May 9, 2012 (#1083)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 9, 2012:

Elite's Creation, Persuasion Foundation:

"Foundations Continue to Drop Their Seed
On Left-Leaning Advocates, Tinged with Greed,
Because the "Cause" Business Pays very Well
For Leaders Who Find a Cause to Sell,
The Vast Red Army Cloaked in Green
Believe in Julian Huxley's Societal Dream
Of Expert Training, Lifelong Education
And Reduction of Useless Population,
Strange, At Every Global Enviro Meeting,
Corporate CEOs Take Much of the Seating,
They're on Board with "Brave New World",
Salivating When U.N. Flag's Unfurled,
Easier Doing Business with World Government
Than Nations with Multi-Bureaucratic Clutterment"
© Alan Watt May 9, 2012
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 9th of May, 2012.

For newcomers I always start of by suggesting you make good use of and on the website you will find all the other sites I own.  And they all carry audios for download.  They all carry transcripts in English for download, and if you go into you will find transcripts in other languages to choose from.  And remember too that you are the audience that bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, or sell anything apart from the books and discs at  So, if you want them, and I hope you do because if you don’t understand the past or the cons that have been pulled right up to the present time you will never understand what’s really happening today, how we got here and where it’s all supposed to go.  You have this mass confusion of competing parties apparently just giving their spiels out on the media and it’s nothing but confusion.  You’ve got to understand how it really works, this system, how powerful people got together over a hundred years ago to take over the world system.  And that means all resources including people by the way; you’re a human resource now aren’t you?  And all the water, all the food, all the minerals, oil, everything across the entire planet.  And run it in a scientific way.  They see themselves as sort of benefactors of humanity, this elite you see, because they already back a hundred years ago owned most of the wealth of the world.  And they fund the universities, they set a curriculum along with the grants they hand out, and they use academia to the extreme, to turn out generations of sort of middle class revolutionaries, to bring in, to finish off this system for them, and thinking they’re going to get a more just society.  It works out very, very well. 

They also create the NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), big armies under foundations that lobby government.  And they often get governmental money to put into their pot as well to change the society.  But it’s not democratic because you don’t vote any of them in, that’s the bottom line. 

So, I’ll touch on that tonight.  So, if you want to keep me going buy the books and discs at  And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can use personal checks or international postal money orders, or you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again. 

Now, we go through a system in our lifetime, a part of a system because the system is never ending.  They have plans made sometimes fifty years, a hundred years ahead.  The communist system had the same thing, fifty year plans, a hundred year plans, twenty year plans, all for different parts of this big change we’re going through.  This is the time of change, it’s the century of change, and that’s why Obama was given the slogan, "Change is good", it’s just that the idiots didn’t think to ask him what changes he had in mind.  So, it’s an academic phrase too, and the world socialists used it as well.  This is the time when experts were to rise to the top and start governing the public in place of the old religious orders, old silly belief systems they say, and bring in a secular humanistic society where we’ll obviously see the wisdom of having educated people be commissars over all of us, and direct our lives from cradle to grave.  That’s what it’s all about. 

Democracy they say is too cumbersome.  That’s what the Club of Rome, the big think tank for the United Nations, said.  It was too cumbersome, it would never work, and too many competing factions all demanding cash and different laws pushed, and etcetera.  Technically they’re right because, you see, they created so many of these competing parties in the first place, to create the muddy confusion.  And now that they have it, they want to go ahead and simply go into what they call governance, you see, and they’ve got all these different partnerships with private organizations and corporations and they sign treaties through the United Nations.  We really don’t need the governments as we have them now, because your vote means nothing.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  I’ve always mentioned Professor Carroll Quigley who, he was really up there with the big boys, he wanted the same kind of system as they did.  He was a member of their big organizations including the Council of Foreign Relations, and he taught many people at the State department and higher levels of government for their roles.  He trained them.  He did put out two books that really told you how this secretive organization, put it this way, CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, but now they have CFRs across the world in every country because we’re all on board together, you see. 

They run all the media especially, and they have Think Tanks, so many Think Tanks you can’t count them all, working on different aspects of their agenda.  And these guys will put their agenda in different articles across all mainstream media because all mainstream media, the top guys, are members of the Council of Foreign Relations.  So, Quigley exposed this in one of his books and Macmillan broke the actual printing plates for them after, when they found out what he actually let out of the bag.  That they had this massive goal and they were behind wars.  They said that wars were necessary to bring about this unified world which this elite would rule, you see.  Again, it ties in with Rockefeller, who was way up there, the head of the CFR for a long time.  And he said that it was far better that bankers and academia, intellectuals, run the world, rather than leaving it to the natural course of independent free nations.  So it’s not a democratic society they’re bringing in. 

What they did too was set up all these fronts, these front foundations, that are really places where they put money through.  That is a tax break for the big bankers who are behind it all because there’s massive international bankers who formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They didn’t have little local banks.  They were the guys who lent to nations, and then their sons took over.  And they thought that they would cause wars and conflicts, and out of that they would get treaties signed and eventually they’d take over the world.  Which is happening now, of course you’re seeing it out in the open.

They set up foundations as philanthropic fronts basically, as charitable institutions so they wouldn’t be taxed.  So the money they were making from their banks, they just didn’t pay taxes.  They simply put them into their foundations and they were tax-free.  They were let off tax-free.  And then they formed all these non-governmental organizations, thousands of them across the world, all working towards the same goal which appears to be socialist or even communist, which is the ideal system which the bankers agreed they wanted across the world.  Where everyone would be trained scientifically by scientific elites and government agencies from birth to death and they’d have their ordered society.  No more of this democracy stuff or ‘what do you want to be when you leave school’.  ‘What do you want?’  No, no, it’s basically school-to-work like the communists used. 

So it was often confused with communism, so much so that the Reese Commission back in the 50’s was put out by congress to investigate the tax-free foundations and they were told quite plainly, and you can read about this, and there’s even Norman Dodd up on YouTube if I can find it again, where he talks about it.  He was part of the investigation and they were told by the CEOs of these private foundations.  These are trillionaire foundations, multi-trillions.  They were told that their job was to bring in the soviet system and blend it with the West, very seamlessly and quietly that people would adapt into this new system, not quite capitalist, not quite socialist.  Exactly what Lenin said too about the big plan. 

So, you’ve got this confusion here where people can’t tell what they’re reading half the time, and emotions come into it too; you have all the various wildlife groups and ecologists now, you have all these different "ologists" everywhere, you know, where the money is.  Because this is the time for looking after the environment, and weather, and all the rest of it.  You’ve got to remember that so many people who are outright communists also went into these organizations when communism got a bad name and kind of fell away.  It didn’t go away at all; it simply morphed into the environmental movement.  Now lots of the followers don’t know that.  Followers for anything will always be followers, and they’re always duped by the wise guys.  And the wise guys always put leaders in that are very good, good psychopaths.  They can read their followers like a book and they tell them what they want to hear.  But the followers of course comprise an army, you need numbers you see, and then you get them all to sign different protests and then you hand it in to government and demand things.  

Well what happened in Canada recently was that Stephen Harper, the prime minister, got rather upset about one, at least one of the foundations, probably more, that are worldwide, and they protested the Tar Sands Project, of course, and the oil or gas getting shipped off to the U.S., and technically these organizations are political organizations.  If they’re political organizations they should be basically registered as political organizations, not as environmental organizations and suchlike you see.  That’s a con of the foundations to use other things to get political agendas through, or social agendas actually.  They don’t play politics.  I’ve always looked at the Council on Foreign Relations’ books that they put out, and they say we are a non-profit, non-governmental organization and we are not involved in politics.  And then you see all the top politicians who are members of it.  And you might think that they’re talking about nothing but politics, but they’re actually talking about social agendas.  You see politics is the game for you all to believe in, you see.  But they simply make agendas and carry them through.  And the same with these big foundations, you see, to do with environment. 

This article here comes out, it’s a bit wishy-washy, and it’s not too direct, but it says:


Alan:  BlackOutSpeakOut is a coalition that’s just come out with all the environmental groups because of what Stephen Harper said. 

"BlackOutSpeakOut but first WhiteOut"

Alan:  It’s so Canadian the way it’s written.

"The green charitable funding battle has only just begun, with every sign that the activist community is set to treat it as a life-or-death conflict. Leading the green forces against the evil Harper regime is a new coalition cleverly named BlackOutSpeakOut."

Alan:  And it’s got the link to their site too.

"Backed by the Sierra Club,"

Alan:  They’re very poor guys, the Sierra Club you know.

"Environmental Defense,"

Alan:  Which is the Environmental Defense Fund as well.

"Greenpeace, the Suzuki Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law and others, BlackOutSpeakOut aims to block Ottawa’s planned changes to Canada’s environmental protection legislation. A parallel objective is to stop what it refers to as the government’s “attacks on environmental charities.”"

Alan:  Because these are political and social forces, you see, with their own agendas.

"Since the Harper government clearly aims to adjust the balance of power in environmental regulation, we can certainly see their reasons for a new round of political activity. The effort is to be carried out by means as yet unknown, but darkly foreshadowed on their website. What is most striking, however, is the green movement’s rush to head off scrutiny of its charitable funding."

Alan:  Because why should other countries donate millions into organizations that disrupt the goings-on inside another country, like Canada?  Well, we’re doing the same thing across the Middle East, aren’t we?  {Laughs}

"Striking, but not surprising: Charities are where the money is that keeps green activism alive."

Alan:  And it’s awfully lucrative if you get into it.

"Some of Canada’s charities are also getting into protecting themselves from government attack. Imagine Canada, an association of Canadian charities, wants Environment Minister Peter Kent to name names to back up his charge that foreign money is being “laundered” through Canadian charities to fund the political campaigns of environmental groups."

Alan:  So it’s really over the terminology, they pick the terminology, rather than the fact of what’s really going on.

"In a letter last week to Mr. Kent, Imagine Canada CEO Marcel Lauziere said the Minister’s allegations amounted to suggesting “criminal activity” and should be withdrawn."

Alan:  So it’s nitpicking really.  The fact is millions and millions, and even billions over the years are put into Canada through these outside organizations, these foundations based in other countries.  And as I say, when you see who they are, Sierra Club, I mean that’s hardly, you know, a little tin can around the door type of collection agency. 

"...Environmental Defense, Greenpeace, the Suzuki Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law and others...."

Alan:  Plus they get cash from governments too, most of these people.  So, as I say, that’s where they are.  They are political activation groups, and activists, so they should be labeled as something else especially with the cash they’ve got.  Definitely.  This is again what I mentioned earlier, how the big foundations were going to take over the world.  And through philanthropy remember they said a long time ago, even Weishaupt said this, they’d take over through philanthropy.  You know benevolent dictatorship basically.  Benevolent ones they said, you know, they’re out for your own good.  Now stop eating that food, now you’re too small, you’ve got to eat this and stretch, all that kind of.  I mean this is the craziness they bring in where supergovernment is in charge of every facet of your life.  Stop eating that.  Can you imagine these folk at the table?  Don’t eat that, eat this.  Oh that’s terrible for you, that’s bad.  Have you ever been with folk like that?  Of course you have, they’re control freaks. 

But as I say when they start butting into each other’s countries through foreign funding you’ve got something else going on obviously.  No one wants to destroy the environment.  Remember these guys too, all these groups, they want to bring us back to total deindustrialization.  And they’ve said it on all their websites as well.  David Suzuki, by the way, I’ll put a link up tonight.  You’ll hear him talking about the Japan disaster and here are some of the points brought up; and some commentary, this is what he said:

"It’s great that Japan reduced its power consumption by 25% since the disaster.  Maybe they can reduce it even more.  Perhaps power consumption is down because thousands of people are dead and not using power.  And many people were without power for extended periods of time and some of them have been living in tents. "

Then he says:

"Japan is now totally dependent on oil"

Alan:  Dependent now on the oil cartels.

"but when the Japanese government finally decides to move to renewable energy, like geothermal and wind power,"

Alan:  How are they going to turn out anything there, on a factory level, on wind power?

"they will be able to do so because the Japanese"

Alan:  Listen to what he says:

"because the Japanese people are compliant with their government unlike North Americans."

Alan:  That’s your great David Suzuki, "Sieg Heil!" Huh?

It says:

"This crisis is a huge opportunity in Japan."

Alan:  All those folk getting….

"It’s a huge opportunity, yes, an opportunity to de-industrialize and destroy Japan just like North America."

Alan:  That’s a commentary by someone else on what he said, but that’s what he’s inferring, to deindustrialize Japan.  Because that’s what they want at the top.  The same as America, total deindustrialization.  Now look who profited from the total deindustrialization of the Americas that’s almost finished.  It was the big international, multinational corporations that wanted it.  And the big bankers, international, who with government set up the WTO, the GATT treaty, and made it legal to ship all the factories over to China and get the taxpayers at home to pay for their transport and setting up over there.  See how they all work together, eh?  And David Suzuki says people are just maggots.  I might put that link up again tonight.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  I’m just reading a letter that someone sent me about David Suzuki, as I say, and he did say that.  And the link, the video is up there when he was a student or a young professor at university, and people are just maggots, he says.  And this is a globalist for you, who wants deindustrialization across the world.  And that’s what he said about Japan, he says:

"This crisis is a huge opportunity."

Alan:  What he means by that according to this writer is to deindustrialize.  Because they don’t want an industrialized world, you see.  They see themselves as sort of floating in Roman Togas over the world, advising us all how to live, you see.  That’s how it’s going to be, and probably with a big dominatrix behind them with whips and chains just to make sure you comply. 

So, I mean I’m not kidding about that.  They’re cults in an extent.  And they’re well funded because they do, these foundations employ fanatics.  You’ve got to be a fanatic to get the job.  And they live lives of pretty well luxury too, by the way, incredible funding.  When you get put up as an NGO, a tax-free foundation, you can literally award yourself any paycheck that you want.  Because there’s no laws to say that you can’t give yourself ten million a year, or five, or whatever it happens to be.  They have office towers and everything. 

So, deindustrialization is really their point, and David Suzuki thinks deindustrialization, you know this is a great opportunity to sort of remake Japan with windmills and they’ll probably start sending off paper fans again, like they did before industry.  And that’ll be the only industry they’ll have.  Then they’ll all be happy. 

And, as I say it’s just astonishing to see how things work out with all these big organizations.  And here’s an article here, for instance, from Britain:

"How climate change has got Worldwide Fund for Nature bamboozled"

"The WWF has travelled too far from its original aim, to protect endangered species"

Alan:  Because now it’s all politics, they’re just really social agendas. 

"What a strange body the WWF (formerly the World Wildlife Fund, now the Worldwide Fund for Nature) has become these days. It is the largest, richest and most influential environmental lobbying organization in the world."

Alan:  It’s a tax-free foundation, you see. 

"Originally set up in 1961 by…"

Alan:  Guess who? Oh… I’ve talked so much about…

"Julian Huxley"

Alan:  Julian Huxley, the guy at UNESCO, who said they’d eventually give a common curriculum across the world, brainwash the children, and they’d teach humanity that he’s not so important after all, they’d knock him off his pedestal, and down amongst the animals.  Then they would run us, all the specialists like himself, the way it should be run in the world.  Also:

"Prince Philip, Prince Bernhard and others, for the admirable purpose of campaigning to save species endangered by human activity, it has morphed in the last 20 years into something very different, more akin to a multinational corporation.  The WWF empire now derives a very hefty chunk of its income from partnerships with governments,"

Alan:  Now what’s government doing with partnerships with them?  Because they get part of their funding, we also put in tax dollars to these, these non-democratic institutions. 

It says:

"… or the EU,"

Alan:  The European Union fund

"…or actual multinationals, such as Coca-Cola and Sky, which like to use its iconic panda logo (originally designed by the naturalist Peter Scott) to give an “eco-caring” gloss to their commercial activities.  The chief reason why it has so greatly increased its wealth and influence is that it has joined other lobby groups, such as Friends of the Earth…"

Alan:  These guys, you go on their website, they’ll tell you they want to totally deindustrialize and cut the population drastically.   

"…and Greenpeace, in pushing to the top of its agenda that most fashionable and lucrative of environmental causes, the “battle to halt climate change”"

Alan:  See how it’s just policies by using, well, hot air. 

"But this has led WWF into some rather odd little tangles, such as those which have recently emerged over its activities in Tanzania. Much of its work there is carried out under a UN climate change policy known as REDD+"

Alan:  Red Plus

"(“reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation”), which is part of the UN’s £17 billion Fast Start programme. Britain, giving £1.5 billion, is that programme’s second largest contributor after Japan. 

Last November, Prince Charles, as president of WWF UK, flew to Tanzania to hand out “Living Planet” awards to five “community leaders” involved in WWF projects around the delta of the Rufiji River, which holds the world’s largest mangrove forest. Part of their intention has been to halt further damage to the forest by local farmers, who have been clearing it to grow rice and coconuts. This is because the mangroves store unusual amounts of “carbon” (CO2), viewed as the major contributor to global warming. (Another WWF project in the delta is to find a way of measuring just how great a threat release of that CO2 might be.)

Shortly before the Prince’s arrival, it was revealed that thousands of villagers had been evicted from the forest, their huts in the paddy fields torched and their coconut palms felled. This was carried out by the Tanzanian government’s Forestry and Beekeeping Division, with which WWF has been working."

Alan:  So they just burn down all the people’s houses and stuff to please the WWF.  And of course get all these big money things coming in and the big grants. 

"But Stephen Makiri, the head of WWF Tanzania, was quick to insist that WWF had never advocated expelling communities from the delta, and that “the evictions were carried out by government agencies”."

Alan:  Of course because the agencies are getting all this cash coming in from the big foundations, eh. 

"At this point, however, two American professors intervened. They had just published a study of the delta in an environmental journal, entitled “The REDD menace: resurgent protectionism in mangrove forests”. It was highly critical of the so-called “fortress conservation” policy advocated by WWF under REDD+, claiming that it was seriously damaging the traditional life of those local communities which had been sustainably farming and fishing in the area for centuries. 

Although this provoked a vehement riposte from Mr Makiri, who claimed in turn that the paper had seriously damaged the reputation of his staff who had been working on the WWF REDD project, a new furore had already erupted over claims that some of those staff had been falsely claiming expenses on a massive scale, amounting to more than £1 million."

Alan:  Big cash.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, I’m back, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about foundations and the big NGO armies they have which constantly lobby governments.  It takes a lot of money to lobby governments, you know.  And they’re tax-free foundations.  And the guys at the top are living in incredible, as they say in Hollywood, fabulous lifestyles, you know with the cash they get.  Anyway they’re so eagerly trying to get off this mess they’ve done in Africa where basically they gave money to the government and the government burned out the people, the peasants that were living there for centuries.  Because they don’t want them working around, you know, those sensitive areas that could be carbon sinks, you know it might not be and it may be carbon sinks, who knows. 

Alan:  Anyway, it says they fired a lot of the ones who were on the take at the top of the WWF and all that stuff. 

It says:

"It is hardly surprising that WWF is so anxious to defend its good name, since so much of its income"

Alan:  Which is…

"(£55 million a year in Britain alone)… "

Alan:  That’s just in Britain.

"… depends not just on the five million members it claims worldwide but on the support it gets from governments. Nowhere is this web of top-level influence more striking than in the role WWF now plays in the workings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change –"

Alan:  See they all work together, eh, for this big change.

"… the body whose reports, supposedly based only on “gold standard” science,"

Alan:  That’s fool’s gold of course

"… have been the chief driver behind worldwide concern over global warming for 20 years.  When a series of scandals blew up two years ago over the more alarmist claims made by the IPCC in its 2007 assessment report, the two which attracted most headlines were shown to have been based, not on peer-reviewed science, but on campaigning material put out by WWF."

Alan:  {Laughs}

"One of these, a prediction that the Himalayan glaciers might all have melted within 30 years, was sourced from a WWF paper based only on a magazine interview with an obscure Indian scientist (who was subsequently employed by the research institute run by the IPCC’s chairman, Dr Rajendra Pachauri)."

Alan:  Who’s a train engineer. {Laughs}  He’s a real specialist, eh?

It says:

"The other, a claim that drought caused by global warming could lead to the destruction of 40 per cent of the Amazon rainforest, was revealed – by my colleague Dr Richard North and this column – to have originated in a WWF propaganda leaflet based on research that had not been concerned with climate change at all, but with the damage being done to the forest by logging and fires."

"Exhaustive analysis, led by the Canadian author Donna Laframboise, then revealed that nearly a third of the 18,531 sources cited by the report had no more scientific provenance than press clippings, student theses and claims by activist groups – among which none was more prominent than WWF. But worse was to come. In her recent book on the IPCC, The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert, Laframboise shows how, from 2004 on, WWF deliberately set out to recruit contributors to the IPCC’s next report to its Climate Witness Scientific Advisory Panel.  The result was that WWF “climate witnesses” contributed to two thirds of the 2007 report’s 44 chapters, including every one of the 20 chapters in the section on the impacts of climate change."

Alan:  So you see it’s not science, these are social agendas and political agendas to change the entire planet, so that we’re run by, you know, philanthropists and people who know better than anyone else.  You don’t know your own thoughts you know.  You don’t know your own mind.  And you can’t just go and do silly things for yourself, you’ve got to have managers to tell you how to behave and they’ll train you how to behave.  Behavior modification you see.  So, it says here,

"...the IPCC has been infiltrated… wholly and entirely compromised."

Alan:  Because it’s in bed with all of these change groups, and they all have their agendas.  And they’ll make any story up to get it through.  You know, the sky is always falling.  But they’re into other things too, as I say, like getting folk burned out of their homes in Africa, and stuff like that.  And they can bribe any government.  You understand the finances they’ve got, it’s fantastic.  But who’s at the top of these big foundations?  Well you’ve got Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies, a whole bunch of them, there’s hundreds of them.  All top banking boys as well, and international corporations.  That’s what runs it. 

And as I say, now of course they’re into every government; you can’t make a move without having to consult these self-appointed czars, you know.  You can’t make a move, no government can.  And here they are drafting up treaties and getting politicians and leaders to sign them.  Do you vote in these foundations?  Do you vote in these NGOs?  No, you don’t.  Well why do they keep calling it democracy?  You’re living through an agenda.  And why are the governments constantly pampering them, and pandering to them?  You see it’s a big agenda.  There’s only one agenda.  And everybody at the top is in on the same agenda folks.  That’s why.   

Remember I’ll put these links up tonight too at

Also to do with an article I read about just a week ago or so, on Katerina Jeleva,

It says:

"Utah Woman Has Son Stolen by DCFS Agent Despite Declaration of Innocence by Court and Social Services"

Alan:  And it’s by Activist Post.  And it’s an update on what’s happening and as I said the last time really when the end of June comes I think it is, or maybe the beginning of June, they have to go to either a higher court if the child is not given back to Katerina, or they give the child back, one or the other.  That’s how it’s left hanging in the air.  And I’ve mentioned the person too, who is really the main character behind all of this.  She hates to lose obviously, Amber Ruder, she is very rude indeed.  Strange that too, it’s almost, see Ruder is like a form of red from old languages.  So you’ve got Amber and Red, there’s no green in there, eh? 

So you understand that Ms. Ruder, is very nasty.  If you go into these courts, very, very nasty.  It wouldn’t matter what she thought or claimed or whatever, very nasty; as if you’re a mass murderer.  And technically I really think that people like her should have psychological examinations themselves, to see what on earth is behind them, snatching these children when courts and specialists say, you know, this child has not had any abuse whatsoever.   What’s her problem?  Is it simply ego that she must always win?  Is it just simply hating families?  It could be that too.  It could be that, that’s a political agenda with certain sectors of society. 

Anyway, I’ll put this up tonight and it’s a good write-up,

It says:

"But what happens when an individual within the system sets their sights on a child, and even their fellow state agents refuse to go along with the game?"

Alan:  And it mentions the case:

"If a recent case in Utah is anything to go by, it apparently doesn’t matter. You still end up having your child forcibly removed from you and you still have little hope of seeing him again after he is taken. If the case officers declare you have done nothing wrong – you still find yourself childless.  Remarkably, even if the judge himself orders your son returned to you – he still remains under the watchful eye of the state so long as one of its bureaucrats deems it the appropriate decision."

Alan:  You understand, they’re taking power onto themselves.  And they do it over time until, like common law, it becomes…  Common law really is something that you accept because you do nothing about it.  You acquiesce to it.  Then it becomes law.  So it’s time you started putting it, you know, nip it in the bud and stop it, stop it right off the bat.  And go back to the courts and say look, look judge you know nobody’s listening to you.  These little agencies here are ignoring you so what are you going to do about it?  That’s what it comes down to.  So anyway it says:

"While a case such as this should make the headlines if for no other reason than the brazenness of certain “officials,” not a word has been spoken in the media, with the notable exception of…"

Alan:  Then they go on to me, with the exception of me, I mentioned this on April the 30th.

"It appears that, during the course of a nasty divorce proceeding, Katerina Jeleva was accused of sexually abusing her son (who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons) by her ex-husband. According to Jeleva, the motivation behind this accusation was her ex-husband’s desire to avoid child support payment in light of a recent bankruptcy. Regardless of the reason behind the accusation, however, Jeleva was served with a Protective Order."

Alan:  By the way you’ve seen even in the movies now, it’s generally the woman who does it, not the guy, and she’s advised often, in the movie versions, have you tried sexual abuse?  ‘No, I never thought of that.’  ‘Oh you’ve got to put that down too.’  So lawyers actually advise clients, you see, try that.  It’s very, very common in this wonderful, you know, above-board thing called the legal system.  And that’s what lawyers do, anything at all to win a case. 

But, as I say, this has been thrown out by the court, because there is no evidence whatsoever.  And all the experts on child abuse have said no, no evidence of it at all.  But this Amber Ruder, who’s in charge of this sort of family service thing here, just doesn’t back off, you see.  Although she didn’t turn up the last time because her name was mentioned on the radio by me, but we’ll see what happens here, it’s ongoing.  And if this, as I say, comes up into June they either have to give the child back or find some reason to keep the child.  Which means they’d have to create new evidence, you see. 

Anyway, Amber Ruder is the Guardian ad Litem, and she’s quite a nasty character as far as I have heard. 

It says:

"Ruder is tasked with the representation of a minor child in cases such as these. Essentially, Ruder was appointed as legal Guardian of Jeleva’s son during the Protective Order investigation process.  This is because, only one day after her son was returned to her, Jeleva’s ex-husband filed yet another Protective Order against her. This, Jeleva claims, was done at the behest of and with the aid of Ruder. The new PO is set to last a period of five months. With the PO signed by a judge, the police immediately came to Jeleva’s house and removed her son from his home yet again."

Alan:  You understand, all they have to do is, okay we’ll try another charge, you know, and immediately, the cops don’t say is this right or wrong, they just grab the child and they’re gone.  So, that’s what they did, they came in when they were having dinner and grabbed the child from her arms. 

"Thus, the process of investigation began anew with more case officers and detectives interviewing Jeleva and her son. Like in the first round of investigations, all of those involved (with the notable exception of Ruder) determined that there was no evidence of child abuse. In fact, the DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) investigator of the special sex abuse unit, Carly Echols, even wrote a report exonerating Jeleva. Echols closed the case due to the fact that the accusations were unsupported.

Yet, according to Jeleva, although the reports of the detectives and investigator Echols are in the public record, they were dismissed as hearsay at the first hearing because the individuals themselves were not there to testify. This was an oversight made by Jeleva who is representing herself with very limited resources and knowledge of the law, as opposed to the state which responds to a prosecution as if there is no bottom to its pit of finances."

Alan:  Which there isn’t because it’s all taxpayers’ that they grab, isn’t it?  So, it’s quite a long story in here, I’ll put it up tonight for you all to read to see what’s happening.  It’s happening across the whole of the U.S. and other countries as well, as these organizations give themselves more and more power.  And I should say too, I’ve met lots of these people who work in these organizations where they grab children and they’ve all got certain problems, put it that way, you know.  And I could certainly go on but I think you all know what I mean.  I’m sure you’ve met some yourselves; they certainly don’t like families at all.  They really don’t like families.  They’re the type of people too, who, if they’re walking on the street, and they see a father holding the daughter or son’s hand in the street, walking along the street, they’ll think there’s something suspicious in that.  I’m not kidding you.  They obviously have personal problems themselves, and they get attracted into these jobs.  And also a lot of them too who work with the children in the homes, for instance, there’s massive abuse that goes on in there, sexual abuse.  Because again there’s certain persuasions that have taken it over, the whole system.  Remember where they go for you, if you’re a pedophile you go for your target, where they’re going to be.  Boy scouts, girl guides, whatever, and into the sort of homes where you hold these children.  This boy isn’t actually in one of those homes at the moment, but let’s hope Katerina gets him back shortly. 

People should also check up the Amber Ruder’s case files, and see her history.  To see how many families she’s destroyed, you know.  And find out why.  And maybe find out too, and even say, you know, if you’ve got so much power then you should have a psychological, an independent psychological evaluation.  Which should be available to the general populace.  That’s what I think; I really believe that, that should be done for them all. 

But that’s the world we live in, isn’t it, the destruction of the family unit.  And they don’t want children being brought up with their parents at all really, you know, a lot of them. 

And this nonsense with the underwear bomber, as I say, is hardly worth talking about.  It’s such a made-up piece of nonsense. 

"A man who al-Qaeda hoped would carry out a plot to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner is a mole who infiltrated the terrorist organization and thwarted the attack,"

Alan:   So he’s an agent that worked for the CIA for goodness sake.  And I’ll put this up tonight as well.  But I’m not going to give much credence or time or anything else about this nonsense.  You understand, they’ve had so many people complaining about the groping, by the TSA, and in other countries as well, and x-rays and all the rest of it.  They have to say, “oh, see, there’s actually people out there who have strange underwear.”  I’m sure there are in this day and age.  {Laughs}  I’m certain of that.  But the fact is they’ve got to create something to validate why they’re doing this to you.  And this is how they work.  This is how they work.  But it does say here in this article:

"The secret operative — working for CIA and Saudi intelligence handlers in Yemen..."

Alan:   Etcetera, etcetera.  So, nothing, they said this thing could never have gone up, blown up in the first place.  And I’m sure he, like the last one, was watched the whole way across.  They probably told him this was a test.  Because they do that, they get guys to go through with fake explosives and stuff.  I’ve read the articles before.  Sometimes they forget actually about guys at the other end picking them up.  And the guy will leave it on the plane or he’ll take it home.  One guy actually took one home to his house in England and then he got raided.  And then he was charged until they found out, no.  They smuggled this stuff in the airport onto his luggage to see if the staff could catch it, and they didn’t.  This happens all the time.  This one here is definitely a plant, it’s obviously.   Because the U.S. military, they’ve got trainers in Yemen at the moment who are recruiting these guys, you know.  “Do you want to be in the CIA?”  ‘Yeah, I think that’s cool, I’ve seen all the movies.’  “Just wear these undies and get on this plane.  We’ll catch you at the other end.”  That’s how it works. 

And tonight too, I’m putting up a link, called:

"UK Terrorist Attack Birmingham"  

Alan:   They’re aerial terrorists by the way.  And they’re dumping chemicals from high altitudes over an area south of Birmingham, great photographs.  I used to collect hundreds of these aerial photographs over here above me, as they go back in loops and all the rest of it, around overhead, and poison the atmosphere.  As they pretend they’re talking about geoengineering and other things.  They’ve been doing it since 1998.  But I stopped taking the photographs, when I said, what am I going to do with all these photographs, I could take more photographs every day and towards the evening too as they just keep mum about it and say nothing.  You’re not supposed to notice. 

And the general public have been trained that they won’t listen to anything unless the general media says it on television by a popular, well known TV host, you know, your regular newscaster.  That’s what Brzezinski said in the 70’s, Eventually the public will be unable to reason for themselves.  They’ll wait for the media to do it for them.  That’s happened folks.  So, I’ll put this up as I say. 

Also, "Watt’s Up With That?" has got:

"Whole lotta shaking going on… "

Alan:   About some of the top gospel choir singers of the Global Warming Agenda who have abandoned the old climate crisis. 

"…the old climate crisis hymnal."

Alan:   It’s quite well worded actually.  And it talks about:

"One is James Lovelock, the father of the “Gaia” theory…"

Alan:   He made millions off this nonsense too, of course.

"…that the entire Earth is a single living system who predicted that continued human CO2 emissions will bring about climate calamity."

Alan:   We were supposed to all die, in I think it was, oh, it was years ago, it didn’t happen but it didn’t matter.

"Before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where climate remains tolerable."

Alan:   And of course the last century came and went and billions of us didn’t die at all.   Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}  

Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and I’ll continue with this article here.  It talks about the gospel choir’s abandoning the old climate crisis hymnal.  And they talk about James Lovelock who made a fantastic fortune off selling his books on coming catastrophes and massive death and so on.

"Recently, however, he has obviously cooled on global warming as a crisis, admitting to MSNBC that he overstated the case and now acknowledges that: “…we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago.  That led to some alarmist books…mine included…because it looked clear cut…but it hasn’t happened.” Lovelock pointed to Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and Tim Flannery’s “The Weather Makers” as other alarmist publications. 

The 92-year-old Lovelock went on to note, “…the climate is doing its usual tricks…there’s nothing much happening yet even though we were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now.”  He added, “The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time.” Yet the temperature “has stayed almost constant,…"

Alan:   It’s actually dropped, eh?

"… whereas it should have been rising…carbon dioxide has been rising, no question about that."

Alan:   Well carbon dioxide follows a warming period, and even when it cools, it’ll continue; it’s a kind of lag effect, very much of a lag effect, and then it goes down again.  Then:

" Fritz Vaherenholt, a socialist founder of Germany’s environmental movement who headed the renewable energy division of the country’s second largest utility company, has recently coauthored a new book titled “The Cold Sun: Why the Climate Disaster Won’t Happen”. In it he raises a man-made blizzard of criticism charging the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with gross incompetence and dishonesty, most particularly regarding fear-mongering exaggeration of known climate influence of human CO2 emissions.

Dr. Vahrenholt’s distrust of the IPCC’s objectivity and veracity took root two years ago when he became an expert reviewer for their report on renewable energy. After discovering numerous errors, he reported those inaccuracies to IPCC officials, only to have them simply brushed aside.  Stunned by this, he asked himself:  “Is this the way they approached climate assessment reports?” He came to wonder: “…if the other IPCC reports on climate change were similarly sloppy.” "

Alan:   And it’s got the full article, it’s quite interesting actually, you should read it.  And I’ll put that link up tonight as well, to how they really work.  It’s an agenda.  They don’t want facts.  They even said in those articles I read last night, they actually said, facts don’t matter.  Facts don’t matter, they have their fancy computer models, they can put in any disaster they want to come up and they get the results.  Facts don’t matter, is what they said.  It’s for a social agenda, across the world, remember. 

And as I say it’s just stunning how this massive organization across the world, interlapping NGOs, foundations, the parallel government as Thatcher called it, because she became a part of it.  Because all ex-politicians and prime ministers become a part of it too; see they’re all working together, lefties, righties, for this totalitarian world system.  That’s what it is.  It’s time, you see, for the big change where specialists take care of you your whole life long.  They’ll even decide if you’re born or not.  “Do we really need you?”  If they don’t need you, you won’t be born in their wonderful utopia. 

You’ve got to read the old books by the eugenicists, folks.  If you don’t read them at all you won’t understand where this mindset comes from.  And how they’ll use any excuse, even bizarre ones, like dinosaurs farting, for instance, and equating it with, well, your food supply of today.   That’s what it’s all about.  Any excuse will do to terrify you to give up your rights and let them guide you the proper way because you’re too stupid to do it yourselves, according to them. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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