save you. That’s the oldest trick in the book. Same thing here; same thing.


So, I’ll put this one from the New Yorker up and as I say it’s quite funny with their boomerang professors and all this nonsense and his vibrators and things like that, and explaining how we’re all going to die. Anyway, it’s getting even worse because this is the time for daily scary scenarios, daily. Every day they’re going to come out, you see, and it just goes on and on. Here’s one here and it’s a fascinating one from the National Geographic that’s funded by all the big players, for greening, the big agenda to take care of us all, etc. and put us all in a kind of prison camp where we just eat veggies all the time. They don’t want us eating meat at all. This is how this one works too. It’s about dinosaurs, you see, and the whole premise is that dinosaurs farted themselves into extinction. Now, don’t get all blustered and flustered because of the word farting; it’s in the dictionary. Even when I was a wee boy I looked it up, you see, because wee boys do that kind of thing to find out what it means. It was expressed in the Oxford one at that time as a small explosion between the legs. So the Department of Homeland Security is quite right after all, we’re natural-born terrorists, I guess, eh. So it says:


Dinosaurs may have helped warm ancient Earth via their own natural gaseous emissions, a new study says.

Like modern-day ruminants,


(A: See how they immediately bring it into cows, cattle, what you’re eating? So they start with dinosaurs, same as the last story. It started with a volcano and ends up with your industry. This is the technique they use.)


Like modern-day ruminants, giant plant-eating dinosaurs likely


(A: Even though they’re not.  These dinosaurs were reptilian; they were not mammals.  “Likely,” I love how scientists are so precise, they “likely”, that’s with their imaginations:)


had microbes in their guts that gave off large amounts of methane--


(A: We haven’t got one to experiment on so they can’t tell us, but they likely had this, you see.)


a potent greenhouse gas even more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.


(A: Whenever, by the way, you’re going through some of the mountains, like the Smoky Mountains and that and the Blue Mountains, why do they call them that? You’re seeing methane come off as vegetation dies. It dies, you see, and it rots, and gives off methane, naturally, but it’s all your fault because you burp and you fart. No kidding, no kidding, this is from science.  So, they’re right onto your food supply:)


Today cows, goats, sheep, giraffes, and other ruminants contribute to global warming by releasing as much as 50 million to 100 million (A:  They’re good with their statistics.)


50 million to 100 million (A: There’s no difference here.)


metric tons of methane per year—a significant chunk of the 500 million to 600 million metric tons emitted annually,


(A: They’re so precise with their imagination, isn’t it? Amazing.)


annually, mostly due to human activity, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

The cud-chewing animals have large forestomachs packed with microbes that break down coarse plant material. The main byproduct of the process is methane—and it’s got to go somewhere.


"Methane can come out of either end of an animal. For example, with cows it’s mainly the front," said study co-author Dave Wilkinson, an ecologist


(A: Oh, an ecologist, eh?)


at Liverpool John Moores University in England.


As for how these approximately 20-ton beasts—the largest of all known dinosaurs—expelled their methane, Wilkinson said, "we don’t have any strong view (A:  Strong is the word, I guess, eh.) on what happened with sauropods."


(A: Doesn’t that make you feel little?  You don’t know what sauropod means? It’s supposed to, you see.)


Sauropods as Huge Methane Sources


(A:  Then they go into the same thing as the last article.)


To estimate how much methane sauropods emitted, the scientists guessed


(A: That’s all they get with their theories.  They’re just guesses.)


that there were roughly ten sauropods per square kilometer


(A: That’s pretty good guessing, eh?)


The team’s analyses of modern ruminants suggest a sauropod might give off about 4.2 pounds (1.9 kilograms) of methane daily. A U.S. cow, by comparison, might give off a daily average of 0.4 to 0.7 pound (0.2 to 0.3 kilogram).


Assuming there were 29 million square miles (75 million square kilometers) of vegetated land when sauropods lived, their global methane production might have reached a whopping 520 million metric tons annually.


(A: No, that wouldn’t happen because some caveman would’ve come along with a kind of bright brain and he would’ve somehow trapped this methane and used it to heat, you see. It burns really great, it’s clean burning, it’s really good stuff. Lots of cops in the US use it in the countrysides. They get these methane traps they come across and they fill up their cars. I tell you, one program says that the cars on the go 24 hours a day, with different shifts, used to have their engines changed at least once a month. They burned them out with the gasoline and the carbon but the methane burns so cleanly, that for a whole year they hadn’t had to change an engine in those cars. So some enterprising caveman would have come along with a familiar name and owned the whole kit and caboodle through monopoly. I’m sure of it. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks. I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the guys who have big guesses, the guys up in university, who are professors and all that and they’re specialists, you see, they’re going to guide our lives for us and make us, well, eat vegetables and things because they don’t want us eating meat from ruminants, and all that kind of thing, you see, because they said that a long time ago, they’re bringing in a vegetarian-only society, that’s what they say. They mean it too; it’ll all be GM stuff soaked in pesticides because they want rapid depopulation. Anyway, this article here goes on, and it’s from National Geographic too. (There’s also a BBC one, I’ll put up too, but it’s the same thing because they’re all in it together, aren’t they? The BBC is all on board with this thing.)  It says here:




(A: This is another guy.)


who wasn't part of the study—noted, for example, that the team's calculations of methane emissions based on body weight were made from measurements of modern reptiles and mammals, not birds, which are the closest living relatives to dinosaurs.


(A: So they swapped mammals for these reptiles.)


The problem is that it's still unknown how much methane plant-eating birds release.


(A: It’s amazing we don’t know what plant-eating birds release but we can tell exactly what these different dinosaurs released millions of years ago. Isn’t that fantastic? They had to do a lot of channeling, you know, I think a special channeling computer and put their hands on it and somebody goes into a trance, probably the professor, and he comes out with all this wonderful stuff and calculations and so on. He says:)


"If we would find that herbivorous birds produce less methane than similar-size herbivorous mammals, then ... the whole calculation might have to be redone," said Clauss, of the University of Zurich.


(A: So they go on to:)


Regardless of the calculations, fossil finds make it clear that sauropods lived in a much warmer world than we do.


Well they had volcanoes all over the place; we’ve all seen the Hollywood movies. That’s where it all comes from, isn’t it?


Anyway, that’s one as we go into scary scenarios, and how you got to stop eating meat and you got to take lots of antacids and things to stop farting. Speaking of farting, by the way, it’s interesting to see they’ve got another underwear bomber with Mark II or III lingerie, you know. Have you noticed that nonsense? Utter rubbish, I won’t even mention it because I think it’s utter rubbish. So many folk have complained about TSA patting them down and grabbing their genitals and so on. And so they’ve got to now come up with these stories as to why they’ve got to do it; so they make up these ridiculous, ridiculous stories.  Ridiculous stories, absolute nonsense.  There was never any danger, yada yada ya, but it’s to get the public to say, “Well, I guess they have to do all this groping stuff”. This is the world we really live in. It’s all make-believe, folks.


Now getting away from the dinosaurs and here’s another one, another one, mainstream again, big one.


Mammoth belch deficit caused prehistoric cooling?


(A: The mammoths, you see, they had a belch deficit. They caused the prehistoric cooling period. So the ones caused the warming period because of bacteria in their gut, supposedly, and a mammoth belch deficit caused prehistoric cooling. It’s great being one of these scientists because I’m telling you the sky is the limit for your imagination, isn’t it? And they keep throwing grants at you to shout “crisis, crisis” and the grants flow in. And then you can get boomerangs and throw them around the rooms at students and things.)


When mammoths and other Ice Age "megafauna"


(A: Oh, they love these names, “megafaunas”, eh, big fauna.)


disappeared from the Americas about 12,800 years ago,


(A: On a Friday afternoon when the cavemen were having tea.)


the animals took with them their planet-warming burps—spurring the mysterious cooling period known as the Younger Dryas, a new study says.


(A: I wonder how many folk will put their thesis in for that one?)


And because humans are thought to have killed the creatures off, the deaths hint that we’ve been changing the climate since long before the first Model T chugged out of Mr. Ford’s factory.


According to ice core studies, the Younger Dryas event began about a thousand years after mass human migrations into the Americas 13,400 years ago, near the end of the last ice age.


The world had been starting to warm, but the Younger Dryas brought on a freeze that lasted roughly 1,300 years, with estimated temperature drops of 7.2 to 14.4°F (4 to 8°C) in eastern North America and northern Europe.


Also within a thousand years of the human migrations, more than 114 species of large plant-eaters—including woolly mammoths, giant camels, and ground sloths—had gone extinct.


(A: And they give you pictures of drawings, wonderful drawings. They’re awfully good at giving you illustrated drawings and stuff.  I saw one once where they found a tooth in the jungle, and it became a very famous tooth because out of that tooth they reconstructed, through their illustrations, a kind of ape-man, kind of walking through the jungle. They had different photographs as he got up and up and straightened up as time went on and he evolved and stuff, all from that tooth. Now, you can’t do that, but they can do that because they’ve got better imaginations than you. Anyway, it says:)


The link between the extinctions and cooling, the study says, is methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming.


As they digest plant material, large herbivores give off the gas, which, contrary to popular belief, escapes via the head.


(A:  In some of them, I guess.)


"People just automatically assume that it’s farts," lamented study leader Felisa Smith of the University of New Mexico. "Eighty to 90 percent of methane ... is in the form of a burp."


(A: And it is with the hippopotamus, it can do it, fart through its mouth, you see. Some people do that too, that work in university. That’s why no one goes near them, and you never sit in the front row, eh.)


Missing Methane Mystery Solved?


(A: So anyway, they found out, you see:)


The cause, Smith said, is all those missing methane burps. "We estimate that just under ten teragrams [about ten million tons] of methane would have gone missing when these animals went extinct," she said.


(A: Maybe they got antibiotics and the bacteria in their gut just died off and they stop burping, you see. That’s what must’ve happened, eh? You could do your thesis on that and you’ll come through too with honors, no problem about that.)


"Next Ice Age Delayed by Global Warming”, the study says.


It goes on and on and on with all their imaginations. It’s quite entertaining certainly but unfortunately this is all going to get presented as fact at the Rio Summit and your willing politicians who are all in on the act, by the way, are going to ram all of their laws through, you know, to make you all take antacids and stuff like that for sure; because you never know.  Curry will probably get banned altogether, I’d imagine. My goodness. What a world. What a world.


I’m also putting up tonight an article from Germany, it was by one of the co-founders or writers of the big 1970s Club of Rome report that started off this whole kick when they came up with the idea we’ll create global warming, that’ll fit the bill, starvation and so on. They didn’t mention burps or anything. So he’s come up with his next one for the year 2050, this co-writer from the Club of Rome, with more scary, scary scenarios, you see, and they can’t backtrack now because they said it in the 1970s, that would fit the bill, and come hell or high water they’re not going to change their minds. This nonsense is going to put us all into utter slavery. Mind you, you’ll have all these professors with boomerangs and that looking after you and pink balloons. I wouldn’t trust them personally.


Anyway, I’m also putting up a link too, to do with melamine. It says:


There’s Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup (A: in a lot of the foods), and the FDA Has Known for Years


That’s true, they actually use a big bath of mercury which steams a lot of this stuff over and it ends up in the fructose corn syrup and that’s in everything that they give children for sweeteners, in everything, lots of things, even your general food that’s processed it’s in that too.  I’ll put that up tonight.


Also, I’m putting up a site as well. It’s called the GMO Compass for genetically modified organisms or food. It’s to do with what’s supposedly safe, what isn’t, different countries, how they’re using the laws on labelings, or not using them at all. It’s quite an interesting website to put up. And an article too that’s about the Met Office.  Everybody’s heard about the Met Office, that came under massive flack from the scandals with the e-mails from the East Anglia University. They were cooperating with the Met Office you see, drumming up scary scenarios again and lying to the public and trying to cover up their lies too, when they got caught. Well, the Met Office, by the way, which used to always be sort of government run. This is a fairly new thing, though.  This is their own site.  It says:


An overview of the Met Office (A:  The meteorological office.)  as an organization  including who we are and where we’re based, the work we do around the world and how to get in touch. 


The Met Office is the UK’s National Weather Service.


(A: But you see it’s a corporation now.)


We have a long history of weather forecasting and have been working in the area of climate change for more than two decades.


We are a Trading Fund within the Department for Business Innovation and Skills,


(A: So the guys giving you your weather reports are actually a Trading Fund in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.)


operating on a commercial basis under set targets.  Our targets are verified and publicized in this section.


(A: What they’re actually all about, you see, and they work with lots of other locations across the world. You see, they’ve put your food, the 5 Agri-business companies own all the world’s food supply now, since they put all the small farmers under, are predicting in the stock market how the weather is going to be. And what crops are going to fail in what country, etc. etc. Naturally too they must know which ones are going to get sprayed, obviously, and cause failure of crops, or floods, or whatever they give them because they can do drought or flooding with the types of spray that they use. That’s old hat, that’s old stuff, weather warfare. Look it up yourself.)


So anyway, here they are making money out of your food supplies as they bet on it going up or down or failing altogether, for the big corporations. But mind you it’s supposed to be a government institute, it’s probably still getting your tax money going to them, as well, as they run their private business here, predicting who’s going to rise and who’s going to fall, who’s going to fail, all of that kind of thing.  Quite something, eh.


Also I’m putting up a good video and it’s Judge Napolitano who talks about spying through your electronics because as you know Samsung was the first one to come out and admit it; that they’ve got your facial recognition, your television puts out these little beams and it will basically encode them into circuitry of the shape of your face and face identification. Same with anybody who walks in and sits down and watches television with you, or walks past even the television set and it’s doing an awful lot more.


Are you being spied on through your electronics, it says.  It’s quite an interesting thing as he goes through the laws and how they’re just being trampled completely and there’s another article about it too, a written one which I’ll put up as well, on Samsung which is only one of the many ones doing this kind of stuff. And they send all your data back to the CIA, NSA and every other organization that wants to see what you’re doing in your living rooms, all the time, you see.  So, things are really rampaging ahead.


Charity, charity is one of the biggest rackets and always was, mind you, because remember even the old Masons groups basically started big charitable business, all ended up being cons. Even themselves, most of the money goes to their lodges, you know. There’s a lot of articles that have come out in the past about how it goes into their own lodges, about 80 to 90% of what they bring in, goes into building the lodge and making it better. It was the same thing even pre them, because even when the guilds were working they used to build special hospitals for guild members only and that kind of thing too. Charity’s always been a racket, so many rackets involved. So:


The IRS forms show that a charity’s money isn’t going to disable vets


Tax records for the Disabled Veterans National Foundation show $55.9 million in donations.

Almost none of that money has been provided to American veterans.


It has also provided useless donations, including over 11,000 bags of M&Ms to one charity.


(A:  That’s just what you need when you’re sick, right?)


The DVNF did not respond to repeated questions from CNN.


A national charity that vows to help disabled veterans and their families has spent tens of millions on marketing services,


(A:  That’s what they spent the money on.)


all the while doling out massive amounts of candy, hand sanitizer bottles and many other unnecessary items to veteran aid groups, according to a CNN investigation.


The Disabled Veterans National Foundation, based in Washington, D.C., and founded in 2007, received about $55.9 million in donations since it began operations in 2007, according to publicly available IRS 990 forms.


Yet according to the DVNF’s tax filings with the IRS, almost none of that money has wound up in the hands of American veterans.


Well, what’s new?  All these charities are rackets and they actually say this in this article that these guys come in, who see it as a profitable business, charities, and of course, it certainly is.  That’s all they see it as, a very profitable business.  There’s lots of them I could go through like that, the rackets to do…but it’s disgusting, disgusting.  What can you say?


Also, I’m going to go into this one here, space weather, if it’s not bad enough, they’re bringing everybody in on everything, people you’ve never heard of before.


Space weather expert has ominous forecast. Mike Hapgood, who studies solar events, says the world isn’t prepared for a truly damaging storm (A:  A solar storm). And one could happen soon.


(A:  Oh, this is better than sci-fi, isn’t it?)


A stream of highly charged particles from the sun is headed straight toward Earth, threatening to plunge cities around the world into darkness and bring the global economy screeching to a halt.


(A:  Well, we’re already at a halt anyway, except for the stuff coming from China.)


This isn’t the premise of the latest doomsday thriller. Massive solar storms have happened before — and another one is likely to occur soon, according to Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England.


Much of the planet’s electronic equipment, as well as orbiting satellites, have been built to withstand these periodic geomagnetic storms. But the world is still not prepared for a truly damaging solar storm, Hapgood argues in a recent commentary published in the journal Nature.


Hapgood talked with The Times about the potential effects of such a storm and how the world should prepare for it.


Then they tell you what a solar storm is, which everybody would obviously know anyway and solar flares coming from the sun, and so on, and yada, yada, ya.  It tells you how the particles reach the earth, which of course is interesting for guys who are into this and how it could affect the power grid; probably the Smart one.  Or can the Smart one outsmart it?  Could the smart grid outsmart the solar radiation coming down to earth?  I wonder, big, big test here.  So anyway, they mention the one that put Quebec out in 1989, when a big solar flare hit and it could happen anywhere again, and should we be terrified.  Maybe they’re just looking for bigger grants as well because all the other guys are getting the grants, you know.  The guys with scary scenarios, with dinosaurs and boomerangs and big pipes going up into the sky, to puff out sulfur on us all.   Anyway, that’s how they’re going.


The Green Cross started up with Mikhail Gorbachev when he was still president of the Soviet Union.  It was registered in California, with him as the head of it, while he was still the president of the Soviet Union.  You say history isn’t planned, folks, and the future’s not planned?


Green Cross International’s roots can be traced back to President Mikhail Gorbachev’s time in office as Head of State of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a period during which he spoke            repeatedly about the interrelated threats humanity and our Earth face from nuclear arms, chemical weapons, unsustainable development, and the man-induced decimation of the planet’s ecology.


He spoke at the Club of Rome conference at Muziekgebouw, it says, at Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  He also spoke at the last Rio Summit too.  Did you know that?  He’ll be at the next one as well.  Back with more after this


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  We’re really into this new Sovietized system because it’s a world Soviet, you know.  Even guys who were in the Soviet Union, the old Soviet Union, complained about the new EU Parliament, saying it’s more Soviet than the Soviets were.  In the Soviet system you were pulled up, as I say, if you even wrote a poem, to see if you were politically correct, was there anything in there at all that went against the Marxian ideals and thought, that kind of stuff, and now we’re getting it all now in the West.  There’s even a group now of transsexuals that want to put into law that we must all believe, believe and say that they’re really what they say they want to be, if they’re a red-head, a female or whatever.  Even your logic says no they’re not; they want it done in law.  And here’s one here:


Blacklist is blacklisted: 


(A:  The word “blacklist” is blacklisted.  The Metropolitan Police in London:)


Met bans word over claims it is racist…and staff have to say ‘red listed’


(A:  Instead, you see.  It used to be “blackballed”; that was the term when the Masons and the Knights Templars voted on something; they had white balls and black balls.  If it was a yea, it was white and a nay was black, so you got  “blackballed” as they called it.  Then they put it into a blacklist, all the different names that were blackballed.  So you can’t say that anymore and you have to say “red-listed”.  So you have to learn all these new terms now to be PC.)


Staff told to avoid ‘inappropriate’ whitelist or blacklist

Red list and green list are ‘less sensitive’, boss says

Force has been hit by string of racism allegations


They have also struck out its opposite – ‘whitelist –


(A:  So you can’t have whitelist either. I guess you’ve got to use colored paper.)


which is used by IT workers for a list of  acceptable email contacts.


Scotland Yard employees have been told to use ‘red’ and ‘green’ instead.


The move baffled officers, who said it would do little to help the force emerge from its latest racism crisis.

Thirteen reports of racism, involving 27 officers and staff, are being probed by the Met and the independent police watchdog.


One officer said: ‘Frankly we all sigh when things like this come around. Lots of good work is done to make sure policing reaches into all parts of society and helps the most vulnerable.


(A:  That’s why they’re there.  They’re social workers, you know.)


This is not it.’


The Met was branded institutionally racist by the Macpherson Inquiry, set up following the death of Stephen Lawrence.


(A:  So I guess they killed another one.  They’re always killing people.)


‘I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used.’


The measure is part of a drive by police chiefs to stamp out racism within the force. But officers within the organisation are said to have described the latest orders as 'bizarre'.


One source said that banning them won’t solve any genuine problems the Met has with racism.


They added: ‘Do we really think these words are discriminatory? The truth is they’re nothing to do with race whatsoever and are very common IT terms.’


The police watchdog announced last month that it is carrying out a review into how racism allegations are dealt with by the Metropolitan Police.


That’s the bizarre world we’re into folks.  From nutty professors, of course they have to pretend they’re nutty, to be eccentric because they’re no brighter than you or I; especially when they’re dealing with a lot of imaginative theories, which are just guesses and they throw boomerangs around and they make vibrators and things, and make things spin.  Because they want to put pipes up into the air, of course, and get their name on a building somewhere, maybe even a university building.  They want to get their name there and they want to get lots of grants given to them so they can buy better boomerangs, you know, that go further and all that kind of thing.  And get rid of all those herbivores, all these things that are eating and belching and, well, farting too.  Ah, goodness me.  No more champagne for you folks, even the beer, I guess that will be banned as well.  You can burp that one away. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods, and God help you, go with you.


Transcribed by Mary Lou.



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