June 1, 2012 (#1100)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 1, 2012:

Auctioning Off the Nations:

"Cabals of Super-Rich and Combinations,
Corner Every Market to Rule the Nations,
A Feudal System with Top CEOs,
Dictating How the Future Goes,
In These Times of War and Plunder
They're Adding to Riches of Awesome Wonder,
An Ever Widening Gulf Between Rich and Poor,
Yet Still More Plunder is the Allure,
Eventually Nations to Be Auctioned Off,
Rising City-States for Elite to Live and Scoff,
Living in High-Tech Wonderlands
While Masses of Poor Die in Destitute Sands,
That's the Projection from DOD Think-Tanks,
Funded by Your Taxes, Oh Peasants --- Thanks"
© Alan Watt June 1, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 1, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 1, 2012. For newcomers, you should go into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and make use of well over a thousand audios for free download, where you’ll start to understand the system you’ve been born into and why things simply don’t work out for you or most people you know. Because the system is rigged. Your parents didn’t know it.  Your grandparents didn’t know it either. It’s a very, very old system where the gangsters of the world – and that’s what they are, that’s what the people who get up there at the very, very top are – they’re gangsters, from the old pirate days you might say. And they take over and they become respectable of course, and they teach you that they are respectable, you’re trained that way; that’s what history is all about. Then of course you’re taught that you can also get up there, by just working hard and chasing that carrot, that keeps always getting further away from you the older you get. So you’re living in a rigged system and I go through the history of the big cabals that eventually formed one big cabal for the global society, for their planet basically, and how they decided to bring everything together at this particular period in time. If you haven’t noticed, large chunks of countries are being auctioned off to private interests; that’s all part of it too – I’ll touch on that tonight. They tell us what they’re going to do; it’s just that we don’t really believe them, even when it’s happening. We go into disbelief, and they count on that too. Because our conditioning refuses to believe that anyone could possibly have that power and certainly, if they have it, they wouldn’t use it on us. But it’s all true, they certainly do. They always plan the future and they tell us where they’re taking us.


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you. You can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can donate as well, because that’s what keeps me going. I don’t go out and start a big business basically, I could do, but then you’ve got advertisers to bring on board, staff, lots of staff to bring on board, wages, paychecks, all that kind of stuff, and before you know it you’re just a business and you’ve got to watch your P’s and Q’s; you don’t want to offend your advertisers and things like that. I don’t have them. So it’s up to you to keep me going. So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and find out how to buy the books and discs.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are awfully, awfully, awfully welcome right now with this time of inflation, in the recession – they love the R word; they always call it the R word.


We’re going into a depression and it’s to be a sustained depression, because we’re going into a whole new world order; that’s what it’s all about. That’s why they are selling off your police forces to private interests; armies are getting privatized; everything is getting privatized, because that is the way of the future, you understand. And countries are being dismembered as we speak and that’s all part of the big global agenda. Back to the big city-states, as they say, of ancient times where these descendants of the same kings and queens started long, long ago. City-states, high-tech city-states mind you, for themselves, once all the riffraff have been killed off or died off through sterility or diseases, and that’s all part of the big agenda.


Most folk don’t even know the times they are living through. Of course they think as long as they have entertainment and fun when you’re young, then everything must be okay. But it’s not. It’s not. This is only a temporary phase you’re going through and eventually you are going to be screaming bloody murder when you can’t get work anywhere, because they’re bringing in either workers from overseas and paying them peanuts, which is all part – it’s all legalized now; they can do that through the World Trade Organization – or, as I say, you can’t get work at all, because everything is flooded out of the country to the third world countries where it’s a lot cheaper. You pay for the transition mind you, of their upping the stakes at home and taking the factories overseas. Now it’s just service economies going overseas too. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and making sense of what’s happening today. Because whatever’s happening today was designed a long, long time ago... with big events. Big events don’t happen by themselves. They’re planned long in advance. It’s surprising to go into all the wars that the CIA wanted to get the US involved in.  Even back in Vietnam, they admitted at the time, they were working on future wars at that time. So each part of each war is just part of a big long-range plan. And of course the general public are out of the loop and deliberately kept that way. When wars break out it’s suddenly, it’s just an all of a sudden kind of an idea.  All a sudden, they say, it just broke out of nowhere, and that’s how the media portrays it to you. Because you’re living in a controlled system including the media, because the media’s job is to keep you living in the now, basically, day-to-day, without telling you what’s behind it, what started it, who planned it a long time ago, who’s going to benefit at the end of it, and who’s benefiting even through it. So that’s how the world is really run.


It’s not hard to understand when you understand that big organizations all have hundreds of think tanks, each sometimes, like the Rockefeller foundation; they have many, many, many think tanks across the world. And these think tanks generally are privately owned, again, and tax free, like the foundations that fund them.  So, the RAND Corporation, if you charge them to do a job, and do a survey on the possibility of copying the British system for America, which was done by Obama, you pay millions and millions of dollars for their study. And yet it’s classified as a tax-free organization, like a charity. What a joke! you see.  But then the elite should never pay cash anyway; that’s really their whole idea, they shouldn’t pay taxes on anything and definitely not lose their profit, really – it doesn’t matter what they call it themselves, it’s profit.


Now, the big foundations work on behalf of the big international banking families that own them. Each foundation will have maybe a hundred other foundations, which are front organizations, and they simply funnel the money through them.  Each foundation will have its hundreds of NGOs, in specific, specialized areas, and that is the army of NGOs to get things through. It appears to come from the public, ‘the public demand’. It’s not the public. It’s the NGOs that demand things and government signs it into law, whatever it is they’re demanding. That’s how this con game works, you see.


But it’s a very, very old con game, because remember, in the late 1800s Cecil Rhodes began the Cecil Rhodes foundation and he worked with Lord Rothschild; in fact he left a lot of stuff in his will to Lord Rothschild.  And the job was to take over the resources of the planet, all the wealth and resources, right down to food and water eventually but starting with gold and diamonds, then all the other minerals that factories would use down the road, but people too of course. Then they amalgamated with the Milner Group that was another bunch of international bankers; these are the ones who lend to countries.  Lend nothing in reality today, in those days they used to have to ship gold bars back and forth. But now it’s just blips made up on a computer; that’s all it is. No one checks their books to see if they have enough blips even. But anyway, scams apart, they formed lots of different circles, each one creates a circle. You had the Cliveden Set, you had different ‘sets’, they called them; these were big in the 1800s. Then they were called ‘clubs’ at the beginning of the 1900s. Then they go into ‘committees,’ committees of this, number 7, 10, each one specializing in part of preparing the future for the big elite that already owned the world in those days, to do with a world society.


A few years ago I remember reading an article here – and I put it up on my website, I’ll put it up again tonight.


DCDC Strategic Trends 2007-2036 report - http://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/articles/strat_trends_23jan07.pdf


It was one of the first reports put out to the public, for the few that bothered to look at it, a 90-odd-page report by the think tank that worked for the Department of Defence for Britain and all NATO countries. The second one was a bit toned down, after we read the first one on the air; people got wind of it and so they toned it down. They talked about depopulating and so on, the planet.  Now, this is the Department of Defence, its official think tank for the NATO countries, remember, who serve the elite not the public. The same with your military; your military is not there to serve you, believe you me. Never was. And they said in it too, in this big report, they would depopulate and eventually the world would get sold off basically, compartmentalized.  The old idea of Karl Marx too; eventually, once you have a world state, then it will gradually wither away, the countries; they’ll privatize parts of countries, whole countries, depending on the size you are. And we’re living through it today. 


Now, when you read these things off, people can’t really believe it. Even though I’ve read the articles on the air where companies in France have bought over not just the shoreline but inland towards parts of England; they own it now, you understand. The United Nations is also forcing other countries to depart from their old allegiances. Scotland goes off and it gets joined with Norway; that’s what they want down the road, from the United Nations, and things like that. And then both of them will get sold off to somebody else. They are selling off the countries.


Australia is being hit like crazy; they’re just getting this free trade idea right now, where literally any company from India or China can buy mines, bring in their own workers, pay them peanuts, set up work camps for them, employ their own labor, and own everything including the mines and the railway lines all the way to the coast; all this ore goes to ships and so on and across the sea. So they’re really getting hit hard.  Plus, the new economy, which will be based on carbon taxes, to keep everybody in line, to make us all dirt poor for the times to come. This is really the agenda, you understand.


So getting back to that 90-page document by the Department of Defence and their big think tank, they said that the world would come down to city-states. City-states, and no more countries. Very high tech city-states. And they went through the list of them that already existed.  They even had San Diego as part of them, possibly Texas, and maybe one or two others in the US, and other ones across the world which they also named. That’s where the trendies would live, the very wealthy offspring of the filthy rich basically. And also they would have technocrats working with them, technicians in a very high tech society. The rest of the public would be like the wild men, I guess, in Brave New World, who would live outside and simply die off. That’s really it.


Now, you don’t get this stuff coming out and taught to officers, at the highest level, in colleges, that this is the future, unless they mean it folks. And when they say something they really mean it. They really mean it. People couldn’t imagine… Well how will they do that, you know they’d have to make agreements and tell the public we’re going to sell you all off and sell chunks of you off. No, no, no. They just go through trade, you see, and make deals with China, and then China owns chunks of the US, chunks of Australia. I’ve got an article tonight too where Australia is to be the bread basket for China.


Sell the farm to buy a future as China's food bowl - smh.com.au / June 1, 2012


See, every Empire has a bread basket; ancient Rome used Egypt for its bread basket for instance, so they always have that. Britain at one point in the 1800s used Ireland as its bread basket, so much so they left no food for the Irish and let them starve; the rest of it was exported abroad, as they were starving. And the rest to keep the troops going across the British Empire.  So this is the reality of the world.


The ones at the top get taught this stuff, quite openly. There’s no emotion involved in anything they do. Business is business to them. And they are very pragmatic, they say, very pragmatic and utilitarian, so they have no problems with these big things...  Oh it’s terrible what will happen, but it has to be.  you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs; that was Mr. Rockefeller’s statement on how things happen in the world and the big plans that they had. So you’re living through the first stages of selling off chunks of the country.


You’ve got privatized police forces taking over countries like Britain. You’ve got privatized armies, mercenary armies, which came out, by the way, from the early 1990s when the Council on Foreign Relations’ big think tanks were given the task of finding how do you get guys together in an Army and make them feel proud with no history of a global Army to go back on, you see. It’s easy to get the national flags out when you’ve trained a nation to be nationalistic, even if they’re fighting for corporate wars and they don’t even know it – they don’t care; they’re draped in the fervor of imagination and foundation myths. But when you get a United Nations Army together, how do you make them loyal? Well, you get mercenaries is what you do; that’s the solution they came up with. And that’s why armies are being privatized and they take care of the countries that the official armies go in and destroy the infrastructure, then the private boys come in and they take care of all the rest. They do the cleaning-up business, they wipe out any enemies or any resistance while they plunder the oil or whatever it is out of the country. Big ranging plans.


And now your police, as I say, are being privatized as well. And eventually, as China moves in, and other countries move in, and the deal they made, remember too, was done in France under the auspices of the World Trade Organization, that any big corporation can move into one country, buy a chunk of your country and bring in their own workers and pay them the same wages as they would back in their own country. That was done in the early 90s. The debates went on for two years. Every country sent top bureaucrats over to negotiate the deal. And the press weren’t allowed in to even hear what was getting sad. We only had the word of people who were allowed in, the very, very few. They said that eventually this is going to be the way of the future. And it’s all here. It’s all here now as we even speak.


Now, it’s an old idea because in the US they go on about these sovereign little parcels of land within the US. Now, where did that all come from? Little sovereign parcels where goods can get flown in by another country and they bypass all customs, etc.  Well, they’re literally sovereign countries within your own. That was FDR that brought that in back in the early 30s actually; he brought it in in the 30s. So now they’re speeding all that up now too. So you are watching the endgame here of a long-term strategy as your countries are brought to destitution, financial destitution, on purpose.  Your jobs are all shipped offshore. Your workplaces are shipped offshore. And now you’re going into the breakup of nations and the privatization of whole chunks of the planet. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system and the plans that are happening, as we live through these times, and the plans still to come. It’s all worked out perfectly of course. They know at the top there’s going to be upheavals. They mentioned that all through that Department of Defence summary of the whole thing; there would be massive upheavals as we go through these transitions that were all planned. The whole idea is based on a Darwinistic principle that, really, the survival of the fittest – that was named by a later character but it was the same thing; that’s what Charles Darwin was actually pushing himself – would continue. The fittest would survive to go on to the next era of humanity.


And we’re living through that today as everything goes offshore and has been going offshore for many, many years. And the taxpayers incredibly, as always, fund the uprooting of whole complete factory systems shipped off to China and then rebuilt there. And we pay any losses they claim to incur until about 10 to 15 years down the road. If they say they’re still not making enough profit because of the move then we fund them again, up to what they claim they’ve lost. What a deal! What a deal... for the stinking rich, eh?  Not bad at all.


But the whole trick of course of holding everybody together, all through this time, up to the present, was to make you think you’re all part of a nation, you see, and that you matter. Great propaganda from the media, you know, and they play us all like violins. Very simple, because we all have the inbuilt tunes there, which are just programs instilled into us at youth, childhood. And of course we’ve got default positions, as Sunstein said; they can set the defaults there, and play the anthems and show the flag and we start crying, because you’re all conditioned you see. But in reality these big boys are international that run you and run all the countries.  They’ve ALWAYS been international.


Now, the Bilderberg group of course, there’s a lot been written on it. It’s only one of many groups, as they have meetings across the world. And even these groups that they have, don’t forget, the same characters are visiting each other all the time back and forth throughout the year. They even have the Department of Defence there too; that’s how they can actually come out with their big plans for the future. They all have to know the big agenda, you see, and how it’s going to affect the public, including massive strikes, massive riots in the streets eventually down the road, and they expect this to happen. And then they’ll all die off and out will be the super states, the super city-states... just like days of old.  Now, this article here is about the Bilderbergers and it talks about the ones who attended there, the different groups, etc. It says there were different groups attending, from anarchists to constitutionalists, etc., a variety of people all seeing things in their own particular way.  But it says…


Tinted glass, chauffeurs and lockdown: Bilderbergers meet

wnd.com / 05/31/2012 / Michael Thompson


Among other slogans: “Oligarchs the spawn of Satan,” “New World Order,” “Still Time to Repent” and “RonPaul2012.”


Another member of the protest crowd was Adam Kokesh, who used to have a show on Russia Today.


(Alan:  And this is where he gets it right on the nose. He says…)

“What we’re seeing here is part of the evolution of the superclass,” he said.


He said there are more people talking about the group, more information available and more visibility on the Internet than ever before.


But he said the changes from the Bilderbergers’ early meetings, which were completely secret, still have not opened the discussions about the management of the planet to outsiders.  (A:  In other words, what they discuss is always kept quiet. But it breaks out, by their little henchmen at the CFR because they are the guys who write all of your papers for you and tell you what to think.)


Just a day earlier, a Madrid-based investigative journalist who has spent years researching the Bilderberg group warned there’s no “conspiracy theory” behind the group: “It’s a conspiracy reality.”


Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group,” contends people should care because the idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting “is to create what they themselves call the aristocracy of purpose between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet.”  (A:  I would say, ‘their’ planet.)


“In other words,” Estulin told WND in an email exchange in which he answered questions, “the creation of a global network of giant cartels (A:  ...private cartels, you see), more powerful than any nation on Earth (A:  That’s exactly what they said in the Department of Defence 90-page report a few years back.), destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity.”  (A:  ...all the food, all the water, all the power, medical care, EVERYTHING, you see, they own it all.)


This year the meetings in Chantilly run through June 4. Most of the group’s meetings are in Europe.


Four years ago there were rumors that Barack Obama had been picked as the Democratic presidential nominee. Two days after the event, Hillary Clinton bowed out.


Observers also point out George H.W. Bush attended in 1985. He became president in 1988. Bill Clinton attended in 1991. He became president a year later. Tony Blair attended in 1993. He became prime minister of England in 1997. Romano Prodi attended in 1999. Later that year he became president of the European Union Commission. In 2004, Sen. John Edwards spoke to the group. He was later anointed the Democratic vice presidential nominee by presidential candidate John Kerry.


Estulin said some people go off the deep end and try to see more than the Bilderberg Group is. That’s not needed, he said, because what’s already there “is and of itself is a pretty significant factor.”


He described the group as “a vehicle through which private financier oligarchical interests were able to impose their policies on what is nominally sovereign governments.”  (A:  Well you see, they’ve actually owned these sovereign governments for a long time. Remember that the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations group have been picking Presidents and Prime Ministers for every country since the late 1800s when they were called a different name at the time. And that’s official, from their own archives by the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right, they give you your leaders, folks, and you boo them or cheer them. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the world as it really is. And it’s only the fact that you go into disbelief, you can’t really believe it. You say, I can’t believe that, I can’t believe…  even when it’s happening. The plan, as I say, is for a small group, which has owned the world for a long time, they’ve been behind every war, they have the controlling interest shares in every major corporation across the planet. They plan to have their own new world order where they run it into the future, again, but they want a lot of us to die off in the process. You see, we’re spoiling the view. The view should be a nice green countryside where they can go boar hunting and stuff like that, like they’ve always done. That’s how they see the future. But in the meantime of course they still want a lot of peasants to put uniforms on and go and fight for causes they don’t understand. But of course it’s really to enrich the oligarchs already and to plunder what’s left of the world and demolish the whole of Islam. That’s all part of it too. That was on the books years ago, they’d have to demolish Islam, because Islam wouldn’t go along with this system, wouldn’t go into a system of usury and compound interest payments on loans and things like that, and central banking. So that was taboo and they decided to demolish them, many, many years ago, officially, in high quarters.


So anyway, I’ll put up this link tonight where the guy talks about the Bilderberg.  He says...


“Bilderberg is not a bogeyman. But it is a powerful organization. It’s a medium for bringing together financial institutions – the largest, predatory institutions in the world – which acts in ways that are now the worst enemy of society.”  (A:  And of course, they’ve actually been at it like that for an awful long time.)


Now another thing to remember too, these corporations have no national allegiance to you. Look at your big car companies. Now they’ve got ads and campaigns in China now, with the Chinese standing there, just like the cowboy used to, but only in Chinese garb. That’s how quickly they adapt, you see.  They don’t care who they’re selling it to. Corporations have no nationality whatsoever. We’ve been international for an awful long time.


Also tonight I’m putting up another link to a group that was there, with videos of attendees coming in, through their cars, etc. You’ll find out who is going to be getting pushed up the ladder just by looking at the faces and the names, etc. That’s why they bring these characters in. They’re getting approval, you see. They’ve been picked already by the lessers and the elite must approve them basically and the rest of their career is made for them.


Exclusive Photos: Bilderberg Attendees Revealed - theintelhub.com / June 1, 2012


Tonight I’m also putting up an interesting video. It’s Donald Trump, of all people, who’s talking to the autism society. He’s come out now and said that autism is caused by vaccines. And there’s no doubt about it. They’ve known this for donkey’s years; and a donkey’s year is a long time, remember. And the CDC, of course, comes out and says, oh rubbish, etc. Well that’s their job, because you see, they want us to be dumb, very dumb, stupid… We’ve all had our brains attacked, by the way, through these vaccines to one degree or another, all the way down to autism. And your life expectancy is going to plummet because of it too. Because these are bioweapon warfare techniques that they’re using on the general population.  They had the meetings at the end of World War II in Britain, global meetings on bringing down the population and making them more manageable. Many authors talked about it afterwards including Lord Bertrand Russell. He said, even using the needle for a compliant kind of dopey society. Well, they’ve got it today. A lot of folk have been affected by it, an awful lot of people, and lives destroyed, just utterly destroyed.


Video: Donald Trump Claims Autism is Caused by Vaccines - opposingviews.com / April 02, 2012


Tonight too I’m putting up an article to do with, it’s really the ‘Flame.’   I’ll put up some on the new ‘Flame’,  a trojan basically that’s been invented and is out there. And also an article about the Stuxnet where the US and Israel did a joint operation; they worked together on it. They even boasted about it in Israel, from the military themselves.


Iran 'finds fix' for sophisticated Flame malware - bbc.co.uk / 29 May 2012


US officials confirm Stuxnet was a joint US-Israeli op - theregister.co.uk / 1 June 2012


So don’t think for a minute the guys at the top are stupid. They’re not stupid bumbling fools like is portrayed in a lot of comedies and things. The ones at the top, believe you me, they don’t have to be so intelligent. They can be cunning, but not necessarily intelligent, in other ways. But they can hire all the people to put everything into action for them on their behalf, because they’ve got all the money in the world.


Now another thing too, is we’ve got social engineers coming out of our ears, in political correctness and other ways too, believing, you see, that man is an animal, and in the old Darwinian theory too, and Pavlovian style, you can retrain him and give him new conditioned reflexes. In fact, men are being taught right now not to mind another guy groping your charlies, your family jewels, in front of other people too, never mind getting it done to you, and not hitting back. Instead of a guy naturally would floor the guy, bust his nose, that tried that. Now you’re being taught not to be men anymore and to stifle this. It demoralizes and it dehumanizes you, in your own eyes, and you don’t feel like a guy anymore. This is all part of the strategies that you’re being taught to put up with right now.


But again, even down to food, it’s attacking that too...


Loyola University New Orleans:

Organic food label leads to immorality  (A:  ...immorality...)

foodfreedomgroup.com / 31May2012


From the world of “now we’ve heard everything,” a recent article on Reason.com cites studies claiming that buying organic food leads to anti-social behaviors, harsh judgment and unethical tendencies. One of the studies cited was authored by Kendall J. Eskine, a psychology professor at Loyola University New Orleans, who wrote the article “Wholesome Foods and Wholesome Morals? Organic Foods Reduce Prosocial Behavior and Harshen Moral Judgments.” 


Well you see, if you’re not getting organic food, which is called normal food by the way. See, that’s what it is, it’s normal food, up until a while back when they started adding all the GM and GE vegetables out there and also using massive amounts of pesticides, really deadly stuff, from Monsanto, that are taking over the world’s food supply; that’s part of the strategy. And people are dying off with cancers of the stomach and everything else, just like all the mammals they tested this stuff on. So here they are trying to cover this again saying, oh you’re just being antisocial by going for what’s now called... normal food is called organic now, you see. Well, the elite themselves aren’t eating it. They refuse to touch it, remember. Tony Blair in Britain tried to push it on the general public there but he forbad that it be used in the parliamentary cafeteria. They wouldn’t do it in the cafeteria for Parliament, because it’s damn poison. Monsanto’s own workers won’t eat this stuff.  I’ve read this article before, they hire cafeteria workers to come in and companies that use only organic food. So I’ll put this link up tonight too where they’re trying to make you feel guilty because you like organic food, oh you’re going to be antisocial... why don’t you get poisoned like all the rest and die off quietly?  Huh?     Oh, God.  It’s quite something. It’s quite something isn’t it?


As an aside, William Peter Blatty of the Exorcist series of books is suing Georgetown University, it’s a Catholic-based, or funded university, for going utterly left-wing and preaching all PC stuff as well. 


'Exorcist' author, William Peter Blatty, to sue Georgetown University in Catholic court - stltoday.com / May 18, 2012


And also this article here, an Illinois lawmaker rants on the House floor. People have heard about it I’m sure.


Legislator’s rant goes viral; he stands by it

qctimes.com / Mike Bost / May 30, 2012


...Illinois Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, expresses outrage on the House floor when the Democrats ignored the Republican attempts to remove school districts from a cost shifting plan over concerns it would result in property tax increases. 


(A:  What the man is saying, he says, you’re not allowed to practice the Constitution under this system. Because it’s all corrupt, you see, now. And the speaker refuses them to put their points of view over, which of course is undemocratic. And he says…)


“I was sent in by the people to represent them. I’m not allowed to do it. I’m not allowed to represent the people.” (A:  Well that’s how it’s been for an awful long time in every so-called first world country, because it’s been corrupted a long, long time ago.  The idea of voting for anybody was so that they’d go off from your area and represent you. What do they tell you now? Oh I can’t help you back home, I’ve got to vote with the party. Carroll Quigley said the same thing; our man at the top is the only one that matters, the guys that we put in. Because he’s the party boss, you see. So I’ll put this link up tonight too and you can hear the man say it himself, that you’re not allowed to use the Constitution, and power is not meant to be in the hands of one person, like the speaker or whomever.)


Another article too, big Pharma of course is doing its best to kill everybody off, and that is part of its job by the way. It says…


Kevin Malley’s hunger-strike at Merck highlights Propecia’s devastating effects

examiner.com/ May 18, 2012 / John Peige


After reading the Examiner's coverage on the devastating side effects of Merck & Co.’s hair-growth drug (A:  It’s a big thing, it’s a big seller, hair-growth drug for men.) Propecia, more men are now coming forward to say they are also unsuspecting victims.


One victim who says the drug ruined his life is 30 year-old Las Vegas resident Kevin Malley who is currently conducting a multi-day hunger strike outside of Merck’s corporate headquarters in Whitehouse, N.J.


While Malley is battling colossal Merck at the drug-giant’s front door, other Propecia victims are also speaking out across the country.  (A:  They’re all saying it destroyed their life basically.)


In a document obtained by the Examiner, an official at the FDA wrote: "The FDA wants to know about all adverse reactions potentially caused by finasteride. This includes cases of patients who developed Peyronie’s [disease], anxiety, panic attacks, cognitive dysfunction, chronic insomnia, muscle wasting (A:  ...muscle wasting…) and the other persistent side effects."  (A:  It also makes them sterile, by the way, and impotent.  See, these guys are at this all the time, trying things on the public which bring them down. You understand, big Pharma is not your friend. Big Pharma is part of a totalitarian system, and it’s part of the Military-Industrial Complex.)


Another article is…


How The Super Rich Avoid Taxes Even As They Demand That The Rest Of Us Pay More

theeconomiccollapseblog.com / May 30th, 2012


And it gives you the different ways, how they do it, including names of people too, and where they invest and how they get out of paying taxes. You don’t have to even just go offshore to do it. You can actually pop into different US states, like Texas, that don’t tax them, on certain tax codes, as well, and they move around with their masses of cash. But it’s quite interesting to see.  Mitt Romney has millions of dollars parked down in the Cayman Islands, for instance, and other tax havens. So they all are at it, these same guys that are part of a global elite, or they serve the Masters of the global elite, and they’re well rewarded by getting access to these tax havens. That’s part of the deal for serving the bosses you see. 


Another one is…


Heckler brands Tony Blair a ‘war criminal’ over JPMorgan payments - rawstory.com/ May 28, 2012


What a skunk, a skunk Tony Blair is! I mean, Tony Blair was set up to be the left-wing leader for Britain.  He was working for MI5 before that as a student to turn in left-wingers and stuff like that. He’s their boy. He’s a little psychopath. He’s earned more money out of office – that’s his rewards for getting Britain into wars. He’s got J.P. Morgan backing him financially as he goes across, getting paid a salary from Britain as a representative, at the moment, AND under the salary of J.P. Morgan, as he plunders parts of the Middle East for his boss. What a swine bag this guy is. Almost single-handedly he took Britain into war to please the bosses, the global bosses. But he’s a complete, textbook psychopath, this character. Textbook psychopath. So anyway, someone branded him a war criminal at some big meeting that Tony Blair was at. Of course the guy got chucked out of the meeting but at least he got his little dig in about the truth.  I mean, these guys walk, you know, absolutely free across the planet after they got God knows how many millions of people slaughtered or starved to death and plundered out of their own resources for this global elite.


In Greece...

Greek Suicide Epidemic Continues

zen-haven.com / May 30, 2012 / Zen - Haveneuhang


(A:  Pensioners are now committing suicide, no cash, poverty, hunger and so on because of these stinking bankers at the top, that have got everybody in the death throes basically, as they take the last penny off people under austerity acts. Believe you me, you better watch what happens to Greece because they plan on doing it across the whole planet. And they also plan, these same stinking bankers plan to make incredible amounts of money off what was once your spending money. You’re not going to have spending money. You’re post consumerist, remember, according to the big boys at the Club of Rome, another big think tank that works for the United Nations and the elite. They said your cash is going to go off in taxes and fees and permits, etc, and carbon taxes, energy taxes.)


A 61-year-old Greek pensioner has hung himself from a tree in a public park after succumbing to the pressure of crushing debt. A note in his pocket indicates he is merely the latest in a rash of economic crisis-induced suicides. 


So there’s more and more of them killing themselves because there’s no hope left for these people, because of this ancient, very ancient banking cabal and generations and generations of their offspring, playing this game across the planet, rising up nations, rising up empires and then looting them.  Once they’ve had their use of them they let them fall, as they come out and draw all their cash out, that walks behind them, and they all fall down, and they move into a new one. That’s what countries are actually for. Not for you folks. It’s for their benefit. They make a country. They use that country. They wring it out through war and everything else and use all your young guys for slaughtering other people, and then they walk out and leave you alone, dirt poor.  They’ve been at it for thousands of years, remember, thousands of years.


Now, this is a good one…


3 Years After Taxpayer Bailout, Bank of America Ships Jobs Overseas

motherjones.com / Josh Harkinson / May 29, 2012


(A:  See they don’t give a damn about you, or the name they’ve got, Bank of America. It didn’t say ‘for Americans’ did it? So they ship jobs overseas.)


America's second-largest bank is relocating its business-support operations to the Philippines, according to a high-ranking Filipino government official recently quoted in the Filipino press. The move, which includes a portion of the bank's customer service unit, comes less than three years after Bank of America received a $45 billion federal bailout.  (A:  Thank you very much Americans, Bye-bye!)


Roman Romulo, deputy majority leader of the Philippine House of Representatives, bragged to the Manila Standard Today earlier this month that the Philippines "has secured its place as the world's fastest-growing outsourcing hub." Romulo pointed out that BofA is the last of the "big four" US banks to move their business-support network to his island nation, where the average family makes $4,700 a year. (A:  And believe you me, they’ll still make $4700 a year because they ain’t going to get any profit from it. Just the big bankers, you see.  It’s astonishing.)


Everything is privatized, countries are privatized. Britain privatized its nuclear missile industry to Lockheed Martin; they run it all over in Britain. Private armies.  Private police. City-States here we come. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and just before I take a caller I want to mention this too, that Madonna is over there in Israel of course, a slur on something...  Her whole name is a slur of course, the trollop basically, the prostitute is what she acts to be.  So I’m putting up a spoof tonight, and you understand what a spoof is. Someone sent it to me; I thought it was very apropos.  It’s from Metropolis and it’s called… I call it Madonna’s trip to Israel, her dance in Israel. I’ll put that up for you tonight to have a good laugh.


Metropolis - Dance Scene - youtube.com / Uploaded on May 8, 2010


And also, Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources are outsourcing their ability to license hunters and fishermen, and they’ve given it to a US company, AND all their data, etc., etc., etc.  See, everything’s being privatized, from your government, as they break everything up. It’s going to accelerate over the next few years as more and more things are outsourced to private companies and privatized.  And everything shoots up in price of course because these are for big profits – that’s why you privatize things – big profit companies.  And believe you me, this is the whole way of the future.


Review launched into MNR hunting and fishing license outsourcing - sootoday.com / May 31, 2012


We deserve better - niagarafallsreview.ca / Al Oleksuik / May 22, 2012


Now we’ll go to Mark from Sudbury if he’s still on the line. Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hi, yeah. First of all, Alan, I’d like to thank you for your dedication to exposing the truth. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others I’ve heard talk about you, there are very few people around who are as unbiased as you are. I really appreciate it and thank you for not selling out. It’s a tough, lonely road and I encourage the listeners to support you in any way possible.


Alan:  I appreciate that.


Mark:  You were talking about the Bilderberg meeting tonight. I had a question; I called in right away when your show started, I didn’t know what you were talking about tonight. There are other venues that these people get together at including, I don’t know if you’ve seen the video recently, of a lavish party thrown by Paul Desmarais Jr, whose father of course is Paul Sr, of Power Corp. in Canada here, who has been involved with every Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau.


Alan:  Yeah, he’s got a company called Power Corporation, and literally every Prime Minister that’s been put up there from the Council on Foreign Relations has been trained by the Desmarais family. That’s absolutely true.


Mark:  Yeah, well it was a very interesting list of attendees at his party. George H.W. Bush was there. Of course Jean Chretien was there.  Jean Cheré.  Brian Mulroney.  Lucian Bouchard.  And a host of other people too. But one person I was going to talk to you about and ask you about, in my original question, was Mark Carney, the head of the Bank of Canada was also there.  And of course Mark Carney is an ex-Goldman Sachs executive.


Alan:  That’s right. There’s no such thing as ex-Goldman Sachs, believe you me.  It’s like ex-CIA; it’s the same thing, yeah.  [Alan chuckles.] But yeah, these guys are all slated for bigger and mightier things of course. We’re run by a small cabal. Canada is very good at it; they keep it quieter. But we’ve been run by a small cabal for a long time. Don’t forget, at least Canada was more open in the early days, that there’s no such thing as private property; the Queen owns everything. She owns the land; it’s called Crown land. Every cop salutes the Queen, gives allegiance to the Queen, not the country, the same with soldiers too. You don’t give allegiance to the country, you give it to the Queen. We are privately owned, absolutely.


Mark:  Well I hope the listeners can see the obviousness of all this going on, you know, and if they can only impart that knowledge to others and make them at least understand how much of a grasp we are in.  Maybe there is some hope, although it’s pretty far down the line.


Alan:  It’s far down the line, but we’re going to go through the worst.  Hell is still to come.  And at least you know why it’s happening and maybe we can prevent it in some way or another. Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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Heckler Brands Tony Blair a War Criminal over JP Morgan Payments

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Three Years after Taxpayer Bailout, Bank of America Ships Jobs Overseas

Madonna Dance in Israel--(Spoof from Metropolis)

Ontario Canada---Ministry of Natural Resources Outsourcing Canadian Hunter and Fishing Licencing to Private U.S. Company

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