May 31, 2012 (#1099)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 31, 2012:

Rearranging Nerds to Rule Over Herds:

"Reality's a Funny Thing, In Fact it Keeps on Changing,
If You're Not Quick of Eye or Mind You'll Miss the Rearranging,
Those Who're Making History Refer to it as a Plan,
Then Media Whips Up Events, Confusing Every Man,
The Power Elite are Families Old, Prominent Through the Ages,
With Vast Resources and Think-Tanks, Doing it in Stages,
If a Saint Arose for the People, He'd Be Surrounded by a Cabal,
Same Dominant Minority in Banking, Business War et al"
© Alan Watt May 31, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 31, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 31st 2012.  For newcomers, I always suggest at the beginning of the broadcast, rather than pester you all the way through it, to make use of the website  You’ll see a whole bunch of other sites listed on that page, these are the official sites, the only ones I have. They all carry audios for free download, where I go into the histories of the big system you’re born into, that’s very, very deceptive, it’s intentionally deceptive.  I go through the history of the organizations that got together a long time ago to basically take over all the resources of the world. Some of them involved actually owned three-quarters of the world’s resources of that time.  Now they’ve gone for bust, including all the human resources as well, and then to bring in academia and specialists to manage the big worldwide herd and to make sure that they’re compliant and they get the right kind of stock to be good subservient and good little workers.


So help yourself to the audios, they’re free.  Remember too, that all those sites listed there carry transcripts in English for print up and if you go into you’ll find transcripts in other languages for print up. So help yourselves. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can help me to creep by here by buying the books and discs at website.  From the US to Canada, remember, personal checks are still good, as are postal money orders from the post office - international postal money orders from the post office - you can send cash or you can use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, Money Gram and PayPal once again. You’ll see how to do it, as I say, at  I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, remember, or sell products and I don’t really promote myself in a commercial way. So therefore, it’s up to you to just help me get by. Donations, straight donations are really awfully, awfully welcome. But this gives me a freer hand to be more honest about things too, rather than be tied up with companies and corporations.


What I do, as I say, I go through the history of the system that we live in. There have always been cabals down through history, and in all times, all ages, of those who get to the top and rule either through the military and force or commerce, and both actually. And nothing really changes. We go through class systems, we go through farces called democracy, where really it’s a con. It’s described as a con, by the way, in upper academia, in the special, you know, granite schools in England.  They talk about it there and they go into ‘positive freedom’ and ‘negative freedom.’ Negative freedom is where you think you’ve got rights and freedoms and they allow you to vote for the guys they put in front of you, but in reality you’re kept dumb, stupid and compliant. In positive freedom they use you for war purposes, we’re all in it together, let’s go into rationing and suffer, and win the cause; that’s called positive freedom. So they have both types and of course Isaiah Berlin, is one of the big preachers of this; he taught Tony Blair all the dirty tricks to play on the public.


So we live through a fantasy really. We’re given this fake reality, this fantasy, to keep us happy and compliant. And the only thing that you have to do, it’s your duty to do as far as they’re concerned at the top, the only reason they keep you around, is either to fight wars, generally, as they breed you up for that purpose beforehand, mind you – for about 20 years they breed you up – and then they cull us off and bring us down, or sterilize us when they’ve won their big battles. And we’re reaching the stage now where they see global Empire, their long-sought-after goal; that’s why everybody’s becoming infertile.  Because dirty tricks were played on everyone, you know, everyone, male and female, doesn’t matter. I’ll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt. We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and it is a matrix too.  It’s just like the movie, it’s got so many different compartments and each time you think you’ve got to a goal you find there’s many, many more compartments all around you, above you, etc., etc. That’s the way the system is really created, and meant to be, to keep you trapped, always trapped in a particular area thinking you’ve achieved some sort of goal, and in reality someone above you is laughing at you, not just you but lots like you. Because the system is utterly rigged, and it’s always been rigged.


We’re in a feudal system for those who don’t understand it. And the feudal systems of ancient times, really, are still here. In fact, that’s what Carroll Quigley said too, the system we’re bringing in – under the CFR, this world organization, on behalf of the big wealthy international bankers – he said, is a feudal system and he says, the CEOs of corporations, private corporations, will be the new overlords for this system. And then we saw even 15, 20 years ago the beginning of private and public mergers and partnerships, as they like to call them, while these new feudal overlords came in and started dictating to town councils, city councils, and countries, how to run their affairs. Well it’s just that the big boys are simply upgrading what they already owned, their own system, into the next part of the world system. That’s all it is. And feudalism has always been here.


You have to go through this strange legalism that we’re given too, that didn’t originate in England or anywhere else; it’s much, much older than that and far away. And you have to go into corporations and what a corporation is to find out that even your country is a corporation, even your local township is a corporation, even your police force is a corporation, all under the Mercantile corporate laws. So that’s where we really are and it’s been like that for an awful long time. And most of us are along for the ride and to serve those who own us basically. And you are supposed to work hard, get a good job if you can, and produce AND consume, and pay taxes.


Because you see, the massive taxes are what creates the big building projects and the boys who own the world have always been into big building projects. Rather than put their cash up, they prefer the taxes of the general population to build them for them, whether it’s roads or big buildings. Even in ancient times, too, the Romans did it wherever they went, built big building projects, and they tax the public to pay for it all, and of course they hand it over to the ones who own it, get it for free basically, or peanuts. Today they even do the same kind of thing with this strange thing with the dollar exchange. I’ve never understood this dollar thing, one dollar, and in Britain it’s one pound, and you can literally take over a whole corporation that was built by tax money. 


So everything is rigged, and of course the public never figure it out, because they’re too worried keeping a job today, if they’ve got one, or working quite a few to keep it going, and society itself has been demolished. You have to divide and conquer right down not just to the family but even the genders, and even within the genders now, you see, until you have so many factions all fighting each other they can’t get along and unite against anything in their own common interest. Divide and conquer is the ancient rule and it all works awfully well. Everyone’s got a chip on their shoulder, so you just find the group that has the same kind of chip and you feel that you belong of course, and then somebody, a good psychopath is given to you and they run you off in circles for their own profit eventually and their own positions in society.


So we’re living in a very complex system, it appears to be at least if you don’t go into it in any depth. But once you do go into depth it starts becoming easier to understand. As I say, Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s, who was a physicist working on the Manhattan project earlier, and a descendent of Charles Darwin and the Galtons, that intermarried themselves of course, he actually said that, that we are in the process of creating a new more efficient form of slavery, because there’s always been forms of slavery.


Today of course we’re at this big crossroads, you might call it a crossroads, where people think they’re becoming aware, at least they’re becoming more aware that they’ve all been had and they’ve been conned. Now the big boys too, long, long ago, knew that this time would come. Even before they gave us the Internet they talked about they’d have to set up programs to combat it and they were setting up programs before they gave the public the Internet, to combat free speech, or to combat any material thing taking shape that could possibly oppose them through information, and we have propaganda wars going on. All the time, everything is propaganda wars. And you have to be awfully careful who you follow, or what you follow and so on. And everybody’s got a stake on it. There’s left-wing ones out there with stakes who are actually Trotskyists and they have a lot of good information about the terrible things that have been done to the public over the years and right up to the recent times. Then you have the other ones too, who are far right, and some of them who are owned by the establishment themselves, who want to go back to a particular time in history that was more of a Hollywood notion than a reality.


The thing is, you cannot do that because nothing goes back, nothing ever goes back to the way it was. So you have to decide what do you actually want at all.  What most people want is to have upward mobility – I’ve mentioned this many times before – in society. Rebellions and revolutions start, really, it’s always with young middle-class people who find that they are blocked with upward mobility. And the elite themselves don't want too many folk pushing at this moment for upward mobility, because in a global society they want to share this upward mobility with all the new countries they keep bringing into their big massive world Federation, and they want it to be multicultural, etc., but they also really want ones that they can count on as being part of the establishment as well. So most revolutions in the past were to do with upward mobility. And really, people want to get on in life and live in more comfort, as much as they can possibly grab for themselves. And what happens when they actually achieve upward mobility is they either form a class of their own or they join one already in existence, and then THEY become part of the establishment, and then the establishment becomes more nasty, and clever too mind you, because they own the media, always, in all eras, and they turn on the general public and want more and more cash from them. Taxation, as I say, is the big money honey-pot that they get the money from for their big building projects, and also for their own corporations.


There’s way more corporate welfare than any other kind of welfare on the planet. It’s corporate welfare. You just have to look at, never mind the recent bailouts of all the crooked banking systems that we’ve got across the planet. They were all involved, like wolves, just ravenous wolves, scraping up every penny they could get from the general population under big massive frauds, and the governments rewarded them by giving them as much cash back as they claimed, as they claimed they’d lost, even though they didn’t lose. All that stuff was involved in real estate, that included machine shops and businesses and everything they took over. So they doubled, they doubled what they had really. They didn’t lose a damn thing, the banks. And that tells you too, where your representatives in politics are actually, who they’re serving. It’s not the general public, because the general public end up with the big tab for it all, for other people’s crimes. That’s what it is. It’s very simple, isn’t it?  And yet we’re taught by the media, which is owned by the same criminals, that you know, they’re being fair and honest and inquiries are going on, all the usual guff, it’s called guff for those who don’t understand it, and most folk go back to sleep until the next big robbery and plunder takes place by the ones at the top.


As I say, they knew many, many years ago this was coming and that’s why back in the 70s they started planning massive SWAT teams and then multi-jurisdictional task forces in the Western countries to deal with the coming riots which they knew were coming down the pike, because we’d reach a point where the big boys are reaching for more and more of the cash. They wanted to bring us into austerity and plunder most of your cash back from you. Money’s really given… Do you understand what money’s for?  Go into the history of money.  At one time most folk in tribes and clans and countries didn’t have money, and they lived pretty well, you understand. Money was always introduced by the ones who ran ancient banks and systems, because they went along with the armies of the countries they conquered financially who owed them cash. And they would go along, after getting them to go and fight another country, just like we’re doing today with the Middle East. And they introduced the monies to these people. Once you introduce the monies and a generation passes, it doesn’t take long, then you can start taxing it all back from them, you see.  Which means rather than give them slave drivers, you simply say, oh it’s a law, you got to pay taxes, and that’s your LABOR going back under the guise of coin, understand.  It’s all a rip-off.  It’s always been that way though.


And it only benefits those who can keep enough coin to themselves, after they’ve paid their taxes, because they’ve already joined cabals and the proper groups that know how to scam it back, because there’s always loopholes left for the wealthy, you understand, but never for anybody else. The whole system is rigged. As I say, it’s always been rigged. I can remember in Britain years ago there was a big, oh we’re going to get the rich, were going to get the rich, etc, including all the musicians, the top musicians. I think it was Elton John who came out and he says, I’m not worried about that at all, he says, they always leave a good loophole for us, meaning his particular class, because he was up there by then, and sure enough that’s what happened. There’s always a massive loophole. And then even the Queen of England says, I’ll be fair, I’ll take a salary from you now, from the public for, you know, sitting on a throne and all that, we have to pay her a salary, and then she said, I’ll pay taxes too.  Then I think the Man Alive series did a program on it and they eventually found this big massive mansion, walled mansion way out in the country where they did her particular income, her own company, and they wouldn’t even let the crew through the gates, you know. So it’s a very special type of accountant that she has, and of course, they’ve got all these… God this is a woman who owns almost countries across the whole oceans. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back cutting through the matrix. Organization of course, is the power behind those who rule because once they’re in power they form their cabals and corporations and deal with each other, aboveboard in a sense, above countries, above governments and run the world that way. We’re run by corporations, have been for a long time. Even private armies run us now and private intelligence agencies, like Google and things like that; they’re all private intelligence agencies that work with the other ones.


As I say, everything that’s happening today was foreseen at least 30-odd years ago when we’d come to this point. And even before they gave us the Internet they discussed it too, how they’d keep control of it and how they would… They’ve done so many studies, they said that most folk, actually, It helps to disintegrate their thought patterns rather than to consolidate their thought patterns, because they can’t handle data. They don’t know how to use data and they don’t know how to discern what is worthwhile keeping or understanding and what isn’t. And of course, it works very well on that way for most folk. They really have no memory of anything. They’ve got bits and bytes of information all mushed up together.


See, cabals got together a long time ago in Hamburg in Germany and formed the big banking systems. And of course, out of that came the Rothschilds establishment and these were very well organized systems. They had their own fleets of ships for trade; they already had that, long before that.   Even when they ran Holland, the same banking groups, made Holland the merchant capital of the planet for a while and their ships, fleets of ships were all owned by these same private families that moved into Germany and elsewhere and kept the fleets of ships. These ships also brought intelligence back and forth, even in the 1700s; they got the news before anybody else did, what was happening, what was going on, and they could actually shape history right down to commerce and what kind of commerce would come into countries, because they all work together you see. And it hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed, this system.


Here’s an article here about the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. It says…


Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite

Daniel Schäfer in London / May 29, 2012 /


The Rockefeller group traces its roots back to 1882 when John D. Rockefeller established one of the world’s first family offices dedicated to investing his wealth. (Alan:  Now, he was a robber baron; if you ever go into the book, it’s a very good book called The Robber Barons, and it gives you pretty detailed explanations of how these crooks got their money, because they were not nice gentleman at all. They literally were gangsters. But it doesn’t matter, once you’ve got the cash your offspring go off to university and they become more refined, they’re taught to be refined, and then the general population bow to them and worship them because of their wealth; that’s how people unfortunately are.)  It has since developed into a provider of wealth and asset management services to other families, foundations and institutions. (A:  Now, these other families, foundations and institutions again were all working together back in the 1700s.) It is majority-owned by the 19th century oil magnate’s family and has $34bn of assets under administration.  (A:  They’ve got a heck of a lot more than that but that’s just the assets under administration.)


The partnership with RIT (A: That’s Rothschild) will focus on setting up investment funds, eyeing joint acquisitions of wealth and asset managers and granting each other non-executive directorships.


RIT Capital Partners is minority-owned by Lord Rothschild and its net assets of £1.9bn are spread across global investments from public equities to government bonds and private equity. (A:  Now these are international lenders remember. They get countries into debt and then they control the spiral of debt and then they lend to the countries at massive interest rates, and then they buy up the bonds. And they get massive returns on the bonds, because they’re lending in the first place to those countries that sell the bonds at massive interest rates.)


The deal stemmed from a meeting two years ago when Mr Rockefeller introduced Lord Rothschild to the US group’s chief executive, Reuben Jeffery.


In a follow-up meeting one year later at Lord Rothschild’s office at Spencer House in London, the financier won Mr Jeffery’s blessing for opening talks to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group. (A:  So it’s really just cousins getting back together, because both their families, I’m sure, are interrelated down through many, many centuries in fact. And of course the Rockefellers also came from Germany originally and then they married into the Davis family. And it says here…)


He then launched long negotiations with Société Générale Private Banking, which has owned the shareholding since 2008.


The French bank’s wealth management arm has had several suitors for the minority stake – estimated to be worth less than £100m – but Lord Rothschild was the only one supported by the Rockefellers.


So it goes on and on of course, but these are very old families that set out to take over the world because their predecessors already had run the merchant banking system, that’s all the shipping, all the importing, exporting and the trade routes, for centuries and centuries before them. Same groups. So big, big cabals are at work. There’s plenty of information about their histories if you want them.  Interesting too, the Spencer House, he said here, and the Spencer House was also to do with Winston Spencer Churchill and the Spencer family of course. You’ll find it was the Spencers that were head of the British Jewish Congress for many, many years. It’s funny going to Hyde Park, Hyde Park Cemetery and you’ll see Marx on one grave and across the aisle, you know, just across the walkway you got Spencer, like Marx & Spencer; of course that was Karl Marx. But anyway it’s old families, old money, old cabals.


But the thing is too, they run so many think tanks to look after not just their own cash but how to keep their cash.  They’re involved completely in politics and geopolitics and they want a world system.  And of course they want all the carbon taxes to go through the Rothschilds private bank in Switzerland, from all the peasants down below. Back with more after this break.


I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds with their latest deal. They’ve been working together, under the covers you might say, for a long, long time. These big boys always do. And often they are interrelated through marriage and various other things.  You have to go through the histories of the female side as well to find out who is who.  They also have even brought up children in the past out of other special families, like Jacob Schiff for instance that was brought up in the Rothschilds home and sent over to help take over America a long time ago. So, a long history behind it and these characters have think tanks.  They help direct the world’s wars, future wars for geopolitics and to ensure that the world is safe for them to keep ruling.  And you can rule through commerce. Absolutely, no problem at all. Politics is a sideline for the general public, as I say. And they’ll be at it for a long time yet because there’s nothing to stop them.  But now they’re all coming together again, as they’ve always been involved in the same clandestine groups, cabals, cartels.  They’re coming together because they see the vast plunders coming their way with a massive new economy of carbon taxes and energy taxes, etc.  It’s all going to go through their banking systems.


Also tonight too, a kind of yawn thing really, but it’s the Bilderberg meetings which they have every year and they put out their own membership list on their own website. It’s never the complete membership because they always sneak a few in during the meetings that they want to push upstairs, from politics. I’m sure Canada’s got one there, Miss Redford; she’s deemed for higher things obviously. And other ones too will be popped in there and basically given the go-ahead. But what they really do with the newcomers there is to give them the formal introductions to their handlers; the newcomers are given handlers, and phone numbers are exchanged, scrambled phones, etc., and they can talk to them at any time, night or day. That becomes their mentor, much like the AA or Narcanon, etc.; they give you a kind of mentor. That’s how they work this thing amongst themselves for the newcomers, who gives them advice and works out things for them, keeps their name out of the paper; if they put their foot in it the older guy will smooth it all out for you no problem at all.


Because as I say, democracy is a farce you understand. But I’ll put up the list, as I say, of the Bilderbergs, the partial list because they never give a complete list at all.  What’s interesting, the only thing about the Bilderbergs, here’s all these guys working in government of different countries, running the finances of different countries, the universities of different countries, but especially in the government. Why are they involved in these private organizations, that label themselves as private, that are all out to take over the entire planet?  They should all be fired from their positions, from the taxpayers’ point of view.  And I’ll put up two or three articles on Rockefeller because I think Der Spiegel put out the first article themselves and everybody else copied it, on the merger sort of deal, this partnership which they’ve always had, you know. They’ve always had.


Now I mentioned the other day too that the BBC was caught putting up old massacre photographs from Iraq. They put them up claiming it was the latest Syrian massacre. I’ll put up a site tonight, a video, to go over that again to show you the BBC always does this sort of thing, always has done in the past too, use old stuff from other places. Because they’re always behind NATO, always behind NATO, and we know they’re going to take down Syria one way or another because it was on the list of the Project for the New American Century, as all the other ones were that they’ve gone through.  And it was also published in Israeli papers as well, on the same list. They had their own list which was identical to the New American Century’s list as well. So they are going down one way or another. And the lull they had was to allow reinforcements to come in from the West and more armaments, to take over. But yeah, they’ve stooped as low as using old massacre photographs and blaming it on the Syrians, this great trustworthy BBC, Aunt Beeb they call it. Aunt Beeb they call it in Britain.


Slaughter Slant: Houla massacre sparks media blame-game -


Now, also, they've mentioned, actually openly, some of them have come out and said this, that they’re trying to create an even deeper crisis. They’re creating the crisis to do with the euro collapse, which of course I’m sure from the very beginning that was part of the plan, when even Goldman Sachs was the one that went in to do the books for Greece before they even were accepted into the euro, and Goldman Sachs went into other countries.  So they okayed them and says, Yep, your books are all in order, everything’s fine. So they lied, right. They lied, Goldman Sachs, the guys that run the planet, run all the economy. So it says they’re getting ready now to get everybody panicking, hoping that they can push forward and really integrate Europe, the Euro.  All the top guys in the European Commission who really run Europe, because it’s not democratic – the politicians really have nothing much to do except yell at each other and make clever speeches and mock each other. The Commission at the top is very secretive and it was never meant to be a democratic institution. It’s post democratic according to the Club of Rome who said that democracy was over, if there ever even was one. But it says…


Bank of England readies plan for Euro collapse

Robert Winnett, Political Editor / 29 May 2012 /


(A:  So this is to scare all the investors.  So politicians will say, oh we have to go in even tighter with the European Union to save us all from collapsing. This article’s from The Telegraph; it’s like a handout as far as I can see. And it’s meant to terrify people, oh we can’t pull out now or we’ll ALL end up in poverty. Well, you’ll end up in utter poverty if you go in as well, believe you me, because they want utter austerity, from the Euro Parliament.  And nobody wanted the darned thing except the same globalists of the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations. That’s what they wanted, a United Europe. Winston Churchill wanted a United Europe. His personal secretary put out his book on his diaries.  He said Winston Churchill during the war was telling the general public, oh be patriotic and fight for your country and your culture and so on, and in private, at very frequent meetings with his peer group, in special booze cans you might call it, at night was saying to his peer group, this war will bring us a United Europe, what we’ve always wanted. See, there’s always different cabals on the go with different directions etc. that they keep the public ignorant of. The public are just useful to fight their wars for them. And to fight wars you’ve got to drape yourself in the flag and say all the right things, bring out all the national emblems, and get some well-known air, you know, of musical singing along there so you can feel you’re all part of it. But they wanted a United Europe out of it, which they’ve got. Karl Marx wanted it too; he was the first one to mention the three trading blocs under a world government. That’s not coincidental that they all come up with the same thing. It’s an old plan and Marx was just one of the front boys for it too, because they use left and right you understand. So here’s this big article, oh, everybody’s going to go to the dogs if we don’t go in even tighter with Europe, which means no sovereignty at all. Right now Britain can’t make a decision without the European Union okaying it or naying it.)


Bank readies plan for Euro collapse


The Bank has already completed a quantitative easing programme, (A:  …which means inflation…) effectively printing more money, worth £325 billion and this may be extended again  (A:  So you’re going to go into massive hyperinflation, is what they’re telling the people.)


A senior official for the Bank said the measures would “again play [their] part in mitigating the impact” of Greece or other countries leaving the single currency.  (A:  So they haven’t done it yet. This is just a scare tactic, as I say, and of course your Prime Minister will come out eventually and say, oh well we have no option but to go in, and tear up any Constitution that we had. Mind you, I haven’t seen any British Constitution; it’s all oral. It’s an oral Constitution. Isn’t that great for democracy? It’s an oral one. And a generation later they say, oh we never said that, that’s not in the oral contract. [Alan laughing] Then they pull out the Magna Carta. Now, the Magna Carta didn’t make people free in Britain. It was nobility that got more freedoms. The people who were all serfs remained the serfs; they were not freemen. Only freemen got more rights, much like today in other words.  So I’ll put that up tonight too.)


Now, ‘Close your Facebook account’ is a good video.  It goes into an inquiry that was played and you’ll hear the guys, FBI and CIA, saying it was the best thing that ever happened for them, obviously, because it’s part of them. And they were just so overwhelmed and happy when everybody, every little idiot out there decided to put all their photographs up of them and their friends and all their friends’ telephone numbers and what they do and what they think and all that.  Just amazing data collection for the CIA. I’ll put that up tonight for those of you that think that some little character did it all by his little lonesome. They always give us little geniuses and people swallow the genius story. That’s why they always give you the lonesome little character, you know, working in his garage and things, you know. It works wonders doesn’t it? The same with Einstein too.


Anyway this says… 


Privacy watchdog 'too soft' on Google over claims it took information from home computers

(A:  Now, let’s be honest. It’s a private, worldwide intelligence service, started up by MI6 and the CIA. That’s what it was, still is, is public-private.  Public-private you see, that way governments can’t touch it, so that’s why it was set up that way.  Well we can’t touch them, you see; they’re really technically private. But they just hand everything over to MI6 and the CIA all the time. Very clever isn’t it?)

Probe into search engine deemed 'low priority' because firm was co-operative 

(A:  So the firm was cooperative to the inquirers so they just postponed the investigation for, well, quite a few years.)

Daniel Martin / 30 May 2012  /


The privacy watchdog was last night accused of being ‘caught napping’ over claims that Google deliberately harvested information from home computers. (A:  It was stealing your emails and everything. It wasn’t just your passwords and so on.)


It emerged last night that the Information Commissioner had designated its audits into Google’s privacy policy as ‘low priority’ simply because the firm’s attitude was co-operative. (A:  Meaning they met in bars and had a few drinky-poos and [Alan chuckles] you know, hi George, how you doing?)


This is despite the fact that it had already handed Google an eight-point ‘improvement plan’ to ensure people’s privacy was no longer breached. (A:  Well, it’s nonsense. MI6 and CIA needed Google; that’s why they helped create them and the public funded them into existence. Another amazing story, isn’t it? That’s how it always happens, mind you.)


We ARE living in a matrix. Very good cons are on the go right now, tremendous cons. Most people are conned. And this article too is from Watts Up With That and it says...


A really, really, REALLY bad idea – Giving the Internet to the U.N.

May 29, 2012 / Anthony Watts /


(A:  Now, it was always, before they gave you the Internet, they knew exactly every step they’d go to get you used to it, get you hooked on it, put lots of porn to make sure everybody’s into it – that’s why they put all the porn out there, right from the very beginning – and once everybody starts using it, they think it’s indispensable and you won’t pull away from it, as they start to censor it and bring it down.  Until, you know, it’s just nothing but a monitoring thing for the big boys to keep track of you. So it says…)


The new world order invades your computer


Imagine if everything you did online was subject to monitoring and control by the United Nations. Powerful authoritarian states, including China and Russia, are spearheading an effort to place the most potent information system in the world under centralized international control. They want the Internet to work with the same efficiency, speed and reliability as the U.N. (A:  That’s his little pun there, because you know the UN is so highly bureaucratic, and far left, in its web, like Sidney Webb type bureaucratese; it takes them years to get anything done.)


This week, Congress will consider legislation to amend the 1988 International Telecommunication Regulations to give the U.N. extraordinary powers over the Internet. In September, the authoritarian bloc submitted a proposal titled “The International Code of Conduct for Information Security.” In theory, it seeks to systematize and standardize the Internet and establish rules for maintaining cybersecurity. In fact, it will give the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – a U.N. agency that oversees global telecommunications – vast new powers to regulate and control access to the Internet and information flow in cyberspace.


That Beijing and Moscow are backing the idea is enough to know it’s a bad one. (A:  But so is all the Western boys too, you see, because they’re all in it together. They’re all in it together. This is to throw off you complaining to your own governments of course, but they all work together on these things.) The free flow of information has always been an enemy of thuggish regimes. To them, individual expression and the unlimited exchange of ideas – which the Internet has made possible for some oppressed people for the first time in history – must be stamped out. Such countries view the Internet as a vast intelligence operation, a means of collecting sensitive information on people and preventing freedom of expression through a sophisticated array of censorship tools. (A:  That’s in the Washington Times, I think it is.)


But you understand, it was all foreseen, as I say, before they gave us the Internet. Get them hooked on it, make it lots of fun for the youngsters, and the older folk too, and then gradually bit by bit take it all away from you. Because the whole point of it is to keep a spy in your home, where you update yourself and what you’re doing every single day, you know, for free. It’s far better than them sending spies out into the communities, listening at donut shops and things, which they’ve done over many years in the past, and I’m not kidding about that. They’ve always employed thousands in every major city, just to walk around, sit around, you know, in cafés and bars, and listen to the chitchat. You’ve never had a free society. Never. Never had it.


And this article too, is also from Watts Up With That...


A student in despair over Romm’s 11°F temperature increase article – if this comment was reversed, it would be called a ‘death threat’

May 29, 2012 / Anthony Watts /


It’s a laugh riot. But Romm didn’t start questioning the story until AFTER other people started to question it, and he passed it on with no caveats in the original post, archived here. He did make a note in comments saying “I meant to post that 2050 is obviously a mistake by the reporter.” (A:  Where you’re all going to fry supposedly...) but never actually did make any caveat in the main body of the post until he found himself embarrassed by it all. He also deleted (5 days later after we pointed it out) the ugly commentary about death wishes for “coal/oil people” (see below).  (A:  Now, it was from a student that said, I hope all those who are burning coal and use oil die, die, and burn to death. That’s the greenies for you, the really brainwashed young greenies, the little fascist ones that are going to wear their green uniforms and be set loose on the public when they’re old enough to, you know, shave. But that’s the way that the system is set up, of course, big, big powers at play.  All the BIG corporations want the greening and the austerity pacts and all the rest of it, and the carbon taxes because it’s a new economy to basically rob the general population of the last few pennies they have.)



Julian Assange Loses Extradition Appeal / 30 May 2012


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to Sweden to face sex crime allegations, the Supreme Court has ruled.


Assange was not in court to hear the ruling because he was stuck in traffic.


Lawyers for the WikiLeaks boss had argued that the European arrest warrant issued against him is "invalid and unenforceable".


The Swedish authorities want Assange, 40, to answer accusations of raping one woman and sexually molesting and coercing another in Stockholm in August 2010. (A:  But of course he said that it was consensual, etc., etc. and there are other political motivations behind their accusations. So we’ll wait and see. Back after this break.)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system we live in and the farce of reality that they dish out to us etc., because they never go into what’s really behind it. And the major media won’t tell you what’s behind things either.  They just dish things out to you and don’t tell you what the machinations are behind it all and who’s behind it all and so on.  This article’s about China buying up Spain’s assets.  They’re buying up everybody’s assets, but don’t worry, see, the guys in China that run the money have been there for a long time; they’ve been there for a few centuries.  And it’s the same guys really who run the world’s money system, and they’re not afraid of them at all because China’s in the pockets, you see, of the same globalists. Always have been.


China Buys Up Spain's Assets / May 29, 2012 / BY PABLO DOMINGUEZ AND PRUDENCE HO


A debt-laden Spanish construction firm became the latest European company to unload assets onto eager Chinese buyers, as Europe's debt woes force firms to look to China for cash.


State Grid Corp., China's government controlled (A:  It means China’s Communist government controlled...) power-grid operator, said Tuesday it would buy high-voltage electricity transmission assets in Brazil (A:  ...but it’s owned by Spain…) from Spain's Actividades de Construccion y Servicios SA for 1.86 billion reais ($938.2 million), including debt. The deal is State Grid's second investment in Brazil and its fourth major investment overseas, and is the most recent in a string of deals in which a European company has looked to exit an investment ... 


Remember too, Brazil is getting massive amounts of your tax money pumped into it as an up-and-coming nation, the same as India, etc. There’s whole organizations out there that attend the United Nations meetings where they tell you where they’re going to pump, you know, money into different corporations and MAKE corporations, build them. They tell you too, that for every dollar you invest, the governments will use the taxpayers’ money from maybe a dozen or 20 countries to back it dollar for dollar, until you’re backed maybe $20 or $40 per dollar that you put in. And you can’t fail. It cannot fail, you understand. Big, big scams. Fantastic scams for those who get in on it of course.


So China’s buying up Spain’s assets, but nobody’s worried about China because it’s all owned and controlled by the same boys. Don’t forget too, they use Marxism to unite lots of countries together under ONE system, one system. And they also had lots of slave labor. They were into free labor through prisoners before the US made it a big business, you know. That’s what they do; prisons are all for profit now. But Russia did it long before them. They united all these countries under a single system and you always have wars of liberation, as they call them, to con all the public.  Then a little clique takes over that deal with the Western bankers. In China it’s no different, that’s why they had to unite China and get it that way. They tried to use drugs for a long time to bring China down, worked pretty well actually, and the same boys, even some members’ descendants are in Congress today, did awfully well off the whole drug thing into China.


But it’s far better to get them to unite under this con of communism, which just means slavery and you put a small cabal at the top as the Politburo.  Very old families at the top of course and it’s much easier to rule all the billions of people that way. It’s easier to rule them, less squabbling at the top without democracy or anything like that. So the globalists like that awfully, awfully well. So here you are, they’re buying up Spain’s assets and other countries’ assets for peanuts really, according to what they’re really worth, because the bankers are putting the heavy on Spain and other countries as they take them all down. Mind you, they’re going to do it again in North America and elsewhere, across Europe, because the plan for the future is that all your disposable income – that’s the cash you like to buy things with for yourself – will all go to fees and carbon taxes, energy taxes, etc., etc., as they train you to tighten your belt and to be good little feudal peasants again. Round in a circle eh? Round in a circle. 


And the public can’t quite catch on to that yet. Well that will never happen… They say that before everything that you say is going to happen happens. Oh that will never happen… And then when it does happen they never come and say, you know you were right. They never, ever say that. And then you tell them the next thing that’s going to happen… Oh that will never happen… That’s how people are, you see. Their conditioning has been perfect… PERFECT… And they can’t break out of it. They set, they actually call it, default positions; that’s what Sunstein and other neuroscientists – he’s not a neuroscientist but he pretends he is.  But neuroscientists call it, they set you into your default position, a kind of Pavlovian response. Works good, too, with guilt and other things too. From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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