June 5, 2012 (#1102)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 5, 2012:

Lost and Found Department:

"Who Founded Foundations, Why, Were They Lost?
They Direct NGO Armies at Tremendous Cost,
Left Wing -- Right Wing and Wings in the Middle,
Funding All Sides of the Conflict Riddle,
Take the C.F.R. Drafting Up Legislation,
Which Governments Stamp without Hesitation,
You See, We're Owned by Private Interest Groups,
They Own the Media, Creating Mind Loops,
Knowing the Public will Suspend Disbelief,
Disregard the Self-Evident, Accept the News Brief,
It's Contract Law -- Legal -- This Shameful Sin,
You Participate in the Scam, Voting Front-Men In"
© Alan Watt June 5, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 5, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 5th of June 2012.  For newcomers, as always I suggest you make use of cuttingthroughthematrix.com website.  You’ll see a whole bunch of sites listed there.  They’re all the official sites I have and they all carry transcripts as well as audios for download.  If you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages.  They all carry audios in English, well over a thousand now. 


I take you through the system you’re born into, that you accept because it’s simply there and so you accept that it must be normal, it existed before you were born, just like your parents accepted it too.  Never knowing that there’s big powers using science, basically, and psychology, neuroscience and techniques, marketing, to bring up a kind of uniform society.   Within the uniformity too, they give you a whole bunch of sub-groups and sub-cultures, as well, to take care of those who aren’t quite happy with the system that they’re living in. 


I go through that, the organizations that came together a long time ago, who decided to take over, basically, the whole world and run it, what they thought would be properly, rather than this haphazard way where you make your own decisions.  Although mind you, a lot of it is already trained into you, the decisions that you actually make.  They wanted to destroy the family unit as it stood because men tend to fight for their family unit and for their close relatives, etc.  You take that away and they won’t fight for anything; they look for entertainment and that’s what we have today, an abundance of entertainment.


The guys who wanted to take the world over also wanted to take over all the resources, which they’ve pretty well been successful at, and all the essentials to life, in fact, across the whole planet and bring in a world-type government.  Permanently actually, because once they demolished the low-breeders they call them.  There’s many names, the terms they use in their own books.  You’ll find that they planned to have big city-states down the road.   That’s from their own think tank for the Department of Defence at NATO.


So, sounds far-fetched but nothing is far-fetched, believe you me; it’s way beyond science fiction.  Think tanks can go into realms that you’d never dream of because they’re paid to and they’ve got nothing else to do except concentrate on their own specific tasks.  There are thousands of think tanks working all the time on every possible aspect of society and even the impossible is taken care of as well.  That’s incredible funding, unlimited financing from those who control, basically. 


I take you through the banking boys who got together, the Cecil Rhodes foundation that joined together with the Milner society and created the Royal Institute of International Affairs and one of their mouthpieces, of course, is the Royal Society as well.  To make you think that whatever they say must be true because it’s scientific.  They all work together with the Council on Foreign Relations to bring in this wonderful, temporary utopia, as we go through the massive changes.  You’re living in the time when the massive changes are all taking place, by law.  Anything that’s illegal at the top because of constitutions or anything else, they just scrub that out and add it in and make everything they do legal, everything.  Anything can be made legal if you own the guys who run the law system, anything at all, anything, believe you me.  If you think the horrors of the past were terrible and etc., because we’ve all been trained to believe they all were, then, believe you me, it’s nothing to what can be brought in through legalities.  We’re all seen as numbers and units and not as people at all, by those in the higher bureaucracies. 


Remember, to help me out too you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com because I don’t bring on sponsors.  I don’t have sponsors.  You are the sponsors, the listeners.  That way I’m not tied to commerce.  I’m not tied to opinions.  I’m not tied to silencing myself on certain things either, to do with commerce.  So, you can buy the books and discs I say at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find out how to do it if you go into the website.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I’ve said before many times you’re living through a period that was planned a long, long time ago, every aspect of the change, in fact.  Many changes were planned a long time ago by big powerful agencies, private agencies, contracted by governments to, basically, bring in a uniform society.  A society that wouldn’t really stand up for very much at all because those at the top had massive plans for the future, for themselves, naturally. 


Again, we can always go back to eugenics.  There’s no doubt it, you can’t get away from eugenics in all the top elitist factions, including the left wing.  As a matter of left wing, right wing, it doesn’t matter.  They all believe in the same basic things.  Ultimately they end up on the same road if they run the countries as well. 


You got to understand that during World War II big plans were worked on.  I’m sure they were much, much older than WWII but they were worked on during WWII by different agencies that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  You had the Frankfurt School, of course, that ran off from Nazi Germany before they were caught because they were pushing a form of communism; where literally they believed that man was an animal and you can train him to be anything that you want him to be, ultimately, for conformity.  When they came over to the US, they were funded by the taxpayer and set up again.  They had branches in different countries, like Britain.  They also took Freud’s talks as well, who also believed that man was an irrational being and therefore couldn’t be trusted by those who ruled.  So, they all worked along with the Macy group, the Frankfurt School, etc., with all the top philosophers of their day and this early so-called science, I don’t believe it’s a science at all, but it’s called psychiatry, and they believed that everyone was just too irrational to be trusted, except for themselves at the top.


They came out with lots and lots of programming for the general population who were oblivious that it was even happening upon them.  They saw the effects of it.  Down the road they saw psychiatry being touted through all the big media, especially to do with celebrities.  That’s how they always start things; well, if the celebrities are all seeing psychiatrists, we should too.  Then psychiatry started to work with the educational system as well.  And America, of course, I think under Truman, brought out the National Mental Health Act as well.  The Mental Health Act was to create a population of obedient people.  That’s what it was for.  It wasn’t going out looking for mentally ill people.  It was to make sure that the populations wouldn’t go the same way as the Nazis.  And the general public again are pretty well unaware of all of this going on them.  You didn’t see the first signs and symptoms until, as I say, Hollywood started big time promoting therapy and the celebrities in all the magazines, and experts.  Remember what Bertrand Russell said, who did work with them; he worked with the Macy group and he also worked with the Frankfurt School and a few other ones on this, and Bernays, of course, that gave America the consumer society.  They all worked to basically create this new society of obedient people, who would all believe in the same things and behave the same way.


Massive projects, massive funding; but then what is massive when it’s all your tax money that’s being used to prop it all up and fund it?  Remember these have never stopped, at the very top they’ve always believed the general population are basically irrational and of course that stems as a projection from the paranoid types that run the world.  They’re always paranoid because they’re up to no good, you see.  So much so, that if the public knew; like I think it was George Bush Sr. said that if the public knew what we were up to they’d run down the streets after us and lynch us.  So, they’re always paranoid and looking at the people and they call the people irrational.  Out of that came all of the experimental groups working with the CIA, of course.  You had the Rolfing techniques as people screamed and bashed pillows and some of the other groups they bashed each other, in fact.  Then they had the lovey-dovey groups where you just strip naked and got rid of your "inner policeman" they called it.  The inner policeman they said was rebelling against society because you were censoring yourself to go along with society, never knowing that the CIA were at the top of all of these experiments; massive experiments, using your funding of course.


It’s never stopped, it’s still going on today.  At the same time they realized during these experiments how uniform people could be under the right circumstances.  If you created a movement you would get them flooding in with all their own grievances, often diverging grievances, but they’d come together to get a target to blame and all come together.  So, that does work.  Today we know too that lots of them in the movement to do with ‘man is irrational, we must conquer and use him’ went into what’s called today the "Green" Movement.  They were communists before, still believing in creating the ultimate Soviet man, a product of total conditioning and then, of course, they could use the Green Movement, sustainability, etc. to get the same goals through.  Now these so-called far-left Soviet types, Communist types, are well funded by your tax money again and by your own governments.


That used to astonish me as I got the clues years ago of what was going on.  When you went into certain places, for instance, where there was music, especially in places like Canada and the States, you found lots of bars or clubs that were propped up by government money.  In fact, they were totally funded by government money to protest government, by their music.  It made no sense at all.  And what were they protesting?  It had to be radical change.  Now, what radical changes were they talking about? The Communist Manifesto was the radical change.  That’s when I realized, at the beginning, that communism and capitalism worked completely together and that’s been shown to be true as you go into all of the different foundations and top bankers of the capitalist system that funded communism from its very inception.


So, they got together, as I say, and they decided that they’d change the whole planet and they also said if you read articles like from UNESCO and from some of the first CEOs of UNESCO, including Huxley.  It was Julian Huxley, Aldous’s brother, and he said the same thing, we shall bring in massive promiscuity, as long as they don’t have children, and that would keep them really happy.  Bernays, of course, worked on this too because sex promoted everything.  Now you have a hypersexualized society that’s pretty well sterile, if you look at the sperm count in the male because that’s part of it too, is bringing down the population.  Big numbers terrify governments, big, big numbers of people.  They always have terrified those who rule over the people.  Read the writings of Malthus; it’s never changed today.  Absolutely terrified of too many people at the bottom, who might want a share in something, you see.  That’s the reason for it.  They might want a share and, of course, if people really did get some kind of equality, then you wouldn’t have any elite being any different from you, so that can’t happen, you see, and it won’t happen.  By hook or by crook that kind of thing will never ever happen. That’s pie in the sky.  


So, we live in a system that’s planned and it’s done in phases, just like they did with the United Nations, and they did with the Soviet era.  They have 5-year plans for this particular part, even to do with the amalgamation of countries, including the NAFTA countries, and they have 10-year plans for other parts across the world.  Fifty-year plans, and even 100-year plans, where they want to be, in a hundred years.  They have lots of staff and millions of people all working towards the goals, on behalf of the elite, under thousands of obscure names sometimes. Sometimes kind of happy-happy names; you never suspect what they’re really all about.  It’s kind of like ‘family planning,’ we all like families and we like to plan, but look what it’s really for.  Again, thank Bernays for the terminology.  We’re still run today by those who believe that we are the useless eaters, you see, and we’re going to take over their planet and eat up all their natural resources.  That’s how they see it at the top. 


Now, people think, of course, getting raised in this society, they have rights, and it isn’t until certain things happen you find out you have no rights at all.   It sounds good on paper but a good lawyer will walk in there and shred it apart because that’s how they write laws.  Laws are written in such a way that if they want to put you inside the slammer they take this case that happened 10 years ago or whatever, or the other one where they let the guy go.  It can be one or the other.  It depends if they want to put you away; all laws have the same things.  Put them inside or let them go.  You’ll find that all through the legal history, basically, it’s a scam, of course.  And it’s a massive business, apart from that; it’s a massive, massive business; right down to abducting children for the money that they can get from the state, from abducting children, under childcare or child services, etc. in every country.  In fact, a few years ago it was one of the main growth industries in America.  You wouldn’t believe the money the state throws, for every child who’s taken away from their parents.  Fantastic business.


So we live in a fantasy world, where we’re trained, trained to believe everything we’re pretty well told.  We’re given dross—dross is what’s left after you’ve run out of real coal, you got all this little stuff at the bottom almost like powder, it’s called dross.  We get dross given by the owned media.  People who own the banks, own the media, as well, you see, and they have all along. 


Years ago Allan Rock was the Attorney General for Canada, a kind of unelected guy, seemed to get around a lot.  He was really deemed to go places and bigger things to happen and so on.  He single-handedly, I think in ’98, he brought out this massive omnibus bill.  We’d never seen this in Canada before and it was rammed through without any questions.  It technically was an anti-terrorist bill and a martial law bill, but the bills are still getting rammed through now since that particular time.  Then Allan Rock of course, once he rammed it through, he went off to work at his favorite place, which is the United Nations; because we’re global, you see.  This farce and pretense of having your own place and government and country, really is just a sham, at the moment.  It’s used by those in government when they want to use it; the rest of the time we’re simply global.  Now there’s more bills getting rammed through and tonight I’ll put up a link about Canada.  It’s some articles from Bill C-38.  It says:


“The All Bills Act or Gettin’ er done.”


Alan:  You wouldn’t believe the changes in this to do with all Canadian monies, savings plans, pensions, tax shelters, etc.  It’s astonishing.  Back with more after this. 


Hi folks.  I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about, never mind the fact that we’re going through massive changes, planned changes, of course, to do with the whole global society, as they call it at the top (the ones who own it, that is), and everything that must happen within it. And the massive omnibus bills that are common now in the US but are fairly recent to Canada.  Again, we’re all merging now, you see, so we’re all on board together.  What they’re doing, of course, are altering the systems in Canada and in the States, a little bit each until we can merge comfortably, in many different areas.  That’s what they did with all the European countries for 30-odd years, little adjustments here and there until eventually even your cash system is on par with the ones you’re going to merge it with, the ‘dollar for dollar value’ sort of idea.  It’s to affect everything. 


Now some of the provisions of Bill C-38, says:


“Income Tax Amended”


Alan:  That doesn’t sound good for anybody of course, except for those at the top. 


“Income Tax Act amended: - Medical Expense Tax Credit, Registered Disability, Savings Plan, Mineral Exploration Tax Credit, Dividend designations, Governor General’s salary,..”


Alan:  In Canada and the British Commonwealth, as Milner called it. which is still called by the same thing today, of course, the Governor General is a representative of the Queen and nothing can be signed into law, through Parliament, unless it’s okayed by the Governor General and passed back to the Queen and okayed and all the rest of it.


“…Tax shelters, Charitable donation, foreign registration,…”


Alan:  So, there’s going to be lots more investment into the country, with labor coming in too, probably just like Australia’s got, from India or China.


“…political activity…”


Alan:   That’s interesting, they want to know about your political activity.


“…Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers…”


Alan:  It’s not going to be freedom for grain farmers, believe you me, because I’ve got another article to do about their carbon taxes and so on.


“Part 2: Excise Tax Act amended…”


“Part 3

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act repealed;

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 enacted;

National Energy Board Act amended—‘timeliness’ of pipeline reviews;

Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act amended—NEB to have federal jurisdiction over cross pipelines and power lines crossing navigable waters;

Fisheries Act amended—removes habitat protection;

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 amended—disposal at sea permits;”


Alan:  Are now available I guess or at least it’s considering those.


“Species at Risk Act amended;

Part 4

Auditor General Act amended;

Trust and Loan Companies Act amended;

Bank Act amended—among other things, adds a preamble;”


Alan:  I’ll put up all this tonight.  It goes on and on and on.  Omnibus bill, and of course, I was reading too that the average politician has got 6 seconds to reply to all of this, 6 seconds.  See, this is the con.  What’s the point in having a government at all if they go through this farce, knowingly; they all participate, knowingly that they can’t intervene in anything at all, “Oh, your 6 seconds is up.”  By the time you say, “Your honorable this and honorable that,” that’s it, over.  It’s got:


“Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act amended...”


Alan:  So, they’re going to expand the conservation areas, obviously, for private use, that’s corporation use.  And:


“Canada National Parks Act amended...”


Alan:  Now, the National parks have been growing like cancers as they take over more and more land and it goes back to Crown land or at least it’s put under Crown land in Canada and you can’t go near it. 


“…Integrated Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations Act enacted—enacts 2009 agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the USA implemented;”


Alan:  So, now it’s implemented, the Cross-Border Maritime Law Enforcement Operations Act.


"Bretton Woods..."


Alan: For those who’ve got a memory, and to understand the money system on the farce of fractional reserve banking, etc. and paper money, that’s where they first had the big meeting, of course, and put it all into action, during WWII even.  It says:


“Bretton Woods and Related Agreements Act amended;

Official Development Assistance Accountability Act amended;

Canada Health Act amended;”


Alan:  Maybe they’ll give us the pill for euthanasia, instead of giving us the basic treatment or the minimal treatment that they’re now offering.


“Canada Security Intelligence Service Act amended;”


Alan:  That’s your CSIS, which is the equivalent supposedly of the CIA.  It’s not quite as nasty, so far.  


“Office of the Inspector General eliminated and give oversight responsibilities to Security Intelligence Review Committee;”


Alan:  Now it’s so secretive that we don’t know who they are, but we know that they actually have a lot of professors from universities working in CSIS, taken from that kind of sector. 


“Currency Act amended; Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act amended; Food and Drugs Act amended;”


Alan:  I guess they can put any poisons in the food now.


“Government Employees Compensation Act amended;”


Alan:  Well, they’ll always give them more because you must always, like Stalin said, and Churchill said and others, you must always get the bureaucrats on your side and then you can do anything.


“International Development Research Centre Act amended;

Canada Labour Code amended;

Fair ages and Hours of Labour Act repealed;

Public Appointments Commission dissolved, and its Secretariat;

Seeds Act amended—empowers Canadian Food Inspection Agency to issue licenses to persons authorizing them control or assure quality of seeds or seed crops;”


Alan:  It’ll probably mean that you’ll have to pay a fee for all of the GM stuff, even for your own back garden.


“Statutory Instruments Act amended; Investment Canada Act amended; Customs Act amended;

Pensions Benefits Standards Act, 1985—retroactive effect to...; Railway Safety Act amended; Health of Animals Act amended;

...Canada School of Public Service Act amended—Board of Governors abolished and responsibilities reassigned to responsible Minister and President of the School;

...Status of the Artist Act amended—dissolves the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal and transfers powers and duties to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board…”


Alan:  We pay about twice as much for a CD, blank ones up here, on the premise that we’re guilty of going to copy music.  It was the same with tapes before.  It’s supposed to go to the artist, they say; never does of course.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and of course I’ll put these links up tonight on Bill C-38 and it’s all basically going through and passed, and it’s gigantic.  It would take anybody, including the politicians who won’t read it, a long, long time to go through most of it and then find out what it really, really means.  And of course we still pretend we’re a democracy in Canada, like most countries do.  But the fact is when something is wrapped up in these massive bills with all legalese etc. and ‘subsequent to subsection paragraph blah-blah-blah, exempting blah-blah-blah-blah-blah,’  I mean, come on, the cons go on and it’s all done through legalities like this, you see.  It’s meant to bamboozle the ordinary person, so let’s not even pretend you have a democracy or even had one in the past to be honest with you.


So, I’ll put them up tonight and getting back to what I said originally about the fact is they believe everyone is mentally ill at the bottom.  That’s also part of the Mental Health Act that started to treat children; it’s quite interesting when you go into it, where they would see the brighter children who would kind of rebel at school and then drug them.  Because under the belief system, you see, that person who’s maladjusted, meaning he’s not going to behave and conform, he’s maladjusted, in other words, he might be a leader, then he’s got to be put under one way or another.  Bertrand Russell touched on that too, if they couldn’t recruit them into the higher schools of learning, the big private ones, get them on board for a good career, then they’d have to literally physically eliminate the person, because such a person would be a danger because he could speak to people and they could follow him, you see.  That’s why they’re drugging all your children.


Nothing is for the reasons that they give it out to be to the people at the time in the mainstream media.  It’s to do, as I say, with these big foundations, these big organizations that were through psychiatry, especially, that they said a long time ago that they would work with whole populations of people, through all media, through massive marketing campaigns and all general ads for all products, in fact, they would tuck it in.  They would tell you what your needs were, what you really wanted, etc.  Even though they knew that most people couldn’t even attain that, never mind get them, they’d never get the ability to attain all the stuff that they flash on television.  Never mind where were you going to put it all to begin with.


So anyway, we live in a fantasy world and it’s very well controlled at the top.  We know that big organizations pick presidents and prime ministers.  Carroll Quigley went into that; he was part of the group, in fact.  He was the historian for the group that actually chose them, and still does choose them today.  He mentioned they had this group functioning under a different name, around about the 1880s in fact.  So, that wasn’t just for the States; that was for all the first-world countries.


So as I say, we’re living in weird times as we go through big changes because we’re all supposedly simply primitive, unless we’re kept happy with entertainment.  Part of the reason too to give you such debased entertainment, apart from you’ll copy it of course into reality and debase yourselves and everyone else you know, is when people are debased like that, they’re dysfunctional.  They know what functionality means and of course functionality is not perfection, by any means, but functionality was when people used to get married and have children.  And they had a stable home, if possible.  It was never perfect for everyone but the fact is it kept society pretty safe from the elite at the top, who couldn’t push too far because the family stood up together, you see.  When that was dissolved and H. G. Wells wrote about it too, from the League of Nations’ point of view, he said eventually we can talk right down to each individual, just like George Orwell’s 1984, and there’ll be no family in the road to stand up for the target, the targeted individual.  Well, we’re all here but most folk are having fun, mind you, because they’re all told to have fun.  Russell said that too, everyone will be happy because the government (meaning, this whole system of marketing), will tell you you’re happy, you see.  It’s that simple.


Plus, people will shy away from difficult questions and difficult tasks even, even mental tasks; if they’re unpleasant they’ll completely shy away and you’re egocentric, egosyntonic, you’ll go for something which is pleasurable.  Have you noticed when you hear all the bad news, for instance, people that you’ll know, you might do it yourself, you immediately turn on television to watch your favorite shows, so you can start laughing.  Is that sane?  Are they really correct at the top? the people at the bottom are irrational.  How can you be rational if you can suddenly escape from something very serious, and laws that get passed and everything else, like martial law bills, yada-yada-ya.  How can you turn from being serious and a bit concerned to laughing your head off? at something that’s programmed to make you laugh, and forget all about it; that’s not rational, that’s control and you’re not in control. 


Now, another article tonight is to do with weaponry because we live in a public-private partnership deal with governments and the private corporations that pretty well run everything.  We’re run by corporations, we have been for a long time.  In fact, your government is a corporation, so is the Queen of England.  It says here:


"Ex-Blackwater executives finger CIA in weapons trial"


Alan:  And it broke out because of a court case.


"In 2005, five Blackwater executives presented guns to King Abdullah II when he visited the contractor's headquarters in Moyock, N.C. Later, they were accused of federal firearms violations and falsifying reports to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives."


Alan:  So the five ex-Blackwater executives facing the crimes charges came out with an explanation of how it occurred.  They said:


"It was a CIA operation."


"In court papers filed last month in Raleigh, the defendants say the gift of five guns to King Abdullah II of Jordan during a royal visit to Blackwater's Moyock, N.C., headquarters in March 2005 was requested, directed and authorized by the Central Intelligence Agency."


So, I’ll put this one up too because you know the general population are left in the dark on everything.  They think they’re informed, they think so.  You got to look at what "inform" means, in-formed—you’re formed within.  In other words, your whole mind is formed for you by those who control the media and the system.  Remember the media is the middle man.  That’s what it means, media, "in the middle," and it’s between those at the top who decide reality for you and those at the bottom that receive the information when it’s been through the media.  That’s what it means.  It’s very easy to control millions of people that way.


Going back to what I was mentioning before about the big organizations like the Frankfurt School, also a foundation, the Macy School and even the Vienna School, who also worked with them to do with creating this more rational, uniformed obedience society.  You have to go into everything that they were working on at the time; they’ve never let up, of course, they just change their names down through time but it’s the same bunch operating on the same premises, right down to abortion, by the way. 


I can remember in Canada Henry Morgentaler was the guy who suddenly got all this publicity for promoting abortion when it was illegal and the police stopped arresting him and started protecting him, literally overnight, before the law was passed to make it legal.  I’ll never forget what he said on television, because it was straight out of Freud’s mouth, basically, and it really was straight out of Freud’s mouth, and the Frankfurt School, and the Macy Group.  It makes sense only when you understand all of these different groups who were given permission to work with every government to bring in this system.  He said the reason, he said he was doing the world a service – the world, not the people or the pregnant mothers, the world a service – he said, these unwanted children could grow up to be another tyrant like Hitler; and that’s straight out, straight out of the operations manual that was given to the US president, who first put it into action because everyone could end up like Nazi Germany, according to this group of people who flew out of Europe to the States and Britain.  They were given immediate responsibilities to alter everyone else’s minds, whole nations of people because of this terror.  And that philosophy is utterly flawed, of course, but it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter; this belief system is entrenched, entrenched in the bureaucracies that govern us, in the educational systems that govern us as well and the mental health society in general.  In fact, you might say they kind of founded the mental health society.  They even wanted to put their own members as psychiatrists on board with every government on the planet because they didn’t even trust the politicians to make rational decisions.  Only they who understood the workings of the human mind, so they thought, had the proper credentials to direct the flow of society’s thoughts.


Everything, everything that’s been given to you, has been given to you.  Young people didn’t create anything by themselves, believe you me, including the whole pop industry, the “revolution,” the revolutions; everybody thought it was revolution time.  They were going to be freer.  No, they were working out the plan to destroy their own societies, including their families; that’s what it was about.  And who picks up the damage and controls them all?  The government does, orphanages do, psychiatrists do, therapists do, the legal system does, your tax money does and you all think you’re making your own way in life.


Now, another article too about the corruption at the top, because naturally at the top they don’t see anything as corrupt, you understand.  I can remember the court case.  I think it was back in the 30’s.  They made movies about it, some were awful, some were pretty well on the ball; to do with a top university in the States, where two sons of big, big bankers, the biggest bankers in the States, in fact, studied philosophy.  They thought that through Hegel’s ideas, etc. that they should not be responsible, even if they murder someone, it should not be considered murder, because they were so sane, you see, the elite, obviously.  They had the right to commit murder and just kill enemies wherever they saw them; potential enemies even.  And they went out and tried it in society, they killed, it was actually young guys, they were homosexuals, the two of these guys; but they made movies, one was called Rope, and there’s another version of it too, that was more, as I say, on the ball, by the two particular families involved, at least the offspring of them. 


It shows you how they think.  They don’t see themselves as going along with the same rules and regulations that you do.  Same with Queen Elizabeth the First’s court remember, because she was surrounded by pirates, they made their money by piracy.  They didn’t see anything wrong with that either.  They saw themselves as the legitimate crown, etc and they were living off piracy.  If you tried it and didn’t give a cut to the Queen, you’d certainly end up with your head off, but her own particular coterie round her, it was okay for them because they always gave a share to the Queen, you see.  Things haven’t changed that much.  Now you do it through contributions to political movements; doesn’t really matter how you got it.


We’ve seen the shady deals of even some massive Buddhist society, at one point, funneling millions to Bill Clinton when he was running.  That was okay apparently.  No one questioned it, "Who are these? What Buddhist movement is this?"  It turned out that it was actually originating in China, to get him through.


“Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'.”


Alan:  Well, that’s nothing new.  They mentioned this 20 years ago, in Canada.


“While cocaine production ravages countries in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow rich from the profits, a study claims.”


“The vast profits made from drug production and trafficking are overwhelmingly reaped in rich "consuming" countries – principally across Europe and in the US – rather than war-torn "producing" nations such as Colombia and Mexico, new research has revealed.”


Alan:  I’d correct that and say there’s some families in Colombia and Mexico, that came in with Cortez, that are still reaping profits off it, believe you me, they’re still the same families.


“And its authors claim that financial regulators in the west are reluctant to go after western banks in pursuit of the massive amount of drug money being laundered through their systems.  The most far-reaching and detailed analysis to date of the drug economy in any country – in this case, Colombia – shows that 2.6% of the total street value of cocaine produced remains within the country, while a staggering 97.4% of profits are reaped by criminal syndicates, and laundered by banks, in first-world consuming countries.”


Alan:  Years ago the RCMP said in Canada, in the mainstream, that if they stopped laundering the money through banks in Canada they’d collapse.  The banks of Canada would collapse.  There’s nothing new about that.  If they wanted to stop it, believe you me, they’d stop it.  They’d stop it, they would, but it keeps a lot of people, again, occupied and out of touch with reality.  They’re no threat to people except somebody they want to mug for more money, for more drugs, but they don’t get up there and become leaders in anything at all.  They neutralize themselves in the process, that’s part of the reason it’s allowed. 


Another article here too is to do with China.


“China unveils knockoff version of an entire Austrian village”


Alan:  They literally copied a whole Austrian village.  I guess when you’ve got money to play with and you’re a government for the people, you know, then you just make things like this just to pass the time.


“China is known for knocking off making copycat versions of iPhones and designer bags,…”


Alan:  Because the real ones are all made there too.


“but a new knockoff of an entire village in Austria, which was unveiled this weekend, takes the cake.  The replica of Hallstatt, a centuries-old village in Austria, opened in the Chinese province of Guangdong amid some controversy, as natives of the original Hallstatt were not initially made aware that their historic buildings and streets were being ripped off.


It was only revealed last year when a Chinese visitor to Austria’s Hallstatt let word of the project slip, according to the AP. The “made in China” version of the town, which is a…”


Alan:  Well who else?


“UNESCO World Heritage site,…”


Alan:  Well, you paid for all that too folks because we fund every faction and branch of the United Nations.  So, UNESCO gave it world approval.  It says it:


“cost an estimated $940 million to build, according to Reuters. The project was conceived by a Chinese mining tycoon…”


Alan:  He works for the people, you know, a mining tycoon.


“and backed by Minmetals Land Inc.”


“Some residents of the original Hallstatt, a town of around 900, made the journey to Guangdong to attend this weekend’s opening ceremony.”


Alan:  I bet they can’t afford to fix anything in their own place now with all the taxes and stuff, but they can go over and see how maybe it was when it was brand new.  Isn’t that nice?  Thank you China.


Well, I’m telling you, as I say, most people have no idea of the reality they think they’re living in.  We are, our heads are spun left and right as big movements, at the top of course, are under way to change all of society, go even further in this belief system that we’re all at the bottom unpredictable, wild savages, in a sense, and we have to be managed carefully under microscopes because someone might become a leader and spill the beans.  If they can’t recruit them they pay them off, buy them off, you know.  As I say, that’s one of the reasons why, definitely why, Planned Parenthood get the funding that they do, because they don’t want someone growing up with a chip on their shoulder, that could end up like being an Adolf Hitler, for those who thought it was just to help the women. 


These guys are awfully good at the top.  They love to stand up for women and women’s rights and tell them it’s their body, because they didn’t know that before, of course, until they told them, "yeah, it’s your body", and all that stuff.  It’s really a political agenda, quite something else and the folk haven’t got a clue.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I’m back Cutting Through the Matrix.  We’ll go to the callers and there’s Jack from Michigan on the line.  Are you there Jack?


Jack: Hi Alan.  I’ve been reading Morals and Dogma a lot lately and it seems like he’s saying that the Pharisees, when they came out of Babylon, they were essentially practicing the Zoroastrian religion.


Alan:  There’s no doubt the whole concept of it to do with Zoroastrianism is very, very old indeed, of good and evil.


Jack: It seems like Masonry is essentially Judaism.  So does that mean that Masonry is basically Zoroastrianism? 


Alan: Technically, you might say it is in a sense.  There’s no doubt at all it came from Judaism.  Pike himself goes on so much about the Kabbala, etc, etc. A lot of their ceremonies are based on Old Testament scenes, you might say.  There’s no doubt about it, yeah. 


Jack: And then my other question was about Lord Conrad Black.  He’s in federal prison right now.  I was just kind of thinking that he might be like kind of the king of the underworld or something like that.


Alan: It’s hard to say; I mean, what is the underworld really?  The underworld is controlled by the overworld.  Those who control the top use the underworld when they can’t use legal systems; they use the underworld.  That’s why there’s always a professional underworld class allowed to carry on.  But Conrad Black himself, he wrote a book apparently, I haven’t read it myself yet, but he claims he’s going to expose a lot of stuff in his book.  I don’t know if he will or even how much he can put out there.  They turned against him when they could have covered his butt, but they didn’t because of an inside deal that he made.  One rule at the top is you never rip off your fellow brothers, you might say, and this is what they claimed he did and so they turned against him.  It wouldn’t have mattered what he did to the public, believe you me, but you don’t turn against your own; you’re sworn to that class.  So, that’s why he fell from grace.


Jack: Yeah, because it didn’t make sense why he was in prison at all, what they were saying, especially that particular federal prison.  It’s kind of a white-collar crime kind of facility.


Alan: It is. It’s not like you suffer in a damp cell.  You have golf carts and courses and things.


Jack: I’ve also heard that he’s doing well and people call him "Lord" in there and it’s kind of like he’s ruling the yard or something.


Alan:  Well, he’ll still have a lot of swing and a lot of sway to do with what happens outside, absolutely.  He went to Upper Canada College, like they all do in Canada, the ones who rule it.  He was set up, from the beginning, to be a top man against the Cold War, during the Cold War, as a warrior.  He ended up owning Hollinger Corporation, along with Kissinger and Barbara Walters.  They were all shareholders in it, big shareholders in it.  They also had newspapers across the whole planet, even the Jerusalem Post was theirs at one point.  So, he just fell from grace, he turned on them, after he got his lordship, in fact.  I don’t know if they took his lordship away from him or what, but we’ll see, we’ll see how it goes.  He can certainly still pull things on the outside, to a certain extent for certain people, yeah. 


Jack: Yeah, well I was just kind of wondering if maybe he was recruiting people for the drug trade and like recruiting people or initiating them into Masonry in there or something like that.


Alan: He certainly will be initiating them into the realities of life.  I’ve no doubt about that. I wouldn’t mind myself going to a lecture by him and getting the real lowdown of how it works at the top from his point of view.  It’d be worth going to see.  Thanks for calling.


Jack: Thanks for taking my call.


Alan: And that’s how life really is.  Maybe Dave from the UK can call again tomorrow, I’ll try and take you.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada.  I think it’s Canada.  Good night.  It’s still Canada, and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



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