June 8, 2012 (#1105)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 8, 2012:

Pied Piper a Political Lifer:

"Every Group is Catered for, Constitution Seekers,
Every Election Time They Supply the Leaders,
Lifer Politicians Should Surely Raise a Flag,
A Bright Blazing Red One for the Scallywag,
His Poll-Men and Marketers Know What You Want to Hear,
Spouting Vocal Symbols They Articulate Your Fear,
For a Hundred Years They've Played You Time and Again,
Yet Will You Learn the Lesson, The Next Time -- When?"
© Alan Watt June 8, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 8, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on 8 June 2012. Newcomers, I always suggest you help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com because thereís well over 1000 free audios for download and you can start to understand the system youíre born into. Itís very deceptive of course; itís meant to be. Itís not a new technique thatís been used. There have been sciences down through the ages where people would advise kings on how to control the minds of the masses, whole nations of people. Today itís even more perfected of course with the constant... They donít even need focus groups anymore; theyíve got all your twitters and all your chat going all the time, and thatís what you really pay for. All the free programs that you go onto with your details and put up your data, like Facebook, goes right to all these organizations that monitor you, and they know what youíre thinking.  And they know what you need to be controlled, in this way or that way or whatever way. Micro adjustment. So we live in a very, very controlled society by a system set up a long time ago by those who decided that they already ruled the world, which pretty well they did by the cash that was owed to them from every nation across the planet, even as far back as the 1800s. And they decided to get academia on board with them, all the scientists on board with them, con the public and even train the public to be good little producing citizens, at school of course, thatís what school is for. In fact, thatís why school time, youíre sort of 8 or 9 to 4 or 5 oíclock, is timed like work hours to get you used to working.  Straight from school to work, to work in their system you understand. So weíve all been brought up in it. Your parents thought it was normal and everybody else thought it was normal too, your grandparents even. And even the wars, youíll find, the main wars were all planned sometimes 50 years down the road. 50 years down the road, no kidding. And the big boys like to write about their plans when they retire from politics or high positions in government, including the military, and they boast about the world councils that they sit upon and how they really brought things to be. Weíre living through a planned society, a planned script basically, including the cultural changes. They even boast about the way that they DO change the culture often, mainly through television and fiction actually; itís the best tool that theyíve got. When you put something out with an emotional impact to a particular scene they can make you believe anything and that will stay with you. It imprints in the mind and then youíre set to a default position, generally itís to make you feel guilt or bad about thinking negative about anybody else, you see.


So help yourself to the audios. Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you and you can help me get by, by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can also donate.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember as I say, straight donations, straight donations are really, really welcome.


What I do is tend to go through the big organizations, the big banks that created the foundations which really are so-called free charitable foundations, tax-free, exempt and all that stuff. In reality they are the real parallel government. Thatís what theyíre called. Thatís what they call themselves, the parallel government, the REAL government, in fact. Because youíll find they create societies and all the politicians must belong to these societies to even be thought of to run for election; if youíre not on the ticket you certainly wonít get a mention anywhere. So we are run, again, by organizations, very, very well-funded organizations via the foundations. The foundations also fund thousands of nongovernmental organizations to make you all go green and all that kind of stuff and be PC.  So we donít have democracy, never, ever actually had it and itís becoming very evident, at least to most people now. Thatís a miracle actually that they are actually seeing it for the first time. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back cutting through the matrix, talking about the system. As I say, I try to tie in the past and the big plan from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and all of its spun-off organizations of Council on Foreign Relations, even the European Council on Foreign Relations group as well; every politician in it in Europe is a member of this. So they have it all sewn up across the whole planet. India has a membership as well. Every country across the world has membership. And you have to be a member to run and even get considered to be a President or Prime Minister. Quigley himself, who was the historian for the group, said the same darned thing in his own books.  He also said that youíve never had a person who doesnít belong to this group since the late 1800s.


So we are living in a big fantasy, of course; thatís what politics is. Every politician is prepackaged. Just like music or acting you hire, if you can afford it you hire professional marketing groups who come in and they make your image for you. All prepackaged, as I say; itís all photo-ops, etc. and they do all the different opinion polls. Now of course they can do it all pretty well with the computer, before they had focus groups coming in and they try to get into the minds of the public. Itís very vague when you get into the minds of the public in a sense because they often canít articulate what they actually want. All they know is that theyíre unhappy in some way. And these guys, these professionals, find out what they actually want and present an image of it to them. Doesnít mean youíre going to get anything back but the image is there. They can re-create your whole persona for you; itís quite astonishing. And the public never, it doesnít matter how many times you tell them, they never catch on to it.


Margaret Thatcher, for instance, had a squeaky voice, very fast talking, kind of high-pitched and they brought in the same crew that created the image for Ronald Reagan, from the US, to do Thatcher. They did her hair and everything and a complete makeup job, and they also taught her how to speak sloooow, and like thaaat... you seeeee.  Of course, then after it was up to her scriptwriters that were given to her as well. They gave her complete new image, a complete makeover they call it. If you want to be a star, the same thing too, you can hire them, even as a business. They come in and they create the image for you, whatís lacking, whatís out there, whereís the market not being fulfilled.  And you create an image for a person, bring on the marketers to work with them, professionals, and theyíll completely make you over and launch you and have your name all over the world. Itís quite easy to do IF youíve got the cash or the right people are backing you up. And itís the same with politicians too.


Iíve kept out of American politics basically because itís a lot of nonsense. Iíve always known this stuff and Iíve watched the patriot circuits for years. They always give a leader - Iíve told people this many times. They always give you a leader to follow. They say all the words that are imprinted in your mind basically. Theyíll say them, all the right little things, Constitution is mentioned often, the Federal Reserve, etc. and suddenly you donít have to say any more, the people follow you. Then you always get let down at the end.  Always. Always. Itís always the same story. Itís never been any different. Itís always a con game because you see, theyíre all members of high organizations, theyíre all Masons by the way too, all Masons. Itís interesting that Ron Paul, for instance, has thrown in with Romney and Romney is a Mormon and every Mormon is a Mason. Because once youíre a male and you get up to The Elect position and you go through the Masonic rituals there.


So itís astonishing that the people all follow and follow and then the fighter that youíve backed, the boxer basically, you know, he doesnít throw in the towel, he just lets go of the game and it all works out the way it was preplanned to do. Thatís how it is; you throw the fight, thatís what they used to call it when you didnít fight back at the last minute. And everybody goes, what happened, what happened? Well, youíve been suckered again; thatís what happened. And itís always going to happen if you always wait for the man to come along who is always presented to you.


When you go into Ron Paul, thereís many talks and clips up on YouTube.  He was all for globalism - I donít know if people noticed that.  He basically is going through with the same projects as the New American Century were all for, including the new monetary system for the world. I donít know if people know that. They wanted a gold standard monetary system for the world because you see, the IMF runs on the gold standard, and many other things tie in with it as well. But people who are blinded by the occasional words like Democracy or the Republic or Federal Reserve, and Patriotism, just buzzwords, you see, that trigger responses in the person, emotionally; theyíre oblivious to everything else thatís going on.† And Romney also, of course, he had the Political Action Committee that backed him, a lot of ex-members of them were from Romneyís team and they were based in Romneyís own area in Salt Lake City. And then of course there was also one of his biggest financial backers who was Peter Thiel and I think he was also a Bilderberger guy.  So I mean, the signs were all there that he would throw the fight, as they call it, throw the fight. But you couldnít tell because, again, there was a massive campaign pushing him. People have to be awfully wary about these things, but again, they have to think for themselves and you hope they can. Generally youíre disappointed, they donít; they go along like a crowd.


Itís like Dirty Harry, you know, or one of these movies with Clint Eastwood. He rides into town and he cleans it all up for you. And when youíre expecting that, youíre going for a downfall every time, because life doesnít happen that way. You all have to be your own champions; Iíve said that for years.  And theyíll keep supplying you every time. How many years of a patriot movementís wasted on this nonsense? Even this one man? A man whoís a lifer in politics. You donít stay a lifer in politics unless youíre one of the politicians who knows how to compromise, never mind getting all his relatives into it too, not just his son, and then making sure that the right marriages are arranged and all the rest of it with people inside. I mean, a standard lifer politician. And everybodyís suddenly on antidepressants because heís shown his hand.  Ah, you can never help the people. 


Iíve watched them bring forth one after another for the patriot crowd and the same thing happens, for many, many, many years. And thereís a whole patriot movement basically geared towards that. And then the next one will make you waste another five years, or if he runs twice, 10 years or whatever of your lives just waiting and waiting and waiting. Youíve got to catch on to the cons that are going on. If you canít then itís over isnít it? Itís over. But you cannot put into office or expect to put into office anyone who is a member, quite a few generations on, of Masonry - the same with his wife and all of his daughters, and his son will be too.  So you canít do it. Theyíve already sworn allegiance to an order that supersedes every other allegiance. So wake up, folks.  All you can say is you hope you donít do it again with the next one they present to you.


Now part of the whole war, of course, on the people has been the war on the culture - very big part of it of course, a very essential part of it. Once again, the general public donít know itís even happening to them because you expect older folk to warn you and if the older folk donít warn you about the dangers and pitfalls of that which has been thrown at you, by design from the top, remember - everything in culture including pornography is pushed from the top. If the guys at the top thought it was bad for their plan, believe you me, there would be no porn at all. So itís helping their plan. Even Plato says there is no culture that comes from the grassroots; itís not allowed. Because they have their agenda at the top and so everything must be okayed by those at the top in other words.


The US has churned out all the fictional movies and so on, also has been the capital of the planet for pornography. Theyíve got a massive problem of course, with AIDS now and all the rest of it, but itís done its work. The whole society is pretty well kaput now. People just like Julian Huxley said a long time ago at UNESCO, when he was head of UNESCO, he says, weíll get the people to come off their pedestals, he says, as superior beings and down to the level of animals. And he says, it would be fine too if they start to basically interact sexually like animals, because they wonít bond to any person and then they wonít have a family - a big part of it. Well, look around you today. Look around you today, itís pretty well gone isnít it, the old society.


The big boys arenít stupid.  They study us minutely, under microscopes, every single one of us. And today itís so easy because we help them with all the gadgets and all the programs we download, etc, to help them monitor us and put you into your category. Youíre all categorized, including the patriot movement; itís all categorized. Who are the followers?  Okay. Then you sub-categorize them into what kind of followers, what do this bunch want, that bunch want etc., etc. And everyoneís categorized and put in their pigeon hole.


So anyway, Iíll put an article up tonight on Louis Theroux, one of the people who believe in Kabala, basically, in California, where thereís no right or wrong. You know, thereís no right or wrong, thereís only change, and change always brings misfortune to some and profit to others. So heís complaining about the decline of the industry, because so many youngsters now have been so contaminated with it, theyíre putting their own pornography up with all the technology we have today. Isnít that terrible, eh?  Hmm? 


Louis Theroux on porn: The decline of an industry - bbc.co.uk / 7 June 2012


Itís even worse, as I say.  Weíre going through all the things we knew were coming because everythingÖ Itís like many, many years ago an elderly lady phoned up on RBN, it was, it was John Stadtmiller she talked to. She said, Iíve watched the patriot movement and followed it for 60 years, I havenít seen anything being stopped... regarding this world agenda, cultural agenda, every part of the agenda. And itís true. It HASNíT been stopped. We have to reevaluate everything folks if you want to understand reality. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt. Weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.


Casual workers forced to wear barcodes

theage.com.au / June 8, 2012


Casual workers at a warehouse in Melbourne's west are being required to wear - and pay for - armbands identifying them as non-permanent staff.


The armbands contain employee numbers on barcodes and must be used to obtain scanning equipment needed for their work. Permanent workers at the Sunshine warehouse do not have to wear the armbands.


The case has come to light as unions raise concerns over the increased casualisation of labour. Five per cent of Australia's workforce, or about 605,000 people, are now employed by labour hire firms (Alan:  ... All privatizedÖ), according to the Bureau of Statistics.  (A:  just like Orwell said, the Bureau of Statistics runs everything.)


Labour-hire casual workers are concentrated in warehousing, manufacturing, property and business services, and health and community services.  (A:  So it started with a bunch at the Sunshine Warehouse, the first time to have barcoded armbands on them. So theyíre barcoding the workers now.)


And hereís also an article here and itís from a TV station in the US. It was on the Utah news in fact; where else, eh? It saysÖ





On May 29 2012 the news in Utah aired this segment on the RFID chip. The government wants chip [children] to get them to go to school. (A:  They want to chip the children to get them to go to school.) They say that it's to bring revenue to the school district. People in Mexico are already using it on their [children] because of kidnappers. (A:  Thatís the excuse in Mexico.) Many people think that the technology is not a good idea. Proof that [children] that are in school means more money for district.


And itís true enough, the more children that they can track and trace all day long, they can get $1 million per school or more for more children attending school and not skipping it, you see. This all comes down to cash at the end, because thatís all we are, productive units, you understand. We are. Thatís what our job is.


And out comes, I think it was yesterday...


Baby in womb's entire gene code mapped

dailytelegraph.com.au / June 7, 2012


(A:  I love these scientific hooplas that they go outÖ Itís like when they brought Prozac out ALL the newspapers without getting paid, I think, I donít know because thereís a whole scheme where you can get whole pages written as a kind of a documentary type thing on a company. But itís actually an ad. But they all came out at the time saying Prozac, Prozac was going to change the world and make everybody happy. Of course government would love for you all to be happy and dumb and stupid, but happy nonetheless. And then it all came out afterwards about Prozac suicides and Prozac murders and all the rest of it. But they always come out with every new thing as though itís a fantastic thing and they always overstate it, sometimes vastly so.)


A major scientific breakthrough has enabled the mapping of an unborn baby's entire genetic code using DNA taken from its parents.


Scientists at Seattle's University of Washington said their new technique could make it possible to scan for 3500 genetic disorders before birth, ABC News reported today.


Now that means of course, just like all the other scans they do today and tests that they do, itís a big thing now, pretesting. And it follows with abortion generally if thereís any, ANY possible chance, they claim, that this child may have this, that or whatever; then itís up to the parents. Iíve gone through so many of the articles where people who didnít go through with abortions found they had perfectly healthy children. What does it say for those whose parents did go through with them? How many have been slaughtered? Because of this wonderful thing called science? You understand that when you go into a lab for any blood work or anything, half the results are false positives or false negatives. Did you know that? Itís always been that way. I hope you do know that, and donít forget it. Thatís why you got to get at least a minimum of three tests for the same thing, and even then they simply take two out of three and hope for the best. Itís not that accurate at all. And the same with these DNA tests and all the rest of it, oh, they MAY or MAY NOT get. Well what does that tell you, they may or may not, be prone to this, that or the other?  So thereís the hoopla one about how wonderful it is and this other one comes out and saysÖ


Genetic screening of unborn babies 'may be inaccurate'

New tests for genetic screening of unborn babies will not be 100 per cent accurate and may scare parents into believing their children will be born with a disability when they are healthy, Lord Robert Winston warns.

telegraph.co.uk / Nick Collins / 7 Jun 2012


American experts have developed a blood test which they claim could be used to routinely screen foetuses for more than 3,000 genetic conditions.


But the researchers recognised that the ability to predict the genetic code of a foetus at just 18 weeks could raise "many ethical questions" because of the likelihood it would lead to more abortions.  (A:  Well you see folks, it ties in with depopulation because the purpose of this hoopla is to get more power to make you go along with abortions, more so in certain lower classes, you understand, as they always have been, like Planned Parenthood, look at where most of their clinics are.)


Now some British experts have cautioned that the test Ė which is still many years from being used in clinics Ė may do more harm than good because in many cases it would be very hard to predict how a mutation would affect a child and how severe their disability might be.


Others argued that any information which parents can be given to help them prepare for a possible eventuality after their child is born, or to decide to terminate their pregnancy, should not be withheld. (A:  So itís just going more and more into an agenda. Itís all agenda focused, because you just have to go in to see who funds all these tests and then look at the associations they belong to and then you start to get the picture. It doesnít take much to do a little bit of investigation on it.)


This article here too, is to do with the elite schools. People are always on about elite schools and how wonderful it is, but elite schools have an awful lot of problems. They always have had, especially the ones that are boarding schools. It says...


Elite Horace Mann prep school students tell of decades of sexual abuse

Teachers and coaches at Bronx Horace Mann school abused teens, according to a New York Times report


Back with more on this after these messages.


Hi folks, Iím back cutting through the matrix, and talking about this elite school, of course the Horace Mann prep school.  It saysÖ


The New York Times Magazine story, to be published Sunday, outlines multiple incidents of molestation by at least three teachers (A:  Thereíll be a lot more than that over the years.) and coaches at the Horace Mann School between 1978 and 1994 and describes the schoolís discreet response, which did not involve telling [police] or parents.


One student, who was abused for years, eventually killed himself. So did one of the teachers quietly forced to resign after complaints from the boys.


Some ex-students traced lifelong problems with [alcohol] and failed relationships to their abuse at the Bronx school. ďI have been running from this thing most of my life,Ē one said.


Two predators were ousted, but one especially brilliant music teacher survived rape accusations and remained on staff for years, choosing a new ďanointedĒ favorite boy every year, the story says.


The teachers who vanished without explanation went to other schools ó where they had access to other [children] ó because of the $37,275-a-year private schoolís emphasis on discretion, the story says.  (A:  I mean, this school churns out a lot of people that are well known, some of them ended up in the CIA, etc., at the top.)


The shocking exposť is written by 1982 Horace Mann alumnus Amos Kamil. It was posted online Wednesday.


There were no allegations of recent abuse at Horace Mann, whose many illustrious alumni include former Gov. Eliot Spitzer and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger.


Dozens of former students flooded the paperís website with comments suggesting there were several more predators at the prep school (A:  I bet there were.) over the years.


ďIím furious. I feel like the school I cherished didnít protect me,Ē wrote one woman.


ďI was there. I heard rumors. I did nothing. To all of the victims, my classmates and those who came later: I am so very sorry that I did nothing to help,Ē wrote another alum.


Horace Mannís response was guarded. A former trustee told Kamil, ďNo one will talk to you. They are all lawyering up.Ē (A:  Theyíre all getting their lawyers to front for them.)


The schoolís headmaster, Thomas Kelly, sent a letter to parents Wednesday alerting them that the story was being published.


ďThese allegations are highly disturbing and absolutely abhorrent,Ē he wrote. ďWe can assure you that none of the individuals mentioned in the article is currently employed by the school nor have they been for a number of years.Ē


One of the villains of the magazine piece was Mark Wright, a charismatic and popular art teacher, who was also the football coach.


A former student described being asked to sit for a portrait.  (A:  I guess the rest of them went off to the now failing porno industry in Hollywood, as I mentioned at the start of the show.  But anything goes now. Thereís no right or wrong anymore, is there? You know, itís just all different lifestyles and things.)


And I mentioned briefly yesterday too, about this, a bit of a comic thing actually. One of the guests at the Royal Jubilee on the Royal Barge that went down the canals, etc. along with the Queen and the entourage, was a sex offender. It saysÖ


Guest on Royal Barge at Diamond Jubilee pageant 'was sex offender'

telegraph.co.uk / Donna Bowater / 7 Jun 2012


MPs [Members of Parliament] have called for an inquiry into a security blunder after reports that one of the guests on the Royal Barge during the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant was a convicted sex offender.  (A:  I wonder which one of them it was, eh, all the royalty.)


Mr Singh Rana (circled) was present on the Spirit of Chartwell (A:  Thatís the tug.), standing next to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William


Harbinder Singh Rana, 52, was jailed for four years after he was found guilty of assaulting women in their homes while posing as a doctor.


But Mr Singh Rana was present on the Spirit of Chartwell, standing next to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. At times, he was just feet away from the Queen. (A:  Well sheís a bit old for him.† I think it was all the young ones he went for.)


He said he had been invited as a guest of the Prince of Wales through his work for the Anglo-Sikh Heritage Trail, which promotes the Sikh community in Britain.  (A:  I think they should get someone else to represent them.)


Prince Charles's office said it had been unaware of Mr Singh Rana's convictions when he was invited. (A:  Do you know everybody else, even the people lining the banks, would all have background checks on them, all the peasants. But if you belong to a special club, you know, then no, no, itís just straight in the door.)


The former consultant, who has also served on the Inner Cities Religious Council as an adviser to the Government (A:  [Alan laughing.] Theyíre all pervs, you understand that.) , told the Daily Mirror he had not "had to tell anybody" of his criminal record and was not asked during the vetting process.  (A:  So there you go.)


Now, another link Iím putting up tonight is of theÖ


Massive experimental drone takes to skies above Edwards AFB

latimes.com / W.J. Hennigan / June 4, 2012


(A:  Itís a video and itís a type of unmanned aerial vehicle, like a blimp type thing, but it goes incredibly high. Theyíve had them for years actually, theyíve had quite a few, but some of them got blasted. One of them ended up in Toronto I think, that blew up from the States a few years ago and smashed itself to pieces. So this is another one, because your tax money has got to go somewhere.)


A massive experimental drone designed by Boeing Co. engineers to fly for up to four days at a time completed its first test flight above the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base.


The drone, called Phantom Eye, and its hydrogen-fueled propulsion system have the potential to vastly expand the reach of military spy craft. The longest that reconnaissance planes can stay in the air now is about 30 hours.


In the test flight, which took place Friday, the Phantom Eye circled above Edwards at about 4,080 feet above Edwards for 28 minutes. After touching down, the vehicle had problems when the landing gear dug into the lake bed and broke.  (A:  Well thatíll cost them a few million there when they get a better leg at 10 million bucks or something, because government makes these things.)


The Chicago-based company said engineers are assessing the damage but added that they plan on putting the Phantom Eye through more demanding test flights in the future.


With a 150-foot wingspan and an egg-shaped fuselage, the drone was built at Boeing's Phantom Works complex in St. Louis with engineering support from its facilities in Huntington Beach. The drone is designed to spy over vast areas at an altitude of up to 65,000 feet.


(A:  Now listen to what the president says, of this company. Now listen to thisÖ You better remember this little statement here.)

"This day ushers in a new era of persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (A:  Right... persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) where an unmanned aircraft will remain on station for days at a time providing critical information and services," (A:  Itís all services, you understand.) said Phantom Works President Darryl Davis in a statement. "This flight puts Boeing on a path to accomplish another aerospace first ó the capability of four days of un-refueled, autonomous flight."  (A:  So youíre now in an ďera of persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.Ē  Howís that sound to you? Itís like ongoing war, ongoing terrorism for the whole of your life. Youíre never going to see a breakup of this.  Itís just going to get worse and worse, as they train you and train you into this new system of theirs.)


Talking again about schools and elite schools and all the rest of it...


Former Vancouver private school teacher

 pleads guilty to child porn charges

vancouversun.com / NEAL HALL / March 28, 2012


(A:  There was a worldwide investigation.)

Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 43, was arrested in June 2010 (A:  The trialís just taking place now.), when he was fired from his teaching job at St. George's School.


A former teacher at a Vancouver private school has pleaded guilty to two of four child-porn charges that arose from an international police investigation involving the online social networking site Facebook.


Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 43, was arrested in June 2010, when he was fired from his teaching job at St. George's School. He had been head of social studies.


He was charged with two counts of importing and distributing child pornography, accessing child pornography and possession of child pornography.


He recently pleaded guilty to accessing and possessing child porn and will be sentenced May 24 at Vancouver Provincial Court.  (A:  I guess thatís been done.)


At the time of Ingvaldson's arrest, the Australian Federal Police announced a total of 11 people had been arrested as part of a coordinated operation against a child-porn ring across Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.  (A:  And they were running it all through Facebook by the way. World Net Daily had an article a few weeks ago about they came across some of these child porn ones as they just perused Facebook. Itís amazing whatís out there apparently. And Facebook, again, isÖ No right and wrong, is there, in this new Kabalistic world and a lot of nasty stuff is going on right in front of peopleís eyes. Everybodyís so jaded they probably wouldnít think of it today; nothing shocks them anymore.)


An Australian police officer created an online identity on Facebook and was approached by a member of the network, which led to the charges.  (A:  Itís just as common as can be now. But itís just a different alternate, you know, lifestyle and stuff like that.)


This article too, is to do with Australiaís drones. Itís quite amazing, AustraliaÖ Every countryís got to get in on the drones, you see, under the allegiances that they have, and alliances that they have, and treaties that they have.


The kill chain: Australia's drone war

abc.net.au / Jun 27, 2012


A senior Australian Defence Force officer has revealed details of how the Royal Australian Air Force deploys Israeli-owned drones for battlefield surveillance and to target anti-government Islamic fighters in Afghanistan.  (A:  Itís like remember too, when the guy who was in charge of Homeland Security, the first guy they appointed, was the guy who pushed in all the scanners at the airports, once he left, and they were buying them from Israel. Well now hereís Australia buying, theyíre not even buying them, they can only rent them from Israel; Israel still owns these drones. And even at that theyíve got to rent it through a Canadian company that fronts for Israel.)


Wing Commander Jonathan McMullan says Australia is "just buying hours" on the Heron drones from a Canadian company that in turn "leases them from IAI" (Israel Aerospace Industries), which is wholly owned by the Israeli government.


While enthusiastically endorsing the Heron's capabilities, Wing Commander McMullan was highly critical of the quality of training provided by Israeli and Canadian instructors to Australian drone crews. (A:  Why donít you make your own then? And give some work to your own people? Since youíre giving lots to people abroad.)


And this is an interesting one on this Canadian porn homosexual guy that was a kind of wannabe character that wanted to be noticed.  Heís just a classic criminal psychopathic in a sense. When he was caught of course, in Germany, he skipped off to Germany, and was caught actually looking up the different articles concerning himself because his ego is so huge.


Animal Activists Claim Responsibility For Videos Linking Luka Magnotta (A:  This is the guy who was sending parts of human bodies to politiciansí headquarters.) To Hollywood Sign Killing

observer.com / Hunter Walker  /  6/06/12


(A:  So it was an animal rights group it says.)  Last Chance for Animals, an organization ďdedicated to eliminating animal exploitationĒ has taken responsibility for posting a series of YouTube pages ďglorifyingĒ accused Canadian killer Luka Magnotta and referencing the case of a severed head found by the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles earlier this year. According to an LCA press release, these videos were made by their ďspecial investigations unitĒ in an attempt to ďlure in the killer, or his companions, using covert tactics often reserved for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.Ē


ďSIU investigators immediately got to work and posted a video glorifying Magnotta, dubbing him ĎThe James Dean Killer,íĒ the press release said.  ĒA second video titled í1 Man 1 Iconí was produced to continue the faÁade using family photos of Magnotta that had not yet been featured in the press.Ē


LCA was founded by a former soap opera actor named Chris DeRose in the 1980′s. In addition to Mr. Magnottaís family photos, the YouTube videos posted by LCA also featured pictures of the Hollywood sign, references to the Satanic Bible and a description calling Mr. Magnotta ďthe sexiest serial killer ever to walk the earth.Ē


Mr. Magnotta was arrested in Berlin on Monday after an international manhunt after he allegedly killed and dismembered (A:  ...allegedly killed, eh, and dismembered, even though itís all on video.) a man named Lin Jun in Montreal. Mr. Magnotta allegedly posted a gruesome video of the crime online and mailed the body parts to the headquarters of Canadian political parties. (A:  And something too, I read an article recently, he was also sending different parts of the body off to schools as well.)  When he was caught, Mr. Magnotta was in an internet cafe reading news articles about himself. Prior to the Jun killing, Mr. Magnotta earned the ire of animal rights activists after he was linked to a series of videos that allegedly showed him killing kittens.


According to the LCA, their videos caused them to make contact ďwith several individuals who may have been Luka, or close associates of LukaĒ and ďthat information was turned over to Law Enforcement.Ē


The Observer previously alerted police in Montreal and Los Angeles to the videos posted by LCA in light of other potential links between Mr. Magnotta and the Hollywood sign killing. (A:  Anyway, it appears that this character did go down to Hollywood at least once and probably a few times before looking for work in, you know, the porn business, again itís what LA is very, very famous for. And who knows. Weíll be told the real story or the whole story, you know, maybe years down the road, so as not to upset anybody else that are kind of interested parties.)


And hereís a good one too. People really think...  Weíre kept in this fake reality of justice. Thereís no justice, on anything, even in law. Youíre an observer in law. Youíre on the side with all the rest of them as two lawyers cleverly debate points of law amongst each other and youíre out of the picture, even if the case is about you. And even Plato said that, there is no justice, thereís only the appearance of justice.  You see. Thatís how itís always been. Anyway this is about a school that became a whistleblower to do with a corruption charge that was going on with the government.


City smacks Christian school with mind-blowing fees

wnd.com / 06/07/2012  / Bob Unruh


A city that was caught double-charging nonprofit water and sewer system users now has adopted a new rate structure that specifically targets the whistleblower with an extra $240,000 in coming fees, according to officials with the school that raised the issue.


The new fee structure adopted by Canyonville, Ore., is scheduled starting June 15 to raise by a huge amount the fees charged to Canyonville Christian Academy through a decision to classify individual dorm rooms without running water at the same rate as multiple-bedroom condominiums or apartments.  (A:  This is how they get theirÖ You understand, thereís no decency anymore, because we are run by crooks, you know. EVERYWHERE itís the same thing, even your local Council. Itís all crooked, all crooked.)


School officials feel the decision was retaliatory for their complaints about city procedures that for years had charged churches and nonprofits double the ordinary water and sewer fees.  (A:  So there you go.  Thatís what they do to get their own back, you see.) 


In fact, a school spokesman pointed to the action by city officials, who canceled the double-charging ordinance at a council meeting, but within minutes at the same meeting had decided to reclassify the schoolís dorm rooms as apartments.  (A:  Then theyíll go ha-ha, ha-ha-ha.)


Thatís how blatant corruption is today. You canít save a system like that, I hope you understand it. Iíll tell you another thing too, itís always been corrupt but quieter about things, using a little bit of savvy here and there. Donít do too much here, donít do too much there. Remember that comptroller, the one who was taking charge of all a small city, it was actually 16,000 population. She was in charge of all the bookkeeping that finally got to the very top, in all expenditures; remember she got over $50 million that she pulled from these suckers for over a 15-year period? From their taxes, and they didnít notice? Do you realize how much money you are all worth to these characters? They get into every... Every councilís the same. And thatís what she personally plundered 16,000 people of. They didnít know.  And youíre all wondering why your streets are busted and the roads are busted and everything else. And theyíve always got an excuse for you. Oh we need more taxes...  Whoís watching the guys at the top?  Nobody. And we take it all for granted. And she could make that off 16,000 people, without getting noticed. She was noticed when she tried to grab a bigger lump sum all at once. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix. Iím also putting up ďScenarios for the Future of Technology and International DevelopmentĒ from the Rockefeller Foundation, scary stuff, Oh the worldís going to go to hell, and thereíll be massive disasters everywhere and terrorism and plagues, and yada-yada-ya to keep you worried forevermore etc., etc. Itís worth a read. It gives you an idea of what theyíre capable of BRINGING because what they do is they bring things to happen the way they want them to happen. You canít make this stuff up and then just hope it happens.


Alan:  Now thereís Jack from Michigan on the line. Are you still there Jack?


Jack:  Hi Alan.  Iíve been doing some research and I came across this elite school. Itís called Le Rosey Institute. Itís kind of interesting because some of their former students are all like Kings and Queens, Emperors, actors, rock stars, you know, all the people who basically rule the world. And they call the alumni Ancient Roses; thatís what they call themselves.


Alan:  Well technically they are, theyíre probably brothers and sisters you know in more respects than one.  [Alan laughing.]


Jack:  Yeah well, itís based in Switzerland and itís like the most expensive school in the world. But I thought that was interesting.  They of course, I think they advocate, you know vegetarianism for the students there.  It seems like Pythagoras and Rosicrucianism, they have something against eating meat.


Alan:  Itís an old system.  They are hypocrites, mind you, but they do eat it. And I know the one youíre talking about in Switzerland. Of course, they all go out at night and eat all the burgers and stuff like that; mind you, you get good burgers over there, you get real meat and stuff. But yeah, the old stuff is still taught to them because itís important to understand even the philosophers if youíre going to get put into a position to rule the general public, the cattle.  You got to understand the old philosophers who taught this quite openly a long, long time ago. Thereís different kinds of animals and they are the higher animals and we are the lower ones. So they go into that. And Switzerland is a big place for it. Why do you think itís got that little Red Cross there and all that, you know, where did all that come from? So all the symbols of Switzerland are amazing.  Even the Knights Templars symbols are all over Berne and other cities in Switzerland, the massive banking system, the special graveyards with the big black Masonic obelisks there - instead of having the gray ones they have pure black ones imported - and they have silver caps to them all Ė theyíre huge Ė for these famous, wealthy, generally the banking class for the world. Theyíre very important.


Jack:  Just amazing, because they just go to a totally different school, itís completely isolated from the rest of the world and they just grow upÖ And itís not just like a high school you know, they get them young, at probably like 7, I think.


Alan:  Well youíve got to, you see, youíve got to always separate the ones, the future leaders, and the parents were separated as well and taught a completely alternate version of history and reality. And theyíre taught itís very pragmatic, you know, understand youíre the top predators and we live off the sheep, we are the good shepherds as well but weíre predators. As Albert Pike said, we make no excuse for nature, for BEING the top predators, and hereís how life really is. And they are given the basic facts of how the world really works, and really how stupefied the domesticated public are. And weíre kept that way so that these characters can con us forever and ever and ever. So yeah, theyíre taught reality as opposed to this nonsense that we are fed, a mixture of Hollywood and fake history at school, so that weíll respond whenever they wave a flag and weíre off to fight for them again.  [Alan laughing.] But thanks for calling.


Jack:  Thanks for taking my call.


Alan:  Yeah, everythingís a con folks and at the bottom level itís nothing but cons. From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.



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