May 18th, 2012 (#1090)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 18th, 2012:

Damaged Mentality from Manufactured Reality:

"Reality, Reality, Wherefore Art Thou, Reality?
All the Experts Running the World, Why is All Calamity?
Bogus Facts Mass-Produced Trying to Give Credence,
Made by Those Who Benefit, Hence Forced Obedience,
Science Prostituted Itself, Sacrificed On the Altar,
Ensuring Eco-Grants Come In, Consensus doesn't Falter,
We're Living Through the Birth of a New Religion,
We'll Worship Images of Trees, Owl, Toad and Pigeon,
Going Back to Peasant Farming with All Crops Re-borne,
Courtesy of Monsanto, GM Rice and Wheat and Corn,
And Way High Above, Fly the Jets of the Few
Who'll Live on Mt. Olympus Above Plain Me and You"
© Alan Watt May 18th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 18th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th of May 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest you make use of the website.  You’ll find over a thousand audios for download, for free.  And hopefully, if you can wade through them and keep your sanity, you’ll understand the system you were born into, completely different from the one that’s drummed into you at school, the one that’s drummed into you through the daily media, all through your lives, and from politics and all the rest of it.  A complete mind-warp indeed, because that’s how we’re trained.  We’re trained not to know what really is going on, what the real truth is, and even to see what’s in front of your eyes at times as well.  It’s perception management.  And those who get into your head first are the ones who alter and distort your perceptions to suit themselves, you understand.  It’s all to make sure that you don’t wisen up to the system in which you actually live.  So, you’re living in this system, and I try and go through the history of this particular organization that sat at tables in the 1800s, early 1900s, and decided to basically take the world over, because they decided they already owned most of it financially already, through debt creation to different governments and kings and queens, and they thought, why not? 


And, of course, when Darwin came along, it fitted their ideals. They obviously were the fittest to survive, the most favored race, they might call themselves a species or a subspecies of a race, being the most intelligent as they thought of themselves.  And through cash and the cons of money they could run the entire planet.  But they also wanted to take over all of the world’s resources.  And they certainly set up different organizations underneath them, massive umbrella organizations to do just that, still going on today, of course, and we’re actually seeing some of it coming through in our lifetime, with the takeover of all the oil across the Middle East, pretty well.  So, it’s not hard to believe, once you get into the history of it, because there are professional historians who worked with this organization, and who have written books about it, on how they function and how they use wars and actually create wars to get their agenda through.  Out of conflict, remember, you get treaties signed, you get amalgamations of countries, as well, and you get common rules and regulations and centralization of all government, which is imperative, if you’re going towards a world government.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me get along by buying the books and discs at  I won’t bring on advertisers as guests that will entertain you for an hour or terrify you, and then sell you the cure.  I simply try and dish out the news, as we can have it.  Because most news is distorted or misinformed too.  Lots of stuff is misinformed out there.  And it’s very, very difficult to get truth.  You must think for yourselves.  If you can’t think for yourselves, don’t follow anybody at all, until you can.  That’s imperative.  And we’re all being used in one way or another, because the ones who rule the world through cash have been at this for such an awful long time.  They have so many organizations and think tanks working on every aspect of society, ongoing, into the future, what will happen, what they plan to happen, the reactions against their planning, everything is catered for.  You can do anything you want when you can create cash out of nothing, and hire thousands of think tanks and nongovernmental organizations to work as an army to demand legislation, which you want to get through anyway, across the whole planet.  That really is the farce of this democracy we live in.


We’ve never had democracy.  It’s a placebo, a panacea, you might say.  And it’s worked pretty well up till now, but it’s getting pretty shattered and shredded at the edges, and there’s little holes coming through the cloth of it.  We can see the light once in a while.  It won’t last too long, I think.  And that’s why the big boys are bringing in the police states across the world.  That’s what they always do when their old system goes down.  But the thing is, they hope to lead in the new system as well.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it is a Matrix indeed, because there are so many levels to this Matrix and so many departments and rules.  It goes on forever, basically.  And when you think you’ve got to the end of it all, and you know it all, of course there’s another level above you, still to go.  That’s how this deception really works.  Old techniques, mind you.  I keep saying this, that governments have been around in one form or another for thousands and thousands of years.  And knowledge is never lost.  I mean, the first trick really was for the first one to come up with some idea of getting all the people around them to obey them.  That was the first trick, a long, long, long time ago.  How do you get them to obey you?  And so, you can dream up something, or you’re the big guy on some islands you’ll find, like Borneo and so on, every tribe has a big man, a guy who’s bigger than all the rest of them.  And he becomes the automatic chief, just because he’s big.  And the idea, he’s a kind of phallic symbol, he’s going to beat all the rest of them, you see.  And so you feel safer with the big man there.  But then he wants to get kept in a better lifestyle than the rest of you, so you’ve got to start bringing offerings to him, and then you deify him, like a god, before you know it.  And that’s what the ancients used to do, and from the earliest times that we know of, because I’m certain there’s far more ancient archives hidden around the world, that we’re not given access to, because the technique to be prosperous and do well in this world, and live a fairly easy life, is always to rule over others, in one form or another. 


So, we’ve had many advisors, you might say, to kings and queens, all down through the ages, in every country that had kings and queens.  Advisors becomes a profession, you see.  And the psychopathic types are the best ones to recruit, because they grow up just observing those around them.  They feel nothing, but they watch how other people react, normal people react to situations, and they become very, very good at manipulating situations.  Experts, in fact.  And they always end up as the advisory policies to the front men, who are just really almost actors, pretty well.  We call them prime ministers and presidents, the ones that are put in there by the CFR. And then you have cliques of these advisors, who know the global plan.  They’re so important, far more important than any president.  These are the guys who also do the script writing too, and it has to match the global plan.  It has to match the same global plan that Britain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and everybody else is in on, you see.  It’s just the public that’s not in on the big global plan, you see.  So, really they’re the more important people, are the ones who advise them what to do, and how to handle the public and what to tell the media.  And they do it all the time.  They never tell us the truth on anything, actually.  And I really mean that.  We’re never told the truth on even the most simplest of things.


If you get the average psychopath, he can, or he or she can talk for an hour on little trivia, about themselves or whatever, or what they’ve seen that day, or what they saw during the week or what they’ve done, and all of it can be a lie.  They never stop practicing, you understand.  There’s no reason for it, because they’re not gaining anything by it.  But it’s a way with them.  They get off on deceiving people.  They really do.  They get happy on deceiving people.  And that’s what governments are in the business of doing.


Propaganda was a widely used term, for centuries in fact.  Propaganda.  The Catholic Church actually came up with the term, and then it was taken over to actually mean spinning something for your point of view for a particular reward, or to get the public to follow you, and that’s how it became understood in later times.  And then, of course, Bernays came along, and he liked propaganda.  He liked the term, because it was more honest, but eventually called it public relations. 


Now, everything, when you go out to ask for any documentation on anything, from any public body, you have to go through the public relations department, which also does censoring.  They decide if you’re going to get something or not, you see.  It goes from courthouses to everything, up to even police.  They always have a public relations spokesperson for them.  And whenever you see that, you know you’re not going to get the truth.  They’re going to put it across in such a way that they delete certain things that they should tell you, and maybe even put in some things which are completely untrue altogether.  You’re not going to get the truth out of them.  That’s the world we live in.  And we go along with it, because we play with them, and they play with us.  And most folk are quite happy being played with in this manner.  They even watch the 6 o’clock news every night.  And that shows you that there’s a sadistic streak in most people. 


You’re living in an age where everything’s changing.  Everything is changing. It’s been changing for an awful long time.  And big, big forces were working up to the big changes, even before the two world wars.  There were definitely organized groups.  Very well funded, organized groups, setting up what was known as the Communist system.  You didn’t find any really poor radicals before Lenin, etc.  They all came from wealthy families.  And you’ll always find that those that do the changing of the system, they’ll get all the people at the bottom to follow them, because they’re cannon fodder.  But the ones near the top, generally come from the middle classes, and they are the ones who start revolutions off, under the guise of helping the poor, generally.  And then they become a worse tyrant than the ones that went before.  That’s what you live in, in this system. 


So, I always tell you, don’t follow anybody.  Really, don’t follow anybody.  You can’t.  You’ve got to think for yourselves.  It’s the hardest thing for a person to do.  Hardest thing.  Hardest thing to let go of everything you’ve utterly believed in all your life.  For young people they’ve got a chance, because when they’re in their teenage years they’ve got the chance to question everything.  They tend to jump into whatever the main group are going along with, because of the peer pressure, they like to be part of the group.  And it’s hard for them to step out of it and say, I want to think for myself here.  Very, very difficult.  And that generally will stay with them throughout life.  If they go with the group, they’ll go with the group through life, through the different stages of life, as they get older.  They’ll still go with the group.  And vote the way that daddy did, or whatever, or they decided to vote.  It goes forever with them.  It doesn’t change. 


But they do have a chance in their teenage years, especially a few who know that the system is all wrong.  They just know it.  It’s intuitive with them.  Often they can’t verbalize it.  And they go into boring jobs.  And some of them get depressed.  Some of them take drugs.  Some of them start boozing too much, and then they get in a lot of trouble, and then they blame themselves, because the whole society around them will tell them it’s their fault.  Why don’t you fit in?  It’s because their mind is open to more than the people who have already fitted in.  They’re still wild. 


This is going back to Charles Galton Darwin, the wild man.  Darwin said himself, most people are domesticated.  And that was the goal, to domesticate all people.  The wild man, he says, are at the top; we must remain wild, because we’re guiding the world, and they have to be really sharp for anything that might go wrong out of the control or something that didn’t start with themselves and make sudden decisions.  So, they have to retain their wild decision-making capabilities.  If you still have it as a teenager, you’ll end up in trouble, and then you’ll be blacklisted in society, and you’ll blame yourself, and you’ll get depressed and so on and so on.  Very difficult in this time and age, because the signs and symptoms of a disease are everywhere.  Everywhere. 


Just think what’s happened since 2001.  Go before that to the 1990s, to the PNAC Group, Project for the New American Century, with Wolfowitz and Cheney and all these guys and Rumsfeld, and what they drafted up and signed up, all the countries they wanted to take out.  And then, Bush followed the list.  And then, Obama has followed the list, the rest of the list.  They’re still ongoing.  Long before 2001 came along.  And they said, the public would never go along with it.  In the 90s, they said, they’d never go along with it, unless we get something on the scale of a Pearl Harbor event happening.  Massive propaganda out of a crisis, you see.  They always take advantage of crisis. 


So, you’re living through a script.  Now, that’s only one part of a script.  When you get into the rest of the script, you’ve got nothing but social engineering, running ahead in so many different directions, starting of course with the children.  Even before they’re born in fact, even with the mothers getting special injections for this or that, like experiments, and of course to see how the child ends up.  It’s quite fascinating to go into all the stuff that’s really, really going on. 


And then you must always go back to the big players, who not only predicted this part of the changes of all of society, across the world, but who participated in setting up all of this, including the whole culture that would be present today, fifty and sixty years ago.  I’ve mentioned them on the air many, many times, some of them, who wrote books about it.  These guys participated in bringing a common culture across the world, of basically obedience, in a socialistic fashion, for the general populations of the entire planet.  They even talked about bringing China up to make it the main manufacturer for the planet.  They had all this, that was in the 1930s.  So, we’re living through a script, you understand. 


Meanwhile, we’ll co-exist with this fascist elite at the top, the ones who have all the cash, because they’re not going to give it up.  They utilize and they ride over changes, you see.  They utilize them to make sure they’re always on top, through all the big changes.  The same happened in the Soviet Union.  There were big, big international corporations working in the Soviet Union from day one of Lenin, till it was finished, till it finished, in fact.  GM was over there.  Ford was over there.  Big, big companies over there, working for them the whole time. 


So, you understand, the ones on top decided, well, we’ll get a Communist, Socialist type society, with hundreds and hundreds of government agencies directing the lives of every single individual from birth to death.  And that way you can always veer off or stop something, nip it in the bud, anybody who comes along with an idea to change it, from the bottom, that is.  Or even from the middle classes, where most of them come from.  And Communism was the best way to do it. 


Now, terrorism is fantastic, because, you see, after the Communists took over, this big laboratory, the Soviet Union, shut its borders.  And they did incredible things in experimentation on human beings inside Russia.  Some amazing things, that they’d never get away with anywhere else, at least in a more open society.  We never get a fully open society.  We just get a little peek once in a while.  We’re supposed to be open and we can’t even get answers from our governments on anything.  I’ll continue on this theme when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system in which we live, or exist, I should say, really, and the system that’s to come in.  It’s being implemented as we speak. It has been for a long time.  Where the masses have to come down into an austere level.  The United Nations actually put out papers years ago on this.  They could either keep two billion people alive living pretty well at a good state of existence, or nine billion living in squalor.  And this is how they rationalized all of this.  So, the idea was, well, we’ll have seven billion living in squalor, call it austerity, and bring them down step by step by step, into their little Communitarian areas, growing their own little GM veggies, and maybe they’ll give us the chemicals for free.  You know, the herbicides.  And then you’ll have two billion at the top, which is about what we’ve already got with the multi-billionaires and so on.  And they’ll live in the fascistic system, above the clouds, you understand.  They don’t have the clouds of PR that we live under.  They’ll be in the light.  And that’s basically how it’s going to be.  And so, we’re going through all of this today. 


So, they came up too with the idea of man, remember, at the Club of Rome, man is the enemy of the planet.  They had to get an idea to unite all of mankind.  See, they always use you, before they flatten you.  They use you first, and then they let you have it.  So, man was the enemy of the planet.  So, we’d all have to sacrifice, you see, and save the world, and come together as one.  This oneness idea.  Remember, they’ve been at this for a long time.  They wanted a world government when they set up the League of Nations. 


The guys who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs wanted to be in control of a world government, and they are.  And all their branches of Council on Foreign Relations, across the planet, run every other country, the same as the US is run, and Canada.  Sometimes they change their names, when you catch on to them, like Canada did, but it’s the same organization.  They put in your prime ministers.  Every prime minister and president has been a member, in the whole British Commonwealth, and the US, of this organization, according to Carroll Quigley who was their historian for their archives, for over sixty years, and that was in the 1960s he wrote his books on that.  So, they’ve been at this for a long, long, long time. 


And believe you me, the future is not a good one.  They also wanted to bring down the lifespan of the public too.  And they had meetings in the fifties about it.  They had the King of England, right after WWII had a world meeting about bringing down the population, because wars weren’t killing enough of the peasantry, basically, you see.  And of course, they were going by Charles Galton Darwin’s books and ideas, and all the other eugenicists, that all the inferior types would consume all the stuff for the superior types and end it all for the superior types.  We’d overtake them, etc.  And that’s still the program today.  So, nothing really changes in this system, at all.  It’s the same agenda, one agenda, and the only thing is, they have to come up with new religions.  And I say religions because they talked about creating new religions for this very, very purpose, to bring in the new society.  And they’ve funded many of them into existence.


Now, Gorbachev talked about it in one of his books.  I think it was Towards a New Civilization or one of his other books.  They’re all ghostwritten for him anyway.  But in the book he said that he personally was an atheist, but he says, we, meaning he was taking part in this, we are creating for the people of the earth a new religion for the world.  And he says, it’s going to be based and it must be based on a form, a form of earth worship, you see.  And he’s still working at this today, with all the big think tanks and organizations across the world.


So, they come in with the Club of Rome that was given the task to unite man.  They were the guys who came up with the idea of crisis creation, what can we use?  UFOs are out the window.  Not enough of the public are believing in them.  Nothing is attacking us from out there, so what can attack?  Well, actually the atmosphere.  Everything is going to turn on humankind.  The world itself and its very atmosphere is turning on man.  Global warming would fit the bill, basically.  That’s what they said.  Famine, global warming, drought, etc, would fit the bill.  This is right after deciding there was going to be an Ice Age, and then they changed it to the frying age.  Regardless, it’s a great myth, you see.  And you can make any myth into a reality, at least in the minds of the public. And so, they’ve gone full-steam ahead with this.  They can’t turn back. 


It doesn’t matter how many scientists come out and tell you the other side of the story, with lots of facts, and lots of data, that don’t come from these special computer models that are always giving you bogus results.  I mean, all they are, these special computers, are guaranteed to do, is to take a rotten script of a supposed scary movie and turn it into a blockbuster thriller, horror.  That’s what they are.  Take any little thing and they’ll turn it into a horror story.  That’s what these computers are.


And whole armies of people are living on grants, big massive grants to keep this religion going.  So, they’re priests you see, they’re high priests, and they can’t verify anything.  Nothing ever turns out the way they say it’s going to do.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s a religion, you understand.  And you’re heretical.  They’ve actually said that.  You’re heretical if you don’t believe in it.  When you hear these terms getting used, you’re hearing religious terminology, because they have no factual basis to back it up with. 


Now, they’re going to all weird and wonderful ideas to convince us, all this stuff that you see in the papers about what they’re doing, how they’re going to get rid of the carbon dioxide.  You understand, carbon dioxide follows warming, and even when you start cooling, it still rises.  It lags behind, before it changes.  That’s always been known, right up until they came up with the idea that it’s causing global warming, you see.  And it’s an idea. 


Here’s one of the ridiculous things they’re going to, by people getting well paid to spend your tax money, under the guise they’re going to save you, you see. 


Seabed test mimics carbon dioxide release


(Alan: No joking.  This is not April Fools.  It says:)


Scientists are beginning a month-long experiment in Scottish waters to study the impact of a possible leak from an undersea carbon dioxide storage site.


Which isn’t built.  It’s a test.  And I’ll tell you about it when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system in which we live, and how the big boys plan to keep riding it, even when they change it into a new system.  And all of the groups are getting used.  The left wing, right wing, everybody gets used on the way, because they’ve got all these think tanks at the top, and they know where they’re going.  And everyone will believe it’s a new system.  We’re all saving the world by doing your bit. 


Remember, Communist China, and it’s still Communist by the way, is the model state for the United Nations, for us all to copy.  Now, you don’t have courts in China.  You just have three judges.  That’s what you have generally in any criminal trial.  Three judges and they decide.  And you’re presumed guilty from the start, you see, because the cops have already done the investigations.  It’s just a matter of coming to a decision on the punishment.  And they have many, many other things of course, that you don’t want to emulate too, from China.  But the State is in charge.  The State is God.  And I really mean that, it is God.


And even the prisoners, when they’re being sentenced, get down on their knees, like all peasants do, and plead for mercy, literally on their knees, in front of judges.  And then they’re admonished, for letting down the State.  You’re not letting down God or your family.  No, you’re letting down the State, you see.  Everything rules from the top in China.  And that’s what they want us all to go under, the same thing.  And that’s why they’re bringing down the heavy hand, across all the rest of the so-called first world countries, as we start to go into the police state, type of system, which may last a while.  I think, personally, it will, years, I think, before we’re ready to understand that once you toss all your deities out the window, that gave you rights, you’ll get all your rights given by the states.  And of course, the states can also take them away, just as fast.  That’s a fact, folks. And the state becomes supreme.  They are the gods.  And then everybody with a little government badge is also a little sub-god, you see, a mini-god.  And the people have to worship them and kowtow to them, because they’re terrified of them. 


But they still, even in China, have this.  You think it’s not a class system in China?  Who’s kidding who?  If you get a certain income, above a certain income, or you work for the state at a certain level, you’re allowed to have two or three children.  You just pay one fine.  A one-time fine, that’s all.  You don’t go to jail, or even to court to get the fine, you just pay upfront and that’s it.  But if you’re one of the mass peasants that are doing all the work at the bottom, and stuck in factories, sometimes locked in, and paid peanuts, no, one child for you.  They’ll drag the wife off to the abortion factory.  And that’s what’s to be, we’re all supposed to emulate down the road. 


So, anyway, getting back to this story in Scotland here.  And I’ll go into this too, because Lord Rothschild dreamt up this whole scam.  He came up, remember, with the carbon credits, that would go through his family bank, his private bank in Switzerland.  Carbon credits.  He also came up with the idea of burying carbon dioxide under the sea, in undersea vaults that they’d create.  What a con!  What a religion this is, eh?  Get us all believing in this stuff.  Anyway, well, why not?  People built vast palaces and cathedrals for their deities in the past, in all ages, so big building projects are part of these money guys’ system, because you pay for it all, and of course, it keeps them in power, because they lend out the rubbish that you pay back to them in real estate and sweat.  So:


Scientists are beginning a month-long experiment in Scottish waters to study the impact of a possible leak from an undersea carbon dioxide storage site.


Working in Ardmucknish Bay near Oban,


(A: Beautiful place, Oban.  They’ve already got a folly there.  You should look it up.)


researchers will allow CO2 to bubble through sediments from a buried pipe and look for impacts on marine life.


(A: Now, I don’t know what this is going to cost everybody.)


Capturing CO2 from power stations


(A: Do you really want to capture CO2 from power stations?  Suppose there’s a little leak there with something else in it.  Hmm?)


and burying it under the seabed is viewed as an important global warming fix.


A number of countries have plants in operation, though the UK does not.


This is believed to be the first time that an impact of CO2 escape on seabed ecosystems has been investigated.


"We want to study what happens if there is a leak from a carbon capture and storage (CCS) reservoir - or more likely, from a fault in a pipe or at the injection site," said Henrik Stahl from the Scottish Marine Institute


(A: Well, he’s got a job for life, making out these little tests eh?  Great fun for them.  It’s like being at school, primary school.)


in Oban, who is in charge of the project.


"We'll study how this affects the ecosystem, the animals and microbes living in the sediments, and how the CO2 transforms in its passage through the upper layers of the sediment," he told BBC News.


Injection was due to begin on Monday, but late delivery of a part meant a postponement. It is now due to begin on Wednesday.


(A: Isn’t that amazing, eh?  It says, they’re going to release:)


80-800kg of CO2 per day


(A: It’s like Hollywood.  Have you ever watched all these movies where they have massive wars?  They’ve fired more bullets in Hollywood than have been fought in all the wars in history.  You know that?  And they have everything burning, cities burning, everything is burning, and big black piles of smoke come up, and everything.  And they get away with it.  But if you do that, oh, carbon, carbon pollution.  Oh, my god.  So, here’s these guys pumping)


80-800kg of CO2 per day from a pipe buried about 10m down


(A: 10 meters, about 30-odd feet down.)


 in sediment.


What a joke.  What a joke.  So, they’re going to pump this into the atmosphere, when it’s a crisis to do so.  They can get away with it, because they’re getting paid to do with it.  Understand, everything is a con game.  Every darn thing is a con game.  But it must have all the trappings of a religion.  The guys wearing the fancy dresses and white coats and that must have stern faces and never laugh and giggle when they’re talking to the public about these things, because they’re going to get awfully well paid for it all, you see.  They live a life, a fair lot.  They just turn a paper in once or twice a year, and your paycheck keeps coming in.  The grants keep coming in.  Not bad, eh?  But they’re doing these ridiculous things all over the planet. 


And as I say, CO2 is released by the sea when it warms.  And, as I say, even when the sea starts cooling, it keeps on going.  It builds up.  It’s not like the brakes on your car that can lock.  It doesn’t happen that way in nature.  It keeps coming, until many, many years later.  It follows warming.  It doesn’t precede warming.  That was always the case in science before, but you can always jiggle science when it suits you for a different cause, you see. 


And getting back to reality, and I was talking about, what is reality?  What is reality?  To most folks, honestly, it’s just watching TV, having the same programs on, having a laugh at things and doing what everybody else does, is reality to them.  They think that’s normalcy.  Because everyone else is doing what they’re doing.  But no.  See, all your views, all the things that you do are given to you, including all the scientific toys you’re given.  


In one of the Brave New World movies, there’s a good little line in there, oh, yes, we’ve got high technology that the people use, but we only give them enough to keep them under control.  Not to free them, to keep them under control.  And everyone is under control now.  They all know they’re being watched and monitored. But they don’t mind.  That’s quite the feat, getting to that stage. 


But, what is reality?  Now, one of the Bush’s aides, these aides are advisors, remember, the guys who come up with the cons.  They give them the image and they write their speeches for them.  They plan agendas, all the political agendas, war agendas, everything.  And this is what he said, this aide of Bush said to the journalist Ron Suskind, he said, “We’re an Empire now.”  Right?  Now, what’s he talking about, we’re an empire?  Did you know you were an empire?  Did you ever think you were an empire?  Do you think at all?  We are an empire.  And who is we?  “We’re an Empire now.  And when we act, we create our own reality.”  He’s telling you the answer to what I just asked you.  “And while you’re studying that.”  See, there’s we and then there’s you.  Okay, so there’s a clique at the top who are an empire.  “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors... and you, all of you,” all the journalists there, “will be left to just study what we do.”  They’ll never know the truth of why they’d doing things, but they’ll study it, and then they’ll give us their conclusions, which are generally always wrong.


That’s how you run the world.  And that’s what the media is for, isn’t it, is to parrot out what’s generally given off as press releases to the general public.  The Pentagon, I’ve read the articles before, where it puts in so many thousands of articles in the papers every year, across the world.  It just sends them off to the papers.  It just faxes them out, and it’s straight in there and that’s it.  No questions asked.  We’re all under control, mind control for sure, all of us.  And most folk haven’t got a clue.  Most folk don’t care, because once again, a lot of folk are really happy under this form of a Socialist government, worldwide, as it stands right now. 


There’s ones terrified they’re going to lose it at the very, very bottom, because they are, under ObamaCare and everything else that’s coming, because, you see, the UN only guarantees that everyone across the world will get the most minimal healthcare available.  That’s your right.  The most minimal healthcare available.  That’s why it’s been slashed to the bone in Britain, and it’s getting slashed to the bone in the US, as we speak.  I get lots and lots of reports from people in hospitals in the US who are telling me the same thing.  A lot’s going on.  And the ones at the bottom get it first. 


And it’s sad too, because we’re not connected with humanity.  We’re all disconnected with basic humanity, that’s other people.  And even killing now is remote killing.  We have remote killing through drones and things.  It’s impersonalized.  It’s de-personalized.  It fits in with your movies.  You sit back, there’s no blood running all over your walls, when you watch all the blood and guts on television, so you’re already immune to it in a sense.  It’s in that strange world that you live in.  It’s partly hypnotic, every day, you’re under a form of hypnotic trance.  You’re never really aware of really what’s going on.  Or, it’s too far away to be concerned about.  It’s impersonal, again.  You only watch it when it’s entertaining.  So, slaughter becomes entertainment.


If it becomes entertainment, it’s for a purpose.  It’s to desensitize you.  And look at how we’re living today.  You’ve got Olympic games going on with battleships, with missiles pointed at arenas.  I mean, what are they going to do?  Blow the whole thing up to get one terrorist?  And of course, snipers going across back and forth, all the time, with rifles pointed on the crowds.  You’ve got a massive over-response of police, in any situation, even domestic now.  It’s often the death sentence.  All training, training, training, training you through a process of obedience, obedience, obedience, until they can get you to much like China, where you’ll grovel literally on your knees to judges without any jury.  It’s all got a purpose, you know.  Everything’s got a purpose.  They don’t hire stupid people at the top, even when their system appears to the left wing to be crumbling.  Remember, the left wing’s answer to everything is to bring in Marxism. And Marxism, of course, is an invention of the same boys at the top that ran the money system, and still do run the money system.  In fact, it’s an externalization of their religion, you might say, materialistic, based on that, materialism.  But most folk don’t know.  And they don’t think.  And they want to be entertained.


You can also lose your head just going from site to site to site on the internet.  And I’ve read the articles before, from the top guys who said the internet is flooded with so much information, and they make sure it is too, to utterly destroy your mind, if you have nothing to believe in, in the first place, even yourself.  There’s purpose to everything.  There’s people that get books churned out.  And you never ask where all the funding comes from.  They’re all ghostwritten, for most people, but you never ask, where do you get this funding?  Where do you get this kind of promo?  Nothing happens by itself.  Everything has a purpose to destroy something, to bring in something new.


And when you empty one deity from your head, another one pops in, because it’s been created for you at the same time.  And everyone I’m sure, knows well that:


A federal judge granted the preliminary injunction last Wednesday to block provisions of the 2012 National Defence Authorization Act, that would allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone it accuses of knowingly or unknowingly supporting terrorism. 


The 565 pg NDAA contains a short paragraph on Statute 1021, letting the military detain anyone it suspects substantially supported Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces.


Well, that would be the US Pentagon.  Because that’s who funded them.  I’ve put up the video before, where Brzezinski is over there in the 70s, in Afghanistan, helping set up the Taliban, to defeat the Soviets that were in there at that time.  That was their Vietnam.  Afghanistan was the Soviet Vietnam.  And he stands there, Brzezinski, and he says, this is a Holy War.  And they all go, yeah.  So, really, you’d have to go and arrest a lot of these guys who are still running the US today.  But that’s not the purpose of it.  The purpose is if you put a penny in a box somewhere, somebody who’s blind and the money is going off to somewhere to do, or they claim it is, to do with the Taliban.  You’ll never know.  So, it’s all nonsense.  It’s all nonsense.


And they try to tell you too, that everybody is trying to beat everybody else.  They’re so desirous of cutting global warming and carbon that every country is trying to outdo the other.  It’s like a race.  Oh my.  Have you heard that?  Have you seen it lately?  Have you seen all your communities out there saying, “yeah, we’ve got to cut the global warming”?  “We’ve got to cut the carbon.  We want to be first.”  So:


UN climate talks have opened in Germany, with the EU struggling to keep its position of a global leader.


Small developing countries that linked up with the EU in a new coalition last year say the bloc must commit to tougher emission cuts and more finance.


(A: So, the ones who are receiving all this cash, you know, the redistribution of wealth, in the small developing countries, as we get cut to the bone back home, they’re demanding more emission cuts, supposedly.)


Existing pledges on "climate aid" run out at the end of this year, and the EU has yet to clarify what happens then.


Most EU nations want to increase carbon cuts but they have not worked out how to negotiate around Poland's blocking.


(A: Apparently Poland was blocking it because they’ve got more sense there.)


Attempts to toughen the EU's target from 20% to 30% below 1990 levels by 2020 have stumbled on Polish government fears about its economic impact on the major coal-producing and coal-burning nation.


And that’s true.  It would flatten them.  They don’t have all the nuclear stuff and the alternate methods of producing energy.  And Poland is full of coal.  Ask Margaret Thatcher.  She shut all the coalmines in Britain, because of the strikes there, and she started importing the Polish coal.  And Poland was still Soviet then, at that time.  It was Communist.  But she imported all that coal and flooded Britain, after she closed down all the coalmines in Britain.  So, the Polish know, they’ve got good stuff there, good coal and all the rest of it.  And here’s a bunch of these non-democratic party members from this EU, new Soviet, telling them, no, you can’t use it.  You better just freeze.  To save carbon, you understand.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about reality and the big system and where it’s supposed to go, and how it’s all happening, and it is happening all the time, as we rampage ahead into this new, beautiful New World Order.  And which is going to be fixed for an awful long time, once it’s fully up and running.  The system will be rigid, really fixed, believe you me, when they have achieved all their goals.  And here’s an example of the media conning you.  It says:


Members of the European Parliament Cancel Rio+20 Participation


(A: Everybody is going to say, oh yeah, that’s fantastic, you see.)


The European Parliament has cancelled plans to send a delegation to the UN's Rio+20 summit on sustainable development taking place in June, saying the costs are too prohibitive.


The Parliament had planned to send 11 MEPs. [Members of European Parliament]


But instead, they’re sending, guess what, the Commission.  Now, the Commission are the bosses.  See, the Parliamentarians can’t make a law, change a law.  All they can do is yell at each other, etc, and put on a pantomime for the general public.  The Commission makes the laws.  So, they’re going.  That’s the only ones that matter.  You see how they can twist this here and make you think they’re sort of calling it all off.  No, the Commission are, this is the only important ones that matter, because it’s not a democratic union.  It’s not a democratic parliament.  It’s a case where the executive literally run the whole show.




Monsanto plans massive biotech experiment in the US


(A: The maize seedling, etc.)


The US government has for the first time signed off on a large-scale experiment involving genetically modified crops, which will lead to biotech big shot Monsanto introducing an engineered corn seed across America from South Dakota to Texas.


So, I’ll put that up tonight too, and all the links at  And then, there’s also:


NZ calls for ban on fertility-damaging soy-based baby formula


(A: Now, we’ve had that here for probably as long as I’ve been alive.  And, sure enough, you look at all the fertility studies.  These are not accidents, folks, where you’ve got bisphenol A in the water or it’s put into the food as well.  And stuff like that.  Or the soy-based baby formula stuff that’s been going on forever.  They know what they’re doing, because, remember, it’s to make an infertile population.  They want to cut the numbers.  That’s why these big corporations are given the go-ahead on some high level.  So, anyway, they’ve banned this for the moment, soy-based baby formula.)


Yet another study showing that genetically modified foods cause sterility — this one in humans instead of just animals.


“Health and medical experts in New Zealand have called for a ban on soy-based infant formula after a recent mouse study suggested soy damages the reproductive tract and immune system.”


They’ve already had the populations here on it for ages and they know darn well that the sperm count has plummeted down 85% so far in the male.  I’m talking about the young male, in the age of about 21, years of age.  That’s normal now.  But it’s not by accident.  It’s not because they’re just greedy sods at the top.  It’s all agreed to by the ones that you think are looking after your health at the very, very top, the Food and Drug Administration, Departments of Agriculture and all the rest of it.  It’s all part of the big plan.  It doesn’t continue after generation after generation, it doesn’t continue by mistake.  You have to understand that.  You have to understand it.




Swine flu vaccine 'linked to' sleeping disorder


I read it last year from Finland, and now the latest study has said it, narcolepsy has been found in lots of the children there, because of the fake, the rotten flu vaccine that didn’t do a darn thing, except make folk ill.  Some of them permanently.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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Military Detention Law Blocked by NY Judge

EU Countries Competing for Goody-Two-Shoes Award for Carbon

Members of European Parliament Cancel RIO+20 Participation--But the Euro Commission (Real Government) will Attend

More Monsanto Experiments in US

New Zealand bans Soya Based Fertility Damaging Baby Food

Swine Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy


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