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For the Few, a Point of View:

Governments To-day Play Pantomime,
They're Simply Legalized Organized Crime:

"Crisis and Chaos, Threatening Doom,
Spews Controlled Media, Prostitutes of Gloom,
Hegelian Dialectic is Used to Sway
And Direct Public in the "Proper" Way,
Reality and Culture Directed, Changing,
By Dominant Minority Who're Re-Arranging,
Lots of Experience in Handling Herds Local,
In Recent Years They've Been very Vocal
In Ambition to Manage the Global Herd,
"The Global Community" said One Little Nerd,
"For Peace and Prosperity", Tinged with Austerity,
And if You Object, They Deal with Severity"
© Alan Watt May 24th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 24th, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May the 24th, 2012.  Newcomers, as always, go and help yourself to the website  Youíll see a whole bunch of sites listed there.  These are the official sites I have, and youíll find that they all carry audios.  Thereís over a thousand audios to choose from, where I try and give you the big picture of the system youíre born into, and show you as many of the cons that are out there that I can possibly come up with, because thereís so many incredible cons going on.  In fact, life is just nothing but a big con, really.  And youíre programmed into it by your parents, because they were programmed into it.  And school takes over.  And itís really supplemented and augmented by media and television and all entertainment afterwards.  Every stage of your life youíre going to be bombarded with specialists, really, advertising straight into your brain, because you change down through your life into different sort of ways of thinking, seeing life, and so on.  Itís all given to you.  Nothing is really real at all in it.  And the whole trick is to keep you in the dark about the big boys at the top.   Thereís always been a form of slavery, and that was Charles Galton Darwin who said that.  And weíre in the process of making a new more sophisticated form of slavery.  He said that in the 1950s.  And he was part of all the big international movements that helped set up the United Nations departments and all the different groups involved, who would make us believe that all this is all quite natural and all quite real, but in reality itís because the dominant minority believe they have the right to rule the world, which they actually do.  I mean, they already do.  Theyíve done it for an awful long time.  But theyíre much better now with technology and instant access to communications and right to your head, in fact, right to your skull.


So help yourself out to the audios, and see the big groups that formed in the early 20th Century, the big bankers, the international boys, big, big business owners, international, and the foundations they created to help bring all of this in.  You canít join a group today that they donít give you your leaders.  You canít do it.  And we see that with the students all the time, every ten, twenty years, you always have left wing/right wing.  And it doesnít really matter, because you find most of them end up, once they have the suit and tie on, they come out of university, they join the ones that make all the cash anyway.  But at the time they go through it all, itís all fun to them.  So, help yourself to them.  Remember, too, all those sites listed there have transcripts for download as well, in English, and you can go into for transcripts in other languages.


You are the audience that bring me to you, because I depend upon you to support me, so, donations and purchases of the books and discs are really, really welcome, especially at this time, as everyone is getting laid off, all over the planet, because weíve gone international.  Weíre really global now.  And global poverty is coming to an awful lot of people, as we finance the Third World Countries.  Really, itís the international corporations that base themselves over in the Third World Countries.  Thatís what weíre financing up, but anyway, you can support me by buying the books and discs at  And youíll see how to do it on the website.  From the US to Canada, remember, personal checks are good.  International postal money orders are still good to Canada.  Cash, just send cash.  And you can use PayPal as well.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  And straight donations really, really are absolutely necessary right now, as we go through this massive, massive changes.


But the whole trick of living is to keep you in the dark.  Thatís the whole point of living, you know.  You might say that living is a terminal disease, from the minute youíre born. And it really is. But as long as they can get the tax money out of you, keep you in the dark, and you produce and consume until youíre dead, and hopefully youíll die before you collect your pension so the government can snafu that too, then everythingís hunky-dory.  And thatís really the way it is.  Itís very, very simple.  The trick is to make you believe itís all real and the guys in suits and ties of all sides are really on the ball and above board and honest, and what a fantastic con that one is, eh?  It works on every generation.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís true that you wonít get out of this world alive, you know.  Thereís people who havenít realized that yet, at least most of us.   But the thing is, the whole system in the world is rigged.  Itís an old, old system, Iíve mentioned this so many times, of ruling millions and millions of people.  Ancient techniques have been used since ancient times, and they simply update them a little bit with technology to match the present age.


And all down through the ages, every prince, king, or queen had lots of advisors that generally didnít get born in their countries.  And they were like Machiavelli types.  Theyíd import them.  And they even gave out rťsumťs.  And thatís really what Machiavelli did.  He was giving a rťsumť out about how cunning he was, how to fool all of the public, pretty well all of the time.  And youíve got to read The Prince, if you havenít read it before, and find out really how the tricks work.  Very, very simple.  Francis Bacon did the same thing. 


We live in a world of really conology.  Itís not taught in universities.  At least most of the universities that the general public go to.  It is taught to the offspring of some families who have been at this for centuries, and they do pass it on to their children.  But youíve got to hold on to your cash, your loot, your booty, your plunder for generations, a few generations, and always marry just for, you know, just for the genes basically, and more cash, because you always marry money, and youíll generally have a good little psychopathic child, with a bit of intellect, who goes to a very good school and meets other psychopaths.  Thatís really why they go to the top Ivy League schools.  Its not because theyíre going to teach you something in a better fashion, itís because youíre going to meet, as Margaret Thatcher said, she said in fact, the future class of Britain, we must start subsidizing these special schools, the Ivy League schools, because, she says, thatís where the future leaders of Britain will come from, the top bureaucrats, the top CEOs, because they all meet each other at school.  Thatís the reason they go to these special schools, you see.  Thatís the point.  Not because theyíve got great teachers or anything else. 


And thatís how the world really works.  Itís very, very, very simple.  And of course, today, not only do you have advisors who give you your reality, and Iíve given that quote so many times, from one of the advisors to Bush, we give you your reality, he said to the media, journalists.  And he says, when youíre studying that, weíll give you another reality, and youíll study that.  And basically, they keep giving you different realities.  And we all prattle at the bottom level about these fake realities, while in reality at the top, theyíre doing something totally different all together.  Thatís how simple it is. 


The media is all in on it of course, because, back in the 20s and 30s, the Rockefellers and all the other big boys got together on the newspapers and decided that theyíd standardize all communications towards the people, and to the people.† By doing studies they found that theyíd only need to buy over 30 newspapers and magazines to basically commandeer, just like Reuters today, what all the news is going to be for everyone.  And thatís what they did, way back then.  And of course, they all belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations, which really runs your planet now, in fact. And the British side of it is the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is just the same organization, but they can say Royal in Britain, at least at the moment.  And they have them all over the world.  And they elect, they basically put forward every person to elect as a prime minister or a president, because left wing/right wing doesnít matter, because theyíre all members of this group that are sworn towards world government, theyíre sworn towards always having the same dominant minority ruling over the peasantry, and conning the peasantry. They really are out there folks.  You see them all the time on the news.  Thatís their job.  And theyíve taken their allegiances long before theyíre sworn in to supposedly preside over your country.  Theyíre internationalists.  And they donít break their allegiances to each other. Thatís completely taboo. 


So, as I say, the world, the media keeps us in a fantasy land at the bottom levels.  Hereís an article here as an example.  It says:


A leading Senate Democrat has called out US President Barack Obama over his alleged unwillingness to keep Congress updated on negotiations over a treaty that might be potentially disastrous for America.


Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) introduced legislation on Wednesday that specifically targets the Obama administration by demanding that the White House open up on details about the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive, international trade agreement that, if passed, would greatly affect consumers from coast-to-coast. The lawmaker isnít alone in his opposition against the administration, either ó more than 60 House Democrats and at least one Republican have objected to provisions of the TPP, and more are expected to line up as details are made public.


According to the senator, President Obama and his cabinet have gone out of their way to keep Congress uninformed on the details surrounding the TPP, including even members of his own political party, such as Sen. Wyden. Whatís more, argues the senator, is that if anyone should be kept update on the issue, itís him ó as chair of the United States Senate Finance Subcommittee on International Trade, Customs, and Global Competitiveness,


(Alan: Did you know you had a department of all that?)


And it is his job to be up to snuff on proposals such as this.


On the contrary, Sen. Wyden and his office have been largely kept out of the picture. The massive corporations with personal stock in the TPP, however, have been all too informed though, he says.


ďThe majority of Congress is being kept in the dark...


(A: And so on.  He says the representatives who have been informed are:)




(A: The big military-industrial boys, you know.)


Chevron, PHRMA, Comcast


(A: And, guess what?)


the Motion Picture Association of America


(A: Because thatís your main propagandist)


Ė are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement,Ē claims the senator.


That isnít to say that Big Businesses and their Washington lobbyists are invested without reason, though. If passed in its current form, the TPP includes some seriously scary provisions that would, among other things, ban ďBuy AmericanĒ preference for US manufacturers and change intellectual property standards that are almost certain to cause for an increase in prescription drug costs and thus have a major impact on the American health insurance industry and all groups linked to it.


Now, when you see some other politician complain about something, why theyíre complaining and making it public, is because, you see, they havenít been allowed in on the big shares that are for sale.  Because, you see, they all get big massive, theyíre allowed in insider trading to know whatís going on, so they can buy shares, where the government is going to match a dollar input from the private members by about a thousand dollars each by the taxpayersí money.  Thatís how you always do it. So, you canít lose in these kind of investments.  So, thatís why they complain inside.  This is an inside little squabble thatís going on.  The guys at the top do these things all the time, with all these international trade deals, and the general public are utterly oblivious theyíre even happening.  So, thatís why this is in the paper, somebody isnít happy, others arenít happy, theyíre not getting first dibs, you see, at investments, along with the rest of the little clan, behind the locked doors.  We are completely international.  We have been for quite some time, and, again, the United Nations was set up, remember, by the organization they all belong to. 


The United Nations was brought up to be the negotiator for all treaties.  They draft them up and everybody signs them.  They have the World Bank up there.  They have the Bank for International Settlements, which deals with all your private centralized banks, all private, and the International Monetary Fund.  And then you have all the NGO groups that lobby for changes which the Big Boys want.  Even the leftwing donít know it.  Most of the followers never know what theyíre really following.  They never find out till itís way too late.  But they lobby for things to be changed and the government is only too happy to change things, and then you find out what it was really all about.  Now, the bosses who lead you all into these little revolts know exactly what itís all about and theyíll end up with big, big jobs, when they come out of university, a lot of them.  Well paid for life.  Not bad, eh?  So, never follow anybody, is what I say, because, unless you know your history and the con games that are at work here, someoneís using you.  Someone is going to be using you. 


Thatís how really intense it is in the world, at the bottom level.  Someone is going to be using you.  They really believe that everybody has to have a master, you see.  It doesnít matter, rightwing, leftwing, theyíve got to have a master.  And, of course, they generally appoint themselves, since they noticed at first that you really need one.  Ha, ha, ha. 


Now, Iíve got to laugh too, as we go into this multicultural system of interdependence, and you canít be offended by what appears to be the rightwing system in Britain which is really liberal and complaining that you canít be offended by other peoples, things, what they do, little habits and traits or whatever, although they can take you to court if theyíre offended mind you.  Itís a one-way ticket on offences and for political correctness.  So, special people have special rights to be offended and the rest of you canít have any at all.  It says:


The British government asserts that Christians have no right to wear a cross or crucifix at work and is eager to prove it in court.


The case was initiated by two British women Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin, after they were punished for refusing to take off their religious symbols.


(A: They donít want to say a cross, eh?  A religious symbol.)


Nadia Ewedia is a British Airways employee, who was asked to cover her cross while at work, and was placed on unpaid leave when she refused to do so. Shirley Chaplin is a nurse moved to a desk position after she refused to remove a crucifix.


The women claim they were discriminated against when their employers barred them from wearing a cross and crucifix respectively.


Now, they can go into work no doubt with an upside-down cross tattooed on their forearm, you know, on steroids, and that would be probably okay.  And a big dagger through it, a big dagger.  Thatís kind of popular right now.  But you canít have a little thing like that.  Now, the Sikhs can go in wearing what they wear, and they also have their sacred little knife with them, their dagger, and they can be doctors and all the rest of it.  Some people even get, you know, sort of genital mutilation of a form, and they can have circumcision, and they go to work, but they have no choice but to go to work with it on, I mean itís permanent, isnít it?  And thatís a religious symbol.  So, all this nonsense is just that, itís utter nonsense, and itís definitely discrimination against one particular sector of society.  And the fact is too, if theyíre not preaching to you, whatís the problem?  Whatís the problem?  Tell me, what is the problem? 


Itís the fact that you cannot have Christianity anymore, because, you see, Christianity was the only religion that gave the average person God-Given Rights.  You see.  It didnít matter what position, level of society, you were in at the very bottom, it gave you God-Given Rights.  Governments donít like that because people have stood up before and overturned governments because of those rights, when government tries to roll over them.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the attack on religion, and specifically on Christian religion, whatís left of it, and really, most folk arenít bothered about it at all.  Theyíre not preaching to you when theyíre treating you in a hospital.  And youíve got to believe in the hospital religion then, you know, medicine and things like that.  So, anyway, it says here:


But the authorities insist that since wearing the cross is not a ďrequirement of the faithĒ


(A: You see how clever these little lawyers that get in on it are?)


it does not fall under the remit of Article 9 of the European Union, which states that: ďEveryone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.Ē


(A: And it says:)


Lawyers for the two women say ďmanifestingĒ religion includes doing things that are not a ďrequirement of the faithĒ, and that they are therefore protected by human rights.


So, can you believe that this kind of stuff is going on as they keep attacking really something thatís been pushed to the wall through Hollywood and teaching in universities and so on, and mind you too, a lot of religious groups too really get what they ask for, Iím talking about mainly from America, which the TV evangelist types that fill their buckets with dollars and checks and they even have ATM machines across all the back of the churches, and the big TV evangelists spoiled it all for a lot of the other ones that were just doing their little thing on a Sunday and keeping to themselves.  But itís traveled across the world now, and everyone is smeared with the same brush, and they say youíre antiquated, etc, etc. 


Everybodyís been drummed with the same indoctrination, because that was part of the Communist idea too, all the Communist guys who came out after Marx and Engels and Lenin etc, said theyíd have to destroy Christianity.  It was the one they mentioned.  They werenít bothered about the rest of them.  So, they keep going at it and at it and at it.  But Cameron is behind it all too.  And Cameron, you have to go into his personal history to find out that heís descended from the bankers that ran the Hong Kong Bank, which is now the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, and you might find why heís got a bit of a grudge against that too.


Now, the EU, I always say this, these boys who rule us always create crisis.† Isnít it?  Always crisis, you know.  Nothing is happening and how do we get the people to cow, cow-down and quiver while we ram them into a Global Union, plunder them through the banks, bring them into austerity, make them into utter slaves across the world, and standardize a bottom class across the planet.  How do we do all that, you see.  Well, they create a crisis.  Oh, itís called terrorism.  Borrowed from the Soviet Union.  Once they had really slaughtered most of the opposition off in Soviet Russia, millions and millions of them, they had to find an internal enemy, so it was just like the Reds Under the Bed, only it was the Blues Under the Bed.  And everybody was a terrorist, and everybody was terrified, and every so often the NKVD would come round and snatch people out of their homes, just like theyíre doing in America now, and just away they went, no court, nothing else, and didnít hear about them.  Same old thing as they do it.  Everythingís the same.  Same techniques, different uniforms.  Thatís all.  Everything is always the same. 


And so, you have this vague shadowy enemy that could be anybody, and of course thatís why theyíre using this to keep us all in check and using this as an excuse to monitor every single one of us as we get rammed, because you have no idea, you have no idea about the rest of the stuff, where they want to bring you ultimately.  I do.  Iíve read all their books.  And itís going to be hell.  Itís already getting to be a hell on earth for a lot of people.  Itís going to be hellish, worse.  Thatís where theyíre taking you.  And Iím talking about this quite seriously.  They really are going to bring this world right, right down into utter poverty for the majority of the general public and radically bring down the population.  All these global meetings, the Lucky Gene Club, with Rockefeller, etc.  Radical depopulation is what they call for now.  Well, theyíre already making sure and preventing birth going across the world, helping women they claimed, in other words, giving them abortions all over the place.  But how are you going to get rapid depopulation?  Theyíre meaning also those who are going to go up and collect pensions.  You see, they want all that cash for all their big plans and the few little wars theyíve got left and things like that, you see.  So, theyíve got to kill you off, and if you donít know how theyíre doing it, well, look into it, youíll start.  Look at the cancer rates.  Look at the massive vaccination programs that came out in the 50s and then all the diseases that broke out after it, including the cancers, types that were unheard of before.  These guys are deadly serious. 


Remember what Albert Pike said, the person who wonít use his own intellect is therefore steak on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent.  Donít ever forget that, because thatís what they go by at the top.  He also said too, we make no excuse for nature, and it trails off.  Now, what does that mean?  We make no excuse for.  It means that they believe at the top they are the dominant minority, theyíre the top predators, and they studied all the animals of the world, and the animals belong to them.  And all the ones below them are just inferior animals to be used by the top predators.  So you donít apologize for ripping them off, using them, discarding them, itís as simple as that, for your own survival.  That simple.  So, Crisis, crisis. 


The EU plans to speed up closer union


(A: I said this years ago.)


to save euro


It doesnít matter, and it wonít matter, as Iíve said before, this is all the plan.  Theyíre strengthening all the Central Banks, and the European new Central Bank, and giving all the power to them, and the IMF, and the Bank for International Settlements, which they drafted up the whole legislation for that back in the 1920s to do, for a Global World Society, and the Union.  So, they use every crisis to further integrate you and take away any vestige of sovereignty.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre talking about how they use crisis to get their big agendas through, that you never, ever let go of a good crisis.  Clintonís wife said that too, Hillary Clinton, and thatís what they do.  Always make good use of a crisis.  So, the EU plans to speed up a closer union to save the euro, the currency, this currency they want them all to be on, you see, as Greece is floundering.  And theyíll keep it floundering too.  And then theyíll keep hyping it up.  Theyíve put over a trillion dollars into it.  We donít know where it goes or who it goes to.  It probably doesnít even end up in Greece.  But itís all run by the big central bankers, you see. 


And everybody in the countries that are throwing money at them, Germany, Britain and elsewhere, are simply accumulating more debt, because they borrow the money from these strange, shadowy, international bankers to give to Greece.  But the people, the citizenry are all put down as the guarantors to pay it all through their taxes.  What a great scam this is for bankers.  Thatís really what it is.  Itís quite simple to figure out.  And then of course they have to tell you after, oh, you owe so much money, you all have to go into dire austerity.  Thatís what theyíre telling Greece.  Tighten your belts.  Theyíve told British people that my whole life, tighten your belts, tighten your belts.  You canít tighten it once you have no notches left to tighten it to, and you have no waist left.  Itís all, your belt is wrapped around your spinal cord.  I mean, what a ridiculous thing to keep telling the public, tighten your belts, while they have, you know, their twenty-four course meals when they meet at their global meetings, all the people that represent you, and they do awfully well, with red carpets, all that kind of thing.  Organic food, including meat, real meat.  You know, real meat.  So, this is what theyíre using it for.  And it says:


There is a widely held view that the EU single currency needs a fiscal union in order to function smoothly.


(A: They want everyone completely under this one central banking system.)


The "building blocks" for strengthening economic union will be drafted by the European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy,


(A: I donít know if itís Rumpoy or Rumpwee, or whatever.  The little guy.)


with input from the European Commission and European Central Bank.


The Central Bank and the Commission Ė the Commission, remember, isnít elected by the general populations.  In fact, they donít even know who they are, most of them, or what they do.  Itís all secret.  Itís not a democracy.  Theyíre as much of a democracy as the European Central Bank.  Theyíre all private, basically.  Thatís the new system, and America is really showing you they have the same system, by keeping the faÁade on that you have some kind of democracy, although itís a republic, but itís a democratic, supposedly, republic, where you vote them in and have a say.  Iíve never seen anybody getting listened to.  But thatís what they do.  Create the crisis, and hereís the solution.  And they keep doing it, over and over, until they get what they want.  Thatís why theyíre keeping on with Greece all this time, and Spain, of course, and Portugal. 


And as theyíre doing all this, as I say, theyíre throwing all the money across the whole planet, not just at Greece.  Theyíre throwing taxpayersí money across to again that pact for the Pacific Rim region, and Pacific Trade.  Theyíre also pushing money to bring up India to a higher standard of living through their international trade agreement, the global World Trade Organization, again, a private organization under the United Nations.  And the money is going everywhere except home, where itís supposed to be, getting spent on the people who actually pay it all back, you see.  All theyíre left with is the tab.  Now, hereís an example:


Britain's two biggest drug companies have set aside their normally fierce rivalry to speed up the hunt for more powerful antibiotics.


(A: So, here we are on a mission of mercy, eh?  I mean, you know that theyíre always broke, these drug companies, donít you?  You know that.  Iím sure you understand that.)


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)


(A: Who else.  Guys who have ten million dollars every year, guaranteed from the government, to give stinking flu shots that donít work and make you sick.)


and AstraZeneca are to share information in an unprecedented alliance.


Rather than duplicating each other's efforts in secret, they hope to learn swiftly what works against the bugs - and what doesn't.


Patrick Vallance, head of GSK's research and development, told Sky News: "Because of the nature of antibiotic research and the difficulties in doing this, we want to share.


(A: Theyíre raking in money hand over fist, because theyíve got us all sick as could be.  Most folk over fifty are on about ten medications, if youíve been to see a doctor, that is.  Thatís all they give you is medications.  Thatís if you can get a doctor in austerity, you know.)


"We want to get the information out so we all benefit from it."


(A: As they want to depopulate, they want you all to be healthy while you die.)


The two companies will collaborate with three other pharmaceutical companies, as well as scientists in the public sector.


(A: And so, the taxpayers again of this strange alliance in Europe, that theyíre all broke, remember, bailing out country after country, and the big bankers are rubbing their hands and lending the cash out, same bunch, the European Commission, is going to start them off, starting cash, to kick-start it, 180 million pounds for these poor pharma companies.  Huh?  To kick-start the work.  Do you think theyíre going to give it back to the public for free, since the public are obviously funding it?  I donít think so.)


All but a handful of pharmaceutical companies have abandoned antibiotic research because it has proved hard to find the Achilles' heel of bugs such as MRSA.


Well, just ask the guys that make the killer viruses and bacterium for the war departments.  Theyíll tell you what the antidote is.  So, thatís the world that we really live in.  And also, I want to put up this article about the average arresting across the US, for whatís now petty crime.  Because itís a big business.  Same in Britain and everywhere else.  Itís all private companies that are, well, just like China.  China uses their slaves, who are prisoners, you know, and put them in working for free, for the state, you know.  And thatís how you work off all your sins, by being a slave.  Well, the same in Britain and everywhere else.  And big private corporations, who are also involved in the military-industrial complex, take them on, all these prisoners on.  So, anyway, it says:


Unlike the NATO 3 (or the Chicago Seven, or the Haymarket Eight)


(A: All these people it mentions above at the top of the page, actually.)


35,948 Americans - the number arrested on a daily basis in the US,


(A: It says.  35,948 Americans .)


according to FBI statistics - were handcuffed....


(A: What they had there were protestors, some of them arrested at Chicago meetings.  Other ones were on minor drug things, which, if you want to see drugs, go into Congress or the Senate and some of their parties they go to.  I mean the real stuff.)


When bond is posted, some of these people will have relatives or friends who are able and willing to bail them out. Many will not. For most, there's no grassroots bail fund, no jail support team waiting on the other side of the razor wire fence.


Unlike the NATO 3 (or the Chicago Seven, or the Haymarket Eight), these people will go on to become part of a vast, near-voiceless crowd of 2.3 million incarcerated Americans, most of whom are visible only in the somber mugshots posted to their state's Department of Corrections web site. On this site, friends and relatives who know to look can view their loved ones' height, weight, race, tattoos, scars, offense, sentence length and inmate number. No phone number is listed, because these people - let's call them the US 2.3 Million - no longer have a phone number (or email address, or blog, or Facebook message box or Twitter account)


So, it goes on to talk about all the petty crimes now that theyíre putting people away for.  And, as I say, if you want big crime, just go up to the guys at the top, folks.  Look at all, look at all the bankers who knew four years before that theyíd crash the banks.  They all knew it.  Didnít stop them.  They kept at it.  Because they met, all the top bankers in the US met, and Britain and elsewhere, and had big meetings, and they says, ďoh, the governments will have to bail us out.  Weíre too big.  The whole country would collapse if we go out of business.  Thereíd be nothing, like devastation.Ē  They all knew it.  Who went to jail?  And then they all got rewarded for plundering the nation.  Rewarded by who?  The taxpayer bailed them out.  The taxpayer will be paying off that bailout for probably a generation or two.  Maybe more.  Never mind all the other stuff youíre giving out across the country. 


Another article too, and it wonít stop them, by the way, is about the global warming scams. It says:


About the euro, and global warming, it turns out the 'thought criminals' were right


(A: Were correct.† They were right after all.)


The orthodox dogma about the EU and about climate change is rapidly collapsing.


Thatís from The Telegraph.  And it goes into all the stuff that didnít come true and all the people who are trying to get this new way of living through.  Itís all for the big boys, not for you at the bottom.  And how the big boys want to give you less electricity, but they charge you a hundred times more for that little bit of electricity.  So, they wonít lose anything.  Not bad, I mean you make less of a product, and yet your prices go sky-high.  Thatís a good deal for them.  Thereís always a con involved in everything.  So, Iíll put this link up too, and youíll see about how itís going there.  Thereís nothing to stop them though, because Britain apparently is still going to go ahead with windmills and so on, and try to meet its targets of CO2 reduction, even though China is laughing up their sleeves at them, because theyíre pumping it out over there.  So is India, by the way.  India, under the World Trade Organization Treaty can keep pumping it out for another twenty years, until they catch up in industry.  And if they still say that they canít afford it, then they wonít. Theyíll put it off for another twenty years.  Not a bad deal.  China had the same deal, World Trade Organization. 


Did you vote for the World Trade Organization?  No, the big boys, who make their own big clubs formed them, just like the G20 made their own clubs.  Did you give them authority?  Did anybody give any Prime Minister or President authority to form an international club where they could create their own treaties and sign them and put us all under the boot?  Of course we didnít.  Because youíre not under any kind of democracy.  You consent by your silence, if you even know whatís happening.  Most folk donít know whatís happening.  But you consent by your silence.  Thatís law.  Thatís legal.  You see. 


Now, Bill Clinton, itís funny, because I got an article from the BBC complaining about the terrible pornography and the poor, the poor women who have been brought from Latin America, and now theyíre being used as prostitutes like for ten, twelve hours a day, driven around in vans, etc.  Like Britainís got a lot to talk about.  Theyíre bringing people from other countries in Europe who are bringing in children for sex slaves.  Because this is the big thing now, of course, anything goes, as long as theyíre making lots of cash.  Thatís really what a winner is, isnít it, in this new moral society?  Just get there.  But Bill Clintonís out there representing America.  And heís showing you the best of what an American can be.


Bill Clinton caught surrounded by porn stars


(A: And heís all happy about it, big smiling face, and it says, heís:)


...caught once again getting close with a woman in a blue dress, but this incident involves neither Oval Office sexcapades nor a White House intern. No, no, no ó the ex-chief exec has graduated to porn stars.


(A: Apparently well known porn stars.)


While attending a star-studded gala in Monaco on Wednesday night,


(A: Thatís what you do when you get up there, representing the country.  You go around to lots of great feasts and you can fly in jets and leave carbon all over the place, and itís okay.)


former US President Bill Clinton was photographed posing with his arms around two young women. Unfortunately for the former commander-in-chief, though, the presumably harmless photo op has gone viral after one of the co-eds cuddling up with Clinton tweeted the photo from her Twitter account.


It just so happens that the micromessage was sent from the very same social media account that Brooklyn Lee, 22, uses to promote her cinema career ó one which includes starring roles in films such as...


(A: Well Iíll let you read it yourself.  I didnít know what FAW meant, but Iím learning here. )


...and at least 86 other adult film titles. Lee is perhaps best known, however, for recently winning the best...


(A: Itís an OSS.  I used to think that was the Overseas Secret Service, but itís something else.)


...award at the Adult Video News awards


Thatís how far everything has plummeted.  And here they are complaining about a Christian Cross around someoneís neck?  Hey?  Really?  Anyway, thereís another porn one next to him.  They give them both of their specialties, apparently, and well, thatís, theyíre getting to the top, folks.  Getting to the top.  There they are with Bill Clinton.  And thatís what itís all about, isnít it, in the money system?  Success.  We all like winners.  Weíre told we like winners.  Thatís why idiots follow them.  They think they are winners.  They donít realize these characters are all put in there in the first place for you to follow.


Three articles tonight about Canadaís Foreign Aid Effort.  Most Canadians donít know they have one, because itís all done pretty quietly in Canada.  If they donít tell you, then no one can complain.  But, itís just astonishing the money that Canada is dishing out, just like the US and Britain, across the whole planet.  Fantastic.  Meanwhile theyíre saying theyíre broke at home.  ďOh, youíve got to go into austerity.  Tighten the belt.  Tighten the belt.Ē† And it gives you a bit of history in one of them, starting with U.S. President Kennedyís Decade of Development, the treaties that they signed and the other countries signed to industrial nations to make the 1960s the ďDecade of DevelopmentĒ, it was called, the 1960s.  And they all pledged on our behalf, with us down as the guarantors to pay it all, to dish out money to countries across the planet, you see, through the United Nations too.  And it shows you some of the figures weíve already thrown out per year.  They wonít tell you the gross, the whole lot, but theyíll give you per year.  And youíd be surprised that these countries could even do it.  It says


Ten years later, Canadaís aid to the 49 least developed countries


(A: In the 90s.  They call them LDCs by the way.  Itís great how bureaucrats work; they know we need dictionaries to even understand what theyíre talking about.)


declined in real terms by almost 50 percent


So it went down 50% to only $180 million, down from $350 million.  Thatís part of what we dish out across the planet.  Weíre also giving out, I canít remember how much it was.  Was it $100 million from Canada to Afghanistan, they just announced that.  Another one, that is.  Another $100 million, and the US is matching it and actually doubling it.  So, itís just fantastic, weíre the best, best cattle on the planet for producing what we produce.  We really are.  And thatís lots and lots of sweat, blood, sweat and tears, aggravation, ulcers, early deaths, so that we can help these people supposedly across the planet.  Itís strange that the rest of the planet is in such dire poverty after the 1950s right to the present day, isnít it?  Because itís not getting to the people.  Weíre run by international corporations.  A new feudal system, remember.  Thatís what they said was their goal, where CEOs of the big international corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  Weíre here.  Itís been here for a long time.  And we havenít quite got it yet. 


The guys at the top are eugenicists.  They believe we are peasants.  If you havenít got to their level youíre obviously a peasant.  Itís very simple to them.  Thereís no, you know, no wringing of hands to come to that conclusion on their behalf.  Theyíre brought up like that, and they believe it.  So, the G8 and all the rest of them are signing all these treaties so we can throw more money across the planet, as they tell you at home that your electricity is going up, everything is going up.  Everythingís being privatized, to the same big corporations that have also got branches over in the Third World countries, getting your aid money given to them.  Everything is a racket. 


Anyway, theyíre trying to meet the Millennium Development Goals, Agenda 21, and all the rest of it.  And it says, the World Bank, of course is at the top of it, the IMF, and all the rest of them, and the international boys.  The World Bank is really a combination of the international money lenders that comprise, they make up the World Bank, and they make the deals through the United Nations, and your governments go and borrow from them, to throw away across the planet.  Did you agree to that?  Were any of you asked about it?  Do you mind?  Is there a better use it could be put to at home?  Maybe?  We havenít got a say in anything.


The students in Montreal were rioting, apparently because, apart from the fact, yeah, thereís groups behind them, big boys they donít even understand.  Iím talking about the followers.  Because their tuition went up 70% over the last few years.  But, you see, thatís what they do.  Britain did the same thing.  They brought in all the foreign students with the cash.  India has got the largest middle class in the world.  We forget that, donít we?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíll go to the callers.  Thereís Thomas from Texas hanging on there, if heís still there.  Are you there Thomas?


Thomas: Hello?


Alan: Yes.


Thomas: Yeah, I was wondering, I heard a mentioning of religion earlier.  Not to cut into the thing that was being spoken of, but I have a, Iím very wary of a lot of different churches.  I donít attend too many.  I mainly stick with gospel, apostolic, stuff like that.  But what would be your take on that?


Alan: Well, I understand it.  I mean, most of the churches have been deliberately emasculated, basically.  Very much so in fact, since the early 1900s when Rockefeller got involved with the World Council of Churches.  He set it up with the intention of basically bringing down the import of the New Testament, and bringing in more of the Old Testament, and getting the people to just go by laws, rules, and obedience, etc.  And then standardizing the teaching of pastors across the board.  It doesnít matter what denomination, as long as they all joined the same World Council of Churches.  So, now itís really a kind of hallelujah thing.  You just put your hands up and wave like sea anemones, I call them.  And they really donít, they donít want to go into anything nasty, any nasty topics.  They shy away from it.  Theyíre all trained that way.  They go back to default positions and look at the nice things in life, and theyíre Ostriches with their heads in the sand.  There are decent people out there, absolutely, who still have good values, but they will die off.  They will die off, because the young are brought up in a debauched society, deliberately debauched. So, you have to either just go by your own belief for yourself, personally, and stay away from the ones who try and pull you in, you know. 


Thomas: And then youíve got a lot of these churches, theyíre involved in, a lot of them have Freemason symbology.  Because I have, I do have some knowledge of that.


Alan: Yes.  The United Baptist Church, the Baptist Church came out about six years ago, openly, in their own publications, because they had a debate that so many of their pastors, almost all of them were Freemasons.  And they had a debate about Freemasonry, and then they passed it as okay to have Freemasons as pastors.  And other ones have too.  Youíll find them in all the different branches, the top branches, Freemasonry, yeah.


Thomas: Iíve recently been in the process of finding another church to go to, but like I said, Iím very, very leery on, into finding churches.  But I mean, there was a Pentecostal church I went to a long time ago.  Back in 1997 when I first went, that place was really, really going.  And Iím a person thatís very serious about that kind of thing.


Alan: Well, theyíve degraded as well into the happy-happy thing.  They want happy-happy songs and happy times.  And itís like going to the church to get a high, injected with a high every week.  They donít want any negative stuff that makes them serious and contemplate the nasty things in life and thatís what theyíve been turned into, most of them, I think, yeah.  Everything has been hit, everything.  In this system, itís so minutely controlled in this system, that if you started off something brand new tomorrow, within about three months, youíd be infiltrated, and theyíd have you either all broken up, or youíd swerve off into being a bunch of sea anemones just waving your hands, like youíre all stoned, and being happy about happy things.  If Jesus Christ came back tomorrow, they wouldnít let him in these churches, because heís only got one set of clothes, basically.  And then once he was gone, theyíd completely change the story to suit the agenda, which they do.  Which is be good, obedient to government, and donít make waves.  Thatís it.  Completely emasculated, as opposed to, the initial Christian Church was revolutionary.  It revolutionized the world.  It gave rights for the first time, God-Given rights to the average person.  Before, no one had ever thought of that. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you. 



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