May 30, 2012 (#1098)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 30, 2012:

The Hundred Year War:

"In May There was NATO Meeting Then the G8,
Met for Drinky-poohs and Caviar Plate,
Then Bilderberg with More VIPs,
Content the World's Broken, Peasants on Knees,
Look Forward to June and RIO + Twenty,
More Poverty Plans for Nations Once Wealthy,
Yes the New World Order's Coming into View,
A World Run "Properly" by Gangster Few,
Globe's Ripe for Plundering, People Degraded,
Memories of Culture and Pride Now Faded"
© Alan Watt May 30, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 30, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 30th of May, 2012.

Those who are new to the broadcast should help themselves to the audios which are there for free download at  There’s over a thousand to choose from and I go through the history of the big cabals that formed over a hundred years ago.  Who set themselves up, they already were the richest guys in the world and they set themselves up to take over the world and all of its resources, and use science, etcetera, to bring in the perfect society, the way things really should be, where you’d have bureaucrats and agencies of government deciding who gets born, who would die, the perfect socialist society.  Bankers love socialism and socialists are always borrowing from them anyway, you see, so that’s why they love them. 

And basically we’re here today going through the massive changes into this New World Order as they call it and it’s to be a planned society, a planned world order.  And of course we’re all interdependent now, meaning that no one is independent.  Independence is taboo in this system and that’s why really they’re coming down on individuals who try to even extend their garden and do things like that.  It’s going to be a really ultra freak show control time system that we’re living in.  And the whole world is in on it because they’ve all signed treaties through the United Nations and they’re all part of it.  And we’re all responsible not only for your own country’s debt, even though you’ve got nothing to do with it, basically we’re also responsible for everybody else’s debt across the whole planet.  This is what they’re trying to bring in right now. 

So, help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, I don’t bring on guests as advertisers who sell you things.  I have no sponsorship for this particular program so it’s up to you, the listeners, to support me by buying the books and disks at  And remember straight donations are really, really welcome.  From the U.S. to Canada you can still use a personal check to Canada, you can also use an international postal money order from the post office, you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Across the world Western Union, Moneygram, and PayPal.  And straight donations are really, really in these hyperinflationary times awfully welcome indeed. 

As I say, that’s really how I do it here, I try and give you the straight news, give you the history of the organizations which are all out there too, there is nothing secret about it.  Even H.G. Wells in his day, he called it, "The Open Conspiracy", because the big boys do publish what they’re up to.  And many of the players through the generations have published their own memoirs and talk about their participation in these global meetings across the world, on all kinds of topics, on banking and population control, on everything you can imagine under the sun.  There’s hundreds and hundreds of them that take place every year across the world under the auspices of the United Nations. 

So we’re really out in the cold, the general population.  There is no point in voting people in when you’re already international.  So what’s a guy going to do for you when he’s just a little prince really, a prince-ling under a global society, a global overlord.  We’re in it now.  And that’s what the public haven’t quite caught themselves onto yet.  They have a hard time believing that because at election time out comes the flag and all the symbols of nationalism and you always fall for it again.  They never mention when they’re running that they’re going to bring you into a further global society and take all your rights away from you.  And what they actually say is, well we can’t help it, you see, your old rights were under an old charter and we’re under a new charter now.  It’s the charter of the United Nations you see.

NATO is the big battering ram for the United Nations and this global order.  And all your armies swap hats just overnight.  It’s quite amazing to watch them swap their hats from green or black and then they wear the United Nations blue, which is a whole story to itself, the blue and the white, where that comes from and where you’ve seen it before.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}  

Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix and generally I explain what’s happening in the world according to how I see it and how I’ve studied it of course.  And as I say it’s an open conspiracy of this whole agenda.  They said it would take over a hundred years to bring in and towards this particular time, right now in the 21st century, the century of change which they called it, we have to go through the massive changes.  And we’re already doing it.  We’re going through massive changes where socialism works well with the international bankers because they live on international debt and interest; that’s how they get it.  So socialism is the ideal way to control the public with lots of bureaucrats and government agencies all keeping everyone under control from birth to death basically.  In Scotland and other countries, with the help of Sarkozy from France, who helped draft up this scheme, they’re actually following children all through their lives now, from birth to see how they do.  All mental abilities, disabilities, you name it, IQ levels, etcetera.  And their health, because they’ve got to do their health because you see we’ve all been crippled with all the inoculations they give us, which is obviously intentional too. 

And as things are going crazy in the world, which they are.  This time was known to come along as people freaked out under different circumstances even with the ability of certain drugs, etcetera.  And who knows what experimentation is going on within society too.  Because wherever you have really seedy things happening you always find the CIA or the Canadian equivalent or the British equivalent all working on really shady, really terrible things.  And the CIA admitted, I mentioned this the other night, how they literally hired thousands of prostitutes over a fifteen year period and they got the prostitutes to try drugs out on some of the johns, and they photographed them all.  Thousands and thousands of people don’t even know they’ve been photographed.  But in some instances they actually told the johns once they were under the drug, with a little mic I guess in the room, to kill the woman, and they did, they did.  See, the whole thing is to get a compliance drug, you see.  And I mentioned that drug Scopolamine the other day and that was used for compliance as well.  But if they can also use that for troops and add something else to make them vicious, you’ve got a perfect drug, they’ll obey any order, they’ll do whatever they’re told and they’ll be utterly vicious to those outside their own troop.  

I mentioned this strange thing that happened in the States.  And everybody’s wondering what really went on there because the excuses of this bath salts nonsense where they just mix up a bunch of chemicals in the bathtub and drink them and it drives them insane doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t make sense at all.  There’s some other ingredient here and there’s some formula here and it’s getting out.  And it will be well studied believe you me by the big boys at the top who always use these things; like anything that’s invented, it’s got a priority.  The first thing is always for warfare purposes, always.  Now that was Rudy Eugene who had the naked lunch on the lawn with his partner.  But more weird things are happening now that never happened before with different kinds of drugs. 

Here is a Hackensack man, kind of unfortunate name "Hack", but it’s a man who stabbed himself and as the police officers came into his room he started throwing his intestines at them.  Now you’ve never heard of this kind of thing before.  I don’t care what they’re on, it just didn’t happen with the drugs.

"A man who stabbed himself repeatedly in front of police — and then threw his skin and intestines at them —"

Alan:  Take that, cops, eh.

"… remains in critical condition Tuesday morning…"

Alan:  He’s still alive.

"Police said they got a call at 10 p.m. Sunday from someone saying Wayne Carter, 43, had a knife and was threatening to hurt himself.  When police officers arrived at the Clay Street home, they kicked in a door to his room, which had been blocked with furniture, said Lt. John Heinemann.  Carter was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen, Heinemann said. Carter allegedly threw some of his skin and intestines at officers as they tried to enter the room…"

Alan:  That makes no sense at all.  Anyway they got a SWAT team in, and they didn’t kill this guy, they just managed to subdue him and take him off to the hospital.  But what is it that’s going on?  What’s happening in society?  What’s getting out there that wasn’t there before that’s bringing these odd things to happen?  Something’s going on, something is definitely going on.  And we’ll be the last of course to be told what any truth is.  I have no doubt about that. 

And here’s another odd thing.  I mentioned yesterday too how someone had sent a foot, a foot in a box apparently through the mail to the Conservative headquarters, the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa.  Well apparently there was a hand there as well.  And obviously this guy who sent them to Ottawa knew who he was after because they’ve already got the guy’s name who sent the stuff so there’s a connection between somebody in the political arena there and this fella.

"Luka Rocco Magnotta video allegedly shows body parts suspect dismembering victim"

Alan:  This is the guy who sent the foot and the hand off, you see.  And apparently he’s a gay porn star. 

"A video that purportedly shows a suspect wanted in connection with the Ottawa-Montreal body parts case brutally killing and sexually assaulting a naked man appears on a Canadian-operated website."

Alan:  I wonder how long it’s been up there.  I have all these links by the way but I’m not sure if I should put them up or not.  

"Police are now studying the gruesome video, which was believed to have been taken by the suspect, identified today by police as Luka Rocco Magnotta.  Magnotta is wanted in connection with the discovery of a man’s torso stuffed in a locked suitcase in Montreal — whose hand and foot were mailed to Ottawa.  A man by the same name as Magnotta — who is featured on a number of lurid websites — is a low-budget gay porn star suspected of appearing in a number of kitten-killing videos."

Alan:  And probably people as well because they’ve got one apparently where he’s dismembering somebody, so it says here, and there was rumors that he was known to Karla Homolka who was one of the mass murderers in Canada along with Paul Bernardo, but it’s probably just that.

"Magnotta, however, vigorously denied those allegations…"

Alan:  Saying he didn’t know them.

"Montreal police said other body parts were found in the apartment where the homicide took place, but wouldn’t say which ones.  They aren’t ruling out other body parts being sent in the mail.  Magnotta, 29, uses the pseudonyms Eric Clinton Newman and Vladmir Romanov and is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant.  He’s white, weighs 61 kilograms, and has black hair and blue eyes.  Magnotta is believed to be originally from Toronto and was renting an apartment in a Montreal building that is now at the epicenter of the body-parts investigation.  Lafrenière…"

Alan:  That’s the detective.

"…said the crime scene, inside an apartment unit, was one of the worst his force has seen."

Alan:  Well absolutely. 

 "…very difficult…."

Alan:  Etcetera.

"A Conservative staffer in Ottawa called authorities at about 11:30 a.m. to report the arrival of a suspicious, blood-stained package at the party’s headquarters, just blocks away from Parliament Hill.  After police confirmed there was a severed foot inside, they announced another body part — a hand, this time — had been found inside a package at the Ottawa Postal Terminal."

Alan:  They didn’t say where it was bound to, where it was going to go, probably the same place, who knows. 

"It is believed the hand was bound for the office of the Liberal party."

Alan:  So maybe he knew different characters in these different parties; we’ll never know.

"Police are also in possession of the video of the dismemberment, which was believed to have been taken by the suspect.  Best Gore, the website showing the alleged Montreal attack, describes itself as a “reality news website” that posts real videos to show people the “uncensored truth.”  “They are as real as they get and I believe people have the right to know the truth,” the website reads.  The nearly 11-minute video purports to show Mr. Magnotta attacking a naked man, who is tied to a bed frame, with both an ice pick and a kitchen knife, according to the description. The victim is stabbed, has his throat slashed and is later decapitated and dismembered.  The video, filmed in a dimly lit room, also shows the killer playing with his victim’s limbs and using one of them to masturbate."

Alan:  They really are sickos you know in this odd alternative lifestyle that they have, in the sadomasochistic system. 

"The attacker later performs a sex act on the dismembered, decapitated corpse."

Alan:  I mean this is real.  You now, he’ll probably be out, once they catch him, in a few years you know.  Who knows where he gets put in society.  Anyway, it says:

"The video was posted on Best Gore May 25, but it is unclear when, or where, it was filmed, although police have confirmed Magnotta’s Montreal apartment was a crime scene."

Alan:  Well, no kidding.  So what’s going on in the world, eh?  What’s going on with people eating folk in public, you know?  And throwing intestines at the police, and now you’ve got hands, body parts getting sent to politicians.  What’s going on? 

And in the Canadian Press the same article too:

"Police identify porn actor as suspect in mailed body parts case"

Alan:  And the same information pretty well, word for word almost, almost the same thing.  

"A woman on the 14th floor of the Conservative party building said police wearing Hazmat suits were seen in the building and that employees on her floor were told not to go to the 12th floor."

Alan:  That’s standard now; they’re bringing in the Hazmat guys in case there’s some kind of terrorist infection getting thrown out there on whatever.  The same thing happened, by the way, before the guy Rudy Eugene had his naked lunch because there was rashes breaking out in schools down in that same area over a month’s period and the school children were getting these rashes and the Hazmat guys were in just to try to find out what was causing it, but so far they claim they’ve found nothing. 

But what is going on?  What is going on?  Will we ever know?  Will we ever know, eh?  It’s just amazing, just amazing what’s happening.  But to most folk you know it’s probably, they’ve watched so much horror movies and slaughter movies that they think nothing of it today.  Because even when they hear things they’re living half in reality and half in fantasy all the time, I think most people today.  We’re so debased as a society, which is the intention.  You cannot take control of an entire society without debasing them and bringing down the culture.  And that’s what’s happening.  It’s happened already.  It’s finished really.  The culture is finished.  Full-scale war has been done for a hundred years, mainly from the 50’s onwards and you’re seeing the result today and obviously it will get worse as we go through all this, obviously. 

And an article that was sent to me also says that:

"The three-name wonder Luka Rocco Magnotta is also known as Eric Clinton Newman and as Vladimir Romanov.  He was always known as Eric Clinton Newman until he became Vladimir Romanov and then Luka Rocco Magnotta."

Alan:  So they’ll know what his real name is of course and I pretty well suspect what it will be.   But yeah, we’re going down the tubes, down the tubes fast as the big boys make the whole global adjustments.  And part of the adjustments had to be remember that you had to accept all kinds of different cultures, and any traits that they had that didn’t mesh with yours, you’d have to accept them anyway.  You can’t allow yourself to be offended.  Only the minority groups can be offended by law.  You can’t as any kind of traditional majority in your own country; that’s part of it.  That also went for religion; that’s why they whacked your basic religions and destroyed them, pretty well destroyed them all while they gave you Hinduism and meditation and lots of other things to replace it with.  And you go back to the 1800’s and Madam Blavatsky said the same thing.  That they would use the churches, they would bring their New Age religion, a mixture of the Eastern religions and they’d bring it through the Western religions through the churches until they destroyed what was existing in the West.  It’s all been done because you see that’s where your morality and your moral culture came from.  But now you have to be all accepting.  When you’re told to be PC, you become PC or else because liberals can’t stand anybody not obeying them.  That’s how liberal they are. 

History, history with the internet, and people saw this coming a long time ago, would just go down the memory hole as Orwell called it.  And there’s an article here about that.  Everybody knows this too; you’ve got to save everything because if you go back to look at it later it’s gone and it might never reappear; it often doesn’t. 

"History disappears in a digital black hole"

"Valuable data relating to the most pivotal moments in modern Scottish history has been lost down a “digital black hole”, the National Library of Scotland (NLS) has warned."

"The internet revolution means much of what was once recorded in books or on paper now appears online. But Martyn Wade, chief executive of the NLS, said there is no system for comprehensively preserving this type of information and that online and social media coverage from the past 20 years is fast disappearing.  Among the material that has been lost are webpages relating to the first Scottish Parliament, internet and social media coverage of the 2011 London riots,"

Alan:  That’s gone.

"… the 2009 Westminster parliamentary expenses scandal and the July 2005 London bombings."

Alan:  They’re all awfully convenient things to lose isn’t it?  When there is still a lot of debating going on about them.

"People in 100 years’ time will fail to understand why we have not collected material on really important events in Scotland’s history…"

Alan:  Well it isn’t just Scotland, it’s everybody’s history.  Probably in 20 years’ time all the stuff to do with say the Project for the New American Century group that laid out the whole list of countries they wanted to take down, including Syria by the way, and all that will be gone.  All gone and we’ll have this vague conception of why we went to war in the first place and what it was even all about.  So they won’t know what really happened and so on.  It says:

"Currently chunks of web content disappear because its creators take it down. While there are regulations allowing the NLS to collect everything printed in the UK, website creators have intellectual property right to their material.  Only a few thousand websites are “harvested” each year but collecting 100 per cent of the material would require preserving 10 million websites.  In 2003 the Westminster parliament passed legislation allowing libraries such as the NLS the legal right to collect and store electronic publications in the same way printed publications have been collected for centuries.  However, there have been long delays in implementing the regulations."

Alan:  So it’s so easy and awfully convenient for those who want to change history.  You simply pull it, right, and it’s gone and no one will know when a generation dies off.  Even before that because most folk forget things, today especially they forget things.  They have very little memory left. 

And I won’t even really touch on the Bilderberg Group because you find out afterwards what they were all talking about through the Council of Foreign Relations because that’s their arm of propaganda basically for all media and the members of it.  They will come up on their sites telling you really how the world should go and what countries should start doing that.  That’s all really the agenda.  That’s where it comes out from.  Otherwise it’s all guesswork you see.  The only thing you can really get from them is to see new faces, where they come from, what they are right now in society, and where they’re obviously going to go because generally if there’s a new president or prime minister coming along they’re asked to go before they make them so.  They get approval there.  But I noticed that Redford from Alberta, Canada, who’s the premier, it’s a kind of state governor type idea, she’s a lifer working for government.  She’s a lawyer of course, but a lifer working for government in home and abroad departments, even the United Nations too, she worked for the United Nations too.  So she might be getting put up there to replace Harper because she’s been asked to go there, so we’ll watch and see.  It’s all guesswork until then.


" “Global Warming” is so totally over."  

It says here from the Telegraph:

"Even President Obama concedes this now. The problem is that after twenty years or more of infectious drivel from the richly-funded global junk science community (NASA, the Royal Society, the "University" of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, the National Academy of Sciences, etc), the minds of too many politicians have been poisoned, and too much damage has already been done.  Which brings us to Energy Secretary Ed Davey's draft energy bill."

Alan:  This is in Britain.

"It's a disaster. It will, if implemented, do untold damage to the British economy and the British landscape. So much is obvious to anyone with half a brain or the merest smattering of knowledge about Britain's approaching energy gap, about the utter uselessness of "renewables" and about the shale gas story. Yet it seems that few in our political class can see it. And that those who do – Graham Stringer, Peter Lilley – seem not to have enough clout to make any difference."

Alan:  Well I’ve said that years ago.  It doesn’t matter if God himself came down and says, “oh Global Warming and Climate Change is all nonsense, there is a big agenda going on,” it wouldn’t matter, they’d have to kill him because this is a must-be to get us all under.  You understand this junk science is going to control every single person’s life.  You will have to write out forms every year to do with carbon taxes.  And how much, and you’ll even get forms sent to you too, “Do you think you are using more or creating more carbon than the average person?  What do you think about it?  How can you cut back?”  I’m not kidding you, it’s all training, psychological training, conditioning reflexes, etcetera.  And this is the world they’re going to bring in.  And of course this is an economy that’s going to replace everything else.  In a post-consumer society, which they’ve said at the Club of Rome, means you can’t consume and spend on junk stuff from China and throw it away again, but you’ll be bust anyway.  You won’t have the cash to do that.  Everything, all your disposable income is going to go off paying taxes, fees, energy taxes, carbon taxes, that’s the idea.  That’s the new economy.  And it’s all made to keep you in line to obey, obey, obey.  Anyway, he says:

"Everything the tragic Davey – whose only possible use to mankind would be as maybe second or third runner up in a Wayne Rooney lookalike contest – has to say on the subject is either wrong, stupid, fatuous, economically suicidal, a total misrepresentation of the truth – or all five put together."

Alan:  In other words Britain is going to stick to its energy policy with massive carbon reduction; that’s really what it boils down to.  And not use the fracking stuff to its full extent.  And to show China how good they are.  In the hope, in the hope that China might say oh, well we should follow that example.  This is what they’re telling the general public, you see.

"As Bishop Hill notes, this is absolute rubbish. In the US, the price of gas has not risen but has collapsed thanks to the wholesale exploitation of shale gas. This is one reason that the US economy is growing and ours isn't. Cheap energy is good for everyone. (Not, it must be said, that this is any of Obama's doing."

Alan:  None of it is Obama’s doing.

"It has happened despite him, rather than because of him. Indeed Obama is just as ideologically committed as his European socialist counterparts are to driving up the cost of energy, as this story at PJ Media reveals – H/T Bohemond)."

Alan:  There are lots of links on this article and I’ll put it up for those who want to peruse it.

Now, Eurozone crisis.  Well, I’ve mentioned so many times and you’ll actually hear characters on videos from the Council of Foreign Relations always say the same thing, "How can we use this crisis to our advantage?Hillary Clinton said it too on a couple of occasions.  And so they create the problem and they create the crisis because they want to give you what was pre-made, a priori, the solution, you see.  And they’re using the crisis with all the bailouts and getting every other country in massive debt as they go on their way to do so, in order to create crisis which will then help them to integrate further.  No sovereignty at all.  And I’ll read this article when I come back from this break. 

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth. - ♫}


Alan:   Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix, and explaining the big system in which we live.  Because the system was designed a long, long time ago right down to the creation of central banks across the world, all the central banks were to be under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, that’s already happened.  The IMF is a part of it which has to come up to its full power as an authority over banks and countries actually, as the heavy.  They come in when you can’t pay or you’re bankrupt and they run your government for you, and they cut your healthcare, everything, pensions, the lot, and just rob you blindly.  So you have the World Bank, the IMF and the BIS all working together now.  That took a long time to get all that set up. 

Again, they do it in stages, 50 year plans, 75, 100 year plans for different parts of their program.  And here they are with the European Commission.  Remember, Europe was set up in a form of secrecy.  The public were not to be told until the late 90’s, when it was already set up and running, this parliament, that it was going to be taking over all of their sovereignty.  They knew that at the beginning of course but they just lied and lied to the public.  Similar to the way that they’re lying to Canadians and guys in the U.S. and Mexico that the North American Free Trade Agreement which led to NAFTA and it’s still ongoing under umpteen different things they’ve signed since, is for total amalgamation and integration.  This was the old, old plan of the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs, a long time ago.  The same thing has happened to Australia, New Zealand and the eastern rim countries, Far East, as they go under their system too.  And now they’ve put the right woman in charge, of the Fabian Society, to make sure it’s hammered home.  And China is to be the overlord for the Far East as they’re finding out in Australia. 

Now, in Europe as I say it says:

"The European Commission has proposed that money set aside for helping governments..."

Alan:  That’s what these private banks are in the business of, these central banks, right, is to help governments, eh?

"… should be used to bail out ailing banks directly.  The commission also pushed for more integration …"

Alan:  That’s everything, their whole lifestyle, everything. 

"… through a euro-wide "banking union"…"

Alan:  Which again they said a hundred years ago they’d do this, at the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the groups that pre-existed them which were on the go, the Milner Group, the Milner Society, and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that worked with Rothschild.

"… and a single deposit protection scheme to protect savers."

Alan:  Oh, they want to protect your savings.

"The call comes as fears over the health of Spanish banks have shaken markets.  Bankia, Spain's fourth largest bank, has asked for another 19bn euros recently from Madrid, which itself is struggling to get spending under control to meet its deficit targets."

Alan:  Now, you’ve got to understand that Greece, Spain, Portugal, and other countries that are getting hammered right now by these lenders and by the European Central Bank, and they’re using it all of course as I say to integrate the countries further under total political control, socialist too.  And they also are going to bring in a system which is closer to a kind of soviet type system but a fascist bunch on the top ruling it all.  They prefer socialism to rule over the public, keeping them quiet, lots of bureaucracies and cops and government agencies dealing with the people at the bottom, which is the majority of the public.  They’re in the same position as Germany was between World War I and II.  At the end of World War I they were supposed to pay off everybody else’s debt from Germany for the cost of World War I.  And the Treaty of Versailles, that was written in by the two Warburg brothers, one who just came across to the U.S. and got his citizenship in time to be head of the Federal Reserve that just opened, you see.  Another one was working for the German side, for the German Bundesbank, and the two brothers basically were running the whole damn show, who owed what to whom – which was all their banks you see.

And that’s how these countries are now under, the same kind of thing and journalists at the end when they saw what was happening and Germany was going to be burdened with this massive debt that they could never get out from.  Borrowing money at 40%, 50% interest, you know, per mark.  Which can’t be done; it’s accumulative you see.  It’s the same with these guys; they downgrade them by Standard and Poor’s, and then they end up paying massive interest for every buck they borrow basically, or euro.  And that’s what they said at the end of World War I, Germany will either rise again and fight their way out of this, or they’ll starve themselves to death.  That’s literally the choice that these swine are giving these countries.  Most of whom the populations didn’t want to go into this amalgamation in the first place; it was all done through deceit by their politicians who all belong to the same associations like the CFR; they have them across the whole of Europe.  The whole European parliament is made up of CFR members and now they’re stuck with it all.  And these bankers are getting what they want through the crisis.  So they want to amalgamate them all you see and have no sovereignty left whatsoever.  They want to denationalize until there is no vestige of what you were.  Your culture is to be totally destroyed in every country.  I hope you realize that’s the whole agenda.  Big plans these boys have.  When you rule the world, you know you don’t have little plans, you have big plans.  And you have the power to make it happen. 

Anyway it says:

"The commission's comments are part of its analysis of Europe's response to the debt crisis.  “The economic situation in the euro area deteriorated significantly over the last year,” the commission said."

Alan:  So, it’s just amazing.  And these same swine, and they are swine, these bankers, will have you supposedly competing with China.  How can you compete with China?  You are paying more taxes than the average group of Chinese in a factory pay in a year.  In fact you pay more taxes than they get paid in a month.  We pay that just in taxes.  We can’t compete against China at the wages they get.  So, who’s kidding who?  There’s big, big plans here beyond all of this of course, beyond all of this and to this world system.  And now we’re into, after the crashing of the banks across the West as well and across the world, and then us all bailing them out, the same bankers that caused it in the first place, who none of whom got poor and flung in prison for it.  They got rewarded for it, as far as I can see, by your tax money, which you and your children and great grandchildren will pay off forever.  Remember debt is slavery.  That’s a law actually, that is the law.  Go back into your history books and see where it all came from.  And that means too that your offspring belong to those that you owe the money to.  Very old system, hasn’t been changed. 

Anyway, in Iraq of course we knew that they were going in to plunder it and to do away with enemies supposedly of America’s ally, but to plunder it was a big thing, and it’s the same list as I said before that they’ve pretty well taken out.  They’ve still got a couple of countries, Syria to take out and also Iran.  Iran either buckles under or they’ll take them out too because they were all on the same list in the 90’s that Obama’s following.  Remember Rumsfeld congratulated Obama for following the same list and policies from the New American Century, the Project for the New American Century group.  Everything’s done years ago folks.  The excuses they can make up any time at all to attack the next bunch. 

Also of course a guy who took photographs back in 2003 of an atrocity in Iraq complained to the BBC for using the same photographs and claiming they were the recent ones from Syria, a massacre in Syria.  The BBC is using old stuff from Iraq to blame on Syria, it just happened you see.  I’ll put those links up tonight as well.  Back to Iraq: 

"Iraq auctions 12 new oil, gas blocks."

"Iraq started its fourth energy bidding round to allow international companies to compete for exploration deals on 12 new oil and gas areas, as the OPEC-member country"

Alan:  It’s all OPEC you see.

"…seeks to expand its crude reserves and become a major gas exporter."

"The auction was the latest step in Iraq's programme to rapidly…"

Alan:  It’s got a puppet government; but of course Iraq’s planning it all, right? 

"…to rapidly build up its energy sector after years of war and sanctions, but tough service contract terms could crimp investor interest in the latest bidding round."

Alan:  And it mentions massive areas, you know, blocks about eight thousand square kilometers etcetera each, and the companies that are going in for it are led by Kuwait Energy and partners.  Now remember Kuwait is what Saddam at one time attacked.  It started the whole Gulf War I supposedly.  Kuwait was run by American companies and British companies, in fact George Bush Sr. and Jr. both worked with those companies in Kuwait.  That was how they got their real start in the oil business.  And what they did at the time – for those who can remember, it was in the papers for a long time before the war started – even a couple of years before Saddam attacked Kuwait, these companies in Kuwait, British and American, were drilling under the border of Iraq with drills that could literally go transverse under the ground and they were going miles and miles into Iraq and tapping out their oil; that’s how it really started.  That’s why he attacked them, for those who can remember that.  Anyway it says:

"They offered a remuneration fee of $6.24 per barrel of oil equivalent.  Bidding is decided according to the remuneration fees offered, with the lowest bids winning blocks. Industry sources had said companies would have to offer $10 to $20 a barrel for the service fee to compensate for risks involved."

Alan:  By the way they’re giving to China and Israel, from Iraq, oil at $2 a barrel.  How is that?  How is that, two countries that weren’t even involved and didn’t lose any lives in the whole thing?  It was all Americans that lost their lives and British.  That’s what I’m saying; you’re always used at the bottom, you know, you’re always used at the bottom. 

And in Australia they’re really getting the message now because the Fabianist Gillard, the prime minister, is allowing big companies to bring in their own workers.  They’re ignorant actually of a thing that happened back in the 90’s, I might touch on that tonight though, as to why this is happening. 

"Problems for the PM continue to emerge, the latest being the government's decision to allow Gina Rinehart to bring in foreign workers."

Alan:  For her big plant apparently, a big mining thing.

"Julia Gillard has promised no Australian worker will miss out on a job as a result of the Federal Government's decision to allow mining magnate Gina Rinehart to import more than 1700 workers for an iron ore project in Western Australia.  “Companies won't be able to bring in foreign workers if there is an Australian ready, able and willing to do the work on the jobs board,” the Prime Minister said in Melbourne this afternoon."

Alan:  Now I’ve read the articles here before where they’re bringing in thousands of them, from India even.  And one of the companies are employing nothing but people from India.  They’re bringing them in, setting up the work camps and everything else.  And that deal was made, I can’t remember the exact name of it but it was again the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.  They had panels from every government’s bureaucracies working in France for one or two years to allow them to buy properties and projects in other countries and bring in their own workers.  That was all part of it; and they could pay them their own wages as though they were still back at home by the way, that was part of the deal.  But of course Ms. Gillard ain’t going to mention that part of it.  It says:

"More than 1700 foreign workers for Gina Reinhart ... Immigration Minister Chris Bowen approved the deal and Prime Minister Julia Gillard is uneasy."

Alan:  So she’s lying as they’re already flooding into the country, 1700 foreign workers just for one operation.  There’s other operations on the go. 

"There will be some need for foreign labour but the amazing size of what’s happening in our resources sector means that there won’t be enough Australians available to fill all of the jobs...."

Alan:  Now I’ve got other articles too I’ll put up tonight from the Australians, and big unions and so on, who say there’s plenty of labor here and of course they’ve not even been consulted about it.  You see the New World Order is ruthless folks.  It doesn’t give a damn about you or anybody else.  They must get their big agenda through.  They know that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs; you know that’s what Rockefeller said once too, "You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs."  And so all the people who are living in the poverty line are just the broken eggshells you see, it’s for a good cause you understand.  So that the right folk can rule the world properly in a global society and share all the wealth, to each other that is, you know, and leave a few pennies for poorer countries. 

Gangsters run the world, it doesn’t matter what you want to call them by any titles that they give themselves.  Gangsters run the world; it’s always been that way though you see.  Now I’ll also put up a link tonight to a video where Obama who normally reads his scripts very, very carefully because he’s been trained to read and memorize his scripts.  But he actually blamed the Polish people for one of the death camps by mistake you see, and now he’s got to apologize and say it was the Nazis and so on. 

I wonder what he says when he goes to Russia and take into account of the multi-millions that were slaughtered all through the Soviet regime.  They never touch on that do they?  There’s a reason of course for it, a good reason for that.  Now: 

"The CIA’s drone campaign in Pakistan has killed dozens of civilians who had gone to help rescue victims..."

Alan:  After the first drones.  What they’re doing now, they’re sending in second drones half an hour later.  So when civilians go in to see if there is anybody left alive they get blown up as well you see.  This is the latest little con, for the little boys, the little boys who play the games with joysticks and all that and don’t even leave their place of residence when they’re doing it.  It’s like a video game to them. 

"The findings are published just days after President Obama claimed that the drone campaign in Pakistan was a ‘targeted, focused effort’ that ‘has not caused a huge number of civilian casualties.’  Speaking publicly for the first time on the controversial CIA drone strikes, Obama claimed last week they are used strictly to target terrorists, rejecting what he called ‘this perception we’re just sending in a whole bunch of strikes willy-nilly’."

"'‘Drones have not caused a huge number…"

Alan:  What’s a huge number to politicians and lawyers, eh?

"…he told a questioner at an on-line forum. ‘This is a targeted, focused effort at people who are on a list of active terrorists trying to go in and harm Americans’.  But research by the Bureau has found that since Obama took office three years ago, between 282 and 535 civilians have been credibly reported as killed including more than 60 children.  A three month investigation including eye witness reports has found evidence that at least 50 civilians were killed in follow-up strikes when they had gone to help victims."

Alan:  They sneak them in half an hour afterwards and blow up the helpers.  There’ll be a lot of curious children too you know, who will go along.

"More than 20 civilians have also been attacked in deliberate strikes on funerals and mourners. The tactics have been condemned by leading legal experts."

Alan:  Well they can always condemn all they want and it means nothing does it?  So, I’ll put this link up too and you can have a look through that, there’s a lot of statistics, etcetera, and different lists of casualties and people who’ve got blown up.  As we bring civilization to the world and all the other excuses they use to plunder. 

Here’s the article here after Gillard allowing 1700 and more on the way, workers, foreign workers to come into Australia to please their pals in business you know. 

"Programmed Maintenance Services, a company that has tripled its profit by providing staff and services to booming mining industry, says it has no trouble finding Australian workers for resources projects.  Chief executive Chris Sutherland said Programmed..."

Alan:  I guess that’s the name of the organization.

"…recently received 3,600 applications from Australians for 80 plant operators jobs with Pilbara iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group, paying about $100,000 a year."

Alan:  So, he says there is plenty of folk willing to fill all these jobs that are being taken by the foreigners.  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}  

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And of course we talk about compassion all the time and this is why apparently they’re robbing everyone at home to throw your money across the world, the redistribution of wealth they call it, they like Marx an awful lot, and of course it never gets to where it’s going to go; it goes to foreign corporations, or corporations they own in other countries, third world countries.  And we build them in fact with that cash.  Well but it’s giving jobs for people abroad you see. 

But at home of course, as this is all happening, you have this hypocrisy and you have this article here for instance. 

"The Denver City Council approved a homeless-camping ban Monday night in the face of an angry crowd that taped dollar bills to their mouths, chanted "shame" after the 9-4 vote and staged a sit-in outside the chambers.  Mayor Michael Hancock is expected to sign the bill into law today."

Alan:  Because they’ve got compassion for the homeless, at home, don’t they?

"The ordinance, which forbids unauthorized camping on public and private property in Denver, will go into effect May 30, giving police time to learn the procedures on how to deal with homeless people caught illegally sleeping outside.  Police Chief Robert White said he expects officers to have a "light touch" and arrests would occur only as a last resort."

Alan:  Well it’ll depend on how much of their shift they’ve got to do.

"Tonight was not about winners or losers. It was about beginning a long process"

Alan:  A long process.

"…of providing smart services…"

Alan:  You know smart stuff, you know.

"…to individuals that need it the most," said the bill's sponsor, Councilman Albus Brooks. “Time and patient application, not rhetoric, will reveal the true nature of this ordinance.” "

"The legislation has sparked emotions and controversy since its beginnings, but the passions reached their peak Monday night, with protesters holding a rally outside the City and County Building and raising signs and voices during the meeting. Their post-vote sit-in disbanded when police officers asked them to leave."

Alan:  And I will add, "or else".  {Laughs}  As they get this "light touch" stuff. 

"During the meeting — which was not a hearing in which the public was allowed to comment —…"

Alan:  That’s democracy you see.  The public were not allowed to comment during the meeting. 

"...protesters shouted down council President Chris Nevitt, who pounded the gavel…"

Alan:  Being a good mason.  And being a good mason too he also said:

 "I need order, goddamn it,"

Alan:  You see, so he damned God.

"…after threatening to clear audience members from the chamber.  Councilwoman Robin Kniech stood up and told audience members to behave or they wouldn't be able to witness the vote on the bill."

Alan:  So that’s how you deal with the people at home who are out of work and homeless.  And probably a lot of them more still lost their homes during the bank crashes when the banks scammed everybody with the fake mortgages and so on.  That’s the world we live in folks.  Unless you’re a really good crook and gangster you aren’t going to get up in life, you see, and the right connections.  But it’s better if you’re born in the right families to start with, though.  There’s articles on the psychopaths, if they’re born in the right families the sky is the limit.  Just look at all the famous families who you know become presidents and top CEO positions in corporations in the military-industrial complex. 

In the UK, of course the UK calls itself the home of democracy.  And they’ve got police helicopters now, special ones, spying on the public, more and more of them, it’s a growth industry.  There’s no other industry except us, you know the people inside are the industry.  All the possibly, don’t know it themselves, would-be terrorists.  So:

"The Metropolitan Police have been secretly using super-sensitive cameras and sound recorders on its Air Support Unit helicopters, raising fears that the government is spying on the lives of ordinary British citizens…"

Alan:  Well what do you mean raising the fears?  They are spying on the lives of ordinary British citizens.

               “in violation of their civil liberties."

Alan:  Anyway, they can see you miles away.  They can hear you miles away.  Probably it’s got the same stuff as that Blue Thunder movie that was out years ago in the 70’s where they can see through your home with infrared and everything else and see what you’re up to.  Of course they have all that stuff on it folks, you’re paying for it all too.  Technology is wonderful isn’t it?

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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