May 16, 2012 (#1088)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 16, 2012:

The Road to Hell Paved with Tear-Jerk Inventions:

"Global Charities are Winners at Money-Making,
 Got Deals with Governments, Your Taxes Taking,
To Save the Earth, Animals, Birds and Bees,
Assessing Carbon for Great Fat Fees,
The Big Ones are Set Up as Tax-Free Foundations
Which All Work Together, They're Close Relations,
Directing with Governments the Path of the Future,
Annual Events are Great Balls, with Haute Couture,
They've Got CEOs and P.R. Departments,
Constantly Expanding, Room for Enlargement,
 Lobbying Government for More Taxpayers' Cash,
Redistributing Wealth to Some Other Stash,
If You've Got Children, Here's a Good Idea,
Push the Humanitarian Field, Well-Paying Career"
© Alan Watt May 16, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 16, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of May, 2012.

I always get this bit out of the way at the very beginning of the broadcast by telling you to go into and make use of that site because there’s over a thousand audios for download, and I take you through some of the history of this big system that you were born into.  A complete system actually, very complete, and how your parents were too, and your grandparents as well.  Because it’s been on the go for an awful long time, when rich guys got together into a big club, since they already dominated the planet through finances, and decided to bring on academia, get them on board through sciences and take over the world basically.  And run it in a perfected fashion.  None of this getting born to two people who just decided to mate themselves, you know, they weren’t picked scientifically to mate.  No, they did it themselves and had offspring, and then when that offspring grows up they want to do whatever they want to do.  And of course that’s so inefficient, and even H.G. Wells touched on that too he says, You know you can’t have too many bicycle repair men, he says, It’s far better if the state basically decides what you are going to be.  And that’s what school-to-work was designed to do and it’s all here of course, because they decided to, as I say, run it in a scientific fashion.  Who should breed with whom, if at all for that matter, who should be sterilized because eugenics is a big part of it in this "Brave New World" that they’re bringing in step by step. 

So I go through the big foundations that were set up by the big international monetary boys, and the foundations bring out NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that are incredibly well funded, full-time employees basically, under the guise of charities of course, that constantly bombard government with their massive advertising campaigns to change the world to suit the big bankers who already own it.  And that’s really how simply it really works. 

And of course it’s all taught through the schools.  You always make sure that the next generation and the next generation’s taught the new form of upcoming slavery.  And they’re taught to like it.  It’s all to sacrifice, sacrifice for a green world which will be regulated by those who own everything else as well of course.  Everything is a con.  So in other words help yourself to the audios there, there’s over a thousand free ones to download.  Also, you can find transcripts on all the sites in English, and go into for transcripts in other languages. 

Remember too, you can help me tick along here by buying the books and discs at, where if you don’t understand the cons of the past you’ll never understand the cons of the present and where it’s all going, or why it’s going that way.  So buy these and it will give you some clues.  And you can donate as well.  Donations are really, really welcome at this stage of the game.  Now from the U.S. to Canada remember U.S. personal checks are good, you can still use personal checks and international postal money orders from the post office, and you can also send cash, and you can use PayPal.  Across the world Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And straight donations definitely because that’s often what makes me just get through the month, and sometimes not even that too.  If I went bigger I would have to take on employees and then you’ve got to commercialize everything to pay all the employees and then you’re worried about getting more and more cash in.  So in other words you’re running a big business then once you start all that, and so you’ve got more things to worry about because you’ve got the employees and their families as well to worry about.  So, I try to keep it small but put out a lot of data and certainly everyone else has certainly grabbed it and made use of it across the whole board. 

And what I really do, as I say, is to tell you why it’s happening, the ones, the big groups that planned the stages of change.  You know, "Change is Good", they say, but they never ask what change they’re talking about.  Academia knew for fifty years that this is the century of change, the 21st century, where literally they perfect the system that they designed a long time ago.  They perfect it by bringing through all the laws, to make us all basically domesticated slaves, in a more legalistic fashion that is, and how eventually you won’t be able to even move off the area you are living within without permission, you see.  Because even though they have a free flow of labor and goods under free trade acts, it doesn’t mean that you personally, if a company doesn’t want you, you personally can take off and live wherever you want.  That’s the next steps to get put into the books basically. 

So, it’s a form of control because totalitarian systems always use control.  And of course passports, I.D. chips, everything is coming into play.  Clear passes, all these things, getting you used to it.  And the guys who run the whole system of course, and designed it all, are the moneybags at the top.  These guys have been around for centuries, they know every con there is to do with money and they want a more perfected system.  Rockefeller admitted that himself, that it was far preferable that bankers, international, he’s talking about the big boys, the guys who lend to nations.  They actually lend nothing these days, except a bunch of digits from a computer.  But these are the guys who designed it all and he says it’s better that they run the world since they’re the fittest and they’ve held onto power for many centuries, and bring in academia and specialists on board to manage all of the peasants down below.

And we see it all coming in from a thousand different areas and angles.  You get bombarded every day with non-governmental organizations, with their particular spiels, and you have to really check into everything to find out even who they are because most of them are funded if you go back to the same little clique of foundations.  Most of them are funded to the hilt to lobby the governments to pass the laws which the big foundations and bankers want.  And the government is in on the scam too, they’re waiting for them turning up at their door, demanding them.  And also to condition you through education, indoctrination through all media, all mainstream media.  Because you can’t watch anything today unless it’s got the right politically correct upgrades in it, you know, to do with the environment and carbon and all of that kind of stuff.  So you’re brainwashed by repetition, repetition, repetition. 

Someone said a long time ago, one of the big revolutionaries, that a word or a phrase repeated a thousand times is far more efficient then facts mentioned a thousand or more times.  You don’t need facts, just repetitions until the public repeat them too as though it’s a fact.  It’s very religious in nature you see, slogans.  And of course that’s what they win by, slogans, as Lenin said. 

And all sides are using the same tactics.  Really at the top there are no sides.  They simply use the dialectic to make it all happen.  And that’s the trick of it all.  To get something to move in society you must get conflict going; you can’t get conflict until you get opposing sides.  And then you steer and guide the conflict into the outcome.  And that’s what you were after; it’s the Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis, as they call it, the Hegelian dialectic

And of course they planned an awful long time ago to unite the countries basically, especially into continents.  The EU eventually is to go all the way from Ireland right across Britain, right across the whole of Europe, right through Russia and onwards.  The whole continent basically comes under it eventually, that’s their goal and target.  And for the Americas too, amalgamation of the Americas was mentioned a long time ago, both by Marx and others who came after him.  And today it’s the Council on Foreign Relations which has pretty well every main journalist on board in every country across the world making sure we all get the same propaganda.  They guide us along this particular path since their masters set that up a long time ago, amalgamation of the continents.  They even drafted up the one for Canada, they admitted that on television in Canada.  The C.F.R. admitted they drafted it up for the three amigos to go down and sign. 

So, we live in a fantasyland, and remember crises come and go.  And the idea of crisis is when the big boys who run the world thrive.  You see crisis keeps us all unsteady, even those who are ready for revolution, they sort of put it off, they postpone it.  They wonder if they can afford it.  {Laughs}   So crisis is always used as a method of advancing their agenda.  They always say this, mind you, "We can use this disaster to our advantage", always.  In fact, without the disasters and things they couldn’t get anything done.  That’s why they create them.  They make sure that they do. 

Now the banks are hopping along as always.  They didn’t even notice the blip that they caused, crashing the world and plundering the planet, and then getting rewarded by all your tax money for doing so.  And they’re still up there.  And even the weak laws that they put, their pals in the legal system brought forth, to try and police them, have all been watered down until it’s back to the same as it was before, so they can plunder you again too.  They’ll never change those laws folks.  Twice a century at least they plunder the general public, that’s standard with the international banking boys.  And why not when you’re guaranteed that the government which you own basically, left or right it doesn’t matter, will bail you out?  Give you that extra cash gift on top of all the property you’ve seized.  Not a bad deal, eh?  And they call this civilization?  They call it progress as well.   This is called progress.  Can you believe that?  To what?  And by the way who defines what progress is?  Obviously it’s a plan.  It’s not willy-nilly going along some wandering, meandering path.  It’s planned that way. 

This article here, it’s an idea, one of the many ideas that they come up with.  And it’s a sort of will they, won’t they, will they, won’t they, will they, won’t they, until you turn off, you switch off.  Will Europe survive?  Will Greece bail out?  Oh they’re back in, no they’re out, oh they’re in, they’re out, and it goes on like this.  This farcical play, pantomime, third-rate that we watch every day. 

Now every country supposedly has helped bail out Greece a thousand times over.  We’ve no list of where the money has gone, although every country in Europe has borrowed money from these same international bankers, moneylenders, borrowed money from them to bail Greece out.  Well over in the trillions of dollars.  But the people themselves who were put down to pay off that borrowed money, to give to Greece, have got nothing back.  There’s no breakdown of the cash, where it went.  Or how long it’s going to take for them to pay it off even if Greece pulls out.  They’ll still have to pay off all of that money that went into that black hole somewhere in outer space.  Isn’t that amazing?  And we take this as it’s all run by professional people, like economists and things, you know this science of economy.  Science?  Well it says:

"How much longer can the euro survive?  Bank chief says eurozone is tearing itself apart and Prime Minister warns of a break-up."

Alan:  This is the same Prime Minister that was going to pull us out when he lost ratings a few months ago, now he’s back up again trying to keep it all together.  It’s all conology; remember that.  This is all conology. 

"David Cameron will attack Germany and other European countries for failing to stop the euro breaking apart."

Alan:  Well how is it their fault?  How is it Germany’s fault?  I think they put more money into it than anyone.

"Will insist austerity measures is the only way to 'keep Britain safe'."

Alan:  So becoming poor is the only way to keep Britain safe.  Poverty is the only way to keep Britain safe.  Remember we’re in the 21st century.  We have the best people, the best minds, the best educated too, and experts running us here.  So utter poverty is the only way to keep Britain safe.  Safe from whom?  From the government?  I mean how are they going to work this one out? 

"Experts say if the crisis isn’t contained 10 percent of the national income could be wiped out in EU countries."

Alan:  No kidding, eh?

"…10 percent of the national income could be wiped out in EU countries."

Alan:  So, I love these preambles that they give to the press before the guy reads the same speech.  This is written by a speechwriter for David Cameron.  They’re all puppets, you know, in the front.  So:

"David Cameron will today express grave doubts about the survival of the euro amid fears that a collapse could drag Britain into a decade-long depression."

Alan:  Britain has never been out of a depression, never.  It was in the late 90’s, it was a little article appeared in a paper and way in the back pages it said that Britain had just paid off the last of its money that it owed, for World War I, to the banks.  This isn’t World War II, and Korea, and everything else on top of that.  Perpetual debt you see.  So they’ve never had – the people are always depressed, put it that way.  Of course they’re always depressed because it’s such a rigid system.  An old, old system with the banks at the top and the aristocracy, and the children of the same, running the show.  It says:

" He will warn of ‘perilous economic times’ and launch a startling attack on the failure of Germany and other major European countries to take the necessary steps if they want to prevent the euro breaking apart."

Alan:  Now what have they achieved through all this farce?  They’ve achieved what Carroll Quigley said they’d achieve, central banks would basically be under an umbrella of another main central bank of Europe, which they’ve managed to install against everybody’s wishes.  And they’ve got the IMF running roughshod over every country underneath them, demanding money by the way.  They can go up to, I think it’s seven mil.  They can demand seven mil from any one of those countries and you’ve got seven days to pay up.  And no explanation, nothing, you just got to get the cash there.  This is the new progress, progressive system they’ve got for the euro. 

"‘The eurozone is at a crossroads – it either has to make up, or it is looking at a potential break-up,’ the Prime Minister will say, insisting that sticking to the Government’s austerity measures is the only way to ‘keep Britain safe’."

Alan:  Now, when you’re into poverty, folks, no country is safe.  Because it gets to desperation times.  And people have to do desperate things, and they do desperate things in desperation times.  Mind you they’ve got all this massive army and all these treaties with the international rapid response teams from all over Europe to fly them in and play havoc, just like the Sci-Fi movies they’ve been programming you with for years.

"With signs of a full-blown bank run beginning in debt-stricken Greece,"

Alan:  This is going to help Greece because now that they’ve written this everybody will be pulling their money out of Greece, even the private investors. 

"experts warned"

Alan:  Again these experts that got us in trouble in the first place.

"… warned that if the crisis is not quickly contained,"

Alan:  Which is blackmail.  Either get more cash out of it, squeeze it all out of Europe and put it into Greece again, into this black hole, or there’s going to be chaos.  There’s going to be chaos you see.

"…as much as 10 percent of the national income could be wiped out in countries across the EU.  The Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King said yesterday the single-currency bloc was ‘tearing itself apart without any obvious solution’, while former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling said the crisis could condemn Britain to ‘years of stagnation’. In other developments...."

Alan:  Well that’s just business as usual for Britain; it’s been stagnating forever as far as I can remember.  It’s quite smelly with stagnation.  But that’s the system that they gave Britain, and unfortunately they’ve had a worse time than a lot of other countries.  

So, then they go on about this growth forecast.  How can you advance in anything, in GDP or anything, when you have no business left?  When you have no industry left, it’s all gone to China.  And again that was all part of the European agreements, that they would deindustrialize Britain.  And again the World Trade Organization, everything else was shipped off to China.  They’re a service economy.  A service economy does not bring in the income of a production economy.  In a production economy you’ve got so many industries on the go, even getting raw materials, and processing raw materials, to the next step, and another company takes it over, to the next step, and then it gets to the big steel mills and so on, and yada-yada-ya. 

I mean there are so many people employed when you are a producing country, a productive manufacturing country.  In a service economy you just pass pies around, you know, that generally are imported from somewhere else, until someone buys it.  And the only way they’re getting through it in Britain, the government that is, is because they’ve got value added tax.  Each time that thing, that pie, swaps hands there’s so much of a percentage added onto it for the government.  This was all talked about back in the 70’s by the way, what would happen. 

"Financial markets slumped further as Greek leaders braced themselves for fresh elections after talks to form a coalition government failed."

Alan:  If you were in Greece would you put up with it?  “Oh let’s get some – maybe we’ll find a good guy.”  They always give you a good guy, you know.  For the left wing they always give them someone who appears to be socialist, until they’re in, and for the right wing, same thing again too.  They always get your guy in.  The guy who will make everything clean and legalistic, and get the proper banking system, and clean out all the robbers from the temples, you know.  It never happens.  It’s just to keep you all waiting, you see.  Keep you waiting for the final day.  The final day which will never come because you keep voting people in.   And they’re presented to you, to vote in.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  What you’ll find with all this nonsense about Greece and the rest of them is that they’ll bring in, again give more authority to the European Central Bank, and even more authority to the International Monetary Fund, which is really the big heavy guy, you know the debt collector that goes around all the countries.  That’s what Carroll Quigley said in the 1960’s, that was the intention when they set all of this up, the IMF and the central banking systems under them, under the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland.

So this is a lot of theater to make things happen because these guys thrive in crisis.  That’s why they create the crisis.  And it’s so strange as I say, we never had a balance sheet of where all the cash has gone.  And the government will never even tell you how much each individual now owes.  Every individual is put down remember as a guarantor for all these loans that they borrowed from somewhere, you know this big shadowy group at the top, they borrowed it all and then they threw it at Greece supposedly, and we have no idea where it all went.  It’s just fantastic.  Perpetual debt means that the bankers will be running the show for the next thousand years.  That’s part of the purpose of having such massive compound interest and debt.  It’s fantastic. 

And then really, really too, I mean how do the governments even get the cash now?  It’s the same as you going into the bank and saying I need a million dollars.  And they don’t go in and say oh we’ll have to phone up the central bank and see if they’ve got that kind of money in stock, because we don’t know how many other people have borrowed a million dollars each today you see.  They don’t do that, they just punch it up on a computer and it’s instantly created.  And they don’t give you the cash; it’s put into an account.  The same thing happens you see when these nations go and borrow from the big international financiers and they don’t get cash given to them; somebody just punches it into their account and that’s it.  It’s money out of nothing; it’s just a lot of digits.  That’s all it is.  It’s really all it is. 

Do you know at World War II, before World War II came out, the Bank of England used to keep, rather than just transporting money back and forth to the nations for trading, they always kept a deposit from those countries in the Bank of England in gold, gold bars.  And when Hitler got in, the wise guy that he was, right away he sent German troops over, a delegation over to Britain, to get their money back because they had it all deposited in the Bank of England for Germany.  And they did, they got the gold bars out.  They don’t even have gold bars anymore; it’s just digits flying back and forth.  And of course the guys who make up the digits don’t say oh we don’t have enough, you know.  And then of course, how they’re supposed to do it is, well it’s all based on this is what the guy who lends the cash out says.  It’s all based on all the debt we expect to come in with the compound interest.  So, we can loan it out then you see, on expected payments back on the debts.  What a farce.  What a farce.  And we all, the whole world is supposed to either starve or thrive on this farce of a system.  And nobody’s going to change it.  You see those guys who go along with it are awfully well rewarded, your prime ministers and all the prostitutes that work in governments.  All of them.  Awfully well paid, and the bureaucrats are even more important because they’re always there.  It’s quite something.  But folk will continue as always, you know, and “what can you do?  Oh well, what can you do?”

Now last night I mentioned, on last night’s talk I mentioned the Club of Rome, their big meeting that they just had in March.

"Perspectives on Limits to Growth:  Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet"

Alan:  And I also talked, gave a few talks on different people who turned up to give their spiel you see.  And the Club of Rome remember came up with the idea of uniting the world; they were given the task, like a big think tank, at the time, to find out a way to unite the planet.  So it had to be a threat of some kind.  And they examined everything that they could possibly con the public with, knowing that they had x amount of years to brainwash them through movies and articles in the newspapers, and scientific specialists that would come out on the BBC and in other countries.  And they said eventually they came on the idea that global warming and famines and droughts and starvation and the like, that would fit the bill.  Because that’s what they were given, a task, so that would fit the bill.  And of course you think, well I guess they’re really serious people, they’re really just concerned about the planet.  And then I was thinking about I don’t have time to go through every one of these video talks, especially when I don’t have the speed anyway here.  I’m sort of speed-challenged by the satellite company, Hughes, the big war guys.  So, they kind of cut me when I try to watch too much.  Somebody did look up this and it’s interesting.  It says:

"Perusing the Club of Rome at Smithsonian"

Alan:  Because the Smithsonian group were in on it too, the big foundations. 

"…document on the perspectives on the limits to growth that you posted, I saw the names Ceres…"

Alan:  Which is C-E-R-E-S.

"… and Winrock International so I visited Winrock.  According to Dennis Meadows…"

Alan:  And that’s the one I mentioned yesterday who gave a talk, oh it’s too late even for sustainable growth, oh we’re in terrible trouble, Dennis Meadows you see, who is in the Club of Rome.  It says:

"…I guess no one told Neva Goodwin, “Labor’s declining share and future quality of life”, who also spoke at the Club of Rome Smithsonian Symposium.  She’s on the board of Winrock International, and the Links page on the Winrock website has all manner and type of renewable energy links and non-governmental organizations.  At the bottom you will see their Renewable Energy Projects Support Office REPSO…" 

Alan:  R-E-P-S-O  

"… network.  The REPSO network, managed as local organizations worldwide in coordination with Winrock, foster corporation between government agencies, private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and communities in common pursuit of harnessing proven clean energy technologies for sustainable development."

Alan:  So, it’s all working for sustainable development even though the guy said that it’s too late for that, right.  So what you’re looking at is a massive corporation in bed, this is only one of them, with the Club of Rome.  Because everybody on the board at the Club of Rome has shares in all these big corporations.  In fact they set them all up.  These are the guys who also decide how much carbon you will pay and how much they will rip off the top for themselves.  Everything is a scam, folks. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the Club of Rome and how all the people who belong as members to it at the top there, all either own outright these big corporations that are going to be taxing you through carbon footprints and dealing with all the cash that comes through; another massive scam.  But of course folk won’t be interested in too much of that; that’s how it really works with all these organizations, you see. 

There’s a non-profit enterprise of Winrock International, again Club of Rome, and American Carbon Registry.  American Carbon Registry is also part of it too.  They’re the guys who are going to train little pimply-faced guys, at a couple of months’ courses, in how to weigh the carbon output on your land for instance and come down and tax you for it.  And it goes through all the different, Winrock and the rest of the boys, the Club of Rome, their organizations.  They scam the money off the top because you see they’re in with the carbon credit idea.  They’re making big, big bucks off it.  So anyway, it says:

"They’ll give you approval, this American Carbon Registry, and verification as to whether you are meeting goals."

Alan:  So they’re going to put goals for everyone you see, including those with your little, an acre of wood lot, etcetera.  So:

"Winrock and American Carbon Registry are judge, jury, and hangman."

Alan:  And the governments are letting them do it because they all work together. 

"Winrock claims to have projects in 64 countries and $100 million annual budget, founded in 1996 American Resources Trust."

Alan:  You have to really go through these, there’s so many organizations in on this you see.  And then I’ll put the about page up tonight too under American Carbon Registry and there are links to public comments and responses and so on.  What you’ll find out too, that they’ve got all this third-party offset verifiers who will be trained, pass the exam, and they’ll be coming around your doors and taxing, really putting a quota on you for what you have to pay.  This is their ultimate goal.  It says:

"The ARB has awarded a training, development, and delivery contract to some company called Future Perfect and pages 35-39 indicate a goal to harmonize the rule making of California and Quebec."

Alan:  And Quebec?

"There exists a Western Climate Initiative which seems to include California, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario."

Alan:  Even though the last couple are in the east.

"North America 2050 has a bullet point on page 37, but their presentation doesn’t elaborate on why the year 2050."

Alan:  They’ve all, I’ve noticed, the U.N., all of them are into the year 2050 now. 

"Also there is a link about emissions reductions at truck stops through electrification."

Alan:  Whatever that means. 

"And there is a link to improved forest management methodology for family forests."

Alan:  That’s if you happen to inherit or if you own a bit of scrub land, you’re going to get taxed on it, and they’re going to tell you how to manage it.  And of course there will be fines if you don’t manage it, I’ve no doubt on that at all. 

"And you’ll see the names of a bunch of carbon LLCs; they were all formed just in time for removal of our footprints."

Alan:  So it’s quite something.  I’ll put all these links up tonight to do with the Club of Rome and how all the top membership have massive shares in all the companies which they founded and now they’re imposing it all on us, so as they can get even more stinking rich than they already are.  Quite something, it really is.  It’s just scam after scam.  I get so many from NGOs too, sending me articles every day; some of them sound very official, like you know the Federal Reserve or the Bank of Canada, and they’re actually Non-Governmental Organizations that want to feed the world, but they’ve got all these cons going too to do with the general public has to feed the world.  There’s no charity here.  They don’t ask you do you mind putting some pennies in a can here.  No, no, no, this is to be policy, you see, as we’re forced to eat crap here in Canada, this GM, GE, pesticide rubbish that kills you.  They want to make sure that we send enough across the rest of the world to help finish them off too.  It’s really something, really something.  Wake up, folks.  Wake up and look around you. 

Now, words are amazing.  It’s like the old BeeGees song, you know, "Words, words are all I have", and today of course we can’t insult anybody because everybody’s offended.  It depends who they are.  If they’re liberal they’ll always get offended and they’re allowed to be offended by law.  And they can bring the law down upon you.  But you can’t, you’re not allowed to be offended if they attack you, you see.  It says:

"Law banning insulting words and behaviour 'has to end'.
A law banning "insulting" words or behaviour should be removed in an effort to protect free speech, MPs and civil rights groups have said. The Public Order Act prohibits such actions if they are deemed likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress."

Alan:  If you’re so damn weak-minded and you get, you say I’m offended, oh I’m offended, well tough cheese.  I think we all get offended at something every other day.

"A student was reportedly arrested for calling a police officer's horse "gay"."

Alan:  In Britain.  Now they get that from their cartoons they watch.  These little cartoon figures are always saying that, oh you’re just too gay or something like that.  And mind you I’ve noticed around the Queen’s palace there the horses do follow each other with these guys in armor, kind of nose to tail, have you noticed that? 

"Senior Conservative David Davis said the law - which the government is looking at changing - could have a "chilling effect on democracy"."

Alan:  A chilling effect, eh?

"He argues the measure, as laid out in Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act, offers no clarity on what constitutes insulting behaviour."

Alan:  Have you seen the videos that go up on the police in Britain, cursing and swearing at the people they stop on the streets or in the cars?  Have you listened to it?  So the public can get anything at all shouted at them and they can be called all kinds of things, but if you say that to a cop, oh, can’t do that, we got this Public Order Act here you see.  And he’s offended.  And he’s allowed to crack your skull if he’s offended, or taser you to death.  What a world we’re in, eh?  What a world.  But yeah, everybody gets offended you know.  And it says:

"In 2009, Christian hoteliers were accused of asking a Muslim guest if she was a murderer and a terrorist because she was wearing a "hijab". After a two-day trial, a district judge dismissed the case on the basis that the account of the prosecution witness could not be relied on."

Alan:  So, I mean, see, don’t get offended when people are ignorant.  I mean there’s a lot of ignorant people out there.   There’s an awful lot of ignorant people.  But of course too, remember too that the Ayers group, remember the Underground, the Weathermen they called them, that now is in with Obama, at least their offspring are, they’re all around there; they even had a party last week or the week before, with the offspring of the Weathermen, who are just as radical left as ever.  And they came up with the idea a long time ago, the original group, that they had to have Critical Theory.  That means anything that you happen to mention in conversation that breaks the community of far-left communists, has to be attacked vigorously.  It doesn’t matter what it is, just attack them.  And that’s the theory.  There’s nothing to it really except that.  And they call it liberal you see. 

I’ve often been so amazed at how incredibly correct you have to be to be a communist.  You understand, if you were a poet, as I say, or a writer in the communist system you had to be awfully careful what you wrote, or even said in a poem.  It had to be along a Marxian line.  It couldn’t have any trace of what they would call sexism in it or anything like that.  Even if you said I helped the woman up.  Oh, that was being sexist because that means a man’s stronger than a woman or some rubbish like that, you see. 

And they’re constantly reviewing books to see if they’re properly, properly left wing.  I’ve read one recently by Hitchens, and it was about George Orwell, all about him to see if he fitted all the criteria for a left-winger.  And you know any idea that didn’t fit completely in with the left wing, it was like a black mark against him.  And when they run a show for you, believe you me, when they run the show, you better watch exactly what you say because they’ll take you to court for saying the wrong thing.  Much like they’re doing in Britain right now for this Public Order Act. 

So anyway, that’s how mad it gets, you see, when government gets to these stages, which it must do.  Governments always get to incredibly crazy stages, through all the legalisms, etcetera, before they collapse.  And believe you me, they can take a long time in the collapsing, generations sometimes.  And all crazy things break out as they collapse, all kinds of strange laws.  And the guys at the top are still raking in the cash as always, all through it.  You know there’s folk in New York, in Wall Street making a killing on betting that Greece fails.  The same guys that were making up companies, selling them off, and then betting they’d fail afterwards and making a rip-off off that too.  That was all in the papers.  You can’t keep up with their scams.  But there’s folk betting on this; and a lot of folk are going to be awfully stinking rich, even more stinking rich than they are already, if Greece goes under.  Every side is covered, you understand, by the money boys.  They’ve got their own idea of reality, completely different from yours.  In fact you couldn’t even jump the hurdles that they go through mentally to come up with the scams that they have. 

Now, wi-fi has got T-rays now apparently, because Japan broke through, and everybody has been waiting for this one. 

"They’ve smashed the record for wireless data transmission in the terahertz band, an uncharted part of the electro-magnetic spectrum."

Alan:  So, if this goes out, I don’t know what it’s going to do to us humans, you know we’re already bad enough with the wi-fi everywhere as it is, the electromagnetic smog we’re living in, the wi-fi smog.  But this thing is going to make it a lot more.  Because it’s up, really up there in the infrared bands, but this is going to come out like wildfire very shortly because they’ve actually done it.  And they can really cram a lot of information through, twenty times higher speed rate, than standard wi-fi.  It would be too powerful to use close to you, that’s what they say, but for broadcasting that’s going to be the thing to go with.  This will tie in too with your chips down the road I’m sure. 

Anyway, that’s for that.  Now there’s callers there.  And I’ll have to see if I can just grab them up here because my wonderful satellite doesn’t give me a very high speed.  There’s Shawn from New York.  Are you there Shawn?  Hello? 

Shawn:  Hello.  It’s Shawn here.  Yeah, I wanted to talk about a situation that I encountered last night.  I had an alarm advertiser knock on my door, and he wanted to basically, like wanted to sell me an alarm system, and I guess my aunt got an alarm system in her house and she got it set up and she probably sent him over to my residence to maybe see if I wanted to get an alarm system set up.  And I asked him a whole bunch of questions like to see where his IQ was and how long he worked in the business.  I’m not sure what the alarm system is called.  I forgot to ask him the name but I asked him a couple of questions like how long he worked there, and who funded this alarm system.  And who funded the alarm system was the Goldman-Sachs boys, the big bankers.  And the thing about this is very suspicious.  And I want everybody to know that they’re willing to pay, they’re willing to pay for your alarm system.  You don’t have to pay anything; that’s what they told me.  They told me that they were going to pay for my alarm system, and I just looked at them. 

Alan:  {Laughs}

Shawn:  I looked at them very suspiciously.  And then he tried to make suggestions like there’s break-ins and I know like they advertise their business on TV, like it’s the alarm system that you have an app and you could basically lock down your house with the app, you can just lock it.  He showed me on his i-phone.  And I told him, look, your i-phone could be hacked and people could just get your information and just open your house or lock down your house whenever they want to.  And he just said ah no, that’s not, basically, it’s not possible.  And I said yes it is possible.  I mean look at all these situations with Apple, when they got sued for basically sending personal information all over the internet.  And also with the Android.  And then he kept on saying, telling me suggestions.  I gave him a suggestion, I said, like I asked him more questions to basically see what his IQ was.  I said, did you ever read 1984, George Orwell?  He said yes.  I said, you think back on that book, and think back what’s going on with this whole alarm system.  I said that alarm system is spying on you.  I told him a whole bunch of things; I said they’re spying on you.  Because it’s a necklace that you can wear basically, just in case something happens, you can press the button and I guess the police will contact your house or a police officer will be sent over.  I said, I asked him, who’s the third party?  Because there is always a third party into it and the police must be the third party because they’re contacted.  And I asked him, do you trust this merchandise?  I said this merchandise could be spying on you.  The manufacturers, they make it, but I said you are not there making the equipment.  How are you so sure that these manufacturers don’t put chips in, spy chips in the equipment to spy on you?  And he just said that he basically believed that they wouldn’t do that, they wouldn’t do that.  I said, listen, there’s a lot of things that you believe that they’re not doing but they’re doing to you.

Alan:  Of course they are.  And somewhere in some tiny small print, or they’ll give you a website to look up, for those who even care to look up, they’ll tell you that certain information may be collected in your household by blah-blah-blah.  And of course what they do too is make a pattern of your behavior, when you turn it on, when you turn it off; they know when you go out, so do the police by the way.  And if the police want to get you they’ll simply lock down your doors and you can’t get out.  {Laughs}  I mean there’s a whole bunch of things like that.  Sure, sure it is, absolutely. You’re quite right.

Shawn:  Yeah and that too, and he kept on telling me about the break-ins and I was thinking in my mind, these guys are so, basically they want to know what you’re doing there; these guys probably will basically cause break-ins; they probably send people to your house or send guys to your neighborhood just to break into your house so you may get the alarm system, so you’re forced to get the alarm system.  This is how these guys think. 

Alan:  That’s it.

Shawn:  They think, basically they’re psychological; they just basically play with your mind.  You don’t think these people are doing that but they would do that just for you to get this alarm.

Alan:  Yes, absolutely.  I remember reading years ago about how many firemen set fires when their fire company was going to go out of business because there were other fire companies in the area.  And there was so many guys lighting fires to make sure that they could keep their fire companies going.  I mean, yeah, absolutely, they do nasty things to create the business.  And whatever it takes is what they do, absolutely.  It’s nothing to hire a couple of guys for a night to go around and smash the windows in a few homes you know.  It’s pennies. 

Shawn:  Yeah, just for you to buy their alarm system. 

Alan:  And even recently I read one too where some guy’s monitor had gone off, they wear it around their neck I guess, some guy who I don’t know if he had a pacemaker or what, and the cops turned up and they shot him.  They shot the guy whose thing had gone off.  He didn’t even know that it had gone off.  And they went in and killed him.  So the first responders are police and believe you me they’re not too picky on who happens to be in the house at the time.  And if you don’t know that thing is going off or sending a silent signal to the cops, you’re going to be upset when guys bust in your door.  You don’t know who they are, you’ll say something and they end up shooting you.  This happens all the time. 

Shawn:  Yeah, and another thing, another suggestion he told me is like, because sometimes I guess that the burglars will cut off your telephone system.  I guess they have some type of, I’m not sure, like a button on a beeper that connects to the satellite in space, and it can connect like cell phones and things like that.

Alan:  Sure, but never, no, you can’t take that, you can’t do it.  There’s more to this than meets the eye, obviously.  It smells fishy.  Thanks for calling.  Back after this break.

{Break ♫}  

Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  We’ll go to Jane from Ontario if she’s still there.  Are you there Jane?

Jane:  Yes. Yeah, it’s about redistribution of wealth that you mentioned earlier in the program.  I was thinking how, I was talking to someone not long ago and he said that they’ve proven, I don’t know whether this is true, but he said there was some kind of a study that showed that if you did give everyone in the world sort of equal wealth that within, I forget how long he said, but within so much time the wealth would all wind up back in the same hands. 

Alan:  It’s true.  I’ll tell you what happened.  The proof of it was actually done in Russia, because when the Wall came down they didn’t know how to run a capitalist system.  The U.S. sent a bunch of guys from Wall Street, there’s a video out on it in fact, and supposedly to go over and within two weeks get the whole thing running on capitalism; what a joke.  Now, what they did since the public technically, supposedly, owned all the state resources, the gas, utilities, electric, everything, they gave everybody shares, and little bits of paper, I think hand-scribbled, this is your share as a citizen of Russia in this company or that company, whatever it was that the state ran or owned; and the big tycoons that came out of Russia were pressing the stuff off the people and collecting these things like garbage basically.  First they told them it was rubbish, it was worthless, so they threw them away, they collect them.  And they ended up being these big moguls that you’ve got in Russia today.  These moguls by the way were the same moguls who ran Russia under the communist system.  So it always ends up back in the same hands.  You see, the sharks, there’s only one way you deal with a shark that’s coming to eat you, you understand.  And it’s true, there’s only one way to deal with a shark that’s coming to eat you.  And these guys, these psychopaths, as long as they get a free reign to run in the world and run at the top, we will always be in the same trouble that we’re in today.  They’re way ahead of everybody else on the scam.

Jane: It is true.  I know what you mean, but wouldn’t it be better if, like I know we really couldn’t do it because the system is theirs, but if you could, just like with the Monopoly game, you know, just kind of start the game over.  You know, wouldn’t it be better?

Alan:   No, because they’d be in.  They would get in.  They’d get in so quickly you wouldn’t even see them getting in.  They’d slink in, into their comfortable seats, like they always were there.  They create crisis you see, and they come up with the solutions, and you understand until, until… These guys have been at this for thousands of years.  There’s families, families, you can actually trace some of the families back thousands of years.  And until private banking with regard to government is dealt with fully and completely, private banking, lending to government.  Well until government prints its own money and spends it into circulation we will always have this problem.

Jane:  I agree with you but I just want to make a point that the person who told me this, he was, like he believes in, you know, pull yourself up by your own boot straps, you know, if you work hard you’ll do well, you know and that kind of thing.  He doesn’t realize how corrupt the system is.

Alan:   No; there was a guy who just committed suicide yesterday because he went through the bank scam with the mortgages in the U.S., he and his wife, and the banks lied to them.  In fact when they paid one of their final checks the banks claimed they never got it.  They checked later, after the guy died, and sure enough the bank had cashed the check themselves.  So, there’s all these scams on the go.  Corrupt people run this system.  And psychopaths always gravitate to positions of power over the rest of the public. 

Jane:  But this guy doesn’t realize that.  He thinks that it’s because they’re better, you know what I mean.  He thinks they deserve it.

Alan:   Well he’s an average person who has taken reality as it’s presented to him by the media and his indoctrination.  Can’t help him.  Thanks for calling.  And I couldn’t get to Blue from Tennessee, maybe tomorrow. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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