May 10th, 2012 (#1084)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 10th, 2012:

Old Tricks, Defamation for Inflammation:

First Rule of War is No Surprise,
Caricature the Enemy and Demonize:

"The U.S. War College Stands in Disgrace,
Teaching Leaders to Destroy the Muslim Race,
With This Technique then Ask Who's Next?
How About Christians, You could Get Them Vexed,
There's Mennonites, Amish, Eastern Orthodox Too,
They'd Eventually Work Round to Even You,
Home Schoolers, Rural Folk Liking Peace & Quiet,
Small Organic Producers with Wholesome Diet,
Married Couples of Men and Women,
Procreating and Producing Children,
A Long List of Targets Still to Go,
You've Read the List So You All Know"
© Alan Watt May 10th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 10th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 10th of May, 2012.  I always suggest and get it out of the way, right at the beginning of the broadcast, that you make use of the website,  You’ll see a whole bunch of sites listed on that front page.  They‘re all mine.  And anything outside you see, anywhere else on the net, that isn’t mine.  All these sites listed have transcripts in English for download and print up.  And they all have audios for listening to on the big system that I go through.  And you can go into, also listed on that front page, and get transcripts in other languages. 


And I always mention too that you are the audience that bring me to you, because I don’t get sponsored by advertisers.  I don’t have shares in companies of things I’m selling and promoting.  All I do is get by, just about, almost, on the books and discs that I sell at  And really, I depend on donations to keep me going.  That way, I’ve got a kind of clear field to talk about different products.  If anyone asks me about my opinion of things, I can always tell them honestly without being compromised.  So, it’s up to you if you want to keep me going.


Now, I tend to go through the history of this big world system, the globalization system, and how the big bankers got together a long time ago and formed their big cabals and think tanks, lots and lots of think tanks, and then their front foundations, where they can funnel their cash that they don’t pay to taxes, into tax-free foundations which they own, and they funnel the money to nongovernmental organizations.  They call this democracy.  And, of course, there’s nothing democratic about any of it.  But they get what they want.  They plan the future.  They plan the world.  They plan a eugenically ordered society, with the worse type genes killed off, meaning those who have got potentiality for sickness or disease down the road.  And that will be good enough to stop you from even getting born, shortly.  It is already in some countries, by the way.  And bring down the population to a manageable standard for a post-industrial world, that will keep China going for a while, that will keep supplying all the goodies for the elite themselves.  But, for the rest of us, really, our job is almost over. 


And that’s why you’re seeing the Western countries collapse in on themselves, on purpose, forced by anti-terrorism nonsense, and Europe is just simply getting put under by one bank after another collapsing, one country after another collapsing, and everyone being taxed into the grave with compound interest, from the masters who run the financial systems, who are all part of the big system, because it was international bankers at the beginning that formed this cabal to take over the world.  Professor Carroll Quigley documents it well in his book, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, and his other book, The Anglo-American Establishment.  And then again, the Reece Commission, go into that one and buy the book as well.  It’s called: Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  Also look it up on YouTube, and you can see Senator Dodd, Norman Dodd, who was part of the commission, who talked to the foundations, who were quite honest about where they were taking the world.  And also too, that they take their orders straight from the White House.  Every president and prime minister, across the world, has been a member of the same world organization, chosen in advance, and propped in front of you to vote for.  It doesn’t matter what party it is.  All the top ones are members of the same organization, in every country across the planet. 


And that’s why we’re all going down the tubes now, you see.  And that’s why there’s a rush on, to bring you into total martial law.  It’s already here.  It’s worse in the States.  And much, much worse is to go.  Because governments have their sights set on all of this.  They cannot stop their agenda.  You can’t slow them down, put the brakes on.  That’s not how governments work.  When they get to a certain stage like this, they end up with mass mayhem, and even slaughter on occasions, as history always shows.  Always the same scenario.  Always the same scenario, for those who don’t understand it.  If you don’t understand the past, you won’t understand the future or the present.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big system you’re in right now, only part of a long-range plan.  And your parents went through part of it, your grandparents as well.  It’s been on the go for a long, long time, where wars are brought on and forced to happen, to occur, to bring consensus to treaties.  And of course, treaties bind them together, and then you can do things like, well, unite the whole of Europe.  That was all part of the big, big plan in the last war.  They tried it with the first World War too, and the League of Nations hoped to get them all to give up their sovereignty and become subservient to this global agenda.


We get nonsense from the mainstream media, of course.  And the mainstream media, I’ve put up so many times links to the Council on Foreign Relations own websites, where they and their think tanks and their writers.  Because, you see, almost every journalist out there in mainstream is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  In fact, the Council on Foreign Relations will often give you a story on what’s to happen across the Middle East, with all their experts, you see, who are fomenting trouble.  And they also write for the CFR and mainstream newspapers.  And they give you the links to the papers.  So you’ll always see The Washington Times pop up there and other Times as well.  Because they set up the Times of London and the Times of New York a long time ago, as part of this structure.  And then they took over the other papers as well. 


Anyway, getting back to what I’m talking about here, is how misleading everything is in the mainstream, unless you really know your history and what’s really going on.  And remember that all these reporters have an agenda.  They’ve been well vetted, to get into the Council on Foreign Relations.  You have to get asked in.  You cannot ask yourself into it.  You’re requested to come in, after you’ve been well vetted to make sure you play the game and keep the public in the dark.  And you’ll spout any lies, of course, to get wars off the go, and to demonize enemies, and all of that kind of stuff that we’re used to.  Here’s an article here, and I mentioned it before, in a previous article from the same website, to do with what do they teach the officers in the US Military about the Muslims.  And it says here:


U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam


The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists,


(Alan: So, total war on all the Muslims.)


according to documents obtained by Danger Room. Among the options considered for that conflict: using the lessons of “Hiroshima” to wipe out whole cities at once, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary.”


(A: If you wonder why all those reports came out when they went into Iraq, and they were going around at night targeting one village after another and wiping them out, this is all part of this agenda.  It says:)


The course, first reported by Danger Room last month and held at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College, has since been canceled by the Pentagon brass.


(A: So they say.  It won’t be, mind you, it’s covert.  And the previous article actually mentioned the same kind of thing, we’re going to cancel it, because of the way they described Muslim people.  It says:)


It’s only now, however, that the details of the class have come to light. Danger Room received hundreds of pages of course material and reference documents from a source familiar with the contents of the class.


(A: And I’ve got PDFs and everything here, I’ll put up tonight on that too.  It says:)


The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently ordered the entire U.S. military to scour its training material to make sure it doesn’t contain similarly hateful material, a process that is still ongoing. But the officer who delivered the lectures, Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley,


(A: And again, even these guys, you have to see if they’re double agents working for, say, a foreign government who would hate Islam.  Who benefits?  Anyway, it says:)


still maintains his position at the Norfolk, Virginia college, pending an investigation.


(A: And that’s not far-fetched at all.  It’s common for other governments, especially ones we’re friendly with, to infiltrate America’s military and end up leading it, in fact, often at the General level.  It says:)


The commanders, lieutenant colonels, captains and colonels who sat in Dooley’s classroom, listening to the inflammatory material week after week, have now moved into higher-level assignments throughout the U.S. military.


(A: Meaning they’re up there in the higher ranks now, still teaching, doing the same stuff.)


For the better part of the last decade, a small cabal


(A: A Small cabal.)


of self-anointed counterterrorism experts


(A: Now, where did they come from?  Who infiltrated the US military?  Well, I’ll leave it up to you to guess.  As I say, who benefits?)


has been working its way through the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, trying to convince whoever it could that America’s real terrorist enemy wasn’t al-Qaida — but the Islamic faith itself. In his course, Dooley brought in these anti-Muslim demagogues as guest lecturers. And he took their argument to its final, ugly conclusion.


“We have now come to understand that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam,’”


(A: This is Dooley, you see.)


Dooley noted in a July 2011 presentation


(A: And I’ll put that PDF up tonight.)


which concluded with a suggested manifesto to America’s enemies. “It is therefore time for the United States to make our true intentions clear. This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.”


(A: And you think it’s all about anti-terrorism?  No, this is a long-term goal, long-term agenda, long before 9/11 came along.)


Dooley could not be reached for comment. Joint Forces Staff College spokesman Steven Williams declined to discuss Dooley’s presentation or his status at the school. But when asked if Dooley was responsible for the course material, he responded, “I don’t know if I would classify him [Dooley] as responsible. That would be the commandant” of the school, Maj. Gen. Joseph Ward.


That makes the two-star general culpable for rather shocking material. In the same presentation, Dooley lays out a possible four-phase war plan to carry out a forced transformation of the Islam religion. Phase three includes possible outcomes like “Islam reduced to a cult status” and “Saudi Arabia threatened with starvation.” (It’s an especially ironic suggestion, in light of today’s news that Saudi intelligence broke up the most recent al-Qaida bombing plot.)


(A: See, al-Qaida is working now with the US government.)


International laws protecting civilians in wartime are “no longer relevant,”


(A: And that’s the US’s motto today.)


International laws protecting civilians in wartime are “no longer relevant,” Dooley continues. And that opens the possibility of applying “the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki” to Islam’s holiest cities, and bringing about “Mecca and Medina['s] destruction.”


Dooley’s ideological allies have repeatedly stated that “mainstream” Muslims are dangerous, because they’re “violent” by nature. Yet only a few of al-Qaida’s most twisted fanatics were ever caught musing about wiping out entire cities.


“Some of these actions offered for consideration here will not be seen as ‘political correct’ in the eyes of many,” Dooley adds. “Ultimately, we can do very little in the West to decide this matter, short of waging total war.”


(A: Now, total war is an actual theory of war where all civilians have to be wiped out.  Britain used it, and the US used it in World War II, and Dowding of Britain, the RAF leader decided to wage total war on all the civilian population of Germany.  Why go for the factories when you can wipe out all of the labor and all the families?  Anyway, back to Dooley.  It says:)


Dooley, who has worked at the Joint Forces Staff College since August 2010, began his eight-week class with a straightforward, two-part history of Islam. It was delivered by David Fatua, a former West Point history professor. “Unfortunately, if we left it at that, you wouldn’t have the proper balance of points of view, nor would you have an accurate view of how Islam defines itself,” Dooley told his students. Over the next few weeks, he invited in a trio of guest lecturers famous for their incendiary views of Islam.


(A: And some of them:)


Shireen Burki declared during the 2008 election that “Obama is bin Laden’s dream candidate.” In her Joint Forces Staff College lecture, she told students that “Islam is an Imperialist/Conquering Religion.”


(A: And I’ll put these PDFs up too.)


Stephen Coughlin claimed in his 2007 master’s thesis that then-president George W. Bush’s declaration of friendship with the vast majority of the world’s Muslims had “a chilling effect on those tasked to define the enemy’s doctrine.”


(A: A PDF on that as well.)


Coughlin was subsequently let go from his consulting position to the military’s Joint Staff, but he continued to lecture at the Naval War College and at the FBI’s Washington Field Office. In his talk to Dooley’s class


(A: The PDF on that one as well.)


Coughlin suggested that al-Qaida helped drive the overthrow of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak and Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi. It was part of a scheme by Islamists to conquer the world, he added. And Coughlin mocked those who didn’t see this plot as clearly as he did, accusing them of “complexification.”


(A: That’s a good term, complexification.  You don’t understand?  Oh, that’s complexification you’ve got.)


Coughlin titled his talk: “Imposing Islamic Law – or – These Aren’t the Droids Your Looking For!”


(A: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.)


Former FBI employee John Guandolo told the conspiratorial World Net Daily website last year that Obama was only the latest president to fall under the influence of Islamic extremists. “The level of penetration in the last three administrations is deep,” Guandolo alleged. In his reference material for the Joint Forces Staff College class, Guandolo not only spoke of today’s Muslims as enemies of the West. He even justified the Crusades, writing that they “were initiated after hundreds of years of Muslim incursion into Western lands.”


Guandolo’s paper, titled “Usual Responses from the Enemy When Presented With the Truth”


(A: PDF.  I’ll put that up tonight.)


was one of hundreds of presentations, documents, videos and web links electronically distributed to the Joint Forces Staff College students. Included in that trove: a paper alleging that “it is a permanent command in Islam for Muslims to hate and despise Jews and Christians”


(A: PDF.  Who would benefit from that?)


So was a video lecture from Serge Trifkovic, a former professor who appeared as a defense witness in several trials of Bosnian Serb leaders convicted of war crimes, including the genocide of Muslims. A web link, titled “Watch Before This Is Pulled,” supposedly shows President Obama — the commander-in-chief of the senior officers attending the course — admitting that he’s a Muslim.


Dooley added the caveats that his views are “not the Official Policy of the United States Government” and are intended “to generate dynamic discussion and thought.” But he taught his fellow military officers that Obama’s alleged admission could well make the commander in chief some sort of traitor. “By conservative estimates,” 10 percent of the world’s Muslims, “a staggering 140 million people … hate everything you stand for and will never coexist with you, unless you submit” to Islam. He added, “Your oath as a professional soldier forces you to pick a side here.” It is unclear if Dooley’s “total war” on Muslims also applied to his “Muslim” commander in chief.


Quite something, eh?  I’ll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I am back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the courses that are taught for US officers to do with Islam, and how they are radicalized, and definitely prejudiced once they’ve finished these courses, against all Muslims, calling for total war against all Islam, for those who haven’t quite caught on what’s going on yet.  And some of the people they’ve brought into these courses too, it’s quite interesting.  And the books supplied for these officers makes you really wonder.  Well, actually, it’s not hard to wonder who these characters are, and who’s infiltrated, and who runs the system inside the US.  Who benefits?  I always say that.  It says, one of them is called. 


There’s Militant Islam Reaches America by Daniel Pipes, who claims to have “confirmed” that President Obama was once a practicing Muslim, and whose book asks, “Why would terrorists oppress women if this did not have something to do with their Islamic outlook?” A book called Islamikaze: Manifestations of Islamic Martyrology ties “normative Islam” to “horrendous cruelty and inhumanity.” The editor of the anthology Muhammad’s Monsters has previously written that “Islam and democracy are totally incompatible, and are mutually inconclusive. The same applies to Modernity, which is perceived as a threat to Islamic civilization.”


(A: This is what they’re taught in the courses there, very selective books to make sure they’re properly brainwashed.)


And there is also Onward Muslim Soldiers by Robert Spencer. Spencer is one of the U.S.’ leading opponents of Islam.


(A: Now, who benefits and who does Spencer work for?)


Along with the blogger Pamela Geller,


(A: Who does Pamela Geller work for?)


Spencer leads a group called Stop Islamicization of America, which “promotes a conspiratorial anti-Muslim agenda under the guise of fighting radical Islam,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. Spencer’s work


(A: This is taught to the US military. Now listen to this.)


Spencer’s work was cited 64 times in the political manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the Oslo terrorist who killed 69 people earlier this year.


(A: He was all very pro-Israeli policies to do with Muslims, by the way.)


When Danger Room presented the FBI in July with recently declassified material showing that its Law Enforcement Training Unit recommended one of Spencer’s other books to agents, its response was unequivocal: “The presentation in question was a rudimentary version used for a limited time that has since been replaced.” Onward Muslim Soldiers was available for checkout in the Quantico library as recently as late August.


The FBI’s dalliance with Robert Spencer is not limited to the stacks of Quantico. In July 2010, Spencer presented what he described as “two two-hour seminars on the belief-system of Islamic jihadists” to the JTTF


(A: That’s the terrorism taskforce.)


in Tidewater, Virginia. He presented a similar lecture to the U.S. Attorney’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council, which is co-hosted by the FBI’s Norfolk Field Office. When a coalition of civil rights groups sent a letter protesting the FBI’s embrace of Spencer, the Special Agent in Charge of the Norfolk FBI, Alex J. Turner, replied, “Seeking broad knowledge on a wide range of topics is essential in understanding today’s terrorist environment, and helps us to defeat ignorance and strengthen relationships with the diverse communities we serve.”


Spencer was only one of an array of self-anointed experts delivering similar messages about Islam to Bureau audiences.


See, the US is totally infiltrated by other organizations with other national ties, you might say.  And that’s how it really is, in the world.  That’s how it really, really is.  And this war is going to go on forever, until they destroy all of Islam.  I said that at the beginning.  I knew what was going on then, it was so obvious.  I remember too, even in the Vietnam War, when the heads of the CIA at the time were questioned, during the war, about when will it stop and when will they go back home and all that stuff.  And one of the guys, the head of the CIA at the time says, well, we’ve got lots of wars to fight yet.  Lots.  When they’re doing this war, they’re already planning ones twenty, thirty years down the road.  Long-term agendas, folks. 


You’re living through a script, as I always said.  After all, the World Corporation runs you all.  And in the US, which is absolutely, there’s no way it can go except get worse and worse.  This is always the way it goes, when you’re into totalitarianism.  It gets worse and worse.  They cannot stop mid-flight and alter their course.  That’s not how big tyrannical governments work.  They can’t get another idea of how to run their country.  It will go to the bitter end.  And the people are obviously viewed as the targets and the enemies in the US, and elsewhere too, I should add, as well.


And it goes into the ludicrous.  This was happening a long time ago, but it’s stepping up and stepping up.  You’re dealing with robots now.  And again, that’s what you get with totalitarian systems.  You get robots working the system.  And if they’re told to kill, they will kill, believe you me.  And a lot of them want to kill, because they’re really geared for it and trained for it too, and brainwashed.  And a lot of them are pinheads as well at the TSA.  I’ll say that quite honestly and openly.  I’ve said that, look at them.  Look at them.  Pinheads and potato people with uniforms.  Anyway:


Baby, 18 months old, ordered off plane at Fort Lauderdale airport


(A: This is the ridiculous stuff that happens.  It says that what happened was:)


... a suspected terrorist.  She was called that on Tuesday night at the Ft Lauderdale Airport. She and her parents had just boarded a JetBlue flight when an airline employee approached them and asked them to get off the plane, saying representatives from the Transportation Security Administration wanted to speak to them.


"And I said, 'For what?'" Riyanna's mother told only WPBF 25 News on Wednesday. "And he said, 'Well, it's not you or your husband. Your daughter was flagged as no fly.' I said, 'Excuse me?'"


Riyanna's father was flabbergasted.


"It's absurd," he said. "It made no sense. Why would an 18-month-old child be on a no-fly list?"


Riyanna's parents, who asked not to be identified, said they think they know the answer to that question. They believe they were profiled because they are both of Middle Eastern descent. Riyanna's mother wears a hijab, a traditional head scarf. That's why they have asked to remain anonymous.


So, now they’re flagging the babies, folks.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Argentina, Argentina has passed the Dignified Death Law as well.  Euthanasia.  And it gives you the usual heartbreaking story of a particular person.  But really, you cannot put this, which eventually it creeps into the hands of government, who will decide who lives and dies.  And that’s what it’s about.  But Argentina also, strangely enough, see, they’re all getting cash, big cash flowing in from the IMF, now that they’re all in trouble, or else they’re up-and-coming countries, one or the other.  And along with that comes a lot of stipulations.  You must change this, change that, and change laws, etc.  So, that’s got a lot to do with it too, being politically correct for this world euthanasia system.  And it says here the Senate also passed a law that allows people to change their gender officially, without court approval.  So, now they can basically change their gender and their name and all the rest of it without going to a judge.  I think they call it gender reassignment or something now.  It’s kind of like a conveyor belt, you know, I think you were on the wrong one at a junction and you just jumped on the other conveyor belt.  So, you get reassigned.  It’s very much like Brave New World, the way it’s going down, isn’t it?


And no surprise, of course.  I mentioned years ago that eventually you’ll see, I actually said you’ll see live sex even in comedy shows.  Understand, to totally destroy a culture that fought and was strong against infiltrators coming in with an agenda to dominate you, they would eventually show all this kind of stuff on television, after they destroyed your religions and all the rest of it.  You see.  And we’re pretty well there.  Online too, there’s so much going on.  New York.  New York, which is one of the centers for all this, along with LA, pushes all this stuff through.


Viewing child pornography online not a crime: New York court ruling


(A: It says, so:)


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils an anti-child pornography initiative while serving as Attorney General


(A: There’s a photograph etc.  Anyway, it says:)


"The purposeful viewing of child pornography on the internet is now legal in New York,"


(A: So, they can all diddle the children, I guess, and get used to it.  Because that’s what it leads to.  It’s all about normalizing that which is repugnant and illegal.  It’s normalization, you call it, in psychological warfare.  So:)


"The purposeful viewing of child pornography on the internet is now legal in New York," Senior Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick wrote in a majority decision for the court.


The decision came after Marist College professor James D. Kent was sentenced to prison in August 2009 after more than 100 images of child pornography were found on his computer's cache.


So, that’s for a college professor.  Well, that’s pretty common with these guys, you know, with the pink bowties and stuff.  Anyway, this is the normalization.  We’re well on a roll now to totally destroy all that was.  That’s what they say.  And they said this thousands of years ago.  To destroy all that was to bring in the new.  To make it how it’s supposed to be.  Or to perfect that which was left imperfect, from an ancient religion.  And that’s what it’s all about, folks.  And destruction, total destruction, so that you can be dominated by the ones who are really behind it all.  Wars go on for thousands of years, folks.  They certainly do.  And you’ve got to know your history.


Now, this is an interesting one too.  It’s from the Jewish Journal.  It’s about the Occupy Movement.  And he talks about, he says:


It’s May. The grunions are running and so are the members of Occupy L.A. They wriggle up from the cold and dark, plant their tushies on the warm ground and squirm about frantically, desperate to get something accomplished, until a massive tide sweeps them away.


And I’m not talking about the fish.


Grunions, at least, mate during their annual appearance. The Occupy movement, if it follows the same course as before, is destined just to beach itself and die.


Last year, when protesters camped from Wall Street to the lawn of Los Angeles’ City Hall, they made headlines and accomplished one significant feat: They focused national attention on the growing gap between the country’s rich and poor.


Why, some of our wealthier readers may ask, is that anyone’s problem? Because stable communities, and resilient nations, are built on a strong middle class. That’s a truism economists of all stripes and parties agree upon — though our political class, of all stripes, seems incapable of acting on it.


So the Occupy L.A. people put “We are the 99%” on poster boards and waved them in our faces, and for a while it worked. At least until they trashed the lawn outside City Hall and caused public safety employees to rack up endless hours of overtime, costing us middle-class taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.


But that was all so 2011. When the Occupiers reappeared on May 1, the news media yawned, and the organizers themselves seemed, literally, directionless.


A West Los Angeles contingent set out to join the May Day protesters downtown. They rode their bicycles down Santa Monica Boulevard, past the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and stopped to regroup in the parkway along Little Santa Monica. A small contingent threw an impromptu protest in front of the Prada store on Rodeo Drive — no doubt confusing the Chinese and Russians who could actually afford the stuff inside.


Meanwhile, back at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, I was inside standing among a dozen men in suits shaking their heads in utter dismay as Occupiers rode past.


“They really are clueless,” one said. “There’s billions of dollars of capital in this hotel, and they’re going to Prada.”


That’s right, the men and women fighting for the 99 percent bypassed what may be the largest and most influential annual gathering of the 1 percent in the United States.


(A: And a lot of them from outside the United States as well.)


How large? The annual Milken Global Conference brings together 3,000 attendees over four days to discuss finance, politics and the state of the world.


(A: Another big, you know, influential group type that run the planet.)


The cost of entry (A: to get in) starts at $6,000.


(A: That’s to keep all the protestors and riff-raff and the commoners out.)


How influential? One year, I ran into Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch and Alvin Toffler


(A: Yeah, Alvin Toffler, the guy who wants you all to live in little shacks down the road and eat veggie diets, you know.)


all in the same moment — in the men’s room. Those Occupiers need to fire their research department.


The Global Conference combines graduate-level seminars on everything from equity formation to international policy with upstairs deal making and ferocious hallway networking. The attendees tend to be asset managers, investors, venture capitalists, corporate chieftains. They’re mostly men, in suits, clutching iPhones and BlackBerries. While people shake your hand, their eyes never leave the nametag on your chest. After a while I knew how Dolly Parton must feel.


(A: That’s their little bit of humor.)


But here’s a greater irony: If the Occupy movement was clueless about what was happening inside the Hilton, the conference itself dedicated substantial time and attention to exploring the concerns of the 99 percent.


(A: You see, the wealthy elite are really concerned about you as they rip you off through all their cons.)


This isn’t new or surprising: investor and philanthropist Michael Milken, who created the Global Conference in 1998, is driven by the idea that capital creates innovation and social change;


(A: Well, social change, it does.  It’s called poverty.)


that wealth, used in creative and aggressive ways, spreads wealth.


(A: To themselves that is.)


So the vast majority of the sessions focused on how investments in innovative medicine, food, technology, education and communication can help solve the challenges the world faces in those fields, even as they increase returns. One entire track looked at how free-market innovations in Israel and the Arab world can increase political stability throughout the Middle East (more on that next week).


(A: Well, that’s after they flatten it, I suppose.  You know, the US.)


Not surprisingly, the one-percenters sided more with Ferguson, but at another panel titled, “Easy Money: Consequences of the Global Liquidity Glut,” it became clear that in Milken’s world, it’s just as big a shanda for capital as for people to be lying around doing nothing.


And it goes on and on.  Anyway, that’s how the world is really run.  It’s not done through the politicians.  The politicians wait for these guys to walk up and lobby them, and go out for lunch and drinkie-poohs and get pissed, and make their big under-the-table deals and rubber-stamp things through.  That’s how the world really, really works, folks.  And there’s never been such a gap between rich and poor, because it’s designed that way.  It’s designed that way.  As they go into globalization, the privatization of every country’s basic essential supplies of water, food, gas, everything else you need, that used to be run by your local councils and all that.  They take it all.  They’re just plundering the planet.  It’s a field day. And they’re having a ball.  An absolute ball.  And when the interest rates go down, they simply leverage capital.  That’s what it’s called, leveraging capital.  And they can borrow millions, at very cheap rates, and then they loan it out to the Third World countries that we’re flattening into the ground.  And they can charge 40-50% interest rate back on it, when nobody else will lend to them.  Same with Europe as well, folks. 


That’s what they did with Spain.  Spain, again, is now nationalized.  Its bank had to nationalize it today, because it’s completely screwed by the Central Bank of Europe.  You know, the conglomeration of Central Banks that went into one big bank in Europe, for the Rothschilds.  And now, they’ve actually had to go in and the bank is socialized.  The whole people basically owe all the debt now.  It’s going to spread it across the whole public.  That’s the real world.


And China, it says in this other article, has finally given up on Europe, because there’s no good news at all coming out of there.  And it says: will make it more complicated for various European newspaper to make up articles alleging China will bail out Europe....


They’re not going to do it at all.  They’ve given up with the debt and the farce of Europe.  As the big banks simply take over the country, as they were designed to do.  That was always the plan.  Professor Carroll Quigley talked about it.  He worked for the group.  And, of course, we know too that Mr. Rockefeller, has his famous statement, that it’s better that the big bankers and academia and the intelligentsia run the world, rather than leaving it to nations.  So, it’s going the way it’s planned.  So, China is not going to keep buying.  They’ve stopped buying all their debt bonds.  They’ve had it 


And this one here is about men.  You see, men too, they’re really working hard to get you all sterile.  You’re getting sterile by the food you eat too, by the way, and the inoculations they give you.  They know that because the sperm has been plummeting in the Western male for many years now.  And the UN keeps track of it.  They always kind of happily say, when they give their statistics out at the end of the year, oh, it’s down 85% now, yawn.  There’s no crisis about it because they know they’re doing it, you see.  Of course they are.  And men now, even at 20, 21, the average person, don’t have sperm that really is functional at all.  It’s even deformed.  But that’s not good enough.  It’s not good enough, you see.  You understand?  There’s a problem too, especially with the slave population that helps another people dominate the planet.  Because there’s people who go across the planet fighting for wars that they don’t even care about really, as we’re still doing, can be a problem, at times, too, because they can turn on the masters if they ever find out who the masters are.  So, they want you now to get this little injection.  It says:


Some people insist that the best contraceptive is having kids, but we’re not that cynical! As parents, we know that birth control isn’t just for the child-free.


The good news is that a recent innovation is soon to revolutionise birth control: It’s a procedure performed on men which is said by Techcitement


(A: This must be one of their magazines.)


to be 100% efficient.


(A: And guess what it does.  They inject a polymer, a mixture, which hardens, like a glue over 72 hours, into the vas deferens of the penis.)


The polymer is designed NOT to block the tubes, though, and sperm is still able to pass through.


(A: But, here’s where it works, you see.)


...the polymer’s pattern of negative/positive polarization....


(A: Like electricity.  They zap the sperm as the sperm go through it.  Just zap, zap, zap.  You see.  And isn’t that just wonderful.  Science is so great.  This progress we’re doing is so great, you know.  Someone had defined progress.  They know where they’re going.  No one else does.  Anyway:)


The simple injection is cheap- the syringe is said to be more expensive than the contents, and the almost-painless treatment is durable, lasting for ten years.


By that time you’ll probably have multiple cancers and you’ll have prostate cancer and so on.  But don’t worry, you’ll get a few years of living, through it.  And that’s what they’re plugging for the people.  Interesting how they put it in the food too.  Remember even the Golden Rice program that Rockefeller talked about.  You know, to save the world and Third World countries.  After they had their big meetings about depopulating the Third World, they want to go and save them, you know.  And the UN came out and said that the stuff, the side effects of it too, can actually make men infertile.  It’s just beautiful how they do it to the peasantry, because the peasantry cannot believe.  Their credibility can’t go that far.  Oh, they’d never do that to us, even though they’ve done it before.  Oh, they’d never do that to us.  Oh.  You can’t help people, can you?  Can’t help most folk. 


I’m also putting up tonight too, the Secretary-General remarks at the Atlantic Council, Mr. Ban Ki Moon.   And I’ve mentioned before, remember, the United Nations is not a democratic institution.  Nobody in the general public of any country voted it in.  And yet, it’s to be the form of World Government.  It’s the umbrella where all the NGOs, foundations, and all that, work under.  We also fund them, of course, and they live awfully well on big salaries.  But, if you look at the names that they have, it’s the same kind of names that they have in the military.  You better remember that.  There are no coincidences about this.  And Secretary-General.  A Secretary-General, eh?  And of course they have the NATO wings and all the rest of it.  And nobody voted them in except your own prime ministers and presidents that were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


And Kissinger was at this one too, and of course, they actually do their big long congratulating of each other.  Kissinger gives lots of congrats to Ban Ki Moon, and Ban Ki Moon gives him groveling ones happily back.  And all their honors.  Oh, they’re honored people who have attended, who are very, very important folk.  And even his Royal Highness Prince Harry was there.  But he [Ban Ki Moon] goes on about thanking for all the troops to go off and do all these wars and things to bring peace to the World.  It’s so Orwellian, in fact, so Orwellian.  And there’s no remorse about slaughtering folk anywhere and plundering their oil fields, or any of that mentioned at all.  He just says the world is a rough place.  Well, it is now.  It certainly is now, since they started all this. And then he also talks about, “In Syria, the violence still continues. We are in a race against time to prevent full-scale civil war....”  Because you see, we’re funding the civil war, the West.  And he knows it too.  They put them all in.  I’ll put an article up tonight about that too, where you actually see them talking about biding time, as they get more reinforcements in to Syria, to make sure they can overthrow it this time, from the West.  It’s not civil war at all. It’s an invasion.


And this other article too, as I say, is to do with, yeah, this one here in fact.  It says:


As if to alleviate any lingering doubts, NATO's "Alliance News Blog" has confirmed that the US is committed not to "peace," but rather to the overthrow of Syria's government and is "already committed to helping [President Bashar al-Assad] fall," but is "merely looking for the least violent, lowest cost way to get there." The April 9, 2012 blog entry


(A: This is NATO, their blog entry.)


features an op-ed titled, "US 'already committed to helping Assad fall'," and fully admits that the US is equipping the so-called "Free Syrian Army" which has received weapons, leadership, and cash from the NATO-backed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) terrorists led by notorious mass-murderer Abdul Hakim Belhaj.


(A: It says here.)


NATO's official "Alliance News Blog proudly reports that the US is already committed to helping "Assad fall" and is simply using the lull in fighting brought on by Kofi Annan's disingenuous "peace plan" to rearm, reorganize, and redeploy their terrorist proxy forces against Assad. The op-ed featured on NATO's blog was featured in the LA Times and written by CFR member Doyle McManus.


And now, the Brookings Institution itself has predictably declared the Annan "peace deal" a failure and states that the time to "stretch" Syria's military to the breaking point through expanded foreign-backed unrest has come. In an article titled, "Annan's Mission Impossible: Why is everyone pretending that the U.N. plan in Syria has a prayer of succeeding?" Brookings Doha Center director Salman Shaikh insults the intelligence of his readership while handing out useful talking points surely to be parroted by the corporate-media over the next few days and weeks.


Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And David Cameron, of course, in Britain, who backed off of the Euro, a little while ago, he’s now back on course.  He thinks the public has forgotten all about it.  And it says, Cameron says the Euro needs a single government.  So, further integration into this massive debt pile, black hole, where they’ve taxed everybody to pay all these loans, borrowed from the Central Banks and the IMF and plugged back into the Central Bank, to stop these hemorrhaging things happening all over the place.  Just hemorrhaging you see.  So, they’ve bankrupted every country to make this thing come to pass, so that the Central Banks, like they said at the beginning, would run the world, under the Bank for International Settlements, in Basel, Switzerland.  Again, read the Council on Foreign Relations own Professor Carroll Quigley, who got access to their archives and published the books on the agenda.  He thought it was fine, actually, the agenda.  He had no problems with it. 


And the US Fed, the private bank that runs the US:


Fed clears China's first US bank takeover


The United States opened its banking market to China's biggest bank ICBC, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.


It doesn’t matter folks.  It’s the same folk who own the Chinese banks as well, if you didn’t know.  Same people.  And another one too is to do with Google.  Google is just like Orwell’s hole, you know, you had the memory hole.  Anything they didn’t want kept in folk’s memory went down the memory hole and disappeared.  Just like they do with lots of video-tubes that go up on YouTube.  They just pull them all, and, “oh, I can’t remember that one.  It could never have existed.”


In hot water: Iran slams Google for keeping Persian Gulf off the map


It just isn’t on it.  It’s always been called the Persian Gulf, but nope, not now.  Just blank, you see.  And so Iran is complaining about that too.  In front of your eyes, folks.  It’s like a magician on the stage.  That’s so easy, isn’t it?


And the Future of Mass Dossiers, an excellent exposé on the dossiers being kept on all people today.  And it says:


JURIST Guest Columnist Christopher Slobogin of Vanderbilt University Law School says that a set of new guidelines for the National Counterterrorism Center's use of information contains provisions which are troubling from a privacy standpoint, and should be modified to require more congressional oversight.


The US Department of Justice (DOJ) recently issued "Guidelines for Access, Retention, Use, and Dissemination by the National Counterterrorism Center and Agencies of Information in Datasets


(A: It’s like the Soviet Union, isn’t it?)


Containing Non-Terrorism Information"


(A: That’s on all of you, folks, all your data.  And they’re creating these massive dossiers on you.  And it says:)


As this prolix title implies, the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the key agency for organizing and analyzing national security intelligence, routinely acquires and accesses datasets about US citizens that contain personal details having nothing to do with terrorism. These datasets could contain information about credit card transactions, airline reservations, phone and ISP communications, bank, tax and social security records and perhaps even medical consultations. Nowhere do the guidelines mention these datasets by name, but previous intelligence practices make clear they are among the sources the NCTC wants to consult. While the government was probably collecting much of this information before the events of September 11, 2001, since that time it has clearly been aggressively engaged in doing so, through a series of programs known successively as Total Information Awareness....


I’ll put the whole PDF up tonight.  It’s worth going through, folks, just to see.  And if you can’t get at what’s happening, well, I don’t know.  Just go back and chew the cud.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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