May 11th, 2012 (#1085)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 11th, 2012:

Special Relationships and Great Transition:

"Britain and U.S. have a "Special Relationship",
U.S. and Israel too, Joined at the Hip,
Yet it's Never Spelled Out as to the Meaning,
Is it a "Lovers' Affair" in the Land of Dreaming?
Does Money Talk, If So in what Language,
Is the End of it Death, Destruction and Carnage,
Seems General Population's Along for the Ride,
While the Real Agenda Appears to Hide
Behind Cryptic Utterances of "Big Idea",
"Great Transition" Becoming Clear,
How Many Lives are Yet to Dip
Under Plans of Special Relationship?"
© Alan Watt May 11th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 11th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 11th of May, 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make use of website.  Youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download.  All the sites listed on the .com site carry audios and transcripts in English for print-up.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, go into  And the whole point of it is to give you the understanding of the system youíre really born into, the big con game they call democracy, with a free press, of course. 


And I show you how very important people a long time ago, very, very rich people, people who owned whole chunks of the world, even in the 1800s, decided to get together, form their big club and they would take over all the resources of the world.  And they would use this con of democracy to get it through and then theyíd gradually train you that youíre not democratic at all.  We canít be democratic.  Thereís too many conflicting, arguing sides, so theyíd simply run it for you.  You know, the intelligentsia, the ones who have evolved better and more straighter than the rest of us, because the proof of the fact that they own all the money and the wealth in the world is the proof in itself.  So, go into the audios.  Youíll find a long history of the big system there.  And I go into how really the same organizations set up the League of Nations, the United Nations, and they said eventually that CEOs, corporate CEOs would rule the world.  The new feudal overlords, they said, because theyíre bringing in a new feudalized type system.  Thatís what youíre in today.  They call it The Great Transition, by the way.  And I mentioned it yesterday, that Mr. Ban Ki Moon actually addressed it that way at his big meeting with Kissinger and all the rest of them. 


This Great Transition, of course, has a massive upheaval across the world, as they finish off their wars.  Theyíve already decided that Muslims will not fit in, so they must be pummeled into the earth, and those that are left will have to either join in, or, you know, go the way of the dodo bird.  And thatís their whole plan for the big world, the one-world system.  You canít have people going their own way in a one-world system. 


And remember too, you bring me to you.  You are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help buy the books and discs that I use to just tick along with.  And you can purchase them at, and from the US to Canada, personal checks are good, along with postal money orders, from the post office, international postal money orders.  And you can also send cash or use PayPal.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.


And I canít really stress how bad the situation is.  Most people actually adapt into the changes without thinking much about it, because the media kind of, you know, hypnotizes you and just brings you along with them, and without much reasoning from yourself; until, if you look back just a few years, you say, what on earth has really happened?  If you have that kind of memory.  Very few folk unfortunately do today.  Their minds are bombarded, their minds are very sluggish because of the food theyíre eating and the spray that theyíre getting all day every day from the chemsprays and chemtrails overhead, and also from all the inoculations they got.  The war started a long, long time ago.  It started with the first inoculations to dumb down the planet, after they had global meetings to talk about the possibility of losing the public, control over the public down the road.  Thatís when they also came up with my goodness, thereís going to be a whole bunch of old folk in 50 yearsí time.  And what they really meant by it was, weíre sterilizing them so they wonít have any children to look after them.  Thatís what they really meant by that.  Theyíd always had old folk, remember. 


So, even right down to the 50 year plans to start bringing massive immigration into the West, because they knew we wouldnít be having children.  They just knew that 50 years prior.  Very interesting, isnít it?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system weíre born into, and how weíre trained not to actually see it as it really is.  Itís difficult for most folk to grasp that.  They really believe that no one could keep such secrets from the general public, but in reality, thereís a complete system to keep you living in unreality, and it was there long before you were born, and before your parents were born, for that matter, too.  All you do really is just bring up trusting slaves.  Itís quite simple.  And thereís no reason for them to think that everyone could possibly, not necessarily be straight-forward lying to them, but even misconstruing the news that they give you.  But news is always misconstrued.


Iíve gone through before, where in the 1930s that Morgan and a whole bunch of them, and the Rockefellers got together, all the big power boys, with the big plan, of course, that was already in action, they got together and decided how many banks, not just banks, they owned most of the banks, but newspapers theyíd have to own to influence all and give all opinions to Americans.  And they came up after a sort of think-tank study that 30 major ones was all they needed at that time.  And eventually of course, you got Reuters and AP.  And Reuters was a Rothschild conglomerate that still runs the world today.  So, now itís all coming down through one main one today.  So we all get the same standard news across the whole planet now.  And that keeps everybody in the dark.  And thatís good enough for the general population. 


They really donít think much of the population, you understand, at the top.  You should hear the way they actually talk about us all.  Iíve used some terms on this radio, which is nothing to what they call you at the top of the tree. 


And weíre going through The Great Transition, as I say, that Ban Ki Moon.  Iíll put that up again today, his address to his own peer group to do with the Great Transitions, which also meant the complete alteration of all the Middle East and more parts of the world, that must be hammered in, basically, to fit into this one system.  They either die or they get eliminated.  Itís as simple as that.  And I read from the armyís journal yesterday too, same kind of thing, how theyíve been teaching the troops, the officers actually, the officer corps, Hiroshima-style tactics to do with Muslims.  Oh, theyíll never fit into the system and therefore, you know itís total war on them all, which means complete elimination for those who donít understand it.  Total war was the term they used for bombing in World War II all of the civilian populations in Germany and in Britain, total war.  And it was at Sandhurst College they first came up with that idea and taught it to the Germans when they came over to get trained there. 


Now, youíll never ever get out from under this corrupt money system, because remember, itís a feudal system weíre living in now, as Carroll Quigley said.  It was to become a feudal system.  Remember what Lenin said, that the states would wither away.  They were to combine together and bring in this new system, a form of Socialism or Communism to run the general public with masses of agencies over the top of us.  Layers and layers of agencies and at the top, of course, you would have the ones, the new CEOs, the overlords of the feudal system.  And thatís what itís really.  Weíre here folks.  Weíre really here.  And hereís an article here, for instance.  It says:


How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform


(Alan: And Iíve said forever that theyíll never change the system that allows the banks to crash and then get bailed out.  Theyíll never change it.  We bail them out at least twice a century.  At least twice.  Sometimes more individually, but collectively about twice a century.  And theyíve been doing that for hundreds of years.  So, they donít want the rules changed, so that they can always crash the banks again, you understand.  Thatís why they donít change them.  When people try to change them, they soon demolish the bills, etc.  Hereís one.  So:)


How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform


It's bad enough that the banks strangled the Dodd-Frank law. Even worse is the way they did it - with a big assist from Congress and the White House.


Two years ago, when he signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,


(A: What a joke, eh?)


President Barack Obama bragged that he'd dealt a crushing blow to the extravagant financial corruption that had caused the global economic crash in 2008. "These reforms represent the strongest consumer financial protections in history,"


(A: What a joke, eh?  What a joke.  Anyway, it says:)


This was supposed to be the big one. At 2,300 pages, the new law ostensibly rewrote the rules for Wall Street. It was going to put an end to predatory lending in the mortgage markets, crack down on hidden fees and penalties in credit contracts, and create a powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to safeguard ordinary consumers.


(A: That will be the day, when they help ordinary consumers.)


Big banks would be banned from gambling with taxpayer money, and a new set of rules would limit speculators from making the kind of crazy-ass bets that cause wild spikes in the price of food and energy.


(A: Which is a bigger joke still, because the big boys own the energy of the world, these big front organizations for the banks, these corporations that bought up all the gas, oil, and the water, everything else, and the food supply.)


There would be no more AIGs, and the world would never again face a financial apocalypse when a bank like Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.


Most importantly, even if any of that fiendish crap ever did happen again, Dodd-Frank guaranteed we wouldn't be expected to pay for it.


(A: Ha, ha, ha, ha.)


"The American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for Wall Street's mistakes," Obama promised.


(A: I like politicians.  Theyíre always doing promising stuff.)


"There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts. Period."


Two years later, Dodd-Frank is groaning on its deathbed. The giant reform bill turned out to be like the fish reeled in by Hemingway's Old Man Ė no sooner caught than set upon by sharks that strip it to nothing long before it ever reaches the shore. In a furious below-the-radar effort at gutting the law Ė roundly despised by Washington's Wall Street paymasters Ė a troop of water-carrying Eric Cantor Republicans are speeding nine separate bills through the House, all designed to roll back the few genuinely toothy portions left in Dodd-Frank.


(A: Mind you, itís both parties.  It even mentions that with the Quislings in the Democrats too.  Theyíre special people.  You have to look at their names to see if theyíre related to the guys on Wall Street, and they generally are.  But it says here:)


The fate of Dodd-Frank over the past two years is an object lesson in the government's inability to institute even the simplest and most obvious reforms, especially if those reforms happen to clash with powerful financial interests. From the moment it was signed into law, lobbyists and lawyers have fought regulators over every line in the rulemaking process. Congressmen and presidents may be able to get a law passed once in a while Ė but they can no longer make sure it stays passed.


Itís different when they want to create martial law on the public.  Itís a stroke of the pen and there, itís right in, and thatís it.  But when it comes to the money boys, you know, they just canít get it right somehow, you know.  Meanwhile, itís like everything else in the US government.  Itís like the FDA.  Itís all stacked with guys from Big Pharma, that have been put into it, to make sure that they can pass all their drugs and the rotten food with the chemicals in it.  But itís the same with Wall Street.  Theyíve got their boys in all through the Congress and so on.  Theyíre all cousins and go to the same parties and stuff. 


Anyway, so thatís pretty well dead.  So theyíll plunder us again down the road, and then theyíll get bailed out again as always.  Itís not bad having that kind of a.  You know, I used to wonder about Britain and other countries, because I noticed very, very early on, everybody was getting trained at school to be an employee, you see. It was never ever suggested anywhere, that you can go out and make it on your own.  We were raised to be nations of employees of these kind of guys that now own the banks, you see.  And thatís very, very true.  Thatís how weíve always been run at the top, just like a big herd of people.  And weíre treated like a herd too. 


Now, this article too is to do with, everybody is talking about The Hunger Games, how theyíre predictive programming all the public to do with the upcoming mess the world is supposed to go even further with.  And they have these games where people slaughter each other to get to the top and maybe get a piece of pizza or something in a world thatís starving.  Anyway:


ĎHunger Gamesí social media video with Israeli roots hits the jackpot


(A: So, itís Israeli roots again.)


Itís post-apocalyptic America and youíre in District 12 of Panem. With your bow and arrow, you are helping Katniss Everdeen hunt for meat and berries to bring back to your family.


(A: I tell you, things are going to get tough, eh?)


President Snow, the evil dictator, is planning the next Hunger Games, in which children are placed in an arena to fight to the deathóand you might be chosen. 


With social network gamesótypically played online through a social network such as Facebook or on a mobile deviceóreplacing the console system as the standard in recent years, Funtactix


(A: Funtactix itís called.)


finds itself well positioned.


(A: Thatís the company.)


The Hunger Games Adventures is just the latest conquest for a company that has been receiving plenty of hype from gaming experts for integrating social gaming with big brand marketing. Last year, Funtactix partnered with Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.


(A: Well, you need contacts for that, but thatís no problem.  Itís kind of like Wall Street.)


to create Facebook games centered on ďRango,Ē ďMission: ImpossibleĒ and ďNew Boyz.Ē


Now it seems to have hit the jackpot: Funtactix is the first company to launch a Facebook game released on the same date as the movie on which it is based.


(A: Itís going to rake in the cash, obviously, because all the big boys are in on this one.  It says:)


Funtactix began as a startup company in Tel Aviv in 2006, and now has offices in New York, Jerusalem and Los Angeles.


So, itís good to have acquaintances at the right places.  And this one here is just astonishing again.  Is it really?


The U.S House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation that reaffirms and enhances U.S. policy commitments to Israelís security.


(A: So itís an enhanced deal theyíve made now.)


The United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which was sponsored by House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), passed by a vote of 411-2.  The legislation garnered bipartisan support from 294 co-sponsors prior to passage.


The two members that voted against the legislation were Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas)


(A: Two voted against it.)


and John Dingell (D-Mich.).  Also, nine members of the House voted ďpresentĒ on the legislation. 


In addition to expanding military cooperation between the two countries, the legislation states that it will be U.S. policy to provide Israel with essential military capabilities to preserve its qualitative military edge in the region.


I wonder if thatís more atom bombs or what.  And lots more equipment, air refueling tankers, etc, in case they go and blow up Iran.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading about this US-Israel Enhancement relationship bill, and all the goodies that Israel is going to be given for free, special munitions, air tankers for refueling in the air, bunker bombs, possibly, and a whole bunch of things.  It says:


During floor debate, Cantor and Hoyer spoke out about the importance of this legislation to boost the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship.


ďThis bill re-affirms Israelís right to defend itself against threats and puts Congress on the record about Americaís long-standing commitment to the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship, a unique and special relationship


(A: Thatís what they use with Britain and America too.  And thatís the Royal Institute of International Affairs term that they first coined.  In other words, itís beyond politics.  Itís all under the table stuff, thatís not for the general public to know about.  So, anyway, it says that this special relationship:)


founded on shared interests and shared democratic values,Ē


(A: Well, what democratic values?)


Cantor said during his floor remarks.  ďThis bill recognizes the profound threats the US and Israel face in the region


(A: What is the US doing in the region?)


and reiterates our commitment to standing side by side with Israel during this pivotal and dangerous period of transition and instability.Ē


(A: Again, youíve got to look at that talk Iíll put up tonight, by Mr. Ban Ki Moon on the Great Transition, again.  Itís the flattening of every country, all its culture, everything into this new one system of the world, for those who donít know.)


Hoyer stated that the legislation was vital to increasing cooperation between the two countries so they ďcan further deter Iran from developing nuclear weapons capability and work together to combat terrorism that threatens both of our countries.Ē


(A: Well, as long as youíre in those countries, youíll always have terrorism.  Thatís what happens when you invade folksí countries.)


ďThere needs to be a clear understanding by all those who would threaten Israel that the United States stands with her, because it is in our Ė the United Statesís Ė security interest to do so, and because it is morally and ethically the right thing to do as well,Ē Hoyer said.


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee,


(A: A lobbying group)


which lobbied for this legislation during its annual policy conference in March, released a statement applauding the bipartisan support for the legislation.


(A: So, itís:)


ď...a testament to the broad, bipartisan support of the American people


(A: The American people donít even know whatís going on, never mind giving permission for this.)


 for bolstering the ties between the U.S. and our ally Israel,Ē the AIPAC statement said.


So, maybe we should merge the two countries together and just have one parliament, and youíd save having to pay all these different politicians.  I mean, same with Britain.  Just merge with them, just have the same, just one group.  Well, thatís where theyíre going, isnít it, with the world government?† Same thing, I suppose.  Anyway, thatís how it goes. 


And of course, we know what happens to Michigan and other places where thereís tent cities and all the rest of it, and thereís no work anymore, because these same characters that just signed that deal there, I was talking about, are the same guys that signed the World Trade Organization to make sure all the industry could leave your shores, with your tax money funding them to move, actually, and to set them up again.  Thatís what you paid for, setting them up in China.


A Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200 Acre "China City" In Michigan


A Chinese group known as "Sino-Michigan Properties LLC" has bought up 200 acres of land near the town of Milan, Michigan.  Their plan is to construct a "China City" with artificial lakes, a Chinese cultural center and hundreds of housing units for Chinese citizens.  Essentially, it would be a little slice of communist China dropped right into the heartland of America.  This "China City" would be located about 40 minutes from both Detroit and Toledo, and it would be marketed to Chinese business people that want to start businesses in the United States.  Unfortunately, this is not just an isolated incident.  In fact, Chinese companies have been buying up land and businesses all over the country in recent years.  There has even been talk of establishing "special economic zones" inside the United States modeled after the Chinese city of Shenzhen.  It was inevitable that the Chinese were going to do something with the trillions of dollars that they have made flooding our shores with cheap products.  Now they are rapidly buying up pieces of America, and many of our politicians are welcoming them with open arms.


(A: Thatís to get the cash.  Thatís where you put your arm.  Open arms for all the cash that gets dumped in it.)


The town of Milan, Michigan is a small farming community of only about 6,000 people, but big changes are coming their way.  The following is from a recent Dayton Daily News article about this new project....


(A: And it tells you about what theyíre doing.  And it says:)


Unfortunately, the goal does not appear to be to integrate this new "city" into the existing community in and around Milan.


Well, at least you can always go there and get good food pretty cheap, I suppose, you know.  And this one here too, I mentioned Michael Milken last night.  And he made that American business association, of course, that they were talking about, when all the Wall Street guys were protesting the wrong places, they were all inside at the Milken society, whoís noted by the way as a financier and philanthropist.  Yep.  A business magnate, and theyíre all into philanthropy, you know.


...noted for his role in the development of the market for high-yield bonds (also called junk bonds) during the 1970s and 1980s, for his 1990 guilty plea to felony charges for violating US securities laws, and for his funding of medical research.


Milken was indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 as the result of an insider trading investigation.


But heís well connected, of course.  And heís got that big organization, world-wide, that still scam us all yet, you know, get bank bailouts and all the rest of it. And what can you do?  Heís got a halo on his head, you might say.


Major UK companies cut secret tax deals in Luxembourg


(A: It says Her Majestyís taxation bill.)


A parliamentary committee has asked for a report into HMRC's agreements with large companies


(A: So:)


Major UK-based firms cut secret tax deals with authorities in Luxembourg to avoid millions in corporation tax in Britain, the BBC's Panorama has found.


And itís old.  Itís the usual suspects, as always.  You know, guys with halos again on their heads.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big corporations running the world, as they always have really.  And politicians just follow behind, you know, drooling for the cash that gets thrown behind for them to snatch up.  Thatís really how it works.  Plus, of course, certain countries even have their own guys in your own governments.  Other countries have done that.  Theyíve just put them right in, and in they go.  All through corporations too, same people.  And itís got here, Panorama, of course, the BBCís Panorama has found the scams that are going on with taxes in Britain.  And it says:


The programme obtained confidential tax agreements detailing plans to move profits off-shore to avoid what was a 28% corporate tax rate at the time.


Those involved include pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)


(A: As always)


and media company Northern & Shell.


Both firms told the programme they have a duty to be tax efficient.


(A: Thatís why they did it.  Weíre being tax efficient.  Thatís paying nothing at all, eh?)


In the case of GSK,


(A: Thatís GlaxoSmithKline)


the UK-headquartered firm


(A: So theyíve got a headquarters in Britain, but they:)


set up a new company in the tiny European tax haven of Luxembourg in 2009.


In 2010, the new subsidiary lent £6.34bn to a GSK company in the UK.


In return, the UK company paid nearly £124m in interest back to the Luxembourg subsidiary - effectively removing that money from the UK company's profits.


Itís so easy. Theyíre at this.  You canít beat these guys.  Theyíve been doing this for thousands of years with cash.  I mean, you canít beat them.  Unless you put real laws through, and nobody is going to do that, eh?  Because they run the law system too.  But it says here, this was a quote by Margaret Hodge, the Member of Parliament, Public Accounts Committee Chair. 


"Because of the veil of secrecy surrounding all these decisions around tax, and we're talking big numbers here, lack of transparency means that we, on behalf of the taxpayer, cannot be certain that this was a good, honest, proper deal."


(A: Thatís an awfully polite way of saying that theyíve been screwed, isnít it?  So, it says:)


In Luxembourg, tax authorities had agreed a generous deal to levy tax on that £124m at effectively less than 0.5%, or just over £300,000.


(A: So, what a difference, eh?  0.5% as opposed to the UKís 28%.  Itís just the schmucks who live in Britain, you know, the ordinary folk, theyíre always talking about taking care of the ordinary folk, that pay the 28%.  So:)


As a result, GSK in the UK potentially avoided up to £34m in UK corporation tax.


What will happen about that?  Nothing.  Nothing ever does.  Iíve lived long enough to watch this over and over.


Now, as they had big meetings around the end of World War II.  In fact, King George had one, a world meeting, because they decided there wasnít enough killed off during the war, not enough young men, especially.  And oh, thereís going to be a population boom down the road, etc.  All that kind of stuff, which would interfere you see, because they planned back then to bring the whole of the British Empire into this flowing of immigrants back and forth, but mainly into Britain.  And if there was too many British folk there, obviously, there wouldnít be enough room for all the people coming in. 


So, they had to bring down the population of Britain.  Tony Blair of course told his right-hand man just that, in the mainstream, that his job was to open the floodgates to Britain to totally demolish any trace whatsoever, even a wisp of a trace of what was once called British culture.  Denationalize them, get rid of, until literally you wouldnít know what you were.  You wouldnít care what you were.  And because they were having no children, or they were all becoming sterile, you would need all these immigrants in to pay off the national debt according to Thatcher and other politicians since.  Itís happened across the rest of the world too, by the way, the same technique.  But also they knew, when they had their big meetings at the end of World War II, theyíd have to do something to bring in sterility. 


It wasnít just to be the culture.  Cultural part will be one of it, you know, because Julian Huxley talked about that, at UNESCO.  He says, we can get them all rutting like rabbits.  Lots of sex, promiscuity, but just weíll make them infertile in some way or other.  There will be no offspring.  And they wouldnít bond either, if they were brought up to be very promiscuous.  So, they wouldnít marry and expect to have children.  That was awfully successful.  But even at that, of course, the big boys, with their scientists on board, like Bertrand Russell and others, talked about ways.  And of course, Charles Galton Darwin, who worked on the Manhattan Project, who was a physicist, he actually suggested sterilizing the public in ways which they wouldnít know, like in their food, in their water, and even in inoculations.  Awfully successful.  So, they knew that they would bring in massive cancers and all the rest of it down the road, and bang, theyíre right on time. 


NHS 'can't cope' with multi-disease patients


(A: That are coming in, now.  People who are younger, actually.)


The health system in the UK cannot cope with the rising number of under-65s with long-term medical conditions and needs "radical change", says a study in The Lancet.


(A: Journal.  Thatís the medical journal.)


A team of researchers analysing 1.75 million people in Scotland found that nearly a quarter had two or more chronic diseases.


(A: They really hammered them all, with inoculations and the food.)


Their care was often co-ordinated poorly and inefficient,


(A: Because you canít see the doctor twice, you see.  You donít have a GP generally.  Itís like Canada, you walk in clinics, and you donít even get a chance to sit down.  They just stand, and, what do you want, you know, and throw a prescription in your face and walk out again.)


The team wants a more personal approach to patients with complex problems.


At present, healthcare services, medical research and the education of medical students are dominated by a focus on individual diseases, the study authors say.


Yet rising numbers of people are living with more than two long-term disorders, called "multimorbidity",


(A: If you lived in Britain, youíd be morbid, all right.)


which could include coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and depression.


(A: Hit from a whole multiple range of factors, all at once.)


In general, people with multi-morbidity are more likely to live in deprived areas


(A: Well, thatís Britain.)


and have a poorer quality of life. Their care is fragmented because they see a number of different specialists.


(A: But mainly, also, because they have no coordinating doctor or general practitioner, you see.  So, theyíre doing another study, you see.  Theyíre always doing studies to see how they can make it better, as they slash the health care system to the bone.  It says:)


These disorders were more common among poorer communities and occurred 10-to-15 years earlier than among those living in affluent areas.


Well, here it is in Britain.† Itís a Third World country now, basically.  You know, theyíve got rickets back in London again.  Rickets.  Yeah.  Yep.  As they keep screwing the public for more and more tax money to throw abroad to special countries and things like that, eh.  Quite something. 


Now, it tells you, the Scots folk never had much of a thing for this strange thing around London.  A lot of people in England donít have it either, about the Queen and stuff.  And they bring out that fairy carriage every so often, you know, gilt and gold, which always kind of seems out of place in the middle of a constant financial depression.  And the Scots never turn up really to wave the hand at the hand waving back at them from the Queen or any of the rest of them.  I can remember when I was young, the Queen went through the town once, and people turned out to throw stones at the car.  You see.  Theyíve never seen them as their royalty anyway, to begin with.  And theyíre not.  And youíve got to understand too, just basic things, very simple things, that we shouldnít have kings and queens anyway.  But, they call her Queen Elizabeth II.  Well, thatís only of England.  Sheís only Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland, basically, you know, because they were not part of England when Elizabeth I was reigning.


Anyway, theyíve got this little frontman in, whoís a suspicious little character, called Alex Salmond, whoís supposed to be in charge of the Scottish National Party, with all his hangers-on.  And theyíre all Masons, of course.  And theyíre all doing their subterfuge for Scotland, against the Scottish people.  Anyway, they had a Royal Parade for Scotland recently.  It says:


Alex Salmond


(A: The prime minister.  This titular strange quasi-government that they have there, quasi-independence nonsense.)


launches Queen of Scots app


(A: Application.† An app for their phones.  Isnít that a great thing?  Didnít you want one of them all your life, to have a Queen of Scots application, eh?  So, it says:)


The free app, being released to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee,


(A: I wish theyíd forgive all the folkís debts, like it says in the Bible, eh?  Wouldnít that be great?)


aims to help people learn more about significant Scots milestones.


(A: The only stones theyíve got are the ones tied to their ankles and tossed in the sea, because really theyíve been plummeting for years.)


Mr Salmond wants Scotland to become an independent country, but said the Queen would be retained as head of state.


(A: Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatís what they said about all the British Commonwealth.  Itís still the same thing.)


The announcement came as Prince Charles was in Edinburgh for a Royal military march, marking the Jubilee.


The Scottish government said it would be playing a part in a series of events marking the Queen's 60 years on the throne.


(A: You think sheíd be kind of stiff by now, eh, sitting there all that time.)


The first minister said: "Among the initiatives, a smartphone app will help commemorate the Jubilee, by recalling significant milestones of the Queen's reign.


"It will be an exciting, modern testament to Her Majesty, celebrating the best of Scottish technology while at the same time looking back over the past 60 years."


(A: I guess thatís the stone that she sits on, under the throne.)


Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla, known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland,


(A: They always give them titles of places.  They always look at, where do we want to have a title?  Oh, Rothesay hasnít been taken up yet.  Oh, give them that one then.  Anyway, they:)


received a royal salute from a parade of Navy, Army and RAF personnel in Scotland's capital.


(A: Flyovers and everything.)


They watched the final stage of the march, which started at Edinburgh Castle and continued down the Royal Mile into the forecourt of the palace of Holyroodhouse.


(A: Now, listen to this.  It tells you all you need to know about Scotland.  There was over 250 military in the strong parade, etc.  Military.  There was soldiers there, sailors, and RAF, and all the rest of it.  Only:)


...100 people lined the streets at the bottom of the Royal Mile....


To see what was happening.  And they were probably all the guys in the Scottish Parliament.  The ordinary folk want nothing to do with it, all this rubbish.  Rubbish.  Scotland has been a colony for a long, long time.  A long, long time.  Thatís all it is.  And itís been plundered, like you wouldnít believe.


 J.P. Morgan's $2 Billion Blunder


(A: It says:)


Bank admits losses on a massive trading bet gone wrong.


(A: One of their bets, you know.  Theyíre always doing these bets.)


J.P. Morgan has taken $2 billion in trading losses in the past six weeks and could face an additional $1 billion in second-quarter losses due to market volatility.


(A: I guess weíre going to bail them out again.  So, it says:)


A massive trading bet boomeranged on J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., leaving the bank with at least $2 billion in trading losses and its chief executive, James Dimon, with a rare black eye following a long run as what some called the "King of Wall Street."


So, they just made a bad bet, apparently.  And, oh, they lost $2 billion, and, you know, well, Iím sure the public can bail that out, couldnít they.  Couldnít they bail that out?  Nobody is going to object about that.  Itís only $2 billion.  Thatís like the air-conditioning for a week over in the Middle East for the soldiers.  I mean, itís not a lot of cash, you know.  Is it?  Anyway, I wonít even bother going into that one, because itís just one of these things, isnít it? 


And now, the overseas votes, when it comes to election time, they generally pick a country to do it for the US electorate overseas.  And whoís going to do it this time?  Well, itís a company in Spain for the Americans that are wondering whoís going to count the votes for Obama and all the rest of them.


George Soros Owns Company That Will Count America's Votes In November


We heard the Russian Stock market was compromised, as Putin predicted that George Soros conspired to weaken the Russian Economy.


(A: Which heís famous for doing.  He sunk Britain too at one point with his little betting gambling con tricks.  They donít make laws to stop them, because theyíve got halos.)


Now the U.S. Presidential votes are to be counted in Spain by Sorosís company Diebold.


Soros, must be stopped.  Letís hope that Putinís arrest order will bring this International Criminal down.


(A: No, heís a special person.  A very special person.)


Spanish Company Associated with George Soros Will ďCountĒ Americaís Votes Overseas In November


(A: Submitted by the person who sent this in, of course.)


From The Western Center for Journalism in a piece entitled, ďSpanish Company Will ĎCountí American Votes Overseas In November,í they state the following in this excerpt:


ďWhen the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 statesĖ900 total jurisdictionsĖacross the nation. ÖĒ


Iíll put this link up tonight as well, from, Spanish company will count, etc.  So, itís like Stalin says.  I donít care about votes, he says, I only care about who counts them.  Itís never changed, eh.  Never changed.  Donít worry though.  Youíll have a little mini Chinese city going up in Michigan there.  Isnít that nice?


And the feminists just get to me.  Theyíre never happy about anything, you know.


Is Motherhood Replacing Sexism?


(A: This woman says:)


I admit it, I have been asking myself this question quietly for a while: has motherhood replaced sexism as a way to keep women out of the workforce?


(A: Oh, itís a big conspiracy, eh?)


I'm just not sure of the answer.


But Elizabeth Badinter is. She is a famous philosopher and privileged academic from France whose new book, The Conflict: Does Modern Motherhood Undermine the Status of Women?, is making waves in the media on both sides of the Atlantic. (And is continuing our state of awe over French parenting.)


Her thesis is that the current obsession with "natural" motherhood including extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, disposable diapers and a closeness between mother and child has undermined the gains women have made in the workplace and is a new "tyranny" to women. Our desire to be Earth Mothers has in fact turned us back into '50s housewives, dependent on our husbands for money and our children for self-esteem.


Well, donít have any children, and weíll all just disappear.  Huh?  That makes a lot more sense, doesnít it?  Anyway, you just canít please these people who get grants thrown at them.  Theyíve got so many quirks in this thing they call the brain, you know, that you canít please them with anything.  And of course, they want that exogenesis where they can actually start breeding babies outside the mummyís womb.  Because nature made it all wrong, you know.  Women suffer during that.  Itís just unnatural, and they want to make it done properly, the way that God forgot, you see.  And thatís just the way it is.


Now, Iím also going to put up tonight too, that Katerina Jeleva, I talked about the case down in Utah, what was happening there.  And sheíll be on End the Lie Radio, this weekend.  End the Lie Radio.  The date is May 13th, at 11pm, Eastern time, which is also 9pm Mountain time.† May the 13th, Sunday.  So, for those who want to follow it to see whatís happening and the updates, because weíve got to start fighting back with this, these people that steal your children.  Your government steals your children. 


You know, in olden times they had all these legends about people who stole your children, and they always picked certain ethnic groups.  Your government is doing it.  Your government is the biggest kidnapper on the planet.  Thatís what it is, kidnapping.  You see.  In this Socialist system, oh, we know better how to raise the children than you do. Russell said they didnít want the children getting raised by their parents.  They contaminate them with old ideas that donít fit into, well, Communism.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to Tom from Wisconsin, if Tomís on the line.† Hello?


Tom: Hey, Alan.  I just got on.  Iíve been awake for a long time, and I think you can recall from previous phone calls that Iíve made into your broadcast.  And every day it seems like thereís new levels that I can, you know, perceive and Iím able to break through.  And, Iíve been watching some movies lately, because I have time, and Iím not sure what else to do living in the control grid that I live in, in the city, and itís really incredible.  I really canít see a turnaround for the better from the general population as you said before, as others have said, because the entertainment, the freely available entertainment, the propaganda that is strategically placed within the entertainment, so reinforces the false reality, that unless youíre averse to going along with what youíre told or unless youíre averse to being an obedient worker, thereís, I just canít see it.  Because even people that I know that are semi-awake, they just go along with it, and they take the benefits and the privileges, and donít even bother to even be concerned with what we tend to call rights, but are not, apparently.


Alan: Thatís right.  The true spirit of a country is that which binds you together, and really the mores and things which bound Americans together have been really demolished and chipped away for a hundred years.  More so since the 50s onwards.  And people are disconnected from each other now.  And, itís true enough, they always give you the predictive programming in the latest dramas, movies, which will tie in with whatís going to happen now or next week or next month.  So, youíre already prepared for it.  Itís an incredible tool, and most folk live in a semi-hypnotic nature.  But also, what replaced the old bonding and the decency that Americans really, really had, whatís replaced it is egosyntonic behavior and self-centeredness.  And of course, thatís exactly what the big boys in the Macy Group and the Frankfurt School that were given permission to bring in a new American culture after World War II, said theyíd bring in.  Make them hedonistic, and of course, they used Bernays for that too.  And they would be self-centered.  They would not step out of their way to help other people, or even come together under common values as youíre destroying the common values, they wouldnít come together and stand as a group and say enough is enough on any particular issue.  And thatís a technique of warfare, of course.  And they donít realize theyíve been under warfare long before 9/11.  They just simply donít know it.


Tom: Yeah.  And another thing too is this whole illusion of money, and itís like, itís just like, itís a piece of paper with some printing on it.  And the people run around and chase it, and they donít even realize that they may have a house with electricity and the television and the gas that they can put in their truck or their car and they can go to the grocery store and buy food, but theyíre so disconnected from the land, that when this all comes down, when the Obama camp actually brings down the boot on the face of humanity, itís going to be so brutal that Iím concerned that I wonít even be able to get out of the situation that totally spirals out of control.


Alan: I know. The money is also a weapon. Remember that too.  And itís constantly being inflated.  Thatís the plan for the next ten years, according to the Federal Reserve.  And you canít save it up, because itís worth nothing at the end of the ten years.  So, you canít play this game.  Itís not meant for us.  Itís meant for the big boys I mentioned earlier.  Thatís who itís meant for.  Itís a domination tool.  But a lot of folk are getting out of the country now, into other countries that will take longer to reach them, and good luck to them, because this is the way itís going down.  Itís getting worse and worse by the week.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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