June 7, 2012 (#1104)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 7, 2012:

Predictability Suggests Suggestibility:

"Each Thinks He's Unique, One of a Kind,
Yet, Who's Really Controlling Your Mind?
Agencies Abound, They'd Give You a Clue,
They Know More About You Than Even You,
Each Site You Visit, Each Little Tweet,
Updates Your Profile, Easy and Neat,
Registering Every Move While on Vacation,
And How You'll React in Any Situation,
Close Encounters to the Way You'll Dress,
Next Week, They've No Need to Guess"
© Alan Watt June 7, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 7, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on 7 June 2012. For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.

Thereís well over 1000 audios for free download. I try and tie the real reality, the one behind the one thatís projected to you from birth. I tie the real one up for you to show you how big foundations, big powerful organizations got together a long time ago to take over the world basically and all thatís in it. That includes people as well; weíre a natural resource, like a tree for instance. We can get grown, you know, bred up and culled off when it suits the masters who kind of farm us, like Charles Fort said. So they got together, as I say, and they run the world through money, still do, this crazy thing called money. And of course they do the bookkeeping at the top so no one can sort of watch and see what theyíre up to, which leaves the field wide open to them, thereís no competition. And we accept all this as a natural way. We take it for granted this is how itís supposed to be, a natural order. And yet twice a century, at least, they always crash the economies and plunder the public. Itís just what theyíve always done. And yet no one changes it because the same people are so powerful, they run the world basically. They run governments and they put their own guys in, even through institutions like the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR. EVERYBODY whoís been a President or Prime Minister since the late 1800s has been a member of this group, in one of its couple of names actually; they changed it in the early 20th century. So weíre run, as I say by professional people, people who think theyíre the most evolved on the planet and that they have the natural right to rule all the rest, and even alter us all as well through science to create in the future, down the road, a better, well behaved human being that will serve them much, much better than the present ones. A lot of psychology is used on the public right now, INCREDIBLE amounts of psychology. Itís been very blatant, actually, world meetings on how to use it and alter the mindsets of whole nations, like the US. Thatís what Bernays was involved with, with the presidents, one after another. And so even our minds are not our own; thatís the whole thing. Professional peoples, of course, are still working on this to even make it more perfect.


So help yourself to the audios there. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít have any sponsors, I donít bring on any advertisers as guests and I donít sell any products, I donít have shares in any products either. So itís up to you to keep me going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can also donate as well. How to do it is all on the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Remember too, that all the sites listed there have audios and transcripts for download in English. If you want transcripts for download in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself to those ones.


But yeah, thatís the biggest real, you know, crackup most folk have in their lifetime if they think enough and deeply enough, is when they find out that the society that they were born into, including their parentsí mindset, is all controlled. Most of what youíre taught is bogus, actually. Even the trends they give you from fashion, all culture, even the thoughts of fantasy youíre given through movies and so on, are all given intentionally because along with the fantasies come lots of downloading and that alters your mind on different things, to an incredible extent, so that the predators on top can actually prey on you in an easier manner than they already are. So we are a controlled society. Now, many big players, as Iíve mentioned before, many times, wrote books about it. They took part in global meetings to do with, literally, creating whole cultures and the mindset of those cultures. And they put out their own books and youíve got to wade through the dusty ones to find out that what Iím saying is simply fact.  Once youíve got that you'll understand everything.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks Iím back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system that weíre born into and we take for granted simply because itís all there. And everyone else takes it for granted too. And no one comes up to you like aÖ For instance, in wildlife every young mammal has to be taught by an adult as to what to avoid for its own good, like getting eaten for instance. And if the adult is killed off earlier or dies off, then the young one has no clue and they wonít last very long. Itís the same with people. If your parents donít know what theyíre living in is basically a script.  Weíre living a scripted life basically because the big boys at the top say theyíve got 10, 15, 50, 100 year plans, 150 year plans. Each generation simply is there to fulfill its plan. And they study us so intensely, at the top, to make sure that we all conform with the plan. Are we all dressing the same way, are we behaving the same way, do we all have the right opinions Ė and I mean the right opinions, the ones that are given to us on the same topics etc. Itís phenomenal the amount of work that goes on, on us. Because after all, weíre the livestock, you see, and without us thereís no profit at the top, for those at the top. We wonít build things for them and make nice big houses for them and create private jets for them and stuff like that. So they need to keep us dumb and stupid at the bottom, and they call this the well-ordered society.


Now, school is a big, big part of it because your early indoctrination is so essential for subsequent indoctrination when you leave school or university, and the media takes over of course and just puts out rubbish all the time, just basic rubbish, because the media is owned by the same people who own the banks, who own the foundations, who run all the thousands of NGOs and thousands of think tanks that work on us. Itís all one big matrix system basically. Most folk never figure it out.  It causes an awful lot of destruction in society, a lot of deaths and suicide because people find that theyíre banging their heads against a system and for some reason they think theyíve failed; they havenít got up where they should get up to in life, social status, and they havenít figured out that the whole system is rigged. Itís all rigged, you see. So they turn in to alcohol or drugs or something or a lifestyle that is detrimental to them and they end up having an early grave, most of them, or in the mental hospital stuck on psychotropic drugs.


So thatís the system weíre living in. Weíre supposed to think itís sane simply because the big boys with straight faces on television, who have got lots of letters behind their names, tell us so. They tell us it is. And if you donít think the same way as they do, in other words, if your indoctrination hasnít taken on you, youíre dangerous. Youíve got dangerous opinions. Who wouldíve thought that dangerous opinions could, you know, have you spied upon. Everybodyís getting spied upon. They tell us theyíre spying on us. Weíre so dumbed down today most folk donít care. They donít care. Theyíve trained a generation that, well, who needs privacy? Isnít it better to forgo having privacy, for all the fun that youíre getting in return?  Thatís what they think. Quite astonishing.


Of course, thatís an area that you could go on about forever and ever and ever because thatís the area of the future, is sockpuppets for everybody that will pretend that they are your friends and in reality youíre giving up your information quite happily, voluntarily, legally you see, because youíre acquiescing to it.  And the big boys have got a complete personality profile on you, which they update every day; itís done automatically by the data and the chat that you put out there for them to have. Theyíve admitted all of this but most folk donít care. Most folk really donít care.


See, weĎve got so much in common with certain animals; we certainly do. Thereís no doubt about it. Itís like anthropologists. When I was small used to wonder, why are there so many anthropologists on television, giving us reports from these weird and fantastic and exotic places across the sea and so on, studying tribes?  Well, you understand, weíve already been studied, very, very well, where we sent these anthropologists from. And theyíre out doing the last sort of roundup before these little tribes disappear. But theyíve done it all with us already. They know what works with us.


So, psychology, behaviorism and of course anthropology all combined together, even zoology, all combine together in this brave new world weíre in so that the masters are absolutely 100% certain of those they control. And even at that they go overboard because theyíre petrified that someone might have an original thoughtÖ and burst the bubble. And Iím not kidding about that. World meetings were set up during World War II and right after World War II and since then and from then big, big groups and organizations were given incredible funding to come up with controlling the entire culture of all of the Western countries. I mean minutely, minute training and teaching and controlling to make sure that America especially, they said, didnít go fascist.


Thatís why you get all this massive propaganda and lots of lovely drawings of people all smiling from all over the world, all smiling together, and so on, etc, etc.  Thatís why you have default positions set in your mind if something doesnít quite mesh with what youíve been indoctrinated with. In other words, you actually rationalize something for yourself, because of your own observations. Incredible, it is. Incredible. Itís not all about massive profit.  Of course itís always going to be a big, big profit for those who control, but they have to control the herd, you understand, to maintain control. And thatís what theyíre terrified of. And theyíve got all these scientific studies saying if they lose control, if these professionals who worked on this for generations now lose control, weíll just disrupt into chaos. Thatís what they tell their own high-level students when they start.


So here you have the perpetrators, at the top, paranoid about all the rest of the people down below them, because they know that if the public knew what was really going on, like George Bush Sr said, if they found out, if the public found out what weíve been doing, theyíd chase us down the street and hang us. Of course, they can rationalize it in other terms that the public NEED them, we NEED them, you see, because weíre so primitive, with all these unconscious desires and motivations, that weíre not even aware of apparently.  And therefore itís like a big massive sea of the unconscious - according to Freud, and thatís what started it all actually - and itís got to be tamed, by better types of people than you, you see, ones who understand it would calm the seas, generally with psychotropic drugs.


So, itís completely different, as I say, the reality from whatís given to you. Now, you still have absolute basic instincts. Basic instincts of course, from a whole range of things, for the mating imperative and procreative imperative, all that stuff to keep the people going and of course they really cater big time to that.  And in the process they also overdo it because they want to destroy the family unit. Thatís done as far as Iím concerned. Everybodyís dysfunctional; look around you. Itís been a 40, 50 year war on that, quite openly. And then of course you end up just the same with obesity; people start eating too much as well. The same with sex. If all the youngsters see nothing but sex, sex, sex on music television and all the videos, then you can actually exaggerate the natural needs and natural responses until it goes beyond that, beyond even obsession into deviancy. And weíve got lots and lots of that going on today too.  And even now the big boys are trying to rationalize and naturalize and new normalize the deviancy itself. And then they turn around and blame all of you for being crippled, mentally, physically, and all the rest of it, from all the injections theyíve given you as well. And of course, the food that has absolutely no nutrients in it, except itís got lots of pesticides in it as well. And they DO know what that does to you. And of course they donít eat it themselves. 


Itís a really nasty, nasty world out there. Letís not pretendÖ Letís not pretend and say, oh what a downer, I donít want to hear that because that upsets me. Thatís awfully, awfully upsetting. Youíre a downer; talk about something positive. In other words, what theyíre telling you is, go into some happy fantasy. But reality is not fantasy, you see. Reality is pretty nastyÖ pretty, pretty nasty. When you do know, and thereís plenty of papers out there on it, that when the big boys talked in the 30s and 40s about depopulation they werenít putting forward suggestions. They donít put forward suggestions and say, I hope one day the public will accept that theyíre going to have to be depopulated. They put things into action, without telling the general public. This is taken as a war, you understand, FULL-SCALE war and itís no different than any other war. They donít tell the general population whatís going on. Any hints of what really is going on and they deny it; simple as that. Deny it.


You know, if you go to a court the judge is supposed to, supposed to I say, give his verdict on the preponderance of evidence available, regardless of what the accused says. And thereís SO much evidence, from universities and from the world meetings and everything else, of what Iím saying here, all published, from the sources themselves, not about them but from the sources, that you have to come to the final step, which they wonít tell you, is, yeah, they are depopulating. The male in the West, heís plummeting, his sperm count is kaput; itís finished. Even the immigrants, once theyíve been here for a second or third generation - and thatís how this stuff works on you, by the way, intergenerationally - they go the same way.  Until literally guys who are 18 or 20 have a lower sperm count, theyíve only got 25%, or even less, of the sperm, ACTIVE sperm, that a person had in the 1950s. And this is taught now as a NEW NORMAL. Itís a new normal, you understand.  Now, nothing suddenly happens like that, in the vast spans of time, by itself.  It doesnít happen by itself, something causes it to happen. And if itís accepted at the top and thereís no crisis, then thereís your evidence that itís meant to happen. They know what theyíre doing.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about how it really is in the world. I mean, donít be shocked, donít be shocked when you find out that, yeah, theyíve had all these worldÖ  Look at the United Nations website, for instance. Look at all the umbrella organizations underneath it; thereís thousands of them. Look at the professors whoíve written books, from the inside, talking about the big world system going into a world government system and how they worked on it for 100 years. Look at all the organizations that go under this umbrella group of the United Nations, for instance. Go and look in to see who started up the idea for a League of Nations which became a United Nations. Itís the same group who owned the banks, the same group who owned the front foundations, where they funnel their money through, to their armies of NGOs and universities to make sure that everyone gets taught the same nonsense, you see, and believe it. Because that way they get the whole culture created, working along the agenda thatís preplanned for them to follow. Thatís how you do it. Itís not difficult at all. It really isnít difficult at all.


Then they bring in professionals too, as I say they have done for an awful long time. I was surprised to see how long Bernays lasted for - I think he lived to 100 or so - and he was still working with presidents, one after another, his whole darned life, on mainly how to alter and control and keep control and change, fine-tune here and there, the WHOLE culture of the USA. And I donít mean just the culture. Within the culture youíve got for the male, the female... Youíve got the male at two years old, the female at two years old, and onwards, all right through their lives, knowing exactly what each one would go for, all these focus groups that they had too, still do, focus groups all the time to take polls and surveys to find out what people are thinking, what they like in the media, what they donít like in the media, whatís working, what isnít working. All of that kind of stuff, thatís not all just for marketing products. See, YOU technically become the product of your indoctrination. You are the biggest product out there.


Everything comes from you, including all your tax money that gets given to the big corporations and the bankers who own you. Itís a form of slavery if you understand what slavery is. Most folk think they know what slavery is:  itís a guy standing over you with the big whip or a big sword telling you to dig a trench or something. Thatís what you think, isnít it? Slavery is slavery, it doesnít matter if it takes a different form, thereís many forms of slavery, and Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s, a guy who worked on the Manhattan Project, a physicist, said that.  He says, WE are in the process of creating a new more sophisticated form of slavery. In other words, the slave wonít figure out heís a slave.


Now, youíre going into austerity now, as youíve all noticed, and youíre in a post consumerist society. And you think, oh what nonsense, youíre still spending money. Youíre not spending as much money as you used to on tangible goods, things that could last for a while, not that much is meant to last for any length of time now.  At least you have nothing really to show for it, except what? Most of the youngsters spend all their cash now, apart from drugs and partying, theyíre spending it on programsÖ software... extra ones. Thatís where the disposable incomeís going. What is software? Itís nothing tangible; itís an abstract thing. Itís a bunch of numbers jiggled around, and you buy it from them. Thatís your disposable income. But you have nothing to show for it that you can pass on.


Thereís so much happening and people donít even realize or recognize what IS happening. The big boys are getting what they want, in ways that you donít even catch on to. Because in the future, eventually, theyíre going to cut back and cut back on all the various items which you actually not just want, but you actually need, and thatís where theyíre going with all of this, and you donít even recognize itís happening.


And society today, they tell us openly that itís a war on terror. Terror is not a concrete thing. Terror is from emotion, you understand. Itís an emotional thing; youíre terrorized. And itís so vague, of course, that theyíve already expanded it - of course that was the intention, was to expand it into everything. Everything is now terrorism. And eventually they came out and said, yep, everybody is a potential terrorist, and we have to help you and study you because you might not know youíre a potential terrorist. You think thatís new? Do you really think that is new? In the 40s when they were setting up these groups to create the American culture, and control it all through, I mean minutely, thatís what they said then.  They had to study the American people, which they did. Massive survey groups were sent out all over the place year after year after year across the whole US to study the people, because they might become fascist, which was terrorism. Nothingís changed. Itís just a new way of spinning the same thing to you. And you participate in it by offering all your data up to them. Because as I say, itís simple basically animalism, you want something back, you see.  They give you something back in return, some good porn on the Internet, youíre quite happy with it, and of course they know all that too. Theyíll know all that too.


If youíre a man they know the perfect woman, if they needed to, to come in and seduce you, like a spy for instance, an agent. Because itís in your head somewhere, and you wonít know yourself but they know because of everything that youíve watched. The same goes for a woman too.  And theyíve used this technique on people before. Thatís how intricate all of this is. Itís precise. And why not, theyíre using all your cash to do it. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big system, the system thatís all pervasive, itís all around you, everyone takes it for granted. We are at the whims and mercy and the actions of those at the top as they throw the economy up and down and up and down like a yo-yo; and itís meant to keep you all terrified and afraid of course because thereís tremendous power in that.


Most folk canít figure out how to live without cash, if it all did collapse, really. Theyíve never really thought about it. In fact, itís unthinkable for most folk to even imagine. And thatís why the crooks at the top remain at the top, you see, because theyíve got the whole world under this blackmail scheme. Itís quite a simple scheme. They give you a lot of digits and zeros with maybe a figure like one or two at the beginning and they ask for real things back in return, with compound interest. Thereís even land for debt swaps going on at the UN, as they help the poor countries, the third world countries, and get them into massive debt.  And they canít pay it back, which they know of course, because once youíre into this kind of manipulation, by experts thatíve been at it for an awful long time, you canít get out from under it. So theyíll take your land instead. This has been going on for yearsÖ years and years and years, land for debt swaps.


Now again too, remember theyíve said before at the Club of Rome - the Club of Rome is one big think tank, an organization that has annual meetings and many sub-meetings too, and they also own other branches and other organizations underneath them. But at the top, they are one of the top PREMIER United Nations advisory councils, you might say. They were the ones who came up with the whole idea of global warming. They needed something that would terrify the public so much across the planet of imminent disaster and starvation and earthquakes and all the rest of it that weíd just give up all our rights and say, okay, please save us. That was the idea. They were given that task, find something to unite humanity; it had to be an external threat. And they even discussed UFOs and everything else they could imagine, and they churned out all those Martian invasions and God knows what else for about 30, 40 years.  But still it wasnít enough, you see. So they came up with global warming. That was right after global freezing, you know; the same bunch that wrote the global warming books wrote the global freezing books. They kind of bet wrong and now theyíve bet wrong again because weatherís never stable, itís always going up and down, always has.


Anyway, they said that eventually weíre postconsumer, weíre post-Democratic - by the way, for those who havenít caught on yet - and youíre under an authoritarian society. Only an authoritarian society, a society run by experts would be able to pull us through all of these crises, which would come our way, because they were manufacturing them, and most of them were bogus. So carbon is going to get rid of your disposable income, through taxation of course. So you are going to be taxed to save yourself and everybody else on the planet. And also, remember that old Fabian socialist George Bernard Shaw who helped found the Fabian Society, with HG Wells and other big players and the Astor family behind them, he said that youíll have to come to us and justify why we should allow you to stay alive. And I put it up in the archives section of cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  That was in The Soviet Story that you hear him actually saying that; very, very old footage. But he said it and he even said that weíve got to get the scientists to find a way to create some sort of gas to kill the public humanely, you know, the useless eaters, the excess. Thatís whatís running the world today. And theyíre doing it just the same way, as folk drop dead in their 20s, 30s, 40s, with increasing rapidity.


So, post-industrial, post-consumer, and most folk, as I say, are buying things which arenít even tangible goods anymore. Youngsters are spending fortunes on entertainment and programs and software, and thatís your disposable income. Remember, a substitute for war must be brought in once youíve got all the wars out of the way. At the moment youíre going through the last few wars as they go after the lastÖ Theyíve got some Muslim countries to take out yet, elsewhere, because they deemed a long time ago that the Muslim people would never ever adapt into the same system of central banking and debt and usury.



Carbon footprint of dairy farms being measured

cbc.ca / Jun 4, 2012


(Alan:  This is for Canada.  And it gives you the usual PR stuff like itís just a natural thing to do, so natural.)


A New Brunswick cattle rancher is measuring the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by dairy farms across the province (A:  Whatís he using, a measuring tape? What is he using, eh?), looking at ways to reduce those amounts and exploring the idea of selling the improved rates for carbon credits on the open market.


Cedric MacLeod (A:  I donít know how he got a name like Cedric, you know. The last part should have given him some sense; the Cedric part I donít know.), who is also an agricultural economist, says the project, also being done in Alberta, is the first of its kind in the world. (A:  Well thatís not true; they were already doing it in Australia and New Zealand.)


ďWe talk about this a lot in agriculture ó weíre environmental stewards (A:  Now that comes right out of the old UN manifesto as well, that they would come forward with these Ďstewardsí of the earth, you see, because weíre all too stupid.  If weíre not a steward weíre an idiot at the bottom, you see. And we need stewards who will bring in taxes; mind you, theyíll manage all the money, and give themselves massive salaries out of that money.  But you are too dumb to get to be a steward, you see.), weíre doing everything we can to protect the environment because we live in that environment (A:  ...etc., etc. Itís like heís talking to a child; thatís basically how this is put across; itís a PR piece obviously.  So they want to really roll it out.  I donít care, Iíve said this before, if the great deity himself came down and said itís all BS, theyíd have to kill or try and kill the deity.  Because from the time that the Club of Rome came out with this con game and then the Rothschild bankers said that all the cash will eventually, from the carbon credits, go through THEIR private bank, their family bank in Switzerland. This was a done deal.  Deity or no deity, facts or no facts, it doesnít matter. Thatís why you canít argue with it because itís a done deal, you see...look at Australia.  And thatís going to be the biggest control mechanism across the planet, right down to IF you can even eat, and how much itís costing all of THEM, and the planet, to feed YOU. Iím not kidding. You talk about absurdity Ė absurdity can keep you under control for a thousand years or longer. Weíve seen it in the past.)


MacLeod hopes to have a clear picture of the gas profile (A:  ...it must be very clear gas...) of New Brunswick dairy farms by the end of the year and will rank them from worst to best by comparing to a baseline from previous years. (A:  Like this is a great science, this, you know. As they just put their finger in the air, lick it and test the air, oh yeah, thereís a hundred tons of carbon there. So this is the rubbish they are putting out there for the people to accept. And you know what? The public will accept it. Theyíve accepted everything else. Everything. EvenÖ they gave up privacyÖ quite happilyÖ for fun. Fun.  Yep. Thatís what they did.)


Iíve mentioned before too, about this article here, about how Canada, Ontario especially, Ontario has already given its rights for its Ministry of Natural Resources, fishing and hunting licenses, to a private company in the States. How can you have a country when your Ministry of Natural Resources has given all of its citizensí data to a private company in the States, that runs by a different set of laws, remember, regarding privacy and all the rest of it, and plus theyíve got a different agenda in the States right now; theyíre paranoid about everybody. So Iíll put this link up again for those who didnít read it the last time. It saysÖ

Review launched into MNR hunting and fishing license outsourcing

SOOTODAY.COM / May 31, 2012


The review is being conducted in response to a letter by New Democrat Natural Resources Critic Sarah Campbell outlining a number of privacy concerns. (A:  Like thatís all thatís bothering it, was privacy concerns?)


Why is Canada privatizing everything? Why is the US privatizing everything? Why is Britain privatizing everything? You understand, going back to the Club of Rome, the system theyíre bringing in is NON-democratic. Itís POST-democratic. Itís authoritarian. Remember what Quigley said, the system is to be run by CEOs of corporations. They ARE the new government. They are the new feudal overlords. Weíre living through itÖ and folk yawn.  Why they yawn is because itís like everything else, well I donít hunt, Iím okay. But meanwhile theyíre giving other data from other groups to other private corporationsÖ Well Iím not in that group; Iím not in blah-blah-blah. Until one day theyíre around to you, and you are in there as well. Thatís how it really works. Thatís how it really, really works.


And Iíve mentioned before too, that the same with the euro, the euro cash, you see, this cash thingÖ Remember, they discussed this and set up the plan when they set up the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland back in the 1920s, that eventually that would be the big, big bank, along with The World Bank, along with the IMF, the International Monetary Fund that came out during the Bretton Woods agreement, and they would run the system of the world through central banks. The bankers then everybody down beneath them, from all the scientists and all the experts down would work on all of us, but the top would be the cash system. Itís the biggest cudgel you could ever imagine.  Thatís what money is. The right to create it, whatever it is, just blips on a screen, whatever, doesnít matter, but the right to do that, the ultimate right gives them incredible power. Everything beneath it runs on it. Everything.


So the central banking system is to run everything. SoÖ


Germany's Chancellor Merkel urges EU political union

bbc.co.uk / 7 June 2012


(A:  You thought they were already united? No.  Sheís talking about COMPLETE, utter integration, no sovereignty, nothing left at all. Karl Marx said the same thing in the 1800s, but that was just coincidence, right: THREE MAIN TRADING BLOCS would rule the world. But there would only be provincial governments theyíd have in each one of them, like a central government for each province. The EU is a province; itís a trading bloc and theyíd be under a global government. So anyway, here she isÖ)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "We want to build on what we have achieved together" (A: ... Yada-yada-ya she says, and she was on television prattling on about the agenda, because sheís reading a script Ė theyíre all actors, you understand, theyíre all actors in this day and age, and photo-ops. Iíd like to see the scriptwriters because these are the guys who should get all the awards; some of them even work for different countriesí politicians.)


Speaking on German TV, she called for "more Europe" (A:  Ö MORE Europe.), including a budgetary union, saying "we need a political union first and foremost". (A:  You thought they already had it.  Sheís talking about utter, complete political union and ultimately the dissolution of your own domestic parliaments.)


"Step by step we must (A:  ... I like that, ĎStep-by-Stepí; thatís what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said back in the 20s.) from now on give up more competences (A:  Öthatís powerÖ) to Europe, and allow Europe more powers of control." (A:  So thatís what all this crisis after crisis, until the public are committing suicide, in Greece for instance. Thatís what itís all about, is this.  This is what itís for. Itís no different than terrifying the herd, keep terrifying and terrifying them and terrifying them until theyíll go into the pasture that you want them to go into. Very simple animalistic techniques.)


However, she has resisted calls for the joint issuing of eurozone debt.


She will hold talks on Thursday (A:  Thatís today.) with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who has urged the 17-nation eurozone to speed up measures to build a budgetary union to shore up the embattled monetary union. (A:  Now thatís, again, what they said when they set up the Bank for International Settlements and The World Bank, that they would have central banks that would control every nation and then when they put them into blocs theyíd make a main central bank for that whole bloc, like the EU - itís got its own central bank now - and all these central banks would work together in a close but pretty well secret society, under the Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland. And you think itís all just happening by chance, the way that they wrote it down a hundred years ago?)


Ms Merkel's insistence on economic austerity (A:  Thatís poverty, folks, for those who donít get it.) and budget discipline has alienated many Europeans who say the policy is strangling growth and piling more debts on the struggling "periphery" countries like Greece and Spain.


Spain has to find at least 80bn euros (£65bn) to shore up its banks, which are struggling because of bad property loans. (A:  Why would you prop up the same banks that just did you in? You understand, thereís no way to change this system IN the system. Do you understand that? IN the system you canít change the system.  See, you are living in their system. You have been for your whole life long. And why would you keep the same gangsters running the banks whoíve just done you in again? What are you going to do about it? What theyíll tell you is, what are you going to do about it? Because no Prime Minister or President is going to do anything about it. They canít; theyíd be killed.  If they even voiced the opinion that something has to be done about it, they wouldnít last long. Look at the list of presidents in the past whoíve got bumped off or attempted assassinations because they were trying to take back the banking system. It wonít happen folks.)


Spain's finance minister has said the credit markets are "effectively shut" to his country, but so far Madrid has avoided asking the EU for a bailout. (A:  Now, theyíre all bailing out each other. You can sort of picture them all, independent little boats, you know, and theyíve all got holes in them and what theyíve got to try to do is to go over to the one thatís sinking fastest and bail them out first. Now they are loaded with the debt because they bailed them out, so now you try to bail yourself out. I mean, itís utter madness. But you understand, as Iíve said before, weíve been run by utter madness for thousands of years. Donít forget that. Donít forget that. The same with carbon and all the rest of it. Itís the BIG CONS that work. Itís the preposterous that works. Because you give up trying to figure it out. You think, well they canít ALL be lying.† Oh YES they can.† All these professors and economists, they canít ALL be lying, theyíre all respectable people.† No, thatís your training, folks. Thatís your indoctrination.)


On Wednesday the European Commission set out plans for a eurozone "bank union", which could make it easier for troubled eurozone banks to access EU credit. (A:   So the gangsters who plundered everybody are to get more and more power over all of you. Thatís the solution. Isnít that practical? Doesnít that sound logical to you? Huh, does it?)


Now, whether you like it or not, we have been getting poisoned for a long, long time. When they started intensive farming after World War II, they came up with the bright idea of dumping all the excess from the war industry, from all the chemical industry, into your dirt and then that would replace, you see, manure and fertilizer and plowing in leaves and grass and everything else that folk used to do, and leaving land fallow for seven years. Then along with the injections, at the same period they came into vogue, we started to die off of cancers like crazy, until we have young people with diseases that only the elderly used to get. But of course, you canít put two and two together because, well, again, the experts will tell you thatís nonsense, pooh-pooh-pooh.† They soak the stuff, they soak it in pesticide, it kills all small mammals off, and then you eat it. No, theyíd never do that to you, thereís got to be another reason for it. Back with more after this.


Hi folks Iím Alan Watt. Weíre cutting through the matrix and just before I take a caller, just to mention that apples, now GM apples are to be grown in Canada by 2014 from the Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc, it comes from. It says at the very bottom, yeah it comes with all the same baggage as all the other GM stuff Ė in other words, soaked in pesticide and yada-yada-ya Ė but at least it wonít go brown on you. Thatís what theyíre telling you here.


Apples that won't go brown coming soon? - cnews.canoe.ca


Alan:  Now, weíll go to Dave from the UK. Are you there Dave?  Hello.


Dave:  Hi Alan.† How are you?


Alan:  Iím not bad at all.


Dave:  I just want to encourage the audience thatís listening to donate and to help yourself and your program and I hope that it continues as long as possible.


Alan:  Yeah, things are getting tight. They are getting tight, I must admit.  Eventually a time will come when itís just time to go off and do other things. But yeah, things are getting very, very tight now as we go into the so-called inflation. Be that as it may, thatís all you can do is go off and do other things when the time is appropriate.† And probably leave the country too.  [Alan laughing.]


Dave:  Yeah. I wanted to ask, have you read the book Psychopaths by Alan Harrington?


Alan:  Not his one.  Iíve read stacks of other ones many, many years ago. But I understand the psychopath as well as anybody does through studying them.


Dave:  Yeah. I think with that book it actually tells you that society would go in that direction, not just like a group of people would go in that direction, but actually the society, the society as a whole would go in that direction.


Alan:  Well, what they did actually, it was actually the same groups as I mentioned before whoíd tried to stop the US going fascist, brought in this technique of individuality. In reality you think youíre an individual but you could actually be put into different kinds of groups and then overall youíre all really in the one big group. As you think youíre doing your own thing youíre doing exactly what youíre meant to do; theyíre promoting it all to you. But the ones at the top BEING PSYCHOPATHIC they always give you a psychopathic culture. In fact, everybody at the bottom almost worships the celebrities and the very rich people at the top, simply because theyíre rich and famous, and they all want to be the same. So psychopaths will always bring you a psychopathic culture that spills off to the public.


Dave:  Yeah.  We just had the diamond Jubilee recently and, I mean I didnít do anything myself but what was your take on that?


Alan:  Well, I donít know if itís a last gasp of royalty or itís a boast; Iím not sure which. I know they hired, they got thousands of unemployed people to come in line and cheer for the Queen; they were told to go or they would lose their benefits. I also noticed that never mind the massive security Ė it mustíve cost billions of pounds for security for all of that, and in a country thatís already sinking Ė to keep the remnants of this people, who plundered down through centuries and profited from the peasantry, and still do in fact. Itís quite a statement to see. I did notice though, that on board the boat that she was on, the Queen, theyíd invited a convicted pervert who just got out of prison for four or five years for going in and attacking women. I think he was a Sikh, a spokesman for the Sikh community. They just announced it in the paper today as something they overlooked. Mind you, I guess all of us would be carefully screened if we even had to stand on the banks of the water and wave our little Chinese-made flags.  But thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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