May 29, 2012 (#1097)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 29, 2012:

Further Along, Are You Catching On?

"It Seems the Super-Rich Want to Scoot
To Safer Havens with Their Loot,
The Connected Class Cross the Great Divide
By Private Jet, The Chasm Being So Wide,
Between Rich and Poor Who'll Be Poorer Still,
With Carbon Taxes Proposed in Gov. Bill,
And Taxes Collected Roll Through the Bank
Of Rothschild Bros, In Switzerland, Swank!
It's a Parasitical System in which We Live,
Where Corporate Lobbyists Make Us Give,
In Lives, Blood, Taxes and Tears,
Ensuring the Course which Elite Steers,
On the "Origin of Species," Mind Your Places,
Or "The Preservation of Favoured Races",
This "Dignified" System is All Flim-Flam
You've All Been Had by the Master-Scam"
© Alan Watt May 29, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 29, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of May 2012.  I always tell people at the start of the broadcast, rather than pester them all throughout, that they should go into and make use of the website, lots of people are, of course, but newcomers should try it because there’s over a thousand audios for free download.  Where you can start to understand the system you’re born into; it might give shortcuts to the young, that’s probably the beauty of it.  They can save years of banging their heads against the system where they think maybe they’re a failure; they aren’t getting the carrot, as they’re promised to, at school.  They can learn to understand that it’s not their fault; it’s a rigged system.  The whole system is absolutely rigged and it has been for an awful long time.


The trick is to create nations and then get nations to compete with each other, just as they used to do with factories.  The Soviet Union was a great example where they gave awards to factories that would outdo another factory within the Soviet Union.  We’re doing the same game now with countries, we got to compete with China, we got to compete with Europe.  It’s all competition and of course it’s all so that the same clique, basically, who gave you this system and run it all, can profit massively from the whole shebang. 


So, help yourself to the audios, understand the organizations that flourished in the 1800s and got together in the late 1800s and formed a world society, with the intention of taking over the globe and all of its resources, including the human resources too.  It’s quite simple really when you understand it.  Written about by people who were involved in it, world meetings.  They love to churn their books out, nobody reads them but it’s all documented stuff and you’re living through the proof of it today. 


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you.  You can support me by buying the books and discs at because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests or give you drama or anything like that.  I just give you the straight facts, as they are, and I don’t sell you anything apart from the books and discs.  So, you can buy them at  From the US to Canada you can use personal checks or international postal money orders, from the post office, or you can send cash or use PayPal; across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again. 


As I say, the documentation is just astonishing when you get into the old books and even bureaucrats today, as they retire, love to put their memoirs out boasting about their participation in global meetings and the various things that were organized for the public to participate in, unknown to the public, of course, but after the events they love to churn out the facts and let you all know how clever they are.  That’s the beauty of the system, they always reveal the method, after they’ve done it all and conned the public. 


The media, of course, is owned by them; it’s well documented too.  They took over the media a long time ago, all the big robber barons, as they’re called.  Robber Barons, by the way, is a good book to read.  It tells you how the early boys in the US got their start and how they plundered the public over and over again.  Even using their tax money, of course, through Congress, just like today, to build their big empires.  You can’t do it on your own.  You got to get the public input and the public purse, of course.  Once they have that, they own it privately, still do today, in fact.  Talking about that too, Canada’s rail system is supposedly getting put back from being on strike, by the government.  They’ve ordered them all back on, Canadian National, and the other ones too.  They’re all owned by companies in New York anyway so they’re not Canadian after all.  And judging from the freight that passes here, there’s hardly a thing that isn’t from China; because it’s all the Chinese names on all the boxcars that go past me every single day; has been for years, mind you. 


You’re supposed to compete with China, this is the latest game, of course, and the boys that set up through the CFR the system, boasted they’d do that, 30, 40, 50, even 90 years ago. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big system you’re born into and how it’s rigged; it’s rigged from the very get-go.  Your parents help with the conditioning of you because they don’t know either, basically, generally anyway, for most folk, they don’t know.  They don’t know to warn their children, like any mammal does, what’s dangerous in the world.  And if you don’t get warned, you’re very naive and you go along with the system, which is completely rigged to make sure that you never think your way out of it.  You’ll blame yourself, if you can’t get to the top.  You’ll also see sort of nasty characters really getting to the top and it can make a lot of people bitter, as well.  That’s very, very common.  You don’t realize, as I say, it’s all rigged by various degrees by different techniques, all working together, to make sure that most folk never catch onto what’s actually happening.  


You can go into the history of even commerce and industry and study that and you’ll start to catch onto the tricks that have been used for thousands of years, but they’ve been perfected, of course.  Today they’re churning out more billionaires than ever before, generally from the commercial class.  These guys have been at it for such a long, long time, banking and commerce, and they used to call them merchant bankers at one time.  They’ve had countries, right and left, to the extremes of both, running them both.  They can really cope with any kind of system, since they create the systems that you end up in.  Some of them start with horror shows like the Bolshevik Revolution, in Russia.  As I say, before, they tried to make everyone patriotic and you had to have commerce and you had to have industry going like crazy, because there was enemies everywhere, there’s always enemies, lots of enemies and lots of enemies within too; that way they can kill off everybody who complains—as an enemy or a counter-revolutionary.  They’re using the same technique now in all of the Western countries.  The enemy within, sort of thing, as you go into totalitarianism and at the same time you’re still churning out lots of multi-billionaires, who help get themselves very, very rich, by lobbying governments for big cash, for things like, well, sustainable development and windmills and whatever they decide is going to be the next thing.  They always use the public purse, you see, to bolster them up from nothing.  Great business, you know, when you can guide history.  You’re guiding the future, you see.  Great techniques.  Now we’ve all to compete with each other, as I’ve said before, just like they did in the Soviet Union.  They’ll even come down eventually, giving people medals to the top worker for the year, or for the week, even.  They used to do that in the Soviet Union from a factory who outdid his rival, in some other factory.  Now we’re all competing with China, which is ridiculous.


You know, the stories they’re coming out with today, were coming out 20 years ago, 30 years ago, even; when they talked about building China up because they talked about building China up, actually, in the 1930s at the Council on Foreign Relations meetings which they held that year, 1938 in Australia, long before we’d even thought of it because China was a third world country.  It didn’t pull itself up by the bootstraps.  They were put up, you see, by those who already controlled the globe and all the banking and the governments as well.  We really truly are in a rigged system but it’s almost pretty well passé to mention it today because it’s all done.  It’s all done. 


When they set up the United Nations, the whole point of it was to do away with sovereign nations and put us into three trading blocs as Karl Marx mentioned, a long time before, you see.  And then the trading blocs had to compete with each other into the ground, to create the next bunch of billionaires that would go off into the sunset and live with their own on some wonderful island somewhere. 


Anyway, that’s the real system that you live in and you have to belong to the group to begin with, be born into them, be connected with them in various ways or you have to join them externally from an external group into them via very high orders of masonry, things like that, to even try to get up to lick their boots; even licking their boots, mind you, makes you awfully wealthy, as many politicians have found. 


We also get trends getting sent out for us all the time.  Trends, that’s what you gossip about, and how they obfuscate life in general by giving you weird stories and things like that; which often are cover-ups in themselves for big experiments that go on the public.  They’re done on the public all the time, without you knowing about it.  The governments will never, ever admit all of the experiments they’ve done on their own populations; occasionally bits and pieces of them are admitted to.  They’re declassified 50 years after they’ve killed everybody off, or crippled them through cancers like they have done in England, with all the spraying of various substances, including cadmium, back in the 1960s and 70s; and it’s never really stopped. 


If they’re not doing that, they’re injecting you with lots of things that they say are good for you before your immune system is even working, when you’re a baby, and then, of course, they follow you all down through your life to see if it’s very effective – what kind of public are they creating, in other words, are they dumb enough to go along and never rebel.  See, for a good worker, you want someone who’s cheap to keep, basically, doesn’t eat too much and doesn’t need too much.  Who’s quite happy with simple things, very simple things, simple entertainment, cheap, and doesn’t want much out of life.  And who’s obedient to the boss and doesn’t cause waves, you see, that’s what you want.  Plato talked about it, thousands of years ago; creating that exact type of being.  They’ve never stopped talking about it; it’s a dream for those who rule, you see.  And, of course, it doesn’t stop them from trying.  Lord Bertrand Russell, who was an intergenerational peer in the House of Lords, he had quite a family history too, I touched on one of his predecessors, I think it was his dad actually, who actually said, during the famine in Ireland, that the people were just "white chimps".  "White, white chimps", he said, because Darwinism was awfully popular amongst the elite, still is of course.  And Russell took over but Russell himself said that these techniques of dumbing down the public, by the use of food, chemicals, he said, we shall use, and put it in the water and the food, and even by the use of "the needle", he says, we shall create compliant populations. He says this is irresistible, this ability to do this is irresistible to governments; in other words, they would definitely use it and of course, they have been using it. 


They talked about overpopulation back when they created the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations.  The same group that created these groups, the UN and the LON, are the boys who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They were all bankers and bankers’ sons, international lenders.  Their counterpart, their branch for America, was called the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have the CFR all over the planet now and they put in the presidents, and so on. 


So, we live in a completely rigged society is what I’m saying and at the bottom we’re just lab rats; where we sit in a cage every morning and chat amongst ourselves when we wake up and say, "what are the guys in the white coats going to do to us today?"  That’s really what it’s about.  We can talk till we’re blue in the face – actually they can simulate that with chemicals too.  But the thing is, there is nothing they can’t do and nothing they will not do for this world society that they’re bringing in and it’s not going to be a fair society.  It’s not intended that it be fair; it’s all rigged, again.  They have so many factions too, all funded by the same foundations, that actually fight each other and that’s why you can’t get unification on anything amongst the generally public.  It’s all intentional, divide and conquer, and they supply the leaders for all these different NGOs and groups that end up standing up for this right and that right and every right under the sun, and some you can’t even think of yet.  They’re always making up new ones.


We get tossed little tidbits occasionally and I can remember when there was a series of books that came out and they made movies about it too, with Anthony Hopkins.  One of them was to do with Hannibal the Cannibal.  At the time there was speculation about it; of course, anything that came out like that from fiction generally comes into reality, there’s something else going behind the scenes.  At that time the military had been publishing articles about using very high tech chemicals, for the modern soldier, who would be not just fearless in battle but he would be like an animal, a wild animal that was going back to a primitive stage, very primitive indeed.  And then Jacob’s Ladder came out, which was quite a good movie, based on that kind of experiment that they were doing with the troops at the time and out of that came BZ, a chemical, which apparently when they gave it to chimps, made the chimps rip each other apart, literally.  And they were going to use this on the troops.  Only a few weeks ago, I read an article about some other drug they tested on some troops, which made them kind of lovey-dovey, maybe too much – I don’t know if it can be too much these days, depends what they’re pushing – amongst each other, but they’d be very hostile to troops outside the group. 


So, they’re always experimenting, and the military is a great place for doing so, always doing that.  It was only a few years ago, I think the last couple of survivors from WWII in Canada, actually got compensation for being sprayed upon with all these dangerous drugs from the air that they were tested on by Canadian pilots that ended up killing everybody, except these two.  They all died of cancers.


So anyway, that’s the real world we’re living in.  It’s very dangerous to be alive in this day and age, especially when you’re naive.  But see, democracy is great too because they count upon the majority of the public being naive.  It’s like getting an inoculation and they say well that’s taken or it’s not taken, you see, by testing them they can tell if it’s taken or it’s not taken.  Your indoctrination works that way and those who are naive and believe everything, their indoctrination has taken on them, so you’re surrounded by them.  They always use the majority to push the minority along with whatever agenda they’re going, "oh, what’s wrong with you?  They’ve all accepted this.  What’s your problem?"  Same at the TSA.  There’s no point being a minority saying, "I don’t agree with this," and then you end up getting your pat-down or they jump you or taser you or whatever because the majority will stand back like with cow eyes and just "mooo", basically.  That’s why they like democracy.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  Talking about, basically, democracy, as they call it, where you can count on the majority to go along with whatever their masters want.  You can count on it.  They’re guided towards it and they always go for it, you see, because they take the path of least resistance, even if it’s detrimental to themselves, in some cases.  In the long run they’ll still take it, you see.  They live in hope and of course, they always use the majority against the minority by saying,  "Well, they’ve all accepted this" and "What’s your problem?" 


It starts off very early in fact.  If you watch children’s cartoons, they get them to do things in unison.  These idiotic adults pretending that they’re children.  It’s just amazing.  Just astonishing, isn’t it?  Have you ever watched any of these ridiculous things?  Like Mr. Dressup, they used to have Mr. Dressup.  Boy, the indoctrination starts off early and a long time ago.  I remember going to class the first year at school and the teacher was making everyone clap their hands, like all in unison and I said, "Enough of this" and I walked out and went home.  It was a nice day though; I had a good walk. 


You’ve got to understand everything is to get you to conform and be part of the team.  Conformity, conformity, conformity, and, of course, John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte Iserbyt have done very good exposés and books about the deliberate dumbing down of America and the techniques used.  But it wasn’t just in America; it was across the whole so-called civilized world, as I say, to make a perfect uniform society, that would be awfully obedient to their masters.  Who really, getting behind the mask of propaganda and public relations, they’re just nothing but gangsters at the top.  That’s the truth of life and that’s how it’s always been, in every so-called civilization. 


Once in a while, as I say, things will come out and obviously there’s military testing or something going on here and there within society.  A long time ago I read an article that was about the CIA, it wasn’t just to do with MK-Ultra, it was the ongoing experiments they had for over 30 years.  They tested thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people to do with prostitutes and johns.  They hired the prostitutes.  They had teams.  The CIA ran teams of prostitutes across America and other countries and they would try to get the johns to take different drugs and they filmed it all.  I mean how much of this stuff would you have to film?  What was the aim of it all?  You’ll never know.


They definitely have been at a lot of shady, shady things for an awful long time and we’re just the guinea pigs.  See, the CIA isn’t there to protect America.  It’s there to ensure that the elite who rule, those who dominate, the dominant minority, go on into the future with the kind of society of slaves or whatever that they want to go in with.  Remember what Charles Galton Darwin said, he says, We are in the process of creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery.  For those who think they’re actually free, you know.  You are in a form of slavery; it’s always been that way.


That article I read yesterday to do with the guy who was eating another guy, both naked and next to a big news studio, in fact, had to be on something that slipped out.  Something that’s probably been tried within the military in some level and then got out to the public; and you do get idiots out there that’ll swallow anything that will give them some new kind of high, as they go from high to high, as they call it.  It’s odd to call it “high” because if you watch people taking drugs they generally slow down.  It’s like they get awfully low, not high; but that’s the way that they call it, to attract the youth, of course.  It says:     


“Miami’s ‘growling cannibal’…”


Alan:  I laughed after I read that article last night.  I pictured a guy growling like an animal.


“…named as Rudy Eugene, 31…A man who was shot dead in Miami at the weekend after he was found biting the face off another naked man has been identified by police.”


Alan:  Now, apparently they’ve got an outbreak of this.  Isn’t it weird?  They’ve been churning out these ridiculous, silly zombie movies for years, where you get infected with something and you suddenly want to strip off and kill guys that are uninfected.  It’s just ridiculous but here you get it breaking out in Miami.  Where else, Miami, the drug capital, eh, where it all comes into America. 


“Rudy Eugene, 31, reportedly growled at a police officer after he was warned to back away.”


Alan:  He just turned and growled, like an animal, who’s protecting his grub, you know. 


“A witness said the aggressor continued to eat the victim, before the officer opened fire several times, killing him.”


“The attack next to a busy road on Saturday afternoon has been linked to an LSD-like drug…”


Alan:  Now this is probably disinformation by the top.


“…known as “bath salts”.


Alan:  Bath salts, really?


“About 75% of the victim’s face was reportedly missing.”


Alan:  And the cyclist who first came across him:


“Cyclist Larry Vega said there was "blood all over the place" when he came across the horrific scene by MacArthur Causeway.”


"I told him get off," Mr Vega told WSVN Fox 7. "The guy just kept eating the other guy away like ripping his skin."


“He said he alerted a police officer, who warned the attacker several times to back away from the victim”.


"The guy just stood his head up like that with a piece of flesh in his mouth and growled," Mr Vega said.

The victim, identified as a 65-year-old homeless man, Ronald Poppo, remained in a critical condition in hospital on Tuesday.”


“A Miami police spokesman said: "We are expecting a report from our detectives to give more details to the media.”


Alan:  Well, what’s the delay on it?  Like they have no chemistry labs, or anything?


“We are also looking for more witnesses to this crime.”


Alan:  What are they going to do with the witnesses, I wonder?


“Ives Eugene, Eugene’s uncle, described his nephew as a “nice and hard-working” man…”


Alan:  They’re all like that, aren’t they?


“…who washed cars at a local dealership.”


Alan:  I think I’d look at the detergent pretty closely, if I was him.  Back in a moment, after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the weird things that go on and filter into the media and then get covered up by other stories, or excuses, put it that way, for what’s obviously some kind of weird experiments going on somewhere, that’s got out of some lab, probably by the military, into the general population because they always do.  It always happens.  The military has definitely been working on powerful drugs that would make soldiers super-aggressive and it’s quite a long history of that, in fact, and a lot has been exposed on it and a lot more I’m sure has been covered up. 


“But Armando Aguilar, of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police…”


Alan:  That’s their lodge there.


“…told a CNN affiliate he believed the suspect could have overdosed on a type of drug known as “bath salts”.


“Made with the active agent mephedrone, the synthetic substance often causes users to become highly aggressive and experience intense hallucinations.”


Alan:  Well, they’ve had that around for a long time and this is the first time this has happened.


“Mr Aguilar cited four past overdoses in the Miami area where people had also removed their clothes and gone berserk.”

"It causes them to go completely insane and become very violent," he said.”


Alan:  Well, as I say the military has tried lots of drugs.  There are drugs that you’ll find in Columbia and other places.  One of them, you can derive a chemical, scopolamine I think it is.  They actually have used that in psychiatry and experimentation on people.  It can do a similar thing, but it generally makes people very compliant until you can tell them to do whatever you want and they’ll do it, even help you rob them and I’ll put a link up tonight on that.


This one here is more like the BZ-type that also made people hyperactive, it also raised their temperature, made them throw off their clothes.  That’s generally why they’ll do something like that on these drugs.  They’re very hot, but what gives them the appetite I’m not really quite sure, it’s something else added to it.  If they gave that to the troops it’d be quite good because they could cut back on rations on the fields, so it was cheaper, in other words, to run them that way, in the field.  So, we’ll never really know or get to the bottom of this until somebody else leaks something out, if they choose to do so, we’ll know about it. 


Same thing too, as that’s happening there, in Canada where nothing happens, because we’re awfully good at illegal stuff in Canada.  We don’t air our dirty laundry to the general populations of the planet.  We just put out little movies about the RCMP, hunting down bad guys in the snow.  Things like that and that’s how the people really see Canada.  They don’t realize the stuff that really goes on, inside this country.  So, we’re very good at propaganda and covering up because we use the old colonial style technique of covering things up.  Meaning anybody who mentions anything gets fired or even worse.


Anyway, a human foot in a package was sent to the Conservative headquarters, today, I think it says.  It says:


"A police officer removes a package containing a human foot from the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on Tuesday."


"Security personal member walks past the door of the Conservative Party..."


Alan:  And they’ve got all these photographs and stuff at the top.  Anyway, it says:


"Ottawa police are investigating after a suspicious package..."


Alan:  They’re very British, in that sense calling it "a suspicious package".  They’ve already told us this was a foot, right?


"...containing a human foot was delivered to the Conservative Party of Canada’s headquarters in the capital [Ottawa].  "Upon arrival, officers noted that the (box) package possibly had blood stains on it," the news release said.  The Hazmat Unit..."


Alan:  They sent in the Hazmat Unit.


"...and Emergency Operations Section were called and upon further inspection of the package it was determined that there was possibly a human foot in the box.  The coroner's office in Ottawa confirmed Tuesday evening the foot inside the box was indeed human."


Alan:  That’s what we have experts for.  And it says:


"CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr said police have yet to confirm why the foot was sent..."


Alan:  Well, they would have told us, right?  It’s quite interesting to see this was sent.  Now it could be a stunt by medical students or something because they’ve got lots of bodies now to play with and take organs from, different parts and all that.  So, we won’t know, or is it a threat from some other rival party, at that level.  It’s interesting too, the police sergeant looked at it and he says, "it was suspicious".  I’d say so.  Wouldn’t you say that?  “"The initial package was opened and it was deemed suspicious," he said.”  That’s why they’re police you see.  Any ability to elaborate in a speculative way is drummed out of them.  They can’t be colorful, so it was deemed suspicious, getting a foot in a box. So, there you go for the news for Canada.  Quite something indeed eh?  Also:


"The Mass Migration of the Super-Rich"


Alan:  Now, for as long as I can remember the United Nations has been prattling on, because remember they’re owned by the international bankers, who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they also set up the United Nations.  Because they want a kind of Socialist-type system to run the dumbed-downed masses and pretend that you’ve got a champion and of course that’s what the UN pretends it is; “We’re the champion of the downtrodden” sort of stuff.  And of course, that’s how they run us, by cons.  It says:


"The Mass Migration of the Super-Rich"


Alan:  They’re always talking about the massive gulf between the rich and the poor, "Oh, it’s growing ever wider"; in other words, it’s harder to jump across. 


“The global rich are on the move.”

“Whether it’s wealthy French or Americans fleeing the prospect of higher taxes or wealthy Russians and Chinese trying to escape political uncertainty, millionaires and billionaires around the world are migrating like never before, according to government statistics and relocation experts.”


Alan:  They’ve got experts on everything, eh? Relocation experts.


“There is a sudden awakening among the wealthy that they’re no longer bound to a certain country,”


Alan:  Now when have the rich ever been bound to a certain country?  You understand, this is like thousands of years they’ve been at this game.


“…said David Lesperance, a Toronto-based attorney who specializes in relocating the rich. “After the recession and other recent events, they realize they need to get themselves in better fiscal shape. For the wealthy, the idea of moving has changed from something that’s interesting or exotic to something they feel they really need to do.”


“The number of Americans seeking to renounce their citizenship surged to more than 1,700 last year, more than twice the rate of 2009, according to U.S. Treasury data compiled by Andrew Mitchel, the international tax attorney. Among them was Eduardo Saverin, the Facebook billionaire who famously moved to Singapore before giving up his citizenship late last year. This year, 460 people expatriated in the first quarter alone.”


“In France, the wealthy are eying Switzerland, Britain and Singapore as possible escapes from President Francois Hollande’s proposed 75 percent tax on income exceeding 1 million euros.”


Alan:  They never do that.  They always tell you that to get elected and once they’re in, and they play this hard left idea and all that nonsense.  You can also tell the classes they’re in too because it says in France the wealthy are eying Switzerland, Britain and Singapore.  Well, you know Switzerland is number one if you’ve got billions, you see; Singapore probably too and then Britain at the bottom if you’re just a millionaire and you’ll lose that quickly too with the taxes there and the cost of living.  It says:


“…at the end of 2010; more than 33 percent of those are French,...”


“Meanwhile, the newly rich people in several emerging markets – Russia, China or Brazil – are looking to come to better protect their wealth or families.”


Alan:  Brazil is stinking rich, actually, because the drug barons are there.  They’ve always been there.  Actually they came in with Columbus and Cortez.  The elite, actually, have always been the same elite running all of Latin America and the drugs too.  Anyway, they want to get out because it’s now dangerous.  They want to keep the market running but they want to get out themselves. 


“The combination of slowing growth, political uncertainty and volatile markets at home has lured some of the newly rich around the world to move to Britain or the United States.

Wealthy Russians are moving to London…”


Alan:  They’ve got the biggest amount of billionaires in any city, actually, Moscow.


“…moving to London is such large numbers that local commentators have coined the term “Londongrad.”  Roman Abramovich, the Russian multi-billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club is the highest-profile rich Russian in Britain, but he is only one of ten Russian billionaires living there, while an estimated 1,000 Russian millionaires now call London home.”


Alan:  You understand, under the communist system, it was the same families that plundered the country.  There was lots of money to be made during the communist era, if you belonged to the right clubs, basically.  And many of them fled afterwards.  It wasn’t a sudden collapse of the Wall, it was all planned to go down and most of them had already put their money abroad into big bank accounts and they headed off for LA and other places as well afterwards, even Toronto. 


“Attorneys and real-estate agents in London who deal with the Russian rich say their clients are attracted to the stability and refined culture of London, as well as the relative safety. After the tumultuous presidential elections last year, wealthy Russians are increasingly nervous about the country’s political stability and their own fortunes, experts say.”


“Meanwhile, Chinese millionaires and billionaires are flocking to the United States.”


Alan:  That’s all you have to do.  I can remember Nixon talking to the head of China once.  It was a kind of one of these visits, just like they had with Gorbachev.  They put cowboy hats on each other and have a little quiet punching thing at the shoulder; a little punch you know, for the media.  Nixon says, you people can’t immigrate and I think it was Mao Tse Tung who said, well we can give you a billion tomorrow, would that do you for starters, and that was the end of that conversation.  You don’t have to do it by war, you just do it through immigration; you can take over any country, especially when it’s authorized by the United Nations and the boys who run the world.  Anyway it says:


“More than two thousand Chinese citizens sought to immigrate to the United States in 2011 through the so-called “investor visa.” That’s more than twice the number in 2010. The program allows foreigners and their families to receive permanent U.S. residency for an investment of $500,000 or more (or in some cases $1 million or more) that also creates a minimum number of jobs.”


Alan:  So they can invest in some ongoing company.  It could even be a scam, actually, and once they’re in they just break up the fake company and in comes granny and everybody else.


“The impacts of all these new migratory patterns of the wealthy are still emerging. Some economists and sociologists say the rootlessness of the new rich could further tear the fabric of countries and communities, since the wealthy won’t be as grounded in local charities, workers or businesses. It could also lead to an arms race in tax policy, with locales like Singapore and St. Kitts offering generous income-tax and capital-gains rates to attract wealthy spenders and taxpayers.”


So I’ll put that link up tonight too, for those who are interested in the billionaires.  And behind every great fortune there’s a crime, but who cares, eh, nobody cares about that.  Now:


"The US is examining plan for United Nations to regulate the internet". 


“House lawmakers will consider an international proposal next week to give the United Nations more control over the Internet.”


“…is backed by China, Russia, Brazil, India and other UN members, and would give the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) more control over the governance of the Internet.”


“It’s an unpopular idea with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and officials with the Obama administration have also criticized it.”


Alan:  So, they give the usual back and forth nonsense but the idea is eventually to have this world system regulated by the United Nations, down the road, and we’ll see how that goes.  Everything’s planned, you understand.  There’s no such thing as a debate.  You have a long-term agenda.  Every part of it’s debated, probably 40 years ago.  To keep you believing this is reality and you’re on the cutting edge, they come out with these stories that the left’s battling the right to see if it should go forward or not.  That’s just to keep you trapped in the fake illusion, again.


Tuna, you don’t even know if this is to do with the upcoming meeting, to do with Rio de Janeiro, with Maurice Strong, you know to do with Rio+20 – (because they really want you all to be vegetarian) – or not, but you don’t know.  You just don’t know anymore because propaganda wars is going on all the time.  Anyway, it says: 


“Bluefin tuna caught off the US coast have been found to contain radioactive material from Japan’s quake-struck Fukushima nuclear plant, according to a new study.”


“Researchers found “modestly elevated levels” of two radioactive isotopes in 15 bluefin tuna caught off the coast of San Diego, California in August 2011, according to the study published online Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).”


“The Researchers said the elevated radioactivity posed no risk to public health as the observed levels were more than an order of magnitude lower than the Japanese safety limit and were lower than other naturally present isotopes.”


Alan:  Well, really, so you don’t know what to believe anymore, do you?  You shouldn’t have 134-cesium and 137, etc. in your system at all.  You know how they date old skeletons?  People who were born before World War II and the nuclear testing, don’t have certain traces of radioactive material in their bone structure.  They can actually tell everybody who’s been born after World War II because we have traces of strontium and various things in the bone cellular structure.  So, we’ve all got something or another and we’re doomed in a whole bunch of ways but we certainly don’t need our worries added to by these nuclear plants crumbling, which they’re doing because the big multi-billionaires going across the planet don’t want to invest in the things that they own to repair them or keep them up to scratch, now that everything’s privatized. 


Maybe that’s how the world will go, you know, eventually, just the survival of the fittest takes us all down.  Mind you, the way things really go they will survive again in some other way which they aren’t telling us about. 


Blackmail is a fantastic thing in commerce.  Great thing, especially in the system we live in because, you see, if Greece goes, here’s what they’re telling you now to make everybody say, "Oh, save Greece, keep it in the Euro, keep it in the European Union". 


“Greece’s exit from the eurozone will cost Britain a crippling £230billion and its economy further plunge into recession, experts…”


Alan:  You know, those white-coated priest guys.


“…have warned.  The analysis by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch predicted the Bank of England would have to print another £200billion in a bid to boost the economy.”


Alan:  What a joke.  You understand, all of economics is a con game.  It’s an utter con game.  If it was actually a science, we’d never be in a mess to start with, ever, you know.  The same characters who are collapsing the planet and plundered the planet just recently, the same bankers, have all these top economists that didn’t see it happening, except for their bosses; they all knew it was happening 4 years before it did.  They even had conferences with all the top banks saying well, the government will have to bail us out, 4 years before it happened.  Understand it’s all a game folks and we’re always the losers with these gangsters at the top. 


So here they are, blackmailing you, oh if you let Greece go, my goodness, it’s going to be even worse.  And I got to love the wording in it too.  It says:


“Merrill Lynch UK economist Nick Bate said the Eurozone economy would plummet by around four percent if Greece is forced out.”


“The news comes days after it emerged the UK’s double-dip recession…”


Alan:  What’s a "double-dip recession"?  They used to call it depression, but no, you’ve got to say recessions now, we don’t have depressions anymore.  It’s called recessions now, you see, "double-dip recession", "double-dip".  Is that like poor and poorer?  How is that?  Define it. 


But it’s deeper than it was originally thought.  They just found that out now, you see.  So they’re going to have to bail out Greece forever, for eternity, and Spain too and Portugal and a whole bunch of other ones.  And by the time they’ve done all that they’ll have to start with Britain because they’ve been bailing everybody else out, by borrowing money to throw at Greece and Spain and Portugal. What a con.  It’s all a con.  I hope you realize it’s all a con.  I really do hope you understand how it works.  Where do you think all this money is going?  You see, there’s a lot more billionaires wanting to travel the planet and go to exotic places and do exotic things.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix and bringing some reality into a few people’s lives because many people out there really haven’t caught on.  They get caught up in the ridiculous stories that are given to them and excuses that are given to them time after time.  From terrorism everywhere, the old sort of “Reds under the Bed” ploy, same as the Soviet system; they had counter-revolutionaries everywhere, oh, in every house, you know. 


Same idea and meanwhile you’re getting plundered like crazy because society is utterly corrupt, you understand.  We’re completely materialistic, atheistic and corrupt.  Every movie they churn out is always about the rich and famous.  Everybody is following after the celebrities, celebrities.  They don’t want poor folk telling you ingenious things.  They want celebrities to sort of mumble through scripted lines on mundane trivia and that’s good enough for them, but they all want to be up there and they’re really envious.  Here’s a good article here, as an example.  It’s happening all over the planet, in politics, everywhere.  There’s always money going missing, trillions, billions and millions.


The former head of the fraud and security for digital banking at Lloyds of London has been charged by the fraud and security for digital banking with fraud, for taking 2.5 million pounds for herself.


“The former head of fraud and security for digital banking at Lloyds has been charged with defrauding her employer, the Crown Prosecution Service said today.”


“The CPS said that the Metropolitan Police had been authorised to charge Jessica Harper with one count of fraud by abuse of position.”


Alan:  I wonder what else she scammed during that time that they don’t know yet. 


"The charge relates to an allegation that between 1 September 2008 and 21 December 2011, Jessica Harper dishonestly and with the intention of making a gain for herself,”


Alan:  That means she had ambition.


“…abused her position as an employee of Lloyds Banking Group, in which she was expected to safeguard the financial interests of Lloyds Banking Group, by submitting false invoices to claim payments totalling £2,463,750.88, to which she was not entitled…"


Alan:  So they’re going ahead with the prosecution.  See, what I’m saying is the whole system is corrupt, you understand.  The whole system is corrupt.  Look at politics alone.  Look how much money you have to get to even run for politics; that’s if you can get the papers to mention you.  Anybody mentioned in the major media is authorized to be there.  So it doesn’t matter if they get in or not, or if somebody else gets in, they’re all authorized.  The guys that are not authorized, even if they had the money, you’ll never even know they exist.  It’s that simple.  There’s been lots of exposés done on this kind of thing before. 


At the top, it’s just incredible corruption.  At the bottom, mind you, we’re not supposed to be bothered with these mind-bending things, these cerebral things, in fact.  You’re supposed to be happy with your trivia and seeing who has the latest silicone boobs and things like that on television, to keep you happy.  Most folk are pretty happy, actually.  Most folk are pretty happy when they’ve got a bit of health left, all the poisonous food that they’ve got, and injections they’ve got, haven’t kicked in with some long-standing illness.  They’re quite happy and they can do their regular little things.  They live in a little bubble they call it.  That’s what they say at the top, they live in a little bubble, each person does, of your own little world.  Just like any creature, you like routine, your own little routine.  As long as that routine isn’t really severely interrupted and you can afford it, you won’t complain about anything at all.  In other words, most folk take servitude for granted, in a sense.  I think it’s probably always been that way but it’s more perfected now with the food and the chemicals and the injections, because after all the multi-billionaires have got big plans for the future and their own offspring ruling over a future world of servile, happy, contented morons. 


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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