May 15, 2012 (#1087)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 15, 2012:

The Great Transition, Lousy Position:

"You'd Need a Supercomputer to Keep Tabs On
The NGOs Involved with Treaties Environ,
Plus the Academicians Adding Credentials,
Ensuring Grants by Fear-Hyping Essentials,
A Vast Interwoven Organized Force,
Connected and Headed by Single Source,
By-Passing Republics, States Democratic,
Creating a Power to Fit the Schematic
Of Post-Democracy, Rule by Science,
On Board with Moneybags to Meet Defiance"
© Alan Watt May 15, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 15, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of May 2012.  For newcomers, you should listen to  Go into the website and help yourself.  There’s over a thousand audios for free download, where hopefully you’ll begin to understand the system you’re born into and how through the aid of science, psychology, neuroscience, a whole bunch of various ologists, you might say, came together a long time ago to give us the perfect propaganda system and they certainly did a very good job of it.  And how they worked for masters, who already ruled the world, financially, and they decided to keep doing the same thing but bring in academia and the professionals so that they could bring in a proper, controlled, ordered society, across the world. 


A society which they at the top would naturally rule; but a socialist type society which would have government agencies looking after you, following you from birth to death, basically, and even on beyond that.  Meaning, in other words, they would take it even further into the realms of Brave New World.  Literally exogenesis; they could breed specially-made humans out of the box, so to speak, and take out the so-called bad genes, the ones that would give you a bit of spark, could make you think and question things, and put in ones which would keep you complacent and happy and quite joyous.  That’s their Brave New World for you.


In the meantime, we have to go through all the chaos, you see.  The chaos is all engineered to bring in this new system, a one world financial system.  Again, Carroll Quigley, this is not guessing.  Carroll Quigley, from the Council on Foreign Relations, mentioned this in his book, that the central banks, the private central banks, had become institutions attached to national governments, would eventually work with the big bank, at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and they would run the world through the World Bank and the IMF and so on and bring in this new kind of system, across the world.


They’re in the process of doing it, all parties are involved in it because there’s only one agenda, there’s really only one party at the top and they need the two sides to come together at the end, of course.  That’s the trick, where they get everyone fighting for the same things.  What they’re fighting for actually is to bring in the socialist system.  They don’t realize it but that’s really what they end up fighting for.  It’s a beautiful technique of warfare, psychological warfare, where the victims themselves, even the advocates don’t realize what’s happening until the end comes to pass. 


So, help yourself to the website.  Remember too, you can help me keep going because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests and I have no shares in any products that are sold.  And you’ve got to thank the advertisers on this show because they pay for the airtime, the broadcast time, the engineering time and RBN’s time, to put this out.  So, there’s no profit at all for me, whatsoever.  So, you can buy the books and discs at where you’ll understand a bit of the past conology, as I call it, and the present conology and the conology we have to go into in the future for this Brave New World ideology.


Remember too, you can buy the books from the US by using personal checks and you can also use international postal money orders, cash, or PayPal; across the world, Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal, once again.  Straight donations, don’t forget, are really, really welcome.  Otherwise I would just churn out books after books after books and just rake in a fortune and expand like a big business, basically.  Once you get into big business, then you’ve got staff, then you’ve got to get more money in for the staff and you end up being a corporate structure, basically, and you lose the very ideal that you set out with in the first place.


So, we’re going through a big change, massive change.  Very few folk really realize it.  They see the effects of it; they complain about the effects of it, "look what they’re doing to us now".  Just like rats in a cage, in a laboratory.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big system we live in and how it appears to be a big system of chaos at the moment but it’s well-managed chaos, of course.  The bank crashes were due to crash when they did because it was decided a long time ago to bring us all into austerity, especially the first world countries.  Immediately we went into austerity, of course, after the crashes and bailing out the banks and lo and behold you’re paying for third world countries to come up by their bootstraps, when we’re dragging them up with your cash.  In a normal real system obviously you couldn’t be affording to do that kind of thing when you’ve just bailed out the banks and been plundered.


So, when you see these kind of things happening, you know there’s a bigger agenda at work, all the time.  And lots of things don’t make sense unless you realize what the real agenda is.  Remember too they want to depopulate the planet as well and bring in a system, under the United Nations, which it was designed to do, to disperse food across the world; including to you, even if you grew it in America or Canada, it gets dispersed by the United Nations to you, your portion for each region, and that was set up in 1946.  They talked about it at the United Nations Department of Agriculture.  They said this would help keep the populations down, and any population in any ex-state, as they called it, would basically have to find ways to bring their population down because they wouldn’t give them any more food.  That was to be worldwide, all fair, equitable and so that no one would get more than the other.  No favoritism, in other words.


Now every year, since 1946, there’s been more and more treaties that every country, once again, has signed onto, until we’re encompassed; we’re like a ball of wool.  You’ve seen a ball of wool just wound around and around; that’s how we are with all of these treaties.  And people still think they’re voting for the same old system of left wing and right wing and all of that, but it’s nonsense because these agendas are binding and there are full-time bureaucrats in offices and departments in every government working on each part of the agenda.  Don’t forget that.


It’s wonderful when they can always switch your attention, all the time, to the politicians who come and go, all the time, but the bureaucracies are always in place.  And they start their years off early, as recruitees and then they know what their jobs are, in each department, and they retire from those departments after working a lifetime in them.  So, you understand these faceless bureaucrats know what they’re doing and the politicians who are appointed over them, from whatever other position they were in before, they’re just mouthpieces for these departments because they’re dependent on the bureaucrats to tell them what’s going on and what it’s all about and how it works, etc. 


Depopulation is a big part of it as I’ve said before, and the mainstream tend to ignore that part of it.  Once in a blue moon, mind you, they have put a little bit in some of the newspapers; the Irish Times did put in a bit I think once when the Lucky Gene Club got together and discussed depopulation.  They said they’d always used depopulation and sterilization and abortion, across the world, especially third world countries, but now it was time to go into rapid depopulation. 


So, what do you think they mean by that?  Have you been asked if you mind being euthanized?  Of course you haven’t; everything has to be done through stealth, you see, and simply by not telling the public what they’re actually doing.  The big socialists and a lot of them too were multi-millionaires a long time ago, as they are today.  The big socialists early on talked about culling populations in “humane” fashions.  And they didn’t believe in the true Marxian doctrine either.  You got to understand the true Marxian doctrine isn’t what most folk think it is.  They had no problems at all with multimillionaires or billionaires.  In fact, they had a lot on board with them, working with them.  They didn’t believe in carrying extra baggage; that was the useless eaters, the ones who couldn’t contribute to this socialist dream, you see.  Bernard Shaw and others, founders of the Fabian Society, talked about the need to get a “humane” gas made, that would gas them in a humane fashion, you see, but they also talked about inoculations, by the way.  Even Bertrand Russell talked about that.  He said, we shall even use the needle, he said. 


So, nasty people do exist.  You can actually see them.  They’re awfully nice if you actually meet these people, in the past, present.  They’re psychopathic, basically, and that’s why they’re so nice and pleasant to meet.  You’ll rarely find a very angry looking psychopath.  Most of the ones who get up to any position of power have got some intellect there but they also know how to flatter and to make you feel that whatever you are saying actually matters.  They’re up at the top, running the show.  They gravitate towards powers of position. 


Academia is full of them now.  It really is full of them now.  Remember Russell also said too, we have to take academia on with us, on board, to get this global agenda through, and they certainly have done so.  They certainly have done so.  A lot of radical professors work at teaching basic communism, ecology, how most folk must become poor through austerity but not themselves, of course, they don’t mean themselves.  They’re also talking about the need to depopulate fast.  So, we get articles like this one here that scares the general public, but in reality it’s a bit of a red herring because it came out about a year ago when the scientists first talked about creating a new deadlier Avian flu virus. This is a later one.  It says:


A science journal is poised to publish a study that some experts believe could give a recipe to bioterrorists.


(Alan:  Well, there’s nothing that Porton Down in England, the biowarfare establishment, or the one in the US, hasn’t done, that they don’t have this kind of stuff.  They’re way beyond this stuff, way beyond it.  In World War II Canada was creating new viruses, including flu viruses, very, very quickly; within an hour they could alter the genetic makeup of a virus to a killer virus, any type, pretty well.  This is old stuff, but this is what the mainstream says:)


The study is from an experiment by a Dutch scientist who engineered the avian flu virus to make it more deadly to mammals by making it spread through the air.


That experiment was funded by the U.S. government, and it has sparked a passionate debate among scientists. Part of that debate is over where this research could lead, and whether it is worth it.


(A:  It depends where the wind ends up, eh?)


The National Institutes of Health and some scientists say it is worth it. They say it could ultimately protect mankind by trying to anticipate how the virus could mutate to one that causes a pandemic -- like the one in the film "Contagion."


(A:  So, they yes say it’s worth it because to create a killer virus is worth it to test it out on the public.  It’s your paradox, isn’t it?  You could cause the pandemic, obviously, by trying it out on the public; but don’t forget the United Nations, the World Health Organization in an article I read 2 or 3 years ago said that it commonly puts out into the populations what they call tracer influenzas before the main one hits and they study it quietly, obviously very quietly, almost secretly.  All the data comes in from people who are visiting the doctors and the symptoms, and so on.  To let them know where the next flu and how it will go through society, its roots, etc.  So they give you a real one in advance.  Who’s kidding who?  This is good science?  But of course, these are the guys who will kill us.  Anyway, the National Institutes of Health and some scientists say it’s worth it.)


Dr. Anthony Fauci heads the NIH agency that funds infectious diseases research. It funded the controversial Dutch experiment.


"We need as scientists and health officials to stay one step ahead of the virus as it mutates and changes its capability," Fauci told CNN Radio recently. "To anticipate that would be important to determine whether the countermeasures we have available, such as antivirals and vaccines, would actually be effective against such a virus that changed in such a way."


(A:  It’s so full of holes because if you got a brand new virus you wouldn’t have an antidote to it.  You wouldn’t have a vaccine made up for a brand new virus.)


But a number of scientists are stepping forward to say it is not worth it -- and that this research could actually bring us closer to that nightmare.


(A:  What they wanted to do was to see how many mutations of the virus they’d have to make, I think it was five, to make it a killer virus.  So, this is the kind of stuff that goes on in a lot of labs, mind you, a lot of labs today.  So they’re playing with fire.  They admit that too.)


The journal Science is now reviewing the manuscript by Dutch scientist Ron Fouchier, a virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands.


In December, the National Scientific Advisory Board for Biosecurity warned against publishing Fouchier’s study and a similar study from Wisconsin.


(A:  Two different studies from two different places.)


The Wisconsin study was based on a similar experiment but used a less lethal strain of the virus.


In March, that same advisory board looked at revised versions and said the Wisconsin study was safe to publish. But some on the panel broke ranks on publishing Fouchier’s work. Twelve said yes; six said no.


Michael Osterholm, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Minnesota, was one of the six "no" votes on the board. In a letter to NIH after the vote, Osterholm described the studies as "nearly a complete cookbook" for those who would do harm.


Now, as I say, whatever they come up with has been done by the military boys because military is always way ahead on every step that’s been done in all the (I call them) lesser labs, basically.  They have lots and lots of killer diseases.  That’s what they do in biowarfare departments.  They create them.  As I say, you have to read Canada’s book, "Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War".  It’s about Canada’s operations with US and Britain, creating all these nasty bugs during WWII to wipe out enemies’ farm supplies, cattle, everything.  They even had a form of spongiform encephalitis created in WWII and then of course it mysteriously broke out, many, many, many years later.  These are the guys we’re taught to respect, you know, science, scientists, ooh, the white-coated priests.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the white-coat lab guys and what their job happens to be.  Their job is always to alter things in nature to such an extent, of course, they could actually kill everything that exists in nature.  This is the greatest thing now, is to just simply, okay, how could this possibly harmless thing mutate into a killer, and they go through different steps by grafting on different genes and things like that to make it into a killer.  And then they announce they’ve got a killer and say that this flu that’s in the wild, that we took this sample from, the one we started with, is in the wild and it could go through these five changes.  This is what they say.  This is how they validate why they’re doing all this stuff.  Which is nonsense really.  Anyway this other article is about the one in Wisconsin.  It says:


Bird Flu Strain Lab-Engineered!


The cat is out of the bag on bird flu—a strain has been laboratory engineered, and the U.S. government did everything it could to keep the lid on that research!


Thanks to the report published in Nature by a team out of the University of Wisconsin,

 …a mutated version of H5N1 passes from one ferret to another without trouble,


(A:  They use ferrets instead of humans.)


the Los Angeles Times reported.  Spread in the air, the hybrid strain of bird flu included an H5 hemagglutinin, which plays a role in binding the virus to airway cells,


(A:  That’s a killer when they do that.  So they managed to attach H5 hemagglutinin, which plays a role in binding the virus to the cell.)


and genes from the swine flu behind the 2009 pandemic.


(A:  So, it makes you wonder, really, they’re doing everything they can to make it a killer, obviously.)


Interestingly, the research at University of Wisconsin led by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka indicates, “how malleable flu strains can be in spreading from one mammalian host to another.”  Kawaoka admits that a mutation which emerged in his study at U of W already has appeared in the Middle East and Asia.


However, there’s a second study whose ‘shoe will drop’ when it is published in the journal Science sometime in the future.


May 3rd, 2012, The Los Angeles Times published Eryn Brown’s article “Bird flu can spread in mammals, study finds,” which can be read here,0,6267062.story


The Washington Post published on May 2nd the article “One of two controversial ‘bird flu’ papers is published” by David Brown at


The genetic engineering of microorganisms indicates just how determined science is, in my opinion, to mess around with reprogramming disease patterns that can impact human health—and animal health—and may be ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for Big Pharma to come up with new vaccines and other pharmaceuticals to keep humans in fear, over-vaccinated, and ‘medication poor’.


So, we live in a very dangerous world, there’s no doubt about it.  Remember too, that big, big pharma have their own laboratories to do with viruses and bacterium.  They work with all the military-industrial complex guys too, Fort Mead in the US and old Porton Down that’s moved, actually, in Britain.  So, they’re all working together into the same deadly diseases by making them more deadly, even benign ones, actually, make them more deadly.  That’s what happens in the world and all this is meant to really frighten you, but they’ve been doing this, as I say, since at least the 1940s.  And doing it very successfully I should say, as well. 


I’ve mentioned so many times before; I’ve watched a couple of short videos that guys have sent me that are up on different armies over in the Middle East, the US army, Britain, and so on.  They’re absolutely repugnant, some of these ones they’re putting together.  I mean, here you have a generation raised on video games, for one thing, where you just kill, kill, kill; they’re already trained, in other words, to kill by instinct and not even thought and that’s what army games are designed to do.  That’s what these X-box games are all designed for in the first place, there’s so much documentation on that, because they needed a generation just like today who are brought up on that and rap and also with basically no real moral convictions because they were taught moral relativity.  You know, any opinion is okay, everything’s okay, and you see what they’re doing in their barracks and all the rest of it and what they get up to. 


We have a generation trained, brought up, reared and trained before they go into the military, to be almost like out-of-control pagans.  I’ve already said that too, we send pagans over to some of the oldest countries and cultures in the world, that’s what we do.  Who’ve got rap music blasting out of their armored vehicles as they rush forth onto the desert, blasting people in villages.  No kidding. 


So, society is pretty well gone that way.  I don’t know how you get morality back, I mean real natural morality, not the stuff they’ve given us to destroy the old cultures that made you bind together with workable ideals and common values.  That’s how societies are strong.  That’s when they can fight anything.  When they’re divided and conquered like this, the only boss they’ll respect is a paymaster, and then you’re in trouble.  That’s what we have today.


The general population are degraded, it’s not just the soldiers; they all came out of the same population.  Here’s an article here, it says:


‘As a father, it scares the hell out of me’: Livestream website loses advertisers after dad reports ‘dangerous’ sexually explicit content


(A:  What today is dangerously explicit on the stuff that they’re pouring out there?  And is anybody even shocked anymore?  I don’t think so.  Everybody’s been degraded.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about society being so degraded now, that what is degradation in the general populations?  It says:


At least three Canadian corporations have pulled their ads from a successful livestream video website after they discovered they were running alongside sexually-explicit material.


Stickam features hundreds of live videos of people - mainly teenage girls - in their bedrooms, while thousands of other users - mostly men - watch and text them via a live stream.


Hortons, Rogers, Home Depot and Bank of Montreal were unwittingly advertising alongside sexually-offensive material posted by users.


(A:  Are they really so unwitting?  Are they really?  And these guys have got massive budgets.  It says:)


The website has some 10million registered users – most under the age of 25. 

Although Stickam stipulates that users have to be 14-years-old or above to register, there is no mechanism to ensure this is the case.


(A:  Remember Bernays actually who came out with the idea of the consumer society and really made it work, in the US, also came up with the ideas for McDonald’s and all the big so-called family affair type consumers.  He said that it was good to always train the next generation to be customers.  Well, this is what this is, it’s training the next generations to be customers as they watch all this porn, you see.  And it says here:)


Most ads are placed on the website are via ad placement services, such as Google AdSense, where agencies state their price and target market and the placement service ‘sweeps’ the internet for any unsold space.


This means that the advertiser doesn’t always know where their ad will end up.

For example, on Stickam a Home Depot ad was placed next to a video of a girl in her bedroom in her lingerie....


Another ad, for Bank of Montreal, ran next to live shots of a young teen, who had 13,000 people watching and pushing her to remove her clothing.


It’s just astonishing that this is even happening, actually.  And of course it simply promotes a culture that’s utterly debased and you wonder why there’s raping and incest going on and everything else too.  It’s all promoting the same stuff.  They even had articles placed there, comments by different viewers, pedophiles who were chatting about how this girl looked like she was about 12 years old and that the actual site would be off the air if it wasn’t for, it says, us, you know, pervs.  So, they know darn well what they’re doing and the company that ran the site, of course, is in LA, where else?  But society is gone; you understand?  Society is a dangerous place now because it is gone.  You cannot have a culture like this.  It cannot stand. It can’t stand.  And all we do is churn out children who are utterly debauched, who will make good troops.  They plan to use the troops of the West for another 25 years or so.  So they want them utterly debased, utterly debased. 


Here’s an article here, for instance, and it was from the Los Angeles Times.  It’s about Marines and how they recruit them and so on.


They’re Looking for a Few Good Men With the Sensitivity to Train Marines


It’s very much a PR thing, and how they’ve got to be a bit different now, and not be sexist, etc, etc.  Then you scroll down to the bottom and you hear the marching song that they’re doing.  It says, "One, two, three, four, every night we pray for war; five, six, seven, eight, rape, kill, mutilate".  That’s from the Los Angeles Times.  That’s what they’re taught.  Young guys.  "One, two, three, four, every night we pray for war; five, six, seven, eight, rape, kill, mutilate".  There you go.  And that’s what you send overseas.  And then you’re wondering when they’re cutting ears and fingers off people, and raping and killing.  Do you really wonder why?  I wonder, eh.


Now, on the so-called debt crisis, I mean it’s so manufactured and it’s a big part, of course, of bringing in the Great Transition, they call it.  It’s a big, big, part.  Money is the big, big power force right now too, along with the legal system that enforces the money system, backs it up.  It says, the Greek party leaders failed to form a coalition government, and of course, they’re thinking about pulling out all together.  And then all the rest of them are like a bunch of skittles, are afraid it’s going to just boomerang on all the rest of them. 


They’re trying all they can to try and stop this Euro combination black hole.  They’ve never sunk so much money into a black hole as they have with this and at the same time it’s a must-be plan, at the same time they cannot allow Europe to split apart because that was the criterion of WWII.  Eisenhower wouldn’t give lend-lease projects out, the money, the big grants, unless they formed a United Europe.  Before he said it, of course, Winston Churchill also told his peer group, out of this war we’ll get a United Europe.  This is an old, old idea from guys at the top.  But it was not to be a democratic one, it was to be a socialist-run one, who worked on behalf of the big trillionaires, who live way up high in the clouds.  So, as I say, they’re thinking of pulling out of it.


Here’s a good one here.  It’s so great.  The system we live in is so corrupt.  Blatantly corrupt at that too.  We’re never shocked about corruption anymore, really.  Trillions go missing within the militaries and that’s it, nothing happens.


Olympic Vaccination Frenzy As Athletes Urged To Get Their Shots


(A:  This is the big hype, you see.  And people again are getting urged, well, if you see athletes getting the shots then it’s okay for us all to get our shots.  We follow the celebrities, etc.  Anyway, I won’t read the blurb at all except they’re urging all to go and get their shots before they come to the games, all the visitors, and hundreds of thousands of people.  They want you to sit underneath snipers riding around in helicopters and missiles getting ready to launch above their heads and all the rest of it, for all those idiots.  Mind you, they are the idiots who will take the shots too.  But you find out who’s sponsoring it.  The biggest sponsor of the Olympic games is guess who?  The guys who make the vaccinations, GlaxoSmithKline.  Isn’t that just wonderful?  It says:)


“The Olympic Games and Paralympic Games provide GSK with a huge opportunity to be part of the delivery of an outstanding world event....”


So, they’re delighted they’re there and of course they can get all the shots and make billions at it too.  Every event is turned to their advantage, you understand, you see, every event.


Now Australia is getting decimated since Gillard came in because she is Fabian Socialist and it wasn’t because she came in it started, it’s because it was time for this part of the agenda to be rolled out in Australia and to demolish its higher status in the Far East, basically, and lower it into a state where it could be merged comfortably with China.  That’s what’s happening; same with New Zealand too.  Unemployment is incredibly high, even the national railroad system is laying off thousands of people.  And everybody is packing up and going to China; all your own producers are going to China to get things made cheaply.  And it’s going on and on. 


They’re even importing people to work in the orchards from South Korea because they’re cheaper, for the first time.  And every year the same people, locals and even retirees generally got the jobs, not now.  They’re going to get young folk from Korea to do all that for them.  So, this is the wonders of globalization.  Australia being the flagship in the Far East was left pretty well alone by the so-called British Commonwealth committees but now it’s time to bring it down because it was planned to come down at this time, but it was planned a long, long time ago, to come down at this time, by the Council on Foreign Relations that set up their own societies out there to work with China, to help bring China up to the producer of the world and to merge it into a big, big region.  So, look up your histories.  Again, Carroll Quigley goes even through that phase of it too and names the organizations that worked to bring them into this amalgamation, under China.




The Coming Eurozone Austerity Battle


Recent elections in France and Greece pose significant challenges to the strict economic austerity policies Germany has called for in response to the eurozone sovereign debt crisis. Still, Germany has resolutely rebuffed any efforts to alter the European fiscal compact agreed to late last year, explains CFR’s Sebastian Mallaby.


"There’s a battle coming up between Hollande


(A:  Mr. Hollande in France.)


and his European partners as to quite what a growth agenda might mean," he says.


At the same time, the political situation in Greece is "more potentially cataclysmic in its consequences," Mallaby argues, because it could not only signal a Greek exit from the eurozone, but also undermine European financial institutions and facilitate further sovereign debt contagion.


So, not only have we got viral contagions, we’ve got debt contagion.  You catch it, you see, like a dose of the flu.  It’s all managed, folks; it’s all managed.  They’re all borrowing and borrowing and borrowing to throw money into Greece and to Spain too, by the way.  They just got downgraded by Moody’s.  Moody’s works for the big boys, like the International Monetary Fund.  They downgrade a country.  It makes it even worse because then a country has to even pay more interest rates on the money it’s borrowing.  It works in tandem, you see, with the big international lenders.


This one here too is about the United Nations climate talks:


UN climate talks have opened in Germany, with the EU struggling to keep its position of a global leader.  Small developing countries that linked up with the EU in a new coalition last year say the bloc must commit to tougher emission cuts and more finance.


(A:  So, here you’ve been plundered by the banks, in 2007 and 2008 onwards.  They’re still getting bailed out and throwing money into black holes to fill Greece’s black hole, etc.  We still don’t know where the money is going, or how deep the sea is.  At the same time you’ve got all these binding treaties where now you must cut more emissions and become more austere at the same time.  It says:)


Existing pledges on "climate aid" run out at the end of this year, and the EU has yet to clarify what happens then.


(A:  Well, what they should do then is just rip up, rip up, that’s all you do, these treaties, or better yet get a stove and burn them all in it and put some carbon off.  It would be the best-spent carbon ever.  Just get rid of all these treaties.  You understand, with all this that’s happening at once, in a real system they wouldn’t be hitting you with all this at once.  It’s all happening at once because it’s a big agenda you’re going through and it’s for a completely different lifestyle that emerges from the other side of it.  This is to take quite a few years before it’s all utterly completed.  The youngsters have all had their preliminary indoctrination to get them ready for it; because they’ll grow up in it thinking it’s all quite natural and it had to be done.  It says:)


Attempts to toughen the EU's target from 20% to 30% below 1990 levels


(A:  That’s carbon.)


by 2020 have stumbled on Polish government fears about its economic impact on the major coal-producing and coal-burning nation.


Well, they don’t want you burning any coal at all, folks.  They want you to basically freeze, like the British now are freezing, in a land full of coal because, you see, it brings down the population. 


Number of PhD Recipients Using Food Stamps Surged During Recession


The number of PhD recipients on food stamps has more than tripled between 2007 and 2010, according to the Urban Institute.  In this economy, even having multiple degrees isn't a guarantee against poverty.  The number of PhD recipients on food stamps and other forms of welfare more than tripled between 2007 and 2010 to 33,655, according to an Urban Institute analysis cited by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The number of master's degree holders on food stamps and other forms of welfare nearly tripled during that same time period to 293,029, according to the same analysis.  The boost in PhD recipients receiving food stamps is just the latest indication of how Americans are struggling in a down economy. Overall, the number of Americans on food stamps rose 43 percent over the past three years to 46.3 million Americans as of February 2012, according to the Department of Agriculture.


Well, you see, they’re supposed to go overseas and get jobs.  That’s what Jacques Attali said, but mind you, the overseas characters only want the crème de la crème, those with the best marks, the best abilities in a particular field, while the rest are meant to just take whatever they can get, back home.  That’s the agenda.  That is the world agenda.  That’s what it is.


And just a little aside here too.  Politics has always been a game, a game of course, and it’s a game where crooks go in.  There’s nothing new in that at all.  It says:


Governor Christie’s pension issue: N.J. probe looks at running mate, double-dipping


(A:  It’s quite interesting.)


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie — a rising star in the national Republican Party — called an overhaul of the state pension system his "biggest governmental victory." He now faces embarrassment from flaws his reforms failed to fix.


The sweeping new laws increase contributions from public workers, decrease benefits and halt cost-of-living hikes. According to Christie, the changes should save the state $120 billion over the next 30 years.


But his reform did little to stop the age-old New Jersey practice of double-dipping, in which employees "retire," start collecting a pension, and then are rehired, often the next day. Christie’s own deputy chief of staff collects $219,000 a year from the state — a $130,000 salary as a top aide to the governor plus $89,000 in state pension.


There’s all these rackets out there and you wonder why you’re paying so much in taxes, for everything.  You got to be able to figure it out.


Tonight again I’ll put up, I was looking at, the United Nations assembly on, basically, the sea.  They’ve got all these laws now on the sea and the United Nations part in protecting, in charge of the whole sea and all above it for that matter too.  It’s interesting to read this part 2 of it.  I’ll put that up tonight for those that want to look at part 2, because it’s got everything in it.  It’s got climate change in it.  It’s got moving money from the first world countries to third world countries in it.  I guess they’ll do it by sea.  It’s amazing, it’s one of these omnibus things that you see in the US and in Canada, basically.  It’s got everything in it, except the sea.  And how much money we have to give to other countries, to bring them up to first world status, or at least a better standard of living.  Different projects they have, on the go, that you’re all paying for, in Africa and elsewhere.  Out of the kindness of your hearts, of course, as you learn to be austere.


We know too the Club of Rome had its big 40-year anniversary recently.  It’s interesting to go into this; in fact you must go into it.  If you’ve got high-speed internet, of course, it’s easier than it is for me.  I get little bits and pieces before the great Hughes satellite company decides to limit me; I get maybe 5 minutes.  They’ve got a lot of talks given by all the top sustainability guys.  The guys who got these treaties drafted up, that’s all been signed over the years, from the 1970s on, about ecology, depopulation, rapid depopulation, all of that kind of stuff.  I’ll put one up tonight from Dennis Meadows, big player, Perspectives on Limits to Growth.  He says it’s too late for sustainable development.  So, I guess they have to do rapid depopulation.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about Limits of Growth at the Club of Rome’s recent meeting and tonight I’ll put up a list of people who attended and gave lectures there.  You can actually hear them chatting off in their own words about how they plan to run the planet but they say it’s too late for sustainable development and so they’ve got to go into more radical measures and all that scary stuff.


They actually talk too about, over the next few decades, energy use will plummet because they plan to make it plummet, as well.  Of course, they’ve already talked about Agenda 21.  This all ties in with upcoming Rio+20, 2012 meeting in June.  This article that I’ll put up tonight too, with all the other articles and the links, is interesting because it shows you how all these big international organizations and institutions and universities all work together, all getting the same funding from big foundations, etc.  How they all work together to bring in this reality, what you think is reality, that terrifies you and it’s parroted off by the mainstream media. 


These guys, when they call up to get a talking point on the media, they’re in right away, you know.  They’re privileged people and we get all their hyped stuff from there, you see.  It’s interesting to see all, M.I.T. is in on it big time and you’ve got all the other institutes in the US, America, and other ones across the world, big foundations, all working together to give you a fake reality, to convince you that you’ve got to allow yourself to be looked after, like a child, no matter how old you are, by these experts and professionals.  Give up all your rights and freedoms and let them retrain you into a new way of living.  That’s basically what it is, that’s really what it is.


Life is becoming so cheap now; we’ve already noticed it; it started with abortion and then they went for the elderly with euthanasia and that’ll get pumped up too.  They’ll even give you euthanasia, if you just get fed up with living, or you’re a young person going through a depression.  It’s up to you, you see, this is what they’re bringing in, depopulation. 


And Lifesite News has:


Michigan Mayor Calls Pro-Lifers “Forces of Darkness”


(A:  He actually calls the pro-lifers the "Forces of Darkness".  If you’re pro-life you belong to the "Forces of Darkness", he says.  So, they’re right in the open with it now, eh.)


The mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan was the keynote speaker at a fundraising event for the Planned Parenthood abortion business, where he defended taxpayer funding for the organization that does more than 25 percent of the abortions nationwide.


(A:  And they do stacks across the world.)


However, his defense of taxpayer funding for the abortion giant is not what is making waves today — instead, a comment about pro-life advocates is upsetting pro-life people. In talking about funding the group, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell used a derogatory term to refer to pro-life people.


“Yet, every year, the forces of darkness seek to deprive women of the health and education they need by choking off the funding to Planned Parenthood,” said Heartwell.


Well, again, Planned Parenthood was a big, big part of this whole agenda.  Educating women, of course, is simply telling them, this is an abortion, here’s a live birth, what do you want?  That’s basically it, because they want to do this across the world, which they have been doing.


And this one here proves that too because Britain is giving out millions to India, all the time, “Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been spent forcibly sterilising Indian women”; all the poor ones, of course.  You see, the useless eaters as Bertrand Russell would have said and the guys at the Club of Rome.  A lot of them have had terrible treatment and have died, actually, of bleeding and all the rest of it because they’re spending only X-amount per person, get it done in a hurry.  Life is cheap, folks, very, very cheap and your government knows it too.  So, you better have some value in life, even for each other.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods, go with you.



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