May 23, 2012 (#1093)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 23, 2012:

Sight's Hard to Find in Land of the Blind:

"Behind All Big Social Movements You'll Find,
Above Reasons for Action is an Intelligent Mind,
Ancient in Wisdom and Every Technique,
Verbalizing Grievances for Downtrodden Meek,
"For the People, Equality", Ancient Chant of Sages
Who Appoint Themselves Leaders Through the Ages,
And Always Equality Soon Fades Away
From New Regime and the Crowds They Sway,
Upward Mobility, Narrowing, is the Reason
There's Revolution, With Each Century's Season,
Masses are Numbers for Illusion of Wadding,
Forgotten When New Bosses' Wallets are Padding"
© Alan Watt May 23, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 23, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May the 23rd 2012.

For newcomers I always suggest at the beginning rather than pester you all the way through it, the actual broadcast, to look into where youíll find over a thousand free audios for download where I try and work through the big system youíre living in, you were born into; your parents were born into and so on.  And how really a small group of people have controlled us for an awful long time.  People who have come down through the ages using money.  Money, the whole world runs on money.  Thatís what itís all about apparently, money, money, money.  And no one came up with any alternative system apparently; itís just too confusing for them, so weíre told.  And it doesnít matter how much punishment we get from bankers across the world and their shenanigans they get into in crashing countries and then getting rewarded for crashing countries.  Weíre supposed to prop them up and let them carry on as usual, which they do in fact.  And they always plunder the people at least twice a century. 

So, they also have academia working with them, all top professors and scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists, the big massive marketers, all projecting onto us a fake reality basically to keep us from, well, something that the later articles I read tonight will show you, they want to stop riots in the streets basically and protests.  Thatís why they put so much of your own tax money back into keeping you subdued mentally and happy and content with entertainment and things like that. 

So, I go through the history of the group of course and the organizations and foundations that they set up to be their fronts which have trillions of dollars to throw around to their non-governmental organizations which they all control.  And how they even lobby government to get laws passed on behalf of the people using these NGOs.  And what an amazing scam it is, itís been going on for so incredibly long.  But most of the public are oblivious to it and I try and give you the history.  So help yourself to the audios.

Remember too all the sites have transcripts in English for download that youíll see listed on that .com site.  And you can go into for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too you are the audience that bring me to you.  You can help me hopefully, hopefully maybe still keep ticking along here, itís getting pretty tough, by buying the books and discs at  And straight donations are really, really necessary because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  I donít sell you products that make you live forever.  And I donít make vast claims on anything, in other words, just for the cash.  And I understand how it can be done, I mean all patriot radio runs on money like we all run on money.  As they say money makes this world go round apparently, and it defies all science and logic except for those who actually run the system, theyíre not going to give it up and we all got to go along with it and get some cash coming in.

So, help me out too while you can because who knows, eventually youíll be left with nothing, or maybe just the regular mainstream media.  And from the U.S. to Canada remember personal checks are good and so are international postal money orders from your post office, you can also send cash, and some people use PayPal.  Across the world Western Union, and Money Gram, and PayPal could be used.  And straight donations as I say are awfully, awfully, pretty, pretty necessary at this moment. 

And as I say Iíve gone through, if you go back into the archives at you will find some of the histories of the groups that managed the worldís populations.  Been at it for many, many centuries.  Thereís nothing new, theyíre not learning as they go along, you understand.  The art of controlling whole nations and the mentalities of the peoples has been known for thousands of years.  Otherwise, you know, thereíd be so many different varieties of government, if any at all, that you couldnít keep count of them.  Thatís really the truth of it.  Knowledge is always passed down by those who are powerful and their offspring go ahead for centuries.  Back after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre talking about this New World Order, which isnít really that new.  Theyíve had many New World Orders in the past that became old.  And really what they do is upgrade the system every so often to do with the latest advances in science, etcetera, for the new system.  But itís also a big goal of course, set up a long time ago, to bring in a world order run by the same people who caused the wars for the last hundred and probably a lot longer, a hundred years at least that theyíve admitted to.  Because they have admitted theyíve used wars, in their own publications, to get unifications of continents and countries after the wars.  Thatís how the European Union got kicked off because they wanted that as an outcome and also as a partial down payment you might say for the Marshall Plan, the lend-lease projects, that came into being after World War II, where they had to fund the demolished Europe back into some kind of semblance of civilization.  Even Eisenhower himself talked about that and various other ones talked about it.  And all during World War II there was also a movement within the U.S. bigwigs and the British ones as well, for not only that, they wanted to go on and form a world government.  They hoped openly, they were open about it at the end of World War II, that they might get a world government to come in right then.  They hoped also long before that, after World War I with the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, to do it then.  But the people didnít fall for it or go for it.  They knew there was more to it obviously. 

And regardless as I say, thatís how you get things to happen and how you get big changes to happen.  Itís always through conflict, primarily war.  Conflicts have always been with us of course down through the ages.  And conflicts generally start with those who have some kind of education and some kind of landed rights of some kind.  And revolutions for instance start not with the bottom people, but they always start with those either in universities, in the last hundred-odd years at least, or people who come from more middle class families who canít proceed up the ladder because those at the top are really clinging on so tightly to the parapet.  And thatís why they generally happen.  Today in this whole world of course there are so many people who have been given an education and they want better things for themselves.  Every generation expects more and more, itís quite an amazing thing, and they want more than their parents and their parents and their parents.  And theyíre actually encouraged of course into university to come in and get professions to help them get up the ladder, only to find it full at the top as fewer jobs are available especially in the scientific era.  You need less and less people for so many things. 

Regardless of course there are other people also manipulating the scenes because when you have big demonstrations and we saw it with the Wall Street crowd.  It turned out towards the end of it there was big money involved, big professional organizers, that go across the world, paid for by people like Soros and others.  Although not all the people involved in the Wall Street blockade were definitely part of it, because a lot of people are so ticked off with the crimes committed by the big banks today and their own governments that collude with them. 

Anyway itís still going on of course and this is the century of change.  So a lot of these riots tie in with whatís called the century of change.  This is the time when all the top socialists in the world, they said in the 21st century, would bring forth a global socialist agenda and get it up and working one way or another.  Theyíve been teaching this in academia for an awful long time, many, many years in the 20th century, and here we are living through it as people are really coming under pressure because of the cost of living and all the crooks at the top.  There are always crooks at the top, it doesnít matter who gets in and they always use a lot of the masses too, to join in and give them numbers.  The masses, and every professional who studied history will tell you this, the masses, the ones who are dispossessed, those at the bottom, stay that way; it doesnít matter who is in charge.  Thatís just the way it is.  Go back through your history. 

So donít follow anybody.  Believe you me, if youíre at the bottom you arenít going to profit out of anything, you arenít going to get ahead because we live in a parasitical system.  Thatís the bottom line of money and profit and getting ahead.  Youíve either two ways you can do things in the world, in a world pre-money, pre-dating money.  And Iím also talking pre-dating coin of course because they also used to weigh the gold or silver out at one time.  But pre that of course you simply had to get, have a big guy who defended the little tribe.  And then you might go and forage and plunder the next bunch when you had a bad hunting season or something and youíd steal their food.  And then youíd find well that was quite easy, letís try it with the next little tribe next to us.  And they keep doing that until you end up with basically a similar form of government, but really it takes a lot of people underneath you that have got to be pleased.  You know if youíre going to have guys to bash other peopleís heads in and lock them up for you, youíve got to give them something in return.  There are only so many women and wine and song that you can give them.  But nowadays of course with money, that was the big kicker.  Thatís why so-called civilization really kicks off with the advent of money.  Have you ever wondered about that? 

And of course money also makes sure thereís a population too, a certain percentage of them, who have nothing to do.  And they become the intelligentsia.  They can have schools and we trace the schooling, and it didnít start of course with Greece.  We know that Egypt had it too, long, long, long before that.  But in Greece the word school comes from the meaning of leisure.  Only leisured people could go and pop in and out of school.  You didnít have to attend in those days, you just sort of wandered back and forth from one orator and his methodology to the next. 

But of course now itís all, everything is organized.  We live in an organized society, everything is organized.  And people like to be organized, actually; if you give them the new fashion theyíll jump into it right away because they all want to be the same.  Thereís a similarity; thereís losing of identity itself when you join a group, and the bigger group the better.  You can sort of sink yourself into it and lose your inhibitions and become suddenly very brave and very demanding because weíre all demanding at the same time.  Itís the same way that armies function.  Armies, one-on-one generally most guys are pretty well cowards.  Thatís what they are, you know.  But you get a whole bunch of them together and of course they feel very brave.  And they look to each other to bolster each other up.  Itís very, very simple.

Those who rule over the world and over countries always use the same techniques from the ancient times to the present.  And nothing really changes except, as I say, theyíve got cash.  And you get the cash from the labor of people.  Marx was quite right with that part of his little idea.  That all wealth comes from labor originally, it all comes from labor.  And the rest is simply taxed off you or forced off you in one way or another. 

You cannot for instance be poor today and still own a home because the tax man wants the property taxes every year from you.  So youíre forced into the system to work.  And thatís why they brought it in too, it wasnít just to get extra cash, that was a big part of it, but also to make sure that people would get into the system and get jobs and then they could tax back your labor through cash. 

It was actually a law at one time, not so long ago, I donít know if theyíve even taken it off the books, that to tax a personís labor is a form of slavery, which it is.  They make people license businesses because theyíre out for profit.  But if youíre a laborer youíre hardly out for profit.  Youíre lucky if you make enough to get by.  So they simply tax your labor. 

And with those taxes they initially, even in the 20th century, they said well this will go back into the country and to create work.  And itís always the same joke, you know, and hospitals, and pay off debts, and everything else for the country.  And then they go and have lots of wars which accumulates the debts and nothing goes to the people eventually.  Itís supposed to all come back to the people in basic services, and very little does.

Today we have a CEO managerial type of politician who goes in, whoís generally been the CEO of corporations before, and he treats the government, and they all treat the government like a big business, which it is.  Government is a huge business.  And stacks of them, most of them are lawyers if you noticed that.  And theyíre corporate lawyers.  So you have lawyers working a system where they view the country and everybody in it as a big huge business, right down to your gross domestic product; what on earth does that mean, you know, gross domestic product?  Youíre all lumped in together.  And what they really mean, forget the domestic product, what they really mean is whatís the tax base.  Thatís what makes a country powerful today, is the tax base.  The more cash they have, the more wars they can have, the more plunder of other countriesí wealth they can have, other peopleís.  And theyíll always justify whatever they do to the general public who donít mind so much as long as they donít get killed themselves in the process.     

And even too when you get down to taxes, you think about it, each time your government borrows money from the international lenders who really give them nothing except blips on a computer screen, just like when you ask for a loan at the bank, same thing.  It gives them permission to go off and plunder other countries or else they can loan it out to other countries, you see.  And all the countries that are in the third world generally have bad credit records and so the big bankers that everyone borrows from, including your country will borrow money.  They actually borrow from the big bankers, and theyíll give you your basic rate with your interest on top of it, compound interest and all the rest of it.  Thereís an awful lot to it because thereís lots of kinds of interest, daily interest and so on.  But then you lend it out to the country, taking the risk, and you know the third world country is never going to be able to pay it back.  And you count on that too; at least the big bankers do that lend it initially to you to give to the third world country.  And we have these meetings every couple of years, oh dear, the third world countries are in an awful mess and then you get pop stars that are paid to come out and tell those countries to forgive the debts of the third world countries, which we do, we feel sorry for them.  But you donít realize the scam thatís involved because every citizen of that country that lent it to them borrowed the money and they put down all their people as collateral basically and guarantors to pay it back.  Everything in this world is a scam, and then they go and give the same country another loan.  The International Monetary Fund loves it and the World Bank, and the BIS.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫} 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the system in itself, and about how big revolutions occur to do as I said before with mainly those who want to get up the ladder even higher than they already are and it starts generally from the middle class or whatís left of it today.  And the people from the bottom tend to jump on and become, well they end up like body bags generally so as that the ones above them can get on.  And thatís really what happens to those at the bottom, theyíre always used.  Because, as I say, itís a parasitical society.  And itís a crocked society which is legalized into law.  You can make anything which is crocked legal obviously.  Itís like insider trading. when the congress in the U.S. passed a law to allow themselves to do insider trading because theyíve got their ears to whatís happening, where government money is going to go, big, big money, big corporations in the war industry and things, and they know where to invest.  And so thatís insider trading, theyíve got a tip you see.  So they just passed a law and made it all legal for them to do so, but nobody else can do it. 

And so youíre ruled by these minorities that rule over you.  And theyíll hang on to their system for as long as they can.  And of course, and then a new system will come up pretending to be new and it ends up just like the old one once you have a clique in; it only takes a generation and then theyíre getting their own children into the same jobs, just like it happened in the Soviet Union.  China is the same way, very class conscious system over there if you ever look at it properly.  And meanwhile youíve also got the left wing funded by bankers, who are not stupid.  Theyíll take over, theyíll co-op something thatís already on the go that might be kind of voiceless, or it might actually be unable to articulate what they actually want.  And they give them leaders who can articulate what they want, or what they think they want, and they direct them as to what to do.  And that happened with a lot of the groups behind the Wall Street blockades etcetera, Occupy Wall Street.  We know that there were big, big bankers involved. 

So, remember the bankers can work with right wing and left wing, they donít care.  Both technically are totalitarian in their scope and how they function.  And the right wing simply gives you a negative freedom, thatís what they call it in university, negative freedom.  They keep you happy, dumb, and stupid, just earning enough to get by, but as long as you can pay for your fun and get by and be ignorant of whatís really going on, then youíre okay.  Positive freedom means when, like Tony Blair, they try to get the whole government on board for a war.  They can make it a kind of exciting thing, like the Blitz was.  ďOh, letís all get together and go into austerity and fight this war,Ē so we all get a direction, a course weíre sailing to plunder the planet.  That kind of thing, thatís positive freedom.  The rest of the time, in peacetime, youíre kept in negative freedom, play, be happy, and donít think too much.

So, everything is a con game as I say.  In a moneyed system it can never be anything but a con game, but especially when you have a clique of international bankers who have taken over, if not created in the first place, the central banking systems of most countries.  And have formed their own worldwide consortium and they even have an umbrella that they work under, run by their own people.  And they create their own forms of government you might say too.  They have their own corporate structure of governance for the big banks.  And because they sound official, The Bank of England, the Bank of This, the Bank of That, you think theyíre part of it, but theyíre private banks.  And they run the world.  And every country, every country is terrified of them, even those who are helping them at the top, their little minions in politics, because they can sink any country overnight if you went against them.  Apart from that the minions are getting pretty well paid for conning the public. 

And everybody tries to get up into this tower of governing everybody else.  And the only way to do it is always a pretence of Ďwe want to have everybody equalí.  That sounds great doesnít it, but does it really?  Have you looked at some of the people recently around you?  What kind of equality do you want?  What does equality mean?   And then youíll find the Club of Rome, a big think tank for this world organization that does run both sides by the way, they said themselves that democracy canít work because thereís too many contesting, conflicting parties.  I mean, they donít come out and say itís about jobs and hygiene for a country, basic rights and hospital treatment and a clean country to live in.  No, no; now theyíre talking about should men be able to wear dresses at work.  Things like this.  You understand there are too many conflicting parties now.  They have so many divisions within society for people to identify with Ė Ďoh, Iím not in a group, I better join oneí idea Ė that you can never have functionality and thatís part of the big war.  It was set up and infiltrated to make these things happen, believe you me, thatís how it happens.  Divide, conquer, divide, conquer, right down to the minuscule subdivide, subdivide, subdivide, and you canít get consensus on anything.  And when you canít get consensus the big boys at the top, left or right, come along with the big plan; and while the rest of them are all arguing about the color of their clothes at the bottom, these guys are running you across the world into wars and global government.

Now yesterday I think it was that it says here.  This is all part of it.  Well funded groups, well organized across the world, massive student strikes and things.  It says that protesters clashed in Quebec in Canada, in Montreal, and of course theyíre all ticked off about the fact that the grants for schools and universities have been cut back again.  Itís happening across the world, what happens in one country now happens in other countries because weíre global.  Itís like one system.  Itís a quiet system here; you can always see the same hand moving everywhere.  People donít put it together.   Theyíre not simply ďoh letís have it in Montreal,Ē theyíre having it all over the place.  Because every country is on the same agenda with laws and changes at the same time because we are in a global, silent, quiet organization for global government.  Back with more after this.

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Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the big system, the monetary system, the parasitical system and how the left and the right are always used by the same bankers because, really, itís all sewn up.  And talking about too with the protests in Montreal, it says:

" mark the 100th day of Quebecís student strikes, while smaller events were held in other cities Tuesday."

Alan:  And they had other ones going across I think Calgary and so on.  And some in the States in New York too, and even some in France as well, all coming out at the same time.  But the interesting part of it is that obviously itís coordinated because itís across a good part of Europe and North America.

"Related events were organized Tuesday in New York, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver...."

"In France, a few hundred congregated near Parisí Notre Dame Cathedral.  A stoneís throw from the Seine River, people in Paris waved flags in a crowd that included many Quebecers,"

Alan:  Who went over to France.

"Ösome of whom had brought their own signs, like one that read: ďQuebec is becoming a dictatorship.Ē"

Alan:  Thereís been a lot of corruption in Quebec certainly and I know why; thereís a type of mafia in there that runs all the government contracts and everything, which actually has come out in books before; it doesnít change it though.

"There were two demonstrations scheduled in New York Ė one at Rockefeller Plaza where Quebec government offices are located, and another at Washington Park later in the day."

"Organized by the Occupy Wall Street movement and by the group Strike Everywhere, the first New York event was designed to raise awareness about the Quebec protests while the second was about opposing anti-protest laws all over the world."

Alan:  Every country is bringing in anti-protest laws you see, and that was all part too of the new totalitarian system that youíve got to bring in when youíre really forcing the last part of world government on the people across the planet.  Thereís going to be protests so you simply ban them or hit them hard.  And Canada and other countries were practicing with the riot squads back in the early 90ís for what was coming today.  In fact they were bringing in experts from all over, even the U.S., ex-marines and so on, to teach the cops how to do it with the shields and all that, and they make them bang their shields all in unison just like the Zulus did in Africa.  Thatís where they got the idea from.  And it would terrify all the protesters.  Anyway, back to this.

"Between 20 and 40 people gathered in front of Quebecís government office in New York. A few handed out red squares,"

Alan:  Now thatís a symbol.   Thatís really comforting, the red square, isnít it?

"... the symbol of the student protest movement."

Alan:  What does that tell you?  Hmm?

"The events came several days after the Quebec law set conditions on protests, with stiff financial penalties for transgressors Ė a move that appears to have fanned the flames of the Quebec student movement."

Alan:  And basically you canít wear a mask on your face.  I donít know if that means gas mask too, if you get gassed, because they use a lot of gas generally on demonstrations here.  And who wants to get pepper-sprayed in the face either?  And again there is also a rule too that youíve got to give them so much notice before you have a protest in the first place. 

"Within Canada, organizers of the Calgary gathering described Quebecís law as draconian, and encouraged people to meet in support of Quebec students."

Alan:  So you see youíve got whatís the start of a worldwide unified, so easy to do today mind you, but you still need the big money behind it and the professional organizers to make this happen, which theyíre actually doing.  And as I say youíll find all of previous riots which lead to revolutions eventually if theyÖ, because thereís an energy here, an energy you canít squash.  And it builds up and builds up until eventually you end up with revolutions generally if those people who are generally, as I say, middle class and students Ė theyíre the typical ones thatíll get used Ė canít get upward mobility in the structure of society; itís upward mobility they want.  In other words they want to run the system and get rich themselves.  But they also depend on a lot of people at the bottom to be the cannon fodder for it.  And they end up, it doesnít matter who your boss is.  "The Land of the Blind" is a good movie to watch.  Itís a really good movie to watch; it kind of describes a lot of this kind of stuff.  

So anyway thatís your big demonstration.  Lots of them were arrested too, etc, the usual stuff.  Itís not a great article because it really doesnít tell you all their demands that they were asking for, but I know that they definitely getting a lot of cutbacks in the grants and tuition is incredibly high as it is across every other country now, in the first world countries. 

And the Global Warming scam too which is turning upside down in a sense, people are getting wise to it, thank goodness.  Weíve had so many bankruptcies with the companies that were started off with our tax money.  A great business to be in by the way, I mean a lot of these guys were wise, they knew it wouldnít last; they just got in on the scam.  The government threw millions of dollars at them and some of them created nothing at all, other ones created a lot of noise with wind power.  And itís just a black hole of money that gets poured into this pit.

We certainly do need alternate means of energy, of course we do.  Weíve been using the internal combustion engine for such a long, long time, but youíll never get, understand all this free energy stuff, youíre neverÖ Those who are in power, and I donít care what they call themselves, or if a new bunch comes in even through violent means in revolutions, itís just going to be the same thing.  They donít intend to lose power by giving everybody free energy.  Itís forbidden, you understand.  We live in a system where again money, unless you do away with money all together, really, and then for substituting your money theyíll just take your labor.  One way or another youíre going to be working for somebody else in this system.  Because the psychopaths always end up at the top.  They always have ended up at the top.  And all down through history theyíve intermarried with other wealthy prosperous families who are also ruthless and got to the top the same way and then they end up churning out children that are even better at being ruthless and psychopathic than their parents.  And theyíre not stupid either at the top, donít believe that psychopaths are all stupid, theyíre not.  The ones who get caught at the bottom are the ones at the bottom.  The ones who work their way up through the system and have a bit of patience are pretty smart.  And they have all the right contacts.  Theyíre born into the right families; they have all the right contacts.  And what they canít think out themselves, they hire think tanks out to do for them.  ďWhat will happen if we do this or that or whatever?Ē  Thatís the system we presently live in. 

And so anyway, as I say, thatís the system that we live in.  As long as this thing about money is never ever questioned youíll get more bank crashes because the same guys who own the banks own the legal systems in every country and theyíre not going to change the laws that will go against the banks.  Itís not going to happen.  They tried that with the last bank crash and now itís watered down to nothing until it means nothing at all.  It had to happen, it happened before.  And it also means they want to crash you again and plunder you down the road; thatís why they wonít change the laws. 

So everybodyís really upset.  Iím surprised that thereís not a lot more people, just ordinary people without red little patches and stuff.  Theyíre wearing, talking about red patches, because in places like Canada, the universities here have been churning out Marxists for years because thatís what they get taught in university, Marxism.  What kind of system do you want to get ruled over with?  What kind of totalitarian system do you want?  This color or that color, the blue or the red?  Itís up to you.  Personally I donít want either. 

Thereís so many crazy, crazy revolutions, always ends up the same too.  Chinaís exactly the same with a class system.  The children take over the jobs of their parents in the higher politburo positions, judges, all that kind of stuff, financiers.  Nothing changes. 

Interestingly enough I watched a little documentary about China and it was about something that was popular on television apparently where a Chinese woman would go in and interview prisoners that were ready to be executed.  And of course that kind of thing would attract people everywhere in the world because theyíre kind of morbid in that way, a strange sense of morbidity.  It kind of fascinates them.  And the idea was to get everybody who was about to be executed to repent to the state.  To the state, you understand?  And if that was caught on camera then Iím sure the camera crew and the T.V. station were well rewarded for it because they work for the state you see.  Anybody who saw the movie, it was called "Braveheart", will see the end, thatís what they used to do, you had to kiss, if you kiss the robe with the kingís emblem on that robe, that means the system you see, then they give you a swift death.  If not it could be rather painful, very painful indeed, and rather long drawn.  Nothingís changed.  Every country does the same thing.  In China they want you to worship the state.  Do you want to worship this vague thing called the state, with intergenerational people going into the top jobs?  And thatís what they want to bring on here because theyíre so ignorant because of their incredible Marxist indoctrination. 

Years ago too, I can remember when the Council of Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they had their world meeting in London to decide the future of the worldís cultures, to bring in a global culture; should they use the British Pinewood Studios and the other ones they had in Britain, and really put lots of cash into it and try to churn out some good movies? or should they use Hollywood?  Well they decided on Hollywood; through Hollywood people would basically copy and mimic, or try to mimic the lifestyle they saw on the big screen.  And sure enough even at that time most folk thought that everybody in America was rich with a big home and at least two cars.  And some even thought they all had butlers and things.  Itís just amazing what Hollywood can bend your mind to.  And thatís what they see across the world, thatís why everybody wants to come to America, they think thatís how it is, you see.  But they also talked at that meeting about this global culture, as I say, and they would made America the capital for music and for movies because thatís how simple we are at the bottom; we copy what weíre given.  And they also talked about the future of Britain as they would deindustrialize it.  They knew back then, many, many years ago, they were going to deindustrialize it.  They never told the people about this, the treaties they signed at the end of World War II or anything like that.  People went through the whole 70ís and 80ís watching all the factories just move out.  Free trade you see.  And they scheduled and said that eventually Scotland would get turned into a holiday resort because theyíd have no work there.  That was all in mainstream newspapers at the time, then forgotten again as everybody forgets things. 

This article here:

"Cinema giants Disney have unveiled their first ever tailor-made holiday to Scotland - costing $5000-a-head."

Alan:  Because they love everybody, they like equality and equity across the world.  Just give them equality, at $5000 a head?

"The nine-day trips, which have just gone on sale, have been created to capitalize on the new Disney-Pixar film Brave which is being released in the US next month.  Geared for small family groups,"

Alan:  Planning groups {laughs}, thereís your family planning again.  Iíve watched, Iíve read so many abortion things here. 

"Öthey will have their own two dedicated guides, VIP access to leading attractions and historic sites and the chance to try out activities featured in and inspired by the movie."

Alan:  So youíll get a little tour around famous landmarks in Scotland and places like that, where folk at one time tried to stop this moneyed system coming in.  And actually they tried for centuries to stop it coming in and now theyíre conquered, and now Disney runs Scotland it seems to be.  Anyway, massive money going into it of course, billions.  Their marketing deal alone is £7 million, just to get folk to go to Scotland.  But at least thereís some work coming there because thereís nothing left.  Thereís nothing left except the tourist industry.  So itís exactly as the CFR said, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  All that time ago, many decades ago now.  Theyíll turn it into a tourist industry.  There you have it, so Disney owns Scotland now. 

And Canada again, strange country here, nothing much happens that weíre told of because the media is so well controlled here.  They give us lots of little stories but nothing that really matters.  I noticed it this morning when I got up because it was so quiet.  And the CN Rail strike has happened, the Canadian National Rail strike.  Itís not Canadian anyway, itís owned by a New York company as is the Canadian Pacific I believe.  Anyway theyíve changed hands over some new ownership and now theyíve all gone on strike so I guess they want massive cuts or something.  Iíll put these links up as well.  Thereís 1700 engineers apparently gone on strike so weíll see what happens.  I donít mind if it drags on a long time because it means peace and quiet.  I can sleep at night then, itís pretty good.  I live right next to the track here.  And I canít understand these two mile long trains that go by every half an hour.  Where are they going north of me?  Thereís nothing there.  Whatís up there?  Hmm?  Whatís underground you might say?

Now the ShotSpotter is something all the cops are bringing up.  The biggest business in the States, apart from movies and stuff and many other seedy things, mind you, the biggest business outside drugs and movies, and as I say the seedy things, is the military-industrial complex.  All their money is now into cops and policing and so on.  And theyíre all vying for their own drones that can spy on everybody, at your window and things like that.  And they also have ShotSpotter which is something, a system they deploy across cities to detect gunshots and supposedly itís very accurate apparently, they can pinpoint exactly where it comes from.  Iíll put this link up as well.

"Law-enforcement technology"

"Atlantic City deploys ShotSpotter"

Alan:  And if you look it up too, the ShotSpotter link, itís also on the page, itíll take you to all the other states that are using this particular system.  Great business, you know the crime business is fantastic.  Especially when you keep creating new crimes, like vague ones too like terrorism and put all these people to work that were unemployed before, searching everybody else.  Because we are in a police state; donít kid yourself.  We are in a police state.  Across the world weíre in a police state.  But itís incredible business, itís like the alternate energy system, the massive windmills that give you a dribble of electricity.  And even scare off all the birds, the ones it doesnít chop into pieces that is, as it goes around and round.  And you canít put any cattle near them because they go off their feet with the racket off them, never mind the electromagnetic field it creates which is something else.  Itís all funded by the people.  And theyíre owned by private companies, eh?  Not bad.  What a beautiful thing having governments is.  And the people, the people are the source of all wealth, you see.  Thatís why they want to centralize government, a big part of it too.  Because, do you understand the contracts that are thrown out by every government, every year, not only across their country, across the world?  Why do you think everybody who sees the government, the politicians, theyíre all lobbyists.  Itís for your cash theyíre lobbying for. 

If you were given the bills everyday, for every new loan your government gives out, or a cash grant, or whatever, or bailing out the banks.  If they gave you the cost, your personal amount every week that you had to pay because of the debt the so-called nation now owns, youíd wake up and understand it.  But when you donít see it, when you donít get that bill every week, your governmentís having a field day.  They all are.  All the big military-industrial boys are making an incredible field day in all of this.  Sales, Sales, Sales, keep it all going.  And they own all the media.  So the mediaís all in on it too.  Back with more on the FBIís new surveillance system.

{Break ♫} 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about this system.  Eventually youíll have to get your children into nothing but security work in high levels.  Thereíll be no more riots from the students, they can all get jobs and go up the ladder you see.  Itís only when the ladder is blocked that they start rioting and talk about equality and stuff like that.  The rest of the time, once theyíre up there of course they just kind of forget that rather quickly and thatís the history of the world.  Anyway:

"The FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit"

Alan:  It says here and itís just another wing theyíre adapting to themselves.  Everything expands in government you understand, and we live in the age of eternal terrorism threats you see.  So, itís going to go on for fifty years so you can get a good job in that if youíre pretty good at what you do.  Upward mobility, then thereís no riots you see.  So:

"The FBI has recently formed a secretive surveillance unitÖ"

Alan:  So secretive of course that I can actually read it on the air here, eh?

"Öwith an ambitious goal: to invent technology that will let police more readily eavesdrop on Internet and wireless communications."

Alan:  Iíll put that up tonight and you can peruse that at your leisure.  And another article too "China fake parts", itís like an old story but itís still happening obviously, which means there are a lot of bigwigs involved in these fake parts that are used in the U.S. military equipment in their planes and everything.  Iíll put that up as well.  If it wasnít for China I guess theyíd all be out of the sky, nothing would be flying anymore.  Everybodyís out for a quick buck at the top, so many scams going on.  And it takes big important people to be involved bringing this stuff in and getting them into the aircraft and all that other equipment that theyíre using, fake parts from China.  Itís really just sort of knock-offs.  And also:

"China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S. treasury,"

Alan:  Thatís a law being passed.  

"Öin what is the Treasury's first-ever direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents viewed by Reuters.  The relationship means the People's Bank of China buys U.S. debt using a different method than any other central bank in the world.  The other central banks, including the Bank of Japan, which has a large appetite for Treasuries, place orders for U.S. debt with major Wall Street banks designated by the government as primary dealers."  

Alan:  Thatís the ones that all the congressmen and the senators have shares in, you know.

"Those dealers then bid on their behalf at Treasury auctions.  China, which holds $1.17 trillion in U.S. Treasuries, still buys some Treasuries through primary dealers, but since June 2011, that route hasn't been necessary."

Alan:  So now itís all law and legal to come straight to themselves and bypass all the rest of them.  Not bad.† Now, everybody wants to copy this system, at least the boys who run the world do, they want us all to become like China.  A very obedient people.  Where you can move millions of people across hundreds and hundreds of miles into areas to man factories, just overnight almost.  I mean, so obedient they are there.  And Beijing, this is the model state weíve all to copy.  The state of the world.  The U.N. says so, weíve all to be like China, you know one child per family, unless you can afford the little fine if youíre wealthier, because they do have a class system there.  That kind of thing and you bow to everybody.  On that documentary I watched, they were down on their knees in front of judges.  There are no juries you see, just judges.  Anyway:

            "Beijing sets 'two flies only' public toilet guidelines"

Alan:  No kidding. 

"Authorities in the Chinese capital have set new standards for public toilets, including a stipulation that they should contain no more than two flies."

Alan:  I donít know, it doesnít say if they have to be moving or stationary or what, you know, but you canít have any more than two flies.  See, thatís communism for you.  This is what the big boys and the bankers are salivating over, having the same obedient population as youíve got in China.  And this is what it comes down to, counting flies in the loo.  No kidding.  No kidding folks.  What a system to emulate.  Huh?   Ah well. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada Ė remember, donate and help me out, buy the books and so on Ė itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods be with you.


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Beijing Sets "Two Flies Only" Public Toilet Guidelines


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